Friday, May 15, 2015

Iowa Judge Dismisses 112-Member Jury Pool Because it was Too White...

It's hard to determine if the "black kid who got a heart transplant because blacks whined racism when he was denied transplant then dies after a police chase" or "black judge scolds young white girl for racism and let's black home invaders off lightly" is the craziest story of 2015. 

Of course, it's hard to pass on the empty stadium game between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox on April 29, perhaps the finest example of discernible black contributions to America ever captured... and a fitting reminder an ongoing black insurrection, like inclement weather, is a suitable reason to postpone a baseball game
Tyrone Washington, on trial for the 2013 murder of his ex-girlfriend (a white woman), had his defense attorney successfully have a jury pool of all white people dismissed because it was argued he couldn't get a fair trial. 

Outside the stunning scene of a baseball game being played in a completely empty Major League Baseball stadium, few stories you'll read will have the dramatic impact of just how precarious the situation is for whites in Black-Run America (BRA) as this one. [Iowa judge dismisses entire jury pool in murder trial of black man because 111 of the 112 people are white, Daily Mail, 5-13-15]:
An Iowa judge has dismissed a 112-member jury pool after determining that a black man charged with murder couldn't get a fair trial when all but one potential juror is white. 
Tyrone Washington Jr., 41, of Northwood is accused in the August 2013 stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Justina Smith, the Globe Gazette reported. 
Defense attorney Charles Kenville requested to have the entire jury pool stricken, and District Judge Colleen Weiland on Tuesday granted his motion. 
Out of the 112 people in the jury pool, 111 had identified themselves as white. One juror identified himself as Native American. 
Kenville said the lack of racial diversity wasn't intentional but that 'the system is broken in Webster County and this court needs to fix it for Mr. Washington's rights to be upheld.' 
He called for a change in the computerized systems by which citizens are requested for jury service using Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles and voter registration records. Kenville said minority conviction rates decrease by 10 percent if a minority is a member of the jury panel. 
According to 2013 census data, roughly 5 percent of residents in Webster County are black. 
'The process should be delivering a roughly equivalent number,' Kenville said, arguing the 'substantial underrepresentation' of blacks would hinder his client's ability to get a fair trial. 
A new trial date hasn't been set.  
The case is expected to remain in Webster County, about 80 miles north of Des Moines. 
Any times you see the words "fair" or "equality," immediately understand the outcome will be anything but fair and based off of a desire to counteract and legislate/issues decrees from the judicial bench against nature's natural inequalities.

What's interesting is the judge initially denied the motion to strike the jury pool, but subsequently changed her mind.

All moral authority in America has been removed from white people, unless an individual white person is bowing before a perverse ideology working to strip whites of whatever dignity or rights still exist to protect them.

We are tasked with only directive: survive the American Nightmare.

Most of use can't comprehend the types of scenarios we'll be faced with in the near future, but - outside of meteorite striking earth - there's nothing inhibiting them from coming to fruition.

No politician.

No political party.

No radio host.

No television personality.

No television program.

The system we've dubbed "Black-Run America" is anything but broken; it's working almost to perfection.

But the silver-lining in all of this is the April 29th empty stadium game between the Orioles and the White Sox, a moment representing the most poignant depiction of Black-Run America's true destructive promise.


Californian said...

Once again in BRA: People are to be judged not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.

Anonymous said...

The American Nightmare (aka Groids) may also have been at the root of Amtrak's deadly crash. I guessed the engineer would be an AA groid who was high on bath salts, but now it seems a local monkey there in Philly hurled a rock at the train, hit the engineer's window, and that somehow led to the train's controls being made to speed up at the turn.

My nigdar is pinging hard on this one. Am quite sure a North Philly murder monkey cause the derailment. Check article below (this guy is an asshole, but has the story):

Anonymous said...

That judge should quit her job to allow a black to fill her robes. If the color of the jury pool must match the population, then so should the judges' pool.
What's that you say, judge? Just because someone is black, doesn't mean they are qualified for the job? What makes you think an average black living in Iowa (after fleeing de turrble legacy of Chicongo violins) is qualified to serve on a jury? The black population in that county is 5%, but how many are automatically disqualified because of felony records, not registering to vote, not having a Racist Drivers License, and generally avoiding any behavior of a common citizen? Given all that, it is no surprise that 0 of 112 were black.
But go ahead with your games. If you neglect to prosecute black-on-white crimes in court, we will find another court to try them. Technology hasn't yet made the rope obsolete.

Unknown said...

Races in Webster County, Iowa:

White Non-Hispanic Alone (90.0%)
Hispanic or Latino (3.8%)
Black Non-Hispanic Alone (3.8%)
Two or more races (1.4%)
Asian alone (0.6%)

Figure there's 2,000 blacks total out of a population of around 40,000.

People in group quarters in Webster County, Iowa:

1,158 people in state prisons.

32 people in local jails and other municipal confinement facilities.

10 blacks left...

(one sow and 9 of her gerbil spawn)

...and it showed up for jury duty.

Another fine day in America.

Anonymous said...

My God, how stereotypical!
Reminds me of the old joke that went something like this: Besides being president, what else did Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt have in common?
Answer: They were the last white men to use those names.

Anonymous said...

Obama, Holder et al have set race relations in this country back 100 years. I reckon this summer is going to be one lalapalooza of riots/shootings/killings/beatings in the liberal cesspools which are now our cities.

Anonymous said...

"We are tasked with only directive: survive the American Nightmare." Since the majority of our race lacks the backbone to stand looks like it's come down to that.

SC Native said...

Now what if this was done the other way and a jury pool was dismissed for being too black? Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth that we would hear, problem is it's the truth. The Negro can't be fair and impartial, others can. All that's going on here is the defense attorney excuse me, public defender, wants to get a negro on the jury so he'll walk.

I hope to see a lawyer use this same tactic on a nog jury pool. The only way to fight back is to use their own tactics, with all of the PC infighting you might have allies by accident as crazy as BRA is in all times and places.


New laws and tight traffic controls during "black bike week" here in SC are probably going to cause a chimpout. It could be a plan to end the monkeyshines for good since the nogs won't stop the event. This could get interesting after all of the festivities over the last year.

Anonymous said...

Intelligence and Technology Do Not Insure Victory If You Do Not Have the Will and Intestinal FortitudeTo **** Your Deadly Enemies Before They **** You said:

No doubt about it. Blacks get nervous when there aren't enough nogs on the jury to do their usual jury nullification thing. They do it all over the country now, no matter how overwhelming the evidence is against a black - and also with total disregard of the seriousness of the charges.

