Sunday, August 8, 2010

The OJ Simpson Verdict Reaction and Omar Thornton's Killing Spree Reaction

We'll be returning to the regular SBPDL posts tomorrow (been far too long for official entries to go unregistered), but a final thought must be uttered regarding Omar Thornton.

Though I was too young to understand the significance of the verdict at the time, the OJ Simpson verdict reaction should have supplied evidence to Pre-Obama Americans of just how divided the nation was and how no amount of conciliatory concessions could be made to make the US "one nation, indivisible" ever again (this article from NPR illustrates a discussion 10-years after the verdict shocked most of the nation and exhilarated 13 percent with a jolt of infectious joy):

Ms. LEVENSON: Right in front of the courthouse, when I walked out after the verdict, it was startling because on one side of the street, all the blacks were lined up and they were cheering for O.J., and on the other side of the street were the whites and they were just in shock. And it really made it all about race even though there were many other aspects to that case.

DEL BARCO: Levenson says the racial divide might be worse today than 10 years ago.

Ms. LEVENSON: Back at the time of O.J., it was probably about one out of every four young black Americans was a defendant in the criminal justice system. They're saying now that the statistics now are more like one out of every three.

Now comes this article from, the official news source of the website Black Planet. The quoted editorial below received major exposure on that particular website and offers an opening into the true line of thinking that is pervasive in the Black community:

The mass murders committed by Connecticut resident, Omar Thornton, earlier this week, were a tragedy no doubt, but they reveal what a lot of Blacks still face nowadays. Regardless of how the media, politicians and local and federal law enforcement spin it, racism is alive and well and it’s kicking as hard now as it has in the past. The difference now is that it’s masked infinitely better than it was back then. Before it was a little more blatant, but now they’ve found ways to continue the ignorance right in front of us!

When you think about it, we can only compare racism to one thing and that’s our crazy uncle. The same one no one wants to see or hear at get-together’s. At family gatherings, you try your best to make sure he isn’t invited and when you find out is, you hope he doesn’t make it. But if he does, you try to keep him away from everyone and/or handle him with kid gloves because if he starts talking, the truth about the family is revealed and you can’t shut him up; and since he’s an alcoholic, you blame everything he says on his drinking, yet you never speak on the truths he is revealing and instead sweep them under the rug.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is racism in America in a nutshell.

As a dark-skinned Black man, I experience racism daily. On the streets, in stores, on public transportation and at work. You name the place and I’ve experienced it there. There’s even bias amongst Blacks, but that’s another story for another time. If I could reveal all the instances of racism I encounter on a regular basis, I’m quite positive most Blacks would agree while whites would think I’m overreacting.

Absolutely no evidence of racism has been found to support Mr. Thornton's assertion that the dead white males deserved their fate (on the contrary, mountains of evidence have appeared that destroy his claims and perverted rationality for the slayings), yet Black people have jumped to his defense.

The cry of racism by a disgruntled Black employee is tantamount to introducing blood into shark-invested waters and a white guilt feeding frenzy will soon become overwhelming. Thornton's reliance on blaming white people for his continued failures in life finally spilled over into his acting against these irrational beliefs and the (in his eyes) virtuous slayings of evil white racists.

The article on by a Black male who claims racism will never end shows how this contagion has spread throughout the entire Black community: if a Black person feels that The Man is holding them down, then it is obviously due to racism because Black people are capable of achieving only the highest levels of success. Black failure can only be explained by the continued existence of a glass-ceiling erected and maintained by white racism.

Omar Thornton showed how it is possible to shatter such a ceiling.

Earlier this week, The National Republican Senatorial Committee saw two former Black employees file a racial discrimination suit against the organization:

A longtime employee of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has accused its leaders of racial discrimination after they fired him last month.

Keith Carter, who joined the NRSC in 1995, has charged Republican officials with creating a hostile environment for the two African-American employees who worked at the committee.

Carter, who is black, said he was referred to as “boy” and forced to clean up the feces of dogs white employees had brought to work.

He filed a lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court on Monday.

Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the NRSC, disputed the charges.

Had Carter and his comrade pulled an Omar Thornton and gone into the NRSC guns-ablazing, one can only imagine the cheers and adulation that would adorn these would-be protagonist with...

OJ Simpson's verdict showed the great divide that existed within America. Omar Thornton's mass-murdering of purported racists white males and the reaction from Black people (and their Disingenuous White Liberal enablers) shows how wide that divide has finally gotten.

Tomorrow, a return to normalcy at SBPDL with numbered posts resuming. Today, the realization that there can be no peace has finally settled in leaving me - strangely - comfortably numb.

The memory of people cheering at the reading of the OJ verdict has flooded my mind and the articles published at, AOL Black Voices and countless Internet message boards rain with menacing precision, continuously proving that there can be no peace.

An undeclared war is already being waged across America, with Black-on-white and Black-on-Black killings and crime only getting worse.

This website was intended to be nothing but a joke. Well, during the past year SBPDL has chronicled a changing, quickly declining nation, and the punchline keeps getting worse and worse.

There is no joke anymore.


Anonymous said...

No doubt the claims of racism are nothing but bull. Blacks have learned a long time ago that their bad behavior can be excused by crying “racism” and will be believed by simply saying so. If there was really racism involved at Hartford Distributors in Connecticut Thornton could have easily called on the ACLU, SPLC, NAACP, and a whole host of others to defend him.

God Bless SBPDL

Don said...

SBPDL, you are doing an immense service for your race and your country!..I know you must often feel like a man in the wilderness but please don't loose heart!..We NEED these truths to be seen!
In the words of George Orwell: "In an age of UNIVERSAL deceipt, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"!!...Keep telling the truth brother!.

Anonymous said...

I made a paypal account today, to donate. All these years nothing has pushed me hard enough to bother. Waiting forthe account to 'activate' or whatever.


Anonymous said...

There are some parallels between Omar Thornton and Colin Ferguson:

If you were too young to fully process the OJ verdict, you definitely won't remember Colin Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

I remember when my grandfather was alive, (he was in the civil rights movement) he used to always say that they should of kept blacks and whites separate. I wonder if he was alive and he saw everything going on right now, what would he say? Honestly, I might have to agree with his statement.

Objective Black Man

Anonymous said...

I think it has been an undeclared war for a long, long time. I really like your blog, you do a great job.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

I think seperation would be far better than segregation. Let the DWL's go live with the black folks and they can feed off of each other. The rest of us could go on about our lives. The great white evil is gone and the racist problem along with it. If any of the DWL's feelings toward blacks started to flag.....oh well, shit happens. The non-black side wouldn't have the specter of an OJ or Omar on the horizon. Any idiots on the non-black side that pulled that sort of crap would be dealt with and not be held out as some kind of hero. Seperation for the Win!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here ( is a thread from Lawrence Auster's View From The Right on the O.J. Simpson verdict. It is titled: "What Whites REALLY Don't Understand About Blacks Is Not What They THINK They Don't Understand."

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant post.

and kudos to Objective Black Man for a courageous and honest comment.

Anonymous said...

"There is no joke anymore."

No there's not. It is eventually going to explode, It won't be pretty and our nation(and us) will be altered in ways not even imaginable.

Silent Running said...

Robert Kardashian's reaction to the verdict is absolutely priceless. I don't think it ever entered his head that O.J. might actually be found not guilty.

It's a shame he didn't live to see his daughters shacking up with every mandingo in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

One of the (only) things I remember from my Business Law 101 class years ago is that one of the first things that must happen before two parties enter into an agreement is that there has to be a meeting of minds. The way I define it is that the two parties have to understand what is being negotiated,and on a level beyond that,they have to understand-and be able to understand the other party,when that other party wishes to negotiate an agreement,or adjust an agreement that is already existing.

The concept of a meeting of minds is also a requirement for a nation. Or really,just about any kind of enterprise of any sort that involves more then one person,but when you get to the nation stage,it's an absolute necessity,because if you have to go around explaining everything to everybody,every time you try to do anything at all,then you're going to spend all your time,money,and effort explaining. Often to people who can't understand the subject,and at least as often to people who engage in what I call the willful refusal to understand.

