Saturday, May 9, 2015

Do People Understand what the April 29th Empty Stadium Baltimore Orioles Game (Courtesy of the Black Insurrection raging outside) Represents?

"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come."  - Terence Mann, Field of Dreams

Due to the black insurrection in 65 percent black Baltimore (and the inability of the black elected/appointed government in Baltimore to guarantee the safety of primarily white suburban fans going to the game), the April 29th Major League Baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox was played in an entirely empty stadium.
A scene from the empty stadium game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox: empty because the safety of the primarily white fans who would have attended could not be guaranteed in a city experiencing a black insurrection

Fans weren't allowed to attend, because of the black insurrection being waged in the streets of Baltimore... the same city where Francis Scott Key long ago penned the Star Spangled Banner (the United States National Anthem).

When Rush Limbaugh wasn't blaming "Democrats" for the madness in 65 percent black Baltimore (strangely, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and the entire state of Vermont are doing just fine...), he made a very profound point about the empty stadium game in Baltimore:
That's right, my friends.  Baltimore is going to pay tribute to gangs and community organizers and freelance thugs today.  The Baltimore Orioles will play at Camden Yards without fans because it's too dangerous.  You know how much economic impact a baseball game, a baseball season has in Baltimore that's being shut down today?  It's incredible, the economic impact of a home game for the Baltimore Orioles, and it's just gonna be wiped out. 
Because they don't have the courage to let fans in, because they don't think they can control the riffraff.  This is unprecedented.  According to John Thorn, the official historian for Major League Baseball, this will be a first.  There has never been a game played before an empty stadium. The previous low record for attendance happened on September 28, 1882, for a game in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The lowest attended game was then, and 1882 is back in the days of the founding of the game. 
Sorry Mr. Limbaugh, Democrats haven't "wrought" anything: it's entirely the fault of blacks.
April 29, Baltimore: In the background, skyscrapers built by white people for a much different civilization than the one responsible with forcing Major League Baseball to have an empty stadium game...

Entirely (well, and conservatives refusing to admit the reality of racial differences and Republicans refusing to promote the interests of the overwhelmingly white people who vote them into office...).

A sell-out game at Camden Yards in Baltimore has a net economic impact of $3 million, meaning the cancelled games because of black insurrection cost the city tens of millions.

It's obvious most people STILL don't understand the significance of the empty stadium game on April 29th in Baltimore.

SBPDL invites you to leave your favorite memories of attending a Major League Baseball with your parents, grandparents, and family in the comments section, and also share your thoughts on what the EMPTY STADIUM game means.

To me, it's the stunning denouement of the American Experiment in equality...



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Anonymous said...

Since baseball has a strong white player presence and following, of course you should shut out whites as punishment for all the white man's transgressions. The city's government is /was too short sighted, as they kissed a lot of tax revenue goodbye. Now how will they pay for the midnight basset-ball?

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey,
You have pioneered in changing the paradigm. I've followed your blog from the humorous beginnings to the profundity of today's column.

Being an older gent (or "fart" as my son would have.) I intuit your father is as proud and awed as a father can be!

I sure am.

Injun Jimmy Swaggart

Anonymous said...

I am sure Rush knows exactly what the case is but he won't touch that with a 50 foot pole....

Anonymous said...

I've been going to baseball games since 1968, seen the likes of Henry Aaron, Pete Rose, Schmidt, Carlton, Ozzie, Ryan, Bench, Pujols, been to Wrigley, Kauffman, Busch, Angel, Dodger Stadiums, seen McGwire hit mammoth shots, Brock run like a deer, Rose hit like a machine, Ryan throw heat, Molina call a game like a general, Carpenter pitch like a warrior. Great times with dad, friends, and my son. I was in the stands when fans were told " Go Crazy Folks"!! But in all my days I never thought I'd see a empty ballpark due to riotous Groids!!
It will never be the same until their tamed.


Anonymous said...

I have not posted in forever but I left Baltimore years ago almost two now. Anyone with half a brain saw this coming a mile away.

The inner harbor was a war zone in the late 90's mini Africa with lepers and "youth". It is truly the result of overall black dysfunction.

I also expected black politicians to yield absolute to mob rule as this is the vibe you would pick up even being around the city. It's a piss poor horrible place and it's falling to the virtue level of the inhabitants.

It's equally as bad if not worse than Detroit yet hardly spoken of.

Keep the faith and prepare for the storm. Trust your white instincts and nurture them. Have no fear, none what so ever and focus on yourself and family. Start congregating in places with like minds, lone wolf style. Develop the intuition to judge potential allies and unspoken understanding to stay clean legally and slander wise. Diet supplement detox.

Formerly Baltimore Watcher

rex freeway said...

The old municipal stadium in Kansas city was bordered by an all black neighborhood. And the yards of houses within a few blocks of the stadium were used for cheap parking. You could leave your windows down and no one messed with your car. If that were done today you would come back to a burnt shell of a car.

Also, Kauffman (Royals) Stadium faces I-70. Groids have drove by taking pot shots at fans and players and actually hit a couple fans.
Give a Negro any opportunity to steal or destroy and they will. They are currently lowering baseball as they have every sport that was forced to allow them in. NASCAR is the last all White sport.

Anonymous said...

What the empty stadiums mean to me: Missed Opportunities.
Missed opportunities to fill those seats with underpriveleged, underserved, undereducated, undernourished, underhydrated, underclothed, undervalued, underworked young black youths, to finally give them a taste of what America is all about. Why let those empty seats go to waste, when we use them to turn those poor misdirected future voters of America, who have been lied to by poverty-pimping Democrats for decades, into red-blooded, baseball-loving, apple-pie-eating, mother-loving Republicans! I think MLK (PBUH) would agree, that we should give those youths a quick detour from the school-to-prison pipeline.
And besides, just think of all the crimes that won't be committed while they're all locked in the stadium for 4 hours. That alone should be a $3 million economic impact. Oh, and we'll need some mexicans to clean up their trash after the game. Good thing we got those open borders, eh, America?

countenance said...

Even when Rome was under siege in the early 5th century, and people inside the city gates were hurting for food, they still held well attended chariot races.

Medic Bear said...

Don't worry, somehow the whole thing will be blamed on YT.

It's YT's fault no matter what. It's part of the script.

I find it tragically ironic that this week we are marking the anniversary of VE Day while watching the end result of BRA in B'more. And seeing the masses of DWLs, especially in the MSM, make every excuse in the book for why B'more is a pit.

Every one EXCEPT the truth, that is.

Anonymous said...


off topic

when she is not taking vacations that cost us mega millions, she whines and plays victim.

Truth Corps said...

1600rds of 22LR
1000rds of 7.62x39
1000rds of 5.56
1000rds of 308 Win
1500rds of 9mm
1500rds of 45ACP

$2160 worth of LIBERTY and FREEDOM paid for with 26 months being free from Cable/Satellite.

The day the EBT card runs out or whatever else causes the blacks to finally go Cat 10 and start the ECAR RAW...? Priceless.

This tiny amount was just what I had delivered to my rural doorstep...this month.

Got Preps?

Anonymous said...

A symbol of the destruction of white social capital. Just another brick in the wall.

Anonymous said...

Blacks. Must. Destroy. All. Things. White.

It's all part of the "fundamental transformation" that was promised.

Anonymous said...

I remember attending a Yankees game in 2004 with my father. We were seated way up on left field. It was very crowded and there were a lot of negroes because tickets had been given to some black organizations. They were teenage blacks, so it could have been school based. I don't know.

Late in the sixth inning there was disturbance about 50 feet behind us in what was the concession area. There was a lot of screaming and yelling and negroes running back and forth. The NYPD and stadium people were starting to move in. The game went on as usual, but we knew something strange was going on around us.

A couple of weeks later my Dad who knew some cops learned that a group of negroes were gang raping a woman who had drank too much behind one of the concession stands. There was never anything in the newspapers about it.

My Dad explained to me that this never happened at baseball games when he was a kid. I've never been to a major league ball game since.

Ricky In Cali said...

Lets join hands together and talk about the economical impact of these savages rioting near the ball park. We’ll use a real life example and start at the beginning and say that today me and my wife and child wanted to go to a Baltimore Orioles game

As we leave our house and head to ground zero it’s a ghost town. Other than the rioters, “normal people” are scared to go there. That means that restaurants are not serving, coffee houses, clothing stores, the only things open are gas stations and check cashing stores. All the people that would have normally been employed in the area on a forced vacation.

The address to the ballpark is 333 West Camden Street, Baltimore, MD
Orioles Ball Park

There are no cars coming in the stadium for parking so the revenue is lost. Average ticket per fan for Baltimore Orioles games (nosebleed seats) are around $30.00. The closer you get to the action the more expensive it becomes. The revenue for the stadium off ticket pricing is lost and they can seat almost 46,000 people. 46,000!! The memorabilia stands have no one shopping and if you know about clothing and items just a hat goes for $40.00. The food courts are also empty. Nachos, sodas, hot dogs, hamburgers, chili fries, garlic fries, beer, you name it – NO REVENUE. No one walking around selling cotton candy or ice cream or peanuts at the seats. No servicemen singing the national anthem. No nothing going on. All the people that would have been employed are again, sitting at home on a forced vacation.

Now how many people are losing out on their pay inside the stadium? How many people are losing their pay outside the stadium (surrounding businesses in downtown)? How many people become affected because some sorry ass dindu’s feel like looting their own town over a piece of shit that died that had no merit or value to society or mankind? That is just the first example, I then typed in the next address:

1101 Russell Street, Baltimore, MD
Destination from Orioles Ball park is 6 mins

That address is M&T Bank Stadium and is where the Baltimore Ravens play football. 6 MINUTES AWAY!!! You are going to have to include another mass of lost revenue for football if this continues and that one will hit WAAAAY harder than this one because in the NFL you have 17 regular season games. 16 of them are played and 1 of them is a bye week. Of those 16 games, you have 8 of them in your home stadium. To even lose 1 game due to rioters would seriously seriously hurt the bottom line of the owners. These dumb bastards have no idea the long term implications of what they’re doing. They think they’re “standing up for what’s right”, when instead they’re taking down their own city

Anonymous said...

2 more officers killed in Mississippi.

I have joked around a lot here, but this is really too much.

Anyone in Mississippi would love to help you find your man, but you left out some valuable information on the suspects.

What race are we looking for here? Are the cops not worth enough to post the truth? This is what happens when you give low-lives the space to destroy. You give and inch, they take a mile. In blood. These attacks add up- and once a crucial point is reached there is no turning back.

Anonymous said...

On the day that baseball game was played to empty seats marked the official induction of Baltimore into Official Third World Status. Mission accomplished stupid black people!

Don't forget to let the cows piss on you to keep the flies away. You know, how your African brothers do it, Third World style!

Ex-Copper said...

I'm sure someone will beat me on my OT, but...

Check out @oxfordpolice on Twitter reference their two officers killed Saturday night. Give you one guess as to the killers race. Gotta love seeing the racial truth posted on a police feed.

Check out the posts at the-clarion ledger as well. Before they take the comments down as well.

On a tip from foxnews, check out for a story on Boston universities new Afro studied assistant professor. Saida Grunde posted some interesting anti-white rhetoric to her Twitter feed which is now locked.

Been missing you all, been working some extra hours lately.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Rush knows exactly what the case is but he won't touch that with a 50 foot pole....

Perhaps but he still encourages race denial by blaming Democrats.

Most conservatives really believe that Democrats are the problem and that narrative comes from pundits like Rush. Conservatives are being misled into thinking the problem can be solved with environmental adjustments.

Anonymous said...

Hey PK, maybe you can do an expose on 2015: The Summer of Hate.

This is the passionate time for the negro. Watch them in online videos shuffling and shucking about in the streets, skirmishing until some sort of opportunity presents itself. Wait until someone does something really destructive then all pile on. They can't arrest us all at once, can they (they certainly have the surveillance in this day and age to do so, but don't try to tell Tyrone that?)

2015, the Summer of Hate.

It's the black version of white-boy and girl's 1967 Summer of Love.

The contrasts don't make sense to each of our races due to perspective. As whites we can try and comprehend them (as with their primitive African "art"), but blacks don't know and don't have the capacity to care anyway. Being around them for prolonged periods of time is like waiting for something bad to happen. Why even go there (if you aren't stuck with them already)?

If you aren't willing to speak yet then just relax and watch the fireworks, and all the hate, terror and destruction that comes with blacks unleashed.



