Sunday, April 22, 2018

The CDC Confirms It: America's Homicide Problem is Entirely Driven by Black People

The white death vs. black dysfunction. The former is ignored by the elite and the media; the latter is the greatest crisis America faces, with trillions of dollars spent over the past half-century dedicated to uplifting black people and only black people. 

Which is one of the primary reasons for the white death.

When your nation turns its back on you, an increasing number of white people are falling down.  [Suicides Outnumber Murders 6 To 1 For Whites; Murders Outnumber Suicides 3.5 To 1 For Blacks, American Council of Science and health, April 21, 2018]:

Suicide and homicide rates show strikingly different trends in the United States.The suicide rate has been increasing. It has been led by a rise in suicides in rural America, which are up 40% in 16 years. The homicide rate, on the other hand, has been decreasing over the same time period, though there has been a slight uptick in recent years. 
Racial differences in homicide and suicide rates are particularly eye-catching. Over the past week, the CDC has released data, first on suicides:
The suicide rate in America: white America is truly falling down

As shown, the overall, age-adjusted suicide rate in the U.S. is 13.5 per 100,000. The suicide rate (per 100,000) among whites (17.1) is more than 2.5 times the rate among blacks (6.3) and Hispanics (6.7). 
To put those numbers into perspective, the death rate in 2016 from car accidents in the U.S. was 11.6 per 100,000. That means that the average white person was more likely to die by suicide than in a car accident, while the average black or Hispanic person was likelier to die in a car accident than by suicide.The data for homicide rates are shown below:
Were America to suddenly see all blacks disappear, the nation wouldn't have much of a homicide problem. 

Overall, the age-adjusted homicide rate was 6.2 per 100,000, a slight increase from 2015. In 2016, the homicide rate (per 100,000) for whites was 2.9, blacks 22.8, and Hispanics 5.3. Put another way, compared to whites, Hispanics were roughly twice as likely and blacks eight times as likely to be murdered. 
Comparing Suicides to Homicides by Race 
The contrast between races is further underscored by creating a "suicide-to-homicide" rate ratio (or vice versa). For whites, there are roughly 6 suicides for every 1 homicide; among blacks, there are about 3.5 homicides for each suicide; and the rate ratio among Hispanics is roughly 1:1, with suicide slightly edging out homicide. 
When we discuss our "gun violence" and "suicide" epidemics in this country, these statistics should help clarify where public health and safety resources are best spent. Suicide disproportionately affects whites, while homicide disproportionately affects blacks. 
Source #1: "QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Suicide Rates,by Race/Ethnicity — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2015–2016." MMWR 67(14): 433. Published: 13-Apr-2018. DOI: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6714a6. 
Source #2: QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Homicide Rates, by Race/Ethnicity — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2015–2016. MMWR 67(15): 462. Published online: 20-Apr-2018. DOI: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6715a8.
Until we stand up, we'll just keep falling down.  


Anonymous said...

Most crimes are! Ook, ook!

Anonymous said...

If the African't-Americans are killing others at greater rates than they commit suicide, doesn't it stand to reason that they are a positive and future oriented people?

Ha, ha! Just kidding! It shows their incomprehensible savagery!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least in Baltimore that means that four negroes killed themselves since Friday! ;)

BALTIMORE -- WBFF -- Mayor of Baltimore Catherine Pugh has responded to a spike in crime this week in the city.

Police provided video showing officers and K-9 partners serving over 20 warrants this week. This year, crime is down overall but April's rising violence is on pace with last year. 17 people have been killed since Friday.

Mayor Pugh told Fox45 that residents need to continue to be engaged while the city pushes forward its anti crime initiatives. Pugh says, "We have created more opportunities to work."

There have been 27 murders this month compared to 29 murders in April 2017. Police say their focus remains on taking violent offenders off the streets. They say patrol commanders are also planning for warmer months.


April marks a violent month in Baltimore

by Alexa Ashwell

Sunday, April 22nd 2018

violent month.PNG


BALTIMORE -- WBFF -- A man was shot and killed in west Baltimore Sunday.

