Monday, April 9, 2018

His Name is Albert Loehlein: White 95-Year-Old World War II Veteran Murdered by Black Repeat Felon (Whose Lawyer Argued White Privilege Was Reason for the Murder)

Previously on SBPDL: 89-year-old White World War II veteran suffocates to death while Black nurses laugh at him

What was the point of making the sacrifice? 

What was the point of winning World War II? 

So black criminals, who murder your father, can have their lawyers lecture the surviving the family members in court about white privilege and black oppression? 

Because this is what just happened in 2018 America, where a black career criminal was sentence to jail for murdering a 95-year-old white World War II veteran. 
What was the point of winning World War II?

He beat the white World War II veteran to death with a flashlight, stole his clock and pawned it for $22.50. 

Truly what the Double-V campaign aimed to create... [Life in prison for man who killed 95-year-old Anoka resident: Judge orders life sentence for man who pleaded guilty in fatal beating of 95-year-old Anoka resident., Star Tribune, 4-9-18]

Albert Loehlein made wine from grapes grown in his backyard in Anoka, logged his own trees for the fireplace and made rugs with his mother's loom set up in the basement. 
At 95, he could barely see or hear, but wished to live independently in the home he bought in 1945. It was there that he and his wife, Hannah, raised six children. 
Loehlein cared for Hannah there as she succumbed to cancer several years ago. 
"He didn't want to be anywhere else," his son, Timothy Loehlein, said in Anoka County District Court on Monday. "He loved being there." 
Isaiah M. Thomas lived six blocks away. Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2016, Thomas crept into the WWII veteran's home, beat him to death with a flashlight and a clock that he pawned for $22.50. On Monday, he was sentenced to life in prison, with a chance of parole after 30 years. 
Loehlein's children urged the court to lock Thomas away for life. Thomas and his attorney, Caroline Durham, argued that prejudice had unfairly burdened Thomas his whole life. Thomas is black. Loehlein was white. 
"I apologize in all honesty and sincerity," Thomas said before launching into a five-minute speech about poverty and discrimination. 

Thomas, 28, pleaded guilty in March to first-degree murder with intent for killing Loehlein. As part of the plea agreement, one count of premeditated first-degree murder was dismissed, sparing him a mandatory sentence of life without the chance of parole. One count of second-degree murder also was dismissed. 
Thomas said Monday that his behavior was not coldblooded, but rather an act of "warm-blooded, long, deep misplaced anger" directed toward a man who represented other men who had victimized him and his peers. 
"I'm a product of my environment," said Thomas, who was shackled while in court. 
In handing down the sentence, District Judge Barry Sullivan reflected on the crime's effect on the community. 
"If a nice old guy like Albert Loehlein isn't safe in his own home, who is?" he said. 
Loehlein lived in his home in the 1200 block of 5th Avenue S. alone with help from family members, who said they honored his wishes after his wife died. 
He was last seen alive on Thanksgiving Day, when relatives dropped him off at home. His oldest child, Linda Fenwick, found his body the following Monday while delivering groceries. 
Thomas wrote in his guilty plea petition that the crime occurred on or about Nov. 25, 2016 — the day after Thanksgiving. 
"He was a gentle soul who worked hard," Fenwick said of her father. 
Loehlein was in "good spirits" on Thanksgiving, she said. He was looking forward to making maple syrup in the spring, planting his garden and spending time at the family cabin he and Hannah had built in northern Minnesota. 
Thomas, she said, was the "scum of the earth," and shouldn't be allowed to "walk the earth again." 
Loehlein's son, Raymond Loehlein, told the court that his father was the oldest of 10 children, and spent his life working. 
As a child, Albert Loehlein's father would drop him off on the banks of the Sauk River on the way to work and pick him up after work. It was Albert Loehlein's job to spend the day catching fish to feed the family. 
"He didn't deserve this ending," Raymond Loehlein said. "He was always working, building, taking responsibility for his life and trying to make good decisions." 
Loehlein worked for decades for WCCO Radio (830 AM), tending to the transmitter in Coon Rapids. His family said he loved to hunt, talk to people from all over the world on his ham radio and teach others the many skills he had mastered over his lifetime. 
When given an opportunity to speak, Durham asked the court and those in attendance to reflect on Thomas' experience as a black man. 
"Did they think, 'There's one of my neighbors?' " she said of Thomas' life in Anoka.  
"If we as a society fail to embrace the day-to-day that he has lived, then we have failed as a society." 
Thomas said he grew up in poverty, and has been in trouble with the law since he was 10. 
"I didn't steal because it was fun," he said. "I stole because I couldn't afford those things." 
Thomas said he has watched people get "gunned down" and witnessed blacks suffer at the hands of police. 
"At the end of the day, these are my peers," he said, adding that he plans to mentor youth while incarcerated. 
Regarding Thomas' statements, Raymond Loehlein said, "It's between him and his creator." 
Thomas' mother and sister, who were in court, said they extended their condolences to the Loehlein family. They declined to be identified. 
"We had everything we needed," Thomas' sister said of their upbringing. 

Thomas' criminal history includes four burglary convictions. Assistant Anoka County Attorney Wade Kish said in a court filing that Thomas had allegedly assaulted three correctional officers and three inmates while in custody. 
He has not been charged in those incidents.
Delbert Belton

Paul Monchnik

And now Albert Loehlein. 

