Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'And Then?': The Never-Ending Question

If one has been following this site since the beginning, you have witnessed a solid 14 months of stories that make up the bulk of Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

We have brought to light many stories that highlight a growing sense of unease throughout the United States and on a lighter note discussed the many peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of Black people through our numbered entries. Before we return to the latter and continue to chronicle the expanding list of SBPDL’s, please allow one quick observation.

Dude, Where’s My Car?, is a comedy that came out in 2001 and includes a few memorable scenes, most notably an attempted order at a Chinese restaurant that turns quickly into farce. Three friends attempt to satiate themselves with takeout fare, but the attendant taking their order continues to pester them with the query, “and then?” even after they have come to conclusion of their order:

Chinese Foooood Lady: And then?
Jesse: No "and then"!
Chinese Foooood Lady: And then!

This routine goes on and on for a number of minutes (watch it here), with the question always “and then?” greeting each part of their order, even when they have finished.

What is the point of bringing up an obscure reference from a largely forgotten 2001 comedy? Simply this: for Black Run America (BRA), there will always be the question of “and then?” after each attempt to ameliorate any negative predicament that Black people face and continually endure.

The past will always be exploited by Disingenuous White Liberals to its fullest potential to garner sympathy for the current sorrowful state of Black America and used to validate all present and persistent inequities that exist.

No matter the strides that have been made to eliminate all forms of racism toward Black people in every sector of American society (housing, jobs, acceptance to elite universities, loans, etc), Black people and their DWL-enablers will always ask the question and then? Indeed, it is now members of the dwindling and declining majority who face the state-sponsored discrimination.

If tomorrow a plan was approved by Congress to give every Black person reparations for slavery in the form of free housing (by either eliminating the remaining mortgage owed or providing new housing), free tuition at the college (regardless of their SAT/ACT/GPA scores) of their choice and a yearly stipend in the form of $20,000, even this gesture wouldn’t prove enough to serve as the collective mea culpa necessary to extirpate the sins of the past that DWL’s constantly dredge up.

There will always be an “and then?” accompanying any attempt of tribute offered to those currently wallowing in the avarice that white guilt provides.

There can be no peace and it is important that you understand any attempt at offering concessions will only intensify the “and then?” inquiry.

Even if every CEO of a Fortune 500 company was Black; even if every head coach of an NFL and major College Football program was Black; even if every elected official, judge and government employee in America was Black; even if every TV show featured only Black actors and actresses, well, even in this hypothetical situation, the question of “and then?” would still be asked.

“And then?” is what every company or college hears when they create a diversity or minority outreach program. “And then?” is the resounding question that will never cease, even if a bill were passed exonerating Black people from ever paying taxes again and if cops were precluded from ever bothering Black people again.

Like the Chinese takeout lady questioning the characters in the film Dude, Where’s My Car?, those who attempt to find commonality through compromise and atone for transgressions that transpired long ago will only be greeted with two words: “and then?”

What will 2042 look like, if demographic trends continue unabated? Regardless, the never-ending question of "and then?" will persist and pester that dwindling population of white people tasked with perpetuating the very system that brought about their displacement.

Something tells me that long before this celebratory date that would usher in a nation no longer majority white, someone is going to utter "no, 'and then'."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I say this all the time: No matter what Whites do, we will always be viewed as the ignorant evil racist oppressor. Even if you march along side Jesse Jackson, feed a starving African village, protest the Arizona law screaming "Nazis!" and "racism," fight for Mexican migrant workers' rights, burn your own country's flag while screaming "kill Whitey!", write a book lamenting your "White privilege," you're still an ignorant evil racist oppressor. A newborn White baby? Racist. You're unborn White children? Racists. White children born 300 years from now? Cracka azz racists. So why bother anymore?

Anonymous said...

Indeed. The only way to combat our current schizophrenic Orwellian situation is to Just Say No. No more period. I don't care who did what to whom or what you current racial grievances is. I don't and we don't owe you or anybody else a damn thing.

If whites want to really see the true state of race relations and our ultimate predicament stop all racial preferences, AA, quotas, race groups, ethnic studies programs etc. Let's see exactly where the chips really falls.

Enoch said...

This is a brilliant piece SBPDL. Check out this book review by John McWhorter http://www.tnr.com/book/review/what-hope. It's about the role of government in improving the lives of blacks and surprise, surprise it isn't working due to their ingrained pathologies. McWhorter is a black conservative so he probably isn't welcome in the black community due to "acting white" but I still like him. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant article!. It is time we ALL realised that literally no matter what we do, it will never, EVER be enough for the black. The ONLY thing that will appease him is our extintion!...Well we are not leaving & we are fed up!!!. I myself could care less if anyone thinks I'm "racist"!, I just don't care anymore!!...Maybe it is TIME!!, time for ALL whites to say enough & stop caring about what the negro thinks!...As I said it doesn't matter what we say or do anyway!, they will continue to hate us.
A simple fact remains. Even IF we apologised for slavery from now til doomsday. Even IF we gave them trillions in "reparations". Even IF we gave our white daughters to the black man (over my dead body!!!)..None of it would matter!. For that simple fact is that THEY would STILL be a low I.Q, violent, impulsive, sexually & morally degenerate "child race"!....It is inborn. It is genetic & THAT it the source of their anger, hatred & frustration!!.

