Friday, April 6, 2018

Black Club in 65% Black Memphis Will No Longer Play 'Hard Rap Music' Because it Attracts Black on Black Crime/Violence

Previously on SBPDL: Black Lives Matter? Black Peace Activist Shot By Fellow Blacks in 65% Black Memphis

Remember Choosey Parker, the Memphis 'peace activist' who was shot by a fellow black person? 

She died

Every action has consequences... [Purple Haze blames 'black on black crime,' decides to stop playing 'hard rap music', WMC Action News 5, 4-6-18]:
Purple Haze Nightclub will no longer play "hard rap music," according to the business' Facebook page. 
Black on black violence at a black club in Memphis is the reason why the owners will no longer pay hard core rap music... because so many other black clubs in Memphis have had to close because of black on black violence
The club said it "tried to accommodate an urban crowd that hit all of the downtown dance clubs when a club on Beale St. decided to go in a different direction." 
They went on to say, "Unfortunately there is a bad element associated with parts of that scene." 
In response to a Facebook comment that alleged the problem is their staff being affiliated with drugs and crime, Purple Haze said, "the issue is black on black crime outside the club that we cannot control." 
In response to a Facebook comment that alleged the problem is their staff being affiliated with drugs and crime, Purple Haze said, "the issue is black on black crime outside the club that we cannot control." 
Purple Haze announced it will now play old-school, clean hip hop and top 40 hits instead of the "hard rap music." 
There have been multiple incidents in and near Purple Haze, including a peace activist who was shot and killed just outside the club, and a person who was shot inside the club on Christmas morning. 
A spokesperson for Purple Haze released the following statement to WMC Action News 5: 
It has come to our attention that a recent Facebook post announcing a change in our musical entertainment was not well written by our social media manager and has been reported to be offensive. We have deleted the Facebook post and want to sincerely apologize for any language that was used that was taken as insensitive or offensive, as that was absolutely not our intent. 
Our musical entertainment will focus on old school hip hop and Top 40 this summer as we continually work to bring you safe and enjoyable nightlife entertainment.
But... but... but... Black Lives Matter!!

We owe these people nothing.



Anonymous said...

While I commend this small glimmer of sense, they all need to go. Violence, lawlessness & parasitism are all in their genome. They need to go back to Mammy Africa.

Ken said...

OT - just dredging up memories of my time at a junior high school in Baysise, NY, in 1978 - 1980:

...I learned my lessons early. My Junior High School, in Queens, was the recipient of bussing from poorer black areas of southern Queens. Where these "students" grateful that they were getting a superior education with whites. That was the fartherest from the truth. For the most part, they were nothing more than a discipline problem as they acted out in class. White students were routinely robbed, harassed and beaten up. In a packed auditorium, a powerful black kid tried to force a white girl into a sex act. (Most of the male knee-grow "students" we're obsessed with their genitals. They constantly said s**k my d**k). I forgot to mention that at the beginning of the month, these unwanted kids would get their free lunch vouchers while everybody else had to bring in their lunch. My parents were paying for the free lunch program yet neither myself nor my friends were allowed to participate. Because of unelected Judges and democrats, we are subsiprizing our own destruction. The funniest episode. "Rapper's Delight" was one of the first (c)rap songs to make it. During a Spanish class, all of the male kneegrows got up, walked to the front of the class and did their own rendition of Crapper's Delight.

The stories of humans in "integrated" are the same. Forced busing was truly a criminal act forced upon us. How about reparations YT.

Basso e Grasso said...

They should play Nat King Cole.

Ex New Yorker said...

A couple years ago I posted a list of shootings that took place at rap concerts. I gave a long list of dates, places and body counts. I only went back two or three years because after that it was starting to get boring. My favorite was the shooting at a rap concert in a strip mall in Phoenix with a body count of 17.

I also gave a list of shootings for the last three years that took place at Martin Luther King Day parades. The parade shootings were even better. All in all the body count averaged out about the same.

It's good to know that rap concerts are a great place to have a good old fashioned shoot out.

Anonymous said...

How about The Funeral March?

Non PC Infidel said...

We've had a number of these types of clubs open in my town only to find themselves being swiftly shut down by the city as public nuisances because of all the violence associated with (and committed by) the clientele. And, of course, due to the tsunami of complaints by businesses, customers and residents in the areas who were being severely and negatively affected. The weird thing was that the owners always tried to locate the clubs in the whitest areas they could as if by doing so they could prevent the violence from breaking out. Of course, that's a stupid idea as the businesses attract the very kind of people responsible for the violence in the first place- just like no matter where you put the city dump, it's going to attract rats and other vermin and create a massive stench.

Blacks ruin everything. Does anyone else remember how MTV and VH1 used to be good when they started out and how they played wonderful music.....until blacks loudly complained that they weren't showing black "music" videos and rap crap infested everything? Both went down the toilet faster than a jet fighter in a nose dive.