Names you were never supposed to read, whose lives were ended in a manner inconceivable to those brave white American who went off to fight in World War II.

Three white World War II veterans murdered in the past six years by blacks. 

Thomas' lawyer even tried to play up Loehlein's 'white privilege' in her closing arguments, as if this was somehow justification for his actions in murdering the white World War II veteran. 

We live in a nation so unbelievably irredeemable, it's hard to see how things could go back to the way they once were. 

In the face of such reckless hate and an anti-white ideology fueling this evil, we must endure. 

Because no one is coming to save us. 


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, quick idea!

Since this, and other filth who have been on the website will be in known places (prisons) perhaps we should start a letter writing campaign to these "people".

Simply look them up at the facility where they are, use the info to send them a letter and make sure to speak your mind. I wouldn't use multisyllabic words, or too many words to keep the message from being read.

Just write to tell them what you think of them, their mammy, their old Uncle Tom... And be sure to question their manhood. Maybe just write, "the N word" 100 times.

Don't send anything that might not be given to these filth. Let them know how we feel.

Anonymous said...

Link one, apparently the folks of MD have some pols who care. They managed to get some of the measures defeated by the brown/black "cock us'" back in play. Too bad races more likely to become criminals have a vote in this nation!

Second link is to a WW2 veteran killed back in '93. It was NOT racially motivated... Yeah effing right! And I know whites commit plenty of crimes. We just hate our criminals and believe that trash needs to be taken out immediately.

Anonymous said...

The black guy said it himself- he grew up poor and black, which basically led to the killing. We can expect nothing less of every black man we encounter and avoid them for our own safety. That is, unless they break into your house and catch you at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Eleven prior felony convictions. But he wears glasses now and accepts guilt for his actions so murdering a citizen of Loehlein's caliber might even be able to be overlooked.

What was the point of winning WWII indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hitler's revenge.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a product of my environment," said Thomas, who was shackled while in court.

The environment didn't make Thomas. He was born a piece of shit and he has spent his life proving it. He will be released early with a gold star for mentoring the other victims of the envrionment and overcoming the oppression he has suffered, and then he will resume his life of crime. The world would be a better place if that turd was flushed now. I am pleased that Loehlein's family didn't fall all over themselves forgiving the perp.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a product of my environment," said Thomas,
who was shackled while in court"

No, you evil nog. You're a product of your bad genes. You're bad environment is also a product of your bad genes. You're bad genes were meant for Africa, where 10 year olds are out butchering and raping with the tribe not a European world, where 10 year olds are playing Nintendo and watching Saturday morning cartoons.

All the same I would urge posters here not to give in to despair. The irrational and risky behavior of the (((enemy))) suggests that he is cornered. Even something as benign as being able to binge watch whatever garbage folks want has robbed the (((enemy))) of tremendous cultural power and advertising revenue.

Believe it or not, we are winning.

Anonymous said...

Other posters here have commented on the senselessness of African violence. What is the rationale of clubbing to death someone virtually defenseless who poses no real danger to you?

This is what makes blacks so dangerous and unpredictable.

Anonymous said...


Is that how much my life is worth...?


Anonymous said...

One more, PK, a terrible story.
Two nurses and an aide were indicted Tuesday on multiple charges, including one charge of felony murder, in the Feb. 27, 2014, death of James Dempsey, a World War II veteran and patient at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in Georgia.
The 89-year-old Navy vet, who later retired from the Army National Guard, died as he gasped for air and his pleas for help went ignored by the staff, according to Georgia NBC affiliate 11Alive, which first broke the story.

Awakened white said...

WW2 was just a psyop to get White people to murder each other by the boat load. No more brother wars. No wars in Syria either.

Anonymous said...

If we lose this war, we can expect to treated humanely by our formerly enslaved hosts.

Our women will get to experience the joys of Prima Nocte from our African hosts in the New(And Improved) Black Run America.

White females can also expect to be disfigured in acid attacks and knife attacks from envious high T nappy headed females. Frequent physical assaults and forced shearing of their tresses and locks should also be expected.

White males should not expect to go unmolested by our African overlords either. As the ultimate reparation for slavery, sexual assaults on white men and boys will be the ultimate triumph over white privilege.

This is your future if you lose, YT.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps had Target did not bar felons from working for them (see prior article on SBPDL), Isaiah M. Thomas would have been gainfully employed stocking shelves and working on his engineering degree instead of burglarizing homes. Obviously, there would have been no issue of employee theft or other factors to terminate Thomas' employment, right?


On the other hand, had segregation still been in force in Anoka, it is doubtful that Thomas would ever have gotten with 12 gauge distance of Albert Loehlein.

Anonymous said...

Loehlein worked for decades for WCCO Radio (830 AM), tending to the transmitter in Coon Rapids.

Coon Rapids. Coon Rapids? Well, there you have it, Isaiah M. Thomas was obviously being oppressed by a town which no doubt lynched blacks for such offenses as burglarizing White people's home and beating them to death. Oh, the injustices of those terrible, terrible days! Aren't we glad we live in such liberated times.

