Monday, August 16, 2010

#284. Child Support

It is a well-known fact that Father's Day is a date that passes without much fanfare in the Black community. With the rate of out-of-wedlock births approaching 75 percent for Black people, absenteeism on the part of the father is an unfortunate reality on not only Father's Day, but the remaining 364 days of the year as well.

Black people find the usage of birth control an impediment to the motto of "keeping it real" and thus regard the notion of safe sex as any encounter that the CDC won't keep track of for statistical reasons.

The usage of condoms or other preventative measures to ward off unwanted pregnancies are generally considered nuisances in the Black community (though abortion is an unusually high methodology utilized by Black people for birth control), thus the means more often than not produce an unwanted end that Black men abandon.

Child support is a term that rarely crosses the minds of Black males mid-coitus, for the long-term effects of their actions are clouded in the short-term fantasy that whatever comes of the encounter can be raised through the generosity of Black Run America (BRA). The state will take care of their progeny through free lunches, welfare and food stamps, but if these actions fail, the route of Michael Oher is an attractive option available to more and more Black males.

But it is child support that must be provided for the unwanted product of a momentary copulatory session, and it is this notion that Black males find untenable and a burden of great significance that must be avoided at all costs:

A deadbeat Chicago dad risked his life Tuesday to avoid paying child support.

Ronald "Boobie" McIntyre broke both of his legs trying to escape the police, who were pursuing him on an arrest warrant for leaving his children in the lurch, NBC Chicago reports.

McIntyre, 35, owes $5979.66 in court-mandated support for his kids.

Chased by police to an apartment building near his home, he jumped out of a third-story window to get away, landing on the ground below.

When police arrived, a woman at the residence told them McIntyre had disappeared.

But during their search of the apartment, a child directed the officers to an open window, which led them to their suspect.

They "looked down and saw McIntyre lying on the ground below," the sheriff's office told the Chicago Tribune. "Though it appeared he landed on grass, it was actually artificial turf covering concrete."

The police ran to McIntyre, but even in his crippled state he shouted expletives at them and tried to wriggle away.

Paternity tests present Black males with much consternation (and their female counterparts as well), for the more they have spread their seed, the more they pay for what they have sowed. Former NFL player Travis Henry produced nine children with nine different women and failed to pay the court-ordered child support. He was jailed for his insubordination, though the fate of legs being broken in an effort to elude police seems pleasant in comparison.

Evander Holyfield wasn't put in jail for his refusal to pay child support, but he is still fighting at the age of 48 to pay for his brood.

One study shows that the majority
of "dead-beat dads" not paying child support is a phenomenon that non-whites partake in 58 percent of the time (Black males 41 percent and Hispanics 17 percent).

Many Black rappers see themselves above paying such monies to care for their unwanted progeny and help out the mothers of their children. Those that do pay find ways to protest the amounts required by courts and attempt to be niggardly with their money.

One idea being discussed is a move to remove the idea of child support from the vernacular of Black men completely:

Professor Frances Goldscheider teaches sociology at Brown, where she came up with the idea that, she says, has made her question some of her deepest, most long-standing beliefs: "While I thought I was a feminist all my life, when I started studying the family and fatherhood in general, I realized that I was really an egalitarian. I want a level playing field in the family for men and women."

If it were law, a financial abortion would allow a man -- one who has specifically said to his partner before intercourse that he doesn't want to be a father -- to void all monetary responsibility for any pregnancy. Without question, the woman could carry the child to term, but she and the law could then never come looking for the dad for child support. It sounds harsh -- so much so that Goldscheider admits it will probably never be more than a dream theory -- but proponents believe that such a policy could very well make a huge dent in the nation's scourge of absentee fathers, especially in the African-American community.

"I think it would primarily benefit men who do not want to be fathers," Goldscheider says, "and that's mostly those who are not ready, whether financially or whatever. And given the structure of inequality in this country, it should disproportionately benefit young black men."

Raising children isn't cheap (though Black Run America does help fit the bill), but to Black people the idea of having and caring for a child seems to be a general nuisance, and that the idea of being burdened with child support is an even greater nuisance:
Many men feel as if they are being entrapped, stigmatized and even criminalized, when it comes to current child support laws. And many black women want their children supported. But because nearly 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock, there needs to be a happy medium if the community is to thrive.

Whereas in the past, child support was seen as more a moral issue -- men who make children should always be responsible for them -- it is now more about economics, even if it's not politically correct to say so. After President Bill Clinton's welfare reform bill, the government (and tax payers) began aggressively shifting the burden of support to fathers, where many claim it should be.

Yet, in a recent New York Times article on the perilous state of black men ('Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn,' March 20, 2006), Georgetown University economist Harry J. Holzer said that after incarceration, "the stricter enforcement of child support" policies is the largest factor in keeping young black men tethered to poverty. By keeping young black men overwhelmed by debt and therefore outside of legal employment, support obligations "amount to a tax on earnings."
Stuff Black People Don't Like includes child support, an idea that Black people find repellent and a general burden that warrants jumping out of the third-floor of a building to avoid paying. Child support is offensive to Black people, as is the draconian and archaic notion that they should care for the by-product of their sexual encounters, especially when those who fund Black Run America will constantly be there to pay the bill for their unwanted kids.