If you recall the vicious OJ Simpson killings, those occurred in Westwood, a predominately white, very upscale area of Los Angeles County, and by law should have been held in the Superior Court West Region but was "miraculously" transferred to the Superior Court Los Angeles Region (downtown) to insure an all black jury, which is precisely what he got - 12 hopelessly illiterate, brain dead black morons - but I repeat myself.

I am beginning to positively loathe the political, judicial, academic and media class in this country.

It's not an accident that when the commies take over, it's these useful idiots they hang from light poles right off the bat. They know that if they will betray their own country, they'll eventually give them similar political problems as well.

As an aside and apropos nothing (hee hee) Mao killed over 70 million Chinese people during the Cultural revolution, the majority of them in political positions, the legal classes, academia, the professional and educated classes, lenders and bankers and public media. He may have been brutal, but he sure wasn't stupid. Stalin did much the same thing.

I wonder if they knew something we simply refuse to learn. I mean, clearly democracies are very easily subverted by the "educated" classes who are invariably used as useful idiots by brutal, cunning men like Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

Can most of you grasp that ferverent Alinskyites now running what's left of this once great nation of ours are using the system to bring it all down around our ears? This is precisely why democracies fail. We, the People, lose our will to resist and fight.

PB said...

You nailed it with the line about the system working to perfection. "Broken" systems are "broken" only based on which side of the system you are on.

Anonymous said...

None of this surprises me! What the courts are now doing is stacking the decks in favor of Negroes. Affirmative Action has fully invaded American jurisprudence! If the Negro cannot abide civilization’s laws, then civilization’s laws must abide the Negro.

If the Negro cannot pass the test, then the test must conform to the Negro!

If too many Negroes are in prison, then laws must be changed to accommodate the Negro.

This black comedy of insanity goes on and on without end! What does it take for DWLs to wake up to the reality that after hundreds of years and trillions of dollars we are still trying to accommodate a species of ape that will not conform?

Driving down the road today, I saw a large black woman sitting at a bus stop with a lopsided weave who probably weighed 300+ pounds. The odds are that this fat mass of ugliness had an IQ less than 80. It is the spawn of these types of apes that has been the downfall of a once great nation. I would rather my house be infested with cockroaches, than my town infested with Negroes. With cockroaches I can call for the exterminator!

There is not a single vestige of American Life that has not suffered to uplift the human waste called Negroes, but yet we are told we are not doing enough. Now they are telling the black thugs in Atlanta not to run! Isn’t this a slam to every single white person, or white police officer, in our country? Oh…we cannot judge a Negro fairly! What do the judge and prosecutor base that racist decision on? The truth is blacks get judged according to the law; not because they are black. Their color has nothing to do with the crime. If a crime has been committed, then a punishment MUST be attached or we cease to be a civilized country.

There is one fix to this insane black comedy: segregation of the races; and even separation of our peoples. Now…back to my bourbon on the rocks! Take care my white brothers and sisters!

Anonymous said...

"The trial was moved to Webster County on a change of venue because of a lack of blacks in Worth County. Washington is black."

So if I happen to have a black girlfriend with an obvious black name (say, Tawanda) and I kill her in a gruesome psychopathic way in a majority black area, can I request the trial at a more white-leaning county? I'm assuming you already said no, since we all know that would be racist. And as we all know, being racist is sometimes worse than the act of murder itself.

What does this say about the assumed collective character of black people if this Totally Harmless Under-served Gentleman got caught red-handed murdering a woman (who happens to be white) and he would much rather have them judge his actions? Think about that for a moment.

This feeling that they are all collectively owed something, and that since no one is getting out the checkbook they will just take what is due in punishment, hassle, and blood- that even if it means having a killer walk free in the community, well at least we got one over collectively on whitey, didn't we!

Blacks will continue to show their true colors the more desperate they get. The fact that they scream for an all black jury pool shows that they are mostly concerned about getting away with breaking the law, NOT concerned about actual justice.

Good catch/find with this article, Paul. You just added another grisly piece to the puzzle and some people don't like what they are seeing...

Anonymous said...

Enough already, you negroes. Just say it... You want SEGREGATION!!!!

Black cops for black criminals, black jurors for black criminals, black judges,!!

Goddamn you all! Just separate and leave us alone. We DON'T WANT YOU! Go somewhere all together and be black all together.

Now, of course you won't as you need non-blacks to support your worthless incapable asses, so you'll just crack another Olde English, suck down a bucket of KFC, mug a White person, and continue your out of control breeding program. And send us the bill.

Oh man, we are in deep doodoo with you animals.

chattanooga gal said...

"This feeling that they are all collectively owed something, and that since no one is getting out the checkbook they will just take what is due in punishment, hassle, and blood- that even if it means having a killer walk free in the community, well at least we got one over collectively on whitey, didn't we!"
that is more or less what they did with the o. j simpson trial. I believe the blacks knew as well as we did he was guilty, but they "got one over on whitey"

Julie said...

This is a highly unusual crime. A negro killing his girl friend/wife/baby momma? Seriously, how often does that really happen?

Anonymous said...

Just when you think race in America can't get any weirder it gets weirder. If something doesn't change the conversation in this country the conversation will permanently change this country and not for the better. The words on this web site are at least factual. Most of the articles we read and the newscasts we listen to are so nuanced no one knows what is really going on. I will hazard to say that most Americans really have no idea what is happening racially in America. It is far worse than what is reported.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it's a "whide wimin" who was strangled by this stooge.

Justina Smith's picture:

From the original story:

"According to a news release issued by the DCI on Tuesday, a severely-wounded Smith called 911 Monday morning for help. She identified her attacker as Washington. Smith told authorities Washington had fled the scene in her 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix."

Moral: choose boyfriends from your own species next time.

Anonymous said...

OT I know but I'm sure everyone here at SBPDL knows the Marathon bomber got a death sentence today from the jury.

What are the odds that BHO will commute/pardon him on his last day in office? He's Moslem which is different from blackness but just as bad in a different way.

Pat Boyle said...

It could very well be that an almost all white jury pool could not give a black man a fair trial.

That's what we call an hypothesis. It might be true and it might be false.

In the modern scientific world we have ways to make these determinations. It should not be determined by a random judge's personal opinion. That's a form of prejudice and tyranny. Judge's do not get to state as fact matters which are not demonstrated to be fact.

