Monday, April 30, 2018

The Search for Intelligence Life on Earth: White UFO Researcher Resigns for Noticing 'White Genocide"

Is there intelligent life in the universe? 

Is there intelligent life on earth?


The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to investigating unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in all 50 states and more than 40 countries through a decentralized network of state chapters and local field investigators. While the organization’s mission is promoting UFO research and discovering “the true nature of the phenomenon,” the most hoped for scenario is, of course, extraterrestrial first contact (unless government Disclosure comes first). 
Why search for intelligent life in the heavens when such little evidence exists for it on earth? 
Imagine an alien race finally comes to Earth and this is the man they meet. 

That’s John Ventre. He was, until recently, MUFON State Director for Pennsylvania and oversaw field investigations of the most compelling of the state’s approximately 600 annual UFO sightings. You may have seen him on History Channel's UFO Hunters or Anderson Live. Ventre wrote this on his personal Facebook page in response to a post from a popular alt-right account characterizing Netflix’s Dear White People as promoting “white genocide.” He railed against affirmative action and interracial couples.
“Everything this world is was created by Europeans and Americans,” Ventre said in the post. “F’ing blacks didn’t even have a calendar, a wheel or a numbering system until the Brits showed up.” He further alluded to pseudoscientific race science, which has found purchase in the mainstream right, spread by prominent conservative think tank figures like Charles Murray, who wields unjustified extrapolations from existing IQ data to argue against improving living standards for the poor. 

Ventre’s comments have kicked off a wave of anger and resignations across MUFON, most recently UFO researcher Dr. Chris Cogswell.
Cogswell was named Director of Research for MUFON in January, but announced his resignation from the organization on Twitter in April. “When I first joined MUFON, taking on the Director of Research position, I believed this issue [with Ventre] had been dealt with,” Cogswell said. But on April 13, Cogswell learned of Ventre’s “continued role within MUFON as an active member” after Ventre emailed him about preparations for the 2018 MUFON Symposium in Cherry Hill, NJ. “Within six hours of finding out I had resigned. My internal conscience would not let me continue,” he said. 
MUFON boasts nearly 4,000 members and 500 investigators across a coalition of just-the-facts data collectors, alien abductees, far-thinking engineers, conspiracy theorists, ancient alien pseudohistorians, religious visionaries and ufology enthusiasts of every possible stripe. If MUFON is successful, who would the first aliens actually meet? An organization representative of the full spectrum of human experience, or a club of aging white men? 
It’s a question MUFON is currently struggling to answer, with Ventre’s post a crisis point in the organization’s ongoing evolution. 
MUFON Executive Director Jan Harzan initially responded to Ventre’s post in a since-deleted message to the MUFON News page, disclaiming the organization’s responsibility for a Facebook comment “many found offensive.” Instead of condemning Ventre’s words, Harzan blamed the controversy on “the new social media world we now live in” and called for an open dialogue, writing, “There is no justice in hate, no matter what side of the fence you are on. On that we can all agree.”
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Life?

Can we commence the search for signs of terrestrial life/intelligence?


Anonymous said...

There appeared to be none in the Newsweek writer...

Where is Tawana Brawley now? said...

When will the upright people of Coast to Coast AM make this right? If you're a Coast to Coast fan you're either smart enough to be racist or crazy enough to let everyone know. I've heard MUFON reports on CPC and enjoy the reports from around the nation.

Now I'll go to Waffle House for a UFO... Unidentified Fried Object that southern negroes find so scrumptious! Support businesses that arrest obnoxious blacks and rhee double down on their assertion that the black hag was drunk and threatening employees while her 6 year old daughter was at home.

Annie Oakley said...

It will stop when the white man or the white woman simply says, so what I'm a racist, now what? Or what are you going to do about it? Usually all conversation is stopped when you admit the truth. Usually they just walk away.

Many of these so called jobs people are worried about losing are $9 an hour jobs. If you're still making $9 an hour and you're over the age of let's say 40, then I don't know what to tell you. These minimum wage jobs are a dime a dozen. Get fired from one place, get another the next day.

I've been fired so many times, it's not even funny. On one interview a lady asked me how many times I'd been terminated. I told her the truth. I still got the job. I was there for quite some time on a contract position. She admired my honesty. Many employers wouldn't have called me back. That's life.

