Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Black Mayor of 70% Black Baltimore Endorses Sundown Laws (Stores Closing Early) to Try and Stop Black Crime

Poll Taxes.

Sundown Laws.

Jim Crow.

Restrictive Covenants.
The scientific method is nothing more than pattern recognition and adaptability of a hypothesis, which runs counter to the idea of the prevailing ideology of Black-Run America (BRA) - egalitarianism - which dictates racial equality. Baltimore in 2018 is proof the racists were right. 

When you consider what life was like in Baltimore when all of these ideas flourished, you'll know civilization prospered and the city economic prospects boomed; when you consider what life has been like in Baltimore when all of these ideas were overturned - unleashing the black-rule after the very legal protections in place to protect white civilization were outlawed - you'll know a civilization blighted, with a once thriving city now decaying, regressing to the negro mean. [Baltimore Mayor Tries to Address City's Violence by Telling Businesses When to Close, PJ Media, 4-25-18]

But the PJ Media article doesn't help articulate just how stereotypically accurate the community found in 70 percent black Baltimore truly is when considered in the warnings of the so-called bigoted dogma of the white men whose statues are being removed in the city.  

Amid a surge in killings, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh walked West Baltimore streets Tuesday morning — a procession of police commanders and city agency representatives in tow — to see first hand the work of her Violence Reduction Initiative. 
The strategy floods targeted neighborhoods with services, with the aim of controlling crime. The mayor wanted to see how things were going and hear from residents she met along the way. 
But she also had a few points of her own to make. 
In a cramped convenience store on Pennsylvania Avenue, she peered into a booth where a cashier stood behind plexiglass. 
“What time do you-all close?” the mayor asked the man behind the counter. 
“11:30,” the cashier replied. 
“Isn’t that late?” the mayor said. “That’s a little late. It keeps the crowds around here. Nine o’clock is nice. We need you-all to close at 9 o’clock at night.” 
Asked about it after the mayor left, the man, who wouldn’t give his name, did not commit to closing the A&M Grocery any earlier. 
The crime reduction strategy began in November, and the mayor has credited it with the decline in violence the city experienced in the first three months of 2018. 
But in April, the bloodshed has surged again, with 29 killings in the past three weeks. 
Pugh acknowledged the uptick, which police say is largely driven by feuding gangs in West Baltimore. But she said her approach is nonetheless working. 
“We’re on top of it,” Pugh, a Democrat, said. “We understand the intelligence. We know about the various gangs that are at war right now. 
“Every situation is not always going to be rosy,” she added. “We expect it to improve, we expect it to get better, but we’re prepared to deal with whatever the situations are.” 
The mayor’s office stresses that violence is down overall from where it was at the same point last year, even as the pace has quickened in recent weeks. For the year, homicides are down almost 14 percent and non-fatal shootings are down 21 percent, according to the latest police data. 

But statistics are no balm for personal experience. Just ask Laverne Brown, a criminal clerk at the circuit court whom Pugh greeted on the steps of her Carey Street home. Brown said the violence — “at a peak now” — kept her in a job. 
“It’s sad to say, but it’s the truth,” she added. “It’s a mess around here.” 
The side streets were mostly empty in the area around Pennsylvania and North avenues, an area with a reputation for brazen drug dealing. 
William Boston, who runs the Will B Better Bodies gym, said if the police accompanying the mayor had not been there, the scene on the street would have been very different. 
“You’d see everything going on,” Boston said. “It’s an open-air drug market.” 
Not that he was complaining. “They need to come and do this here every morning,” he said of the mayor and her entourage.
Yes, the black mayor of 70% black Baltimore just endorsed sundown laws as way to curb black crime/black dysfunction.

The state of Baltimore in 2018 is proof of this verifiable fact (applying the scientific method, and we now know through extensive testing the hypothesis of egalitarianism/aracial thinking is discredited).

Conclusions: the racists were right.


Ex New Yorker said...

Finally the mayor has found the answer for the local street garbage to stop killing one another. I thought that bake sales, free ice cream and peace marches was going to stop the tree swingers and porch monkeys from butchering each other.

I will sleep better tonight knowing that closing stores at 9:00 o'clock will reduce the crime and violence.

I am so glad there are cities like Baltimore. It is so nice to know there are places for the local savages to enjoy their "pursuit of happiness". They really do find pleasure in slaughtering the fuck out of each other. Based on "street law" you become a man once you kill someone. Meanwhile Uncle Nanny keeps paying these useless ones money to breed more "keeds" to become cannon fodder for the street gangs.