Officers were called to Whitelock Street, south of Druid Hill park around 6:52 a.m..

There investigators said they found an adult male with gunshot wounds.

No word on a motive and no arrests have been made in the case.

The murder marks the city’s 28th homicide this month.

Crime in Baltimore was down the first quarter of 2018.

There were 26 homicides in January, 16 in February and 17 in March, according to statistics kept by Fox 45.

But, with still more than a week left in the month April has been the city’s most violent month so far in 2018.

Baltimore Police addressed the recent uptick in violence during a press conference Friday.

It was then the department announced a week long warrant sweep, where 20 arrests were made, including one man for murder.

“No doubt the last week has been absolutely disturbing,” said Baltimore Police spokesperson TJ Smith. “Our detectives are working overtime.”

Over the weekend Baltimore’s mayor commented on the recent uptick in violence.”

“We are really reducing violence in the city in every single category,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh. “I really need people to be engaged in how we continue to reduce violence. There's still too many illegal guns on our streets. We're still seeing too many killings, too many shootings.”

Pugh pointed to the importance of community engagements and initiatives, such as the African American Male Initiative Office.

“We have to create the alternatives,” said Pugh. “We have opportunities for them to work. We created a one day pay for one day work program.”

Pugh said she’s also excited about new, incoming technology.

“We're looking forward to our strategic centers being up and running. That's about another 30-40 days away. We've got license plate readers and more technology coming,” said Pugh.

Police have not yet identified the victim in the city’s latest homicide.

No word on any arrests.

Anonymous said...

I think the higher rate of white suicide is because our stresses are different than a negro's stress. We have to deal with jobs, careers, and taking care of things. What does a negro man take care of but himself? These blacks think whites should do everything for them, and we almost do everything for them. Life for anyone can be hard at times, and learning to deal with stress and depression is a white thing. Blacks mostly have to try to control killing other people. They have poor skills at solving minor disputes. If a negro woman at Denny's thinks she was dissed, she will trash the place. Their method of solving a problem is to kill the other person. If they need money, then rob whitey, or an Asian...they seem to be the new target of blacks. Another good hit is Hispanic men...they carry cash. Negroes take from others because they don't have the skills to earn money.

Westminster Dragoon said...

Weeds grow faster than flowers.

Mr. Rational said...

Obviously we need a program to increase suicides among Blacks.  Equality demands no less!

Perhaps we can cut them off from all public assistance and give them free razor blades.  We couldn't give them anything which would let them force support from others, because they wouldn't use it against themselves and the inequality would continue if not be exacerbated.

(Just kidding.  Africans have no business residing in the Americas, period.  How they go is of no importance; "gone" is all that matters.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, and...?

We’ve all known this, but it takes the CDC to make it real?

Those who don’t believe in black criminality should live in a majority black city for 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that blacks can't even speak to cops as normal people? I'll bet this things was given ample opportunity to be civil and refused, as is the nature of her genetics and the way she was raised. Cops need to fight back with proof... They need to have their body cameras on from start to finish so when some nasty sheboon refuses to comply with the most basic demands the escalation can be shown for all to see.

Cut the black cancer from this country!

Anonymous said...

"But, with still more than a week left in the month April has been the city’s most violent month so far in 2018".

I guess we could say that the spike in da bilence can be attributed to "global warming"! ;)

nokangaroos said...

Of much more significance would be comparative stats on interracial violent crime such as (RIP) once had ... but (((they))) no longer publish even the raw data.
Gee - I wonder why ...

Anonymous said...

Just remember its the NRA and all the AR15 owners that are the problem. We definitely need more so-called "assault weapon" laws while we ignore the obvious.

Isnt diversity great!!!!!

Antidote said...

I think the obvious solution in Baltimore is for Starbucks to pour into the districts to open up their "places of meeting, dialogue, and reason". Maybe they could give the cops as well as the crips n' bloods the sensitivity course all their employees will get on May 29th.
Surely some of the negro yoof can be trained as baristas.

