Friday, May 1, 2015

T. Rowe Price Threatened to Leave Downtown Baltimore because of Violence in 2013... Will Company Leave Now After Black Mayor Said of Black Rioters, "Let them loot, it's only property?"

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No Peace,’ your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man,” City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby of Baltimore 

It was a few years ago when T. Rowe Price, an anchor institution in downtown Baltimore, raised "safety concerns" as an issue in deciding whether or not to relocate from the 65 percent black city. [T. Rowe Price raises safety concerns as it weighs headquarters options, Baltimore Sun, 7-24-2013]:
As T. Rowe Price weighs whether to remain at its Pratt Street headquarters in the heart of Baltimore, the safety of its employees is a key concern, the company's CEO said Wednesday. 
Employees of the Baltimore-based money manager have been harassed by groups of youths and one of Price's vendors from New York was mugged outside his downtown hotel within the past two months, said CEO James A. C. Kennedy. Price contacted the city several weeks ago about its concerns. 
Can you invest in confidence in a majority black city completely dominated by black elected officials? T. Rowe Price is headquartered in Baltimore, a 65 percent black city. The company manages $773 billion and threatened to leave the city because of black violence... in 2013!
"We told the mayor safety is a big issue," Kennedy said. "We want to make sure our people feel safe walking the streets of Baltimore." 
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she moved swiftly to address Price's concerns as soon as she learned about them. 
"I'm not trying to downplay any of the concerns," the mayor said. "However, crime in downtown has declined dramatically over the years." 
Most of the complaints Baltimore Police Department received this year in the Inner Harbor area involve car break-ins, although police investigated about 50 common assaults and more than 20 robberies. In April, a 20-year-old Cheesecake Factory employee was fatally stabbed after leaving the Inner Harbor restaurant in the early morning hours. 
Price, a fixture in downtown since its founding 76 years ago, said in April that it was exploring options for its headquarters, currently at 100 E. Pratt St. Its lease at that building, which towers over the Inner Harbor, expires in 2017. 
But Price also could decide to stay put, renewing its lease for the downtown offices where 1,271 employees work. The building added guards and other security features about four years ago.
Those "safety concerns" centered around the unmentionable violence of individual black people collectively working to make Baltimore unsafe for any business: from a corporate headquarters to Hopkins Beauty Supply, a small Korean owned shop whose owner barricaded himself with an arsenal of weapons (an AR-15 and a shotgun) because the black mayor of the city wanted for blacks "who wished to destroy space to do that." 

T. Rowe Price decided to stay in Baltimore, signing a lease through 2027. This was, of course, long before the black mayor of the city told the Baltimore Police Department to stand down and let black rioters/terrorists take over the city. [Sheriff: ‘I Was Sick To My Stomach’ After Being Told To Stand Down, Baltimore CBS, 4-30-15]:
Michael Lewis is the Sheriff in Wicomico County: “I was sick to my stomach like everybody else. … This was urban warfare, no question about it. They were coming in absolutely beaten down. The [city officers] got out of their vehicles, thanked us profusely for being there, apologized to us for having to be there. They said we could have handled this, we were very capable of handling this, but we were told to stand down, repeatedly told to stand down,” he said. “I had never heard that order come from anyone — we went right out to our posts as soon as we got there, so I never heard the mayor say that. But repeatedly these guys, and there were many high-ranking officials from the Baltimore City Police Department … and these guys told me they were essentially neutered from the start. They were spayed from the start. They were told to stand down, you will not take any action, let them destroy property. I couldn’t believe it, I’m a 31-year veteran of law enforcement. … I had never heard anything like this before in my life and these guys obviously aren’t gonna speak out and the more I thought about this, … I had to say a few things. I apologize if I’ve upset people, but I believe in saying it like it is.”
A stand-down order from the black mayor of Baltimore? But what of private property rights and the equity/value in commercial and residential real estate within the 65% black city? After all it was the black mayor of Baltimore - who allowed blacks to terrorize the city and forced police to only watch the city burn and stores get looted, - who promised T. Rowe Price she'd work with the company to address their safety concerns. [T. Rowe Price to remain in downtown Baltimore through 2027, Baltimore Sun, 12-13-2013]:
Landlord Columbia Property Trust and the city worked to address questions about safety, increasing patrols in the area and updating the building's security cameras to link to the Police Department's command center, T. Rowe Price spokeswoman Kylie Muratore said. 
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she is committed to continuing to work with the company as problems arise. 
"One of the main things I wanted to stress with the leadership of T. Rowe Price is that I wanted them to feel very comfortable reaching out to me with their specific concerns," she said. "In order for us to make sure we get it right, we have to stay in communication."
The black mayor of Baltimore is right: "communication" is vital. Recall what she said about black rioters terrorizing private property owners and businesses (including a white male who was pulled from a liquor store and beating by a mob of black youth) - "Let them loot, it's only property." [‘Let Them Loot, It’s Only Property’: LEO Source Claims Baltimore Mayor Ordered Cops to Stand Down, The Blaze, 4-29-2015]:
A senior law enforcement source told Fox News that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police officers to stand by and watch the looting Monday.“Let them loot, it’s only property,” Rawlings-Blake said, according to Fox News’ source. 
When the source was asked directly if that order came from the mayor, he replied: “You are goddamn right it was.” 
Representatives for the Baltimore mayor did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TheBlaze, but the mayor denied the claim in an interview with Fox News.
“So there was no order to hold back?” host Bill Hemmer asked Rawlings-Blake.“No,” she replied. “But you have to understand, it’s not holding back. It’s responding appropriately.”
"Responding appropriately," means criminalizing the use of the word 'thug' by any white person who dares define the actions of black people in that manner and standing by rival black gang members as the foundation of the New Baltimore being born from the purge (all in the name of Freddie Gray). 

Though 65 percent black Baltimore is famous for its black population being reticent to snitch on black criminals to police (one of the lowest clearance rates for homicides in America), downtown Baltimore does have some signifiant Class A office space in danger of seeing lower occupancy rates if the true merger of the Black Guerrilla Family gang with the Black Elected/Appointed city officials does take place

T. Rowe Price, a company founded in a much different Baltimore than one found in 2015, worried about black violence in 2013; now, the black violence of 2015 forced many of its employees to work from home. [Baltimore violence pushes financial professionals to remote locations: Fires are out but firms including T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason are keeping employees far from the fray, Investment News, 4-28-15]:
The rioting and fires that broke out in the streets of West Baltimore Monday have mostly been extinguished, but many of the city's advisers and financial professionals are working remotely. 
At Adams Funds, chief executive Mark Stoeckle put the firm's continuity plan into motion after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard late Monday. 
The firm, which manages about $2.5 billion in closed end fund money, is open but everyone is allowed to work from home if they choose. 
“We are not interested in putting anyone in a harmful situation,” he said. “The beauty of the technology is that as long as people are comfortable with it, operations are seamless.” 
Mutual fund company T. Rowe Price closed its downtown Baltimore headquarters and has employees working from home as a result of Monday's violence, which erupted following the burial of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old who died while in police custody earlier this month. 
T. Rowe, which has about $773 billion in assets under management, moved its trading desk to an office in Linthicum, Md., and is sending its employees in Owings Mills, Md., a suburb of Baltimore, home early because of what it called a credible threat to a nearby shopping mall. 
“The safety and security of our associates remains our paramount concern,” said Edward Giltenan, spokesperson for T. Rowe, which employs about 4,300 in Maryland. “These business continuity procedures are working as designed and there has been no disruption in client service.”
The big mutual fund companies don't need Baltimore; 65 percent black (and climbing) Baltimore desperately needs T. Rowe Price and other financial providers to stay in the city to produce tax-revenue to pay for the welfare and social services of the black underclass...

After all, the black mayor of the city turned control of Baltimore's streets the black rioters and personally ordered the Baltimore Police Department to stand down; Marilyn Mosby, the state's attorney who cited 'no justice, no peace' as a rationalization for charging six cops with homicide in Freddie Gray's death, also is against the Baltimore Police:
At the same time, Mosby's political life is complicated. She has ties to the Gray family's attorney, William H. "Billy" Murphy Jr.; he donated $5,000 to her campaign and served on her transition committee. And her husband, Nick, serves on the City Council, representing the area where Gray died. Baltimore Police Department turned over to her. "She doesn't trust the police herself," he told the protesters on Tuesday night. 
 At what point does the business community in Baltimore realize the interests of black elected (or black appointed) officials are not to protect private property or see that justice is done, but only to promote blackness at any expense?