Seriously: as this incident shows, these days of civil rites, YT had better be armed and alert 24/7.

Non PC Infidel said...

This is why blacks used to get lynched by angry, pissed off mobs of whites but to hear blacks tell it, anyone who was lynched was a sweet, innocent "soul brutha" on his way to put flowers on his momma's grave (or some such drivel) and dindu nuffin when suddenly, a mob of evil whites appeared out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever and chased them down and killed them. Or they were chased down and killed for some trivial and insignificant reason just because they were black.

In elevating their miscreants, thugs and criminals to the status of martyr, they conveniently ignore the fact that far more whites were lynched for crimes than blacks ever were. Even if you point that fact out to them they'll still try to twist the story of what happened to blacks who were lynched and present them as innocent, holy, and sacred martyrs. And somehow, what happened to blacks is supposed to be more horrible and wrong simply because they were black. Even today, we see the same pattern- more whites are killed by cops than blacks are but if a black is killed, here come the lies and twisted stories about how "he wasn't doin' nuthin'- he wuz jes' holdin' a sandwich! He wuz jes' walkin' home! He wuz attacked fo' no reason and wuz on his knees when da cops shot him and he had his hands up begging fo' his life and sayin' don't shoot!" Then, the black turd is presented as a martyr and the black idiots pour into the streets using their lies and twisted stories to play the victim, protest and show their asses. The death of a worthless black turd is presented as the most horrible, unjust and terrible thing that has ever happened in the history of the world! Say whut? Mo' whites been killed by da popo? Dat don't matter- dey white! We black and sacred! See muh skin color? Hmmph!

As is, blacks will lie with every breath they take and try to spin a bullshit story to present themselves as innocent beings who are being picked on and done wrong in every situation. Just watch Bait Car where they have the car thieves on camera committing their crimes and even then they'll lie and say it's their friends car and they're just movin' it for them or some other outrageous lie. Some of them are so damn stupid that even after being told it's a bait car and they were on camera the entire time, they'll still lie and deny and start howling about, "Why you pickin' on me? Why you hasslin' me? I ain't dun nuffin!" I've even heard blacks (not on the show but in person) complaining that bait cars are put into black communities to entrap blacks so they can be shipped off to prison and that it's done to harm the black community and to make blacks look bad. See! It's your fault that they steal! They're martyrs to your evil ways!

And now, we have a black P.O.C. (piece of crap) claiming that he murdered a 95 year old white man because whites made him do it because of white privilege. Once again, a black is a sweet, innocent martyr who only did what he did because evil whites made him do it. It's not his fault- it's yours. As far as I'm concerned, he shouldn't have gotten thirty years in prison- he should have been hung by the neck until dead from a lamp post in the center of the hood as a warning to others. As for the lawyer, that piece of crap should have been tarred and feathered and run out of town.

One day, as Pat says, there's going to be a huge backlash and blacks are going to be treated as they so richly deserve to be treated. They laugh about everything they get away with now but one day, that laughter is going to turn to screams. They're just too stupid and lacking in foresight to see that if they keep prodding, poking, tormenting and aggravating whites, that all their mountain of BS will one day come crashing down on their heads when whites finally get sick and tired of their crap. Oh well, no one ever said they were smart.

Anonymous said...

They always put glasses on these animals in court. Fucking scum lawyers.

Californian said...

Thomas and his attorney, Caroline Durham, argued that prejudice had unfairly burdened Thomas his whole life. Thomas is black. Loehlein was white. ... Thomas [launched] into a five-minute speech about poverty and discrimination.

I'll repeat the point I have made many times before: the USA has had 60 years of open housing, war on poverty, civil rights, affirmative action, enterprise zones, equal opportunities commissars, black "studies" programs, positive role models on the telescreen, "spaces to destroy," and even an African reading the Oval Office teleprompter.

So where exactly is all this "prejudice," "poverty" and "discrimination" coming from?

Could it be from a low IQ, no impulse control, lacking future time orientation demographic who can not take advantage of all the civilized perks which White people have made available? A demographic which destroyed Detroit and a dozen other cities with their high crime rates, gangbanging, infrastructure trashing, and corrupt Big Man rule?

And might it not occur to aspiring rappers like Mr Thomas that maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons for all the "prejudice" against him and his co-racials is because they are responsible for a humongous amount of insane violence, like bashing to death a retired WWII veteran?

But such a conclusion is not within their mental horizon. They are, of course, more concerned that Mr Thomas is another victim of the school-to-prison pipeline. Or of disparate incarceration of blacks. Or something.

As for Mr Loehlein, he is one more casualty of the war declared on White people back in 1948 with Shelley v. Kraemer and has continued through to the present day. A real war, too, one which has resulted in literally hundreds of thousands of White dead and wounded, as well as the devastation of cities from Baltimore to St Louis as surely as by enemy bombers.

Of course, in World War II, Americans could name the enemy.

And fight back.

Wake up, YT, wake up.

rex freeway said...