Just think back to the 1970's Bronx, NY.
Even at it's worst time the New York Yankees never had to cancel a ballgame due to unhappy negroes.(like they are ever happy to begin with right?)

With all the horror stories I've heard about this neighborhood. With the crime, used dope needles, and stolen cars never a negro influenced sporting event cancellation.

Hell they had some real bad things happen in N.Y.C.
Hymie-town (j. jackass) and Freddie's fashion mart (al not-so Sharp-ton) quickly come to mind and no negro caused sporting events cancellations.

If the Marxist media had the balls to really break down the money lost of the city/owner/stadium employees this story would still be headline news. Millions pissed down the drain for that average lowly common drug dealing negro. (Grey) Yet those brother's/sista's still make that Nogg(Grey) look like he was an upstanding citizen in that city.
You'd think he was helping blind children cross the street or carried the grocery bags for the elderly noggs of Balti-more welfare checks.
Stuck on Stupid comes to mind when I think of the liberal White arm-n-arm negro coddlers that scream no justice/no peace!
America I ask you today... Where have all the good times gone?



Anonymous said...

What the useful idiots don't realize is Osama is selling them out by giving free chit to third world crappers of every color especially,kumar, and taco bell. But When Allison ,David,Israel, Pam or Kenya realize that. All ebt freeloaders will no longer get they check. Boom.

Ex-Copper said...

I don't care about baseball very much. However; I have memories of every game I've ever attended. My first (and only) MLB game was Oakland vs. the White Sox in the mid-80's. I was visiting my grandparents in California. My uncle and grandpa were A's fans and my uncle had season tix. It was free glove day, I still have it, and we sat behind home plate. I did a lot of things with my grandfather and miss him very much.

In Indianapolis we have a minor league team. When they played at their old stadium I was in high school. A customer where I worked had become a steady acquaintance. One night he came through, had some extra tix and gave them to me. It was a good excuse to ask a female coworker out to the game.

When I was in the department, my whole shift would go to a late afternoon game at the new stadium every year. We worked nights, so not all of us could enjoy the cold beers.

I've taken my girls to the games when their softball league had their special game days. Both of my kids have stood on the field with the players during the national anthem and got to run the bases in a real ball park. They also got game balls that foul tipped our way. The players always toss the grounders to the kids when they go foul.

The crack of the bat is an awesome sound. A solid hard hit and double plays are fun to watch. Like I said, I'm not a huge fan, but I do have great memories thanks to the game.

Anonymous said...

Saw that. God be with the families of the fallen. To the mothers who failed to raise your p.o.s. nappy,no respect for human life scum sons. Raped every night in jail. That is what will happen. Truth. May they scream out in terror as this happens every night to them Those two Officers died out of a false God you and the Black Community Worship. You know who. Black Jesus . Your savior. Now you can cry why laws whys me. That's your blood running through the views of those gentle giant yoofs. You pulled the trigger too boo.

Californian said...

Years ago I was back east visiting relatives in Connecticut. Myself and cousin drove out to New York City for the day and after tooling around the concrete canyons, decided to take in a night game at Yankee Stadium. This necessitated a breakneck drive from Wall Street to the Bronx. We got there in time and it was like being part of real history with the ghosts of Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio among the stadium lights and players on the field.

We also drank a lot of beer.

You wonder how the history of the America of 2015 will go down when future generations attend games at these stadiums...

Anonymous said...

Orc Rampage.

White America is over... the barbarians have come over the castle walls. Hand to hand now...

Stay in shape; get ready...

What's that sound at your front door...?

Anonymous said...

Do negroes attend baseball games? They actually take their kids and pay the money necessary? What percentage of the crowd is orc, on average? I'll bet just a few.

OT: our justice system is a joke. The punishments do not deter orc crime. They rack up numerous violations starting as soon as they sprout their first fuzzy hair on their nads. Negroes need FAR more severe physical punishments if you even want to get close to deterring crime.

Police - if you stop a groid ASSUME they will try and kill you; take every necessary precaution, even if they look like Urkel. Negroes kill. They are amped up to kill cops by Obama, Sharpton et al. Go home alive...

Anonymous said...

Elect blacks.... and a curfew is in your future.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Dear CVS,

Hi. It's us. Can you please rebuild the CVS store we looted and burnt down in Baltimore? Do it soon, please. We are preparing for our next race riot and we need big stores like yours to grab lots of good stuff.

Please rebuild fast.


Baltimore Negroes

Anonymous said...

It's representative of the demise of America, of the mob winning, of the failure of black "culture." It's a metaphor for BRA.

BRA = saying "no" to baseball and "yes" to looters.

bernicegreenbaum said...

About the 2 cops killed in Mississippi, one of the shooters has been identified as Liquori Tate. Care to guess his race? Daily Mail tells. Yep, you guessed it: NEGRO. Isn't it sweet that his baby momma named him after her favorite beverage?

The negroes are on a rampage and it isn't even summer. Yesterday, I too had an "opportunity" to be around thousands of groids for a all-black collawg gradumation. Masters degrees were handed out like ice cream cones on a hot day, with the negroes strutting around proudly in their cap and gowns, thumping their chests or taking selfies wid dare frens.

On an elevator one older negress told me her chile just graduamated....MASTERS DEGREE. Proud mamma actually said to me, "I don't care if he do anytang wid it, jes so he keep on gwine n' stain out trouble."

So there you have it. The purpose of higher education is to keep "yoof" out of trouble, perhaps to secure them a gubmint AA job, paid for by the hide of YT. And Michelle Obama continues to whine about how unfair, hateful, discriminatory, and downright mean this country and YT are. Fundamentally changing America as we know (knew) it. Mission Accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Time to push back, people. You've let the orcs have WAYYY too much leash; let's rein these animals in.

Vote for the strictest tough-on-crime candidate you can find. Raise the level of punishments. First sign of groid dysfunction... chip the beast and keep it in its hood. Isolate the cancer and let it feed on itself. Disconnect the parasites from the host.

Anonymous said...

I think that its only right that we whites "give back" a little by boycotting a major basket ball game!

Anonymous said...

This could get very interesting. If I were the orioles or ravens fans ( the working kind who pay for tickets , concessions etc. I would boycott the teams until critical mass is achieved. A meltdown if you will.

The team owners would start to demand public safety. I bet they start to close off the streets around the stadiums and allow only ticket holders and adults ( by adults I mean 30 plus yrs of age) and it should be at least 50 plus yrs for negroes.

What will the city do when its largest revenue producers (orioles and ravens) threaten to leave. Be interesting to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty I would be more than willing to trade every destructive ingrate negroe for every productive freedom loving mexican in mexico!
Not all mexicans are democrats many are republicans they're just not aware of it ...yet. many mexicans own small businesses and homes they don't appreciate being robbed and looted anymore than we do.

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that you can tell this to the negroes over and over again til your blue in the face and they'll never be able to grasp it and even if they did they'll give some lame ass excuse provided by the dwl about how it was somehow justified as if there is some acceptable excuse or justification which everybody but blacks already knows there isn't. They're not like any other race and the whole world knows this.they're a blight everywhere they go.

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh!! Fire up Air Fo'ce One-First "Lady" Michael Obama is needed up in 'da Big (Road) Apple.

Seems like the Guggenheim Museum in NYC had some Brooklyn HS students-PFUCs no less (that's "Persons of Fecal/Urinary Color").

They were invited to the Museum on a field trip-just like da Worst "Lady" says never happens-and this was before her speech, I guess. Fancy that.

Sadly, the little PFUC darlings only lasted 20 minutes. Their behavior yelling, running around, spitting and throwing things off the balcony.

They were kicked out and banned for life.

Those damn museum crackas-can't even take some vibrancy in their boring old museum....

Read about it here, along with comments by a couple of "students" with the first names of "Yosmeris" and....wait for it.... "Messiah".

bernicegreenbaum said...

Correction to above: one of the cops shot was named Liquori - a black cop. The other cop was white. Two dindo nuffins being held.

Anonymous said...

Rex Freeway - I'm in KC but I hadn't heard about dieversity shooting at the stadium although I completely believe you. My cousin had to sell his house close to Blue Ridge Mall because of black shoplifters running through his yard and the Wal-Mart has made it a thousand times worse. I haven't been to a Royal's game in 15 years and that was on free tickets. I look at major league sports now as just a way to separate white people from huge chunks of their money, like cable TV. Both of them are brainwashing people to believe in the athletic superiority of blacks and foreigners. I'm not paying for that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Groidimore The Uglyful said:

Let us just face the harsh cold fact that baseball is a thinking man's game replete with strategy and tactical decisions. Clearly this is not a game for an African latrine and human shithole like Groidimore.

OTOH, basketball, wherein jumping like tree monkeys and non stop crotch scratching are at a premium is far better suited to these nit-picking Mau Maus.

BTW, all you caucasions who love basketball would be better off going to the zoo and studying the real thing - and they don't even need white coaches!

Anonymous said...

People scoffed and laughed at me when I insisted that total segregation was the only hope.

No one is laughing anymore, a great many have come to see the light. Many more are waking up everyday as the feral negro antics make it all so clear.

Another thing I have insisted for years is now being repeated by people, that a Soviet style break-up is in our future.

It won't be long now. Baltimore is ruined, there is no way of fixing that mess no matter how much taxpayer money is thrown on it.

Mutant Swarm said...

According to Yahoo!, Liquori Tate was the black officer murdered by trash:

No picture of the white officer, of course; after all, it IS Yahoo!

ms sippy said...

The most "negro free" ballpark I visited was Wrigley Field, used to love going there! Went to the World Series in St. Louis several years ago and it was "negro free" also! When I was real young we used to get really great box seats at D.C. Stadium, older cousin was a Comptroller for them. We mainly wanted to go to see the Yankees not the Senators! Just loved Mickey Mantle, saw him and Roger Maris, Yogi, Billy Martin etc. Met Mickey and still have a signed plastic batting helmet, the ink is faking a bit now. There were negroes there but they were well behaved way back then at the games. It was a shock seeing them in public as I lived in Mississippi. Was born in D.C., most of my family lived there and remained there for many years in their all White neighborhoods! Wrigley was the BEST! So Amricana! Met Mickey again back around 1985, he was signing autographs at a Mall in Jackson, Ms. He was so nice and friendly, just talked away to me, I told him about the getting the batting helmet as a child! Can't believe how horrible things have turned out since desegregation, a totally subverted Nation.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Good Fred column for those who enjoy reading him.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your comments. I posted some of my own but they didn’t get through for one reason or the other. I won’t go to the trouble of reposting them because they take too much of my own time to create. Most of you put time and effort into your posts and I can appreciate that. PK…thanks for all your efforts as well.

To the poster who mentioned our nation could break up like the old USSR broke up: I say that is indeed not out of the realm of possibility. Blacks present a tremendous undertow to our way of life. Because the vast majority of them have low IQ and are violent, we simply cannot support them indefinitely.

I hope this one gets through, but it not…oh well.

Pat Boyle said...

I already told the story about my trip with Willie to Baltimore in 1959. That of course was the season that Maris and Mantle. pursued Ruth's record. They were in Baltimore late in the season for three games. All the papers were speculating about whether they would go over sixty during that short series.

I had only been to Baltimore once before when I was admitted to Johns Hopkins as a sick little kid. I don't think Willie had ever been to Baltimore.

Willie was nominally my cousin but because our mothers were identical twins we were genetically half brothers. Willie was three months older than I was.

In those days in Washington we watched the Senators. This was about the time when there was a best selling book 'The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant'. Later this was made into the musical 'Damn Yankees'. It was a Faustian tale about how a Senator fan sold his soul to the devil if he would fix it so that the Senators could beat the Yankees.

Some years later the Senators did become competitive but they moved them to Minnesota. Figures.

As everyone knows now. Maris did hit 61 homers but not the night we drove to Baltimore. Yogi Berra got a homer but who cared about him?

I just re-read 'Ball Four' last month. Unquestionably the best sports book of all time. Lots of stories about Mantle. If you have never read it you're really missing something.

BTW neither of them nor anyone since has really approached Ruth. Ruth first won the homer title from 'Home Run Baker'. Ruth who had been a star pitcher switched to playing everyday and beat Baker's record of 12 homers. He hit 59 that year. He hit more homers than any other team - than all the rest of the league. No one before or since has had that kind of impact. A modern player would need to hit 180 homers in a season to match him.


Medic Bear said...

'Sorry, all, segregation won't work.

