Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kroger Grocery Store in 80% Black Clarksdale, Mississippi Closing Because "Despite our team's best efforts, profits steadily continued to decline..."

Previously on SBPDL: Kroger Grocery Store in 69% Black Macon, Georgia Closing Because of "declining sales and negative profit over an extended period" (laymen terms: b/c of black criminality)

Clarksdale, Mississippi is 80 percent black and 17 percent white. 

Why is this important? 
Why can't an almost entirely black city keep a grocery store open? 

Because it helps explain why yet another Kroger location in a southern state - Kroger being one of America's largest grocery chains - is closing. Well, not to mention the store was temporarily closed in 2015 to deal with a rodent infestation...[Clarksdale grocery store closing: What does it mean for Delta community?, Mississippi Today, 1-8-18]:

In a region where residents consistently seek healthier food options, an announcement of a grocery store shutting its doors raised concerns for community members of where will they shop for their fresh eats. 
Emotions ranging from outrage to sadness was seen through Facebook comments, statuses, and posts when the Kroger Delta Division announced last month that the Kroger here would be closing, reported by the Clarksdale Press Register. 
According to Mayor Chuck Espy, the store will officially close in February. Espy said his administration is working relatively fast with finding new businesses to replace Kroger. 
In a phone call with Mississippi Today last week, Espy said he was very confident that a new business will be housed in that facility and there are currently about three entities who have shown interest. Currently, there is a negotiation process between the landlord and the entities. 
Thanks in large part to its 75-year-presence in Clarksdale, Kroger became a primary grocery store for many who were in awe upon hearing of the news of its closing. For remote customers, they mentioned this was one of their main outlets to healthy, fresh foods. For former employees, they recall a management that was flexible and convenient. 
Scot Hendricks, president of the Kroger Delta Division, said in a press release that profits declined at the store in Clarksdale. 
“We review our stores’ performances annually and unfortunately, despite our store team’s best efforts, profits steadily continued to decline at our Clarksdale store,” said Hendricks. “We want to thank our Clarksdale associates, customers and community for their support over the years.” 
A Mississippi Today reporter reached out to Kroger representatives for further comment, but did not receive a response. 
Espy said it’s unfortunate that Kroger will leave, but Kroger is in a re-organizational period and Clarksdale isn’t the only one on the chopping block. 
The Kroger Delta Division announced the closing of two other stores in Memphis, according to WMC Action News 5. They reported that since 2014 those three stores will have lost $6.4 million by the end of January 2018. 
Looking forward, community members provided suggestions on how the community could patronize the remaining options — including the family-owned stores in the area. 
Others suggested how the Kroger venue could be utilized to create a Clarksdale Farmers Market. Mark Walker, a Clarksdale native, said this would give investors and local farmers an opportunity to “come together to bring fresh food, fresh produce, as well as other food items and services” to that location. 
“I think having a community owned grocery store would serve Clarksdale very well,” said Walker. “Considering the history of this town and all it has to offer, why not?”
"Despite our team's best efforts, profits steadily continued to decline at our Clarksdale store."

Western civilization cannot survive in the absence of whites, with a food desert not just the purest manifestation of not just the Visible Black Hand of Economics, but the ultimate expression of the regression to the black mean.


Not Human said...

Why do they use the word "community" so much? I've never gotten that. Anyway, it's obvious that blacks took over the town and then robbed the store blind. Why can't Kroger just State the truth? Too many goods were stolen. They know what it takes to make a profit so saying that the store is unprofitable is only telling a half-truth.

The level of fear that everyone has for these creatures is amazing. This needs to all come to an end soon.

Sick n Tired said...

"Others suggested how the Kroger venue could be utilized to create a Clarksdale Farmers Market. Mark Walker, a Clarksdale native, said this would give investors and local farmers an opportunity to “come together to bring fresh food, fresh produce, as well as other food items and services” to that location.
“I think having a community owned grocery store would serve Clarksdale very well,” said Walker. “Considering the history of this town and all it has to offer, why not?”

This is grasping at straws, trying to rationalize the reality of the situation stage. The funny thing about those types of farmer's markets (there's a few near me), is that you rarely ever see groids at them, and when you do it's usually the talented tenth ones or the obviously flamboyant gay ones who are there with either their white boyfriend/group of white gays/trust fund white girls who view them as a trendy accessory. If there's a black woman at them she is usually with a white man, talented tenth, or some white/latin women friends. You never see the typical gold teeth, sagging pants groids whose pictures usually accompany the story about the white man/woman/couple killed by souless ferals. I've seen it in CT, NY, FL, Monterey CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and Austin TX, to name a few places. Would make for a good study.

Anonymous said...

"Others suggested how the Kroger venue could be utilized to create a Clarksdale Farmers Market. Mark Walker, a Clarksdale native, said this would give investors and local farmers an opportunity to “come together to bring fresh food, fresh produce, as well as other food items and services” to that location."

One of the biggest corporate grocery chains in the country can't keep a business open, says it can't turn a profit. They turn profits EVERYWHERE else, expect in certain *ahem* communities. So what can new businesses do if they hope to survive where Kroger can't? And have you seen what black people like to spend their money on? It isn't fresh vegetables, straight off the farm. They love their corporate chains, their empty carbs, and their salty, greasy food. Will the farmer's market sell soda pop, chips, and candy?

This may be a great opportunity for an enterprising individual to set up shop and double the prices. Of course you would have to have great security and everything behind lock and key but hey, that's to be expected in any majority negro area.

D-FENS said...

Based on the 2010 and 2000 changes in total population and racial breakdown given in the Wikipedia entry for Clarksdale MS, it appears that almost all the population decline from 2000 to 2010 is due to Whites leaving.

Talk about racial breakdown.

