Friday, August 20, 2010

Antonio Cromartie and the Role of Sports in Black Run America

In Black Run America (BRA) sports act as one of the main deterrents from any action or protest being coordinated by those experiencing what is called “White Racial Anxiety." Though these besieged people could easily confront that which keeps them in bondage, the sports heroes they enjoy watching ensure the stability, health, longevity and omnipotence of BRA.

Many of the individuals who become prominent professional or collegiate sports participants come from the same type of families that are discussed here at SBPDL: the children of welfare queens; recipients of free lunches at school; or kids deprived of child support by derelict sperm donors known by the alias “father” in other racial groups' familial distinctions.

Michael Oher famously was adopted by a white couple so that his true potential could come to fruition.

It was stated here recently that the continued lowering of standards and academic requirements for incoming at major universities and colleges can no longer be perpetuated, as the threshold for admittance for people incapable of earning legitimate acceptance to higher education has been reached.

Today, distressing news was published regarding the ACT and the deplorable rates of college readiness that exist among the different racial groups in America. Sadly, the majority of the athletes who play college athletics belong to a group that sees only 5 percent score proficient enough on the ACT to be prepared for college (not to mention that 50 percent of the males in this group don’t even graduate high school):

Newly released data show that slightly more than one-fourth of the students in the class 2010 who took the exam met minimum benchmarks in all four of the exam's subject areas – reading, English, math and science.

And even more troubling, ACT -- the American College Testing Program -- reported significantly lower rates of college readiness among non-white kids. Only 7 percent of Latino students were considered college ready in all four subjects and for African American students, the number dropped to 5 percent.

"Obviously, we have a lot of work yet to do," Susan Castillo, state superintendent of schools, said Wednesday. "That's why I'm committed to the high school diploma work and increasing the rigor of the curriculum we expose to all students. We need to remain committed to that no matter what challenges we face now because we need to get these kids the knowledge that they need."

ACT sets a benchmark minimum score in each subject-area test and students who reach that score are more likely to score a B or higher in the college course focused on that same subject.

In Oregon, ACT reported a strong connection between students taking rigorous courses and meeting the college readiness benchmarks. Only 7 percent of students who took less than three years of math were considered college ready. In comparison, 63 percent of students who took three or more years of math beyond algebra I were deemed college ready.

America is sports mad, but this situation poses enormous problems for the future when one of the only plausible vocations for a growing underclass is the hope of being athletically gifted and making it to the professional ranks. The odds of being a professional athlete are sobering, which raises the question of future employment opportunities for those unfortunate enough not to make it pro:

The April 27, 2006 issue of The Columbus Dispatch had an article about inner-city children learning to play golf. The instructors deserve credit for their work. But they were incorrect in telling the children: “If you dream big enough, you can be just like Tiger Woods.”

Too many young Americans already have unrealistic expectations of becoming rich and famous in professional sports. As a result, they neglect the academic studies that are their true avenues to success in life.

The odds of becoming a professional athlete are sobering. That is shown in a 1988 report by sociologists Wilbert M. Leonard II and Jonathan E. Reyman.

The report is discussed in Andrew W. Miracle Jr. and C. Roger Rees’s 1994 book Lessons of the Locker Room. They say the report shows that for all sports, only 4 of every 100,000 white males, 2 of every 100,000 black males, and 3 of every million Hispanic males achieve professional status.

The report further states that in football, just 16 of every million white males, 21 of every million black males, and 4 of every ten million Hispanics attain the pros. For baseball, the report sets the odds per million as 12 for whites, 3 for blacks, and 2 for Hispanics.

Also according to the report, of every ten million white high school basketball players, only 28 make the pros. The number for blacks is 65 per ten million.

An article from Ebony in 1996 shows that 2/3 of young Black people strongly believe they can make it to the professional ranks of sports:

Art Young, director of Urban Youth Sports at Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sports in Society, came up with some staggering figures concerning the possibility of realizing a dream to become a pro athlete. Based on some extensive studies, he says that only I out of every 50,000 high school athletes will ever become a part of a professional team. To put those astronomical odds in perspective, that's like filling each seat at Denver's Coors Field (the home of the Colorado Rockies), then placing each name in a huge barrel. If yours isn't the one, single name drawn, then -- just like that -- your lifelong dream is dead!

