Monday, August 23, 2010

Pre and Post Obama America on Display: The Natural vs. Idiocracy. Which do you choose?

Maybe the idea of Pre-Obama America never existed, just another myth created by an advertising agency trying to sell nostalgic paraphernalia at Cracker Barrel; A golden age fabricated in the mind of a Madison Avenue executive in an all-out-effort to maximize the exposure of some product, carefully marketed with a hint of Mayberry and a sly wink provided by the immensely likable Jimmy Stewart.

Michael Bay has long attempted to infuse into his films this particular slice of Americana pie, as exemplified with the idea of Pre-Obama America. The iconography noticeable in his films from Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Rock and even The Island, requires an astute viewer to understand that Bay has swallowed the idea of Pre-Obama America completely and exploited this imagery successfully.

Perhaps no finer scene of Bay’s reliance on Pre-Obama America in film can be found here. Made in 1998, Armageddon already looks incredibly outdated already considering the awesome demographic changes America has undergone since the film’s release.

No, these movies and stories must have an antecedent in truth and this idea that seems so distant did indeed exist. But like The Greatest Generation, Pre-Obama America is fading from memory and replaced with a more palatable notion, best described as Omar Thornton America.

Children born into the world in 2010 would scarcely believe Pre-Obama America ever was, even though so-called “period films” offer a glimpse into what that world was actually like.

In an attempt to find the one scene from a movie that perfectly encapsulates what Pre-Obama America was and will always represent, the ending of The Natural came to mind.

As an outreach to readers, we encourage you (thanks to the power of YouTube) to post in the comment section and include your favorite scene that helps summarize what exactly Pre-Obama America was for those who might lack the credulity to believe it ever existed.

The fact that this nation (POA) once existed is a thought so frightening to those in power: to think, a nation that once had jobs Americans would do instead of relying on importing a new underclass to perform jobs that the already existing underclass won’t do.

We’ll return to normal posts tomorrow, but we find inspiration in film. The Natural is a movie that appears frozen in time, a snapshot of what made Pre-Obama America such a wonderful place in which to live and an enduring of symbol of why that particular nation had to be demographically crushed through ethnic cleansing by attrition. White people abandoned California, just as Black people have been viciously pushed aside there in the early stages of a racial conflagration they have no chance of winning. Once a Little to Beaver city for Black people, Compton is now firmly in the hands of those that would have been barred from this nation by immigration reform.

SBPDL is of the opinion that those who comprise the fabled “Talented Tenth” also long for a return to days similar to what The Natural depicts for reasons that can be found in archives of this website.

We try to mix humor with some serious posts here and have failed at this recently. Understanding that sports don’t strike everyone as a worthy subject matter, we’ll get back to the bread and butter of SBPDL starting tomorrow.

Don’t forget to send story ideas or crazy stories to us at

Conversely, if one scene can accurately embody Pre-Obama America, one scene from a film must beautifully summarize life in the nation we currently inhabit. The opening of Idiocracy fits that bill perfectly, though the adjective beautiful is one hardly found in the same discussion of the current affairs of the world.

Notice, though, that Idiocracy still relies on white people (a Disingenuous White Liberal couple and a Joe Six-Pack couple) to showcase the problems in reproduction. In reality, Black sports stars serve that role much better.

There can be no going back to the world that the characters of the film The Natural existed in, but the terrifying world of Idiocracy grows more apparent and inevitable each day.

Pre and Post Obama America on Display: The Natural vs. Idiocracy. Which do you choose?


Anonymous said...


You are correct that the opening scene in Idiocracy is a good illustration of our current demographic doom. The white trash couple should have been Mexicans/Central Americans as they are the true babymaking machines here in America. BRA's demise will come at the hands of mestizos (who are as violent and I believe even dumber than blacks)not fed up whites. The ever growing mestizo population will collapse the welfare state the cornerstone of BRA.
Concerning your movie challenge I think you already said it best with your pieces on John Hughes. These films all took place in the Chicago suburbs with no MS-13 or Crips in sight. Hughes' movies are a good illustration of why DWL's hate the suburbs. Happy white people going to high school and having fun with no crime prone minorities ruining everything. Wherever whites are existing in peace DWL's want to destroy it.
My childhood suburb went from lily white to a Central American nightmare thanks to our destructive immigration policies and non-enforcement of any immigration laws concerning illegals. It's sad seeing your country destroyed and even sadder seeing those old movies on WGN or TBS and knowing white elites destroyed our towns, counties and states on purpose and those same white elites will never pay the price we have to.

Anonymous said...

You want to see the epitome of pre-Obama America? Oh have I got the greatest clip of all. Enjoy

Don said...

Another fantastic post SBPDL!!...I will be 49 in a couple of months & the demographic & cultural/societal change that has befallen our land since I was a child is breathtaking!. I was 7 when the "brady bunch" premiered on T.V.. The most "risque" show one could find at the time was "laugh in"!
WW1 & WW2 were the greatest genetic catastrophies to befall our race but the "progressive" revolution that kicked off with full steam in the 60's & 70's might have dealt us a mortal wound!. (I hope & pray that that prophecy is wrong). The 1965 "Immigration reform act" by Johnson that has completely obliterated the European based demographic of the U.S.. The COUNTLESS social programs for blacks that have created a massive & enduring underclass.. An school system soooo degraded that a diploma today is meaningless!...You now have an entire generation of people who think that Beethoven was a dog. That Micheangelo, Raphael, Leonardo & Donatello were Ninja turtles!!. Who think that Tupac & lady Gaga are the height of human accomplishment!!.
The chain has been broken. The emmense cultural, intellectual & scientific heritage of Western civilisation is lost to all but a few who still care...We now wallow in rap, pro-sports worship, negro worship, canned synth-pop music..An UTTERLY degraded & depraved society, art & culture!. So degraded that most don't even see it!...We do not have to wait til the 26th century for "idiocracy" to befall us, it is already here!!.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Pleasantville. What place could possibly be more pleasant than a town full of White people?