When the project I was working on in South Carolina, ended unexpectedly, there was a good chance I could have found a job in Jackson MS. The prospect of working in a Wakanda ruled by Chokwe Antar Lumumba who is attempting to make Jackson “the Most Radical City on the Planet” did not appeal to me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

America’s worst 9 urban food deserts in 2011, according to Newsone:

1) New Orleans, LA
2) Chicago, IL
3) Atlanta, GA
4) Memphis, TN
5) Minneapolis, MN
6) San Francisco (Hunters Point)
7) Detroit
8) New York (Harlem, the South Bronx and Brooklyn)
9) Camden, NJ

I love how it is always alluded to that it "targets" and "victimizes" black people when maybe it is blacks who target and victimize the areas causing stores and white people to flee.

Also the arguments that the residents are "powerless" to get healthy food and thus will die from junk food malnutrition unless saved by whites are priceless. What about all the whites who live out in the wilderness who have to drive for miles and miles just to get to the local mom and pop store? If you knew that getting to the store was a significant task and burden, wouldn't you just plan accordingly since food is so important to living and such?

White liberals treat blacks like feminists treat women- like they are too stupid for their own good and need a white benefactor to help them accomplish everything in life and pat them on the back every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

While looking for more information on "food deserts" I came across the "food empowerment project" which went into all the ways that blacks are victimized by a lack of hood, I mean food, options. Comes off like it was written by a white vegan heavily ensconced in a gated community who is brainstorming ways that blacks are mistreated and done wrong.

What was interesting was this line:

On the national level, First Lady Michelle Obama has spearheaded the “Let’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity, which includes a goal of eradicating food deserts by 2017 with a $400 million investment from the government focused on providing tax breaks to supermarkets that open in food deserts.

So what happened?


All of this of course tap dances around the real issue- that blacks create food deserts through their thieving and lawless behavior, "food deserts" don't go around chasing black people. How could they, they are by definition, a lack of something.

Why can't we finally point to the common denominator in all these sob stories? Don't you want to "fix" the problem? Or do you not want to come to the stark realization that "the problem" can't be fixed, as it is a feature and not a bug?

Someone want to create or locate a map listing all of the major food deserts across the U.S.? Maybe we can find a DEMOGRAPHIC pattern.

Billy said...

Clarksdale was a great place at one time...think of Mayberry. There used to be a thriving black business district and little crime. Things changed about 1970.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest complaints about "food deserts" is that limits access to healthy food, so blacks and other minorities are FORCED to consume processed crap that isn't good for them. Let's put that excuse to bed, shall we?


You are what you eat. It's an expression with roots in the early 1800s that has come to mean if you consume what's good for you, you will be healthy, and if you don't, well, watch out. But our latest research on what influences consumers to make unhealthy food choices has compelled us to turn that axiom on its head: You eat what you are.

In other words, your personal characteristics may be more important to your diet than where you shop and what's available to you — a concept that challenges the popular notion that building supermarkets in so-called food deserts can, by itself, help the nation's consumers develop better eating habits. Sure, if a supermarket is plopped down in a food desert — an area where it is difficult to find affordable or quality fresh food — shoppers may come. But their weakness for doughnuts and cookies will walk through those automatic doors with them.

As a predictor of unhealthy food consumption, social and demographic factors were nearly twice as important as where a person shopped for food, according to our recent Rand Corp. study. The findings come from an ongoing project studying food consumption and food shopping of residents in two low-income Pittsburgh neighborhoods that have long been considered food deserts.

As researchers trying to figure out ways to help people eat better, what we found caused us to think twice about focusing too much on providing more access to healthy choices. We needed to grapple with a version of the nature versus nurture debate that had arrived in the supermarket aisle.

When it came to making unhealthy food choices, a consumer's individual characteristics mattered more than where they shopped.

Unfortunately then the article goes off on a tangent of how to best go about tricking and manipulating blacks into eating healthier, since they are too stupid and weak-willed to even make their own food choices. SMH.

Anonymous said...

is there a majority black city with low crime, successful business district, and excellent schools?

Non PC Infidel said...

I watched a documentary about baboons in Africa who would try to raid the crops planted by African villagers. A guard had to be posted constantly to warn the village when the baboons appeared. The villagers would then rush out to yell and scream at the baboons and smack at them with long poles to drive them away before they stole much of the crops. We have our own version of this in the USA~ Grocery stores in black areas are the fields of "crops" and negroes are the baboons raiding them. Stop them and just like the baboons in Africa, they get pissed off and start shrieking about it but keep coming back the next day and every day thereafter to steal whatever they can get their paws on. That is, until the crops are harvested and are no more. Then they move on to other areas to raid. Sort of like one store being shoplifted out of business by negroes and then the negroes move on to other stores.

Who needs a documentary on African wildlife when we can see it live and in person in America thanks to negroes? Well, all except the people yelling and screaming at them and smacking at them with long poles to drive them away. That's the missing component.

There was another old documentary about South African macaque monkeys coming down from the hills to raid people's houses for food. So, feeding stations were set up in the hills to keep them away. Sort of like a EBT food program for monkeys. That's what we need in America- stores located near black areas that are the only stores that can accept EBT. Then, if the rate of theft is sky high, the prices get raised so that the EBT cards can purchase less and less over time. One, it would keep the negroes away from our areas and two, they'd suffer the consequences of their own actions. The stores would have to have superior surveillance systems and all the videos of shoplifting negroes could be played at the entrance on a big screen tv monitor with the message, "This is why your EBT card has less and less purchasing power and why prices have risen." Rub their noses in their own bullshit and show them up for what they are.

I know, I know! Instant shrieks (of racism) followed by a massive chimp out. Welcome to Africa in America. Who needs baboons or macaques when you have negroes?

