Thursday, August 2, 2018

Baltimore Ceasefire "Celebrates" One-Year Anniversary: Thus Far in the 70% Black City, There Have Been 167 Homicides...

Previously on SBPDL: CeaseFire! Blacks in 70% Black Baltimore Challenged to go Three Days (Aug 4 -6) with "Nobody kill Anybody" Campaign

The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore tells the story of why Baltimore died and dares point out why "people are afraid to come into the city."


Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Which brings us to this insanity. 
There have been 167 homicides in 70 percent black Baltimore in 2018... what exactly is Ceasefire celebrating this weekend?


First, you must be reminded that in 1918, Baltimore was nearly 90 percent white. 

Today, the city is roughly 25 percent white. 

And with a near 70 percent black population, you get this... [Baltimore Ceasefire Reaches First Anniversary This Weekend,, August 1, 2018]:
A grassroots anti-violence effort will reach an important milestone this weekend. Baltimore Ceasefire will mark one year since the creation. 
Members met Tuesday night to talk about what they've learned, and how the plan to go forward with their movement. 
"I'm trying to get myself together. He said, 'Daddy. He's gone. They killed him.' So, now we have to take care of five grandbabies," said Baltimore resident Lawrence Manning. 
Manning's son, Tyrone, was shot and killed in May in Baltimore City. He was 33 years old. 
"Three o'clock in the morning, my body just goes into mode, like, 'What is that?' or, the least little sound when I hear gunshots in the neighborhood," Manning said. 
Manning was among the more than 30 people who attended the meeting, which was held the city's Community Mediation Center. 
"If anyone loses their life to violence, we'll put out a call for people to show up in that space and pour light and love into it," said Erricka Bridgeford of Baltimore Ceasefire. 
In February, the group said the city went 11 days without a murder, adding it was the longest stretch of time with no murders since May 2014. 
"People were right not to give up on Baltimore. We really are at fewer homicides this time, this year, than we were last year," Bridgeford said. 
The group discussed a wide range of topics, like community engagement and youth. 
Manning said Baltimore Ceasefire has helped him to help his community. 
"It allowed me to come out into the community and talk to some of our young men and women," he said. 
Baltimore Ceasefire will hold a free concert at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Downton Cultural Arts Center to mark its anniversary.
Exactly 365 days ago, blacks In Baltimore were imploring other blacks from August 4 to August 6 "nobody kill anybody." 

So has Ceasefire produced any results?

According to the Baltimore Sun Baltimore Homicides database, there have been 167 homicides in 2018.

In all of 2017, there were 342 homicides in Baltimore.

What exactly is Baltimore Ceasefire celebrating on its one-year anniversary?


Anonymous said...

Quick, run from your self-created hell holes and move to the safety of white neighborhoods! Don't forget to complain about not being made to feel welcome when you infest the new area.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising coming from people who celebrate their chirrun's graduation from preschool. And not to rain on the (much deserved) parade, but aren't these kind of activities/venues correlated with violence 'ringing out'? We already know peace marches and funerals aren't safe.

Anonymous said...

Dead at 33 and leaves 5 grandsprogs. Paid for by YT. Can you afford a grandchild YT ?

Non PC Infidel said...

For blacks, failing less than they failed before is something for them to celebrate. Sort of like a group of retards celebrating the fact that this year they've only crapped their pants in public 167 times compared to the well over 300 times last year. Yay! We smart and we accomplished something! We da bomb! This year we get an F minus instead of a double F minus!

Poor simple minded negroes. Too stupid to realize how ridiculous and pathetic they are or even how they're being laughed at.

Gunny said...

For all the tea in China, you couldn't get me to live in Baltimore.

In other news, ammo is on sale everywhere online.

How's your supply looking?

LINK (Delivered right to your door in most non-Communist States)

Anonymous said...

What's to celebrate?

There wasn't 168 murders.

Anonymous said...