A large black population is a liability while the lack of a black population is the most invaluable asset for long-term sustainability: all responsible corporate owners should remember.




looks like that black lady first then Mayor of Balti-more welfare recipients is the new darling in the democrat party for No-Skillary Clinton's second term! Now only if they can change her history of when she said loot, destroy, and we will get justice!

Isn't any mayors first responsibility to be on the side of the police department of that city. This is starting to look like a political endorsement for that so-called mayor/lawyer/community organizer if I ever did see one. Where did the grand jury go to in Baltimore?
Those negroes wanted White copper blood and come hell or high negroes they were going to get it. I just hope this situation backfires right in their smug faces.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

Those poor officers in Baltimore; more sacrifices to Black Run America (BRA).

What a nightmare for them. They'll feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes.

Anonymous said...

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth we're going to hear when big companies like this relocate will be just desserts. It's not like the teens, thugs, negroes or whatever you want to call them could work in a company like this so why not relocate? Besides this is how it works as BRA bongo parties go on on the shadows.

SC Native

Ricky In Cali said...

I don’t want to say that “it’s finally happening” but I can safely say that “we are getting close”.

First it was Ferguson, then it was Baltimore. Philly had a small “protest”, New York tried to have one (many were arrested because the police actually got a chance to do their jobs) and now this morning they’re having a small protest in Dallas. I’m sure today being May 1st and the sun is shining that the summer is well on it’s way to a Cat 4 or 5 Chimpout.

As we’ve all said many times we know that this is somehow being orchestrated. They are probably working double time to get the next ones out in Chicago or Memphis or another city, that you can guarantee. The thing that baffles me is how stupid can these people be? Honestly? A piece of shit dies and they try to make him a martyr. Does nobody have a brain out there? Do they really look at St. Swisher and see him as a Saint? Do they ever stop to think “you know what, Freddie Grey had 20 arrests could he possibly have been a scumbag”? How fucking stupid can you possibly be to think that the Police are just out blowing Negro’s away and all the sudden this just magically started happening out of nowhere?

What I’m starting to notice on my phone is that if I click on the Yahoo app they’ll show me the list of today’s stories. The headlines could be anything from a winning lotto ticket, to celebrity news, all the way to today’s riots. But the interesting thing I’m seeing is that all the news articles that are the least interesting have a comment section open. On the inflammatory articles you can only read them but you can’t respond back because they closed the comment section on purpose! Here’s a few headlines:

“Why we can’t talk to White people about racism”

“All blacks are not the same”

“We should not be calling Black teens Thugs”

“New Baltimore prosecutor set to get justice against Police”

“Blah blah blah”

If you were an average moron out there who only reads the headlines you would interpret that :

White people are evil and racist, Blacks are good, the Police kill innocent Blacks.

Were just a short month away from June! It’s 97* here in California so summer has already started for me but wherever you are I wish you a safe and armed summer for you and yours. There is no slowing down in sight...

10mm AUTO said...

"At the news of the indictment of the 6 officers, many in the street reacted with joy, dancing in the street and blowing the horns of their cars":

Oh Yes, the fix is in. For those on here who like to not notice the little man behind the negro, notice that this nog would NEVER dance with what it perceived as a White.

They are not like us. Nor are their Masters.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

PK, I think I am starting to form questions in my mind!

When Rawlings-Blake said: let them loot, it is only property, and did she include her own property and also the properties of the City Council with the properties to be looted by the misguided yoots? I think opening her own home to be looted and burned to the ground would show great respect and deference to the new owners of Baltimore.

If I were any remaining white business that was burned and looted by the misguided youth, I would PAY to get out of any rent contract and vacate that city for good!

Marilyn Mosby said she was going to get justice for Freddie Gray; will she just as vigorously seek justice for the business owners whose businesses were burned to the ground, or was their huge loss used only to appease the Negroes and misguided youth in their burning anger and envy of whites! Here are some things that I have noticed that Negroes are very angry about:

1. After they take a dumb, their shit stinks up the house: it’s YT’s fault.
2. They don’t drive nice cars: it’s YT’s fault.
3. They burned down the only store in the hood to buy toilet paper to wipe their worthless black asses: it’s YT’s fault.
4. They don’t have an education because they are too lazy to study: it’s YT’s fault.
5. They don’t like looking at shit they burned down the night before; it’s YT’s fault.

Let’s all cry for them: WAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAH. Dose YT’s not good to us niggas! We needs foods, and ejumacasion, and nice sheeeit. We be tireds of lookin ats dis sheeeit everyday. We needs freedom from sheeeit and needs nice clos, and a nice Howse. We needs jussis.

Anonymous said...

OT, but I'm confused. I don't claim to be a lawyer, but I'm hearing reports on CNN that don't make sense to me. Perhaps some of you lawyer or LE types who know something about Maryland criminal procedure could explain things to me.

I thought that I heard CNN report that the prosecuting attorney stated that the grand jury had not indicted anyone yet but would be conducting a hearing soon. I also heard that the officers were charged, arrest warrants were issued, and some of them turned themselves in. I'm confused because I'm only familiar with legal systems where warrants are not issued by a judge until a grand jury indicts or LE presents the judge with an affidavit of probable cause supporting the allegations. If the Baltimore prosecutor chose to initiate the case with an affidavit, it would seem that there would be no grand jury involvement after that point. I'm aware that some jurisdictions permit the defendant to demand a preliminary hearing whether charged by affidavit or indicted by a grand jury, but how is it possible that charges have been filed yet we are waiting for a grand jury to make a decision? It almost sounds like the prosecuting attorney doesn't want to admit that she chose to avoid a grand jury, or that Maryland has unusual rules of criminal procedure, or that the prosecutor doesn't understand the process.

Earl Turner said...

I'd like to thank the African leadership of Baltimore for turning this into a public display for all to see of what to expect in every majority black city every time a cop shoots a black criminal.

Keep up the good work! You're opening so many eyes. This is exactly the conversation on race that this country needs.

Anonymous said...

If I could ship all blacks back to Africa, I would dance in the streets and blow my horn! I think Discovery should do a documentary about this country without Negroes. From the very first second, there would be immediate peace prosperity in the land. They do this showing the world without man, but what if they did that showing the land without Negroes instead? Think of all the money we have wasted trying to civilize these monkeys?

Anonymous said...

The P.D. Captain should have ordered the arrest of the Mayor for ordering the cops to NOT do their lawful duty. She gave a criminal order which the cops should not have obeyed. Even the military are instructed to NOT obey an unlawful order. That would have taken courage to do what was right. Cops' self preservation takes precedence over "to serve and protect" civilians.

Has no one questioned that the whole Freddie Gray drama has been an orchestrated hoax? So much criminal political mileage is being perpetrated on what appears to also have been planned to occur even before the contrived incident. One can no longer believe something just because it seems to be live and real via video and "lying" witnesses. We have already been through that with Michael Brown. The Black Grievance Industry is not sitting idle. It will keep finding, creating, and using "cops murdering black males" for as long as it takes them to have political power over YTs. The MSM also will never report on the huge number of Blacks killing YTs, because that is not the current agenda of Obama/Sharpton/DOJ-AG Lynch (Holder).

Anonymous said...

A few words in memory of Baltimore. I had the opportunity to stay there for a week back in the early 1990's. As a student of both early American History and architecture, I was thrilled.

Being young and in good physical condition, at that time, plus not too terribly fearful of anyone in particular, I spent much time walking the city.

There were (are?) still some beautiful old homes and buildings there. And a ton of fascinating history.

The city itself has (had?)the advantage of the Inner Harbor area, proximity to D.C. and other Historic sites, Museums, many excellent bookshops and restaurants, etc. It was a culturally enriching place in many ways.

Sure, the Negro was already a problem then-in my case, mostly a nuisance, as they were everywhere, on literally every corner, begging for change. Most, while obviously shiftless, seemed docile enough, even late into the night. I encountered more aggressive Negroes in New Orleans at that time.

Farewell Old Baltimore, where Edgar Poe breathed his last! I'm glad I had the chance to walk your interesting streets back then, because there is no way in Hell I'll ever be going back.

