Sunday, May 17, 2015

37 Homicides in 30 Days in 65% Black Baltimore... Proof #BlackLivesDontMatter

The Washington Post summed it up best [Baltimore’s riots drew attention, but endemic violence is hardly noticed, Washington Post, 5-17-15]:
“It’s almost like there’s a war going on."
Funny the "endemic violence" in 65% black Baltimore is noticed by both owners of capital who decide not to invest in the city and white people who continue to abandon the city (remembering whites long ago abandoned the city their ancestors after the black riots of 1968...).
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... 37 homicides - almost all black - in 30 days on top of nearly 60 nonfatal shootings in Baltimore (since the black riots ended)... yes, black lives matter

But with two homicides on May 17, the total of homicides in Baltimore over the past 30 days now stands at 37. [Two dead, eight injured in Baltimore shootings, Baltimore Sun, 5-16-15]:
Two people were killed and eight were injured in shootings Friday night into Saturday, continuing a spate of violence that has included 35 homicides in the past month. 
 Eric Diggs Jr., a 23-year-old from Park Heights, died at 8:36 p.m. Friday after police found him suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the torso in the 2500 block of Edgecombe Circle North in the Parklane neighborhood. Police were called to the scene just after 8 p.m., and Diggs was taken to an area hospital, where he died.
Councilman Nick Mosby called upon Baltimore-born rappers to inspire the almost entirely black student body of the Baltimore Public School system:
"We're at a pivotal moment to try and get our children's attention, and attempt to provide them with positive reinforcement," Mosby said. "We can take a faculty member or principal or myself as a councilman to deliver that message, but it's a stronger message when it's delivered by folks who speak their language."
There can be no doubt the black population of 65% black Baltimore is completely irredeemable (while homicide number 35 occurred on May 16, black people were marching through the streets of Baltimore to the tune of Rev. Cortly “C.D.” Witherspoon's claim of“This is an uprising... People are standing up and for the first time are saying enough is enough and meaning it.”)

Ys, Rev. Cortly "C.D." Witherspoon, who can't stop chanting "Black Lives Matter" (sic): there is an "uprising" in 65% black Baltimore, but it's not what you think... it's merely the collapse of whatever remains of western civilization and its succumbing to the Heart of Darkness in America. [Baltimore crime surging: Police investigating 25 killings, 43 non-fatal shootings since riots, ABC 2 Baltimore, 5-14-15]:

Violent crimes have surged in Baltimore since the riots. 
Baltimore Police investigating 25 homicides and 43 non-fatal shootings, which occurred between April 25 and May 14. 
Four people alone were killed within 24 hours this week alone. 
In the video above, you can hear at least eight gunshots in East Baltimore – the 42nd non-fatal shooting in the city. 
Two people were killed Thursday near Lake Montebello in Northeast Baltimore. 
By comparison, January was Baltimore’s most deadly month of 2014 with 26 killings. 
Baltimore Police have not provided insight into what they believe is the cause of this recent spate of violence although they have confirmed that the department has observed and is aware of this trend. 
“We’re definitely concerned about the violence that is going on,” Sgt. Jarron Jackson, a spokesman for Baltimore Police, said. “We definitely want to ensure our citizens that we’re doing everything we can to create safer communities for them.” 
Baltimore is 60 more shootings and 23 more homicides ahead of where it was compared to the same time last year.
No, it's not "almost like there's a war going on" in Baltimore... there is a war going on in 65% black Baltimore, and the only combatants are blacks targeting other blacks: the primary casualty being whatever remains of the civilization whites long ago built and abandoned in Baltimore. 


Anonymous said...

"Baltimore is 60 more shootings and 23 more homicides ahead of where it was compared to the same time last year."
It's like they're going for the Triple Crown. Run, Black Pharoahs, Run!!

Anonymous said...

Thats a weekend tally in Chicago, but Ferguson and Baltimore will catch up

Anonymous said...

OT - Another "random attack":

Anonymous said...


w regards to,

I am not kidding, after reading about killer cars from you fine people on SBPDL, I turn on the STL Fox News, second story is about a murder, two tobies working on car arguing, one kilts the other, gets cleaned up, go's right back to working on car!!! Lol, you gotta love it!!

Man charged in connection with shooting at North County apartment complex

This killer killed on lunchtime and went back to work?

Landscaper ran over family of ducks on lawnmower.
St. Louis Man Charged in Killing of Illinois College Student ... › USABC News
May 7, 2015 - A St. Louis man has been arrested and charged with murder in the slaying of ... who went missing while trying to sell his sports car on Craigslist, ..

Gavin Newsome said...

What did Kurtz say about the locals? Oh yeah, "Exterminate the brutes!"

Anonymous said...

And if the doctors did not save a bunch. What would it be ? At least its mostly the black scum...

Anonymous said...

Negroes enjoy shooting each other. They're are easily offended. Let them commence to shooting one another.

We should not be paying highly skilled medical staff to fix their wounds.

There is no country on Earth as twisted as this one. The only reason it continues is the wealth created by previous generations. It will collapse.

Mister Pangloss said...

Loathing negroes for causing crime is akin to hating a hurricane for causing wind. These things simply do what they were meant to do. Avoid both if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

I like to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I believe in saying nothing if I have nothing good to say. Along those lines I am offering some helpful suggestions to soothe the feelings of the nogs as summer approaches.

To calm down the nogs how about providing them with half gallon bottles of Ripple and an ounce of weed on those hot and humid nights ? Maybe an ounce of crack will put them in a good frame of mind as well as some Viagra too. As long as YT is warned in advance, maybe like those old Emergency Broadcasting System notifications during the Cold War:
"This is a test of the Emergency Nog Alert system. If this had been an actual nog emergency you would have been told which category of chimpout it was."

Once the treats i.e. 1/2 gallon of Ripple, oz. of weed, crack and Viagara were distributed the Emergency Nog Alert System would be activated: "Danger YT, get the fuck 10 miles away, cat 5 chimpout commences in 30 minutes."

Just trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

YT in New England

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....As my MEMORIAL TEE SHIRT collection gets bigger I am kind of glad they only print shirts for black guys killed by white cops. Can you imagine the storage problem if they printed memorial tee shirts for black guys killed by black guys.

I already have 9 Travon Martin shirts and 6 Micheal Brown shirts. The hardest shirt to find was the early release and limited edition of the Freddie Gray shirt. It has a picture of Buckwheat from the Little Rascals and it reads BUCKWHEAT SAY "FREDDIE GRAY BE O-TAY".

Anonymous said...

Rev. Cortly “C.D.” Witherspoon's claim of: “This is an uprising... People are standing up and for the first time are saying enough is enough and meaning it.”)