Cease fire? Fuck that, I would issue them M-203s with lots of WP, HE and AP rounds. Cases of .223 62 grain ammo for all. Enjoy the fireworks. 40 ouncers all around too along with bath salts to mellow them out. Happy MLK day fuckers.

Sick n Tired said...

"What exactly is Baltimore Ceasefire celebrating on its one-year anniversary?"

The dragging of civilized society down to their level and the sub-par standards they live at.

Anonymous said...

"In February, the group said the city went 11 days without a murder, adding it was the longest stretch of time with no murders since May 2014."

This doesn't take into account the shootings in which no one was hit or someone was wounded but not killed. Those outnumber the number of incidents in which someone was killed. If 11 days pass without a murder, I attribute this to typically poor orc marksmanship, not any lack of desire to kill.

If you attempt to kill someone by grabbing your crotch with your left hand, holding your pistol (tilted 90 degrees, of course) above your head with your right hand, jumping up and down, and jerking the pistol forward and backward with each shot, as if you're throwing the bullets, not firing them, all while shouting "WAZZUP?! WAZZUP?! WAZZUP?!" then of course most of the bullets will go astray.

Anonymous said...

167 homicides in 7 months is 23.8/month. 342 in 12 months is 28.5/month. If they keep up at 23.8 per month they will still have 285 this year.

They haven't accomplished much.


Robin Naybors said...

“I don’t think a lot of people see our young people as even human, like animals”, said one of the wig-donned sheboons at the council meeting in the news clip. Well, even a broken clock is correct twice per day, mayumm….

Referring to the video, watching black people pontificate causes my face to contort in a very peculiar manner.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that they aren't being laughed at by the MSM and the Government. SJW hold this up as an accomplishment and demand more tax dollars .

Anonymous said...

Need to build a fence around those hoods first.....

Anonymous said...

Social programs handed out to the Black underclass is like giving away blasting caps to retards and preschool children........

Anonymous said...

"In February, the group said the city went 11 days without a murder, adding it was the longest stretch of time with no murders since May 2014."

Simple physiology. Look at the temperatures in Baltimore during that streak (February 2-12):

You had a stretch of the coldest days of the year with the temperatures dipping into the 30's. Of course, when the temperatures popped back up into the 60's, it was only a matter of days before the killing started again.

I wonder how many gunshots rang out in Baltimore on February 21 when it was 83 degrees out? Oh look, three were shot to death on that unseasonably warm February day, the deadliest of the year up to that point:

Anonymous said...

"Baltimore Ceasefire will hold a free concert at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center to mark its anniversary."

Now THAT is a smart move.

I wish I could place a "Sports Bet" in Vegas on how many bucks will be shot during this "Cultural Arts Center" joke concert. Really. They want to decrease violence, and guns gone wrong, but they are going to pack a joint with negroes? Really?

Not only with the stench be bad, but the Anti-White Hate Songs will rile up these hominins and there will be numerous chimp-outs. Gotta love it.

I say 3 wounded and 2 killed. Deal?

Oh, the Affirmative Action Negro who wrote that sentence spelled DownTown wrong.

Pat Boyle said...

Here in Oakland we too have those maps with the little graphic droplets that show where the crimes have been committed. And you can trust me, there are plenty of violent crimes in Oakland.

But they are not like in Baltimore. I live at the top of the hill (1,000 feet). Below at about 700 feet there is Highway 13. Everyone above and to the east of Highway 13 is white. It is also notable that this freeway is also the Hayward Fault.

The San Andreas Fault slipped in 1906. It is now locked and not predicted to slip again for maybe a century. The Hayward Fault slipped last in 1868. It is now overdue. The various earthquake institutions all predict the "Big One" will be on this fault.

The big quake that we will soon have will have will have a strong racial component. Oakland has three populations arranged by altitude. Whites on top, Hispanics in the middle, and blacks on the bottom. Since I live virtually on top of the fault I have made some preparations. I have several weeks worth of canned food. I have a couple little butane stoves. I have a lot of big water jugs. I have a wind up/solar emergency radio. And I have some solar lights.

