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Why Chris Kyle's Claim he shot more than 30 People in Post-Katrina New Orleans is proof the American Dream still has a Pulse

The gods envy us. They envy us because we're mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed." -- Achilles in Troy (2004)

The story of Chris Kyle is one of those that makes you want to believe the United States of America still exists. 

When I saw American Sniper at the theater in early 2015, I left scratching some limb long ago removed... they say soldiers who have had an arm or leg amputated will still feel a scratch on the long removed appendage years later. 
The late American Sniper claimed he killed more than 30 people in post-Katrina, as he tried to restore law and order to a city overwhelmed by African-levels of violence


Love of country. 

I wanted, desperately, to believe in the same country as I just saw on the big screen; where Bradley Cooper so powerfully depicted Kyle as a larger than life hero, the embodiment of the American Dream. 

But we live in the American Nightmare: the metamorphoses of the American Dream into something our Founding Fathers could never have envisioned coming to fruition. 

However, one claim of Kyle's has always struck me as either an undeniable falsehood or one brimming with more truth than most people will ever want to contemplate: that he was in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and that he personally sniped more than 30 people.  

Tragically, American Sniper left out any reference to Kyle's claim he went to New Orleans in 2005 and shot more than 30 people (a belief many people claim is preposterous). 

But any person still believing the American Dream is only in hibernation, waiting for the right moment to be reborn with the ferocity of Andrew Jackson's temper, can only hope Kyle's boast was based on some truth. 

For it's well known the truth of what actually happened during the black lawlessness in Post-Katrina New Orleans has been sanitized for mass consumption. Something horrible happened in 2005 New Orleans, which bubbles up continuously in the news even in 2015

And though the legacy of Kyle will be questioned by those pushing the narrative only further enveloping the country in the American Nightmare, something beautiful bubbles to the surface when contemplating what he might have done in 2005 New Orleans. [In the Crosshairs: Chris Kyle, a decorated sniper, tried to help a troubled veteran. The result was tragic., The New Yorker, 6-3-2013]:
Not long after the radio-show appearance, Kyle was contacted by Brandon Webb, a veteran who had served with him on SEAL Team Three. Webb, now the editor of SOFREP, a Web site covering special-operations forces, invited Kyle and another former SEAL to participate in a taped discussion about life as a special operator. Webb asked Pat Kilbane, an actor, to moderate the discussion. Kyle met them at a bar in San Diego to tape the program. 
The session went well. Kilbane told me that he was struck by Kyle’s “aura,” noting that whenever “he walked in the room the dynamic would change, the energy in the room would shift.” Afterward, a larger group went out for dinner, closed the hotel bar, and hung out in Kyle’s suite, drinking until late. The SEALs began telling stories, and Kyle offered a shocking one. In the days after Hurricane Katrina, he said, the law-and-order situation was dire. He and another sniper travelled to New Orleans, set up on top of the Superdome, and proceeded to shoot dozens of armed residents who were contributing to the chaos. Three people shared with me varied recollections of that evening: the first said that Kyle claimed to have shot thirty men on his own; according to the second, the story was that Kyle and the other sniper had shot thirty men between them; the third said that she couldn’t recall specific details. 

Had Kyle gone to New Orleans with a gun? Rumors of snipers—both police officers and criminal gunmen—circulated in the weeks after the storm. Since then, they have been largely discredited. A spokesman for U.S. Special Operations Command, or SOCOM, told me, “To the best of anyone’s knowledge at SOCOM, there were no West Coast SEALs deployed to Katrina.” When I related this account to one of Kyle’s officers, he replied, sardonically, “I never heard that story.” The SEAL with extensive experience in special-mission units wondered how dozens of people could be shot by high-velocity rifles and just disappear; Kyle’s version of events, he said, “defies the imagination.” (In April, Webb published an article on SOFREP about the incident, but took it down after concluding that Kyle’s account was dubious.)
In Ray Nagin's book (the disgraced - jailed - mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina), he writes of a coup attempt that was thwarted at the SuperDome. Much of what actually happened in the absence of white civilization in post-Katrina New Orleans is either classified by the United States Military (or in heavily redacted Blackwater documents), with the corporate media stepping in to obscure the facts as nothing more than unconfirmed rumors or legends born in the lawless atmosphere of late August New Orleans.

But in Kyle's claim of trying to restore order in New Orleans rests the type of man who helped birth a civilization on the North American continent ultimately putting a man on the moon.

And in this claim, however incredulous it may seem, resides a pulse for the American Dream.

For something undeniably shocking occurred in New Orleans in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and there's something incredibly satisfying in believing the American Sniper was deployed there to restore law and order.


Unknown said...



America needs more Chris Kyles and Darren Wilsons instead of:



What a disaster!



Mr. Rational said...

there's something incredibly satisfying in believing the American Sniper was deployed there to restore law and order.

Restoration of law and order = removal of lawless Blacks, By Any Means Necessary.

A couple sniper hits in Ferguson or Baltimore would have stopped the riots, arson and looting in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

On the road in the South.

Good God. The things I've seen.

Thank god for this blog. More to follow.

awakened white said...

remember back then, they took guns from civilians in high and dry areas. I wonder if they would try (dare) that nationwide during SHTF, Cat. 10 etc.

Anonymous said...

It could be plausible, if he was hunting in parts of town that nobody was really watching, and bodies could float out to sea. But "on top of the Superdome"?? 'Bullshit' must be called.
This is also the guy who lost a defamation lawsuit to Jesse Ventura, so it's not like this would be his only, shallwesay, embellishment.

Race said...

"...the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires—that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else—a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution. "

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....OT..I just finished reading THE TRIANGLE by Kevin Deutsch. It's about the Crips and Bloods drug wars in Hempstead, Long Island and is a must read for any race realist. What blew me away is how they treat the women. If a gang banger has a girlfriend, sister, wife, etc she is also a target for beatings, shooting and rape.

When the Mob guys were going at each other at least the women were safe. A code of honor meant no harm to the family. With these drug gangs there is no honor. If you missed your target you went after his girlfriend or sister.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a story. Is the assertion that the feds sent Kyle there to restore order from a distance or was this his idea? There sure is a story behind the Katrina negro insurrection. Can't wait for someone to dig into and reveal the truth. Imagine all those deadly negroes dispersed throughout the country, many to Texas, spreading their chaos, misery, violence and mayhem. It's like a sci-fi script.

Negroes are an incredibly destructive force and the current strategy to control it, if there is even is one, is to disperse them through relocation, Section 8 and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. These government geniuses believe that dispersing the poison will make it less deadly. I disagree. It just makes more people sick.

Anonymous said...


Off topic.
I had asked 'Flower' where she was.
You ran but you cant hide.
what state and county.
it wont cost you yr cover.

re, FlowerBell, I'm sorry dear, you can run, but you can't hide. The extra-black blacks are probably refugees straight from Africa. This website has info and links to help you figure out who they are and how many of them are coming.

All Europeans are descended from barbarian warriors. It's time to awaken the Viking within. Get your license to carry, get reliable firearms and take self-defense courses, NOW. Living in the middle of the woods has its ups and downs. If you do get attacked, no one will hear you scream and even if you do call law enforcement, they won't get there in time. Don't end up like the South African farmers.

Within the last week he posted a K McDonald talk. its over an hour long.
KMD, PhD says we are from farmers and warriors and the genes are different.

The talk is worth a listen.

andmuslim african 'refugee' was only here nine days before ...
3 days ago - ... WAS ONLY HERE NINE DAYS BEFORE RAPING A WOMAN ... to rape a womanjust nine days after arriving in the United States has been ... As a native of Togo, Lidawo may be removed from the United States when he is ..

Anonymous said...

Chris Kyle is a guy with a sad demise. I really straddle the fence about him. On one hand he did seem like a real American hero and on the other hand a pompous ass. Jesse Ventura really took some flack from the supporters of Kyle. Ventura was bad mouthed about suing Chris's estate. But I really feel it was more like him trying to debunk what Kyle said about knocking the shit out of Jesse. Did it happen? The courts did not seem to think so and Ventura was paid. I am on the fence with Jesse's way out there ass. The deal is Kyle should have kept that story, whether true or not to himself. Not that I am overly familiar with Kyle and I will watch American Sniper when it comes on DVD. If this was not another tall tale that Kyle (shooting orcs in Nola) to protect the area and people, he is okay with me. But I think Kyle is an embellishor. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

It is a well-known fact that the "authorities" went around disarming innocent law abiding citizens in their own homes, including beating up an old White woman. Why assume that law enforcement and sniper operations were limited to shooting lawless Blacks? How many White guys defending themselves and their loved ones were shot by authorities? Given the authorities' anti-White bias, why would anyone assume that law enforcement was playing fairly with Whites? It is more reasonable to assume that they didn't.

How many White men did snipers shoot in New Orleans?

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

PK, you know what stirs within me when I hear this story? Sadness.

I have no reason to suspect the events described by the former sniper are anything but true. This is what saddens me.

I do not mourn the untimely (too late) demise of the things he shot. I mourn that it happened here. In the United States of America.

I've said it before here, and I'll say it again. The system set up in the USA is the closest thing to a perfect governing system humans have developed to rule over their civilizations. Europe, took our example and refined it into a socialist paradise.

I believe that industry that is essential to the well being of the population must be heavily regulated, if not owned by the government outright. I also believe private property rights must be respected.

Making this work requires a population willing to walk this delicate balance and hold leadership responsible for actions that disrupt this balance.

I believe the urban underclass is a distraction. While we are being told to accept things as our equals that nature has clearly illustrated the contrary, our leaders are privatizing and selling off our future to the highest bidder.

Outsourcing good paying blue collar jobs and flooding our borders with 3rd world scum serves to demoralize us, as we are focused on the nigger and it's precious feelings of inferiority. It's a bait and switch.

We are now Brazil II. Bigger, dumber, and armed with nukes. YAAAAAYYY

Anonymous said...

I lived in New Orleans from October 2004 - April 2005, and based on my experiences in the very short time of living there I think Mr. Kyle was telling the truth. New Orleans negroes are on a different level than others, much more savage and feral.
I had not returned to the city until this year, and was shocked at what I saw. All the projects have been replaced with luxury style communities but they have been filled with the same hoodlums and hood rats. Hurricane Katrina definitely improved their living conditions.

