Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kansas City Star asks: "Why Won't White People Murder Each Other at the Same Rate as Blacks in Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin?"

In 2015, the homicide rate for white people nationwide was 2.67. The Kansas City Star was incredulous when presented with this number, deeming the rate at which white people's refrain from killing one other "astonishingly low."[In Missouri and Kansas, African Americans are in peril. How can we reduce homicide rates?, Kansas City Star, 4-20-18]:
Crime-fighting advocates like Rosilyn Temple are at a loss to explain Missouri’s repeated designation as the state with the highest rate of black homicide victims in the country. 
And it’s not even close, according to 2015 data submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
Something you never see in white neighborhoods, which seems to upset the editorial team at the Kansas City Star...
“I can’t figure why, I wish I could,” Temple, head of the local chapter of Mothers in Charge, told The Star. 
The Violence Policy Center reported this week that the rate of homicides among African Americans in Missouri was 46.24 per 100,000, nearly 2.5 times higher than the national average. 
Wisconsin recorded the second-highest rate of 36.77 per 100,000. Kansas had the ninth-highest rate of 25.02 per 100,000 African Americans. 
Nationwide, the black homicide rate was 18.68 per 100,000 in 2015. The overall homicide rate for all races was 4.62. The rate for whites was astonishingly low at 2.67. 
Missouri topped the rankings for the seventh time in 13 years. The state has been in the top five 11 times since 2004. Kansas has ranked in the top 10 three times. It’s a disturbing trend. 
Kansas City Mayor Sly James laid some of the blame on Missouri’s lax gun laws.“Because of this, we’re fighting gun violence in our city with one hand tied behind our back,” James said. 
Officials say they are working to reduce the city’s homicide rate. But anti-crime programs such as KC Nova and Aim For Peace are not enough. Greater transparency and accountability are needed to improve cooperation between minorities and police. Access to quality jobs, education and health care is also crucial. 
The city recorded 150 homicides last year, the most in 24 years. Nearly 70 percent of homicide victims in 2017 and 59 percent of homicide victims so far in 2018 have been African American. 
Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith said as the largest law enforcement agency in the state, the department is obligated to take leadership role in tackling this issue. 
The department is making strides to prevent violent crime, he said. 
“What we’ve been doing obviously was not making the needed impact,” Smith said. He added that cooperation starts with the assistance from the community to build trust. Residents must refuse to accept a culture of violence. 
The report concluded “the devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is all too often ignored outside of affected communities.” 
Policymakers in Missouri and Kansas should partner on community policing efforts to address violence in the African-American community — and vow to get our two states out of the top 10 for black homicide rates.
The TL:DR version of this story (a terse summation) in just one sentence: how can we convince white people to start killing each other at rates comparable to how blacks treat one another?


Westminster Dragoon said...

How can we convince white people to start killing each other at rates comparable to how blacks slaughter one another?

Assassinate an archduke.

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to force whites to start killing people than it would ever be to force blacks to stop killing people. Why run against the wind, I get it. We do the same thing with standards in our schools.

In Memory of Amanda Blackburn said...

They really don't get it, do they? If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

In other breaking news . . . from Spain, we've received an updated report that Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Anonymous said...

They need more midnight basketball.

Mr. Rational said...

There's a pretty simple way to get Black people to stop killing each other:

Whip them whenever they act out, starting at a very early age.

Sufficient, consistent and severe negative reinforcement for proto-TNB will eventually program even the African brain not to do it.  Of course, they will call this "racist brutality".  We have to harden our hearts to this nonsense; they are the brutes, and only brutality will control them adequately.

Bob Smith said...

These people are astonishingly stupid (or just liars). What does "cooperation between minorities and police" or "jobs, education, and health care" have to do with why blacks are killing each other (and plenty of others besides)? "Cooperation between minorities and police" has always been code for "ignore crimes that minorities commit", and sending blacks more of other people's money will do nothing to make them smarter or less violent.

Anonymous said...

The premises underlying every one of these types of stories are: (1) Something discriminatory MUST be occurring; (2) No matter how many initiatives and resources have been committed to solving the problem, it is not enough, which implies that whites aren't sufficiently committed to solving the problem.

The first is the nefarious result of the concept of "disparate impact" taking root in law. The second has horrible ramifications for whites as many of these problems are the result of genetic differences. Whites are thus trapped in a never-ending cycle of having guilt trips laid upon them even as they expend energy and resources trying to solve the problems of other groups. Meanwhile no one, be it elites or members of other groups, has any concern for us. We are having smaller families while other groups are being propped up proportionally to their terrible choices and behaviors.

The notion of whites pointing out and trying to work on some of their own problems remains outside of the Overton Window. You've never heard any politician or elite talk in terms of what should or might be done for whites. We must start pouncing on anyone who specifically addresses the concerns of "minority" communities by stating emphatically that there are many whites who have the same problems and many "minorities" who don't. "Why are we being ignored and marginalized?" we must demand at townhall meetings, in community groups, in online forums, etc. I offer a simple example of how we can begin moving the Overton Window: Imagine that someone says "Summer jobs are becoming harder to find for black teens. How can we address this?" That must immediately be challenged: Black teens? Why the focus on black? There are a lot of white kids who have trouble finding summer jobs. Why are you unconcerned with them?

