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Washington D.C. Police Officers Forced to Learn Black History/Critical Race Theory to Better Understand Black Criminals

Previously on SBPDL: These aren't mutually exclusive: Seth Rich was the leaker to Wikileaks, but was just a victim of random black violence in D.C.

Would you like to see a glimpse of what every police department in America will introduce as continuation education for all officers? 

Courtesy of Washington D.C., we learn critical race theory is now more important than reciting the Miranda warning. [D. C. police to learn black history as part of new training program,Washington Post, 4-16-18]:

D.C. police officers will take a course on critical race theory and visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture as part of a new training program, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) announced Friday morning outside the museum. 
The program, developed through a partnership between D.C. police and the University of the District of Columbia Community College, comes in the wake of amid nationwide concern over biased policing and use of force by officers, particularly in communities of color.  
“We are committed to accountability,” said Bowser, “to strengthen the bonds of trust between MPD and our residents.” 
While Bowser did report say that crime has decreased in the District — the end of 2017 saw a 23 percent drop in violent crimes and 17 percent fewer homicides — negative interactions between officers and black residents remain an issue. 
The program takes officers through a day of training, which includes a three-hour lecture on black history, a guided tour through the National Museum of African American History and Culture and a lesson on U Street, where officers examine police brutality. 
The effort comes as departments throughout the country have increased efforts to recognize and counter bias. In a similar move, the Chicago Police Department last year announced recruits would tour the DuSable Museum of African American History and the Illinois Holocaust Museum as part of their mandatory training. 
In the District, the program’s facilitators hope to provide officers with insight into the African American experience in the nation’s capital. 
“If you’re going to be a police officer in Washington, you need to understand the history of the city, and race is a big part of that,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum. Wexler has studied a range of issues related to police conduct, from gun-violence prevention to the heroin epidemic. 
Police Chief Peter Newsham said the museum’s exhibits force officers to confront ugly moments in the history of policing. 
“People who were supposed to serve and protect had played in the enforcement of discriminatory, racist and unjust policies and laws,” Newsham said. “The museum includes very honest and poignant stories of the role that policing played in some of the historical injustices in our country.”
In every police department, in every city in America, critical race theory will soon find willing pupils to inculcate. 

The only reason the city of Washington D.C. even needs police officers is because of high rates of black crime/dysfunction/homicide.

It doesn't need stating, but nearly 99.9 percent of the "gun violence" in Washington D.C. is committed by blacks. What Rich and his inevitably black killer had in common is simple: they both were out to get whitey. 

Hunter S. Thompson, in his hilarious Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 offered an all-too-familiar look at black violence/crime/dysfunction found in every American city with a black population of more than five percent. In a chapter titled, “Can Georgetown Survive the Black Menace?,” Thompson writes: 