And it'll never happen. There are far too many DWLs, even in light of this latest tragedy where LEOs were murdered by obviously oppressed and disadvantaged Blacks. The "Oh those poor, disadvantaged youth" BS is already starting. And you know damn well this corrupt & racist administration won't help the situation.

Short of a critical mass of DWLs suffering (and dying, hopefully) at the hands of their pets, nothing will change, The very last DWL will swear "they're just like us" with thier dying breath.

Anonymous said...

As some have mentioned, there has been racial "unrest" in many cities since the 60's, yet no baseball game was ever forced to be played in an empty stadium. I think the reason this occurred in Baltimore this year (instead of the more reasonable measure of having the game rescheduled) was because all of the people involved in making the decision in the city of Baltimore were black. The lack of future time orientation doesn't just apply to the mindless black marauder in the streets, it also applies to the products of affirmative action that pass for the government of Baltimore. They probably saw keeping the crowd out of the baseball game as a punishment for white fans, but never considered the economic impact it would have on the city as a whole, the surrounding businesses, and the ballpark employees.

A white (or at least a thoughtful) voice in the Baltimore government could have pointed out this huge economic impact, but as it stood the hivemind in power simply sought "revenge" and carried through with their knee-jerk reaction, just like a black teen who has soda spilled on his new sneaker at a chicken joint at 2 AM reflexively pulls out a gun and starts spraying bullets.

Anonymous said...

At one of the community colleges i worked at, they had gotten a "student support" grant, to aid 1st time college students. As an "enrichment" activity, the students were loaded on a charted bus for a Texas Rangers game. Your tax dollars at work...

Anonymous said...

Please do an article on the shooters in the killings of 2 Mississippi police officers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My wife just told me of a story she just read. That Yoko Ono and Hillary Clinton had an affair back in the 70s LOL. Seems that Yoko made this statement yesterday, while talking to reporters.

I know, really bad thought, and before breakfast no less. This will not help hildabeast at all if story is true.

One comment stated that Hill will say "I did not have sex with that women.LOL


Anonymous said...

In all honesty I would be more than willing to trade every destructive ingrate negroe for every productive freedom loving mexican in mexico!

Mexicans already have their own country, it's called mexico and it's a shithole and they made it that way. Perhaps you know some IKAGO Mexicans but they're like nog IKAGOS, same end result. Here is Mexicans using AA like nogs and a La Raza (means race, mestizo race, not YT) judge letting a Garland, Texas terrorist free before the recent shooting there. They are not our friends.

Here is there La Raza website pushing "civil rights" just like the nogs, at our expense, just like the nogs. The proper thing to do is to send the Mexicans back, all of them and lock up the nogs when they commit crimes.

Anonymous said...

Right. Rush is no dummy. He knows. We all do. I said some things RE Ferguson on Facebook. It started back and forth with DWL friends (I have kids and live in MA).

I pointed out these friends moved away from blacks and most of their lesbian friends marriages would end in divorce. Fast forward one year--the marriages ended, Baltimore has fallen, and we didn't get invited to bbqs.

Realist in MA

awakened white said...

Truth corps, sounds good, don't forgot extra water, medical, etc.

this summer sounds like a Cat. 10. ON drudge saw that in Miss. knew it was sons of Obama. just knew.

PNW Realist said...

A big problem is that for over 50 years now the powers that be have been banging out the message that the negro has been a victim of YT. Thus he is absolved from his ghetto culture and irresponsible lifestyle.

Lakaneesha pops out a new bastard baby every year not because she's a slut but because her great-great-great-grandmammy was a slave. DeLooshus dropped out of high schoo' and now pushes drugs, not because he's a punk but because his grandpappy was a sharecropper in Mississippi.

The only real cure would be if blacks were required to take responsibility for their lives, but that isn't going to happen soon.

Adhering to personal responsibility would be acting white, and too many people are now making a good living by continuing to encourage black dysfunction.

No. The dam will burst. The usual suspects who be left wringing their hands and asking, "How did the happen?" and YT will be left to pick up the always.

kulturkampf said...

I was raised a Minnesota Twins fan and fondly recollect our victory in the 1991 world series. At that time like many other white Minnesotans I was a Kirby Puckett fan. He had even wrote a book,for children about being a good kid, doing the right thing and making it out of the ghetto.

Years later he leaves the league after a severe injury, and then it becomes more publicly known he is an alcoholic adulterer who even gets drunk and follows women into the ladies room to sexually harass and Grope them. It was honestly a horrible revelation as young fan. Bht But now i expect my black athletes to be perhaps criminals or at least adulterers and fathering a dozen children by 10 women.

As a kid athletes had a similar image in my head to soldiers, police, etc. These were real strong men who worked with their bbodies and did great things. Now... hard to look up to any of them.

the nobility of athletics belongs to a different time.

Anonymous said...

I'd say a MLB game being played in an empty stadium represents a huge step in the right direction.

If it were up to me, a white person would never set foot in that ballpark again. Nor would any White attend NBA or NFL games, or watch any of that crap on television, or buy the jerseys, or play fantasy football, or any of that garbage. It is all Negro worship.

If you love sports so much, did it ever occur to you to play them? Turn off the TV, call the neighbors, and get a touch football game going in your front yard.
There's a basketball hoop in your neighborhood somewhere. Get another parent and some kids and get a little 3-on-3 game going. Join a softball league. Buy some running shoes, a tennis racket, a frisbee, anything.

Just please put down the Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and buffalo wings, wipe your mouth, get off your ass and do something besides watch Negroes toss a ball around.

As far as the loss of 3 million$, good. Make it 30 million. Nothing cuts through the bullshit faster than watching money fly out the window.

Anonymous said...

Bernice you better believe the killers are "goot" boys too! I was reading the comments about the shooting and of course it had a militant black saying all cops are shit and seemed to feel no sympathy about it. He was all for it. Hope everyone likes this type of shit. It is only getting worse.

D-FENS said...

Can anyone point to an issue where conservatives won? The only one I can think of is gun rights. And even gun right are pretty meaningless if all it takes is to pass a law to get people to surrender their guns.

Unknown said...

Got my introduction to the dynamics of race in 1967, when the Detroit riots cost the Tigers a home series (the games were moved to Baltimore). From the 70s thru the 90s, right up until Tiger Stadium closed in 1999, not that many Negroes attended games. The few who did would sit together in the lower deck right field bleachers, evoking memories of legally segregated seating pre-Brown v. Board. Even in shiny new Comerica Park, the Tigers don't have the Negro fan base one would expect in Detroit. In the reader opinion sections of Tigers newspaper stories, Negro commenters are rare. Maybe the game is too cerebral for them to handle.

SC Native said...

I've never been a fan of professional sports but I do love college sports, the white ones of course. If you want to confuse a negro try to explain the rules of rugby and polo to them. It's priceless and the responses are gold. Ain't dem clothes, when dey be games?

The mayor Miss Chimpy is going to be in deep Doo Doo when the pro's move out of Baltimore to a whiter location. I think the braves are or have done so. It's only a matter of time before the Baltimore teams relocate to the suburbs, hopefully an area with no public transportation.

Not being a city resident except for my college years I don't have the grasp that many do of city life but it seems getting anything away from public transportation makes it much safer. By the way, for those in cities who think it's all over it's not. Rural areas for the most part are still the same as always. Even poor areas are still the same, I guess poverty effects YT differently than the negro. When I hear about rioting in rural WV and KY I'll change my tune.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we don't have that choice. We get Mexicans in addition to negroes, not instead of them.

Anonymous said...

Good Fred column for those who enjoy reading him.

Excellent column. Looks like Fred Reed might be reading SBPDL and running with the ball.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think about keeping a list of ridiculous black names, with links to the stories where they were found, just for the doubters.

Because every time I think I've seen the most ridiculous one yet... Rotchicka and Needrawraw.... another one comes along to outdo them... Liquori.... he should have married that Chiquita from the story about the woman having the cops fake arrest her son and then they could name their kid Banana Daiquiri.

Which, as soon as I say that you watch a story will come up with a nog named Daiquiri.

Other cultures come in and give their children American names so they'll fit in. Blacks come with already American names and give their kids ridiculous made up bullsh-t names both to draw attention to them and to separate themselves from our culture.

I mean I don't know how the hell you expect people to take someone seriously with names like those. All that fighting for equal treatment, and here's a big stamp on any job application that says "I be black" right there before anything else.

Anonymous said...

This is great news that the fans were kept away from the game. That's the only way YT will ever pay attention. Get between him and his silly distractions and then maybe he will start to ask some questions about how the groids kept him from going to the game or why he didn't get the last promotion he deserved or why he had to borrow $$$ to go to a private school because the groid took his place at the state school. It will get worse before it gets better. But I'm afraid that instead of pondering these questions YT just followed the game on

Lord chaos

Anonymous said...

Every place run by blacks is an abject failure. Why would anyone expect BRA to be any different? Unless I am wrong, and I don't believe I am or that I missed anything, every thriving community built by whites that has been taken over by blacks has been relegated to a crime ridden slum. From cities here in the United States to a national level as seen in South Africa.
This should surprise no one as independent study's scientifically conducted in different country's and different time frames have all concluded that the blacks are intellectually inferior to whites. Lincoln, Monroe, Jefferson, Adams and others knew that blacks were incapable of integrating into white (civilized) society. We are merely witnesses to their conclusions all these years later. Now will the United States as a whole suffer from white flight as the author so aptly described Detroit and Atlanta or will the whites be relegated to the plains states of Kansas and the like while all the coasts and cities are uninhabitable by civilized folks?

Anonymous said...

Baseball memories

I grew up in Denver in the 70's and back then we would go to a lot of Denver Bears (later the Denver Zephyrs) baseball games. Minor league at the time, and the games were played at Mile High Stadium.

We were teenagers (14-17) and got to run around the stadium while the games were going on without a care in the world. Also had no fears for our personal safety. It was fun being at a baseball game were we normally watched the Denver Broncos play.

In the early 90's I spent some time in Minneapolis, and I was living there when the Twins won the World Series in 1991. I got hooked on MLB at the time, and attended as many Twins games as I could. I don't remember ever having problems with the fans or going back and forth to my car in the local area.

Moved back to Denver, and got to attend the first ever home game of the Colorado Rockies in 1993. 80,000+ people crammed in a stadium that seated 75,000 or so. Great times, and the Rockies had $5 tickets those first two years at Mile High (before they built Coors Field). We attended a lot of games on those $5 tickets. Most of the time we didn't care WHO was playing, it was just fun being there.

I soured on baseball after the players strike several year ago.

Now I'm living in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City had the Red Hawks, but never attended a game. They left and this year we have a team affiliated with the Dodgers. I thought about taking the family, but the interest just isn't there. Bricktown seems to be a decent area, but if this is going to be the summer of the Chimpout, I'll keep my family at home.

Ammo Man

FlowerBell said...

From what I can gather the United States now falls around 4th or 5th on the lists of "Most educated populations" in the world.

We should be number one

There is only one reason we're not.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude. my only hope is that someone at the Maryland Historical Society will get smart very quickly and remove the original copy of the poem, "The Star Spangled Banner" from the building and have it sent somewhere else for safe keeping. that area of charmless city around the Pratt House and the Walters Museum will go soon, no doubt.

GrimmTale said...

Say there was a sport here in America, whose fan base has a disproportionately higher number of black fans to white fans, would the city have had the same unwillingness to protect the fan base as they showed for whites attending baseball games?

For instance, the NBA has the highest share of black viewers (45%).
Would a NBA game have been played to a non-audience that same day?
...Or, would the city's predominantly black leadership [I use that term loosely] used enormous efforts, and gone to enormous extremes to make sure the fans were protected? I envision extra police lining the perimeter of the venue, parking lots filled with police/security for patron safety, basically an escort service courtesy of the police department for all black fans.

However, in reality, if blacks are the perpetrators and agitators of this whole Baltimore debacle, there wouldn't be any necessity for protection in the first place. What are the cops going to do... fight off patrons who are the criminals in the first place? ...I digress {{{sigh}}}

Anonymous said...

Welcome if you haven't posted before. Hope your not really a "310" but if you are please keep it over on that other site. Enjoyed your post.

David In TN said...

We went to a baseball game in St. Louis on a Saturday night in July of 1965, almost 50 years ago now. The Dodgers were the opponent. The Cardinals were playing their last year in Sportsman's Park. It was in the black section of town.