No matter what anyone does nothing will ever change. It is what it is.

Annie Oakley said...

I grew up in a sundown town. But it was a different meaning. There was a sign before you came in to my town that said "N***** don't let the sun go down on you".

As some of you may know I mentioned 2 weeks ago I sat as a rep for an elderly white man to get help with his utility bills. He really needs it. He's in rough shape. Lots of health issues. Moved to my AO about the same time I did. The phony church cucks around me wouldn't do shit for him.

When we were in the office I counted lots of black women coming in and out. They all had their hair done and their nails. Yet they have no money to pay the light bill. Some came in with shut off notices. My husband noticed what type of car they drove up with. We had the oldest car in the parking lot. Not to mention the expensive tattoos these ladies had.

I used to love the south, but GD it all these people care about is Iphone X, the "game", $600 purses, hideous highlights, mani-pedi's etc....I'm more convinced they're far more superficial now that women living in the cities, if that's possible. Once my remodel is done on my house, we're selling out and moving to the Ozarks.

And heaven forbid is anyone is racist. If anything is the mark of the beast is being a "racist". One cannot have a decent job or be in public office and be out right racist.

Anyhoo.....Trump has now insisted the Indians work for the medicaid money. They're all screaming and bitching about there are no jobs on the reservations and that they're a sovereign nation. Gag me with a spoon.

In Oklahoma, if you're a member of the "tribe" you get discounted car tags. What would cost some white man $500 for his new truck, a prairie n***** gets one for about $15.

If were to talk to Trump today, I'd tell him cut off all free shit, all of it! WIC, TANF, SNAP and LIHEAP. When I was 22 I was just out of college working my ass off. It never occured to me ask for help for my utility bills or food purchases. I'd cut off anyone under 55. By the time you're 55, no one wants to hire you and quite frankly many of us are just plain wore out.

I do want whites to get what they can, but the problem the dark pets are getting them in droves as whites are too intimidated to do the paperwork or they're too busy working.

Sundown laws.....a good thing.

Anonymous said...

We need to hijack liberal causes like environmentalism, animal rights and even women's rights.

These are all advantageous to future he generations of whites yet to be born.

Non PC Infidel said...

The funny thing about this is that if the store owners themselves had come up with the idea and started closing early to avoid late night black predators, the negroes would immediately start screeching that the owners were racist. There'd be all the usual screeches about how they "cain't get no milk for dey babies if'n dey runs out" and so on and would blame the store owners for their own lack of foresight and planning ahead. "It suppose to be a convenience sto'! Ain't nuthin' convenient about it!" No doubt that in such a scenario, negro community activists and rev'runs would pour into the streets to protest and city officials would step in to argue that stores closing early negatively impacted the community. "Dey don't close da sto's early in white areas so why dey doin' us dis way?!?" Conveniently ignored would be all the negro behaviors that created the problems in the first place. Exactly like how negro behavior forces stores to have plexiglass barriers and then negroes screech that it's racist and "disrespects" them and "makes dem feel bad and look bad." It's always someone else's fault when they suffer the consequences of their own actions and behavior.

It would be the typical scenario when dealing with negroes- damned if you do and damned if you don't and an opportunity for them to play the downtrodden and abused victim. Stores close early- racist! Stores stay open- "you causin' crime to happen and harmin' da community! You causin' all dis! Evverthang yo' fault!" If stores started closing early, no doubt there'd be an uptick in stores being broken into and burglarized with outraged negroes screeching that the stores deserved it "fo' bein' racist and disrespectin' da community."

As is, the mayor has laid the perfect groundwork for blaming the store owners for crime in the area. It's all their fault for refusing to close early. She TRIED but "ain't nobody cooperatin'!" Cue the negro screeches that the non black store owners are racist and just there to feed off the community and don't care 'bout black folks no how. Or if they refuse to open in black areas at all, that's racist too. The same routine that plays out when they complain about the police not doing anything about crime in their areas because the police are racist and don't care about them but when the police start arresting all their thugs, they start screeching that the police are racist and attackin' da community.

Negroes are idiots but the biggest idiots of all are those that listen to their bullshit and try to make a difference or appease them. Just more fools running down to the beach with brooms and trying to sweep all the sand back into the ocean. Give up, idiots! As the saying goes, the only winning move is not to play and that's never more true than when dealing with negroes and their convoluted and never-ending tidal wave of bullshit. You will always be da evil racist no matter what you do or don't do and they will always be the poor, downtrodden, set upon, mistreated, innocent little long suffering angels.