I no longer believe that this absolutely necessary meeting of minds is possible between the black population of this country and the white population. As to reasons? And where the blame should be placed?

I don't care any longer. I don't care if the reasons are historical,genetic,or if aliens are orbiting the planet beaming down mind control rays. The "why" of the issue matters,but given the apparent impossibility of the two races ever co-existing peaceably with each other when in close proximity,my vote is for separation. Separation as soon as feasible,and then the "why" can be discussed till judgment day. This country is like living in a house that's just caught fire.

The immediate,life-threatening problem is that the house is on fire. Put the fire out,right now. That's what has to happen before anything else can happen. Get the fire out,and use all measures needed to do it as quickly as possible.

AFTER the fire is out,then go look for what caused the fire in the first place. When you find out what the problem was,make sure it doesn't happen again. But you have to get the fire out first-detailed examinations of what went wrong have their place,and are needed. But keep priorities straight. Immediate,life threatening problems need immediate solutions.

bob fairlane said...

Black people would be absolutely hilarious.....if they weren't deadly dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these [the Negro] people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. ~ Thomas Jefferson – Autobiography – 1821

Anonymous said...

One of these days, another Simpson-like sports figure is going to pull a similar crime. A great comment concerning Robert Kardashian by Silent Running.

Sport Historian

faceless Black in the crowd said...

Well, well... I think it's quite sad to use an isolated tragedy in order to dredge up fear and racial hostilities. White people clearly are simple-minded beings by allowing themselves to be baited by such racial hustlers (ie. SBPDL).

Yes, racial hustlers! You people aren't immune to the white equivalents of Sharpton and Jackson. If you were, this blog wouldn't be popular and you know I'm right. To use the deaths of fellow white people as a way to make yourself and your opinions more popular (and to get donations!) is really sick. For shame, SBPDL, for shame...

@Silent Running:

"It's a shame he didn't live to see his daughters shacking up with every mandingo in Los Angeles."

Robert Kardashian did know his daughters went with black men, you putz. Kim was married to a black record producer while he was still alive. She and her sister Kourtney dated two of Tito Jackson's sons while in high school. It may seem like pointless info to know but if it can be used to embarrass an ignorant fool, by all means, I will most certainly use it as a weapon.

Unlike you, the Kardashians are racially nuanced. The Kardashian sisters prefer black men most likely because the way they are built, white a-holes might consider them too curvy?

Besides, it sounds like a bit of jealousy from your end. Mandingo? It's pejorative, yes, but I'm pretty sure it can excite the female sexual appetite.

So your comment is moot.

@bob fairlane:

It's funny, I heard that exact comment from a Pan-African revolutionary thinker! But the "black people" in question were those who sold out their own race and were basically shills for the Man's interests.

I think the revolutionary thinker was a little more accurate...

Why do I have the oddest feeling "Objective Black Man" is probably "Subjective White Man"? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

"Well, well... I think it's quite sad to use an isolated tragedy in order to dredge up fear and racial hostilities."

Isolated??? LOLOL
There are thousands of black-on-white violent crimes every year in this country, this incident is sadly one of many.
If you think whites should not take note of the pattern of black-on-white violence, then you're a fucking idiot.

Oh, btw SBPDL, this has all happened before...a hate-filled negro murdered his white co-workers, blamed racism with zero evidence, was subsequently convicted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

faceless black in the crowd,

The name of the site is "Stuff Black People Don't Like." You're not supposed to like it. Black people have no sense of irony.

Anonymous said...

faceless Black in the crowd said:

"Why do I have the oddest feeling "Objective Black Man" is probably "Subjective White Man"? Hmmm...."


giangurgolo said...

"To use the deaths of fellow white people as a way to make yourself and your opinions more popular (and to get donations!) is really sick."

You know what's really sick?

