Friday, August 27, 2010

Truth, Justice and the American Way: "Restoring Honor" meets BRA in DC

It’s really amazing to consider what is transpiring in the United States of America right now. But a week ago, this blog pointed out that the film The Crazies depicted a world that, in reality, Black people inhabit everyday without any exposure to a weaponized pathogen (in the film, white citizens of Iowa turn into bloodthirsty psychopaths thanks to an accidental military mishap that unleashes a destabilizing virus into the towns water supply).

Black citizens of Iowa and their communities are apparently destabilized already without a militarized pathogen being introduced into their biological systems. What else would explain the “Beat Whitey” incident that took place at the Iowa State Fair? Strange though, the police have tried to downplay the story of “Beat Whitey” night at the fair (police report of the event can be found here), in an all-out effort to have this lose all of its bite:

The statements were a change from earlier in the week, when a police official said it was "very possible" race was a factor in the incidents.

A report filed by Sgt. Dave Murillo said there were 30 to 40 people roaming the fairgrounds openly referring to "beat whitey night."

On Wednesday, Capt. Randy Dawson said he could not find the origin of information that appeared in Murillo's report.

Interviews with victims of attacks outside the fairgrounds have not produced evidence that any of the incidents were racially motivated, he said.

Gonzalez and Dawson said the "beat whitey night" information stemmed from "general intelligence information" that was unsubstantiated and had been misinterpreted.

Recall, it wasn’t but a few weeks ago that Black people attacked a white guy in Florida for listening to rap and stating that he shouldn’t listen to Black music; remember that it wasn’t but three weeks that a Johns Hopkins researcher was killed by two Black people who stated over and over again (while the white male being attacked was on the phone with his mother) that they were getting a “white boy”.

This event happened in Baltimore, the same city where a Black female recently shot a person she was mugging because that person laughed at her:

Here's the story that ran in print today, including interviews with the suspect's family members, who say she had an uncontrollable temper and needed help.]

The 14-year-old girl charged with fatally shooting a man during a robbery attempt earlier this month fired her gun when one of the victims laughed at her because she was so young, according to police charging documents filed this morning.

Prosecutors, in seeking the young suspect be held without bail, described Arteesha Holt (left) in court papers as a "flight risk and a danger to the citizens of Baltimore." The young girl is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, using a handgun in the commission of a violent crime and several other offenses.

Police have said the girl may have tried to rob two men on Linwood Avenue on Aug. 13 as part of a gang initiation. The victims were among three Latino men killed in recent weeks in a spate of crimes that has shaken the community in Southeast Baltimore.

A rally was held in Patterson Park on Tuesday following the beating death of 51-year-old Hondouran Martin Reyes. The suspect, a mentally disturbed man, told police he beat Reyes with a board because he hated Mexicans. Police have classified that killing as a hate crime.

So what are we getting at here, you might be wondering? This weekend will see potentially hundreds of thousands of “I HAD People” arrive in Washington DC to partake in Glenn Beck’s Tea Party fueled “Restoring Honor” rally.

Though this crowd will steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the one underlying theme that unites them together – and it’s not the exaltation of a document that is akin to a vestigial organ now-a-days – the “Restoring Honor” rally will be an overwhelming white affair. Add the combustible element of Civil Rights hucksters congregating to honor the memory of Martin Luther King’s “I HAD” sermon, and you will potentially see more fireworks than were on display during the Fourth of July celebration at the National Mall.

Black people consider the Tea Party people the heirs to the KKK, though they ditch the robes and crosses for fanny packs and garish accoutrement's. If the goals of Tea Party were to come to fruition, large segments of the Black middle and upper-class would instantly evaporate – capitalism, free markets, a level playing field and a gutting of government jobs would do this – so Black people are correct to be weary of the this group of people.

Without government jobs, cushy academic positions and diversity or minority outreach vocational paths, there would be minuscule upper-mobility available to the majority of Black people (so few make it in sports).

Plus, one factor that most people aren’t aware of when considering the “Restoring Honor” rally is the 70-person brawl that transpired in a Washington DC Metro station two weeks ago. This brawl, between groups of Black people, was quietly reported upon and quickly displaced with more pertinent news.

The participants of this royal rumble that spilled across two DC Metro stations were not reported upon by the media, leaving many responsible people to question the racial backgrounds of those battling it out in public.

Unlike the spontaneous snowball fights in DC that ended when a Black off-duty cop pulled a gun on white people harmlessly lobbing snow at one another, this 70-person pier six brawl received scant media attention because any the event was a Black-on-Black brawl:

Post managers, from the top down, regularly remind the newsroom that coverage must have a "for and about Washington" focus. So when a large brawl broke out in the Metro system on a recent Friday night, it seemed a perfect chance to show local readers that The Post is their indispensable source for news.