Non PC Infidel said...

Re: the previous story about the two Kroger stores closing in Memphis. One of the stores is where a rampaging mob of dozens upon dozens of negroes attacked two Kroger employees and a customer. You remember the story- the 17 year old white employee who had pumpkins thrown at him and was knocked to the ground and kicked in the head several times until he was unconscious? And where the white customer is being filmed while being attacked and some sheboon is screeching, "They got a white boy! They got a white boy!" Yeah, that one. The video also includes stories of negroes robbing people in the parking lots and in one case stealing their car.

I'd imagine the same sort of things are going on at the Kroger in Clarksdale, Mississippi including massive theft. Ah! The wonderful world of negroes!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad when the president of the stores division thanks the customers for their business after robbing them blind, I can see Shitavious at the crib laughing his ass off.......Shhhhhittt, dems stupidass MF’s beesthankskin me’s fo puttin dem out of buiness!!! Shhhhhhiiiiit

Anonymous said...

lol@ "food deserts" and "negative profits"

The average negro sow sees a grocery store as a free gibs opportunity. After the dumb sow trades it's EBT credit for cash to squander on weaves and wigs, the simple simians realise they have nothing to stuff in their maws. Cue visiting the local Kroger and stuffing their undergarments with prime steak, quality ribs, "skrimps" and other choice cuts of meat.

Anonymous said...

Stupid nog had to run.

Even more stupid cop had to take out his frustration on a stupid nog.



Chimpout coming to NC...

Bill in St Louis said...

Interesting. ... the only major grocery store in the area, (in a normal world where most people would shop) can't make a profit. When they close
Stating that they can't make a profit
They are "victimizing" the community that doesn't make them a profit. Obviously Kroger shoukd keep the stores open, hire only blacks, and give the food away. , . Does anyone think even that will stop the cries of Gibsmedat or the outstretched paws?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

is there a majority black city with low crime, successful business district, and excellent schools?

April 3, 2018 at 11:07 PM"

Uh, that would be no.

chattanooga gal said...

"What about all the whites who live out in the wilderness who have to drive for miles and miles just to get to the local mom and pop store?"
A friend of mine lives a good 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store- it's what you have to do to live in a safe neighborhood anymore. and no one whines about their inconvenience. the blacks will whine that they don't own cars like the people like my friend, so that's different.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I built an Adlib web page citing high crime areas for people wanting to move in the vicinity so the new people would know where to avoid. I plugged it to yahoo and Google. Both said the same thing, "..we cannot accept your web page to be added to our search engine because it is racist..." Ten years ago, however, I started seeing web pages run by black people and Latinos indicating their black and Latino cities "...Ripe for empowering our minority brothers and sisters.." It was dumbfounding to me but, I decided that complaining about it would only remove an asset for people to find out crime filled areas.

Anonymous said...

Non existent. Just like the rest of the planet.
But all blame the Caucasians.

Armed Memphian said...

On the contrary my good sir! That particular Kroger in said video was renovated in the last three years to compete with more fancy high end markets such as whole foods...this attempt at drawing in higher income locals is nice for now but give it ten years and it will recede back into the shitskin sea surrounding it. I still refer to Memphis as an island city, islands of old money holdouts and investors trying to keep shopping areas on the up and up...but they are always just a block or two away from section 8 and areas with lots of shall we say...diversity. The people that live here are clueless, the act so surprised every time they get culturally enriched that is if they survive the encounter.

As another poster here often puts it...stay armed stay alert couldn't be more true

Unknown said...

Yes, yes there is I proclaim! The Black Panthers call it Wakanda... but it will only come into realization after all caucasians are extinct in da world. Dey all dat who is responsible for oppressioning and enslaving us. Once we can rid da earth of the mighty blue eyed brown haired devils is when we can finally return to being the Khangz and Queens we once used to be! It’s all whitey’s fault I tell you !!!

Anonymous said...

We are not allowed to speak the truth when it comes to the American negro, we are forced to keep silent while this groups actively destroys it surroundings. There have been numerous attempts to run a business in a black community and the theft, crime and violence chases them away. Then we hear the swan song of how are they going to obtain food and products, so sick of seeing these people treated as a endangered species.

I have said, has anyone seen blacks move into a neighborhood and improve it, which got me immediately banned on facebook. But the sad truth is the answer is no. I could not find one instance where this wasn't true.

We have bent over backwards to not shed a negative light towards blacks. The media has stopped reporting the race of a criminal if he or she is black, we blame cops for defending themselves, we give national sympathy to a criminal who get themselves killed while committing a crime, we allow reverse discrimination and we shame people for being born white.

So far as I can see, every black run town or city is in trouble. I could be mistaken, and if so would like someone show me a example of success or normalcy within these communities.

We are being told by the MSM that the black man has a target on his back, what I find is just the opposite, they prey on whites, but that bit of info is suppress by our trustworthy media.

I grew up in a upstate town in NY, it was a safe and happy place. When the blacks started moving in from NYC we started having problems in our schools, gangs of blacks attacking white kids for money and fun. The whites started moving out which started the snowball effect, now the town is largely black. We have crimes that where unheard of, murders in broad daylight and constant shooting. You can see the decay starting in the once vibrant neighborhoods. Its not even safe to go shopping in the area, at our Walmart we had a stabbing in the checkout line and shooting in the parking lot. We have consistent robberies in our shopping center parking lots. The thing is, all the criminals are black. But yet it is consider racist to point the blame at the problem.

Am I saying all blacks are bad, no. There a few that are good hardworking people, but they are outnumbered by the bad ones. We have bad whites too, despicable people, but percentage wise they are not as numerous.

D-FENS said...

“is there a majority black city with low crime, successful business district, and excellent schools?”