Amazingly, even with those huge odds, Taylor (also education director for the award-winning movie, Hoop Dreams) says 66 percent of 7th- and 8th-grade African-American boys still strongly believe they can make a living in pro sports. That's 2 out of 3 youngsters who ignore these odds and continue the pursuit even though they clearly would be better served if the incredible determination, dedication and time to prepare that's necessary to become an athlete were directed in areas where the odds to achieve are much less.

We have shown you the ultimate commercial that explains what BRA means in practical terms. Now let us show you the ultimate athlete who personifies the repercussions of what the continued refusal to confront BRA portends for the future:

So here I thought Travis Henry and his 11 kids by nine women was bad, and now I find out that Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie is hot on his trail. A nice Sunday feature on Cromartie in the San Diego Union-Tribune talks about all the work he’s doing this offseason to try and have a great year on the field. In addition to the hip injury Cromartie played through all last year, we find out that Antonio was distracted by several off-field issues as well.

UPDATE: In this video, Antonio Cromartie has a hard time remembering all eight of his children’s names.

All throughout the organization there were whispers that the then-24-year-old’s head was not right. But sitting down between workouts last week, Cromartie acknowledged a less-than-focused drift through the 2008 season.

“Last year my head wasn’t in there,” Cromartie said. “I was dealing with my kids and their moms. It had my mind somewhere else.”

There are a lot of directions to be pulled when you have seven kids living in five states. Cromartie has been named in at least five paternity suits in the past two years.

Only so many Black people can make it to the professional ranks, where even being a highly paid athlete lasts for so fleeting a time.

As the American experiment comes to an end, we can safely surmise that no stand will ever come against sports by those experiencing “White Racial Anxiety”. Ratings will only go up, while the 401(k)’s and tangible assets decline among those who watch with such raving glee.

And Cromartie will continue to donate sperm to women so that children he has no intention of remembering will continue to be brought into this world.


Anonymous said...

I wish White people would just stop watching professional sports, especially ones that are negro infested. I stopped and haven't looked back, I don't even miss it.

Anonymous said...

Listening to this negro attempting to speak, it is truly astounding that ANY college or university managed to find a way to bend the rules enough to get him enrolled. He sounds as if he has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old.

Bobby Bowden should be ashamed, but he probably isn't.

Dave said...

That study of black 7th and 8th graders shows that even in their teens blacks still think like 6 year olds in terms of their dreams and aspirations. I used to play basketball with a young negro named Algien and whenever he missed a shot he would say "my eyes were closed" or "you distracted me" etc. Though white boys were kicking his ass on the court he probably still believed he could play in the NBA as long as he could figure out how to not blink on the court while shooting.
In terms of college football turning whiter due to general black academic failure thus leading to a whiter NFL, I do not see that happening. When black enrollment at public universities completely disappears due to colleges fielding a predominantly white football team the lawsuits will start flying from all the black supremacist groups. Standards for black entry into schools will go from pathetically low to non-existent. Lawsuits based on "disparate impact" have been used to impart minority (black and Hispanic) hegemony over institutions and businesses and will be applied to colleges in an even more egregious manner. I believe native Hawaiians can attend the U of H for free and with pathetic grades and this system could be introduced to every state for blacks. BRA will always prevail. SBPDL is becoming too optimistic lately, the doom you once felt is very real.

Doug said...

I stopped watching sports specifically for this reason. I was tired of seeing few if any white people and tired of all the chest thumping and dancing. There are very few humble athletes.

harris-ap said...

Here's a more complete list of some heavy-hitters in the illegitimate kids department:

Anonymous said...

Das' bullshit, I dint fuk all dem hoes.

Anonymous said...

When Bob Barker used to encourage people to get their "pets" spayed or neutered he should have included black professional athletes also. Agree with other posters not watching sports now adays for aforementioned reasons.

Anonymous said...

Civilization is all about race and this white race of ours has no sense of racial identity or racial pride and therefore will be destroyed. All the white male seems to care about is a six pack,a pizza and a ballgame. You see them sitting in stadiums like the Romans watching the Africans play ball or watching cars race around a track. I'm disgusted with my own race

Burt Packrat said...

Go to youtube and search for programs about the early integration of sports teams. All of the negro players were humble, well mannered, soft-spoken people that "proved" they were just like white people. Anyone who objected to Jackie Robinson was simply an irrational bigot. Fast forward to the present where blacks have now been emancipated from acting white. They've truly come into their own thuggish glory and validate every concern the "haters and bigots" had.