10mm AUTO said...

Frankly, I am surprised it took this long to come out. I expected that is what happened after the medical helicopters were fired on bringing water the first morning, even before anyone was on the ground. negros shooting medical and relief personnel need to be exterminated, period.

After a day the sniping stopped and I figured that the military had "handled" it under Rule 308.

If negros continue to provoke Whites, beat their children, rape their women, destroy their children, more Chris Kyles will appear. Some for Vengeance, some from Hate, some from bitter loss, some from losing a part of themselves or a loved one to the Black Undertow, some to drive the negro out.

As Cicero said: "Many are the paths to War."

White men merely need to be provoked a little more.

Anonymous said...

Call me optimistic, but I think the American Dream is still alive, if in hibernation. Once the American Nightmare gets bad enough... Well, you wake up from nightmares.

That's why I'm looking forward to more rioting. It's only a matter of time until things change.

After all, that which can't go on forever, won't.

rex freeway said...

He sniped 30 welfare parasites that would be dead from Black on Black violence, shot by police or in prison in the years since Katrina. He saved the tax payers money and gave disillusioned people a reason to believe again.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks were shooting at police helicopters"

I'm glad my comment led into your post today, even if for some reason it wasn't posted in the comments section.

The 9th ward was flooded to shut down an armed insurrection by AAs who had taken over the neighborhood. Chris Kyle's claims are just verification that the U.S. government was shooting Americans who didn't want to lie down and be dictated to by D.C. scumbags.

I don't know why you claim Kyle's murders show "America's dream still has a pulse." It just shows the government has already taken up arms against citizens and you are all slaves.

Anonymous said...

Great thought. Never happened.

Realist in MA

PB said...

The experience of that group of fellow Australians stuck in the Superbowl tells me more about the current state of Black America than any other story I've seen about Katrina. It is a story of reversion to the mean like no other, and is also a great story of White people sticking together in adversity.



The moral of this story is never relax around blacks!
I bet most if not all of that filth happened in New Orleans no doubt.
negroes just can't help themselves! Even being born and raised in a first rate, first world country like the America I used to know. They just show this country and the world over their true color. And that color is black filth.
I believe Chris Kyle's claim one hundred percent.


Anonymous said...

The word "awesome" is often overused...but I can't think of a better word to describe this story. Simply awesome.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic my apologies. Years ago I was reading some article and then scrolled down to the comments and read the greatest thesis ever. I couldn't believe it came from a comment writer. Essentially the argument was about the cradle of civilization was Africa and then all the other races took risks and left that hell hole for opportunities to the north and east. The negro was left behind. Never taking an risks. Content to wallow in his animalistic environment until being forced into white civization. It went on to say they cannot function in this environment except in sports or music. Finally it spent a great deal arguing how women (especially white) were the vessels of civilization and they are being infected by the negro and accounting for a debased society. If anyone has seen this before (and I know I'm prob searching for a needle in a haystack) or knows where it came from please post a link as a reply. I would love to copy it and commit it to memory.

D-FENS said...

Kyle was certainly an excellent marksman. However, his estate was successfully sued for defamation of character arising from a false claim made in Kyle's book. This was determined in a court of law and since the plaintiff was a public person, the claim had to meet a very high legal threshold. I think the man was prone to exaggeration, to put it politely.

As a voluntary employee of the armed wing of BRA, he didn't do us any favors.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now THAT would make a great movie!

My question would be, did the medical examiners ever find bodies with high powered rifle wounds? Most of the Nawlins orcs were probably offing each other with pistol calibers, so 30-06 etc would stand out. Did the docs involved cover this up?

Are there tales in the orc underground that fellow NAPAs would suddenly just hit the pavement with massive rifle wounds from an unexplained source? Maybe the Candyman could shoot?

Anonymous said...

Paul, really, believing a fictional account of what happened, conjured up by TWMNBN? American Sniper was a largely fictional account just as Lone Survivor was where a opposing force of 20 turns in to 200. The movie embellished what happened in the book significantly, and the book embellished what happened in real life significantly.

Chris Kyle is the perfect example of a DWL. This guy got shot with his own gun by a schizophrenic. He went out of his way to find a crazy person, give them a gun, and then the opportunity to shoot him, just as the DWLs go out, find 'diversity' and bring them back in to our neighborhoods and give them the opportunity to rob and rape us.

And as far as his "accomplishments"? He shot 160 boys and men, most of whom were unarmed civilians, who were just examining a bait gun he left out in the open. The opposing forces weren't targeting him as if he was a fighting a real war. This guy has nothing on Simo Häyhä, and his only claim to fame is sucker punching Jesse Ventura.

Meredith said...

I suppose your idea of the American Dream is being a slave owner. An America where only white people are free and have a decent living and literally every other race on the planet lives under the heel of the whites. I'm white and I have to say you have got to be the most disgusting individual I have ever seen or heard of. You make me sick. America is better off without you or people like you living here. Why don't you go to some far away country and made America a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Actually the American Dream is not being a Slave to the BRA.. Now you DWL go away and play in traffic.

MrGJG said...

Wow Meredith! Is that the conclusion you've drawn here? The people here have no desire to lord over anybody, especially blacks. We just want to be free from there dysfunction and filth. That means separating from them, not going back to 1855. I'd be happy going back to 1955 when we could chose our neighbors and didn't put up with monkeyshines.
Really Meredith, who are the real slaves today?

Anonymous said...

I read the book and watched the film. I enjoyed them both. However, any reasonable person would doubt the veracity of either.

Dear Meredith, owning "slaves" is an expensive proposition. Also, modern technology has rendered "slaves" obsolete. Hence the term "Obsolete Farm Equipment".

You wrote:

"I'm white and I have to say you have got to be the most disgusting individual I have ever seen or heard of. You make me sick."

You've seen Paul Kersey? Please tell us where and when.

You might be "white". We have a term for a "white" person like you. It's known as a DWL. You have drank the multi-cult Kool-Aid by the gallon your whole life.
You are hopeless and there's no amount of realism that can save you (FYI-your "sickness" can be attributed to your delusions). I'm not "disgusted" by you. I'm immune to the gas you emit.

Good luck in the future! You will need it!

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

You should spend more time reading the articles posted here because you've got the sentiment behind it 100% wrong! We are people of many races who simply want the Africans to find their life-support system elsewhere. In other words, stop leeching off the whites and perhaps go back to Africa where no one is racist and you don't have to adhere to the standards of modern civilization. Good lord, no one wants to keep an indentured cotton picker around in the 21st century but I suppose that is the ad hominem attack you need to hold on to.

Anonymous said...

Meredith's reaction is the knee jerk reaction of delicate liberals anywhere when confronted with someone who points out (backed up with statistics) that blacks in this country disproportionally engage in more crime and violence than any other race in this country. They stick their fingers in their ears and absurdly play the "slave card" by shouting, "Well, I suppose you think slavery could fix all that!"

Anonymous said...

Two questions, "Meredith".

You pointed out you are white. Do you live in (IN, not bordering) a neighborhood with a large percentage of blacks? And if not, why not?

Anonymous said...

No meredith, my American Dream is that criminals be locked in prison or executed, students are forced to either learn or be held back or expelled rather than pushed on through school illiterate, neglectful parents be arrested and their children put in orphanges where they are forced to become educated for civil society, rioters and looters are shot on sight, welfare is very temporary and requires surgical sterilization to even apply for, selling drugs to children results in execution, vulgarity is removed from popular culture, people get and stay married to have children they parent together, food assistance only cover basic staples, no more section 8, no more school busing to outside districts, no affirmative action or racist quotas, no racist college admissions, no racist organizations that only benefit a certain race, everyone should be held accountable to the same standards and everyone who harms our society is removed from it.

And most importantly, we should have the freedom to sell our homes to who WE choose to and/or move into neighborhoods that have covenents to preserve the quality of the neighborhoods and our home values.

Does that sound like i want non-whites under my heel?

No, I want non-whites to behave and contribute to the white society they are intent on invading or be removed from it.

Anonymous said...

Meredith you chose the WRONG forum to spout liberal nonsense. The people here are intelligent and immune to white guilt.

Go post at TMZ it's more your intellectual level.

Anonymous said...

And here we have a DWL! You are the typical white woman who believes the hero worship of blacks that the television blares all day long.

Anonymous said...

You make me proud to have Scot and Irish in my DNA! Well said to stupid.

Anonymous said...


Betcha Meredith knows a lot of "nice" blacks, but they are all on television - the one she watches in her very comfortble home in some gated community or very safe burb.

Anonymous said...

Spot on and perfect reasoning. You hit in on the head. In a perfect world WE should be able choose who we want to be around... Live around... Work around.... Deal with on whatever basis. Meredith has her head in her ass and she is part of the reason our societal make up is failing. We, like Rome, are destined to fail repeating history. Diversity destroyed the empire and we are next. Somewhere in Meredith's mind she feels," poor blacks deserve a chance and PK and his followers are disgusting bigots." But to what end will it take for her to see the light?? Being mugged, raped, having a family member killed by that diversity? When will clueless people like her wake up and see what is really going on?

Just like those idiot liberals blaming the train wreck in Philly on conservatives and not spending money on infrastructure. No dumb asses, it seems to be apparent to those with half a brain the train was traveling 106 miles in a 55mph zone around a curve. If of course that is the truth.

Meredith as someone pointed out by asking the question, do you live near blacks? I am willing to bet no!!!!' Once you live around them you then see their true nature. And their true nature isn't worth a shit!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! They would have scurried like the rats they are. Instead, the dimwitted, she male, jive talking, turkey for a mayor decided to let the animals loose. Now there's videos of off duty cops and prison guards(affirmative action recipients) looting a convienience store for Cheetos and Slim Jim's! Imagine the thought process that would possess someone to risk their own careers over something like that? They're apparently on unpaid leave. They literally are just a bunch of dumb animals.

Mutant Swarm said...

I see it's time to post my "Learn To Hate" comment response again.

To "Meredith," and all other DWLs, I have a piece of advice:

If you will not learn to hate, then you will not survive. Simple as that.

