Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Stay Calm. Don't Run": Black Leaders Put Lives of Black Criminals Ahead of Police in Atlanta


The Black Mecca. 

The City too Busy to Hate.

Home of one of the first confirmed "white privilege" murders (the logical conclusion of such teachings in academia, for "white privilege" can only end when there are no whites): the execution of Brittany Watts.
Life in "The City too busy to Hate": where black people put the lives of black criminals above those trying to maintain law and order in Atlanta

Now it's home to a population of black people looking to put the interests of suspected black criminals above the law. ['Don't Run' ad campaign suspended, 11 Alive, 5-13-15]:
 An ad campaign designed to raise awareness about police misconduct has been suspended after some claimed the billboards sent the wrong message. 
The Atlanta Citizen Review Board planned to launch the campaign as a direct response to the number of incidents of police-involved shootings locally and nationally. 
Twenty signs went up around the city on Monday telling people "Don't Run! Report police misconduct." 
The Atlanta Citizen Review Board said that the signs are meant to educate the public. 
"While we're talking about officer accountability let's look at what we can do to protect ourselves as well," said Lee Reid of the Atlanta Citizen Review Board. Some city leaders believe the billboards blame the victim. 
"This isn't about people who are running," said Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean, "this is about the people who are shooting at the people who are running." 
However, after some complaints from Atlanta City Council Members and other community leaders, the group decided to cancel a scheduled press conference and suspend the campaign.
Collectively, black America is incompatible with western civilization.

This story is only further proof of a simple realization helping explain why the cities blacks inherit after white flight quickly regress to the black mean.


Anonymous said...

Don't stop! Run like a MoFo!

bernicegreenbaum said...

This is what we lost, bitchez! I was alive during this era and let it pass. We got what we deserved.

Ricky in Cali said...

Stay calm don't run

Don't point ANYTHING at a police officer

Don't reach for their gun

Do not try to fight or resist arrest

LISTEN to the Cops when they're telling you something

Don't be high on drugs when you're being arrested

My god it's like talking to Children...

Anonymous said...

That symbol is No White People

Unknown said...

"Blaming the victim?" I feel like Alice in Dunderland.

The "don't run" thing reminds me of a story a friend told me once about when they installed modern toilets in some 3rd world craphole where they used to have the "dive bomber" toilets. You'd stand on the footsteps and squat, and with luck you'd score a bullseye. So when they installed the modern ones, some of the indigenous peoples were standing on the toilet seats, squatting and aiming. In addition to the mess it made, many of them fell off and got badly hurt. So the powers that be put up signs with a picture of some guy squatting on the toilet seat, with the red circle and the line through it.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable that the ugly sheboon would say, "this is about the people shooting at the people who are running"

That one detail tells you there's almost as many freeloaders as tax payers for her to get elected.. and probably 50% of the tax payers hold " gubmint" jobs (paid for by the taxpayers!!!)

No majority of private sector tax payers would want a dirty sherilla sheboon on office if they are going to turn citizens against the police.

PNW Realist said...

Okay, time to make some serious book: A bucket of The Colonel's extra crispy and a 40 ouncer of malt liquor say Atlanta is the next blacktopia to go up in flames.

Anonymous said...

yup, then hopefully you get shot in the back 4 times. Maybe try to stop breaking the law, and you wont have to run from police(or get shot by them).

Anonymous said...

This is not a mysterious phenomena we have before us. Negroes, along with their supporters, are engaged in a twisted public relations campaign, the goal of which is to allow them to freely act the way negroes want to behave.

Negroes cannot behave in ways that are normal for other racial groups. Concepts of personal control that are normal for other racial groups are painful for negroes. Chaos, mayhem, theft and violence come naturally to them. Traditional American society says no. They say yes.

I can't teach or force my horse to behave like a cat, no matter if I tase him or lock him up. Negroes must be separated from the rest of us. There they can be free to be negroes and take innate negro behavior wherever it will take them.

Here is an example of the negro from an earlier commenter. How can this be integrated into our society? It cannot and many Americans for hundreds of years have understood this.

Plaga Negra said...