What ever happened to the death penalty? This is a case that clearly should carry death. Until we remove Liberals from all government roles, we will never be able to remove violent Negroes from society. I dont know how the family could sit and listen to the Negro blame everyone and everything but himself for what happened. And then find out this piece of shit will probably get out in their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

As a veteran, I'm at a loss for words. The greatest generation meets the black undertow. The lawyer actually had the temerity to mention poverty as a motivating factor in the murder. Her client didn't know what real poverty was like. Men like Albert who lived through the great depression knew what poverty was like. They didn't have ebt cards and section 8 vouchers. If Albert didn't catch fish that day, it's likely that the family wouldn't be eating that night.

I recall a chapter from Audy Murphy's book "to hell and back" where he was talking about putting pepper in his molasses so that it would burn while he ate it and make his belly feel full. I'll bet the orc that killed Albert never went hungry during his lifetime.

Bill in St Louis said...

" "I didn't steal because it was fun," he said. "I stole because I couldn't afford those things.""
Kill him. There is no reasoning with this mindset. Kill his atty., his family, and pretty much his entire race. If he/they cant grasp the concept of "can't afford it, get a job like humans do" then there is no point in treating them as anythingother than ccockroaches. As far as anyone (white) who thinks thier background makes for a viable excuse, kill them as well.

chattanooga gal said...

"assaulted three correctional officers and three inmates while in custody.
He has not been charged in those incidents."
and that's the problem isn't it? they get away with stuff over and over again, so they know there are no consequences. Even in this case- brutal murder of a helpless old person- he didn't get the harsher sentence he deserved. Apparently, just being black entitles you to scream" white privilege" and get away with the most heinous crimes. I wouldn't be surprised if they got away with cannibalizing a white toddler with that excuse.

Anonymous said...

"...animal consciousness does not extend beyond the given moment nor into the idea that its victims may become extinct...the animal destroys and does not produce...animal pleasures remain close to sensational levels and avoid the perceptual..."

An apt quote from the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert to summarize not only this story but the sum of black existence.

Anonymous said...

Be sure and always remember the REAL enemy in this story ok ? It is NOT the lowly ignorant negro. It is the scum of the earth LIBERAL white whore lawyer who dressed it up.

Anonymous said...

So his lawyer is arguing he killed the victim because the man was white. So by that logic she wants him charged with a hate crime as well. Is this negroe logic?

Jonathan Brisby said...

As is, blacks will lie with every breath they take and try to spin a bullshit story to present themselves as innocent beings who are being picked on and done wrong in every situation. Just watch Bait Car where they have the car thieves on camera committing their crimes and even then they'll lie and say it's their friends car and they're just movin' it for them or some other outrageous lie.

Many whites with limited exposure to blacks have no concept of how easily lying comes and how steadfast they will remain in the face of unbelievable amounts of evidence.

The cornerstone of the legal system is the presumption of innocence for the accused and blacks take full advantage of this. No matter how much empirical evidence exists, the black with an amazing amount of sincerity, will insist that they did nothing wrong or were framed. They will gather a great number of witnesses who will testify the same and provide absurd, easily falsifiable alibis. This creates a very difficult climate in investigation and court proceedings. The old racial laws prohibiting testimony by blacks in court cases were attempts to deal with precisely these kinds of issues.

We see this phenomenon play out constantly in modern times as well. Think of how many "witnesses" came forward to claim Darren Wilson executed peaceful Michael Brown who had his hands up and was pleading "Please don't shoot me." Think of how badly Rachel Jeantel fell apart on the stand in the Zimmerman trial. It has been this same story since the beginning, and previous generations were just more honest about it.

The lack of future time orientation prevents the black from understanding that the lies will be easily exposed under scrutiny. It is all about trying to get out from under that one moment of inquiry, and they blurt out any explanation that they think will make it go away, no matter how implausible. They then stick to the story with incredible conviction. The interrogation segments on the TV show THE FIRST 48 chronicles this incredibly well. You can literally see the gears turning in their mind and then see them instantly transition to bargaining mode once they finally realize the lie has no standing, when only seconds before it was being delivered in astonishing confidence.

It is really quite amazing, as well as, how pathological and natural this tendency in blacks is.

Anonymous said...

so, if the lawyer was arguing about racial disparities, doesnt that mean there was a racial angle to the crime and the felons sentence should be increased accordingly

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when AIDS was just starting to show up, I was talking to a doctor I was introduced to at a party, and I asked him what it was. In closing his conversation about it, he asked me "Do you know of anyone who has it?" I answered "No" and he replied "Within 10 years you will." Sure enough, he was right. Today, I don't think I personally know (relative, friend, work acquaintance, etc) any white person who has been a victim of negro violence. But things are heading in a direction in which one day a majority of white people will, and when that day comes a fearsome reckoning will begin.

juvenal said...

On the bright side, at least the daughter seems to have enough sense to realize that the poor " youf", should've been sent on a one way ticket to the great Wakanda downstairs. No self righteous religious posturing for her.

Anonymous said...

He had eleven (11!) felony convictions and was free yet it's claimed that the criminal justice system is biased against blacks.

juvenal said...

I'm a product of my environment ". The nog didn't even realize how right he was.

juvenal said...

Let's just say some of representatives from the surrounding counties, might be more " realist " than you'd think.

Californian said...

"At the end of the day, these are my peers," he said, adding that he plans to mentor youth while incarcerated.

