Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Every Time Starbucks Cucks, Another White Person Grows a Spine

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What percent of Starbucks customer do you think are white people? I'd wager the number is near 80 percent. 

We can all pretend to #RaceTogether, but in the end we know it's all a lie. [Fake Starbucks coupon aimed at blacks uses the N-word, USA Today, 4-18-18]:

Fake Starbucks coupons purporting to offer free coffee to African Americans are making the rounds on social media.
Our grandchildren will learn about this image, a powerful reminder Black-Run America held white people and their civilization hostage for decades as we refused to concede our ancestors knew better when it came to interracial relations...
The voucher, believed to be a hate-filled prank crafted by the white-supremacy movement, features a QR code that, when scanned, reveals the N-word.
The bogus certificate surfaced Wednesday amid legitimate calls for a boycott over Starbucks' decision to phone 911 to have police arrest two black men at a downtown Philadelphia location because they hadn't bought anything last Thursday. They were denied use of a restroom even though they explained they were waiting for a friend. The furor arose over what is viewed as a double standard compared to how white customers are treated. 
As for the phony coupons, "This is completely false and in no way associated with Starbucks," Jaime Riley, a spokeswoman for the coffee chain, said in an e-mail. "They cannot be redeemed in our stores."
Several different versions of the same coupon are circulating.
The so-called "Let's Talk Coupon" reads, "We're sorry. We know we can do better. Starbucks values all people of color and we are working on employee sensitivity training. The best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee and we'd like to buy you one."
The apology and the reference to having open conversations about racism are references to real actions Starbucks has taken. CEO Kevin Johnson has apologized for last week's incident. On Tuesday, the company announced plans to close all company-owned stores in the U.S. for the afternoon on May 29 for racial-bias training.
The voucher says the offer for a free beverage of any size and any variety is valid from April 18 until May 18. One version of the coupon adds that it's for "People of Color only", while another says, "Limited to persons of African American heritage and/or identity at time of exchange."
In addition to the faux legalese, the coupon features the Starbucks logo, the company's iconic shade of green and photos of the chain's drinks.
To use the coupon, baristas are told to use the discount code 1488, which is an allusion to two numbers white supremacists have embraced.
The so-called "14 Words" is a white-power slogan and 88 is a reference to "Heil Hitler," words that both begin with the eighth letter of the alphabet.
NAACP spokesman Malik Russell called the coupon "an unfortunate response" to steps civil rights organizations are taking to improve how the country deals with racism.
"Individuals are seeking to take advantage of these discussions to create more dissension," he said. "That’s not the direction we need to be going in."
The only direction black people believe we should be going is one where the destination ensures Africans in America get free coffee for life and the right to confiscate white owned-property/retirement savings as reparations.

That's always what #RaceTogether meant, a one-way monologue instead of a dialogue on race, for whites have no legitimate voice when presented with a list of racial grievances from blacks.


Anonymous said...

The 20% is probably asians and our tolerance for TNB is even lower.

I don't like Starbucks because their coffee taste awful, at least ten years ago I remember tasting some kind of white chocolate coffee smoothie thing that I liked, but later when I ordered white mocha it was just on ice cubes and it tasted awful, either there was a change or whatever I liked had discontinued.

I do like using the washroom though, it's much cleaner. For the privilege of using their washroom I just BUY SOMETHING. Starbucks sells bananas! It's something cheap that I can put in my bag for later and not a pricey drink that would make me want to go to the washroom again. At a Starbucks I 'frequent' at one point at a time and place where there wasn't a line up to get the counter, I just waltz up after I was done using the washroom and drop a dollar tip into the jar, staff there never have a problem with me.

The two black bucks were dressed like hobos, sports pants with draw strings loose! That's a wardrobe malfunction hazard by the way, I was taught at at early age that whenever I wear sports pants with draw strings I HAVE to tied it. Did those TWO men ask to use the washroom together? It would seriously look like a drugdeal.

As for the megaphone, it should not be legal to bring it into a store or point it at someone's face, that thing can cause hearing damage. Why are blacks so annoying in public? First the vuvuleeza thing at the World Cup, now megaphones, it's usually a blackey blackey black who bring those things along, bantus should be neither seen nor heard nor smelt in any place civilized, they belong back in Africa, back within their traditional grazing ranges (which is actually not South Africa).

Ex New Yorker said...

I have never seen a Shitbuck coffee shop out here in the FREE ZONE. About five years ago I was in a couple Shitbuck shops in Florida. They were all filled with fags, fat women and high bred pencil neck geeks. I have always found pencil neck geeks fun to watch so it wasn't painful being there. Pencil neck geeks are very rare in my part of the country. It's mostly just rednecks, cowboys and white people. I have heard rumors that there are a lot of pencil neck geeks in Denver.

I really do enjoy seeing these big shot CEOs groveling and kissing ass. I was always into cheap thrills.

Jackie Chiles said...

I thought Starbucks were negro athletes.

Anonymous said...

I've never cared much for Starbucks. I may have bought a few coffees there over the years, but I won't patronize that place on a regular basis. If I want to pay too much for coffee I'll go to a locally owned business staffed by pretty local girls. Damn it's great living in a 95+% white town.

Anonymous said...

If you've had the misfortune of working in a fast food restauant, you know that trashing restrooms is an Olympic sport for negroes.

I was in Subway sandwich place one say when A shabby looking negro got off the bus, came in and made a beeline for the bathroom.

"You minds if Ise youse da baffroom?"

Replied the negro behind the counter: "Damn right I do. Get out!"

No news trucks showed up, and the sandwich buck didn't have steam clean the outhouse.

james wilson said...

80% seems low. And what is the percentage of Afericans at Starbucks? 1%? I am, however, in solidarity with the Brothers over their lack of love for Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet dollars to donuts this phony free coffee coupon was created by blacks. Every single "noose spotting" and supposed act of racial hostility (like slurs spray painted on cars, etc) was later discovered to have been done by blacks. The most suspicious part of the story is how the MSM immediately attributed it to a "white supremacy group", but of course offered no proof of the claim. It's always the same. Blacky pulls a money grab scam claiming waycism and the MSM is immediately there to back them and create yet another media firestorm. It's almost as if (((unseen parties))) had this all planned in advance. And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving corporation. Starbucks (Starcucks?) has painted themselves into a corner with all their diversity nonsense, constantly preening and preaching from their perch high atop the wall street pedestal. As far as I'm concerned they're getting exactly what they deserve. You willingly got on your knees, Starbucks. Now choke on it.