Standing in line to go in, we saw Cardinals owner Gussie Busch being driven by in his limousine. There was a capacity crowd, standing room only. The pitchers were Gibson and Drysdale.

The crowd was nearly all white. The fellows selling beer in the aisles were mainly black.

The Cardinals won with a 9th inning rally. The Dodgers went on to win the NL Pennant and World Series.

It was easy to find a motel in an all white area before going to the park that Saturday afternoon. There were breweries everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I work for a big corporation in Baltimore (300+ employees), our offices will shut down early to go an see an Orioles game for free? Where they get the tickets from? who is financing this? why is my company doing this?

Anonymous said...

Lets face people are angry. They do not know how to grab the brass ring even when it is shoved into their collective hands. The best country in the world, the United States has provided an above average living for millions of immigrants who, otherwise, would be mire in poverty if they had stayed in their country. So why, I keep asking myself, do blacks seem to reluctant to educated themselves, work hard and rise above the ghetto squalor. What is the reason? many suggest a low IQ, poor upbringing etc. They want the handout, its all yt's fault we are stupid and lazy, violent and going backwards. Who really knows?

Anonymous said...

Life After White People.
Look no further than Bham after business hours.....ghost town.

Bhan has their illustrious Legion Field, where, for only twenty bucks or so, you parked in a nogs' front yard and they'd "watch you car" for you. I've never understood why there is never enough parking at venues here. Those day are gone now as only black high schools play there with the usual stabbings in and around the stadium. Stabbings are fairly common at black HS games here and are viewed as "par for the course". Cibbil rats and aww dat.

Anonymous said...


I clicked on link - no pic of Black victim, one of white.

and before clip- ad for Dennys 'gran slam' w a mulatto.

Anonymous said...

Attending a game in NYC, whether in the Bronx or Queens, your mass transit journey will be a true diversity ride, but that's expected in NY. Both are safe on game day as there are plenty of other fans attending the game, but I prefer the 7 el train to Shea/Citi than the crowded underground subway ride to Yankee Stadium, which is darker and louder. Not to mention once off the train, YS is surrounded by shady blacks trying to unload tickets, which may or may not be legit.
However, once inside the stadiums, even in NY, most of the fans are non-black and rarely is there an issue, other than the occasional drunken riff-raff.

This is a point that I've often noticed...the absence of blacks at sporting events, even NBA games. (I last attended a Knick game in 2003, but I refuse to pay those prices when I can see the same shuck & jive on a NYC playground for free).

However, if fans start getting hassled by #BlackLivesMatter protesters, as happened in St Louis, and surely will in Baltimore & other places, fans will start to stay away. With the preponderance of cell-phone cameras, why risk your career by slapping down a brazen protester who is in your face. As a wise person once told me, no good ever came from being around a large group of black people. And it is clear that the brazen blacks and their dumb white anarchist enablers will continue to get in the faces of patrons in places where white people gather...whether brunches, galleries...or baseball games. Unless these institutions treat them with utter force, they will bleed money. The question is, what color do they like or black?

Anonymous said...

And now, friends, I present Michigan Senator Dindu Nuffins:

"Michigan Police are investigating a shooting Sunday involving a state senator on Detroit’s northwest side. The incident happened at the home of Virgil Smith, who police say fired a shotgun several times after a fight with his girlfriend, hitting her 2015 Mercedes Benz, WDIV reported. No one was injured in the shooting."

Unknown said...

I don't blame Negroes for not caring or (more likely) not even considering the impact of their behavior on the economic health of Baltimore.
I am willing to suffer severe economic deprivation in order to achieve White supremacy.
Senator(!)McCain asked if I want the price of lettuce to go up.
Yes, I do.
If I can't afford food, I will cannibalize my liberal and RINO neighbors.
Hail Victory.

Anonymous said...

MLB should not allowed any yt or spic ball players to play in majors to show solidarity with the oppressed black master alinskites who are absolutely in charge of not only the govt but the whole culture as well.

YT is ok for bat-boy, groundskeepers, stadium cleaners etc but by God Almighty never on the field

YT accept your fate in the new world order & kneel humbly to your new black masters. Offer thy daughters up to them for pleasure sport !!!!

Just mho

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Yep. Conservatives who frantically work the narrative that all of this is due to "Liberals" are doing this country a profound disservice. You can't solve a problem you refuse to acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

Obama's whole point is to be the exact opposite of everything you wrote. Until he leaves, nothing can change for the better.

Anonymous said...

I once lived near a supermarket on the border of a black area. About once a week, like clockwork, the store employees would chase black shoplifters through my back yard. They'd stop when the thieves jumped over the five-foot high fence at the back of the property. After a while I got to know the different employees by sight.

Anonymous said...


I am unable to find comments section another person here
mentioned on this great article.

POC dropped a penny from up high onto guard?
Oh those POC,

Anonymous said...

Mexicans are hardly heads and tails above blacks. Just take a trip to Dodger Stadium and watch what happens to lightweight mestizos when they drink a beer or two. If you're lucky, you'll get to witness groups of them in the parking lot attempting to murder random white people.

Anonymous said...

Yup, from the knock out game to thug glory fest to an empty stadium, they know how to ruin whiteys day. Is it time to fight back yet?

Anonymous said...

I did years ago, it's all hockey now, even the odd chimp on the ice acts like an idiot and the fans let him know.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that baseball is even American anymore? Gehrig, the Babe, Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams, and Warren Spahn are gone. In are Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, Yasiel Puig, Alex Rodriguez, Felix Hernandez, and the like. The lonely Trout, like the rest of the nation, is swimming upstream against a rising Third World tide.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get teary eyed watching that Field of Dreams clip? It's like that one scene tippified everything that is good about American (ie white) culture; Iowa, the farm, intact, loving families, the father-son relationship, the game of baseball itself. All of this created by and for white people only to be destroyed by blacks. Tragic.

To answer PKs question, my most recent memories of baseball have been at Turner Field. My last game was about 7 years ago. Not sure what it's like now, but back then there really weren't too many blacks despite being in downtown Atlanta. We all felt safe inside the stadium, but not so much walking out to our cars.

I'm so glad the Braves are moving to Cobb Co. But the county is going to have to work overtime to gentrify itself as so many Negroes have invaded it. Seems wherever YT is, the Negro follows.


Anonymous said...

The lead photographs from these last two Paul Kersey articles are very symbolic of racial fantasy versus America's racial reality.

In the previous lead photograph we see the most the simian subspecies of human dancing and cheering in the extremely premature belief that da blue eyed debil cops is gonna be put in the correctional crib for many years so that sweet innocent negros can be safe to pursue their careers as spacemen, scientists, and heroic do-gooders.
They're overjoyed that their primitive sub-Saharan African social aggression of rioting, crime, and general assholelic behavior will bring about a new dawn of rainbows and unicorns for the underbrained population.
We see the attractive female DWL with a warm smile knowing that these adorable dumbasses bloc voting is largely responsible for the rapid growth of impractical academia, civilian gov't, and the general liberal economy that provides such a high compensation to work ratio for her friends and relatives. Her greed makes her willfully unconcerned about America's future.

On the other hand, the empty stadium symbolizes the spoken, and unspoken, promises made to White America about the gargantuan sacrifices we've made for the futile uplifting of blacks.

Blacks will become a productive and positive force for our economy.
Blacks are gigantic drain on our economic strength.

Blacks will be peaceful and civil.
Blacks are relatively very violent, criminal, and ill-tempered.

Blacks will become clean, neat, and articulate First Worlders.
Blacks are relatively amazingly sloppy, slovenly, inarticulate third worlders.

Blacks will, of course, assiduously use contraception in order to raise quality families.
What a joke! Blacks are mind bogglingly incompetent in bringing their children into the world, and the worst parents and elders, by far, in America.

White Americans are in a vise between the fully awake Dragon of China and the juiced up chimp of black America.
We've got our work cut out for us.

Anonymous said...

I stood near a black for the first time in a while yesterday at the sub shop. He seemed to be trying to get a workers attention very abrasively. He half mumbled half yelled something like "lookie hea, I wants my sammich made now!" The dude told him he would have to wait, others are being helped now, we'll be with you soon. This nasty buck snorted in disgust then started having one of the loudest, most annoying conversations with the sow he was with. Needless to say I got my sub to go... He seemed to bristle with a false bravado of sorts, pumped up by the prezidizzle and his minions da medias holy race war. I'm really glad I don't see them very often.

Anonymous said...

I have been an Orioles season ticket holder for 33 years. There is seldom a black face in the stands, and if they are there, the tickets were given to them. Every game there is a full section of "youth" from Baltimore, virtually all black, in the upper deck, courtesy of a player who is required to "support the community" and give away a block of tickets as a contractual obligation to promote the Orioles with the local "fans". You can be your bottom dollar that these fans will never come back to the stadium unless given free tickets again.

Race said...

You can vote for the strictest tough on crime candidate and all he'll/she'll do is apply it to the first white they can to try to prove to everyone, especially blacks that they're not racist. Wake up Saxons!

William Teach said...

My favorite moment was attending a Yankees game with my Dad, watching Reggie Jackson play, watching him crank a homer with the crowd chanting Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.

Unfortunately, few, especially those like Rush, can broadcast the reality, because the message would be lost in the utter outrage.

Race said...

Repatriation is the only answer.

Anonymous said...

April 29 marks the day Baltimore Officially slipped to third-world status.

Thanks low IQ blacks, Maslow's lowest step dwellers.

You could never grasp/maintain the Euro self-sustaining life paradigm, even after being given countless "legs-up" by hand wringing (false) guilt whites. It's all mud huts, shiny stuff and your dick after all. African style. AKA: FAIL culture.

William Teach said...

PS: there's all sorts of hand-wringing over the low participation by Blacks in baseball, and they want to see how they can higher "diversity". Because there's apparently something wrong with the low level of participation, and this is obviously the Fault Of White People.

It doesn't matter that the numbers of Latinos and Asians have soared in baseball, the race hustlers want more blacks in the game, despite fewer and fewer wanting to play, and fewer being qualified to perform at the MLB level.

And the game is better without the large contingent of Blacks. We aren't treated to the angry outbursts, dancing, "look at how great I am" crap, etc and so on that has ruined (IMO) basketball and is ruining football. The loudmouths, the dancing, the obnoxious behaviors. Do that in baseball and you'll get drilled with a fastball.

Race said...

That should be our mantra... "Is it time to fight back yet ?"


Thanks to the death of Saint Spinal Tap, our next chimp out will probably go to Category Eleven.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:11am "Liquori.... he should have married that Chiquita...and then they could name their kid Banana Daiquiri."
Just google "daiquiri mugshot", or substitute any other bullshit name no self-respecting human would curse their children with.
Also, thumbs up on the "banana" daiquiri. hehe

Race said...

Somebody play the hallelujah chorus to this post and call it the thread winner!

Race said...

That is why when that critical point comes after massive violence and death due to Orc rampage, we don't mention segregation, we begin forced repatriation.

Anonymous said...

Persona Non Grata: "Senator(!)McCain asked if I want the price of lettuce to go up. Yes I do. If I can't afford food, I will cannibalize my liberal and RINO neighbors."
And they'll thank you for it, since you'll be dropping their carbon footprint to a perfect score of Zero.

So CAL Snowman said...

I used to love going to Dodger stadium with my dad as a kid. We would go every opening day and I would get some of the players to autograph my little Easton glove (I still have that glove in my attic). We would get Dodger dogs, peanuts and nachos and everyone would have a great time. Over the years the majority White crowds began being replaced by un-civilized, low IQ, mouth breathing brown alien invaders. Loud cussing (especially in the vicinity of women and small children) and fighting became staples of every single Dodger game as the brown invaders have no civility nor manners. You can't even tailgate at Dodger stadium before a game anymore because the stadium authorities don't want the mexicans to get drunk and rowdy and tear the place apart. For me, it wasn't the africans that ruined the game, it was the mexican invaders. It really amounts to the same thing though, sub-human 3rd world people make it impossible for White people to enjoy nice things. I live less than 30 mins (by LA traffic standards) from Dodger stadium and I will never step foot in that stadium ever again. The mexicans absolutely love the "Doyers" to death and I really can't explain why. The Dodgers haven't won a world series since 1988 and they were pretty crappy for most of the 1990's and early 2000s. My theory is that much like africans, anything that White people love has an instant attraction for blacks and browns (except for showering, acting civilized and fine art of course).

