Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Did You Know?: Six Years After Martin Luther King Was Killed, His Mother Was Gunned Down By a Black Man in Church

The more you know...[6 years after MLK assassination, his mother was gunned down, too,, April 4, 2018]:

Six years after an assassin cut down Rev. Martin Luther King, a man walked into Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and killed the late civil rights leader's mother as she played the organ for morning services. 
Black lives have never mattered to other black people (only white liberals).
Alberta Williams King's death is an often-forgotten chapter in the legacy of the civil rights struggle. 
A native of Atlanta, Alberta Williams was a teacher before she married Martin L. King on Thanksgiving Day 1926. The couple had three children, with the middle one, Martin Luther King Jr. born on Jan. 15, 1929. She was a talented musician who played the organ at Ebenezer Baptist, where he husband and son were joint pastors. 
Alberta King remained behind the scenes as her son rose to prominence as an international figure in the fight against segregation. One of her few public statements came as her son accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, when she recounted a time when she told her young Martin he'd have to prepare himself for a lifetime of disappointment after he was passed over in favor of a white child during a high school debate. She later said she regretted the comment. 
"Black mothers," she said, "we make our sons less." 
MLK Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was 39-years-old. Photos from King's funeral show Alberta King, wearing a black dress and veil, clinging to her husband's arm and later walking with his widow, Coretta. 

Albert King's death 
On June 30, 1974, Alberta King had just finished playing "The Lord's Prayer" on the organ at Ebenezer Baptist when a man shouted, "I'm taking over here!" 
A young black man bolted to the pulpit and pulled out a gun, according to a recounting by Atlanta magazine. The man, later identified as Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr. of Ohio, fired his gun, hitting Alberta King, church deacon Edward Boykin and congregation member Jimmie Mitchell. 
Mrs. King and Boykin were taken to the hospital where they pronounced dead. 
Mrs. King was 69-years-old. 
The attack occurred less than 100 yards from where her son was buried. 
Chenault said he was on a mission to kill all Christians and his original target was MLK Sr., considering black pastors a threat to black people. He claimed insanity in his trial but was convicted and sentenced to death in the electric chair. His sentence was later changed to life in prison, due in part to the wishes of the surviving members of the King family, who opposed capital punishment.
How has this episode not been retconned into a rabid white racist storming a bucolic black church and gunning down Martin Luther King's beloved mother in cold blood???!!!

Black lives have never mattered to other black people (only white liberals).


Kram said...

Real name Michael King. Changed for professional reasons.
Accused of plaigirizing his doctoral thesis at Boston University.
Serial womanizer and grouper and yet he has a DC statue and a natizonal holiday. Where's the feminist outrage?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I remember seeing that on the news. But that was alright, he was Black!

Anonymous said...

"I'm taking over here!" ... Reminds me of the dead Sacramento negro's batshit crazy brother. Or Kanye stealing the microphone from Tay-Tay. Or every black kid I ever saw in school who just had to disrupt class or block the hallway with his monkeyshines.

Blacks are not only dumb, they are often insane. That's a dangerous combo, and one not healthy for civilization.

Anonymous said...

OT: From the "Here We Go Again" files: Another "unarmed black man" was killed, this time by the NYPD. You will see vintage, I'm talking classic, "He Dindu Nuffin" quotes from the intelligent, ethical, and objective members of the "black community". Swallow your coffee before watching:

Anonymous said...

"Black mothers," she said, "we make our sons

She raised a real respecter of women didn't she...There's that quote in the movie 300; "Only Spartan women give birth to real men" Oh I pray for the day when our women proclaim proudly and unrepentantly; ONLY WHITE WOMEN GIVE BIRTH TO REAL MEN.

nokangaroos said...

Ah yes - and he had this Dream where he could play with little white girls (whom he not only paid for with church money - all black leaders do that - but whom he also liked to beat up, as he did the night before he finally ate it).

- To no one´s particular surprise, the dream turned out to be plagiarized also.

Anonymous said...