Yeah, I can see it now, Prison Mentoring 101, taught by the eminent humanitarian Isaiah M. Thomas, Esq. Typical subjects:
* Breaking and entering for fun and profit
* Proper use of the flashlight as an instrument for righting past wrongs
* A Race Card up your sleeve is the best legal defense
* Your day in court: liberal arguments to hustle the Man and become a hero to youth

Perhaps Thomas can be given his own YouTube(tm) channel and inspire future generations of aspiring rocket scientists. Make it a game show and call it:

What Price $22.50?

As for YT, you are armed and alert, arne't you?

Anonymous said...

Be sure and always remember the REAL enemy in this story ok? It is NOT the lowly ignorant negro. It is the scum of the earth LIBERAL white whore lawyer who dressed it up.

Always look for the Man (or Woman) behind the Curtain.

Anonymous said...

Anoka Minnesota just north of coon rapids. Frightening how the black scourge has spread into every area of the U.S..

Anonymous said...

I'm so thoroughly disgusted by whites and their negro coddling that I can't put it into words. I despise them more than negroes.
Received another from a white female demanding a stop to a white march in Newman GA.
Sincerely hope and pray that she gets diversified by 6 of them.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

As the OP to your reply I can say that southern MD, Western MD, North of PG to Pennsylvania and the eastern Shore are likely much closer to being human than the vast stretches of what used to be habitable close to the capital.

Montgomery County seems safe for rich libs. Google, "Montgomery County md hate crimes" and then google, "Montgomery County md jewish hate crimes". You will see who can afford to complain and not live with hegroes and shegroes.

Anonymous said...

Her credentials are impeccable! Here is her phone number and address. I wouldn't buy a phone card from a foreign-owned place with phone cards, if I did that it wouldn't be easy to trace. People can call her up after hours and leave no message until her mailbox is full. They can send her a letter, the contents of which could be a used piece of toilet paper. You may subscribe the email to all sorts of things from animal activism pledges to porn websites. Perhaps sending gifts of small pieces of frozen fish which may thaw out after mailing them...

Love the pro-bonoservices she's done with the African't-American coonmunity. I wonder if her coon clients (coonlients?) are as rapid as the Coon Rapids? What evil lurks in the hearts of groids? The shadow knows!


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Anonymous said...

You realize that this is in Minnesota, right? Maybe not the official home of Lutheran Social Services/Refugee Resettlement programs for the whole church, but a crown jewel in their crown of ignorance.

These people are so horribly cucked. Well educated, well meaning and wholly out of touch with reality that they would willingly surrender their birthright for a PC bauble!

Mr. Rational said...

So his lawyer is arguing he killed the victim because the man was white. So by that logic she wants him charged with a hate crime as well.

There have to be dozens if not hundreds of these cases.  If Sessions is sharp, he's got enough of these to assign a full workload of death-penalty hate-crime cases to every Black and otherwise affirmative-action suit in the entire Civil Rights Division.  There is no way to lose with this.  If they prosecute properly, we get to execute the offenders; if they screw up, we get to fire the AA hires for cause; if they resign, they save us the trouble.  Cleaning out the Civil Rights Division should be a high priority; it's a nest full of Marxist enemies of civilization, a part of the swamp.


I wonder how this Sambo felt when his "law team" sat him down and told him:

"The "black" look has to go. We need to make you look White and we need to make you Act White. Got that, boy?"

"We are going to use White Privilege as a defense to save your sorry black-ass, BUT, ironically, (that's ok, we don't expect you to know that) we want you to ACT White, while we trash White people acting White since that is how they get Da Privilege. Understand, Sambo?"

"We don't want the jury, the press, and the idiots, to see you how you really are. They want to see a young guy ACTING WHITE so that we can blame the color of your black-ass for Racist White Men making you commit crimes so as to survive this hostile, racist nation. Got that?"

"What ever you do,

"Always look around the room and WATCH how the White people sit, stand, breath, etc. It you act White, they will blame society. If you show that you are a negro, they will know you are guilty. Understand, boy !!!"

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Hell son, the whole Twin Cities area is infested by orcs now. That's why I moved upstate. Sadly, they've infected here with their criminal tendencies, and violence. As long as they get welfare, they can make it through the cold winters that used to keep them away.

Anonymous said...

I live in Minnesota and have relatives whose lives resemble Mr Loehlein. These men are the bedrocks of their families and communities. The grief at his victimization will be only exceeded by the pride at his life.
As for the negro...well, they are a different species. Dogs on two feet.
In all sincerity I wish the charade of equality before the law would end. Obviously it is a formality from another homogenous age.
Simple justice as practiced in China is required here. He has two kidneys after all.

Anonymous said...

Yup and we fought those wars and fought the wrong enemy.We fought our own for nothing.Now Whites are less than 10% of the world.Think about that.Whites destroying Whites by being manipulated by others to care more about others than ourselves and our own.

Anonymous said...