The fracas occurred near midnight on Aug. 6, and authorities said it involved as many as 70 people. It started at the Gallery Place Station and continued to the L'Enfant Plaza Station. There were arrests, and several people landed in the hospital. On deadline, The Post gathered enough information for a news brief in Saturday's paper, and a short story was quickly posted online

Pierre also worried about hyping a story that involved race. Although The Post's coverage on and after Sunday did not specify the racial makeup of those involved, many readers assumed they were black and offered racially insensitive online comments. "So ghetto," read one. Another urged ending "all welfare benefits for parents whose little animals cause this type of mayhem."

When The Post finally produced a more substantive story for Monday's paper, Pierre believes it was given too much prominence, even though it included eyewitness descriptions of multiple fights and bedlam as people tried to escape the pandemonium. The Post "overplayed it," said Pierre. "It was a fight on the Metro. Kids get into fights."

The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved.

Thankfully, exists to show those curious as to the racial identity of criminals nationwide in stories that more responsible media exercise extreme amounts sensitivity to mask the criminals identity (unless it involves white people as the bad guy), except when the identity of the assailants can be used to undermine an entire movement, such as the make believe spitting upon Civil Rights Icons by enraged white Tea Party members.

The Crazies is just a movie. Fiction. However, the 70 person brawl in the DC Metro involving Black people was not fiction, though The Post and other media outlets would like to believe it never happened and if it did, that the contestants were merely boring white people.

The Crazies is just a movie. Fiction. However, the “Beat Whitey” festivities at the Iowa State Fair was not fiction, though the police in Des Moines are still unsure if they can label scores of Black people assaulting white people as a “hate crime”, based on the precedence set in Connecticut recently when the dead white males gunned down by Omar Thornton were found to be harboring racist views that necessitated their destruction.

The Crazies is just a movie. Fiction. However, the outbreak of Black violence nationwide (and aggression towards non-Black people) is not fiction. Putting potentially 200,000+ people in DC for a “Restoring Honor” rally where white people congregate to discuss the ails of society – most will be “I HAD” people – could, COULD be a recipe for disaster

Let’s just hope it is hot in DC, so that the white people attending the rally will be dehydrated and producing less amounts of salvia, thus disinclined to spit upon Black people and call them bad names.

Even if it doesn’t happen, The Post will be insensitive enough to report that it did.

Truth, justice and the American way: In Black Run America, this aphorism applies to one group and one group only. And it ain’t white boys.


Anonymous said...


"Let’s just hope it is hot in DC, so that the white people attending the rally will be dehydrated and producing less amounts of salvia, thus disinclined to spit upon Black people and call them bad names."

Besides members of the media and their own token lap dogs ,I doubt there will be enough Negroes in attendance to make it worth their while.

If spitting is necessary, and I trust that "event" will inspire tons of it. Please spit on that ass clown Lloyd Marcus. He actually believes you people like and respect him. How pathetic!

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck needs to spend some time riding the DC subway, sans security.

laz said...

To be fair, if you look at the footage of the original I HAD speech most of that audience was white too.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note. Does anyone really care what Glen beck or anyother conservative or liberal says or does? These commentator are complete asses. You have CNN reporting on what Fox says, that amounts to "he said something about my momma". Then, same goes the other way. Liberal reporting on conservative - conservative reporting on liberal, nothing about the issues. So a war in Afghanistan, unemployment reaching 10%, illegal immigration, the destruction of all of our cities - and the best we can get is name calling and personal attacks. There is not one issue that the other side can even slightly consider. I really expect the next new headline to be what Lady GaGa wore to the last tea party rally. We are going to hell in a hand basket

Anonymous said...

You call this hell? bwaahahahahahah weakling. Listen you spoiled brat, you've obviously never been overseas to a real shit hole of a country. Spend some time in a remote Indian village, the Chinese countryside, or even in South America. The US could drop 10% and still be 200% ahead of the rest of the world, don't be so over dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Now I am watching a "discussion" about the Beck Rally. Everyone on the panel all agrees, it's a racist white rally of islamaphobes. What discussion - how do you discuss when everyone agrees? This was the Chris Matthews version of fair and balanced. This after two days ago I watched him shout down someone that disagreed with the ground zero mosque. He was aided by a child from Media Matters. The guy couldn't say anything without being talked over or rediculed. Then Fox's Hiraldo (sp?) has Sharpton on his show and introduces this race hustler as the leading civil rights leader. This is the same guy that crucified the Duke LaCrosse team because a bunch of white guys didn't pay the hooker and she cried rape. Also his support of the Tawana Brawley case, both cases charging a situation and getting involved only to benifit politically. Sharpton and Jackson should have been relagated to the trash heap years ago. THe main thing that every liberal has against the tea party is that its too white - while a block away what is the color of all at that rally. A rally of the NAACP or the million man march, why are they not demonized for being too black? But these liberal and "consevative" commentators are just disgusting. What are their qualifications to even discuss these issues - Beck included? I for once would like to hear only the issues discussed from both sides without being shouted down - that is what an editorial in a newspaper at one time was for. I guess we are too dumb down to expect to read or write about an issue. Both sides might get heard.