Here is a list of the 10 richest negro “communities” (yes, I know they LOVE to use thst term):


I am sure there are interesting details in each case that will show that the exception proves the rule. That will be today’s research project.

Californian said...

Consider the larger implications: supposing you are a White person living in a black majority city or town. You too will be affected by the "food desert." It matters not that you have never sold an EBT card for cash or boosted a prime rib. You will have to either grocery shop at your local convenience-liquor store, consume fast food, or drive long distances to get healthy nutrition.

This is fallout from BRA. You not only have to put up with high crime rates, trashed schools and erratic utilities, but can't even eat healthy & cheaply. Obviously, this is going to be worse for elderly or disabled Whites who lack the mobility to gain access to decent grocery shopping. As I say, fallout. Being downwind of black criminality can be just as lethal in the long run as living on ground zero.

I understand that some cities are taking measures to rectify this situation. You can now go to a convenience-liquor store and when buying overpriced low nutrition food-like substances, you do not have to endure the "indignity" of ordering through a transparent bulletproof barrier.

Progress, no doubt...

Anonymous said...

Since becoming occupied territory we have lost:

2 multiplex theaters - one is a church, the other is a dialysis center
3 grocery stores - Kroger, Food World, Sav-a-Lot or some such
Burger King
Jack's (big in the South, they just moved further out)
NAPA auto parts
Dunkin' Donuts

The two grocery stores we have left are nasty and strewn with nig trails. I go three miles further out to the nice, white Winn-Dixie. Of course the nigs have started coming out there since they trashed their stores. Fucking primitives. It's a bit pricey so it isn't overrun/trashed yet.

Not to mention numerous Mom and Pop businesses that left.

The only burger joints we have left are Rally's and, of course, McDee's. Nigs fucking love McDee's.

We have gained five dollar stores in about a one-mile radius, weab stoes, three new chicken joints, and numerous payday loan thieves.

We have empty store fronts from one end to the other. A tornado wiped out some of these in 2012 and they rebuilt them....now we have brand new empty store fronts.

A bank was demolished and they didn't bother building it back, they simply moved elsewhere.

Check the demographic numbers for Center Point, Al. on Wiki....they explain everything.

Pat Boyle said...

There will be more closures like this because grocery stores are so vulnerable. When I was a teenager I got a job as a checker at a local supermarket. We were scolded not to 'double bag' because the management claimed that the profit margin for grocery stores was only 1%. If we packed a load of groceries in two thicknesses of bags rather than just one, they said the store would make no profit on that order.

I wondered if that was actually true. People have been known to fib to teens.

So I looked it up in Wikipedia. Yup. The profit margin for grocery stores is 1%. As a point of reference the profit margin for medical sales stores is 26.55%.

So grocery stores can't endure a whole lot of pilfering and theft. It's no wonder that there are not many chain grocery stores in black areas.


Anonymous said...

As a predictor of unhealthy food consumption, social and demographic factors were nearly twice as important as where a person shopped for food, according to our recent Rand Corp. study. The findings come from an ongoing project studying food consumption and food shopping of residents in two low-income Pittsburgh neighborhoods that have long been considered food deserts.

Diabetes is dragging down our health care system and no one is talking about it.

It spans racial lines but Blacks of course are the worst. They are not only more likely to get diabetes but also have kidney problems. There are areas where the whole town has diabetes. This is far more expensive to the government than welfare.

EBT is a disaster. I cannot believe that Democrats are so afraid of reforming it when we are basically subsidizing diabetes and their Black districts have the greatest burden. Corn is still heavily subsidized so we are basically borrowing money from future generations to make cheap candy and soda for the negro people.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck. Just load up some tractor trailers with giant boxes of cheese corn and grape drink and dump it off in front of the many abandoned apartment buildings the negroes have created.
They'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Well, let me raise your consciousness on the matter of so-called "food deserts."

My university soy latte fair trade organic coffee bar & commune recently organized a boycott of itself by beautiful black African Americans to protest the lack of representation of beautiful black African Americans at coffee bars in the inner city. Beautiful black African Americans stayed away from the university latte soy fair trade organic coffee bar & commune and instead used their ingenuity to make their own traditional African "p'rple dwinck," at least that's what I think they called it (they were so overjoyed at rejecting the corporate oppressor's "coffee" that their speech was slurred).

Well, what happened? As soon as the boycott started, the university soy fair trade organic latte coffee bar and & commune looked like a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan! It was so white there were reports of Richard Spencer sneaking in to sip a cappuccino, extra milk. Overall, the boycott raised our consciousnesses about how beautiful black African Americans are today excluded from the joys of coffee in the inner city by corporate oppressors.

Well, this experiment in liberation came to an end when the university fair trade latte soy organic coffee bar & commune reported something shocking: after one week of boycott by beautiful black African Americans, they had (brace yourself) made a profit!

As anyone who has taken one of our university's many courses on socially conscious economics knows, "profit" really represents the exploitation of the beautiful black African American community by the corporate power structure.

So the boycott was declared at an end, and beautiful black African Americans marched back in, bringing all the enrichments of diversity to the university soy latte fair trade organic commune & coffee bar. A day after their return, I headed on down for a vibrant cup of Venezuelan "Che" Latte myself, but when I arrived, the doors were locked and a sign proclaimed:


I. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Anonymous said...

OT: It has been said a number of times here that "if you give white people a pile of bricks, they'll build a city, and if you give blacks a city, they'll turn it into a pile of bricks." This applies to Koreans as well. Let me explain.

In 1945 the four-decade Japanese occupation of Korea ended. During that time the Japanese had stripped the country bare of its natural resources, plus it had stripped away many thousands of Koreans for labor, military service, "comfort women," etc. The country was poor and miserable.

