Saturday, May 16, 2015

There's no such thing as "gun violence" in St. Louis: It's Black Violence

The good folks at KMOV in St. Louis put together a study of the cost of gun violence in the city. It's worth reading, though it leaves out one important variable (the race of the shooter). [News 4 Investigates: The Cost of Gun Violence, KMOV, 5-15-15]:

For our News 4 Investigates exclusive report on the cost of gunshot violence in St. Louis, we worked with Barnes-Jewish (BJC) and St. Louis University (SLU) Hospitals. These are the only Level One and Level Two Trauma Centers in St. Louis city and as a result these are where gunshot victims are transported for treatment. 
Many gunshot victims from outside the city of St. Louis are also transported to SLU and BJC for treatment. 
Here are the numbers: 
Our News 4 Investigative team began working with SLU and BJC last September for our examination of the cost of treating gunshot victims. Each hospital provided us with numbers for gunshot victims transported for treatment for as long as ten years ago. For the purpose of our report who chose to focus on one year, 2014. 
The Cost: 
Assigning a dollar amount, or a "cost" for treating gunshot victims is difficult and for the purposes of our investigation we used rough averages provided by the hospitals and our own calculations. The methodology we used is outlined below: (Note that we are combining the numbers provided by the two hospitals for one grand total.) 
Gunshot victims for 2014: 
-568 out-patient (relatively minor wounds)
-547 Level 1/Level 2 patients (serious wounds)
-Total patients seen in 2014: 1,115
The rough average cost for treating gunshot victims was given as $10,000 - $20,000. We split the difference and went with a figure of $15,000. 
-Patients with severe, critical injuries can require extensive care, surgery, rehab, etc., and the costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
-For our report, we used a very conservative rough cost of $50,000 for serious, or level 1 and/or level 2 patients. 
-568 out-patient at $15,000 = $8,520,000
-547 serious at $50,000 = $27,350,000
That brought us to our total cost of gun violence for 2014: $35,870,000
So the cost of gun violence, almost entirely perpetrated by blacks in the city of St. Louis (consult the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Annual Report for confirmation of this fact), was $35 million for the year 2014. 

A gun is a tool, an inanimate object. It takes a human to pull the trigger, causing a chain reaction ultimately producing a round to fire out of the barrel of the gun; if this action doesn't occur, the round (bullet) will stay safely chambered within the gun. 

Because of individual black people's proclivity to pull the trigger of a gun, the chain reaction ends with the bullet hitting their target: almost exclusively other black people (some have tried to claim the gun violence exclusively black violence is a "public health crisis," without noting it is black people who have created the crisis...).

Joseph DeLucia, is an emergency medicine physician at St. Louis University Medical Center, a Level I trauma center that specializes in gunshot wounds and stabbings. He has been quoted discussing the "horrifying, literally horrifying" nature of watching families fall on the ground as they bemoan the death of a family member via a bullet being deliberately fired in their direction. 

He also wrote an essay for Emergency Physicians Monthly, which described the typical patient he sees in the St. Louis University Medical Center and the reason for their visit. [Handling hysteria, EPMonthly, 1-30-2008]:
Tires screeched as a car pulled away from the ambulance bay. Security shouted over the loud speaker, “Help needed on ambulance bay, man shot!” Nurses and techs ran out to see a 325 lb., black, middle-aged man writhing on the floor in pain, screaming, “I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot!” They threw him on the stretcher and wheeled him into the trauma room. Multiple attempts were made to start two large bore IVs. By the time I arrived, the trauma room was filled with staff holding the victim down. I saw a diaphoretic, hyperventilating, obese male, both arms covered in blood. He was hysterical. The nurses looked at me, shouting, “Intubate him, he’s getting dusky!” I performed a rapid sequence intubation, paralyzing the patient. The screaming stopped. The nurses calmed down. Finally, the trauma surgeon arrived. He methodically cut off all the man’s clothing and examined every skin fold and orifice. No wounds were found. The only blood was from the multiple IV attempts. The patient was then allowed to awaken and extubated. Calm from the versed used for intubation, his only complaint was a scratchy throat. Finally, he related the story: after having a few beers at a local pub, he went into the bathroom to relieve himself, at which point he was robbed at gunpoint. Upon fleeing, the assailants fired several shots back at him, “but I guess they missed.”
Even worse, we are forced to consider this black violence a situation worthy of labeling as creating  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). [Chart: Trauma Hospitals Fail to Screen for Civilian PTSD,, 3-4-2014]:
The hospital is currently researching the best way to implement routine PTSD screening, and hopes to have the screening in place by the end of the year, according to Helen Sandkuhl, the director of nursing, emergency, trauma and disaster services. 
Currently, Sandkuhl said, the hospital’s doctors and nurses follow up if they notice potential symptoms, both in the hospital and in outpatient visits at the trauma clinic. But having a standardized screening tool in place “would be ideal,” Sandkuhl said. 
High levels of gun violence have been a constant over Sandkuhl’s 40 years as an emergency room nurse in St. Louis, and across the river in East St. Louis, Illinois, a small city with a violent crime rate higher than Flint, Michigan. She remembers young men in East St. Louis so accustomed to coming into the trauma center for gunshot wounds that they would come into the hospital, run past the nurses’ station, “stating, ‘Come-on, I been shot,’ while running to the Trauma Resuscitation Rooms.” And over the past decade, the number of gunshot wound patients St. Louis University Hospital has seen each year has actually increased, from 150 to 250 or even 300 a year, according to hospital statistics. 
“Most young guys that are shot, their access to healthcare is horrific,” Sandkuhl said. “Once the initial injury is over, follow-up is very hard to get. They go on, develop PTSD, they don’t really have an outlet. So what happens, a lot of times, they seek drug and alcohol use—they are on substances that mask anxiety. Even their social support isn’t aware of what they’re going through.” 
“You have the gang bangers that try to act tough — they go through the same stress disorders that everybody else goes through,” she said. “They’re not different from anyone else.” 
“Sometimes it’s very difficult,” she added. “They don’t want to admit that they need the help.” 
 If the person who shot them had better marksmanship, then the crisis of PTSD for blacks in St. Louis wouldn't exist (not to mention the advances in medicine and trauma center surgeons, who fight Darwin and keep these victims of black violence alive).

The cost of black people using guns as a weapon in St. Louis for 2014 was $35 million. That's just one city in America, where black violence is an everyday fact of life.

The cost for Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Memphis, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Atlanta, Charlotte, Newark, New York City... well, it's a cost the National Rifle Association (NRA) doesn't want to admit exists, because it reveals a fact almost any sane person should immediately understand: black people shouldn't be allowed to have access to guns.


PNW Realist said...

Ignoring the major role blacks play in perpetrating gun violence and even other violent crimes is no different than blaming the "mean" streets for violence or failed schools because Lou-creesha can't read. There is never an agent to blame. No one is ever at fault.

I believe this happens for two reasons: 1) Your average progressive, his brain damaged from years of drug use, canoit bring himself to admit that human nature has a dark underbelly; and 2) He cannot admit that not everyone is equal and there are easily identified segments of society without the intelligence, future-time orientation and impulse control of the rest.

Anonymous said...

"There's no such thing as gun violence . . . only black violence."

Not quite true, most guns are black so that's a twofer.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in my AZ town owns at least one gun, with many owning two or more. The gun ranges are always packed and you can always find people shooting on state land. It's legal to own machine guns, suppressors, "assault" weapons (not my term but you know what I mean), magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, instant background checks, legal concealed carry with or without a license. With all these Brady Campaign Grade F attributes to my beautiful state's gun laws, we do not have a problem with "gun violence". Guns themselves don't do anything as has been said, but the people who own them have no inkling or urge to harm anyone for silly shit like wearing a certain color or having a particular look on one's face. The funny thing is that even though crime is very low here, we did have a bank robbery recently. What did the robber use to steal the money? An M-16? Ak-47? Belt fed Gatling gun like that carried by Jesse Ventura in Predator? Nope. He used a NOTE.

This sickening ass kissing of blacks and excusing, obfuscating their criminality by calling it something other than black crime doesn't play here.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying that for years -it's not gun violence-it's NONWHITE violence.

Another longtime saying is:

"Blacks hate authority-until they ARE the authority".

Exhibit A Obama. Exhibit B Baltimore-the sheeboon in charge, Mosby etc

Anonymous said...

The $100,000 question has just been answered!!! But the thieving, lying, deceitful nogs will keep the trend going because they are ignorant of the value of human life. Just watching videos of how they riot, fight, loot, steal, argue, complain, act in public shows their vile ignorence, not all, but I would estimate 90 to 95%.

Anonymous said...

Relative to inner city blacks , I like to think of guns as a time machine. .

....The gun travels 15 - 20 years into the future and assists the community by doing the work that should have been done 15 - 20 years ago but baby momma missed her appointment at the sanger shangri - la.

awakened white said...

325 Lb? Lawdy he's tubby.

Dan said...

I've realized that medical people are incentivized to prop up the black state.

If we didn't have blacks these emergency rooms would cut staff massively. The university and hospital admin would be out of a job. Same with cops. If anything these doctors and cops prevent the extermination of the problem at hand.

D-FENS said...

"...he's getting dusky."

Isn't dusky a poetic way of saying negro?

SC Native said...

Intubate him, he’s getting dusky!

That's a great one liner. How about "Intubate him he's getting musty!" or "Intubate him he's getting stanky!"

