Sunday, May 31, 2015

Congrats Black Baltimore! May was the most Violent Month EVER in Baltimore History

Will Marilyn Mosby personally lead the riots in Baltimore when the six Baltimore Police officers she indicted walk?

Or will it be Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

Perhaps Councilman Nick Mosby or Baltimore City Council President Jack Young?

Because there can be no doubt the actions of this individuals during the black riots in Baltimore helped pave the way (and provide motivation) for the most violent month in the city's history.

Of course, this violence was nothing more than an aggregation of individual decisions by black people to use a gun (or knife) in a criminal act, so it would be foolish to assign any blame to the white minority of Baltimore who had virtually nothing to do with any of the fatal or nonfatal shootings in the city.

It's just the blacks. [Baltimore records deadliest month in more than 40 years, Baltimore Sun, 5-31-15]:
 With three men killed in eastside shootings on Sunday, Baltimore recorded its deadliest month in more than 40 years. The 43 killings in May surpassed the 42 homicides the city saw in August 1990, and left Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake defending police and her administration. 
Speaking at a morning ceremony to honor McKenzie Elliott, the 3-year-old killed by a stray bullet in August, Rawlings-Blake said it's time to stop finger-pointing and assigning blame for the recent violence. 
The killing of African-Americans in Baltimore has to stop, she said, noting that 189 of the 208 killed last year were black men. For the city to improve, all homicides need to drop, she added. "We have to do better," the mayor said. 
"We have to want more." City Councilman Brandon Scott, vice chair of the public safety committee, echoed that theme, saying it's time for all Baltimoreans to have honest conversations about ways to stop the violence. There isn't one solution or one person who shoulders the blame, he said, adding that homicides affect all residents in the city, not just those in the poorest neighborhoods. 
"Too many people have died in our town," he said Sunday afternoon. "Don't point fingers or go to social media. Everybody has to look in the mirror and ask, 'What are they doing?'"
Funny, in 1970, Baltimore had a population of 906,244 people (dropping 30 percent by 2015 to 622,104), and white people were a still a majority. High rates of black crime then were convincing  whites the city was no longer a place for those capable of maintaing western civilization, so they left and allowed the Africanization of Baltimore to proceed unimpeded.

Again: the white minority in 2015 Baltimore has NOTHING to do with the crime-wave capsizing what is left of western civilization in the city; it's simply black individuals collectively engaging in crimes making large portions of the city uninhabitable.

Police have nothing to do with the rise in homicides or nonfatal shootings either (though the libertarian view of a society free of state agents - police - being peaceful and harmonious is dying a fast death courtesy of the Visible Black Hand of Economics), for it's not their duty to ensure citizens of Baltimore act in a peaceful manner; it's the duty of every citizen of Baltimore to abide by the laws established to govern society.

However, black elected officials in Baltimore sacrificed the last vestiges of western civilization (law and order; innocent until proven guilty) when they allowed blacks space to destroy private property in the city and then when Marilyn Mosby acted on behalf of those preaching "no justice, no peace" and indicted six police officers whose offense was killing a convicted heroin dealer.

Never forget Freddie Gray dealt death to members of the black community in Baltimore, and in his death, these same members of the black community decided to riot/loot/burn on his behalf.

A heroin dealer deserves to be publicly executed; in the case of Freddie Gray, the black community of Baltimore decided to publicly execute the remaining vestiges of western civilization in Baltimore, with black elected officials standing idly by (in some cases, like Councilman Mosby, telling police to stand down from arresting the looters)... all in the name of Justice for Freddie Gray.

So with the body count piling up, and the near Africanization of Baltimore complete, is there any doubt black elected officials in Baltimore will be forced to condemn the coming acquittal of the six Baltimore police officers and then proceed to lead the riots ultimately consuming the city in an orgy of black violence?

All of this, mind you, being done in the name of a convicted heroin dealer.


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece PK. In the words of The Gentle Giant's "father"; "Burn this bitch down!"

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that when the obvious cause of this is the failed policy of the mayor and the show trial of police officers that we are told to stop considering the cause of this violence or as they put it finger pointing? The optimistic side of me says that given this group is slow to learn maybe this is progress from blaming legacies of Jim Crow and slavery. Maybe just maybe is the next step to recognize black responsibility for the Africanization of Baltimore?

Anonymous said...

Ah Baltimore is going to be another African negroe achievement, here in the United States of America. One can only hope that the police will back off and allow the negroe genome to continue to express its self in an orgy of violence, rape theft and murder. Then when the shucking and jiving negroe officials are wringing their hands and calling for peace, they can blame no one but dey broohas and sistas!
Baltimore will be more proof of negroe inferiority, both as citizens and politicians cannot rein in these ghetto apes. I shall enjoy watching these primates descend into even more violent ape like behavior,and observing the body count rise.

Anonymous said...

From South Africa :

You would not believe how much damage and destruction these nogs can really inflict on a country. When you truly believe it could not get worse - believe me, it can. The murder rate in S.A. is believed to be between 50-75 per day (there was a moratorium placed on crime statistics, surprise surprise). It's mostly black on black, however, thousands of farmers and other whites have been murdered too.

Our prisons are overflowing, and are in a state that you would expect a third world country's prisons to be. Yet there is no deterrence from murder and mayhem. They rape their grandmothers, children, kill for a cigarette, rob indiscriminately (in huge armed gangs some of the time, around 16 people. Obviously, the police force is now mostly black, compared to the first rate crime prevention unit it was many years ago when whites ran it. There are many "no go" areas, especially at night, where the cops simply wait until after the weekend violence to go and collect the bodies and maybe get statements from people. They don't give a shit about the people, and the people don't give a shit about each other - they'll keep on killing and killing and killing.

Now notwithstanding the above, there are many places where white people still live a really good life. It must seem incomprehensible, but it's true. There are relatively peaceful areas (always the less populated places), beautiful properties, great restaurants, good schools, arts and culture. What I'm trying to articulate, is that the incredible white nation can carve out and sustain a life for itself under almost any circumstances. There are roughly 5 million of us in a country of 50 million savages. We educate our children (many are encouraged to leave after studying so they can get jobs and not experience BEE - black economic empowerment), a lot of us have our own companies (there are hardly any jobs for whites), we support white and animal charities, some of us grow our own food. We install generators to supply electricity when power is cut off (more and more frequently). It is not always easy, but it's possible.

If you believe the US is bad now, wait until these sub-humans get more traction in their quest for total annihilation of civilisation. You are still in the majority - if and when this changes, you'll be flabbergasted at how a country can still function long after you believe it to be finished.

There are no solutions I can offer you - just stick together as whites, be aware that they ALL hate you based on colour alone (it's possible that there's a talented 10%, BUT they will still hate you), starve them economically wherever you can - do NOT contribute to companies or institutions that have black agendas (you still have the numbers to do that) and do not associate with DWL's in as far as you have the power to do that. You still get them here, but it's amusing how their numbers have dwindled and many of them have flown the coop.

There are millions of us who couldn't get out - try emigrating on a South African passport to anywhere in the world. A couple of million did get out - on ancestral visas, specific work skills/qualifications - but believe me, it's not easy or simple, and some of us simply refused to leave elderly relatives and parents to a brutal fate. My family's country of choice to emigrate to has always been the U.S.A. but unless we are dark brown and row across in a boat, the chance is slim.

Anonymous said...

They can make laws taking away guns all they want.What difference would it mean to BLACKS.Absolutely nothing.Blacks will just use machetes just like in "da muddaland".Or tires.Oh well.

Anonymous said...

The most violent month ever in Baltimore history. Wow. Gotta let that one sink in for a minute. We're talking a city that was founded in 1729- that's just staggering. One of Baltimore's more famous residents, Edgar Allen Poe couldn't write fiction that was more horrifying than the present situation in black run and ruined Baltimore.

We are living in the 21st century. Someone might want to tell the apes that. Not that it will cause them to change their behavior and conscience- more so to just rub it in their faces and to help remind them how inadequate and hopeless they all are.