Five years later the Korean War started and by the time it ended after three bloody years Korea was truly "a pile of bricks." Millions were dead and the country was in absolute ruins. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, had been overrun by the North Korean Army, retaken by allied forces, captured by the Chinese, and retaken a second time by the allies. It was a complete mess, and it was a struggle just to survive.

Go there today and you will be astounded by what you see -- ultra-modern skyscrapers, a massive rapid transit system, high-end stores, expensive cars, well-dressed and prosperous people, etc. Coming into Seoul you would land at Incheon International Airport, which has repeatedly been ranked No. 1 in the entire world. It makes US airports look drab and dismal.

Korean cities are safe and clean. In greater Seoul I walked through a neighborhood in the Yongsan area that was somewhat rundown but I was at no risk at all, because there "low income" isn't synonymous with "high crime."

There are policemen and police stations in Seoul but I didn't see much of them, except perhaps while handling traffic accidents or writing speeding tickets. You don't need a heavy police presence to feel safe. You already are.

I rode all over the city on its Metro system and there was never any indication of "youfs" being present who would mug passengers, steal SmartPhones (everyone riding the trains uses them without a care of theft), pee in or on the cars, leave trash, etc. The stations are absolutely spotless. The employees are extremely helpful, and they are clearly not obese AA hires sleeping on the job with their work places smelling of Popeye's chicken and french fries.

Koreans truly started out with "a pile of bricks" and they turned their country into one of the top economies in the entire world, and they did it in a matter of decades, mostly since the 1980s.

It finally occurred to me that this is what our own country could have looked like without the black undertow pulling it ever downward, where it's "normal" that inner cities are dangerous, stores are driven out of business by theft, flash mob thefts are "kids being kids," etc., and we're not supposed to notice who's doing it.

One thing the US has that Korea does not is chocolate neighborhoods and cities. There are no places like Baltimore, Chicago, Jackson (MS), Memphis, etc., nor are there "vibrant and diverse communities." They have a very enviable work ethic and they work their fannies off to get ahead. Advanced schooling is highly valued kids work hard to get into universities.

I look at Seoul and think of how our own cities could have looked like this, but never will. They will only get worse as the Black Plague continues to turn cities into piles of bricks.

Anonymous said...

Other day I was in a upscale chain grocery, clientele all White/Asian, and they were playing "Horse with No Name" by the late '60s band America. Refrain:

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain

"Food desert?"
Think they were sending a message?


Note this:

"A Mississippi Today reporter reached out to Kroger representatives for further comment, but did not receive a response."

Why would a "reporter" reach out? Because THEY KNOW there is a real reason and THEY KNOW what that reason is: Criminal Black Behavior......... The "reporter" (Social Activist Loser) wants to bait the Kroger spokesman to say ANYTHING this smartass reporter can turn into a raycissssss comment.

Why did Kroger (correctly) refuse comment? Well, the top people at every organization and company KNOW the negro is the problem, but the top people all know to say nothing, as least in today's world. So, they will play dumb and say nothing while the pansy-ass reporter is "playing dumb" in trying to ambush the White executives.

Until this lying dance comes to an end (and the coming violence will end this charade), we all have to lie to each other (except here on SBPDL).


Farmer's Market? Really? LaTrina and DeSyphilis are going to have a booth to sell vegetable they grew? Really? And just WHO is going to be the customers? Is Sambo going to buy Kale and Organic Broccoli and prepare his famblee a tossed salad? Really?

A Farmer's Market will die a fast death since there is nothing there Sambo & Friends wants to steal. Really? A negro is going to shop-lift tomatoes? Avocados? Really.

I agree with all the comments above in saying: Let some rich NBA or NFL playa' put up the money for his community. If White Men can run a grocery store, then certainly any Wakandian can. Didn't the Wakandians invent the Grocery Store? The Grocery Cart? The Display Shelf?

But, now that I think about it, was there a grocery store IN the movie, Wakanda?

Sick n Tired said...

I grew up in rural Oregon and we lived 18 miles from the main town. There were a few mom & pop general stores along the way, the closest one to us was 5 miles, and you would only go to them if you needed beer/cigarettes/toilet paper kind of stuff instead of driving all the way into town. My parents would go grocery shopping once a week, and in summer we pretty much liced on what we grew in our garden, as did most of our neighbors. We chose to live that far outside of town, so we lived with a lack of stores, yet never went hungry.

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting. Now that YouTube, Twitter, Google, Cloudfare and much of the tech industry has taken it upon themselves to filter & censor speech and demonetize individuals as they see fit they shouldn’t be surprised when occasionally a politically incorrect individual goes postal after being stripped of their livelihood. I just didn’t expect the first shooter of this kind to be a liberal PETA supporting female vegan. When the left feels unfairly treated they actually believe that they are entitled to retaliate with deadly force. Unlike members of the right, the left is unaccustomed to being treated unfairly. Andrew Anglin is probably the most censored human on the planet. He has been chased across a dozen Internet domains by the ((tech industry)) and he continues to persevere and urge non-violence.



Kroger was most likely FORCED to carry the same range of products found in the White stores: Fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen "Birdseye" stuff, etc. No doubt they did carry the "hair products" and all that, and it was these product lines that did them in.

1) Nobody bought the fresh produce that they had to carry to show "equality", so it rotted and costs them money to re-order, stock, keep cool, etc. Those open coolers cost a fortune to operate and repair, especially during the summer months.

2) Everybody stole the hair products. Now, they probably saw what is happening to China-Mart when they attempted to put these products behind bars, I mean, glass/plastic. DAT BE RAYCISSSSS and SHEEEEIT, was the result. So, Kroger knew that theft would never end, ever.