The wasted resources used on these evolutionary dead ends in tragic. I wonder how many go out and get ventilated again in a very short period of time? The silverback screaming and carrying on is typical, not so big and tough when he thinks he might be dying. For God sakes just knock the boon out with a hammer and then examine for wounds, it's cheaper.

I've heard of many negresses that come in and flop around on the floor over dey baby when some thug gets shot. Once again don't pay it any attention, this is a looks at muh tactic. They don't care unless gibs is still coming from the government. Use the hammer on them too, it'll make things much more quiet and peaceful.

But the cost of these random acts of blackness added to the cost of housing and feeding these dregs is probably somewhere in the billions each year, I can think of many more useful purposes for those federal reserve notes.

MrGJG said...

It's sickening the money wasted, yes wasted on keeping these proto-humans alive. My wife and I pay $1500.00 a month for medical insurance so these animals can shoot each other while we foot the bill. When they get around to shooting us, we still have to pay a deductible on top of what we already pay.
Of course we're privileged silver spooned white people who both work 40-50hrs. a week as a hobby. Like most white people, we really don't have to work, our back yard is filled with money trees.

countenance said...

SLU handles so many ghetto war casualties that there are reserved parking spots close to their ER entrance for cop cars. Why? Because when a gunshot wound comes into the ER, someone is supposed to call the cops.

Medic Bear said...

And you can multiply this by hundreds, if not thousands, for all the facilities that treat those shot, knifed, severely beaten, etc. at the hands of Blacks. Some are true victims, as they have been the target of a crime, but many should not be considered 'victims' to me since they were criminals who were likely injured by another criminal in the act of committing crimes.

And please don't insult the concept of PTSD since the moist commonly diagnosed person - soldiers, first responders - are true victims of horrible events, many in the line of duty. The felonious scum who are shot or injured shouldn't even be considered as having such a condition. That's just the door to even more gibs me dat.

Our country is so screwed-up.

PioneerPreppy said...

You bet it's a Black problem and the Liberal/Feminist gun grabbers won't admit it either.

I am not going to give up my rights because the lefts darling minority group cannot handle the responsibility of having them.

Anonymous said...

Violent guns??? Hood-induced PTSD???

So, our White tax dollars pay for Black ghetto filth to receive medical care for Black ghetto filth inflicted wounds. While our veterans are neglected. Vets can't wander into ERs and demand immediate treatment like Black filth can. No, they have to go to the predominantly incompetent VA Hospitals. I took my WWII veteran dad to the East Orange NJ one for years. There were some good and caring doctors and nurses, but the bulk of the personnel were sullen, shuffling Blacks who moved at a glacial pace.

Anonymous said...

What I learned from this:
Gangbangers are hurt by violent guns.
Gangbangers (murderers, rapists, thieves, arsonists, drug pushers, vandals, parasitic lazy bums, etc.) are just like me.
Gangbangers, sadly, suffer from PTSD.
Gangbangers use drugs to alleviate said PTSD.
Gangbangers need better healthcare
Gangbangers are smarter than the idiots who authored this study, the idiots cited in it, and the idiots who believe this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Sold post.

We are familiar with PK's formula of low IQ+poor future-time orientation+poor impulse control.

Now add +PTSD.

Now add +victim of child abuse (my contention).

Now add +poor childhood nutrition.

If a decent white man faced just the last three I would be empathetic (but also wary). Do that to a black and, well, you see the results.

BTW, and off topic: I had the occasion to be in Orlando last week. Guess what I did for y'all? Drove up to Sanford and found the place our Man the ZimZam put Trayvon down!

I stopped for awhile and reflected. Dug deep looking for my inner liberal. He's still there, but just for decent, down-on-their-luck white folks. (Not wiggers.) Not blacks.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

We should all be glad about the media playing down the facts about black on black violence. If they were to tell the truth about the numbers involved the bleeding heart types might try and start some kind of national program to bring this incredible blood bath to an end.

It was proven in New York with STOP AND FRISK laws. It actually lowered the medical admissions for gun shot victims. Can you imagine how horrible a NATIONAL PROGRAM to disarm blacks would be. If these stupid white geeks had a successful anti-crime operation in the black controlled cities these groids would breed even faster.

If blacks were disarmed of illegal weapons they would have to resort to using baseball bats and lead pipes to butcher each other and the medical bills would still remain the same. What does a multiple skull fracture cost. Broken arms and legs are not cheap to repair. Imagine the guy limping around on crouches for two months. A nice through and through bullet hole and the guy is back on the street to do it again. Does it get any better than that.

With the large numbers of drug overdoses, black on black killings, AIDS and other sexual diseases along with a poor diet of poisonous and fattening junk food the Africans are doing a very fine job of eliminating themselves. This is something we should not interfere in or worry about. Move as far away as possible so when their world comes crashing down it won't land on your head. Do nothing to prevent their own destruction.

There should be some kind of weapons training program so they become better shots. Enough of this shooting each other from moving cars. BOTH FEET ON THE GROUND shooting matches should be encouraged. Media black out about black on black violence is a blessing. By letting them shoot the shit out of each other maybe Chicago will again become another nice Summertime fun fest.

Anonymous said...

I saw a diaphoretic, hyperventilating, obese male,

Isn't this the fat slob from new york.LMFAO!

The other epidemic and cost these black "diaphoretic, hyperventilating, obese males"
in proportion to their population numbers.

Anonymous said...

He has been quoted discussing the "horrifying, literally horrifying" nature of watching families fall on the ground as they bemoan the death of a family member via a bullet being deliberately fired in their direction.

Not to be churlish, but I wonder how much of the "bemoaning" is theater on the part of black families? It's the chance to one-up your neighbors by putting on the biggest show. He was a good kid, didn't do nothing, aspiring rapper, potential brain surgeon. 15 minutes of fame and all that sort of thing.

Life and death in BRA.

Anonymous said...

They shouldnt even be allowed in human society much less own guns.

Anonymous said...

Millions of dollars to sustain a violent animal that will turn around and rape the nurse who tried to help it; or shoot the Doctor who saved it in an ally for some dope money. This money is money that is not well spent. Why should white people have to bear the burden of keeping these savage beasts alive?

White people don’t have a gun violence problem. In St. Louis it is Negroes with a gun violence problem. If they want to stop gun violence, they need to accept that blacks are different than whites and the Constitution was written for the benefit of civilized white men; not a Darwinian rejects.

We need two sets of rules: one for civilized man, and another for the black apes that rape and murder our citizens.

The thing that PK brings out in this whole affair is how ludicrous and absurdly hilarious white people are in trying to explain why this is happening. We can all laugh out loud at the absurdity of trying to find a reason for black violence when the 500 pound gorilla is staring squarely at the journalist manqué in the room! Sometime I wonder who is the bigger fool, the fool or the fool who follows the fool.

Educated white people understand the ramifications of the black beasts in our lives, but yet they tergiversate around the topic so as not to offend any apes within earshot! We are going broke because of supporting antiquated farm equipment. The first step for white people is to acknowledge the problem without considering themselves racist for ASKING the question!

Anonymous said...

They must be getting all the "racist" guns in STL because all my neighbors own guns, most open-carry, and we manage to get through life just fine without shooting each other. In fact the number of murders in the entire state in a year don't add up to a slow weekend in St Louis, Chicago, or Baltimore.

Seriously, folks, life is far too short to waste a minute of it having things ruined by blacks. Move away, far away. When you can go two or three weeks in a row without spotting a single one it's the next best thing to paradise.

Anonymous said...

Many suspected blacks behaving badly in the story of the train derailment in Philadelphia, but ultimately dismissed them as the cause because "it doesn't explain the sudden acceleration of the train" and "the engineer would have reported it".

But think about it. We know for a fact that there were people throwing things at the front of trains the same day of the crash. There are reports of the engineer saying that something hit his train before the crash and the shatter pattern on the windshield goes along with this.

In light of the "something hit the train" reports, many have reported that the train's windshield was tough, as in nearly bulletproof-tough. So what if there were many people throwing objects at this particular train from the side of the tracks or overpasses, but only one of them was heavy enough and thrown hard enough to cause damage to the windshield? Let's further postulate that the engineer, under this onslaught, wondered if the next group on the overpass ahead had guns and would start shooting at him. Under those circumstances, maybe the driver didn't think of exactly where he was on the tracks and just decided to speed up to get through this treacherous stretch, but unfortunately sped up into a turn.

Well then, why wouldn't the engineer just come out and say the train was under attack and he panicked, instead of opting for the lame, "I don't remember anything before the crash" excuse. Maybe because the truth would be much more dangerous and destructive to him.

How so? If the train was being assaulted with projectiles, you can assume the perpetrators were black. If this guy were to say, "There were black kids attacking the train, and I got scared and sped the train up to get past them" he would have the weight of the full racial grievance machine brought down on his head in addition to answering for derailing the train. Because the driver was a horrible racist, his ensuing actions directly lead to the deaths and injuries of the day. And even if he just said "people" were attacking the train and he was scared of "those people", it would take no time for the media, who would know exactly who "those people" would be in this situation, to name them as black and kick off the racial angle to the story. If a two year old who witnessed a black home invasion was scolded by a judge for showing anxiety around blacks after the incident, imagine what would happen to a guy who admitted to being scared of blacks and crashed a train (no matter that those he was scared of were throwing rocks and bricks at his windshield)?

It's bad enough for the engineer that he caused a major train derailment that resulted in death and injury. But imagine if he also became a "racist pariah" like Darren Wilson out of all this to boot? As many have commented on this site, being accused of racism is often times a more severe crime in this country today than killing someone.

joshrandall said...