Mexicans may not be as in your face violent and confrontational as the africans in america, but their presence here is just as destructive and their numbers will soon dwarf the numbers of africans in america. If the beaners were really hard working and thrifty people then CA wouldn't be the number 1 welfare state in the nation.

Race said...

Of NYC's crime stats by race, they make up approximately 30% of violent crimes to the blacks 60%. This meaning that of homicides and violent crimes Hispanic and black commit 90% of homicides and violent crimes even though they are the minority in the city. Seems the same nationwide. Yeah, those hard working PFUC's! Sing it a to me gain, in having a hard time believing it as I'm surrounded by them at all times where I live!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Back in the old days I owned a television. Because I personally experienced a twenty year HORROR SHOW called the New York City Lower East Side there were many nights I had trouble falling asleep. Then one night I figured out what to do to stop the stream of flashbacks and memories caused by all the people that tried to kill me. I would turn on the TV.

Since it was always late at night it was hard finding a boring quiz show or sit-com to put me to sleep. The solution to my problem was to put on a nice boring Baseball Game. The top three sporting events that would bring on sleep were baseball, hockey and auto racing. Watching a bunch of cars racing around a race track for five minutes always did the trick.

I am not knocking sports. It has it's purpose. The American people must be entertained on a daily non-stop bases. Anything to stop them from thinking. They enjoy being glued to the tube and also their cell phones. They will give up their guns before they give up their television. My neighbor across the street is a banker and he told me one day that life would not be WORTH LIVING IF NOT FOR SPORTS. He has a TV on the wall that is as long as his driveway.

Detroit Refugee said...

Here here.
Just do something! When I'm not doing 60 hrs, there's no way I'm sitting through a Negroe sport fest.
Guitars, books, yard work ,and mountain bikes do it for me.
Find your hobbies and dive in.

Scott said...

I feel badly for the bar owners and vendors outside Camden Yards but the Orioles themselves? No. Peter Angelos is a classic DWL and major donor to Democratic causes who made his fortune as an ambulance chasing Saul Goodman type.

His son, an O's executive, put out some Tweets during the riots attributing the violence to globalist economic policies, which has nothing to do with why blacks tried to pull a family of whites driving by Camden Yards out of their station wagon. This was a race war rehearsal, and Angelos tried to obfuscate that and was feted in the media for doing so. I'm glad the Orioles lost some money.

Magnifico said...

I remember my first Yankees game like it yesterday. I was wiht my dad and his best friend Lou.

My dad turns to Lou and says:
"Hey Lou!" He replies.
"Yes Guido."
"We're in a black neighborhood and there isn't one negro in the stands." And Lou replies back.
"Yea, that's because their're to cheap to go to a game. Rather spend money on buzz and drugs."

Oh, and the Yankees won.

Anonymous said...

America has become too dumbed-down and too lazy to embrace the political/social change that needs to happen.

Almost everyone is far to busy watching the miniseries-du jour or some celebrity worship BS or sports programming to be bothered with anything as boring as a fundamental political shift.

Americas glory days are behind her and the immediate future is nothing more than a protracted slide into a third-world status.

Although I have never been happier to have left the USA as when I read of all the misfortunes that are so well documented here, I nevertheless feel that twinge of sadness for all that has been lost and for all the possibilities that are so rapidly disappearing.

Someday, somewhere, people will realize that the USA was poised to be truly magnificent, but that future was lost because a segment of the population could not allow a natural process to occur.

I continue to hope that some individual will rise up and put a stop to the mindless destruction, even as a martyr. Every day that hope is slowly eroded by the tragic decay of the once mighty USA.

I think I might start taking Chinese language courses.


Anonymous said...

That was s beautiful opportunity to put unseen obstacles in your yard so the "goot" boys would have NOT such a soft landing once in your yard. Now now, I am not talking about booby traps. Maybe some golf balls.

chattanooga gal said...

"Blacks come with already American names and give their kids ridiculous made up bullsh-t names both to draw attention to them and to separate themselves from our culture."
I saw one in a news story once named latrina.

Anonymous said...

Niggardly New Englander said:

Respectfully, William, that's what negroidus subhumanus excel in, which is to say dancing, jumping, acting like monkeys on steroids and generally obnoxious, childlike behaviors more suited to spoiled, undisciplined three year old boys.

I'm sure you've noted that the only sports blacks "excel" in are those that exhibit their natural jumping, running and pugilistic abilities. They're natural brutes that can run faster, jump higher and generally beat the shit out of other people with little effort - and even less remorse. You will further note that sports which require a lifetime of discipline, training and personal sacrifice are immediately off the table for them.

In a word, and with a few rare exceptions (which is to say, those negroes who value education and genuine intellectual accomplishment), they are frankly some sort of anomalous offshoot of early homo erectus of the "Lucy" class masquerading as homo sapiens.

They also make a wonderful political tool for useful white idiots being used by Alinskyites determined to totally wipe out the white middle class, their last remaining source of significant opposition. They don't care if America becomes one giant shit hole, just so long as THEY run it!

chattanooga gal said...

"You can vote for the strictest tough on crime candidate and all he'll/she'll do is apply it to the first white they can to try to prove to everyone, especially blacks that they're not racist. Wake up Saxons!"
sadly true.I know, in a mostly black high school here, the blacks were protesting that blacks got suspended more than whites ( this after a major gang brawl in the hallway) and I knew the end result would be that they will start suspending white students for having un-sharp pencils or whatever ridiculous charges they can think of, just to " even it up"

chattanooga gal said...

"the game is better without the large contingent of Blacks"
I have to admit, I wish they wouldn't let blacks just take over EVERY sport. I remember being dismayed when the Williams sisters started playing tennis. my first thought was " oh no, another sport that will turn into a nogfest"

Californian said...

My neighbor across the street is a banker and he told me one day that life would not be WORTH LIVING IF NOT FOR SPORTS. He has a TV on the wall that is as long as his driveway.

Another American who chose the blue pill...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, few, especially those like Rush, can broadcast the reality, because the message would be lost in the utter outrage.

Now just hold it. Rush proudly proclaims that he is the most listened to man on radio. What exactly has he been peddling all these years? Aside from mean wascally libwuls are baaaaad to his sheeple/suckers?

Does he mention BRA? Ever?

Does he directly address the problems of runaway immigration from non-European nations?

Does he address the fact that most blacks hate, HATE, whites just cause?

Where does he get this stuff, aside from pulling it out of his ass, that blacks are natural born conservatives, GOPS?

Not from reality.

If anything, the more blacks that vote for GOP, they're going to want something…as in "give us more Affirmative Action, more welfare, more gov. programs"

Its Ok, Rush. Go back to your 30 million mansion, 50million private jet, two dozen Maybachs, golf courses, etc.

Just remember to keep babling the neo-con talking points "Dems/Liberals are eeeeevil!" "Blacks like us!" "Blacks want to vote for us cause our ideals are soooo perfect!" "US is all about freedom!" "Race isn't real, only the opportunity to make it big in America!" "America is for everybody and everybody can make it happen!"

Anonymous said...

I have been calling my local a.m. Talk radio station to basically say "you keep blaming this on liberals and democrats but the fact is when liberal democrats run white-majority towns and cities they are pretty successful, the pacific northwest is a really nice area with solid economies. Detroit and Baltimore and Chicago and St Louis are failed cities because they have huge black populations."

They hang up on me before I can even finish the point.

They KNOW i'm right, they can't dispute my point logically so they shut it down as soon as they see where i'm headed. Rush Limbaugh's screener won't let me get past the words "white-majority towns" before they hang up.

How many cities need to fall into ghetto blight before whites will stop the p.c. Bullshit and take the blinders off?

Blacks are literally targeting and murdering cops and assaulting whites just because they're white. The war has begun and whites won't even acknowledge that they're under attack. Physically under attack and white culture is under attack. And we are FORBIDDEN from even speaking about it,

This is insanity.

Anonymous said...

@Chattanooga gal:

Agreed, but it hasn't happened in tennis. Once Serena retires that's gonna be pretty much it. After all, tennis, like golf, is pretty much a rich man's game and you generally need two parents to take an active interest, invest time in all the tennis camps, etc.

Once she retires there really won't be many playing.

It's like, when Tiger Woods retires. That's gonna be about it. There aren't any black PGA players on the tour who qualify for the main tournaments/Majors. Just aren't there.

Remember: For the most part, blacks wont take part in sports or things that they perceive to be "too white". So long term wise, those sports are safe.

The rest of the US, can't say.

bernicegreenbaum said...


I am unable to find comments section another person here
mentioned on this great article...

Then it perhaps was taken down. It was there early this morning, and there were about five comments, none as severe as you'd read here, but clearly from Fatigued Folk - probably why it was taken down.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Blacks are literally targeting and murdering cops and assaulting whites just because they're white. The war has begun and whites won't even acknowledge that they're under attack. Physically under attack and white culture is under attack. And we are FORBIDDEN from even speaking about it,

This is insanity.

It only looks like insanity when you refuse to consider the purpose behind why we are being forbidden to speak.

Anonymous said...

Chimpout 101

Anonymous said...

This forum comments section at times reminds me of the Twilight Zone "alien invasion" episode where eventually every one of the neighbors were blamed for the odd goings on.

Those whites who aren't doing the "right" things are practically responsible for the black dysfunction & BRA incarnate.
The "wrong" things are watching anything on TV (God forbid if it's sports, and done while eating potato chips), attending a live sporting event, living in an urban area, voting for a Republican (or Democrats, for that matter, or bothering to vote at all), giving to charities, attending a church, listening to Rush Limbaugh/Savage/Hannity etc, sending a text message on a cell phone....they all get brought up here daily.

Sorry, but race realist whites can walk and chew gum at the same time. Many do need distractions other than sitting home counting their bullets and climbing mountains (though some say that is a DWL thing anyway). You only live once, and damned if I'm going to not enjoy doing things I want because of blacks, or the perceptions of preachy "more-realist-than-thou" whites.

Plaga Negra said...

Tell whoever is doing the hand-wringing that if they want to see blacks play baseball so much then bring back the Negro League.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous D-FENS said...
Can anyone point to an issue where conservatives won? The only one I can think of is gun rights. And even gun right are pretty meaningless if all it takes is to pass a law to get people to surrender their guns.

May 10, 2015 at 9:47 AM

One conservative victory long ago was the defeat of the so called "Equal Rights Amendment" in the early 1980s. It was a Hillary wet dream on steroids, all her lesbian friends in the feminist movement had pushed it for years and when it was on the brink of success it was defeated. Phyllis Schafly led the counter attack, the communists pushing it changed the rules illegally to give it more time to pass but it still failed after the public rallied against it. After that it was buried six feet under and has never again seen the light of day.

Regarding 2nd amendment rights there have been scattered local victories around the country including in liberal areas and some national victories such as Heller that you alluded to. There has also been some minor civil disobedience such as Connecticut gun owners refusing to register or destroy magazines made illegal ex post facto. The government has not pressed that issue. Yet.

Overall however the conservative record is dismal with many lost opportunities. An example contemporaneous with the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment was when the patron saint of "conservatism, inc." Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1980. He promised to abolish the Departments of Education and Energy yet stuffed both with his supporters contributing to YT displacement. Tim Wise, Bill Ayers and other communists have received indirect paychecks from the Dept. of Education as an example.

Every time you buy a round of ammo, even if it's just .22 you are defying BRA and strengthening YT. The 1st and 2nd amendments look like they're the firebreak now between the despotism of the Left and surviving the coming storm. The next cultural battle will be the so called gay "marriage" decision coming out of the U.S. Supreme Court in a few weeks, it could go either way.

non-DL from NE
Hillary says hello to SBPDL

Anonymous said...

I'd say there's a huge gap between blacks and Hispanics when it comes to destructiveness. Same as there's a huge gap between Hispanics and whites. As for the guy in NYC. Most eastcoast Hispanics are partial nog dominicans and reecans right? That may have a little to do with it.

I find it completely stupid to idiotically lump all Hispanics into one group as opposed to judging Hispanics by their race. From what I've seen in terms of violence and idiocy it goes black Hispanics>mulatto Hispanics>mestizo Hispanics>white Hispanics. ALL the white Hispanics I know and I know a few are respectable, hardworking people and I think it's not fair to them and stupid on our part when we lump them in with halfnig reecans from NY. Even more idiotic to put them in the same breath as groids

Anonymous said...

5:39pm- "They're natural brutes that can run faster, jump higher and generally beat the shit out of other people with little effort - and even less remorse."
There is nothing magical or supernatural about those creatures. If you (or your little sister) employed the Ancient Art of The Sucker Punch or The Five-On-One Gang Attack, you too could beat the shit out of people with little effort or consequence.