Not only am I not as young and fearless (aka stupid) as I used to be, but your Mayor has set an attitude for the city that does not deserve ONE DOLLAR from a White tourist!

As for T. Rowe, I guess we'll see how afraid of Jesse and Al they are...or how "attentive" that Mayor can be...but I suspect the example the Mayor has set with the bon mot "it's only property" could be pretty persuasively argued as a legitimate "exit visa" for any concern in business to actually turn a profit.

Maybe Jesse and Al can strong-arm a not-for-profit or GOV agency into the excellent, newly available office space where T. Rowe sits...

Pissed off in PA said...

When the white shareholders of these companies start demanding that the business's take care of themselves first and leave these violent places,then maybe the groids will see that they are the ones who drove all economic development and opportunity away.

The quote of the week was the groid council person on Fox news demanding that business's invest in their community while standing outside the CVS that they burned down.

When will we wake up and say enough is enough?

Anonymous said...


Of the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, THREE of them are black!

awakened white said...

run Lewis run!

Anonymous said...

10mm, in that photo it looks more like the nose is dancing with the groid, not vice versa. He appears to be looking at the clothed spiritual savage, to learn "how it's done." Doesn't discount your larger point. Just sayin. That whole wigger, mimic-the-negro mentality is just...weird, no matter who does it. Reminds me of watching small kids running around the house on all fours, barking like the family dog; only these adults should have outgrown it by now.

Whiskey said...

Half the Indicted fficers are Black.

Anonymous said...

I said it before, the Mayor made an asinine statement, give them room to destroy, its only property! Not her property, not black owned property, just white people's property.
To all the non-black officers of PPD, better look around to see who's got your back. Its not any of the city officials. You might want to call in sick, then organize your non-black neighbors in your own neighborhoods.
Get the hell out of town before you're branded with the scarlet "R". Get a job in a white town where "snitches get stitches" is a foreign concept. Parades, marches and riots are not held in honor of criminals.
You don't need the headaches that come with african THUGS and they don't want you. GTFO while you can, get a job in a town where your service is appreciated, where enforcement of laws is wanted, where people will hear both sides of a story before forming an opinion and then, still not chimpout.


Anonymous said...

Mob rule in Baltimore.

The blacker is any society, the worse is the social entropy.
Having elected officials siding with the criminals is a powerful sign of this decay.

With the police officers being severely overcharged, black expectations will run rampant resulting in another negro riot party when they don't get the affirmative action tribal "justice" their primitive delusional minds are bloodletting for.

Anonymous said...

Took a drive and turned on NPR. Might as well call it BPR. 4 stories, each one revolved around black people.

The first one talked about the charges being brought against 6 officers in Freddie Grey's death. What was most appalling was hearing Marilyn Mosby basically cheering as she read the charges against the officers' involved. You really should look it up and have a listen for yourself. Impartial my ass. Sounded like she was at a campaign rally.

The second segment involved black America's golden boy, Ta Nehisi Coates. It was basically giving him a chance to lie and twist facts out of both sides of his mouth when pressed if he did indeed advocate violence as opposed to non-violence. Apparently you CAN have it both ways.

The 3rd segment concerned Jameis Winston, and how he celebrated his selection among the NFL draft with a meal of crab legs and put it up on social media. People thought this was pretty stupid, as he was recently charged with theft for stealing crab legs. Also charged with rape and other misogyny. Color me surprised.

The final segment talked about how comics need to be diversified, as they are 'too white'. Apparently creating the phenomenon and all the characters doesn't mean your race should be included anymore. To top it off, they had a gay black guy discussing it and how he can't easily identify with most of the heroes in comics. And apparently the new lineup for the avengers is going to have only ONE white male- Ironman.

Why the US (BRA) bends over backwards to promote a thankless and always under-performing segment of society as if they are everything noble and great is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Angry, illiterate sheboon on TV: "I'm axing for conviction...".

Even I didn't realize the full extent of the brazen, nonsensical & feral nature of the ghetto negro, or the ignorance of their suit & tie wearing media enablers (Marc Lamont Hill, Tavis Smiley etc). On one level it's disheartening, but on another hilarious entertainment. Who needs to see "Birth of a Nation" when we have this stereotypical blackness free on our TV screens.

If I didn't know any better, I would think this whole week of Charm City jaboonery was produced & paid for by the KKK.

Anonymous said...

Typos, should be mayor not, major


Anonymous said...

"Only" property.


I hate that phrase,because it most certainly is NOT "only property."

That "only" property was earned,by people who worked their asses off. When they got paid for the the work,they didn't even get all of their pay-deductions were made for a tax load that can only be described as one that wouldn't be placed on the back of a rented mule.

Then those same people paid their ordinary day-to-day bills:groceries,utilities,what have you,and out of what was left over,stuck some of it off to the side for future use on a better vehicle,new front steps for the house,an upgraded cash register,a new operating system for the mom&pop small business,whatever.

There isn't anything "only" about property. It's work,it's sweat,it's risk,it's going without a lot of other things so that one day you can finally get something better than what you have now.

It's time that will never,ever be refunded. It's a lot of things,but one thing I can very confidently state is that property is not "only".

Ex Gladio Libertas.

Anonymous said...

A brunette talking head on CNN was talking to a reverend looking black yapper in the street over a video link and mentioned to him that she was showing the first televised image of the policeman charged with the most serious crime of murder. He was so happy. He said that she was making history by showing a picture of a policeman charged with a crime. He said that for far too long we have seen blacks as the face of crime. Apparently the video link was only one way – the policeman charged with murder was black.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Its "only" property to someone who has never worked for anything!


Anonymous said...

The comment someone made about how legalization of drugs erased a productive method for controlling the underclass: prison - was startling. I wonder if the war on drugs isn't "played" on a scale the average person doesn't understand.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if all the black police were found guilty and the 3 white officers walked? LOL

Ex-Copper said...

Sounds like they did a direct file rather than go with the grand jury option. The grand jury issued an indictment or true bill if they agree with the prosecutors case.

Going through a judge requires a probable cause affidavit. Prosecutors and/or police write it up, take it to a judge. If the judge agreed there is probable cause they sign off on the accompanying warrant. Search warrants are granted in the same fashion.

Preliminary hearings are when the defendants make their first appearance and the charges are read to them. They can make a plea of guilty or not guilty at that time. Generally a judge enters a plea of not guilty on their behalf.

What I found disturbing is that the autopsy report was turned over to the state's attorney last night and warrants were on hand this morning.

That means the affidavits were allready written and just waiting for the autopsy report. Murder suggests an unnatural cause of death, but to be able to definitively say it was because of transport in the wagon us a stretch unless there are marks consistent with injuries that matched up with the interior of the wagon.

I've seen quite a few arrestees tossed around in there with no major injuries. One issue I also noted was that the buckle them in policy is only 9 days old. I don't know if there is an exception for a violent resistor. The hobble straps suggest he was. They are meant to be put on the ankles, tightened down and the end closed in the door of the vehicle. Hard to do that in the way the prisoners are positioned in the wagon, easier in a car. Plus, I would think the policy would allow for an exception on buckling a combative prisoner into a seatbelt in the confines of the wagon.

Anonymous said...

Being a cop is a job. Not a great job at that. Blacks hate police but what they really hate us civilization

Anonymous said...

Rawlings Blake and all those black officials should offer the looters to burn down their homes but they probably think their property is too valuable

Anonymous said...

I have to say I've noticed a pattern. Just as when lack of order strikes, blacks jump on the opportunity, see:

Katrina (even the black police looted once oversight was temporarily down)

Did the people in Nepal facing a REAL tragedy (6000+ people dead from a 7.9 magnitude earthquake and 1000 EU citizens still not accounted for) riot and loot at the opportunity, or did they render aid?

That has to be one of the single biggest magnifiers in the difference between whites/non-blacks and blacks... when the cards are all down, you can't even afford to save your pets, what do you do? Are you so starved for resources and the means to acquire them that you have to wait for any sort of chaos to reap your true reward and benefits?

How did the survivors of the deathly Tsunami of 2004 react to the chaos and destruction before them? Did they run off with each other's appliances or did they save and shelter family and friends?

The list goes on Paul. After hearing you on 2 interviews now I'm convinced that you could hit it out of the park on this topic as well. Just such a clear and explainable example that shows that these parts are NOT interchangeable.

Anonymous said...