I figure if anyone leads the charge it will be Mosby, the attention media whore that she is. She just can't seem to get enough. Rawlings-Blake, on the other hand strikes me as much more lazy. I can't see her standing among the detritus that is the black community. Might dirty her clothes or damage that beautiful weave.

"The killing of African-Americans in Baltimore has to stop, she said, noting that 189 of the 208 killed last year were black men. For the city to improve, all homicides need to drop, she added. "We have to do better," the mayor said."

Don't non-black lives matter? Not only were 208 people killed, but 189 were black! Would it be way better if more whites and other non-blacks were in the body count? We have to do better? How about YOU have to do better? You are the f@cking mayor for cripes sakes! The buck stops with you, remember, oh dear leader? Oh wait, I'm anthropomorphizing again! I forgot black people and responsibility are like oil and water.

"Don't point fingers or go to social media. Everybody has to look in the mirror and ask, 'What are they doing?'"

Well, for one I am not selling heroin to the local kids and junkies. I also buy my own toilet paper rather than loot it from businesses in the community. I am not trashing people's cars, businesses, harassing sports fans, or throwing rocks at police. Basically I am just watching from a far and shaking my head. Not because all this is surprising, but because blacks are collectively set on breaking all the wrong records. Homicide counts or the massive destruction of Baltimore's tourism industry are not things normal civilized people aspire to.

And on to Paul's money quote:

"It's not [law enforcement's] duty to ensure citizens of Baltimore act in a peaceful manner; it's the duty of every citizen of Baltimore to abide by the laws established to govern society."

Anonymous said...

Why is not breaking the law so much more difficult for them than every other race? I know the answer, but these are the types of questions that we need to keep asking. You will get the deflection, sure, but you will have made one more small but lasting chip in their Teflon narrative. When people see you standing up to BRA and rejecting their snake oil they gain the realization that they can as well. It took decades upon decades for BRA to become as entrenched as it has- let's take a lesson from the black playbook and realize that destruction is much easier (and much quicker) than the construction or creation of something. It took me my entire youth to be fed and internalize the lies of BRA- and it took only a single incident (St. Skittles, Earl of Watermelon Juice) to grind it all to dust. That is where we have hope. We don't need to trick other people into believing in a false reality- BRA does. It's a long and delicate process that requires massive amounts of peer pressure to succeed. Whenever a realist makes themselves known (in public or online) BRA is weakened; not noticeably, but it definitely has a cumulative effect over time. Time is not on their side. Don't believe me? Go ahead and read the comment sections of any news article dealing with the usual suspects. People are not only sick to death of blacks and their degenerate behavior, but sick of having to hold their tongues and conform to the lies that BRA pipes out on a regular basis.

We just need to start asking people: Who do you believe? BRA or your own eyes?

Anonymous said...

"Rawlings-Blake said it's time to stop finger-pointing and assigning blame for the recent violence. "

Well, of course, because who is to blame? Blacks. We can't be having that now. Never mind that ignoring the 500-lb gorilla means the problem will NEVER be solved....

Just when you think they're impossibly stupid, they do something to prove it's ten times worse.

Anonymous said...

There is so much wrong with the articles that PK finds I have to comment!

Baltimore just experienced the worst month ever for murders, and we’re not supposed to point fingers. Why should we not point our fingers at the people responsible for creating this mess and then abrogating their duties? They (Baltimore City government) created the mess by their words and actions. Rawlins-Blake led the way by allowing looters to burn the city and plunder for booty just like pirates. Marilyn Mosby then threw the police officers involved in this case under the bus to accommodate her mob that was lusting for blood.

Rawlins-Blake doesn’t want us to point fingers because she is the one we have to point our finger at when assigning blame. Yes…she did her part in letting this problem aggrandize into what we see today in Baltimore. The things we call words matter, Ms. Mayor, and you just gave a city of black thugs carte blanche to run roughshod over your city! DUMBASS!

No doubt you will label any disagreement with your incompetence as racist or sexist. This has been the ticket out of trouble for people like you!

Now a statistic was given which made black males 90% of the murders! I think more data should be given. How many black males were robbed by white people? How many black males or females were killed by white people? How many black women were raped by white men? ANSWER THE GODDAMNED QUESTION, MS. MAYOR? I bet there was not one case of white on black violence reported.

OK…MS Mayor Rawlins-Blake, the problem with Baltimore is BLACKS! Your people ARE the PROBLEM! Your bad leadership is the problem! You are a stupid black woman who has no business running a lemonade stand. You, Ms. Rawlins-Black, are an idiot! I point my finger to not only you, but to all of BLACK AMERICA. We don’t owe you black bastards anything…get it! Our forefathers fought and died to free YOUR people from the less than 2% of the population who actually owned slaves. The civil War happened over 150 years ago; you have had the Civil Rights Bill for over 50. This bill screwed the 14th Amendment and white people by giving you MORE rights than you deserve; yet you people still whine!

Look in the mirror and you will see the cause of your dysfunction; it is yourself!

You say there are no job opportunities in your community! No shit dumbass! Maybe the government will mandate white companies HAVE to locate in your communities.

PS. There is no reason to rebuild the CVS, your kind will just burn it down again…don’t forget to put bars on all your windows!

Anonymous said...

No. "Too many people" have NOT died in your town...

Not ENOUGH people have died in your town, they're there shooting the other people. You need MORE people dying (young black men) to end the violence by taking out of the equation the violent killers.

Wall that hellhole off, send in more guns and ammo and grape drank, and let them do the job that White men are too afraid to do.

Anonymous said...

"so it would be foolish to assign any blame to the white minority of Baltimore who had virtually nothing to do with any of the fatal or nonfatal shootings in the city."

Foolish? And how, might we imagine, did Baltimore and her sister socialist utopias reach their current states of degeneration. Wise decisions???

Anonymous said...

The decision to aquit the officers will make Ferguson look like a wiener roast, watch your backs friends.


chattanooga gal said...

"We just need to start asking people: Who do you believe? BRA or your own eyes?"
and that, in a nutshell, sums up BRA. I remember, when I was just a child, hearing an older relative say that if blacks were equal, why is it no where they live in any significant numbers still prospers. Having been schooled in the party line, I bought all the usual answers- years of oppression, catching up after slavery, etc.
40 years later, I can't deny what I see with my own eyes anymore. God, I wish that relative were still around so I could tell him " you were right"

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with black America; they never want to address the real problem. Since I was a little boy, blacks have always been the same. All the government programs, midnight basketball, and aid have not made a dent in the dysfunction found in the black community.

At what point do whites start to point their fingers? I know that blacks don’t want us to point our fingers at them, but we lived peacefully when they were not allowed in our communities, and since their forced integration, our peace is now gone. St. Louis is a prime example of this slide from civilization into a third world abyss.

Does anyone remember Shelley VS Kraemer? I’m sure PK does!

Here is the outcome of that landmark decision:

“In the Shelley v. Kraemer decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, although as private contracts racial deed restrictions were legal, state enforcement of such contracts violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

With this ignoble act by the Supreme Court, we were FORCED to sell to black people and destroy our own neighborhoods. This was tantamount to buying a beautiful mansion, and then being forced to allow pigs to wonder around its halls and thus destroy the property because the pigs have rights too! Never mind our rights to peace and happiness; we HAD to sell to blacks!

This was the tiny crack that burst the St. Louis dam!

We can clearly see what giving the Negro the right to vote, full citizenship, and right to serve on a jury has given us: chaos!

Baltimore – and our nation – is an ongoing comedy of tragedy. The comedy is that people refuse to see the 500 pound gorilla in the room. Rawlins-Blake said that 90% of the victims of murder were blacks. Why didn’t she tell us everything? Ninety percent of the violent crimes in any major city are caused by dysfunctional blacks. As stated before on this blog: if there were no blacks, there would be peace and harmony! White people need to segregate themselves from these barbaric animals. They are not us and never will be us! The Supreme Court ruling in Shelley V. Kraemer needs to be overturned as it violates white people’s right to protect themselves from wild, vicious animals. We have a right to be happy and safe; the only way this is to happen is to keep out the Negroes. Oil and water don't mix...and they never will mix!

PNW Realist said...