I suppose he is harking back to some jury panels in the deep south from more that a half century ago. But he seems to be dismissing the obvious fact of Barack Obama's election. White people seem to have demonstrated that they can be fair minded towards blacks.

But it's easy enough to determine. Just have a study conducted to see if whites can be fair jurors. Any university should be able to handle study design.

One suspects that given the recent black riots that the situation is exactly the opposite of what this judge contends. It is probably true that blacks cannot serve as fair minded jurors. They seem to run amok and follow their prejudices.


Anonymous said...

There is no low BRA will not go to protect their pets. Legerdemain and subterfuge they fain use to protect the mudsill of society. To think how far this nation has sunk since the 1950s when civil rights became the mantra of a confused and ignorant electorate! If the malefactors are black, crime has become a non-issue to BRA. Indeed the left displays an insouciant attitude towards the most egregious acts of violence against whites, but becomes apoplectic whenever the slightest injustice is perceived against the protected ape. When a white baby was shot point blank in the face in Georgia, where were the judges then? What justice did that baby get? Eric Holder interceded on behalf the savage Negro that killed that innocent child by forbidding the death penalty be employed. Where is the outrage when white people are killed on a daily bases? Where whites are attacked by large groups of blacks in parks and beaten and robbed…where is the outrage? Why do white women chase these rejects of humanity? There is one case where I feel no pity for the white person: when they are so incredibly stupid as to actually think blacks are one of us. I wonder if the people in the diner in Baltimore got a rude awakening concerning the Negro. I wonder if any white will be left who wants to go to that godforsaken hellhole.

GrimmTale said...

What do you call two lawyers at the bottom of the ocean...?
A good start.

A big "BROKEN" part of this are the white defense attorneys pushing this type of BS along, because they must do everything they can for their client, even if it means something morally and ethically bankrupt. Ultimately I see this as a slap in the face to the family of the white female victim (who by the way must be a guilt ridden white for dating this black murderer...OJ/Nicole Simpson wanna-be perhaps....but, didn't she see how badly that turned out for Nicole?) That mostly black jury turned out rather nice for OJ. Dumbasses all of them!

Anonymous said...

They want to be seen as our equals until they get their tit in a wringer. Then its git me some niggers on the jury! His girlfriend was a stupid coalburner. Maybe, just maybe, her wasted life will be an example to some other young woman.
Justice will only be served to this murderer if his ex "girlfriend" has a determined male relative. Wonder if the jury pool would be too white then?


Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

Great writing and observations, Paul.

And the comments are getting better all the time, too. Well done, everyone.

The America that most of us grew up in is gone. I keep thinking that we've got to hit bottom at some point. But it looks farther away than ever.

Our culture and our race are committing suicide.

Please be safe everyone. Keep your head down. Stay sharp. Survive this.


Anonymous said...


and do ya remember what greenspans wife - andrea mitchell said about Iowa?

Anonymous said...


On the subject of. The government is spreading violent diversity into rural areas and small towns. It is not uncommon for small towns to be flooded with hundreds or even thousands of refugees over the course of several months.

I know someone from Iowa. small city of 20k.
'towns wrecked by meat packing plant. all these 'latinos'.

Anonymous said...


thoughts for today,

Latinos dont speak latin.

hispanics dont look spanish.

think bout that.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

Anon @4:38 said:
Enough already, you negroes. Just say it... You want SEGREGATION!!!!

Yeah,they want to be free of YT,but they want to keep whitey's tax dollars plus they want access to white wimminz...and they can't have all three...that must be one hell of a conundrum for their embryonic little simian brains to handle.

Anonymous said...

"Julie said...
This is a highly unusual crime. A negro killing his girl friend/wife/baby momma? Seriously, how often does that really happen?"

You crack me up! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Here in Madison, WI we've got this Tyrone beat. Our own Tyrone Adair murdered TWO white women and their children! What's the signifigance 5 years later? Why his sister Brandi Grayson (they never share a surname it seems) was thusly inspired to form ... an anti-white peoples group! Young, Black, and Gifted (I say Shiftless), the vehicle for which this disciple of Sharpton coordinates various local protests and demands for white cop blood. Of course the DWL moron brigade around here just loves Ms. Grayson to pieces (she leads the fight against institutional "oppression" of black people who are expected to pay child support and not deal drugs and stuff) and have been appropriately sheltered from learning of her family's murderous history. Quite amazing how this stark detail has been kept buried from the "conversation", really. But of course it would be racist to point it out, even if it is a prime example of true irony wrapped in hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

OT: "What are the odds that BHO will commute/pardon him on his last day in office?"
Zero. He's got whiter fish to fry.

awakened white said...

to quote T3.
I should have realized our destiny was never to stop Judgment Day. It was merely to survive it... together.
All I know is what the Terminator taught me.

Never stop fighting, And I never will.
The battle has just begun.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the girlfriend is wearing the sunglasses to hide the bruising of her mudshark sunglasses. We are all sure this was the first time things got rough.

Anonymous said...

Well the problem is the same as 90+% black Detroit having juries with no blacks on them. Criminals can't serve on juries.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that blacks, disproportionately unemployed and on welfare should in fact be over represented on jury pools. However, for the most part, they have no respect for the law or civic institutions. Good luck getting them to wake up in time to be in court at 8:30am for jury service. Any reasonable person must conclude that blacks are not compatible with free democratic society.

Anonymous said...

Since felons cannot serve on juries, that 5% of the population is more like 1%.

Demanding a jury by race is racist.

Anonymous said...

I'd be glad to sip with you, if I lived on another PLANET.In the meantime in Groidville, aka New York...Commie college kids are at it again..tomorrow they will hold 'Protests' in the city because of St. Hammer getting his just deserts while attacking those police officers in the skreet! Zombies say ' Dey shudda tazed him yo.....Fatigued as HELL in New York

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

re: OJ Simpson jury
They weren't all black, but black enough that nobody bothered to resist a 30-minute acquittal. There were 2 men (mexican and black), and 10 women (8 black, 2 white). One of the prosecution's early mistakes was to accede the defense's motion to move the trial from the whiter, wealthier West LA district, to the browner Downtown court. Their hubris got the best of them, as they thought their case was so air-tight, that nowhere on Earth could you find 12 people stupid enough to believe OJ was innocent.
Oh, and the older white woman had some previous jury experience: she was the lone holdout on a murder case, and managed to convince even more jurors to acquit. That also wasn't a red flag to the DA.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Institutions developed for civilized societies are not compatible with the negro.