Life runs fast and mean in this town. It’s like living in an armed camp, a condition of constant fear. Washington is 72 percent black; the shrinking white population has backed itself into an elegant-looking ghetto in the Northwest quadrant of town – which seems to have made things a lot easier for the black marauders who have turned places like chic Georgetown and once-stylish Capitol Hill into hellishly paranoid Fear Zones. 
 Washington Post columnist Nicholas Van Hoffman recently pointed that the Nixon/Mitchell Administration- seemingly obsessed with restoring Law and Order in the land, at almost any cost – seems totally unconcerned that Washington, D.C., has become the “Rape Capital of the World.” One of the most dangerous areas in town is the once-fashionable district known as Capitol Hill. 
This is the section immediately surrounding the Senate/Congress office buildings, a very convenient place to live for the thousands of young clerks, aides and secretaries who work up there at the pinnacle. The peaceful, tree-shaded streets on Capitol Hill look anything but menacing; brick colonial townhouses with cut-glass doors and tall windows looking out on the Library of Congress and the Washington Monument… 
When I came here to look for a house or apartment, about a month ago, I check around town and figured Capitol Hill was the logical place to locate. “Good God, man!” said my friend from the liberal New York Post. “You can’t live there! It’s a goddamn jungle!”  
Crime figures from “The District” are so heinous that they embarrass even J. Edgar Hoover. Rape is said to be up 80 percent this year over 1970, and a recent rash of murders (averaging one every day) has mashed the morale of the local police to a new low. Of the 250 murders this year, only 36 have been solved… and the Washington Post says the cops are about to give up. 
  Meanwhile, things like burglaries, street muggings and random assaults are so common that they are no longer considered news. The Washington Evening Star, one of the city’s three dailies, is located in the Southeast District – a few blocks from the Capitol – in a windowless building that looks like the vault at Fort Knox. Getting into the Star to see somebody is almost as difficult as getting into the White House. 
Visitors are scrutinized by hired cops and ordered to fill out forms that double as “hall passes.” So many Star reporters have been mugged, raped and menaced that they come and in fast taxis, like people running the gauntlet – fearful, with good reason, of every sudden footfall between the street and the bright-lit safety of the newsroom guard station…. 
Getting beaten in Congress is one thing – even if you get beaten a lot – but when you slink of out of the Senate chamber with your tail between your legs and then have to worry about getting mugged, stomped, or raped in the Capitol parking lot by a trio of renegade Black Panthers… well, it tends to bring you down a bit, and warp your Liberal Instincts. 
 There is no way to avoid “racist undertones” here. The simple heavy truth is that Washington is mainly a Black City, and that most of the violent crime is therefore committed by blacks – not always against whites, but often enough to make the relatively wealthy white population very nervous about random social contacts with their black fellow citizens. 
After only 10 days in this town I have noticed the Fear Syndrome clouding even my own mind: I find myself ignoring black hitchhikers, and every time I do it I wonder, “Why the fuck did you do that?” And I tell myself, “Well, I’ll pick up the next one I see.” And sometimes I do, but not always…
 Not much has changed in D.C. since Thompson wrote those words.

But with critical race theory, we can blame all the problems black criminals create on the lingering residue of white racism negatively affecting the city. 


Anonymous said...

Having grown up in Prince George's County, Maryland all I can say is that I learned all I needed to know about blacks before I was old enough to be a cop! The only people who need the lessons they are trying to teach are the liberal twits who hate all police and think that the boys in blue are the problem.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no cop lover, but blacks are generally what they are. Being a cop is just a job and you can always change jobs! ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't they want to try a dual-pronged approach, i.e. instructing the dindus as well as the men in blue? It can be done in school, there is a game many people are familiar with called 'Simon Says'. The only difference is that the teacher dresses up in a police uniform while giving instructions. I know it might not work, but hey, what else does?

Anonymous said...

Your senses deceive you.
Let me re-educate you so that you ignore your basic survival instincts, for the benefit of the downtrodden negro.
Small town Midwest USA doesn’t have crime, outside of juvenile hijinks, unless there is a minority population.
The commute is long, similar to big cities, but this dindu loving nonsense doesn’t play.

Awakened white said...

Wouldn't shed one tear if (when) district of criminals gets nuked.

Anonymous said...

“We are committed to accountability,” said Bowser, “to strengthen the bonds of trust between MPD and our residents.” 

Dear Mayor Bowser,

Since the police are having to show accountability to your residents to strengthen the bonds of trust, than pray tell what your ignorant co-ethnics are doing to show that they are keeping up their end of the commitment to strengthen the bonds of trust?

Riddle me that!

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"While Bowser did report say that crime has decreased in the District — the end of 2017 saw a 23 percent drop in violent crimes and 17 percent fewer homicides "

You are a liar.

Californian said...

“People who were supposed to serve and protect had played in the enforcement of discriminatory, racist and unjust policies and laws,”

What was "unjust" about segregation (I presume that is what is being referred to here)?

* Segregation laws were supported by the majority of the voters.
* Segregation laws were upheld by the Supreme Court (e.g., Plessy v Ferguson).
* Segregation laws were supported by the scientific opinion of the era (and that opinion has yet to be refuted today).

"Discrimination" means to choose intelligently. In the segregation era, White people made the intelligent choice.

But in the era of Black Run America, choosing intelligently is no longer on the menu.

Something to consider in the continuing chaos...

Anonymous said...

"The program takes officers through a day of training, which includes a three-hour lecture on black history, a guided tour through the National Museum of African American History and Culture and a lesson on U Street, where officers examine police brutality".

So being lectured at for three hours, followed by a guided tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and then to da skreets to study police brutality is what's called a days "training"?