Ok let us humans stand up and say enough is enough to: EBT, Section 8 Housing in our neighborhoods, AFDC Checks, Head Start Programs, Earned Income Credit on taxes, Forced Busing to Integrate human schools,WIC Checks, Ape Affirmative Action Hiring of negroes,TANF monies, Rioting Negroes, Medicade, Medicare, SSI income checks for phony disabilities,
Minority Quotas for colleges, Negroe minority prefrences in every thing........Wonde0r ho0w the good Reverend would like Humans standing up and saying enough is enough to negroe inferiority?

Anonymous said...

Blacks are fast, yes, but they don't seem to be able to outrun bullets very well. Maybe they're not superhuman after all?

Anonymous said...

Way to keep sticking their feet to the fire, Paul! It's stark inconsistencies like this that allow you to punch holes in their tired narrative. They sure claim to care about other blacks but from what Paul has shown us, reality says otherwise. Might as well speak in full-throttle ebonics now, whatever they say is useless anyway.

37 homicides in 30 days?!? Is that a typo? That's more than a daily event, something you could almost set your watch to. Too bad whenever the negro is being consistent he is always doing something awful.

Anonymous said...

"Baltimore Police have not provided insight into what they believe is the cause of this recent spate of violence..."

It's the second most puzzling case. The first is where did the mayor put all the police officers' balls after she neutered them?

I wonder if there is a connection?

Anonymous said...

After watching the clip (gotta love the fat sow with the clown hair hanging out the window) I see the inevitable upcoming death of Baltimore. All these black "professionals" would be S.O.L. if and when the rest of the white establishment leaves town.

They can dress and groom the part, but their garbled language (even when avoiding ebonics) gives them away and you realize that any social structures that they follow/adhere to are only held up as long as whitey is around. As sad as it is to think such pessimistic thoughts, the more cities/areas that turn full on black galvanize realists and make it apparent that blacks, in large and pure numbers, completely wreck every section of society through their casual arrogance and utter stupidity.

Your piece on Pine Lawn followed a similar vein to this one, pointing out the blatant hypocrisy that is BRA and holding it up for all to see. Can't shuck and jive around these numbers, I've already read them and am predictably appalled.

D-FENS said...

The US Forest Service used to have advertisements which said, "Matches don't start forest fires, people do".

I propose that, guns don't take lives, negroes do.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some of you here were right on concerning the Amtrak derailment. The FBI is still investigating, but the stills in this video make it pretty obvious that not only had a large projectile struck the conductor's window, but that multiple other trains had been hit (and had windshield damage) on the same night, in the same area. The local "gentleman" tells the news reporter (in mangled English) that it is not uncommon at all for bored youth to walk right along the tracks and chuck large pieces of debris at trains.

Such joy through such pointless destruction. And somehow we are all collectively to blame for their extremely anti-social personality traits and brazen acts of violence.

I wonder if whoever threw the object that caused a chain reaction leading to derailment and death will be made an example of- kind of hard to hide from the truth if you are responsible for the deaths of multiple people.

I wonder if seeing all these interrelated thug stories is causing people to sense a pattern- a dependable reality that the unconscious is no longer able to suppress...

chattanooga gal said...

obviously, when the blacks know that no one dare hold them accountable for their crimes, the crimes escalate. they know as well as we do, no one is going to be arrested- they're free to kill all they want. they've been " given room to do so "



Off topic but always on point!

Did you hear that sharpton's daughter is suing the city of New York for falling on some un-even pavement. she want's five million dollars. Say's she can't bear the tremendous pain the fall has caused her. But just this weekend there are photos of her hiking down in the mountains of Bali. She has been wearing high heels too. Wearing them at the White-House no doubt. The fucking balls of this nigg-nogg bitch. Like her dad she's a dreg on our White society!


Anonymous said...

Jay-Z posted bail for protesters across the country. I wonder if he expects any of the money back or if it all just gets donated to the county?

Could you imagine having thousands of angry blacks as your foot soldiers? Would anyone want that in the first place? I bet Jay-Z keeps them all far away from his properties. His mere presence is charity, and he doesn't need to be giving out valuable things for free.

I wonder if this is his and George Soro's way of vicariously playing war, funding the opposition like Reagon/Bush did with Iran/Iraq?

What I wonder is how did they "pay" protesters in such a way that they would not immediately blow it on drugs/booze/etc. and flake out on the "events"?

Gathering hordes of blacks is like killing your enemy off with diseased legions of rats or by using nuclear technology- the solution often presents its own set of complex problems.

Negro problems aren't complex, just persistent and incredibly difficult to talk about truthfully when in public. Where they congregate, things deteriorate or are just outright destroyed. Slow or fast, take your pick. Either way, there is a sad inevitability that once black "leadership" takes the official reins of a locale (with a majority black electorate) that depreciation in all its forms is soon to follow...

What do "progressive elites" expect to gain as a result? All I see (and hear) is how people are sick of this manufactured and opportunistic outrage. Tantrums for attention and demands for silence and understanding. I don't know about you, but doesn't it make you want to do the opposite of their demands after a while? It's like they're trying to win a popularity contest by forcing everyone at gunpoint.

These "youths" are bored, unemployable, and of no benefit for any law-abiding person to want to be around. Social ills, you name it, they have a sterotypical version of it that isn't all that much of a sterotype. Once we can call a spade a spade and a useless black thug a useless black thug the sooner we can move on to something that actually matters. And Paul has connected the dots and made it abundantly clear that black lives sure don't.

Anonymous said...

"speak their language."

Nick Mosby is a comedian?

"Their language" because English just won't do.

They need to speak "their language" because they can't read or write English?

Anonymous said...

The Negro dystopia once known as Baltimore is a savage wasteland. They should really change the name now; there is no connection to what that name ever meant.

Blacks truly ruin everything the touch. The Black Era is over; time to reclaim our heritage. The Founding Majority of the USA must stand up and fight. The blacks need to be put back in their cages.

Yes, VP Biden, we do want to put them "back in chains". That way their lives will be protected from murderous blacks for the trip back to Mother Africa.

Anonymous said...

In the news:

Obama to ban and/or restrict the availability of certain military style equipment. He is doing it as a push to ease tensions with the black community. You know, since a black president, 2 black attorney generals, the EPA administrator, U.S. Trade Representative, and U.N. ambassador (to name just a few) really made an impact on black progress and attitude.

New York rapper Lionel Pickens, who goes by the name "Chinx", was shot and killed on Sunday while driving through the city's borough of Queens, police said.

Pickens, 31, had multiple gun shot wounds to his torso and was pronounced dead at an area hospital. A 27-year-old male, who was also in the car and has not been identified, suffered gun shot wounds to his back and is in critical condition, police said. Sure is a shame that these rappers are actually a dime a dozen...

