Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Series of Articles Proving the Committed White Liberal is Certifiably Insane

There's nothing wrong with a white liberal who says one thing about diversity, and then cocoons their family in as much whiteness as possible.

Hypocritical? Sure.

But there's nothing wrong with it at all. In fact, there's a poetic beauty in a white liberal publicly extolling the virtues of diversity and the promotion of Black-Run America (BRA) while privately living a life as far away from blacks as possible. 
The most insane family in America? 

However, the story of Robert King of the Indy Star provides insight into the mind of a white liberal Amy Biehl's parents would recognize. Any white person who would voluntarily put their family in danger would immediately have their children taken away by Child's Services in a sane society, but in Black Run America (BRA) King is praised as some sort of hero. [Kings of Indy: Why we're leaving the suburbs and moving to the Near Eastside, Indy Star, 5-22-2013]: 
 My introduction to the Eastside came nine years ago when I was still living in Florida. My wife and I were contemplating a move to Indianapolis. 
The advice, from the Floridians we knew that had friends and relatives here, was simple and unanimous: Avoid the Eastside. It’s no place to raise a family. These were well meaning folk – people looking out for us, sharing what they knew of the city where we were about to relocate. 
And eventually, more because of the natural currents that carry middle class families to “safe” neighborhoods with reputable schools and “resale potential” — we landed safely in the suburbs, Center Grove, to be precise, just outside of Greenwood. 
Now, almost nine years later, my wife Tammy and I – along with our three daughters — have made what for us is a dramatic move, and one not easy to explain to our fellow suburbanites. We’re moving to the Near Eastside. 
The neighborhood we’re leaving is in many ways the suburban ideal. We lived on a cul-de-sac. Three of our neighbors had pools. Everyone kept their lawns manicured, sometimes even me. Most people locked their doors, but it wasn’t a big deal if you forgot. 
The neighborhood we’ve landed in, St. Clair Place, has a different story. There are some homes here that have been beautifully restored and some that have been well-kept by longtime residents. And there’s a sense of positive momentum from the Super Bowl Legacy project. 
But it remains a neighborhood where there are several homes abandoned and the windows boarded up. It’s a place where debris sometimes piles up in vacant lots that have become dumping grounds for old mattresses and the like. 
The first neighbor I met after getting the keys to our new home was an older gentleman who was picking up trash in the alley behind our house. He tried to help me with a stuck garage door. 
He warned me not to leave it open, that anything of value in there would disappear. Others have told us not to leave our cute dog in the backyard — that he, too, might disappear. 
Most cautionary of all, though, is the vacant lot I can see from my kitchen window. It’s where one of the most horrific crimes in the city’s history occurred – the 2006 murder of seven people in a house on North Hamilton Avenue. The house burned sometime later and now all that remains is a field of dandelions. 
Into this new world, I’m bringing my wife Tammy and ourdaughters – Sarah, 16, Annie, 13, Caroline, 7 -- and a dog named Davy. 
The obvious question, of course, is why? Why move here? Why choose the uncertainties of a neighborhood with a mass murder scene as its landmark over suburban comfort? 
There are lots of reasons. Some are practical, some philosophical, some spiritual. And comfort is a contributing factor. 
Over the past nine years at The Indianapolis Star, I’ve written plenty about challenges facing the city – poverty, homelessness, failing schools and, yes, crime. I even wrote a story about the murders on North Hamilton Avenue, talking to people in the neighborhood a year after the tragedy occurred. 
I’ve written about schools where fights were a plague and kids were afraid of getting “jumped” at any moment. I’ve written about a homeless man who fell to his death while camping out in the balcony of a Downtown church. I’ve written about a young couple who moved with their four children into a motel room as their last stop before the streets. I’ve written about young people killed in city parks during midnight gunfights. 
Each time, after documenting these things, I would get into my car, drive past the ring of decay that surrounds Downtown and weave my way back to the quiet of the suburbs. And I was comfortable doing that.
What a hero! In May of 2014, the so-called Kings of Indy would brag about one year in the danger Eastside of Indianapolis. [Kings of Indy: At home, a year later, Indy Star, 5-19-2014]:

 A brush with crime The nights are punctuated by noises that are very often nothing more than fireworks, but that more discerning neighbors say also sometimes include gunfire. To date, we haven't caught a whiff of violent crime. 
But the crime stats tell me that within a mile of us there have been shootings and stabbings and robberies. More common to our street are burglaries. We had one last summer that cleaned out our garage. 
Neighbors said it was our initiation because it happens to nearly everyone. Over the winter, things grew quiet. But in April, when police caught a guy a few doors down trying to break into a garage, folks here likened it to the daffodils — a sure sign of spring. A year ago, I said we didn't come here to try to change the world, but to come alongside folks in the community. 
I think we've made good on that. You can't turn around here without finding some place that could use a volunteer. But it's also clear that what matters most to people here is that you just be a good neighbor. What's also been clear is that the Near Eastside has changed us. 
We think a lot more about how we live and how we live our faith. We think more about where our food comes from and where our clothes are made and why it's important to shop local. We've found it helpful to discuss more deeply subjects such as race and sexual orientation; wealth and poverty; the different ways families are put together. 
We've also had some sober chats about drugs and prostitution. Those talks were not always easy, but they were valuable. When we came here a year ago, we were somewhat fearful. 
Today, I'd say, fear has been replaced by awareness. Living in a place that's the focus of urban renewal has been particularly instructive. 
There's a concept that applies both to imperfect people and imperfect places: Instead of focusing on what's broken or missing, it can be more helpful to count your assets. What have you got that you can use to make things better? 
From that perspective, an abandoned house becomes a place where a new family can live and, because of the fantastic architecture around here, it might just become a beautiful home. A vacant lot that was once a crime scene could soon become a new homestead. 
People scarred by the harshest blows during a neighborhood's decline may be willing to work the hardest at bringing it back. Maybe I am naive or just plain stupid about such things. But I look at this part of the city through a different lens now. If that means I'm wearing rose-colored glasses, so be it.
It's now been two years since Robert King voluntarily moved his family from the comfortable white suburbs of Indianapolis into the heavily black - and crime-ridden area of - Eastside Indianapolis.

So it's about time for an update, right Mr. King? How's life in an area known as one of the "killing fields" of Indianapolis? [Kings of Indy: Two years in, life on the Near Eastside is nuanced, Indy Star, 5-16-15]: 
 Two years later, I'm here to report that we've not only survived, but my little family is very happy here. 
What's more, we've doubled down on the Near Eastside: We've put our kids in the public schools. Our two oldest daughters, Sarah and Annie, are about to complete their first full year at Tech. 
That's right, IPS. Next year, out little Caroline will enroll at a charter school in our neighborhood, the Paramount School of Excellence. And she can't wait. This year, Sarah and Annie entered an urban high school, where they were just two of 1,750 students. 
They have encountered kids at Tech who have no interest in school, who seem on a mission to disrupt class. And they've shared classes with kids headed to the Ivy League. They've enjoyed their walks around what's probably the most beautiful, most historic campus in the city. And they've learned to identify the smell of marijuana smoke, which rolls out of certain bathrooms like a fog. 
They've had great philosophical debates with other smart kids about life and politics and art and music. And they've heard the F-bomb aplenty. Heard the N-word in casual conversation. And they've learned to deal with it. 
So have their mom and dad. (In my case, one of their black friends used the N-word in casual conversation, while I was giving him a ride. I nearly slammed on the brakes and called a timeout. Instead, I opted to let the moment pass. My daughters and I had a healthy discussion about it later on). 
That episode reflected a new reality for us. About two-thirds of the kids at Tech are black. About one-fourth are Hispanic. Only about 10 percent are white. For the first time in their lives, my girls were the racial minority. Sarah was the only white member of Tech's gospel choir. Annie is one of only a couple of white girls on the softball team. And it hasn't been a big deal. 
They have friends who are black, white, Hispanic and Indian. It's enough to make you hopeful about the future. Some of the kids are middle class like us. Many are struggling to get by. The greatest segregation seems to be between the kids who take school seriously — who are striving for college — and those who aren't.
Oh my God! A black kid said nigger and a white liberal almost got in an accident! 

What's frightening is more and more of those white people promoted in Black-Run America (BRA) are committed white liberals like Robert King, who would rather sacrifice his children to the Moloch of Perpetually Uplifting Blacks than raise his children in the safety and serenity of an all-white environment. 

Search the archives of SBPDL -- Indianapolis is proof those white conservatives believing Republican rule will keep a city safe from the rising tide of color are 100 percent false: without a black population, there'd be virtually no crime, homicide, or nonfatal shootings in Indianapolis. 

With a black population, people like Robert King can feel good about themselves when they immerse their family in the type of civilization only Africans in America are capable of creating. 


Anonymous said...

I wish EVERY liberal was forced to live in a ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Well at least he puts his money where his mouth is gotta respect that. Although I wonder how his wife really feels about it?

As a man your number one goal is to protect your family, not submit them to social experiment.

Anonymous said...

The guys is risking his family's life to try to sell newspapers, plain and simple. Can't wait until his daughters come home with Shitavious one night telling King daddy she bees gonna habs a baby!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. No other words really. I can safely say I hate this man for what he's done to his family. Life is not a game Mr. King. I pray your daughters and wife survive unscathed, racially aware, and out of that hellhole. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder/disease.

NC Guy

What an Azzhole said...

This is the most sanctimonious, utterly self-righteous eggplant cuckolding f@gg0t on planet earth. I hope and pray Dindu comes while the kids are at camp and does those children a favor before their innocence is lost. What a POS...

Anonymous said...

This guy has lost his mind. It made me ill reading about him dragging his children into that. They have "black" "friends". Until the shit goes down, they won't be your friend for long.

Anonymous said...


The First 48 airing Thursday night, May 21 at 9:00pm Eastern on A&E network is profiling one of the pizza delivery murders in New Orleans. This is likely the case that occurred in September of last year, not the one a few weeks ago. Set your DVRs if you can't see it live.


Anonymous said...

There is no way in hell that this story is going to have a happy ending. It's just a matter of time.

SC Native said...

Cultural Marxism is a religion, this must be one of the high priests.

I think a Darwin Award could be in the making for one of the idiot parents or tragically one of the brainwashed kids.

This douche was going to call a time out on a ni@@er for using the word ni@@er? Now that's the height of insanity.

What's next for these DWL's moving to ISIS held territory?

Anonymous said...

I like this guy, Robert King of the Indy Star. He's a pioneer and he's the kind of guy who is willing to follow President Obama's advice to "deal honestly with issues of race".

Ultimately, he and his lovely family will be robbed, beaten, raped and very possibly set on fire or doused with bleach to cover the crime. But that's a small sacrifice to finally "deal honestly with issues of race".

It's his choice. He's not demanding that you and I do something similar. If he, the wife and kids are successful at this venture, it might encourage a large number of white people to follow in his footsteps. What a historic thing that might be.

It could happen that the negroes in the neighborhood will recognize his sacrifices and bond with him. Some of his negro neighbors may share their EBT, BBQ, chicken wings and assorted drugs with him. He could become kind of a Tarzan of the community, writing legal briefs and letters to the President.

It could turn out real well. And I'll be waiting to read all about it.

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, I can't explain these fools, but I have seen them all my life. Their was "Grizzly" Adams, who went into Northern Alaska to "live" with the bear. He became accepted for a While, as the King family is accepted, to which means basically ignored. Then one day a bear ate him. No one knows why, perhaps he disrespected the bear. What can you say except; "I told you so."

Then there was the lady who kept a Chimp as a baby, treating it like a human. Things went fine for a while and then the chimp grew up. One day, upon meeting a friend, the chimp to a dislike to the friend, no one knows why, perhaps she disrespected the chimp. It attacked the friend and bit her hands off and her face. When the owner (she was obviously never its Master) it attacked her as well, tearing off her face.