Although many European indigenes fear and hate them, the ongoing influx of Aztecs and Mayans should be viewed with equanimity. Yes, they are fierce if the situation demands, but they are predictably so. I don't fear them with kind of fear I have for blacks. Blacks are essentially unhinged, with no geographical sensibility, quite the extreme reverse with Aztecs and Mayans. They are frightening because their claims against the USA and by extension white Americans have traction. Whites know the Aztecs and Mayans are not going to be contained as were the northern tribes.
In return for tolerating them we now have a bloc of territorially - minded people who are incapable of being intimidated by blacks. Given all the factors involved their presence in the USA is a net gain.
If only the drug menace could be defeated.

Sick n Tired said...

In Chuck Yaeger's autobiography, he talked about going out in the morning before school at 7-8 years old with a .22 to shoot rabbits & squirrels so his family could have dinner that night. Different generation.

Anonymous said...

1:37 You are hopelessly wrong. Latinos ruin schools and neighborhoods just the same. They vote for big government. They're stupid and primitive. They breed like flies. They use a ton of welfare. They couldn't care less about whites or American history or traditions. They're actually a bigger threat to white extinction as more whites intermarry with them than with blacks. Having them here is a huge negative. Thinking they are some bulwark against blacks is one of the dumbest things I've ever read on a site like this. What does it matter if they take over a black area? It's not going to be a white area. You should visit me in NYC. I'll show you how wonderful they are and how many areas they've turned to crap.

Anonymous said...

No, the aztecs and mayans must go as well. NO MORE

Anonymous said...

Kiss the 2nd amendment goodbye when the Latinos turn America permanently Democrat. That was the worst post I've ever read on this site. We're being overrun with Latino invaders and this person claims it's a good thing. Without this invasion, whites would be under much less of a demographic threat. The black population has been stable at about 13% for a long time. This site focuses on blacks. The Latino invasion is much worse in the big picture, although not as dramatic as the mayhem blacks commit. Latino politicians support every anti-white leftwing cause and are actively promoting our displacement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "Simply look them up at the facility where they are, use the info to send them a letter and make sure to speak your mind. I wouldn't use multisyllabic words, or too many words to keep the message from being read.

Just write to tell them what you think of them, their mammy, their old Uncle Tom... And be sure to question their manhood. Maybe just write, "the N word" 100 times. "

This seems like a good idea, but it would be prudent to look into taking the necessary precautions to avoid prosecution for what will be classified as hate speech. Remember, in Black Run America one cannot even post a sign explaining that it is okay to be white without triggering a large scale investigation. Delivering the thoughts that we all have in writing to the monkeys will almost certainly trigger an investigation, but we shouldn't let that minor problem keep us from doing the right thing.

Keep in mind that all postal mail is scanned front and back, and it would be surprising if this information isn't archived and used just as the government utilizes the information associated with an email. This information can reveal a lot about who mailed the letter and where it originated. Perhaps the use of a re-mailing service could appropriately mask the origin of these proposed letters.

Brian in Ohio said...

This story makes me sick, but these comments give me hope.

SBPDL is the FIRST site I look at when I get home.

The fate of the South African Boer is what they have planned for us. Get armed while you still can.

I will not go quietly into that good night.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, the way Thomas's family responded gives some hope:
1) Rather than publicly weeping and howling over their "Baby" going up the river like so many other murdering thugs' families have done under such circumstances, they instead offered their condolences to Loehlein's family.
2) Thomas's sister openly refuted his repulsive "Being raised in poverty made me do it" claim by saying that "We had everything we needed." I applaud her for that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Queens

Latin-O's don't like you.

Rainbows and unicorns!

One of the South Beach gay-bashing suspects wore an FIU shirt. Some alums aren't happy

Read more here:

Some FIU alumni and students reacted angrily on social media at the sight of a suspect in the South Beach beating of a gay couple. He was wearing an FIU T-shirt.

Surveillance video captured four young men jumping a gay couple at Ocean Drive and Sixth Street after the Gay Pride Parade in Miami Beach.

Can we find these punks, please? And the one in the @fiu shirt is an embarrassment to the #FIU community. This is not what we represent.

— Miri Diaz (@Miri81) April 10, 2018

@FIU can we look into this to see if they are #FIU students? One of the attackers is wearing an FIU t-shirt. #LGBT hate-crimes are UNACCEPTABLE.

— Andrew Low (@andrewjmlow) April 10, 2018

And the school itself, which crows, "A campus as diverse as its students," on the front page of its website, was forced to respond on Twitter when someone pointed out the suspect's attire.

FIU stands for tolerance, diversity and inclusion. The alleged actions of these individuals do not represent FIU values.

— FIU (@FIU) April 10, 2018

Anonymous said...

If there ain't no such thing as race, how are lawyers allowed to bring it up as a plausible defense?? Everything must go the blacks way when it comes to race.
The average YT does not realize that this is the way most blacks think today-
"Wyatt foke done had dere days to do whut dey be wantin' to- it now our turns to do what WE be wanting to....
Blacks don't realize that the vast majority of us did NOT do "what we wanted"; instead, we were working hard, raising families, getting an education, etc. etc.
Most blacks don't understand the correlation between working and money. They seem to think that YT gave the wyatt fokes on the Mayflower a big pile of money that no one had to actually work for, and it was brought to America, and it still be in da Wyatt House fo' YT to use. And if they take over, they can gain access to that big ole' pile of free YT money and use it on theirselves. Most NEVER think about how hard YT has worked, and how when we arrived on these shores there was not a dime here waiting for us, no government housing, no EBT, no nothing. And we pulled ourselves up by the bootstrap and EARNED our way into this great country. Brick by brick, inch by inch. And we are ALLOWING ourselves to be pushed down and back, knowing all the while what will happen as a consequence....
You won't catch me watching NFL, NBA, listening to rap music, etc. I withdraw myself from participating in their culture and filling their coffers as much as possible.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that sooner or later some psychologist will come up with a test that will show that pretty much any black person is incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions, and therefore incompetent to stand trial. Then they’ll be sent to some DWL rehab facility where they can continue “turning their lives around.”