Anonymous said...

Love this site. This is my first time posting.

I come from a family filled with DWL's. Hell I was one all through highschool. But I grew up and slowly but surely I started to see the world for what it is. It was a slow process but I'd say the last 4 years of my life the indoctrination blinders have been completely removed.

Anyways, again I am grateful for this blog. Checking for updates have become a morning ritual for me. It's a breath of fresh air for a man surrounded by DWL's up here in Norcal.

Anonymous said...

SC Native said .
When I hear about rioting in rural WV and KY I'll change my tune.

Hell will freeze over and negroes will compose sonnets first. As an 18 YO kid from the North in the Army I first travelled to rural KY, W. VA and N. Carolina. Not only was the scenery spectacular such as the Blue Ridge Parkway but the people were great, some of the best people I have ever met. I would rather take my chance with them than with all the geniuses in the world.

non-DWL from NE

PNW Realist said...

Do blacks understand the economic impact of lost attendance to a baseball game????

S-h-e-e-e-e-t...what dat "economic impact?" Jus' par' ob da white man's juju dat he won' share wid his black brovvers.

Anonymous said...

chattanooga gal: "I remember being dismayed when the Williams sisters started playing tennis. my first thought was " oh no, another sport that will turn into a nogfest."
Funny story about them. You may have heard the little-known fact (/sarc) that they grew up in Compton CA. My friend used to attend the Manhattan Beach womens tennis tournament every year, and when the Williams brothers were rising stars, the former mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley (black) was in attendance with his wife, seated just in front of my friend.
During one of their matches, the sistah on the court did some of her TNB. The mayor's wife, an old black lady, turns to her husband and says (at the appropriate tennis match volume), "They have no class."

The Night Nurse said...

The American Pastime has been shit upon, by the negro. Before this historic Empty Stadium Game, 2 other White Sox- Orioles games were cancelled. Make up dates have yet to be announced. Maybe MLB will have to start forecasting negroes, much like weather is forecast. I can see it now; For Monday's game, the forecast calls for sunny skies, and temperature in the 70's. However, there is a 40 percent chance of severe niggerism, for Monday night, s dress appropriately!!

Anonymous said...

If there was ever a real 'Batman' in this day and age, he'd sure be busy scaring the politicians up out of their pants...every last damn one of them is a traitor looking to get that life time seat.Term limits anyone? Fatigued

Denise said...

I used to live in Washington, Dc, and attend Orioles games all the time. I have many, many favorite moments; my all time favorite though, though, was during that horrid season when the O's were on a losing streak. I attended one game that featured a give-away prize. All the fans got O's seat cushions. Some gaffe happened, during the game - I think Rick Dempsey missed a catch, or something - I could be wrong - and seat cushions rained down on the field. Every one was laughing so hard and cheering that you couldn't hear the announcers. The deluge finally began to subside, and the announcer could be heard at last, furiously warning that "Any-one caught throwing object on the field would be ejected from the stadium!!!". This, of course precipitated another barrage. Cal Ripken Jr, Eddie Murray, and Dempsey, and a few other players just stood on the field and was wonderful.

Will America ever experience such silly, innocent fun again?

Anonymous said...

we need to do more than just complain and spread the word. id like to come up with some ideas on how to fight back.besides voting.

Anonymous said...

My favourite so far is "Shyteice".

Anonymous said...

The neighborhood around old Sportsman Park had been an all white working class one up until 1954 when blacks were allowed to attend white schools in St. Louis. This despite a landmark housing court case nearby which ended racial covenants in St. Louis in 1948.

There was actually a race riot at nearby Fairgrounds Park in 1949 after the swimming pool at the park was opened to blacks. Back then, white's apparently did not tolerate the Dindu's dysfunctional bad behavior, and promptly started beating the crap out of them when it began. The pool was quickly segregated again for another year to avoid another race riot. A judge re-opened it to blacks in 1950.

The local high school near old Sportsman Park, Beaumont (named after a St. Louis surgeon) was built on what was once Robison Field, where the St. Louis Cardinals played baseball from 1893 to 1920. It opened in 1926 at a cost of 1.7 million dollars and had a capacity of 3,500 students, and was once the jewel of the St. Louis Public school system both academically and athletically, producing many well known people, including former Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver.

Of course, once the Zulu horde was allowed in following the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, knife fights and racial attacks began to happen at the school, which is what ultimately drove the whites from the area. White people want to keep their children safe while they learn a school. Something blacks cannot seem to grasp.

With their government turning on them in favor of the groid ,they had no choice but to become refugees from their once safe neighborhood and community they loved.

By 1965, blacks became the majority in the school.

By 1970, Beaumont was an all-black high school and re-segregated due to the white flight.

In 1990, 20% of the "student body" we're identified as gang affiliated. The area is a Crips v. Bloods war zone.

Beaumont high school is now closed. The end result of Brown v. Board of Education.

Anonymous said...

What really freaks me out is focusing on the genetic breeding experiment that is the freak known as the American Negro. Slave owners bred the largest and strongest to get the brutes we know today. In Africa, they aren't like our groids; they're smaller and less muscled.

Our negroes are literally a man-made freak. They are engineered animals. Can you imagine the rage they must feel when they realize this and look at the crude caveman face they see in the mirror. Freaks, created by their White masters. Island of Dr Moreau, come to life.

Quite amazing when you really think about it. No wonder they're such angry orcs.

think about it... said...

Reparations with full repatriation including renunciation of citizenship. This is the only acceptable alternative.

Anonymous said...

Hey Libtards! Drawing muhammad cartoons is provocative and shouldn't be done?!

No, MLK and negro hordes marching on Selma is provocative.

Ex-Cincinnatian said...

Baseball memories: Yes, I have some good ones. I was growing up during the days of "The Big Red Machine." The Cincinnati Reds were steamrolling over their opponents and the Riverfront Stadium was packed full of rabid fans.

I remember the city almost shutting down entirely for the first game of the season. Everyone was excited and Reds memorabilia was everywhere. My father took our family to a few games and I remember the loud organ music, the "7th inning stretch" and of course, those wonderful salty peanuts we'd shell and munch on as we watched the game.

When I attended an all-girls Catholic high school in town, I remembered our algebra teacher (a baseball-loving nun in her 60's) could easily be distracted if we simply asked her to tell us about Dave Concepción. As I remember, she taught his kids in a Catholic middle-school. She could seriously go on for at least 15 minutes about him while we giggled and happily allowed her to drift off topic.

What I remember about those days was the All-American goodness of baseball. It was a place that seemed magical, separated from a world filled with conflict. It always struck me as being peaceful in a way. Baseball isn't a clash of bodies but minds. It isn't about brawn and bashing in the head of the other guy. Nor is it the chest-beating loud cry after sinking a 3-pointer.

Baseball inspires poetry, which is probably why it appealed to me as a young girl.

I could wax rhapsodic about baseball any day of the week. No other sport would inspire me. It's like an athletic ballet going on in the field. Just magnificent.

And now, Baltimore ruined it. But I'm not going to allow it to do so. It's been years since I've been to a baseball game but I'm going to see if I can drag my husband to the Triple A game in town.

Meanwhile, OT: Is this really helping, Moochelle?

Yet another example of how the current residents in the WH stir up racial strife. Plus, what a crappy commencement speech. It's all about Moochelle whining (typical self-absorption for her, because it always is about her) and her complete disregard for all the opportunities that exist for these graduates.

Anonymous said...

I can believe that where liberal policies might work in one city (with whites), they would not work in black cities. To the person who keeps getting cut off by Rush Limbaugh’s screener, you’re lucky you got to that point.

You and I understand that the topic we are talking about on this blog is taboo for the rest of the nation. They have been conditioned to kick back whenever any criticism of the black race is brought up. I think Rush Limbaugh is a realist, but is working from a point he is trying to balance what he says so as not to immediately turn off half the audience (who is VERY prejudiced against the white race and which includes all races and even whites.)

I said this before: we (meaning race realists) need to get a radio station, or maybe start a periodical for public consumption. Again, for awhile, we would have to delicately bring people to the realization that blacks are the problem. Isn’t that what PK is doing with his blog? I would like to see VDARE, American Renaissance, and SBPDL combine forces to wake the sleeping giant up! Many Teaparty people are realists, but they cling to the past; they simply find it hard to part with the notion that blacks are redeemable. You and I know that this is an exercise in futility.

When I first started reading PK’s blog, I still clung to the idea that blacks were mostly good and redeemable. Since I have followed PK, I can see that idea was folly on my part. I am afraid that once a realist always a realists. Blacks won’t change…can a leopard change its spots?

Anonymous said...

Attn Jay-Z.

Explains a lot:

GrimmTale said...

Boston native here (twilight-zoned to Tucson AZ in 2004 for work....that's a whole other nightmarish story of 3rd world country-type neighbors, but I digress on that).

Anywho....I've been to Fenway park at least a dozen times during the 45yrs while living in a small suburb 4-miles north of Boston. It is a fantastic park, full of nostalgic ambiances ...simply a great park -whose city management a few years back, wanted to tear the thing down because it was outdated. But the citizens held strong and pushed-back - they just said NO and Fenway still stands...unlike Yankees Stadium (had to put that Yankees "dig" out there heehee). I have two sons (now 26 and 22) who grew up to be HUGE BoSox fans, and still are to this day. Ironically, the year we dragged ourselves out here to Tucson (2004) was the year the Sox broke the curse, and won the World Series. You can imagine how that felt, especially to my sons who were their biggest fans ...The Sox FINALLY win and we're NOT home? We're not home to revel in the parades, high-five hand slapping, yeah-babying, in your face Yankees shouting (you get my drift). But it was glorious nonetheless!

Both my sons were heavily into Little League, and were enrolled from age 6 to 12, and became quite the accomplished players if I do say so myself! It was the best thing my husband and I could have done for them in their young lives.

If any of you are Little League World Series fans, you know about the Saugus Massachusetts team back in 2003 that made it two games away from winning it all, and were nominated for an ESPY award for one of their games vs. Texas. My youngest son's team was this team. He was pulled from the AllStar team because of head-count, since the others were far better players, and that was OK. We followed his team around the state, watching them take-down town after town, county after county, region after region, state after state, all the way to Connecticut for the finals. Then to Pennsylvania for the big-kahoona (losing to Florida, who eventually lost to Japan for the win).
I must say this team of 12-yr old boys was the greatest group of kids in the history of Little League (nah, no bias here)! They even got a few runs on the Wheaties Cereal box! It was such a glorious (fun-filled) few months and I must say...this is something you will NEVER feel with professional sports...never ever ever!

If you REALLY want to feel the courage and perseverance in sports, check out your local 12-yr old division Little League roster of games. You won't be disappointed, and the games are FREE! If you have an opportunity to visit the World Series games, you will never view professional BBall the same. It's something everyone should experience (whether your kids are playing or not), because it's the TRUE essence of baseball, heartfelt and worth something so much more than a huge salary for a player, it's worth its weight in gold for feelings of pride, sense of accomplishment, team spirit, etc etc.

Baseball has been, and will always be the sport of togetherness. Memories of listening to the "crucial" must-win game for your home-team on a small transistor radio on a late Saturday afternoon, or heading down to the Little League field, it's always a game of bringing communities together, unlike any other sport (IMO).
Go Red Sox!

GrimmTale said...

Oh, and I forgot to put this into my post:

Then we have the black teams who need to lie about age and/or obtain illegal team members in order to win Little League games:
Bronx NY: Danny Almonte, an overaged Dominican-born little league pitcher 2001.
Chicago IL: Jackie Robison West team, first all black team to win US LLeague Championship (in over 31yrs) stripped of title after found to have used (illegal) players from outside their geographic area 2014.
(Story goes that numerous [black] officials secretly expanded the league's boundaries to grab star players.)

Pathetic I know.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think the negroes have any idea how bad things are going to get for them soon. YT is FED UP! How many cop killings will it take for someone to snap? An Archduke Ferdinand moment that triggers a cataclysm for the orc hordes is a headline away.

PK's columns over the years will be all the future historians need to know to follow the growing big bang. Hopefully, the new universe that evolves from the explosion will be nice and clean and White.

Negroes really are genetically programmed to destroy First World societies. Their Black Privilege them allows them to then blame other races for their own dysfunction.


Anonymous said...

