Saturday, April 14, 2018

Baltimore Museum of Art to Sell Artworks by White People to Make Room for Black Artists to Better "Reflect" the 70% Black City...

If you've read The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimoreyou know black people in Baltimore carefully protect their city by using black criminality to keep out white people from ever being a demographic threat to run things again.

You'll also know that in 1917, Baltimore was 88% white. Restrictive covenants and segregation kept city prosperous and safe from the very population now representing 70% of the city's population, with the white population below 25 percent.
In a city overwhelmed by Africans in America, a lingering vestige of western civilization is seeing stewards sell off art by white people to make room for artwork by people of color/blacks to better reflect a city whose population is below 25 percent white... 

Yes, Baltimore is a 70 percent black city. It was roughly 10 percent black in 1917. With black-fueled violence exploding across the city, it's important to remember the reality of homicide in Baltimore: Lynchings in USA over an 86-year time-span vs. Homicides in Baltimore over a 7-year time-span (91.5 percent Black-on-Black)

Again, in 1917, Baltimore was 88% white. Restrictive covenants and segregation kept city safe and prosperous from the very population now representing 70% of the city's population.

The Baltimore Museum of Art announced Friday that it is selling seven artworks by such 20th-century masters as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Kline to make way for pieces by contemporary artists of color and women. 
Going up for sale at Sotheby’s in May are two artworks by Warhol (“Oxidation Painting” from 1978 and “Hearts” from 1979) and one each by Kline (“Green Cross” from 1956) and Rauschenberg (“Bank Job” from 1979). Rounding out the seven are three paintings by lesser-known artists: Kenneth Noland’s “Lapis Lazuli” from 1963 and “In-Vital” from 1982, along with Jules Olitski’s “Before Darkness II” from 1973. 
Kline’s painting alone is expected to fetch between $6 and $8 million, while Warhol’s “Oxidation Painting,” should bring in between $2 million and $3 million, according to a spokesman for Sotheby’s in New York, which is handling the sales. 
Five works will be sold at auction on May 16 and 17, while two extremely large artworks — Warhol’s “Hearts” and the Rauschenberg — will be put up for private sale. 
Museum director Christopher Bedford pointed out that the museum owns many other, and stronger, works by each of the artists who created the pieces leaving the collection. For instance, the BMA owns more than 90 artworks by Warhol, roughly a dozen by Kline and about two dozen by Rauschenberg.

During the same meeting in which the museum’s board of trustees announced that it was selling the seven artworks, it also approved the purchase of nine artworks by contemporary artists, several of whom are black. 
Bedford has spoken often of the necessity of ensuring that museums reflect the population of the cities in which they are located. Though the city of Baltimore is 63.7 percent black, according to 2010 census data, its flagship contemporary museum owns relatively few artworks by African-American artists. 
The purchases will be one small step toward diversifying the museum’s collection. 
Among them are works by the artists Mark Bradford, John T. Scott and Jack Whitten, who are African-American, and Zanele Muholi, who is South African. The museum also purchased pieces by artists Sara VanDerBeek and Trevor Paglen, who are white. The seven artworks being sold — five paintings, one mural and one work that combines paint and silkscreen — all were created by white men. 
“It is a very good thing to make room for new works by contemporary artists,” said Costas Grimaldis, owner of Mount Vernon’s prestigious C. Grimaldis Gallery. “It’s also a good thing to have room in a museum’s storage for works by artists like Kline, Rothko and Rauschenberg that have already made history.”
Baltimore already has a museum dedicated exclusively to black art. How is attendance there? [In Baltimore and nationwide, art museums fight sharp declines in attendance, Baltimore Sun, 1-12-18]:

When former Walters Art Museum director Gary Vikan remembers the late 1990s, he gets a little wistful. 
It was a time when as many as 600,000 people crowded through the doors of the city’s two largest art museums each year. Local celebrities would hit him up for tickets. Airline employees checking him in for his flight recognized his name. 
“Sometimes on Sundays, the galleries would get so full you could barely move,” Vikan said. “It was fun while it lasted.” 
Twenty years later, the scene in Baltimore and nationwide is very different. 
“You go into museums that have recently expanded, museums with these enormous spaces,” he said. “And you see nobody in the galleries. Zero.” 
Annual attendance at the Baltimore Museum of Art has fallen 12.7 percent in the last 15 years. At the Walters, it’s down 18.6 percent. Across the country, the National Endowment for the Arts reports, attendance at art museums dropped 16.8 percent — even as the population grew by more than 33 million people, and museums began offering free admission. 
Foot traffic at art museums climbed steadily throughout the 20th century. Now, for the first time in modern history, it’s falling. And the decline is expected to accelerate, aprospect that alarms museum officials. 
“Society has invested billions of dollars in these museums over the centuries,” said Michael Peter Edson, a longtime museum administrator. “If museums can’t prove their ability to make a difference, then society will choose to place its resources somewhere else — and it should. There’s a premium on urgency. We don’t have 20 or 30 years to sit on the sidelines.” 
The Baltimore Museum of Art is just beginning to recover from a sharp drop after closing 60 percent of its galleries for a renovation starting in 2011. When the full museum reopened in the fall of 2014, attendance was about 180,000, down 36 percent since 2002. By the end of the 2017 fiscal year, attendance had climbed to 246,100 — about the audience for 2005, but still down from earlier years. 
And at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, attendance declined to 48,775 in 2017, or 53 percent below the opening-year high of 104,500 visitors. 

So a museum dedicated solely to promoting black art in nearly 70 percent black Baltimore is sparsely attended, but the Baltimore Museum of Art is now selling art by white artists to make room for art by people of color in a Quixotic attempt to get more black patrons and better reflect the community.