I guess it's easier to teach the cops for a day since the monkeys they will deal with are incapable of learning with all the time needed and free access to National Museum of African American History and Culture. Perhaps blacks should sue for free guided tours.

Anonymous said...

“People who were supposed to serve and protect had played in the enforcement of discriminatory, racist and unjust policies and laws,” Newsham said. “The museum includes very honest and poignant stories of the role that policing played in some of the historical injustices in our country.”

Oh, the old "protect and serve" baloney! Look up the term, please! An ex-cop I used to work with told me that LA came up with that garbage and that other agencies followed suit. They came up with it in 1955! Old Constable O'Malley back in the days of horse drawn fire trucks never heard that crap.

Cops are supposed to respond to problems, investigate crimes and basically deal with bad guys.

Anonymous said...

How is this supposed to make the officers technically and tactically proficient?

Anonymous said...

Is Critical RACE Theory CRT ALWAYS Anti-White, I followed the twitter accounts of a few Critical Race Theory Professors (or so their bios claimed) and it was CONSTANT BASHING of Whites, even looked at their tweets months ago at Random and NOT ONE said a positive thing about White People, When they were not bashing white people, they were making excuses/trying to justify Blacks and Muslims dysfunction/crimes.

PK should send them a thank you card, as I am sure whites tired of whites being bashed turn to sites like SBPDL.

What is their final/end goal? Balkinization of the USA?

Anonymous said...

Here’s tip number one for all police officers, blacks were born to be offended. They are never wrong and you are always wrong.

Anonymous said...

The problems that involve blacks are unsolvable because the proposed solutions (better schools, more programs, less oppression, etc.) operate under faulty premises. Here are some of them:

1. There are no genetically-determined differences in intelligence among races.
2. There are no genetically-determined differences in behavior among races.
3. Blacks are treated unfairly in American society. (The opposite is true. They're favored, appeased, coddled, and excused.)
4. Black problems are significantly the result of poverty which is of course caused by white racism.

-Lee Lepanto

cloudofhaze said...

She may be right. The murderers (Blacks) are moving out.

nokangaroos said...

"When you take away the murders Washington actually has a very low crime rate."

- Marion Barry, successfully scribing satire

Every Wakandan in Sodom-on-the-Potomac already knows the Miranda warnings by heart,
so where´s the problem?

And those expensive museums gotta be filt too.
(I especially love the holocaust one; historically every last attempt at politicizing police - or military for that matter - has turned to shit. Good luck to the bruthas)

"[]get out of the squad car and interact with people ... before anything happens."
Now THAT´S some uncommonly sound advice - squad cars are death traps.

- But overall I see nothing in the curriculum that couldn´t be fit inside a bad lunch break - just more make-work for the (((Latvian))). It´s just tax dollah after all (coupled with another chance to piss in YT´s face; what else is new?)

R_Moreland said...

Some things for law enforcement to consider:

These visits to museums are a crude form of PSYOP against good policing. The purpose of this PSYOP is to undermine police ability today to enforce the law.

Regarding confronting "ugly" moments in police history: ask the people giving these tours if they know what ex post facto law is, and if they realize such laws are unconstitutional. By attacking the police for enforcing laws placed on the books by the legislature in the past and which the police were sworn to uphold, they are calling for officers to not uphold the law today.

Who has the back of the police? Black Lives Matter? Crazed cat ladies? Antifa? These are the same people who call the cops "pigs," toss dangerous objects at police lines and overturn squad cars. Various city governments have given police stand down orders in the face of rioting by Black Lives Matter. Criminals like Michael Brown have been made into folk heroes, while officers performing their lawful duty (like Darren Wilson) have been forced out of law enforcement.

Is any of that justice?

Where are the museums to White history which show black violence against Whites: the rioting, the drivebys, the flashmobs, the race hustles, the shakedowns? Read the real history (it can be found on websites such as this one), see how this black criminality forced White people to enact segregation to protect their lives, properties and liberties. Once great cities such as Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, St Louis and DC have been turned into urban wastelands where gangbangers have the run of the 'hood and criminals terrorize the suburbs. The experience of today ought to shed light on policing in the past much more than an arranged museum tour.