There's something all you "hipster" whites need to realize: If you expect us awakened whites to fight for you and risk death, we will extract a terrible price from you if we live. Food in your pantry? Ours; we'll give a little of it back to you. Medical supplies? I'm the one with the knife wound, not you. Hand it over. Bodies of our enemies that need to be disposed of? Here's a shovel, get to work. You say you won't? Then I'll dig TWO holes.

To those "hipster" whites new to reality, who are searching for information and affirmation of what you are thinking and feeling, welcome. To those who are looking down your noses at us racist redneck white trash, while you sip your decaf chai-tea soy lattes, I say this:

You had best unf-ck yourself right quick if you want OUR help.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everything about that guy was shady. I'm sorry, but I can hardly call a paid assassin working for Blackwater a 'patriot'. If the price was right, he surely would take out white Americans if given the chance. Looks like some of his buddies at Jade Helm are gearing up just for that!

Anonymous said...

Hard for a dead man to defend himself in court.


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm disagreeing with you about the Crips and Bloods, but to say any other gang or mafioso has a 'code of honour', is simply a fairytale. The only code these scumbags abide by, is the smell of money regardless of race, creed, religion, sex. The old Sicilians were the last criminal organization to follow any sort of honour system, which basically boiled down to bloodlines. Their is no honour among thieves and blacks are on the top of that list.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Kyle didn't have this ghettopotamus in his sights!

Helps to occasionally watch a video of the Orcus Africanus in action. This is a good one to just remind us all of what these savages consider a normal day in da hood. Watch this sow attack an immigrant. Racist bitch!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Meredith has read any of the responses to her nonsense. No doubt she engaged in the typical libtard activity of committing a "drive by babbling."
Make a hysterical comment to stress one's moral superiority, get the huggy feely glow from having done so and dash off never to return. She's no doubt scoring points with the coffee shop hive mind collective as she shares her story of telling off the vile racists.
Who knows? She might get a free soy mocha latte with foam (and a bran muffin!) as she's surrounded by googly-eyed adoring morons who seek to reward her bravery and commitment to the struggle.

Mutant Swarm said...

Ex New Yorker here....OT..I just finished reading THE TRIANGLE by Kevin Deutsch. It's about the Crips and Bloods drug wars in Hempstead, Long Island and is a must read for any race realist. What blew me away is how they treat the women. If a gang banger has a girlfriend, sister, wife, etc she is also a target for beatings, shooting and rape.

Another item of note for that book is the weapons training. I remember reading about one of the silverbacks being tasked to teach the younger orcs how to shoot. When one of them didn't clean his weapon, the instructor beat the crap out of him, then explained why he did it.

This serves three purposes: It teaches the orc the importance of a clean weapon, it instills discipline, and it hardens the recruit (might as well call him that; he did join their "army") both physically and psychologically. Police academies don't enforce discipline to that extent; even our military doesn't do that. They'd get sued, or their elected officials would get bitched at and the practice would (indeed, has) come to a screeching halt.

It would be a mistake to underestimate these savages.

The Limey said...

Anonymous said...May 14, 2015 at 6:02 AM
That is the best synopsis of the black problem that I`ve read in a long time. However, it`s not just the American dream, but also the dream of most like minded, decent people in Europe too. We are on the verge of being swamped by the black plague, currently swarming over from Africa, which could, no, will, equal, if not exceed the problems faced in the US, from the savage American Africans. You only have to look into the arrogant, ignorant, dead behind the eyes faces to see their intention to enjoy the havoc they will create in a society that, cannot, unfortunately, shoot back. Long live your 2nd amendment. The march of the parasitic negro marches on, creating crime and mayhem wherever they pollute.

Mr. Rational said...

"Meredith" writes:

I suppose your idea of the American Dream is being a slave owner. An America where only white people are free and have a decent living and literally every other race on the planet lives under the heel of the whites.

Wrong, Meredith.  We don't want anything to do with the Africans, the Central and South American Indios, or any of the rest.  We just want to live by ourselves in peace and run our own affairs, WITHOUT their crime, WITHOUT their parasitism (of which crime is a subset), WITHOUT their endless agitation, and WITHOUT their poisonous influence on our society and social capital.

America is better off without you or people like you living here. Why don't you go to some far away country and made America a better place to live.

If you love the Africans, Indios and Mestizos so much, are you living in their midst?  Or are you a resident of a Whitopia, as most Disingenuous White Liberals are?  Always, Die-versity is for the insufficiently enlightened (among which you do not count yourself).

What you don't realize is that you are not among the enlightened, you are one of the willfully blind.

Anonymous said...

Negroes are an incredibly destructive force and the current strategy to control it, if there is even is one, is to disperse them through relocation, Section 8 and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. These government geniuses believe that dispersing the poison will make it less deadly. I disagree. It just makes more people sick.

You can thank the GOP for creating Section 8 with Democrats.

Democrats had the theory that poor (blacks) just needed to be spread through the right communities and the right values would rub off on them.

Republicans salivated at the idea of taking all the money that goes into public projects and putting it into private real estate.

Both parties are causing destruction by refusing to look at the reality of race.

Anonymous said...

fed up
Some one has to pay for this pigs 15 piglets ! Warning made me puck !!

Anonymous said...

There is not anything a realist can do to make a DWL change. When she's on on her back being held down by 6 orcs tag teaming her and beating her Meredith last thought will be "What did I do to deserve this". They are filthy vile African creatures with no soul. Meredith you would be just a conquest. Just another day in the hood for the orcs. They don't like white women, orcs use white women to get over on yt. YT is the white man!

Anonymous said...

Ah Meredith. The quintessential DWL. Put your money where your mouth is and GO LIVE WITH THEM. Live in Black enclaves in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago. Move to downtown Camden, Newark, Paterson, or East Orange NJ. Get back to us after that if you aren't already raped, shot or dead. If you have children, even better. Make sure they, too, are surrounded by Blacks. I'm sure you can find some great deals on real estate. Get on it now so you can enjoy Summer with Blacks. Then, get back to us. Till then, your words are just BS.

Anonymous said...

I too believe he was stretching a lot of the truth. Promoting a book about being the worlds deadliest assassin was just plain nuts. He was part of a elite force that has more secrets than Area 51, yet he goes on national tv spilling the beans while taking a crack at a well known Libertarian such as Ventura, just as America's support for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was at an all time low. Something tells me he over stepped his boundaries and the powers that be had no more use for the guy. His affiliation with a group of mercenaries(Kraft) also made him a dead man walking. Who knows, maybe he told his buddy with PTSD of how many American's he clipped? The whole story reeks, just like the OBL hit and Seal Team 6 helicopter crash.

Anonymous said...

Post of the month!

Pat Boyle said...

I watched the original 1974 'Death Wish' on Netflix the other night.

Bronson (Kersey) kills about ten street muggers in that film. It occurred to me that probably no one would even notice in real life. In Chicago there are normally about a half dozen black guys shot every weekend.

The press calls it 'black on black' murder but who knows? In the film Bronson seldom has any witnesses. If there were a careful white vigilante would he even be detected?

Comes the dawn and the cops find yet another black guy dead in the gutter. They assume that it was some black gang action but it could be a white vigilante. Given the level of 'normal' street violence you could shoot a black guy every weekend for years and no one would be the wiser.

Maybe someone is in fact doing this right now. How would anyone know?


Anonymous said...

One only has to watch a few episodes of 'First 48hrs' to see what kind of damage the ones that fled NO has done to TX, AZ, AB, MS, MO, GA etc. Violent crimes shot up to over 400% in some of hese states after the mass exodus. They are quite literally a walking locust.

Anonymous said...

It will happen sooner than later. Another one or two white beatings by a pack of feral 'teens' like the one in Baltimore, will be the tipping point. Even the msm might take a 180 turn. If not, then whites will surely be a doomed race in America.

EuroAmerican said...

Either the snipping happened or it didn't. In any case, let the rumors persist... Hopefully, it will give the Negroes something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Quite simply, he underestimated fellow Seal JV. Dumb move on his part, that might have contributed to his own demise.

Anonymous said...

If true, most likely a .338 Lapua or a .308 I don't think they'd use .50 cal which would obliterate the target, therefore pointing towards military involvement. If these nogs were shooting at Medevac or SAR helicopters, I wouldn't care if they cluster bombed the $&@# out of them!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that white women are so easily brainwashed like the DWL? Perhaps some one the real women on here can explain this to the guys. Is it stupidity because this woman is clueless and of course she brings up a central tenet of the DWL religion, slavery. No wonder the average YT doesn't want to get married, coming home to a shrew like this would be torture.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm disagreeing with you about the Crips and Bloods, but to say any other gang or mafioso has a 'code of honour', is simply a fairytale. The only code these scumbags abide by, is the smell of money regardless of race, creed, religion, sex. The old Sicilians were the last criminal organization to follow any sort of honour system, which basically boiled down to bloodlines. Their is no honour among thieves and blacks are on the top of that list.

Absolute fantasy.

The Italian and Jewish underground families keep business separate from family and community life. Even the "Southern Mafia" attends church and blends in well with the larger society.

Only Black and Muslim gangs are ruthless turds 100% of the time.

Don't take all your perspectives on society from TV and film. There are more ethnic mafias than you know, and most of them operate invisibly.

Anonymous said...

Well said. There were enough witnesses to claim Ventura wasn't even at the function where Kyle apparently assaulted him. Even if it were true, that's not something to brag about, especially a high profile Libertarian such has Ventura. I for one won't miss the guy.

10mm AUTO said...


As a DWL, it is easy to spout epitaphs and to name call. In fact it requires no thought or analysis, merely feeling.

The fact is Whites are under assault around the world and in their native lands, even to the point where they find the need to plan the creation of a "Homeland" as our numbers as a precentage of world population drops to single digits.

That White would organize quietly to defend themselves and get a little payback is not so surprising given the provocations of negros. For example: Here is a story you will never hear of, but it is so common that we could fill hundreds of pages with them (and some people like Colin Flanerty Have!).

I never even heard of this guy till this morning, but he has been in the hospital for 10 days for the honorable cause of defending a woman.

Quick Synopsis: Random foul negro is menacing a woman outside this guys home. White goes out to tell it to go back to its cage and leave the woman alone. negro attacks, stomps the guys head and chest till he is near death.

You really need to toss you TV Meredith, because if you continue down this path of denial, one day its going to bite you in the ass.