Paul, you are getting your wish with the robot law enforcement and such: Military push for emergency robots worries skeptics about lethal uses

The Duke noose suspect is probably Asian, and they are eating one of their own- this time an 80 year old dyed in the wool liberal who dared chastise the lack of leadership during the Baltimore riots:

Just another day in BRA...

PNW Realist said...

World's biggest lies: I'll respect you in the morning; Black is beautiful; Black lives matter.

For the last 60 years we've helped the dysfunctional black population grow. We fed them. We housed them. We tried to educate them. We made it profitable for LaTrina to pop out baby sprogs, instead of waiting and breeding responsibly like her white and Asian counterparts. The only thing we should have been offering the black population the last 60 years was easy access to abortion and contraception. It is the only thing we should be offering them now.

IOW, we fed the bears. We helped them grow beyond their natural limits, and now they want more, more and more. Who didn't see that one coming?

Anonymous said...

Paul, great article at VDARE:

"A study by researchers from the University of Chicago and Stanford business schools claims that racist and sexist discrimination on the part of U.S. employers is reducing worker productivity and economic growth. By eliminating biased hiring decisions, worker productivity and economic output could increase by 10% or more….they claim. [The Allocation of Talent and U.S. Economic Growth, by Chang-Tai Hsieh, Erik Hurst, Charles I. Jones, and Peter J. Klenow]"

My favorite part? This explained SO much about how these liberal studies come up with their conclusions:

"The researchers started from the assumption that different people’s unique, innate abilities shouldn’t differ by demographic group."

Yes, we're all the same with just a different coat of paint. Gotta love how they make use of the word "shouldn't".

Anonymous said...

And all lives taken by fire in NY don't seem to matter now either...

Michael D. Johnson, a "priority" hire of the NY fire department, (made possible by the Vulcan society that fights against prospective black hires having to pass an entrance exam to join the city's finest)is one sorry firefighter. The story is more pathetic than sad, actually.

Nicknamed “Tragic Johnson” by rank and file, he’s managed to evade the smoke and flames several times since joining the Canarsie, Brooklyn, firehouse last year, sources confirmed.

“To have a guy that you know to be afraid is not going to be there for you when you need him to be — it’s frightening,” said one FDNY source.

Lives may be on the line, but I'm glad guys like Johnson got pushed through because hurting their feelings or self-esteem would probably have been too much to bear...

Anonymous said...

Black African Colored Negroes In America shot about forty nine fellow murder monkeys in Chicago this weekend.


ISIS and the Texas Biker gangs need to up their game if they want to compete with the North American Pavement Apes in the killing games. Groids have this thing perfected.

Anonymous said...

App request. A live running tally of shootings in Negro areas of America. Draws from the top fifty negrohoods and gives you live updates of groids shot. Like a scoreboard.

Close to fifty alone in Chimpcongo this weekend. Imagine getting the numbers for th whole country in one place? Would be a great race realism tool.

Your phone would chirp each time a shooting occurs. Friends will ask what that noise is. You explain it's another black shooting. They'll soon join our side.

Imagine in public places all across the country the app making smartphone chirps (or whatever patented specific sound the app will have). Will be a constant in-you-face reminder to all of the negro bloodbath surrounding us.

Anonymous said...

How long until this headline is out of a Negro stronghold in America?

Anonymous said...

WAAYYYY too many orcs surviving their gunshot wounds; total disgrace. Wasting EMT workers' time and our tax money.

Solution? Mass free distribution of hollow point bullets. Use top favorite negro calibers, 9mm, 38, 32, 40. Get latest expanding technology.

Each hit must do maximum damage; stop messing about with flesh wounds. No shot orc should be reported as having "walked into the emergency room". The bullet must hit, expand, and make a very wide wound channel. Bleed outs must occur within minutes.

Boxes of hollow point ammo can just be left in various public posts in negrohoods; anonymous dropoffs. They'll get into the right hands within minutes.

Kind f like a modern version of the plague infested blankets to the red indians. This is something each of us can do as individuals. Make a difference.

behind blue eyes said...

I enjoy that the groids come togther when evil YT is involved and, just as quickly go back to "keepin it real" when it's over.
So awesome.
I'm happy to see that TNB and "disrespec" are still death sentences in the hood.
Yay!!!!!! Go Negros.

bernicegreenbaum said...

I read this morning in the Daily Mail that Beyoncé and "JayZee" or whatever the f*** he calls himself, each sent thousands of dollars to free the disenfranchised yoof of Baltimore from their jail cells. We live in interesting times when two such talentless negroes who are constantly worshipped in the media actively fund these animals to freely off each other in the name of "civil rights". It's honestly enough to make anyone who has a brain get a headache.

When you think about it, America is truly the land of opportunity for the negro. Money is printed on command, sent giftwrapped to these negro wastelands, and within fifty years things are more violent and out of control than ever. And enough never seems to be enough. It's all about the "discrimination game".

I just love the impassioned look upon the negro's face who has the picture of Freddy along with that tired, meaningless phrase, "Black Lives Matter". And that stupid, entitled, mindless broad Mosbey thinks the rappers in Baltimore speak the same language as the yoof. It's not Ebonics, it's "Ape-onics", complete with appropriate insertions of ooking and eeking and the desired intervals. Just be prepared to duck should the poo start to get flung next time you're near the Monkey House.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It appears that they've heard about a ECAR RAW, but can't figure out which side they're on. Dumbasses!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to puke. I fled to Northern Michigan. There's nowhere else to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an eye opener. From the article below speaking of Black America.

If it were a separate country, it would have a worse life expectancy than Mexico, a worse homicide rate than Ivory Coast and a higher proportion of its citizens behind bars than anywhere on earth (see interactive). This is despite the fact that, overall, America is home to the richest, most successful population of black African descent that the world has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

to anonymous from N.Michigan, I read that article, disgusting. If they want dieversity I suggest they move to it and not bring to the North. I hear there are plenty of inexpensive homes in Flint and Detroit. A few days there would send them screaming back to Traverse City.

Anonymous said...

#blacklivessplatter... all over the concrete.

Negroes are just DESTROYING each other with flying lead!

Wow, they really hate their fellow ground apes.

Just stay out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Might be a partial case of unintended consequences at work in Charm City.

1. Protest police actions.
2. Create chilling atmosphere for everyday policing.
3. Homicides (and many other crimes) increase.

So, blacks want less policing; they get less policing; more of them die.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted this link in the last thread:

This is the "pass them along" problem that has been going on a long time. Libs have been allowing this to hide their ongoing problems with the bell curve.

Anonymous said...

On top of all the gibs, one was missed. Refund on college courses. Yes, the negroes believes that if you cancel college a refund is due.