Anonymous said...

In all my travels around the world many times I have used the toilets in small cafes, bars or eateries. I always at least purchase a small drink or food item. By doing this I'm showing respect, and thanks to the business and staff.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

There is a very interesting thing that happens in the wild. At dusk a young animal will sometimes get separated from its mother, or the pack, and as night falls, it must make the decision --- cry out or sit quiet. Both options are risky, but they generally opt for silence and hiding until the morning time. You see, there are certain sounds that predators are especially keen to and upon hearing it, they, not the mother or the pack will be the first to hone in on and locate the vulnerable. Be careful what you make yourself a beacon for.

When Starbucks made itself known as a liberal corporation with the highly visible virtue signalling stunts, they thought of it as a way to further market themselves to white liberals. In doing this, like the stranded animal making noises in the night, they also sent the message to scavengers and predators that they are ripe for plucking.

It would be highly "illiberal" for them to defend themselves against people of color, so they are effectively inviting those who want a quick meal from the voluntarily defenseless.

A large part of managing retail space in any urban environment is shooing away various vagrants and panhandlers (mostly black) from the premises. Now this company will train its staff to allow them to remain as policy. I fully expect homeless blacks to discover that they are free to loiter and camp out at all times in Starbucks facilities, and if chased away - discrimination lawsuit. In fact, we should be encouraging this. I would love nothing more than the lobby of every Starbucks to be filled with loud, smelly, aggressive, erratically behaving blacks, or those sleeping on the tables, drumming buckets on the sidewalks, and selling their mixtapes to customers in line. Make it to where no reasonable white person wants to shop or work there.

The time is arriving where liberalism is no longer cost free and without consequence. Let them lay in the bed that they make.

Anonymous said...

STARCUCKS nuff said!

Anonymous said...

I hope that we are beginning to see the end of Starbucks.
Negroes will have a Cat 3 if that coupon cannot be redeemed.
Stay away from the place, it's way too dangerous.
Whoever is responsible for that coupon should be POTUS.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

By the way, I thought "race" doesn't exist.Oh wait,only when it's about all things 365BLACK! Ok then,carry on.

Sal said...


Palerider64 said...

My days at Starbucks are O.V.E.R. This makes me cringe, the state of White people coddling to these blacks is sickening.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to Starbucks out of convenience because I didn't want to bother with making my own coffee in the morning. Then they started hiring blacks...a few at first, but then like everything here in the ATL, it became an all black staffed restaurant. That's when I decided brewing my own coffee was the way to go. Cheaper...better with the added bonus that I didn't have to look back over the counter at scowling ne-ne's who are an affront to all that is aesthetically decent.

We are rapidly approaching a society where no laws, no matter how common sense they might be, can be enforced. This is the classic Leftist ploy of Anarcho-tyranny. I fully expect word to be traveling around in black neighborhood that they should 'go hang out at Starbucks' Honestly it couldn't have happened to a nicer corporate entity. I hope their groveling/virtue signaling ultimately leads to their demise.

-Harold Westerling

Brian in Ohio said...

I tip my hat to whoever got those fake coupons circulating. Genius.

I guaran-damn-tee you that once Starbucks got wind of it, every location was ordered to honor them, no questions asked.

Can you imagine the chimpouts? "Da fuck you mean dis aint real?!" lmao

We need more of this, and faster.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

September, 2017. Philadelphia Pa-a white man, Gerald Grandzol, was robbed and carjacked in his own driveway by two black males after he had returned home with his 2 year old daughter. The males shot him in the face, killing him right in front of his little girl, and ran off, without taking the SUV. Besides his 2 year old, he left a wife and a newborn six week old daughter. Security cameras caught the killers laughing as they left.

National news coverage: Zero.

Mention of race angle (white victim and black killers) in local media: None.

Statement by Philadelphia Mayor Kenney: None.


April, 2018. Philadelphia, Pa-two black males enter a Starbucks. They do not buy anything. When advised by the manager that they need to buy something or else leave, they refuse to do either. The manager calls police, who repeatedly ask them to leave. They again refuse and are arrested. They are not harmed in any way and charges are dropped.

National news coverage: Wall to wall.

Mention of race angle: Front and center.

Statement by Philadelphia Mayor Kenney: He was “heartbroken”,and stated that Starbucks’ apology was “not enough”. He pledged that the city Commission on Human Relations was going to investigate Starbucks, including looking into possible mandated training of Starbucks employees for “implicit bias”. He also announced that Philadelphia police would conduct an internal investigation into their own policies.

Praying for Heritage America said...

Like many of you, I have a mix of emotions about all this. First, there is some serious schadenfreude going on, it's great to see StarCUCKS (talk about a rhetorical kill shot) reaping the whirlwind of their catering to all things non-white. Second, I've been boycotting StarCUCKS for years, because of their whack-a-doo policies and to echo others, I love seeing that their virtue signaling has become the siren call to agitated BLM trash to target them for destruction.

Third, to Anonymous at 4:39 AM, nothing these black political leaders preen about is a surprise to me. He gutta be stikin up fo' heez homies, nomemsain? In the town where I live, I can count on one hand the number of them I've seen here, and that's only because it's a touristy place. I don't want to be around them, they are crude, smelly, vile creatures. All I can say is that they have to go back; time is running out for us to solve this peacefully. I'm afraid that the way this all ends with a civil war; because America can't go on like this...

rex freeway said...

This will ultimately lead to being Trumps fault. Somehow, someway. Also, Did their buddy ever show up? My guess is there wasnt one. Look at the time line. At the time this happened Negroes were not in the national spotlight. The race baiters seen that and figured now is the perfect time to be attention whores again Americans are going to have to stand up and say "no" to Negroes and their liberal handlers. Or they will keep this up until were broke.

Pat Boyle said...

Here's a paradox. I have a Starbucks every morning. But because of their oppressive and stupid politics I only drink Peets coffee. Peets tastes better too. The best coffee is sold at Graffeo, but that's across the Bay in San Francisco. When I lived in San Francisco I would walk down the hill to North Beach and buy coffee beans from Luciano at his shop Graffeo. In Oakland I drink Peets.

I have a Starbucks brand cappuccino maker. About a decade ago Starbucks imported some machines from Italy and slapped their brand name on them. But they didn't sell. I found them on the web at about half price from a coffee machine store in Seattle.

I had a cappuccino at the plaza in Sienna and it changed my life. That was about thirty years ago. I came back home and bought a machine. I'm now on my third machine. I have most of the coffee paraphernalia. Last week I bought a new bang box.

