Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black People Love Being Black: The Canonization of Antoine Dodson

Steve Sailer is a favorite writer of SBPDL. Though he has never mentioned this blog nor allowed any links that would send a reader here to be posted in his comment section, we feel in many ways that this Web site has influenced a lot of his writing over the past 10 months.

Recently he posted an important essay – Black people like being Black – which contained a number of important insights that should be obvious to anyone who reads this site:

For one thing, how much do blacks want to act white?

As far as I can tell, blacks, on the whole, have a blast being black.

They not only like being black, they like to talk about being black with other blacks. They have one of the more homogeneous cultures in the world, in part because they are constantly discussing being black with each other…

The reigning theory is that white culture will rub off on blacks by osmosis, but there is precious little evidence to back it up. Indeed, exposure to white people just makes blacks focus more on their blackness…

And, these days, which whites, exactly, are volunteering for the job of making blacks feel ashamed that they aren't acting white? How much prestige and social approval would you receive for taking on that onerous task?

Instead of blacks competing for white approval, whites today compete with each other over how much they approve of blacks.

Not surprisingly, that doesn't do much to improve black behavior.

Black people like being Black. How commonsensical, how to the point and matter of fact. This rational statement helps explain why the # entries at SBPDL happen with such frequency wherever Black people are found in America and why any mention of these activities or stereotypes must be assiduously censored and deemed impolite -- impolitic -- to discuss.

Remember, in Black Run America (BRA) any attempts at discussing the pathologies that plague the Black community are off limits. Even Bill Cosby was questioned for his well-intentioned discussion at highlighting the problems endemic in the Black community, and if a life-long crusader for the acceptance of Black people in mainstream America is chastised by his own people for daring expose their dirty laundry, it becomes apparent that one of two scenarios are obvious.

Either Black people wish to obscure the world in which they dwell for fear that white people will pass judgment on them for failing to live up to a civilized standard, or Black people see nothing wrong with their behavior and celebrate it vociferously.

We know Acting White is considered a dreaded contagion in the Black community that must be stamped out with ruthless aggression, which correlates to one simple truth that supports the latter scenario: Black people have no intention of ever assimilating to white culture; white people are assimilating into Black culture because they embrace it with open arms.

Rejecting those members of the Black community who dare pass judgment and criticize a community they see as pristine and in no need of amelioration, Black people rejoice in everything Black and have blatant disregard for anyone who from inside their group or outside who believe higher standards should dictate Black life.

One video helps illustrate this point beautifully. Recall a post on Huntsville, Alabama from a few weeks back. A video was highlighted showing a Black family that had the misfortune of another Black person invading their home and attempting rape on one of the females in the clan. Enter one Antoine Dodson into the equation and presents us with this story:

I’m sure all of you have seen the Antoine Dodson video. If you haven’t, I posted a link to it below.

In the aftermath of this video, there have been many on the net who think Antoine Dodson makes us look bad. There are others who just look at it as a funny video regardless of color.

Personally, I feel many of us have the same issues President Obama has. While Obama does everything in his power to not talk about race (think he will seem racist/one-sided to white folk), many of us want any images of “ignorant, uneducated” Blacks to disappear from the TV screens and daily life. In some cases, many of us don’t even want to associate with or acknowledge them.

A few years ago, I was riding on the 1 train in NYC and a poor Black man entered the car. He was acting a bit wild and an older African American lady said: “No wonder they hate and make fun of us.” I disagreed with that statement. Too many Blacks care about what other ethnic groups/races think of them. That has to stop. We have to realize that for every Black Antoine Dodson, there are plenty of Whites and Latino’s who act just like him.

With all that being said, where do you stand on this? Do you think its embarrassing to us or just a funny clip?
The clip from the Huntsville local nightly newscast is embarrassing. The people in the clip remind one of the poor trailer park dwelling white people interviewed directly after a tornado has invaded their mobile domicile park and brought massive devastation with it.

Yet, white people look with horror at these misfortunate individuals, never embracing their plight. In fact, SWPL white people deem them “white trash”.

Black people, however, celebrate the strange behavior found on display by Mr. (or is it Ms.?) Antoine Dodson. Indeed, an HBCU band has decided to jump aboard the strange 15-minutes of fame Mr. Dodson has been allotted:

I remember being excited to play “Louie, Louie” in middle school band class, fast forward over a decade and college marching bands are now covering viral video parody songs, quite nicely I might add.

You may have been one of the more than 10 million people to have seen Antione Dodson’s news package, where he talked to reporters about saving his sister from a potential rapist in Huntsville, Ala., and the subsequent Auto-Tune the News remix, well North Carolina A&T’s Blue & Gold Marching Machine broke up the grueling monotony of band camp to take a stab at their rendition of that YouTube parody.

Their version, shot in the band room, actually makes it sound like something from the radio and has nearly 60 thousand views in less than two days. Arranger Thomas L. Jones Jr. made a point to say this is only a practice/reading session, not the final product.

Full disclosure: I’m a graduate of North Carolina A&T.

The song is now available on iTunes, see the original “Bed Intruder” here. Check out the cover below. Hide your kids, hide your wife! Run tell that!