And if not, the Michael Oher Act can finally be introduced to Congress.

In Black Run America, Black people must never be held accountable for their actions. Thus, child support is an idea that Black people scoff at and see as just another tactic of white people to forever ensnare them in shackles.

If Black males don't care about their own children, the obvious should be "why should anyone else?"


Blue Eyed Devil said...

If Jejayjay fathers one child to Shatiqua, another to Ledonna, and one more to Tashina, how much child support will he owe to all three? What, are you kidding me? LOL. There will be no child support coming to any of these women. The thought of that happening is as fictitious as the above equation.

Blacks are always quick to smash on whitey and let it be known "How racis whitey is" but they sure as hell don't mind sticking out their hand to take that money generated from those same white people that work and pay taxes. If your going to "keep it real" then start a movement where you only take money from hard working black people that pay taxes. I'm sure the white folks wouldn't mind. The DWL's will still help you out, so it won't be that bad.

Anonymous said...

Reproductive strategies differ from species to species. Take for example the cuckoo bird, which lays it's eggs in the nest of other birds and takes the host bird's eggs out. This seems like a rather cruel act, but that is a highly effective means of reproduction and it will only fail once natural selection produces host birds that kill the parasitic eggs.

I posit that the reproductive strategy of the black male is ideal for their historical, and current, circumstance. Whether it is pursued at the conscious level or not, there is strength in numbers, albeit at the cost of quality. Whereas the focus of whites or other productive minority groups is on focusing on raising 2-3 highly developed offspring within a 2 parent household, the black "strategy" is to simply make as many of them as possible.

This is akin to the contrasting strategies of tank production in WW II. Whereas the Germans, who are engineers and craftsman at heart, chose the strategy of producing high quality tanks (essentially a Mercedes with armor and a turret) albeit at lower numbers, the Soviets just mass produced as many shoddy tanks as possible.

Steve said...

"In Black Run America, Black people must never be held accountable for their actions".

That statement right there is why America is speeding towards the same fate as Rhodesia and South Africa.

Camp of the Saints indeed.

Anonymous said...

Nicely documented and written.

Dave said...

That professor, Frances Goldscheider, is a modern day Rudyard Kipling. She obviously believes that blacks are the "White Man's Burden" permanently. I assume she wants taxpayers to subsidize the child support as opposed to a black man actually using his own money to support his tiny nightmares. She believes black people are inferior but she illustrates it by divorcing them from their actions and responsibilities. This is the same type of woman that would be horrified by this website because it endorses a true meritocracy of the races through competition, capitalism, personal responsibility etc. She views a 30 year old black man as a "boy" just as southern whites used to she just says disadvantaged instead.

Anonymous said...

"I think it would primarily benefit men who do not want to be fathers," Goldscheider says, "and that's mostly those who are not ready, whether financially or whatever. And given the structure of inequality in this country, it should disproportionately benefit young black men."

This would be great but then the expectation would be that the males would wear condoms as they should be RESPONSIBLE for THEIR sexual activity especially if they dont want to be a father. This whole illegitimacy thing could be decreased by a huge amount if these males would just wrap it up! I have no statistics on it but I think with the illegitimacy rate hovering around 70% for the black community, I would wager that way more white males than black wear condoms thereby taking responsibility for their actions! Blax are about entitlement and that includes having as many offspring as possible whether they can provide for them or not! Sad really!

Flying Chimp said...

How many women are going to go to the trouble of paying a lawyer to track down some loser who works 4 months out of the year at a KFC and lives with his mom. Especially when they can just get welfare from the taxpayers.

Any man with a real job, career etc, who has a child, in or out of wedlock, is looking at paying 25% of his salary pre-taxes for a single child if his partner decides she wants to screw someone else.

The lower classes are certainly pursuing a quantity over quality strategy. Its easy. Its fun. And it works. Why wouldn't they? Its a numbers game and they are playing it well. They produce 5 halflings for every well educated traditional American child. The worst of society breed like rats, while the best of us pay out the ass for one or two children at most, if they even decide to have any. The sooner this system falls apart the better. The odds are getting worse with the passing of each year. Screw the system. Let the chips fall and sort themselves back to some natural order. Anyone who isn't a subhuman, who buys into this system, is a freaking chump.

Anonymous said...

Fly Chimp & Dave,
Exactly. The reason they are not getting married and being responsible for a child is because they will make more money from ADC then they ever will from some KFC excon. The more babies she pumps out - the more free money she gets. Dimes to dollars, some of the whores fathers even live with her and off of her ADC. Neither have to work a day in their life in that situation. A bridge card - some cash for drugs, free food from McDonalds and KFC - life is great. Start telling Shaniqua that, if she wants the government to pay for her bastard, she needs to get her tubes tied. Once the Mexicans, Chinese or Moslems take over - wonder how long the hand outs will last. Last I have seen, I don't think Asia and Latin America have a great hand out society and Muslims will stone you for being a whore.