Intubate him he's getting

Anonymous said...

There goes all the profits made from their labor as slaves...

Groids suck in many, many ways; adding up the actual dollar value of their costs to White civilizations would take an eternity. They truly are destroying our world from every possible angle.

Only answer? Repatriation. One drop? On the cargo plane. No other discussion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for being our realist accountant PK. It is the hard crunching of numbers methodically over years that gets reality established, even against the heavily funded and unquestionable BRA.

That's basically what studies are. They find ways to quantify reality and then rationally inquire why we continue on with the status quo if what we are doing is at odds with reality. Or at least that's how it's supposed to work.

Can you imagine having to patch these disrespectful moronic muds up? Sure you are getting some practice, but you are also getting a first-hand account of the merciless violence and thirst for vengeance that swarms out of these communities. You know you are fixing up someone who doesn't appreciate it, isn't worth it, and who will more than likely continue on with his selfish and reckless behavior.

Be a man and stop having people cover for you, you cockroaches!!!

I can only imagine the chimpouts and indignation that would occur if their gibs (across the board) were cut off AND if ERs stopped treating gunshot wounds without collateral up front.

The only comparison that I can think of would be having an accomplished architect rebuild the Michael Brown "memorial" over and over after a series of hilarious destructions.

I just can't over how repulsive it would be to physically clean and care for this detritus of society using skills that you had acquired over years of arduous study- having great expectations for you and your patients only to be metaphorically handed a janitor's mop...

PNW Realist said...

I am pleased to see people are using the word "wasted" when discussing the tens of TRILLIONS of dollars futilely squandered on the American dindu for the last 50 years.

"Wasted" is the correct term.

PNW Realist said...

Blacks wailing and rolling on the floor of the ER in anguish over a loved one's shooting is no different than their religiosity, piety and behavior at church. 90% of it is just for show. It's a mile wide and an inch deep.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


White Indy Star reporter moves his family from the safe white suburbs to Indianapolis' MOST VIOLENT East Side, puts his sheltered home-schooled daughters in 2/3 black, 10% white minority public schools.

Attends a black church. Dreams of a brown son-in-law.

Starts a program to spread his superior white culture and value system to the unwashed locals...

Anonymous said...

And people laugh at the Hindus for starving while sacred cows roam through their cities...

Wish I could document the following story, but it was several years ago. NPR (I occasionally listen to see what DWL in its purest form is up to) had a program about the high expenditures of the Hospital's ER in dealing with chronic problems of the uninsured (this was a NPR push for Obamacare, IIRC).

A special study group of doctors decided to take a patient who had very frequent visits to the ER and do a study on why, and what could be done to reduce his dependence on Emergency care.

So, they took this black guy, let's call him Freddie, and they assigned a team of doctors to him. He had drug and alcohol dependencies/addictions, so they first went to work on that. Gave him detox, state-of-the-art. Got him cleaned up, with only a few relapses.

Then they took on the alcohol. Freddie said he got high and drunk because he got low and depressed. So they assign a psychiatrist and a life-coach to spend all their time talking to Freddie and listening to his every problem. He seemed to perk up under all this attention, and they mostly got the drinking under control, by being on 24-hour call with him. Yes, they were at Freddie's disposal whenever he got to feeling down, 24-7.

Freddie started feeling better about himself; encouraged, they then put him into some exercise and diet plans. They came up with the perfect diet for stuff Freddie could/would eat and like, but still stay healthy.

After a year or so of this one-man health Utopia, Freddie went about six months with no ER visit. Success!

Now to crunch the numbers. The cost to get Freddie healthy, make him less depressed, and keep him out of the ER was around one million dollars. Sounds pretty high, right?

But the docs said, actually, if you did this all the time for ER frequent-fliers, it would STILL SAVE MONEY IN THE LONG RUN.

The conclusion was, a highly specialized health-maintenance program would begin to show long-term savings in comparison to ER work, which just patches up each acute medical problem and puts folks like Freddie back out on the street to fall right back into bad habits.

At no point was the wisdom of "fixing Freddie" questioned; he was assumed to be worth whatever it cost; we just want to spend money in healthier choices for Freddie; in fact, they theorize that eventually we would have to do less for the re-made Freddie, as he incorporated smart life-changes on his own.

All this science, and these smart people- to get an unemployed middle-aged black man in good health-ain't that America?

D-FENS said...

Apparently, the Amtrak engineer posted pictures of his d!ck on social media and had a past involvement in non-heterosexual organizations.

I think he was as screwed up as the GermanWings pilot.

Simians probably did toss rocks as this is how they confirm Newton's laws of motion and apply them to trajectory analysis. Even if this was a distraction, wouldn't this have led the engineer to start breaking to see if the train was damaged or he hit some obstacle? Instead he didn't start breaking until several seconds (or even a minute later) according to published reports I have seen.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Have lived my whole life around guns. Not once have any of those guns, of any color ever caused me to feel threatened. Many times having one of my firearms close was a comfort.
It ought to be a felony for a negro to have a firearm, but since they're just like us, that ain't going to happen. All firearms will have to be taken from everyone.
Maybe when they try that, that will be enough to get the show on the road.


Anonymous said...

Are Blacks being paid to attack YTs? That is really true when the majority are the feral offspring of tax-funded welfare breeders.

BREAKING: #Ferguson Protest Leaders Paid $5,000 a Month to Disrupt & Instigate Violence
Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, May 16, 2015, 9:58 AM
Earlier this week black protesters staged a protest at at the office of MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) on Thursday to press their claim that groups led by whites have collected tens of thousands of dollars in donations off of the Black Lives Matter movement without paying the Black participants their fair share.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't find the bullet hole.

Did they check where the sun doesn't shine?

Anonymous said...

It only happens when there's an audience around, so it's all for show. It's best if there's cameras and a mostly white audience around.


Californian said...

Again, BRA generates an Orwellian world. Americans can not call things what they really are; i.e., "black violence" becomes "gun violence." Everything becomes a xerox of a xerox of a xerox.

If blacks were disarmed of illegal weapons they would have to resort to using baseball bats and lead pipes to butcher each other and the medical bills would still remain the same.

Look at Africa: machetes were a weapon of choice in the Rwanda bloodbath; tires filled with gasoline are another instrument of torture-murder throughout the dark continent; and I need not comment how deadly Zulus could be with an assegai (a short spear). If anything, the possession of firearms by black thugs in America at least keeps them at a distance.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if we let these savages die as they should die? Why should we morally insinuate ourselves as the caretakers of these barbaric animals that care nothing for human life?

These animals demand much of white people, but give nothing in return but tragedy.

Millions spent on dumb animals that would bite the hands of those who feed them! Liberal media feeds the Negroes insatiable appetite for adulation and love. A race of people who do not deserve respect from any other group! A casebook example of arrested development of a people due to their low intellect and propensity to do violence!

The media talks of gun violence like it is a pandemic problem. I see it as a problem in the black community. All the other races of men have made their stand in America and have excelled in America’s capitalistic society, but blacks remain behind. Logic dictates that their position in any society will always be at the bottom, or the mudsill of any civilization. The best for white Americans is to rid ourselves of the animals and stop saving them. One poster gave a hilarious expose on Freddie the freeloader! Doctors and hospitals spending millions on a monkey that will rape and rob at the drop of a hat! Freddie is a mange that depletes our funds for a worthless cause.

Anonymous said...

From FOX:

"A complaint Friday alleged that Harvard University discriminates against Asian-American applicants by setting a higher bar for admissions than that faced by other groups.

The complaint, filed by a coalition of 64 organizations, says the university has set quotas to keep the numbers of Asian-American students significantly lower than the quality of their applications merits. It cites third-party academic research on the SAT exam showing that Asian-Americans have to score on average about 140 points higher than white students, 270 points higher than Hispanic students and 450 points higher than African-American students to equal their chances of gaining admission to Harvard. The exam is scored on a 2400-point scale."

The good news is, once you ARE admitted, any of the Professors there will be happy to tell you that there's no such thing as race.

Californian said...

If they want to stop gun violence, they need to accept that blacks are different than whites and the Constitution was written for the benefit of civilized white men; not a Darwinian rejects.

Again, look at how BRA distorts American civilization. The 2nd Amendment makes sense among civilized people ("well regulated" in 18th century argot meant self-disciplined & law-abiding). If the USA were composed only of whites, it's overall murder rate would be reduced by at least 50%, and the murder rates of big cities would go down c. 90%.

Consider how Switzerland, which has a heavily armed citizenry, does not have high "gun violence" rates. Of course, the Swiss are white Europeans (at least for telling what the globalizers are up to).

But in America you have a low-impulse control/lack of future time orientation demographic (i.e., blacks), so the murder rates go up. So there is a public outcry to roll back the 2nd Amendment. So we lose more of our rights.

No politician will criticize the demographic which commits a disproportionate amount of violent crime (i.e., blacks). Just consider how uncivilized America's inner cities have become. And the outer cities, for that matter. But you remove the demographic which causes the vast majority of violence, and the cities become livable again.

This goes back to why segregation was imposed in the first place. Not because white people disliked blacks over the color-of-their-skin(tm), but to maintain civilization, i.e., to live well in cities and enjoy the rights of citizenship.

Alas, no politicians today is willing to stand up and state this obvious truth.

The cycle of disintegration continues.

Anonymous said...

Here's a surprising look at the average serial killer:

Surprise! In the US it's 40% blacks!

What, nobody here is surprised? Tough crowd.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the ghettos. The whole country is suffering from Prehistoric Tree Swingers Disease.