I take coffee seriously. Too seriously to actually drink Starbucks.


Paintjob Theory said...

"I'd bet dollars to donuts this phony free coffee coupon was created by blacks."

First of all there were many, but the one that got media attention was incredibly well done, any negro that far to the right of the bell curve would be smart enough to realize this would not ultimately help their cause. This campaign began on /pol/ board, the same folks that brought you "It's OK to be white", (caveat.... enter at your own risk), and the fake coupons seem to have been organically created by various autistic meme-war veterans. The person who claimed to have made the best looking coupon with the QR code did not create the QR code, that was given by another anonymous poster.

One could speculate that MSM was involved in pushing those threads simply to create a story for themselves to cover, but it is unlikely (((they))) are particularly lacking in artistic talent (look at modern (((art))) and architecture they create), the flier/coupon in question was created with someone who was very artistically talented and had a silver tongue for SJW satire to rival even Julie. Two things that none of these outsiders seem to realize about 4chan culture is that pushing too hard for a "personal army" will always backfire or be called out as a shill and that everything is done for the lulz... ie. it's just a giant troll to fuck with people.

Another phase of this operation was people calling their local Starbergs coffee shops like so: (listen to this guy's perfect middle management voice and delivery). Anyway, the more savvy people realize that encouraging black Africans to show up at a business is the kiss of death. Virtue signaling with your sticker bombed Macbook over a steaming hot mug of high fructose corn syrup and soy milk becomes a lot less appealing when rude, dirty, smelly and shady looking negroes are loitering around making trouble. Starbergs has been so over the top in this sort of grandstanding and their average customer is such a despicable twat it is absolute poetry watching them all be eaten by their own pets.

Notice the article posted saying "14 words" is "white supremacist". "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." Seems like a pretty reasonable version of "we have the right to exist". (((Media))) would have the casual reader infer it is some call to Shoah 6 million (TM) and return negroes to chattel slavery.

To be continued....

Anonymous said...

Black men arrested in Starbucks waiting for Philadelphia Jewish businessmanAndrew Yaffe, who tried to stop arrest that has caused a furor, was meeting the men to discuss business investment opportunities

Two black men whose arrest at a Starbucks in Philadelphia has gone viral were waiting for a local Jewish businessman, Andrew Yaffe, who tried to stop their arrest.

Yaffe, who runs a real estate development firm, was meeting the men to discuss business investment opportunities. In the viral video, he arrives at the Starbucks and tells police that they were waiting for him.

“Why would they be asked to leave?” Yaffe says on the video. “Does anybody else think this is ridiculous? It’s absolute discrimination.”

A video of the arrest of the two men on Thursday went viral on social media, and led to national and international outrage. It was viewed more than 8 million times by Saturday.

In a statement, Starbuck’s CEO Kevin Johnson offered “our deepest apologies” for the “reprehensible” incident.

“The video shot by customers is very hard to watch and the actions in it are not representative of our Starbucks Mission and Values. Creating an environment that is both safe and welcoming for everyone is paramount for every store. Regretfully, our practices and training led to a bad outcome—the basis for the call to the Philadelphia police department was wrong. Our store manager never intended for these men to be arrested and this should never have escalated as it did,” Johnson said.

He also said that Starbucks “stands firmly against discrimination or racial profiling.”

The men were asked to leave after asking to use the bathroom before ordering anything. Police were called when the men did not leave.

The men were taken to a police station, where they were fingerprinted and photographed, their attorney Lauren Wimmer told The Washington Post on Saturday. They were released several hours later due to lack of evidence.

Yaffe is the founder and president of AY Industries, a Philadelphia-based real estate development, investment and management firm, and is active in the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, according to the Jewish Exponent.

Anonymous said...

Their friend (((Mr. Yaffee))) is in real estate development.

Paintjob Theory said...


You can't even look past the surface of this story to see the usual suspects. The picture of the nog with the bullhorn screaming at Zack was the first widely circulated picture of events. Did anybody else notice the nose, skin tone, and hair at the bottom left of the picture? You can practically see the hands rubbing just off-camera. In similar news the person who (claimed) to have arranged to meet the two aspiring real estate brokers cohencidentally is connected with the (((ADL))) who cohencidentally are the ones being paid to deliver the diversity training next month AND of course is a member of a particular nomadic merchant tribe. Look who is down with the cause in this video clip here:

Every F*cking Time.

Hey, Zack, you thought getting a Masters Degree in African Studies was pretty special? How's that post graduate work in the field shaping up for you?

The look on this kid's face really says it all. This is the face of some 20-something soy-guzzler who has been fed white guilt his whole life then borrowed six figures worth of debt to get a degree in Gender Identity Studies, or African Victimhood Theory or some other such white guilt bullshittery. Now getting by on 9$ an hour plus tips pumping shitty overpriced coffee flavored sugar-water to other delusional Marxists and useful idiots he is realizing that for a lifetime of bragging about his black friends, equality, and social justice, his pets at the end of the day hate him and wish him enslaved or dead.

Our new ally Zack is not far away from realizing (((who))) holds the leash of these black animals. Zack may never become Zacklon-B, but the pendulum doesn't just swing one way. When the squids run out of tentacles to plug all the new holes in their PC dam which holds back the tide of reality the world as we know it will burn.

A final reminder to be very wary of false flag events in the next few days. It was reported recently that hundreds of pounds of high explosives went missing in central PA. April 19 through May Day is very significant in the occult for human sacrifice. Expect anything and believe nothing.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle -

NO ONE CARES! Quite frankly, my patience for materialistic, apathetic Boomer cucks is OVER. Literally no one cares about your retarded coffee drinking habits or the stuff you buy. Congrats, your life changed when you bought a coffee machine. Hundreds of White women were raped by niggers that very day your life ‘transforned’ via coffee. My God, how shallow can a man get?

I’m really glad you take coffee drinking sooo seriously, Pat. After all, who really cares about the hundreds of thousands of White American women who are brutally raped by subhumans EVERY YEAR in this shithole country? Why are most White American ‘men’ like yourself so comfortable frittering away your days while our race is literally raped up the ass every moment?

White men have totally abdicated their duty to take care of their women and their racial hygiene. The pioneer spirit in the West has been totally decimated and bred out of these apathetic men. It is so abnormal to witness such incredible apathy by White men during our racial genocide.