Stop considering the causes of the violence now running rampant through Baltimore???

Good God, just when you think the negro can't prove himself more worthless, it goes ahead and surprises you.

Negroes refuse to look at why they fail in school, why teenage pregnancy and STD's are rampant in da 'hood. So, if they refuse to man up and take responsibility in everything else that they have failed at, it all stands to reason that they should take no responsibility when they fuck up a city...a school district, counties, countries, corporations...

Anonymous said...

Just found some interesting info on Rawlings-Blake. Apparently she was chosen as "worst mayor in America" back in 2013 by Boston Streets.

Boston Streets is a blog covering transportation and livability in Boston’s urban core. They follow the latest in getting around Boston and advocate for safer, friendlier, and more interesting public spaces.

"A mayor’s job, generally speaking, is to be an advocate for their city and to promote its economic well-being. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to attract and retain residents by creating a high quality of life.

Yet other mayors are stuck in the past, convinced apparently that their cities are one gimmick or convention center away from prosperity.

But who is the worst?

For our money, Baltimore’s Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is the score to beat. Since assuming office in the wake of Shelia Dixon’s indictment in 2009, Rawlings-Blake’s reign has been characterized by a lack of vision, bungled projects, and ineptitude. She has presided over sweeping cuts to parks and after school activities, tax breaks for a big box superblock development, and straight-up cronyism."

And then there is the Grand Prix debacle. More disgusting instances of cronyism and ineptitude that are discussed at length at the above address.

Anonymous said...

OT: OK to give fake name to police?

The black woman said she dindu nuffin. (White woman said the black had chimped out on her.) Dindu nuffin would not give her name to the police. Then she resisted arrest.
The ACLU says that dindu nuffin did NOT have to give her name to the police.
REALLY? When someone has accused ME of a crime, I can give police no name or a fake name?
If I wore a mask and could give a fake name...I could pretty much do as I like...
OF course brainwashing central, CNN, calls the perp a "pregnant woman".

Anonymous said...

They have had the schools for at least two generations. They turned 9 out of 10 schools into reeducation camps. Those kids already grew up and had more kids, and those kids have been reeducated. It's like a zombie movie. South Park had "World War Zimmerman" and it seems prescient.

Ray Sizzum said...

Off Topic

Thought I'd share a classic Amren article titled "A Black Man's Path to Race Realism".

He's a talented tenth Negro who lives in China. He has a son with a Chinese woman and he doesn't want his son to identify as black. He's even converting to Judaism. Hilarious!

Here's an excerpt:

If you have Chinese people in a fishing village, they will turn it into a city. If you have the same number of black people, it will stay a fishing village. Or if you let them take over a city—Detroit, for example—it will stop from being a functioning, gleaming city and become something more like a fishing village.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not sure the fate of the six cops will simple. In the Rodney King judgments all the cops who were acquitted were white. But in this Freddie Gray case the whites appear to have been more of less bystanders. The serious charges were filed against the black cops.

So it could be that the white cops will walk and the black cops will be convicted. That should twist the brains of the ideological black mobs. Would such a judgment infuriate the blacks in the street or calm them?

Anonymous said...

The mayor with the 2 last names should be sued by the businesses that were robbed and burned down. She gave the ok on the riots. Give them room to destroy, right real smart.

Fuck em, if they want to kill each other off, let them. And the district attorney , has promised legal action against 6 innocent cop who were just doing there job.


Anonymous said...

We understand the disease, how it progresses, what its symptoms and effects are but laws have been passed preventing anyone from engaging in treating or curing the disease. And those who've passed the laws are dedicated to the disease spreading at an ever increasing rate and infecting as many areas as possible. Even talking about the disease is verboten unless one wants to be denounced. Instead, the disease must be praised and all its symptoms and effects blamed on other things and the disease organisms themselves declared innocent. The disease makes communities sicken and die and the only survivors are those who flee the disease and move to new areas to await the moment when the disease takes root anew and begins its path of predictable and inevitable destruction.
The disease, of course, is negro infestation but to stop its spread requires stopping the purveyors of disease who want to convince everyone the plague is good for you by labelling it "diversity" and convincing you to help the disease organisms spread and become stronger through various programs and initiatives to "help them." You must support, feed, coddle and help the organisms breed and spread even if you object.
Baltimore is but the latest end result of the disease purveyor's efforts and it's quite successful.
I can't blame the negroes for being what they are anymore than I can blame ticks or fleas for being what they are but I reserve a special and undying white hot hatred for the purveyors of disease.
Hmmm. I wonder who they might be? Identify them and you know exactly who your greatest enemy is. The negro is just the ignorant, uncivilized savage and useful idiot they use to accomplish their evil ends.
Goodbye, Baltimore. You had a long life.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of the poster who talked about dropping change in a supermarket this morning.

An frail old lady dropped one of her grocery bags after checking out and a few cans rolled out. A large black man (with an Eric Garner-type build) who was sitting on a bench near the exit, got up and picked up the loose cans. My first thought was, "How surprising! A black getting off his ass to help an old white lady."

Of course, this was too good to be true. The black guy went and put the groceries he picked up into his bag and sat back down. The old lady politely explained to him that the cans had fallen out of her bag when she dropped it. He mumbled something along the lines of, "Then why did you drop them then?" I had checked out at this point, but needed to stick around to see what would unfold.

The old lady called over several employees, including a black manager, who tried to explain (in vain) to the dull-eyed black man that the old lady had purchased those items, accidentally dropped them, but they were hers to take home. The black man simply shook his head and muttered, "bought and paid for" and "she lost them, I found them". The black manager finally said she would have to call the police if he didn't return the groceries to the woman. The black man pleaded with the manager, "They paid for! She ADMITS she dropped them! They mine now!", apparently hoping he (the manager) would explain to the old lady what must be the black "law of the jungle" of dropped possessions. He finally relented because of the threats of police and the growing crowd watching the spectacle and gave up the two cans of food that were probably worth a couple bucks.

chattanooga gal said...

"it could be that the white cops will walk and the black cops will be convicted"
God, I almost hope that happens. Can you imagine how befuddled they would be!

Euro American said...

Hi from South Africa,
Thanks for your insightful comments.
Thanks to everyone else for your comments, too, and for all your hard work PK!
PK I don't understand why you are talking about 40 black murders and 100 other black shootings LAST MONTH in Baltimore. I was just at CNN where there is new information about a TEN YEAR old [white] murder case [Natalie Hollaway].
REAL reporters at CNN, PK, real reporters. They know whose lives matter.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading an article about the rioting being more widespread than first expected. One of the stories was quite surprising - to a degree. It was the Flawless Daimsels clothing store that was totally trashed. The owner Taylor Alexander lost her entire inventory, even chairs ("only the paint on the wall remained"). That the orcs trashed and stole it all was not really surprising but what the owner said was orctastic: 'She experienced stages of grief - except for anger. "Of course I felt like peaceful was better, but history shows us that sometimes, unfortunately, rioting is what gets their attention. It opened people's eyes"'. Her store has not reopened.

Sigh! I checked her on google and, yes, she is a negro. Even her personal bankruptcy at the hands of these animals was trumped by her solidarity with her negro brothas. And which eyes does this moron think has been opened? The black cops '? The black mayor's? She seems to be completely blind to black responsibility, to blacks inferior brains and the resulting chaos that brings. I first feared the story dealt with a white-guilt ridden fool but nope. It was just another dumb dindu in Baltimore. I'm glad the Crips and Bloods didn't manage to direct the unruly orcs away from her store. That was a perfect space for them to include as their natural habitat.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. It just boggles the (civilised) mind. Learning how they think is like learning a completely foreign language. All common sense is washed away. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Befuddled!!! You mean Category 10 ChimpOut!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets don't just talk to one another in this forum.

That's called "preaching to the choir".

This post is an excellent, literally unassailable lesson in Negro inferiority and dysfunction that you can talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about. It is not an opinion that Baltimore has just tallied a record number of murders. It is a fact.