Trust what you see on the streets. Check the race of the gangbangers, the people who disrespect cops in routine stops, the perpetrators of most serious violent crimes. Peruse "The Color of Crime," published by American Renaissance. It can found online and has the stats. And there's "White Girl Bleeds a Lot" by Colin Flaherty, also online and with videos. These works provide information which the museums will conveniently ignore.

Then look at the people behind the scenes, the ones in city administrations who attack the safety and morale of their own police officers.

Who are the real criminals?

Sick n Tired said...

Forced tax payer funded attendance at the newly opened dindu museum, anything to keep it from being seen as the abject failure every sane person knew it was going to be.

Anonymous said...

Race theory?! All you need to know is that blacks act like violent ignorant savages because of genetic differences. They will never assimilate with Whites. They must be repatriated or they will outbreed and destroy us.

Anonymous said...

Serious question:

If you study the history of slavery in America how many actual negroids were enslaved by White Americans?

Now, compare that to the actual number of White girls enslaved as prostitutes by black pimps (slavemasters)?

I'll bet given our population sizes, the White girls enslaved since the 50s and 60s until now, outnumber the groid slaves years ago. Wouldn't that be worth studying? Negroes in America have enslaved more Whites than vice versa? Do we get reparations?

Someone should do the math...

Anonymous said...

Re. pimps and slavery...

Bill in St Louis said...

“People who were supposed to serve and protect had played in the enforcement of discriminatory, racist and unjust policies and laws,” Newsham said. “The museum includes very honest and poignant stories of the role that policing played in some of the historical injustices in our country."

Stories. Honest and true stories. Really. The thing here, is IT WAS THE LAW. Whether or not the laws were unjust, they were the law. What exactly is supposed to be learned by making police watch videos/ see displays about how they used to be able to do work that mattered? Are they trying to depress them to the point of just quitting? Or, is this all a plot to boost the attendance numbers at the National Black People, No White Only Black, Effervescent Spooktacular Blackness Museum?

Anonymous said...

The whole point of the story is that police are being trained to avoid enforcing the white man's law against blacks.

Try to force your way into a business' bathroom without purchasing something? A sacred right for blacks.

Try to wrestle away a police officer's gun? A black's sporting right due to the legacy of the slavery, and not a crime.

Robbery? Simply non-punishable reparations.

Anonymous said...

Ferguson effect or juicing of the books.
Probably both.
Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

Teach cops in DC to be nice to blacks ? What is the ratio of black cops vs white cops in DC ? Honestly how do the BLACK cops feel about this ?

Anonymous said...

Colin Flaherty has this great quote or something close: “Blacks are the constant victims of white racism and it explains everything, all of the time.”
If I’m playing my little game of beat the virtue signaler, I say that line and you can just see the cognitive dissonance of a semi intelligent one.
Mallory M.

Paintjob Theory said...

“We are committed to accountability,” said Bowser, “to strengthen the bonds of trust between MPD and our residents.”

Because the accountability isn't on the black Africans to assimilate to any standards of first world civilization, but of the police to be more permissive of black lawlessness and general coonery. This is why negroes have absolutely no business being allowed the voting franchise or being allowed to participate in affairs of state at any level.

"... a three-hour lecture on black history, a guided tour through the National Museum of African American History and Culture and a lesson on U Street"

Because being talked down to by some uppity sub human for 3 hours then a stroll through the peanut butter museum is really going to change the impressions of police who spend 30 years of their life 40+ hours a week dealing with stone age savages. Best case scenario the police believe the "we wuz kangs", "we built this country" and go even harder on the average street nog for not rising up to these standards we are told should be expected from all Africans. Worst case officers just become more bitter and resentful towards these cretins and BRA insanity at large.
Take up the White Man's burden--
And reap his old reward:
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard

"Chicago Police Department last year announced recruits would tour the DuSable Museum of African American History and the Illinois Holocaust Museum as part of their mandatory training."

I'd bet dollars to donuts the thousands of officers that are force fed this SIX MILLION(TM) horseshit aren't getting free admission to that goulish fantasy theme park.

In brighter news, Starbergs is being bitten by their pets pretty hard in Philly... I wonder how that Ferguson store is working out these days?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to get to the heart of the matter and look to when blacks had lower crime rates, lower illegitimacy rates, lower unemployment rates and get back to the basics of what worked.