Heres how it goes. Said negroe signs up for college courses, and a loan at the same time. Before courses start, said negroe cancels the courses, and recieves a nice refund check, as well

All just another scam, im sure we are missing many more.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Bill Nye was the graduation speaker at Rutgers:

"Though it wasn't the message some graduates were expecting, several said they were happy to get another lesson from the scientist they grew up watching."

What was the message?

"'Climate change is a real deal,' he said. 'So, hey deniers — cut it out, and let's get to work.'"

What was another message?

"Along with talking about climate change, Nye encouraged students to vote and briefly mentioned racial conflict, saying skin color is a consequence of ultraviolet light, latitude and climate.
'There really is no such thing as race,' Nye said. 'We all came from Africa. We are all of the same stardust. We are all going to live and die on the same planet, a Pale Blue Dot in the vastness of space. We have to work together.'"

Back to this:
"...they were happy to get another lesson from the scientist they grew up watching."

Pied Pipers come in many guises and under many pretexts. The child who has an affinity for the geeky guy who makes science "fun" and "easy to understand" readily absorbs and regurgitates such tripe when that childhood hero returns with another message.
Green Bay has a problem. Recently, a "teen" melee was sparked by some groid nonsense at Bay Beach. I watched in amazement, as the same sort of mob action I'd seen countless times on websites was unfolding quickly and less than 300 feet away. A white woman, presumably the grandmother, was standing next to a white child of perhaps age five. Excitedly, she said "look...a fight." Very few people actually get what's going on. Very few people understand the tectonic demographic shifts at work in this once-great nation. Open borders, refugee resettlement, section ape. It all leads to the same outcome.

Surprisingly, the "fight" fizzled out just as quickly as it had begun. Of course, without warning or reason, it could have gotten much worse.

Sure, Bill Nye...there really is no such thing as "race."

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

Its like we are all comedians on here, except the script is writing itself.
We couldn't make this up if we tried. I'll take my chances with the 'bots....

Anonymous said...

Jane in Metro Detroit Here,

Did anyone else notice that the Texas biker gang brawl leaving nine dead is all over the national and local news?

Hell, this shit happens in negro cities from one end of this country to the next (X10), every single day of the week! And it's not even mentioned!

I'm so sick of this double standard I want to puke!

Mr. Rational said...

I'm going to puke. I fled to Northern Michigan. There's nowhere else to go.

Told you so.

Have you looked at the top-of-display cards for the Little Debbie's racks in convenience stores?  In the north of Michigan, if you look in the right places, you'll see them with an adult male nog giving something to a little nog girl.  In Traverse City, the electronic billboard at 3 Mile Road and Munson for some time had an ad for some medical center, featuring a little nog baby.  The last couple of years, donation boxes in grocery stores had... a smiling nog baby on them.

Once you learn to See, it's everywhere.  It's genocide.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the black crime problem will be a major topic in the presidential elections? Or if it will continue to be the elephant in the room, the presidential candidates refuse to acknowledge?

Anonymous said...

That Economist article was interesting-of course it's a UK-based publication for upper-class business people (White/Asian primarily) around the world, so the comments section is full of naïve whites many from Europe, who don't have a f'ing clue about what's going on.

over and over it's "Da turr'ble legacy ob slabery" blah blah blah-they can't change their ways because "dey wuz held back back in da day n sheet".

Yeah right-just looking at how much worse it's gotten in every area with these assholes, since we've opened up the $ spigot, removed judgment of immoral/bad behavior-indeed rewarded it, and treat their crimes with increasingly weaker responses-how come they were (relatively) better the closer they were to "Slabery"?

Also since they can't change and are left paralyzed by slavery, "Why come" as they would say, do they love all their gaudy shiny shit? They weren't given any luxuries as slaves, so if they can't change, you'd figure they'd be living stoic, Spartan, no-frills lives like the Amish, no some tastless orgy of goofy shit they buy instead of spending money wisely.

Also, why come they run their mouths so much? As slaves, they weren't able to speak out, I guess. So wouldn't it be ingrained in them to be on the quiet side? Yeah right.

It's all bullshit. I'm sure no one on this site is dumb enough to believe it, but many do.

I guess the reason Rosie O'Donnell is such a dysfunctional asshole is due to the Irish Potato Famine of the 1850s.......

Anonymous said...

Careful what colors you wear! It's their country now...

Anonymous said...

Star Trek fans - remember the "Trouble With Tribbles"?

Good analogy for what's happened to American society with negroes. Out of control breeding and they're everywhere! Destroying our lives and generally gumming up the works.

How did they get rid of the Tribbles? Maybe we can learn something. Will have to go look it up.

#thetrouble withniqqas

Anonymous said...

Do not give in to discouragement, in a way the nog is really our ally, just keep your distance, at least 100 yards. As BRA got staffed up with more and more nogs by BHO he was displacing competent YTs with grossly incompetent nogs and other non whites. Look at the people in charge of various parts of BRA, they have stupid written all over them. In the coming disorders at home and abroad BRA will collapse in fright, stupidity and incompetence, none of them will know what to do except grab their dicks like Michael Jackson.

As BRA flops over there will be U.S. Government propaganda campaigns like the ones after 9/11 trying to pound home "we're all in it together" while showing a multi-cult parade of hideous faces. The emphasis will be on YT to step up to the plate and get things done (because no one else can). As BRA gets desperate they will try waving the flag they previously were stomping on because YT usually responds to a patriotic appeal.

Don't fall for it this time YT, patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Let BRA implode, just survive it, that's all we can do, not keep it on life support like some 400 Lb. nog in an emergency room with 200 grains of lead in him.

non-DWL from NE
BHO says hello to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it because it goes against everything I was brought up with, but let them kill each other. Just..let it happen.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Mosby is Brilliant! Get smelly, dirty, ignorant teenage porch monkeys to "rap" (shout filth in primitive, guttural shrieks) while clutching their unwashed crotches. That will stop the "violence occurring" (passively occurs, like rain or snow). If that doesn't work, he could ask Bill Nye to come down and rap about race. I'm sure Bill would be happy to go. He could bring family and friends for a festive, vibrant, diverse weekend with his cosmic brothers and sisters. Climate change (garbage) scares him, but I'm sure Baltimore wouldn't. I could kick him down a flight of stairs.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any candidate will address the Black destruction of America. Giuliani is the most plain-spoken on the problems with Blacks, but don't think he'll be running.

SC Native said...

It looks like the ECAR RAW is really a LIVIC RAW among the nogs with non NAPA casualties sadly at times. Sure the non NAPA numbers are too high, hell one is too high, but really this is their battle.

Like another poster said, they don't seem to know who the enemy is, for god sake don't tell them. All of this is tribal anyway.

MrGJG said...

"We're at a pivotal moment to try and get our children's attention, and attempt to provide them with positive reinforcement," Mosby said."