Then there was Jane Goodall, who was such a typical Liberal "friend of the animals". She often spoke about how only mankind makes war.The she began her studies of the Chimp in the Wild and realized that not only do they make war, they use tactics and maneuver and treachery.

Then there is the cute Orca whale at Seaworld, one of the oldest Whales in captivity. It has a habit of killing people, three so far. Every year or so it grabs these women by their hair and takes them to the bottom of the tank and holds them there. Why, I don't know, perhaps the ladies disrespected it somehow.

Then there is that lady teacher in Massachusetts who met up with the Orc named Philip Chism. He came onto her and she disrespected him. Like the chimp, the wounds were horrific, he first raped her, he cut her throat and dumped her body in a dumpster. It was fourteen.

In another case, this Orc wanted a pretty White girl. He had heard she really wanted to improve her bicycle so he lured her to his house by offering to sell her parts and strangled her and dumped her in the recycle bin. She was young and healthy, so she took a long time to die. It was twelve.

People who live in the same area of monsters get destroyed. Maybe not today or next week, but the longer you live in the area of hearing gunfire, the more chance there is that you or someone you love will take a bullet or some other horror.

Liberalism is a mental Disorder. Rarely some get better (like Jane Goodall). Some get eaten. Most just get dead.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Sir Not Appearing In This Film said...

It truly breaks your heart to see children with a chance at a brighter future deliberately immersed in a sea of crime and filth and forced to interact with the depraved inhabitants of a broken culture. King's vulnerable children are girls, even worse. Once can imagine all sorts of horrible outcomes! I only hope they survive their father's experiment in extreme naivety. If you dare, take note of the other "Progressive" Liberal's slobber-laden approval comments at the IndyStar article. Blecch.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....It was perfect timing for this article because in the last couple of days I have been feeling the urge for a RANT ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE welling up inside me.

It seems in the last ten years or so Americans have been becoming dumber by the day. It has gotten to the point where it is getting harder and harder to separate the stupid ones from the insane ones. My contact to the outside world is through this computer and even I realize that 2/3 of what is on the net is pure bullshit. It is mostly fear and fairy tales so I am very selective on what sights I venture into. I have never had any interest in 12 year old kids who want sex change operations or black women who write poems about their vagina so that limits my choices.

The amount of stupidity and insanity is mind numbing on a grand scale. But something is emerging from this massive MIND FOG. The REALIST are starting to be born from within the ashes of self destruction. I don't mean just race realist, but all kinds of realist. Political realist, religious realist, New World Order realist, etc...etc. Once people start to THINK FOR THEMSELVES and see through the bullshit is when the REAL CHANGE will take place.

The insiders who control the food chain and people farms will become worried as more people start to wake up. Remember, the sheep are not supposed to learn how to jump the fences of their pens. Little Bo Peep loves her sheep and does not want them straying away. When the kings of a failing empire meet the King family they will find comfort in knowing that all the sheep will not jump the fence.

When the BAT SHIT CRAZY people have their annual awards show this guy and his family will win prizes in all the different categories.

Anonymous said...

After reading this I will never be the same. Can this fool not fathom the amount of danger he has placed his family in by doing something insane as moving right smack dab in the middle of this shit??!!??? Hero!??? Hero my ass!! How about dumbass!!!!!! He is the type there is no saving or help for and forget even trying. He truly makes me sick that he has done this to his family. His family would turn their nose's up at us and look down us as pure evil. What we are back here on planet earth is smart enough to have learned from experience and common damn sense to avoid danger at all cost.

This family is the type if something happens to them they will blame everybody but the Orc. To them I say: enjoy hell on earth, Morons!!!!

Ricky In Cali said...

I have to give this moron and his family credit for actually "walking the Liberal walk" and moving to a Negro infested neighborhood but it's sad anytime I have to give a DWL credit for anything. Taking a plunge like this is like telling his family

"HEY!! Lets go over the rail at the Zoo and hang out in the Lions den and act like were on a real Safari"

Both are poor decisions and I can only feel for the three daughters in the family. Only a matter of time before one, two or perhaps all three get violated by the "vibrant diversity". Afterwards I'm sure the DWL will apologize to the Negro and perhaps offer his wife also.

Dumb bastards.....

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

What an asshole.

How in the fuck did living around a bunch of niggers make him worry more about where things come from and importance of buying local? It's just firecrackers. We got robbed, but it was an initiation. We belong now, yay!

I wonder what the healthy discussion was about after the little nigger said nigga in his car. OMG. He can say that because as slaves they were called that and its their culture. Girls, you can't complain when he calls you a nigger and gropes your breast because slavery. You also have to let him copy your homework because Jim Crowe. Rape to us is different for them. It's their culture to take sex forcefully because Malcolm X.

I bet he mows his neighbors lawns, picks up their litter, and shovels the sidewalk; basically being their nigger. What a punk. I know people like this "man" and they are pathetic. His neighbors are fine with him as long as he gives the requisite looksatmuh, but as soon as he tries to stand up for his personal space or property they will turn on him like a pack of rabid baboons.

I hope there is video of the incident when it does occur. What a puss

Fu said...

This woman is living in a terrible neighborhood, yet still manages to live in what she'd call a white bubble. She doesn't realize that if she helps to fix the community, she will only be gentrifying and all the blacks will move out and complain. What a dorky bitch..

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's what will happen.

There'll be a story about a couple of white girls being gang raped in the toilets at that college. It will barely get reported in the media of course.

At that very moment Mr King will go very quiet. Maybe not, maybe the assault on his daughters will be framed as some sort of reparation for da lagacy o da slabery.

What an absolute imbecile. Be an idiot by yourself Mr King, don't put four white females through that.

Anonymous said...

I'm just shocked they're all alive, unbeaten, and unraped.

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time...

Anonymous said...

Someone buy or rent a house across the street. Set up 24/7 webcams trained on his property with infrared night vision. Let's all watch in real time as he comes under groid assault. "Big Brutha".



Our soon to be institutionalized White family couldn't bring themselves to deal with when the negro male used the nigger word. She(mother) chose to let it ride and not say anything to the soon to be son in law. Yet if she/they heard one of us use that same NIGGER word we would get the tongue lashing of our valued lives. Hypocrites is being nice to these liberal idiots that's for sure. Can't stand them. They are just one more reason why our White country is currently failing right now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I know what family Julie hails from now-

The guy's writing started to actually make me feel ill. It's one thing to say such things in jest- it's another to say them and actually believe your bullshit.

I felt like he was trying to serve the reader dried up shit disguised under a rich caramel glaze. Thinking about the rest of his family and what he has put them through started to make me feel nauseous. It is convenient how he explains away any problems that his kids have to deal with.

The ages when blacks are at their worst starts around junior high and continues all throughout high school. Being a kid (particularly a cute white female kid) in this environment has to be pure hell. Being hit on like some lucky piece of meat in ebonics must make the skin crawl like nothing else. And then the guilt and insults if you dare say no. Sure is nice how he views students whose sole-purpose it seems is to disrupt class and other kids' educations as not that big of a deal. I'm sure it's not a problem for him, since he's not the one stuck in these classrooms (as a female) and doesn't have to put up with the daily threats, taunts, and blatant bullying. Talk about sacrificing your kin to make yourself feel better.

I would never forgive my parents if they willingly put me through this. Having gone to junior high and high school with only a small percentage of blacks, being surrounded by them at that age would have been a nightmare.

Who does Mr. King think he is earning points with? What is the payoff for submitting to the undertow? It reminds me of "The Grizzly Man" documentary where a white teen (Timothy Treadwell) goes off to live with the grizzly bears in Alaska, after convincing himself that they were harmless.

And you know what, Mr. King? The vibrants who end up raping/slitting your daughter's throats won't feel one bit bad about the whole thing. The only thing that they will feel bad about is the fact that they got caught.

Anonymous said...

OT but it seems a writer at Salon is realizing that bashing white people has a consequence and that there is a point where it can be taken too far. Last thing I expected to read when I stopped by the site to find material for SBPDL was a column like this one:


Bahar Mustafa is giving Saida Grundy a run for her money. Mustafa (#killallwhitemen) says she can't be racist or sexist because she isn't white or male. Look at her picture and tell me she doesn't look white. I know black folks sure would consider her white.

Mustafa recently hosted “a BME woman and non-binary” only event and explained the limited guest list by declaring, “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender.” Now, she’s the subject of a petition for a vote of no confidence, and accused of spreading “slanderous rumors of staff bullying to support her campaigns, and encouraged students to believe that an individual member of staff is directly responsible for student suicide attempts disclosed to her as the Welfare and Diversity Officer,” as well as engaging in “the the consistent use of hash-tags such as #killallwhitemen and #misandry, and publicly calling someone ‘white trash’ under the official GSU Welfare and Diversity Officer twitter account.”

The best part though?

As the Telegraph reports, “If three per cent of students’ union members sign the petition, a vote of no confidence will be held in Ms. Mustafa. If two thirds of voters say she should be removed during that ballot, she will lose her job.”

Sounds like she's toast. I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

In other news:

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) on Monday spoke in favor of a pay raise for members of Congress before the House Rules Committee, arguing that the current system doesn't offer enough incentives for less-affluent citizens to enter public service.

$174,000 a year, with around 130 working days in a year. And of course it is the lazy black congressman who has the guts to ask for a bigger paycheck while most of his black constituents are mired in poverty. Well, to be fair, he wants to give them all $15/hour minimum wage jobs. I wonder if Uncle Remus realizes where the money for these pay increases comes from?

Anonymous said...

Robbed once already, now their kids are in public school with kids who "don't care about school" where marijuana smoke rolls out of certain bathrooms.

One almost wishes his family could get what's coming to them, but I'm sure no one's lucky enough to simply defy the odds that long--the clock is ticking and it's doubtful this family will escape their all so helpful neighbors.

D-FENS said...

Two outcomes:

1. This leads to White gentrification and displaces negroes.

2. The family gets wiped out and is eliminated from the gene pool.

Each of us must decide the more positive outcome.

Anonymous said...

I thought that it would be Giuliani or Trump who fired the first shot of race-realism.

Apparently it is Rick Santorum and he is basically referring to black males as sexual predators who go from woman to woman.

I really hope that candidates like him who don't stand a chance of getting elected get these issues out in the open so the real candidates are forced to address them. While Dems say the right sound bites to please/not offend BRA, you know that they don't want to touch the topic of race with a 10 foot pole. The more they are forced to talk about it, the more stupid concessions they will make to BRA (before even being elected) and this will continue to put them at odds with whites who are getting more and more fed up by the day.

Anonymous said...

Political beliefs have a genetic basis. Research is ongoing, but everyone knows conservatives tend to have conservative children and vice versa.

The birthrate for white conservatives is around 2.0, very close to replacement levels. The liberal bithrate is around 0.9.

Liberalism is a self-terminating mental disorder. I hope his daughters have ugly brown children. I look forward to this garbage removing itself from the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Apparently having a room full of white people is now considered a "micro-aggression".


You know what I consider to be a micro-aggression?

Talking in an extremely loud voice laced with obscenities in public

Accusing someone of racism in front of others if you do not get your way or what you want

Moving into a stable non-black neighborhood and ruining it (ok, this one isn't micro)

Using the word 'nigga' and all its forms in public and daring non-black people to say it

Hitting people up for change and chastising them if they don't give you any

Using the words 'white boy' or 'white girl' when addressing an adult

Walking shoulder to shoulder with your pals and making people walk around you

Dismissing people's accomplishments as white privilege

Holding up your fist in a black power salute

Stomping on the U.S. flag

Shuffling along slower than frozen molasses when other people are obviously waiting on you

Engaging in racist acts and then proclaiming you didn't because you can't be racist

Asking strangers for things and favors while they are trying to go about their daily lives

Replacing superheroes and other cultural icons with blacks

Your physical smell

Stealing any of our stuff that isn't bolted down when we aren't looking

Dropping your semen in a white woman and then forcing her and her family to raise and care for the kid.