And the sacred cry of the screeching negro was heard throughout the land- "It all yo' fault, motherf*cker! We dindu nuffin! You caused all dis!"

Californian said...

Somewhere, Eugene "Bull" Connor is smiling...

Anonymous said...

In a cramped convenience store on Pennsylvania Avenue, she peered into a booth where a cashier stood behind plexiglass.

Baltimore should follow the lead of other progressive cities like Philadelphia and outlaw plexiglass(tm). Once you get rid of the barriers between store clerks and customers, public trust will be restored and crime rates will accordingly drop.

As all progressive persons know, plexiglass(tm) has a disparate impact on African Americans by preventing them from gaining access to the spaces behind store counters.

Our university Che Guevara memorial coffee house recently got rid of not only its plexiglass(tm) barriers but also the window panes which were a symbol of the exclusion of African Americans, traditionally underserved when it came time to allocate non-GMO latte chais. Now there is nothing to stop the African American community from enjoying these drinks long after so-called "closing time."

Why, at 3 AM this morning I was returning from a lecture on "Plexiglass(tm): the Transparency of the New Jim Crow" and decided to show solidarity with oppressed caravan riders worldwide by ordering a steaming cup of Che Chai. But it proved to be a little difficult to place my order, as the coffee house patrons were busily engaged in the exchange of cash for something they called "rocks," obviously having to do with the Department of Post-Slave Trade African Geology.

I finally cleared my throat to get the attention of a barista who had a charming red bandana tied around his head. And then I lost consciousness.

When I revived it was to see my good comrade I. M. Klewless holding a cup of Sierra Madre "Fidel" blend under my nose.

Klewless asked me, "Are you in pain?"

"How could I be?" I responded taking a hearty sip of the brew that makes fists clench worldwide, "this place has no window panes."

Ivry Tower, BS, MFA
Critical Race Advanced Progressive Studies

Anonymous said...

Pugh needs to understand, the nogs are just getting started at 9pm.
Apparently all the commercials featuring magic negroes are not working because I'm seeing many videos showing them in their natural state at schools, Chuck E. Cheese, Wendy's, McDonald's, etc.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Meh, just do what the last mayor did, give them space to destroy, put gang members on the advice board and blame whitey. These "people" are stupid they don't even realize it.

raz khafila said...

Ras Kafila and a first timer here although I have been reading PK's blog for a number
of years. Pat Boyle's piece about his experience with the Ukrainians and Russians in SF
really rang a bell. A few months ago I learned some Russian and took off for Ukraine.
wow! What a bunch of nice people. I'm old 77 and half crippled but I couldn't have met
a more helpful and pleasant people. In Western Europe, except for a couple of Chinese in
Milan, no one ever helped me with my suitcase even though I had to lug it up 3 floors.
Not true of Ukraine. I got a lot of help from everyone but mostly women. Learning some of
the language/ some folk songs really goes a long way. Even the cab drivers didn't cheat me.
Wait till the Western Europeans and Amerikans start traveling there, then the Ukrainians
will have to learn how to deal with our dark side. The New Yorker just seems to get better
with age. ciao

Sick n Tired said...

Or they can just drive more tax paying businesses away.,amp.html

Anonymous said...

“We understand the intelligence. We know about the various gangs that are at war right now.

What intelligence?
Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Mayor is a useless uppity orc sow. Kinda like this writer. Look at this article and you'll love Trump even more. Great to see the nigs starting to organize against him. This will be their death sentence if they really go all in on Trump hate...he'll unleash Hell on the nappy-headed rape apes.

Can't wait for the Summer chimping season to begin! Come on hot weather!! Go Negroes!! Start blasting each other and set your cities on fire!!

Bill in St Louis said...

I too, had a different idea of sundown law, in that if you were black best not be out after sundown in my town. While there were plenty of redneck/biker bars where one could find trouble, it was strictly confined to those areas, and those who were part of that scene. Normal humans rarely had a problem wherever they went, at any time. Maybe the next step for bodymore is curfews. If you aren't at "work", you best be home. Given the majority black population, crime should drop even farther, since when they kill each othet at home, it will just be reported as an axuhdent.
I live for the day it can be said in public, no blacks, know peace. Know blacks, no peace.

Iron Sharpens Iron said...

Whites are being replaced at warp speeds in the country their fathers founded and bequeathed to them. It also doesn't help that whites are so fragmented that they cannot for the life of them vote collectively to preserve their posterity for themselves and their children. Whites are the only race that are suicidal like this, and all the other races know it and play it to their advantage 24/7 365. White people don't understand though that we're now living in occupied territory. It's for real and it's for keeps due to the consequences of our actions and those of our fathers. Yelling at other cucked and sold-out whites ain't going to fix it though.