I say this in all seriousness: would this killing have occurred if segregation were in force in 1974? Would the hammer have been put down on Marcus Wayne Chenault Jr. before he fired that fatal shot?

Anonymous said...


Truer words have never been uttered.

The problem with whites is we tend to anthropomorphicize not only our pets but also other subspecies of homo erectus. Our women birth the complete man as God and nature intended while other creatures birth forms of men. One only has to have to visit a Cantonese "food market"(in truth no different to a Nigerian or Congolese bush meat market) or Google "racist dogs" or witness the Japanese dolphin hunt to see how different we are.

While their is much to be admired in our friends from the Far East it is also undeniable that just like our own high IQ near east (((oriental folk))) they don't really share our values, mentality or culture but are great at mimicking it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone here on SBPDL please explain to me how the life of a drug peddling felon silverback and that of a 26 year old mother of two are considered equal before the law?

I have officially reached peak negro fatigue.

Anonymous said...

This is worthy of mention. Here is a african negro who has never been credited with being one the founders of the BLM movement. Was this not a black on black crime? WTF ? No statue in Atlanta recognizing this great powerful black wakandan ? Not even a holiday ? Do they not teach this in the public schools ? How many white feminist cucksucking liberals even know this name ? This is your history blacks---be proud of it.

Anonymous said...

If a white man had killed King’s mother, everyone WOULD know the story. I’d never heard of it until now and I’m pretty well-read...especially when it comes to history.

I had also never heard of the “Zebra Murders” until recently. It’s almost as if the MSM and the Left (but I repeat myself) don’t give much airtime to crime stories that don’t fit the “evil whitey victimizing black folks” narrative. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Answer: Due to kings protected status as a darling of diversity (meaning, anti YT), he could have bent the virgin Mary over a tree stump and gave it to her up the toosh in front of 10,000 people and it wouldn't have mattered not one ioda (fact). Part B: YT (liberals) has allowed it take happen along with all the other "diversity" BS going on in the country since the (Un)civil rights acts.

nokangaroos said...

Been wondering ... how is it that from the Mr. Michael King (no "doctor" and most definitely not "reverendus" IIRC my Latin) to Marion Barry ("The law of gravity is racist") to Cynthia McKinney (and on and on) the kneegrow invariably falls for the most corrupt, most depraved and most overweight "leadership"?

It´s IDENTIFICATION, stupid. Not so very deep down (low) inside they ALL fantasize about being da Big Coon (-ette) themselves, and it seems the more depraved and obese the object of their desires the easier this becomes.

There is no way in hell this is going to work out.

Anonymous said...

I remember this when it happened.

Also, MLK himself was very nearly killed in 1958--by a black woman-in Harlem. He was signing books in a store, when the woman plunged a sharpened dagger-style letter opener in his chest. A couple of NYPD cops saved his life until he was taken to the hospital. Nelson Rockefeller paid the hospital bill. The woman was put in a nuthouse, and eventually to a nursing home--she just died a couple years ago, nearly 100 years old.

Brian in Ohio said...

I had honestly never heard this story.

It`s almost like they have built an entire industry around the details surrounding MLK`s death, but would rather not advertise how his mother died. Odd.

Eh, I`m sure it`s nothing. If it was really important, I would have hear about it on cable news. Now, back to watching sportsball....

Stay asleep, stay oblivious.

Bill in St Louis said...

As to why this hasn't been rewritten to somehow blame YT, NHI.

Michael Dean Miller said...

Blacks lives DO NOT matter to black trigger fingers.

Anonymous said...

By keeping quiet about the murder, the negroes in that church were keeping it real. The media keeps it real too by not saying anything. Blacks only matter when killed by a white; that is keeping it real. To the black community, she was just another groid.

Anonymous said...

. . . when she recounted a time when she told her young Martin he'd have to prepare himself for a lifetime of disappointment after he was passed over in favor of a white child during a high school debate.