Always somebody else's fault.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

This city's police force is close to 60% black if not more.Good luck finding a white cop to accuse.

Gnome Sane said...

I guess they didn't get the memo that running from the cops is actually a game blacks play to break up the monotony of their white-privilege induced, poverty-stricken lives.

What morons...if you don't run, there won't be any "police misconduct" to report.
In the second grade I complained to my teacher about the girls chasing me.
Her response, "You can't be chased if you don't run away."

The nogs run because they WANT an incident.

Anonymous said...

F#ck these cretins. F#ck them all. That's about the only thought I could muster after reading such ludicrous bullshit. No more!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, PK, what's ya'll's baby status?
Still in the oven?

Anonymous said...

Those billboards remind me of those "Don't rape!" billboards in Africa. Complete with pictures and everything.

God, these people are primitive ...

PB said...

Just plain unbelievable. All I can do is look from abroad with horror, knowing that similar is being worked up for us.

Anonymous said...

Total Bull Shiite!

The Black people in government ( city, county, state) continue to show their stupidity, and promote racism and race wars, and show their hatred of authority and anyone not Black.

Doh! Blacks aren't racist! (snark)

rex freeway said...

So now they flip flop and tell them to run and if caught then report anything the police do is a civil rights violation. It wont be long and snipers will need to be called in because BRA cant or wont control crime. Obama should be jailed for what he has started. I hope he becomes the victim of Black on Black crime.

Anonymous said...

Watching FOX news, expert claims we are not putting our money in infastructure. Congress he says is not duing there job.

Gee, I wonder were the money is going. Could it be the NEGROES.


Anonymous said...

The guy on the sign is white.

Why would a white person have to run from police?



I for one am damn sick and tired of this bullshit. The lowly common negro just don't get it do they? When a police officer asks you to get out of the car you get out of the car. This myth that is perpetrated by black leaders/Marxist media and even the HN'sIC Mr. Ms. Obummer that somehow the cops will kill you if you do what they ask you to do. Only a nigg-nogg would believe such a stupid thing.

The time is now to take back OUR country. Hell we put it on the map and made it the number one country in the free world. Watch how they are slowly draining everything that was once good from America. Liberals must go too. They are the ones helping these nigg-noggers pull this shit off. Cause you and I know damned well they aren't smart enough to pull this caper off by themselves.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there some crude farming procedure where the male animal has a rubber band put around its testes so that the sack loses its life support, withers, and drops off?

Well, negroes in a White society are about as useless as a goat's ballsack, so let's cut off their White-provided welfare and let them drop off the body of our society. They are destroying us...

Anonymous said...

I think a direct parallel can be drawn between the story of Frankenstein, and the horrific saga of the American negroid. Like the mad doctor, Americans allowed their perverse curiosity (and greed) to lead them into meddling with Nature and importing and experimenting with another species into their midst. They then interbred and selective bred these creatures over the decades and created a hybrid beast that they then lost control over.

With the size and strength that came from breeding for fieldwork, the 20% Caucasian DNA that came from miscegenation, and the inherent differences in the negro DNA (lower IQ, poor future time orientation, lower impulse control, more violent, etc), we now have tennis of millions of these things roaming our land bringing about unheard of destruction and chaos.

In this scenario, who are the "villagers with torches and pitchforks" who come to kill the creature and doctor in his castle...?

ps. cue up "Blackenstein" on Netflix for a giggle. Then "Blackula" for a double feature.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the best report showing that the so-called success of negroes in Apelanta is all due to artificial means? Government quotas, affirmative action, shakedowns by groid organizations, etc?

I know it's physically impossible for the apes to create on their own; so what pipeline of White money is keeping the charade going?

Gwoobus Harmon said...

You know if these #blacklivesmatter rabble rousers were genuine and serious about preserving black lives vs. police, they would be doing things like this to educate the public.


If you feel a stop or arrest is unwarranted, there is an existing framework to challenge the legality of it. You cooperate at the time of arrest and challenge it *LATER* through legal channels. The time to challenge an arrest is not while it is occurring! All that does is escalate the situation to a point where force and violence are required to subdue the suspect, up to and including with lethal means.