As Maggie Thatcher said: The problem with socialism is that they run out of other people's money to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

I generally agree with 99.9% of the brilliant posts on this site, but what about the responsibility women have to not get pregnant? They also have the option of using birth control. I don't think any of the women in the Maury clip were even criticized. This also seems to be a huge problem among white skanks, err women.

Take a gander at

If women have the right to have an abortion any time they please with absolutely no consideration given to the father's wishes, why then is the father held responsible if the mother decides to keep the baby?

The bottom line is, the system is perfectly fine as it is if you're a liberal because these are simply future Democrat voters.

Anonymous said...

As it stands, a majority of black males are clearly disinterested in pulling themselves up, so what makes you think they have any interest in pulling themselves out?

And when that tax ripens, what percentage responsibly and willingly pull over?

Anonymous said...

Black men abandoning their children is genetic. European explorers noted the pattern of black males producing children never to see them or raise them only to go off and have sex with more women more than 500 years ago. Black women were forced to raise the children and to do most of the work like farming and collecting raw materials to make tools. Black tribes would go through periods of starvation and mass death even though food was abundant around them because they were so lazy and indifferent to their own survival. We see those same patterns of behavior occur today among black people everywhere in every situation.

Economics9698 said...

Back in the 50's before AFDC went big money and before the Great society programs the out of wedlock birth rate for blacks was 24% and whites 5%.

Get rid of the money paid for divorce and babies.

Anonymous said...

"Black men abandoning their children is genetic."

I've heard this before, and it may well be true, it makes a lot of sense. Does anyone have a source that explores this theory?

miked said...

It's not that much of a stretch to consider the black race as a parasite. Think of your own body. Just like the white cultures and others have mutually beneficial relationships, so does the human body have a mutually beneficial relationship with vital intestinal flora. But introduce salmonella to the gut and one will see exactly where the line between beneficial and malevolent bacteria is drawn. So it is with races. The black race is an especially malevolent and parasitic race. If it were to disappear today it would not be missed. Much like salmonella or cholera.

Sheila said...

Per the pimping press for BRA, we're told blacks "love their children" and only whites are guilty of child abuse. Of course, there's that brilliant black woman in South Carolina yesterday who strangled two of her three kids, put them in their carseats and sent the car into a lake (authorities were suspicious of her claims because she herself wasn't wet - of course not, it would have ruined her weave!!) but she was only copying racist Susan Smith. Then today I read of a local black "Franzwa" (yes, honestly, that's nigger-speak for Francois) who beat his four month-old daughter to death because she wouldn't stop crying. Oh, well, that's understandable, that was an infant. It's the teens and adults, caught by the Man's criminal justice system, who can do no wrong and forever remain their Mama's child. For black males and females, children are an inconvenient byproduct of excessive free time and another source of revenue from white taxpaying cretins.

Anonymous said...

This is so disgusting. Maury is actually called entertainment. Blacks are not ashamed of this but laugh at it.

This is nothing short of social engineering. Socialism reduces a country to its lowest level so all can compete. As Churchil said: Socialism is shared misery. THese apartments in burbs are not conc block walls and now the apes are not confined to one area where they can be watched. Bridge card, section 8 housing – when and how did this happen? I can’t think that violence or rioting is an answer, because to do that would make me just as low as the black, but its too late to stop and I have no idea how to turn it around. Blacks in this country will never allow these handouts to stop – and liberals view this as anti – progressive. what these libs fail to realize is that other progressives were Hitler and Stalin. I really wish I understood how and when this mess started. Blacks have almost gotten complete control of the country and are educating the rest of the world on how to bring down whitey.

Anonymous said...

I believe the women are just as guilty as it is their body and they should protect it! And yes do away with welfare and all the aid as we have to many young girls using it as an entitlement.

Anonymous said...

The Soviet T-38 tank was not shoddy. It had superior armor to the Tiger tank, and far superior mobility, could travel about three times the distance without needing service. It ironically was mostly a US invention, but the US tank corps did not bother with it (the T-38 had independent suspension, allowing greater speed over rougher terrain). The Tiger had a better gun, but it was not everything.
Black women have a definite preference, for High-T guys who will not support them but give them sons that are aggressive and go for as much social dominance (to the point of thuggery) as possible. This *MIGHT* be a legacy of slavery and segregation, when wealth-building was not possible, culturally and/or genetically.

After all, even among lower-class Blacks, there are guys who are mostly steady, working regular jobs. These guys are called "losers" while gang-banging thugs have ten kids by 8 different women.

Don't think for a moment this is uniquely limited to Blacks. Hispanics went from 17% illegitimacy in 1980 to over 50% today, and Whites went from less than 4% to about 20% for Middle Class and 40% working class, today.

Blacks just got to the female hypergamy trap first, lacking much social cohesion or tradition of wealth-building (that mitigates hypergamy by requiring large parental investment by carefully selected men).