My point is that we must go on offense and be aggressive. We have to shift the O.W. to a point where it's not considered illegitimate for us to state that we too have concerns and have every damned right to advocate for them. Among normie conservatives there is widespread fear of standing up for oneself as a white person. Note the way in which many of them express opposition to affirmative action. They talk about how it's also unfair for Asians or that it hurts blacks and Latinos. The potential for rapidly moving the O.W. exists and the place to start is with the normie-cons. Jump in at every chance to encourage them to assert their interests in racial terms that are as explicit as those used by every other group.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

I think there must be some sort of mistake here. The murder rate for African Americans can't really be that high.

Think about it, the typical African American is a professional, part of a normal two parent family with two kids.

Interested in things like solid Investments, good mortgage rates, great car insurance, nicely manicured lawns. I could go on and on but you get my point.

The typical African American isn't walking around with sagging pants fake hair in the form of braids, overwhelming users of the welfare system, having children at an illegitimacy rate of 80%. And literally the cause of the overwhelming majority of social ills in this country.

How do I know the former is true and not the latter. Well that's easy, I see it on TV everyday.

That makes it true doesn't it?

Demographics is destiny.

Bill in St Louis said...

" He added that cooperation starts with the assistance from the community to build trust. Residents must refuse to accept a culture of violence."
One day, instead of blaming everything from YT to global warming, someone will come out and plainly say, "it's black people. They are the problem. "
This day is coming closer with statements like this. Stay alert, stay armed, because when it happens is when the reset of white society begins.(and it won't be pretty)

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should start smoking crack?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing for them. Society has no use for 99% of blacks. Even libshits have to be getting worn down by them - defending them, making excuses for them, pretending to like them. Pretending they have all this untapped potential, potential that could shine if only, well, racism and stuff.

I pity them, I really do. We've been lying to them for so long nobody has any idea how to tell the truth. The cold, hard truth.

Anonymous said...

"Access to quality jobs, education and health care is also crucial."

Same song, same tune. Gibsmedat blues. These things must always be provided to the black "community" because they are not inferior and can do it themselves.

Quality jobs = Make-work gubmint jobs...another form of welfare. Most of these negroes are too stupid to clean toilets.

Do your civic duty and inform your favorite enabler that it's impossible make black people into white people. Trillions have been spent in this endeavor to no avail. Give it up.

nokangaroos said...

- This is the kind of stats you arrive at when you count Mexes, Rabs, Joos and Chechens as "white" when they perpetrate but as separate victim categories; as I already noted the actual White homicide rate is around 0.7 (impossible to get closer as they no longer publish the raw data).

Lies, lies and damned lies.

The black-to-black differences might merit closer scrutiny but I expect a strong inverse correlation with "lax gun laws" as has aleady been shown nationwide.

- Every last libtard talking point has been blown to smithereens many times and they are still trying it?
Aah ... THAT definition of stupidity ;b

Non PC Infidel said...

It's not just blacks in Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin. In the list of top countries with the most murders per 100,000, the majority are black countries in Africa or black dominated islands/countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Africa: Botswana- 18.4, Equatorial Guinea- 19.3, Nigeria-20.0, Rwanda-23.1, Congo-28.3, South Africa-31.0, Swaziland-33.8, Lesotho-38.0.

Caribbean Region/Western Hemisphere- Dominica- 21.1, St. Lucia-21.6, Dominican Republic-22.1, St. Vincent and the Grenadines-25.6, Trinidad & Tobago-28.3, Bahamas-29.8, St. Kitts-33.6, Jamaica-39.3, Honduras-90.4

Other/Brown: Panama-17.2, Mexico-21.5, Brazil-25.2, Colombia-30.8, Guatemala-39.9, El Salvador-41.2, Belize-44.7, Venezuela-53.7. Of course, Brazil and Belize have large black populations.

Is anyone surprised? Thought not. The murder rates are only a surprise to those who are willfully blind to the reality of race and genetics.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to stop them from being violent, you have to start hanging them for committing these crimes again. Right out in the street in their own neighborhoods.

But that requires accepting that you're dealing with a lack of intelligence that is such it requires harsh, punitive punishment to get it across the brain what things are not acceptable.

Not going to hold my breath.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

Kansas City Mayor Sly James laid some of the blame on Missouri’s lax gun laws.“Because of this, we’re fighting gun violence in our city with one hand tied behind our back,” James said.

Do Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine also have one hand tied behind their backs?

Anonymous said...