What cowards.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Black men arrested in Starbucks waiting for Philadelphia Jewish businessman Andrew Yaffe, who tried to stop arrest that has caused a furor, was meeting the men to discuss business investment opportunities"

Translation: (((Yaffe))) staged this whole thing. I thought it was against Talmud code to parasite their own, but there may be another agenda here we're not seeing. In any event, this is cohencidence of the highest order.

"Their friend (((Mr. Yaffee))) is in real estate development"

Translation: Blockbusting.

He certainly nose an opportunity.

Mr. Rational said...

And the abyss between shitlibs and redpilled America gets wider.

One can cheer the self-destruction of SJW-led Starcucks, but the danger is that anti-loitering policies might be outlawed on the basis of "disrespect" the same way that Killadelphia is outlawing bullet-proof glass.  This harms everyone.

Bill in St Louis said...

Just curious: when the NFL lost a large percentage of viewers to monkeyshines, they blamed bad games, rule changes, and i think global warming. What excuse will Starcucks use when your scenario comes to pass?

Anonymous said...

Let all these businesses virtue signal and announce their bathrooms are open to all. How quickly do they intend to stay in business when customers stop coming in and exasperated workers (like the DWL in the photo) quit? It's like getting rid of bulletproof glass in ghetto convenience stores.

Anonymous said...

Free coffee for negroes at Starbucks. Reparations coffee.

LIVE: Hotep Jesus gets his free Black Lives Matter cup from a sick, guilty, stupid white girl.

Bill in St Louis said...

Over the years, i have been given starbucks gift cards. I like the Cafe Mocha, so i use the cards then don't go when they run out. In all this time, i have never seen a black who wasn't working at Starbucks. Ever. This is a (((rigged)))) version of the ghetto lottery, start to finish, and it couldn't happen to a better company.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In all my travels around the world many times I have used the toilets in small cafes, bars or eateries. I always at least purchase a small drink or food item. By doing this I'm showing respect, and thanks to the business and staff.

April 19, 2018 at 1:46 AM


I agree and I do the same thing. It is saying thank you for being there and letting me use this and I will buy something from you. I have bought gas, candy, drinks, and other products in exchange for the bathroom or internet. It is just biz. These idiots should have done the same.

Anonymous said...

USE YOUR BRAIN ANONYMOUS @6:28AM! He bought a surplus coffeemaker from a coffee supply reseller that represented a profit loss for starbucks. Pat offers valuable insight and history for this website. You are a whiny bitch.

Anonymous said...

How many ducks would a Starbuck's cuck if a Starbuck's could cuck ducks?

Curt in Pittsburgh said...

I worked as an assistant manager at a Pizza Hut in Virginia Beach a few years back. I was helping out for a month, they were in desperate need of managers, lots o turnover in fast food.
The blacks used to go in the restroom in the afternoon, then spend the rest of the WORKDAY at the beach.They'd go back in the restroom in the evenings, like clockwork. As it turns out, SURPRISE! the toilet wasn't flushing for a WHITE PAYING customer. I went in and removed the toilet lid...the negros had been storing their warm 40 ounce bottles in the water of the toilet tank, so they could have a nice cold beer after a hard day at the beach. Only a negro would drink from a bottle that was in a public toilet for hours.
From that point on, every time a quanion went in the bathroom, one of us would take their booze and throw it away. The look on their faces when they came out and their booze was gone was priceless!
So, if you work in a restaurant by the beach, check those toilet tanks white folks!

Anonymous said...

A large part of managing retail space in any urban environment is shooing away various vagrants and panhandlers (mostly black) from the premises. Now this company will train its staff to allow them to remain as policy. I fully expect homeless blacks to discover that they are free to loiter and camp out at all times in Starbucks facilities

This is similar to what I said before which is that the CEO is clueless about urban areas.

Even in areas without Blacks you can't let the homeless loiter all day. Word will get around that your shop allows it and then it will become homeless central. Paying customers will go somewhere else and now your business is closed.

Clearly there are also a lot of White people in the burbs that are unaware of this. The businessman in the video is undoubtedly aware of this and was just playing dumb.

What really bothers me is that a lot of the baristas today are college graduates with debt after being told by liberal teachers to "just get a degree" and later finding out that only so many people can be a marine biologist. Now they live with their parents or 4 roommates and work long hours but their burden isn't enough. They now need to be PC ambassadors and will have to let in homeless Blacks out of fear of being fired or getting on TV.

Another point is that these grads have a harder time getting married and starting a family. Even if they later realize their Social Science degree is based on egalitarian BS they can't discharge the debt and start over. That makes it harder to save money for a loan and some of them have so much debt that they are already basically making a house payment.

Steve Smith said...

Ok, folks, this is way the f@@$ out of hand. Now the 'po lil Dindus 'feared fo dey libes':

If you are not beyond sick of this B.S. by now, you have no excuse. Look at the smug looks on their nasty, nasty faces! They certainly don't look scared to me. This has to stop. Pronto! I usually don't like to make blanket assertions, but any whites who are still sneaking into Starfux for their daily 'double somersault, half latte whatever' drinks are no better than any other race traitors. I sincerely hope every Starbucks goes away in the most spectacular fashion possible.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Paul, if this post doesn't pass muster, I understand.

Steve Smith said...

I understand exactly how you feel. Take heart, however. Some of us will refuse to go quietly.

Non PC Infidel said...

It's amazing (in a disgusting sort of way) how stories such as this become a major incident reported on with an almost religious fervor by the mainstream media. Even relatives I've spoken with who live in another state know about it. However, when Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were carjacked, tortured and murdered by a group of blacks (the Knoxville Horror) and I mentioned it at the time, literally NO ONE knew anything about it. It was the same when the Carr Brothers committed the Wichita Massacre. Again, no one had any idea of what I was talking about.

The MSM agenda seems to be to downplay or ignore crimes committed by blacks (no matter how horrific) and to play up any incident (no matter how trivial) that happens to a black as if it's the most horrible thing that's ever happened to anyone in the history of the world. Anon on April 19, 2018 at 4:39 A.M. points out this hypocrisy in a most telling way. How many of us would have known of a white man being murdered in his own driveway in front of his 2 year old child if it were left up to the MSM? Do we get to see a video of the perps walking away and laughing after the murder? Oh hell no! But we'll be inundated with repetitious video of two sacred negroes being disrespected in a Starbucks and have numerous follow ups on this most tragic story in the history of civilization. Cucks and libtards will be having a meltdown over the story but if you were to mention any story involving horrific black crimes against whites, they'll just contemptuously question why you're mentioning it while sneering at you and viewing you as a racist for doing so. Brainwashed idiots, the lot of them!