Anonymous said...

I can send them some Johnny Rebel hits.

Awakened white said...

They should play Nat King Cole.
Need to return to Africa to build wakanda and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there nearly as great in number as those shootings at classical music concerts.

Anonymous said...

Start playing Beethoven or Iron Maiden and watch them scatter like rats.

Or, even funnier, lock them in.


Anonymous said...

“We will no longer play hard rap music...”

Good. Now they can play some good music.

“Purple Haze announced it will now play old-school, clean hip hop and top 40 hits..."

Never mind...

Anonymous said...

What a great subject for a documentary film!!

An honest account of the groid infection injected into the healthy White host and its consequences. Would love to hear these tales told by the White survivors. Get their opinions on nogs, genetics, behavior, and the success of busing orcs.

Anonymous said...

Choosey chose poorly.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

"the issue is black on black crime outside the club that we cannot control."

Alas, no one has been able to control black on black crime, at least not since the end of segregation.

commoncents said...

Tucker Carlson: Media will stop talking about YouTube shooting - Video

ps. would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

Anonymous said...

I always make a point of watching old episodes of "Family Feud" if they feature a black family. The 90's-era shows hosted by Ray Combs are especially humorous (and revealing).

One was on last night and I caught a 10-minute snippet. The first question I saw asked was, "Name a famous artist" and there were 7 possible answers. The white family won the face-off by answering "Rembrandt", which was only the 4th best answer. The black lady in the face-off got a chance to get one of the top three answers but timed out. The white family wisely chose to pass control of the board to the black family for this question. The first member of the black family to play was the only man (who was playing with 4 obese women) and was the only one with a modicum of knowledge. He correctly delivered the number one answer, "Picasso", but then the wheels came off for them. The next woman answered, "Stevie Wonder". Combs pointed out that not only was Wonder not the type of "artist" they were looking for, he was blind to boot. Even though he generously gave her a chance to change her answer, she stayed with Stevie Wonder, saying, "He an artist, too." Strike one. The next woman came up with the answer, "Mr. T." After the audience laughter died down and she also got a chance to change her answer, she doubled down (not having an alternative thought in her head) saying, "He paint pictures, I seen it." Strike two. On to the matriarch of the family. In a cheap attempt to buy time, she starts off by answering, "Picasso". After being given a generous amount of time to give another answer, she inexplicably spits out, "Modigliani", who was (and I had to google to confirm this later) a lesser-known artist from the turn of the 19th century. I don't know where she got that answer from, but nevertheless, it wasn't one of the remaining five answers. The white family easily stole the board by answering, "Da Vinci".

The next question was, "Name something Switzerland is famous for." The white family buzzed in first in the face-off and answered, "skiing". Number four answer. The black guy gets a chance to answer now and says "mountains", which got credit for the top answer on the board, "The Alps". With control of the board, he says that they are going to play! The first black woman up says, "hot cocoa". I guess she was thinking of the product "Swiss Miss", but the judges liberally award her credit for getting the answer, "chocolate". The next woman, she of "Mr. T" fame, comes up with an even more ridiculous answer this time, "bagpipes". Strike one. Next up, the matriarch tries her time-stalling ploy yet again by answering "skiing", which was already said. She eventually comes up with an answer, "coffee". Strike two. The next black woman, frustrated and struggling to come up with an answer, very predictably blurts out at the last second, "white people!", which gets a hearty laugh all around. Strike three.

Paintjob Theory said...

Whoever coined the phrase "music calms the savage beast" certainly had never lived around black Africans. I would be willing to bet you could play Brahms or Bach and genetics would still out. Though the idea of not playing shitty music will somehow make them act civilized is at least new so kudos for coming up with that one.

Another day another doomed to failure idea to try to get blacks to behave like modern humans. If there was a "This is all so tiresome" t-shirt I'd buy one.


Kroger should play Vivaldi and Mendelssohn in ALL their stores.

Also, have huge banners and pictures, that the negro finds offensive, like families having lunch, etc., together. They can use Asian and Mexican families so as to not make it too obvious.

This is Roach repellent and will keep the negro out.

Another idea is to put up a sign that says:

"For Customer Security and Safety, and to ensure you have a wonderful shopping experience with us, All Kroger stores now have video monitors with Facial Recognition. Please understand the Store is under constant video watch and all out customers will have their Facial Recognition Data connected to National Security Networks at all time. We know you will appreciate this !! Thank you for shopping at Kroger, Your Safe and Wonderful Store !!"

Since over 50% of all negro bucks have a felony record, and the other 50% have outstanding warrants, the negro bucks will KEEP THE HELL out of that store.

Am I brilliant or what!!??!!

Roberto said...

Now they just need to stop selling alcohol as well.