Pat Boyle said...

It's good that this topic is being discussed. It is important to understand the race differences in homicide and suicide because they lie behind some of the dispute over gun control.

When you hear gun control advocates say that there are so and so many gun deaths, you must keep in mind that a lot of these gun deaths are from elderly white men you shoot themselves to achieve surcease from some terrible disease - often cancer. This isn't the same as an accidental shooting or a shooting as a part of a crime.

I have Heart Failure not Cancer. I'm doing just fine with heart failure. I've had it for more than ten years. No pain. No disability just when my atrial fibrillation suddenly switches to ventricular fibrillation I will simply fall over dead. This is not a bad way to go. When my cardiologist told me what would happen to me more than a decade ago, I was happy. I said it will be like the thumb of God just squishes me out.

Since I can't seem to find a doctor who can offer me immortality, I will settle for the next best thing - a quick painless death. But many people are not so lucky they get a lingering expensive and slow incapacitation leading up to a painful death. If a lot of the white men who have such a fate choose to blow there brains out - who am I to judge?

So it's often a good thing when white men fire their guns. But when HAs fire a gun it means something else entirely. Typically they are killing some other young or middle age person. Be skeptical of gun death statistics.


Anonymous said...


The poor woman who managed the Starbucks where the black loiterers wanted to use the restroom, and who was fired for no good reason, has actually fared better than some other white Starbucks employees in Philadelphia have at the hands of blacks:

A 36-year-old (white) Starbucks manager was murdered for fun in 2008 by four (black)youths on the Philadelphia subway. The teens chose him as a random (yeah right) target for a beating — the manager, Sean Patrick Conroy, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Also in the summer of 2008, Beau Zabel, a 23 year old white do gooder from small town Minnesota, who moved to Philly to become an inner city teacher, was murdered walking home from his job at Starbucks that he had taken until the school year began. A black "youf" was caught on a security camera shooting Zabel in the neck and stealing his iPod. Zabel bled out on the filthy sidewalk. He had lasted six weeks in Philadelphia.

Also, from the black Philly Starbucks annals. A black guy, 52 year old Michael Singley, stabbed an evidently raceless man, critically injuring him, while in line at a Philly Starbucks in 2007. Singley fled the scene but was caught when he came back to the same Starbucks the very next day for coffee and was identified.

Isn't diversity wonderful?

Anonymous said...

This. reticle casually says the negress may have actually played a part in all this. And some of the commenters belong here!

Anonymous said...

April marks a violent month in Baltimore

Followed by May, followed by June, followed by July, followed by...

Anonymous said...

He killed a guy who was talking about the killing he perpetrated, so he killed him. The cops got involved and broke the formerly cold case but a jury of 3 whites wasn't enough to convict the double murderer.

Mr. Zabel should've stayed in Minnesota, at least he could've saved his family the expense by being killed by a murderous, thieving black closer to home.

The city of love, brotha!

D-FENS said...

I think I will make it a habit to hang out at the local Starbucks, use their wi-fi to view politically incorrect sites, the
restroom and seating and not buy a thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 9:57 AM:

He killed a guy who was talking about the killing he perpetrated, so he killed him. The cops got involved and broke the formerly cold case but a jury of 3 whites wasn't enough to convict the double murderer.

I'm the original poster.Just to eliminate confusion:

Two feral negroes went out to rob people that night. They split up to double their chances.

The one groid encountered and killed Zabel as Zabel walked home from work. When he hooked up with the other groid later that night he told him what he had done.

The killing of some innocent but delusional white kid who came to Philly to help groids made the news big time. It was featured more than once in later months on America's Most Wanted. Huge reward $$$.

The accomplice groid kept the killer's secret, but they later had a falling out, and the accomplice threatened several times to snitch and collect the reward. The killer groid killed the accomplice to shut him up. The accomplice had previously told his family details of the Zabel killing, in case something happened to him.

