Wednesday, August 25, 2010 A Candle in the Darkness

Editors note: Inadvertently, a post was deleted that must now be rewritten. Such is life, right? Currently, I'm working on five big pieces (one or two of which will appear on a different Web site), but the tragic loss of an entry due to a callous disregard for saving an MS Word file has me vexed. So today, I pay homage to a Web site that must be frequently visited by all of those who come across SBPDL or enjoy reading entries here. It has the honor of being a Web site that is included in the Stuff Black People Don't Like category without requiring an official entry, based solely on the subject matter it covers.

We have briefly discussed local nightly news shows at SBPDL, and pointed out the obvious: a parade of human suffering broadcast by your local network affiliate is painful to endure, especially if you are Black.

Crime presents a difficult pill for many to swallow. Billions of dollars have been spent combating crime, yet it appears to never cease in its intensity. Our jails teem with masses of men and women incapable of participating amicably in civil society and the police and public defenders that put these felons into incarceration facilities are routinely denounced as harboring a “racist” agenda.

It is ingrained in the American psyche that any injustice brought against Black people must have iniquitous origins, for the continued application and vigorous pursuit of a white racist agenda pervades all decisions by the establishment, which is still ruled by a shadowy organization helmed by The Man.

This is of course, nonsensical. Black Run America (BRA) dictates simply that a Black person is presumed innocent of any wrong doing when even the slightest stench of white racism can be detected as reasoning behind that individual’s criminal motivation.

In BRA, there is always A Time to Kill when the justification for such actions can be credibly linked to the racist actions of a white person. The word “credibly” is used loosely, for the word of a Black person – even a Black mass-murderer – is considered sacrosanct.

However, one site has tediously attempted to document and aggregate crime for those curious enough to question just what type of face best describes the American criminal. In the quintessentially American film, Deathwish, the anti-hero (Paul Kersey) attends a sophisticated dinner party and overhears the following conversation:

The guy's a racist.

-He kills more blacks than whites.

-More blacks are muggers.

You want to up the proportion of white

muggers to have racial equality?

What? Racial equality among muggers?

I love it. is that Web site, a swift quick of truth that overwhelms even the most hardened realist when it comes to the face of crime in America. Showcasing why vigilante movies must always rely on Italian mobsters as criminal fodder for the hero, dares unveil what no major newspaper in the United States would ever consider publishing: photos accompany the heinous criminal stories.

The photos on the Web site belie any idea that a clever conspiracy exists (running nationwide) to imprison innocent Black people with wanton abandon. It is Black people who seem to have an intrinsic desire to commit crime with an obvious gratuitous, meaningless and licentious abandon. has a few rules, which should be stated here:

About The Thug Report

We are periodically asked why we do The Thug Report, and some unjustly impute racist motives to our site. So for those who care, here's the story:

  1. Why did you start The Thug Report? Simple answer: I thought the domain name was funny, and discovered that it was available. Serious answer: I felt that there was a need to call the public's attention to the broad incidence and consequences of urban crime. Large swaths of nearly every city in America are virtually uninhabitable because they are cesspools of crime and violence. The majority of those living there are law abiding and hard working, but they are held hostage or driven out by a criminal few. The Thug Report exists to raise public awareness of this fact, so that we'll start thinking about what can be done to change it.
  2. What's your point? The point is simple: Urban crime isn't an occasional incident or a geographically isolated phenomenon, it's something that happens constantly, in every city in America. Yes, there are occasional incidents of violent crime in rural areas and suburbs. But nowhere else in America compares with the war zone that is the inner city.
  3. Why do you only show black criminals? If you are asking this, you just picked the wrong day to visit. We post stories and photos of urban crime perps, regardless of race. Plenty of white criminals have had the dishonor of appearing on the site. However, because blacks are far more likely to commit urban crime, they are also far more likely to appear here.
  4. Are you against all black people? Absolutely not! The vast majority of those I've known are honest, decent, hard working people. By no means do we intend that such people should be sullied by the evil deeds of the few miscreants who appear on this site. In fact, it is they who suffer the most at the hands of the thugs. strives to showcase racial diversity in crime throughout the nation, but to do so would be a vain attempt at implementing the joke alluded to earlier from Deathwish. The face of crime in America is what stitches together with a delicate thread and what the mainstream media viciously pulls apart at the seams, though the material is still there for many to see the tainted truth.

Media outlets have long censored the race of criminals (The LA Times recently re-started its homicide map, to much chagrin) and does the job the so-called free press finds unnecessary.

So, as Budweiser is known to do in a clever marketing, SBPDL salutes, a purveyor of truth unvarnished and uncontaminated, unlike the news presented by gatekeepers of the dying media who must remain thoroughly Disingenuous White Liberals to the bitter end. showcasing the detritus of society in all its wonderful color.

Worse, shows that those Brinks Home Security commercials that constantly cast a white criminal as the consistent home invader dwell in the realm of science fiction.


Donald said...

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your article. Please don't feel discouraged, as you are providing a most valuable service: "Sending a message."

Don't worry, you will soon be able to rewrite it even better than the last draft, as BRA doesn't wait for you to stop it, you have to come at it head on.

Anonymous said...

There was recently a giant brawl at a metro station here in DC. The fight involved about 50 people and the story was reported in the Washington Post but the race of the participants was left out of the story. The reason race wasn't mentioned was because all of the savages destroying the public transit system were of course black. In order to find out the race of criminals in the news look for the tell tale Le's and De's for example LeShawn and Deandre. I agree that Thug Report is doing the job that the MSM will never do in POA. If you ever have the misfortune of riding the metro in DC I suggest carrying a piece of registered mail to protect yourself from the marauding silverbacks.

Anonymous said...

What are the other sites you'll be posting some articles? I'd like to see them.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Drudge Report first came out and talked about how in the history of society, media has always been controlled by some guardian of truth be it the church, the emperor, or the communist party. Nonetheless people found a way to get the real news not just the official institutional version telling everyone the world was flat and the sun went around the earth.

It is truly amazing how main stream media attempts to ignore or suppress the pandemic of black criminality.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this list of the Top 60 most failed countries in the world and take a wild guess at which continent that half of them come from. The problem is clearly genetic.

Don said...

Keep them coming SBPDL!!

Slowly, EVER so slowly, our people are becoming aware, are beggining to wake up!. I truely beleive that there are FAR more whites that are aware than not. We as a people though are just to darned nice to actually say anything in public about it! (& feel it our PC obligation to speak out against "racism"!). My wife like most white women is a decent & fair minded person with a "live & let live" attitude toward most people (as are almost ALL of the other whites that I know). Even she though is accutely aware of the differences between the races, she SEE'S obvious differences in intelligence & temperment. She is actually an office manager over some 70 other ladies at a large company, a number of whom are black....Man the stories she's told me!!.

Virtually ALL of my white family & freinds are aware or at least SEE obvious differences between blacks & whites, we've had countless conversations on the subject & almost all to some degree SEE IT!...Only a small percentage of us though actually speak their minds (in public) on this "uncompfortable" subject!.