But the argument and all everyone ever sees 24/7 is mass shootings by the White guy.You never see any of this Black dysfunction displayed all over the media like they do for Whitey.And so no matter who I happen to talk to it's always "Omg,White Men are killing everyone"You bring up places like Chicago and the Black Undertow of murder and mayhem and you are just a jealous racist White man.And any other Black majority city ,Black majority government run as well ,and nobody gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but genetics at work as usual, plus blacks' usual stupidity and lack of future time orientation.

Anonymous said...

Another thing we don't see in national headline news but we can always find here at SBPDL: Police arrest man in connection with woman's 2016 murder.

I noticed that they do not have a photo of the suspect, Lawon Browning. Police said the charges against Browning had been filed under seal, so neither a mugshot nor other details were available on Sunday night.

Under seal? I wonder what that means? And a name like Lawon, that's Amish isn't it? Or maybe he's an elf from the woodland realm, perhaps Legolas' cousin?

chattanooga gal said...

"all everyone ever sees 24/7 is mass shootings by the White guy.You never see any of this Black dysfunction displayed all over the media like they do for Whitey"
and even when they have a mass shooting by a BLACK guy, like the one at the Oregon college, the story quickly disappears down the memory hole.

Anonymous said...

Nationwide, the black homicide rate was 18.68 per 100,000 in 2015. The overall homicide rate for all races was 4.62. The rate for whites was astonishingly low at 2.67.

And there you have it folks. Everything about this society is geared around pathologizing whites and normative white group behaviors. Even if it is something like not killing one another --- white norms must be seen as aberrant and what needs to change under the forced multiculturalism.

Why not just accept that the various races of man were exposed to different evolutionary pressures and therefore created different general dispositions and average faculties within the respective genomes?

That sub-Saharan Africa's climate favored small tribal units as group survival strategy as opposed to complex, large States with cooperating populations? And because of this smaller social unit, male members of the species adapted extremely low thresholds for impulsive violence to rapidly defend themselves from other groups of blacks? That the females adapted a high reproductive drive to offset the resulting casualty rates from constant warfare, disease, and famine?

All the king's horses and all the king's men cannot overcome what 100,000 years of isolated evolution created.

No place on earth has successfully integrated blacks in large numbers. They are biologically hard-wired to thrive under different conditions. This is a fool's errand. They cannot be assimilated which is why more sensible populations in the past self-segregated.

Johnny See said...

Re: how to get white people to murder each other more...
Well, the last time the left pushed this hard on the right it worked out that way.
Talk about brothers killing brothers... but it was ideologically driven, not by a list for another's sneakers or over a petty diss.
Come to think of it, the libs were pretty damned disrespectful with their taxes and regulations. The conservatives at the time were democrats and absolutely right to defend their land against such aggression.
Sometimes the lens of history makes sense of old conflicts and makes me wish the other side had won.
I'm from up north but I sure empathize with southern gripes about mid 1800s history.
It wasn't about kneegers then and it isn't now. I'm sure that bothers a small percentage of them, but I could care less.
I think I will go care as little as possible and enjoy being myself.

Non PC Infidel said...

"If your really want to stop them from being violent, you have to start hanging them for committing these crimes again. Right out in the street in their own neighborhoods."

That would work and did back when their population numbers were comparatively small. Now though (with over 40+ million), that would result in widespread regional conflict/negro uprisings due to the numbers being hanged.

Perhaps it would be better simply to punish them by having the "famblies" kicked off of all benefits when one of their "innocent, dindu nuffin chilluns" (or even the parent in the home) is convicted of a crime. No different than when a Section 8 tenant is found to be engaging in criminal activity and gets kicked out of the housing along with their kids. Or a convicted felon losing certain rights such as the right to vote. Or a chronic drunk losing their driver's license. There are legal precedents and an argument could be made for such penalties.

Nothing would frighten a negro out of its mind and into proper behavior more than the fear of losing their ability to live off the taxpayer's dime. They'd start beating their misbehaving offspring senseless at the merest hint that they might do something to cost them their benefits. Of course, there'd be all the usual screeches of racism and disparate impact but so what? That happens anyway. There'd also eventually be citywide riots due to the numbers being kicked off of benefits due to their lack of self-control and discipline but that's still better than regional uprisings due to hangings and easier to put down.

D-FENS said...

Negroes certainly do have a policy of violence.


I LOVE MISSOURI. Keep it up.

You can not stop people who want to kill each other from not wanting to kill each other.

As they said in the GODFATHER movie:

"Keep it in the black communities. They're animals anyway."

Anonymous said...

The total homicide rate for whites is 2.67 / 100,000, but the number of whites murdered by blacks is about .98 / 100,000. So, if you remove black murders from the calculation, the actual white-on-white murder rate is 1.69 / 100,000 (or possibly even lower, because of the Hispanic / white skew in FBI data). That's by far the lowest in the Western world.

Unknown said...

The only "gun law" I know is as follows, "A Gun is a tool, whose only purpose is to kill...either for food or self-defense."

Anonymous said...