Are all prospective rising black stars in the Democratic party half-breeds?

Apparently the attorney general of CA is half Asian half black, so in political speak, full Asian and full black as well. The first of each race to be CA AG:

As long as she doesn't fuck things up you will be seeing a lot of her in the future, I'll bet.

It's this never ending game of give darkie a turn. Over and over and over again. They are busy stocking the T.V. host shows with 'not a white male' blacks and women, but all I have heard about have gone to black males. White males, a big demographic that BRA hates hearing from, don't like hearing about how shitty they are day in and day out, especially when trying to get us to spend our money. We're not obligated to pay you. We can just avoid you and go along with our lives, minus one choice but we find so many that losing a few is never really a problem.

These magical halflings are (almost) always the pairing of some romp with a male African and a non-African female that was guilted, harassed, or convinced in some dishonest manner that put said women at considerable risk, even if not just for contracting infectious diseases from the most irresponsible and uncaring males on the planet.

White feminists sure avoid the black male standard of behavior towards women, particularly the physical abuse and dominance that is supposed to substitute for some kind of safety. It's like having the mule order around it's much smarter female owner. These women probably become dumber over time if they can even convince these rapesters to hang around. Then said woman needs to seek the aid of others to just get her back to where she was when she started before she had been beat, insulted, and generally abused by a black THUG into a shell of her former self. Probably the least empowering thing a woman can do that I can think of.

Even though I might hate lesbos (the fat short haired man-wannabe types) with burning passion greater than the sun, I would lead women in this fake direction if it was the only option to keep them away from the abusive cancer that is black males. Don't be guilted or talked into things that you can't turn back from. Run away (or walk away fast) towards a public area and get the hell to safety. When these people inherit the rest of the U.S. power structure and we get taken over by China they will not hesitate a moment to blame it on ol' whitey. Just keep safe, keep tabs on what is happening around you, and watch the inevitable.

FlowerBell said...

Unless Baltimore has an immediate plan to replace its current population with one that is less violent and predatory T.Rowe Price should move before its too late.

Anonymous said...

The impulse to loot and riot is so characteristically black that it is non- controversial. However, the larger issue is the lack of discussion of this elephant in the room. The push in the media is on to de- fuse the obvious and play up the secondary and unimportant aspects of this civil disturbance. The "legal" issues surrounding Freddie Gray's arrest are inconsequential compared to the gigantic amount of criminality on open display. It seems clear to me that once again the black underclass is huge and really quite powerful, and will have to be checked. Soon the presence of military personnel will become routine. Perhaps that is what the militant blacks want. They want to asert naked force which only gets unfocused once it enters the thickets of conventional law and order, with its evidentiary rules, restraint on force etc.

Anonymous said...

Obama's planned Marxist black power urban white cop warfare fueled by Sharpton anarchist gangs -- with fully armed federal agencies backing them up. Martial law and/or federalized police departments ready to take guns away from non-criminal citizens. Millions of illegals coming unchecked into America across the Mexican border also have weapons--many being members of gangs and drug cartels. It isn't just violent blacks who are threatening. White Cops have apparently become the designated criminals and are being set up to be neutered.

Long Hot Summer Coming

"What we know so far:

- Valerie Jarrett is the coordinator of "demonstrations" in cities nationwide. She is "on the phone" with mayors, radicals and activists. NYC is the next big one and has already started.

- Every incident of a black person getting shot by police or roughed up resisting arrest is being examined by a Democrat team to see how useful it could be. Media allies will be told which to go after and what messaged to include.

- They will occur in Democrat-run cities and the police will be hamstrung (stand down, fall back, don't look aggressive, etc....) to maximize vivid scenes of violence and destruction and make authorities look powerless.

- This is an IW [information warfare] campaign that will go on all summer and escalate in cities around the country. The overarching memes will be economic injustice, judicial prejudice, income inequality, white racism and police brutality. They are throwing the police and firefighter unions under the bus on this."

"- Louisville and Baltimore were the test events. Baltimore went well. Sharpton is on his way to cement it in, then on to NYC.

- Thug is the new "N" word.

- Pointing all this our too loudly may get you a Breitbart event. Yes, it has gotten that bad."

Plaga Negra said...

"Only property?" It's only people's livelihoods. This is why you can't have nice things.

Anonymous said...

An interesting 30 min doc on "middle-class" flight in Baltimore. It may be from the perspective of the DWL, but more likely the perspective of FORMER DWL's. They so wanted to mention race but had to use PC code words. I feel for these people. They just wanted to make a once great city better and were thwarted by the dysfunction of the familiar hustle of a black run system. When THESE people leave, the remaining "good" areas east of 83 are next. Baltimore is dead. Give it a look...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:14 said "If I didn't know any better, I would think this whole week of Charm City jaboonery was produced & paid for by the KKK."

I've felt that way about the "thug life" gangsta rap bullshit for years.

Someone, somewhere said, "What's the stupidest thing we can get them coons to kill each other for? Hoes? Drugs? Turf? Disrespect? Shoes? Looking at each other wrong?"

Right? Right???

It can't be that they brought this on themselves, can it?

Anonymous said...


meanwhile in LA [or 'they are so corrupt'],
Longtime L.A. Port Police Chief Indicted on Federal ... - KTLA
1 day ago - Reflected in the windshield of a Port Police boat, Los Angeles Port ... Ronald Jerome Boyd — the chief of police at the Port of Los ... Father of Fugitive Ex-LAPD Officer Charged After Allegedly Walking His Son Into Mexico.
Missing: laptop
Port Of Los Angeles Police Chief, Ronald J. Boyd, Indicted ...
International Business Times
1 day ago - If convicted of all the charges, Ronald J. Boyd could face a maximum of ... Ronald J. Boyd, chief of police for the Port of Los Angeles, was indicted

Anonymous said...

Turn out the lights the parties over

Anonymous said...


'Anonymous Anonymous said... Agreed. Its "only" property to someone who has never worked for anything!

Or does not value others property and public property [we know blacks civic mindedness and volunteerism].

Anonymous said...

Well dey b happy wit de charges, dey be celebratin n sheet.

I think the real problem will come when all of the Africans in America realize they can't get a conviction. Now since this is a nog ran operation they could falsify things but will it stick? None of the NAPA power structure is bright, listen to them talk. So what then, that'll be a real chimpout and maybe this time the governor will have the national guard do the riot control since the LE's hands are tied by the nogs in power.

Many of these guardsmen are combat vets, so a bunch of Zulu's could get made good. That might sound nice but looking deeper it's not. It could be just what some folks want. Riot control is key here, perhaps containment to the hood at the time would be best.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

The black ones will walk. The whites will fry. Blu flu. If the mayor the city council are too chicken sheet to protect every one of all colors in the city. Burn baby burn. Do I want this to happen absolutely not. Ccw.

Julie said...

The other day President Obama, our first Afro-american President asked us to "search our souls". Have you searched your soul? Do you harbor any ill will for our Afro-american brothers and sisters?

I've given it a lot of thought and I've recommitted to reaching out to all Afro-americans. I want to help them with their daily struggle. One thing we all can do is to contribute a little more, make some financial sacrifices to help all those Afro-americans that are hungry, poorly clothed and ignored by the larger society.

Lets all do something for these Afro-american kids; Freddy Gray, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. Make a donation, buy a t-shirt, mentor a black child. Afro-american children are our future. Make an investment in your own future.

Anonymous said...

Was reading about the kangaroo court decision at WSJ and noticed an interactive that they have on the left sidebar of the article (about halfway down page), labeled: Baltimore's Demographic Divide.

2 images- 1970 Baltimore and 2010 Baltimore

What is interesting to note from the alternating images is not only how the undertow leaked into nearly every solidly white area of Baltimore within that time frame, but you will notice how the population density appears to decline- noted by how the massively multiplying black area starts to thin out like balding hair. A 2 picture color-coated example that shows how blacks drive away everything- investment, social capital, and most embarrassingly themselves! They don't even want to live around the squalor that they collectively create through mass abdication of responsibility. The only thing that they lack more of is shame.

How could you possibly fuck up a major city like Baltimore? Well, now we know.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is shit now, was shit 20 years ago, and is going nowhere but further down the black hole towards the African mean. Any human who has not fled by now is suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Remember this day everyone. The charges against these officers are just retribution against whites as a race and white established law. From this day forward all whites are possible targets in any city with a predominant black government. We must find a way to come together and no longer recognize black run governments.