I have friends in cowardly California that get very worried when I have confrontations here in public. I told the one lady I know, you're used to cucked California, where men are pussies and you can't carry a gun. Where I live everyone is packing, almost everyone. In any one day at the grocery store you'll see Momma with a big purse. You can bet your sweet ass she has a .38 in it.

Yes I know, you got bills to pay. Kids gotta eat. I get that. But many times it's not that complicated. Many whites are spineless.

Anonymous said...

He said something that is true but politically incorrect.

One cannot say any thing neutral to negative about blacks, even if true. For example, "African-Americans are black" is correct and neutral, but is racist for noticing.

On the other hand, one cannot say anything neutral to positive about whites, even if true and neutral, therefore "It's ok to be white" is racist.

Of course "It's not ok to be white" is PC, while "It's great to be white" would be full-on white supremacist.

If the aliens discover us they will think negroes are the dominant species based on our media, TV, movies, sports, newscasts, commercials, politics,etc. Depending what media they watch, they may even think Wakanda is our capital. /s

The above facts will cause a lot of confusion when contact is finally made.


Anonymous said...

OT: A Black woman writes about hippity-hoppity relationships and how many of their men are hideously abusive. She even cites a statistic that Black women are four times more likely to be killed my domestic violence than White women.

Bill in St Louis said...

"“Everything this world is was created by Europeans and Americans,” Ventre said in the post. “F’ing blacks didn’t even have a calendar, a wheel or a numbering system until the Brits showed up.” "
Well, was he wrong?
As far as intelligent life from elsewhere showing up, who would we here at SBPDL rather they meet? They could monitor our TV channels, decide they only want to take the smart, articulate ones with them, the ones who remain calm in any crisis, always have words of wisdom for the clueless.... and YT can just brand each one as they leave with "No Exchanges Allowed". This has possibilities......

nokangaroos said...

Is really NOTHING sacred anymore (g)?

- But I see the point. When dealing with superior intelligences I wouldn´t want to be represented by vibrancies either.

On second thought, if they are superior they are bound to be WAYCISS anyway ;b

Unknown said...

If someone doesn't curb the African population explosion, space aliens aren't going to find any civilization at all when they get here.

Bob Smith said...

How are well-documented racial differences in IQ "pseudoscientific"? The referenced article even claims "Research shows measurable consequences on IQ and a host of other outcomes from the kind of violence and discrimination America inflicted for centuries against African Americans".

This argument is incoherent. If American blacks actually have the same IQ (on average) as whites, as progressive ideology claims, then how can there be any "measurable consequences on IQ"? If they're the same, then there were no consequences at all. Unless, of course, you're actually claiming Blacks would have higher IQ than whites but for alleged "consequences on IQ".

Putting that aside, for the low IQ of American blacks to be the fault of discrimination by American whites it would have to be the case that African blacks show higher IQs than American blacks. Unfortunately for this argument, they don't. African blacks are notably worse on IQ tests, not better.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet every one of those creepy UFO geeks will virtue signal about how they aren't racist and love blacks. And I'll bet not one of them associates with blacks on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

so much for having a discussion on racism.

Mr. Rational said...

Note the attempt to associate race realism with UFO cults, as if WE are the crazy ones.

The PTB are, on the one hand, doubling down on denial of race differences.  On the other hand, they are slowly letting the truth about massive genetic differences between Africans and the other extant species of genus Homo to leak into the Overton window.  I'm not sure what they think their next step is, but I doubt very much it is in our interest.

The Africans, mooselimbs and (((tribalists))) all need to go.  They don't have to go back to their homelands, but they must not be allowed to stay here.

Anonymous said...

Winner! Such an astute observation.

countenance said...

I'm more concerned about illegal aliens than extraterrestrial aliens.

countenance said...

I'll also add this: It was and continues to be an insult to my intelligence and to the intelligence of anyone who had to hear it when (the late) Art Bell and (now) George Noory and the guests that parade on and off of their shows claim they're telling you what the government doesn't want you to know. On a show that's on 500+ radio stations, every one of those stations has an FCC license? Come on now!

Meanwhile, the iron curtain slams down on your neck when you start talking about certain things, as this article demonstrates.

I happen to think that all this UFO babble is an establishment-planted diversion to keep the right away from populism/nationalism/race-realism.

Anonymous said...


Vote for the candidate who will make the book listed below required reading in every American public school.