Hmmm. OK.

Now, what would happen if a Country-Western style club decided to stop playing Country Music since there have been a few "red necks" who have shot up black people? Would people be saying that is really stupid? Would they be wondering how Garth Brooks songs would cause some guy to shoot up a negro church? Would this be taken seriously?

So (foul) rap music is the REASON Sambo beats his white slut girl friend and then shoots his crack dealer? Really? It is the MUSIC that makes you do that?

OK, then, if this is true, we need to DEMAND that Hollywood stop making ANY film that has a gun in it, a slap to a face, a curse word, etc. OK? Movies have GUNS in them ALL the time and EVERY SINGLE ACTION MOVIE has guns, guns, guns. Will they stop this?

This world is INSANE.

(I need Ex New Yorker to do another one of his excellent essays on the evil in the world and how to face it. Nobody can get into the soul/mind of that world better than him.)

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on the real negro tv program, 48 Hours.
A Dallas negress investigator's name is Simone, but she spells it, C'Mon.
Yes, Centurion, you are brilliant!!
Female in FL

Brian in Ohio said...

Another copy and paste story of a nightclub gone wrong. I had to read it twice to make sure they weren't talking about the Cameo nightclub shooting last year in Cincinnati, as all the high points were the same; Not the first shooting there. Employees and customers known for drugs. Many complaints from neighboring business`s, etc, etc.

And it wasn't the "hard rap music", although I`m sure that didn't help. It wouldn't matter if you played Motown, you get a large group of blacks together at a fucking Chuckie Cheese, and trouble is a forgone conclusion. That they were playing a style of "music" that glorifies thug behavior AND serving alcohol was just asking for trouble. How the hell did they even get insurance for that place?

And yes, classical music has been shown to drive them away.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mr. Rational said...

The facial recognition thing should be on all major stores and malls.  Flag all people with warrants or who've been caught shoplifting.

Also bans on sports clothing and hoodies.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I played dance music of Praetorius for a couple of hours. Rhythmic beautiful stuff from the 1600's. I recommend it for easy listening; takes the headache away. It is antidote to the horrible noise we have to countenance today.
Available as a CD.

Sick n Tired said...

It could have been a multitude of night clubs down here in S. Florida as well, one of the last club shootings took place in the parking lot of the club AT 7AM! The time of day when most people are up going to work or getting their kids ready for school.


A 2 6:52

I actually really like Modigliani and have been to museums featuring his work, as in Paris.

BUT, there is no way a negro could appreciate his work.

Pat Boyle said...

Maybe I should pass on today's topic. I know nothing of pop music much less rap.

I read a book last month on the Fall of Rome. It seems there is movement today among some classical historians to deny that Rome ever fell and that there ever was a Dark Age. These scholars maintain that there was just a smooth transition from Italian culture in classical times to Germanic culture in the medieval period.

The book was an attempt to refute this new vaguely Marxist interpretation of events in the fifth century. His argument turned on technology like domestic pottery. In the golden Age of Rome with the Antonines the average poor Roman household ate off of factory made pottery. There were standardized plates and bowls created on pottery wheels. These dishes and cups were widely distributed to all classes of people at low prices.

But after Goths and the Vandals broke into the Empire the artifacts found in the ruins were no longer created on a wheel. They were simple hand molded pots and plates. Made by the users from local clay. Rome had undergone cultural degeneration.

Something similar has happened in music. Fifty years ago pop singers like Sinatra or Crosby were technically competent singers whose grew out of Western Music - what some call art music (opera, oratorio, and salon songs). Black singers also adopted this genre. The prime example being Nat King Cole.

In instrumental music pop reached a degree of sophistication and complexity with the "big band" examples of Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey. Their dance bands were like a symphony orchestra with too much brass and not enough strings. I'm not a fan of the Big Bands (that was my father's era) but it is indisputable that they were large, complex, manned by good musicians and musically sophisticated.

Then the degeneration began. Musical groups grew smaller and the level of musical professionalism diminished. A lot of it was the negro influence. Nat King Cole emulated white crooners but Jerry Lee Lewis tried to ape black screamers. Music was going down. In the twenty first century it went down for the count. Black rap set new standards for primitive tuneless chanting to obscene animalistic lyrics.

Something similar happened in movies. The first serious black movie star was Sidney Poitier. Sidney played secular saints. His character and persona were created by white movie executives. When blacks got enough market power to create their own movies they repudiated Poitier and his sweet and civilized films. They created real black heroes like "Sweet Sweetback's Baddass Song" where the protagonist is a pimp or "Super Fly" where the black lead is a drug dealer. Poitier was like Nat Cole who sang white songs like a white man. Poitier portrayed the kind of blacks that whites had always hoped for. But the real black movie stars and rap singers were much cruder and more primitive.




