Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brawl in Miami Mall: It Makes Sense When you Wear Black Goggles

Think of the world as it appears when you’re intoxicated. A heightened sense of invincibility overtakes your normal emotions and demeanor, superseding rationality and civility. You slur your speech in an almost unintelligible dialect, with all inhibitions vanishing as your voice becomes louder and increasingly obnoxious; you think every joke you tell is incredibly funny, while conversely, any insult hurled your way is grounds for violence and retaliation; you approach every woman in sight and proceed to make an advance on her, instinctively knowing all females are completely into you, even if you’re spurned; and best of all your testosterone levels are off the charts, loosening your tongue because you’re the baddest man on the planet and no one at the bar can touch you if a fight broke --you’d break’em in half.

The consequences of your actions while inebriated matter not, because the law is immaterial to you. Concepts of privacy, property rights and decorum governing socially acceptable behavior are alien to you, and vaguely offensive.

In this state you represent the epitome of a belligerent individual, completely devoid of decency and incapable of logical actions all because of the ravages alcohol induces upon the mind.

This thought experiment allowed you a window into the mind of the typical Black male, before the provocations alcohol provides upon the normal mental functions for other racial groups.

Whether it is 70 people rioting in a Washington DC Metro Station: hundreds rioting at a Mall in late December 2009 in Connecticut; Flash mobs in Philadelphia; Kansas City’s downtown shopping complex being overrun in violence; Indianapolis problems; Tulsa’s famous Chicken Hut under siege by hungry customers unconcerned with the immaterial dying body impeding their path to fowl glory; nightclub violence and block parties collapsing into chaos; a Hurricane named Katrina; or, a brawl at a Miami mall involving more than a score of people, the common denominator linking all events is the racial makeup of the participants.

All were Black and all of these events transpired within the last year (or just celebrated birthday number five!), with the brawl in Miami happening right before Katrina’s fifth birthday:

Police and management at Aventura Mall plan to meet next week to discuss the melee at the mall that left about a dozen young people arrested and several police officers receiving minor injuries.

The melee erupted around 10 p.m. Saturday when mostly teenagers descended on the mall for the opening of two popular movies at the AMC 24 Theaters, Lottery Ticket and Takers.

It ended with the arrest of 12 minors, all between the ages of 14 and 17, according to Aventura police.

Dozens of police officers from other departments rushed to help, including North Miami Beach, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach and Miami-Dade.

Officers used Taser guns on several suspects. No one was seriously hurt in the fight or the rush to the exits, though some officers received minor injuries while trying to make arrests, said Aventura police spokesman Chris Goranitis.

At least three suspects were arrested on felony charges -- battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Most of the minors were released to their parents. Those charged with felonies were taken to a Juvenile Assessment Center.

The scene was chaotic: As the fighting spread, several hundred people, many of them screaming, fled the theater at once, running from the concession stand area and knocking over the rope barriers by the exits.

Police directed the crowd outside the theater to exit the building, but initially did not let anyone leave the area by the parking lot outside the mall.

While police have not said what caused the fight, WPLG Channel 10 interviewed witnesses who said that it may have been sparked by two rival high school groups.

A group of noisy teens had gathered to buy tickets to two movies opening Saturday. The line leading to the AMC 24 Theaters stretched from the box office to the nearby mall entrance. A fight soon broke out between two youths near the box office, spiraling quickly into a mass brawl that spread to the theater, across the mall and to the parking lots.

Luis Chiu, 17, a 12-grader at North Miami Senior High said a fight erupted during the movie Lottery Ticket and mall security evacuated an entire aisle of the theater.

``Then the fight continued outside, so the cops took over. It wasn't pretty,'' he said.

Niouseline St. Jean, 19, of Miami, was part of the crowd that was kept outside the mall, near the Cheesecake Factory, for about 30 minutes. ``All these middle and high school kids were fighting,'' she wrote at the time in a text message. ``Everything is on lockdown.''

This is not the first time crowd control has gotten out of hand at the AMC in the Aventura Mall.

In January 2005, an off-duty Aventura officer, trying to remove a group of kids he said were causing trouble, said he was jumped by other teens. By the time it was over, police had used Taser stun guns against four youths.

Nine juveniles and two adults were arrested.

Aventura already had a robust police and security presence at the mall.

``Aventura Mall has a comprehensive security program in place, which includes off-duty Aventura Police Department officers and a sophisticated CCTV system,'' Aventura Mall general manager Oscar Pacheco said in a statement. ``We will continue working with the police and AMC Theaters regarding the incident.''