"Race, Foundation for Human Understanding", John R. Baker, (original publisher: Oxford University Press), 1974, 625 pp., $25.00.

Anonymous said...

OT: Liberals will tell you that you don't need guns, that you should just call the police if a dangerous situation develops. (This is the liberal answer to everything --
relying on the government to provide the solution.)

Here's an example of why you should not rely on the (liberal government's) police:

DC police officer arrested for sex acts with a minor in Prince George's County, officials say

WASHINGTON - A DC police officer has been arrested for engaging in sexual acts with a minor in Prince George's County, according to officials.

The Metropolitan Police Department said Officer Nathan Clinkscale, who works in the 5th District, was arrested in Prince George’s County on Monday and charged with third-degree sex offense.

Prince George's County police said they were called to a home on Teakwood Drive in Upper Marlboro at about 1:30 a.m. on Monday after the victim's mother said she found Clinkscale, 25, in her daughter's room. Clinkscale, who lives in Upper Marlboro, met the victim on a dating website, according to authorities.

“The allegations against him are disgraceful, and do not represent the standards of ethics our sworn officers are committed to upholding every day,” the Metropolitan Police Department said in part of a written statement.

DC police said Clinkscale, who started with the department in 2016, has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Anyone with information that could help detectives in their investigation was urged to call the Prince George's County Police Department's Sexual Assault Unit at (301) 772-4908.
As you might have guessed, yes, the wayward policeman is African-in-America.

Anonymous said...

Since the subject of extraterrestrialism came up to be quite Frank with you the black man might be the ultimate demise for the entire planet... it's been said since LBJ about a trillion dollars have been spent on the great program of course there's no results and of course that money could have been spent better elsewhere I just wonder where we would be at technologically had that money been diverted to Industry and government research I say this because the other night I was watching Deep Impact who knows maybe with more advanced technology we could defend ourselves against a massive inbound body however I don't know now... I'm sure there's top secret equipment that could be used in such an event however it might not be enough are strong enough... buy propping up the afro we might have inadvertently destroy the entire planet... I wish the Liberals would practice what they preach in the theory of evolution... they are not the fittest of the specie... I do Wonder they say that there might not be any extraterrestrial civilizations because they get to the point that their weapons destroy them... however I wonder if civilizations have acted like us by propping up an inferior specie and in the process did not attend to their needs of long-term survival and met their end in a natural disaster that either could have been prevented by diversion of an asteroid or like in the case of when the Worlds Collide building an ark ship...

Pat Boyle said...

Be of good cheer. The liberal Social Justice Warriors are on the path to their destruction. The main focus of the struggle is ideological and scientific. And the evidence against the dangerous notion of racial equality is piling up.

The mythical Man from Mars when landing in America would likely be stupefied at the all the hatred and discord generated by the equality question. Clearly white colored people and black colored people behave differently - not just a little but a whole lot. There are then two common explanations for these differences. Some people think the inequalities spring from innate differences while other choose to believe that differences are not real or important and are just an epiphenomenon. And if there are differences then they are caused by the evil white people.

This latter position is systematically being destroyed by the latest scientific findings. For example, I learned in the late sixties that blacks had a lower IQ test scores than whites. This finding could not be disputed but then there were two or more decades of attacks on standardized testing. All of us learned more about IQ tests than we ever wanted to know. The problem was that the IQ concept is abstract and you have to have a reasonable IQ to understand the subtleties of test construction. IQ can't be seen and touched. For many it remained unreal.

But that struggle is over. Only the flat-earther types now dispute the utility of standardized tests. SJW liberals argue now that race itself isn't real. In part this is just a reaction to the Nazis that destroyed so much in WWII. The Nazis embraced racial ideas. They thought races were real and important and that you could understand history better if you considered race. After forty million dead much of the world was eager to reject everything that the Nazis ever believed. For example Arianism.

But Nazis believed all sorts of other things too. Hitler ate vegetable slop at his meals. He didn't smoke or drink. The Nazis were radical environmentalists. If the Third Reich were to return they would probably obsess about Global Warming. They believed a lot of garbage - garbage that we think of today as leftist garbage.