Blacks are taught from childhood that their failures are always due to white privilege and racism rather than black inferiority. Mammy King should have told little Martin that white people tend to be better at debating, building, reading, writing, math, science, inventing, and anything else that requires intelligence than blacks. She should have explained that the choice of blacks to remain in a world surrounded by white people and the wonderful things that white society has created highlights the failure of blacks. She should have explained to him that he should prepare himself for a lifetime of disappointment if he chooses to compete intellectually with white people because most of them are going to be smarter than most black people including himself. She should have explained that if he wants to be a prominent scholar that he should go to Africa where he could be one of the brightest intellectuals in the country. She also should have explained that his only hope for fame and glory in a country of white people would be to plagiarize the works of people smarter them himself and focus on non-existent race issues - oh wait, she must have told him that part.

D-FENS said...

What was being said about Korea? That after years of war and occupation they msnaged to build and maintain a first-world infrastructure currently better thsn our own?

Well it’s only appropriate then that some US negroes show their admiration by suddenly “twerking” in their subway. Isn’t that what any civilized person would do?

Paintjob Theory said...

I wonder what will happen in 2027 when the FBI releases the records on that (((communist)))) puppet? Will prominent people begin to distance themselves from him or has the FBI already thoroughly enough scrubbed their documents? Can the BRA establishment afford to allow the truth to out? The fact that what he was really up to is so top secret that 50 years after his death we still can't know who he really was is telling not only of what sort of depravity and subversion was actually happening, what role government agents may have had in the assassination, and that the FBI has been thoroughly infiltrated by communists and other traitors and subversives since the 1960s. McCarthy was almost right... he underestimated the communist infiltration by half and didn't fully understand the organizations through which they operate.

As far as some nog being shot up by another nog, that's dog bites man and not a news item period. Similarly that Arab at youtube who shot up some co-workers got slid from the (((news cycle))) very quickly... while a woman going on a shooting spree is rather news worthy, her name makes it a bad headline.

I'd like to throw this out there as well. April 19th through May 1 is a very important period of the ancient mystery religions. Human sacrifice is traditional and in most of our lifetimes we have seen some interesting examples particularly on the 19th-20th. The last really good one was the Boston bombing so I'd say we're about due. When the next spring sacrifice happens, archive as much news as you can to document the story changing as the narrative is shaped and look for the legislation that will take away more rights that's conveniently on deck just waiting for the right crisis to get the sheeple to go along with it.

Sick n Tired said...

20 year old kid went to buy a PlayStation for his younger brother, ends tortured and killed by a groid.

D-FENS said...

I looked into the top 3 wealthiest negro communities listed in Atlanta Black Star (View Park, Baldwin Hills anf Ladera Heights, all in southern CA). Each is > 70% negro.

They are all bedroom communities for athletes, entertainers and politicians. That accounts for the > $100000 median family income.They are unincorporated areas in Los Angeles county so do not actually run their own school systems. It is ironic that Ladera Heights was able to get out of the poor performing Inglewood School System and into the less dusky Culver City School System.

There are no industries in these cities. Crime statistics are sparse as they are relatively small. What statistics I was able to find show that, while the crime rate is lower than average, there are several areas of equivalent wealth with even lower crime rates.

The lesson is that negroes need to go into sports, entertainment or politics.

Anonymous said...

Re MLK's mother's story -- when would he have been passed over for a white child in a school debate? The schools were segregated. I know for a long time atheletics were segregated. Did they have integrated debate competitions?

Californian said...

This story is actually quite obscure. Similar to Rosa Parks being assaulted by a black burglar. It goes back to The Narrative. It must always be presented such that:
1) all blacks are struggling for civil rights
2) all Whites are struggling to put the boot down on blacks
3) all violence which results is, therefore, all the fault of YT

Now you'd think that a story like Mrs King being shot to death by another black could be spun as some sort of "tragedy," similar to what used to be called the "Kennedy Curse;" i.e., a heroic family struggling for "justice" is met with death...but nonetheless his truth goes marching on.