Other facts:
Baltimore is a once thriving city, now shrinking and de-evolving into an impoverished, crime ridden urban shithole.
A MLB game was played in an empty stadium dues to black rioting.
Not only are the mayor, DA, police chief etc all Negroes, they have publicly aligned themselves with the Crips and Bloods against the police force. I realize you may need to re-read that sentence a few times before you can believe it.

I truly believe that White liberals are beginning to experience serious Black Fatigue. I see it in my liberal friends, of whom I have many.
Now is the time to seize the momentum and educate others, calmly and respectfully, about chronic and incurable Negro dysfunction.

Arm yourselves with facts and start conversations. You'll be amazed at how many people will agree with you. You can see it in their eyes..."We're allowed to say this?"

I can't stress enough, you must have an enormous arsenal of facts at your disposal. These are easily found online. Black murder rates, rape, interracial rape stats, femicide rates in black and mixed marriages, illegitimacy rates, high school drop out rates, HIV incidence, etc etc etc.

Everyone knows I'm a race realist. If someone asks if I'm a racist, if I'm feeling frisky I'll say "hell yeah" or "of course", but usually I'll say " I'm a race realist, and I go where that takes me". It is rare that anyone will take exception with me. I get quite a few nods and approving comments.

Once though, one of my very liberal colleagues, who I like and admire quite a bit, took exception to my assertion of chronic Negro dysfunction and my self identification as a race realist who does not worship Negroes and who doesn't excuse endless Negro insanity.
As you can imagine, he excused all Negro shenanigans by invoking racism, slavery, patriarchy, etc etc, and subtly implied that I might be a ........RACIST!!!!

Well, it sucked to be him that day. We had an audience, and they all got an indelible lesson in why it's best to not challenge me on this issue, especially by invoking silly nonsense as the "legacy of slavery" or calling me names.

First I bludgeoned him with facts.
Then I drowned him in some more facts.
I finished by proving to him and our onlookers that he is a huge lifelong racist who has done everything in his power to sequester himself from Negroes. His entire educational process, his professional career, every move he has made in the past 30 years has put him further and further away from Negroes. We live in an almost all White town in the Pacific Northwest. I asked if there is one black kid in his children's school. No. I asked if he had a black neighbor. No. I asked if he had been out to dinner or to a party with blacks in the past year. No. I asked if he could name even one black co-worker. He female, and he used her first name. I asked if he knew her last name, and went ahead and told him that her last name is not " the black one". He didn't know her last name. I did. Game, set, match.

Chattering among ourselves here at SBPDL is fun and informative, and this site was an absolute godsend to me when I needed it most. I literally thought that maybe I was going crazy, seeing and noticing things that no one else seemed to be noticing. To learn that there is an entire community of realists confirming that what I see is real was amazing.

But it's not enough. Evangelize. Spread the word. Educate. Let others know that it's okay to notice, comment on, and even (gasp!) condemn endless Negro criminality and dysfunction. Attack the narrative. The narrative is crumbling. Attack!

SC Native said...

Well said, the lessons of SA should be shouted from the rooftops.

If I had my way the US would offer citizenship to all YT in SA.

Californian said...

Last year the US Postal Service issued a stamp commemorating Fort McHenry, Baltimore during the War of 1812, and the writing of the Star Spangled banner in 1814. The stamp shows the city lit up at night by the "rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air." A heroic moment in American history, right?

Here we are, 201 years later and what do we see in Baltimore? The city is lit up--with fires set by rioters. The stamp shows some bluecoated American soldiers manning the fort's guns. Today, the bluecoats (cops) have been withdrawn from the ramparts.

At least back in 1814, the besiegers were outside the city, not inside. And an act which would have been seen as treasonable two centuries ago -- the mayor surrendering the city to a pillaging horde -- is now the policy.

You have to wonder what Baltimorians think when they use the Fort McHenry stamp, that perhaps something was lost over the last two centuries? And that perhaps the civil rights movement was not all that it was cracked up to be? But what the hey, Baltimore isn't really an American city anymore, anyway.

Perhaps the USPS can issue a new series of commemoratives:
* 50 Years of Black Rule in Detroit
* Afro-American Heritage: Flashmobs & Drivebys
* The Pan-African Flag Raised over Ferguson
* Mayor Rawlings-Blake, "Defender" of Baltimore

And the USA used to be a country you could write great songs about...

Anonymous said...

And just how many Whites commited any of those shootings and murders in Baltimore?...Not counting self defence shootings (now called 'hate crimes').

10mm AUTO said...

One of the reasons we are in more trouble than say, South Africa, is that our very Government is obsessed with the idea of not only covering for negro dysfunction, but that it intends to atomize the White. By that I mean we had a commenter on here that talked about "safe" communities within South Africa that have maintained their 'gated Community structure" and school systems.

In the USA, the negro doesn't take the attitude that it is pushing out an invader (as in South Africa) but the insane idea that negros are "just as good" as Whites. This is why you have negros like Mosby who are not even people, but who mimic human behaviors on camera and fail so badly. This is why you get Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, which will atomize the White Man; every school will have the right mix of negros supported by Section 8, with reporting requirements on any "White Only" gatherings. This is why you get HUD producing computer programs that track the number of Whites, search for concentrations and assign Section 8 priority to areas to "increase Diversity".

Sadly, Whites are rule followers, which is why the AFFH program is so awful. Liberals realize that they can't get rid of the White by direct Genocide (as in Rhodesia and South Africa) so the plan is to atomize the White man wherever he is; preventing him from gathering and gaining land, denying him a Homeland, surrounding him with informers and negros, keeping him from meeting like minded Whites. This makes the White man softer, more tentative and isolated. This is why we hear so many Whites on this (and other forums) say, "Thank you, I thought I was alone."

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

OT: Is there any information out there about how many bikers were shot by the police in Waco? It's been two weeks now and getting this information seems harder than stealing H-bomb info is for foreign spies.

Anonymous said...

One poster noted that we need to spread our message and that we were only preaching to the choir. I agree…but…it is here where I learn things I didn’t know before, and I can develop my skills of debate.

I work in an office where the vast majority is not race realists. The Democrat Party has taught them well to revere the black undertow as something to be admired and respected. My facts are taking small pieces out of their armor each day. My job is to show how truly bad Negroes are to a society. This will take time, and will be laborious as I am working against years of indoctrination. I have used the data from this blog to help me form my positions.

Oh yes…PK brings out many good points that can be used in debate! If he were on C-SPAN, PK would demolish the gainsayers to our belief. Back the enemy up in the corner with facts, and then checkmate! Be sure to cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

Many white liberals and non-race realists cannot avoid the fact that everywhere black people go, suffering, crime and poverty follow them.

To the poster who gave a real life experience of a black Darwinian reject who tried to keep an old lady’s cans which dropped out of her bag, I say thank you for the story. This Negro was not in his right mind. He thought he was still in the hood where rules of civilization don’t apply. In his world, if someone drops their phone, some food, or anything else, it is up for grabs. With that in mind, what differentiates blacks from Chimpanzees?

In civilization, if a person drops their things, then it still belongs to them as long as they can get the item before they leave, or they can prove it was their items with a receipt. Yes…the Negro was either mentally ill, or had a bad case of the bell curve! She is lucky the Negro did not belt her one with an upper cut across the face. Remember, many blacks are savages and have no respect for law, white people, age, or anything else. They are jungle apes!

Some of the most interesting and non-contestable stories is from people who are forced to live with these cretins of society. Unlike the story of the family in Indianapolis who desired to live among the orcs, most forced to live among them tell the true nature of blacks. They tell of beatings, racism, sexism and harassment from the blacks; something dark the media doesn’t want the fence sitting non-race realists to know. Keep arming yourself with facts; the truth will set us free.

Anonymous said...

I think martial law will be installed in Baltimore. The libertarian whites will wring their hands; everyone else who is white will shrug. The blacks will celebrate. They do not care about "innocent until proven guilty" nor due process. To them, force of arms -if theirs- is something wondrous to behold.
The funny thing is that even though Mosby got elected and is supposedly respected, she doesn't respect her office, and her constituents don't care if she does or not either. To them, civic life is a chance to get rich and a joke on whitey.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Now is not the time for finger-pointing! We all need to look real hard in the mirror.. Great plan! Your negro geniuses at work folks.. Good job! They've got this. They're on it.. etc.. Ugh.