But some Nazi ideas have been supported. We are undergoing a scientific revolution in what they call 'whole genome' analysis. This includes the analysis of ancient populations. One early finding is that there was an Aryan Invasion of light skinned people into India. The Aryans we now know came as conquerors. Another finding is that if you do a statistical analysis of a huge number of human genomes you find clumps of similar types of people who have similar patterns of SNPs in their genomes. These patterns correspond very closely with the races that before the anti-Nazi reaction everyone accepted as true. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century everyone accepted the reality of race. Now in the twenty first century our giant computers have verified what no one had ever disputed before the Nazis - race is real and race is important.

The Bell Curve was an important book. Cavalli-Sforza's book was important. As was Paabo's book. This season Reich's book is the most recent work to sound the death knell for the SJWs. The liberals are upset. The tide of informed opinion from the best scientists is running against them. Reich himself is typical liberal but he is smart enough to see the implications of his findings and honest enough to not duck the implications. He is a tortured soul.

As the findings come in the liberals squirm.


D-FENS said...

Now they will have to appease the negroes by renaming the organization to Muffuggahs.

Anonymous said...


"Wealthy White New York City Liberals Scream and Shriek About Plan to Desegregate Their Lily-White Schools and Reserve Space In Their School for Underperforming Students"

Johnny See said...

If you imagine "ask a nazi" being spoken by a drunk, it could come out as "ashkenazi".
(((That's funny)))

Sunshine said...

It doesn't have to be "either or". You can have an interest in UFOs, listen to Coast to Coast, AND be a "racist". I know, because I am that person. I'm not a member of MUFON or anything, but if I had considered it, I certainly wouldn't join now. You can also keep an open mind and not believe everything that's said. It's a whole lot more interesting than any of the made up nonsense on tv and in movies, that so many people obsess over.

You couldn't expect much from Art Bell, he married a Filipina. Nothing against Filipinos, I have never met one that wasn't super nice, but I don't agree with any form of miscegenation, and I don't think they, or any non whites, belong in white countries. But because of his life choices, he wasn't going to be a race realist. George Noory might be, secretly. I think he's a Lebanese Christian? A lot of Christian Middle Easterners are big time "racists". Not that it matters, really. No mainstream media outlet, no matter how it bills itself, is going to espouse race realism. Yet. Hopefully one day that will change.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out there.

And this just proves once again that too many just can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

OT: A white girls wears a Chinese dress bought at a second hand shop and is now a culturally appropriating RACIST! (Cue frightening blast of music). She posed in a way that just puts it over the top. So I'm guessing with the furor about how insensitive she is, the people really need to blame the store that sold it to her. I'm not pretending what she did was wrong because we've seen the Chinese have commercials with people in blackface so we know they understand there is no problem with it.

But I really think we need to attempt to paint the second hand shop for selling an item in a culturally inappropriate way. I mean, the girl isn't Chinese, is she? Why would they sell it to her? Do they mean to attract a Chinese "triad" to her area to kidnap her into white slavery and make her pay by performing as a racist stereotype of a "Dragon Lady"?

Oh, the humanity!

Mr. Rational said...

If someone doesn't curb the African population explosion

Stop the food and medical aid and sink the boats.  That's all it would take.

Anonymous said...

I flew into Fayetteville North Carolina today for the first time for a 3-day business trip. I can absolutely understand what people have said about this area. High concentration of NAPAs without any doubt. I also witnessed a sight to behold as I went into the local Walmart to pick up a few things to carry back to my hotel room. There was a 400 plus pound sheboon attempting to ride a motorized shopping cart INTO the sto, but due to the excessive weight the cart would not run so one of it's chillin was pushing with all their might from behind.

As most of us on this blog know, anywhere where you have a military base in this country you are going to have high concentrations of NAPAs to look at it everyday.

Cannot wait to get out of this town.

Anonymous said...

Re: the chinese dress story

Where is the widespread condemnation of black women, including the mega-glamorous Beyonce and Michelle Obama, who culturally appropriate white women's hair with straightening products and blonde hair dye?

D-FENS said...

“As most of us on this blog know, anywhere where you have a military base in this country you are going to have high concentrations of NAPAs to look at it everyday.”

The Japanese certainly know this. The negroes “protecting their freedom” are a bigger threat to Japan than N. Korea.

Non PC Infidel said...