Civilization is a two way street. The negro (90-95%) can only go one way.

It is a shame for negro's who do adapt into society. Life has never been fair, though.

The erosion of our civil liberties has been due, in large part, to the negro's inability to thrive in a 1st World environment as anything other than a parasitic burden.

Social systems developed to help society's vulnerable, and to protect the weak against the powerful, have been abused by the negro so thoroughly, there is serious opposition against their continuation by the civilized segment of society that benefits from them the most.

A true testament to the destructive power of the negro to civilization. At some point, the pendulum will swing in the other direction. Millennial's polled tend to be more race realist than their boomer grandparents, as they have been exposed to the abject failure and legacy of abuse from the civil rights movement first hand their entire lives.

Equality under the law. This is what equality means. There will always be unequal outcomes for humans, because we are not equal biologically. A fair competitive environment is what republican democracy was and is supposed to foster, not equal shares for unequal efforts.

This is good though. Stories like this do make an impact. Keep chipping away. The negro will learn one day that it was it's own worst enemy. Patience is a virtue.

I love this blog, and the comments. Thank you PK

David In TN said...

It's odd that the Idiot Judge isn't ruling either a change of venue or bringing in a jury from another county.

The latter is what happened in the Christian-Newsom torture-murder trials. Of the four black defendants, three received juries bused in from other Tennessee counties. Each of the three judges on the case tried to get as many blacks as possible on the jury panels.

In two of the trials, defense attorneys whined about blacks being "too many blacks being stricken" when they ended up with a 50% black jury panel.

David In TN said...

I just checked and the Idiot Judge has ordered a change of venue to Webster County, Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the movie 'THE STAR CHAMBER "? It starred Michael Douglas. The plot of this movie begs to be implemented in this farce of a trial.

Mich Mike

Ex-Copper said...

I don't think he can pardon him until the appeals are finished. The Feds can also file an appeal on sentencing. On the flip side, throw his ass in g-pop and save the people 20 yrs of waiting to see him executed and millions of tax dollars spent for all 10 of his appeals.

Some white inmate will make his bones off of that tiny terrorist fairly quickly. I'd wager he'd be hit, even if he went to Florence supermax, but if he stays on death row he'll go to terrehaute like McVey.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Well, gee, maybe it'll be more convenient to commit a crime in the future. Being negro sure seems to help matters- kinda like the emperor having no clothes. Everyone knows the negro destroys property values, but nobody wants to admit it (serious sanctions await those that do). And exactly how different are we from the oppressed minority in Germany in 1939? Am I missing something??

Ex-Copper said...

Hang with me for a moment and let me play devils advocate.

Remember how I've written about case law in the past?

The judge ruled against the motion and then granted it. This is a judge elected in a conservative, practically all white county in Idaho.

Consider the idea her first ruling was based upon the belief that because jury duty notices were sent out, those who can legitimately serve showed up. The law says a jury of his peers, he resided in or visited the county where the murder occurred, so these white's are his peers.

Consider the possibility of her changing her ruling was based on the fear that a democrat appointed judge would get the case on appeal and rule that the jury was biased because of the lack of black jurors.

If the case is thrown out on appeal from the state or Fed court, and the judge wants to set a precedent, he makes the decision "for publication" and that then creates the case law for the courts judicial jurisdiction or district if you will.

The effect of the appeal, if the state appeals court overturns a guilty verdict based on an all white jury would cause all of the judges in the state to have to continually dismiss juries until they met the appeals court's determination of what the racial makeup of a jury should be.

If a federal court overturns the guilty verdict on the same grounds, then ALL areas under that circuits jurisdiction would then be forced to adopt the same jury standards. I do not know which federal circuit Idaho is in, but a federal ruling would affect all states and parts of states in that circuit.

In effect, if the judge felt that the jury should have been selected from the pool on hand, but thought it could possibly be overturned on appeal, she allowed the motion to prevent the chance of creating bad case law. Generally only extremely radical judged make rulings that can potentially alter the proceedings of a court room. California's federal court earned the distinction of being called "The ninth circus" due to scotus overruling so many activist decisions made by judges there.

On another note, not all states bar felons from voting or serving on a jury once they complete probation or parole. That is on the federal side, if it truly exists for federal courts. I know in my state felons can still vote and serve on juries in state court. California on the other hand bars felons from voting and juries.

None of that really matters because most persons convicted of a crime will either not show up for jury duty or will be tossed from the jury pool by the prosecution during selection. Either for cause or by one of their "no reason" excusals.

IKURedux said...

You want to commit murder and get off? Go to an urban area, if you are black. Don't kill a White woman in a White area. Kill a Black woman in the city. Nigga, please. And, for all you White women out there, what the hell are you thinking? Tell me, do you really find those Blacks attractive? White women, please.

10mm AUTO said...

Well, this was the final bulkhead, the final wall. The final levee if you want to allude to Katrina.

Whites fight to defend home and shoot a Orc. The jury is full of negros wanting for blood. No hope in an all White jury now.

Before we said, "well the cops will understand.". Then we said, "Well the Community will understand." Then we said, "No Prosecutor will file charges." Then we said, No Judge will allow the case to go forward." Then we said, The newspapers will keep our names out of the paper, after all, we are innocent."

Then when that failed before our eyes, final hope was a Jury of reasonable people. Defiantly Whites say, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by six."

Not anymore.

Now you will have a jury of Jamishquina, Shitovirus, Dem'Marchus et. al. who will look at you as the enemy. The schools are filled with DWL who preach "White Privilege" and hate. We are rapidly entering the late stage society where the internal enemy is identified and vilified as the "blockage" to the Utopia.

History is plain. Whites will be used as the Kulaks (Russia) were, or the "counter-revolutionaries" (China) or the "shopkeepers" (Venezuela) or the Whites in South Africa or the Farmers in Rhodesia or the... Well, need I go on?

The point is, this time it is coming straight at us.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Ace said...

@Julie - that was choice.

Gnome Sane said...

South Africa is here, we are only a few years behind them but the process is being accelerated. It's almost to the point where it's legal to kill whites, expect more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting articles on blind racial solidarity:

Can Randall Kennedy be trusted?

Our favorite judge, Olu Stevens

And don't forget all the mega rich pro-ball players who had their hands up and had misleading (and oftentimes false) slogans emblazoned on their clothes.