Mr. Rational said...

One of the unbecoming traits of Blacks is using highfalutin' words without knowing what they mean.  Which brings me to this phrase from above:

she did her part in letting this problem aggrandize

"To aggrandize" is "to make great; to enlarge; increase".  The word is technically correct in the above sentence, but it's usually used in the sense of a benefit, such as "self-aggrandizement".  More apt words are "accelerate" or "metastasize", like a cancer.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Big surprise there... NOT!!! Let my own race destroy my shit like in this case. I will not be very happy or sympathetic to the asshole(s) that did it! I wouldn't call my race lost because of it, but I would acknowledge the act. Of course the black owner will not speak in the negative about the mess her race is. If she did, she would be talking about her own DNA.

Anonymous said...

OT: Is there any information out there about how many bikers were shot by the police in Waco? It's been two weeks now and getting this information seems harder than stealing H-bomb info is for foreign spies.

Good point.

Will Obama be sending White House flunkies to represent at the funerals? Will we be told that "Biker lives matter!" Will YT switch off his/her telescreen and try to find out what really happened in Waco?

former liberal said...

I'm not surprised by that piece of Crap's behaviour. Been in the South for quite a while, lived around the chimps for a time, so NOTHING surprised me anymore. They are simply incompatible with western civilization.

Anonymous said...

Worst Mayor? "For our money, Baltimore’s Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is the score to beat. Since assuming office in the wake of Shelia Dixon’s indictment in 2009, Rawlings-Blake’s reign has been characterized by a lack of vision, bungled projects, and ineptitude. She has presided over sweeping cuts to parks and after school activities, tax breaks for a big box superblock development, and straight-up cronyism."

On the plus side, though, (I hate to admit it but) she IS kinda hot...especially when she gets that confused look on her pretty little puss, which is often. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Wanna know the saddest thing regarding this hack of a Mayor? She will be re-elected over and over because of demographics. David Dinkins was slow to quell the riots, and there were enough humans to throw him out an elect a sensible candidate. Speaking of Guiliani, crime dropped like a rock under his administration. A sensible person from NY would thank him for potentially saving his/her life with his anti crime policies. Of course, there's that certain demographic that absolutely hates him for the very polices that may have saved them.

Anonymous said...

Let's analyze the "don't point fingers" quote. Several have picked up on that quote, but if you think it on through it's pure obfuscation. To wit:

Unless you are one of the actual murderers who killed someone in Baltimore, you really can (and possibly should) point fingers. We're told to look in the mirror for the answers to the black crime crisis-but if I or anyone who didn't do a murder look in the mirror, we are only going to see our own innocent mug staring back.

Blacks love this kind of high-sounding moralizing...and on the surface, it even sounds kind of profound: "seek not to blame others for this mess-everyone is responsible". Except, that's actually bullshit. The killers are responsible!

These airy pronouncements are part of the same shell game that ALWAYS ends in the need for "more investment in the community". Always. Cause, after all, we can't solve these murders by pointing fingers, we're ALL in this together.

Fookin' A.

AzDesertRat said...

I wonder how soon we'll see a police report released where the dindu is actually named "Din'du".
On a different note, i have found that the question "Name one black majority country in the world you would move to right now?" is almost a sure fire way to squelch the liberal "racist" label they so love tossing around.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational criticized my use of the word “aggrandize,” and what he said was correct. The word aggrandize is usually associated with self-aggrandizement. What Mr. Rational meant to say – and correct me if I am wrong – I used the word in a catachrestic manner? He politely gave me two words that were more apropos to use in that situation.

A thousand pardons to the literary savants who frequent this blog, and the advice of Mr. Rational was duly noted. However, the topic of this blog is not English diction! Am I right, or am I wrong? What I said, I said in the heat of the moment; it was not meant to impress an English language dandy!

The thing that infuriates me most on the site is when people become overly pedantic. Mr. Rational did not evaluate what I said, he only evaluated the way I said it! ERGO…he was being overly pedantic! These are the types of people who need to get a life!

Here is my challenge to Mr. Rational: instead of being an overzealous critic of writing, why not try to understand what the person was trying to say. I believe you did understand what I said, but tried to show off your metastasizing intellect by belittling me in front of others. Ultimately what is showed was Mr. Rational as an overzealous English language pedant!

Let’s try to stay on topic! I doubt most of us are English Language experts. I am not now, nor have I ever been an English expert, so cut me some slack!

Anonymous said...

We need to have a national conversation about race. This country is being Africanized.

Anonymous said...

One has got to ask with all these ringleaders running the show in Baltimore, so obviously GUILTY of helping run the whole place literally into the ground, where is the U.S.government intervention?
Oh, I forgot.

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest, most true statement ever! Wish we could blame the blacks for Obama. We simply cannot. However, we can say collectively, 90% of the blacks and the idiot whit liberal is to blame about Obama. Now in black areas, the black put into office is ALL black to blame!!!

They will continue to vote the mayor and prosecutor here and other like cities. Then the elected will blame their lack of intelligence and decision making on da Man. Yes YT.. Is is our fault those shithole cities are doing so poorly. It is our fault that most, if not all, black majority cities lead in homicide and crime rates. Yep all our fault and none the black.

Good day YT!!

Anonymous said...

In the Meantime, a Cop fired over a tweet comparing Baltimore to the Planet of the Apes'
Folks, he's only telling the truth and when those animals say they're 'Representative of the coonmunity' You better believe it.
Fatigued in NY

David In TN said...

For laughs, take a look at the so-called "Field Negro" over at PK's Blog List.

PK told me a while back that it's a window into the thinking process of an Educated Black. In other words, a combination of ignorance and a total lack of irony.

Anonymous said...

Sitting and watching the rain from the house today a thought came to me.

I should stop fretting about blacks. There is nowhere on earth where blacks govern intelligently or successfully. The true legacy of blacks world-side has been distilled down to ignorance and arrogance, brute force inevitably followed by complete failure.

Caucasian people on the other hand are generally in a constant state of maintenance and improvement. We can't help ourselves its how we're made.

With the laws of nature being what they are there is only one logical outcome to this situation.

Until then we have each other.


PB said...

She's doing more to fix Baltimore's problems than anyone else has so far. If she remains in office all that will be left soon will be the final triggerman standing at the rate things are going. We should celebrate her incompetence and allow her "work" to continue.

Anonymous said...

"The decision to aquit the officers will make Ferguson look like a wiener roast, watch your backs friends.


Watch your backs or watch your blacks? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

There is nowhere on earth where blacks govern intelligently or successfully. The true legacy of blacks world-side has been distilled down to ignorance and arrogance, brute force inevitably followed by complete failure.

Bear in mind that were it not for the string pullers and hostile elites, blacks would disintegrate as a political-criminal force. Again, look at how they can not maintain any type of civilization, from Liberia to Baltimore.

Mike Smith (of South Africa) wrote on his political blog that the best policy towards blacks is to do nothing: do not educate them, do not preach to them, do not try to train them into white jobs, and most of all: do not invite them into your cities.

Left to their own devices, blacks regress to the African mean. Heck, even with all of the benefits of white civilization, blacks regress to the African mean, anyhoo!

The real trick is breaking free of DWL delusions regarding equality among the races. Once one sees the reality, one can deal with blacks and their threat to civilization. See segregation, apartheid and various US interventions in Caribbean in the early 20th century.

PNW Realist said...

Re: South Africa

I know it looks remote now, but with the electorate now recognizing the criminality and dysfunction so widespread among blacks wherever they are, I believe we may reach a critical mass where there's a push to give refugee status to whites living in black crapholes, like South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Yes, it doesn't seem very likely. But which of us could have predicted three years ago how widespread negro fatigue would be today?

Medic Bear said...

"Anonymous said...
Lets don't just talk to one another in this forum. That's called "preaching to the choir"."