If the significant changes since the 1950's onward have worked less and less perhaps looking to the past is wise. If we simply reinstated the old ways and towns were able to again become "Sundown Towns" would it be any different than the current state of affairs in black neighborhoods for white people? Under Jim Crow they were much less of a problem, there were thriving black business from coast to coast. There truly WAS separate but equal when we could live in our own areas and generally not deal with, communicate with or socialize with each other unless Providence or desire made it happen. And it's a helluva lot worse for black AND white nowadays! Hell, not only were WE safer but THEY were safer! Add up black-on-black gun violence deaths and subtract the blacks who were lynched and find that they gave the final justice to far more of their own than we ever did and we did it for far greater reasons than, "he made fun of my nephew's shoes". Ueah, and I saw that excuse linked to a story I saw here.

As I approach a half century on this planet I understand that life as it was is beyond my ability to comprehend. It must've been nice. I want the people who set this all up, people of my race and others to know that I harbor deep resentment in my heart at their actions, thoughts and the fact they managed to enact their agenda. I hold them responsible and will undermine their work and their will to my dying breath.

Libby Cannaught-Noatis
(On a serious note!)

Anonymous said...

After all the data available, and all the studies that have been done, how can critical race theory or any such non-sense like that be taken seriously?


Forget a "safe space"...give me an "intelligent space", OK?

Californian said...

After all the data available, and all the studies that have been done, how can critical race theory or any such non-sense like that be taken seriously?

It's the power of ideology. People will believe in whatever nonsense it takes to justify their view of the world. Having said that, critical race theory is unraveling as more people are being Red Pilled.

Stay tuned, it ain't over yet.

PB said...

"I find myself ignoring black hitchhikers, and every time I do it I wonder, “Why the fuck did you do that?”

Trained to ignore your own programming? One day (probably his last on earth) he'll realize.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Critical Race Theory. More ridiculous racial posturing. This will solve the black crime problem how? The idea is to remove criminals from civilised society, not understand some half baked academic free ride, affirmative action appointees theory, which has no basis in reality. It's the chromosomes, stupid. Genetics dictates the culture. There's no evidence culture changes chromosomes. Culture is a reflection of a genetic predisposition. Arrest the criminals, remove them from law abiding society by any means necessary. What the hell do you expect from a race that elects a felon, and crack addict to the office of Mayor? Twice?

Pat Boyle said...

Ah! It takes me back.

I was born in Washington DC. When I was a teenager I worked on the weekends at that Evening Star building. Hunter Thompson is right. I was terrified coming and going to that building.

I lived most of my young life in Arlington Virginia. The history and geography of Arlington are interesting. Arlington was named for Arlington House what we now call Lee's Mansion (Robert E. Lee). Originally Washington was laid out as a perfect square (by a Frenchman not a negro as they would have you believe). It was composed of land donated by two states - Maryland and Virginia. But these states were on opposite sides in the Civil War so Virginia took back the part on the west side of the Potomac. This became Arlington. It never reverted to the federal government.

So Arlington became the smallest county in the United States and a bastion of whiteness across the river from the increasingly black Capitol. The Potomac was a line of demarcation. When I grew up blacks were only allowed in Arlington under certain conditions. Many families had black maids but they were not allowed to sleep in Arlington. They had to take the bus back across Key bridge at night. Right across the bridge is Georgetown that is mentioned in today's posting.

When I quit military school in the city I had to apply to a local public high school. I appeared in person before some board so they could ascertain that I wasn't black. Arlington was serious about segregation. There were no blacks at my high school and even later in college at George Mason - no blacks. One consequence of those policies was that my High School was academically advanced. We had the highest number of Merit Scholars of any open enrollment High School in the nation. Another consequence of our segregation was that our all white college basketball team was so terrible even I someone as unskilled as me could make the team.

All that has changed of course. When I was quite young we drove through Washington to visit my uncle in Maryland. We went through the South East ghetto. It was shockingly poor. The blacks lived in what looked like bombed out ruins. There was no glass in the windows or wood on the floors. You could see inside that they were providing heating with open fires. It looked like something you would have seen in the eighteenth century. This was just a few blocks from the Capitol.