Next time you visit your area grocery store, look at every product and imagine how easy it is to totally rip off the place. Wear baggy hoody jackets with inside pockets, baggy big pocketed pants and cruise the isles. You can literally take any/all cosmetics, battery packs, candy, packs of cheese, etc,.....everything except Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

Notice how this "Fresh Fruit and Vegetables" argument surfaces every time? This is the way the elite guilt trips the White Race, since they know we will feel a bit of pain/guilt in taking away their Fresh stuff......BUT THE NEGRO DOESN'T EAT THAT STUFF !! It is like the "he was a good boy", "he had a family", "he was planning on going to college" excuses of why De'Gonorrhea should not be put in jail for lighting the 3 year old white boy on fire.. These are WHITE values used against us to make us feel pity/guilt.

Kroger also knows that the population of these locations will always lose White residents and only have an increase in african residents. The future was 100% guaranteed MORE loses, no matter what they did.

So, another option would be to amp up security, but that would only result in MORE shoplifting arrests and more screeches of DAT BE RAYCISSSSSSS.

Or, they could put everything behind counters, a la 1895, but then the Talented 1/10% would notice and claim DAT BE RACISSSS since the White stores didn't do that.

God forbid they attempted to put everything behind plexiglass, since Kroger executives can read what is happening in Baltimore with the Asian store owners. So, that idea was out.

Only conclusion? State some vague reasons and get the hell out of Samboville.

BUT, they forgot one idea the negro preachers and husslers will suggest: Subsidize the Samboville stores by combining the profit-loss numbers of all the stores Kroger owns, and thus FORCE the White Stores to pay for the loses. Why not? Isn't that what America is all about? The Sambo Preachers will claim disparate impact since it is mostly (always) the Sambo locations that are closed. Dat be Raycisssss.

This isn't the last of this.

Antidote said...

Okay, this is the Age of Trump when we're all supposed to be committed to making America great again. With hard work, persistence and entrepreneurial skills we're gonna restore the entire country. So may I propose a solution to the Kroger pullout-Food desert problem?
A while back SBPDL reported on "the Philadelphia Experiment" in which Korean and Chinese merchants had reduced theft and murder to zero by the installation of plexiglass shields. As these merchants are being forced out of business, why can't they get small business loans to relocate to the Negro Food Deserts? It is even conceivable the interior of a Kroger could be subdivided into 15-20 magazini-like plexiglass stores; certainly specialty shops could be present (booze, tobaccy, betting parlour, wings).

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I live out in the sticks east of Austin, Texas. I drive 23 miles each way to and from work, and there are no grocery stores along my usual route. There's more than a few "convenience" stores along the way, but why would I pay $4 for ONE
15 ounce of Chef Boy-ar-dee? A 5 minute re-route (about 2 miles each way) after work takes me to a grocery store where I can get the same thing for 80 cents, and have a bunch of other options to choose from as well.

Must be my privelege showing again.

D-D said...

“I grew up in a upstate town in NY, it was a safe and happy place. When the blacks started moving in from NYC we started having problems in our schools, gangs of blacks attacking white kids for money and fun. The whites started moving out which started the snowball effect, now the town is largely black.”

I too grew up in upstate NY. Because of the dominance of (((NYC))) in NY state electoral politics, NY state is basically East Germany without the guard towers. My city’s population peaked about 1960 then was cut in half as people moved to the sun belt. Until I did so myself, the only time I ever saw a “help wanted” sign was in the movies. To stem the loss of industry, the city welcomed prisons and call centers. The prisons attracted sheboons from NYC to visit their incarcerated baby daddies. The sheboons realized their welfare dollars went farther because of the lower cost of living so they stayed.

Recently, the population has rebounded. But that is because the city has sold out for the crack cocaine of refugee resettlement dollars. It is now a polyglot of Bosnian muslims, Burmese and Somalians. The once-solid school district has been sued by refugee rights activists because they were vectoring too many into alternative education programs. A church (and I am no fan of cucktianity) was converted to a mosque.

The state keeps dangling a nanotechnology center before the local saps to stem any further erosion. The likelihood of this center being built as planned is even less likely than Trump’s wall. We’ll see viable nuclear fusion sooner.

Yet they still take hits of their refugee resettlement bong and are proud of their welcoming (but empty) arms.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's be honest, they do need to live off of our society .

Joe Bloe said...

Dindu nuffin. Blacks love committing crimes but hate the consequences


There used to be a sentence: The only good Indian is a dead Indian.

Anon @ 7:12 AM, above.

There can never be "good hardworking (black) people" since they all have relatives who will beat you to death.

Your "good" ones move into your town, (as the polite advanced guard), and then the Fambleee arrives to beat you to death and rape your sister.

Don't be so stupid, and I mean that as an act of kindness to you.

Anonymous said...

Vegetables gone wrong... steaks gone missing.... taken by the mean aisles...

Detroit Refugee said...

Wonder when the Kroger on my beloved Island will experience Cultural Enrichment?
Oh that's right. First we'd need a 2,000 unit Sec.8 apt "community" connected by bus.

Keep these articles coming PK. I'm sharing them w/ normies @ work. Even my 2 IKAGO's shake their heads in disbelief.

Folks in SE Mich., check out the Super Kroger on Fort St. Brand new, housed in a former KMart bldg. Prior to that it was a Corvettes. Went in over this past weekend instead of waiting in truck while my lady shops. Yes, groids live in a lot of apts nearby, but it's safe if people know the hrs kept by "Die-Versity". Doesn't it suck we have to be cognizant of this in the US today?

Detroit Refugee said...

You have described Detroits Eastern Market perfectly.

Full Metal Realist said...