Yep. And I and, as I predict, many others who frequent SBPDL, try our best to educate and open the eyes of the DWLs and paint-theory subscribers we come in contact with (non-Black) with mixed success.
I find it astonishing how entrenched the idiocy of the paint theory is, even in those old enough to know better.
But I keep trying. And this site and PK keep supplying the tools !

PNW Realist said...

@Medic Bear:

Spreading the gospel of race realism doesn't always mean a straight-on argument with SWLs. Where the hard press may fail, subtlety and subterfuge can prevail. (Read Marc Antony's speech to the Roman mob from "Julius Caesar" as a good example on the use of subterfuge.)

Gently present facts. Do it with a dispassionate voice. Your listeners can often draw their own correct conclusions when they've been given all the data.

The important things remains that we all move in the same direction to advance our goal.

Anonymous said...

A commenter mentioned the possibility of martial law being declared in Baltimore if the 6 policemen, especially the white ones have charges dismissed or are acquitted and a cat 10 chimpout ensues. A cat 10 chimpout certainly seems likely, no reason being necessary but I read somewhere that martial law is rarely declared during riots no matter how severe. The author of the article (I can't find it now) claimed that martial law was not declared in the 1960s riots although he wasn't sure in all cases.

He cited the 1967 Detroit riots when Mitt Romney's father was governor. The riots were so severe Regular Army troops were deployed to Detroit and the governor considered declaring martial law. He was dissuaded by his business cronies not to declare martial law because such a declaration would render null and void all insurance contracts in the area of martial law leaving business owners unable to recoup any losses from insurance.

I don't know what damages are covered by insurance when caused by rioters but if the author is correct there would be a blanket 'get out of jail free' card for insurance companies in martial law zones. That certainly is incentive not to declare martial law no matter how bad things get.

Perhaps commenters who know more about insurance could comment on this, I don't know very much about it. I found it interesting since politicians care about money and reelection above all else and the two are certainly related.

non-DWL from NE
Ms. Mosby says hello to SBPDL

Mr. Rational said...

I used the word in a catachrestic manner?

Yes, you did.  If it was for rhetorical effect (which is, in hindsight, a far more likely explanation than sounding affected) I think it was well-done.

The problem is that we have so many Poes today, you can't tell them apart.  Especially when they all go by "Anonymous".  (Sentence fragment, I know.  For rhetorical effect.)

Ultimately what is showed was Mr. Rational as an overzealous English language pedant!

Actually, I'm a clarity pedant.  While it's all well and good for John Derbyshire to send people to the dictionary several times in a podcast (it's part of the experience), I aim to tailor my verbiage so as not to interrupt the flow so much and I appreciate such effort from others.  This is why I try to use precise language, punctuation, and even more subtle efforts.  I want my words understood correctly the first time, with as little effort as possible.

Mr. Rational said...

And on other matters...

If the police are now going to be told to stand down against Black crime and insurrection, why are we hiring them and paying them?  If we simply got rid of the police and let the humans take care of dealing with criminals, there would be no police to accuse of cibil rites violations nor to arrest the humans for same.

Imagine a couple Dindu shoplifters showing up at the ER, faces bruised and bloodied and arms and fingers broken with obvious care.  No police to take their statements, no collection of evidence for any later suit.  Nobody saw anything.  How long before shoplifters become scarce?

But BRA can't get rid of the police.  It requires police tyranny to keep YT from defending himself.

Anonymous said...

Here in multicultural Canada we are still doing okay? Why? Their population is not that great, they are well fed and housed, still commit most crime but all races here have negroe fatigue and ignore their whinnying and cries of racism. The higher their numbers, the more a country is screwed.

Anonymous said...

Here's a typical hand-wringing Liberal worry-fest about "civil rights" and the Supreme Court:

Couple of things I took from my cursory inspection of this pitiful bleating:

1. You think you're free in the good ol' USA!USA!USA!....?

"Every single federal appeals court to consider the question has held that the federal Fair Housing Act permits what are known as “disparate impact” suits — suits which allow a discrimination suit to prevail if the defendant engages in a practice that has a discriminatory effect on racial minorities, unless the practice serves some other legitimate interest."

The GOV already tells you that you cannot choose who to sell *your own property to*. I wonder how long it will be before the GOV says that you can't sell your home for more money than the average black family could afford to pay. It would only be a difference of degree, not of kind, if they did so.

Or what if the GOV decided to just subsidize black ownership of homes they can't afford? Yes, they already do that to some extent, not to mention the Fannie Mae economic bust; but imagine you are selling your house, and the GOV shows up and says "we will assess the fair market value of your home, and pay the difference over what this black family can afford to pay you"...we aren't far from that kind of interference.

2. For any unreconstructed Republicans here, have a red pill on me concerning your hero Reagan:

"President Reagan signed legislation extending the Voting Rights Act and overruling the Supreme Court’s 1980 decision in Mobile v. Bolden. During the signing ceremony, Reagan acknowledged that “there are differences over how to attain the equality we seek for all our people.” This was our boy Ronnie siding with the Libs.

Oh, that adorable, huggable Ronald Reagan. "Mister we could use a man like (Ronald Reagan) aaagaaaaain...". Not.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore’s Stephanie Rawlings-Blake - Is that a mud flap covering her left forehead ?

Anonymous said...

Baltimore and Chicago are going to go down hard this Summer.

Prepare accordingly...

Anonymous said...

Odds list on groid cities to go up in flames this Summer?

Anonymous said...

OK…I think Mr. Rational just cut me some slack! I see problems with this statement:

Ultimately what is showed was Mr. Rational as an overzealous English language pedant!

Sorry, but that statement was not very clear! The verbs “is” and “was” are conflicting. Wouldn’t the statement be better stated this way:

Ultimately what “was” shown was Mr. Rational as an overzealous English language pedant!

Or perhaps:

Ultimately what “is” shown is Mr. Rational as an overzealous English language pedant!

Nobody is perfect! Sooner or later everyone makes a mistake; that is why I ALWAYS cut people slack. You deliberately picked on my piece for some reason or the other. What good does it do you to personally attack someone else’s writing style?

A few weeks back a poster wrote some paragraphs that weren’t very clear, but I got the gist of the statement. While others (one or two other pedants) threw insults at the person, I praised him for his wisdom.

The main reason for writing a post is to express one’s thoughts. I have been out of school for many years, and don’t plan on returning. Regardless of your good intentions, I don’t need your comments about my writing style. There are other places for you to give critiques of writing; perhaps you should go back to school to enjoy that environment. As for me, those days are over! I write because I want to, and I use the words I want to use to express what I feel.

Case closed!

Anonymous said...

I am too old to help in the mission of developing a white homeland.But if y'all could get one setup, I can damn well move there tomorrow. But they wouldn't allow whites to have anything because: A)It would be safe, clean and thrive which is unfair to those who are not white and B)Working people are required in order to fund the EBT vote buying cards. The major city near here has been under black political rule for forty plus years. All the saner white folks left decades ago and founded successful suburban communities with safe streets and excellent schools. But many employers remained within the city limits. So the city swells with white people during normal business hours and returns to third world status after five p.m. To maintain the city ghettos where unemployment is the rule, an occupational tax was established to bleed off the rightful earnings of white workers to support their inferiors. This would also be the case of any type of white enclave or homeland. Its very success would doom its existence due to jealousy and envy by those not welcomed. Hopefully such a place would also be able to bar the enablers of black behavior from ever entering the new white Eden. They would surely wreak their damage much as they have done against the former USA.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I look forward to the entertainment just hope the white people there have enough sense to leave even if that means just taking necessities.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, the mayor of Shitamore said," things are getting better." In what planet is this lady on???? May broke a 40 year old record on murders for the month with 43 and the mayor claims things are getting better?????

I got nothing........................

Anonymous said...

To the person who spoke of President Reagan, I would take him any day over Obama. However, with that said, I do agree with you that he did make mistakes. I personally believe he put too much trust in the Congress. For example, we should already have a secured southern border, but that never happened. What is the product of that lack of foresight? MILLIONS of illegal aliens crossing the border!

Illegal aliens are the nail in the coffin for our country. We simply cannot afford to take on all the world’s refugees and third world people. The Democrats have an ulterior motive, and that is to become a one party communistic society.