When the accomplice was killed, the family turned the killer in. He had left clues in this murder, and he was found guilty and sentenced to life for killing the accomplice.

The authorities had enough now to also charge him in the Zabel killing. A majority black jury found him not guilty of that murder--one last thumb in the eye of the family of a well-meaning but delusional white kid who paid for his good intentions with his life.


Ah, Suicide. My other "favorite" Off-Topic Topic......

Having "been there, almost done that" I can tell you that, in my case, ones' own brain turns against ones'self.

Depression and Suicide are one more aspect of White Privilege. I don't think "dumb" people end up on the path to Suicide since the path is paved with intelligence/thinking and awareness. The more intelligent you are, the more insane it is. IF you don't determine the world IS insane, then you will turn on yourself.

The world is insane.

Once, I was proud of my brain, and the logical thinking, the deductive reasoning, and the ability to lose myself in my own thoughts, but this all came crashing down, and my brain turned into my worst enemy, when the un-Godly stress and sickening insanity of modern America got to me..........along with the thoughts that come with "old age" and the responsibility of still being a father.

No one "thing" drives you to Suicide. The desire builds ever so slowly. So slowly you DON'T know it is happening until it happens.

BUT, realize, one doesn't seek out Suicide nor does one want just wants to end the pain and Suicide is the final and most effective method to END THE PAIN when you can't get out of it.

I cured myself of my Depression/Suicide in 5 days, and in doing so I have a deep, total, disgust of the Health (Sickness) Industry.

Psychology & Psychiatry, not based on food/sleep/lifestyle is a total, absolute fraud. Psychiatric medications will make your condition worse and will kill you in the end. They DO help initially but they will end up killing you.

Just google any of the drugs and/or watch the THOUSANDS of YouTube videos of those suffering. Prozac and Xanax almost killed me and made my condition WORSE. I weened myself off them, without Dr. Psychiatrist Pharmaceutical Rep. knowing or approving......

Medications are EXCELLENT, initially, to get you down off the cliff, but your so-called-doctor better immediately get you to change your diet, get on a rigorous sleep schedule, begin any form of exercise routine, and change your philosophy/attitude/social network...........and give you the link to SBPDL.

All of you, here, saved me a few years back, when I was at my lowest, my darkest, and within days of killing myself. I could not help blurting it out (writing about it here) and the responses from about 45 of you made me stop....cry....and keep on going. I guess I wasn't "insane" alone.

Other lucky people have a social network, (I lack social skills as you can tell by my "behavior" here), and I had no one to really confess to, or break down in front of. I did it here, since I was driven to the end, and figured what do I have to lose, and I had the "need" to tell "somebody".

A Suicidal person WILL give somebody an absolute clue of their impending action. It's there. It's really obvious and those who said "they did not know" are fooling themselves. We will always "tell" somebody, someway, somehow....

I printed out each and every comment you all made, put it in a binder, and will show it to my kids when they are fully adults and can understand. They need to know since the INSANITY of what is coming will drive them to the edge unless they see the ENTIRE situation.

WE WHITE PEOPLE NEED EACH OTHER AND I ASK ALL OF YOU TO REACH OUT, SUPPORT, and BE NICE to any White person suffering. Just be there. Just be nice. We need each other.

PB said...

"Just google any of the drugs and/or watch the THOUSANDS of YouTube videos of those suffering. Prozac and Xanax almost killed me and made my condition WORSE. I weened myself off them, without Dr. Psychiatrist Pharmaceutical Rep. knowing or approving......"
Dangerous, and very wise. Over time these drugs actually blend with your physiology, making getting off them near to impossible.

Steve Smith said...


I, for one, am glad you're still here. I find your posts insightful.

Voicing your issues took courage. Curing yourself took courage. Sharing with others took courage. I, too suffer from depression related to PTSD. So many of my fellow veterans, including friends, have ended up killing themselves. So I have some understanding of how debilitating it can be. I wholeheartedly agree that we whites need to stick together and fight. I would be honored to share a trench with you. Just want you to know that.