Anonymous said...

Instead of comedy, perhaps the black experience could better be classed as a grand guignol. For white people who foot the bill of the Negroes, one is torn between laughing and running away in terror. I am nonplussed at the reaction of BRA and DWLs to their sacred cow. A poster cleverly gave an astute analogy of blacks being the sacred cows of BRA and DWLs. Blacks command a bovine stupidity that only the most ardent acolyte of BRA would follow.

Yes…to BRA these worthless pieces of trash requires us to spend as much as necessary because THEIR lives matter. Never mind that among the Negroes, their lives mean nothing. How to extricate ourselves from an oubliette handed down to us by our forefathers, and MY generation of DWLs? That is the BIG question my white brothers and sisters!

I am enjoying the responses with a cold glass of Jim Beam! It is truly the nectar of the gods!

chattanooga gal said...

" wondered if the next group on the overpass ahead had guns and would start shooting at him"
is it possible that the train was actually being shot at?

Anonymous said...

You let jungle beasts loose in your cities. They're turning into jungles. Honestly, what did you expect?

chattanooga gal said...

" Freddie went about six months with no ER visit"
what happened at month 7? 12? You'd probably have to keep it up every day for the rest of his life...

Anonymous said...

On the GATEWAY PUNDIT sight is some good info about how much money the Ferguson protestors were paid (5,000 bucks each). Also the white liberal lefties at MORE raised up $150,00 bucks in donations and the jigs be gettin' upset cause dat money never be goin' to the brothers in the street and day be pissed and want to fuck up dem white boys and sheet. Those with eyes to see knew from day one that all this shit was caused by professional outside agitators. Ditto for Baltimore. This might be a long hot Summer with the Communist stirring up trouble anywhere they can. Stay tuned and be safe.

PB said...

That's 147 kilos in our speak. They couldn't even hit that wall of choco-lard in a closed space?

Anonymous said...


"....because it reveals a fact almost any sane person should immediately understand: black people shouldn't be allowed to have access to guns."

PK I'll go you a few steps further. Nor should they have access to reproductive sex, Caucasians, Asians, matches, gasoline, EBT cards, malt liqour, drugs of any kind ------ wait, this could go on forever, could it not? Like, I was inching my way towards oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

I did a quick look at the link below:

Cities in the US under 400,000 and over 300,000 (St. Louis pop. 318,416). #47-#63 (17 cities).

Its just the city not the metropolitan area, and some of the cities have low nog concentrations. Bare with me.

17 X $35M = $595M

Now keep in mind, there are 295 cities in the US with pop. over 100k.

Median annual income in US is around 50k.

$595M/$50k = 11,900

11,900 X 4 (Family size) = 47,600

My above calculations are based on a very flawed model, as they do not take into account demographics, median income, crime statistics, etc...

I assume that nog violent crime is constant no matter where. Somebody with more time and brain power could, (and probably already has) crunched the real numbers. Can anybody point me to that direction.

What I want to illustrate is, $35 million in a year is the median income for 700 families. Multiply that by 17 and you get 11,900 families of four at almost 50 thousand people.

Two hospitals in St Louis spent enough money on "gun violence" to support 700 middle class families for a total of 2,800 American citizens.

Just trying to put this into context.

So CAL Snowman said...

Anonymous 3:56 said

"White Indy Star reporter moves his family from the safe white suburbs to Indianapolis' MOST VIOLENT East Side, puts his sheltered home-schooled daughters in 2/3 black, 10% white minority public schools."

This guy may be an insane liberal but he will continue to homeschool his children rather than sending them to an early pregnancy courtesy of IPS. I mean this guy is crazy but he cares about his children (sort of).

On page 4 of the aforementioned article:

"So what about school? A lot of people cringe at the thought of IPS, which is unfair to some IPS schools, and an appropriate response for others. The answer here is simple: We homeschooled our kids in the suburbs, we plan to continue to do so in the city. For us, homeschooling has never been a negative statement about public or private schools; it’s just been a personal choice. That won’t change with a new address. Does it insulate us – and our girls – from the full urban experience? Yes, but it’s who we are."

Oh and to the person that was musing about that Amtrak engineer,Brandon Bostian, becoming the next Darren Wilson because he feared for his safety due to blacks throwing stuff at the train, you need not worry. Brandon Bostian is a gay man and a "marriage equality" activist. They would never paint one of their sacred cows with a scarlet letter. You can't make this stuff up. Only in America!

Anonymous said...

OT: And meanwhile in Baltimore...25 murders and 43 other shootings. Not in 2015, but since the riots ended. That's 25 murders in only TWO and a HALF WEEKS. Even for feral blacks, that number is mind-boggling..

Anonymous said...

This is no different then if they were to use the terms, Weekend Violence, Drug Violence, Teen Violence, Friday Violence, etc... Political Correctness is making it so they are not allowed to identify the problem...

It's like when u go to any local news site, and you see the following headlines:

Home Invasion Caught on Nanny Cam,
Recent String of Burglaries Rocks Neighborhood,
Elderly Man Set on Fire,
Mall Experiences Large Amount of Car Break-Ins,

etc etc etc!!! The Whites, Asians, Indians are under siege...

Anonymous said...

That first story about the big boy gettin' all dusky on the floor is a hoot. Too bad the staff couldn't let him run out of steam on his own. Instead, they most likely saved him from having a heart attack from his panic of thinking he was shot and his unstable temperament which caused him to play for the ER audience.

I was getting an infusion in a hospital when a sheboon went all crazy because she didn't feel right during an iron infusion. Her husband told her "Shut up, woman!" and I swear she started to calm down but the nurses intervened, sheboon wound up again and off to the ER she went, along with a lot of white tax money. How about we go back to segregated hospitals - white people should have to see that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the Blacks get free treatment, at tax payer expense, from self inflicted gun shot wounds but I get sued when I can't pay a medical bill. I think I will start using Black as my ethnicity.

Oh, I just saw an advertisement for another brainless reality show with all orcs. One female orc says " I am beautiful African" I wish we could send them to Africa since they hate America so much.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Last year the Catholic hospital in Chicago finally closed because they could no longer afford paying the bills to repair all the moving targets coming in from the war zones. I remember seeing a clip where the babies mama was complaining that her little darling died because the nearest free bed and breakfast hospital was on the other side of town.

A year before that the last super market (Albertson's) moved out of Detroit because of employee theft and shop lifting. Malls are closing down for the same reasons. White people are no longer paying to see movies because their tired of getting beat up inside the theaters and mugged in the parking lots. This has an effect on the profit margin of the bigger businesses.

I am waiting for the next inferno to happen when the looters start going after the downtown banks and office buildings. A skyscraper makes a very good bonfire. All it will take is a few corporate headquarters to become raging infernos. Picture CNN in Atlanta or NBC in New York with white yuppies being pulled off burning rooftops with helicopters.

You have to understand that nothing is as it appears to be. We are dealing with a hidden power base that nobody knows anything about. Even those on the inside have no understanding of where their orders are coming from. The rabbit hole is deeper than you can imagine. Don't be fooled by what you see and hear in the controlled or alternative media. Everybody is being played like the fools they are.

Once the JUSTICE SEEKERS are no longer satisfied with burning down 7-11 stores and hair weave salons they will go for the bigger targets. As corporate America brings in millions of Mexicans for a cheap labor force do you think the men in their fancy suits and Lear Jets are going to let an army of savages ruin their bottom line. I don't think so. What you see now is just a liberal stage show and charade for the nerd population.

The mouth breathers believe the Alex Jones bullshit about these military exercises in the cities. Do you really believe they are coming to round up the farmers in Kansas or the gun slinging cowboys in Arizona. Name me one town the farmers ever burnt down. Ditto with them rednecks in Arizona. EVERYBODY at the top of the food chain knows who is causing the problems. That burning multi-million dollar nursing home in Baltimore is etched into everyone's mind.

I truly believe some kind of tipping point is coming. At the moment the white tax payer is paying the tab for this parasite reality we life in. Once the corporations and their Wall Street stockbrokers start losing money things will change in a big way. The change might be in our favor. Ba true to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this crap up close and personal a thousand times.
As a medical student in the South, at a tertiary care level one trauma center in a medium sized city blessed with vibrancy and diversity, I worked in the OR's at night to make some extra scratch.

One of my duties was to keep the two trauma ORs ready to go at all times, and to respond to all traumas to help, fetch blood from the blood bank, hang IV fluids, etc etc.

It was amazing, dispiriting and enraging to see the number of black males who flooded into our facility with serious gunshot wounds.
One after another after bodies soaked in blood. Day after day after night after night. Slick, shiny, bloody black bodies lying on OR tables.

On particularly busy nights, the halls of our OR suite would literally run red with the blood of all these negroes.

On more than one occasion, I would be in one OR with a negro gunshot victim and look across the hall into another OR where another negro would be having surgery, only to be told that these two negroes had shot each other, and now they are a few yards apart, both getting surgery for the horrors they inflicted upon each other.

Many many died. No one cared in the slightest. The surgeons and anesthesiologists would walk out of the room without so much as a word or backward glance. It was of no more consequence than if someone had spilled a glass of water.

The black nurses had no sympathy for these apes. If they were screaming in pain or thrashing around on a gurney a black nurse would usually tell them to "shut the fuck up". Take a male Negro, with his impulsivity, proclivity for violence, his ignorance and stupidity, and his massive ego. Now empty a magazine from a 9mm Uzi into his abdomen and imagine how hostile, profane, loud, threatening and utterly wild he would be. I saw a black doctor, confronting one of these terrified savages, put his gloved hand on the Negro patient's chest, slam him very hard onto the gurney, and say "shut the fuck up right now or I'll let you die right here".