Well it's about damn time. Finally they're going to address all this needless violence and get them Negros to act just like Whitey. Everything should be fine now.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Bill Nye is one of the biggest frauds there is, so it's no surprise that he's an advocate for global warming and racial equality. These guys are given huge amounts of money to tow the gubmint/corporate lie. Just like that bitch daughter of Sharpton, claiming that she is owed 5 million dollars from falling on uneven pavement.

As long as there are some benjamins in YT's pocket, BRA will continue to be up and running. The clown we have in the White House will see to it that with every last second his ass sits on his throne, more and more whites will be displaced in positions of power, giving us the equivalent of Marilyn Mosbys everywhere. Russia and China need to do nothing. We are actively destroying ourselves. Groids in power. Yeah. That'll work, cuz lawd knows it's been such a rousing success so far.

Anonymous said...

Remember how optimistic the DWL culture of the late-'60's and early-'70's was?

I was just reading an article on the MSM that referenced "Free To Be You and Me", a liberal feel-good orgy of circa 1970 starring Marlo Thomas, Cicely Tyson, Michael Jackson, Rosie Grier, Alan Alda, Harry get the idea. YouTube has the clip.

Then I saw a related clip of Marlo talking with some kids, which segued over to a bunch of feel-good dancing in a park with white and black kids and teens. Lots of sunshine, bright colors, and smiling black faces, with a few token whites tossed in-"all brothers and sisters".

What is interesting about this brand of early-1970's propaganda is how relentlessly *upbeat* it all was. We were just a few short hugs or maybe a Supreme Court decision away from total racial harmony.

"Imagine", John Lennon would sing, and the DWL's, a fairly newly-minted generation, young and unstoppable, assumed World Peace was within reach.

What also strikes me in retrospect is how over-represented Negroes were in those Marlo Thomas clips. Had to be half or more of the people in the show. It was almost as if, the more Negroes involved, the closer to "accomplished" the dream would appear to be...

And, finally, today what strikes me is how things are really worse with the Negro now than they were back then.

Yes, we had those big riots and the Black Panthers in the 'sixties, but the force of momentum really seemed to be with the peaceniks and post-Hippie enlightened social justice warriors; especially by about 1971, you were hit with this multi-racial, imagined paradise over and over again in popular entertainment-and commercials.

I think the DWL is still stuck in that same era. Far from being "progressive", the DWL lives in an alternate universe where it's always 1971, and racial harmony is always just a moment or two away.

That moment has passed for the rest of us. It's actually 2015 on our calendars; we're drowning in black ignorance and violence and their constant drone of demands, and I don't think any end-game, no matter how savage or depraved, would shock us.

But when BRA starts to really teeter, it's going to be hard on those DWL's like Marlo, who are still just one song or children's dance jam away from total universal empathy and peace-maybe next year, in 1972.

Anonymous said...


mous said...Negroes enjoy shooting each other. They're are easily offended.


Read the book 'The Myth of Self esteem'if ya like.


Anonymous said...

I believe the Amish have a practice known as 'shunning'. You simply physically avoid a member who has done something wrong. The social isolation is an effective pschological punishment.

I say we 'shun' the negro. Simply take every chance to avoid them. Cross the street, avoid stores with groid emloyees, cancel cable appt if the tech is black, etc. Boycott the blacks, essentially. Make them retreat to their own neighborhoods and fuck those places up; leave us alone.

Shun the Groid. Something you can do personally each day. Think Global; Act Local.

Shun. The. Groid.

Anonymous said...

What if one carried a small can of white spray paint and tagged the face of every groid in public advertisements? Just a quick squirt to hide the face. Would be a good nationwide stealth campaign to say we want groids out of our face.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous May 18, 2015 at 10:20 AM said... Star Trek fans - remember the "Trouble With Tribbles"?..... How did they get rid of the Tribbles? Maybe we can learn something. Will have to go look it up.

I vaguely remember the episode, but completely forget the resolution. Somehow, I am thinking that they did NOT beam them to Africa. So.. poor comparison...

Anonymous said...

I commented yesterday that not even the most vicious white supremacist could make half this shit up.

Case in point:

In all the faux names people have posted here, "Shitavious," "Latrina," and so forth, has anyone come up with "Debris?"


28 years ago, some sow in Souf Cay-lina decided to burden her chile with the name "Debris."

Whatever her fuzzy little head was filled with, it certainly wasn't a working English vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

"Debris" (duh-BREE) unintentionally, poetically apt name for a Negro Americanus *ever*!

Wonder if they had a sibling named "Ruin" or "Carnage"?

ricpic said...

Duh folks gots ta git wit' duh folks an' act WHITE!

Udderwise we be DOOMED!!

Anonymous said...

"In all the faux names people have posted here, "Shitavious," "Latrina," and so forth, has anyone come up with "Debris?"

Given that Shitavious and Latrina are actually real names given to black people Debris sounds correct.

Anonymous said...

Omg. That's beyond belief. I'm perpetually amazed just as they are perpetually angry. Impossible to fathom.

Anonymous said...

"Given that Shitavious and Latrina are actually real names given to black people Debris sounds correct."

I got nothin'.

I am literally rendered speechless.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Awesome post! The only suggestion I'd make is warning YT to leave BEFORE the goodies are passed out. Here me out here. Watching nogs fight over their allotted amount of weed and crack would be entertaining for sure. But we know once a single nog gets his share stolen it will send them all into a Cat-3 immediately. And no YT should be in the vicinity when that happens.

Anonymous said...

OT but funny. Mr. Magoo was supposed to have gone to Rutgers. Poor Chauncey, even if he still couldn't see, he couldn't miss the stench of da boyz in da 'hood on a trip back to his alma mater.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous who posted at 10:54. I just can't feel guilty about something that's not my fault, not our fault. Let it happen.

Anonymous said...

Star Trek fans - remember the "Trouble With Tribbles"?

Trekkie here, classic episode.

Scotty got rid of them by beaming them over to the Klingon ship. The Klingons quickly identified them as a threat. They killed them all, then the Klingon fleet surrounded the tribble homeworld and set it ablaze.

There's a lesson here. Flesh is like grass. Without food and water, it withers and dies. We've all seen entire fields of lush green grass turn yellow. How many individual blades of grass die in such fields? Millions? Billions?

Food for thought

Californian said...

How did they get rid of the Tribbles?

The Enterprise crew used the transporter to teleport them into a Klingon ship. Since the Klingons were allergic to Tribbles, it was a sort of poetic ending.

Dan said...

I have met a Latrina.

When I was working for the UCLA housing department.

1990s. It's a real name.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Star Trek, but Klingons sound awesome. I wish we had the courage to dispose of "threats" in OUR society.

Anonymous said...