If you look at each of these recent cause celebres, every single one of them, were escalated by the black refusing to comply with the arrest/stop.

Freddie Gray? ... runs from police, initiating the confrontation, thrashes about in van, causing multiple stops.

Walter Scott? ... runs from the police, attacks him, grapples for taser.

Michael Brown? .... curses officer, refuses to walk on curb, attacks officer, all after robbing a store, high on drugs.

Eric Garner? ... refuses to be peacefully arrested, struggles with multiple officers until they do a physical take down and continued restraint to cuff him.

No one in media is pointing out that the initial non-compliance is the catalyst in these routine and mundane stops turning deadly, and that all of them were wholly unnecessary had the arrested been peaceful.

Instead of pleading with and educating the black community how to behave in a civil and social manner, specifically arrest procedure, TPTB are making it about police brutality.

Want to actually save black lives? Teach them not to do things that escalate police confrontations!

Anonymous said...

Feeling helpless as the freaks around you control your lives and gradually move the orc hordes closer and closer to your house? What to do...?

Well, for one, do some research and find who's representing you politically. Examine each ring of control; start with your area's Mayor, council, school principal, etc. Who are they? What do they represent? Who controls them?

If they're negro, know that they are out to destroy you. They'll probably mask it, but their actions will discriminate against non-blacks. Start organizing to vote them out.

Keep researching; be relentless. Educate your neighbors. Take control back. But first, identify the enemy. Start pushing back...

Anonymous said...

Like the old ad "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?", if hood rats stayed calm and didn't run, how much police misconduct would there be?

The world will never know.

Honestly, that billboard makes no sense. It reads as if a lot of police misconduct isn't getting reported because people are getting scared and running away instead of being brave and recording.

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1966 and what we lost will never be again. I remember sitting on my aunts lap steering her 68 Camaro, riding in my other aunts 1969 mustang, and my mom's 65 Impala 4spd. These memories are orc free! No worries we lived in the country far away from them, I still do in my grandparents house. I still have a tv, just a tool to see how bad msm is lying about our countries collapse. We had a Cleveland news anchor (human female) suspended from work for referring to a Lady Gag,gag song as "jigaboo" music! The world my ancestors fought for, built and died for is just a memory. The innocence is gone, just one big Bra riot away from total collapse. Ohioborn.

Anonymous said...

"This is not about blaming the victim. " WTF? The assumption being the CRIMINAL being arrested is the victim? Being a white man, when I see the police taking someone into custody, I assume they have committed some criminal act, they are a criminal or there was a criminal warrant for their arrest.
If they're supposed to be "just like us" why are they so f**ked up?

Drug dealers should be executed. Thieves should be jailed. Attack a police officer at your own risk. Africans will never be like Americans. Mental concepts of community, law and order, honor, shame, duty etcetera are beyond them.
No, they'll never have the ability to understand us or be or equals. What they don't understand, they destroy. Electricians sometimes get shocked. Africans stealing copper wire get fried. They will never understand!


Anonymous said...

On a national level, Republicans and so-called conservatives suck. But on a local level, they can make a big difference. Compare Guiliani's NY to David Dinkins NY. Huge difference in quality of life for people living under Guiliani's leadership.

Atlanta could easily elect a white, tough-on-crime mayor. The black population is not that much larger than the white. And the white population is increasing in Atl. It's the only metro city in the US that is seeing this kind of increase. The black population is decreasing in the city (though much to the detriment of surrounding counties like Cobb and Gwinnett.) There is no reason why the Negro Reed won re-election on 2013. He only got 20,000+ votes. The other three candidates got slightly over 2,000 each. Turn out was pathetically low.

Population wise, Atlanta is far from Detroit. It's definitely salvageable and absolutely worth saving.

I just don't understand this "it's hopeless, so let's throw up our hands and surrender" attitude so many whites have.

I love Atlanta. Some of my best memories were made there. I don't want to see it fall.

Common YT. Where's your warrior spirit?


Anonymous said...

This is so perverse.

Anonymous said...