If I may, humbly, comment about my BRILLIANCE, I think this idea of Facial Recognition Video and Software may be the solution.

President TRUMP: Here is the way to get control over the mud invasion of America. Every single mud that enters OUT COUNTRY, has their hideous faces photographed (videoed) from ALL angles. This goes into a National Database.

Now, companies all over the US are given Tax Credits, etc., if they install........Video Facial Recognition software. Now, when ever a negro, felon (redundant), wanted suspect (redundant), illegal mexican (redundant redundant) enters ANY store, etc., they ugly snout is uploaded and an instant response can be provided to the store security or the local police.

With this (Brilliant) idea in mind, there is no way the illegals muds, or wanted negroes can function. We can WIN. We can fight back. We can drive the roaches back over the border or into the underground where they, at least, can't shoplift a Kroger to death..

Are you paying attention, you Kroger executives who read this blog? Install this system and perhaps you can delay (but never prevent) the destruction of your stores.

Anonymous said...

This is yet another half-assed, short-sighted attempt to remedy a problem due solely to the congregation of large groups of blacks. As long as a bar serves cheap alcohol, has a small or no cover charge to get in, and is easily accessible to blacks, they WILL show up in large numbers and there WILL be crime.

If this bar was the only show in town in the black area and they switched to country music, as long as they still served cheap booze, NOTHING would change. The switch to "clean hip hop" from "hard rap" might divert a portion of their more criminal customers to other nearby establishments if all other factors were equal. Frankly, raising the price of cover/booze or establishing a dress code banning saggy pants/timberland boots would be even more effective than a change form one black genre music to another (though I guess the club doesn't want to go completely out of business).

Anonymous said...

This outcome was predictable. This generation is lost the same way most 60's & 70's kids were lost to the glorification of drugs in music. The only difference now is they're shooting guns instead of dope. Same sh^t. Different pile. Like Brian says- Stay alert. Stay alive!


Anonymous said...

Apparently her sister named Chancey didn't feel like going out that night.

Anonymous said...

Like a dog to a bell...

It's too bad about the front that they always need to put up (brought to my attention a while back by Non PC Infidel) which means that deep down they KNOW the rest of us deserve an apology, not just for the crime, bullying, rape, murder and harassment, but for all the lies, misdirection, and projection that have made US the villains AND the victims while blacks pretend to play the role of the latter.

They know that they are making the rest of us run through hoops and play musical chairs at an endless clip to show our commitment to fairness, black success, and meeting the baseline moral requirements for being a human being.

D'Shotavious can't read!

Quick, send in lesson plans to endlessly puff up black self-esteem and maybe limit the other children's books so they can't get so far ahead. F@ck their potential; we have blacks to worry about.

I'm still shaking guiltily after still not knowing what I can do IN MY PERSONAL LIFE to boost up D'Shotavious's reading and socialization scores. The beatings on whitey will continue until black morale and performance improves!

I'm not holding my breath for the studies on this phenomena at mostly white or Asian clubs, or even Hispanic for that matter. That's because instead of focusing on everyone else (like blacks always do through the projection of their own hatred toward whites) why don't we focus on THE PROBLEM, the one single demographic that is ALWAYS whining and accusing others of malfeasance while offering next to nothing and taking oh oh so much from the rest of us in terms of possessions, safety, and peace of mind.

If other blacks can't reason with them and get them to cooperate (i.e. not behave violently and assault others) then what chance does anyone else have? Are we done with this endless game of giving blacks the benefit of the doubt and looking to place the blame (and need for change) elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

Sort of like the old show "The Newlywed Game". There was a black couple on the show and the question was, "Where is the strangest place you've ever made whoopee"? After returning from off stage, the black woman gave the answer when it was her turn.

The strangest place they'd "made whoopee"? "In my behind", she said.

Anonymous said...

"Purple Haze announced it will now play old-school, clean hip hop and top 40 hits"
If they really want a peaceful environment, they should roll the clock all the way back to 1960s Motown -- you know, The Sharkelles or one of those other bee-hive haired negress quartets that laid the soundtrack for the dozens of black riots and burnt cities.
Baaaby love, mah baaaaby love...

Fled The Undertow said...

I never watched either of those channels until this year, after VH1 bought the rights to America's Next Top Model. I just had to see what kind of a SJW train wreck the show has become, and it didn't disappoint. The final four contestants at this writing are one average-looking mulatto, a beautiful blond full-figured gal from the Ukraine or something, a petite Asian-looking mongrel with no hair (completely bald), and a skinny, tattooed negro who looks like a "crack ho".

Fans online overwhelmingly support the white girl, which must drive Tyra and Co. crazy. Serves her right, though: as soon as she turned her once-popular show into a platform by which to lecture American viewers about their "narrow-minded concept of beauty", people quit watching and the show tanked.