Anonymous said...

So does Marilyn Mosby deal directly with the Black Gorilla Family or does her husband/the city do that for her?

Anonymous said...

Europeans had better take a look at Baltimore and learn what it means to have blacks live among you. Perhaps, then, they'll recognize that they're committing suicide by letting Africans into their countries, and the only sound policy is to sink the invaders' boats, or at the very least tow them back to Libya.

Anonymous said...

Isn't any mayor's first responsibility to be on the side of the police department of that city.

In a civilized country, yes. But Baltimore is not part of civilized territory. It is Africa, or at least moving towards there. In an African country, the politicos will take the side of the mob when it gains them status and power--and a share of the loot.

We will no doubt see the feds come in with your taxpayer dollars to rebuild the pillage sectors, and implement tons of programs. And her honor will no doubt get a cut of the loot.

Unknown said...

The cries of racism and white oppression ring hollow. It’s a tired storyline. Facts are always inconvenient to race baiters with an agenda to extract more money from whites with a guilty conscience and the inability or unwillingness to speak the truth. Let’s examine some facts about good old Charm City, USA.

The fine citizens of this metropolis have not elected a Republican as mayor since 1963, before the War on Poverty began. That mayor’s 4 year term is the only interruption in Democrat rule since 1947. They have had Democrat control for 64 of the last 68 years, and sole control for the last 48 years straight.
Their mayor is black. Their previous mayor, Sheila Dixon, was black. She was convicted of embezzlement in 2010 and couldn’t finish her term. They had a white mayor (current Democratic Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley) for eight years. The mayor before him was black.
Their City Council consists of 15 members. All fifteen are Democrats. The Council President is black. Democrats have had control of legislation in Baltimore for the last 50 years. Every program, policy, initiative, or school curriculum that exists in Baltimore was enacted by liberal Democrats.
The Police Commissioner is black. Approximately 50% of the police force is black.
The School Superintendent is black, along with the School Board. The district has an annual budget of $1.32 billion to teach 84,000 kids. The Baltimore school system ranks second among the nation’s 100 largest school districts in how much it spent per pupil at $15,700 per student. Only NYC spends more. Only two thirds of students graduate high school, despite this high level of spending.
The average SAT scores of Baltimore City public school students are: 379 in Reading; 376 in Math; 381 in Writing. These are the scores of the best of the best in Baltimore schools who actually think they should get into college. The average scores in the country, which still suck, are around 500. Students with these scores have about a 15% chance of graduating college. This is the ROI you get after spending $188,000 per student over their 12 year academic career.
The population of Baltimore is 623,000 and 63% are black. Median household income is $41,000, with 24% living below the poverty line. The home ownership rate is 48%. The percentage of college graduates is 27%.
The population was 950,000 in 1950, so it has fallen by 35% in the last 65 years. The population was 24% black in 1950. Decades of liberal Democrat policies drove most of the white population out of the city.
Baltimore’s violent crime rate is 370% higher than the U.S. rate. They have over 200 murders, 300 rapes, 3,600 robberies, 4,600 assaults, 7,800 burglaries, and 22,000 thefts per year. These are all 2 to 4 times the U.S. averages per 100,000 people.
Over 35% of all Baltimore residents get food stamps. Over 85% of the kids get free breakfasts and lunches at school. More than 60% of Baltimore residents are receiving some form of government assistance.
Baltimore’s welfare paradise is paid for by outrageously high taxes. It’s income tax rate of 3.2% is on top of the state rate of 4.75%. It’s property tax rate is more than double the other counties in Maryland. The sales tax rate is 6%. Corporations pay an income tax rate of 8.25%.
The percentage of out of wedlock births to black women in Baltimore exceeds 72%. Baltimore and Detroit are the two cities with populations over 600,000 with the highest percentage of single parent households – 59% to 61%.
The reported unemployment rate for Baltimore is 8.2%, one of the highest in the country. In reality, 42% of the working age population is not working. Young black men between the ages of 20 and 24 have a reported unemployment rate of 37%. But in reality, it is north of 60%. The number of employees in 1990 totaled 475,000. Today they total 365,000, down 23%.

Unknown said...

Francis Scott Key just appeared to me in a dream.

(Sung to the tune: The Star Spangled Banner)

So, the nay-grow is free?
My! The spawns burly sight!
But, so loudly, thee failed!
With the drive-bys and screaming!

Lose! Fraud! Gripes! Behind bars!
Zoos are where you must lie!
For the damned! How thee botched!
With no talent and screeching!

And their fathers don't care?
Lice are crawling in hair?
Aloof! On the pipe?
Smoking crack? Grandma's chair?!

They stay buzzed and never work,
Cradle to the grave!
For the gland of a pea,
In the dome of the slave!

I almost had a stroke!

Have a happy and safe day, people of SBPDL.

- Woodsy Scott Free

(I get away with EVERYTHING!)

Anonymous said...

Japanese returned 78 million found from the Tsunami.

Since the blacks got their view of justice with the indictment of the cops, I wonder how much of the money from the riot on April 27th will be returned?

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Private property rights are the pillar of a capitalist economic system.

What the "mayor" of Baltimore doesn't seem to understand is the social contract between the government and the governed in a republican democracy. The governed allow the government to restrict some freedoms (such as taking something that doesn't belong to you). It is the freedom we governed give up in order to live in a civilized society. Anarchy is the alternative.

When the government does not uphold its end of the bargain, or only upholds it against certain segments of the population, the "rule of law" breaks down. The government in this instance is complicit in fostering an economic environment that only allows illicit activities and predatory services to flourish. Aka, Baltimore 2016

Anonymous said...

Last I checked and this was a couple of years ago, the vacancy rate for commercial property in Downtown Baltimore was 20%.

On the day after the riots McCormick's announced it was leaving the city. I think both Legg & T Rowe have space in the county. The CEO made a big mistake resigning through 2027.

I have read on various boards of parents coming to Baltimore to relocate their college kids into the county. Folks are just canceling leases. Another rumor is that some big banks have quietly offered 20-30% off of their existing stock of Bmore residential properties.

D-FENS said...

"I wonder if the war on drugs isn't "played" on a scale the average person doesn't understand."

Initially, it may very well have been intended to curb negroes. Some believe that there were commercial interests as well as companies produced alternatives to hemp fibers.

Eventually, it was realized that it was an excellent justification for controlling the rest of us through Bank Secrecy Laws and asset forfeiture.

Anonymous said...

When I see pictures coming out of Baltimore, it reminds me of funny pictures of dogs that just ripped up a nice sofa. The people take a picture of the dog, and it looks totally innocent although it was the only explanation of the destroyed sofa in the room (well…maybe a tornado came through!)

When I see a picture of a dog looking over the room it destroyed, I think of the Negroes in Baltimore wondering why their environment looks like a tornado passed through.

Some of the rioters and looters admitted that the riot was more than about Freddie Gray, it was because they didn’t like looking at burned out buildings, low paying job or no jobs, old books to learn form. They wanted to be educated at the level of white people so they could express themselves better. They want to read from NEW books although the old books were just fine.

It always amazes me that they bellyache about new books when the subject of Trigonometry does not change; neither does Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus. Both old and new books basically teach the same thing. It’s not the newness of the book, but the ideas and materials in the book that teach.

When I took Biology 101 about 25 years ago, I would venture to say not too much has changed. At the time, I could recite everything in that book that pertained to the human body (because I studied very, very hard.) I also posit that my books in Geology and Botany still contain very pertinent information. Has plate tectonics changed much in 25 years? Not really!

Here is my point, the newness or the oldness of the books does not change the outcome of the grade for the average Negro. Using math as a thermometer, how many of the looters would know that the first derivative of sin (x) is cos (x)? Ummm…I’m not sure many whites would know that as well, but we are not the ones bitching are we? I know that information because I studied from an OLD book and LEARNED from it!

Why do whites usually make better grades? Their genes are better and their IQs are higher! We can’t avoid that issue. What the blacks cannot understand is that because their IQs are so low they will NEVER achieve what a white man can.

How many blacks could write an editorial piece that comes close to what PK can do?
OK…maybe one percent at most! Pat has written on this subject and he is basically correct in everything he said so far concerning IQ between the races. Bernice actually has the right attitude concerning blacks. The best we can do is separate from them! They are not us and can NEVER be us. White people need to wake up now! I would wager money that most of the looters in Baltimore can’t read at a third grade level. What a waste of white people’s tax dollars! I would not give these apes an old book to read from!