It isnt the lack of gun laws, but rather the feral nature of some ethnic groups relative to others. More testosterone, less impulse control, lower IQ. All well documented.

Anonymous said...

They hide black mass shootings quite well. So well that many people seem to think they don’t ever happen. On more than one discussion thread, I’ve seen people respond to someone who has pointed out the high black crime rate with some variation of “Yeah, buh Whitey be molesting keeds and doing all da mass shootins n sheeit”.

As it turns out, tthere have been plenty of black mass-murderers and spree killers:

- Colin Ferguson - Long Island, New York, 1993. Six dead, 19

- Omar S. Thornton - Hartford, Connecticut, 2010. Eight dead.

- Maurice Clemmons - Parkland, Washington, 2009. Four dead.

- Nathan Dunlap - Aurora, Colorado, 1993. Four dead.

- Christopher Dorner - Los Angeles, California, 2013. Four dead.

- Aaron Alexis - Washington, DC, 2013. Twelve dead, three injured.

- James Edward Pough - Jacksonville, Florida, 1990. Nine dead, four

- Mark Essex - New Orleans, Louisiana, 1973. Nine dead, 13 wounded.

- Charles "Cookie" Thornton - Kirkwood, Missouri, 2008. 5 dead.

- Reginald and Jonathan Carr, Wichita, KS, 2000. 5 dead.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. And the molestation thing is a crock too...

Awakened white said...

Among normie conservatives there is widespread fear of standing up for oneself as a white person
That's why cuckservatives are so useless, they can't even conserve women's bathrooms much less their own people for heavens sakes.

Other news the Titan god emperor slaps the multicult avengers.

Anonymous said...

OT: An AWOL Marine has murdered his grandmother. He is black, she is white. Apparently there was a mudshark somewhere in the family, and the result was fatal. Read more at:

AWOL Marine Is Charged with Murdering his Grandmother, Sheriff Says

The article features their pictures. He looks like a mean SOB and she looks like a kindly grandmother who would offer to help out her grandson, even one who is a no good thug.

Clearly there is no limit to the depravity of these animals who will kill their own grandmothers.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Kansas City Star asks: "Why Won't White People Murder Each Other at the Same Rate as Blacks in Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin?"

Short answer: Evolution. We've evolved more than they have.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the gun laws are that lax and would only penalize law abiding citizens trying to ensure they aren't one of the 2.67.. and why should anyone care outside of the "communities" affected? We're not killing close blood relatives over shoes or drugs or chest thumping.

Mr. Rational said...

Kansas City Mayor Sly James....

Looked up his picture.  100% silverback.  No wonder he jumps to "blame YT and his guns".

Hey, Major James?  Your crime-fighting is a failure for the same reason that the Detroit Board of Education is a failure at teaching kids.  You are incompetent but insist on being in charge anyway, like Otis Mathis.

There'd also eventually be citywide riots due to the numbers being kicked off of benefits due to their lack of self-control and discipline but that's still better than regional uprisings due to hangings and easier to put down.

That really depends how far we're willing to go to put down unrest.  All it would have taken to eliminate the monkeyshines at Fergadishu is a few passes with a helicopter crop-duster spraying something like nicotine.  (Anything that produces 90% fatalities within an hour is going to stop whatever it is right there.  Ideally it would be something that degrades quickly and washes off with water or at most a mild bleach solution.  I'm no chemist but there have to be dozens of candidates.)

This works for unrest at almost any scale.  When the jungle bunnies are AFRAID to gather or travel in mobs because they are targets, it's impossible to have a riot, uprising, or insurrection.

I don't think it'll come to this.  I suspect we're going to have a policy of gradualism.  For instance, cut off EBT for food and turn the program into distribution of food-boxes.  Then make the baby-mamas show up with all dey chilluns once a month to re-qualify.  Then, when one of the bunch has misbehaved, you have them all in one place and can just pack the whole nest off to Liberia without further ado.

Anyone want to start a business turning used shipping containers into prefab modular apartment buildings?  We'll have to donate them to Africa but believe me, it's for a good cause.

Paintjob Theory said...

"The rate for whites was astonishingly low at 2.67. "

You think that's something. Apply the "brown bag test" to those who they're counting as "white" then remove the obvious Mohammeds, Schlomos and other non-Europeans and we probably give Asians (Chinese/Japanese) a run for their money in maintaining a peaceful society.

Of course they blame guns because that fits the narrative, what they fail to explain is why the white Europeans with the same access to guns (greater access considering half the negroes probably can't pass a background check) don't find it necessary to slaughter each other for sport.

Another heap of evidence on the pile that black Africans are nothing like us and don't belong in our lands. The excuses get more and more preposterous with each new day and the only thing even half keeping the lid on the problem is nonstop propaganda and de-facto censorship of such inconvenient truths.

As an aside. I'm completely tapped for money right now. If someone can throw PK an extra 20 for me I'd much appreciate it. Hopefully next time the call goes out for donations I'm in a little better shape.

Anonymous said...