It's spinoff, Australia's Next Top Model, is still basing its casting requirements on the traditional definition of beauty, so many U.S. viewers switched their allegiance and now watch the Aussie show instead. Another benefit to watching AusNTM: we don't have to put up with nauseating VH1 commercials promoting negro hair products, McDonald's McRib sandwiches, and upcoming episodes of "Ru Pauls Drag Race".


PAT, above:

I thought of the same degeneration of music as well. I could not but notice that music was once an achievement of mankind. Think Classical. It was to uplift people and to encourage them to strive for more and better things. Think of "The New World", Dvorak, symphony no 9 is a good example......

Then came older people's music, with the turn of the century. More immediate emotions. Present life.

Then came middle age music, the big band style. Sinatra. etc. Love, heartache, longing.

Then came teenage music in the 50's with...Elvis....impulsive...impatient.

Then came pre-teen music with the Beatles.. ("I wanna hold your hand"...really deep meaning)

Angry teen music with Led Zeppelin, The Who (smash your instruments when you're done), etc. Heavy Metal.

Then angry pre-teen music with punk rock. Insults. Screams.

Then the druggy music (late 60's to late 80's)

And then the temper-tantrum music of today. Nothing but little snot kids mouthing "dirty words".

Yes, you are correct, as usual. Music has decayed as the World has decayed. Nothing up-lifting. Only screaming, uneducated, brat toddlers who are angry since they can't have what they want.

This same pattern is found in Movies. It is found in fashion and clothes we wear. Take a look at photos from the 30's, 40's and even 50's where people got DRESSED up to go shopping or the movies or on an air plane. Today, people go out wearing shorts and flip flops. Slobs.

Did the decay come before the fashion shifts OR are the fashion shifts promoted on us to CREATE the decay?

Anonymous said...

Great news!

"Hidden Figures" is going to be a TV show!

"Nat Geo has put in development a potential series inspired by the Oscar-nominated film 'Hidden Figures'...which tells the true story of three brilliant African-American women working at NASA who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history."

Wow, they've gone from being "involved" to "instrumental" to now the "brains behind" the Apollo space program.


3 dead and many injured in a car attack in Germany (a previous White country)

NO mention of the name of the perp. No photo. Nothing. They do say he had mental issues. Now, how do they know that but not his name, origin, etc.?

Well, we here at SBPDL know that "mental" issues means he is an african, or arab, or asian. It goes without saying.

"Mental Issue" to me means: Muslim Arab Refugee Male, sent in by Soros, to kill as many WHITE Germans as possible.

Pat Boyle said...

I completely agree with CENTURIAN that we could (should) photograph those caught running the border. But I am not hopeful.

When I read about suspects in violent crimes being arrested, I wonder why don't we take a saliva swipe and save their DNA? It doesn't hurt. Then we might better understand the influence of genes like MAOA.

But we don't. Many people recognize racial inequality and don't want us to gather any evidence that might bolster unwelcome conclusions.


rex freeway said...

I'm pretty sure the only way to stop violence inside and outside the clubs is to
1.close all black clubs period.
2. not allow blacks to congregate anywhere but home after dark
3. bring back stop & search
4. get rid of liberal sentencing for gun violations

Not playing shitty (C)rap music is like midnight basketball and Black preachers walking the streets for peace.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Country music is like Kryptonite to blacks. We have two country bars, they come in occasionally to hit on the white women, but leave when nobody buys into their bs.

Anonymous said...

No alcohol or rap music caused this mayhem, it was just feral negro behavior. If this were caused by the music, then why do we see the same violence at Denny's or Chuck-E Cheese? Great apes such as the Silverback have been studied for years, and they share 99% of the same DNA as negroes. Is it not reasonable to note that negroes react much like silverbacks in the wild? While scientists study these animals, a wrong look can cause these animal to charge! The same can be applied to negroes. I would avoid eye contact and use a gentle "ew ew ew" sound like a Chimpanzee that is happy when walking near them, and they will see you mean them no harm. If a black female screeches out in a loud voice saying something like "EEE EEE EEE", I would vacate as mayhem is about to ensue. As in Chimpanzees, something has broken the calm because the female has been insulted.

Some have said playing Nat King Cole music...sorry, this would only make them mad because they don't like that kind of music. Whether you play music they like which precipitates violence, or music they don't like which also precipitates violence, there is no solution but to ban negroes.

Californian said...

I read a book last month on the Fall of Rome. It seems there is movement today among some classical historians to deny that Rome ever fell and that there ever was a Dark Age. These scholars maintain that there was just a smooth transition from Italian culture in classical times to Germanic culture in the medieval period.

Future archeologists 1500 years from now will sift through the ruins of Detroit, Baltimore, Newark and Memphis and conclude that there was a catastrophic event which occurred sometime after the year 1965 which led to massive depopulation, destruction of utilities, and numerous bodies being deposited in graveyards with evidence of gunshot wounds.