Anonymous said...

Now what about corporate welfare? Why do the military merchants and the filth whose love of money has made our nation a bad place to be, whose rot from the top is causing terrible waves to rush into the heart of our nation. 

I don't give a shit if Shaniqua hongry.

Trump orders top-to-bottom review of welfare programs



04/10/2018 06:36 PM EDT


Updated 04/10/2018 06:50 PM EDT

President Donald Trump has directed his agencies to raise the bar for recipients of food stamps, Medicaid, rent subsidies and other welfare programs, and find ways to put more of them back to work.

In an executive order signed Tuesday afternoon, Trump directed the Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture and other agencies to make a top-to-bottom review of their safety-net programs, with the goal of finding ways to push more people into the workforce and off of welfare.

“The president cares deeply about getting Americans back to work,” a senior administration official told reporters. “This executive order provides a well-thought-out, coherent framework.”

With Republicans in control of the White House and Congress, conservatives have pushed the administration to take advantage of a rare opportunity to unwind or overhaul assistance programs, which they believe promote dependency and are easy to exploit. But the effort, in the works for months, had stalled amid internal debate at the White House, ultimately took a back seat to infrastructure as a top legislative priority in Congress, leaving conservatives with an executive order.

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday will attend a breakfast meeting with the president of the National Urban League, Marc Morial, and other black leaders, during which he’ll talk about the need for workforce training to lift people out of poverty.

The federal government spent more than $700 billion on welfare to low-income households in 2017. Food stamps, which are used by about 43 million Americans, and a cash benefit known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, which helps about 3.5 million people, are among the programs Trump wants to target.

The order will restore “independence and dignity to millions of Americans,” Trump said in a written statement.

The executive order follows policy shifts already under way at several agencies.

Under Trump, HHS has already sought to enshrine work requirements in Medicaid, a first in the history of the health coverage program for the poor. Kentucky, Indiana and Arkansas got the green light this year to require certain able-bodied adults to work as a condition of keeping their health benefits. Advocates for the poor contend that employment rules for Medicaid are not legal and have already sued to stop the Kentucky requirements from taking effect.

Conservatives used the executive order to push federal health officials to approve pending Medicaid work requirement requests in several other Republican-led states, including Utah, Maine, Wisconsin, Arizona and Alabama.

In December, the Agriculture Department said it would give states greater control over the food stamp program, opening the door to potential new work requirements or drug testing. And at HUD, Secretary Ben Carson has taken a tough-love approach to housing, saying that too much government aid mires people deeper in poverty.

While liberal social-welfare groups digested the Trump order, conservative groups immediately released statements hailing it.

“Despite there being six million open jobs across the nation, there is a record number of able-bodied adults trapped on welfare,” said Tarren Bragdon, president of the Foundation for Government Accountability, a small-government group based in Naples, Florida. “This executive order is a strong signal that the Trump administration intends to change that.”

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"WW2 was just a psyop to get White people to murder each other by the boat load. No more brother wars. No wars in Syria either."

I recently read "The myth of German villany". Written by a US fighter pilot. I am now reading "Slaughterhouse Five" which I read twice many years ago. Now I see it in a different light.

"They always put glasses on these animals in court. Fucking scum lawyers."

The prosecutor should remove the glasses and throw them a basketball.

I went to the local library for the first time in many years to check out "Slaughterhouse Five" but they didn't have it so bought it at a bookstore instead. As I walked in saw several posters of Negro kids reading a book or being read to by their "parents". In reality the Negroes were sitting at computer terminals using free internet plus a few in the DVD section. A few whites were in the fiction and non-fiction book sections.

Anonymous said...

"No wars in Syria either."

These photos of chemical weapons seem to be all fake. The same we saw about a year ago. If a person was gassed we would see a blue body with the tongue hanging out, fingers curled up and a look of terror on the face. Instead we see what looks like people who had a few cups of water poured on them then looking like they just woke up from a nap. In the same way Syria is bombed by a small country within a short time.

Trump could easily end his Mueller (Rosenstein/Weissman) problem by threatening to withhold support.

Bud said...

I have a good Vietnam veteran friend that I chum around with. We go to gun and car shows, etc. He considers himself a conservative and believes that abortion is bad and blacks would be wonderful if only they had two parents.

Whenever we go places he seems to seek out police officers or people with veteran hats and thanks them for their service. No matter what I say he doesn't seem to understand that he is one machete blade from being hacked to death or dying the same death as the elderly gentleman in this article. I suppose it has something to do with some age difference and he being raised in a 100% white area.