Just another example of what Black-Run America (BRA) does to the every institution, private or public, in the USA.


Anonymous said...

A perfect place for Obama’s presidential portrait!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a wonderful idea. Haul it all out and replace it with their primitive art. Send the good stuff where white people can show their appreciation.
OT, I was in Stein Mart today, the women's clothing line in The Boutique is stunning. This is a reflection of the current FLOTUS. When the HNIC knuckledragged into the White House, women's style went right into the toilet, reflecting that thing he called his wife.
Female in FL

Jerry Miller said...

All the paintings sold are modern art pieces of garbage. I can describe the art in two words: "entartete kunst."

Annie Oakley said...

The only people I know who likes black art are white cucks. Even high income blacks won’t buy it, or if they do, they love to preen and brag about how much they paid for it.

I’ve been to auctions at Sotheby’s and Christies in NYC. Trust me, there is no stupid black art on sale. No one would buy it.

White cucks (and many have never lived around blacks) are the worst sort of hypocrites and assholes.

For the longest time my husband couldn’t understand why his two cousins wouldn’t have anything to do with them. His mother finally found out why. Many years ago he made a statement about the Chinese and their underhanded tactics with US/China trade.

Well we found out the two cousins (who are money grubbing paycheck whores) are both engineers who have traveled to China to help the Chinese build their factories for products exported to the US.

These same two white bitches look down on ANYONE who doesn’t have money and are the ultimate traitors to the American people. I have to see them this summer for a family get-together. It should be interesting.

Brian in Ohio said...

The left always doubles down on failure. Always.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Possible future story-
A "teen" knocks on someones door, to, according to him, ask for "directions' to his own high school. The home owners are frightened and the husband ends up taking a shot (and missing). Notice how this ENTIRE story is spun- not once mentioning the homeowners right to protect themselves and their home. And the homeowners using of the phrase "those people" automatically makes them rayyyycisss. The husband says there is more to the story, and I am sure there is. The media is sickening.
I am going to keep up with this story. Have a good weekend and screw the media.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

The only blacks you're likely to see at the Detroit Institute of Arts are employees of the museum. None of the black residents of the 86% black city give a **** about art. And the same goes for the Henry Ford museum at Greenfield Village. Blacks don't give a **** about science and technology either.

1776blues said...

Neither the reporters or the museum directors, former and current, will admit the reason why traffic is down; nobody with any brains will visit the crime ridden city aka jungle.


Rauschenberg, Really?

Mass produced crap created by a flaming alcoholic. I know, I used to date the daughter of one of his Captiva Island, Fla. friends back in the day.

He once offered me a drink. He opened his refrigerator and it was PACKED with bottles of Jack Daniels. He was working on something and asked me what I thought of it. I had NO experience with art, back then, and was speechless for the first time in my life (but this was way back in mid 70's).

In fact, back then, I really had no idea who he was. Just a room filed with, what looked to me like, Kindergarden "cut and paste" projects, all unfinished.

Damn, I should have asked him for one when we were shit-faced drunk.............

AnalogMan said...

Another word for "reflecting the community": Mediocrity. If the community is substantially black, it doesn't even rise to that level.

D is for depressing said...

There is a poster over at AmRen that stated that the first thing that needs to happen to get rid of a group of people is to first erase their culture. At first, I just thought that she was trying to spread fear. I understand now.

Society has invested billions of dollars in these museums over the centuries,” said Michael Peter Edson, a longtime museum administrator. “If museums can’t prove their ability to make a difference, then society will choose to place its resources somewhere else — and it should.

As the West slowly benights, all the appreciation for the finer things will give way to useless, vulgar pop garbage. Why would people in a crumbling civilization value intellectual curiosity when they can escape reality watching vacuous garbage like Real Housewives.

The only blacks you're likely to see at the Detroit Institute of Arts are employees of the museum.

Yep. Arts be a white thang.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in that once-over city, all I can ask is, "Why doesn't the content of art museums reflect the ethnicity of the people who for decades have attended the Maryland Institute of Art"?

Well, that's mostly white kids who actually take the time, effort and mommy and daddy's money to study art. And produce it.

D-FENS said...

I looked up Rauschenberg. Surprised he was NOT in the Tribe, the usual movers and shakers in the “modern” art world. They tend to promote ugliness in art, literature, film, architecture, life in general. Even if they really don’t like it, they know we hate it more so it is a win for them.

Not surprised he’s a fag.

Looks like Trump has dragged out his 7-D chess board out again. Along with his war toys. Maybe the “deep state” has threatened him. Or was it the Illuminati? I look forward to even more creative defenses to avoid having to admit we are fucked.

There should be no doubt that he was a bone thrown out to us to keep our interest in duh-mock-a-racy. The win may or may not have been expected. Now that he is in, he will throw us a few trinkets and self-sabotage what we thought was his agenda with stupid tweets and appointing more jews to undercut him. All while he pokes at the rattlesnakes while running out the clock.

Maybe this will bring a more rapid end to the nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90's, I listened to Howard Stern. His in laws would go over to Africa and bring back that junk and they paid a fortune for it.
Howard told them they could buy the entire country for $500.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

What would possess anyone to place negro art inside a museum? It's already on display citywide for all to enjoy, wherever the grafitti crews haven't cleaned it up yet.
This smells more like the (((curators))) are cashing out, and getting ready to bug out.

Bill in St Louis said...