I am not a survivalist. I only have enough stuff to go a couple weeks. God surely has an earthquake available to Him that is bigger than that, but a real big one will probably just kill me. There's no need to overprepare.

I also have a lot of guns. I have prepared for when the grocery stores are emptied and the water mains break but the blacks at bay level haven't prepared. They will be coming up the hill. Hence the need for guns. My internet connection will go out when the Big One hits so I won't be able to send out reports. But you should remember this prediction. The quake hits and we have a giant race conflict in California. It will probably be bigger than Katrina or Sandy or the Rodney King race riots. You can see it on TV but my electricity will be off. I will be living it live.


Anonymous said...

Again, the technology is over their heads (pun intended). This is funny. The way they handle firearms is just like chimpanzees would if given access to firearms.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Tyrone, was shot and killed"

"If anyone loses their life to violence, we'll put out a call for people to show up in that space and pour light and love into it,"

That should help restore civilization.

"In February, the group said the city went 11 days without a murder"

Is that even an accomplishment by sub Saharan Africa standards?

"People were right not to give up on Baltimore. We really are at fewer homicides this time, this year, than we were last year,"

I for one am not giving up. I'm sure blackie has it in him to beat last year's score.

"It allowed me to come out into the community and talk to some of our young men and women,"

Well, that seems productive. Civilized humans might consider aiding law enforcement in removing criminals from the community, but I suppose a heartfelt talking-to would do a better job.

"Baltimore Ceasefire will hold a free concert"

And by "free" they mean local businesses are being shaken down for gibs and the handful of remaining white taxpayers are going to cover the difference.

What's really terrifying is that these savages somehow believe that having police incarcerate criminals is racist and ineffective, but throwing a concert will magically make crime disappear. They are truly hopelessly unadaptaple.

Brian in Ohio said...

Blogger Pat Boyle said...blacks at bay level haven't prepared...

Pat, given a big enough shake, is there a chance of a massive tidal surge that would inundate the black area?

Not familiar with the bay area topography, but I seem to recall that happening after a large quake in Alaska.

Just curios.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Delaware Dude. Of course they are celebrating. They have simply moved out into Dundalk and the surrounding areas like Anne Arundel county. The gf has gkids close by de terrible biolence. the parents are outside much of the trouble but as we all know, we built it so they will come. Baltimore will never rise above the mean of the HA. Sadly, I fear we have lost the war. Keep the 40 ft. distance and carry the extra magazine (or two).

Brian in Ohio said...

Gunny said...

In other news, ammo is on sale everywhere online.

How's your supply looking?

The time to buy ammo is when you see it, as they say.

For those of you who remember what the firearm market was like in late 2012-13, THESE ARE the "good old days".

The store shelves are packed with every type and caliber of rifle and handgun imaginable, and that has driven prices down. It`s a buyers market.

When did Noah build the ark? BEFORE the flood.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

@RealVinceJames at Red Elephants posted this on Twitter.

Black man viscously attacks a white woman at a gas station, destroys her car with his HANDS.

Please watch your back. ladies. Let you husband pump gas for you when he can, it's not worth it to suffer this abuse!!

Sick n Tired said...

@Anonymous, case in point:

Unknown said...

Dear Gunny, please remember to "Christmas tip" your UPS & FedEx drivers...ammo is heavy. My drivers always give me a courtesy phone call about 30 minutes prior to arriving. I never requested this, they do it because I verbally, and monetarily, show my appreciation for their excellent service. My motto; "One can never have enough ammo, rice & beans, and canned fruit".

D-FENS said...

Wecall need a chuckle to get us through the day.

“Barkevious Mingo is the son of Hugh Mingo and Barbara Johnson. He has two older brothers, Hugh III and Hughtavious Mingo, and two younger brothers, Malik and LaDarian Johnson. His unusual first name was created by his mother, adding the first three letters of her first name to a name she liked, Kevious.”