Anonymous said...

This Baltimore mayor is a shill for the Obongo administration. I bet money came her way for her election bid, from Obongo and friends.

She was like a little puppy dog, hiding behind Sharpton, letting him do all the talking.

Is she as stupid as she looks, i think so.


MrGJG said...

"Wouldn't it be funny if all the black police were found guilty and the 3 white officers walked? LOL"

Considering how shellshocked and cautious white cops in black cities are right now, not farfetched at all. Not the part where they walk, but the likelihood that they didn't partake in the alleged beating.

Anonymous said...

Humans Build; Negroes Destroy.

Harry Savannah said...

I apologize if I upset people.

White "drones": I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize...........................................................................................................................................................................................

Epitaph of the white man:

He APOLOGIZED for telling the truth. It was RACIST. So he stopped telling the truth ALTOGETHER and just APOLOGIZED. And then he DIED.

Anonymous said...

How much more negro nonsense are you people going to put up with?!

It's just beyond ridiculous at this point (was a long time ago; now it's beyond a farce).

I moved out of America awhile ago and have watched this from afar. You Whites really look pathetic and feckless; can't even control your own destiny. The underclass is just overwhelming you and you're letting it happen.

Summon the spirits of your ancestors who conquered far greater adversaries and put and end to this. Once and for all. Otherwise you just leave the cancer for your children to grapple with; as did our 'leaders' from 50 years ago. They watched as a time bomb was set for their children and grandchildren to defuse.

Stop making the same mistakes.

Anonymous said...

The sine qua non element essential to the vitality of any black city is the existence of a working class base (T. Rowe Price) to uplift and support the degenerative non-working classes whose very foundation would crumble into chaos without a host to feed it.

Without white people, our nation would devolve into what we see in Haiti and the Congo; South Africa has now entered its downward spiral and is fast becoming similar to other black countries in Africa. City governments in the US once headed by white people have been supplanted by governments headed by blacks. When these black governments fail, they blame whites for their failure: we did educate them; we did not support them monetarily, or whites let the black communities crumble.

The Negro population remains blind to its own internecine anti-social behavior by the liberal media which perpetuates the myth that whites are prejudiced against blacks because the color of their skin. Blacks lacking even the most rudimentary reasoning skills believe this myth. It does not occur to them that whites are leaving Baltimore for their own safety. It is not so much the color of the skin that is driving whites from Baltimore, but the content of character which blacks overwhelmingly lack! They do not understand they are the proprietors of their own agony.

Like their ancestors who stood on the beach and looked at the ocean and never dreamed of crossing the ocean, modern blacks in America lack any vision of how to better their lives. Several have mentioned that they could take a shit (maybe in the park) and wonder where that awful smell came from!

I will tell a humorous tale of feeble old white woman. She told me that one day she started to smell some terrible odor that smelled like shit. She searched all over the house trying to find where the awful odor came from. The last place she looked was in her own pants and found that when she let a fart, she did a bit more!

Now…that is the difference between a white person and a black person! A white person would try to find where the awful smell came from and fix the problem. A black would continue to smell their own shit and blame somebody else! It really would never occur to them to look in their own pants. They look at their burned out cities and poverty and blame whites for their misery. The one place they need to focus their anger and frustration is in the mirror looking at themselves.

Anonymous said...

While we're busy chasing foreigners around the globe, the real terrorist threat steadily grows in parasitic fashion here at home. Black leaders around the country are no different than the Muslim Mullahs and Clerics who support and condone terrorists across the sea.

Harry Savannah said...

Let them loot, it's only property." [‘Let Them Loot, It’s Only Property’: LEO Source Claims Baltimore Mayor Ordered because

the black mayor of the city wanted for blacks "who wished to destroy space to do that." because the black mayor of the city wanted for blacks "who wished to destroy space to do that."

 But you have to understand, it’s not holding back. It’s responding appropriately.”

The slide of American society came in decades, then years, then days and hours. The quotes above...are not from and end-of-times anarcho-future work of apocalyptic fiction. They are "real-time" non-fiction words out of the mouth of BRA. There is no accurately describing the pig-sty that is America today - socially, politically, financially, morally. It doesn,t matter the mayhem, the murder, the ruin, the destruction, the filth, the decay, the horror. What matters is to be silent in the face of it if that silence should be broken by the truth.



“We are not interested in putting anyone in a harmful situation,” he said. “The beauty of the technology is that as long as people are comfortable with it, operations are seamless.” 

This is how white "leaders" (business, political, whatever) talk. The speech of lying cowards. I say a noose for all of them come the revolution. They care nothing for the safety of white employees. They only make deals with BRA to continue to profit-make in the midst of the shambles that they permit and then reward.

The quotes from the black african mayor are fantastic. No one short of a Bible prophet could imagine, let alone predict, such utter fallenness of America a mere 50 years ago.

Head for the hills white man. It is the last place for you to run.

Mutant Swarm said...

To those who are pointing out that half of the officers being persecuted are black, I will point out that they're ALL blue first.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said he moved out of America and was now looking at the metaphorical train wreck from afar: hey…I hear you!

I mentioned this before, but we truly need white leadership. Do you remember the movie “Field of Dreams” when the message was: if you build it, they will come? In a like sense, if a realist white leader will appear, the people will come.

We are getting our messages out in forums such as this, but we need to break away soon and manifest ourselves and what we believe in. We will succeed because the truth breaks all barriers. DWLs simply have nothing to base their ideas on anymore! The black myth is over: only 10 percent of blacks have the capacity to function in a modern civilized nation.

One of the most articulate leaders on our side is Jared Taylor from the American Renaissance blog. He has been on television and totally discredited liberals (DWLs) on many occasions. What was he armed with: A panoply of truth! Truth is the essence that will set us free from these barbaric animals, but we must use it.

The arguments and complaints of blacks in Baltimore are laughable. They created their own mess. PK clearly laid out the downfall of Baltimore from the time it started to lose its white population base. Again, all we lack is a leader because I sincerely believe are numbers are growing daily. DWLs simply don’t have an argument anymore. The sun is up and all can see the Negro for what he is! The night is over!

Anonymous said...

"To those who are pointing out that half of the officers being persecuted are black, I will point out that they're ALL blue first."

Somehow I doubt that. The "uniform" they never take off is their black skin and the "training" that will take precedence when the SHTF is their genetically programmed TNB.

Throwing a badge and a paycheck at some 80 IQ affirmative action mongrel does NOT make them a cop, it makes them a Black Gorilla Family with legal protection.

10mm AUTO said...

Anon Said:

"What is interesting to note from the alternating images is not only how the undertow leaked into nearly every solidly white area of Baltimore within that time frame, but you will notice how the population density appears to decline- noted by how the massively multiplying black area starts to thin out like balding hair."

That is why you will never have negro Starships. The idea of a bunch of Orcs packed into a technical, precise and cramped living space leads to depravity and death amongst da Brothars.

There is something for all of us to consider. This is what negros are like when Whites are 65%. In a few years, when Whites are less than 50% negros will go full on murderous. It happened in Rwanda when the Hutu were the majority being ruled by the Tutsi (think Whites but they were blacks).

From Wiki: "During the approximate 100-day period from April 7, 1994, to mid-July, an estimated 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans were killed,[1] constituting as much as 20% of the country's total population and 70% of the Tutsi then living in Rwanda. The genocide was planned by members of the core political elite known as the akazu, many of whom occupied positions at top levels of the national government."

They just love being in charge.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

What we have here is an insurrection, by known criminal organizations supported (if not funded)by the city of baltimore, and endorsed (if not funded) by the U.S. government. The United States IS dead. Face it people. This shit is right out in the open, right up in your face. THEY have declared WAR on YOU.

Nice, eh? Prepare. Mentally.
Mr. Turner

Anonymous said...