Not knowing shit about art, (other than Warhol was an obvious plant) but being able to admire the various works when I go to the museum, I will go ahead and comment. This is the exact same thing as "White Flight". The city (and more than likely the state, and Feds) built the Baltimore Africans their very own museum. After a big hoopla... nothing. The only visitors are white cucks who haven't been killed on their way to enjoy the "diversity" of downtown Baltimore, and the chirruns bussed in by the schools. Now that the hype of having their own museum is over... that isn't enough. They want to be in the "YT" museum... so slowly... one or 2 "contemporary" artists will slide in... then more and more until it accurately reflects the makeup of the city... while the actual art worth anything is sold off, (and I am sure the directors are getting a slice of that pie).
As far as museums dying a horrible death anyway, when parents are more interested in getting hits on youtube for whining about the tip they got/weren't left or the latest game of Sportsball, what do you expect? However, knowing that private collectors will be keeping these treasures safe when the cities burn makes it all worthwhile.

Jack Hates Hypocrites said...

Perfect! Now they can move that vintage DaQuantay Jones piece, "Suck my Hott Dogg" from it's current location on the side wall of Nate's Corner Mart and give it a proper showing in the Main Hall.

Anonymous said...

The black teen that knocked on the white guys door, and almost got his head blown off, was in my humble opinion, casing the house. Second house that he approached to ask for directions to his high school. After missing his school bus the teen decided to walk the four miles to his school. This would probably never happen. Four mile walk? I’m guessing he wasn’t alone either. Maybe walking up to the houses alone but I’d be interested to see if there was a car with a friend in it. Twice shy whiteys that moved to the boonies and burbs to escape black crime. Wait until they are in your house, then shoot to kill. Don’t fire while they’re running away. The the homeowner will have hell to pay with this incident.

Anonymous said...

Just give every museum guest a can of black spray paint. There’s your black art. Every other word, the F word. The N word will be the “other” word. A world soon to be run exclusively by idiots. Beam me up!

Anonymous said...

Centurion @ 2:04 PM. As always, entertaining, interesting, and amusing.. Captiva and Sanibel in the seventies, I remember it well.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 1:05 pm

Yeah, something is fishy about the story of him asking directions to his own school that he goes to every day.

A negro at your door is always bad news.

At best they are a "legitimate" solicitor for some company with a dubious value proposition and they want you to sign up now at your door without any chance to do research or think about it. Then they are pushy, obnoxious, and won't take NO for an answer.

At worst they are attempting a home invasion or casing you for one.

In between are various pranks, scams, and general harassment like banging on your door and running off.

Just today in my area (not that far from the news story location) a large negro tried to force his way in when the homeowner answered the door. Other times it is a stupid negro prank (or possibly a case?) like when a couple female negro teens come to your door and ask out of the blue "have you seen my kitty?". (Hint, they are not really looking for their cat.)

They like simple low IQ word play games like this and betting you $20 they can tell you "where yo got yo shoes" (answer - "on yo feet"). These are even more scammy and smarmy then they sound when done in a negro dialect.

Worse, they are getting bolder all the time because of today's legal system and liberal attitudes. There was something going on with that "teen". You don't knock on a strangers door to ask directions - you go a corner carryout or gas station.


Anonymous said...

Lucky for them, when financial woes inevitably hit the city that bleeds they can just "sell off" the black made art to other black people, just like whites buy up the white paintings.

Haha. I would like to see the pathetic numbers that they could muster, assuming no rich virtue signaler vastly overpays for any of that crap.

I would love to hear some reviews and estimates on the actual value of the contemporary black "art" that is replacing what is being sold.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see Detroit's version of this garbage, you can check out the Heidelberg Project (gee, that's a black sounding name, isn't it?).

The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art project in Detroit, Michigan. Specifically, it is in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood on the city's east side, just north of the city's historically African-American Black Bottom area. It was created in 1986 by the artist Tyree Guyton, who was assisted by his wife, Karen, and grandfather Sam Mackey ("Grandpa Sam").[1] The Heidelberg Project is in part a political protest, as Tyree Guyton's childhood neighborhood began to deteriorate after the 1967 riots. Guyton described coming back to Heidelberg Street after serving in the Army; he was astonished to see that the surrounding neighborhood looked as if "a bomb went off"

I actually visited Detroit a few years ago, and even with vast liberties taken I can only describe it as "blight". Just a bunch of mixed media (different forms of art thrown together in a collage, like elementary students used to make for fun at school) strewn about the neighborhood with no real pattern or plan. Lots and lots of polka-dots and mismatched colors that basically says "looks at muh".

Black art doesn't impress me in the least, particularly "contemporary" black art.

Anonymous said...

China has the answer:

Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to locate and arrest a man who was among a crowd of 60,000 concert goers.

Not to be un-PC, but if a computer can easily tell Chinese people apart, I'm pretty sure that it could do the same for Africans. I'm sure nose-width and brilloness of hair are only two distinct features that a camera could zoom in on!

Former Rochester Hills Resident said...

A "teen" knocks on someones door, to, according to him, ask for "directions' to his own high school. The home owners are frightened and the husband ends up taking a shot (and missing).

You could be clueless enough about directions if you don't drive, but I don't buy that.  Especially from someone whose race is infamous for being so hyper-alert about their surroundings that they're always on porches and corners.

A negro at your door is always bad news.


Unfortunately the damn sheriff is an SJW and all in with the "poor oppressed African" narrative.  The story says that the homeowner will be charged with attempted murder.  However, he has much better chances up in Oakland county than poor Theodore Wafer did in Detoilet.  Once the story is out of the news cycle we can hope that the county's worries about a jury acquitting the homeowner will get them to plead it down to a misdemeanor with probation and community service.

I feel for the homeowner.  He did the right thing given the information he had.

Mr. Rational said...

if a computer can easily tell Chinese people apart, I'm pretty sure that it could do the same for Africans.

It'll have to be able to tell them from gorillas first.

Anonymous said...