Did I say that the MSM agenda seems to be to downplay or ignore crimes committed by blacks? There's no "seems to be" about it. There have been clear reports and admissions that the reporters are ordered to do so by their paymasters. The vast majority of reporters have become Presstitutes and it's a name that's richly deserved. Imagine how little we'd know if it were left up to them to keep us "informed." Their behavior would make the editors of the old Soviet propaganda rag (Pravda) proud but one has to wonder who's pulling the strings of the editors?

Anonymous said...

@rex freeway .... oh, the buddy showed up. The nasal-voiced guy in the vest who is hassling the cops about "but why are you arresting them?" over and over -- that was the friend, a real estate developer named Andrew Yaffe. The woman recording it was identified as "Lauren" who wanted to rename anonymous ... but Lauren Wimmer is the lawyer friend of Andrew Yaffe who was hired by him to represent the two men for their charges. The video was posted to twitter by a chick lit author named Melissa DePino (not "Lauren," although "Lauren" was the one who recorded it), who happens to be friends with Lauren Wimmer.

And the only two names which haven't been released are the two black dudes.

This was 100% a setup, and they've smartened up -- they're not releasing the black guys' names (so no criminal records can come out); they aren't letting the black guys do media appearances, only Yaffe and DePino and Wimmer; and they're not saying how long the black guys were there before the manager called. Or why Yaffe only showed up the minute they were being arrested (was he just that late?)

And allegedly the two guys are "commercial real estate developers," but, again, with no names there's no way to contradict or verify that story.

Antidote said...

The whole thing was very apparently staged. If it had been a real, spontaneous, organic event the two Negroes would have chimped out big time; had they been denied use of the baffroom they would have hurled chairs at the cashier's head. The entire production stinks of gefilte fisch.
Reality Check: I remember when Howie Schultz started 'Race together' with the baristas writing on the cups. They asked some young Negro what he thought of the program and he said, "Anybodee gonna' start up a conversation 'bout race, Ah's gonna' throw dis hot kawfee rite in dey face!"
Can Starbuck's negrify? Can they go the route of McDonald's 24/7 Bl@ck? Are rappers and break dancers welcome? Grape drank and waddy melon slush?

P.S.- Negroes printed the fake coupons, not Notzees. Remember the Reparation Rebate hustle? That was Negro on Negro crime as well.

Anonymous said...

Overpriced coffee. Period! Also, I don't need their social engineering BS. Race Matters, BS. Play the race card, trot out your millionaire president, directors, etc.
While you "baristas" are making, what, $7.50? And after you pay for the $9 latte, toss coin into a tip jar?

I'm not nuts. The only people paying for the $16M "loss" while the employees go through sensitivity training are your sappy, stupid, LIB customers, of which I can say I've never been one!

Don't need their views on Trump, race, same-sex marriage, Christians, etc.
I vote with my pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Tough Guy Talking" ANONYMOUS at 6:28 AM....Lay off Pat Boyle. If we're all cowards, why don't you tell us what courageous actions you've taken lately?

D-FENS said...

I would not be surprised at all if this incident was set up as was the Rosa Parks Birmingham bus incident.

Naturally, our (((friends))) are involved, no doubt trying to heal the world.

D-FENS said...

“After all, who really cares about the hundreds of thousands of White American women who are brutally raped by subhumans EVERY YEAR in this shithole country? ”

Wouldn’t it help if White women themselves started caring and making a stink about it? Yet at every turn, many work against us.

D-FENS said...

Maybe they were waiting for the (((white))) guy to show up before ordering so that someone had money for the tip jar.

Good research anon @8:34 !

Anonymous said...

The two Sambos appeared on GMA this morning, you can watch it online. Total IQ for both hovers around 165/170.
OT, Cadillac dumped their head honcho. Seems that the niggerfied tv ads were not generating sales. The bongo drums and incoherent chanting were quite annoying.
I'd rather walk than get in a Cadillac.
Female in FL

Antidote said...

@ D-FENS: lol X 1000. Tikunn Olam. Heal the world indeed. "Let's have a conversation on race in Tel Aviv..."

Basso e Grasso said...

The anti-Starbucks pogrom is the funniest thing since those two BLM sows seized the microphone from Bernie Sanders at one of his campaign rallies.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the orcs who wouldn't buy anything at Starbucks and demanded to use their bathroom (can you imagine the cleanup!?) and were then kicked out by da popo for trespassing, look like real hardcore pavement apes. Bantu purebloods.

Can someone please pull and publish the full police record on each shit demon? Am sure they are quite colorful, to say the least. Dem homeys look like dey straight outta Compton.

Anonymous said...

Poor Zack! I think he's beginning to get it!

You forgot to mention that it looks like our Oriental Merchantess seems to have a strange receding hairline. That must be part of that "merchant" mystique of which I'd heard tell.

Nice catch, byw.

Anonymous said...

Lay off the coffee, man.

Pat has a heck of a lot good to say, brings up scientific points in addition to life stories and historically relevant things (see post of growing up in Arlington).

While his style might not be everybody's, he's one of our people and if you hate folks closer to 60 than 30, perhaps you can go out and do some of the heavy lifting of which you speak and then post a link to the outcome of your having done something constructive.

Marc B said...

"I have heard rumors that there are a lot of pencil neck geeks in Denver".

Ever since the late 1990's. The capital of the New West is friendly territory for the Nu Male.

Anonymous said...

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson are their names.

Mr. Clean said...

Brian in Ohio said... I guaran-damn-tee you that once Starbucks got wind of it, every location was ordered to honor them, no questions asked.

I wish they could/would. Then other stores could offer similar deals to non-negros. Double the price of your product/service, then have a 50% off rayciss coupon.

Oh, and let me brag.... never been in a Starbucks, never had a reason or desire.

Non PC Infidel said...

This whole story is stinking worse than a pile of rotting fish. Definitely sounds like a setup to go for the ghetto lottery. I wonder how much those behind it are expecting to get as their cut of the "profits." In any case, as others have pointed out, since Starbucks is involved in all the usual SJW cuckery, they deserve everything that happens to them as they're eaten alive by their pets.