Aventura police maintains a nine-officer unit on the property, mostly funded by Turnberry Associates, the company that runs the mall.

On Sunday, the Aventura Mall was crowded as usual, though some said they were worried about security near the theater. ``Security is an issue there and it's going to drive people away,'' said Amy Scharf, 37, of Aventura.

Seth Kaplan, 42, also from Aventura, agreed.

``I usually avoid the mall at nights,'' he said. ``I do think that these fighting issues are going to cause other people to stop going to the movies, but I was already concerned before this. The movies are dangerous in the evening.''

Other frequent mall shoppers were not as concerned. ``I'm still going to go to Aventura Mall,'' said Lauren Ovadia, 17, of Davie. ``There is going to be fights everywhere. Things happen.''

Mauricio Diocis, 20, of Aventura, said that while he was concerned about the incident, he still thinks the mall is best option in the area. ``When I heard about the fights it was really surprising, because Aventura is such a nice place,'' he said.

When you think of the world as it appears when you are inebriated, you’re granted a window, access to the world as it appears to Black people. It has been said that drinking gives one “beer goggles” – those imaginary, yet tragic frames that magically makes all girls beautiful and desirable.

In reality, drinking alcohol to the point of intoxication gives one “Black goggles” because you will immediately be granted insight into the Black mind and an opportunity to “act a fool” engaging in behavior commonly associated with normal Black behavior.

Which leads us to a teaser of an upcoming entry at SBPDL: curfews.

As the nation becomes increasingly non-white, it will become imperative for cities and towns to institute curfews (potentially state-mandated curfews) to maintain order and provide safety for civilians.

Curfews, brawls at Miami malls, Act a fool and Black people: just put on those “Black goggles” via drinking insane amounts of booze and you’ll enter the mind of Black person.

It all makes sense when you understand that simple fact.

Video of the Aventura brawl can be found here.

More video of the event can be found here.

Video from another news source on the Aventura brawl can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Mingling with blacks is as pleasant as a root canal.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, odd that the article failed to mention the race of the trouble-makers...

I've been to Aventura, it's an upscale mall in a good area, but somewhat overrun by blacks. The movie theatre would be well-advised to stop showing negro movies like "Lottery Ticket", it would save a lot of future headaches.

Anonymous said...


1. The last video link is incorrect.

2. Please do NOT put Ludacris on your page, just seeing his face makes me nauseous. Thank you.

Buckeye Copperhead said...

Near where I live, there used to be a mall with a multi-screen cinema and food court. Real nice place, used to hang out there all the time as a high schooler. No real trouble to speak of other than the occasional shoplifter. Then the "demographics" in the area changed. Soon there was increased theft, muggings, fights, vandalism, gunfire, etc. The non-criminals stopped spending time there. Businesses shut down in droves. Now where once stood an attractive, modern mall is now an empty field of weeds and gravel.

Anonymous said...

I recall Lloyd Center in Portland. It was a mall, but more open-air. It was full of nice shops, and nice shoppers, mostly white, and blacks who behaved themselves.

Some new outfit bought up Lloyds and thought it would a really SWELL idea to enclose it, add more levels, and add a food court and multi-screen movie theater. Some of the lessees saw what was coming. Some of them relocated during the remodeling and just didn't come back. Others, as the leases expired, moved or close up shop.

Their intuition was justified. Roving gangs of black "yoot", shouting vulgarities at one another from the pesestrian ramps. Fights. Knifings. Gunfire. Trouble each night when the theaters let out. Hassling the nice shoppers (of all colors).

Security clampdowns were met with threats and yelling from the Rebrunds and "social justice" crowd.

It's been 15 years since I lived in Portland; I wonder what became a LLoyds Center?

- the aging bruin

Don't tread on me... said...