I am anticipating reading left-leaning articles by "professors" working around the clock to justify and exonerate black misbehavior- even if it means defending thugs who ambush cops or "suspects" who do millions of dollars in public and private property damage.

I look forward to how they will twist our reality into some sort of Bizzarro land where violence is the most respected form of protest, and that threats, extortion, and expletive-laced racial rants are the preferred form of public discourse.

I keep going back to the thought that Bernice shared of AA's being handed out master's degrees like ice cream on a hot summer's day... these incompetents have papers claiming that they are anything but-

Who are you going to believe? A pretty-looking paper with official sounding claims written by overpaid administrators, or your own eyes (by actually observing their behavior while at "work")?

If a foreign company decides to do some hiring for a lucrative project and see that every other Tyrone and Tylesha have a master's degree in grievance studies to Egyptology, well, I can only assume that the foreigners will believe all white affiliated masters are not much better than fancy toilet paper either.

In short, lowering the bar so blacks can feel smart and accomplished further lowers it for everyone, making everyone's achievement's suspect, if not outright useless.

Of course you can solve this with some high-level high-school math and reading comprehension problems, but that would be racist.

Anonymous said...

"Obama, Holder et al have set race relations in this country back 100 years."

Uhhhh, no they didn't. If anything, they've exposed how race relations have been all this time, at least among blacks.

Just because you and many other whites have been fast asleep, dreaming of the Huxtable family, smiling grunting negroes playing bakka ball, listening to rap, and cherishing the memory of your one black "friend" back in college (that smoked all your weed and borrowed money that he never repaid), doesn't mean that blacks haven't been festering in hatred while you ignored all indications of it.

Just like the bullshit about how groids were lovely moral intact families before LBJ corrupted them, the meme that race relations were so great before BO got crowned is insane. The Wichita Massacre, Channon and Newsome, the Central Park Jogger, the LA Riots to name a very very few, all happened before Obama.

Just say a white Presidential candidate had a grandpa killed in Korea-he tries to whip up hatred among Americans against the Koreans in our midst-would you go out and do something to a Korean or their businesses because this guy says how awful they are? Of course not.

I've seen footage on TV of Obama's negro audiences, just like video of that satanic "reverend" Wright-I don't see a crowd sitting in stunned silence, saying "I never thought about it before, but he's right" No, they're already on board 100%.

WE haven't dealt with race relations not realistically, in 50 years. We abdicated our seat at the table. Now, things are so screwed up, we're FORCED to address it.

Anonymous said...

Turner Classic Movie channel is showcasing a film called “Things to Come,” this morning: a post apocalyptic Scifi look into the world after a devastating war. According to the description, the world will digress into barbarity to be followed by a Millennial world of bliss and happiness. As I watch the film, I wonder if there will be any Negroes portrayed. Surely if there are Negroes, there will be less than can be counted on one hand! I posit that the only way civilization can continue is without the Negro.

I’m not sure the old authors included Negroes into their equation of building any new civilization. If they did, I never saw it. Most people in those days were race realists! However, because the Negro numbers kept creeping upwards, Negroes became important for one thing: their vote.

Without their vote, what good is a Negro? As a race they don’t serve any useful purpose.

I wonder what H.G. Wells would think of a post apocalyptic world made by Negroes. I would sadly say it would appear much as Haiti does today: A wretched new world devoid of any redeeming qualities and unable to provide its citizens with even basic needs.

Each year that goes by, Negro numbers increase by natural increase and increased immigration from Africa. As a white man, I see our cities devolving into African hellholes. For the life of me I cannot understand why any white person would wish their own country diseased with the creeping terror called Negroes. As many have noted, they are like a creeping cancer that invades the body and spreads until the host dies.

Other than they vote for the democrats, what good is the black race? Their movies suck, their music is now nothing more than ooks and eeks? I stopped watching basketball because it is now just monkeys swinging in the trees!

What good are they? We don’t train Chimpanzees, why do we continue to suffer with the Negro?

Anonymous said...

It's disrespeckhtful to think blacks would show up to a paid situation on a daily basis. There are not enough handicap spots, special needs areas of rest or free meals to accodate the average AA

Anonymous said...

Tyrone be one scary looking bootlip! Oh shiznit! A White woman even held hands with that Bantu savage!? Ugh! Guess that's the media brainwashing at work; convincing our females that it's hip and cool to bed a mountain gorilla.

Damn folks... just don't know what to say anymore. Like seeing your lovely precious daughter grow up to be a meth head street whore.... my dear country has slipped into an irrevocable state of decay. I need to take some time to mourn, disengage, and move on...

Anonymous said...

The First 48 had a episode on Thursday night about Shitavious getting shot and kilt in his home in front of the whole fambly, he provided for his six younger sibs by dealing drugs, the mama was so distraught because he was such a good boy who dindu nuffin wrong, at first she said she didn't know the two thugs who kilt Shitavious, but three or four days later she recognized the nose and his voice, it was Fat-boy, "how could fat boy do dis, I helped raise dat boy" mama said. Then of course there was the memorial in front of the house where Shitavious was kilt, all the aunties and mama and chilluns was crying and wailing and floppin on da ground. Seems that's what they want, cameras on them and the drama starts, or just a giant pity party for the fambly cause that welfare check gonna get smaller and the income from drugs stops, plus the weed and crack supply will have to come from the next block. It's quite funny watching this same scenario take place when you know it's happening in unison with every major black infested city in America. Gorillas in the Midst.

Anonymous said...

Could the Negro get a fair trial by an all white jury? I believe so! It might not deliver the verdict the Negro wants to hear, but nevertheless it would be fair. Justice should be blind to all, but is justice blind when the judges stack the deck in favor of the Negro? The only reason to stack the deck with Negro jurors is when one (the lawyer) bases the desired outcome as being the one that frees his client, and not necessarily to seek REAL justice.

Johnny Cochran knew full well that OJ killed Nicole and her friend, Ron; the evidence was compelling to most people, but because the deck was stacked with biased Negroes, OJ walked! To black people this was a football game; they were not interested in true justice for murder, but to win a metaphorical football game. Cochran’s couplet: if the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit! This was his defense of OJ. The glove did fit, but shrank due to blood shrinking the gloves.

Negroes in their zeal to free OJ let Cochran’s words ring in their ear at the expense of all other compelling evidence that OJ was guilty.