Taking slots that you aren't qualified for through affirmative action and other preferential treatment completely based on your skin color

Calling areas with majority white populations 'too white'.

Calling white people gentrifiers for moving into certain neighborhoods that were historically white

Accusing anyone and everyone of racism at the drop of a hat and with zero evidence to back it up.

Calling white girls easy after guilting/shaming them into sexual intercourse

Blaming all your problems on whitey when mountains of evidence show otherwise.

Next up we can talk about macroaggressions, such as rape, murder, armed robbery, and the like. No one can even hope to compete with blackie when it comes to these things.

Ex-Copper said...

So..this dipshit moved away from an overwhelming majority white area, with 4A rated schools, 4A and 5A conference sports and music programs, homes that range in an average price range of 100K-180K in a "starter" home, 300-500K for a "middle class" home, 500+ for upper middle class, and 750k and up for the upper class hoods.

There are only a few crappy neighborhoods in Center Grove and the majority of them were built in the 70's when the streets were mostly gravel. Many of these homes are only in the state they're in due to elderly inhabitants and renters.

His girls were free to run their neighborhood because parents were outside keeping an eye on everyone's kids like mother hens. These girls could play on a vacant lot not having to worry about getting stuck by a dirty needle or cut by broken crack or meth pipes. These lots were empty because they either hadn't been purchased yet, purchased for the intent of building a custom home in the future, or the structure had a fire or flood (did have a 100yr flood 5-6 yrs ago).

The high school has approx 2,400 students. 92% white, 1% black with an overall minority population at 8%. 15% of students are listed as economically disadvantaged with 10% on free meals and 5% on reduced. The school ranks 19th in the state and 1,565th nationwide. A 19:1 student teacher ratio.

Arsenal Tech, on the other hand, is under state takeover, labeled a "dropout" factory by the news, and despite a 12:1 student teacher ratio barely produces graduates.

I would wager that if this writer had sons, they would be getting their asses kicked on a regular basis. The daughters probably steer clear of the black males to avoid getting beaten up by the black females.

The most telling part is that they live near Hamilton ave. their home probably cost about $25k. They lived there during the "massacre" where the entire family of Mexicans were treated to a "black out" attack in which everyone is murdered. The assumption, per police informants, is it was believed the family had a large amount of cocaine and money in the home.

This dumbass said most of what sounded like gunshots was just firecrackers. Wrong. That's usually the sound reported by police when they fail to find a body, shell casings, see someone shooting, or don't feel like getting out of their car to investigate.

The same neighborhood, where after the murders, was flooded by impd as a response to the lawlessness and community request. One officer was shot in the head and rendered a vegetable after chasing a white murder suspect. Daily pursuits going across the city. So many arrests that the community did a 180 and complained the cops were harassing all of the black males because, they were black.

Yup, just where normal white parents move their daughters to as a part of a social experiment.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes intelligent people do very stupid things! Take Timothy Treadwell, the Grizzly Man, was killed in Kenai National Park Alaska for getting too close to the bears and not respecting their territory. Bears are wild animals and they killed by him and his girlfriend and ate them for food.

PK…this man is an absolute fool for putting his family in such a dangerous place to make a point! I hope the family well, but he needs a lesson in respect of wild animals. Blacks are to be avoided like dangerous animals. They are not civilized; nor ever will be!

People need to get rid of the white guilt and come on home to their own kind. They don't belong among these vicious animals!

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I wonder how he will feel when his daughter is gang raped under the bleachers? Nomesayin?

walter said...

That man is either a complete lunatic without any objective sense of reality or a damned liar

walter said...

This man is either a complete lunatic without any objective sense of reality or a damned liar.

Gnome Sane said...

Reminds me of the grizzly bear guy who was eventually eaten in his tent.

Anonymous said...

Robert King and his fambly will flee back to the suburbs within the calander year. We aren't going to hear about it though. With great fanfare and pomp he moves his vulnerable wife and daughters to that toilet to make a point for the TV, just like the great fanfare and pomp we saw when Starbucks announced plans to open a token store in Ferguson. When that store fails miserably the media will completly forget to publish a single word of it. Likewise, after the King house gets robbed and the 16 year old daughter is carrying a rape baby, the family will QUIETLY slip back into the safety of suburbia, hopefully with some race realism learned (albeit learned the hard way).


Earl Turner said...

Robert King, you are the ultimate traitor to your race. May your beautiful white daughters survive your piss poor parenting and may their eyes be opened before it is too late.

And may you learn the hard way at the hands of the foul beasts you have chosen over your own Folk.

Anonymous said...

Funny how in the first video he shows his Nice Old White Neighbor cutting his lawn.I suppose his immediate neighborhood is white but all around him it is Mogadishu 2.0.I am sure blacks are complaining about the "gentrification" happening in this area.I love the schools also.Pot smoke pouring out like a "fog" he says.As long as its blacks there will be no consequences.Some students are disruptive,gee I wonder which overwhelming demographic.And once again ,no consequences as these lib white fools will never dare bring in the "parents" of these "yoofs" and chastise them about following rules.I suppose since they are "eurocentric acting white rules" there is no need.

Anonymous said...

Take up the white mans burden http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_White_Man's_Burden

I think we may have a winner for the 2015 Darwin Awards. As well as a winner for worst parent of the year ...

Unknown said...

"Ultimately, he and his lovely family will be robbed, beaten, raped and very possibly set on fire or doused with bleach to cover the crime. But that's a small sacrifice to finally 'deal honestly with issues of race'."

I agree. The real tragedy would be if our diversity becomes a casualty.

Ray Sizzum said...

Off Topic

Gavin McInnes interviewing a "blame everything on White men" feminist.


If you don't want to watch the entire thing (55 min) start watching from the 15:30 mark. He leaves her speechless with some "hate facts".

Unknown said...

I remember that fcuking idiot on Shark Week who used to feed the Bull sharks, standing in waste deep water while hundreds of them circled round. He fed them small fish by hand.
Do I need to finish the story? He did it for years to prove that maneating sharks are no big deal, just misunderstood.
The good news (maybe not)is that he survived the attack, and can still walk, albeit with a limp.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree 100%. That asshole is putting his whole family at risk. When his time comes, I hope its only him that must pay the price and not his wife and daughters.

Living amongst them, his daughters will learn their ways. When they start using the F-bomb and N word, that's when they'll piss off the natives and land in the pot.


Anonymous said...

His kids should be taken away from him. One day when he or his daughters become culturally enriched he will realize what an absolute fool he has been.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching "First 48" as I write. This remarkable series serves up a slap in the face dose of reality. The cops see a dead body; no one will talk; only a surveillance camera may help solve it, with help from a CI; cop says this is a violent neighborhood. It is a black neighborhood in NOLA.
The bleak unremitting violence defines the area. A few years of this certainly wears down the police. The question is, why doesn't it affect the journalist? Maybe if he saw the rap sheets of his neighbors he'd think twice. It is remarkable how predictive those are.

Gnome Sane said...

"Ferguson protesters demand paychecks for gig they were hired to perform"


"Hired protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have started a #CutTheCheck hashtag and held a sit-in at the offices for the successor group to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in Missouri after the group allegedly stopped paying them.

FrontPage Magazine reports that Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has been paying protesters $5,000 a month to demonstrate in Ferguson. Last week, hired protesters who haven’t been paid held a sit-in at MORE’s offices and posted a demand letter online.

MORE is the re-branded Missouri branch of ACORN, which filed for bankruptcy in late 2010, FrontPage reported. MORE and other groups supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have received millions of dollars from billionaire financier George Soros.

The group Millennial Activists United posted a letter on their blog demanding MORE “cut the checks” to demonstrators."

Anonymous said...

escaping from Indy says
This is the YT version of "looks at me". A narcissism that knows no limits, even if it endangers his children.

Ex-Copper said...

I forgot to add that the part of the east side he's living in has a decent amount of whites and Hispanics. These areas are typically quieter in terms of violent crime because they just kick the shit out of troublemakers, rarely shooting them.

There was also a chapter of outlaws with clubhouse. I believe they're still there, despite federal arrests in the last year or two. The locals who were interviewed were upset about their arrests, because they protected their neighborhood. This likely kept the Hispanic gangsters semi-passive there as well.

Lastly, stop wishing harm on the daughters. Kids are generally true victims as they have little or no control in terms of their caregivers actions.

Anonymous said...


Comments, bernardgoldberg.com

December 2014 - Jodo

A great injustice has been to the blacks. I don't refer to blacks in Africa selling other blacks into slavery - although that was certainly a heinous crime.
I refer instead to the expectation that the blacks can live in peaceful, civil society. It more than likely genetic, but may also be the failed upbringing in the world of the blacks, but the inconvenient truth is that the blacks are not a civilized race.
Look at sub-Saharan Africa and try to find signs of black civilization. Where is the Great Wall of Uganda? Where is the Machu Piccu of Kenya? Where is the Acropolis of Rwanda? Where is the Stonehenge of ther Sudan? They simply don't exist. For reasons that are unclear, sub-Saharan Africans never developed any civilization or culture. They stopped evolving tens of thousands of years ago. They still cook goats with the hair on the animal, they circumcise their women, and when left entirely alone without interference from the outside world, they hack each other to pieces with machetes.
As I said, it may be an inconvenient truth, but it is the truth nonetheless. Expecting the blacks to live in civil societies like Asians. Caucasians, Native Americans or Hispanics it apparently too much to expect.
Therefore, we need a strong and empowered police force in order to protect the rest of civil society from these people.
When young black men commit crime at a rate that is more than 10 fold the rate for the other races, then it is not unreasonable for the police to pay a little more attention to the blacks than they do to old Polish ladies in wheel chairs. Some of the blacks resent this, but the solution is to clean up your collective act and learn to live like people rather than violent animals.
Blacks, who accept responsibility for nothing, brought this on them selves. 150 years of whites bending over backwareds, welfare, food stamps, free housing, free education, preferential hiring, political correctness, aid to dependent children, income tax credits, head start the the rest of the cornucopia of government largess have done nothing to civilize these people. The change must come from within the back community and it starts by not blaming everyone else in the world for their perceived problems. The culture of never ending victim-hood is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

These parents are lunatics-I'll say this, though-most libtards would never do anything like this. One the one hand it shows the ones who wouldn't have at least enough sense not to believe their own bullshit when push comes to shove. On the other hand, it shows their extreme hypocrisy.

That 19th Century tycoon Andrew Carneige, said something about how, as he got older and wiser, he found himself paying less attention to what people said and more attention to observing what they did.

Last week, James Taylor, the singer, was in the news talking about how Obama was such a great president, blah blah blah- of course he had to run his suckhole about the "racism" in the US.

OK-let's look up where this assclown chooses to hang his hat- Washington Mass. Wikipedia, how vibrant is Jim's town?

The racial makeup of the town was 99.45% White, 0.37% African American, and 0.18% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.74% of the population.

Ah, yes. Awfully easy to love negroes from afar--way, way afar isn't it?

David Letterman is retiring, so he's been in the news-He's originally from Indy, albeit from back in the 50s and 60s in an all-white middle class environment that used to be commonplace and now is gone like the dodo bird. He used to have his funny moments and wasn't too political, but for the past several years, he runs his suckhole about race and racism, badmouths conservatives, Talks shit about "white people" (although he is one)licks Obama's ass-I read he's going to spend most of his retirement at his ranch near Choteau, Montana.