The fact that the government is always on the side of the minorities is not surprising. They do this to divide the white vote and create animosity of others for our people. Divide and conquer should be their motto! Over the years the Democrats have done an excellent job of destroying what is left of the Republic.

I readily admit that when we vote, we are between a rock and a hard place. However, I believe 2016 is our last chance to save our country. We need to completely flush the Democrats out; and we need Republicans who care for our country.

The issues of abortion, smoking pot, and gay marriage are mostly social issues that should be left to individual states. The next president needs to focus on the economy first and foremost. He should secure our southern border, and not give citizenship to those who entered our country illegally.

I would personally like to see the end of the IRS. I would like to see the end of endless Negro giveaway programs. That is money flushed down the toilet. We need to institute a program that allows whites to live separately from blacks. It has been shown daily on PK’s blog how bad the Negro situation really is! The blacks are degenerate animals, or barbarians. We should not have to associate with them in any way. After hundreds of years, if blacks were going to make it, they would have done so by now. They simply are not ready for civilization! The sooner white people realize this the better!!

Anonymous said...

If we get another democrat we certainly are finished. No argument there!! Not that any republican will be good. I would probably vote for Walker though.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that's the silver lining! We should just sit back and let nature take its course for now.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly every thing you are saying is very true and SA is the last county in Africa that still has the ability to produce something. Wont be long before that stops if that road continues. Here in central Mississippi we are experiencing the same thing with black empowerment. Fortunately a high number of these nogs are illiterate and its common knowledge with them that most southern white boys hunt and are thus armed to the teeth so most crime is black on black.

Anonymous said...

Lol you guys are funny.


Anonymous said...

Its very possible everybody on the planet knows that negroes are more primitive than any other race and the time is coming when we and the rest of the world will have no other choice but to admit the obvious truth of matter.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, the mayor of [Baltimore] said," things are getting better." In what planet is this lady on???? May broke a 40 year old record on murders for the month with 43 and the mayor claims things are getting better?????

Things are getting better from the perspective of BRA:
* Her honor is now ensconced as a African style Big Woman chief of the city
* Gangbangers can freely loot and burn with the cops standing down
* Federal megabuck$ will be flowing into town for reconstruction and welfare and plenty of jobs for the bruthas and sistuhs
* YT has been driven out of one more city


This is a perfect time to scream and demand GUN CONTROL. Yep, Baltimore can lead the way and pass really good legislation to ban all handguns within the city limits. It will take years for the law to be challenged (and maybe the NRA will be really clever and not rush to fight it) so that the idiot White population may just has NOTHING to do with guns.

A perfect opportunity to demonstrate that there is no law to stop Simian violence. Only Segregation backed up by batons, whips, German Shepherd dogs, water cannons and an armed White citizen.

Anonymous said...

in a nutshell, we treat them as human when they are not

Anonymous said...

If seen in relation to the much lower population in 2015 the murder record wasn't just broken, it was annihilated.

A moment of silence (or movie theater level shouting) for Antwon, DeShawn, Lil' Killah, MoDirt, Ne'Tweesha, Barry, Tariq, MuhFreddie etc..

Detroit Refugee said...

While it's a long list, Baltimore Chicago seem ripe. Could be Indy, & Milwaukee might have a problem w/ " teens". Detroit seems to be lacking
when it comes to " peaceful protests". I've even axed a Negroe at FRAP, Whattup wit dat? He said " blacks don't stick together". Just nodded my head and turned away.
Another time the same Groid told me he'd go join the festivities in Ferguson if he could get time off. We were all hands on deck because of a launch though. Bummer for Ant!

William Teach said...

Love that tweet. "Together we will create a safer city."

Safer? Safer than what? According to Neighborhood Scout, Baltimore is safer than just 3% of American cities. Maybe they're shooting to to 4%? Of course, she probably understood that saying "Together we will create a safe city" would just be stupid for Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Koster: Missouri police stopped blacks 75 percent more than whites in 2014

(Sent from KMOV4)

Article about missouri AG telling how dindu's get pulled over 75% more than whitey.......
And to think he's the top policeman in missouri!!! Poor guy must be a DWL.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I know some of you will get mad at me but I don't agree with the theory that you can WAKE PEOPLE UP by talking to them about Blackie and the other corrupt shit going on in this country. This is 2015 and those who were meant to wake up are already on that path. I gave up years ago talking to people about the reality we live in. THEY DON'T CARE and do not want to be DISTURBED from their world of fairy tales and lies. Their destiny is to remain asleep and be nice little mind controlled puppets. To the majority of the sleepy heads the TRUTH is a very painful experience. It is not up to us to enlighten the robots or cause them any more pain in their boring mundane hollow lives.

I listen to the pajama people ramble on about "One man, one vote". My favorite is "We need a strong leader in this country..Blah..Blah...Blah". After listening to these people I can tell you what TV channel they watch. The circus midgets they vote for ARE ALL OWNED, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR way before they run for office. You have a ONE PARTY system with a TWO PARTY public who will sit there and talk your face off on which scum bag con man is best for America. If I wouldn't hire one of these crooked pieces of shit to mow my lawn why would I vote for these puss heads to run the country.

Two cities were set on fire this Winter by a bunch of thugs because a couple criminals ended up dead. The brain dead liberals and lefties are ranting and raving about justice for the poor and lazy blacks who have turned modern cities into crime and drug infested rat holes. These are not the TYPE OF PEOPLE that I would waste my time talking to. Trying to enlighten them about the poor downtrodden people who spend most of their time killing each other is a waste of time. Stay away from these fucks. Don't talk to them. In a few years from now they will be the ones turning you in to the government so they can pay off their $50,000 or more student loans after 4 years of MIND RAPE by the leftest educational system. We are now in the time where you must be careful about who you can trust.

Anonymous said...

"For the city to improve, all homicides need to drop," the mayor said.
That all depends on "who" is being killed. If the homicides are wiping out drug dealers, pimps, thieves and urban terrorists, then maybe the city needs even more homicides.

Anonymous said...


Yet another instance of complete black incompetence:

TSA Chief Out After Agents Fail 95 Percent of Airport Breach Tests

"The acting head of the Transportation Security Administration was reassigned Monday after an internal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security found security failures at dozens of the nation's busiest airports. The breaches allowed undercover investigators to smuggle weapons, fake explosives and other contraband through numerous checkpoints.

Melvin Carraway, an 11-year veteran of the TSA who became acting administrator in January, was immediately reassigned to a DHS program coordinating with local law enforcement agencies, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said Monday night. "

Keep selecting black people for high leadership positions that are completely unqualified for them and this will continue to happen.

Remember the bang up job Beverly Scott did this past winter for MBTA in Boston?

Basic strategy: Find an affirmative action (i.e. black) individual who has been pushed through the ranks, drop them into a position of incredible power and responsibility, and then watch them utterly fail and not take any of the blame. Must be hard to find higher ups to blame when you are the boss. Doesn't stop them though.

Putting incompetent people in positions that effect the lives of so many people should be punishable by law. And yet we celebrate it in this country. Thank BRA.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the subject of whites getting fed up, leading me to think about what pisses off people the most.

While it is tempting to think of white racial epithets like "cracker" or general black rudeness and aggressiveness, I believe I narrowed it down to a single thing:

White people hate being told what they can and can't do, and what they can and can't say.

When I was told that 'thug' was the new n-word (off-limits to whitey) deep down it made me want to use the term more, not less. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, and have used it liberally in my blog postings across the web ever since.

If you want to rile up a white person, you don't call them a racial epithet, you attempt to limit their freedoms.