So…here we are today! Negroes don’t want justice; they want the black malefactors set free. To them, justice is a game of dare: can I cross the tracks before the locomotive without being hit. Can I knock out a white person without being caught? When they are caught, they use the DWLs to escape justice using flawed white guilt. However, flawed white guilt works in many cases.

Did Abraham Lincoln understand that giving Negroes the right to vote and serve on a jury was beyond the cerebral capacity of the Negro? One sage poster referred to Negroes as children…that is a good analogy! Do we let our children make important decisions? If we did, the children would eat candy constantly, not brush, develop cavities, and lose all their teeth. If we look at the Negroes, aren’t they children without a parent?

Because Negroes will forever be a anchor to our waist, I suggest we cut the chord that has us bound!

Anonymous said...

Where is the Negroes true place in a civilized world? Just as civilization has cockroaches, we have an abundance of Negroes attached to our bodies like a leech!

If we look to ancient Egypt, we get a historical aspect of where the Negro belongs. At best the vast majority of Negroes can do menial or physical work. Other than the rare case of a black Pharaoh from the southern kingdom, most Pharaohs were white. Negroes were depicted on hieroglyphs carrying the litters of royalty – white royalty. The names depicted on the cartouches of Egypt were white leaders. Other than serving as menial servants, blacks had no place in Egypt or anywhere else. Civilization can either let blacks serve as menial servants, or return them to Africa where they belong.

Due to a population explosion, black Africa is fast approaching the critical point of survival. This explosion rests in the hands of western civilization. We have let a colony of cockroaches breed to the point world security is at stake. Have we not done the same here in America? Everyone knows blacks are incapable of existing in a civilized world without significant intervention on the part of whites. Bringing them into our country and letting them breed without number is destroying our nation and people.

South Africa is a template of what is to come unless our white people wake up!

Mutant Swarm said...

If you're local to the Myrtle Beach, SC area, join up with Operation BEACH CRUISER:

"...One very astute student is going to take the lead later this month during Operation BEACH CRUISER. Every Memorial Day, hundreds of thousands of Americans descend on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Atlantic Beach Bike Week, otherwise known as “Black Bike Week”.

“Each year our town is trashed, violent crimes are committed, and it’s only getting worse,” says one group of Myrtle Beach residents calling for an end to hosting the event. Last year, there were at least three shootings (five shot, three dead) on the first night of Black Bike Week. Violence during this week-long event is a perennial occurrence and this coming event isn’t expected to be any different..."

This is a great opportunity to do something in meatspace that is nonviolent, doesn't require the abilities of a Special Forces soldier (for us older folks), and will teach a valuable skill set for the future.

Anonymous said...

"Judge Colleen Weiland". Likely NOT of the Germanic variety of Weilands.

Same old anti-white shite from the usual suspects. Anybody get the surname of the defense attorney?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:05: Thanks... I followed your link... Sure enough at 9:30 AM Saturday, more news outlets are copying and pasting away.

Soon enough we'll here how DeShitaquian didn't have midnight basketball and needed to get his throw on. On his way to drop fast food off at his third sons' mom, the 16-year old teen DeShitaquian had to throw boulders at trains.

His mother was interviewed from prison, with her lawyer Benjamin Crump. She forgot she had DeShitaquian 16 years ago. But her and Crump are suing both the city and Amtrak. The allegations have kept him from doing well at school...

This is truly the horseshit we hear. I don't need to tell you. You know.

Realist from MA

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of disturbing aspects relating to the motivation of the judge in this case.

There aren't many blacks in this county, so it would make sense that a jury pool on a given day might not have any blacks present (especially taking into account that any blacks who were summoned likely couldn't make it due to the early morning check-in time).

So what happens next? They get a new jury pool and a handful of blacks is present. Normally, how our legal system works is that the judge asks potential jurors a series of questions to determine if any would be too biased/informed to serve, whether they know any of the parties involved, etc. But the assumption in Iowa is that any black who walks into the courtroom will be thrust into the jury by the judge, regardless to their answers to the questions. Hell, if Tyrone's own sister was summoned for the jury, this judge would likely allow her to be put on it.

Secondly, this seems like an open-and-shut case--the victim identified her attacker on 911 before dying, the accused was caught on the run as she described... Does the judge think an all-white jury would not "take it seriously", convict the accused based on racial hate, and not listen to the evidence, which incidentally would point to the same endpoint? Does the judge hope black jurors would blindly support their racial brethren in the face of overwhelming evidence? Is the judge looking to get hung jury after hung jury for the sake of "appearances", thinking of her career? After all, she could get potentially promoted by a liberal politician down the line is she can establish a pattern of left-wing bona fides, namely jury selection "diversity".

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes and yes, our justice system is morphing before our very eyes, to cater to BRA.

Plaga Negra said...

That "oppressed minority" (not even their country) oppressed the majority during the Weimar Republic in the aftermath of WWI. We are the oppressed majority. The Germans actually did something about their problems and are chastised for it. Instead of a negro problem they had a YKW problem. I honor the Germans for their actions, not empathize with the ones who have the boot on my face.

Anonymous said...

Several people have referenced watching The First Forty-Eight, a beautiful show depicting TNB across the U. S. I have seen it a few times but was unable to understand 3/4 of the dialogue. Subtitles are necessary for that show and for pretty much any broadcast of Blacks speaking.

Anonymous said...

Staggered that there aren't THOUSANDS of commenters here! The Negro Fatigue is so strong in this country; the numbers are there; just need to show them where to educate themselves and gather.

Anonymous said...

When you are only 12-13% of population that will be reflected in jury pools. Maybe there are less than 10% of these "people" registered to vote thus the lack of "colour" in jury pool. What are they supposed to do, Import some of these "people" to inflate MINORITY on jury pool? I am so sick of this 12-13% of population using 75% of social welfare. Are there no more "White Rights"?

Anonymous said...

If the population of these "people" is only 5% in that county then it should be reflected in Jury.

Anonymous said...

Yes I stay anonymous because I have these "people living behind me and down the street in once all white and it was all right Livonia Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Because of the poisonous venom of Negroes, we need to educate our young white men and women to the true nature of blacks. Many of us here are mature race realists, but our juvenile counterparts need to glean from our knowledge and experience and learn the curse of the Negro and why they must expunge the Negro from their lives to find true happiness and peace.

For many, many years blacks have been portrayed in the media as equal to whites. I would ask any thinking adult to provide me proof of that statement. We – as a group – need to replace that incorrect information with facts. Blacks do not have, or have EVER had, the capacity of even an average white person. Civilization is a European concept that is foreign to other people.