Integration was one giant bait and switch operation. They promised Sidney Potier and delivered Magilla Gorilla. The coolest part though is that blacks can now be seen for what they are, they are proud to act like violent cromags, they are egged on to be all they can be and its fun to watch.

In fact, the time is ripe to do some remakes of classic films like Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Let's see how that nice Christian politically correct family reacts when their de-racinated white daughter brings home the barely intelligible tattooed ape,Tremaine, for Christmas break. They can call it Meet the DumbFokkers, or even better, "Guess Who's Coming in your Daughter".

Watch as Tremaine lights up a joint on the deck after Christmas dinner and blows the smoke in timid white daddy's face when he asks him to refrain from using drugs in their home. Laugh along as their daughter announces she's 3 months pregnant with his ape-child. Explode with hilarity as Tremaine describes how he'll support their daughter by making 3-pointers all day long. Yes, its a new day in Black Run America and the future has never been so bright for satire and parody.

Anonymous said...

I ceased watching sports for the reasons cited above, but must ask this: how many ACCEPT the trash-talk coming from the mouths of NASCAR performers?

- ordinary white guy

Anonymous said...

Burt it should be "Guess Who Be At Dinner?".

Anonymous said...

Present-day sports and the fans who watch them remind me of the descriptions of slave fights from the old Falconhurst series of novels by Kyle Onstott and Lance Horner.


Anonymous said...

C'mon you guys! It's the handlers who are encouraging the worst! Tattoos, showboating, slaps on the wrist for anti-social behavior. Boycott the fast-twitch muscle sports (basketball and football) in favor of hand-eye sports (baseball, hockey) until the handlers serve up a family-friendly and society positive product. Walter Payton, Marvin Hagler, the NBA in the magic-larry bird- dr. j era Bo Jackson were all positive emphasizing competition, self-discipline and teamwork instead of self aggrandizement. You guys are overreacting - the elite want you to hate your brothers so they can divide and conquer the hoi polloi

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned if I give up any of the fast twitch sports. If you don't watch football you're a pussy. Just because I don't want to live next to them doesn't mean I won't watch them on TV. By the way, have you guys hear of this one? What do you call a white guy surrounded by 5 blacks? A basketball coach. How about a white surrounded by 10 blacks? A quarterback. How about a white surrounded by 5,000 blacks? A prison warden.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there will be a collapse in Black talent due to grades. Grades will simply be adjusted, by race, to allow Black athletes to compete in lucrative TV contract basketball and football NCAA Division 1 schools.

Follow the money. Blacks are simply better athletes. Blacks are faster, stronger, jump higher, than Whites. Particularly at the extreme end of high performance. Note, this is on average. Certainly a White individual might occasionally be competitive but that's is like noting Yao Ming and thinking the Chinese will dominate the NBA.

No, professional sports are not going to be running out of Black athletes any time soon.

Anonymous said...

The reason many blacks are faster is a biological "step up" known as high calf muscle insertion. I don't think they are stronger as most "strongest man" competitions will bear out as well as mostly whites dominating in MMA bouts though there have been some great black MMA fighters. Not Kimbo Slice by the way. See also what happened when the Russians sent their big men over to dominate boxing. If whites cultivated athletic talent and focused on it as much as blacks there would be many more white athletes running around.

Anonymous said...

"The reason many blacks are faster is a biological "step up" known as high calf muscle insertion."

This is an over-simplification. I recommend "Taboo" by Jon Entine, it's exhaustively researched and documented, and quite fascinating.

Anonymous said...

And high calf muscle insertion is indeed one of Entines' postulations in regard to a faster take off when sprinting. Too bad blacks are in fact not over-all superior athletes. See soccer, worlds strongest man comps., water sports, MMA fighting (see Fedor Emilienenko, the best pound for pound fighter in the world, who has destroyed much larger men including HUGE blacks)cycling, baseball, etc. Again, if whites were focused on athletics from childhood, with constant reinforcement by their peers and society, the face of sports would surly change. By the way I don't watch sports, I DO them.

Anonymous said...

"And high calf muscle insertion is indeed one of Entines' postulations in regard to a faster take off when sprinting."

Yes, it's simply one of Entine's many postulations as to why blacks are faster.