From Economist posting up above:

"There’s no jobs, no income, no good schools…"

They actually have the gall to complain about these things...

You don't like school, have no desire to learn, and are apparently being passed to get administrators off of educators backs. Might as well paint the deck chairs on the Titanic so it looks better going down... Getting more advanced technology for teens to destroy or steal will probably not rocket their grades to the moon, just a heads up...

There are no jobs because:

1) You are not qualified to work at any of them if there were any (see felony record, etc.)

2) You are completely untrustworthy, are rude, and have a nasty attitude

3) You and your homies burned down the businesses that were once offering jobs

4) No new business wants to open in an area where shrinkage (theft) alone would doom their business

5) You show a complete lack of gratitude and stewardship for anything you are ever given.

Do I really need to go on?

Anonymous said...

Here, a random news report on one of the innumerable (literally) negro crimes that occur 24/7 in America today. Note the approach the writer takes. Ignores totally the negro who pulled the trigger, or the general negro dystopia that surrounds people like the victim that guarantees a constant flow of savagery and death.

More importantly, it ignores the ROOT CAUSE of negro dysfunction! The differences in their genome that causes differences in their behaviors!!

All together now!...

1) Lower IQs!
2) Poor future time orientation!
3) Lower impulse control!
4) Lower threshold for violence!

Yay team!! Negroes do not assimilate into modern non-black societies because of genetics, NOT 'racism'. 'Racism' is simply a common-sense natural reaction to the way negroes behave... because of their hard-wired genetically determined behavior patterns.

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore police have not provided insight into what is causing the violence! Well let me help some: it is caused by the GODDAMNED Amish trying to subjugate Negroes back into their chains and into slavery. They get their traveling orders directly from the Inuit people of northern Greenland. Mormons and Scandinavians may also have a hand in the teenage violence in Baltimore as well by colluding with the Amish. One thing for sure ladies and gentlemen, NO blame goes to Negroes. Surely the media can see that this is caused by white people and Eskimos!

Also, somebody needs to speak the language of the children! I would go to the colleges and universities and ask if there is a language program in place for beginning and advanced Orc? We have to learn the OOKS from the EEKS!

In the case of this black man who got killed, at least at least he didn’t have a toddler in the back seat when he was murdered, and was not crashed into by a car fleeing the police in a gun battle. He probably just dissed sumbody! Just keepin’ it real! I wonder what will happen to the white population of Baltimore next year; maybe the media could ask that question! I bet whites are moving because of those pesky Amish again!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of a nog football player named Craphonso. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Black killings their growing violence have made the news so much that a "white" diversion has been necessary to counter the truthful image of what is really the problem in American cities. So now we have the "white" bikers' gangs having a kill time inside a local gang hangout tavern in Texas. The bikers had been profiled by the local cops so a SWAT unit was waiting outside the tavern. How very convenient! If this profiling had been done to obviously black gangs getting together for a gang-banger brawl, that would be called racism by Sharpton/Obama/the DOJ, AG Lynch.

Anonymous said...

If a large Grizzly bear is sitting on a stump, tired after eating a large meal, and a raccoon starts slapping it in the face, what will eventually happen?

Negroes, keep slapping Whitey in the face.. he'll just sit there and take it.... right...?

Anonymous said...

Debris is a real nog name -

Most Wanted – Debris Cornelius Duggans

Detritus I think is one too.

Other silly but real black names I've seen lately -

Latrina - fairly common

And what was that one the other day? Needrawraw.

Now a Duke professor observed this strange phenomenon of nogs giving their offspring "looksatme" strange names, and is now on leave for mentioning it. I wonder if that in itself is worthy of a column?

If this posts twice, I got an error the first time, sorry.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with the overall concept of your comment, I'd like to suggest the following revision in order to include non-white humans (which I am one of):

A small, over-confident dog keeps growling and nipping at another average sized dog. What will eventually happen?

Negroes, keep bullying the human race. They'll just sit there and take it… right?

Anonymous said...

About the all-white-meat chimpout buffet in Texas:

If they were blacks, Al and Jesse would be down there right now talking about racism and bad streets and "They was just KEEEEEDS!" and "We's gonna have a march to stop da violence in da coonmunity!"

Furthermore, if they were blacks, there'd be nothing in the media about them being a biker gang. They'd be a bunch of teenagers celebrating high school graduation by going out to brunch with dey famblies.

But since they're white, we're free to call them worthless trash who probably had it coming.

SC Native said...

We have "names" like Orbit, lemongelo, orangegelo, the list goes one. The story of Female Infant as a name is true, it b pronounced Fem-mala Infan-te.

With black bike week starting we can look for some monkeyshines this week I think.

SC Native said...

One negro is named Oops in SC too, I forgot that one. Talk about a perfect name for a nog.

Anonymous said...

I actually heard the police chief in Texas say "a business has a Right to refuse service to custmers and the restaurant should have excersized that Right to prevent this violence" and now the restaurant is being closed down to punish the owners for not refusing service to these bikers.

Just IMAGINE if a cop said ANYTHING close to that about a business where blacks had a chimpout!

And holy cow, EVERY main stream media is covering this shootout 24/7!

If only they were so rabid about covering black violence. FORTY NINE blacks were shot by blacks in Chicago this WEEKEND and its just a quick blurb in the news.

I have a feeling Chicago is going to break records this Summer. The media cant ignore this or distract from the real problem in america for very long.

White bikers are not a problem. This shootout is a once in a generation type event. When was the last time anything like this happened? The 60's? Black gangs are having shootouts EVERY DAY.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton's big dark lumpy daughter suing NYC for a sprained ankle supposedly sustained on an uneven sidewalk. After which she went hiking, climbing, dancing, etc. Priceless! And her repulsive Black pappy hasn't paid his taxes. Perhaps her big fat rump and jigaboo whore shoes were the culprits. DiBlasio will probably give her some money. OR, he could give her lifetime free KFC (like Kramer with the coffee). Looks like that girl loves her fatty food.

Unknown said...

Please read the article and the comments. It's a direct look into the minds of the very "people" that hate you and want you gone.

Know thy enemy I am told.

Beam me up.

The Baron

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Re that "Free To Be You And Me" libtard-paradise film from the 70s...they would pop that one on the movie projector every few weeks at my elementary school in the early 80s...there was one scene with Marlo Thomas and Harry Belafonte(pretending to be a couple,I assume)pushing strollers and singing a song called "Mommies And Daddies" or something like that.I don't know if the poorly-qualified teachers realized they were pushing propaganda or not.The teachers I remember were uber-religious but not the religious-right type,they were enamored of the groids epsecially the males.