For those of you who feel like speeding up the ECAR RAW, this should be a tool in your ever-growing arsenal for exposing and ultimately slaying BRA.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:02pm- "The GOV already tells you that you cannot choose who to sell *your own property to*."
I know everyone always says that all the time, but it's not true. You can still choose who you sell your property to. What was killed in the courts was Restrictive Covenants, in which your neighbors could veto your decision to sell to Sanford & Son or The Jeffersons. The terms of those covenants were previously agreed to by the owner, before they first bought the property, so there was nothing unfair about the restrictions. The purpose was to protect the neighborhood, not the individual.
These days, even though you "may not" refuse to sell on the basis of race, color, creed or body odor, you are not forced to sell to anyone. Just because a black wants to buy your house, and even offers a higher bid than everyone else, you are not required to sell to them. You just can't tell them (or the realtor), "We chose the Janssens's offer because they're white (or Lutheran, or blond, or nicer-smelling)."
I don't know the statistics, but I'd guess there were relatively few communities with those Covenants, outside the major cities. Simple economics, logistics and geography probably kept most areas devoid of Darkness. But still, any subdivisions and enclaves with thousands of blacks nearby deserved to have Freedom of Association. What are the odds that our Great White Libertarian Hope, President Rand Paul, will fight for the return of that unalienable right? What are the odds he will even acknowledge it? My guess is, somewhere between "dick" and "bupkis".

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23- "However, I believe 2016 is our lastchance to save our country. We need to completely flush the Democrats out; and we need Republicans who care for our country."
Where are we going to find good Republicans? Beginning 2000, the Repubes had the White House, Senate and House of Reps, and all they did was circle jerk each other for 6 years. Even today, the Repubes are giving the half-baked, half-chocolate, half-muslim messiah everything he wants, so what the hell good are they? They won't block his immigration policy, they won't impeach his criminal cabinet members, they won't impeach him, they just gave him Imperial powers in a Pacific Rimjob Free Trade Agreement (because not enough junk was being dumped here, from that region). After scoring that "major victory" in the 2014 midterms, the new Tea Party reps were promptly told to fuck off and follow Bohner's marching orders.
It's been said a million times: We are not voting our way out of this.
That doesn't mean we should stop voting, but if you think it will fix anything, you're going to be disappointed.
P.S. -- Speaking of Weepin Johnny Bohner, when will we get to see his scandal? I know he's very useful to the HNIC right now, but it would be great to see him dashed on the rocks of Public Shame.

Anonymous said...

Cat 10. Nope. Every city of Baltmoreistan around the world with a a 65 % dark night shade will burn. Ferguson is ten minutes away from me. Since that went down my Democrat crap family finally started to arm themselves and got survival food. What scared the crap out of me the other day was Dr. Ben Carson talking on youtube about proposed civil unrest conditions. Meaning if multiple cities were full Chimpout out n.d.a.a. issued OSAMA could be Prez FOREVER...very scary.

Anonymous said...

New Yorker you have a point . The current political narrative that has infested our country, you have to be very careful what you say. Everywhere are spies and trolls. Repubs rino progressives all are the same. Keep your powder dry.

Anonymous said...

When another terrorist group comandeers or hijacks a plane due to lack of security. I'll never forget running for my life and a cloud of smoke , pulverized glass, dead countrymen and women. T.s.a the last time I encountered them lost my watch and purse. Ms.Shaneqia didn't see nuffins.

Ex-Copper said...

One of my coworkers was telling me that when he came back from Vietnam, he was sent to D.C. with other marine companies due to the riots. He told me they were issuing marines all of the same weapons and ammo they had used in the jungle. He said many of the other black marines went AWOL, he stayed but they were never used.

He's one of those old black guys that calls everyone out for their bullshit and is able to have a coherent discussion. He said he used to hate whites so much he wore brown underwear. Now he sees the black "youth" for what they are. He calls them knuckle heads rather than niggers tho.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Koster: Missouri police stopped blacks 75 percent more than whites in 2014

Because negroes commit 75 percent more crimes than humans do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No. "Too many people" have NOT died in your town...

First Id have to say whats being deleted from the gene pool is not human and therefore those are not "people". What is being terminated are speaking apes, no more no less.
The negroe should be more properly thought of as a speaking ape,notice in Africa the numbers of apes, monkeys, baboons...and the negroe. At best the negroe should be rightly considered as an intermediate primate form between the chimp and the human, their violence,inferior intellect,smaller brain, and wanton sexuality all attest to this as fact.

Mr. Rational said...

The terms of those covenants were previously agreed to by the owner, before they first bought the property, so there was nothing unfair about the restrictions. The purpose was to protect the neighborhood, not the individual.

And that might be the key to unraveling Shelley.  Nothing prevents neighbors from writing a covenant that requires a buyer of one home to also buy THEIR homes, at some agreed-upon price, if in their opinion that buyer makes their homes unlivable.  You can't enforce these things on race, but if all the covenant says is "if we don't like you, you have to buy ALL of us out" the courts would probably enforce it.  Also prohibitions on renting.  This is similar to the scheme which keeps NYC co-op buildings free of orcs; nobody's explicitly prohibited, but the owners get to vote on who's allowed in.

Barriers to entry.  That's what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 9:34 p.m., I stand corrected. Thanks for clarifying the issue for me. I concede that you are correct, but would still add that not being able to state *why* you choose not to sell to blacks still presents, at minimum, a symbolic attack by the government on your rights as a property owner. Moreover, what if you are actually challenged to explain your decision by either a realtor or the would-be buyer? Then you have the burden placed on yourself to be forced to lie or be punished for a private decision regarding the disposition of private property. Still not a good situation, if not quite as dire as I originally represented it.

Anonymous said...

Last month was the most violent in Baltimoolie history? After six cops were charged with murder for simply doing their jobs, the leading politicians made it clear they didn't support the police department?

Ya don't say! Who'd'a thunkit?

Maybe black "people" aren't "just like us" after all? Maybe "Jim Crow" wasn't such a bad idea after all? Ya think?

Anonymous said...

Hope June is hot and steamy and the TNB explodes. No reason May #s can't be doubled or tripled. God Bless the Baltimore police and those of all the other TNB-infested cities. They need to take it real easy in the heat and let negro nature take its course. I toast them with a glass of wine and celebrate the statistics.

Anonymous said...

Late last night the movie Mad Max: Return to the Thunderdome was on. For those of you who have seen the movie will know what I am talking about.
As I watched it the events of Baltimore popped into my brain. The people in rhe movie became dumb savages( like Blacks) who no longer knew how to do anything unless it involved violence, just like Blacks.

I thought OMG, if Blacks continue to gain control this country will become a Mad Max world.

Lucius Vorenus said...

I just read an article that blames all of the death and violence on turf wars among gangs and drug dealers fighting over the lucrative market created by the looting of prescription opiates during the "protests". So you see, it is the white man's fault for building a CVS pharmacy and bringing all of those drugs into the hood.

Rebel with many causes said...

"Anonymous said...
Late last night the movie Mad Max: Return to the Thunderdome was on. For those of you who have seen the movie will know what I am talking about.
As I watched it the events of Baltimore popped into my brain. The people in rhe movie became dumb savages( like Blacks) who no longer knew how to do anything unless it involved violence, just like Blacks.

I thought OMG, if Blacks continue to gain control this country will become a Mad Max world.

June 3, 2015 at 6:54 PM"

I haven't seen that movie, but it sounds more than a bit like "Idiocracy". Perhaps that's what democracy leads to... inevitably.

Can you think of any political idea(s) more dangerous than welfare, feminism, humanism, democracy or equality between races, ethinicities, nationalities, sexes (some call it "genders"), sexual orientations, age groups and religions? I'm hard pressed to come up with any. I hate all that crap, and I use to express myself moderately.

You know you've experienced too much Hope 'n' Change when even Islam starts to look "not that bad after all"...

Uncompassionate Conservative said...

"Ray Sizzum said...


If you have Chinese people in a fishing village, they will turn it into a city. If you have the same number of black people, it will stay a fishing village. Or if you let them take over a city—Detroit, for example—it will stop from being a functioning, gleaming city and become something more like a fishing village.

June 1, 2015 at 7:33 AM"

Become something more like a fishing village? I believe the correct term is "shanty town".

Race said...

SC Native said....If I had my way the US would offer citizenship to all YT in SA.

Race said... If I had my way, I'd send our military down under to rescue SA and hand it back over to the whites. I betcha a fistful of South African diamonds that they would not go back to being a rainbow nation! Then I'd recover Rhodesia and restore that as well.