To Former Rochester Hills Resident @5:35PM. You are correct when you speak of the Oakland County Sheriff. Everyone is tripping over themselves to say “we aren’t racist “ out here. Speak for yourself. I moved out here after working and having to live in the dirty D. I can’t tell you how infuriating it is to see these idiots, that have never lived around blacks, acting so accommodating. Rochester has some of the best schools in the state of Michigan. Soon to be over run by diversity. Only four percent of fourth and eighth graders in Detroit are proficient in math and reading at their grade level. Social justice warriors want to inflict their ignorance on everyone.

Anonymous said...

I’ve never been called for jury duty but will very willingly roll my fat ass out of bed to serve on the Oakland County Michigan attempted murder case. Here’s hoping for a jury summons with my name on it.

OverSeer said...

Like blacks even go to art museums. Art for them is flinging poo on their cell walls and fingerpainting with it.

Anonymous said...

Poster @12:20PM said: "White cucks (and many have never lived around blacks) are the worst sort of hypocrites and assholes."

Sounds about right.

Axis Sally said...

"The seven artworks being sold... all were created by white men."

Corrected should read: "...were created by white men and a Jew." Andy Warhol.

Alfa158 said...

The city of Los Angeles has been particularly cruel to black sensibilities: They put the African-American museum right next to the Aerospace museum. You can go to Exposition Park and see the Afro museum empty of attendees except for the Latino school kids who get dragged through on field trips wondering what the hell they have been brought there for, and what any of this has to do with them. ( note; Los Angeles Latins have pretty much ethnically cleansed south central of blacks. There are almost no non latins left in the school system. )
Meanwhile the Aerospace Museum, crammed to the rafters with the achievements of obsolete White men is standing room only with people goggling at the wonders inside that were created by those ancient and now departed peoples.
The City should have at least had the sensitivity and consideration to put the Afro museum in some area all by itself so the lack of interest by contrast isn’t so embarrassingly obvious.

D-FENS said...

I wonder if the “free admission” is what lead to the decline in attendance.

Anonymous said...

Trevor: My 87-year-old mother was home when a young black male came to the door and asked what time it was. (As if he couldn't just check his cell phone.) Slightly annoyed, she said she didn't know and closed the door. When she told me about this, I assured her he wasn't interested in the time, but instead was checking the place out. He could have easily shoved her back inside, closed the door behind him and done God knows what to her. I suspect he was spooked (nice play on words there) by the presence of a dog house in the front yard and the chain link fence around the back yard and didn't want to encounter a lot of long teeth. What he didn't know was that the last dog there died 20 years ago.

My mother is old and trusting but I've repeatedly warned her about the dangers of predatory blacks. They are unlimited in what they will do to the vulnerable, to include kindly old white ladies.

The phone isn't much better. Telemarketers and scammers call all day and twice she has fallen for the "grandparent scam" (google it for details) in which the caller claims to be a grandson in jail due to a DUI, a bar fight, etc., and to please go to tbe bank to withdraw several thousand dollars to bail him out of jail, plus "please don't tell my parents," and then his "lawyer" will come on the phone with instructions for the money. Fortunately other family members found out and stopped her from following through with the "bail" money delivery.

Most of us reading this blog are wise to the ways of the world, and especially the black ways, but often are loved ones are not and it's up to us to protect them from dangers, be they financial scams or violent black thugs.

Anonymous said...

Aren’t you anarchists supposed to be against the government? Then why are you allowing yourselves to be lined up with the establishment? The media, government, and powers-that-be are all overtly anti-White. The hatred of all things white is so over-the-top in the media these days that it simply cannot be denied. They aren’t even attempting to disguise it or dress it up as something else any longer. And that goes for the left, right, and everything in between when it comes to the mainstream media. Also, the government openly discriminates against whites and they are flooding our borders/neighborhoods with people who hate us, while censoring and even incarcerating any Whites who dare question history or who simply take notice of some of the crimes being committed against us. Really, there is no reasonable defense for any of this, let alone a rational argument that would ever come close to reconciling your beliefs (that this is a “White supremacist system”) with reality (since the entire system is openly anti-White).

also isn't this the same sheriff, Michael J. Bouchard, who bragged about going to Thailand to have sex with little girls who were sold into sex slavery?

Anonymous said...

Watch "Live PD" on A & E Friday & Saturday nights!! Check your local listings...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said " Wait until they are in your house, then shoot to kill. Don’t fire while they’re running away."

This is correct. When a groid is knocking on your door unexpectedly it is almost certainly bad news, but in our society that level of certainty is insufficient to start shooting. It would have been better to resist the urge to open fire, and just tap the magazine to verify that it is securely in place, chamber a round, and wait for the door to open. Those steps would probably have led to a legally justified shooting and perhaps one less groid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "I’ve never been called for jury duty but will very willingly roll my fat ass out of bed to serve on the Oakland County Michigan attempted murder case. Here’s hoping for a jury summons with my name on it."

No SBPDL reader should ever pass on an opportunity to serve on a jury. In the case of a persecuted white defendant you might only be able to cause a hung jury or argue for a light sentence, but that would be better than doing nothing. On the other hand if the defendant is a dindu nuffins who somehow was in a home at the time a family was murdered with the gun possessed by the defendant, you could prevent an OJ Simpson style of not guilty verdict.

Anonymous said...

Boy you really have to be a true moron to believe that:
Baltimore can be restored
Investing in a museum there is a worthy effort

The city is headed towards ruin and here we have White people that are concerned with having enough Black art in a museum.

But I honestly don't care if most of these museums close since they have all embraced primitive art as modern and equal.

Modern art is anti-rational, anti-White and the result of cultural decline caused by bitter egalitarians. These museums have embraced this decline even though numerous studies have shown that people can't tell modern art from children's drawings.