DWL historians will then reinterpret the data as a smooth transition from some terrible, terrible Era of Segregation to the Culture of High Wakanda.

Brian in Ohio said...

Wow, they've gone from being "involved" to "instrumental" to now the "brains behind" the Apollo space program.

"We goin to da moon. Sheeiiiiit."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Antidote said...

C'mon Simone! Dat sheit beez stoopit! dee criminals beez laffin' at you n' sheit!

It definitely isn't the music or the booze or the lighting---although I'm sure these are accelerants. It's just the chimping impulse. They can't help it.

@ Centurion: I've been taking Niacin. It cleared up Reynaud's which I had since teenage years. Thanks Xs, Antidote

Anonymous said...

I've seen exactly what you speak of whenever a Negro family is on. They give them credit for wrong answers. It blows my mind.

I've also seen how heavily edited those particular shows are, with there never a non stop clip of being asked a question with the followup answer.

Anonymous said...

If you look at (((Who))) owns the record labels that pushed Rap music on us and stripped away all other forms, this is easy to understand

Anonymous said...

Since the 80’s this music called rap has been causing black on black crime. Causing black on white crime. Causing black adult on black child crime. Causing black on dog crime. The list is endless. If this were white music it would have been banned. Gangstas, bitches, and hoes. What an idiotic group of people, I thought it was a flash in the pan but it’s proven to be enduring.

Anonymous said...

I wish that Pat Boyle was a college professor. I would take any class that he taught. Although he could probably teach at least ten.

Californian said...

Paul Theroux in his southern African travel book The Last Train to Zona Verde observes how rap has become the music of apocalypse, an incessant background chant to the destruction of civilization from Cape Town to Luanda. I recommend reading Last Train for a vision of what the future (and present!) is like in lands dominated by Africans, whether Angola or Memphis.

There really needs to be further study of rap and its relation to a world of AK-47 toting Africans, tribal dancing, general mayhem and disintegrating urban landscapes on several continents. If this were a 1930s action serial, when rap music started playing one would expect the White troops in a fort to comment: "The natives are restless" and then load up the Maxim guns.

Anonymous said...

Since the 80’s this music called rap has been causing black on black crime. Causing black on white crime. Causing black adult on black child crime. Causing black on dog crime. The list is endless. If this were white music it would have been banned. Gangstas, bitches, and hoes. What an idiotic group of people, I thought it was a flash in the pan but it’s proven to be enduring.

I was working in the music video industry back in the 1980s, and most everyone thought that rap was a temporary fad. Sooner or later, there would be a return to the mellowness of Kool and the Gang or even the sophistication of The Supremes.

Well, it turns out that rap became the dominant culture (if you can call it that) of blackness. And right about this time, the gangs escalated all out of control. Blacks reverted to the African mean and dragged down many cities with them.

The "hidden figures" were not black female rocket scientists; they were the moneys made off of promoting gangbanging and drug dealing in the 'hood, with rap raking in its own share of the loot.

Anonymous said...

Non PC Infidel- It's not weird that the black clubs are in the whitest areas. The drug dealers can work in it with out being robbed by blacks. The whites will buy drugs and not shoot up the dealers. Makes sense to me. Put it in a dangerous black area and all kinds of things start happening. Patrons get robbed when they are leaving the club early morning. Word gets around and no one will go. Or the club will be robbed of the night's proceeds. Or the band's equipment will be stolen or the band will be robbed of their pay when they are leaving. Or the club will be broken into and robbed of all the DJ equipment and anything that isn't nailed down.

The local dealers/gangs will not take kindly to anyone stepping in their territory. They would demand a cut of the action or protection money.

And there is less a chance that the local police will be stopping by to arrest anyone when the fights inevitably break out.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with blacks in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Believe me, blacks don’t need rap music for their criminality. They beat people while listening to The Platters.

Mr. Rational said...

I just realized that there's a lot else you could do beyond face-recognition systems (which can be defeated with hoodies, masks and sunglasses).

Obviously, license-plate readers.  Track the plates of known troublemakers and stolen vehicles.  Pounce on them immediately when detected.  Drop gates on them when they come into the mall or business district.

Also, microcell units like Stingray which vacuum up phone ID number data.  Track every phone that comes from the ghetto or was associated with a crime.  Associate with video data.  But most importantly...

Hip-hop and ebonic detection.  Blacks just LOVE to blare out their crap at top volume and conduct their conversations at the top of their lungs.  Use it to detect and track them.  Watch them like hawks.  Apply the same on- and off-site behavior standards Facebook and Twitter want to use to block their cars at mall and store entrances.  You create a nuisance wherever you go?  You don't go here.