One of my favorite places to go to is Disneyland. It is very clean and the crowds are generally well behaved because they mostly consist of white people. The high admission prices have forced negroes to go to places like Magic Mountain where they trash the place. However, this is all going to change. Disney has announced that the are going to have characters from the 'Black Panther' film in the parks for meet and greets. Now schools are going to send negro chillin on field trips to Disneyland to meet Black Panther so they can learn self esteem. Of course this means that the parks are going to be vandalized and have fights break out. Disney now being a liberal company, Walt must be turning in his cryo-chamber, will not evict the trouble makers for fear of being labeled racist. Or for every negro delinquent they evict they will have to evict some innocent well behaved white child to make things fair. Another policy Disneyland may have to put in place is that all children will have to be accompanied with a parent, just kidding, with their birth mother. Of course the mothers will defend their spawn by saying "Sy-pho-lus is a gud boy, he want's to be a Disney imagineer when he grows up"

Anonymous said...

I look at Seoul and think of how our own cities could have looked like this, but never will. They will only get worse as the Black Plague continues to turn cities into piles of bricks.

South Korea is an example which ought to be considered -- but will not -- by those who blame black failure on the terrible, terrible legacies of colonialism, discrimination, slavery, etc, etc. The differences between Koreans and Africans are cultural and they are genetic. And you can build all the grocery stores in the world in da hood, and blacks will still make it a food desert.

Anonymous said...

Next time you visit your area grocery store, look at every product and imagine how easy it is to totally rip off the place. Wear baggy hoody jackets with inside pockets, baggy big pocketed pants and cruise the isles.

Here's a thought: if schoolchildren can be required to carry transparent backpacks because of gun crime, why not require Kroger customers in the 'hood to wear transparent hoodies and baggy pants? This way, any boosting of groceries can be instantly detected.

See how easy it is to fix the problem of food deserts?

Californian said...

Disney has announced that the are going to have characters from the 'Black Panther' film in the parks for meet and greets.


We can now go to Disneyland and perhaps ask these Black Panther "cast members" what they think of farm attacks in South Africa, Boer genocide, and the black African invasion of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Here, in the beautiful ATL, in our "race does not exist" society, every news broadcast is all about race. Constantly celebrating the life, death, birthday, wifes death, birthday, etc., of MLK, Jr. And then showing all the recent crime, with pictures of dindu suspects as a bonus. No irony there. And with all the praise of MLK, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, etc. , etc., they are at the same time steadily denigrating all of our white Founding Fathers who actually created and founded this great country of America, those made its great laws and values, including the talking black heads smirking while announcing the latest statue "come down". Even the damn sports is about nothing but blackety blackety blacks. But race dosent exist- get it yet, YT with white privilege??
And if a known black criminal is shot while fleeing, resisting arrest, etc., there is an immediate outburst from blacks, no waiting for facts or the court case to go through. The YT police is AUTOMATICALLY the villain, no matter what, and protests, riots, and unrest ensues. BUT....
If a 3 year old black child is shot in a "drive-by", and the suspect is black, there is absolutely NO protests, demands, or riots about that loss of life, against the dindu that shot up the place. Most frigging big hypocrites in the world. They only care when YT is involved, cause dats the only way to get the ghetto lottery payout.
And in other news, the politically correct regime is backfiring on some of its biggest fans.... Steve Harveys wife calls herself retarded while on a cooking video with her husband, and the PC crowd immediately jumps in with shame shame. Guess he is learning that you can't have it both ways- no N word, then no R word....
L in Atl hell

Sick n Tired said...

@Detroit Refugee, and I've never even been to Detroit! ;)

Sick n Tired said...

I visited Japan last year and it was a similar experience. Tokyo had a few Nigerians who run some whore houses in the red light district and are somewhat aggressive trying to get people into them (where they will drug your drink & rob you, or give you an astronomical bill for 2-3 drinks, and insist you pay it), but that is one minor area in a massive city. Osaka, Nygoa, and Kyoto are all exceptionally clean, the trains and train stations are spotless, and the people were polite & friendly, especially after they get a few drinks in them. My friend and I marvelled at how well kept and orderly the society was, and were disappointed when it was time to come back to the states, especially since I live in S. Florida and he lives in NYC. Seeing countries like Korea and Japan give a glimpse of how things should be, but aren't because of forced "diversity".

Anonymous said...

Instead of going outside and ringing a bell to commemorate the death of MLK, I’m setting off my house and car alarms. The true legacy.

Brian in Ohio said...

A grocery store in a 80% black town.... Can you imagine that place on the 1st of the month?!

Enough to give you PTSD.

And a "farmers market"? lmao Nigga please! The only market that will do well in an 80% black town will be the "open air, drug" kind.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Sick n Tired said...

Well in her defense she probably is retarded, since she's married to that fake toothed jackass Steve Harvey. Race aside, one constant that I have always come across in life is that bald men with that type of moustache, are always prick assholes.

Why I’m Racist said...

I’m going to make this simple for any person/company/organization accused of victimizing the downtrodden minorities. After their screeches of raycism followed by demands on how you are to proceed, use this response verbatim: Anything else you’d like to get off your chest before I whip my dick out and tell you to suck it?

Seriously, that’s all it takes. You’ll have the backing of all the people who actually matter in the world.

Axis Sally said...

Let the USDA Food and Nutrition Service that administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) buy out these failed supermarkets and allow the munts to come in and help themselves. They could even use RFID to track who is consuming what if they wished. When you have a $20 trillion debt, why bother with appearances?

cloudofhaze said...

I’m from Anniston, AL. Now living in the filthy Nehru infested North.

D-FENS said...

Farmers markets are not a solution to food deserts. They have been identified as bastions of White Privilege because they reinforce the eating preferences of Whites.

rex freeway said...