Meanwhile, those of us who don't have to live in places like Baltimore, SoCal and New Mexico can choose our own "sanctuary cities"...Like Wyoming, Idaho, Maine, etc. Places where the invading forces can't make a decent living off the white man. Yet.

Mr. Rational said...

All of this is because we are forbidden to state the true cause of the problem:  the African.  We are forced to listen to, agree with, and sometimes even repeat the BS non-explanations or we risk our status, our jobs and even our lives.

I know I repeat this a lot, but Theodore Dalrymple's words must be taken to heart by all of us or we can never get out from under the boot of Marxist oppression:

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Anonymous said...

I love how the news article writes out "you-all" as if this disgusting leftist was speaking proper English. We all know what it really is; a long slurred "challllllllll gotsta clowes errlayyyyy."

kerdasi amaq said...

White libtards, I'd say, are the real problem. They derive their social authority from denouncing racism, sexism and other "isms" and blacks only play up to their delusions. The abolitionist movement laid the foundations for this bullying regime, which, from its legacy, gains its political power. White society doesn't defend itself from these power plays because they have internalised the notion that to be an "ist" is to be evil being of some kind.

Unknown said...

“They need to come and do this here every morning,”

And this is what we get when we try to impose our euro-centric concept of civilization on these backwards primitives. The few "good ones" really don't give a shit about all this rampant lawlessness and petty tribal violence or they would actually do something about it, they are just smart enough to know what to say to get whitey to gibs mo' money fo' dem programz. The monkey does a trick and gets a banana, the parrot says "Polly want a cracker" and gets a treat.

Even when police are their own tribe they still resent any imposition of law and order.

"Now how does the Under-Man look at civilization? This civilization offers him few benefits and fewer hopes. It usually affords him little beyond a meagre subsistence. And, sooner or later, he instinctively senses that he is a failure; that civilization's prizes are not for him. But this civilization, which withholds benefits, does not hesitate to impose burdens. We have previously stated that civilization's heaviest burdens are borne by the superior. Absolutely, this is true; relatively, the Under-Man's intrinsically lighter burdens feel heavier because of his innate incapacity. The very discipline of the social order oppresses the Under-Man; it thwarts and chastises him at every turn. To wild natures society is a torment, while the congenital caveman, placed in civilization, is always in trouble and usually in jail.---- The Revolt Against Civilization

Roberto said...

If all the convenience stores close at 9, everyone will go home and go to bed ? OK, Got it!

Anonymous said...

“How many mini markets do we need in one area?” she added. “How many carry-outs do we need in one area?”

Another mayor that doesn't understand basic economics. As if business owners are just being uncreative or rayciss.

Someone should tell the mayor to open her own grocery store or sit-down restaurant. Show those damn mini-mart owners how it's done.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm in a zip code gone right (for now) so our stores can stay open 24-hours and not incur violence. Of course, I rarely visit the store at even 9 pm because I'm home getting ready for bed so I can get up at 5 am for work. But it's nice for shift workers to be able to get groceries after they get off work at odd hours. I'll enjoy it while it lasts but they're building too many apartment buildings for me to not see the writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...

The picture of her says a thousand words.

A worn out and demoralized leftist with a crooked mayor sign in the background.

That has to be the most tiring job in the world. You have to deal with daily negro antics while trying to believe in liberal theories that are clearly not squaring with reality.

Anonymous said...,amp.html

“If you have one mini-market on the block, is there a need for three?” she asked. “What are they selling, Fritos and soda? What impact is that having on the community?”

Pugh seems to want to chase the Arab/Asian EBT riders out of town. As if negro owned organic grocery stores will pop up in their place.

The only hope for these areas is to reduce the Black population. In other cities liberals are doing this by bringing in Hispanics.

Just look at Raum in Chicago. He not only fights for immigrants over Blacks but believes so much in Blacks that he wanted to spend their already limited city funds on a Spielberg museum. Yes a museum for a billionaire. Blacks in the US really need to ditch their egalitarian handlers. White and Jewish liberals may talk a good game but once they get into office the last thing they want to do is spend money in Black areas. What does that tell you?

Time for Blacks to create their own parties. White people as well. Openly racial parties will bring more progress than the childish and failed egalitarian ideology we call liberalism.

Anonymous said...

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

With each year we see liberal propaganda further drift from reality.

Liberal propaganda has gone from:
Educating them will solve racial inequality. The experts say that this is completely environmental.