Anonymous said...


I too was on antidepressants for about a month. Although my spirits and appetite greatly improved, I wasn't really happy. I was around 19yrs old at the time and the thing that frightened me was, despite my (unnaturally) "chirpy" mood, I had almost no sexual desire(which is strange for a 19yr old) Also my increased appetite triggered unusual weight gain(I am normally lithe although I eat like a horse).

I was happy, without being happy. I lost my dark, sarcastic sense of humor and creativity and felt drugged. It was completely unnatural and I later took to flushing the meds down the toilet.

I'd rather be me(warts and all) moody, dark, creative and somewhat pessimistic, than be a (((Big Pharma))) zombie. I'm 34yrs old now, a parent, moderately successful in my career, a good provider and decent husband but I still have bouts of depression. I still drink a lot, but have quit my degenerate gambling habit(this has helped) and cut down on sugar and salt.

I'll give that Niacin thing a try, but frankly I like being dour and miserable sometimes.


10mm AUTO said...

You the Man, Centurion.

It is always a pleasure to read your stuff. I am 59 and had been through "issues" before. I watched our Country go from great White Pride (moon landing) to so hesitant and afraid to offend it is nearly paralyzed. You are sane, my brother. Reach out if you need someone.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, but I think I'll bring my own coffee with me while I utilize their facilities!

William Hendershot said...

His name is Christopher DeMund, Army veteran, another victim of the war on whites.

Annie Oakley said...

Centurion - I appreciate everything you say about feeling sad and suicide. So many of our young white women and men succumb to this. Many are bullied at school and online.

Revenge is a dish best served cold I always say. I try to be as kind as I can to good white people.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were in a local office as a representative for a poor white elderly man to get him heating/cooling energy assistance. The entire office was black except for a few older whites there who were groveling. It was a sickening display. We finally got him his benefit which will really help him.

A few women who were there told my husband and I that the facilitators encourage their black frenz to call up their black frenz to participate in this program that is primarily reserved for seniors. She said the entire room was full of young black pregnant women and many with several kids. It was a total cluster f***. It's a good thing I wasn't there then, or y'all might have seen me on the evening news.

My husband is a tall handsome guy. Black women seem to really like him. He usually has them eating out of his hand. He mentioned some free government shit to the facilitator she'd not heard of. Her eyes were bugging out and she was drooling. Black women are also label whores. She had at least a $600 purse. We had no problems when we came in to interview for our friend.

So the moral of this story is that I tell as many senior whites that I can what they legally get for free, SNAP (foodstamps), LIHEAP (energy assistance) and SAFELINK (completely free with 350 minutes and 1G of data) phones. The more older whites that participate in this program, the more Shaneequa gets pushed out as the state has limited funds for these programs.

We have another program in our area that will allow people 60+ to get vouchers. They can use these vouchers at the farmers market. Blacks don't buy vegetables, they buy combo meals at McDonald's. The only people who go to the farmers market at 7am are older whites. I tell everyone I can.

Anonymous said...

I think the higher rate of white suicide is because our stresses are different than a negro's stress. We have to deal with jobs, careers, and taking care of things. What does a negro man take care of but himself?

White people are also not supposed to work together as a group or community. They can do this through church but that leaves a lot of White people out and most of the churches have degraded in culture along with society. Young people aren't going to church and who can blame them? Church has long been unappealing to men and many of these churches have adopted liberal creeds and paint theory. What man wants to skip golf or fishing on Sunday to get a lesson in White guilt?

But I'm not at all surprised by the increase in suicides and it's well below the actual amount since it doesn't include overdoses. Whites drop out of society and use hard drugs because they don't care about their lives. I don't know the answer but I do know that the Christian and liberal solutions for the youth are NOT WORKING. It's just not working and I don't expect either group to do anything different because they are both religions that ultimately believe Whites are to blame for their own problems.