Anonymous said...

you've obviously never been overseas to a real shit hole of a country.
Amazing, you must be black. So you think sinking to the level of third world countries is acceptable or what is your point? Any drop is acceptable? the fact that our standard of living is dropping seems to be lost on you

Anonymous said...

You can tell he's black. Notice how his list of cesspools doesn't include Africa or any majority black city in America.

Don't tread on me... said...

Liberal or conservative? Two sides of the same tarnished coin. Our informational "currency" is as defunct as confederate money yet people still hold out their grubby little hands (ears) for more. The "Powers That Be" never had it so good. Oh, pass me those new blinders with the extra bling would you? And what's Britney/Lindsey/Ga-Ga doing this week? Mainstream media is a huge diversion/waste of time. Through diligent searching one may acquire perhaps a small percentage of what's really going on. This site contains pieces of usable info in regard to the "diversity disaster" and social engineering agenda that's still limping along under current rule.

Anonymous said...

Why would he need to if everyone already knows? You can tell you're white by your lack of sense and knowledge.

Think:(If you're a continuous poster and viewer on this blog, then you should know or have heard many times the fact that Africa itself and all its (black) cities are cesspools.)

For once use what God gave you and get it through that thick skull of yours. Also, using Africa as an example wouldn't have proven his point. If Africa was used, you guys would obviously dwell on that, ridicule the continent, and continue your black trash rant. You whites have simple-minded minds and only react to hatred and spread it.

(At least the ones on this blog)

Anonymous said...

Don't tread on me,
While I love this site because it helps me, at times, to laugh at a very sad situation we find ourselves living under, here are some other sites that discuss race realizism more intellectually:
Guy White, Makeing Sense on Race.
Vanishing American.
There are other European sites. They basic problem they seem to be having is that "minority" immigrants are using race to take over government and use subjects of the empire - the way blacks in this country use slavery as an excuse for all kinds of violent antisocial and racist behavior. What are they looking to for their model - the United States.

Anonymous said...

My point Anon 12:35 is that you are a weakling. Any slight inconvenience and you bitch and moan about how life is unfair. Sorry princess, you need to toughen up. You also need to pick up a history book and get a perspective on living standards. I rattled off 3 easy examples of shitholes based on even a cursory look at their infrastructure and political organization and said that even a 10% drop in our society is still 200% of the rest of the world. I guess by your ill conceived sense of approximation, a 10% drop would put us on par with a 3rd world country, so by that logic the US is fairing only marginally better than let's say Sudan or Angola. I guess by your logic we're going to be drinking our own sewage water in a couple of years.

If you served overseas like I did, I think you'd have a better understanding of just how good we have it over here.

Anonymous said...

Well no the niggardly name calling is another way we can tell a poster is black. You served in Angola? that must have been a productive tour of duty?! Where else did you "serve", delivering aid to Somalian war lords?

The point is a reduction in any standard of living is unexceptable. Come on, you are the magic negroes - that why DWL gave you power. Your superior problems should have us incresing our standard of living - not ANY reduction in the standard of living. Lets see unemployment at close to 10% (closer to 20% of people that have just given up and close to 40% for black boys), a prison population that is 70% black where the black population is only 15%. You are the inventors of peanut butter magic flying machines, we expect more from you. There isn't even a standard in education - because grades are racist - you should be Rhodes Scholars with that kind of standard. That is the black standard for America - America, by blacks, reduced to its lowest standard. What a people.

AbdulAlim said...

In order to understand first you must define

Black conservatives are really frustrated slaves crawling back to the
plantation, figuratively, letting their master know that they are willing to go back into bondage. One needs to question their words because, as slaves and enemies of their people, they will say what they are told to say and do what they are told to do. The Black conservatives have nothing to conserve except their miserable obscurity and their tragic cowardice. These pathetically lost creatures and avid White-behind kissers don't have the nerve to be African or Black.

John Henrik Clarke
[John Henrik Clarke was Professor Emeritus of African World History (Department of Africana & Puerto Rican Studies) Hunter College, New York. He authored several books including Notes for an African World Revolution, Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust African People in World History, the editor of Malcolm X The Man and His Times and several other works.]

Anonymous said...


"The New York Times noted that Clarke's ascension to professor emeritus at Hunters College was 'unusual...without benefit of a high school diploma.'"

Anonymous said...

Black conservatives are really frustrated slaves crawling back to the
plantation, figuratively, letting their master know that they are willing to go back into bondage. One needs to question their words because, as slaves and enemies of their people, they will say what they are told to say and do what they are told to do. The Black conservatives have nothing to conserve except their miserable obscurity and their tragic cowardice. These pathetically lost creatures and avid White-behind kissers don't have the nerve to be African or Black.

Black conservatives are exactly just that."Uncle Tom's", who have always appreciated life in America.Hey pathetic why don't be a good Negro and go Dah Mudderland.Huh.