This reminds me of Eastland mall in Charlotte NC. I was in high school when the multi-level open-center (with large skylights) mall opened with a huge food court and a beautiful large skating rink on the bottom floor. It was a great place to take the family for shopping, movies, etc. Of course once the black boys started hanging out there the crime/"incidents" began to rise in direct proportion to their number. Once civilized people stopped going all the businesses dried up. Now Eastland mall is no more. This is a consistent recipe for disaster so why hasn't it sunk in yet? It's crazy that political correctness, a disingenuous mockery that turns a blind eye to truth, is becoming in effect the death knell for the thriving European culture that shaped this country. Of course it wasn't perfect but it was self sustaining as opposed to the nihilistic PC trend (read:black culture) that is choking the country as we sit on our collective hands. Of course all the "bells and whistles" are also working hand in hand with the PC doctrine to further lay our culture low. Heroin couldn't hold a candle to our modern day opiates, i.e.: sports worship, "celebrity" worship, the holy Materialism Idol, "new and improved" entertainment/toys and the endless pap and brainwashing/social engineering agenda rammed down our throats by the Main Stream Media. It's time to rouse the sleeping giant from hibernation before our "cave" becomes our tomb.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a shopping district like this in every major city, I like to hear about other cities. Once the low-end chain stores and cell phone kiosks start moving in, it is the beginning of the end. We have a pitiful mall in my town that has turned into the black mall, now mostly stores selling hip-hop "fashion", cell phones, gold jewelry and bling, african junk, discount and dollar stores, and black beauty salon supplies. There are packs of black teens and unemployed men wandering about inside in their finest clothing with nothing to do. Now a big Walmart store moved in next door to the mall. The anchor stores (Sears, Penneys, Macys) have all moved out and left the spaces empty. Not worth the drive to get there any more. The parking lot is full of weeds, grass and dumped mattresses. It is like a third world country. Now the blacks are migrating north to shop at the high-end designer mall. I always see ghetto rat black girls stuffing their purses with goods from the Restoration Hardware store. They stand out like a sore thumb. The white employees are afraid to approach them in fear of violence, and just let it happen. We expect the blacks to steal, and they do.

Anonymous said...

Dancing into traffic: Darwin 1 - Fool 0

Anonymous said...

We had something like this. It was called downtown Detroit. Once had the worlds largest department store. Then 67 riots. The only shoppers were old ladies that were robbed right in the middle of the store. Now that store - JL Hudson's history is being rewritten as a racist store. NOT. The first black Santa. The first black employee association in the 30s. Dianna Ross' first job. Then all the shopping after years of theft (black employee as well as customers) relocated to new suburban malls. Now nothing is left of the downtown - and the D's demographic ran out of people to rob. Now the suburban malls are dying for the same reason - wonder where they will run to next. At one time the city of Dearborn upset the Detroit demographic - and the negros called for a boycot of a Dearborn Mall. That was one month without any shoplifting, cars stolen out of the parking lot and people mugged in the mall. It backfired on the NAACP and Dearborn actually wanted the Detroit demo to keep the boycot going. For a couple of months there were no crimes and stores were profitting. Oh, the worlds largest department store - all 27 floors that employed 12,000 (mostly black employed) its now a hole in the ground and is labeled as a racist organization - that needed to be "shut down". Kind of reminds me of the ... and then. Michigan is surrounded by water, maybe DWL will need to start swimming for Ontario!

Anonymous said...

I am reading something today in the Detroit News. The exmayor and his father all under indictment. The exmayor being investigated into the death of a stripper. Detroit school system taken over by the state due to theft and mismanagement. The expolice chief's girlfriend is having an affair with the new married chief. Then the one that really turned my stomach. Two afro yuts - rapped a 90 year old woman. Wonder if this will end up in black history month.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

It's a pretty simple analogy when you get right down to it. Where ever black people move to in mass numbers. You will see life start to suck quick and fast and in a hurry in those areas. No need for statistics, it's simply a known fact.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 animal species humankind can't live with :
- Negroes, because of their natural stupidity and violence, adding to an unbearable physical ugliness
- Muslmis, because of their "cultural" stupidity and violence, adding to an unbearable mental ugliness

Californian said...

As the nation becomes increasingly non-white, it will become imperative for cities and towns to institute curfews (potentially state-mandated curfews) to maintain order and provide safety for civilians.

One wonders -- without going into conspiracy theories -- if this is not one of the intents behind the open borders policy. Import large numbers of third worlders, dilute the value of citizenship, play off oldtimers versus newcomers, you know the drill. Then use the ensuing rise in violence as an excuse to put in the curfews, the x-ray scanners, the drug wars, the SWAT teams, and the rest of the machine.

Just saying'...

Jack Grant said...

"In reality, drinking alcohol to the point of intoxication gives one “Black goggles” because you will immediately be granted insight into the Black mind and an opportunity to “act a fool” engaging in behavior commonly associated with normal Black behavior."

Well, in reality it's just a metaphor, albeit an interesting one - and a clever insight into a possible correlation. It might be possible to formulate a testable hypothesis for a study, which if funded and carried out might just pass the test.

Interesting hypotheses are the beginning, not the end, of scientific knowledge.

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