Must be a "diverse" "vibrant" place-he has a 12 yr old son-I'm sure he wants to give him the gift of PFUCs (Persons of Fecal and Urinary Color)

Wikipedia, what's the vibrance quotient in Choteau?

As of the census[2] of 2010, there were 1,684 people, 791 households, and 441 families residing in the city. The population density was 920.2 inhabitants per square mile (355.3/km2). There were 888 housing units at an average density of 485.2 per square mile (187.3/km2).

The racial makeup of the city was 95.0% White, 2.1% Native American, 0.2% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 0.3% from other races, and 2.3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.7% of the population

No negroes at all? But Dave, white folks suck! Move your son to the 'hood in Indy with the libtards in the story. You missed out on negroes, he shouldn't have to!

Anonymous said...

Ain't that the truth. Really sad. This post was difficult for me to read. My jaw dropped open. Didn't know whether to cry or scream. Instead I thanked god I did my best as a white conservative parent. Downright scary post. Made my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Just a matter of time until these morons are raped, robbed, beaten, or killed living out their intellectual fantasy.

Which will be a good thing. It is easy enough to replace an idiot.

Anonymous said...

His kids will hate him if they live through this. If they live, they'll likely grow up to lead us out of the Dark Ages.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

I wish ALL the damn fool libs, would move in to neighborhoods like these. A few months and the scales would tip in the other direction.

I had to laugh when the N word was used, he wanted to hit the breaks. The nig-nogs throw that word around as much as the old favorite. KNOW WHAT IM SAYING.

His kids will be the ones that catch the most hell.


TheyMightBeVibrants said...

This man's genetic legacy will be erased from the earth like a puddle after a rare desert rain. 50,000 years of hard won evolutionary advantages will be wasted.

His daughters will either be raped and impregnated by orcs or they will gravitate to the alpha orcs in their environment.

The sick thing is that the guy will revel in having nappy headed, caramel grandchildren. Shame for the daughters though. Had they not been raised by a beta cuckold fetishist they might have made good wives and increased our force strength

Anonymous said...

He's not as brave or stupid as he appears. A little digging around the internet (property records, streetview map, King's twitter account) shows the area to be one coming back from the brink. He didn't put his older daughters in high school until most hood rats had dropped out. I'm sure there's still plenty of chaos but their individual classes might be ok. The school's website shows a fairly white orchestra. Their youngest is going to a charter school which tells you everything you need to know about the danger and chaos of the public middle school. He glosses over the constant robbery problems and tries to say gunfire is sometimes firecrackers which is b.s.

I see his type on a Facebook page for my old neighborhood. They are a combination of ideology and greed. Most bought in cheap and want to lure others in to raise their values. My old neighborhood went so far as to ban talk of crime on Facebook and split that off to a members-only page.

I wonder whether he'll keep his daughters safe enough to stay in their multi-culti religion or if he'll unintentionally raise three race-real girls. I hope for the later.

Anonymous said...

The 'I told you so's are going to have horrific consequences here.Please follow up on that, PK. BUMMER WAY to start a day...
Oh so effin Fatigued NY

behind blue eyes said...

This DWL put his family at risk for the liberal equivalent of "looksatmuh."
Quite sad. To bolster your career by intentionally putting your family in harm's way.
He may be a good bleeding heart but he truly fails as a husband and father.
No pity.

Anonymous said...


Ex-copper said, "Lastly, stop wishing harm on the daughters. Kids are generally true victims as they have little or no control in terms of their caregivers actions."

Respectfully, sir, no one in here is wishing "harm" on the unfortunate children of this braid dead leftist idiot with a death wish. Rather, they are aghast at the cavalier and totally clueless attitude of this "father" regarding just what it is he is knowingly and deliberately exposing them to.

Frankly, if in fact this hopeless ignoramus does go through with this, the odds are as close to 100% as they can get that irreparable harm will come to this family.

I would go so far as to say that this family would be far batter off if this clueless asshole stepped in front of an Amtrak train right this second, either by accident or on purpose.

Anonymous said...

I spent the 90's in the hood in Detroit. Broadstreet and Elmhurst. Never saw a negro lighting of fire works, they cost actual money, you can't buy em with food stamps.
You can be accepted by blacks in your immediate area, they might think of you as economically equal to them if you live in their shitty neighborhood. That's how they felt about me. For a few blocks radius they all knew who I was, outside of that you're just a cracker in the wrong place at the wrong time

Anonymous said...

His daughters could finish as the valedictorians of their classes, but they won't be the ones accepted to Ivy League schools. Though they insist on the equality of the races in public, the top schools have always kept tabs on the demographics of high schools...

Anonymous said...

A real test would be for an unknown family to move in without fanfare. Nothing will happen to this writers family. They will do just fine. A little noisy and dirty, but they will survive. They are protected to an extent. Then that and the white biker shootout will turn race issues back years. And I bet the majority of those asshole bikers believe we are all the same and equal anyway! All the momentum of the past few years will be lost. The way we think race in this country will NOT change. All we can hope for is many riots and chimpouts and they ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

They just ain't been bit................Yet

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for his kids. But when it's over, there will be 2 less self hating whites to contend with. I wish all DWLs would do the same.

Anonymous said...

Spot on! These areas are "owned" block by block by the gangs. Step outta your turf amd you are fair game.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the movie "Born Free" about a White family who move to Africa and live with a pride of lions? That would seem a more rational and safer option than to live amongst the Groidus Americanus and its filthy savage ways. His daughters are toast; Barquavious gonna turn them out pronto. Sharkeisha will rip their faces with her nails.

So, so , sorry they're going to go through the experience.

ps. Since Baltimore is both the home of our national anthem, and the home of some of the worst negro dysfunction in the world, how about someone here rewrite the lyrics to honor the new type of city Baltimore has become?

"The Tar Mangled Banner"?

Ideas, folks...?

Anonymous said...

Someone buy or rent a house across the street. Set up 24/7 webcams trained on his property with infrared night vision. Let's all watch in real time as he comes under groid assault. "Big Brutha".

Good idea. Because when this guy goes down, it needs to be on video and the video goes viral. Too bad he has to drag his family down with him.

Pat Boyle said...

This sort of thing is not new or unique. It seems to be a persistent phenomenon in human history.

In 1212 Europe produced the 'Children's Crusade'. As many a 30,000 mostly children tried to convert the Muslims. Like the folks in Ferguson they had faith in a mass march. They tried to walk to Jerusalem.

If you don't know how it ended - look it up. I don't want to deprive you of the lesson.

This guy isn't just a liberal he's decided to be a martyr. He probably will welcome death and the destruction of his family - it will expiate him of his terrible feelings of guilt.

For many centuries the Church had to contend with the problem of voluntary martyrs. The 'Murder in the Cathedral' incident with Beckett and Henry the Second is a discussion of the question - Are you a real martyr if choose seek out martyrdom?

In the fourteenth century some of the faithful in an attempt to stop the 'Black Death' tortured themselves. They were known as the 'Flagellants'. This family seems to be doing much the same in their attempt at opposing another kind of Black Death.


Californian said...

Ex-Copper said...This dumbass said most of what sounded like gunshots was just firecrackers.

Standard DWL ideology at work. When faced with a reality that conflicts with their delusions, they reinterpret the reality to conform to the delusion. There's also an element of Stockholm Syndrome here. Faced with a threat, the threat is downgraded from gunfire to firecrackers. It's not crime! No! It's your new neighbors celebrating diversity in the 'hood!

Consider this statement:

The nights are punctuated by noises that are very often nothing more than fireworks, but that more discerning neighbors say also sometimes include gunfire.

Then add to it:

The nights are punctuated by noises that are very often nothing more than teens conducting an impromptu marathon, but that more discerning neighbors say also sometimes include flash mobs beating people into the pavement.

The nights are punctuated by noises that are very often nothing more than someone trying to open a locked door after having forgotten their key, but that more discerning neighbors say also sometimes include home invasions.

The nights are punctuated by noises that are very often nothing more than protesters demonstrating against police brutality, but that more discerning neighbors say also sometimes include city blocks being burned to the ground.

And take it to South Africa: the nights are punctuated by noises that are very often nothing more than farm workers asking for better conditions, but that more discerning neighbors say also sometimes include white people being tortured and murdered.

Liberalism at work, folks...

Californian said...


From the article... Others have told us not to leave our cute dog in the backyard — that he, too, might disappear.

Uh, your dog might disappear? And that does not give you cause to get concerned? Or question the values of your marvelous new neighborhood? Or perhaps get armed and prepare to defend your homestead?

More common to our street are burglaries. We had one last summer that cleaned out our garage.
Neighbors said it was our initiation because it happens to nearly everyone.

Again, liberal ideology at work. A burglary is not a crime, it's an initiation. Wow! Now he and his family are a member of the club. I am sure this will look good on the resume.

And they've learned to identify the smell of marijuana smoke, which rolls out of certain bathrooms like a fog.

And does anyone here ask: "Well ghee whiz golly, maybe the reason that blacks do so poorly in school is that they are getting stoned instead of studying?

And they've heard the F-bomb aplenty. Heard the N-word in casual conversation. And they've learned to deal with it.

Really? Have his daughters really learned to deal with profanity? And this has not coarsened them? Or caused them to ask about double standards, because any white person who used the same language would have the media down on them in a NY Minute.

In my case, one of their black friends used the N-word in casual conversation, while I was giving him a ride. I nearly slammed on the brakes and called a timeout.

Burglary bothers him not. Gunfire in the night bothers him not. The potential loss of his dog bothers him not. But a racial epithet?! Oh my! Slam the brakes! Call the press! Crisis alert!

Over the past nine years at The Indianapolis Star, I’ve written plenty about challenges facing the city – poverty, homelessness, failing schools and, yes, crime.

The challenges facing Indianapolis stem from one thing: a large, dysfunctional black demographic. It is this demographic (with their low median IQ, lack of impulse control, dismal future time orientation, propensity for violence and illegitimacy, and the blind following of race hustlers) which cause poverty, homelessness, failing schools and, yes, crime.

From that perspective, an abandoned house becomes a place where a new family can live and, because of the fantastic architecture around here, it might just become a beautiful home.

Of course, he does not ask, who created that fantastic architecture? Why was the house abandoned, and why did the street fall into ruin? Could it have to do with the changing racial composition of the neighborhood?

People scarred by the harshest blows during a neighborhood's decline may be willing to work the hardest at bringing it back. Maybe I am naive or just plain stupid about such things.

Not "naive or stupid" but "naive and stupid." Of course, the combination of naivety and stupidity is a major component of liberal ideology.

Anonymous said...


A groid delivers a death threat to hipster whites in NYC.


--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

At least Mr. King walks it like he talks it. I live in a white area among white super-liberals who espouse the typical virtues of vibrancy and diversity, and who have fully embraced the narrative of pervasive racism as the reason for incurable black dysfunction. None of these people know any blacks, work or socialize with blacks, or have any contact with blacks, and they'd rather have their eyes gouged out than leave their completely white, affluent cocoons. You know the type. Hypocritical hard-core progressive stealth racists.

That's not to say that Mr. King isn't an idiot. To move your wife and two daughters into a dangerous Negro neighborhood just to prove some kind of point is insanity. Just because his family wasn't harmed doesn't mean it wasnt completely irrational and ill advised.

I'd love to know how living in a Negro area caused him to think more deeply about where food comes from. I lived, briefly, due to transient poor economic circumstances, in a poor Negro area of Birmingham and I could have saved Mr. King some trouble and let him know that in black areas, Big Macs come from McDonald's and purpa drank comes from the store.