I leave you with a quote from a $aturday Person:

"No one may be indifferent to the racial principle, the racial question. It is the key to world history. History is often confusing because it is written by people who did not understand the racial question and the aspects relevant to it... Race is everything, and every race that does not keep its blood from being mixed will perish. . . Language and religion do not determine a race--blood determines it."
—British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing she's a huge Young Turd fan. She has a hint of Anna K. in her nonsensical diatribe.

Anonymous said...

The Huff Post and TYT will gladly accept DWL members.

Anonymous said...

The Wrong Side Won the Civil War said:

Mutant Swarm above said, "There's something all you "hipster" whites need to realize: If you expect us awakened whites to fight for you and risk death, we will extract a terrible price from you if we live. Food in your pantry? Ours; we'll give a little of it back to you. Medical supplies? I'm the one with the knife wound, not you. Hand it over. Bodies of our enemies that need to be disposed of? Here's a shovel, get to work. You say you won't? Then I'll dig TWO holes."

Sir, if we had a few more with your steel balls and grip on hard, cold realities, we would HAVE no negro problem, because they would all be back in Africa where they belong or sleeping peacefully under the grass before they could put US there.

I love your style and attitude. These faggotized white "men" and weepy, metrosexual, dicwads would shake like leafs in a howling gale around a few dozen REAL men like you or Paul Kersey. I might also add, or a real woman like one of our resident posters, Bernice.

SC Native said...

I've often wondered what really went on down in beautiful Zimbabwe by the sea during the Katrina monkeyshines. I guess it's possible that 30 or so NAPA's could be taken out and nobody would notice. I bet lots of strange things went on but if the orcs were firing at relief helicopters it does make sense that they would be made good. That being said I wonder why the race hustlers never picked up on this? Perhaps Rastus and Pookie were just removed from the scene of the tax savings and fed to gators.

To Merdith the DWL, if you're not comic relief, why would we go back to slavery? It was an outmoded form of farming and I can do the same thing with a large mechanical picker that 50 negroes could do and much faster. A machine is easier to care for and it doesn't come with the problems of a negro which are legion. No, as a southerner decended from slaveholders ( a very small minority of old stock YT by the way ) I would never want to go back to that. It's obsolete which is something most DWL's can't understand because they have the business sense of a wild turkey.

But all of this will pass, history shows us that things can turn around very quickly and in strange ways. No the American Dream is not dead but it's in a deep sleep. People like Merdith should be worried of what will become of them when things get really bad and they have no use to BRA. Useful Idiots, what did Stalin do to them after they served their purpose?

Anonymous said...


Californian said...

But all of this will pass, history shows us that things can turn around very quickly and in strange ways.

In 1866 the South was crushed and under the boot of federal Reconstruction. Blacks and the era's white liberals were running the show. But by 1886, white Southerners were firmly in control and de facto segregation was spreading throughout the USA. Things can--and will!--change radically. It just takes enough people being awakened. And that awakening is happening via websites such as this one.

Anonymous said...

Lololololol.......lololololol. Is the revulsion meredith is feeling being brought on by the classic woman trait of denial?

Anonymous said...

I think the new "litmus test" for DWLs has been found. Just ask them if they live in a "diverse" area. Residence in a high-rise secured apartment in NYC or Chicago doesn't count. I mean the actual neighborhood, where contact and exposure to dangerous wildlife is unavoidable.

If the DWL can show proof of residence in the diversity, the least we can do as intelligent Whites is hear them out. But if they are in a special enclave, and try preaching to us, some of whom have to actually deal with the orcs, they don't deserve a minute of our time.

Maybe in the future DWLs who post on the internet can start their rant with their zip code. We should start insisting on it, since they have no reason to hide from our Government.

Our current anti-White system was engineered by wealthy DWLs who never had to taste the fruits of their labors. To Hell with preachy DWLs who make other Whites suffer while they live in luxury and self-righteousness.

Anonymous said...

I lived in New Orleans for a time pre-Katrina. Nastiest bunch of Negroes you could find outside of Africa. Made Baltimore's Negroes seen tame by comparison.

I had a tv back when Katrina hit. Everyone knew the storm was coming about a day or so prior. I said right then, "the Negroes will go wild". I sat glued to the tv during all the coverage. Played out just like I figured it would.

Some of the wilder stories are hard to believe IF you never lived in New Orleans. I don't have any trouble believing the worst horror stories, because I know what NOLA Negroes were like.

Anonymous said...

Meredith is a sickening example of a white broad who has never lived near a black rather than experienced their impact on society at large. Here's hoping she gets the full experience really soon!!!! The most satisfying thing in the world is the victimization of a liberal by one of their precious blax. Poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

Can Meredith show us where, outside of slavery, blacks have created any kind of wealth? And created it on their own?

Even when handed fully functional economies--whether Detroit or Zimbabwe--blacks proceed to create an economic nosedive. Jobs disappear, infrastructure disintegrates, factories stop producing, food disappears from the groceries, and the begging bowls come out en masse.

Good lord, no one wants to keep an indentured cotton picker around in the 21st century but I suppose that is the ad hominem attack you need to hold on to.

And even if blacks were capable of producing wealth under slavery, in the long term the destruction they cause is not worth it. The fact is, virtually every black-dominated polity is an economic and physical wasteland. The most blatant indicator of a city or country's economic well being is in its percentage of blacks. The higher, the less prosperous. This trend has been so starting with Haiti and has continued through to today.

If I am wrong, please show me where. Care to talk about Liberia? Zimbabwe? Birmingham? Selma?

On top of the lack of production and the explosion in welfare dependency, there's the crime. How much "wealth" are the thousands of white lives lost to black violence worth? Or the fact that millions of Americans have had to flee their homes and neighborhoods owing to black invasions? Or the destruction of the integrity of the schools, the civil service, and now even the armed forces by affirmative action?

There is no advantage to be gained by large numbers of blacks in any white society. None. So no, Meredith, we do not want to enslave blacks. We want to be free of them.

Anonymous said...

I wish he shot 300,000... He didn't shoot 1 unfortunately.

OT but I'd like to walk through my blackness for the day... Going backwards. I just watched a nog mayor in Philly and a nog fire-chief in the same cesspool struggle to form coherent sentences regarding the train wreck. They talked 4 minutes of nonsense talking about how people did their jobs. Of course they were aggrandizing simple duties.

Some nogs probably upset about Freddie Gray probably ruined those tracks.

I read the news about the hammer nog, the welfare queen suing NYC over the nog stabber in the elevator... I read some Jamillia bull talking about "Great policing finding the right man in NYC to target the right person and not stop blacks needlessly like usual." I was pleased to see all the comment sections in all the nog stories I read were filled with good stuff....

I took a drive through a ghetto city this morning at 8:30 and stopped at a grocery store. They are pathetic. In their own neighborhoods, they don't work anywhere. They aren't out in the morning... You see every other race doing things. Men dressed in work clothes, work boots, etc...

Of those that are out, none are doing anything productive. They can't do anything... Muslims, whites, hispanics... The nogs moving around were old women. None of them produce...

At the super market, there was a half-breed worker, 8 months pregnant smoking a cigarette out front. She obviously spent an enormous amount of time straightening her hair. She was smoking, talking to a charcoal thug outside. ***They always reset to the black mean))) The white employees were working. She probably just blew him in her car in the hopes he might meet his child... Probably lured him out with a pack of smokes stolen from the super market (or maybe letting him use an EBT card or credit card she stole for him). He obviously never worked in his life but his clothes weren't trash.

I am really, really sick of this and them... I have zero tolerance. Zero excuse. Zero care now... I do not see their children as something to be regarded with any worth--only blight and problems.

From MA

former liberal said...

Yes Meridith, live in a beautiful area like Birmingham, Alabama, and then get back to us on what you think about Negroes. I also for years worked in the construction industry which also had a lot of blacks until contractors got totally fed up with their behaviour. As one contractor once told me, "they always have to fix their cars, they always have to go to court, you ask them to do something, and they do it wrong, whatever you pay them, it's never enough. And then they wonder why we get prejudiced". I couldn't have better said it myself. I'm a Southerner who happened to be born in New York City. Live in the South for a while, and I.guarantee your attitudes will change.

Anonymous said...

Anon "axed": Why is it that white women are so easily brainwashed like the DWL? Perhaps some one the real women on here can explain this to the guys. Is it stupidity because this woman is clueless and of course she brings up a central tenet of the DWL religion, slavery. No wonder the average YT doesn't want to get married, coming home to a shrew like this would be torture.

61-year-old White woman here. NJ born and bred in White communities. Parents, deceased, not racist. Voted Democratic all their lives, including voting for Obama. Same deal with my husband's parents. We recognized Blacks as different, but tried to explain those differences with all the usual DWL theories. I even voted for Obama the 2nd time. (My husband has forgiven me. Hope you can too.) I finally realized that all our tax dollars, policies and "programs" will never fix Blacks. They are an inferior and destructive race. I do not want support them any more. I am rarely around them and hope to continue living that way.

Meredith is either dumb and young, or old and deficient in some way. She needs to think she is a better person than race realists. She should put some flowers in her hair and go sing folk songs on the streets of Philly while handing out balloons. You can imagine what would be left of her in one hour. She can't.

P.S. Meredith - it is 2015. Slavery ended 150 years ago. Decades of spending my money ($ that could have been spent on veterans) has only made Blacks more lazy, dangerous and destructive.

Mutant Swarm said...

Blacks sure as hell didn't do this:

Dresden Then And Now

Anonymous said...

A lone black female could walk down any street in a 100% White area where every pick-up truck had Confederate flag decals on the bumpers any time day or night and not be bothered at all...Now just have a single White woman dare ride in a city bus in downtown Detroit, E. St. Louis, Oakland after 8PM (or noon for that matter)...Report back on that.

Anonymous said...

Niggardly New Englander said:

You know, I was thinking about that white woman-chasing whore-master, Martin Luther King, shouting in one of his "famous" speeches, "Free, free at last!" What an 'effin crock.

Rather, what a glorious day it will be when the white man can shout to the rooftops, "Free, free at last," - as in free from these savage, brutish animals raping and destroying the last vestiges of civility and civilization itself from every country they reside in.