I hope that there will be a day when we stop pretending African Shitholes in American are cities with people who can obey laws and be responsible. They should be walled off and regarded as no-go zones, awaiting the military to mop up level the entire area.

Blacks should be regarded as the biological waste that they are.

Long Island Guido said...

Dejavu. More of Deblasios children!!

Anonymous said...

Niggardly New Englander said:

Telling your typical criminally-inclined, innner city groid not to run when they see a cop is on the order of, say, telling an arsonist to stick around with the gas can in his hand until the fire chief arrives.

They run for a damn good reason, and it ain't for exercise, believe me. Nor is it because they fear the cops. They used to, but not anymore thanks to white traitors using their dumb assses like cannon fodder against white patriots.

And when they (Alinskyites) finally do get what they want politically, these stupid blacks will also be eliminated like so much garbage.

Long Island Guido said...

Don't worry folks. The black race is basically fucking themselve. Everyone is seeing their dysfunction and destruction. Between them killing themselves, cops offing them and abortion. Hopefully the numbers will continue to dwindle.

The mexicans and Chinese will NOT handle them likely in the future!

Anonymous said...

Blacks cannot read. Sign is useless. Needs to be completely pictorial. White people are not the criminal mass, so switch the colors around.

Completely agree with Frankenstein analogy. Also agree with MissGA, White America is not a lost cause. Blacks will eventually die out they are so ill-suited to life other than in the jungle. Let them keep killing each other.

Finally, White police DO NOT WANT TO CHASE BLACKS! White people want to stay as far from them as possible! They do it because it's their JOB (an unknown concept to Blacks). I bet even some Black cops don't want to subject themselves to Black trash criminals. We need a billboard that tells cops to leave all Black trash criminals alone unless they are harming a White person. 😄

Anonymous said...

When you are mad as hell at the end of each day after each new round of revolting and infuriating TNB, may I suggest you watch JEOPARDY where you may observe the best of what America has to offer. White Americans from all walks of life, all areas of the country, who clearly love and respect knowledge and learning. It's the rare IKAGO who appears, and you know that sadly, s/he is not serving as a role-model for Black yoot because they don't watch shows like this. Sigh.

Ex-Copper said...

The black community treats the negro resisting arrest as the catalyst for the police response much in the same way as "moderate" Muslims treat the killings of those accused of mocking Mohammed by ISIS.

It is the fault of the police and likewise the fault of the mocker, not the fault of the individual committing the actual crime. A legitimate response against their "culture and customs".

As was clearly stated by Major Davis's mother after he murdered Officer Perry Renn in Indianapolis. "If he'd stayed in his (Renn's) car, this never would have happened". You see Officer Renn was shot by Davis who was armed with a "chopper" when Renn responded to complaints of Davis threatening to shoot and shooting at persons attending a barbecue at his mothers house.

The moderate clerics state that while it is regrettable that extremists kill nonmuslims, the nonmuslims insulted Islam first.

If you insult Allah, you end up dead.
Savages are as savages do. If you enforce the law you end up dead.

Anonymous said...

No matter what behavior the negro engages in, the negro community always vomits up explanations, excuses, reasons and justifications for it. Like children, they scream, "It ain't us! It's you! You're the one causing all this!"
If no other race were around, black behavior wouldn't change.
Blaming others is just a matter of convenience wherein they get to deny all responsibility for their own actions, behaviors and outcomes while playing the victim and acting all self-righteous.
It doesn't matter what the subject. Poor school performance, trashy neighborhoods, high levels of crime, lack of job skills etc- all of it is all someone else's fault.
As per running from the cops, if other races started doing it, the cops wouldn't just watch someone react to their presence with alarm and take off running and then stand there and say, "Hmmm. I wonder what that was all about?"
Only negroes would be stupid enough to consider running from the cops to be a game (that they actively engage in) and then turn around and complain about how they're always being chased by the cops. Or complain when black criminals see the cops, react with alarm and take off running only to be chased and apprehended for questioning.
It really does take a special kind of stupid and negroes don't disappoint in that regard.

Anonymous said...