Sometimes DWL whites will attack PK’s articles as racist! When asked to provide proof to contradict PK’s material, they tergiversate and lash out with meaningless blind doggerel that shows nothing at all but their ignorance and contempt of the facts. Truth is a vitally important aspect on which the white race now hinges.

Many times PK uses the words taken directly from DWL magazines and newspapers to expose their nonsensical gibberish and to expose the DWLs and Negroes the idiots they truly are! Justice is no longer blind when a group is given more protection than any other group. The reason for black crime and violence is a function of Negro IQ and their propensity to commit violence on themselves and others. To any DWL out there, instead of calling race realists names show us how the Negro is beneficial to ANY civilization on Earth. They will not do this because they cannot do it!

Anonymous said...

They are nothing but the White Mans Burden, let us cut them loose, end all welfare to these "people" and see how fast their population shrinks. The Great Society has failed, time to change. Get a job and support your family you useless scum of the earth "people"

D-FENS said...

Why don't those benefiting from White Privilege stop persecuting this young man and let him get back to his PhD. Thesis in particle physics and the homeless shelter for the disabled that he started.

Anonymous said...

Clitorisandrea Washington said:

"The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it." Ayn Rand
While the quality and intellectual content of the posts on PK's great blog are uniformly outstanding, I do nonetheless notice a marked tendency on the part of many posting to this forum to ignore the salient fact that evolutionary implosion in the distant past of negroidus subhumnanus (so I made it up!) is really not the uppermost issue in this battle. If it were, and Caucasians and Asians were united in curing this cancerous social pathology, fully 99.5% of them would all immediately be forcibly separated from the larger culture and and every single last one of them forcibly sterilized. This would not be a very difficult thing to do - that is if we were actually serious about surviving as a race.

But as it stands now, what we are facing is a determined, cadre of clever, highly-disciplined and evil whites in the political and academic classes determined to take this country down, and their handiest tool happens to be a largely ignorant, ill-tutored, inherently violent class of Negroes as their shock troops, much as Hitler used his white trash Brownshirts.

Once in power he murdered and or/imprisoned many of them because they served his initial purpose of introducing social and political chaos into the German republic and they later became an embarrassment. However, he replaced them with the Gestapo which REALLY knew how to get rid of certain classes of people on a grand scale. Read this last sentence to mean US, the white Conservative class. Nothing ever changes, boys and girls, just the names and countries.

Traitors and political opportunists are infinitely more dangerous to us than 30 million blacks, most of whom cannot even tie their own shoelaces or figure out how to get out of the rain, much less build a shelter. No doubt about it, they're certainly a major pain in the ass, but only because they're being used against us by traitorous whites 5,000 time smarter than they are.

Brooklyn born said...

O.T. When are these fucking Mudshark, coalburners, gonna learn?

I am so effin' infuriated by this.....

TNB.........Always Absolute.........Always Predictable.

Anonymous said...

BRA's Achilles' heel ultimately is the U.S. dollar, the life blood of BRA paying for EBT, Section 8, Legal Aid, AA jobs etc. BRA also uses the threat of financial ruin to keep YT in line through lawsuits especially for those YT's who work for BRA.
such as Darren Wilson. The U.S. Government is forced by political demands at home and from its owners to spend more and more, it's never enough. The oligarchs have used BRA to strip mine real assets for themselves while leaving pennies for YT with both political parties complicit and profiting from the looting.

All of this bodes ill for BRA's long term survival, it's simply unsustainable, the demands on it are too great and the resources to support it too few. This fundamental flaw in BRA would have collapsed it a long time ago except for the dollar being the world's reserve currency and the U.S. military keeping oil lanes open. This allows BRA through the Federal Reserve to produce dollars on demand such as in 2008 when the financial system was collapsing. BRA rapidly approved questionable mergers and bailed out banks around the world. All of this was done in secret and without reference to Congress. The "conservative, Inc." Republicans were OK with this too, not a peep out of them, they didn't want to know anything.

The indebtedness, unfunded liabilities, imperial commitments, restless nogs together with the Nog in Chief (NIC) wanting to ruin (fundamentally transform, his words) the country brings the day of reckoning closer. No one knows the day it starts but watch the price of gold, the USD exchange rate and other financial indicators for the signal, they are the canaries in the coal mine. The world has depended upon the USD for so long that inertia and the fact that other currencies are worse are the only thing keeping it alive. The NIC (Nog in Chief) is hardly one to inspire confidence in BRA, especially overseas where confidence will collapse first. Unlike the 1930s when there was plenty to buy but nobody had money this time BRA will make sure its pets at least have money but there will be nothing to buy. YT will be the last to notice. Again.

non-DWL from NE

Californian said...

This shows -- once again! -- how American institutions get corrupted by BRA. In this case, it is jury trials. Look at the bigger picture. Being judged by a jury of your peers is an ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition, and with antecedents in Roman and Greek law. It can work in a community which is essentially law abiding ("well regulated" to use the terminology of the American Revolution). But it will not work given the levels of crime committed by blacks. The criminal justice system is so overloaded that jury trials become largely impractical. This is why most cases are resolved by plea bargains. So jury trials go out the window, mostly. Now you throw in travesties such as reported in this article.

Point is, the presence of large numbers of blacks destroys not only the physical infrastructure of a society (per Detroit), but also its legal infrastructure (per juries).

So…here we are today! Negroes don’t want justice; they want the black malefactors set free.

Consider the protester slogan: "No justice, no peace!"

The usual interpretation is that unless there is "justice" there will be no "peace."

But it can also be interpreted that the protesters are demanding precisely "No justice AND no peace."

We certainly see little peace when there are large numbers of blacks in a polity, whether Liberia or Baltimore. And as for justice, blacks do not want equality under the law. They want to set themselves up as a special caste: affirmative action and ad nauseam. But it goes deeper than that.

Blacks are now demanding that they not be held accountable for their criminal actions. "Justice" in Baltimore meant a black mayor opening the city up to black looters. Students of the classics might compare this to Gaius Verres, a Roman senator who, when governor of Sicily, opened up its cities to looting by pirates (his case was made famous by Cicero).

Future generations will look back at BRA and compare it to the most corrupt era of the Roman Republic--one which led to the rise of the Empire. Or given the way things are going, which led to the fall of that Empire.

Californian said...

Traitors and political opportunists are infinitely more dangerous to us than 30 million blacks,

This is so.