Saying molestation of kids is a white thing is absolutely a crock that can be disproved by reading any work of "great black literature", especially the autobiographical/semi-autobiographical ones. They all revolve around a female protagonist being raped as a child by their father ("The Bluest Eye", Toni Morrison) or mother's boyfriend ("I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings", Maya Angelou), just to name a few of the more famous examples. If anyone ever tried to claim child molestation was a white phenomenon, throw these works of "literature" back in their faces and ask if these saintly genius black authors were making autobiographical stories up just like Obama's ghost writer would later do.

Anonymous said...

Even though killing each other at the rates at which s/hegroids to to practice tactics and get my queasy stomach set for the coming race war would be prudent I believe it would be wrong on many fronts.

The first reason is simple. I don't think I should hurt my own kind senselessly to practice for the upcoming race war. If hunting humans is truly the most dangerous game I would prefer to not participate. If the negroes are not aware that we just want a land of our own and to live unmolested by their superior African culture than they should say, "Go in peace and the very best to you and yours".

If the racism which doesn't exist anymore is somehow so bad that microagressions are now tantamount to lynching I believe that our ability to ever see eye to eye or have bridges between us is impossible as we are two different peoples, two different genetic make ups and two entirely separate paths.

To the s/hegroes who wonder as to why we aren't killing each other at similar rates I can simply say we are not brothers and we shall never understand one another. I would offer repatriation to all blacks and have them sent via modern jet aircraft to anywhere in Africa their DNA samples say they belonged or to one of the nations set up for them in Africa. I would be willing to give $50,000 for their first five years of life in their old homelands. I would increase it by $2500 per year for minor children. Money like that will go a long way to creating new businesses in a racism free society in the African locale of their hearts desire.

Dagwood Bumstead said...

Japan has a population of 127 million, but only had 395 homicides in 2014, or roughly the same amount as Baltimore with a population of 620,000.

Anonymous said...

The reason the white homicide rate is so "astonishingly" low to liberals the times when it is actually and truthfully revealed to them, is that they are used to taking continuously about the "white mass shooter" every day until the next one goes off a couple of years later.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Mayor Sly James...

May-uh Jame so slah, when he wuz tourin' da'hood, he be shutting down 5 of da entuh-taymint cennuhs!

On August 13, 2011, James and entourage were touring the Country Club Plaza to investigate a request from Highwoods Properties (which manages the buildings in the Plaza) about imposing a 9 p.m. curfew on the Plaza because of unruly teens gathering there at night. During the tour about 11:30 p.m. gunfire broke out near 47th Street and Wyandotte Avenue, about 50 yards from the mayor. Three people were shot—two boys, ages 13 and 16, who were shot in the legs and a 15-year-old girl whose face was grazed by a bullet.[6][7] Less than a week after the shooting the city council in a 13‑0 vote approved a curfew in the city. The curfew is 9 p.m. will apply from late May through September in five Kansas City entertainment areas (and 10 p.m. elsewhere) for children 15 and under, 11 p.m. for 16- and 17-year-olds. There is a 10 p.m. curfew elsewhere for children 15 and under and 11 p.m. for those 16 and 17. Other times of the year will have an 11 p.m. curfew on weeknights and midnight on weekends for everyone under age 18.[8]

Anonymous said...

"The report concluded “the devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is all too often ignored outside of affected communities.” 

Actually the devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is not a national crisis, it is simply death. Kind of like the whites in Alaska who kill each other is not a national tragedy, it's a local tragedy and if it happens to be someone who was known as a bad person whose life seemed like a bad imitation of the Al Pacino remake of Scarface it isn't a tragedy of any importance.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

I'm 60 and have been hearing the "help the negro" sermon as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I never understood why it was our responsibility to feed negroes here AND in Africa. They've had their hands out ever since Sherman's march when the "freed" slabes followed his army around Georgia and South Carolina begging for handouts. This was the genesis of negro gubmint dependence.

Anonymous said...

Or begin a program of national socialism by and for the people of the nation which ends a financial system built on the influence of "God's chosen people".

Anonymous said...

Pfffft! Two words for you, loser!

Roving barbeque.

Sorry, that's my personal favorite. Hell, if it wasn't made by black hands, I'd be "down" for some roving BBQ!

Anonymous said...

This reporter has the gall to ask why won't whites in Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin murder each other at the same rate as black people do while not realizing that whites are law-abiding, productive members of society that work hard to provide for their families and pay bills while blacks usually stoop to the lowest common denomantion of criminality, sloth and other areas of typical black behavior that are dragging down this country towards third-world status.

OT: Speaking of third-world status, I've noticed that the caravans of illegals are already making their way into America by climbing over the wall and are also on their way towards seeking asylum in this nation. Where the hell is Trump in stopping this invasion and why is not doing anything about it? Has he already been cucked by his daughter and her Prince of Darkness husband? Short answer: Yes. He has not done one damn thing that he campaigned upon and has already given the YKW cabal free reign over defense and economic policy as was planned during his campaign in order to provide a mirage to YT that he would be serious on immigration, black dysfunction and stopping pointless wars in the Golden Triangle. Man alive I cannot believe how YT was played big time with this fraud.