Yet the "progressives"(a misnomer if I ever heard one)are quick to accuse anyone who doesn't agree with them of living in the past,when to hear them go on,it's clearly they who are stuck in a time warp.It's always about "the struggle",they must have a pet cause(usually way outdated),there's always something that still hasn't been overcame,nothing is fair,waah boohoo.If they weren't responsible for selling their fellow whites and the entire country down the river,they would actually be good fodder for comedy.

Anonymous said...

Loving "Latrina". I think it beats "Debris" because it's pronounced like the actual word (which the Black mammy had obviously never heard of). "Debris", on the other hand, while also an unfamiliar word to the mammy, was no doubt pronounced Dee'-Bris or Duh-Brees'.

Anonymous said...

The Texas biker shoot out has set back the fatigue movement. Now the reply "yeah, but whites do it too" is made true in the minds of the fence sitters and they have now climbed off the fence. Damn bikers.

Race said...

Great post!!!!

Race said...

Yeah, that worked real well for Rwanda's farmers, South Africa's white farmers too!

"We Serve" said...

Negro named individuals encountered in over 3 decades of service in OUR military: " Wonder, Malts, Beefyous. Barkevious, Juniously, and of course in the old days (1960s) Clarence". These were ALL their first names and towards the end of my service I could not help but laugh out loud when "Chico Lipps" reported for duty.

Anonymous said...

Just out two hour ago, let's see if there's a chimpout tonight in the Lou.

Anonymous said...

The Texas biker shoot out has set back the fatigue movement. Now the reply "yeah, but whites do it too" is made true in the minds of the fence sitters and they have now climbed off the fence. Damn bikers.

I disagree. This incident shows that there are still white people out there with some guts. Now if we can only get them to turn their rage in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Two worries: Communists infiltrate even further into the black mass discontent, and with their evil genius in high gear, start to seriously try to "take out" more and more police officers. We sense nihilism; Communists sense opportunity. I think when we start to read about rifles being used to kill police, we can assume the criminals have given way and the Communists have taken over.
Second worry is Obama demonstrating lack of resolve in the face of hyper violence growing in urban America. I think fragmentation of government is a possibility, which may work to the benefit of whites in (some) cities. It's a certainty we are in for a homicidal holiday this summer.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 6:20 PM............yes, shooting up a restaurant full of people shows guts, they just need to refocus their rage. You sound no better than negro girl Mosby!

I say it again, this did irreparable harm to the negro fatigue movement.

Anonymous said...

Guys and gals, what do we do next? I don't just want to survive this.

Once again tonight, my wife was talking about these wonderful privileges new mothers in Denmark get.

She usually shuts me down anytime I mention the word black. Tonight she didn't... If our system designed for white civilization wasn't brought to its knees by apes, we'd have that privilege too.

What can we do? What can I do?
Realist in MA

D-FENS said...

Vonderirit - the sandwich dude, right?

PB said...

"Second worry is Obama demonstrating lack of resolve in the face of hyper violence growing in urban America."

Problem-reaction-solution. Think Jade Helm and "restoring order". The Nogs are weaponized in a way they themselves would be too stupid to recognize.

Mr. Rational said...

I vaguely remember the episode, but completely forget the resolution. Somehow, I am thinking that they did NOT beam them to Africa.

Others have posted synopses, but if you watch the final scene you can refresh your memory directly.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous May 18, 2015 at 6:34 PM said...To anon at 6:20 PM............yes, shooting up a restaurant full of people shows guts,

The reports I saw indicated that the whole thing started out as a fistfight in a bathroom, that then spilled out into the parking lot and escalated. Then there were knives, chains, clubs, guns, etc. The police got involved, and apparently opened up, further confusing things.

Anonymous May 18, 2015 at 6:34 PM said... I say it again, this did irreparable harm to the negro fatigue movement.

I don't see this. No one ever said that there aren't whites who misbehave. In this case, I haven't heard anyone condemning the police, excusing the bad behavior, crying the bikers "dindu nuffins", etc.

Anonymous said...

I wish this nation would stand up. I live in a neighborhood where some if the houses cost over 600k and Obama's housing program has enabled this trash to dwell in them.

Anonymous said...

Lmao, literally!

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

App request...
Imagine in public places all across the country the app making smartphone chirps (or whatever patented specific sound the app will have).

May I suggest a croak?

Mr. Rational said...

Now a Duke professor observed this strange phenomenon of nogs giving their offspring "looksatme" strange names, and is now on leave for mentioning it.

No, the professor was already on sabbatical to write a book.  The media and administration just decided to report that it was a consequence of the prof's remarks.  In other words, they're lying.

I am with Vox Day on this:  SJW's always lie.  They probably can't do anything else; their neural paths have been so driven into a rut of known-but-denied falsehoods that they won't be able to think straight without a long period of cognitive therapy, probably years.

Ricky in Cali said...

There is also Diamondisha, she was the girl who got into a brawl in the all-Negress college women's basketball game that had to stop at halftime and send everyone home because the benches cleared and all the girls started fighting. Cat-2 chimpout

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I'm going to puke. I fled to Northern Michigan. There's nowhere else to go.

The one thing missing from that article is what the crime rate in Northern Michigan is. I bet they have a lot of guns around and almost no murder.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I disagree. This incident shows that there are still white people out there with some guts.

Also some white people with a lamentable lack of brains. And self-control, and future time orientation, and all those things we associate with negroes.

For Pete's sake, they advertised their intentions. The area was saturated with cops. They went ahead with their chimpout, anyway.

I rode a bike for many years, but I was never a biker. An experience about a dozen years ago with a biker club convinced me that they must be the dumbest things on two legs, not excluding poultry. These clowns have confirmed it for me.

Speaking of which, how's black biker week going?

Anonymous said...

"The Texas biker shoot out has set back the fatigue movement."
Only for fence-sitters who never really wanted to be on the right side at all. If not for a blatant Great White Excuse, their fatigue would have eventually petered out after a couple of riot-free years. Why did the white masses ALWAYS forget The Previous Black Outrage? Their fatigue, hatred, and vigilance was too burdensome to carry, and they shirked it as soon as it felt safe to wear their NANALT badges. We've all noticed how blacks want to be pissed off at something, anything. Conversely, many (too many) whites want, even more desperately, to not be pissed off. They constantly rationalize and excuse bad behavior, including heinous torture and murders -- all so they can avoid feeling that nasty, "evil" rage. And it's not just DWLs; you see it here too, amongst our own kind. I cannot count the number of people here whose first response (often before any facts are in) to a white woman killed by a groid is "Well she was probably a coal burner. No sympathy."

Anonymous said...

It is precisely this blatantly erroneous assumption that lies at the heart of all liberal thought, rhetoric, and policy. It has to, because otherwise liberals would be left with nothing but objective reality, and they would have to stop being liberals. And that, in a nutshell, is why liberals are deranged.