The best we can probably hope for is that the culture basically bottoms out and lying egalitarians lose their influence and authority. But I'm not even sure if that is possible. We might have to wait until Whites are a minority and then liberals will have to explain why Whites can't have their own political party or advocacy groups.

Antidote said...

There is depression...but there's also anxiety (and in my case insomnia). It can be low level stress that gives you back pain and ulcers or it can be a debilitating panic attack. What I would recommend is to get away from the visible sources of anxiety; yes, a life based on avoidance. In my case I had to work around American Negroes and Hispanic mulattoes, but when I retired I got as far away as a could. Yes, think about White Flight as a big problem solver.
I am getting really good results with Niacin only 6,000 mg a day. I'm going to experiment with higher and also with 'flushing" type. There are other things you can do: cut way back on coffee, use Super B Complex, magnesium. Calcium deficiency can cause depression as as well.
Strong chamomile can calm you right down. A tea made from ordinary thyme is a powerful sedative and somnolent.
@ Annie Oakley: Label whores lol. Probably knock offs.

Mr. Rational said...

White people are also not supposed to work together as a group or community. They can do this through church but that leaves a lot of White people out and most of the churches have degraded in culture along with society.

They're thoroughly cucked.  I have a pen-pal who lives a few hundred miles away.  She's a member of a megachurch.  This outfit sends aid workers to Haiti, but the only major thing I've heard of them doing for Americans was crisis assistance after hurricane Harvey flooded so much of Texas.

Supposedly they do this because helping locals just gets them to show up on their doorstep demanding more.  She's still a 100% devotee of paint theory, so I haven't quite been able to work around to asking her if those ingrates were Black.

Church has long been unappealing to men and many of these churches have adopted liberal creeds and paint theory.

The infiltra(i)tors have been at work, taking over the organizational structures.  Even the Southern Baptist Convention has been taken over.

For a model that might work, I recommend everyone read "The Heretics of St. Possenti".

Somebody need to pay for all my children said...

re Annie Oakley said... April 23, 2018 at 4:05 PM

A few weeks ago my husband and I were in a local office as a representative for a poor white elderly man to get him heating/cooling energy assistance.

Bless you kind madam! White seniors need all the help they can be offered, as they are often either too proud to seek help from the system they've paid into, or they have problem navigating the red tape or just physical difficulty with travelling.

Paintjob Theory said...

Another pile of evidence added to the stack. How long can this collective insanity continue

Once again, I beg of all of you, flee the cities, get yourselves far away from black Africans. I'm about to head back north tomorrow. As I've mentioned I visit family in African America every winter.... well really this area is only 7-8% black but compared to rural Maine it feels like Mogadishu. Being around black Africans really just sucks. Just like a fish has no concept of water, if you're living around those savages you don't even know how pervasive their dysfunction is in a society until you've been thoroughly away from them for about 4-6 months.

I can't wait to be back up in civilization. I really love my family here and will enjoy what time I have left with them but after they're gone I will never return to this part of the country... or not until we can solve the negro problem anyway.

Anonymous said...

Centurion, I remember when you “went silent” for a while, way back when, and I do still think about your well being even though we have never actually met. I remember your thoughts on police officers (as a whole) and I tried to explain that we have more in common than you think. I, at times, share your same thoughts at how fucked up our police departments have become and the spineless nature of our authority figures. You are 100% right though, we live in an insane world and our job is simply to survive and try to find some happiness in the chaos. I rarely post here, but centurion, you and I are most certainly on the same wavelength. I’m glad to hear you are doing better, your thoughts are most definitely appreciated. Keep on keepin on, ✌️ bud.

Maury is the other black track and field said...

re: Mr. Rational at April 23, 2018 at 5:30 PM

Supposedly they do this because helping locals just gets them to show up on their doorstep demanding more.