If Kroger revamped their stores in predominately Black hoods so that theft by customers and employees and robberies were kept to a minimum and they could make a profit, Black ran government and White Liberals would call it racist. And if they close it's racist. So if no matter what your a racist then tell the Negroes and the Liberals to piss off. This is America. And fighting back is MAGA!

Anonymous said...

I posted that tongue in cheek comment/question.
As far as Atlanta...
I lived there. F’ Atlanta.
If your white and from Atlanta..sorry, but F’Atlanta. It is a corrupt black-run shithole where only some of the white people obey the law and the cops don’t care.
I never had a really strong opinion of blacks until I moved to Atlanta.
They are TERRIBLE people.
The south, overall, SUCKS.
I’m Conservative, Gun carrying, married with a family. The only “handout” I’ve taken is student loans and I paid them back in 7.5 years.
Black majority towns like Atlanta embolden blacks and they display their TNB without fear.
The majority of folks their make ridiculous excuses for the nightmare blacks have brought upon their community.
Me? I pulled my gun more times while there than in 22 years in a fly-over State. Always in self defense. And every time the dude just sauntered off like a farm animal after a whippin’.

Anonymous said...

Uhh...when is the last time you were in ‘bama?
I will take a small, under 3,500 person, Midwest town over the south ANY day.

Anonymous said...

"Why do they use the word "community" so much?"

To falsely state that they live civil, law abiding lives & that they are disadvantaged as a group & need "money" so they're "equal"...but really, want an advantage.

AnalogMan said...

“I think having a community owned grocery store would serve Clarksdale very well,” said Walker.

Would serve the coonmunity right, at least.

Michael Dean Miller said...

I'm surprised black groups haven't demanded removal of Winn Dixie's name for blatantly "encouraging Confederate Victory".

Orange said...

They showed that memorial in Memphis on tv, live. They couldn't even ring a bell properly! And I heard lots of muffled Ebonics mumbling, and TNB in the like, 5 minutes I unfortunately saw, before the real local news came on. I must say, I do love that MLK statue in DC.

I'm from the DC area (fled 10 years ago thanks to vibrant diversity) and I remember when they built that eyesore. My mother laughed herself sick over the Asian MLK. Some Chinese sculpted him and he looks Asian! Can't even find a black to make that sculpture? Lol! And what were they commemorating anyway? I didn't really care enough to pay attention, but I thought that fool was born in January? Isn't that what the MLK day is about? Although in my house, as a born and raised Virginian, we always celebrated Robert E Lee day. Still do, actually. Standing in my kitchen I see no less than six battle flags, three different generals, a statue of a soldier and a picture of my husband's confederate soldier ancestor. We won't ever forget our heritage, we live among it here in exile in the Deep South, which is lovely but isn't my home.

Basso e Grasso said...

Residents of that town will soon be buying groceries from Indians who will charge $20 for a head of lettuce. The food will be kept inside locked cases.

Pat Boyle said...

Anonymous @ 9:11 AM wrote at length about the development and peacefulness of South Korea.

As it happens when I first came west in 1965 I enrolled in San Francisco State in Interdisciplinary Social Science. I took a course on the economic development of poorer nations. There were many conceptual models including all sorts of factors and predictions about how long it would be before the nations of Africa and South America reached the "take-off point" after which they were expected to become rich like America.

No one ever mentioned Korea. No one ever mention human intelligence.

I used to be fairly current on the issues discussed by academics about world poverty. No one ever seemed to have connected the IQ of a nation with its prosperity. That was the state of affaires until Lynn and Vanhaten published "The Wealth of Nations". They reported a correlation coefficient of .82 - a huge number for developmental economics.

They also reported their estimates of the average IQs of every nation on earth. The smartest nation turns out to have been South Korea at 106. (Hong Kong is a city not a nation). In those years after 1965 South Korea created an economic miracle. After the Korean War Korea had a lower GDP than most of the nations in central Africa. It had no industry and no resources. Today Tanzania is still desperately poor and the Economist magazine predicts that Korea will surpass the US in GDP some time in this century.

The US national IQ is about 98. It would be higher but it is depressed by all the negroes and Hispanics. The Lynn and Vanhaten studies don't provide much room for optimism about the prospects for Africa. This represents an deep and profound change in our thinking about economic development.

Japan had made a similar leap forward with the Meijii Restoration. They went from a backward feudal nation with no military resources to a nation that defeated Russia twice in just a few decades. Korea seems to be doing much the same.

Population IQ seems to be more important than religion, culture, government and institutions.


AnalogMan said...

Axis Sally said...

"... munts ..."

You from the muddaland?

(Pronounced "moonts", short for "muntu", singular of "bantu". Common in Rhodesia and South Africa.)

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of too many EBT users? Just wondering. Those on welfare that use that system still on get x amount of dollars per month. Mr. K is correct about civilization not being able to survive without the presence of hard working White Anglos.

Detroit Refugee said...

There is one black farmers market I've seen. It's known as "The Obama Market" , on Connor. Detroits east side. Large colorful murals adorn the front. A larger than life watermelon & right next to that they added Obama's mug. To lord the victory over YT!!

Unknown said...

Jackson sucks all around. It's one of the few places where groid rage might do some good for the world. Maybe they will take over Millsaps and run it into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Just like “white flight” is an evil act by whites, but so is “gentrification” Whitey is always wrong, no matter what.

It seems silly to keep playing a game that is purposefully designed to make it impossible for you to win...

Unknown said...

All this PC garbage for excuses when the answer is in front of everyone's face. More blacks = more crime. Most stores have a thin profit margin and when it's shoplifted out of existance, it is NOT racism, it is blacks being their filty selves!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Jackson Ms for a few months. ( I’m a NCgirl) . Jackson is rotten, crawling with groids, trash, they should really move the whole groid population into a few states to contain them , where we don’t have to see them, hear them , or smell them. :)