In the four years I worked there, I saw exactly one white trauma victim....a psychologist who had been shot and killed by her deranged patient. But I saw hundreds of Negroes blown to shreds by other Negroes, usually at point blank range, always over a bag of crack rock, a bag of weed, a hood rat, or "disrespect".

The savagery, the chaos, the drama and danger and insanity and expense...all courtesy of the American Negro.

Anonymous said...

" people shouldn't be allowed to have access to guns."

I would have to disagree Paul, they're doing a perfectly good job ethnically cleansing themselves. If anything I propose that LINK cards be permitted to purchase handguns and ammunition, along with the end of requiring hospitals to treat all ER patients in order to received Medicare reimbursement. They are more than willing to engage in their own genocide, so why don't we encourage it? Eugenics presents effective solutions to all these problems the negro creates, it simply requires the will on our part.

Anonymous said...

One of the few blacks in my area was recently arrested for shooting at someone on a main drag.

I could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and caught one of those bullets. Gun violence? Everyone here owns a gun and yet the only shooting this year was from > 1% of the population.

Ricky in Cali said...

I would actually like to hear more stories from the registered nurses in the hospitals when it comes to "gun violence". Not the sugar coated bullshit that the media reports but the real stories. I had surgery a few years back and was admitted to rehab as an in-patient. Daily blood pressure checks (3x a day), pills, monitored stay, food, the whole nine yards. I would like to hear about all the eye-rolling stories of these leeches that get shot and the headache it causes the night nurses to deal with the dredges of society. I love to come to SBPDL to get my daily dose of reality, I would love to hear some more real nurse or Doctor stories about the Negros who get shot and how dey wasin doin nuffin when it happin

Anonymous said...


'At no point was the wisdom of "fixing Freddie" questioned; he was assumed to be worth whatever it cost' [ergo savior complex]

Same w every wetback ruining -oops- enriching the USA.
Do ya know non White lives matter [more than yours]?

Ex-Copper said...

There's an old quote, "you can't kill a heathen". Well, you can, but it seems they survive things that would kill most normal people.

My guess is it's the families of whites that are crying in anguish that the good Dr feels for? Most ER staffers are pretty non sympathetic to the usual suspects of avoidable conditions such as ventilated gangbanger, injured drunk driver, drug overdose. They treat them, they have to, but they don't feel much pity for them.

Other than that, it's generally hard to tell someone's family they're dead. Even when the deceased and/or family are shitbags.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....There are two kinds of white people living in America. Those who live around black people and those that don't. I am surrounded by the second group. My guess is about 90 percent of people in my area have NEVER LIVED with blacks and have no idea what they are like. They have never experienced the fear that a majority of people live with every day. As my friend from Phoenix said today "It is so good to walk down the street and not be looking over your shoulder. No helicopters flying around at night shinning spotlights into the back alleys".

These naive white people HAVE CHANGED during this last Winter. Their rose colored glasses have fallen away and they see things in a much different light. What was it that brought on this change. FERGUSON and BALTIMORE was the names of their enlightenment.

The hard working black lady that lost her bakery and those columns of flames blazing into the night sky from gas stations and strip malls has had an effect on the local humans. Out here grass fires caused by lighting is everybody's nightmare. So seeing two different cities set ablaze in such a short time has had an effect on the local ranchers, cowboys and town folk. A picture is still worth a thousand words and all that liberal psycho babble has fallen on deaf ears.

The television is still the main source for news. It's Rush and Hannity for radio and Drudge for the internet. Based on what I've heard around me these PEACEFUL PROTESTORS and CRIES FOR JUSTICE has has the opposite effect on the American public. The cop killings has also not helped their cause.

I have heard the N-word more this Winter than all the years I've lived hear. The most common term used is ANIMALS and SAVAGES. Hey Sambo....set some more cities on fire. The mass population is starting to awaken from their media induced coma. Gun and ammo sales are going through the roof and it is all caused by the cry for justice.

Ex-Copper said...

Technically it probably is cheaper, depending on the level of treatment he receives in the ER as well as how often.

I'm guessing that with him being drug and alcohol dependent, he comes in for pancreatitis, kidney issues, detox incidents, self inflicted injuries, drug seeking, and other expensive issues.

Figure the cost of the CNAs, xray tech, ultrasound tech (yes they use them for more than just babies), magnetic imaging, ekg, heart monitors, occasional intubation, LPNs, RNs, MDs, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical equipment, administered medications, routine and emergency medical procedures, use of equipment, malpractice and liability insurance, staff to transcribe records, maintain records, medical billing/coding specialists, billing department, collections agency, and on and on...then the passing on of the unpaid bill to patients with insurance and Medicaid (paid for by white taxes).

So yea, in the end a cool million or so to "rehab" the idiot would save money over the rest of his life. The problem with that is if he didn't do the rehab because he actually wanted to be sober, it just delayed the inevitable relapse and recurring medical issues. He probably figures he'll get rehab again for "free" and deserves it.

The medical community needs to start doing a cost-benefit analysis for these things. You're an uninsured, chronic alcoholic drug abuser who, even with top notch medical care, will still have chronic health issues and most likely relapse as indicated by your frequent flyer status at the hospital, so you should only get minimal medical assistance. Enough morphine to insure your demise isn't too painful or you have a spontaneous recovery.

Anonymous said...

But I can't get my surgery covered. Must be my privilege of not being a sacred ape.



I just wonder what the slave owners would think of all this new-aged negro worship/coddling that has come in the nicely wrapped up package called no justice/No peace?
I just wonder what the healthcare was like during those slavin day's?
How many filthy negroes used to show up at those hospitals(in those segregated day's in the past) demanding the smartest White-man in the hospital to attend to his/her gun shot wounds?
And on a what the fuck thought I was wondering how many of those dindu's nuffins family's actually volunteered to mop up all the blood that their baby gangbanger leaked on the floor.
Now -a-day's if baby's daddy doesn't make it they will just steal the doctor's car and say the doctor had it coming for not trying hard enough to save baby's dead daddy Leroy.
We are at a crossroads with this expensive black race of people. But sadly the liberals control the message and the agenda in our once proud country. So anything but a White up-rising will not get the black persons evicted from our so going to Hell in a hand basket broke ass country.


Anonymous said...

An opportunity for more allies?

I can only assume white kids can only use the "legacy" approach if they are not worthy and "need" to get in, so I'm assuming the complaint is not against white kids.

These Asians calling out unfairness in admissions policies will only increase in number as our country gets more and more crowded.

And it's not just going to be whitey that is "edged out" by affirmative action hires/placements- it's going right down the line through the various Asian ethnicities as well. Let's see how well they react to less capable and much less appreciative people taking their slots. Not only is the job not going to get done to satisfaction, but people's food is going to start disappearing from the fridge. Don't ask me how diversity makes everything so much better. It just does!

Anonymous said...

Are all the Apefirmative Action Negro Harvard grads to blame for this violence? Why can't the educamated Negroes solve the Negro problem of Negroes blasting the hell out of each other constantly?

Read the article below. Hysterical. Asians think too many of their group being discriminated against. (Negroes to blame). This Diversity Cult has to be taken behind the barn and put to an end, or America is truly finished.

Anonymous said...

The Negroes and their guns are coming to you! The Federal Government is working 24/7 to make sure you will be effected. Here's the tip of the spear:

Get ready!! Oh, and work hard today so they have more tax money to make this happen. Thanks!

rex freeway said...

So the bottom feeders of the races cost St Louis $35,870,000 in gun shot medical expenses alone. Then factor in Welfare, EBT and free Obama care and the fact Negros are responsible for almost all other crime. Segregate now. There isnt enough money on earth to afford them. Especially since theyve contributed shit to this society.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The biggest problem when whites are in trouble now there's nowhere to go and nothing left for us. The shiftless, feral monsters took it all...

Anonymous said...

Just checked in on the weekend hijinx being carried out by the Baltiniqqas... wow... multiple shootings. And guess what? About 35 homicides over the last month! Averaging more than one a day! And that's just the orcs they know about. How many are rotting in vacant buildings or at the bottom of the river.

These negroes are utterly out of control. Send in the Marines. Beyond a joke now.

Whitey, if you don't get your act together and whip these apes into shape, you're just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

If you want to stand toe to toe with the enemy, and look it squarely in the eyes, then read this:

They're coming for you....

Anonymous said...

" . . . White Indy Star reporter moves his family from the safe white suburbs to Indianapolis' MOST VIOLENT East Side, puts his sheltered home-schooled daughters in 2/3 black, 10% white minority public schools.

Attends a black church. Dreams of a brown son-in-law . . . "

Wow! Thanks for that story, quite the DWL testimonial with a big emphasis on the 'Delusional' part of DWL. I do feel sorry for the children, they are young and have no choice but to go along for the ride but there is no excuse for the parents, they should know better. I have known many DWLs but typically they are just raving hypocrites; "Diversity for thee but not for me."