The people running these museums do not live in reality. They are surrounded by Blacks and yet stick to this delusion of art somehow having a magical ability to civilize people.

Anonymous said...

Lemme guess: phony "African" masks and statues, portraits of Treeboon and Michael Brown and pictures of slaves riding on ships and tilling the fields. Right.

PvrCharlieSlate said...

The only blacks that you will ever encounter at an antique car show are the Model T’s.

Anonymous said...

Fine art is mainly a money-laundering operation. The paintings aren't really worth the millions that are paid for them.

Antidote said...

Warhol and Kline, yes, we have to admit admit there's something worthwhile there, but with Rauschenberg, de Kooning, and Pollack we all have to become New Yorkers and say, "Eff you, don't piss down my back and call it rain." I went to a Rauschenburg installation once---it was cardboard boxes strung together and polyurethaned.
The Baltimore art is going to be liquidated and the proceeds will to go to salaries of museum board and staff. There're going to be bills for new office furniture and catering for all the events and parties. The art will not exactly be switched out; they won't buy comparable value Negro art such as Basquiat---they'll buy low cost unknowns, and there'll be kickbacks galore.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say that the Green Cross by Kline is awful. Who would pay millions for that? A monkey could paint that. The black peoples' art is probably no better.

Anonymous said...

Hold on here, we're not talking about them getting rid of works by the Dutch Masters but "great" works of art by Warhol and the buffoon Rauschenberg. In fact, most of their art looks like that made by "contemporary" black artists, except there is no irony or edge when the black artists produce their crap, just lack of talent.

Anonymous said...

Just the end gasp of a museum faced with the inevitable end. Nothing unusual to see here. all the art will move to another museum in a good area and this now black museum can display all the MLK statues it wants. just niggarism thats all.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Starbucks, evolving story. Last night, it was reported two blacks were arrested in a Starbucks when they tried to use the bathroom without making a purchase. The police were called when they refused to leave the store. They whooped and hollered on camera when the police showed up.

Since the original reporting, some DWL in the Starbucks came forward and claimed they were waiting to meet him to discuss some "real estate proposal". In addition, suddenly the blacks are lawyered up overnight and planning to hit the ghetto lottery. Meanwhile, the CEO of Starbucks is falling over himself to apologize personally to the two "victims".

Even in a whiter city than Philadelphia, if a white man was loitering in a starbucks and trying to get into the bathroom without buying anything and refused to leave when asked, of course, the police would be called on them too. Whether the blacks in question were in the Starbucks "on business" or whether they were simply engaged in TNB doesn't excuse the fact that they overtly broke rules.

Anonymous said...

Back when detroit was going through a bankruptcy, there was a lot of talk about sellling off the artworks in the Detroit Institute of Arts-they have some major masterpieces. There was NO talk of selling off the "masterpieces" in the Charles Wright African museum,though. I suppose it would have been embarrassing to see how much those voodoo dolls and masks would actually fetch, when the museum directors had paid big money for that crap.

Unknown said...

The phrasing "casting pearls before swine" comes to mind. I'm just glad the art work created by whites is being sold. Not only will it go to whites who appreciate it, but it won't be destroyed. Unlike Confederate monuments, stoneware, grave sites, etc.

Sam said...

Interesting article at Amren--"What Race Were the Pharaohs?"

From the article: "They found blacks to have a very good sense of rhythm but wrote derisively of their constant dancing." Dey wuz stereotypin' even in ainshunt Egypt!

gkruz said...

Can't say I care too much about this one. The "White" art works in question are all degenerate abstract garbage, made by homos and chosenites, that should never have been considered art in the first place. Granted the female and POC crap that will replace it will be as bad if not worse, but I have to wonder if this is just some shekel-grubbing scam to enrich a few elite art collectors (as well as the museum's board members) with PC negrophilia as the cover?

Paintjob Theory said...

Andy Warhol, (((Robert Rauschenberg))) and (((Franz Kline)))

Good riddance to bad rubbish. I'm sure whatever African finger paintings or tribal fertility god statues they'll put up in their place can't possibly be any worse.

Most (((modern art))) only exists to subvert our culture and debase our society and as a clever means of money laundering amongst the tribe and their well connected allies.

Ctrl F and type the word art to scan the highlights of Stoddard's take on the destruction of true art. Once again I judge he is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the young groid scholar, Brennan Walker, who got hisself lost on the way to school.

His mother is named Lisa Wright (different last name-naturally). News reports say that the fambly lives in Rochester Hills. There is one Lisa Wright listed that I found-at 1483 Chevy Circuit. That house is about 3.5 miles away from the school, in keeping with media reports

Go to Google Maps and plug that address in.

Now hit Directions and type in Rochester High School, where the groid went to school. It is on South Livernois.

Now, below that, in "Add Destination" type 2200 South Christian Hills Drive, (also in Rochester Hills), which is the block where the fireman's house is.

It's nowhere near the school--at all. Not even close. It's 3.5 miles from the school-in the other direction. Look at the map and tell me how he could have gotten that "lost".

Gwoobus Harmon said...


You have to think of culture just like we understand ecosystems and nature. Just as in nature, organisms contest for space and either thrive or wither based upon their ability to proliferate and secure space, while simultaneously driving out competitors.

This can cover an area as small as a single bacterial colony, a pride of 30 lions with defined territorial bounds, or as massive as an entire deciduous forest covering thousands of square miles. Conceptually, they have identical biological drives --- their borders, their "culture" shrinks or expands to equilibrium based upon their ability and willingness to control secured space. Every single living thing is under constant pressure at all times. It is slow motion warfare at the edges in nature ... always. We make a major mistake when we think these things do not apply to humans.