Perhaps the next child will be named Humongous.

Anonymous said...

We tried ringing in the new year, but then shots rang out!

Anonymous said...

"What exactly is Baltimore Ceasefire celebrating on its one-year anniversary?"

It's celebrating the fact that one year later it's still around. This is pure "looks at muh", nothing more. The cease fires are still sround, but nearly 170 of their "people" are not. Two words to fix all of this.

Roving bar-b-que.

Anonymous said...

Dirty racist!

If they wind up with 285 murders, they'll have killed almost 20% less people than last year.

And you have the gall to say they haven't accomplished much? When is the last time your efforts stopped the murder rate in your community nearly 20%?

A few more years of marches and they'll have this little problem mopped up! And then we can move on to fighting racism in all the white zip codes!

See you dirty racists later!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...


In cases like that, women, give a fake name and number...'he was very aggressive'---
uh yes--they are.

or--better yet---say ya dont have a working phone, lost yr cell and
ask for his name n number...he will give first name....

'oh i use to date a travon or a lashaun , WHATS YR LAST NAME, DUDE? to keep you separate from him'

Anonymous said...

It appears that all those police-initiated programs: teaching inner city kids how to sail on the Chesapeake, the free ice cream "polar cops" programs, the fancy rims on po-po cars, the midnight basketball, and the Freddy Gray Memorial Cultural Center are all paying off!

Killing is down, what, 20%?? When was the last time a CVS burned?

Rejoice, my brothers!

Now, go on down to the harbor for some blue crab cakes!

Non PC Infidel said...

"If anyone loses their life to violence, we'll put out a call for people to show up in that space and pour light and love into it."

You could all stand there and urinate on the spot and it would have equal effect. In any case, this reminds me of what I've read about certain beliefs in the voodoo religion~ namely that we're surrounded by invisible currents of opposing forces (light and dark/good and evil) and that a voodoo priest or priestess can access these currents to affect everyday life and people (for better or worse) via chants, spells, potions, sacrifices, ceremonies and so forth.

We goan pour light and lub into da space to undo da negative forces dat dun accoomalated right here. Sumbody spit rum all ober da place while I sacrifices dis here chicken while da sista's be dancin' and da drummers be drummin'! We goan make a diffarunce! Dis sho' nuff goan reduce da biolence 'round dese here parts! Ya'll start leapin' into da air right now like crickets gone crazy after bein' thrown on a hot grill and don't fo'get to be screechin' like yo' titties done been bit by a dog and ta shake yo' asses like dey on fire!

They're just having a voodoo ceremony without all the extras. Where's the entertainment in that?

Dat B. Rayciss said...

WE had dat Peace March here in Chicongo. They closed down LSD and inconvenienced SIX MILLION drivers! Now Chicago is broke,as we continually hear. Where does the money come from to provide police for these marches? (Police are there to protect the marchers in case they want to do some damage. Any ordinary people try to argue with the peace marchers,you are in a world of poop. ) What did it accomplish? Well this morning I took a shit. Cost to taxpayers? Nothing. It accomplished exactly as much as the peace marchers. And smelled the same,too.

Anonymous said...

6 million drivers on LSD? Chiraq has a population of around 2.7 million. 6 mil on LSD would make it sink into Lake Michigan. Besides your exaggeration the march of the coloreds was a total joke.

Anonymous said...

"If anyone loses their life to violence, we'll put out a call for people to show up in that space and pour light and love into it," said Erricka Bridgeford of Baltimore Ceasefire.

You know, I think it would be better to do a BBQ at such places. At least people would get a free feed.

This is one more ceremony to add to the bucket list for the BRA Cargo Cult.

Californian said...

"People were right not to give up on Baltimore. We really are at fewer homicides this time, this year, than we were last year," Bridgeford said.