Okay, help the orphans in Russia then, I think there are poor families in Russia too.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think the super intelligent people have a difficult time being around “regular people “. Watching mistakes and errors of others can push you right over the edge. I’m happy that Centurion pulled himself out of severe depression. I was one of the “45” or so that really cared. It took me a long time to love my dark, dreary, dour self. The decisions of those around us lead to situational depression. The cure is to rid yourself of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don’t have to commit suicide. They have many friends, neighbors, and relatives to do it for them. Sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad his fascination had to do with the crumbling USA which is the result of the Great Migration. Had the Negroe been sent back to their collective home in Black Africa, this man would not be in the position he is in. I am not blaming the victim, I am blaming all the stupid white cucks from Ohio. It used to breed presidents from its lands, now those lands are in turmoil and the people worship false gods of TV, professional sports and entertainment.

We are not equal. We are not the same. We need to legally separate the races. A separation can be good for people who don't get along and it is plainly obvious that if these idiots were so dumb as to not even rob him of his camera it should be plain for all to see that they even make crappy criminals.

"DeMund had an affinity for documenting abandoned and crumbling warehouses. The family now fears he may never stand behind the lens again".

Anonymous said...

Where I live, farmers markets charge half price for people with SNAP benefits. Crazy, but true.

Somebody need to pay for all my children said...

I was rewatching that incredible interview with Angel Adams, Welfare Mom of 15, when I notice an updated news interview in the sidebar, she getting evicted again and was as of 2017, a welfare mom of 17!!!!!!

Just as entitled and clueless as ever:

Infamous Tampa mother back in court, facing eviction; demands once again 'somebody needs to pay'

WFLA News Channel 8 Published on Dec 28, 2017

...and at 2:13, note the collection of Kool-Aid mixes on the shelf!

Johnny See said...

Yup. Centurion I want you to know how much your intelligent posts have resonated with me. Thank you for remaining with us as we all confront the insanity before us. I am suffering as you did, but I do not use drugs like they want me to. I smoke pot, drink beer, and take naps. I highly recommend naps. I have a nap for that. Lol. God bless... glad you are still with us.

Johnny See said...

This. I grew up in rural Maine dude. Who the fuck thought importing desert tuned Somalis into our frigid state was a good idea???

Johnny See said...

Not to toot my own horn loudly, but by complete accident of birth I am one of those hyper intelligent folks you speak of.
I didnt ask for this hyperactive busy brain. I have no intention on putting a bullet through it, but it is a challenge watching the obvious madness around me.
I get it and just want to get out of the way of the fools running the present circus.
You folks are all an inspiration to me and your steadfastness encourages me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Such a lonely existence for whites. All we have are microwaves and tv.

Sunshine said...

Centurion, you are one of the commenters I always look for. I know how you feel (sort of, my problem wasn't so much depression as anxiety and substance abuse). I'm so glad you're doing better. It's really hard for white people. I also have no social skills, but think about it. Most people are oblivious, and "it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society". You're better off without people, most of the time. Do you have a wife? Hopefully she is there to talk to, and that she "gets it". I am lucky to have my husband, he gets it, but he's rare. Things are so messed up in this world I can only imagine it getting worse, not better, at least until the great reset. We just have to survive. God bless, man. I wish you the best and know we care about you!



Thank you, ALL of you, for your kind words and great comments.

For Anonymous @ 6:52 PM, who said:

"Sometimes I think the super intelligent people have a difficult time being around “regular people". Watching mistakes and errors of others can push you right over the edge"'

I find this happening all the time with me. I'm not trying to be "superior" or a "know it all", but CONSTANTLY throughout the day, I hear and see things that just hit me in the head, emotionally & intellectually. I can't listen to most news programs or talk radio. Hypocrisy, and blatant, IN YOUR FACE lies pound on my mind.

Let's take this TRUMP-Russian collusion. Not a shred of evidence, but yet I hear over and over the Hilary/DNC purchase of a fake Russian report about TRUMP. The "news" whores KNOW how much was paid, to WHOM it was paid, HOW it was paid, the amount paid, WHEN it was paid, what was purchased, (the Report), WHO wrote it, etc. etc. yet they go on and on about some TRUMP "collusion" with absolutely nothing.