I reserve my rage, disgust and contempt for the Biehls. Fuck Amy Biehl, fuck the Truth Commission, fuck the murderers, fuck Africa, but mainly fuck Amy Biehl's mother and her goddamned "blonde bob". What a sickening person. She sacrificed her daughter, literally, on the twin altars of White Guilt and Negro Worship. Mrs Biehl, shame on you. You are grotesque. A soulless, empty-headed traitor to your own family. Kill yourself. Not kidding. Kill yourself. Not a figure of speech. Kill yourself. Not a rhetorical device. Kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lots of mixed emotions as I read the article and comments.

First, my suspicious side kicked in. Since this appeared to be a "real time" experiment in applied Liberalism, I wondered if the deck was stacked-was the whole family really living full-time in that house; did his newspaper have security hired for him, etc. I don't expect the Left to hold open and honest field trials, do you? But maybe the story is true, and maybe they are taking at least some risk.

Second, I think we should remember how many times on the comments board we've said "let the Libs themselves go live in the die-versity." You have to give this guy credit for actually doing that; BUT I think what bothers us all is his dragging the wife and three young girls in to his experiment. If he was living there alone, I think I'd almost respect the guy.

Third, is King a Saturday Person? Not an irrelevant point, as they have long championed the black man - and I'll leave this topic at that.

Lastly, remember the old saying "holier than thou"? We used to use it on people who marched their religiosity around to impress others. This is a classic case of Liberal world view as Religion; and this guy is way "holier than thou", almost savoring the loss of his property in a theft because now he really feels like he's suffering some for his beliefs. He should know that losing all the stuff in his garage might be fun and "real", but how is it going to feel when one of his daughters gets hurt?

Anonymous said...

Look at sub-Saharan Africa and try to find signs of black civilization. Where is the Great Wall of Uganda? Where is the Machu Piccu of Kenya? Where is the Acropolis of Rwanda? Where is the Stonehenge of the Sudan?

Every now and then an archeological dig discovers stone buildings or monoliths that are thousands of years old in Europe or the Middle East. So you figure that our European ancestors were building things way back then which blacks in Africa today can not replicate. Heck, they seem unable to replicate such structures in American cities with all the benefits of modern technology.

Says something, does it not?

Ex-Copper said...

I've been reading and posting here since just after Darin Wilson's grand jury declined his indictment. I do understand the difference between posters lamenting the dangers these girls face due to their fathers misguided actions and those desiring peril as punishment.

Go back and read the posts again. There are those who predict the likely outcome for these girls and those who use the words *wish and *deserve. It is the wish and deserve crowd my point was directed towards.

I spent a considerable part of my former career following the drug and violence trail into the same area this dipshit moved his family into. As a supposed crime beat reporter, he should know better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"I really hope that candidates like him who don't stand a chance of getting elected get these issues out in the open so the real candidates are forced to address them."

With Bush the Tres, Bogolyubski's "Pink Palmetto Princess," and "Give 'em hell Rand," there is no doubt in my mind that the "real" candidates will address the "issues." All we need now is Mittens the Mormon to throw his hat into the ring. Third time's the charm, you know.

The more likely outcome is the viable candidates in this Mostest Impotent Erection Evaaahh will distance themselves from all forms of honest dialogue in favor of the Newspeak of Realpolitik. Meanwhile the middle class shrinks, the third world invades, and more and more cities become no-go zones.

Bush. Clinton. Bush. groid.
Bush? Clinton?
Trick question. It doesn't matter.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...


Good comments.

remember 'Ideology trumps reality'.

Thats 21st century liberalism.

A good book on this is 'Visions of the Anointed'.
One sorry tale in it is of the coed killed by the jailbird. bird was freed to take classes.
Libs 'program is a success'.

guess White lives dont matter.

The book is by Sowell. a 'high yellow' who thinks more clearly than most whites.

Anonymous said...

Some funny comments here, but honestly, have some respect for this guy. He's putting his money where his mouth is - which is more than 99% of liberals ever do - and removing his own manifestation of cancerous ideology from Whitopia at the same time. While his family may suffer for it, we all live by the choices we make. He's certainly made his.

Anonymous said...

This should be felony child endangerment.

Those kids should be taken away and placed in foster homes.

There is something very wrong with journalists today. It really seems like they are losing it. Instead of facing reality they seem to be doubling down on delusion.

Anonymous said...

Some funny comments here, but honestly, have some respect for this guy. He's putting his money where his mouth is - which is more than 99% of liberals ever do

I won't give any respect to a father that risks his daughters getting HIV via gang rape.

Ricky in Cali said...

Great post. Although it's sad to hear of all the murders, you explained them in detail. If we gave you enough time you probably could have listed examples for days

It's sad but these things really happen and people will never learn

Anonymous said...

Someone just called out King on the comment section of the latest article for putting his family in danger. His response: "Like the white biker gang in Waco?" This guy is really a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

- Howard W. Campbell -

This well meaning but deluded reporter is going to find out the hard way. If there is a Ferguson style chimp out this summer in Indianapolis, he may well be dead meat. Why on God's green earth you would willingly put your family in danger is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

As a guy in his mid 60s, I'm looking at this from the perspective of the wife's father, the grandfather of those 3 girls.
What would I do?

Truth Corps said...

Let Robert King & his liberal family fight for America. Men like me are done.

America is dead. Let's celebrate this and work on a new Nation ok?

Anonymous said...

That's really nice, but unfortunately you still think they CAN accept responsibility. They can't. You have hope. Hope ran away on us long ago. Now we need some sack to move it along.

Realist in MA

bernicegreenbaum said...

In very ancient societies, I think maybe the Incas or perhaps the Aztecs, it was common practice to sacrifice a virgin to the gods upon an altar. It's comforting to know that some traditions are still being carried out, but with this moron offering up not one, not two, but three virginal daughters for the "They're just like us!" ritual. My fondest hope is that LaJayveeyus and DeLeterious manage to simultaneously "service" this self-important a**hole after they're done with the daughters and his wife.

I've known and worked with these smug idiots and even after getting anally ravaged by these negroes, they'll still throw themselves and their kin onto the funeral pyre, screaming, "Death to Jim Crow!" Heroic isn't exactly the word. I predict we'll be reading more about the Kings....in the Indy obituaries.

OT....another adventure in Nig Nogville. This morning my husband and I were walking back from the grocery store when a schizophrenic, older negress started to talk at us. We avoided her, of course and tried to quicken our pace. Concealed carry will not come soon enough for me, but I don't have my permit for that yet.

N.Ga said...

"A time out for the N word, had to have a big discussion about it later." There's no doubt, it takes all kinds of people in this world. This bunch seems to be kin to the yoga gal in Ferguson.

What's scary is, they wear this choice of theirs like a badge of honor. some symbol of triumph.
They haven't accomplished anything. They have simply lowered themselves to 3rd world mean, brag about lower standards & feel their survival deems notoriety or some type of praise.

I have to side with the negroes on this one.........fucking white people!

PNW Realist said...


The left is trying to use Waco to excuse negro criminality but it's not working. There's no one trying to pretend what happened in Waco was anything more than the action of a bunch of criminals, versus how they're trying to portray the thugs in Bantumore and Fergaza as freedom fighters.

The bikers didn't rob, loot and harm innocent by-standers like the NAPAs did in Bantumore and Fergaza.

The bikers won't expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab for their criminal behavior. The NAPAs in Bantumore and Ferguson will demand that the American public foot the bill for their destroying their own neighborhoods.

The White House won't be sending personal representative's to any biker's funeral, as they did to Michael Brown's.

White people around the country won't be flopping on the ground, wailing and making excuses for any biker's criminal behavior, as negros everywhere did for Trayvon Martin's, Michael Brown's and Freddy Gray's.

The difference in how whites react to the criminality of the Waco bikers versus how negroes react to the thugs of Ferguson and Baltimore is the difference of how people with normal levels of intelligence react versus how people who are semi-retarded react.

Anonymous said...

The idiot this article highlights should have researched South Africa as a prime example WHY this is a bad move! 10 MM so eloquently put what is coming. Technology unfortunately placed races only a plane or boat trip away. When I get to heaven I am going to ask GOD, " why did you allow us methods to contribute to our demise?" GOD will respond in typical fashion, " man has free will." Then I will tell him free will to destroy each other. Not very nice GOD.

Californian said...

Pat Boyle said...This sort of thing is not new or unique. It seems to be a persistent phenomenon in human history.

In 1212 Europe produced the 'Children's Crusade'. As many a 30,000 mostly children tried to convert the Muslims. Like the folks in Ferguson they had faith in a mass march. They tried to walk to Jerusalem.

If you don't know how it ended - look it up. I don't want to deprive you of the lesson.

There's always been this quasi-religious element to DWLs. The religious-like faith in equality, the orgies of self-flagellation, the crackdown on unbelievers ("racists"), the sacrifice of their own children (Amy Biehl, the King family in the 'hood). But unlike religion, liberalism offers on real redemption, not in this world or another. Whatever this King fellow does, BRA will continue to grind down Indianapolis.

And yes, the Children's Crusade was a fiasco, just as the destruction of entire cities (like Detroit) owing to BRA is also one.

Californian said...

Someone just called out King on the comment section of the latest article for putting his family in danger. His response: "Like the white biker gang in Waco?" This guy is really a piece of work.

From published reports, the Waco bikers were not taking down innocent civilians, nor stealing anyone's dog.

In any event, what is King saying? That living in the 'hood is akin to hanging out at biker bars? Would you bring your wife and children to a biker bar?

Maybe that can be his next newspaper assignment.

Anonymous said...

Some funny comments here, but honestly, have some respect for this guy. He's putting his money where his mouth is - which is more than 99% of liberals ever do

Putting his money where his mouth is?

I sense a liberal college education in the above comment; the liberal White guy putting his daughters in danger of rape and murder is "putting his money where his mouth is".

Yeah, he's "all good" and race realists are "all bad".

Gotta respect some anonymous liberal who admires someone making bad decisions - as long as the decision favors negroes.


Anonymous said...

If King wants to do some moral preening by living in a mostly black area and writing about it in the hopes of becoming a Big Name in White Liberal Elite Circles, fine. Just leave your family out of it. Live in your neighborhood, conduct your sociology experiment, and visit your family living safely in the suburbs on the weekends.

I think things are going to go bad this summer for him when the inevitable "protests" start in his neck of the woods and he decides that his family should try and join in, thinking that they have become integral members of the community.

Anonymous said...

This guy is an embarrassment. Now after a few years of letting his daughters live in a cage near the $hit, he's flushing them down the toilet with it.

Notice he said "one of his daughter's male friends."??? I can only imagine how much they love this family around his parts.

So the neighbors haven't killed you and your family yet? How about you tell us about all the crap that's been borrowed and never returned? How about you tell us about the neighbors you don't trust? How about you tell us about all the terrible things that happened in front of your eyes?

Your DWL friends don't respect you. Your old neighbors don't miss you. Notice how he said "sometimes I take care of my lawn?" He's a loser...


I'm sure he introduced his whole family to the police and made a huge scene out of moving in... I'm sure he doesn't have piece of mind and a real freedom of movement around his neighborhood.

OT: When I hear crap like Northwest Front, I want to barf.

Bury our heads in the sand and run to a little corner of our beautiful country??? Our ancestors fought hard and worked hard for this place.

Time to take it back...

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

A Father has 3 major responsibilities.

1. Protect your famly.

2. Provide the highest quality of life for your family, including putting them before yourself in all matters.

3. Provide a living example of what a Good human being is. Demonstrate by living it daily.

This fucking retard FAILS at all three. He's literally placing the lives of his family at risk to prove his delusional world view is valid, and so he can hang on his own personal crucifix to show everyone how wonderfuly "tolerant" he is while suffering in a ghetto.