They run because they know they've committed a crime in the recent past and there is no way to know if the cop is there for them or just happens to be passing by.

PNW Realist said...

Ricky in Cali wrote:My God it's like talking to children...

No, Ricky, it's really very different. Children will learn, grow up and become responsible adults. These things will not. They seldom understand the consequences of their actions. Too many of them are border-line retarded.

This will not end well. This will not be solved at the ballot box.

10mm AUTO said...

I just don't understand this "it's hopeless, so let's throw up our hands and surrender" attitude so many whites have.

I love Atlanta. Some of my best memories were made there. I don't want to see it fall.

Common YT. Where's your warrior spirit?


May 15, 2015 at 6:04 AM""

Alive and well thank you very much. No one is "throwing up their hands and surrendering" but we are not going to repeat the mistakes of the past, either. Real political change is a function of Demographics and it is too easy for the negro (or the Marxist) to slip the knife in and destroy an organization or lead to a terrible failure like another "brother" war like the war between the States.

Most of the South fell the moment it imported a virulent proto-human species to till its fields and pick its produce. It just took a long time to bleed out. America of the 1950's, with its hope and love of the future, is gone. The current administration is importing millions specifically to dilute the White demographic. These also will breed and by 2040, Whites will be a minority, like the Tutsi in Rwanda. That is our countdown.

Given that, all other considerations are rescinded. We must secure the existence of our people and the future for White Children and do it within this next 25 year time space.

We must develop a legal framework of a society that encourages large, strong families, etc. More important, we need to secure the land, which we have for various reasons, identified as the Pacific Northwest.

Its not hopeless, we are working very hard with those who can See. It's time for you to Come Home.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

F#ck these cretins. F#ck them all. That's about the only thought I could muster after reading such ludicrous bullshit. No more!!!


That is the thing about BRA--the sh*t never ends. Never. Even when blacks have totally taken over and wrecked a city. The sh*t goes on and on and on...You can never live a normal life.

This is why the only way to deal with blacks is total separation. I don't mean segregation. I mean entirely separate countries, with border controls enforced by Rule 7.62 (or I suppose 5.56 these days).

Californian said...

Here's the thing: blacks create an inordinate amount of crime, all out of proportion to their number. Everything from petty public drug offenses up to horrendous torture-murders. And we can toss in blacks torching entire cities, from Devil's Night to Baltimore. This requires a massive police response which does often infringe on civil liberties. It's not to be denied that profile searches, surveillance cameras and SWAT teams kicking in doors all over the Homeland do not undermine the Bill of Rights. But what is the alternative? The alternative is letting black flashmobs and gangbangers terrorize the civilized neighborhoods, and destroy entire cities.

But the extraordinary police measures do create abuses, whether real or trumped up. So then comes the reaction, such as this billboard campaign. Blacks directly create the reality of crime, and then indirectly create the abuse of police power. It gets back to a reality that large numbers of blacks in a polity undermine civil society. You can not have civil society when the crime rates are through the roof. You can not have civil society when the police are given extraordinary powers. You can not have civil society when a cop shooting of a thug leads to massive rioting.

It's the perpetual motion civilization destruction machine in action.

Another name for BRA.

Anonymous said...

White retired City of Detroit, why is it 12-13% of the population of US is getting over 75% of social program expenses? How the hell di it ever get this far? I have these "people" moving into my suburban Detroit neighborhood (in rentals that the white owners do not care, they take that section 8 check, drive my property values down, have their fatherless children bouncing a basketball all day long, the mothers boyfriends smoke weed in back yard, I call my suburban Detroit police department (Livonia, which used to be 99.1% white 20 years ago)and they do NOTHING, treat me like a racist criminal for complaining. Some one please tell me where in US, please not Alaska, I can go to escape the onslaught of these "people". When I worked and lived in Detroit I never let my guard down, I knew I was a target by being white but my safe non-black neighborhood is being over ran with these "people" who claim they want to escape the crime of Detroit and bring it with them. I believe now that the 2 races can not ever co-exist together. We need a country that is free from these "people" or at least a corner of some state where their are not any of them. Any one know of such a place? I will move there and bring my economic impact with me, I am sick of my dollars being wasted on these "people".