Actually the rioting, burning, looting etc. is predictable and being so it is containable ( in a military sense). The unpredictable tactic is usually the successful one. Notice how few genuinely terrorist attacks these black "guerillas" can produce. Looting an obvious target like a liquor or shoe store isn't a war tactic... It's simple criminality. Once the criminal is. Rounded up and put in prison his days are over. The so-called black " revolutionary" can be bought off with welfare and drugs. He isn't a danger. He's too obvious. This whole problem is one familiar to animal control. Which tranquilizer to use and where to pen them are the challenges faced by law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

There is a female negro news reader on the TV in Philly-her husband is "Chaka Fattah" a negro congressman, (his real name was Arthur Davenport) Chaka's top aide pled guilty not too long ago to fed charges in money laundering-lots of folks wonder if Chaka's going to get charged-his son by another marriage is facing prison on fed tax fraud charges.

Anyway the TV news reader woman, who brings up "unarmed black man" every f'ing time she talks about the deceased shitbag in Baltimore and elsewhere, said yesterday the Philly protests of 2 days ago were largely peaceful.

Then they showed a deputy Philly police chief (white) at a local press conference-he had a big fresh abrasion on his upper lip.

The newsnegro said "the scar on his lip was due to his getting hiot by a bucket (note the passive voice) at the protest.

Try hitting a cop in the face w/ a metal bucket and see how well they'll take that. Un-f**king-real.

And it's just like Baltimore-that coon ex mayor of Philly was right-thery run these cities-and for YT and law and order and reason and logic-well, you all can go on and f**k yourselves they do what they want. Why not? We've let them-and they're not going to stop.

Just like the sheboon mayoress in Ballmer-her family were prominent. This Mosby creep's husband is a councilman-tied in w/ Gray's lawyer all thick as thieves and still poormouthing.

What's needed is fullthroated rage and pushback on our part. Until then, just bend over more.

One thing-I'd like to get a baseball bat and stand by the gate at Camden Yard-any white who would pay to go to an Orioles game now, after YT was locked in the stadium one day-and the ones outside were attacked and not protected) Locked out the next day while the game was played (a 140 yr first in baseball) and subjected to an insulting email from the team 's son--any dumbass white person who still will go and put $ on a game there needs a good ass whippin'--I'll cheer on the coons in that event-evidently those white folks need a remedial lesson.

If a white person saw what went on this week, on top of how things already have been there-and they still want to live in la-la land and support cities and organizations that are lined up against you and your kind-then to all of them-have fun with that.

I wish the seats were empty the rest of the year.
One day we'll learn I hope-and if we do we'll winder why we took all this shit for so long.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the T Rowe Price situation with the long term lease.

One would hope that corporate attorneys are learning a lesson from this and are included clauses into these leases that would render said contracts null and void if the local governments allow conditions to deteriorate to the point where the safety of employees becomes a concern.

Anonymous said...

Lets turn a negative into a positive folks. From now on THUG means Totally Harmless Underserved Gentleman.

There ....doesnt that make you feel better.


Anonymous said...

BRA HA HA HA HA HA! Julie that was so funny I almost fell out of my seat! Here is what I will do for the poor dumb Negroes; I will explain to them what is causing the bad odor that follows them (their own shit!)

I will take them by the hand and lead them to the edge of the Grand Canyon and tell them to step forward into the future! When I see these yoots, I tear up thinking of all the potential that should be in Africa right at this very minute. Here is what I suggest: we take these gentle, intelligent beings and give them back to mother Africa. We, on the other hand, would take in the whites of Africa who have exploited t hat continent for far too long.

I know our country will suffer greatly without these yoots, but I think for the sake of humanity we should humbly set them free in the land of their nativity. American blacks have so much to offer young African blacks. American blacks have an IQ of 80 to 85; they could show the Africans how to get rid of that awful smell that follows them everywhere they go! They could sit together and bask in the words of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Gosh…I’m about to cry thinking of all their potential.

Race said...


bernicegreenbaum said...

On the negro problem, it is important to remember, as others have pointed out, that we are dealing with a population that on average has an IQ of maybe 80. Most likely, it's much less. It might not help matters much, but expecting them to behave with any decorum, dignity, or intelligence is like expecting a toddler to explain Einstein's theory of relativity.

Try asking one sometime what the square root of 16 is. Better still, ask them what an exponent is, and how it affects the function of a number. Guaranteed you will get lots of blank looks, as well as a "What duh fuh dat?"

Having an expectation that they can perform or much less appreciate living in a first world country is an exercise in futility. So we return to the original problem, which is: What to do with the negro?

Throwing money at the problem won't work and hasn't worked for over 60 years. I firmly believe that a "make work" program, something that will keep them occupied for at least eight hours a day, five days per week would eliminate much of the problem. It's still throwing money at the problem, but it keeps the negro's paws occupied for at least part of the day. Make this a prerequisite to obtaining any welfare funds, EBT, etc. If the situation in Baltimore has taught us anything, it's that the negro has entirely too much time on his paws. The negro has proven that he CAN be trained to perform the most rudimentary task, albeit at an incredibly slow, lethargic pace. Watch one sweep the floor sometime. One elderly negress I was watching adequately preformed the task, as well as replacing the trashcan liner in a seemingly effortless fashion. We should encourage more of this.

It seems we get into some trouble when we get the mighty, AA degree negress, such as the Baltimore prosecutor, who fancies herself to be competent, and far over reaches when she comes to some "conclusion". Clearly she and others (Obama, anyone?) are completely out of their league. Fifty years ago they were adequate garbage men and chamber maids. There is no reason to believe that they are competent to do anything more, now fifty years hence. Expecting anything cogent to come forth from their mouths is the equivalent of believing in Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

Black savages can be likened to a large group of thuggish and murderous, barely sentient "human beings" who go to Disneyland, get pissed off at the security personnel trying to control their animal-like behavior, and then simply kill them without a second thought.

They then proceed to spend the day enjoying all the rides, stealing all the food and goodies they can consume, beat the shit out of anyone in their way and then burn the park down to the ground.

Then they come back next week, see the park smoldering in total ruins, and get all angry and start jumping around like chimps, arms flailing in the air with the "ooh ooh, ahh ahh chimp routine," and wondering like children barely out of their diapers what happened to their "fun" park and why Massa Whitey' hasn't rebuilt it for them. Damn, debil white man done did it agin!

Anonymous said...

For a conparison I looked up the different populations of whites in South Africa compared to the U.S.

Whites in the U.S. 67% of total

Whites in South Africa 9% of total population.

I believe that being a majority , puts us in a excellent position to handle the negroe. At 9% whites having to deal with the negroe in South Africa will be difficult .


Anonymous said...

Europeans had better take a look at Baltimore and learn what it means to have blacks live among you. Perhaps, then, they'll recognize that they're committing suicide by letting Africans into their countries, and the only sound policy is to sink the invaders' boats, or at the very least tow them back to Libya.

There is a certain schadenfreude in seeing Europeans cities being burned by rampaging hordes of third worlders, as has happened in London, Malmo, and quite a few places, I admit. Many Europeans boycotted white-run South Africa, and actively supported various black "liberation (i.e., "terrorist") fronts. And many Europeans also looked down their noses at the USA for its terrible, terrible (terrible!) policy of segregation. You have to ask them, "How do you like having Africa in your midst? How's that 'enrichment' working for you?"

Having said that, the point made is valid. Anyone who can view reality objectively can see what happens when whites become a minority in their own cities. And how Africans run the show, whether in Zimbabwe, Haiti or Baltimore. But that objectivity is becoming increasingly rare, given the depth of ideological delusion among whites.

And if the boats can be turned around and sent back to Africa, perhaps we can also place DWLs on them, also.

Anonymous said...

is it really 67%? I thought it was only 62%.

FlowerBell said...

Even though my husband and I moved far from the city and into the relative safety of wooded acreage we still hold out hope.

We are holding out hope that somewhere on earth will open its arms to persecuted Caucasians and offer us our own homeland.

If that were to happen it will become, almost overnight, the richest and most powerful country in the world. There will be no stopping us.

That my friends is what they're afraid of and why they work so feverishly to keep us from becoming homogenous and united.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if we're the majority (for now)? So what?

Can I beat up Mike Tyson? or Bruce Lee if he was alive or Jack Dempsey?

Sure I could.


If I hit them repeatedly and they stood there and let me, I'd eventually mess them up. Get them on the ground and kill them.

Now in real life I'd come at them, they'd sidestep or block my attack and rip my head off--BUT-if as I said, they stood there no escaping me no resisting me-then yes, I could whip their asses.