It really amounts to child abuse and mental illness.

Anonymous said...

He's not brave for bringing a group of defenseless White women into a heavily Black neighborhood.

No bravery. No courage. Not putting his money where his mouth is.

Just stupid, reckless and dangerous.

What happens if there is a home invasion by Negroes and unspeakable things happen to his wife and daughters?

Is that the fault of White Racism? Was it colonialism, the Crusades? Maybe a family member committed a micro-aggression without knowing it?

Let the Blacks and DWLs live together and interact. Either gradually or very suddenly, they will learn the error of their ways.

I'm much happier when I don't see Blacks, don't know Blacks and have zero interactions with them. If people want to sacrifice their children to a false idea of equality or community, let them have it.

Lots of DWL's "put their money where their mouth is" and lots of Whites cheer that decision. However, the intrepid Whites venturing into the Black forest think they are going to see the Cosby family, or Urkel, or Wayne Brady. Soon enough, they'll come to know Shitavious, Trayvon and Shaneequa. They'll learn.

I've stayed overnight in Black areas. It's no place to raise young daughters. I'd consider what he is doing to be child abuse.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Like any religion, it requires noble acts of faith and devotion to curry favor with the gods, the white guilt religion is no different.

With cults, mere acts of faith are not enough from a disciple, there may even be actual sacrifices, offerings, sufferings, and torments required to please the gods. The white guilt cult is no different.

So you have this guy, a literal pilgrim - one who undertakes a journey to a place for religious purposes, and his burnt offering to the idol he worships is the actual lives of his wife and children.

Now that is faith!!!!

Even Yahweh stopped Abraham at the last minute from doing something so crazy. DWL, the worst of them at least, desire martyrdom with an intensity usually only seen by muslim jihadis. In their mind this is how you achieve sainthood, even if, or especially if, you die in the process.

We are so f*cked when this is the state of the white male in the modern world. Your job is to protect and provide safety and comfort to your family jackass! You are literally doing it completely wrong by intentionally subjecting them to danger! Even blacks move out of there when they can afford it. And you want to move there, voluntarily?

Anonymous said...

The admiration for the White guy in N-ville is not surprising.

Younger people are taught to believe there is moral equivalence in all things.

Muslims have murdered, enslaved and oppressed millions of people for centuries...but oh yeah, the Crusades...

Black gangbangers have killed thousands more Blacks than the KKK ever dreamed of doing, but...well, the Klan represents all Southerners in America, so they are all guilty of much worse...

9/11? America deserved it. America has done far worse.

There is a liberal educational mindset that locks in this idea that if something is bad, something about America or Western values is worse - and led to the oppressed to take revenge.

It's like the parents who punish their kids because they got beat up at school. They say "You must have done something to make them angry!"

It's automatically assumed that something good and right is automatically dark and evil because it cannot be accepted that there are failed people, failed societies and failed cultures.

White America must be bad, or life isn't worth living.

When you hear this BS, you know you've found liberals who get all their opinions and values from television.

Anonymous said...


A garage break-in and theft is a burglary, not a robbery.

Robbery is taking or trying to take something from a PERSON by force, intimidation, threat.

Burglary is the unlawful entry into a PLACE to steal something. (If it's from a car it's larceny, or in some jurisdictions, theft. Same with shoplifting.)

While we're at it... jail and prison aren't interchangeable terms either. (Look 'em up!)

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

"We are so f*cked when this is the state of the white male in the modern world. Your job is to protect and provide safety and comfort to your family jackass! You are literally doing it completely wrong by intentionally subjecting them to danger!"

Very thought-provoking article and comments today. I feel somewhat ambivalent about this topic; look at what Gwoobus said about safety and comfort...I agree, but...

Think about the pioneers who moved us Westward. They took their families into hostile territory to homestead and farm. Indian attacks were a well-known hazard. But the Indians weren't going to keep the brave, adventurous White man sitting on the East Coast through the 18th and 19th centuries...

Yet, the adventuring White pioneer had some odds to face...obviously not overwhelming odds, as the entire continent came under his command.

What would be the difference between a group of Whites "homesteading" and pioneering a predominantly black area?

I can think of a few...for one, in previous centuries the Law, in the event there was law to be administered by the military nearest your area, was going to be on the side of the White homesteader. In BRA, we can't count on that.

The Indians were merely dangerous; the blacks truly destroy everything they touch; that's another big difference.

The pioneers were armed; I wonder if King and fellow Liberal idealists are? A good homesteader needs his trusty musket, gnome sane?

As much as I'd like to say we can re-take these areas, the risk may simply not be worth it. And we aren't getting pristine land, but bombed out war zones in many cases.

Still, if it weren't for BRA, and all it's punitive tools, a warrior band of "gentrifiers" might be a good idea in some places. Like those cute little houses in Indy. But I think we would need warriors, not delusional "hug monsters".

Anonymous said...

The castrated male gooftard "journalist even looks like a submissive little weasel. He equals the Waco biker shootout with negro shennaigans. Look at it this way: Nonwhites around the country commit the equivalent body count of 20 "Waco shootouts" a week, every week, or 10 Columbines a week.

And of course my reaction to these bikers is lock em up, or those 2 Columbine shooter assholes if they had lived--hang em high! Try getting groids to condemn the Carr brothers in Wichita-Ha! They are heroes to those amoral scum.

The poster who used the 3 magic words "holier than thou" hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I read libtard comments online slandering whites-I think "Wow, this is a mouthy groid" then I realize the writer is white, although they don't come out and admit it. I think that those clowns like that think they are some "superwhite", evolved and in tune with negroes and oh, so anxious to not be considered "white" by their beloved groids. I bet they secretly consider themselves above groids because well, they are, being whites and no matter how screwed up, more civilized than 99% of their dusky pets. But if negroes will only listen to them the superwhite will mold them.

They fantasize about taking the groid and making them their pet a la The Blind Side-a good name for how libtards are

Anonymous said...

He's either got some neighbors that for now, stick their neck out and vouch for them to the hood, or he's flat out paying protection.
The only hood rats that will vouch for, want something from you.
"Naw man, leave dem alone, I'm tryin to bang dey daughters"
If or when they find out whatever it is they want, they ain't gettin or you just diss them. All bets are off.
It's sad that anyone would put their family in that kind of danger.

Anonymous said...

What is this ignorant ass trying to accomplish? Prove he can survive in a niggerhood?

Does he want other whites to move in and gentrify the shithole? That will raise prices for the natives. What a racist asshole!

bernicegreenbaum said...

Before any more of you spout off about the "white biker gang", please be advised that the liberal media is painting them with the same brush as the "white Zimmerman". Zimmerman, as us realist know, was half Hispanic and half Jew. The "white biker gang" includes some whites, some Mexicans, and some blacks. The leader of one of the gangs is a negro and has been arrested. Look it up if you don't believe me, but PLEASE don't go to "Salon". Ya hafta go to England to find out what's goin' on in Merka!


What really puts me off on this whole Indy story is that the neighborhood this lib is in is actually being gentrified. I pulled it up on a real estate web site. Sure enough, beautiful, turn-of-the-century Victorian homes, some of which are rehabbed back into their original splendor. So you have to take what he is writing about with a huge grain of salt. Do I still think he's delusional as well as a bit of a whacko? Oh, yeah. And I'm not dismissing the fact that he is either a Saturday People or was put up to this whole thing by Saturday People. Again, I caution you all to look behind the curtain because there's much more to this story than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions". An old saying that rings true in this case.

This man believes himself to be good and wants to prove to the world he is good.
He's placed his family on life's roulette wheel betting them all on black.
Like an addicted gambler he can't stop himself.
He'll continue to gamble believing he's a victorious winner despite consistently diminishing returns and all evidence to the contrary. Hundreds of years of hard evidence to the contrary.

Pray for his children, they do not come first to this man, he does.


Az Visigoth said...

Anonymous @ 2:32 am:

Best comment ever. Really. The absolute truth and I love how you expressed it.

Anonymous said...

Newsmax has mug shots of almost all the arrested bikers. A lot of brown in there, judging by the thumbnail of all the shots.

Anonymous said...

Someone just called out King on the comment section of the latest article for putting his family in danger. His response: "Like the white biker gang in Waco?" This guy is really a piece of work.

The "white biker gang" in Waco is not entirely white. Some of the ones arrested in Waco are Hispanic. Two of the nine that were killed were Hispanic. Also, none of the innocent folks at this restaurant in Waco were targeted by any of these bikers like the baseball fans in Baltimore were last month by the so-called "peaceful protesters" who were throwing anything they could at them from the street in front of those sports bars.

It is also now starting to look like all of the bikers who were killed in Waco were fired on with automatic weapons by the SWAT team that was already waiting outside in the parking lot when the bikers showed up at the restaurant.


The whole underlying message to take away from what happened recently in Waco, contrasted with what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson, is that huge mobs of blacks have the "right" to chimp out now while the police will just stand by and watch, not arrest them, etc., but if you are a white or Hispanic guy involved with the biker scene, you can expect to be dealt with by means of brutal and lethal force and the full weight of the law.

HaroldC said...

There is someone I know. He isn't a friend. I simply know him. He isn't a liberal liberal. He's a Republican. But he is a believer in racial equality. Which makes him a liberal in my book but then I hold to more traditional standards of conservative political principles. Turns out that is how he raised his family and his daughter ending up having at least two illegitimate mulatto children as a teenager. Her life is ruined because he taught her a lie. Of course he doesn't advocated pre-marital sex or having children out of wedlock but the thing he could never wrap his twisted mind around is that you cannot teach racial equality without also teaching that normative behavior for blacks is no worse than normative behavior for whites. He effectively taught his daughter that illegitimacy since is is by far the majority practice in the black communities is also acceptable for whites. The person described in this article is doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Intelligence and Technology Do Not Insure Victory If You Do Not Have the Will and Intestinal Fortitude To Kill Your Deadly Enemies Before They Kill You said:

Apropos the transparent Death Wish of so many truly brain-damaged, useful idiots in America now, the following excerpt from Age of Treason Radio (May, 2014) strikeS me as highly relevant in the present instance of this truly mentally-deranged dicwad deliberately putting his wife and children in harm's way.

Note: This URL is a pro-White perspective on jewish influence in America and their ingrained tendency toward treason. The difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews is quite literally the difference between good and evil. It is entitled "Liberalism as a Death Wish."

For those of you who want the source, here it is. It's a good read.



You have often told me that Protestant liberals are worse than Jewish liberals, and I never quite understood what you meant by this. But now I think maybe I see it.

What distinguishes Jewish liberalism from Protestant liberalism is the following.

Jewish liberals see white Christians as guilty. The Jews feel ok about themselves, they think the white gentile majority is the problem.

By contrast, white Protestant liberals feel guilty about themselves. This leaves them without a confident group selfhood. They believe only in equality, only in their own guilt for somehow standing in the way of equality. It is this lack of collective and even individual selfhood, this inner nothingness, this willingness to be destroyed, that makes the white Protestants the true liberals. The Jews, whose collective and individual psyche is not guilty under liberalism (since in the liberal world view Jews are victims and the champions of victims), have psychological power and self-confidence and thus are not true liberals.

A true liberal is a person who is willing to accept his group’s extinction. Protestants are willing to accept their group’s extinction. Jews are not.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

"Instead, I opted to let the moment pass."

what a fucking pussy

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

A few points need to be made on the biker shootout.

1. 9 people were killed, 18 wounded. That is a lot of casualties.

