Thursday, August 19, 2010

Belts and Dorothy Davidson: Why the future of College Football is White

Entry #113 at SBPDL is Belts. Black people just don't like them. A reader sent the following story that provides hilarious proof to the entry that was published in October of 2009 (if you are new here, you are strongly encouraged to read the archives):

AUGUST 18--An Indiana man was arrested last night after cops spotted him with his pants “pulled down to his knees” and his boxer shorts exposed.

Demetrius Russ, 21, was sitting on top of an electrical box talking on his phone when approached by cop Daniel Green. According to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report, after Russ ignored Green’s repeated requests to provide ID, he announced, “You can’t ask me for shit.” Green reported telling Russ that he was “sitting on private property with his pants pulled down on top of an electrical box.”

Russ’s perch can be seen in this Google Street View photo.

When Green asked why his pants were so droopy, Russ noted that he “was just swagging.” The officer replied that, “swagging did not involve exposing your genitals through your boxers because your pants were pulled down all the way.” The term “swagging” generally refers to getting your drink on.

During his interaction with Green, a “belligerent” Russ allegedly cursed frequently and called the cop “nigga and muthafucker on several occasions.” While police contended that Russ appeared drunk, he claimed to have only consumed “one 40 ounce.”

Russ, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, since Indiana’s criminal codes apparently have yet to codify the offense of having one’s pants on the ground.
For those who have read SBPDL and were familiar with entry #113, this story of Demetrius' refusal to properly coordinate his attire with a belt should come as no surprise.

However, the story that you will find quoted below even shocked us at SBPDL. Remember, without sports, it is quite difficult to believe any positive images of Black people could scarcely be found in America. And as this story proves, with the "alleged" endorsement of Nick Saban - whom Forbes labeled the Most Powerful Coach in Sports - one Black candidate (who is already a Councilwoman) for mayor in Bessemer knew victory would be hers:

An endorsement from a celebrity can sometimes make or break a political candidate.

For Dorothy Davidson, it could break her chances

The Bessemer (Ala.) Councilwoman, who is running for mayor, claims she has the endorsement of Alabama football coach Nick Saban. She even has the photo to prove it.

Problem is University of Alabama officials say there is no endorsement and that the photo is digitally-altered.

“Coach Saban has not been contacted for a political endorsement of any kind,” Associate Athletics Director Jeff Purinton wrote in an e-mail response to questions from The Birmingham News.

When contacted about the photo, Davidson claims it is real and that it was taken several weeks ago. But the photo is actually of Saban and his wife taken in 2007. When pressed by the paper, she admits the photo was altered but that, “They said we could do it this way.”

Davidson and her campaign manager insist that despite the photo, the support for her campaign by the Crimson Tide coach is real.

Davidson is one of six candidates running for mayor. The election is Tuesday.

Something tells me that the other five candidates will use this to their advantage.

What do these seemingly unrelated stories have in common with one another? Simple: watching sports on television, watching sports in person, talking about sports and consuming sports news comprise the bulk of American males time in 2010.

For those who follow college football and who understand the racial dynamics of the game, it should be obvious that roughly 50 percent of the players at the schools in Division 1A (Football Bowl Championship Series) are white and the other 50 percent, Black.

Oddly though, the student body enrollment (broken down by race) has the majority of these schools with overwhelmingly white student bodies (California schools have a mixture of white/Asian majorities), and even on the football and basketball teams vast differences in who actually earns a degree and the group of participants who fail to graduate emerge.

At Historical Black Colleges and University's (HBCU), the Black students and the Black athletes both fail to graduate at embarrassingly low levels. HBCU's once instilled discipline and pride in the students and athletes who attended these schools. Those who attend now are either the children of alumni or individuals who cannot get acceptance to any other institution of higher learning (athletes whose grades are so bad in high school that no traditional white school can work with their transcripts or make up a mental ailment to explain their low test scores).

We at SBPDL predict that if the ticking time bomb that is the Black underclass doesn't explode soon, college football will become increasingly white.

The NFL will be forced to create a minor league system where Black players incapable of maintaining a dignified GPA to stay enrolled in school can bypass the nuisance called education and classes altogether.

What do we base this prediction upon? Well, this news for starters:

Are young black men ready for the increasingly brutal, knowledge-based job market in the U.S.? The answer is a resounding "no," according to a new report, Yes We Can: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males 2010. Calling it a "national crisis," the report found that only 47 percent of black males graduated from high school in the 2007-2008 school year.

The report's authors also stated that the results of the eighth grade reading assessment test scores, which measure how many black males read at or above the proficiency level, "should set off alarm bells." The "best" score was a dramatically low: 15 percent (Kentucky, New Jersey), and several states averaged only five percent (Mississippi, Nevada).

According to the report, "(M)ore than twice as many black students are classified as 'mentally retarded' in spite of research demonstrating that the percentages of students from all groups are approximately the same at each intelligence level." The report adds, "The persistent over-classification of black male students as 'mentally retarded' reflects, at best, a lack of professional development in this area for teachers and other staff."