No one bothers to ask (at least not in public) why anyone in Baltimore should "give up" on the city in the first place. What has changed over the last century to cause such a decline in a once civilized metropolis? But to answer that question one would have to look at the racial demographics. And that would provide answers which would not be politically acceptable. Baltimore, like so many American cities before it, will continue its decline because the real issue is not on the table--race.

It's as if a series of conflagrations were burning out the countryside, but no one dared mention "fire." Instead, media talked about "trees going ash" and "cinders raining down." And when firemen arrived at the scene, protesters started chanting "branches up, don't hose!" Then politicos pour taxpayer money into candle light marches for rain while naming "empowerment centers" for known arsonists.

Sounds crazy?

It's exactly what is going on in Baltimore and points west. The devastation of American cities far exceed that of any forest fire in terms of lives lost and property damaged. It's that Long Hot Summer which has been going on since BRA became national policy.

Stay armed, stay alert, and stock up on fire extinguishers.

Pat Boyle said...

To Brian in Ohio:

Don't worry. Most of the blacks live on what we call Bay Fill. When shaken this stuff liquifies. There will not be any tsunamis. The Bay is quite shallow but unless you live on rock your building is coming down. The whites around here live on rock.

There is a nearby white enclave called the City of Piedmont. Houses average about three million each there. It is a city within the City of Oakland. Probably very few of those houses will be damaged by the shaking but the may get burnt depending on the season. It doesn't rain here all year round like it does back east. When we get rain it rains for weeks on end and when it's dry it's really dry.

What Piedmont will get almost certainly is an invasion of unprepared blacks who have been shaken out of their projects and section 8 housing.

Matthew says the Lord's rain falls on the just and the unjust. But when it comes to earthquakes it's different. Whites will be inconvenienced. The blacks will be decimated. It should make for good TV.


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Saw that video on the negro who attacked the woman who refused his advances. She had the chance to get away and should have taken it (even though I believe her when she said she had glass in her eyes). That being said, if it had been me and he had kicked in my windshield, I would have made sure to back up and run him over, as many times as needed to eliminate the threat. Worth whatever price I had to pay.

Awakened white said...

Stay armed, stay alert, and stock up on fire extinguishers.
In fact just got a new one earlier this week. Better have it than need it. LOL @ Gunny. This young lad here, the ammo stockpile got ten feet taller.

rex freeway said...

Kansas city is giving Baltimore a run for it's money. 127 Homicides. 11 Shot in last two days. On every news channel are city council members and preachers asking for peace. This has been heard over and over again. They wont implement stop and frisk. It always works. If used till the end of the year, people would see such a drastic drop in violent crime that they would make it permanent. Sorry, the Black community always deems it discrimination. Even after it makes their own hood safer. This is where we have to step in and tell them they are not competent to to run their own lives, let alone ours.

America would be great again overnight with the removal of BRA and White Liberals. Overnight. They have done everything possible to prove their way is the best. And never once with a positive result. They will not let go of the power they have. It must be taken by force or we are thru as a nation.

Anonymous said...

Oh it goes further. Mainstream white churches are picking up the SJW mantra and discussing racism and the plight of the poor black man.
Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly live next to a black guy who is pro-gun, pro-law enforcement, pro-Constitution and doesn’t vote for gimmie-dats. The problem is they aren’t common.
But all over the USA white churches are passing along the message of black oppression. Real oppression the blacks of today would cry and likely die if they faced it.

Anonymous said...

@ Libby

all your altruism is lost upon the black man.
All your best intentions, your well-meaning, your fighting “hate” is serving one purpose-emboldening the men who will rape and murder you.
You think you have it all figured out, that we are just a bunch of uneducated hicks, shitkickers, and rednecks. That’s only works because you’ve never experienced what we have. We all started in the same multi-cultural, equal rights world, only to have it shattered by some anti-social black male bent on criminality and payback.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately unless something major happens we're just the frog in the pot getting dangerously close to 212

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha this can't be real?! 😂😂😂