I hope to see the day in my lifetime when a constitutional convention is called and everything is out on the table, especially secession from this "union" and absolute segregation of the races, for all time and in perpetuity. There is absolutely NOTHING in our Constitution that speaks to secession - nada, nothing!

The mere fact that Ape-raham Lincoln had 600,000 white men needlessly killed over this issue he himself invented out of whole cloth does not pass the smell test or contravene anything in our founding documents, the Federalist Papers included.

We can start with Texas and let er all rip.

Virginian said...

The only two "lies" that he supposedly told were about N.O. & Jesse Ventura. As far as Jesse goes he has spent his life as a storyteller. He was a professional wrestler turned politician turned conspiracy theory t.v. show host. He is a nutbag who currently resides in Mexico. I believe Jesse sued to save face. If I recall Chris said he hit him and RAN, not really something you would want to lie about. Secondly I lived on the Gulf coast during that time, there were constant stories of snipers. The Fed's were there, there is no reason to doubt Kyle's claim.

Anonymous said...

Kyle fought for the system that is committing genocide against his people.

I am struck at the difference between war memoirs from WW2, Korea, Vietnam on one hand and the Mess in Potamia on the other. Part of it is the low casualties/low intensity nature of these wars (more Americans died in 1970 in Vietnam than in 10 years of Iraq, more died in Vietnam in 1971 than 10 years of Afghanistan). But there's a type of distasteful braggadocio and flag-waving in these new books that has a large degree of desperation about it. The more America continues to disappear the tighter conservatives close their eyes and the harder they wave their flags in order to not face up to reality. That in fact is why the Republicans gave them these wars, so that they wouldn't have to face the reality of their destruction back home and the treasonous part their leadership plays in it. For that opportunity of self-deception the rank and file of conservatives are profoundly grateful.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the whole Chris Kyle story is embellished (made up) in order to serve our political masters ends? He ginned up patriotism when we were getting openly tired of war and he was murdered by a fellow soldier which shows that even a Navy Seal is vulnerable. I just always felt that a Navy Seal would probably keep his mouth shut about what he does - most adults in even mundane jobs do, so why wouldn't a trained killer.

The Meredith troll is why I lost several friendships (overdue) when 0bama was installed. The knee-jerk sloganeering that passes for educated thought is just too much. And the instant their trap is shut, their ears and mind are shut too so you simply can't get them to hear opposing viewpoints. They sometimes die at the hands of their pets and then their parents forgive the murderers. It's pretty Darwinian and, as a woman, they disgust me. I'm made of sterner stuff as are all the women in my family. But I suggest Meredith go help the neediest of the needy, the darker the better. How else will she keep her DWL moral high-ground? Baltimore would be my suggestion and I bet there's some housing she could get real cheap.

Anonymous said...

Agreed ; about the absolute destructive force negros are,
One of the places they shipped NOLA scum to is Cape Coral, FLA.
I 1st lived there in the early 90s,beautiful, clean, strictly zoned & enforced & conspicuously devoid of ANY nigros, to see them you had to travel to Ft. Myers, across the river & down MLK Blvd. .....and no one did,
Then Katrina hit,
Now the savages are here in numbers that have already ruined what WAS a nice place to live,
Now the LA-style steel bars across doors/ windows of homes popping up all over.

HH said...

That'd probably realize it was a white guy due to the precision of the wounds on the deceased. Theoretically (dear feds, I'm not actually going to do this) if dead blacks started pilling up with two bullets in the chest and one in the head, it'll be pretty easy to pin point that on a white combat veteran.

Same thing goes for knife wounds, slash across the bicep to disable the power arm, two slashes across the chest to open up the torso for a stab, then 3 stabs to the lungs to top it off? The dude clearly has some good training.

Of course, I guess you could be purposefully sloppy, but then that's how mistakes are made.

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Consider the robotics revolution coming. It will mean poverty for farm workers and laborers in general. The upper 10% or so of the skilled will prosper but poverty will be the lot of most of us. Police will be robotized, as will corrections. Well, someone might keep a job signing off on robot arrests. What will the underclass do? Robots don't take bribes, never get sick, never take drugs etc. I am afraid it's lights out for criminally inclined humans. Surveillance technology will grow so advanced that even thinking about crime in a certain location will get you stopped and detained.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 310,

I don't know what I've done to deserve your snippy comments.

I don't appreciate them.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Part of it is the low casualties/low intensity nature of these wars (more Americans died in 1970 in Vietnam than in 10 years of Iraq, more died in Vietnam in 1971 than 10 years of Afghanistan).

Some of us are old enough to remember the Vietnam War. I was a kid then, but can still remember being in front of the b&w TV set and seeing news reports of 300 and 400 and 500 US KIA in the last month. That's killed in action. In a month. And we are not even talking the level of casualties the US took in the World Wars, or the Civil War.

Could the US politically survive Vietnam or World War II level of casualties today? I saw an a report somewhere on Desert Storm that the Pentagon figured that at the 4000 KIA mark, US public support for the Mideast War would collapse.

Bear in mind that the enemies that the US are up against today are at nowhere near the military efficiency of the Wehrmacht, the Japanese imperial army, or the Viet Cong. So American casualties are kept low (though we might pause and ask why after a decade and a half of fighting, the wars continue in Iraq and Afghanistan).

The point is, the US (anti-white) Empire is a hollow shell. It works because no one serious is challenging its power. The same point can be made about the NATO countries. When faced with an overblown warlord like Putin over the Ukraine, the once vaunted NATO fell apart. It says something, doesn't it, about how "enriched by diversity" NATO countries have become such that they lack the national cohesion to face down a crude power grab in the Crimea.

The US and its allies can not even deal with an armed mob like ISIS in Iraq. And you figure, the militaries of the current Western powers are going to be even weaker in the future as affirmative action takes its toll on combat efficiency. The fact that the Pentagon is turning to private military contractors to perform logistics and even conduct combat ought to be an indicator of the system's decadence.

It just may be that a serious military challenge will cause the current (anti-white) US-European regimes to fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Now just have a single White woman dare ride in a city bus in downtown Detroit, E. St. Louis, Oakland after 8PM (or noon for that matter)...Report back on that.

This is why back in the "day," public transportation was segregated. This was why there were "sundown towns." This is why there was a "color line."

Something to think about next time you hear about the Civil Rights Revolution...

Anonymous said...

No one said he claimed to shoot thirty Black Americans.

Get the point yet?

whiteamerican said...

Meredith, take your head out of the Netflix and wake the fuck up. None of these immigrants have any loyalty to you. None of the Africans in America have any loyalty or admiration towards you. They want to see you and your people perish. stay strong, keep your focus and try to see through the bullshit media brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Meredith,
Would you take the time to explain why you have reached the conclusions you have made? Would you listen afterwards why we have reached our conclusions?

Granted, there are those that will stubbornly never change their minds but, consider that maybe, with well reasoned arguments, you may cause one of us to reconsider his/her current belief.
But you must also consider the validity of our arguments with the possibility you may have a change of mind.
Most of us on here are race realists, not racists. Start a dialogue with a realist and find out why.


kikz said...

Yes, I too remember some military personnel manhandling/disarming a very elderly White lady in her home! That was infuriating.

I also heard the IDF made an appearance there as well, i'm so sure they had the interests of NOLA natives as their first priority...they probably guests of Blackwater, although I can't attest to that.

Having lived through Fredric in '79 and Camille in '69, I understand just how thin the veneer of civilization can be, and how quickly it can evaporate like the skin of a bubble. I've seen grown (White) men try to kill ea/other over 20lb block of ice.

I'm sure there was need for takedowns as others have suggested, in a city the size of NOLA, and with its large Black populations, 30 wouldn't surprise me. With all those other bodies about, who would notice or much care?


Anonymous said...

I believe Chis Kyle was on the Superdome roof during Katrina.
Brian Williams was standin' right next to him.

Anonymous said...


' said...'I lived in New Orleans for a time pre-Katrina. Nastiest bunch of Negroes you could find outside of Africa.'

Perhaps they are moslty - 'all' black'. little or no admixture.

Flower Belle, I did not mean to offend and was quoting someone else from the other thread.

Anonymous said...

"The only two "lies" that he supposedly told were about N.O. & Jesse Ventura. As far as Jesse goes he has spent his life as a storyteller. He was a professional wrestler turned politician turned conspiracy theory t.v. show host. He is a nutbag who currently resides in Mexico. I believe Jesse sued to save face."

Jesse was a special forces "seal" before they were called SEALS (UDT Frogman), a veteran from the Viet Nam War, he was a Hells Angel,a bodybuilder, he was one of the most remembered entertainers in wrestling history as a color broadcaster- not so much as a wrestler, but he did earn a living as wrestler for a while. He was a successful actor in first-rate Hollywood movies. he was a college professor, Then he was a Mayor, then a Governor, BOTH without ANY support from the 2 parties. Then he had a hit TV show. He has also written several successful books.

No one else has accomplished ANY major success in politics while telling the 2 parties to go fuck themselves. Not many people achieve top levels of success in so many different fields.

calling him names like "nutbag" and using "pro wrestler" to try to discredit a guy who has accomplished more in life then 99% of the population just makes you sound like a child.

The fact is Kyle made a fortune on that book and the story about punching Ventura helped sell that book. Ventura was able to prove to a Jury that the story was a lie. He sued to defend his own reputation and because he was entitled to a portion of the profits of the book as well as Damages to his reputation due to the lie.

I don't know that I agree with many of his politics or opinions but not many can say they've done nearly as well at Life than he has.

Can you?

Luke said...

Meredith, I'm black and yet I feel more at home with these guys than anywhere else. Surprised? Well, I wouldn't live in those ape-infested neighborhoods any more than the others here. I may share skin color, but I don't have any semblance of being of the same species. Racist? Yeah. I am. Those groids aren't "my people" for two reasons. One: they aren't "mine" and two: they aren't "people."

YOU are the one who has to "grow up" with your DWL's and cry into your latte and "Race Together" shit. When the negroids come for you and your lib and hipster friends, don't look at ME to interfere on your behalf, either (though if I have my Gen 4 I'd probably be happy to use it for target practice).

Anonymous said...