As for negroes in coffee shops, I used to go to a local coffee shop that sold what was called the bottomless cup for $2.50 and could sit there for hours reading etc. Unless being bothered by a negro that wandered in to beg fo' money fo' programs to teach da chirruns how to read- a popular scam that I experienced/witnessed several times- crack and liquor be expensive! On a couple of occasions, bums came in, snatched the tip jar off the counter and ran out the door. I stopped going to that coffee shop because it's too close to a negro area and crime magically appears. Funny how that happens. A friend's car was broken into twice (window smashed), his radio stolen both times and the car ransacked. I'd only go to the coffee shop when I could park directly in front of it and sit by a window with a clear view of my vehicle. When that became difficult due to limited parking and increased traffic, I just quit going.

Negroes in coffee shops? The only ones I ever encountered were those coming in to run some kind of money scam or begging fo' change from the customers. One typical hustle would be that they needed change fo' de parking meter (for their non-existent car) as dey be short and don't wants to get a ticket. I'd see them walking by in front of the window and looking inside to see how many people were there to determine if it would be "worth their time" to come in. Then, if enough people were present, sure enough, they'd come through the door and immediately start hitting people up for money. Most refused. I used to hate looking up from what I was reading and seeing one peering in the window and always had the feeling of, "Oh hell! Not another one! Damn it!" I quickly learned when they started their approach with the typical, "Excuse me, suh! Kin I ax you...." to preemptively interrupt their spiel with, "I don't carry any cash- I only use a card." Once you get a reputation as being only "plastic," they ignore you like an empty bottle of malt liquor. Pests!

Anonymous said...

It's's ok. This is the newest episode of Undercover Boss. Take a good look at ole cuckboy Zack in the picture. Thats Howard Shultz former ceo of Starcucks.

Mandi magnolia said...

PaintJob Theory, thank you for your comments. It is so wonderful to hear there is someone else that immediately noticed the (((friend))) in the video. Every single time. And yes, seconding the extra caution needed at this time of the year. Another thing people don't believe, but that doesn't make it untrue.

Anonymous said...

And now for a little light humor!


Swaziland king renames country 'the Kingdom of eSwatini'

King Mswati III of Swaziland announced on Wednesday that he was renaming the country "the Kingdom of eSwatini".

The monarch announced the official change in a stadium during celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Swazi independence.

The celebrations also marked the king's 50th birthday.

The new name, eSwatini, means "land of the Swazis". The change was unexpected, but King Mswati has been referring to Swaziland for years as eSwatini.

It was the name the king used when he addressed the UN general assembly in 2017 and at the state opening of the country's parliament in 2014.

Swaziland's leadership has been criticised by human rights activists for banning political parties and discriminating against women.

Africa Live: More on this and other African newsSwaziland: A kingdom in crisisMore about Swaziland

The BBC's Nomsa Maseko in Swaziland says the announcement of the name change has angered some in the country, who believe the king should focus more on the nation's sluggish economy.

The son of Sobhuza II, who reigned for 82 years, King Mswati currently has 15 wives. According to official biographers, his father took 125 wives during his reign.

The king, known as Ngwenyama or "the lion", is known for his many wives and for his adherence to traditional dress.

Anonymous said...

It would be a lively debate to have in the largest city in Palestine!

Anonymous said...

I once had a negroe with his hispani-lady hit me up in a store aisle (Walgreens). He needed a dollar since he was short. I noticed the candy bars in his hand, looked him in the eye and said, "If you're going to bum, at least panhandle outside". I stood there as me started to get Google eyed. I smiled and slowly walked past, back to him and his mate-thing.

It made me feel really good.

Awakened white said...

The green barista guy in green is now Altright �� . Invading orcs and their ((masters)) coming in on loud speakers shrieking would wake up any White zombie. Btw. Nothing wrong with 14 words. No one cares when they do the raised fist (aka communist salute) ...

Dave said...

Excellent analogy, Gwoobus. Signaling virtue to one's fellow white liberals also signals defenselessness to non-white liberals.

Whenever I see a car with a "Coexist" bumper sticker, I read "Go ahead and carjack me, I don't have a gun, and I understand that you're only robbing (and possibly raping and killing) me because those greedy racist Rethuglicans won't pay you a living wage."

Anonymous said...

To: Anon @ 6:28 AM

Careful with that edge, buddy, you might cut yourself. Pat has been a regular contributor here with his (usually) insightful posts and likely with cash donations to PK for a very long time. What have you done?

I can assure you, the state of affairs which supposedly is upsetting you is not the doing of any of the regular posters here and Pat's espresso machine purchase in the 1980s did not cause the rape of any white wimmenz.

Dial it down a bit, lurk more, and if you want to just call people "cuck" and "boomer" go over to /pol/ and practice your name calling while waiting for the next battle in the great meme war.

Anonymous said...

re Curt in Pittsburgh at April 19, 2018 at 7:49 AM
// I went in and removed the toilet lid...the negros had been storing their warm 40 ounce bottles in the water of the toilet tank, so they could have a nice cold beer after a hard day at the beach. Only a negro would drink from a bottle that was in a public toilet for hours.//

WTF? SERIOUSLY? Why didn't they hide the booze in an eddy pool or something? I know that sinking a case of beer into the lake beneath the docks is a an old summer at the cabin trick to get drinks cold, or are they afraid of becoming rock fishes, do blacks actually swim when they go to the beaches?

Antidote said...

I just heard on radio Rashon and Donte, the entrepreneurs, "have had encounters with the police before, but had never been arrested." Their lawyer, Stu Cohen is going to meet with a (((retired Federal Judge))) to arbitrate a solution. Rashon and Donte say they want to make sure this never happens to anyone else, ever again; a permanent, large-type 'Customers Bill of Rights' will be posted in every Starbucks. What else? Will Rashon and Donte get part of the action from a franchise overseen by Stu Cohen? I don't think they're smart enough to be baristas let alone franchisees.
This whole thing was a marketing ploy. They're trying to show the young DWLs that Starbucks is the place for social justice, equality and inclusion. They're trying to get some of the money of the bl@ck boojwahzee; if you buys dat kawfee, you beez stickin' it to dee maing!

Anonymous said...

My apologies if this information has already been shared here.


South Africa gets closer every day.

D-FENS said...

If negroes have mastered conductive and convective heat transfer as demonstrated by their ingenious dual use of a public toilet as a device to keep their Fawteees cold, perhaps Wakanda IS real!

Imagine if Head Start was fully funded!

Anonymous said...

That just about says it all, doesn't it?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

Brian in Ohio said...
I tip my hat to whoever got those fake coupons circulating. Genius.

I agree 100%. A new one needs to come out about every two weeks (aka a few days longer than the average negro can remember anything). If the average person is pranked by a fake coupon, the most that will happen is the use of the word "Damn". A negro will need little to no coaxing to begin throwing tables and chairs. Starbucks richly deserves this.