Or, we could base them off of this news:
A new survey claims that 27 percent of public school students aged 12 to 17 attend schools that are both gang and drug-infected. That means 5.7 million students attend schools which are both gang and drug dominated.

Nearly 50 percent of all public school students report drug use or sales on school grounds.

Or -- well you get the picture. Already colleges go to great lengths to get athlete-student eligible to participate in football during the recruiting process (and they go to greater links to maintain that eligibility once enrolled), pursuing potential players from the jail cell or juvenile detention centers doesn't seem like the best idea.

The Longest Yard was just a movie, okay?

Why do you think Tim Tebow was treated as such an enigma by sports fans, and then had his head shaved like a monk upon entering the NFL? Because in the current dynamic in the sport of football, he stands as the polar opposite to the type of players represented by people who look and act like Demetrius Russ.

In the future, expect college football to have a lot more players like Tim Tebow and a lot fewer players like Nigel Carr, Darren Myles or players like Michael Oher.

Players who look like Toby Gerhart will get a shot at being both a scholar and an athlete. Right now, they don't. But the collapse of the Black labor talent pool and the impending scarcity of Black talent able to complete the required courses in high school to even gain admittance to college, means the sport will - by default - become whiter.

As for Dorothy Davidson? She joins Alvin Greene as one of our favorite politicians in America, even though she lied about the endorsement from Nick Saban. Such is life in Black Run America (BRA).

Video of Dorothy Davidson's story can be found here.


Anonymous said...

" watching sports on television, watching sports in person, talking about sports and consuming sports news comprise the bulk of American males time in 2010."

I've quit doing all these things during the last few years. Living in Costa Rica helps-the locals don't expect me to know or care anything about soccer. US white males should take up the practices of ultra-masculine sports like mountaineering (without guides) and the hunting of feral hogs with pit bulls and Bowie knives. I'll contribute to a scholarship fund in the name of someone who crosses the class divide and engages in the both activities.

I tend to think that most bird hunters are mostly liberals and their collaborationist jackals.

Anonymous said...

I think that problem is aptitude and motivation. The vast majority of blacks, not all as I am friends with some very smart ones, do not have the aptitude for academics. Reading, writing, mathematics, are to them as thermo dynamics is to the average white. However, they have incredible aptitude for sports, singing, and dance and just look at how motivated they are to be successful in those endeavors.

The major flaw of the educational system is the one size fits all policy. We need people to work in construction, repair cars, pick up the trash etc. I would bet that 80% of the jobs out there really don't require anything higher than an 8th grade education, so what the hell is the point of trying to teach Cedric or Juantricia algebra?

I think we would be better served by creating vocational high schools that channel low academic aptitude people into something that they can be successful, and spend our efforts making sure that the smart white, asian, indian, and jewish kids are getting the resources needed to move society forward.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:45

The idea of a "tier" school system is impossible in the United States. Just imagine the "public" outcry of DWL as they bemoan the ratio of Black students in the lowest (vocational) tier. It would be considered a re-institution of segregation. Unfortunately, those without the means to send their children to private school must conform to the lowest common denominator of students. I agree with your idea though.

"No Child Left Behind" should be replaced by "No Child Held Behind"


Anonymous said...

"I think we would be better served by creating vocational high schools "

This is one of the best ideas I have heard. Can these be year-round schools and be operated without using taxpayer money? Maybe the industries that hire these low aptitude minorities could fund the trade schools, and those of us who pay taxes could use our tax funds for our high aptitude students. If the low rung minorities had more skills, they would not take the first jobs that part-time young students need in the summer and after school. It is shameful that there are so many blacks over age 25 frenching fries at McDonalds.

Miss Ann said...

"It is shameful that there are so many blacks over age 25 frenching fries at McDonalds."

Shameful that they understand their racial limitations and yet are still willing to work for a living?

I smell DWL.

Anonymous said...

"Shameful that they understand their racial limitations and yet are still willing to work for a living?"

Don't be afraid, Miss Ann. No DWL here. It's me, White Girl. Forgot to use my tag. Silly me. Be careful, and please read the entire post again.

It is shameful that middle aged blacks are working in entry level jobs when those low-wage, low-skill jobs are just PERFECT for young energetic teens just entering the workforce (or even older retirees). I would rather see a pimply-faced young teen with braces frenching fries than a 35 year-old minority with prison tattoos, 5 kids and facial hair. A 25 year old minority worker should have already been working various jobs for at least 10 years by now, all the while gaining enough skill to at least be promoted out of the entry level jobs. Instead, they take an entry level job each time and fail to advance in the work force. A job which should go to an employable young person. So while I am glad to see minorities hard at work and paying taxes, I am dismayed that they can only work minimum wage jobs that used to be taken by teens entering the work force.

White Girl

Doug said...

I wish I could be as optimistic as you about football turning white due to blacks not getting good grades, but the sad fact is, they will continue to lower the standards. This will dumb everyone down.