Double that Post of the month!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing happened the other day.A neighbor of now deceased singer Pete Seeger told me ' The man was a hypocrite. All this talk of diversity and he couldn't take his own pill! What a hypocrite!!'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . Too bad Kyle didn't have this ghettopotamus in his sights!

Helps to occasionally watch a video of the Orcus Africanus in action. This is a good one to just remind us all of what these savages consider a normal day in da hood. Watch this sow attack an immigrant. Racist bitch!”

That thing was really ugly. Perhaps it was in heat and that was a mating ritual.

Fatigued and hopeless in Minneapolis said...

Talking with a dear (DWL) long-time friend of mine last night ruined my evening. Here's what I learned: Rioting is frustration, torching a city is a demonstration, murder is economic inequality, incompetence to stay in school and receive an education is education inequality, incompetence to gain and maintain employment is unjust hiring practices, incompetence to nurture one's offspring is cultural, incompetence to follow a police officer's instructions is corrupt law enforcement, incompetence to dress functionally is fashion, incompetence to speak intelligibly is poor education, oh, and here's a real humdinger: Ferguson and Baltimore riots?.. are essentially no different than drunken white frat boys rioting after the big game win/loss, incompetence to form and maintain anything resembling a nuclear family unit is unjust/unequal arrest/incarceration rates, all humans are genetically the same potentially intellectually (paint job is correct, etc.).. and the number one thing I learned from my friend last night (wait for it).. .. I'm a "racist!".. TA-DA.. There ya have it.. hopeless..

PNW Realist said...

The knee-jerk sloganeering that passes for education is just too much.

Most people today, especially the ones with advanced degrees in any of the social sciences are not educated; they're schooled. They're as mindlessly indoctrinated as any of the drones who make up the citizenry of North Korea or the rank and file of the old USSR.

Anonymous said...

"YOU are the one who has to "grow up" with your DWL's and cry into your latte and "Race Together" shit. When the negroids come for you and your lib and hipster friends, don't look at ME to interfere on your behalf, either (though if I have my Gen 4 I'd probably be happy to use it for target practice)."

Meredith and her DWL buds are in no-man's-land and don't realize it. They won't be welcomed no matter which direction they face. They'll be the first to go at the hands of their black brothers and sistahs that they cherish so much.

Nope Meredith, don't come knocking on my door when reality sinks in, once you go black, etc.

PNW Realist said...

To "racist" anonymous:

Only fools aren't racists now a days. There are tens of millions of intelligent whites who are, laudably, racist and don't even know it yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh Fatigued and Hopeless in Minneapolis! Where, pray tell, does your DWL friend live? Is s/he married to a Black thug? Does she spend lots of time with the likes of the Blacks in Baltimore? Would she like to vacation in Newark? Camden? Paterson? (All NJ towns of great historical and economic importance when inhabited by Whites; now hellholes of vicious, mindless Black crime and degradation)

I have friends like that. We simply don't discuss the topic. Infuriating.

P.S. Perhaps she could pay Al Sharpton's unpaid taxes for him and enjoy his/her moral superiority.

Anonymous said...

Couple of Katrina things:

I remember all the BS about how some of these poor people couldn't leave because they didn't have cars-then a while later there was an article about how there was a pollution hazard in the same "poor" area due to all of the many parked cars that were flooded and started leaking oil, gas, coolant into the standing water. Those assholes chose not to leave.

Go to any 'groid ghetto-their kids might not have milk, but there are cars everywhere.

When blacks, modern politicians and the media tell you anything-figure it's bullshit and you'll be right 99.99% of the time.

I worked with some younger guys who were in the military at the time of Katrina. You should hear what they had to say about the lazy no-good groids down there that the military waited on hand and foot.

My favorite pic from then showed a negro sheboon kneeling down screaming in the road with her big mouth open wide enough to shove a bowling ball into. Her gold teefths were glinting in the sun. Behind her you could see some of the other supposedly dying groids in a line for gibsmedats-they were smiling and laughing-just another scam on YT.

A convicted felon named Wendell L. Berry was charged with shooting at a Coast Guard rescue helicopter.

A few other random things I saw today:

They polled negroes--Michelle Obama would beat Hitlery Clintoon by 8 percent in a hypothetical election for President. Hillary is enough of a bad joke, but the boogies would go full retard and elect Michelle. Yeah GOP, tell me how we're going to pander and reason with these idiots and get them on our side....

Former NFL star, sex and drug ridden piece of crap Lawrence Taylor's got busted for child molestation-funny, groids love to spout off about how whites are all child molesters. A bunch of bullshit-like with anything bad, blacks are way more into that sick shit-Tyler Perry, Maya Angelou, Tina Turner, Mike Tyson, fat Oprah-all groids, all claiming they were molested as kids-by other groids (Question-how horny would a person have to be to want to touch any of those ugly sons-of bitches?)

Another funny thing-two female corrections officers from a local jail in Baltimore were arrested for looting a 7-11 during the riots-guess what ethnicity? Good news: they are suspended without pay. Meanwhile a white with the same job would be fired for a "racist" email. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

If you are for real, how many blacks are there that share your sentiments? Why aren't you collectively speaking out? If anyone can help turn the tide of societal destruction who else but responsible blacks? These are simply honest questions that I've been pondering for some time now. Thanx in advance for your response.

Anonymous said...

PK-this message is to you (but post it if you think it's newsworthy).

Since you have done so much work on the Baltimore issue, I wanted to advise you of a "news" program from NPR's "Fresh Air" which aired today:

Saturday people host Terry Gross and Richard Rothstein talked about how Government policy created the "unrest" in Baltimore.

Of course, Rothstein had to go back to 1910 to find the local Government's segregation policy, and blamed every White including WWII Air-Raid Wardens for just about every problem blacks face.

Of course, very few blacks listen to NPR; still, the constant refrain from White "official" cultural institutions continues to tell the black all his problems are somebody else's fault.

The real audience for NPR is of course the classic DWL. Any period of five minutes the DWL might think about black dysfunction is five minutes he could have spent meditating on White guilt.

I must confess I only listened to half the program; it was taking my blood pressure to bad places, and I had to turn it off.

But here's what it boils down to IMHO:

1. In the 19th Century, some blacks and whites lived in the same areas.
2. By the early 20th Century, many whites were moving to suburbs.
3. In 1910, evil whites made sure blacks couldn't live in their new neighborhoods.
4. After WWII, whites got to buy houses in Levittown. Blacks didn't.
5. ergo, whites accrued investment return on properties, blacks didn't.
6. blacks be 'po 'an sheeeit.

Never mind that none of that explains why blacks couldn't create desirable living areas of their own. They were forcibly prevented from acquiring appreciating property in Levittown!

To reduce this circular argument to its essence:

Blacks live in ghettoes because ghettoes are the places where blacks live. It was white peoples fault, so the fault is with white people.

If your stomach is stronger than mine, maybe you can listen to the whole thing and see if it got any more convincing!

Anonymous said...

No whites should have been or should be in NOLA for any reason.

Californian said...

Talking with a dear (DWL) long-time friend of mine last night ruined my evening.

Again, it gets back to the fact that liberalism is an ideology, and is thus beyond rational debate. Liberalism will believe in liberalism no matter if their cities are burned to the ground around them (Baltimore), their kids are cut to pieces (Amy Biehl) or even turned into sex slaves (Rotherham).

Stay sane.

Anonymous said...

True enough.

Anonymous said...

I’ve read this blog for months and in all that time I have never read PK or any poster suggest we make black people our slaves. As a matter of fact, the common refrain is how to extricate ourselves from these barbaric savages.

In as far as Meredith’s statement that we are racist wanting the rest of the world to live under our heals, I say show me in any post where anyone here wanted the rest of the world to live under their heals? PK chooses articles from well established liberal newspapers to quote. Black people betray their inner racism by what they say, just as the liberal professor from Massachusetts today is quoted on Drudge castigating all white men and using incendiary language. Had she been a white male and said anything tantamount concerning the blacks, she would have been fired post haste.

Sadly Meredith is a typical person who spews ignorant tripe without anything to support her case. PK posts daily articles that Meredith could refute and show as bogus or racist but where is her reply. The liberals do not reply to fact because truth cannot be denied. So…instead of showing PK the error of his ways, she calls him a racist. Up to this point, that argument has worked, but in today’s world that reply has become redundant.

Here are the facts Meredith: Black violent crimes are about 7 times that of whites. Blacks attack on whites is commonplace, but the opposite is not true. Whites leave blacks in peace!

Blacks destroy neighborhoods; whites build neighborhoods. Name one city that blacks have inherited from white flight that is a better place.

If you can’t show me how blacks benefit a town, Meredith, then why should I follow you? Or listen to you? Please, show me how black people benefit our race at all? I say the entire race is an albatross around our necks…prove me wrong or slink back into the hole you crawled out of. It is not I who is racist, but YOU! I have nothing against blacks, but I am a realist and know full well we cannot and should not dwell together anymore. If whites could move to Africa, and blacks move to America, I would do that! In one year all the great cities in America would look like Monrovia or Port au Prince. Meredith, Intellect matters and blacks are sorely lacking in that regard. My advice to you is to educate yourself!

Anonymous said...

These beatings happen every single day. Only a small minority are reported and prosecuted. There could be 1000 more and we'd keep right on watching feetsball and celebrating diversity. We've been conditioned to accept that this is not only just the way things are, but is fair and just.

Blacks are beating and murdering whites all over the US in unprovoked attacks. It's been going on for years. We're at war, right here and now, and we're losing.

Anonymous said...

Correction to 2:26 PM post :

I meant to write "Lawrence Taylor's son". Sorry.

Anonymous said...

It was my initial comment about blacks shooting at National Guard helicopters because they didn't want law and order to be restored that led up to this excellent post. I believe your remark about streets being deliberately flooded to disperse the snipers and looters was made in response to that comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

There's a massive Chinese crime underground too. They're invisible because they primarily involve themselves with the Chinese community. The majority of new Chinese immigrants fear and distrust the police and won't go to them when they're in trouble with the gangs.

Anonymous said...