It's not even that. Anything which even remotely suggests that blacks are incapable of living in civilized society has to be liquidated, just as thoroughly as a thoughtcriminal dispatched to Room 101.

The Zebra killings were mentioned above. These were far more significant than Emmett Till as a case of racially motivated homicide. Insofar as the Zebra affair is mentioned, the killings are used as an example of blacks responding to (you guessed it) "racism." Just as when blacks flashmob, riot, home invade and driveby shoot-em-up, it's all buried by The Narrative. As for black majority rule destroying cities from Detroit to Cape Town, well that gains scarcely a notice on the back page of the classifieds.

Thus, a black man shooting MLK's mother is expunged from the histories, the perpetrator's name removed from the files, the case paved over and replaced with a chorus of angelic blacks singing Blue Pill hosannas to civil rights, all this over the ruins from Birmingham to Baltimore.

Can the truth make ye free? Well, maybe, but first the truth itself has to be freed. Which ain't gonna happen as long as media is controlled by The Narrative. Which is why it is vital to keep stories such as this one alive via the Internet.

As for those who have taken the Red Pill: stay armed, stay alert.

D is for depressing said...

Black lives have never mattered to other black people (only white liberals).

For good reason, a black gunning down another black can't be used to shake down White people for money.

Paul, follow the money.

Anonymous said...

this is a total--WTF moment..teachable moment.

Anonymous said...

The NYT headline reads: Police Fatally Shoot a Brooklyn Man After Falsely
Believing He Had a Gun

Now I'm no English major but you can't "falsely believe" anything. "Falsely" implies wrongdoing or ill intention. You can only "mistakenly believe" something.

The NYT needs to hire smarter journalists or better editors.

Anonymous said...

Another black "American Icon" (who was just featured in the Google Doodle) is Marguerite Johnson, otherwise known as "Maya Angelou". To her credit, she actually went through the motions to actually change it unlike the Kings. She also insisted upon being called Dr. Angelou, even though she lacked a doctorate.

She is often referred to as "more revered than read", her contributions to our country include hatred of whites and bad poetry.

Non PC Infidel said...

Another story (related directly to MLK's murder) that one seldom hears anything about is that Jesse Jackson was in town (but not present) when King was killed. Upon hearing that King had been killed, Jesse Jackson ran to the scene at the Lorraine motel and dipped his t-shirt in the blood. What did he do then? He ran off to Chicago and wailed to all the "brutha's" and "sista's" that MLK had died in his arms. Many years later, when confronted with the lie, his excuse was that "he was young then." From liar to race hustler to shakedown artist.

Content of character, indeed.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE "Narrative. It must always be presented such that:
1) all blacks are struggling for civil rights
2) all Whites are struggling to put the boot down on blacks
3) all violence which results is, therefore, all the fault of YT"

Yup all the time.Every Black must be given a job,every Black is an angel,every Black has no sin whatsoever because Whitey did it to them. Every so called moderate IKAGO always stands by any Black pos no matter what they did or will do or say.Blacks are seen as the most angelic of creatures and must be protected at all cost.And if they flip out it's your fault Whitey.

Antidote said...

Famine in Africa. Famine in Sahel. Famine in Eritrea. Famine in of Negro kids with bloated bellies, faces full of flies and vultures circling---and what do the American Negroes do? They eat to the point of liver and kidney failure; they eat until they balloon into Boteros. The rescue of the Africoons is entirely up to the White man.....we are the world, we are the children.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, so she became Saint Negress the persistent in the africanoid hagiography. But years later a Negro sneak thief entered her apartment trying to steal something valuable to trade for crack. 81 years old with a pacemaker, she was pummeled into unconsciousness.

Bl@ck lives don't matter to American Negroes.

Hugo Boss said...

Look for the video "Vampire Hunter M", where the Murdochs have some fun with MLK's legacy after raising him from the dead on Halloween.
The liberal position on this racial icon is neatly skewered there.

Anonymous said...