This reminds me of my last year in school in Alabama. I was the only white in a couple of classes. You should have seen the scholarships being given to play basketball at the University of Alabama. A one time, my aunt had the distinction of being a substitute teacher. Her sole job was to bring the reading level of Southside High School scholarship winners up to 8th grade level.

Yes, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it myself.

Anonymous said...

White Girl,

Better they're at least working, be it salting the fries or smearing the special sauce on your burger, than sitting around collecting government checks. Come on, at least they're out there working. Getting my order right is another issue.

Spare me the drama about a 35 year old minority with kids and facial hair working a menial job, as if we've never seen thirtysomething white women with stretchmarks and meth scars working a burger joint, wondering where her life went wrong each time she smiles her toothless smile and hands customers a bag of cheap, sodium-filled food.

Everyone's story is different, and to judge someone because of the job they do is, well, a pretty shitty thing to do. Granted the stereotype is a powerful one, and more often than not accurate, but every tatted up 35 year old minority you see behind a counter isn't the same.

This type of myopic self-righteousness is one reason I disassociated myself from the "white nationalist" movement years ago.

On another note, I usually do agree with your posts. And, SPBDL, keep up the good work.

-Ulick Varange

Anonymous said...

Like some others here, I, too, quit watching sports. The NFL strike in (I think it was) '81 was the catalyst that led me to find other things to do with my Sunday afternoons. After the strike settled, I knew I didn't need football anymore; as the game became more "ghetto" -- excuse me -- "urban," in tone and color, I've come to realize the strike was the best thing that could've happened for me.

Try life without the thugsports. After all, Bud Lite really doesn't salute you, Mr. White Guy With a Goatee and Polo Shirt Spending All of His Time Watching Sports. They mock you.

Miss Ann said...

"A 25 year old minority worker should have already been working various jobs for at least 10 years by now, all the while gaining enough skill to at least be promoted out of the entry level jobs. Instead, they take an entry level job each time and fail to advance in the work force."

Water seeks its own level.

I still smell DWL.

Anonymous said...

"I still smell DWL."

Ok, once again, so you smell DWL. I hate to address you personally, but you must be misreading my words, or misinterpreting them, Miss Ann.

Why should any person with half a brain be in an entry level position at age 25?? My point, I will state it differently, is that blacks are getting jobs that should go to teens and retirees. Blacks should suffer unemployment as a consequence to being slack on employable skills and motivation. My husband works for a shipping company which hires mostly blacks over age 25 in entry level package sorting positions and they suck. They are late, have criminal records, steal, cheat on their hours, have no desire to work or follow directions, but the company still keeps hiring them to keep the racial quotas up. When they occasionally hire an ambitious white kid just out of school, he gets promoted almost immediately and away he goes up the ladder. Common sense would tell you that they should start hiring more white kids for these entry level jobs, but they don't. This adds to white unemployment. There are some blacks there who have been in package sort for over 20 years and have made a career out of it. That keeps the ambitious ones out of these important first jobs and disables the company in the long run. Many of them are impossible to fire because of the threat of legal action. That is not how employment in America is supposed to work. Blacks, being underclass (by choice), uneducated (by choice), unskilled (by choice), and mostly unqualified are given jobs that should go to teenagers and retired people. Now teens are retirees are out of work in entry level jobs because older minorities are making careers out of them (by choice).

I have made my point, I am not a DWL, and I am not sure what part of my post you disagree with. Maybe you could state your disagreement with my point, instead of saying strange things like "I smell DWL". That makes no sense, and I am not sure how to respond, or if I even should. I think we are on the same team, but you are looking for disagreement.


Miss Ann said...

"Blacks should suffer unemployment as a consequence to being slack on employable skills and motivation."

And just who the hell do you think will be paying for their grape drank and bastard children then? Are you volunteering? Count me out. I already spend enough of my hard earned money on shiftless, unemployed people.

I am surrounded by DWLs. I see how they think. Or don't. Only a DWL would assume that a) negroes over the age of 25 are somehow magically capable of handling more responsibility and b) that negroes over 25 have the desire and ambition to compete in the workplace.

Humans with common sense rejoice in learning that there are negroes willing to maintain a job, ANY job, for twenty years.

These negroes should be applauded, not ridiculed!

"Common sense would tell you that they should start hiring more white kids for these entry level jobs, but they don't."

The "white kids" I know don't need McDonalds. Even in this economy there are available entry level jobs in a wide variety of fields, not just fast food, and if a young person is even marginally ambitious, he can easily secure employment elsewhere.

You seem to be taking this very personally. Were you denied employment at McDonalds? Was one of your children denied employment at McDonalds? Is that why you sound so bitter?

I'm sorry but I can't relate to your outrage. I wouldn't even let my kids eat that crap let alone prepare it or serve it.

Perhaps you, or your kid, or whoever it is that was turned down for a crappy job at McDonald's isn't quite as ambitious as you imagine?

I also think you are confused about the meaning of "retiree." Retired people don't work. Working + retiree = oxymoron. Capiche?

P.S. I still smell DWL. ;-}