We'll probably never know more than a small fraction of what actually happened in Katrina. The US government isn't about to tell us anything that disproves the narrative they've been working so hard on for the past 60 years. Other entities who were involved such as local police forces will keep silent due to intimidation by the Feds.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that a lot of the rioters and thugs I see on sources like Worldstar are fairly well dressed, in obviously new clothing, with attention paid to color matching and accessorizing. They're better dressed than I am most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson actually called it when he compared the slavery situation to "holding a wolf by the ears." Dude knew shit was gonna hit the fan eventually. Smart guy. The wolf is loose and tearing the shit out of the underbelly of society. Some of our greatest cities are all but lost to the pack.

Anonymous said...

"The majority of new Chinese immigrants fear and distrust the police and won't go to them when they're in trouble with the gangs"

Geez, same as the Amish :)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

NATO is currently run by self-hating diversity booster Jens Stoltenberg, former PM of Norway. He is one of the weakest and most incompetent politicians the Nordic countries have ever produced. He gets by by being a presentable and charming lapdog who knows how to say the right things. Apparently whoever put him where he is now ignored the immense harm he inflicted on Norway over eight years, as well as his trait of being a pathological liar who is constantly involved in corruption scandals. He's quite a bit like Obama. NATO doesn't have a chance under his style of bumbling intrusiveness and passive-aggressive apathy, coupled with a propensity for making huge strategic errors arising from a complete ignorance of how the world really works.

Anonymous said...

Really good article today PK. Wow Meredith, thanks girl, you brought the house down (on your head) today.

More race realist are born every day. Hope our girl gets educated. In a way its not her fault. Damn liberal teachers, have been injecting garbage in young heads for 50 years +.


PNW Realist said...

Just remember this: EVERY time a DWL blames white flight for the failure of blacks to create any decent school, business, town, city, county, country it is an implicit admission of negro inferiority. EVERY time.

Anonymous said...

History of Africa for the past 100 years shows that blacks are as incapable of fielding organized, effective armies as they are of any other kind of advanced enterprise. I never underestimate any opponent, as a matter of strategic intelligence. But I won't overestimate them either.

David In TN said...

I'm late with this comment but when "American Sniper" was in theaters, the Randian Supermen at were attacking Kyle every day, sometimes 3-4 pieces. They gloated over his death, which they had done with Pat Tillman when he was killed.

Rockwell and Company think they can attract nonwhites.

Anonymous said...

Please, show me how black people benefit our race at all?


Supposing you had a choice of importing 1000 white Norwegians into your town, or 1000 black Congolese? Who would you choose if you wanted to see low crime rates, high investment in families and a good return on education?

Anonymous said...

In Ferguson during the riots, looting, and burning, the National Guard put a sniper unit on a rooftop to shoot armed Oath Keepers who were on the rooftop of another building, defending it from being burned. The molotov cocktail throwers should have been shot by snipers, but they were just photographed by the media. As in Baltimore, in Ferguson the cops and the Guard were ordered to not use force to stop the criminals' violence. It appears that Kyle would have been with the rooftop military sniper unit, if he had been in Ferguson. The government powers don't protect and serve the law-abiding, they are in cooperation with the criminals against them. As we keep seeing. Just look at all the photos of Al with his political gangsters!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul Kersey and SBPDL Readers,

Apologies for going off topic, but it looks like someone has decided to write about African American's role in the NASA space program. The book has been reviewed and highlighted today by the prestigious journal Science.

I will probably read the Science article at some point to see what the highly reputable journal's opinion is (according to the abstract, "the reviewer is unconvinced...that NASA transformed the African American workforce in the South") but I have better things to do with my time than read 312 pages of what is likely to be drivel.

Perhaps Mr Kersey or another person would care to compare this book to his own work on this topic, "Whitey on the Moon"?

SKIP said...

"Black violent crimes are about 7 times that of whites."

And there are ONLY 10-12 million ILLEGAL ALIENS in the US! hahahaha we've been hearing those same tunes since AT LEAST 1970 so having been all over Amefrika on my motorcycle I GUARANTEE you there is more like 125 MILLION niggeros in Amefrika and 40 MILLION illegal aliens in the US and we taxpaying slaves are supporting every fuckin one of em! I can't wait for the U.S. of Afrika to collapse

Anonymous said...

Old Disraeli did get it right at times. :-)

Anonymous said...

For me, the most unpleasant aspect of Meredith's comment was that so many intelligent people devoted serious effort to reading and rebutting it. I made the choice a while ago to ignore the irrational, emotion-driven diarrhea of cliches and lies spewed by DWLs as being unworthy of my attention. Anyone who could believe what they believe to begin with is either very stupid, mentally ill, or a malicious fanatic. None of these conditions is amenable to rational debate. Nothing you say will convince them, or persuade them to question the dogma they have been brainwashed with. The only thing that will change their minds are the long-term empirical effects of life itself, and more often than not, not even that will do the trick. If I no longer receive the fleeting pleasure of "winning" debates with fools, my stress levels have been greatly reduced. I don't like being angry and on the attack all the time.

Anonymous said...


Yeppers, all dose po negresses in Nawleens after Katrina! I swear, just about every one of those enormously obese negro sows airlifted one by one from the roofs of those flooded homes about nearly took down those giant Huey choppers - and they can nearly lift an A1A Abrams tank!

Anyway, they were told for several days to get the hell out of there, and the only reason so many stayed was to loot the *ucking town. We wasted a whole lot of good chopper fuel and put a lot of valuable white lives at great risk for absolutely nothing. I could see rescuing maybe some stranded alligators or other wildlife, but not that ungrateful human flotsam.

chattanooga gal said...

"African American's role in the NASA space program."
one of them probably changed a light bulb occasionally in mission control headquarters. they are always anxiously looking for something, anything a black might have done that they can point to, and so make a big deal out of the simplest things.

Anonymous said...

I, too am about a third of the way through The Triangle (thanks for the lead 10mm) and yes I agree it is truly profound how they use and literally abuse the women to achieve their goals! The thing that is ironic is that most of these criminals are the same very ones that on the microcosmic levels filter to playing most of the professional sports also. Nba, nfl baseball too. It doesn't matter which way or how they become it, money does not buy class! They are the same pieces of shit either way broke or rich! Groid worship enables it because most of the average groids could not afford the rates of the respective sports they dominate! I actually seen a groid or Mulatto dude that plays pro hockey! Now I know pro sports almost all have been infiltrated! NASCAR is still next. Willie T Bbq Ribs tried that shit years ago but never managed getting in with them old boys!

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that white women are so easily brainwashed like the DWL? Perhaps some one the real women on here can explain this to the guys."

I'm skeptical about Meredith the Troll's gender as her/his whole post seemed very contrived and scripted. But yours is an excellent question so I'll pretend M is who she says she is and try to answer it from a female perspective.

Simply put, Meredith is an extremely unattractive woman. Oh she may have a pleasant enough face, but she lacks grace, charm, and femininity. She has never done well with men and she never will. So she despises them. She is too bratty and reactive to analyize why men don't like her. It's easier for her to see them as the problem. She is also lazy and doesn't want to be bothered with self-improvement. She lets her looks go, she becomes more bitter, and the male rejection intensifies. And so too does her hatred toward men. If she's lucky, she'll end up with a white beta male who she can push around. She may also end up with a black man.

Women like Meredith have always been around, but the 2nd wave of feminism empowered them and increased their numbers. Prior to 1960's feminism, these women were looked down upon by society.

"No wonder the average YT doesn't want to get married, coming home to a shrew like this would be torture."

Have faith. Most white women in America are not this bad. The majority of married white women in the US identify themselves as conservative. Most Southern women both single and married see themselves as conservative. I live in the Deep South and I can say this is true. In the Northeast, where I'm from, the working class (Irish/Italian/Polish/French) women are definitely very traditional. Most women are instinctively put off by feminism. So don't let the Merediths discourage you. Marriage is a great way to protect white women from the Negro threat and also to teach them as to why race realism is a noble thing.


Anonymous said...

The blacks aren't in Nascar because you have to be smart and able to endure long periods of driving with no breaks. You have to be able to feel what a car is doing and communicate that to the crew so they can adjust it.

That's why when they race there's never more than one, there's usually more hype than talent, and they don't last too long. Even Darrell Wallace couldn't stay at his truck team from last year. And he did manage to win a race.

Anonymous said...

To Miss Ga from a NJ woman. AMEN!

PNW Realist said...

Re: Overblowing black accomplishments

Oh, yeah, I've seen it from the inside and negro grades are inflated obscenely. At least in the hard sciences, an african-American "A" is worth no more than an Asian or White "C".

I look forward to the lid being blown off of all of the PC lies we've been forced to live under the last 40 years.

D-FENS said...

So if NASA received all these technical innovations from negroes, and negroes benefited from NASA being a force for integration in the south, why did negroes protest space exploration at the Apollo 11 launch?

One is more likely to find a truthful account of negro contributions to space exploration in the mockumentary "The Old Negro Space Program".

Luke said...

Anonymous (Post time May 14, 2015 at 2:28 PM) wrote:

If you are for real, how many blacks are there that share your sentiments? Why aren't you collectively speaking out? If anyone can help turn the tide of societal destruction who else but responsible blacks? These are simply honest questions that I've been pondering for some time now. Thanx in advance for your response.

Damn good questions, though I gave the answer before: They aren't "my people," because the vast majority of blacks have the mindset of the ghetto groids. In my case, I have maybe two black friends who share my disgust at the black-controlled shitholes of "society." Both of them are in their 60's, though, so they don't really count.

So there ain't a whole lot I CAN do "collectively," because I don't bother trying to find other black dudes like me. Where the fuck would I find them?? Face it, the collective black mindset is nothing more than a cesspool of sludge that the media tries to celebrate in "diversity."

Bottom line: If blacks are too stupid (and the vast majority are) to understand what they are doing, then what good is it for me to "find" them, just because I share their skin color? They hate me probably more than I hate them. If blacks are REALLY smart, they would come here on their own.

So screw them. All I can do is just what you are doing, wait until the SHTF, then bank on my personal relationships with (virtually all white, some Mex) people who feel the same as I do as we dig in.

Hope that answers your questions. I was damn lucky to be raised by a dad who didn't give a damn about race, but dealt with real world consequences. For instance, he made me learn ENGLISH. Whether other blacks join SBPDL is irrevelent, because I could give a shit about color, and I'm beyond kumbayah all get together and hold hands.

Virginian said...