All that is gone too. That kind of poverty I have only seen in some parts of Mexico. I have never seen anything like that in Europe. Ireland was at the time said to be the poorest nation in Europe but I drove everywhere and it was everywhere pleasant and prosperous. Maybe there is similar squalor on some Indian reservations. I was shocked.

My impression was that all the white people at the time would have liked to have helped the blacks but they didn't think there was much that they could do. Well, we tried, and it seemed our segregationist attitudes were correct.


D is for depressing said...

D.C. police officers will take a course on critical race theory

Critical Race Theory: Evolutionary Edition

The Humans that left Africa were subjected to extreme climates that culled those who lacked future time orientation and impulse control. These advantages were further enhanced by a rudimentary form of criminal justice system that removed from the gene pool those with antisocial tendencies. For Asian civilizations, more so.

These developmental differences strip away and simplify liberal convolutions to explain what is blatantly obvious, the observation that black malfeasance and misbehavior are the same the world over. The inability to create functioning civilizations an example, par excellence.

There is also a predictable pattern when it comes to social achievement:
Whites > Asians > Hispanics > Blacks

As well as a predictable pattern when it comes to social pathology:
Blacks > Hispanics > Whites > Asians

negative interactions between officers and black residents remain an issue.

Fix: Negative interactions between humans and blacks remain an issue.

The program takes officers through a day of training

Fix: The program takes officers through a day of indoctrination and self-flagellation.

Lady Stefania said...

1)This might be a way to discourage white men and women from applying for jobs as police officers. They might just come to the conclusion that it is not worth being slurred and humiliated.

2)We have to begin talking constantly about voluntary separation. This type of mandatory training in a country founded by whites for whites is destroying us and I hesitate to think what will happen to our people once we become a minority in this country.

Voluntary separation, please.

Anonymous said...

BTW, speaking of DC (and Starbucks) ... remember this ...

Three Starbucks employees murdered by a black male back in 1997.

Sick n Tired said...

The more of these stories there are, the more red pilled people will get. Starbucks has fucked themselves by jumping to appease these miscreants, and now shutting down for a day to teach their employees about racial bias. I can imagine their shareholders are about to take a big hit as well.

Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly, the dead white guy was in prison for a relatively minor infraction. No surprise also that Nog's represent 6 out of the 7 killed in the prison riot.

But the real gem in the article is a priceless phrase; "robbery gone wrong" lol! Honestly you can't make this s*** up!

sage said...

Speaking of DC -- in 1997, a black male named Carl Derek Cooper murdered three Starbucks employees in DC after spending the morning loitering in the store.

Marc B said...

A few weeks on the streets will undo any brainwashing that managed to sneak by the logic and survival centers in their White noggin. The black officers have known the score all along, and will find this all very comical whether they admit it or not.

Anonymous said...

This "nation" can't continue....Please, Fellow White Men, be ready....

Anonymous said...

As a longtime reader and as a first time commenter I would like to say how thankful I am for Paul Kersey to point the various problems that plague this nation through various factors such as Blacks,Feminists, SJW's, etc. The John Q citizenry of this once great country need to really start calling them out on their BS because the degenerative vermin in charge of the Media, Tech and Government sure as hell are not going to do anything to put such groups in their place.

As for the blacks I would like to say that their time is coming to pass with all the shit they pull with horrendous amounts of crime, poverty, filth and squalor due to how more superior nations such as China, Russia and Japan view this nation as a lost cause and that what is causing them to dump as much U.S. treasury holdings as much as possible. These nations see how this country keeps degenerating by the day thru blacks and their DWL enablers and see how the U.S is no longer a viable nation on top of how Trump as caved in to the YKW political hacks and Neo-cons who are dragging him through another BS war in the Middle East that is putting the entire world on edge.

I really hope for the sake of the blacks, DWL's,Feminists and Gays that this country
doesn't go tits up on it's debt with China, Russia and Japan because once they make their move , Equality, equal pay and blacks will be the least of their problems once they close in on this rotting carcass of a nation.

Unknown said...

Quite warm here in very rural NW Arkansas, I have all the doors and windows open to allow the breeze to pass through. And to think I once lived where my windows were barred... C'mon fellow Whites, find an all-White area, they exist and you will be welcomed. Most of you could purchase a very nice home here for 1/3rd the cost of what you now own...and have your windows open all night long. No job, no paycheck is worth living amongst (or anywhere near) "them".