Ragno said...

A bucket of The Colonel's extra crispy and a 40 ouncer of malt liquor say Atlanta is the next blacktopia to go up in flames.

Not so fast! do realize there's a proper betting line for these things, yes?

TAMPA 10-1
KEENE, NH 2500-1

Anonymous said...

Atlanta could easily elect a white, tough-on-crime mayor. The black population is not that much larger than the white. And the white population is increasing in Atl. It's the only metro city in the US that is seeing this kind of increase

This is true. My family went to the ATL zoo recently and out to lunch in the Grant Park area. I was surprised at the number of evil gentrifiers that seemed to numerous everywhere. Of course, we couldn't get away from the undertow completely. We were stuck in traffic for a period of time as a "Funeral for the Black Man" protest proceeded through and hung everybody up.

I sensed even some of my non-realist family members were upset and starting to think/consider different opinions. It's starting to happen - be confident.

Anonymous said...

I just called. I promise the girl to answer was a DWL. I hung up afterwards. Thought about having fun..

Anonymous said...

Long Island Guido said...

"Dejavu. More of Deblasios children!!

I encourage everybody to watch this video. It's easy to scroll past the links in the comments section while trying to read all the comments themselves. This one certainly deserves a look.

Not only is this yet another example of using the euphemism of "teens" for blacks, you never see one reference to race in the accompanying article. But look at that video. Ask yourself if you would be prepared if something like this broke out around you. Wading into these groups of "teens" is a bad plan, folks. Listen to the glee the violence provokes here.

A gun shot into the ceiling *might*, I repeat, might, work. Who knows?

SC Native said...

When you have to state the obvious to a group of whatever they are then perhaps the whatever's are the problem. First of all they can't read so why put up signs. Secondly why not just tell them don't run from the cops you stupid bastards and stop being criminals. I guess that's too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

Atl could get a yt mayor, but they won't be conservative. The counties surrounding Atl are going to shit with the quickness. Historical negro counties have negro flight occurring to the yt ones.

The burbs are getting darker and the city is getting paler. The problem with the yt city dwellers, is they are all liberal. Artists, musicians, gays, students and young techies.

Atl had a yt candidate last go round, but she couldn't pull it off. The yt population is close to the negro's.

We need a bit more TNB in town to awaken the DWLs. Ga Tech has had numerous assaults against their students. Many from Emory, Ga State and the other schools in town.

All the yt libs have to notice that every govt worker they have to deal with, is a negro around here.

In Atl you are privileged to have the highest number of municipal workers per citizen in the country.

The highest per pupil spending in the state is in the APS.

80% of all the state, municipal and fed jobs in the Atl are held by negros.

Some departments are 100% negro. The departments dealing with all election and money appropriation appear to be 100% negro from what I have seen and been told. The departments where some form of production occurs or serious infrastructure control and maintenance exists, have Yts.

"You know" the jobs where performance is critical to the proper function of the city definitely has more yts. How else would shit get done?

I don't think the coons will get to out of control around here. Most of the surrounding counties to Atl have high gun ownership, hell one town Kennesaw, has an old ordinance where the head of a household must be armed at their residence.

This is still the south, I meet people all day long who express their disdain for the negro. All this msm coverage of their destruction through their "scruggle" is awakening many a polite southerner and returning them to reality.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Anonymous said...

Catch-22 with the negro:

If you don't protect yourself, your property, and THEM you are held liable-

If we go as far as to resort to what amounts to using tribal symbols to get important messages across it ends up being construed as us calling them childish or stupid, or (GASP!) disrespectful.

Either way, can't have that. What are a few deaths and ghetto lottery attempts, as long as they're not physically burning the city down, not that a mayor tasked with the safety of the public would ever allow that to happen...

If you're too lazy we can accommodate your sloth and utter stupidity- but if you are going to cop an attitude, well we can't help you and frankly don't want to help you that that point.

Keep it up negroes. A true demonstration of the most disastrous PR campaign in modern history.

10mm AUTO said...