Whether you support TRUMP or Hilary, this entire event is totally FUCKED and my mind just can't stand it. Let me take that back, I can handle it, but it does drive me crazy that SO MANY don't see it !!!! How can people be so FUCKING stupid or blind or what?

It is like throwing a bag of sand into a Rolls Royce engine. (now that was conceited, huh).

So, A @ 6:52PM, above, you are spot on. And, as one grows up, gains experience, gains wisdom (whether you like it or not), one "SEES" things and can not un-see these things!

BUT, being a bit wise, I am learning tricks and habits to help stop this self-torture. I have learned "meditation" techniques so that when I see some idiotic headline on a newspaper, sitting in/on a rack at 7-11, I can "see" it and immediately go into "calm" mode and let it pass through me. It is working and I highly encourage others to learn this meditation skill. It's like a 5 sec. meditation session where you "see", let go, let it pass, and then come back conscious again. Stop your brain. Stop all thinking. Breath. Count to 5....then come back to this insipid world....



I've learned to de-stress everything in my life. I make NO decision without running it through my "stress detector" software. It works, and each of you have to create your own program based on your stress level, life and social environment. Do it. It helps a great deal.

Being WHITE, and having such White Privilege as: 1) A job, 2) Children you love, 3) Awareness, 4) Nice house & cars, 5) Responsibilities for things/people you love, REQUIRES you to use your White Privilege Brain to get through the insanity of this world.

We are compelled to THINK, as long as we want "nice things". It is so easy to be a negro slob, fat, stupid, diabetic, STD infected, on welfare, wanted by the cops, etc.....but to live a responsible, happy, LIFE, it requires you to ACT WHITE. Thank god, we are White.

(By the way, watch everything by JORDAN PETERSON on YouTube. He is the future for Canada and is making a huge hit on the political scene. I found him through my Youtube search for all things "Depression"....)

For "Sunshine" above. Yes, I am married, but I don't have a wife. I get absolutely no support from her and I say this as a fact, without malice, and as one of my "learned" de-stressed events. She is not helpful nor healthy for me, but there is nothing I can do about it. This is an example of accepting the world as IT IS, and not blaming myself nor attacking myself or over-analyzing the situation, even though it WAS one of the major reasons for my thoughts of Suicide. My marriage, if one looks into it, is NOT healthy, but I've made it healthy, as much as I can, for ME by my changes in the way I look at it.

I totally adore and love my children. They are why I am alive today.

Let us say (for those who can read between the lines) that had I gone through with my Suicide, it would have made national news in all that would have been associated with it. I'm not bragging, but the depth of my despair, etc. was horrific, and my actions would have matched it.

After my youngest has reached adult hood, my plans are to make a serious of YouTube videos since there is (without conceit) much to tell and perhaps help others. It won't be pretty and that is why I have to wait.

William Hendershot said...

PB- OT, but I actually died from what you have. Luckily I was riding my bike when a medical doctor saw me crash and restarted my heart within 30 seconds. I believe there were supernatural forces involved in my survival. The survival rate for someone walking down the street in Manhattan having that type of heart failure is about 2%. I was in a park, by myself and somehow survived. There actually were voices in my head telling me where to go prior to the crash. Arrythmia is relatively common in older men. Mine is brought about by high heart rate, 160 or 170. I now take medication to control it, and I always wear a HR monitor and keep my HR lower, 145 or lower. I can attest it is painless. You just go out. I woke up in the rescue squad ambulance, threw up from a concussion, and passed out again with little recall of the event. I am completely recovered, my doctor compliments me on my remarkable recovery.

Anonymous said...

"Youth" violence has been ramping up in my southern state capitol city...Nashville. And the solution? Black judiciary candidates running for office on ending the "school to prison pipeline" through "restorative justice". Yes; (Black) criminal as victim --- (White) victim as somehow culpable. A failed policy for decades, so I'm sure it will work this time.