Steve said...

I absolutely agree. Never will you ever hear a black say "No thanks, I'm doing pretty good help the other guy." Enough is never enough. Imagine if all the handouts came to an end. No more free food, clothing or medicine. The black race would cease to exist.

Sheila said...

Enoch, McWhorter used to be considered a "conservative" merely because he was more genuinely intelligent and literate than most blacks (yes, I even read his book "Losing the Race" years ago). With Dear Leader's ascension, McWhorter has come out in full support of black rights, including reparations. A recent column of his (last week in the local leftstream paper) acknowledged that reparations were a dead issue - NOT because they were unreasonable but because whites weren't in support politically. He vehemently argued that institutional racism remained a terrible problem and hurdle for blacks, that whites would never acknowledge their culpability, and that what blacks truly wanted was a new social and political commitment equal to the Great Society to "fix" America (just as SBPDL has said, the eternal "and then"). He concluded with the dire warning that the "Great Struggle" (his words and caps, not mine) had never been easy.

There is nothing whites can do that could ever satisfy black demands. There's not enough money, respect, deference, or white abasement and suffering that will ever fulfill their sense of grievance and entitlement. The more whites try, the more blacks demand. Rinse and repeat . . . and repeat . . . and repeat.

Anonymous said...

reparations? offer every black $500,000 cash. Tell the volunteers to sign an agreement in order to receive the cash. Tell them to read the agreement carefully, before they sign. Within the agreement would be a clause that they leave this country, renounce their citizenship, and are never permitted to return, even to visit. Most blacks would sign the agreement (for obvious reasons), in order to get the cash. Negotiate with several african countries to allow these people to become residents of their countries. Directly after signing the agreement, assist the volunteers to immediately travel to their chosen african country of residence. When the volunteers money is all gone (3 - 4 months max),there will be no excuses, no "i did not read/understand the agreement" etc, they don't come back and they don't get any more cash.

Enoch said...

Thanks Sheila I've only read older articles of McWhorter and saw him debate Julian Bond the former leader of the NAACP about affirmative action (at the time McWhorter was against it). I guess he's going down the Cornel West road of black scholarship, which is hating whitey with big words and excusing black idiocy in a more creative manner.

Miss Ann said...

"reparations? offer every black $500,000 cash."

500K is way too much. I believe that most negroes would sign away their citizenship for the price of an "Caddy-lak EX-klade" and a few bottles of Chivas.

We should think about saving as much money as possible so we can repair the damage negroes have done to this country after they are gone.

John T. said...

Of course it is never enough. When black activists must search for "racism" in greeting cards you know their ship has long been stranded on the rocks.
Having spent a week in the boundary waters recently I had to notice the utter lack of blacks. Here is a place where in orer to stay more than a day or so you must possess the ability to plan for yor basic human needs. Food and water must be produced on site to supplement what you are able to carry, which is minimal.
How many blacks have that capacity or even desire to cultivate that capacity?
This is how fragile their existence is in the western world.
One only need to read "Death in the long grass" to see how this is also their condition in Africa.
Whatever the cause, it is not my concern.

Don said...

@JohnT: Superb insight!. It has always amazed me the number of black blogs & comment sections on numerous sights that openly call for our demise!..For killing "cracker babies". Or it's time for a "smack down" on whites, etc, etc....Do they have EVEN the slightest clue what our demise would mean for them??!!. Latinos loathe them, Asians think them like buffoonish children!. Who ELSE but whites would tolerate their countless pathologies?!!. Let's face it, it is white farms that feed the world!. It is our white derived economies & societies that gives them the prosperity & freedom that they otherwise would NOT have!!..It is misplaced white guilt that gives them AA, quotas, headstart (amoung countless other programs)!..If we ever get fed up & finally decide to "cut the cord" on them, they are SCREWED! (& the smart ones know it!!).

Anonymous said...


Spare us your white supremacist rant and crap. It's getting old.

Don said...

@anon 6:12..Guess the TRUTH makes you uneasy eh?...Oh, well!.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:21 white supremacist rant and crap. It's getting old. AND THEN....

reparations? $500k?


and then, and then, and then.....

Doug said...

I would volunteer some money to sending them back or shut them up.

Anonymous said...

"And then" WILL come to an end, and sooner rather than later. Western society is on the downward slope for many reasons, the bulk of which you people most likely already know, and the money is running out. Nothing puts a dent in bleeding heart charity like a good dose of poverty, and the US is heading that way.

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that the White liberals who claim to love diversity so much and support the rights of Blacks live nowhere near them. Why not live near those they claim to love so much?

Anonymous said...

"I find it hilarious that the White liberals who claim to love diversity so much and support the rights of Blacks live nowhere near them. Why not live near those they claim to love so much?"

Those of us whites who have lived around blacks find this funny too. Read Shelby Steele's books about white guilt. White liberals only want to take credit for saving blacks, "reversing the cycles of poverty", raising the self-esteem of little black children, creating equality, and trying to integrate blacks into the real world. I don't DWLs actually want for any of these things to happen, but these programs and dreams for blacks sure do generate a lot of money and jobs for white DWLs.

Warlord1958 said...

When I saw the graphic on facebook, I thought it would be a "gibs me dat". Same thing I suppose.