White people watch and laugh at these videos of normal Black people and normal Black behavior, but never dare challenge why these types of people are celebrated in the Black community and not condemned. That would violate every rule of BRA.

The lowest common denominator seems to dictate the cultural ideals in America and when BRA dominates every segment of American society, Black culture becomes the norm.

Sailer is wrong though: Black people don’t like being Black, they love being Black. Blackness places them above reproach from outside criticism. Black people reject any criticism of their community by fellow Black people, for they see nothing wrong with celebrating oddities (like Mr. Dodson) when other racial groups run from these of type of people within their groups.

Only a Black college marching band would find joy in paying homage to Mr. Dodson, for any white college marching band that dared play the same tune would be immediately derided as insensitive and racist for the poor taste in making fun of Black people.

It should be obvious now: Black people love being Black; they see nothing wrong with the state of their community; and they celebrate people whom, if they weren't Black, white people would look upon with derision.


Anonymous said...


Your blog is very good and has a lot of interesting material. But aren't you being a tad hubristic and arrogant to say your website his influenced a lot of Steve Sailer's writing lately? The guy is basically the godfather of the modern HBD movement and has been writing about all aspects of race, including pop culture stuff, for FIFTEEN YEARS. That there may have been some overlap between what you and he have written about is nice, but get the causation and direction of the influence right. Your website is good, but please get some perspective.

A fan

Phalluster said...

This is one of your finest blog entries. Within hours, you were able to adapt a theme to this fantastical performance, the final act of a thought experiment so illogical that it might not strike a chord of realism with readers of abstract fiction. Yet, the angle with which you presented this HCBU band video makes perfect sense to your "fans", especially since it ties directly to many of your other oft-discussed themes.

Sailer would do well to follow your blog, if only for the chuckles. We certainly know that Auster now does (even if he writes merely "Nuggets of Something"). As for Sailer: unless he considers himself some sort of noble "Watcher" character (which for public opinion's sake, he well may), he should contemplate an appeal to the younger crowd... one which you are mastering.

I don't remember exactly how I first discovered this website, but I have been here for quite awhile and have taken in every single post. You are developing profoundly as a writer and are a boon to intelligent and cognizant critical thought on the web.

I will end this gusher with a formal sign-off straight from BRA's etiquette pamphlet:


Anonymous said...

Hey - isn't Antoine more a gay stereotype than a black stereotype?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

First anon,

In no way am I trying over-inflate the value of this Web site. Trust me, it was started as a joke and in many ways, that joke continues unabated.

I have been reading Sailer for nearly 9 years, ever since I stumbled upon his writing. Without question, his writing style has had an enormous influence on what is penned here.

In a world ungoverned by BRA, Sailer would easily be a national known media pundit. Sadly, BRA governs every aspect of American life (political, corporate, academic and even in sports, media and entertainment industry), which should supply enough information to anyone paying attention that an HBD movement has no chance.

Half-sigma wrote a fantastic blog entry regarding this very fact and presented the sobering prospects for the HBD movement in America:

I agree completely that China is the wild-card. Currently, the Chinese work toward colonizing Africa, which will present the largest humanitarian crisis in the 21st century (what to do with the unwanted byproduct of 100 years of Disingenuous White Liberal do-gooding in that continent?), as hundreds of millions of Africans will be displaced.

With a bankrupt United States, absolutely nothing can be done to help these African people and yet the howls for granting refugee status to millions of African children made homeless by the oncoming Chinese will be deafening.

On the HBD front, I recalled a brilliant post OneSTDV did about a year back:

This is the world that we inhabit. Black Run America governs and dictates what is permissible to discuss.

The writers I mentioned in this post (the irreplaceable Sailer, Sigma and OneSTDV) put forth an incredible effort in showcasing truth and the problems that plague America in 2010.

You're right though: I've been around for maybe 14 months. But I've pointed out something time and time again that can't dismissed:

We live in a nation where jokingly asking all Black people to leave a Wal-Mart becomes a national news story, and where some people still cling to the idea that HBD will one day be taken seriously.

In Zack Snyder's film "Watchmen" (which will be looked upon as the comic book movie that finally singled the end of that genres dominance at the box office) the character known as The Comedian states:

"It's a joke...It's all a joke."

In closing, please note that no attempt at vanity or narcissistic thinking on my part was meant by the first paragraph and the mention of Sailer.

I've been around for a little more than a year. In that time I've had work first published here linked on The Free Republic, Alternative Right, View From the Right,, many outstanding blogs run by first-rate Black intellectuals and plenty of other outstanding Web sites.

I just wanted Sailer to know -via this post- that he was wrong. Black people love being Black.

Anonymous said...

First Anonymous here again.

I hope you took my comment in the spirit of a good natured kind of "busting your chops". As I said, your site is excellent and you really have established yourself as a unique voice among race realists. As humorous as your site can be, it is deadly serious in the implications it draws, and you are doing a great service through your frequent and in-depth posts. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

President Barack Hussein Obama said of blacks, "We are sort of a mongrel people. I mean, we're all kinds of mixed up."

The Science! is settled, Blacks are not a homogenous culture. However, they DO celebrate being Black.