You need to watch this recent movie about a fictional African country. It shows how Africans would be building spaceships if not for Whites. It's a great movie.

Pat Boyle said...

I don't really mind that statues are pulled down so much. History is long. They can always be re-erected, and of course the few statues that there are for negroes (HAs) can also be pulled down - or otherwise removed. If you were into actuarial calculations, what would you set the premiums for a policy on the MLK statue? You know the ugly one that defaces the Mall.

There would be a lot of hew and cry and much gnashing of teeth when the MLK statue goes down, but it seems inevitable. It would be hard to actually haul it away (its heavy) but it can be destroyed in a flash (literally). As Jamie Hyneman of "Mythbusters" used to say - "When in doubt - C4".

I wouldn't expect any of the civilized readership of this blog to participate in any such crude political provocations. But not all white people are so circumspect. After having your face pushed into the mud by HAs and government for years some otherwise deliberative white people may act hastily.


D-FENS said...

“We need to hijack liberal causes like environmentalism, animal rights and even women's rights.”

Point out that we were told to keep family size down to protect the planet. Now you tell us we need immigrants for the economy to grow even though you also told us economic growth hurts the environment.

The carbon footprint of the average American is 5 times that of a third world country. Doesn’t immigration of third worlders into the US make climate change worse?

Why are animal rights groups exclusively White?

Why are womens rights groups silent about rapes committed by immigrants and refugees?

I support Planned Parenthood to keep the non-white birthrate down.

Anonymous said...

When I read articles like this that showcase the idea(s) of a black mayor of any infested city I usually have to stop and think how any of it makes any sense to me. I don’t possess a black filter that lets me understand the logic behind this black thinking. They always see the poor black as being a victim of his/her surroundings and how many times do we hear “he just snapped”, like hey, it’s not his fault. Life is really tough on the mentally challenged. Anyway, it all came to me when I read Ann Coulter’s column today titled, “Teddy Kennedy’s Surprise for Grandma.” It’s a great read and I won’t paraphrase it for you but the part that got me is Ghanaian immigrant Fode Doukoure that pleaded guilty to raping a 74 year old woman. “ Doukoure promised Pennsylvania state court judge Christlylee Peck to “stay out of trouble and stay away from people who would put trouble in my way.” As you can see firsthand that convenience stores, gas stations and elderly white women need to stay out of the way so the black man will not get into trouble. This is perfectly logical to the talented tenth. Oh, and what happen to Mr. Doukoure , Judge Peck sentenced him to the 16 month he had already spent in county lockup, awaiting trial, released immediately. Now, does there appear to be any justice in Amerika, I think not – No Justice, No Peace – Know Justice, Know Peace.

Anonymous said...

Good point:

That has to be the most tiring job in the world. You have to deal with daily negro antics while trying to believe in liberal theories that are clearly not squaring with reality.

Her honor probably has an inkling about the truth on race, but must keep quiet about it to keep her job and pension. So the system becomes one of lies built on lies.

Then we ask why cities like Baltimore self-destruct.

Anonymous said...

Re Annie Oakley
The derided term " white flight " isn't used so much now. No one is laughing, primarily because the millions of narcissistic Californian style - setters are really serious about their lives these days. A few black faces has transformed into millions of brown faces, with dead serious frowns. The pull of a better state, county, neighborhood, whatever is now teamed up with a push from Aztecs and Mayans asserting reconquista.

Anonymous said...

Re de fens
Like Anne Coulter said, the people, the animals and the plants are all going to suffer from Aztecs and Mayans. They are savages.
The USA doesn't have the requisite numbers of civilized, naive whites to do the job of education and socialization. Prison guards make more than teachers.

Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle
A commentator from a person with an art history background said the MLK statue has an air of Assyrian rigidity about it. MLK as tyrant and ruler who commands obedience. A chinese artist did it, I believe. It is interesting - to me, anyway - that the execrable and humiliating Viet Nam " memorial " was also done by an Asian ( female ) housed in an Ivy League college. You know a nation is whirling around the drain when it's war dead and the people who mourn their passing are treated to a trauma when visiting the memorial.
Trump thinks other nations are laughing at us because of our idiotic borders. Actually it is worse than that - they are only pretending to laugh. Underneath that grin is a profound hatred. The Asians, Mexicans, etc want us DEAD.

Unknown said...

off topic.
Hey Annie Oakley, check out Baxter County Arkansas. We will welcome you...and we are a 95% White COUNTY! Go to
Come on out for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Deep down, they know they are dumb and violent.