Right now, White people the world over are in retreat. They are not proliferating and are surrendering territory. They won't defend their space or culture because that translates to "being mean" - and being nice and tolerant is our society's highest virtue. Well guess what? Nature isn't nice and species don't share. Accommodating organisms get replaced by virile and aggressive (more willful) competitors. Almost 100% of organisms to have ever lived have gone extinct. When we remove this self-imposed handicap, as Mr. Kersey said so eloquently - "the world will shake."

I don't know where the equilibrium is, but the current path is not sustainable. As Whites shrink in percentage of the population and control of the culture/spaces -- so will the incentives for Whites to play along. This era is coming to an end, future generations will not have the luxury of believing in bullshit, and because of their reduced numbers, there will be no audience for the suicidal peer pressures. Losing the culture also means losing the other aspects -- politeness and accommodation.

The system is attempting to outnumber us for when this happens. Form families, educate your children of these realities in the world they are inheriting.

Pat Boyle said...

I think it's a wonderful idea. It's consonant with the natural lifecycle of art and culture.

First you sell off all the art that has any market value. This yields enough cash to keep the doors open for a while.

Second you find you have produced a large empty building that is warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Third the homeless colonize. Why sleep in a tent outside when you can sleep in a tent inside?

I've never heard of it but I imagine Baltimore also has a symphony. It therefore probably has a symphony hall. There used to be two famous opera singers from Baltimore but not recently. So whatever served as their opera house should also be available for the indigent.

After Rome fell the Circus Maximus served as a pasture for the cows.


Anonymous said...

Gwoobus, you are exactly right about the "equilibrium" eventually coming to an end.

Whites everywhere live in fear of being deemed a "racist" and the consequences that that could bring, with many other whites going one step further and devoting themselves to "virtue signalling" and denouncing "white privilege".

But who doles out the punishments for being called a racist? To whom do these "goodwhites" virtue signal to? Other whites, of course.

When whites are physically replaced, there won't be whites in power to strip the livelihoods of anyone classified as racist. Without other whites around, virtue signalling will be pointless.

When whites are replaced (as in places like South Africa), any remaining whites will automatically be thought of as racist by their dusky neighbors, no matter how many "black lives matter" rallies they've attended or how many crudely carved African wood masks they have hanging in their homes. Other races don't have the compassion and empathy of the white race to even consider easing up on the whip hand if and when they hold it. Whether it's Baltimore or South Africa, blacks have shown that they would rather see cities crumble to the ground around them and see their people starve or die of thirst (aka "reverting to the black mean") than put whites back in charge of anything.

Pat Boyle said...

I hope everyone recognizes that the behavior of blacks in Baltimore is not just depressing, it is prophetic. Blacks are doomed.

Let me tell you a story. I was hired as a IT consultant at a Russian tech firm in San Francisco. I wrote some code and then they offered me the job of supervising all the young Russian and Ukrainian coders. This was a firm that only produced software so directing all their programmers was an important job.

What they didn't tell me was that the programmers were out of control. They had had several Americans supervisors who had been driven out by the Russians and Ukrainians. The Vice President Dimitri who hired me told me my job was to "tame" the leader of the programmers Slava.

And I did so. They all ganged up on me and tried constantly to subvert me but I prevailed. How? Culture.

On the eighth floor (the technical floor) I was the only American. There were plenty of Americans on the tenth floor where they did marketing, but on my floor everyone was technical. And they were all convinced that they alone knew how to program properly.

One day I gave rebellious Slava (Slava from Kiev) a CD. He was deeply suspicious till he played it. It was from my personal collection of CDs. It was Ukrainian folk songs. I never had much trouble with him after that. Then one day I just happened to quote from memory in Russian (I don't speak Russian) a long passage of a poem by Pushkin. Word got around. This new guy was not "nekulturny" like the others. Russian programmers are not particularly aware of their own culture but they respect it.

Russians like most Caucasians admire and respect high culture. One of the worst Russian insults a Russian can make is to call someone "nekulturny" - literally uncultured.

Contrary to all the government propaganda Africans have now and have never had much culture. They are famed for their musicality but it has been mostly simple 'pop' music performed by small forces. The same is true for literature, painting, sculpture and architecture.

I know the Chinese less well than I know the Russians, but they have a widespread understanding that they are part of a culture that is five thousand years old or more. Were the blacks to wipe out all Americans they would still be surrounded by cultured people who revile them. They are indeed nekulturny.


Anonymous said...

It seems that a liberal is going to have to engage in some classic Doublethink to come down on "the right side of history" on the Michigan shooting.

If the poor black scholar is to be believed that he was just asking for directions to school, then one must also believe that the same scholar was so stupid that not only did he get lost on the way to a school that he had attended for however many years, but that he got so lost that he went 3 miles in the opposite direction than he should have headed.

D-FENS said...

Anon @9:04 - I mapped out the addresses you provided and confirmed what you said. However, there is a news report that gives the location of the missed bus, the high school and the location where the shooting took place (1:55 on following video):

You may not have the correct Lisa Wright if the news video is accurate. We need to make absolutely sure.

The video above also included Ms. Wright. She talks like a welfare mom. How does such a person afford to live in Rochester Hills MI? The boy pronounces “asked” as “axed”. It looks like they are Section 8 transplants.

I noticed something interesting when I looked at the demographics of Rochester Hills (2.5% negro) and Rochester Hills HS (8% negro). Are they bussing negroes in from other school districts? It shows that local school demographics are a better indicator of actual demographics than census figures. I suspect that the schools actuslly like to show their diversity.

Brian in Ohio said...

Regarding the black "youf" who was nearly our next Trayvon when he "missed the bus"...