1. Playing on white guilt to justify the murders even when there is no evidence whatsoever.
2. Sitting idly by, ignoring the larger implications of this, leaving the victims' deaths in complete vain.
3. Treating the mass murderer as a victim himself.

These all seem to be far far worse than modest attempts to increase support for an internet blog and raise awareness to issues that are ignored by the media.

What's also kind of sick is a black who reads blogs titled "Stuff Black People Don't Like".

Anonymous said...

""I think it's quite sad to use an isolated tragedy""

Isolated? That word doesn't mean what you think it means.

Silent Running said...

You people aren't immune to the white equivalents of Sharpton and Jackson. If you were, this blog wouldn't be popular and you know I'm right.

A strong preference for fantasy, particularly fantasies which absolve them of blame, is a hallmark of the negro race. The truth, of course, is that no Caucasian equivalents of Sharpton and Jackson exist, and even if they did, white people have been so brow-beaten over "racism" these past decades that the pleas of such hustlers would fall on mostly deaf ears. Sites like this one are quickly gaining in popularity because negro misbehavior is a very consistent and observable phenomenon, and whites who have hitherto been deprived of a voice are anxious to tell their stories to those who can relate. No race hustlers are needed. All that is required is the presence of a problem population and, if you'll forgive a turn of phrase, we have that in spades. I'd tell you to look no further than the savage behavior of your own people for reasons why sites like this one exist, but that would require some amount of intellectual honesty, and you failed that rigorous test with your first sentence.

I suppose all those nasty crime statistics put out by the DoJ are just racist lies after all, right? That must be why Jackson is relieved at the sight of a white man when he looks behind him.

Kim was married to a black record producer while he was still alive.

Maybe that explains his early grave. :)

Unlike you, the Kardashians are racially nuanced.

You can't be that naive. In normal families, there are always serious misgivings when the first blacks begin showing up at the front door. Outwardly, this reaction is crushed by the horror of appearing racist, but most of the time it sticks around whether you want it to or not. It's one of the healthiest reactions, that of someone who instinctively wants his or her people to survive. Maybe blacks like you don't feel such because you (rightly) see the addition of Caucasian genes as a significant upgrade. You have my sympathies for being born into failure.

Besides, it sounds like a bit of jealousy from your end. Mandingo? It's pejorative, yes, but I'm pretty sure it can excite the female sexual appetite.

LOL, at last, that's really all you have, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It is pretty sad when one sees the addition of another race into the family tree as a good thing. Doesn't say much about your own race now does it? ROFL!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm white and I was relieved to know OJ was found not guilty even though I knew he was guilty. Why? Because many blacks would have attack whites if he was charged guilty, that's why. I went to a school with a potential danger of that and I even skipped school that day just in case.

Shrewsbury said...

Considering how much hostility blacks express toward white folks, and the decades-long intifada they have been waging against them, far worse and more violent than anything that happened during the old segregation days, it's a wonder (perhaps a pathological wonder) how well white people treat blacks. In any case, there's no way a black person is ever going to feel comfortable in a crowd of white people. It's never going to happen, even if all white people become saints. The only humane solution is, in fact, segregation, but we're taught that that was the most evil thing that ever happened anywhere.

Anonymous said...

We need segregation now. blacks and whites will never be able to live together. there is a race war coming and it will be soon. whites need to wake up & start sticking together.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous! Most of you (white and black) don't even realize how racist you are. And THAT is why it is difficult for SOME of you to be in the same elevator, or room, or restaurant or whatever! Do something constructive with you life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at August 18, 2010 1:09 PM

Look around and you will find that no one's really color blind.How is spreadin' the truth about black people and sharin' stories unconstructive.Do me a favor, sweetheart. The next time you're out bitchin', why don't you visit a predominately black city like Detroit.Find out the hard way why everyone not just whites can't stand to be in the same everything as your pet blacks.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous! Most of you (white and black) don't even realize how racist you are. And THAT is why it is difficult for SOME of you to be in the same elevator, or room, or restaurant or whatever! Do something constructive with you life.

Cry me a river, bitch