Anonymous said...

To catch a thug you must think like a thug!

Anonymous said...

Seth was murdered at the behest of John Pedosta (ha.) Debby Watshername Shitz contracted two MS 13 vibrants for the hit. They both went toes up shortly thereafter.

SKIP said...

R. Moreland sais " By attacking the police for enforcing laws placed on the books by the legislature in the past and which the police were sworn to uphold, they are calling for officers to not uphold the law today."

NOW you're getting it.

Anonymous said...

They had to figure out someway to get attendance up at those black museums.

Augustus said...

Must have been bad weather at end of last year. I call those "crime is down stats," Chicago stats. We always hear in the month of January that crime has been down from last year's rate. Often the same in February, and through the end of the quarter. First weekend or two of warm weather and it all goes out the window, as we have many murders. Apparently criminals don't like bad weather.

Anonymous said...

These classes will probably make the police hate them more.

D-FENS said...

This year, the men’s and women’s Boston Marathon was won by a Japanese man and a White woman, respectively. Normally, this race is won by east Africans. I think that once again, blacks have been the victims of injustice. And I really do believe it is because of RACE!

Gem Junior said...

Ah, more appeasement. Maybe the police should also be taught to rub their back and feed them some pork and grits while stating their sympathy for how difficult it is to be black and have every department in government groveling and kowtowing to you... It's truly disgusting beyond belief. Sick.

Damn them for wrecking this beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle @12:12 pm. Now Arlington is full of foreigners. Northern Virginia has changed dramatically in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Bowser said — negative interactions between officers and black residents remain an issue.

Well dumbass, interactions between criminals and law enforcement have to be perceived by the criminals as negative or the interaction would be positive reinforcement of criminal behavior. If what Bowser means is that officers should politely beat the shit out the street scum while refraining from the use of harsh language, I would be okay with that.

Ex New Yorker said...

A friends daughter went to Washington a few years for a high school history contest. I told him to make sure that his daughter and her other two friends never went off "the beaten path". I told him to just stay in the local tourist area where they would be safe. Upon questioning my advice I gave him the whole ugly truth about Washington being nothing but a brutal crime infested ghetto and to not ever use the public transportation system.

My friend is just a mid-western rancher who has never been in any of theses garbage dump black cities.

I get invited each year out to his ranch for Christmas dinner. This last visit he thanked me for the truth about Washington. He stayed with his wife and kids at a hotel in Arlington and rented a car to drive around Washington for a hour or so. He told me he was in shock at what he saw.

There are so many people living out here in the FREE ZONE that do not have a clue about the real world.

Anonymous said...

“The program takes officers through a day of indoctrination and self-flagellation.”

Been there, done that. All the officers in my department had to take a course (shortly after getting a new black administrator) that was nothing more than blame-whitey, CRT, multiculturalist bullish!t. I told the black instructor that the ideology he was pushing would only increase the Balkanization of the country. He didn’t really respond to me...probably because he didn’t know what “Balkanization” meant.

On the bright side: all of us agreed that the class was pointless garbage and a waste of time. Hopefully the DC and Chicago cops are also resisting the brainwashing…

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Pat Boyle said...

Ah! It takes me back.

Thanks, Pat. Very interesting.

The DWLs like to say we're nostalgic for a world that never existed, but we remember it, and it was real. The ones who tell us it wasn't, wouldn't know, because they weren't there. Because the modern dystopian world is all they've ever known, they can't imagine anything else.

I grew up in Bloemfontein, South Africa, the birthplace of JRR Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings (no, I never read it; tried, once, couldn't).

South Africa was even more archaic than your childhood. We had a siren that sounded every night at 9:00 p.m., after which any negro found on the streets without a letter from his employer was subject to arrest. We didn't have TV until 1976; it was deemed a threat to Afrikaner culture. We kids roamed all over the countryside, and there was only one rule: be home when the streetlights come on. It was safe, you see. It was idyllic, and I hated it and couldn't wait to escape to the big city. I miss those days.