Since MLK was a CIA communist asset who was taken out when he'd outlived his usefulness, it only makes sense that his mother would also be taken out later. Can't have any security risks hanging around. Gotta tie up those loose ends.

Anonymous said...

I received an email from a Randy Shrewsberry for This guy is a real first rate cuck. Wrote an article for the Huff thing, "I was a racist cop."
He's looking to get more training for police so that they don't kill minorities. The negro from Sacramento inspired him.
I smell follow the money.
Female in FL.

Anonymous said...

The Negro Bureau of Propaganda would never admit to any error that would tend to diminish "de bla vittimhood. Affah awl, he dindu nuffin."

juvenal said...

" Black lives have never mattered to other blacks, only white liberals". Actually,so called " Black lives", don't really matter all that much to white liberal's either. They serve as convenient useful idiot shills and as salves to ease liberal white guilt.

Pat Boyle said...

New odd development in race matters. If you are criticized for maintaining that Africans are not really humans, there is some new evidence that you may be right.

Jared Diamond the author of "Guns, Germs and Steel" claimed in that book that his Papuan New Guinea friend (Yali) was like all PNG natives smarter than any European. It now seems that the New Guineans have defended themselves to the UN on the basis that they are not human. The latest DNA evidence seems to point to a close relationship with the Denisovans. They seem to think that makes them OK just not human.

There is more evidence in the new Reich book just being published that the "Out of Africa" idea is wrong. These ideas were always propelled by the hope that the equalitarian agenda would be served by the idea that human beings all originated in darkest Africa.

This spun off into the "Mitochondrial Eve" hypothesis that all people everywhere descended from a single black African woman 150,000 years ago. This was a very politically correct idea. But it doesn't seem to have been true.

More recently anthropologists have spoken of the gracile skeletons of all modern human as examples of the "Anatomically Modern Humans" (AMH). It now seems likely that the AMH evolved not in sub-Saharan Africa but in Morocco in the strip above the Saharan desert. This area is today filled with Berbers and Arabs and other varieties of Caucasians. If is so that would mean that AMHs spread south into black Africa from areas where whites live.

This is all very preliminary and the Sahara was at times well watered and not the barrier it is today. And whites probably evolved further north in Europe, but the politically inspired Out of Africa story is slipping away to join the Piltdown Man and other such ideas.


juvenal said...

An accurate description of " looks at me syndrome".

Bud said...

It seems like a pastor actually has some responsibility whereas a reverend is only a member of a church.

What impresses me most is that a black father, mother and son all share the same last name.

Wow. Blacks have really made some progress.

Anonymous said...

" Black lives have never mattered to other blacks, only white liberals". Actually,so called " Black lives", don't really matter all that much to white liberal's either. They serve as convenient useful idiot shills and as salves to ease liberal white guilt.

Liberals see themselves as above most Whites and Blacks but put criminal Blacks above average Whites. In the mind of a liberal a Black criminal is rightfully rebelling against the system that holds him back.

Unknown said...

True. One advantage they have though is they openly acknowledge this, unlike the (((others))). They have a culture they want to preserve. The ones who come to Western countries are among the worst of their kind. Selling material wealth only at the expense of their own heritage.

Unknown said...

Honestly, the bulk of them don't matter objectively. That's harsh but in many instances true. When you don't contribute to the maintenance of society, you're not going to matter a whole lot.

Anonymous said...

So true. Very good observation

Unknown said...

And you know how cheap it was for “someone” to hire a crackhead and supply him with the firearm to get the job done?... all the while knowing it would be all about a 10 second news snippet of the tragedy. Ha, nothing to see here, eh? Think again, right ?!?

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to the murder/death of Malcom X's widow, Betty Shabaz, by her juvenile delinquent grandson. Truth is stranger than fiction when I read how she died. Terrible. I wonder where these two characters are today, the Shabaz's daughter and grandson. Her grandson, Malcom, got a laughable 18 months in prison for arson and manslaughter. That's not even 2 years.