Anonymous said...

I love to bring this kind of stuff up when libtard bring up how "beautiful" mixed race people are. Thank God O'Bummer is out of the white house, that libtard friend always brought up how beautiful they are. And mind you, this is a guy who would always get defensive when I would point out an attractive Latin or Asian woman. He would always begin chattering of how he, "only likes skinny white women". He'll happily point out jet black women like the one on Walking Dead and rave about her beauty, but I guess his blonde daughters must be the epitome of "mud fence".

And some call ME racist?

Anonymous said...

"Demongraphics" indeed! Ha, ha, ha! I know you didn't write thT, but I'll bet a lot of folks feel the heat of the Demongraphics!

Mr. Rational said...

Evolution. We've evolved more than they have.

Some of that evolution was very recent and driven by public policy.  Roughly 2% of the most violent (and also least intelligent) males were removed each generation in European society.

Given the amount of dysgenic breeding in Af-Ams, achieving similar results would probably require removal of the dumbest and most violent 50% each generation for a considerable interval, at least a century.  It's not worth the bother.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget black serial killers! Who do you think is ending the forward progress of so many black bodies? A serial killer kills more than one person over time whereas spree killers and mass murderers do their bloodlust on parade deal in a shorter timeframe.

Anonymous said...

And some folks have no idea why the freed slaves didn't move en masse to the north after the "Civil War". They were comfortable with their level of work versus their ability to provide sustenance for their families. It is appallingly obvious to think that if the blacks wanted to up and leave the racist south so badly nobody would've stopped them.

"Nothing would frighten a negro out of its mind and into proper behavior more than the fear of losing their ability to live off the taxpayer's dime"

Non PC Infidel said...

the report concluded, "The devastation homicide inflicts upon black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is too often ignored outside of affected communities."

Here we go again with the passive voice as if black teens and adults aren't being attacked and killed by other black teens and adults but rather by outside forces as if homicide were actually a group of werewolves and vampires attacking the community. They aren't inflicting it upon themselves! It's an outside force! It's some diabolical and mysterious being that preys upon them and dey all be innocent victims!

Sharkwonda: Girl, I wuz walking home de other day and I heard a homicide hiding in da bushes by dat ol' burnt down crack house on Second Avenue! I could hear it growlin' and makin' noise and I thought fo' sho it wuz gonna get me. Dat's when I looked at de bushes real close and saw it's big ol' yellow eyes starin' at me. I got so scared, I runned all de way home, rushed inside and slammed de doe! I wuz jes' lucky I got away and it didn't chase me down 'cause you know dem homicides kin run fast as lightnin'! I nebber been so scared in muh life!

Coonesha: dat ain't nuthin! I wuz walkin' home from da theater over on Pine street las' week after seein' da late show and it wuz really dark but I still saw it! First thing wuz, I heard dese wings flappin' like crazy and I looked up and there it be! Dey wuz dis big ol' homicide comin' right at me swoopin down and it had dese big ol' teefuses. I just knew I goan get kilt! So, I runned into da corner store to hide! You know sumthin'? I wuz trapped in dere for hours 'cause it kept lurkin' around. It were sittin' up on top of de buildin' waitin' fo' me to come out but I could hear it up dere rustlin' its wangs so I stayed inside 'til it left!

Sharkwonda: You know da thing I don't unnerstand? Why dese homicides be attackin' us! Dey ain't attackin' other communities like white folks communities. And you know de white folks don't care 'cause it ain't happenin' to dem so dey ain't gonna do nuthin' 'bout it!

Coonesha: I heard dat! But you know what it is? The reason da homicides keep attackin' us is because it like de ol' sayin' goes- the blacker da berry, da sweeter da juice!

If you think this scenario/conversation is far-fetched, you ought to watch the New Orleans video where the black community is all excited and hysterical because a leprechaun was hangin' out in a tree in da hood. Word.

Non PC Infidel said...

Apologies. The leprechaun incident was in Mobile, Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Sherman Helmsley should have used his name to create a new Sherman's March to uplift blacks. But he lived in El Paso, TX and loved psychedelics and progressive rock. Too bad he didn't like his own kind otherwise he could've Pied Pipered his people back to da Muddaland!

Anonymous said...

Those crazy Danes! How could a white man be so foolish?

Danish national first to be convicted under Malaysia's fake news law

Reuters Staff

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A Malaysian court convicted a Danish citizen on Monday for inaccurate criticism of police on social media, the first person to be prosecuted under a new law against fake news.

Salah Salem Saleh Sulaiman, 46, was charged with spreading false news after he posted a video on YouTube accusing police of taking 50 minutes to respond to distress calls following the shooting of a Palestinian lecturer on April 21.

Anonymous said...