The cops didn't mess around in those days. We still had corporal punishment in the schools. The courts could sentence criminals to caning, too. Parents could spank their kids, and if the kids got out of hand, they could ask their friendly local police to help out with an unofficial caning. Kids mostly behaved, and if any became unruly in public, any adult could and would admonish them, and nobody thought anything of it.

All gone, now. But it was real, children. It can be done.

The mayor's name in this story also took me back. As long as we're doing nostalgia, here's Sha Na Na with Remember Then. Bowser's the one in the black T-shirt. Not recommended for you, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Even the short stories of your life are fascinating.

Thanks Pat

Anonymous said...

The constant excuses being made up to explain negroe dysfunction is giving me negroe fatigue. One black at my work complained that the crane siren sounds like a police siren and it's making him uncomfortable. Cranes are racist too

Anonymous said...

Here's the only lesson they need and its a freebie:

Know blacks
Know crime
No blacks
No crime

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, homicides actually ARE down in DC, about 14%, if you compared 2017 to 2016. There were 135 homicides in 2016, and 116 in 2017. However, DC is rapidly gentrifying, and a lot of that crime element is simply getting pushed out. Where it's going to, I have no idea.

My first thought would be to Prince George's County. However, homicides in PG also fell, from 98 in 2016 to 79 last year. So, I have no idea what's going on. Is it possible that all the worst ones are finally killing each other off?

Now Montgomery County, to the north, did see a slight rise in homicides, from 16 in 2016 to 21 in 2017. However, in a county of over 1 million people, that's statistically insignificant in my opinion. Plus, Montgomery County seems to be getting over-run with Latinos, rather than blacks.

Oh, and I am convinced there's a "January effect" or some kind of winter effect. Homicides in Baltimore are down notably so far this year, compared to this time last year. I live in the area, and the weather has definitely been cooler this year than normal. Heck, here it is, mid-April, and there's frost on the cars! Anyway, cooler temperatures are going to keep them indoors more, off the streets. Probably sleeping more. As a rule they don't handle the cold as well as us, so they'll go a bit dormant.

Here's another statistic, that's interesting, and a small consolation I guess. I believe eventually, the blacks will lose PG County. I saw a mailer that the PG County public schools sent out, that has a bunch of statistics on the school system. Whites are now the smallest minority in the classroom. Blacks make up 58%, but Latinos are 33%. Asians are 4%, and Whites, only 3%.

For comparison, here's the census breakdown, with 2016 estimates. Black alone (including those identifying as "Latinos"): 65%. White alone (including those identifying as "Latinos"): 26.5. Asian: 4.6%. Two or more races: 2.7%. American Indian: 1.1%. Now, the kicker...Latino (which can be white, black, etc.): 17.8%. White, non-Latino: 13.1%. The Whites have been fleeing PG county for ages now. Most of the Whites I know are older, who have been around for decades. However, once their kids became adults they got the hell outta Dodge, so future generations are being raised elsewhere. I don't think the blacks will ever go away completely, but at the way the Latinos are flooding in, and if the growing number of kids in school is any indication, I think they will over-take them within a few decades. Not that I'd want to live in PG county then, either...

PO'ed in PG...

Anonymous said...

This was Hunter S. Thompson we're talking about. That rich boy wrote some funny stuff, but I tried reading a collection of his letters. As much as I found his stuff funny, he as a person was annoying (in letters). He wrote often to friends, begging for money from them with some regularity. Richie Rich, poor little rich boy couldn't get by without begging. No wonder he became an increasingly paranoid and shot himself when he became unable to summon the bravado to be a public druggie.

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Wow! Starbucks employees killed by a "star buck"! Perhaps if they'd started that conversation on race back in the 90's their three employees wouldn't have been murdered. A Washington Times article I looked at on his conviction said he did it because that location didn't have cameras. The killer must've been in the "talented tenth". Poor buck shoulda been a preecha!

Anonymous said...

The night before, we should go to our local Starbucks, ask to use the restroom without paying for anything and then leave a copy of the article on the crazed black murderer of their coffee-brethren.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't loitering, he was just hanging out waiting to use the bathroom... Without paying for anything! Ha, ha, ha! Seems to me the negroes in the Shitty (hole) of Bruthaly Love. We'd to March to get this man out of prison. Black lives matter! Ha, ha! Too black, too strong, da way ah likes mah coffee!