Most DWLs get a wake up call when they have children, no more associating with LaQueesha and Shitavious but these parents have been drinking the Kool Aid by the gallon for years and it shows. Unfortunately they are headed for tragedy sooner or later and the worst part is it's %100 avoidable. When the wheels come off BRA these DWLs will be the first ones destroyed by their pets because they are close by.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

In reference to the INDY article about that family moving to "da hood" He will get everything he wishes for. I love how the guy supposedly coming to help him with the garage door because it was stuck and the guy says don't leave anything in there LMFAO!obviously this guy has been in there a few times ,lol. And the fact that he has all girls. Wow,talk about a disaster waiting to happen. Soon that picturesque view of the lot where people were killed and now growing dandelions will have crime scene tape once again when one of his daughters is found there or in the "alley" behind his house. What a complete and utter BUFFOON.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those "people" should not be allowed to have firearms but they steal them from whites. Here is a idea, lets take all these "peoples", and ship them back to Mother Africa. After all they identify themselves as "African-americans" do they not? Send every one from caramel to tar black back to their motherland.

Anonymous said...



How many thousands of dollars spent: how much time wasted because a 400 pound orc THOUGHT he was shot?

Ladies and gentlemen we must abrogate any ties we have with these lower life forms and shove them out the back of a cargo plane over Africa. We must affranchise white people of all affiliations or obligations to the Negroes and release the Negroes back to their native habitat where they can cause no more harm or destruction to white civilization.

If I might adduce the above words the Negro used as proof the black man is incapable of coherent reasoning: I BEES SHOT…I BEES SHOT!

This 400 pound Negro was not shot, but because he saw blood THOUGT he was shot. Negroes have a brain disconnect that originated in their native Africa and continues to this day. There is an acute propensity towards violence and stupidity that cannot be cured by modern medicine.

Some may think the diaphoretic, hyperventilating obese (NEGROID) man could control his emotions! NO…he couldn’t because it is in his genes to be a fool and lash out violently! Ladies and gentlemen, we should view what the Negro did as normal behavior.

In my closing argument, we can clearly adumbrate the future using instances such as the above to forecast where this nation is headed. If left alone and encouraged by DWL policies, the Negro will metastasize in numbers and infect the body like a cancer. Now is the time to excise the cancer (NEGROES) and remove it from healthy (white) tissue!

Anonymous said...

Re: hospital violence.
In my country we have had a complete transformation due to the incredible amount of muslims (blacks, arabs and equal filth) let in by our traitors. Not only do they disproportionally use up ressources paid for by us (many diseases caused by inbreeding, constant use of interpreters etc.), they have made it a violent, hellish place.

Before immigration we never, NEVER had episodes of violence in hospitals but now, like the rest of society, it is sometimes a war zone. An internal investigation was made a few years back that showed that foreigners made up 100% of those who attacked the hospital staff. Now, with uncontrolled muslim gang violence terrorizing our streets, they pull up with their wounded animal buddies, and threaten and demand immediate treatment. Before you know it there are 100 relatives and friends rioting with securiy and police helpless to stop them. We had a huge incident in Odense University Hospital where gangs clashed inside and outside with shootings and stabbings galore. This is just normal now but nationalists, though attacked by the media and political elite, are active, proud and growing in numbers every day.

The foreign scum used to be concentrated just in the largest cities and suburbs but thanks to the spreading policies started in the 90s, the sick vermin is now fucking everywhere. I work in the middle of nowhere, just small towns in the area and we sometimes use temp workers - 60% negroes, bangladeshis and arabs. I always wonder, "what the fuck are these creatures doing here, in the middle of nowhere, on a foreign contient??". I will work to my dying breath to kick them out, every single one of them. I don't care if they are peaceful, speak perfect danish and keep out of trouble. They should all get a letter saying get out within the year or get killed.

Anonymous said...


A poster wrote, "White Indy Star reporter moves his family from the safe white suburbs to Indianapolis' MOST VIOLENT East Side, puts his sheltered home-schooled daughters in 2/3 black, 10% white minority public schools."
Doesn't appear this useful idiot will have the foresight to pick out his own and his family's cemetery plots while he's at it.

D-FENS said...

The real discrimination in Ivy League admission is against NON-Jewish Whites.

Chances are if an anti-White policy is conceived by a government flunky or promoted in the media, it's being done by any Ivy-League saturday person.

Anonymous said...

Would be a good idea if they had any marksmanship skills at all. Trouble is they go apeshit and start "spraying" bullets everywhere.
You might as well wish they were productive, law abiding citizens. You'll get the same result.


Anonymous said...

I've realized that medical people are incentivized to prop up the black state.

If we didn't have blacks these emergency rooms would cut staff massively.

No this is a myth and the opposite is true. The myth comes from the assumption that these hospitals can just bill the government for these procedures.

What people don't realize about Medicaid is that not only does the government underpay but they set their own price. So the government will tell a hospital that they will pay 10k for DeShawn's gunshot surgery. Does that 10k reflect the actual cost? Doesn't matter. Medicaid is like the mob client. The government doesn't care if the hospital takes a loss. So the hospital has to make up for it somewhere else. If a hospital has too many uninsured/Medicaid costs then it closes. Does the government care? Not at all.

These hospitals do not want these gunshot victims.

Anonymous said...

In the Indy article, the self-loathing, delusional wimp states his spawn are going to continue to be homeschooled.

Too bad. Be a lot better if this asshat had them "homeyschooled".

(Although I am sorry for the kids. Imagine having idiots like this for parents).

Mutant Swarm said...

Beware of the Old White Guy.

We can win this!

Anonymous said...

Maybe every large city with a "diversity" problem, like St. Louis, should tax the hell out of their over paid rich black NBA/NFL/AFL players. Chicago could also hit Oprah up for her share. I'm sure she would love to help the "descendants of kings and queens" from Africa. (Her words, not mine.)


Medic Bear said...

"Anonymous said...
I've seen this crap up close and personal a thousand times.
As a medical student in the South, at a tertiary care level one trauma center in a medium sized city blessed with vibrancy and diversity, I worked in the OR's at night to make some extra scratch."

What an amazingly well-written and spot-on post ! I wish I could write as well describing the same thing from the ER trauma center perspective.

We see Black after Black after Black - shot, stabbed, hit in the head with a board - many dying - and nothing surprises anyone with more than a year's experience.

The level of savagery, inhumanity and pure evil is breathtaking. I invite any and all of my unenlightened acquaintances to come shadow me for a couple of hours.

And when they're not shooting, stabbing, etc. each other, they're burning their kids with hot water/soup/whatever. Or assaulting their elderly with lit cigarettes or curling irons. The mindless, evil violence knows NO BOUNDS.

They are not "just like us." Even the IKAGOs. They are evil, uncivilized, feral beasts. And until and unless THAT fact is in the discussion of "What to do about the Black problem ?" we won't get anywhere.

Ricky Tucker said...

We need to keep up with the Indy Star reporter story...maybe all involved are documenting their daily routine and later we can watch a preventable tragedy unfold Blair Witch style.

Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree Paul, they're doing a perfectly good job ethnically cleansing themselves.

No they're ethnically wounding themselves and YT is paying the bill.

Blacks don't even bother reading about how to clean their guns or which bullets to buy.

So they get into firefights with dirty hi-points and Walmart special FMJ ammo.

This fills the hospitals with wounded blacks and the libs play their tired song of blaming the guns. Conservatives aren't much better by demanding that blacks have equal access to guns.

As has been said before the blacks aren't even good at being criminals. They shoot each other over stupid things and don't even do it properly.

All the furor over "Saturday night specials" comes from blacks. The real plan was to make handguns more expensive for blacks by banning cheap revolvers. To whites they were simply purse or ankle guns.

Anonymous said...

Chicago could also hit Oprah up for her share. I'm sure she would love to help the "descendants of kings and queens" from Africa. (Her words, not mine.)

The people wuz kingz and they could fly!

Anonymous said...

Three guesses on what flavor this coward fireman is?

bernicegreenbaum said...

Mr. and Mrs. White America, it's time you come to terms with your negro affliction. It now appears to be a habit raging out of control. Yes, you love the negro, but he is causing you to go to the poor house. It's the same thing I would tell you if you owned a 20 foot yacht but only had an annual household income of $100k. You simply cannot afford it. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. White America, you are going to have to get rid of the negro. You can no longer afford him.

Oh, and before you start calling me cruel for daring to suggest you give up your favorite pet, please understand that this is for your own good as well as for the good of the negro. The negro, sooner rather than later, must learn to stand on his own two feets. You can be instrumental in this endeavor by cutting off all forms of funding for the negro. That means no more EBT, Section Ape, Medicaid, etc. Both you and the negro will become stronger and better for this.

No, the negro won't be happy when he realizes the gravy train has ended, but ultimately he will have an up front and very personal moment with his creator. The poke chop he raises to his lips will taste all the sweeter if it comes from his own labor. And he will no longer be able to blame his failure on you. He will be directly responsible for his own behavior. No more of the "Blame YT" game. And you, Mr. and Mrs. White America, will once more have a bit more cash at the end of the month, perhaps to spruce up the house or put a down payment on that used car little Tommy's been after you to buy. So buck up, folks. Life without your negro pets won't be nearly as bad as you might imagine. Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

Sha'Nay Nay Spongebobeesha said:

Treating a black, murderous thug with a gunshot wound is like darting a rabid pit bull and placing it back on the streets hoping it will "wake up" a docile Golden Retriever.

You DWLs are the dumbest fucks on planet earth. At least these pavement apes have an excuse - they were just born with single digit IQs and about maybe five neurons firing at any given time. What the hell is your excuse, you stupid white bastards?

If I were a doctor, I would find a way to move to New Zealand or maybe switch to veternarian medicine.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who worked a patch 'n release service on the East Coast.

He said it was pretty much a warzone and in fact the military would prep their surgeons there before sending them to Iraq.