I was in a BBQ joint somewhere in the Big KC, chowing down with my favorite late night snack, a 16 ounce steak washed back with a double Southern Comfort. The steak was rarer than a European- American homicide suspect in the inner city. Me? I'm a P.I., fedora, Colt 45 and portable genome centrifuge, on the trail of Gunnar "Gunn" Violenz, the Mister Big dropping bodies faster than a flash mob hitting an all night liquor store.

“The numbers don't add up, Gene,” a voice I associated with red flashing lights and yellow crime scene tape came from behind me. “We've got the highest black homicide rate on both sides of the Mississippi.”

I turned to see a familiar mug wearing a blue suit and shiny badge.

“Long time no see, Rick,” I stuck a fork in a piece of beef which produced more juice than an aspiring rapper paying off the local bunco squad, “Last time we worked together, you was a flatfoot dispensing ice cream to characters at the lineup for midnight basketball games.”

“I've been bumped up to chief of police of this burg,” he responded, his shoulder bent to the left. “And hizzoner is putting the screws down. I heard you wuz on the trail of the Gunnar Violenz syndicate.”

“Why you walking so funny?” I queried.

He turned to show me his left wrist, handcuffed to the rear of his Sam Browne belt.

“We got one hand tied behind our backs,” he glummed, “makes it impossible to crack down on Gunn Violence.”

I kicked a chair out so he could sit down. He eyed my drink as thirty as a Flynt water tap.

“You got any evidence?” I asked, thinking where I could send the bill for this piece of sleuthing.

He used his free hand to produce a small plastic disc with a lid. I recognized it as a petri dish and flipped it open. Inside was a fungasoidal growth.

“We've been scraping these cultures from murder scenes,” he said.

I put down my fork and pulled out the DNA-O-Meter, sticking a probe into the dish, neat as a 200 dollar a day fee. The gizmo's lights flashed and the needle wavered like a politico trying to explain criminal justice statistics. The meter beeped then churned out a ticker tape, which I tore off.

“Read the DNA findings and weep,” I said as deadpan as a newscaster enunciating a teleprompter line about a home invasion.

He took one look at the results and his jaw fell like the bond rating for an inner city organic foods emporium.

“It says Africans are responsible for this culture of violence,” he gasped.

“Clear as a chalk outline on a street gone wrong,” I announced.

I pointed to the signed photo on the wall of one of the joint's more illustrious patrons, Orval Faubus holding up a rack of ribs, well done. But Rick was gone, disappearing like a shooting witness in a no snitch zone.

I sighed and signaled the barkeep.

“Another Southern Comfort,” I chewed on a toothpick, “and make it a triple.”

(to be continued...)

Gene D. Terminizt, Esq.
Private Eye

Anonymous said...

The title says it all! The shooter managed to run out, blending in with the fleeing revelers. Just how did it all start? Apparently the wedding reception had strangers there and two men got into a "shoving match" that apparently turned into a shooting match. When push comes to shove in Old Saint Louie shoves turn into shots ringing out.

Oh, lawd! Heps yo pipos!

Anonymous said...

“I can’t figure why, I wish I could,” Y'all (to use a favorite Africans in America term) never will.

Anonymous said...

OT: Continuing our enjoyment of Starbucks getting what they've earned, here's another story of the black undertow dragging down yet another store:

Starboard employee in Dewey threatened with gun: Police

Gee, maybe they should have had a discussion with him about race...

Brian in Ohio said...

"Access to quality jobs,...

And just what would your average negro do with a quality job?

Not even a quality job, but a cushy, do nothing, make work government job, where all they had to do was show up and get their nappy head counted in the sake of diversity.

Fuck it up, that's what.

Steal office supplies, kitchen supplies, scrap metal. And in ridiculous amounts that management simply could no longer ignore. Try and "muh dick" every girl in the office and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

They are their own worst enemy and are even wearing out their welcome with the liberals. When you see "Well, yes blacks have a murder rate that's off the charts, BUT..." in a newspaper, you know your reaching peak negro fatigue.

Should be an interesting summer.

Stay alert, stay alive.

John Henry Eden said...

“the devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis.."

Not for me it isn't.

Anonymous said...

103 sexual assaults by Uber drivers. Seems to me a city bus is safer. While I've used these, I'm a guy who grew up around blacks and intimidation gets you nowhere and as I'm older I don't begin to imbibe like I used to. But for drunk people, not much really mixes well. Especially strangers who know that you're drunk, know your address, know where your keys are...

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey check out what's happening in St Louis Missouri cuz... St Louis is off the chain... but just remember it's Whitey fault also the liberal media says so

Anonymous said...

Wanting Whites to increase their White-on-White murder rate to downplay how psychotic blacks are gives 'Aybah poda hep' a new meaning.

Anonymous said...


Solid reference. Lost upon the inner city black child.
Yay basketball!

Anonymous said...

Carried a pistol 24/7 in Atlanta, thanks to the local blacks.

rex freeway said...