I was just watching a rerun of the old "Match Game" (which is often delightfully un-PC compared to TV of today). There was a black woman contestant who was given the fill in the blank: "The English teacher asked Dumb Dora how to identify a clause. Dumb Dora said you could identify a clause by its ____."

You could just tell the black woman couldn't understand one part of what she just heard, from the meaning of the word "clause" to the point that Dumb Dora obviously would mistake the word to mean Santa. Plays on words and puns are foreign entities to people who only have a rudimentary understanding of a language.

The black, using the typical black extent of "cleverness", went with a rhyme--you could identify a clause by its PAWS. Ironically, "Dumb Dora" was able to think at a higher level than this black woman.

Nipsey Russell was the first celebrity up after the audience stopped groaning. Obviously embarrassed, before he gave his answer ("beard", he knew the point), he said, "Despite what the Supreme Court may say, apparently we (meaning black people, obviously) are not ready."

Imagine anyone (white or black) speaking that truth aloud today.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

So, how'd that "providing space for those who wish to destroy" work out for you? The police have a saying: "Nothing good happens after midnight". Now it's moved up to 9:00 pm? Nothing good happens in any large negro population, ever.

Steve Smith said...

"...No Justice, No Peace – Know Justice, Know Peace"

I had an old First Sargeant who used to say "Peace through fire superiority."

Anonymous said...

So they let the low IQ's run the show and their "brilliant" answer to avoid crime is to "shut down early." Basically acknowledging that blacks are simply unable to stop their inherent violence/robbery/rape etc. So all in on the third world status I see. If blacks, in general of course, were really "enriching" in regard to Euro culture as the liars keep touting, wouldn't this be at odds with that platitude? Evil is as evil does.

In Memory of Amanda Blackburn said...

I'm going to take a slightly different view. I think the Mayor is essentially calling for a voluntary curfew, where legitimate business owners and law abiding citizens are expected to be off the streets after a certain hour. Since the Baltimore Police have been totally de-balled and are being led by a chief who apologized for his department doing its job, this basically amounts to handing the city over to the criminal element after dark. That's my take on it.

Anonymous said...

OT: Cosby found guilty on all charges of rape. I am SHOCKED that he was convicted since I thought he would get off due to all the blacks and DWL's on the jury.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, as a bonus you get yo watch sjw's heads explod.

Anonymous said...

Cosby got sold out by his fellow Blacks because he used to be like everyone on here.He spoke the truth a few years back about how ignorant and violent Black youth have become.How Rap shit ghetto thug culture is destroying Blacks and the country.He hated the way inner city thugs talk and everyone wears their goddamn pants around their ankles.Then when he got nailed for his little sexcapades his fellow coons attacked.That was and is the end for Mr Huxtable. And of course most Blacks will say he was "acting" White for what he did.That defending and being around Whites ,this is what he gets for "talkin shit" about his "peeps" yo..For not being "authentically Black".For trying to "act White" instead of "acting Black" and defending the "cause".

Anonymous said...

The cuckening continues...

The Montgomery Advertiser's editorial board wrote that "we were wrong" for the way the paper covered lynchings from the 1870s through the 1950s. The board apologized for the paper's "careless" and dehumanizing coverage of lynchings, which it said fed a false narrative about African-Americans and often assumed the victim was guilty of a crime.

So you're basically telling me that people just went around a lynched blacks for no reason other than pure white bloodthirst.

Here is my addendum:

Wide Awake said...

Baltimore would sink into the Chesapeake Bay if they cut off the monetary support from the state. The majority white tax payers are fully funding this insane look at a black banana republic city. Mayor Pugh is a complete moron. Some people just look stupid, but she's the whole package.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the uptick in black on black violence. keep those stores open LATER

Anonymous said...

From 1960 to present times - Africans in the non-White lands of Africa have been given nearly $900 billion by non-African peoples (mostly Whites); Africans in the USA have been given massive handouts as well; what do the Africans in non-White Africa and the USA have to show for these massive handouts? Much of Western-Europe and Japan were destroyed by war (in particular, WW 2) - these peoples were given $150 billion to help them re-build - going from nearly nothing to having the most advanced civilizations in human history - in very short time. Compare what the Europeans, Japanese and the Africans have done with the handouts. Western-Europe and Japan are global economic and technological powers; what is any nation of Africa, but still a basket case -which can't even provide fundamental services such as drinking water to its citizens (the "miracle" "Rainbow nation" marxist "utopia" of South Africa - ongoing right now). More handouts will do nothing for the Africans -where-ever they live; they are not capable of living as Europeans (or Japanese) do; Africans are not European - never in the past, not in present, nor ever in future. It's that simple. Let Africans live as they wish to, but in their own lands and without any more handouts from non-Africans.