Whites have two enemies: blacks are the tactical foe, the barbarians within the gates, if you like. The ultimate, strategic enemy is in the hostile elites, those elements of the ruling class who are using blacks as muscle against the white middle.

But in this inverted world, blacks do have a purpose for white activists. Black criminality and dysfunction create increasing numbers of people who are awakened to the racial issue. And once awakened will develop a racial consciousness. So it's a two-edged sword.

Something to think about in the coming struggle.

Anonymous said...

. . . nowhere on Earth could you find 12 people stupid enough to believe OJ was innocent. . .

The nog and Mexican jurors knew OJ was guilty but in their eyes he only offed some white bitch and her boyfriend, they deserved it for being white, nothing else. The nogs celebrated not because they thought he was innocent but because they knew he was guilty and got away with it.

And people still believe Mexicans are our friends and so are IKAGOS?

No wonder YT has been losing for 65 years.

Anonymous said...

OJ Simpson didn't have the "Dream Team Lawyers".....He had the "Dream Team Jury". He wouldn't have been convicted if he would have showed up in court still wearing the "bloody gloves", waving the knife around and yelling "I killed the White bitch".

Anonymous said...

WE haven't dealt with race relations not realistically, in 50 years. We abdicated our seat at the table. Now, things are so screwed up, we're FORCED to address it.

The harbinger of all this was the explosion of black street gangs during the 1980s, and then the 1992 Rodney King Riot. This in the era of Reagan-Bush. It ought to have been evident that neither the liberal social engineering of the 1960s-70s nor the conservative revolution of the 1980s was totally incapable of restraining black violence.

Conservatives have yet to take any serious action to dismantle BRA, e.g., ending affirmative action or Section 8. They can not even resist the importation of Congolese into the Homeland.

To deal with the race issue realistically would mean an understanding of the genetic factors determining culture and civilization. It would also mean recognizing that white leaders of prior generations were correct insofar as they evaluated the differences between the races were irreconcilable: Jefferson, Davis, Lothrop Stoddard, Senator Bilbo, Bull Conner, Hendrik Verwoerd.

Anonymous said...

Clitorisandrea Washington said:

Californian, whoever you are, I salute your impressive intellect and great writing skills. You're impressively well-informed and an enormous asset to this forum.

Californian said...

Turner Classic Movie channel is showcasing a film called “Things to Come,” this morning: a post apocalyptic Scifi look into the world after a devastating war. According to the description, the world will digress into barbarity to be followed by a Millennial world of bliss and happiness. As I watch the film, I wonder if there will be any Negroes portrayed.

I high recommend this movie. It was made in 1936 and at points is "primitive" by today's standards--there not a single digital special effect in the works! But it does provide a vision of the future from the 1930s: there's another world war which wrecks civilization, then a new generation of technocrats rebuilds civilization from the rubble. Some things to consider:

* There are no blacks in the movie. Bear in mind this was made in England back when it was still a white nation.
* The city of "Everytown," shown as a bombed out wasteland, is not too different from Monrovia or Detroit in 2015.
* The character of The Boss, a warlord who rules over the middle part of the movie, seems loosely based on Mussolini and perhaps Oswald Moseley.
* George Lucas took elements of the Wings Over the World technocracy and used them for the visual style of the Empire in "Star Wars" (the massive flying machines; compare Peter Cushing's Grand Moff Tarkin with Raymond Massey's John Cabal).
* The movie ends with a mission to the Moon that is opposed by the mob--not unlike BRA opposing the US manned space program in the 1960s.

Anyway, "Things to Come" does show a distinctly white vision of the future: science and technology overcome the bounds of human irrationality. Well, maybe in a sane future. And maybe in this world if white people return to sanity.

Anonymous said...

Right after he cures cancer!

Priorities man, whats wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

A couple days ago someone suggested Seinfeld episodes we could play around with, I have another idea, The Little Rascals, remember the episode with the "Wildman from Borneo"? I say use the " Wildman from Baltimo", could use Freddy as Wildman screaming " Dum Dum, beat me up!" , Rev Al could come to rescue screaming "This place sho gone crazy"!!

Californian said...

Californian, whoever you are, I salute your impressive intellect and great writing skills. You're impressively well-informed and an enormous asset to this forum.


A lot of this is being inspired by PK and the people posting great comments on SBPDL. We are all developing a fine party line on race in America.

Anonymous said...

Go to the local elementary school at 3:00pm. You'll find 25 percent for every 5 officially listed. Hyde Park MA down the street is still I believe 80 percent white on the books. Better go to senior center to find em.

Anonymous said...

OMG. And the orcs whine that they never get fair treatment in the judicial system. Total BS!

It is getting worse. -

Anonymous said...

Run a modern First Wrold Civilization and include blacks...?

How about dance a ballet wearing ski boots?

And you look really stupid even trying.

Sorry, negroes... it's impossible.

Anonymous said...

Which is exactly why the black grievance industry wants to get rid of that show! I believe they already shutdown the shows production with the Memphis PD, cuz thems are waysis!

Anonymous said...

“We Only Done What Any Red-Blooded American Boys Would
Do:” The Making of Italian Americans in East New York, 1966
Maria C. Lizzi
The phone rang at Frank Fauci’s East New York restaurant as New York City
Mayor John V. Lindsay and his staff arrived at the Brooklyn neighborhood’s
Livonia Avenue. The caller growled a simple message before hanging up:
“You and your guinea friends will get it in the end.” Outside, Fauci could
hear the crowd that had gathered to confront the mayor growing increasingly
louder as Lindsay approached. “Go back to Africa, Lindsay! And
take your niggers with you!” yelled one angry young man. In response,
an African-American youth hollered back, “We’ll get you, whitey!” At the
same time, members of SPONGE, the Society for the Prevention of Negroes
Getting Everything, took up the chant, “Two-four-six-eight! We don’t want
to integrate!” The mayor and his aides, on their way to a meeting with
local community leaders, made their way down the street, lined with both
the screaming protesters and the furniture of families who had abruptly
decided to move out of the neighborhood (“Too Many with Nothing to
Do—But Trouble” 1966, 3; Montgomery 1966, 1).1

the rest is here:

Left Coast White Guy said...

Thank you anon for the education in post WWII propaganda.

Anonymous said...

They can't judge blacks by the content of their charachter because they don't have any and they're admitting it with their policies. Its our duty to make sure that the rest of the world sees them as the ingrates they are.