Best of all, demand that the troublemakers be kept off public transit.  You commit crime?  You either have a car or you get around on foot:  no bus or subway for you!  And that helps isolate the crime problem to the homes of the criminals.  It would also keep those homes in the 'hood, because the countryside would be a foodless wasteland for those without cars and barred from stores by their history.  Section Ape does no good if you can't eat.

In the restoration of civilization to the USA, we need all the tools we can get.  Those are some necessary ones.

Anonymous said...

This time It's not one of the the usual toads. The perp has been identified as Jens Handeln, a German national with no known links to extremist groups. Seems like he's just a nut job, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Nat Geo sure went downhill quickly. First the tranny issue, then the groid issue, and now this. Was there a change in ownership, a new group at the top, etc., to bring on this idiocy?

Bill in St Louis said...

In response to a Facebook comment that alleged the problem is their staff being affiliated with drugs and crime, Purple Haze said, "the issue is black on black crime outside the club that we cannot control."

They admit it. On a public forum. Which is then protested, and taken down as "offensive". They can't even admit it to themselves.

Anonymous said...

I thought rap was a fad too- even as a kid there was something that drew me to oldies and other music with a catchy melody that you could sing. Rap has no melody. Sometimes there will be a sheboon ooh oohing over a simple four chord progression repeated over and over, often they will just take a song from the 60s-90s and "cover" it. They do not know how to play instruments, they do not know how to sing. The white man created fisher-price kindergarten versions of instruments so anyone can play and the computer will fix up (autotune) all their horrible mistakes for them. Practice and effort to make music is a thing of the past.

And while I complain, rap HAS won, regardless of the role media plays in filtering music to the masses. The lion's share of the young white people that I have met or come across seem to prefer rap and aren't shy about letting others know about it. I've even heard "country-rap" and "Latin rap"- superior forms of art are morphing into cRap by popular demand.

One thing that I notice about blacks is that they LOVE simple, repetitive things. In every single rap song forced upon me I hear basically the same musical line over and over, just with different words that generally just rhyme one word as the end of the line into the ground. That how it sound. Being around. That's what I'm talking about that has got me down and then it can't be found... yes, it's that fking easy and sounds even stupider.

And they ALL do it. Plus the "featuring" which occurs in over half of their songs on an "album", meaning they can't even be bothered to write their own "music" as if the bar hasn't been set low enough. I picture them just getting high and seeing what comes out and then selling it to suckers. I wonder how much of their year they actually spend practicing, writing, and recording "music" compared to how much of the time they're just "hanging out" and partying.

I figure we have to wait until the 20's for good music to start showing its face again, partly because then it will be a decade that is easy to describe just like the 60s, 70s, etc. The 00's and the 10's just didn't have a good ring to it. I know this seems peripheral but I think details like that also have an impact.

I'm waiting for musicians of the alt right to start making a name for themselves, as we are currently the underdog and there is a huge audience for it. Given the lack of competition, it's only a matter of time...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are always the ones that degenerate music. Whites have to come along and clean it up a bit and add a little "couth" if you will. Blues music was the same garbage as rap. I bought plenty of Blues albums.They are not the greatest ever.Same beats and rhythms ,just like rap.And the lyrics for a lot of Black blues ,some were as sick and dirty as their rap music. Whites always come in with more creativity and skill and imagination. The problem is Whites always keep emulating Blacks and their drinking and drug fueled lifestyle. Just like the old Black blues players.Just like the Jazz players.All those Blacks were drug addicts and drunks.Whites keep emulating these drug- addled morons.And even then White musicians are a 100 times more creative and have created all the different genres of music. No Blacks could have ever created the Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Or bands like Marshall Tucker or The Band. Jimi Hendrix is NOT the greatest guitarist ever.He was a hack and a heroin addict loser.Whites need to glorify White musicians and artists and historical figures NOT BLACKS .Not any Black...NONE!

D-FENS said...

“Nat Geo sure went downhill quickly. First the tranny issue, then the groid issue, and now this. Was there a change in ownership, a new group at the top, etc., to bring on this idiocy?”

The coup de grace was the (((new editor))).

Anonymous said...

I believe the old term is, "music soothes the savage breast". Knee-grows are people, not breasts. I like breasts, but I do not like Knee-grows.

Anonymous said...

The entire WORLD needs Ex New Yorker to do another essay. Actually, he needs to have his life story turned into a miniseries. Even though I have not owned a television for over 10 years, I would buy one to watch that dreamy miniseries!

Anonymous said...

In the old days they would leave when nobody sold them drinks. Actually, back then they wouldn't have entered the establishment due to common sense laws we can't have anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think of him as "Bro-Hio". Stay alert, stay alive is his tagline! I'll bet his hometown used to be better. He is a prophet, as is the ex-New Yorker, Formerly Ms. Greenbaum, etc...

And YOU, NY Trumper ain't so bad yourself!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see "Niggin Figures", but I heard about it.