2. Zero bystanders were harmed.

3. Although the police were shot at, zero police were harmed.

4. The fight started inside the restaurant, but spilled outside. Weapons were drawn AFTER the fight had been taken outside. The police tried to intervene, that's when they were shot at, but again no police were harmed.

This is what I conclude. with 9 people killed, there these weren't thugs shooting randomly into crowds of people. They probably kept both hands on their pistols, they were aiming to kill. No innocent people were harmed, not property was burned. These two gangs were gunning for each other, they weren't rioting and destroying indiscriminately. White people are even more efficient at gang violence.

Anonymous said...

"They have friends who are black, white, Hispanic and Indian. It's enough to make you hopeful about the future."
How far into the future will this crap go? They've been buying the world a Coke for 40 years already.

Anonymous said...

My dog can't be stolen (go ahead and try), therefore, my property can't be stolen. You don't put a Pomeranian in charge of your shit.

Anonymous said...

"Newsmax has mug shots of almost all the arrested bikers. A lot of brown in there, judging by the thumbnail of all the shots."

Yep, UK Daily shows whites, Mexi's and blacks. I guess bikers aren't "rayciss". Of course, it's being sold as an all-white event.

Anonymous said...

As another person mentioned - the neighborhood is being reclaimed/gentrified. See this website for typical St. Clair Place Neighborhood houses - quite nice and well-kept:


Also, neighborhood appears to be majority White (over 50%). Some other telling statistics about the zip code:

Median value of White-owned (Non-Hispanic) house: $311,870
Median gross rent in 2011: $766
About 25% of renters pay $1,000 or more in rent per month.

It appears that most Blacks living in the zip code are renters, and most White people are home owners. Thus there is still a micro-segregation factor inside this zip code based on housing type. Namely: home owners (i.e. Whites) clustered in the high-density houses sub-neighborhood and renters (i.e. Blacks) clustered in high-density apartment neighborhoods.

My conclusion: the guy is overplaying the "integration walk-the-walk" card as a fig leaf for a capital gains speculation play for the house he bought. Of course, his daughters are the ones who are actually walking-the-walk, but I guess he figures he might be able to realize a $150K cap gains on his house when he sells it in 2 to 6 years. I guess it's a calculated risk he's willing for his daughters to take for his financial gain ("Ol' Blood and Guts" - his guts but someone else's blood).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for informative posting PK, there are a lot of new names on here, more & more will follow.

Here's a great article on failing public school in STL, reading it was so simple, you know what the next paragraph is going to say, just give us more money, that'll fix it!!! Haaaa ha ha haas ha HaHaHa.......enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Ok, reading through this post was very depressing, to say the least, because it tends to highlight a person who simply just doesn't get it and no amount of strong doses of reality would do him or his family any good whatsoever.

Question for any out here: I didn't actually understand what his…rationale for moving to the city was. What exactly is it? We know that its most likely a strong form of white guilt (for directly what I have no idea. He wasn't a slave owner, he wasn't directly involved with Jim Crow, because he's far too young for that).

I honestly can't find let along understand what his reason(s) is/are for having moved his family into the city.

Unless subconsciously he believes that by contributing to the urban renewal, usually a code word for gentrification, and that one day the area he's residing will become majority white. But he doesn't appear to be that cynical. He appears to be a naive true believer kumbayah-er of the worst kind.

So if anyone could help out, WHY exactly (his officially state reason(s)) did he move back into the city?

Although one should note that one of his daughters is attending a charter school, and some of those can be quite good from an academic perspective.

But honestly, I have no idea what his actual reason for moving into the city is/are.

Doesn't add up, doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of TWMNBN, so perhaps I can help with clarity. We believe a Christian nation put us in death camps. Ergo, Christian Americans can play the old "Jews killed Jesus" card at any time and the camps will open again with Walmart volume and efficiency.

Of course, the US is not homogeneous like Germany and there is no inborn long-term history of scapegoating Jews as has always existed in Europe and the Middle East.

We aren't afraid of US Christians, but our older folk are still very afraid. They will live with radical Muslims before Christians. They still cling to irrational fears. America is different. It isn't a Jew-hating nationalist country.

But....we do tend to find common cause with "The Other" because we've always been separate, and part of the minority groups. So, instead of taking advantage of the overwhelming good will toward us from evangelicals and other Christians, the stupid among us still turn into hardcore leftists and socialists thinking that political bent will save us in the end.

Think DWL thinking is messed up? Try growing up Jewish and not believing 99% of what your parents teach you because you instinctively hate Blacks and want nothing to do with socialism.

About half of us think exactly the same as ordinary Christian Americans. It's just depressing that so many of us are in the front lines helping the enemy.

Anonymous said...

My mother never wanted to move from our integrated neighborhood. As it evolved into a mostly black neighborhood I started to resent her. To this day I harbor deep feelings of anger for making the family live in such an area. Sorry mom, but you were so very wrong. So are mr. and mrs. King.

Anonymous said...

This white biker shootout really hits a nerve here. White people making excuses for white people is what black people do for black people. We ARE all the same.

PB said...

The guy has an agenda so his writing won't be fully informative of his and his family's experiences. I bet there's a lot that isn't being told here.

PB said...

"This white biker shootout really hits a nerve here. White people making excuses for white people is what black people do for black people. We ARE all the same."

There's a difference between an aberration and everyday behaviour.

Anonymous said...

A HUGE effort has to be made to un-brainwash our women and show them how letting a groid bang them is a disaster for everyone. Whites, especially, have fallen for the guilt trip and actually believe they owe it to negroes to mate with them.

Total and utter disaster.

End this now!

PB said...

"Think DWL thinking is messed up? Try growing up Jewish and not believing 99% of what your parents teach you because you instinctively hate Blacks and want nothing to do with socialism."

You are between a Dome of the Rock and a hard place aren't you.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found this retard's work email and forwarded him this thread?!

Hope so!

Anonymous said...

Next big story on the news...... The FAA has blatantly been favoring "diversity hires" over extremely qualified CTI grads. It's so bad they made up a new test and disposed of the "AT Sat" because most minorities just couldn't pass it.

Passenger safety be damned ... We are gonna have diversity in Air traffic control towers.

Maybe it will be call "Dwight Safety Training"

Sorry . Couldn't resist a bad joke.

This is so blatant that hopefully a lot of people will wake the hell up to what's going on.

Anonymous said...

So, two years have passed since Robert King put his family in jeopardy by locating them in a very hostile environment in which to live. Other than patting himself on the back, what is the payback for the risk? I wonder how many friends the girls have in high school. Do they associate with black kids, or do they navigate to they own kind? The school is 10% white! I would imagine the whites, Hispanics, and blacks mostly mingle with their own kind which is natural. Do the girls hang out late with black males, or do they come home early to avoid the danger of the streets at night. I wonder if Robert’s wife enjoys a walk in the night breeze with her husband around the streets of East Indianapolis, or stays inside with her family in the relative safety of their home. If they don’t walk around the city at night, why is that the case? Are they afraid of walking around because of the Amish letting off firecrackers, or do they stay indoors because of Negroes? Remember Robert rides around in his car, but does he venture out on foot?

My mom had a friend who lived in East Cleveland in the late 1960s we visited one summer. She lived in a tiny white neighborhood surrounded by Negro neighborhoods. That area was a hellhole to live in. I have lived, worked, and dealt with Negroes all my life…this man is a fool! His daughters are pretty; you know a fuzzy headed groid’s tongue is waging to get some of that at this very moment! I hope this doesn’t happen to the girls, as I believe that are mostly innocent, but I predict they get raped, robbed and killed! There are repercussions to stupidity! Darwinism is at work here weeding out the soft liberals who want to get along and accept Negroes. Those who are left will be the realists. There is only one answer to the Negro, and living among them and paying for their upkeep is anathema to the white race. It could happen just like the story of Chad Hath of a gentrified area of New Orleans in a 1 AM home invasion. Chad was murdered by barbaric blacks.

Blacks are filthy degenerate animals that should be chained and returned from wince they came. Robert King can live among them if he wishes, but I don’t think whites should have to associate with these animals anymore. We own their coon hides NOTHING! I hope he gets the shit beat out of him to wake him up, but I hope he lives to become a race realist. I hope they don’t share the outcome of Chad and his home invasion, but I hope they wake up soon before it is too late for his family who looks a lot like us.

Anonymous said...

King is that rarest of species - a SWL (Sincere White Liberal). He's gone. A true believer. There are numerous posts here implying that he'll 'figure it out.' Nope. His wife and cute daughters could get ass raped by a dozen Bantus right in front of him, while they make him watch and tell him constantly 'It cuz you white,' and all he'd be thinking is that he hopes it doesn't hurt the cause of diversity.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:56

I have never resented Jews (other than the leadership controlling Israel who make lapdogs out of powerful U.S. politicians) and am thankful for your sharing of your views, history, etc.

Some of the most brilliant and creative minds are Jews, and bear in mind, Jews are a minuscule percentage of the world population at around 15,000,000 out of 7,000,000,000. Their culture values education and they are strong traditionalists. Jesus was a Jew (who some claimed was just trying to make a more loving and forgiving Judaism) and is one of the holiest prophets in Islam. Their creative contributions seem to know no bounds.

I assume it is more genetic than cultural (you have to have a Jewish mother to be considered Jewish) that Jews are over-represented in the gay community by 100%. Looked it up why trying to find info on why so many lesbians and man-hating dykes are Jews. Found my answer.

Anyway, your talk of relating to the "other" really gave me valuable insight on liberal Jewish views and values and why they are suicidal and want to take the rest of them on their ride to hell with good intentions.

I hear a lot of people resented and hated Jews because after gaining a foothold, they would only hire other Jews and not offer the same service or treatment to people outside of their closed off community. While I can see hating them for this, it makes a really great strategy, one that I believe East Asians have utilized effectively as well, which is why blackie is never the one serving unhealthy heavily processed "foods" for a profit in the hood.

I would love to say, hey, let's do this guys, but that isn't our problem. Our problem isn't lack of knowledge or evidence, just as problems of being fat aren't from a lack of knowledge about proper exercise. It's the will to act in a concerted effort to lay down the line. It's not being able to trust your neighbor to not throw you to the PC gestapo if you break unwritten rules of BRA. It's knowing that having a successful secret is completely ruined by just one of your members breaking ranks.

It disgusts me more than anything that some of our most admirable traits (kindness, thoughtfulness, guilt, compassion) are used against us as a weapon. That is what makes my blood boil.

While I don't hate all Jews, a lot more of you need to start speaking out honestly and truthfully like anon did so we can see that you are collectively not the enemy. The Trayvon/Ferguson/Baltimore (and all the crap in between) has opened a lot of your eyes as well, and even a kind heart can only take so much abuse. You don't need to lose your gentle traits in order to speak the truth and change things. You have a lot to offer, so please, start speaking your mind.

Anonymous said...

The guy has an agenda so his writing won't be fully informative of his and his family's experiences. I bet there's a lot that isn't being told here.

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:03-

"Tar Mangled Banner"

I love it!

I have been waiting since the 80's for a proper term/parody for what black people collectively do to our country's song every time they sing it.

The notes of the melody that you sing were written that way for a purpose, by someone who composes music. Why do you feel you get to pick and choose and replace notes (which diminish the song) whenever you feel like it when singing a national song? A song about a great country becomes a song of looks at muh. The fact that they can't comprehend how abrasive and downright stupid they come across to the rest of the population is the truly sad part.

Anonymous said...

"Ferguson unveils permanent Michael Brown memorial plaque to be drilled into the road where he was shot dead on the day he would have turned 19"


Anonymous said...