I haven't had a cup of Starbucks coffee in over 10 years. It just tastes awful. Maybe their girly drinks are better, but I'll never find out.

Pat Boyle said...


I'm touched. This anonymous guy attacks me personally in his posting and suddenly all my friends here rise to my defense. Thanks guys.

I'm actually working on some postings for this blog. As I mentioned before the Reich book has set off a firestorm on the race issue. It is the most important science based book on the race policy front since "The Bell Curve". In the last few years the students of Cavalli-Sforza and Svante Paabo have unlocked many of the secrets of DNA. Steve Sailer, Gregory Cochrane, and John Hawks keep posting blog articles on the implications of Reich's book.

I'm reading the book now. Today I reviewed some of the long YouTube videos by Hawks. He has been quoted as saying that half of the genome of Africans is composed of DNA from archaic "Ghost" populations. Or maybe he was misquoted. He is probably the top anthropologist now alive on ancient peoples.

If all this turns out the way it seems to be going, this is probably the end of three memes: The Paintjob Theory, 'Race is a social construct', and 'Out of Africa'. It looks like the scientific foundation for the most of the liberal pro-black policies is crumbling before our eyes.

I'm studying to try to understand it all.


chattanooga gal said...

"imagine how little we'd know if it were left up to them to keep us "informed."
non pc infidel, that is exactly how I became awakened. thanks to sites that this, I learned just how much they were lying to me and not telling me.

Unknown said...

Its unfortunate that White people are using our corporate PR to get blacks to come to our Corn Syrup Cafes. We at Dagon LLC disavow that PR happy talk that might hurt the bottom line.
We regret any race riots and damages that may result in corporate PR being misinterpreted as having any basis in fact. We would like everyone who takes our PR seriously to visit our competitors.


Brian in Ohio said...

Be a damn shame if flyers started circulating letting the homeless know they would not be asked to leave a Starbucks for any reason, and you didn't need to buy anything to use their bathrooms.

That would be awful... for Starbucks.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Dixie said...


D-FEZnS said...

Where oh where is that dark knight of social justice Dindu Nuffinz? Or at least UnderNOG!

Brian in Ohio said...

chattanooga gal said...
"imagine how little we'd know if it were left up to them to keep us "informed."
non pc infidel, that is exactly how I became awakened. thanks to sites that this, I learned just how much they were lying to me and not telling me.

It`s pretty fucking scary to think about how much control the media had over the flow of information before the internet. Like TOTAL control.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:28 am. Seems like you’ve had way too much caffeine today. Put down your cup and call your psychiatrist. You might want to call a priest too. An exorcism might be in order.

Anonymous said...

Maybe an early bird free coffee and day old baked good could do the trick. They have plenty of homeless in liberal areas. If they were printed up and left on busses, soup kitchens...

Anonymous said...

I sit in your class any day, professor Boyle! Always interesting and eye opening.

Tarczan said...

I’m in Cleveland and today a guy called the local talk radio and said he just witnessed a black on white crime. A white college student is walking by Cleveland State talking in his cell phone when a negro jumps him and takes the phone. The white kid fights back and after a few minutes he starts getting the upper hand. The negroe pulls out a gun and shoots him twice in the ribs, runs to a waiting car and flees the scene. The kid is apparently paralyzed and in bad shape. I’m so freaking pissed about this, we’ll here endless shit about this fucking Starbucks sham and the news media here will bury this story. The host said “let’s rent an apartment downtown “ , making a point of the idiots who constantly tell us how Cleveland is “coming back”. Not as long as there are negroes around.

Anonymous said...

Learned the hard way to not go into or buy anything at McDonald's, Pop Eye Fried Chicken, KFC, Wendy's, Burger King. Starbucks bathrooms are disgusting and filthy. I stay far away. I'm so tired of hearing how oppressed blacks are when they are violent, overbearing and deranged. Tired of Affirmative Action. Tired of menacing violence from blacks,

Sick n Tired said...

OT: This guy has a bunch of these vids on LiveLeak & Youtube, where he drives thru third world shitholes like Detroit, Philly, Camden, and this one is Baltimore. No commentary, just recording what's going on in the streets while he's driving thru.

Anonymous said...

@Tarczan (reporting on the raw ecar in Cleveland)
I hope that caller had a good excuse (old age, bone cancer, etc) for just standing there and watching for "a few minutes", not helping out a member of his tribe engaged in mortal combat.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like some churches on the left coast are trying to out-cuck Starbucks. They’re not going to call the police anymore, even for violent crimes. The Africant American community needs to be made aware of this. The more of them who know, the sooner these idiot SJW church leaders will have to rethink their decision. Also, I think we should demand that Starbucks implement the same policy.

Anonymous said...


Yet they are attempting to force Starbucks to put up a "customer's bill of rights" in every store. The gall followed by a silence that doubles as tacit acceptance is what blows me away. And some people wonder what P.K. means when he refers to black run America.

Blacks can't be criticized- every single employee for the company had their schedules messed with, customers weren't allowed their regular purchases, the company has pissed off tons of people with their spinelessness-

All of this because two black guys wouldn't purchase something (i.e. become a customer) and rudely refused requests for them to leave, multiple times, the last times by police.

"To find out who rules over you, find out who you can't criticize." -- Voltaire

Annie Oakley said...

I admit my husband and I drop into Starbucks occasionally when we're traveling up north. It's a quiet place for us to use the WIFI and have something to drink before we hit the road. The reason we go to Starbucks is usually that they're all white, quite and clean. (For those of you who would give me a hard time for it, I get SB gift cards as compensation for product testing I do from time to time).

The last time we were in there, they were playing some hippity hop crap on the loud speakers. I wondered why. Then I saw it, some nappy headed drone taking orders at the counter. The manager was over by my table. I politely asked her if she could turn that rap shit off (not in any mood to be nice or accommodating). It's 8am in the morning and I simply don't want to hear it. Of course Ma'am. The devil music was turned off. The moon cricket glared at me. I said it loud enough for others to hear, I don't want to be culturally enriched at 8am. Besides the only ones in that store that time in the morning were people 50+. A man across from me mouthed thank you.

I thought WTF are these white men when I need them? Why don't they say anything? Why is always the women? I'm meaner than my husband and more spiteful so I don't mind upsetting moon crickets or their cuck enablers.