Anonymous said...


I grew up in PG County! You DO NOT avoid eye contact with the silverback, you show PRIDE! If the Groidian-Americans do not like it than genocide them.

Anonymous said...

He is a professor, take notes!

AnalogMan said...


...Video Facial Recognition software. Now, when ever a negro, felon (redundant), wanted suspect (redundant), illegal mexican (redundant redundant) enters ANY store, etc., they ugly snout is uploaded and an instant response can be provided to the store security or the local police.

With this (Brilliant) idea in mind, there is no way the illegals muds, or wanted negroes can function. We can WIN.

I can't see it. Wasn't there a scandal a few years ago because Artificial Intelligence software can't distinguish between a negro and a gorilla? They all look the same. However, that software could and would be used on humans. Be careful what you wish for.

AnalogMan said...

Several penetrating comments about the shortcomings of black music. All spot on.

Africans have a natural talent for harmonizing, and their sense of rhythm is proverbial, but they are intellectually, shall we say, limited. Early explorers noted that their singing was just endless repetition of a few simple phrases.

My son-in-law used to work as a sound engineer at a recording studio in Johannesburg, South Africa. We were discussing this just last night. He used to remaster old recordings. He said the worst were the Zulu traditionals. They were mind-numbingly repetitive, and eight hours of cleaning them up was exhausting.

Here's a very popular example, performed by a diversity-challenged choir (mostly White - I wouldn't ask you to view a video of mostly groids):


(Beats crap, mind you).

Anonymous is also correct about their lack of competence. They had one local superstar who used to come in to make a record. The studio would dutifully take it all down, then after he left, they would have their studio musicians do it all over. He was always very pleased with the final result, how good the modern recording techniques made him sound.

rex freeway said...

Any retard with an electric keyboard and a mic can make (C)rap music. Look at the so called artist's. Are there any without felonies? If this guy could record (C)rap, anyone can.

Mr. Rational said...

One thing that I notice about blacks is that they LOVE simple, repetitive things.

Noted in "Negroes in Negroland".  That book needs to be mandatory reading in all US history/social studies classes, preferably in 8th or 9th grade.  It makes visible what cannot be un-seen again.

In every single rap song forced upon me I hear basically the same musical line over and over, just with different words that generally just rhyme one word as the end of the line into the ground. That how it sound. Being around. That's what I'm talking about that has got me down and then it can't be found... yes, it's that fking easy and sounds even stupider.

Retards Attempting Poetry.

I'm waiting for musicians of the alt right to start making a name for themselves

If you read a certain site which has problems keeping its domain, you'll see occasional links to an artist who does electronica and likes to give his tracks very alt-rightish titles.  Check it out.

Blues music was the same garbage as rap.

One of the things that helped red-pill me was blues songs like "Your husband is cheatin' on us".  It celebrates the degeneracy of Black culture.

Is there a market for a unit on Black culture for home-schoolers (and maybe for other parents worried about their kids going wrong)?  Assembling all this stuff in one package might be a great way to inoculate White kids against wiggerism and coal-burning.

SKIP said...

I just found out my wife cancelled our long time Nat-Geo sub because of the "transgender" issue. I never even saw it as she threw it away! Good riddance I say now.

SKIP said...

Watching FOX about the Syrian goings on. I've been in Syria before Obama fucked it up. Neither we, nor Israel, had any problems with/from Syria until the HNIC fucked it up there. Same situation in Libya, Tunis, Algeria and Egypt. Obama running things has brought about the same destruction as anything ever run by a HNIC, they simply cannot run things except into the ground.

Anonymous said...

As long as it was just africans in America attacking Whites that was okay but africans in America attacking Africans in America, it's STOP THE RAP.

Anonymous said...

You may want to rethink the bakkabaww stories and the (((movie))) posts. If you advertise for those who do not have your best interests in mind some may feel your beliefs may be somewhat lackluster. Dont support the (((film industry))) and sporting bucks, they hate us.

Anonymous said...

But a planned knife attack in Muenster for a half-marathon was foiled. Those were Mohammedan scumholes.

Anonymous said...

It's great music if you need a soundtrack for depraved criminality!

Detroit Refugee said...

Whites need to glorify White musicians and artists. Not a black not any black...NONE!

I'm an amateur guitarist / hack. Have been since that 1st Flying V under the Christmas Tree @ 1984.
Always followed White players. Randy Rhoads, Eddie VH, Dime, Iommi, etc. Hendrix was a freak. I always said, " a drug induced negro". Got many a chuckle outta my music circle buddies..!!

But, if you gotta love a black player I'll offer up Phillip Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame. The Black Rose wrote about Nordic & Celtic legends. Great players like Gary Moore & Scott Gorham in TL too.

Detroit Refugee said...

This makes total sense.