In our society-blacks do what they want-Baltimore this week? It's been like this 50 years now-we don't do shit-we give mo money mo money blame ourselves. They have no consequences-why should they stop? A conscience-they have none.

So the 13% already whip our asses it's only going to get worse until we stop it. I mean big time. Till then, get used to your dusky overlords.

Anonymous said...

"It's only property," said someone who used to be "only property".

Unknown said...

Every decent corporation needs to leave that shithole to protect their shareholders and personnel. They should also consider what the tax
Money they generate through property and salaries is being spent on. If the police can't protect the people and the property then just what is their tax money buying? If the city gov't can't or won't provide an atmosphere that promotes growth and business what is that tax money buying? If the answer is low cost housing. and EBT cards then they need to leave.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, newsreader Jayne Miller, got access to the prisoner sharing the Paddy wagon ride with Gray. Initially saying he heard Gray thrashing about, the prisoner has now recanted.

Wonder how Miller got access? Wonder why the guy dummies-up?

Anonymous said...

"Decades of liberal Democrat policies drove most of the white population out of the city."

Really? So not, in fact, TNB, negro crime filth squalor and dysfunction? Yeah, if it weren't for those rascally "democrats" these negroes would be just like us.

Seriously, buddy, stick around here a while, read more, apply some common sense and STOP PROMOTING THE PAINTJOB THEORY.

Anonymous said...

Random thought:

Blacks want to be left alone to police themselves, but when they are given that responsibility, they fail to do it.

Mutant Swarm said...

"To those who are pointing out that half of the officers being persecuted are black, I will point out that they're ALL blue first."

Somehow I doubt that. The "uniform" they never take off is their black skin and the "training" that will take precedence when the SHTF is their genetically programmed TNB.

Throwing a badge and a paycheck at some 80 IQ affirmative action mongrel does NOT make them a cop, it makes them a Black Gorilla Family with legal protection.

May 2, 2015 at 7:05 AM

That's what I get for posting before coffee. Of course you're right.

Most of the street THUGS probably see black cops as either Uncle Toms, or potential help to "get over" on the system.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"On the negro problem, it is important to remember, as others have pointed out, that we are dealing with a population that on average has an IQ of maybe 80. Most likely, it's much less."

I agree Bernice. In fact, I suspect that your typical liberal psychologist is most likely inflating black IQ scores while being much tougher on whites. I find it very hard to believe that the average IQ for whites is around 100-102. That just seems too low. I've met many IGNORANT white people but few that were intellectually dull.

Remember, the end game of every Marxist is to discredit the white race - especially white men. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if black IQs were propped up while white IQs were purposely deflated.


Anonymous said...

"Let them loot, it's only property."

Only Property?

Only a Marxist would say that.


Anonymous said...

The comments are full of DWLs calling bullshit on the premise of the article:

White people are tired of getting the blame for lack of black progress.

AnalogMan said...

FlowerBell said...

We are holding out hope that somewhere on earth will open its arms to persecuted Caucasians and offer us our own homeland.

Nobody is going to give us anything.

Ever since the first amoeba split and made two, all life has always competed for territory.

If we want a homeland of our own, we're going to have to fight for it. We, or our children; sooner or later. And not feel all guilty if, heaven forbid, we should actually win.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Sotomayor has a good name for these feral sheboons- the BT-1000 Terminatrix. Cue Kyle Reese's monologue "the Terminatrix is out there. It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with. It feels no mercy or pity and it will not stop until you are DEAD!!!!". LMAO!

Anonymous said...

But once the plea deals start coming that blue won't mean shit!! They will be trading your ass in for a slice of pizza. Just where the BRA Shitmore wants it. All those cops there should have a blu flu.

Mr. Rational said...

One would hope that corporate attorneys are learning a lesson from this and are included clauses into these leases that would render said contracts null and void

"force majeure".  I'm sure TRP can hire much better legal help to break the lease than the building owner can afford.

I firmly believe that a "make work" program, something that will keep them occupied for at least eight hours a day, five days per week would eliminate much of the problem.

Only if reproduction is made contingent on proof of the ability to function peacefully and productively in American society.  If you keep breeding more violent unemployables, the problem can only get worse.

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan said ”FlowerBell said...

We are holding out hope that somewhere on earth will open its arms to persecuted Caucasians and offer us our own homeland.

Nobody is going to give us anything.

Ever since the first amoeba split and made two, all life has always competed for territory.

If we want a homeland of our own, we're going to have to fight for it. We, or our children; sooner or later. And not feel all guilty if, heaven forbid, we should actually win.”

AnalogMan is right. If any group of whites in the world needs a helping hand, it would be the persecuted whites in South Africa, yet no one seems concerned enough about them to invite them to share a homeland. We are here talking about finding a way out of our 13% black country because it feels out of control, but I'm guessing, and I could be wrong, that there are plenty of whites in SA that would welcome an invite to our country. We have the numbers, just not the collective desire to make the necessary changes. Honestly, who would invite the whites into their homeland that were not even able to figure out a way to control a troublesome 13% sliver of their own population? At least the whites in SA have an excuse because of their small numbers. If the blacks in SA only represented 13% of that country's population, I'm thinking that it would be a white run country in no time at all. What must snap before we confront the black plague without regard for political correctness?

Anonymous said...

'scuse me... but all you 'let's move the White Nation to the NorthWest...' you're going to have to rethink that strategy in light of that super caldera under the giant caldera that is Yellowstone. too many White eggs in one volatile basket.


Brandon said...

"There isn't anything "only" about property. It's work,it's sweat,it's risk,it's going without a lot of other things so that one day you can finally get something better than what you have now.

It's time that will never,ever be refunded. It's a lot of things,but one thing I can very confidently state is that property is not "only".

Thank you for this pertinent post. I am tired of the media -- and this isn't just the news; it's in television and fiction too -- continuously repeating the mantra o 'it's only property', 'it's just stuff', 'your life is what matters' and such nonsense. In many states it's not even legal to defend your own property from damage or theft; only your life and physical safety. Property IS life. It takes labor and time to acquire. Yet the Marxists that run society continually tell us that we're not allowed to value it.

Anonymous said...

Black savages can be likened to a large group of thuggish and murderous, barely sentient "human beings" who go to Disneyland, get pissed off at the security personnel trying to control their animal-like behavior, and then simply kill them without a second thought.

Perhaps Disneyland can be re-imagined to suit BRA...
* Main Street USA: rename it Martin Luther King Blvd., complete with trashed storefronts and 'bangers driving by and firing blanks in the direction of tourists.
* Fantasyland: theme park rides where you see black doctors, black scientists and numinous black politicians dispensing wisdom.
* Frontierland: take the jungle boat into a white suburb and through the magic of audio-animitronics, it turns into the 'hood before your very eyes.
* New Orleans Square: ah, the Haunted House, a recreated mansion with the ghosts of white people who built this country frowning at what America has become.
* Tomorrowland: a vision of America under BRA--no rides, no exhibits, just a bulldozed field returning to the Anaheim wilderness.

There used to be an exhibit at Disneyland where you saw an American kitchen as it was during various periods over the last century (c. 1900, 1930, 1960, etc.). There was also the Monsanto House of the Future. And the Rocket to the Moon, later upgraded to Mars. The theme was that progress was going to make things better. Disney had this song about “A great big beautiful tomorrow...” Well, here we are in that putative land of tomorrow, and what is life like? For most Americans, it has gotten worse. And we can look forward to an even more horrid future in BRA-Land.

Get armed, get ready, this ain't no theme park, this ain't no disco, there's no E-ticket fooling around.

Anonymous said...

You will need a production company of your own along with a pile of cash. Then the chances of anyone agreeing, to show it in theaters is nil. So you are left to posting it on the internet. Then if you get all of these factors accomplished go into hiding. But I am reasonably certain that new internet police in bed will take it down. Old executive order Obama is initiating stricter guidelines that will clean up the web. But don't worry all pediphiles and hard core sex junkies, it wont affeck you. You are the type of anonymous people that he can use. They aren't going to do anything that would draw attention to themselves.
Just as with the documentary "Thrive" one of this centuries best documentary. Look it up on line and it may still be there. It is well worth watching. About ninety minutes long. It is hard not to
go on with information about the fiim . So I leave it to the openenen viewers. To draw their own conclution .

Mich Mike
But I think

Anonymous said...

If the police weren't such cowards, they'd have ignored the order and deposed the mayor