Anonymous said...


Let us now turn our attention to Baltimore, MD, former home of F Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allen Poe and HL Menken (to name just a few.)

29 murders already this month, some of them heartbreaking (elderly couples, little kids, small business owners.)

It turns out last years officially sanctioned ‘aktion!’ vandalizing Christopher Columbus, Francis Scott Key and Confederate monuments, and paying $5 million to Freddy Gray’s family, didn’t ameliorate the conditions of mayhem, disorder, and social/economic collapse including open drug markets in the streets in that blighted city. That fun lasted only a little while. Freddy Gray was a heroin addict, as was his whole family. i wonder if any of that $5 million is left? I can picture 3 or 4 late model Caddys in their yard up on blocks and abandoned, wheels stolen, windows smashed, and another new Caddy in the driveway bought just yesterday.

Annie Oakley said...

STANDUPBROAD; A Big thank you! Now I've gotten the information, I'd delete your post. Don't want any undesirables moving there. My husband are coming to visit there in the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Cosby got sold out by his fellow Blacks because he used to be like everyone on here.

I always thought that the charges against Cosby were a setup. He was a black man who wasn't getting with the Blame YT program. He told the truth about the African in America subculture. And this is the Age of Obama. So he had to be taken down. It's easy enough to fabricate charges, or blow a real incident all out of proportion. So now the Cos' has been taken down, one less obstacle to BRA.

Never accept a news story on face value.

Look for the Man Behind the Curtain.

Anonymous said...

O/T After watching Gloria Allred and some of the victims yell 'gurl power' and talk about their horrible oppression as women I don't feel nearly as happy about the verdict as I did earlier. Also, in the clip below, does Cosby make a black power fist to supporters?

Also a very very very light skinned black women made sure to make a point of what a miracle it was the the black guy on the jury went along with the others rather than just choosing straight black solidarity. Her words say a lot.

Anonymous said...

Get ready ladies and gentlemen ...It's getting hot...We all know what good weather brings...

Milwaukee Sucks said...

Hey Stand-up Broad my mom lives there and I'm leaving Milwaukee REAL soon! I love the Twin Lakes area!

Anonymous said...

Is all the violence in Baltimore having an effect on the housing prices? Only asking because of what happened in Detroit. Home prices declined as crime increased.

RyanCUAO said...


Don't wait until someone is gunned down inside of your stores. Don't wait until your store is burned down. Don't wait until you are robbed at gunpoint.

Just close now. You're gonna have to do it any way.

Mr. Rational said...

they're building too many apartment buildings for me to not see the writing on the wall.

It would truly be a pity if something happened to them, wouldn't it?  Just sayin'.

That has to be the most tiring job in the world. You have to deal with daily negro antics while trying to believe in liberal theories

She doesn't believe them.  She knows better, and lying is written in her genes.

The only hope for these areas is to reduce the Black population.

The only way to accomplish this, absent a collapse of the government and a right-wing makeover with tree chippers, is probably to engulf the ghettos in firestorms a la Dresden.  That's at least physically possible and can be done just by overwhelming the capacity of firefighters to control blazes.  The burned-out areas will be ripe for reconstruction and most of the former occupants won't be around to cause trouble anymore.

This is such a simple and obvious thing, it's got to be on at least a dozen to-do lists already.  It'll never be on mine because I don't know how beyond the broadest strokes (never do what you talk about, never talk about what you do), but there are plenty of people who do.  Sooner or later the wrong person is going to be personally motivated by some act of TNB, and then... watch out.

This would be Anders Breivik writ large.  Wiping out a large fraction of a city along with its population would have state-wide political impact.  Suppose several wards of Chicago were suddenly gone along with all their voters.  That would have major effects from one end to the other.

There would be a lot of hew and cry and much gnashing of teeth when the MLK statue goes down, but it seems inevitable.

One precision-guided drone with a payload of a bowling ball would be enough to take the head off it.

Paintjob Theory said...

Thank you, Mr. Rational, for the Theodore Dalrymple quote. This fits hand in glove with Yuri Bezmenov's lectures on the concept of "demoralization" of the victim nation.

This is ALL about world government/communism. How can men defend themselves against weapons they cannot see or hear wielded by those they are not allowed to name? The "Atlantis" and other "great flood" myths along with the tale of the "Tower of Babel" all point out the folly of such schemes and also indicate that it is human nature that some of us will always attempt the same thing.