When I lived in Japan. China, and Thailand, if a foreign woman decided to wear either Japanese, Chinese or Thai dresses, the locals were quite pleased with it. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The problem in the USA is that too many people have inserted their heads up their rectums and want to find offense with every tiny little thing so they can virtue signal and play their game of outraged moral superiority. Yet, they have no problem with Orientals wearing western style dress. In fact, if they tried to show dat ass with an Oriental over it, they'd probably be cussed out and die of shock when the comments were translated into English. As is, in Japan, the Japanese ladies loved helping American women in the neighborhood dress properly in kimono's for holidays and celebrations and even urged them to do so. They'd make a day of it and have a great time even applying traditional styles of make-up on the gaijin/foreigners.

It takes an extreme level of egotism and arrogance as well as obnoxiousness for someone to
grandly appoint themselves the guardians of fashion and other peoples cultures and give themselves the sole right to decide what people can and cannot wear. No matter what high sounding excuse they use to justify it, they're just being control freaks and jerks and should be told so in no uncertain terms. If they keep screeching, just tell them, "Oh, go blow it out your ass, moron!"

Brian in Ohio said...

If we hadn't been dragging around this black ball and chain for the last 150 years, we wouldn't have to wait for alien life to find us. We could have gone and found IT!

Stay alert, stay alive.

Steve Smith said...

Mark Dice did a video on this. What I found refreshing was that the girl refused to apologize and refused to back down.

Anonymous said...

And this comment isn't?

If MUFON is successful, who would the first aliens actually meet? An organization representative of the full spectrum of human experience, or a club of aging white men?

Aliens wouldn't be excited about our "diversity", they would question how we still function in spite of it. Best case scenario they feed exclusively on those without Neanderthal or Denovisian DNA. If aliens don't hate them, you KNOW computers/robots would because of all the dead weight that they take up in this world.

Go ahead and mandate more "diversity" in yet another organization that would never have come into being if it weren't for white men. You can have vision and merit or you can have diversity.

Anonymous said...

Take me to your aspiring rap star! Nanu nanu!!

Sick n Tired said...

All valid points, and I commend the young lady for taking a stand and not apologizing or caving to these no life idiots who take offense to what some stranger they have never met is wearing. Any of the ones complaining better not own a pair of denim jeans, running shoes, t-shirts, or name brand designer clothes, because they are just as guilty of cultural appropriation as they claim this girl is. The fact that they are complaining in English, instead of the native tongue of whichever region their families are from, is also a form of cultural appropriation. The best response to any of these miserable rabble rousers is always "Fuck off, that doesn't work on me, I don't care" and go on about your business. The more people begin to do this, the less power the PC/SJW/Perpetually Morally Outraged crowd has.

Anonymous said...

Our country is supposedly horribly "racist" against blacks yet the entire establishment and society practice Olympic-level mental gymnastics in order to coddle them at every turn.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

“If the aliens discover us they will think negroes are the dominant species based on our media, TV, movies, sports, newscasts, commercials, politics,etc. Depending what media they watch, they may even think Wakanda is our capital.”

We’re screwed then. They’ll probably just obliterate us from orbit...

Anonymous said...

If you can get lefty-types to admit lower black IQ at all, they always blame it on whites.

The same old story...

Augustus said...

"Fuck off, that doesn't work on me, I don't care."

For many years I've used a short version of that. It goes thusly, "Excuse me, but you've got the wrong honkey."

Anonymous said...

If aliens ever came here (a superior species de facto, since they mastered interstellar travel before we did), you would want them to be greeted by the most nationalist, racist, aggressive men you could find. The worst thing you could do, is send an entourage of anything-goes, miscegenating, bestial women who are dropping eggs down both fallopian tubes at the thought of meating a new alien species.

Anonymous said...

You're closer to the truth than you might believe. The man's name was Freeman Dyson - a proof-of-concept scale model of the 'Orion' starship was flown at Point Loma near San Diego in 1960.

We were so close...

Awakened white said...

” He railed against affirmative action and interracial couples.
The two things that totally disgust me too! And have red pilled me years ago believe it or not, I do hope not one ET is watching us. They must be laughing their heads off.

Justin Igger said...

Im a middle age man in an Uberliberal northeast state. Im going to a community college for a 1year certificate to change careers. I plan on driving the snowflakes bat shit crazy. I have tshirts with, Diversity=White Genocide, Its OK to be White, and What makes a country ? Borders Language Culture. Im looking forward to the fight ! I will go to court if need be. I will not cave like a youngster might. Should be fun !