He left because he found it too depressing. He didn't feel sorry for the victims but hated having to tell the family that he couldn't save their son from 16 bullet holes.

Anonymous said...

The black nurses had no sympathy for these apes. If they were screaming in pain or thrashing around on a gurney a black nurse would usually tell them to "shut the fuck up".

Would that white people had the guts to tell blacks -- especially the race hustlers -- to shut up!

Californian said...

Thanks to "medical student in the South" and "Dane" for the reports on conditions in your hospitals.

ms sippy said...

The doctor's story about the obese negro is so typical. We did not call it PTSD, we called it ANF (acute ni**er fit) in the Level 1 hospital I worked in for almost 20 years. Doctors were the biggest race realist evah! I was very close friends with one who was an OB/GYN who would moon-light for extra money in smaller near by hospitals, during his Residency. This story is just one of many ANFs he saw. One night a middle age drunk woman with her screaming family came to the ER. Her head was bleeding everywhere. Her family said she had been shot. My friend was rather nervous as he had really never treated cases like this. He said the wound was above her right eye and he stopped the bleeding and applied a bandage and noticed her eye was rolled back in her head. He said he just about freaked out fearing the bullet was in the brain and he would need a neuro-surgeon and possibly surgery. There were NO neuros anywhere close. He started trying to explain the seriousness of the matter to the "fambly" when all of a sudden the patient who had been totally silent during this whole time sat up and proclaimed "ose hayell doc my eye hasa always been dis way". The bullet was under the scalp. He took it out and gave her a few stitches and sent her on her way.

Anonymous said...


White people create!

Anonymous said...

A new Mantra in the Black Community seems to be that the guns are planted by the CIA, hispanics, local government and gun manufacturers themselves. Anyone besides the actual cousins, brothers, uncles and baby daddies that are buying, renting and steal guns to shoot each other.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

If it is wrong the blacks will find a way to master it, or at least TRY to master it, like Michael Brown, Trayvon, Eric Garner, BB gun boy, Jeffrie Grey and on and on all found out.

ms sippy said...

Story #2, one of the hundreds I could tell you about TNB and working in a Vibrant Medical Center, Level One! I was a Maternal-Fetal Nurse Clinician, so whenever the SHTF, I had to go. One night I was called to the OR because they were needing to do a STAT C/Section, The OB Residents and Staff were called also. This was very unusual because we always did C/S in our unit. Total pandemonium! Trauma surgeons, peds, anesthesia staff. We asked what had happened. The patient was a young negress who was 30 weeks along who had been shot in the abdomen through her front door by the baby daddy. The bullet had hit her uterus! We did the section, I was handed off the baby and the baby had been struck by the bullet in the tibia. The mother had to have a hysterectomy and blood transfusions but she lived. The baby lived also but had to have it's leg amputated the next day. Peds said the leg was so damaged it would never grow. After it was all over everyone left an went back about their day never giving a sh*it about any of it just like the OR poster described. I kept my sanity all those years by following my son's sports activities and visiting baseball parks as posted a few days ago!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my last post got through-apologies if this is the second post:

What to do with all of the black rocket surgeons/good boys/aspiring rappers/turning his live around a full 360 degrees/starting a new job on Monday folks, who somehow get shot to death and wind up dead?

Here's a solution from the un enslaved "good negroes" in Afikka-de muvvahland that we hear about from the IKAGO IDIOTS here in the US.

The UK London Daily Mail reports of a Nigerian restaurant
serving human flesh to diners. The story talks about bags full of human heads dripping blood found in the kitchen.

A big ol' fatass like the 325 lb. boy in the story could feed a whole roomful of blacks, famished after a hootin hollerin session at the church, or a whole fambly reunion.

Who says they have no use. Maybe Bill Gates and Warren Buffett could pony up some $ for a franchise of those restaurants here in America. How vibrant!

Mr. Rational said...

"A complaint Friday alleged that Harvard University discriminates against Asian-American applicants by setting a higher bar for admissions than that faced by other groups."

East Asians are also notorious for cheating on tests, and for their test scores not to match their actual capabilities when tested in e.g. oral exams or laboratory work.  They are not so much being "discriminated against" as "renormed for actual achievement".

These Asians calling out unfairness in admissions policies will only increase in number as our country gets more and more crowded.

Even the "White" admits are largely Jews.  A class-action suit alleging discrimination against Gentile-Americans in the Ivies (and possibly elsewhere) might see some major scattering of cockroaches.

PNW Realist said...

To all the folks who've worked ER saving negro lives:

I know it might have been hard to tell their mammies and their eight to ten half brothers and sisters that Donyeah had gone to the great big crack house in the sky, but how did you know which buck to tell his sprog had been done in "by da mean skreets," or did you just hope it would hear about it down at the pool hall or the liquor store?

Anonymous said...

Any more its not only deductible but an 80/20 co - insurance until you reach your MOP. ( max out of pocket) which is usually in the 6 - 8 grand range per year.

Who the f@&k has an extra 8 large every year. Oh yeah , the trees I forgot.

You and I are simpatico brother.

I dont just hate "blacks" Its anyone whos on the dole. The average welfare queen is getting close to 30 thousand dollars a year in welfare bennies... medicaid , housing subs, wic, snap, 1 dollar sail foam service. And now ...... Wait for it .... One dollar a month high speed internet from "kox" because

" kids without internet are twice as likely to fall behind in school"

My cable internet bill is now pushing 200 dollars and going up. Gonna drop "kox" real soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey PK, if you hear anything about a dumb white reporter from Indiana getting killed with his family by nogs in the hood, please let us know so that we can offer our condolences at that time. It's only a matter of time! I hope the YT dad is prepared to take care of all the half breeds his daughters shoot out; heaven knows that the coons won't pay a dime for the babies they help bring into the world. I thought there was nothing dumber than an orc; I found a reporter from Indiana who was more stupid! GOOD GRIEF!

PNW Realist said...

@ms sippy: So the sheboon had to have a hysterectomy.

Thanks for sharing. I love stories with happy endings. Because of that hysterectomy she couldn't pop out new boons and the taxpayers were saved millions of dollars.

former liberal said...

Thanks for the encouraging post. Even my hopelessly liberal mother is beginning to wake up. Granted, she is part of the World War generation, and should have known better, but after Ferguson and Baltimore, she is now calling Negroes animals! For years, as I am also a transplanted New Yorker who lives in the South, my warnings about blacks fell on deaf ears. Think you are absolutely right. There does seem to be some kind of surge going on. Of course the Negroes with their selfishness, narcissism, and low intelligence levels can't see it.

Unknown said...

I'm sure the reason these assholes take drugs is that they have untreated PTSD. Not!

pizza guy said...

There are FISH that take care of their offspring than blacks.

Mr. Rational said...

We did the section, I was handed off the baby and the baby had been struck by the bullet in the tibia. The mother had to have a hysterectomy and blood transfusions but she lived.

Hysterectomy=win.  Consider the cost of even one more baby from this female.  Who can argue that this surgery, whatever it cost, was not a huge benefit to the humans of the USA?  (I see PNW Realist had the same thought.)

It used to be SOP for obstetricians to do "emergency" hysterectomies on welfare mothers after a certain number of children.  Today you'd probably have to do it on the first to have any real impact.

Anonymous said...

SNDL? Simple- expectations of being civilized.

donnie said...

Could someone please write a "Defund Bra 101"....don't include vices cause most will not do it. Even just a few cents a day by millions would leave a mark.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...
"...The UK London Daily Mail reports of a Nigerian restaurant
serving human flesh to diners. The story talks about bags full of human heads dripping blood found in the kitchen..."

May 17, 2015 at 9:11 AM

Soylent Black?

Anonymous said...

re: Asians think too many of their group being discriminated against.
I openly invite the Asians to return to the respective parts of Asia from whence they came, so they might live out the remainder of their lives without the burdensome yoke of Racism around their necks. I extend the same offer to Africans and mexicans and any other group of whiners.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget they give them free cell phones now too. But of course those are only used to look for jobs. Still waiting on those white privilege money one I can borrow?

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

"As many have commented on this site, being accused of racism is often times a more severe crime in this country today than killing someone."

This makes me think of a story of Jeffery Dahmer going on and on about how there was nothing racial about the choice of his victims . . . he just chose Black and Asian victims because of the neighborhood he lived in and not . . . because of race. Sure he'll admit to being a necrophiliac, serial killing, cannibal that preserved a collection of human body parts in a freezer . . . But a Racist that's hitting below the belt! Even Jeffery Dahmer isn't a Racist.

I proudly assume the mantle of Racist! Mostly because experience has taught me that, by virtue of my blond hair and blue eyes, I'll be called a racist sooner or later any time I deal with BRA.

I just can't tell you what PK and the commenters at this sight mean to me. I mean . . . if a racist sighs in the wilderness is there a sound?

Anonymous said...

Clive Bundy and his white supporters would beg to differ. At least AJ and company are exposing the BRA as the frauds they are!

Anonymous said...

I worked for several years in a hospital when I was in college. We never had any ER hysterics over multiple gunshot victims; never had gangbangers flood the reception hall; never had to lockdown the entrances against rioters.

Of course, the hospital was in an all-white suburb of Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you. If I might also add the disruption these hoodrats and their family members cause in the ICU or VR's once they're out of surgery. I had the unfortunate experience of having a black gun shot victim as a roommate and each and everyday this kids family would literally cause hell for the patients and staff. They nearly brawled over the fact that their kid was too good to eat hospital food so they showed up with chicken and beer( I kid u not!)when the doctor and nurses explained to them that he was on a strict diet and alcohol was not permitted, they literally chimped out right then and there, accusing everyone of being racist. These ghetto rats are simply unable to act civilized. Well past time to shut the door on them at each and every hospital.