The report concluded “the devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is all too often ignored outside of affected communities.”

It's wasn't ignored. We are just tired of watching useless programs fail time and again. And any input we give is called racist. We payed attention. Now we just dont give a damn.

The only thing guaranteed is whatever program or action the Liberals and Negroes take will cost millions and resolve nothing.

Meanwhile Whites will go about life rarely killing one another. And not giving a damn about what Negroes do to each other.

Anonymous said...

Nature is an amazing healer of most problems created on earth if man could just quit interfering with it. Afros were never meant to have guns. That's why nature gave them limited mental capacity so they could never invent them on their own.

Anonymous said...

Once you get past "the talented 10th" you can absorb about 25% of the rest into federal, state and local jobs. After that, you just have to pay them to breed.

Anonymous said...

Recently, there was a road rage incident where a negro murdered a White guy. Yahoo carried the story, but the accompanying video was just a general discussion of road rage and who was road raging in it? You got it... A White guy.

Anonymous said...

"White genocide" is a bit overblown. We are not as weak, individually or as a group, as the term suggests. And the insulting term "non-Hispanic white" is, if you parse it, actually positive because there are tens of millions of Spanish people that are as white as you or me.

The Left jumped too quick in Obama's last term and started calling out whites. And of course black folk who always lack sense followed right along.

That's why Trump was elected. An auspicious start.

A historic mistake. You call out whites guys before you have them in camps.

Sick n Tired said...

Iceland a country of 330,000 people saw their homicide rate double in 2017. To 4, which is less than a typical amount of people killed in one small area of Chicago on any given weekend.

Sick n Tired said...

A Dane from Yemen.

Unknown said...

Even though it's a dayum crying shame watching our country being turned into a third world wasteland right before our very own eyes, that all of this bs would really be quite humorous if it wasn't bankrupting our nation at the same time. If only Paul could incorporate a thumbs up 👍 tab so we could easily give each other the acknowledgement we deseve towards one another for the absolute most insightful commentary on the whole wide freakin' web. That would be really cool !!!!

Anonymous said...

I’ve got them covered too:

Black serial killers:
-Chester Turner, 2002, 11 victims
-Matthew Emmanuel Macon, 2007, 6 victims
-Coral Eugene Watts, 1982, 13 confirmed, confessed to more than 50.
-Shelly Andre Brooks, 2006, 7 victims
-Derrick Todd Lee, 2002, 7 victims
-John Allen Muhammad, 2002, 10 victims
-Henry Louis Wallace, 1984, 9 victims
-Wayne Williams, 1981, 20+ victims
-Andre Crawford, 1997, 11 victims
-Lonnie David Franklin Jr, 2007, 10 victims
-Maury Troy Travis, 2010, 2-17+ victims
-Howard Allen, 1987, 3 victims
-Terry Blair, 2004, 7 victims
-The Briley Brothers (Anthony, James and Linwood), 1979, 11 victims
-Alton Coleman, 1984, 8 victims
-Paul Durousseau, 2003, 7 victims
-Kendall Francois, 1998, 10+ victims
-Carlton Gary, 1978, 7 victims
-Lorenzo Gilyard, 1993, 6 victims
-William Henry Hance, 1978, 4 victims

Tyrone S. said...

"Why Won't White People Kill Each Other..."

I see this as 'Fake News'. I know of many whites who have been murdered by other whites. This is especially true in the Ozarks. These facts are suppressed in the white media. The reason Black murder rates seem to be at high is because Blacks are concentrated in smaller geographic areas. Looking at the big picture, whites are more prone to, not only murder one another, but to participate in drive -by's in Black areas. Why do you think there are infinitely small closures regarding Black murders? Because they are committed by whites racists.

You people are so out of touch with the real world.

Mr. Rational said...

"Tyrone S." sounds like a SJW troll.

I know of many whites who have been murdered by other whites. This is especially true in the Ozarks.

What are the chances that a true native of the Ozarks is named "Tyrone"?

These facts are suppressed in the white media.

The "suppression" which elevates the (likely, but unproven) murder of a White couple by a White (pretty much certain) druggie to the pages of the Jew Jork Daily Jews?

Why would Jew Jorkers care about Pennsylvanians?  Only when they can feel superior to them, of course.

The reason Black murder rates seem to be at high is because Blacks are concentrated in smaller geographic areas.

Blacks account for well over HALF of all murder victims AND even MORE murder perps in the USA.  Geographic concentration hasn't got shit to do with it.

Looking at the big picture, whites are more prone to, not only murder one another, but to participate in drive -by's in Black areas.

You're either insane or Hasbarat.  This Does. Not. Happen.

Why do you think there are infinitely small closures regarding Black murders? Because they are committed by whites racists.

ZOMG, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  You think AFRICANS who riot over killings of AFRICAN criminals by police but refuse to "snitch" on their own local gang-bangers would fail to finger "white racist" assassins?

To even think such a thing is to be insane.  To post it is to be a total assclown.