My race realist gut tells me this kid skipped school and was out checking for unlocked doors.

The near instant virtue signaling by the mayor, sheriff and media leads me to believe that this story will be memory holed once all the details come out.

Remember how Trayvon`s story fell apart once the "witnesses" got on the stand?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Their police chief said they'd previously not let a cop use technology bathroom. He said he didn't like it, but at least they were consistent.

If someone can afford real estate, couldn't they afford a cup of coffee OT maybe they should've met at the real estate agents office.

Augustus said...

Is there a fee to enter? If it isn't free, they aren't interested.

Anonymous said...

They have the Peabody Conservatory. I can't imagine that many African't-Americans studied there.

Augustus said...

As always they will end up inflicting their values and morals on everyone.

Anonymous said...

Be sure too look up pictures of people in crime stories.

Re: The lesbian couple who were literally driven off a cliff with their chirrens... Is it possible these liberal lesbos hadn't been abusive and that their adopted keeids were what literally drove them over the edge?

The shadows knew!

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Starbucks, evolving story. Last night, it was reported two blacks were arrested in a Starbucks when they tried to use the bathroom without making a purchase. The police were called when they refused to leave the store. They whooped and hollered on camera when the police showed up.

Over the past few years Starbucks has tried to do all kinds of "progressive" stuff like the #racetogether campaign, opening a location in Ferguson when it was revealed that they do not open locations in black parts of cities, putting a black women in as COO, doing diversity training for management, etc....

To the average White liberal this would be seen as a noble form of outreach. To the savvy con-artist black, this is sending up a different signal --- this is a company so desperate to be seen as "black friendly" that they are ripe for exploitation in shakedown lawsuits if Starbucks can be made to look like hypocrites.

Expect more of these incidents if they can get a successful payday out of this.

Anonymous said...

What do you get when a pub owner just wants to run a good business and make a buck? Some buck loving puck who complains!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9:04 AM...

1483 Chevy Circuit is a single family home, and a pretty nice looking one at that. I think that might be a different Lisa Wright. Anyway, I did a little digging around this morning, and I think they actually live in an apartment complex called Oakwood Park. If you look up 1600 Stoney Brook Drive, Rochester Hills, it looks like it might be that apartment complex you can see in the background of one of the videos. I think the building in the background of the video where you see the mother, is the one just to the south of where Google Maps places the marker. You can even see some evergreen trees, and boulders on the Google Maps view just like in the video. And a gray SUV.

Brian in Ohio said...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Over the past few years Starbucks has tried to do all kinds of "progressive" stuff like the #racetogether campaign, opening a location in Ferguson when it was revealed that they do not open locations in black parts of cities, putting a black women in as COO, doing diversity training for management, etc....

To the average White liberal this would be seen as a noble form of outreach. To the savvy con-artist black, this is sending up a different signal --- this is a company so desperate to be seen as "black friendly" that they are ripe for exploitation in shakedown lawsuits if Starbucks can be made to look like hypocrites.

Expect more of these incidents if they can get a successful payday out of this.

If Starbucks wants to flush a successful business model down the toilet in the name of virtue signaling, then by all means, have at it.

I`ll be sure and remember to give zero fucks when I hear about one of their stores getting trashed by diversity.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Sam said...

To Anonymous at 7:51 PM:
Two suggestions: Mother's Day is less than a month away. A very practical and worthwhile Mother's Day gift for your mom would be a security screen door for her front door. You may be able to install it yourself, or have it installed. When someone comes to my door, I do not open the screen door until I determine who they are, and if they are not someone I recognize I do not open the screen door. Some of the home invasions around here seem to be done at homes without security screens, so the low-lifes can crash through the open door and do whatever. I also have a "NO TRESSPASSING" sign out front, and have seen a good number of people stop and turn around when they saw the sign.

The other suggestion: If your mom uses a land line telephone, an answering machine is a great way to screen incoming calls. I use one, and get many calls where the caller does not identify themselves. I tell people who may call me to be sure to identify themselves or I will not answer the call. I detest sales pitches and other marketing crap, and I suspect many of the silent calls I get are someone selling something, or wanting donations.

Unknown said...

The Black attempts to confine technological civilization to Earth is over.
Even if they stop SpaceX and BlueOrigin, the Chinese are already following the footsteps.

Anonymous said...

O/T but I've been exposed to quite a few video clips lately- if you think that you've been missing anything by ignoring the media you haven't. All talk about Trump, ALL THE TIME. The skits and monologues are getting more and more detailed, and less and less funny- I see it as an orchestrated effort to "inform" liberal masses of the news in an entertaining way so that they will keep paying attention while elites keep throwing playground insults at Trump.

Ok, I get it, they hate Trump. The more they collude the more of an underdog he begins to look like. Isn't that what they all complained about during Obama's presidency, nothing but complete vitriol and hatred for the man in the oval office?

What is more pathetic is that I don't see their plan- do they just keep doing the same thing (bashing Trump with schoolyard insults) until they end up getting the desired result? Is this the creative approach that only a diverse coalition of color could muster?

As if every single ad doesn't have a magic negro shoved in your face already.

When you try to stand for everything you stand for absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

So the museum's going to be totally empty and nobody will show up.

Anonymous said...

I actually loved high school. If I missed the school bus, a four mile walk would never happen, This ‘teen’ was in no way simply walking to school. Something was going on but it wasn’t a four mile walk to school. Blacks back to Detroit, the streets all run north and south and east and west. Easier to navigate for low I.Q ‘teens’.

D-FENS said...

Trump would have the same problems with the media and entertainment cult if he followed through on his campaign pledges. Not only does he largely fail to do this, he goes out of his way to undercut his supposed agenda. There is no legitimate reason to give a shit about Syria.