Here on SBPDL we often talk about the fact that "if we were on the Jury" we would have sent D'marculonus or "Shito'virus" even if we had to argue all day with the racist negros on the jury. We always assume that loyal, tax paying, intelligent, logical Whites would be allowed on the Jury, right?

Sorry my dear friends, but that day is past. Each day a chunk of our Sovereignty is being taken away. Judges, Attorney Generals, Police Officers, Mayors, City Councilmen, Corporations, County Governments and even States are converting to the BRA religion.

Now a Jury of your peers.

Faster and faster the hits come. Soon you will bow to your negro Overlords. When little Johnny comes in upset that he had to let the niglet copy his work in school and the teacher would not stop it, you will sigh and say, "Johnny that's just the way it is." because to call the school, complain, work yourself up is useless and will get you marked as a "racist" and possibly fired from your job.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

chattanoogagal said...

"If no other race were around, black behavior wouldn't change"
all you have to do is look at any african country to now that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with an earlier poster who suggested the symbol on that billboard subliminally reads as "no white people allowed".

Another topic, maybe borderline O/T, but I maintain there is a relevance. FOX carries a feel-good story about a young man in South Carolina told by his school he can't fly the American flag on his truck.

Next day, lots of people show up at the school with flags. School backs down, says flags are okay again.

On the surface, a great story about patriotism and love of country. What troubles me is, how can these good South Carolinians not see the flag and country they love are instruments of their own demise? And, on a historical note, don't they recall that Sherman flew that flag?

I'm sure the folks with flags are good people. I just wish they could see through easy symbolic actions to the hard work that needs to be done for White people to be free again- in their own country.

Wouldn't it be great if a parking lot of angry parents showed up after a day of MLK/Civil Rights brainwashing at the school?

bernicegreenbaum said...

Well, it's clear that we need to immediately get rid of all law enforcement in these highly deprived cities of what used to be America. The folk in Atlanta and such don't want no law force men office in dey hood, so I sez weez goan gib dem nun. And the libs who cheer on the Po Po Brutality music, let's let them have their daughters in junior, soon to be senior high get raped by that oh, IKAGO LaJayveeYus on the bakka ball team and what, no po po around to take the call from her when she is screaming about how her anal cavity is now completely numb? Oh, yes, the po po, dey be bads, gnome sane?

I've decided to take the "happy pill" and whatever the libs want is what they get. Let's let it all play out, shall we? After all, THEY know best, right? All I can say is, secure yourself and your most prized possessions (hopefully your family), and get ready to hunker down, cause in the words of that immortal bastard, GWB, "This sucka goin' down!"

This is not a test......REPEAT****THIS***IS****NOT****A****TEST! It's probably not too late if you haven't secured a firearm, but be advised, the time for doing so is nigh. Civil liberties are going the way of the Victrola. And nobody seems to care. They're all too attached to their "Iphones" or whatever. YOU**** are the person responsible for survival. When you finally decide to stop bitching and protect yourself and your family, look into some self sufficiency, like farming. Or if you're like me and live in the city, form some co-op relationships with some farmers. OH yeah, it's about to get a big way. The negroes are now in charge. "PAYBACK" is now the name of the game. Their handlers have declared it so. Once you sober yourself to that fact, you need to get to work. And I'm not being preachy. I'm more or less talking to myself, because this here is not my country. It's not the place I was born and sure as heck isn't where I plan to bring on grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Liberals control the Blacks.

Who controls the Liberals...?

Anonymous said...

I am at work and in Cleveland, Cleveland is one jury decision away from a category 9 chimpout. Ohioborn!

Anonymous said...

The Wrong Side Won the Civil War said:

God help these criminal pavement apes if the Chinese ever get control of this country. They will not fuck with them for 2 seconds. Matter of fact, they won't even waste valuable economic resources jailing and feeding them for God knows how long. They'll put them all of them right in the ground, and it won't take them very long. It's the Chinese way.