Anyway PK if I think to have this website takes a more courage than I have. I truly thank your for your service.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, in World War II, Americans could name the enemy."

No we could not. Patton said it best.

We shouldn't have been in Europe.

Anonymous said...

1/2 of my family didn't come to the USA until 1963, so we never had a hand in slavery or keeping the black man down. Which is why I don't give a shit when they complain about what my ancestors did to their ancestors.

Mr. Rational said...

sooner or later some psychologist will come up with a test that will show that pretty much any black person is incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions, and therefore incompetent to stand trial.

And also incompetent for any sort of job, to vote, or to walk the streets as a free person.  Their alternatives should be limited to confinement in an asylum, or recolonization to Africa with surrender of citizenship and no right of return.

Anonymous said...

For anti-racist liberals who have never had to live around diversity, let me share some of my experiences growing up in the diverse south.

My aunt had a black man crawl in her bathroom window while she was taking a shower.

I rode the black bus to school every day because I lived on the edges of the black community. I witnessed numerous fights that were 5 or more on 1 black on white bloody gang beatdowns. I witness black kids and parents attack white bus drivers male and female. Every day was harassment and intimidation by the blacks. There were teenage black boys who physically assaulted little white girls in lower elementary school. My friend and I, as elementary children ourselves, were held down in the back of the bus and forced to look at the penises of teenage black thugs.

My elderly grandmother, then in her 70s in the 1990s, was a victim of a hit and run by a black driver who fled the scene and allowed her to crawl home several blocks bloodied and bruised before she spent days in the E.R. He showed no remorse.

As a child, at the grocery store on the edge of the black neighborhood in a neighboring town, I witnessed a violent struggle between the store management and a black woman shoplifting. She turned into an animal before my young eyes. She scratched, bit, slugged, pulled hair and eventually broke free into the night with her petty pocketful of stolen merchandise (probably cigarettes).

At the same store, while waiting on my father to do shopping, my mother was telling me stories in our parked car, when a black man appeared from around the back of the store and began exposing himself to us and fondling his genitals.

Going to visit my retired grandparents, who lived for some odd reason in a retirement community on a hill down below a project housing unit, we found them cornered in their small home by an obvious drug addled crackhead black guy who was hustling them for money and they were almost fooled because of their simple kindness.

There were constant robberies and home invasions in that neighborhood.

Driving home through a "no-go zone" by accident on the way back from the mall in a slightly larger city, our car was attacked by a group of black males with a basketball and rocks.

Anonymous said...

That quote stuck out for me too. So, he committed crimes and there are no charges. Okay, I'll try that one next time I'm pulled over for speeding. Lol. No chance. Charges are never dropped when it comes to collecting money from Whitey.

Anonymous said...

True. I've been saying elsewhere: "It's the Marxism, stupid." The main problem is with Caucasian Marxists and their (((money handlers ))). Once that's solved the rest will be easy.

Anonymous said...

2:14 actually you're the one that is hopelessly wrong an not to mention
naive, ignorant, oblivious, unbeknownst, benighted, vacuous, troglodyte first
of all Latinos are not stupid there far from that considering they've build the pyramids if they were and or are they will an never would have the capabilities
to do what I just said back where they come from and this is an observational
on my part and again since your analyzing skills is lacking have you ever
thought that the community that you indict Latinos for turning it into
a ghetto, slum, projecy was already done like that before you or they
moved in meaning negro's trashed, thrashed the place prior to them moving
out an Latino's moving in unless this is one of those cases you yourself
witnessed it first hand and than suddenly think all an or most of them
do that just like the particular race that no one likes and you do know
not all Latin American community's are like that only the ones that are
which is a minority unlike blacks that make all of their neighborhoods
community's like that.

Unknown said...

I guess you could say that Thomas and his attorney tried the "Born Under a Baddd Sign" defense.

SKIP said...

"The black population has been stable at about 13% "

You can't seriously believe that tired old stat! Do you believe there are only 11 million ILLEGAL ALIENS in Amefricastan too? I suggest there are >50 million blacks in America which is >13% There is more likely more than 40 million ILLEGAL ALIENS here too and both figures increase daily! Go traveling the country on a motorcycle, you see stuff you don't see from your SUV.

Anonymous said...

To 1:21:
I guarantee that I travel more than you and have had more experiences with diversity than you. There are many more than 11 million Latinos. It doesn't follow that I'm wrong about the black population. Blacks are overwhelmingly legal and can be counted. You should inform yourself about abortion rates.

And to the hysterical Latino shill, if you think the Latinos in this country are pyramid builders, you're delusional. Latinos are a drag on this nation. Those neighborhoods to which I referred were WHITE. Latinos moved in and destroyed them. You're ignorant and illiterate. You don't even know how to form a plural.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Bill in STL

We still need to get together and have a few beers...Im near 141 and 44.


Jonathan Brisby

Great comments!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget WWII veteran Lawrence E. "Shine" Thornton,

Anonymous said...

The Latinos are a deadly danger. They are just as hateful, just as tribal as the blacks Given the opportunity, they will kill you just as dead as a dindu would.

Anonymous said...

Aztecs and Mayans practised brutal human sacrifice, slavery, and never put the wheel to industrial use. Backwards, bloodthirsty feudal barbarians.