We need to give him even more shit when he does renege. Bush might not have been such a disaster had more people called him on the shit he did before his second term.

Of course, he should be strongly defended when he does something right.

Anonymous said...

Good advice. My mother does indeed have a storm door. In the summer she uses a screen door and in the colder months she replaces as it with a glass door. (The screen and glass fit into the same frame.) I don't recall which she had up at the time she had the uninvited visitor but just the idea that she was being scoped out by a predator was unnerving. There are no blacks who live anywhere near there so he was way out of place. His presence was not by chance.

My mother's phone does indeed have caller ID but it's an uphill struggle to get an older person, used to a lifetime of rotary phones, to not just pick up a phone and say hello, but instead start looking at the caller ID first. Getting a person in their late 80s to start using technology of any sort is quite a challenge.

My mother has lived for a very long time but has had a comparatively sheltered life. When he was alive, my father kept her safe from harm, but now she lives alone, has memory problems, and doesn't seem to realize what can happen to her, even in the nice neighborhood in which she has lived for almost 60 years. She likes to see the best in everyone but not everyone is good. It's like a line near the end of the film "Sicario" in which the assassin says, "This is the land of the wolves now, and you are not a wolf."

Anonymous said...

The solution to the attendance problem at the museum is a no-brainer. The only "art" form they appreciate is rap, so just turn the museum into a venue for rap "concerts". Of course, they'll have to get used to shots "ringing out" on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Two great suggestions. I have a security door (and barred windows!) and you can't see in unless it's nighttime and I have the foyer light on. I answer the door with a gun in hand, nobody can see it and I seem less friendly when you can't see me. Try it!

And the answering machine is a must have for the elderly. See about putting a bigger, stronger voice on the machine. Sounds like someone tougher than an elder.

Anonymous said...

The news video of the late to school “teen” and his ready to nod off mother is hilarious. Heroin induced sleepiness? Section eight vouchers can get you pretty far north of Detroit. I’m quite certain that this mom and son are welfare trash from Detroit or Pontiac. Living in an upscale northern suburb courtesy of our tax dollars. Getting more insulting by the day. Go back to the city that your kind spent 60 years trashing into bankruptcy.

Pat Boyle said...

There is more breaking news on the DNA front. I just got the Reich book in the mail yesterday. I will start it tomorrow and issue periodic reports.


Anonymous said...

off topic - but ...

Newspaper Column Calls For Minority Curfew After Stephon Clark Shooting.

RANCHO MURIETA (CBS13) — Inside the pages of the small, weekly Rancho Murieta newspaper the River Valley Times, the sentence generating big backlash is an opinion piece written in response to the police shooting of Stephon Clark.

It reads, “police have to be careful not to overact and you black men might be better off at home after a certain hour.”

The line is drawing a swift reaction.

David Lee and his family live in the gated community where the paper is circulated.

“Just disgusting,” he said. “I mean, that’s how I feel about it.”

According to The Sacramento Bee, the latest census data shows 89 percent of residents who live in Rancho Murieta are white. One percent are black.

WATCH: Stephon Clark’s Brother Speaks Out About His Mental Health Issues, Pain Of Losing Second Brother

Brandon Cager is part of that one percent with his family and says the column doesn’t reflect the community.

“We’ve lived out here what, a year and a half and been welcomed and never had any issues on that,” Cager said.

Marcia Courson wrote the controversial column. She did not respond to CBS13 calls seeking a comment.

Her boss, publisher Dave Herburger did.

“We don’t condone the notion of a minority curfew,” Herburger said in a phone interview.

“(The column) is the definition of tone deaf on this issue.”

“I called in the morning and let her know I was upset,” Herburger said.

Herburger took blame for allowing the piece to be published, citing a short staff, that left no editor to read the column before it went to print.

VIDEO: Dollar Bills Shown In Viral Video Of Stephon Clark’s Brother Were Fake

Courson has been a freelance writer for the paper for 10 years.

A small town columnist choosing the high-profile Stephon Clark shooting for her subject is leaving readers seeking an explanation.

“Why would you say something like that,” Lee said.

Herburger said he expected an explanation for readers to be printed in next week’s edition. He had not determined if the Courson will face discipline.

Anonymous said...

There might be more breaking news on the DNA front but unless we hear it here we will never hear it. Thanks, Pat.

Anonymous said...

It reads, “police have to be careful not to overact and you black men might be better off at home after a certain hour.”

The uproar over this sentence shows how polarized our society has become. The left and the groids are offended because they view the sentence as discriminating against blacks by unfairly singling them out for a curfew. I find it offensive because it suggests that due to discrimination the sweet little dindu nuffins have to stay home to keep from being killed by police for no reason. It is far more likely that the latter rather than the former was the intent of the writer of the sentence, but the left and the groids must always find a way to be offended.

Rebel said...

They're not doing anything except looting the museum. It's what they do.

Loot, steal, destroy, kill, f***, sing, dance & complain.


Mr. Rational said...

I did a little digging around this morning, and I think they actually live in an apartment complex called Oakwood Park. If you look up 1600 Stoney Brook Drive, Rochester Hills, it looks like it might be that apartment complex you can see in the background of one of the videos. I think the building in the background of the video where you see the mother, is the one just to the south of where Google Maps places the marker.

Very good sleuth work.  That's right around the campus of Oakland University, no?  It looks like that place could use some pest-control work to get rid of rats.  I hear fumigation is highly effective.

I’m quite certain that this mom and son are welfare trash from Detroit or Pontiac. Living in an upscale northern suburb courtesy of our tax dollars.

Get them to fumigate their own nest.  End of problem.

Komrad said...

Yup! I'm from Detroit and you are exactly right!