As I get older I'm far less patient and accommodating. Now I understand how my grandma and mom must have felt dealing with these feral beasts and that was in the 60's.

Then this afternoon I'm in the Dollar Tree. A tall black stinky man was walking around the store with his cart full of sugary treats. Half of his ass was showing. It was a sickening display. No one said anything, probably afraid of a grand mal chimpout or violence on his part. I told my husband, Dollar Tree and other discount stores are out. They're full of mudsharks, moon crickets with exposed butt cracks and other ass hattery. This is why people are buying online in droves.

About 80% of my shopping now is online. My two postal carriers are white, middle aged and good people. I always make sure to take care of them for Christmas and their birthdays. Same thing with my white UPS driver. I usually give them a gift card of their choice for their favorite grocery store or restaurant.

Instead of going to malls or shopping at cheap China Mart stores, my husband and I spend our time working on our house or staying a day at the national parks. Much better for our health and mental state.

Unknown said...

OMGeeeee! I'm surely glad I wasn't drinking a cup of some Starbergs coffee ☕️ but come to think of it I would have spit it out either way! I'm just now catching up on the story and comments here on SBPDL, you know, one of the very few places on the net where you can visit and find some of the most intelligent people on the face of the earth, especially when it comes to the bare naked truth regarding race. Your comment takes the cake for internet joke of the year IMHO... that was funny as f*^k !!!

Anonymous said...

"NO ONE CARES! Quite frankly, my patience for materialistic, apathetic Boomer cucks is OVER. Literally no one cares about your retarded coffee drinking habits or the stuff you buy. Congrats, your life changed when you bought a coffee machine. Hundreds of White women were raped by niggers that very day your life ‘transforned’ via coffee. My God, how shallow can a man get?"

Talk about a non sequitur, Pat Boyle's casual discussion about his coffee machine is far more relevant and interesting then your babbling attack on him, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

Good God, where do you live? I'll never understand why so many of you people insist on living close to negroes.

Anonymous said...

I must’ve met I’m enjoying watching Starbucks squirm. I haven’t been to one in years (when I did go, it was usually because the wife and kids wanted something from there), but if I were a frequent customer, I would boycott them for their ridiculous cuck behavior.

I wondered if any other non-POC customers would feel the same way I do, but they probably won’t. As someone pointed out above, Starbucks is usually filled with gays, fatties and assorted soy-boy SJW types. In other words, people who will most likely be “down with the cause”. But you never know: I read recently that the gays were pissed off because the POC‘s had arbitrarily added a black and brown stripe to the pride flag (at the top of course). They might not be stoked about the idea of having to share their Starbucks safe-space with a bunch of violent black bucks and their screeching mates. And we know the brothas aren’t typically fans of the heterosexually challenged.

It’s a lot of fun watching the leftists eat each other. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude. well it appears to have started. dover, our state capital, has been seeing an extremely large uptick in dindu shootings and violence. now we have our own version of starbucks right here: ms. negress orders a sammich from the kiosk, guy making the sammich is not doing it to her order and tries to intervene. woman behind the counter tries to calm her and say it will be made over. dindu throws hot coffee in her face, damaging food prep supplies, destroying sammich guy's pocketed sail foam and injuring him as well with hot coffee. counter woman goes after ms. dindu and gets pepper sprayed in the face. dindu bolts but patrons get the tag number for de po-po. store closes for an hour, $200 food prep supplies to toss out, sammich guy needs a new sail foam. dindu later turns herself in and is released on $7k+. the solution is simple. no one is allowed in the store or in the restrooms anymore. stand your ass outside and order thru a kiosk or a window. act like a feral savage, get treated like a feral savage. we had a new royal farms open up the street about 2 years back. wasn't open 3 months before it was a dindu heroin hangoutfor shooting up in the restroom. its closing in quickly and time is short. keep the 40 foot distance and carry 2 extra magazines.

PB said...

"As for the megaphone, it should not be legal to bring it into a store or point it at someone's face, that thing can cause hearing damage."
As a sufferer of severe, intrusive tinnitus, I would like to see that dumb ni33er with the megaphone arrested (with extreme prejudice) for common assault. That megaphone may as well be a baseball bat for the damage it can do in that environment.

Anonymous said...

re Anonymous at April 20, 2018 at 3:22 AM:

I googled Dover Starbucks employee attacked with hot coffee...and here's the link to the story for future reference (later it'll be harder to google up):

Woman scalds Wawa worker with hot coffee over botched sandwich order: cops
By Associated Press April 19, 2018

...the incident occurred Wednesday at a Wawa.

Police said 34-year-old Tiffany Evans ordered a sandwich and then yelled at a male employee for making a mistake. A female employee said they would make another sandwich and told Evans to stop talking like that.

An argument ensued. Police said Evans threw hot coffee in the woman’s face, causing burns. It also struck the male employee and damaged about $200 worth of food.

Police said Evans pepper-sprayed the female employee when she walked out from behind the counter.

Anonymous said...

Many here may not realize that Starbucks is a popular investment among black athletes. Magic Johnson owned over a hundred franchises before selling them in 2010. This story regarding the two black men being arrested for loitering may be an odd paradox, if the store was a franchise store own by a black instead of a company store.

Willie from Naperville

Augustus said...

OMG! What's next? Will you expect black people to tip?
Such radicalism!

Augustus said...

It's called "race fatigue." You get to where you just can't handle another story about the poor oppressed and the implication it's your fault.
It's like being reminded about the Holocaust every day for 60 years. Yawn.

Augustus said...

You don't get any help from old men in Starbucks is because Starbucks corporate policy is "No Guns Allowed."
As I've grown too old for either flight OR fight, I go nowhere where I cannot be armed.

Augustus said...

No guns allowed is one reason I never go to Starbucks. The main reason is I can't drink social justice. It's too smarmy.

Anonymous said...

StarCucks. I love seeing liberalism destroy itself.

Anonymous said...

Your wordsmithing get's you an "A", enjoyed the read.

Anonymous said...

Can you please translate for us, this is Doug from Wilmington, Delaware!

Anonymous said...

I carry.

I carry into any store I want.

99.99999999% of the time nobody knows it, but that ONE time I may need my gun, and only if I REALLY need it, I will have it.

No BS-PC Anti-White ("BSPCAW") business is going to stop me from defending myself because I am the most important thing in existence.

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn’t it help if White women themselves started caring and making a stink about it? Yet at every turn, many work against us"

It would help if BOTH White men and women started making a stink about it. At every turn, many White men work against White women just as much when both need to work together.