Anonymous said...

If your skin is black, you will be forgiven anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you will steer away from nigs/sports. I have never, nor will ever spend a dime on nfl,nba or mlb tickets or merchandise. I also will not listen or buy any crap "Music". Am I a hater?...yes, yes I am.

Anonymous said...

I am thunderously applauding this SBPDL entry as well as Don's uber fantastic comment. Since Desiree and Black Guy are no longer contaminating the site, it seems to be fluorishing and attaining new heights.

XD .45

Anonymous said...

The governmedia and the ruling elites are in a cold sweat over black/brown racial violence, and are desperate to cover it up and play it down wherever it occurs. They know well that these are the opening skirmishes in a war that will sooner or later involve Whites — a war that will spell the end of the Great Multicultural Experiment.

Anonymous said...

"Since Desiree and Black Guy are no longer contaminating the site"

Unfair to include Black Guy with Deziree and Hillary. Black Guy was generally respectful and almost never offensive, he wasn't fooled by Obama's "hope and change", and he didn't try to turn the comment section into a personal pissing match.

Anonymous said...

Personally I really appreciate all the movie
references. Being a long term "Cultural Dropout"
from the movie scene a few updates come in
handy. (I think the comment disparaging the obscure movie references was on another post)
* Cultural Dropout. Victor David Hanson's post
at Works and Days maybe a year ago.

Anonymous said...

American and the libs that run it will be the death of the country. Government has expanded in power far beyond what the constitution allows. This power revolves around taking money from those who are smart enough and ambitious enough to work and giving the fruits of their labor to the underclass - read blacks here. They are a cancer. With median IQs of 85, there is no way they can be anything but savages. I think that at some point, whites are going to say enough. I hate to say it, but I see the death of america on the horizion. It may not be the death, it may be the rebirth after a civil war.

Silent Running said...

Here's my contribution. The genre might not be your cup of tea but the music and video together create a very beautiful image of what I think of as Pre-Obama America.

Anonymous said...

”Unfair to include Black Guy with Deziree and Hillary. Black Guy was generally respectful and almost never offensive, he wasn't fooled by Obama's "hope and change", and he didn't try to turn the comment section into a personal pissing match.”

I didnt write that but I think its totally fair. Black Guy is an incredible nuisance. He may be "polite" but he's still full of shit.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I have to disagree. Black guy - whomever he might be - has been consistent in his postings since he stumbled upon this Web site, and I always enjoy his posts.

W.E.B DuBois was right: there is/was a "talented tenth"... from what Black guy has written, I have discerned he is a LA resident, which means he has survived the lower-class, low-level racial war there between Black and Brown people.

Obviously, he is an upper-middle class individual. He understands the dynamics of the South and probably realizes that much of what is discussed here has not only origins in the truth, but shows how close this nation is into falling completely into insolvency.

The completely break-down in the Black family has translated to the so-called "Talented Tenth" being vastly out-produced by Black people with IQs much closer to 70 than the standard one-deviation score lower than whites.

Dysgenic breeding impacts every race and by extension, will overwhelm the class structure that does exist.

Remember the history of Haiti: mulatto's were exterminated by darker Blacks after the whites were exterminated by all the Blacks in the 1790s.

The paper bag test could one day be used in the South to kick out Black people who appear too white...

Porter said...

Well I'll dissent from the dissent. I've found L'Roi's meanderings to be nothing more than solipsistic diversions from his very first 1,700 word introductory paragraph onward. His standard thesis is that because he claims not to do it and not to see it, that it must therefore not be so.

In this he has indeed been consistent. SBPDL, I always assumed you were being facetious in your praise of his commentary. To learn now that you were serious is perplexing, though I won't argue matters of personal taste. But I will direct your attention to his latest missive where he laments the "insane lunatics" and "Stench of farm animals" at the county fair. Do you think he comprehends where his food comes from? Or do you think he even realizes that the hamburger he eats tonight once reeked as a living farm animal? Do you think that he is dimly aware that practically every calorie he ingests was produced by either white farmers directly or through white agriculture and husbandry?

I agree there is a talented 10th, though I would argue it is more a 100th. I simply disagree that he has distinguished himself for inclusion in this number.

However, there is a black commenter that I am waiting to hear from on this site. It is one that acknowledges the insuperable racial differences which render our peoples incompatible. And further one who is capable of processing why whites recoil from the myriad black social pathologies that formed, and now constantly refresh, this site.

A black who can fathom why this site exists and where to go from here...that's your Huckleberry.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

I know this film clip isn't totally what you meant by Pre-Obama America.

However, I've watched this scene countless times and thanked the movie gods that no black actor was cast in any of the roles and no magic negro was thrust into this particluar scene. I think it would have totally ruined the rant by Baldwins character because at some point you would have been waiting for one of the negro salesman to put a cap in dudes ass that came from Mitch and Murray's. The scene is just fine the way it is.