Anonymous said...

To my mind, the real tragedy there is that blacks are such terrible shots. There were only a few fatalities among the 49.

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine who emigrated here from the Soviet Union in the late 80s told me about problems his wife had at a teaching job she took shortly after they arrived in the US. It involved teaching science and chemistry at a San Francisco high school. On her first day at work, she was taken aback by the cold and unfriendly attitude that her fellow teachers showed her. The reason for this only became clear later on.

She started having problems immediately with the black students in her classes, who were consistently failing tests and turning in essentially illiterate reports. Not knowing any other way to teach than the way she'd done back in Russia, she graded all her students fairly and objectively, based on their actual performance and mastery of the material. She didn't crack the whip over them; she simply taught what was in the curriculum and the textbooks, at the recommended pace, which felt slow to her.

Black students who were now getting failing grades for the first time in their lives made racially-tinged appeals to the administration, and brought their parents in to harangue her at meetings. The black parents — always mothers — couldn't understand why their genius sons and daughters were suddenly failing their classes, when they'd gotten As and Bs throughout their scholastic careers. The other kids in her classes did fine. It was only the black kids who couldn't keep up.

(This wasn't a ghetto school. Only about 10% of the students were black.)

Now she realized why her new American colleagues had been so unwelcoming. It turned out that they despised Russian teachers in general, because they rocked the boat by teaching and grading black students on the same basis as everyone else, instead of cheating for them and passing them through regardless of their ignorance of what they were supposed to be learning.

She lasted at that school for one year. Fortunately, she was able to get a better job at another school with fewer challenged minorities.

Anonymous said...

Why do they always direct themselves toward whites when intoning their "we all have to get along and work together" speech? You never see them demand anything at all of blacks, who are the ones who don't want to get along and work together. I guess it would hurt their fragile feelings to be expected to behave as an equal partner. This nonsensicality has a corollary manifestation in the "Black Lives Matter" campaign. This message that Black Lives Matter is solely directed to whites, while 90% of the killers of blacks are other blacks. Why don't these righteous SJWs go into the hood and tell the people who are doing the actual killing of blacks that Black Lives Matter?

Answer, because black lives don't matter to blacks. It's just another stick to beat whitey over the head with in the hope of more gibs.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that's been going on for 30 years or more. A black guy I worked with in the 80s went to Disneyland on his vacation, and told me he saw Crip gang members force a family father to go to a concession booth and buy a different-colored shirt to replace the red one he was wearing. He was a complete stranger to them.

Anonymous said...

There was hope back then. I was a small child but I was acutely aware of a general mood of optimism and happiness that seemed to be everywhere — out on the streets, among family and friends, in entertainment and the media. We'd been on a sharp upward trajectory for decades, we were the most powerful, advanced, richest nation that had ever existed, we'd just been to the moon. There was a feeling there that we were unstoppable and we could achieve anything we set our minds to. When I look back on those days in my mind's eye, it seems like the sky was always blue.

So different from the sad, bleak, desperate vibe of today. It really is a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I saw a "Katrina" in the newspaper once.

PNW Realist said...

Vonderirit, aka "Saint Sandwich".

With St. Skittles and St. Swisher, he now completes the troika.

(Or would anyone be offended if we called them The Blessed Black Trinity?)

chattanooga gal said...

"I guess the reason Rosie O'Donnell is such a dysfunctional asshole is due to the Irish Potato Famine of the 1850s"
excellent point! that was just 10 years before or so before the civil war. I'm going to start blaming all my woes on the potato famine.i might even have a touch of ptsd from having to listen to my great granny talk about it...

chattanooga gal said...

Star Trek fans
they teleported them to the ships of their enemies- the Klingons. sounds like a good solution to me.

Anonymous said...

I say it again, this [the biker shootout] did irreparable harm to the negro fatigue movement.

What exactly are race realists to do? Expect 100% non-violence from every last white? That ain't gonna happen. There will always be acts of white violence out there somewhere. And such acts will be exploited by the MSM to make whites look like the primary perpetrators of violence in the Homeland.

We have two ways to deal with this:

1) Wring our hands and get all defensive; or
2) Take the offensive and exploit it for its infowar potential.

The reality is that before this thing is over, there is going to be a heck of a lot of violence. BRA understands this, which is why it promotes everything from flashmob attacks to burning down entire American cities. it's a race war, alright, but a most curious one in which only blacks are fighting. Whites are incredibly passive in the face of everything from driveby shootings to their being ethnically cleansed from their own cities.

Which means that whites are going to have get some backbone. Which means acting like warriors. Maybe biker gangs are not the best exemplars of the warrior spirit but -- again! -- at least they show that there are whites out there somewhere who are willing to take action instead of passively sit in front of the telescreens. Granted, whites should not be shooting each other up, nor endangering civilians.

And yeah, maybe this incident makes whites "look bad" in the media, but the media has been making whites "look bad" for decades. And not just the media, but academia, the government, the churches, the corporations, etc. The entire system is rigged against you, YT, and this will not change by acting meekly and putting down your weaponry.

How to exploit this incident? Here's one infowar line: "Yes, this shows the terrible violence that whites are capable of inflicting. And blacks/DWLs should consider this before they push white people too far. Because that old warrior spirit is still there. The warrior spirit which conquered all of Africa, which subdued the American continent. It's just waiting to be unleashed. If blacks/DWLs keep up their current assault on white people, expect to see biker gang style violence unleashed against BRA and the institutions which support it. Hey, this isn't something we're advocating. It's just a statement of fact. So maybe BRA had better start backing down because once white people get on the march, there is no stopping them."

chattanooga gal said...

"best unintentionally, poetically apt name for a Negro Americanus *ever*!" I'm still waiting to run across a urethra.

Anonymous said...

"App request...Imagine in public places all across the country the app making smartphone chirps (or whatever patented specific sound the app will have)."
Instead of a chirp or AnalogMan's croak, how about a New Orleans funeral jazz band playing When The Saint Go Marching In?

Anonymous said...

And who pays for the high cost of medical treatment for these drug dealers who lost at the game? Its amazing that these hospitals are able to operate on just Medicaid payments. Those homies need to learn how to shoot and stop wounding each other. Makes you wonder how they can pay for expensive funerals but can't afford hospital bills.

Mich Mike

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Anon @7:53am said..."Granted, whites should not be shooting each other up"

Unfortunately that has always been one of our faults - we have a bad habit of turning on one another.Getting a large number of whites on the same page even for a short while is near to impossible.

Jim said...

It seems pretty clear that what bothers Baltimoreans is not the murder rate but the white-on-black murder rate. The problem is easily solved. Just tell the cops not to shoot blacks and to stay in their cars whenever possible. The blacks will be pleased and the cops will be safer.