I don't have anything against Jews but the more I study history it's amazing how many times you find them in the middle of major conflicts for one reason or another.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

The biker-story reaction "See they do it too!", is really the other side of the coin that, when flipped, comes up with the never-ending excuse-paradigm which claims all TNB as deriving from some external beyond-our-control! force: no jobs, no education, no fathers, institutionalized racism, white privilege, feeling "unwelcome" in higher cultural institutions, and on and on and on.. Not our fault: external forces beyond our control, etc. Jumping up and boasting "See they do it too!".. is code for *See we don't have to change our behavior! We're alright after all!" Just like we gave up trying to get the negro to speak intelligible English and just decided instead to throw up our collective hands and declare "Ebonics" a legitimate socially acceptable "dialect*.. Or dumbing-down the academic test, when the youfs en mass cannot pass it. What this is all really revealing is that Negroes *know*.. deep down.. they can't hack it in first world civilization. This is the reason they're so angry and frustrated: they know deep down, their emotional and intellectual hopeless incompetence..

chattanooga gal said...

"It's like the parents who punish their kids because they got beat up at school. They say "You must have done something to make them angry!""
or the wife beater who says " she made me hit her"

awakened white said...

NC guy, yep Savage said it 1st, I reckon libtards are a mental disorder. and amen 1st poster, libs should live with the diversity since they like it so much.

Unknown said...

"The Tar Mangled Banner"?


Already done:


Virginian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This man is a self-centered, self-serving narcissist. His wife and children are simply his possessions. If the wife's parents are alive, they must despise him. I despise him not only for his family's sake, but also for the poor innocent dog. If anyone is harmed, I pray it is him.

All together now, let's sing "Ebony & Ivory" and "Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way"! Then let's read aloud from "I'm OK, You're OK". If only I could kick him in the shins with steel-toed boots.

Anonymous said...

Savage actually asked tonight "who speaks for the white people" ... the whole show was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are versatile — they can be both at the same time!

Condi Spice said...

Re: "Only about 10 percent are white. For the first time in their lives, my girls were the racial minority." Uh, you idiot, that's the same approximate percentage that white people constitute of the world's population. White people are THE racial minority, and that percentage is shrinking fast. Cultural Marxists have brainwashed us into thinking we are the world's biggest, most destructive population group. The opposite is true.
I wonder if anyone ever pointed out to SuperDad that in America, blacks commit aggravated assault on whites 200 times more often than whites commit it on blacks. (Source: U.S. Dept. Of Justice.) I can't believe this guy gave out the full names, ages, and photos of his kids, not to mention photos of their house and the name of their upcoming school. I'm an atheist, but I can only pray nothing happens to these children...

Anonymous said...


"This white biker shootout really hits a nerve here. White people making excuses for white people is what black people do for black people. We ARE all the same."

There's a difference between an aberration and everyday behavior.///

And most Whites recognize anti social behavior for what it is and make NO excuses.
difference between civilized people and primatives.

Anonymous said...

What about democrat negros? They have more kids than the prisons have room for.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing about Grizzly man is that he had something in common with Mr King as he talked his girlfriend into coming up to stay with him. When the bear was eating her boyfriend she hit it in the with a frying pan which wasn't to smart cause got mad and ate her too. When they came up to check on them the bear was still nosing around the camp. When they shot the bear and cut him open along with their remains they found some jewelry she was wearing and his watch, it was still ticking.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

How long before the process of acculturation sets in and the kids start displaying black speech patterns and physical mannerisms? That should take them far in life--thanks dad!

AnalogMan said...

HaroldC said

you cannot teach racial equality without also teaching that normative behavior for blacks is no worse than normative behavior for whites.

Very perspicacious. Equality necessarily entails moral relativity. Thank you. We need to teach this explicitly.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

My dog can't be stolen (go ahead and try), therefore, my property can't be stolen.

Puts me in mind of a story a friend told me when we were young.

His father, a Scot, was having a drink in the pub when one of his mates was bragging about his vicious guard dog. Same story: Nobody can steal my stuff. So he said to another mate, sotto voce, "Watch my beer for me", and quietly left the pub.

A few minutes later he returned with the guard dog on a lead.

I hope your dog is well trained, because even a big scary dog is a sucker for anybody who knows dogs.

Ex-Copper said...

His white guilt did it. He stated covering crime stories and then leaving the ghetto for white suburbia felt wrong to him. I don't think he's truly a crime beat reporter, just someone who wrote articles on how to improve the hood and end the violence.

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

Mrs Biehl, shame on you. You are grotesque. A soulless, empty-headed traitor to your own family. Kill yourself. Not kidding. Kill yourself. Not a figure of speech. Kill yourself. Not a rhetorical device. Kill yourself.

Gee, anon, have you got something on your mind? Spit it out, man!

Don't let her old man off the hook, either. He's just as despicable.

Here's the proud couple posing with "their" memorial.

You said it beautifully. Thank you.

AnalogMan said...

Lots of food for thought in the comments tonight. You people have excelled yourselves.

I highly recommend Truth Corps' link. For those who have Facebook or similar accounts, please spread it around. It's a great primer for potential race realists, and it won't get you (*gasp*) "unfriended". I think...

Anonymous said...

I think that the dad will be the happy recipiant of one or more black son in laws. Highly likely Jamal will be busy running around spending money trying to get his rap career off the ground. Daughter has to drop out of college to go to work to get money for Jamal. Shortly she will have a brillo headed little girl to take care of. Unable to hold a job because Jamal constantly calling or dropping by to check on her (nigs don't trust white girls )so they have to move in with mom and dad. Jamal takes over the basement for him and his crew to use as a sound studio. The obnoxious boom boom of the base noise, loud nigger talk, and blunt smoke permeates the house. I could go on and on because I'm describing the life of a cousin of mine. Let's just say when dad realizes his little girl has ruined her life by dropping out of college. Jamal turns out to be a piece of shit who has another kid across town. Dad grows a set of nuts and throws Jamal out. Then violence breaks out and someone gets shot killed, guess who? Yep Dad.
There are so many possible outcomes to Mr kings experiment and few come to any good.
Mich Mike

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I'm one of TWMNBN, so perhaps I can help with clarity. We believe a Christian nation put us in death camps. Ergo, Christian Americans can play the old "Jews killed Jesus" card at any time and the camps will open again with Walmart volume and efficiency.

Of course, the US is not homogeneous like Germany and there is no inborn long-term history of scapegoating Jews as has always existed in Europe and the Middle East.

This is why we have a problem with you. We liked our homogeneous nations. They were not yours to wreck with "diversity". But because you felt threatened, Europe, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and yes, South Africa had to be blended out of existence.

This can only end in conflict, and your people will not be exempt when it happens. We will all pay a terrible price for your people's hubris.

Brandon said...

I wonder if this guy is playing the long game.

Buys a house in an already-gentrifying neighborhood for $25k, sells it in a year for $100k and goes back to a white neighborhood.

Subjects his kids to a terrible school system, but the experience sends über-lib college admissions officers' hearts aflutter and they get to attend whatever school they want with those essays about "growing up in a changing neighborhood".

Has made himself and his family somewhat famous, giving them a measure of safety because anyone attacking them knows that the public will definitely find out.

I still think he's a fool. But he could come out on top in the end.

rex freeway said...

Ask this family what they think about befriending a Negro. Oh right, you cant.

Metro said...

Wait a second... We are told that we are all the same underneath our skin, and that institutional racism makes sure that black people go to horrible schools, and are thus never able to get ahead.

Does that school sound so terribly bad? From the sound of it, the biggest problem is black dysfunction in the classroom, whereas the facilities and resources are excellent.

(It certainly sounds like the local school is one of the local priority schools that always get federal and state grants, and more money pr. student than any school in a rural state.)

It certainly could be interesting to compare his two daughters GPA with the average black kids GPA, no? Or take a look at their dropout rates.

After all, if the localschool can't be blamed for black dysfunction and low grades, and it also can't be poverty alone, if many of them come from black middleclass families, that would mean that either black genetics or black culture is primarily to blame. Perhaps that's a point that should be shared in the comment section of the Indy Star?

Michael Gregory said...

I'm sure that the "King of Indy" is going to be oh so very happy when one of his lovely White daughters is either dating or raped by a Black boy, with Muts left behind for him to raise. HURRAY!

Sluggo said...

I noticed all the glowing comments. Too bad posting is limited to facebook accounts. I'd really like to have a discussion with this guy.

The area he lives in is approximately 70% white, 20% black, 6% Hispanic, with a remainder of "other". Why not move his family to an area that is predominantly black and put his children into regular public schools instead of "magnet" (read mostly white) schools. That would prove his liberal bona fides. But then he wouldn't be able to write puff pieces about how wonderful diversity is.

Anonymous said...

Fine, Disgusting White Liberals. If you want to live with groids, go live with groids. But shut up about it, because if you went there so you could turn around and pu**y-whip the rest of us about it, just FOAD, OK?

Way to go, beta male dad--making his family life the locus of social engineering and genetic experimentation...so he can accrue the currency of Elitist Racialism.

On the other hand, if he can magnetize more whites to his groidal ghetto, his property values will go up. So maybe he's stupid like a fox.

In the meantime, it's his three little girls who will have to pay any price to be paid. And probably his wife.

I have to wonder what kind of passive aggression he harbors against being married and a dad that he would do this.

But that goes back to my perennial point that nobody hates white women like white men.

Anonymous said...

Those are going to be some race realist girls when they can get away from their parents.

"And they've shared classes with kids headed to the Ivy League. "

Not if Asians suing against affirmative action vs. Harvard have anything to say about it. Now an 80IQ black can get into the Ivy League

Anonymous said...

Is there any proof this is real or this this mattress back woman Rolling Stone UVA level lies?

Race said...


Anonymous said...

"But that goes back to my perennial point that nobody hates white women like white men. "

That must be why they let them have just about anything they want. The
modern American white male (why call him a man?) is a spineless creature completely dominated by women. He's the most pussy-whipped creature on the planet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think blacks really like any whites around when they be expressing their blackness. I still remember last year when the blacks in Berkeley CA were expressing their oneness with Michael Brown, an old white hippie wanted to protest with them but they were angered when he tried to prevent them from smashing store windows so they beat him in the head with a hammer. Take that white boy.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he has thrown any back yard bbqs or dinner parties. If anyone from work or the old niehgborhood showed up.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

The Banditos MC were originally all white, but as the population of a country turns so does the organizations within said country. Most outlaw bike clubs these days have been pulling their membership out of prisons so as most of those in prison who wish to remain criminals when they get out are Hispanics. They love the lifestyle and they are easily persuaded to do whatever the leaders want. Much like the cartels across the border use the Hispanics as a disposable pool of footsoldiers so do biker gangs. Many clubs in California are bringing ms13 and Mexican Mafia members into their gang handing out patches to people who don't even ride bikes. They are promised they will be helped to aquire a bike if they do some favors for the club. They usually wind up dead or in prison no bike.

Mich. Mike

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER: Genetics create a race's culture. If you want to observe the pros/cons of a culture, then examine the race from which it came.

Know what we're sayin'?

Anonymous said...

I sent him the link to the thread.

I liked a lot of the comments. yes some were way too weird for me.

Has anyone come up with a set of White Women Rules for dealing in a black dominated workplace or neighborhood?

We could send it to his wife and daughters.

Anonymous said...

It's like Russian Roulette. Sooner or later it's going to go bang and someone dies or is maimed. Scared for life. Inevitable.

Anonymous said...

In many states felons can't vote.
Of course our black AG will continue attempts to change such an injustice.

Anonymous said...

That is, it could attract quite a few people from diverse backgrounds, who kind of have something in frequent, such
as the truly. Moreover, the Asian girls will be in true manner the symbol of pride for the whole of Asia.
Even though you may suffer as you know this individual well because you've
chatted on the phone all day, you never truly know who he is.