Sasha Groidonette, as she and her fellow groids were looting a grocery store, was heard screaming, "Let 'em eat bananas!

Anonymous said...


Chatanooga, Serena was "successful" in tennis because most black women hqave more muscle mass and testoterone than do white men. It's not exactly rocket science.

This is why track and field events, for instance, should have two venues - one for blacks and the other for the rest of the planet. The same goes for basketball and boxing.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to Dodger Stadium as a kid in the 70s. The thrill of emerging from the tunnel to see the diamond, all green grass, red clay and blue sky. Vin Scully being played on a thousand radios, the smell of Farmer John Dodger Dogs. I saw Johnny Bench hit a homer to beat the Dodgers in 1972.
I remember being in that very Baltimore stadium the night Cal Ripken ended his streak. I took my brother in law to his first and only major league ball game in that beautiful stadium. The beautiful stadium surrounded by Negro decay.
This spring I spent some time in Michigan for work. I ventured into downtown Detroit to see a Tigers game. Again I saw a beautiful ball park surrounded by Negro decay, in a city full of Negro decay

Race said...


Race said...

Ohh, how appropriate!

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Also quite noteworthy is the 140th Preakness Stakes next Saturday in Baltimore, with the Black-Eyed Susan the day before on Friday. The Preakness annually draws upward of 125,000 (mostly white) people, who drink allot of alcohol beginning very early in the proceedings. Pimlico's about 5.5 miles out of downtown. We'll have a better idea how things might go for this white-privilege-on-full-display extravaganza, by what happens around Camden Yards in the next few nights. Will the President, the "First Lady".. the mayor, the "chief prosecutor".. and the police chief.. let us continue with our privileged American rituals..? or do we further regress to the African mean.. stay tuned sports fans.. stay tuned..

10mm AUTO said...

Bernice, it isn't just negros though they are the real driving force behind cop haters. However, their are race traitors that think alike as well. See:

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Left Coast White Guy said...

I can honestly state that everything So Cal Snowman had said is true and he had actually even understated it if anything. I'm actually very close to Angel stadium and it is not as bad here but they make their precedence known. Add I've stated before, you cannot go to any fast foods restaurants in SoCal and find a mirror in any means restroom because they all CARVE their gang garbage on it. They also like blacks will target those that they perceive as weak or vulnerable when they are the predominate demographic in the area. Some are good just like blacks, but you can see the net collective result of their individual behavior simply by going to any all mestizo area. Bars on windows, fenced in yards, cocks in front yards (for cock fighting... A favorite part-time of theirs... always lots of drugs present on these occasions). If not letting their house go to pot, they paint it done terrible gawdy color.
To PK's question about baseball memories... First game was a dodger game when I was 5 or younger. I presently have a family member with season tickets to the Angels. I've been to a lot of Angel games and I love the excitement and energy at a sporting event, but have never understood how people become so consumed in something they are not personally invested in. They don't have a family member on the team, the team may be half Hispanic, the team members aren't from the local area, the team members get traded and exchanged for new team members. Why concern yourself with such a thing? I loved playing most sports growing up.. Especially football and baseball... And some soccer. I live watching my boys play sports. I don't really understand getting excited about another grown man playing a sport. I enjoy it way more throwing the football around with the other men in my family on thanksgiving. We used to always do that.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Two years or so on this website we had long discussions about a very young prepubescent girl who was gang raped by by over a dozen Mexican males in their mid to late teens and even their twenties. They are not like us either. Like the poster said, go visit Tiajuana to see what kind of culture they produce. Don't fool yourself and don't fool others here.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Whiskeys back

Motorcycle event or black crime? said...

Once again no pictures of the suspects.

There was a shooting in Newark....a motorcycle event....please don't ask anymore questions.

Anonymous said...

Its Ok, Rush. Go back to your 30 million mansion, 50million private jet, two dozen Maybachs, golf courses, etc.

No kidding.

Rush doesn't care about White people anymore than Michelle Obama.

He's just a millionaire that makes money by selling this false narrative of Democrats being to blame for everything.

Someone said he probably knows that truth but can't talk about it. And what is preventing him? He has plenty of money to live on and could broadcast on the internet if needed.

Conservatives like Rush are not going to just back away from this false narrative they have been peddling for decades. They're not going to stop and admit that "small government" won't solve black dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the hockey playoff game last night, and they aired a commercial that showed famous hockey playoff moments over the years interspersed with shots of the cheering crowds.

They had grainy 60's/70's crowd shots, and I started thinking, "Someone in the NHL ad department probably went through hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage looking for a black person to show in one of these old hockey crowd shots". Alas, one could not be found, and all the smiling faces in these old clips were white.

But as the clips got more and more modern, and a black person (player or otherwise) still hadn't been shown, I couldn't believe it. But of course, we get jerked back to reality at the end as they showed three successive clips of hockey crowds, each of them with a single black person featured prominently. Who knows how many man-hours the poor NHL ad intern had to put in to find this extremely rare footage? The only real surprise was that they didn't include a single clip of hockey's black superstar, PK Subban, in the commercial.

Why go through what must have been extraordinary effort to include footage of a few black people in this ad? It's not like a random black person seeing the ad is suddenly going to check out hockey, nor are the handful of black hockey fans out there likely to tune out hockey if they don't see a clip of another black hockey fan in the commercial. Could the league be wary of SJWs going after them for not featuring enough "diversity" in their ads, or does the FCC actually have a quota system in place for any ads looking to get broadcast nationally?

Anonymous said...

'Sorry, all, segregation won't work.

And it'll never happen. There are far too many DWLs, even in light of this latest tragedy where LEOs were murdered by obviously oppressed and disadvantaged Blacks.

Segregation is unlikely but could happen.

Two events could set it in motion:

1. DNA research that affirms self-control and intelligence genes correlate with race. This is inevitable, only a matter of time before Russia or China makes the case.

2. Massive Bantu rape and murder rampage. A riot and power outage could easily spark this type of event.

These two events could precede a White national political movement. The liberal media would of course freak out but if the White majority really wanted to go down that path then there is nothing the media can do about it. And by that point liberalism will be much weaker as it depends on race denial.

Anonymous said...

I never could understand how someone like that greedy idiot Rush Limbaugh could just pile up money all day long, never enough. No doubt he is correctly afraid of losing his FCC license if tells the truth about race, is that what's holding him back ? Perhaps it's his obsession with pro sports particularly feetsball which is full of silverbacks that prevents him from acknowledging the truth.

With his money and his radio career behind him he could do tremendous damage to the Democrats he hates but would also damage the loathsome establishment Republicans he loves by telling the truth. I guess the corrupt old bastard just wants more money and to hear himself talk rather than help fix things.

Anonymous said...

Here's a rhetorical question or three for sports fans:

Why so many blacks in certain sports? Is it simply that sports is a field they can actually have some success in? Or is it because a certain group of people promoted them as sports stars for propaganda reasons? Maybe a combination of both?

Think about how "the media" has gotten White people to cheer for, and identify with, certain black athletes. What a mind-control WIN!

You take a majority group, Whites, who are largely suspect of, or hostile to, blacks. You get them to a stage where they are literally in awe of certain cherry-picked blacks (see: every White man who ever talked about "Michael", i.e. Jordan, like they knew him personally).

What a spectacular way to change the mental state of a nation.

As for physical capability, cheetahs can outrun us, and gorillas are stronger. We don't need to compare ourselves to the animal kingdom and feel bad-we are still the smartest animal in the room!

Anonymous said...


The only real last conservative in this country was a Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin who died in 1957. His name was Joseph McCarthy. It's been all downhill ever since.

As for Rush Limbaugh, he is now a caricature of himself, and when it comes to blacks and Mexicans turning America into one giant used condom, he wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful.

One can tell that his calls are now carefully screened to avoid these explosive issues like the plague. Take it to the bank that he has his private jet maintained better than Trump's 747, and when the gutters are running with blood knee deep he will leave this country to an island he has already bought somewhere - with a two mile runway he put in to land that baby. I guarantee you that that place he has picked up for maybe 50 million bucks or so is stocked better than the USS Ronald Reagan and gaurded better than Forh Leavenworth. What a hypocritical, double-dealing, pusillanimous POS he has turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

One of mine fondest memories was not a baseball game but a hockey game. Which is unusual, because baseball is my favorite sport.

The year was 1969, a friend of mine got some free tickets to Olympia stadium in Detroit , to see Gordy howe play. Olympia is gone, torn down some years later. And of course Gordy retired many years ago also.


Anonymous said...

A little black history trivia for ya. Did you know that the only time in its long history, the Grand Ole Opry show in Nashville didn't take place was when the Blacks rioted in 1968? Before and since, the Opry has never missed a weekend performance.

Anonymous said...

Make sure your children get educated and/or trained in a trade. The better the job they can land, the Whiter the community they can afford to live in. Seriously, remind your kids every day of the dire consequences of not studying, doing well in school, and striving to achieve.

Staying as far away from Blacks as possible seems to be the only solution right now. Ruining Baseball is yet another of the daily reminders of what Blacks are capable of and allowed to do in a society where they are excused for everything. Still sorry for the IKAGOs.

Anonymous said...

That people hero worship people who play kids games for a living have no idea what life is. For my school years I saw meatheads acting like coaches were gods. Why? Participating in vicarious hero worship and submitting to authority figures while keeping your lousy mouth shut is what they want from us.

One liberal school teacher I know, who hasn't spent much time around negroes actually says that IQ tests are racist, and proof of this is the obvious dominance of pavement apes at the game of blacksketball. This somehow "proves" that African't-Americans are actually good at something.

Keep up your groid-worship America, you don't deserve the legacy of your blood when you now to the apes and the indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Now that is a clear thinking reality based observation!

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day beach brawl just north of Boston:

riptapart said...

I believe Maris broke the record hitting 61 homers in 1961.

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day beach brawl just north of Boston...

I have a question for anyone involved in teaching blacks in the 'hood: How do you handle Mother's and Father's Days? Consider how many black children do not know their fathers, or have mothers who have kids with multiple men, including close relatives.

What impact does that have on these holidays? Do they send Mother's/Father's Day cards? Do they get outraged at other student's who have a traditional mother-father? Do they even care?

Anonymous said...

Two years or so on this website we had long discussions about a very young prepubescent girl who was gang raped by by over a dozen Mexican males in their mid to late teens and even their twenties. They are not like us either. Like the poster said, go visit Tiajuana to see what kind of culture they produce. Don't fool yourself and don't fool others here.

No one is fooling themselves, everyone here knows that Mexicans do not produce the same culture.

But the worst problems with Mexicans have been in liberal areas like California where they tolerate criminal illegals and give tickets for gang crime.

I stopped in a Mexitown in Idaho and the workers at the local BK were very polite even though they couldn't speak much English. It was much different than typical SoCal.

We have model Mexican towns where there is a functioning economy and degree of civility. Does that mean there should be open borders? Of course not. But Whites can work with Mexicans and live next to them, especially if the White leaders are not weak liberals.

Mexicans have some negative traits in their culture but so do Whites. Of course they do not produce as many high-iq individuals but I think they are aware of this. They have their positive traits like respect for masculine men and hard work. They also don't buy the idea that blacks are their equal. I would rather have a Mexican day laborer decide what to do about the Blacks than a White male with a doctorate.

So yes there are aspects of Mexican culture that I don't like but the same can be said about Whites. Don't forget that the most blatant attacks on White society were by White males in robes. White males that think of themselves as superheroes for the poor wittle bantu are a bigger problem than Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations about Rush. All true. Anyone who listens to Dr. Laura on Sirius Radio can hear the same thing. She rips into almost every single person who calls like a monkey on a cupcake. Never when the caller is Black.

Anonymous said...

Segregation is unlikely but could happen.

Traditional Southern style segregation causes too many logistical problems: you need two sets of everything, from water fountains to schools. And you will always have an aggrieved black demographic in your midst, with all the criminality and race hustling that involves. And the do-gooders among you will be forever working to bring blacks across the color line--along with big business which will exploit them for cheap labor against the white working class.

A much better solution is geographical separation of the races. e.g., partition the USA into White America and Multicult America. Expel all blacks from White America. Multicult America could have all the open borders it wants, and I am sure there are many DWL who would want to be enriched by living in a country in which they and their children are in the minority.

The real dilemma for a whites-only country is keeping it that way. Most European countries were white until fairly recently. So you will have to deal with treasonous, hostile white elites who sell out their own people.

Anonymous said...

"Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd, buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, it's conceivable I'll never get back,
So it's root, root, root for the home team, and if they don't win it's a shame, for it's one, two, three slugs you're out,
at the old ball game".

Race said...

WTF is a white Hispanic? If by white Hispanic you mean Spanish.... Then that is just a white European. There are also remaining solid Spanish bloodlines in mexico. Just because they are in mexico doesn't mean they are mixed race. That person would still be white though living in mexico and speaking Spanish (gutter version). So if not a white living in Aztec land, wtf is a white Hispanic?

festus said...

In 1965 went to a Cardinals game. Black fellows with trays of beer worked the stands with cries of "Co Beer!, Co Beer!". Later we returned home to our suburban enclave just north of Ferguson.

Anonymous said...


Hilarious name.

Anonymous said...

Traditional Southern style segregation causes too many logistical problems: you need two sets of everything, from water fountains to schools. And you will always have an aggrieved black demographic in your midst, with all the criminality and race hustling that involves. And the do-gooders among you will be forever working to bring blacks across the color line

Those groups would always be around unless the government went the one-way African safari plan. You would have to mitigate or neutralize those groups regardless of the plan.

A much better solution is geographical separation of the races. e.g., partition the USA into White America and Multicult America. Expel all blacks from White America.

But where would you send them? There is plenty of empty land in Nevada and New Mexico but you would have to wall them in. Give them Atlanta and a chunk of Georgia? A lot of that land is corporate and White owned. Even if you gave them an area like New Orleans the Federal government would still have to keep the lights running. There would be environmental issues as well unless you are comfortable with Blackistan making their own rules about what they can dump in the gulf.

I think the RSA came up with the only viable solution short of golden ticket ideas. Basically let them work in White areas but make them go home to Black neighborhoods. Have a strong social net with generous unemployment benefits for Whites. This keeps the anti-White socialists in check by making it harder for them to organize working class Whites. The RSA was smart to not embrace Randian theories and instead chose to maximize Black labor while providing generous government benefits for Whites. In fact there was basically guaranteed employment if you were White. What could anti-White socialists offer?

At one point their currency was stronger than the dollar and they had developed their own type of nuclear power plant.

But the entire world turned against them including many Western corporations that were pressured by American DWLs.

PNW Realist said...

What took place in Baltimore was no less than the triumph of The Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub in the original Hebrew. While I remain doubtful that there's a personality known as Satan, allowing the dindus to rampage and destroy wasn't simply surrender by whites to nature's dark underbelly, it was upheld by many so steeped in insanity as a good thing.

The Lord of the Flies was commonly assigned high school reading decades ago, and it really should come back into fashion. It would give a lot of folk insight into American,and especially black society, now sorely lacking.

While some blacks will achieve, prosper and become fully contributing members of society, most will remain ready to descend into the cultural savagery of mother Africa.

chattanooga gal said...

you know, I would settle for TRULY treating them equal- meaning they have to live by the same rules as everybody else-if you're not qualified, you don't get the job, you don't get special " civil rights" or "hate crimes" courts if you don't like the original verdict. you can be thrown out of a library etc for being too loud. etc etc. it's the "special" considerations, the black privilege that gets my goat.

Anonymous said...

You Can't "Fix" Black said:

An above poster said, "The real dilemma for a whites-only country is keeping it that way. Most European countries were white until fairly recently. So you will have to deal with treasonous, hostile white elites who sell out their own people."
Um, you deal with them the way THEY would deal with us if they had their boot on OUR necks - you fucking k*** them before they k*** you.

Come to think of it, it's already beginning to happen and will soon spiral out of control if we don't deal with them in the only language they understand. What part of "they want us dead" do so many whites not comprehend? I am truly flummoxed at so many otherwise decent but asshole DWLs whites being led to the slaughter like docile lambs.

Anonymous said...

You answered your own question. Hispanic's of European ancestry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of Mexican worship here. Funny how people can have their eyes open to black dysfunction, but be all dreamy eyed-DWL about the Mexicans.

I'm sure you know a good one
I know they're not all like that
Yup, White people do it too

Society always sinks to its lowest common denominator, if you want to live in a 1st world nation, then you don't want Mexicans in your country.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I do admit he treads lightly on the Negroes. When he called Fluke a slut about something concerning birth control pills, he lost lots of weak kneed sponsors who were afraid of Jackson and Sharpton and Liberal in generals. To do anything but elevate the Negro is the most major mistake a person in media can do. Blacks are sacrosanct above all minorities EVEN gays! If you hurt their feelings, you can lose your job and your livelihood. For that reason, they tread lightly on them and in fact support blacks over whites. The only problem is social media exposes black behavior to the extent it cannot be explained away anymore. Places like PK’s blog are where white realists congregate to share stories. However, all of you calling Rush light on Negroes, I do hear you. Most of the current media is like that! They will protect the Negro to their final breath…BUT, DEEP down I think they hate the black bastards. Believe me, although he preaches that conservatism trumps the black IQ drawback, RUSH knows DAMN good and well that blacks will NEVER succeed. I think Michael Savage is one of the few who are not afraid to attack the black boogeyman! He does everything but use the N word.

Anonymous said...

"DNA research that affirms self-control and intelligence genes correlate with race. This is inevitable, only a matter of time before Russia or China makes the case."

They might have the results in their hands that proves the genetic differences in race, but why would Russia or China want to release such facts?

America and Europe would be the only ones to benefit from that information getting out. Russia and China are in no danger of widespread black emigration anytime soon, so they wouldn't need the genetic data to justify any policy they might want to enact.

In short, why produce the confirmatory data that American and European genetic scientists are not allowed to even consider pursuing, when the African scourge will go about its business of destroying their (Russia's and China's) competition?

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman was attacked

Anonymous said...

The Lord of the Flies was commonly assigned high school reading decades ago, and it really should come back into fashion. It would give a lot of folk insight into American,and especially black society, now sorely lacking.

I think you are giving black society too much credit. It's a good book but I don't think Blacks are basically White 12 year olds.

Whites of any age have a history of sticking together in a difficult situation. I don't think White teens or boys would descend that quickly into savages, especially if they were from a military school.

There is something to blacks that is beyond socializing. You can sense it just being around their kids. I was playing catch with some little white kids once in a park and these annoying black kids come over and asked if they can bat. I said no and one looks me in the eye and asks...why?

I'm sorry but did you see a sign that says little league tryouts? Even the worst White kids I have been around would never ask a stranger in a park if they can use his bat. Black children do not have the same natural sense. You can pick that up just being in the same room with White and Black kids. In fact you can't be in said room for 30 minutes without thinking about genetics. After being around children from both races I have come to the conclusion that most teachers have to be racial realists but maintain the lie for egalitarian reasons. There is no way you could be around children from both races for years and not notice these patterns.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations about Rush. All true. Anyone who listens to Dr. Laura on Sirius Radio can hear the same thing. She rips into almost every single person who calls like a monkey on a cupcake. Never when the caller is Black.

Monkey on a cupcake? What?

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of Mexican worship here. Funny how people can have their eyes open to black dysfunction, but be all dreamy eyed-DWL about the Mexicans.

Pointing out that they aren't as bad as Blacks is a form of worship? Who is being dreamy eyed? It's an indisputable fact that they have lower crime rates and higher employment.

Society always sinks to its lowest common denominator, if you want to live in a 1st world nation, then you don't want Mexicans in your country.

They're not going anywhere thanks to lazy Whites that won't cut their own lawns and corporations that don't want to pay a basic wage.

Some of us just don't care about the Mexicans. I even prefer yes PREFER Mexicans to liberal Whites. America is a mess and yes there were too many Mexicans that were let in but that was not my decision or yours. But BRA is a much bigger problem. Blacks do not take a city like Ferguson and turn it into El Paso. They take a city like Ferguson and turn it into a wasteland.

If you think Mexicans are just as much of a problem then you have not traveled enough. We have spent trillions on Blacks and there isn't a single Black El Paso. There is not ONE Black majority city that has a thriving downtown. I've been to both majority Hispanic cities and Black wastelands and there is no comparison.

Anonymous said...

Shamelessly O/T but here's some stuff on my mind today:

1. White teacher tries to keep an assembly of parents and students together. Black folks start leaving...White lady asks them to sit down...they get rowdy and keep leaving; White lady says "Look who's leaving, the black people".

All well and good, but "shock at racist remarks" ensues, and White lady later bleats about four paragraphs of the most abject apologies I've ever seen or heard. An "A+" in groveling to the teacher. No one can grovel quite like a White person when they grovel before blacks.

2. Some folks I read about on the 'net the other day want to extend legal "personhood" to Chimpanzees; look it up.

Thought experiment: Imagine a few Chimps learned how to speak a few rudimentary words. We would be lobbied about their rights and told to accept them as equals. Thy don't do as well as us in school, but that is because of pro-human bias in the curriculum and testing. They can't control angry outbursts, but we would be urged to forgive them their justifiable anger. In fact, the whole deal with the chimps would be a lot like our accommodations of, "Negroes".

Anonymous said...

Believe me, although he preaches that conservatism trumps the black IQ drawback, RUSH knows DAMN good and well that blacks will NEVER succeed. I think Michael Savage is one of the few who are not afraid to attack the black boogeyman! He does everything but use the N word.

Savage at least pushes the boundaries. Limbaugh just sits on his butt and sings the same song about Democrats being the cause of all Black problems. Then he takes his paycheck and goes home to his mansion. I honestly hate the guy for pretending to care about the country. If he really cared then he would stop chasing his 10th million and be honest about what is happening. Rush/Fox type commentary is just another form of race denial. Rush is a slimeball opportunist that undoubtedly hates liberals but also puts money ahead of White communities and the country.

Anonymous said...

In short, why produce the confirmatory data that American and European genetic scientists are not allowed to even consider pursuing, when the African scourge will go about its business of destroying their (Russia's and China's) competition?

An excellent question.

The answer is that their Universities never adopted political correctness so this area is no more the business of the government than regulating the study of frogs.

A scientist in either country can study racial genetics and publish the results without fear of losing their career. Technology will allow DNA research to be performed on a widespread scale. You will be able to swab your mouth and look at your DNA on your own computer. Once that is available there is nothing that race deniers can do to prevent the walls from coming down. They'll switch to the Robert Lindsay position (liberal racial realism) and argue for helping Blacks because they are genetically disadvantaged. I don't think that strategy will work though, I expect a major backlash when the majority of Whites learn they have been lied to since birth. I also suspect that many top level liberals fear this is coming and are hoping to intermix Whites as much as possible before the DNA tests come in.

rent slave said...

Speaking of Savage,he just said that "there's an epidemic of cop killings by blacks".He further stated that there's an ongoing Civil War"coming soon to a neighborhood near you".

Anonymous said...

Since WW-1 starting with fascistic Pres Wilson, the US has pushed (& still pushes) for "self-determination" of "peoples".

It's high time that we start raising that issue here. Raise it constantly, all the time.

We need our own country in North America. Give the groids their own country too since it won't "survive" long without yt to parasite off of

/H hypie out \H

Anonymous said...

Off topic but one thing I like to do when around a lot of blacks in public is to break out my cell phone and pretend like I'm talking to my father. I get really animated and say things like "Hey Dad!", "That's great, Dad!", "Awesome Dad!", "I appreciate you doing that for me Dad!" and so on. Makes the blacks squirm cuh dey ain' be knowin' who day fadduh be cuh he ain' nevva be roun' an sheeit.

PNW Realist said...

I do so enjoy that in spite of the MSM trying to pretend that the negro is God's gift to humanity, people can see through all the bullshit. They have forgotten that the citizens of the old Soviet Union also saw through the crap that was pushed by the state organs up until the country fell.

The USSR depended on lies to survive, and now the US is doing the same, basing government policy on the celebrate-diversity garbage and the idea that biology plays no roll in academic ability or behavior.

I loved what the US once was. But, no group, society, family or country can continue to exist in any healthy or meaningful way based on lies, nor is its continued existence wanted or even desirable.

Anonymous said...

I am on the fence about Hispanics.... Generally the seem to be hard working and family oriented. Not to mention that have culture, something orcs lack. I am dead against illegal immigration!!! As long as the Mexicans living here right now behave and do no wrong, okay. But the shit birds dying to get over can stay in the third world mess they reside.

Anonymous said...

Baseball. The only sport where I wish both teams could lose.

Anonymous said...

Baseball requires planning, strategy, and sometimes the sacrifice of your own interests for the team. Easy to see why it's not a favorite with the groids.

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