Anonymous said...

Yup, and I must also add that most naive whites who think that the typical black family were just like the Huxtables from the Cosby Show, has also been shattered, due to the fact that the shows main star and producer is also a serial rapist. The tides are turning!

Anonymous said...

Wifey and I have been watching the Wire again in honor of the B'more chimpouts. Funny show. So realistic about black dysfunction yet if you carefully apply blinders, the show appears to show a race reversal. The blacks (with jobs) have nice houses, dress nice, act respectful, the whites (police and union men) live in squalor, dress like bums, are alcoholics and thieves. The writer(s) clearly have a full on SJW agenda. (social justice warrior)

Anonymous said...

Gun violence
NJ has some of the strictest handgun control laws anywhere, yet they are mostly unenforced against blacks, the prosecutors routinely toss the gun charge for a plead on the drug charges.
This only got publicity once a Trenton cop got shot and Christie increased one of the "mandatory minimum" penalties up from 1 year to something like 18 months. Mantory sentences only apply when the charge is procecuted!!
Which normally is only against white people (or the rare black) arrested for no drugs or violence, just being in the wrong place/wrong time. (actually, choosing to live in the wrong place, but whatever).

Anonymous said...

so apparently the HNIC Obama is going to try to repair his police reputation by going to visit the Camden County police tomorrow (Mon 5/18/15). The two year old Camden police has 359 "folks" and has had high turnover (losing 120 "folks" who decided it wasn't for them) in the past 2 years.

Colandus "Kelly" Francis, president of the Camden County chapter of the NAACP, who has kept track of the departures and is a longtime opponent of the county-run force, said the department had become a "revolving door."

"It has a negative impact, because the most effective police officers are police officers who know the community and know the people," he said.

"It's just outrageous," he said. "It's outrageous what's happened."

Heh. Camden cops start out at $31,407. I didn't think there was a police job in NJ that paid so little. Most get well into 6 digits by the time they retire in their mid 50's and then go work as an investigator for the county DA office and begin to really bring home the double dip bacon

Anonymous said...

That clueless moron that moved to da hood with his innocent daughters really deserves a tragic ending. Of course it will be terrible if he actually dies but he would serve as a splendid example NOT to risk it for the sake of satisfying his correctness-boner. Once his brain is all over some plexiglass because he looked wrong at Antwon, his high profile status will hopefully make it news worthy and wake some people up. Just like the several adoption stories of white fools getting killed by their african house pets.

And did Oprah really call blacks descendants of kings and queens?? That is too funny. Ghetto kings and welfare queens maybe. God, that bitch is a joke but that is par for the course when dealing with negro celebrities. I once saw her doing a show about slavery and she proudly announced 'No, we will NEVER get over it'. The crowd goes apeshit. More affirmative action, reparations and mmmm-hmmmmm.

Race said...

That's funny

Race said...

Doctors, cops, nurses, firemen, prisons, prison guards, realtors, politicians... These are all elements of our society that greatly benefit from BRA. It goes against their self interest to end the charade and reveal the enormous lie.

Left Coast White Guy said...

That's because it's East Orange. I know that town. It was full of moon crickets 25 years ago. Why would you expect the doctors and nurses not to carry a full load of AA hires?

Left Coast White Guy said...

Great post!

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

The Indy reporter with three daughters will probably feel some of that horrible white guilt lessen once his three daughters have all been impregnated by KeyShawn,Dontravious and Jaleeq and he's raising a litter of nappy-head grandbastards.The girls will be introduced to their future AIDS carriers/baby daddies in the groid church the family is attending,no doubt.

Seriously though...after reading that this what so many white males,husbands and fathers have sank to?Offering their young female children as tools of atonement for their burdensome liberal guilt?

Even worse,this dumb sick bastard had a CHOICE,yet he WANTS his daughters in some groid-infested high school?

Left Coast White Guy said...

Yup, just read Jeffrey Dahmer's arrest statement... He wasn't afraid of being outed as a serial killer. He wasn't afraid of being outed as a sexual deviant, nope. He wasn't even afraid of being outed as a cannibal. No, he was concerned about being seen as racist for choosing minority victims. He wanted people to know that he choose his dusky victims because that was what the community he was residing in largely consisted of. True, look it up and read it for yourself. That ought to make it official. Worst thing in America to be in this age is no longer a child molester, rapist, serial killer or cannibal. It's a racist.

Anonymous said...

Once again Paul has offended me by leaving out my hometown of Cleveland. Our darkies are just as violent, and commit just as many stupid crimes as darkies anywhere.
With the verdict of the PO who shot two darkies armed with only a motor vehicle (they were trying to ram the cops after leading them in a twenty mile chase), Cleveland darkies will shine (pun intended). they have mobilized the NG, and we are hoping for violent demonstrations to put us back on the disfunctional darkie map.

PB said...

"If I were a doctor, I would find a way to move to New Zealand"

Go to Auckland, meet the Maori. You'll miss America in the blink of a bruised eye socket.

Race said...

Hey Dane, thanks for posting. Most people here in the states have a notion of Europe that is at least thirty years our of date. Most people here (I'm referring to people in America, not SBPDL readers) think that Europe is lily white and a place to withdraw to if America gets too bad. Please feel encouraged to report more on the racial displacement in Europe as you witness it.
Thank you

Left Coast White Guy said...

This needs to be discussed in more detail. Most are unaware that the "whites" that are there representing us in the statistics are only the Saturday people.

Race said...

I extend the same offer to Africans and Mexicans and all other non Americans.

There, fixed it for you!

Anonymous said...

Society for the

from a paper on the 1966 East New York riots.

Left Coast White Guy said...

I've been saying that on SBPDL since 2010

chattanooga gal said...

"Which normally is only against white people "
I once knew a white teen who got caught shoplifting some cheap item from a store. she had to, not only pay for the item, but pay a much larger fine to the store, do community service, etc etc. now, contrast that with all the blacks CAUGHT ON FILM looting stores and destroying property in ferguson and Baltimore. think any of them with so much as pay for the items taken/destroyed? let alone fines and community the way, the girl I knew was ashamed of her actions later. were the dindus?

Anonymous said...

God forgive me, I can't stop laughing ...I love this site!

Anonymous said...

Hail Victory!!!!

Anonymous said...

That clueless moron that moved to da hood with his innocent daughters really deserves a tragic ending. Of course it will be terrible if he actually dies but he would serve as a splendid example NOT to risk it for the sake of satisfying his correctness-boner. Once his brain is all over some plexiglass because he looked wrong at Antwon, his high profile status will hopefully make it news worthy and wake some people up.

BRA will jut go on a tear about how those evil guns caused his inevitable death, it's merely coincidental that the "teen" was named Antwon or Shitavious. No race mentioned either but he was turning his life around, a good boy, going to college to study nuclear physics etc. etc.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Had to travel to PHILLY,PA & be hospitalized in Drexel U. hospital,
Sure enough, I get stuck with a an older, barely coherent alcoholic 'groid as a "roommate" in the other bed in the room,
10PM this animal lights a cigarette, gets up staggers around, grabs at the IV 'post' holding MY IV........
After the nurses came to pick him up & stop his nose from bleeding ,
I told them "Get THAT out of here or move me now,
I spent the rest of my stay in another room on the other side of the hospital.......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Are Blacks being paid to attack YTs? That is really true when the majority are the feral offspring of tax-funded welfare breeders.

BREAKING: #Ferguson Protest Leaders Paid $5,000 a Month to Disrupt & Instigate Violence

These people and organizations that support rioters and looters should be tracked down and dealt with.

Anonymous said...

On the train thing, as nice as it would be to have one more thing to lay at the feet of the noble savage, vibrant diversity has been throwing rocks at trains for longer than I've been alive. I can dig up old magazines showing photos of locomotives with metal mesh screens put over the windows for use in urban areas where rock throwing was common. Then the feds got involved and mandated the windows be pretty much bullet proof.

Now even if a rock did penetrate that glass- at 100 mph I'm sure it's possible - there's just no way for it to land on a control and speed up the train. And thanks to things like pothead Ricky Gates many years ago, locomotives have multiple devices to focus the engineer's attention, so if he were to be hit and knocked out or killed, the train would stop.

Anonymous said...

O/T: possibly the most appropriately named black ever:

Most Wanted – Debris Cornelius Duggans

Synonyms for Debris: detritus, refuse, rubbish, waste, litter, scrap, dross, chaff, flotsam and jetsam

Anonymous said...

Well put

Anonymous said...

You would think Chatty!

Anonymous said...

This just made my day and a great laugh too! And I need it!!! :D

Unknown said...

Two major problems:
1) if cops pull over a carload of punks/felons in the city (generally black) and find a gun, if no one admits it's theirs, there's not much the law can do.

2) if two groups are shooting at each other on city streets (generally both are black), and each says "they started it, we only be defending ourselves", there's not much the law can do. This brought up by the prosecutor who wanted to change the law (calling these incidents some kind of "conspiracy"), so both groups would go to jail.

The problem I see is that the same usual groups and people (like Al S.) would say changing these laws would disproportionately affect black youths more than white youths, resulting in the arrest and incarceration of more black youths in our jails which are already disproportionatly black... Aside from who might be arrested more for whatever crimes, when 90% of homicide victims are black, such changes in the law would result in fewer black on black murders... but some obviously can't see that far.