Anon@12:44, My point was that Jesse is a "storyteller", I didn't mention his service as that is not pertinent to my comparison of the two men. I listed his occupations where storytelling is beneficial to his career. The mention of professional wrestler wasn't meant to belittle, simply to illustrate his ability to role-play, same as with a politician, regardless of party, including faux third-party libertarians. I will admit that he is a very accomplished man, so was Mr. Kyle, and I find that of the two I find Mr. Kyle to be the more believable. My opinion. I will apologize for calling Jesse a "nutbag" as I believe anon is the real Mr. Ventura and I wish to not be sued for slander or defamation of character.

Bogolyubski said...

For the most part, the only oaths kept by folks like Kyle are to their vampire-squid masters, who have promised them their precious pensions. Poor Kyle never got to collect his, thanks to a convenient 'accident' which led to his untimely demise. Perhaps he started to wake up....

You will now note that the Repukes have caved on the Shitcongo Jeezus's plan to release more negroes from prison ('cause dey be too many bros bein' barz). What an opposition party! The rump faction - waving their pale fat asses high and tight for Obama's muh-dik. Led of course by Weepin' Johnny of the Brokeback Boyz and the Pink Palmetto Princess herself (who keeps on getting 'erected' over and over by all those red-state Repukin' Christian Tea-Party Patriotards in SC). Just when you think these clown-farts can't get any worse - they do!

If there were any real patriots as alluded to in the article, they would employ their killing skills on those who serve the elite - including those who wear the Banana Empire's uniforms. Not gonna happen. Few understand the concept of greater enemy and lesser enemy. BRA wasn't invented by kneegrows, it wasn't built by them, nor is it kept running by them. The kneegrow, worshipped as he is by Christards from Westmiinster Abbey to St. Peters, isn't even the chief beneficiary of the BRA system. Kudos to AnalogMan - who a few weeks ago proved Voltaire's dictum right here on these pages - a fact noted by few who read them, I expect.

Anonymous said...

"Much of what actually happened in the absence of white civilization in post-Katrina New Orleans is either classified by the United States Military (or in heavily redacted Blackwater documents), with the corporate media stepping in to obscure the facts as nothing more than unconfirmed rumors or legends born in the lawless atmosphere of late August New Orleans"

Here's the thing. By 2005, cell phones with video and camera capability were already in existence. Facebook may have officially launched by 2005 as well. I'm surprised that some race realists who maybe lived in NO at the time and witnessed post-Katrina Groid Aftermath, or PKGA, didn't simply videotape their shenanigans for posterity. Then they could simply post them online so that there'd be no doubt.

In other words, in this day and age, its much harder for MSM, even Armed Forces to keep a lid on things in the US that happen in public. The internet, cell phones, youtube, etc. can easily record it in seconds and then its online forever, somewhere. So, it would be interesting if someone out there, who lived in NO at the time of Katrina and witnessed BRA in action up close and personal would share their video postings of it.

That way, it would be forever sealed in conscious collective memory and we can always point to it as proof positive of the scumbag behavior that is BRA.

Certainly with the internet and cells we have Baltimore, Ferguson, etc emblazoned online forever. The truth is there for all to see. Would think that some of post-Katrina must exist online as well somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Chris Kyle lied, it has been clearly proven, about Jesse Ventura. He took a "sea story" into his narrative, he is a liar.

The Marine Corps in Fallujah was a highly trained in house to house combat as it has ever been. Read the book "We Were One". Still Kyle, a sniper, chooses to portray the Marine Corps as untrained slobs who "were civilians six months ago".

He is a Sea Lawyer, a lair, a hero for the man who has no perspective of battle. He is Jesse Ventura. -Disgruntled Gunny

GrimmTale said...

I have two grown sons (22-26) who have been successfully indoctrinated *via public schools* into believing blacks are not the problem, and whites are the problem...that blacks are STILL overcoming slavery, and that anger is justified. Apparently, it was so subtle, my husband and I didn't notice. We never discussed race, never had the need to (living in a nice white suburb north of Boston until they were 12-16yrs old). Then, I began to notice how they looked at me when I would comment on the black push-back (I guess you could call it that) over the past 10yrs. When I try to present facts to them, of what's going on - even the reality of all those blacks dead at the hand of police, and show them the facts of what happened - I am looked upon as the racist. You should have seen the look of my 26 yr old when I brought up the Bell Curve research.
White parents need to talk to their children, even when they don't think it's necessary. Without speaking about blacks and their "nature" to your white children, it's a guarantee it will end up with their successful brainwashing by the public school system.

Steve Smith said...

I recently spoke with my father about this. He worked at the space center 40+ years. From the Gemini program through the shuttle program.

He confirmed that this is pure B.S. He says the only blacks he ever saw were the janitors.

The contributions to the U.S. Space Program were made by the Germans.

Anonymous said...

"Anon@12:44, My point was that Jesse is a "storyteller"

But Jesse didnt just tell a story, Kyle did.

Jesse proved his Case to a Jury in a Court of Law.

Unless YOU were on the Jury or at least in the Courtroom you have no reason to assume Jesse was "telling a story".

Because you don't agree with his politics and opinions you try to use ONE of his former occupations to discredit him, and that is foolish and childish.

The Jury heard the Case and decided Jesse was telling the truth and had suffered damages due to Kyle's lie. His brief occupation as a professional wrestler has nothing to do with it. That is only even mentioned by people who think pointing it out discredits Jesse. That only discredits Jesse to elitist snobs that think mocking an athletic art form of entertainment is beneath them.

Kyle lied, Jesse didn't.

Anonymous said...

Oh, GrimmTale. How your post reverberates with me. Some of my young relatives and friends' children are so morally superior in their misbegotten beliefs. They, in their 20's with vast life experience, are so much more knowledgeable and "compassionate" than I, with my 61 years. They'll eventually get it as they age and perhaps have children.

Or, get shot dead in the head and car-jacked by Black filth while Christmas shopping at a White mall (Dustin Friedland). Or, shot dead in the head and carjacked while home on break from college in a White town (Brendan Tevlin). Obviously this post could go on forever.

Mr. Anon said...

Kyle was the servitor of an imperial government that hates us. He fought their dirty little wars for them. He was lauded as a hero for going to a foreign country and killing the native people from hundreds of yards away. If any foreigner did, in America, what Chris Kyle did, we would call him an occupier and and an oppressor.

For a supposed hero, Kyle was a fantasist and a blowhard. His stories about New Orleans were likely fiction. And if they were true, is it really cause for celebration? That the SEALS were sent there to act as some kind of death-squad? That the military was employed for local "law enforcement". If he'd been ordered to kill any one of you, do you suppose he wouldn't have? That isn't the America I grew up in.

Perhaps Kyle is a hero to the foam-finger-waving, USA-USA-chanting patriotards who think they still have a country. I don't consider him to be any kind of hero.

Steve Smith said...

I am going through this with my oldest. You are absolutely right. We have to keep talking. As loving parents we have to undo the damage done by the liberal indoctrination camps and the propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

I knew several people that volunteered to help with Katrina that went down thinking blacks are equal but came back talking about a book "The Turner Diaries" that came true.

Anonymous said...

If these negroes were innocent they would not have reason to flee at the approach of law enforcement. Personally I've never seen a negroe who didn't deserve a little jail time for something.

Anonymous said...

Hey ExNewyorker

You sound like my kind of guy!

I lived in war torn, racial anarchy NYC 1985-90, this was the best, most brutal education anyone could ever have on racial realities, immigration etc.

I'm originally from Chicago (city Obamaland) but also loved in the beloved South, healthy all White Germanic areas of Wisconsin. I ve been in the best and worst.

I'm the #2 writer at Occidental Dissent ( a leading Southern separatist blog) and do lot s of activism with Amren, Vdare.

What to get in contact, exchange notes?

Anonymous said...

Thought process? You truly are generous. It is their right to take whatever they please, by force, because they never got 40 acres and a mule

Mr. Rational said...

If you gave today's NAPA 40 acres, tools, seeds and a mule, they'd sell the tools, eat the seeds and the mule and then complain that they're starving.

Anonymous said...

I recall during Katrina a tv reporter filmed some looting occurring at a local Walmart. Along with the woman coming out pushing a cart piled high with tennis shoes and one guy loaded to the Max with all the liquor he could manage, then along come three NO Police officers loaded up with whatever they could carry and load into the trunk of the patrol car. When confronted by the reporter they quickly closed the trunk and stated that they were authorized to requisition supplies needed for police operations. What really struck me was there was no flooding in that area and the only damage to the building was done by the looters.

Anonymous said...

One incident concerning the disarming of civilians really woke me up. The sheriff's department along with a film crew were doing welfare checks. After rapping on the door of one residence a ninety year old woman came to the door. They asked if she was in need of assistance to which she replied no. Then they asked her if there were any firearms in the house she replied "Yes I have a revolver in my bedroom ". They asked if she would get for them to which she complied.
When she returned with the weapon the peace officers suddenly turned into something akin to Hitlers SS death squads. They burst through the screen door and slammed the old lady against the wall her feet weren't even touching the ground , then they did a felony take down with this ninety pound old lady slammed to the floor face down with one deputy with knee in the center of her back as two others forced her arms around so they could cuff her. The whole was so unbelievable that people I told about it said I exaggerating the incident. But or it is on the internet for all to see. I can't remember the poor woman's name but if you search New Orleans gun grab it will be in that area.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

To add to that the reason we haven't refined our system in America is that we'd have to pay out to all the browns and blacks. Regardless of party no one wants to pay up so people who don't contribute can have a free ride. (Just like my ex wife!) The distraction is a cash grab before real white flight takes place back to Europe.

Anonymous said...

Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle;

Anonymous said...

I knew a great many people in New Orleans during Katrina and have heard all of their stories.

Most of them were white.

Since they were white, almost none of their stories or their pictures made the news media. They did not go to the Convention Center (where no one was told to go) or take shelter in the Superdome.

Mainly when disaster struck, they banded together and found their own way out with little to no help from the now non-existent authorities. In fact what authority existed sometimes blocked their efforts to escape.

They managed anyway, most of them. A few did end up on a government bus due to extreme personal circumstances like illness, but then headed for friends or families' homes elsewhere instead of the Astrodome.

None of them sat around waiting to be rescued.