Sick n Tired said...

What the mayor fails to realize is that after 9pm is probably when these stores do the most business. De'Vontay and Shitavious are done selling drugs for the day, so they stop in the local corner store flush with cash to buy blunt wraps, Newports, Cheetos, malt liquor, and maybe some fried chicken or shrip fried rice. It would be interesting to study the sales receipts for these stores to see when their peak business transactions are. My guess would be from 11am-2pm when their customers are just waking up, between 5-7pm when they are getting more beer and candy for thier sprogs dinner, and 9-11:30pm when they are going back to their section 8 houses or go out and party.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the ooking, eeking and shrieking of 'Dat's rayciss!!! if a white male had told a black shopowner, "We need you to close at 9 o'clock?
Tyrone would throw back his shoulders, pound on his chest, and bellow, "Imma get my muthafuggin SPEAR!!!"

Good old Tyrone T. Throwback.

Johnny See said...

PJT... you are as snarky a Mainer as I have ever met; liberally conservative and yet conservatively liberal. In short, wicked. In the good way Mainers mean it. I'm from up thayuh... syuh. Wicked good. Lol. In shorter short, I agree with you. Ha. Wtf lol, and omg. Thanks for being you and being real.
They used to say "as Maine goes, so goes the nation". Our state motto, Dirigo, means "I lead" in Latin. Hmmm.
I admire your pluck, sir. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Always a "new strategy" that's absolutely sure to fix the Eternal Nigra THIS time. Ya see, all it be takin' is mo' "services", mo' educmacsshun, mo' oppatoonitee, mo' gibs - an' ub coarse, an end to Why Debbil racism.

Anonymous said...

Well done, AAnonymous! Bravo !!

Anonymous said...

Failure to evolve.

Ohio Machinist said...

Nothing good happens in Baltimore after 9PM . Straight nogfest of muh dik antics and murder .

Anonymous said...

always carry and don’t find yourself unarmed around the groid

Anonymous said...

I think Cosby is guilty. Just because he told blacks to pull up their pants does not mean he does not have a muh dik problem.

Anonymous said...

The following happened in broad daylight:

Texas police hunt for a man who attempted to kidnap two women as surveillance video shows one victim jumping from his car to escape
Victim, Luz Baena, 55, managed to escape from the man by jumping from his car
Baena was riding her bike when the man approached her in a Camry, police said
She said the man grabbed her arm, forced her into the car and drove two blocks
Police said suspect, believed to be in his 20s, tried to kidnap another woman too

PUBLISHED: 11:01 EDT, 29 April 2018 | UPDATED: 14:19 EDT, 29 April 2018

The suspect has been described as a black man with a thin build, between 5'6 and 5'8, bald and clean-shaven.

His vehicle is described as a dark gray four-door Camry with front right damage and varying rims, police said, according to investigators.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office at 713-221-6000.

...and thankfully, because it was broad daylight, there were enough humans on the street to assist that women almost kidnapped, unlike in the case of Brittanee Drexel, who was pulled into a car outside of a hotel in Myrtle Beach after visiting a friend at night.

Anonymous said...

RE “How many mini markets do we need in one area?” she added. “How many carry-outs do we need in one area?”...
It seems that most blacks in urban America want government - run food shelves so they can pick up free food ( of course owed them ) and then spend money on drugs and wimmen and so forth.
Frankly I agree that the little Asian stores are parasitical. Who cares if they go out of business? Give the blacks their free food bags. Sell the black addicts CIA sourced drugs. Liquor dispensed as in Russia - liters of vodka or whisky with caps that can't be put back on the bottles, thus encouraging immediate and total consumption. Everybody wins.

Dirty South Side said...

10:33 PM - Anonymous said...

We need to hijack liberal causes like environmentalism, animal rights and even women's rights.

You do realize that every bit of that is (((Marxism))), don't you? It doesn't need hijacking. It needs eliminating.

Dirty South Side said...

5:13 AM - Mr. Rational said...

All of this is because we are forbidden to state the true cause of the problem: the African.

Nope. Not even close. The African and its destruction of YT's civilization is simply a symptom/tool of the (((actual))) problem - which is even MORE verboten to speak of in public.

juvenal said...

She got the ultimatum from her no overlords at Goldman Sachs. No ticky no washy ( or investments). The " small initiatives " she was trying to get them to invest won't happen without the prerequisite gentrification happening first.

juvenal said...

A race realist " long March through the institutions " is an important strategy

juvenal said...

Or any time of the day for that matter.