The Chinese absolutely do not screw even with their own criminals and routinely execute people who merely do shoddy construction work resulting in the death of others. You don't have to do a whole hell of a lot in China to face a firing squad or get tied to a whipping post and die of your back wounds.. Add to this their very deep-seated antagonism towards blacks in general, and I needn't tell you what the Chinese would do with these savage bastards. Much the same goes for the very large criminal element amongst Mexicans and many south Americans. They would not only shut that border, but execute anyone right on the spot trying to even cross it, including mothers, children and babies.

BTW, when the Chinese government executes someone, they send the family a bill for the ammunition. However, with the black problem they might have to alter this policy in that very soon there might not be any family members left in the black community to send the bill to.

Come to think of it, the way things are going, maybe a Red Chinese government here in the US might not be a better alternative for the white man. I mean, how could it be any worse than how it is now becoming with no one lifting a finger to stop it?

Az Visigoth said...

To our dear FlowerBell:

Girl, if you stop posting comments because of the snarky posting of another, I will be pissed! When I have limited comments-reading time, I scroll down to find the comments from my favorites and YOU, my dear, are at the top of the list! The poster that made those comments, I don't believe that they were trying to be mean, but I believe made them out of concern for those of us who are still unarmed amid all this madness.

In my opinion, these young black perps run from the police because they are afraid. Afraid of getting caught again and having to pay the consequences. Besides, if you run and get away, you enhance your "street cred". Gotta be adding to that resume, right? They know the beleaguered cops will be reluctant to pursue them or defend themselves if they are attacked.

Commenters, you are as important to me as Mr. Kersey. Keep those comments coming. Never give up trying to deprogram DWLs!! I am living proof that you are not wasting your time. Always try to find a tiny crack in the veneer and seep through it. But I ask this of all of you: Let's be nice to one another and support each other despite our differences in opinion.

I was happy to see comments supportive of Luke, who claims to be an awakened black. These people do exist, and while many of them believe less in the Bell Curve theory and more in the "welfare has destroyed the black family unit and resulted in degradation of our culture" theory (something I don't entirely disagree with). Also some of us from the southwest have grown up alongside Chicanos, worked with them, lived next door to them and we know many of them are awakened. Even to the point of believing that "we need to protect our border and if you are a Mexican who is already here, either assimilate or get the hell out!" Yes, there are many, many of these people living in the southwest. But we southwesterners need to be mindful that many of the folks that have a problem with hispanics have to live around the ones from the Caribbean, who are very different than Americans of Mexican descent. So let's try and be aware of why there are differences among whites and try to cultivate more unity in the realist community.

Our biggest obstacle is our lack of unity. I will stand unified with all other non-blacks, even in the face of those differences!!

For many of us baby boomers, the jig is up. It's been 50 years and trillions of dollars of other peoples' hard-earned money down the crapper! It's time to prepare our compassionate psyches for the possibility that most blacks just can't cut it. If they coulda, they woulda but they couldn't so they didn't. Even with all those entitlements. Now it is time for some tough love!!!

I feel genuine affection for the posters here. Wish I could meet some of you!



Anonymous said...

To Anonynous - White Retired City of Detroit

There have to be towns you can move to. Obviously, the wealthier you are, the easier it is to live in White enclaves. Still there are options for Whites who are not wealthy. Determine what states might suit you. Search on-line for towns with the lowest percentage of Blacks. Then research the surrounding towns for their Black percentage to insure a buffer zone. When you find possibilities, research housing costs. You can do it all from home! I wish you luck. You should be able to enjoy retirement.

D-FENS said...

I wonder if Chinese contact with Africa led to the Emperor's decision to scrap the treasure fleet.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta is not lost cause new gentrification is taking place along the beltline and intown.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't blame the blacks. They're living under white, Western law, which is completely contradictory to their nature. How else would you expect them to act?

The true enemy, as always, are the elites who have traded and will continue to trade Western civilization for integration and "equality."

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard a groid say something positive about whitey?

Anonymous said...

The Wrong Side Won the Civil War said:

"BTW, when the Chinese government executes someone, they send the family a bill for the ammunition."

LMAO...I found this statement gave me a good, perverse, schadenfreude-filled laugh!

Can you imagine the blacks waking up to country with no white guilt...realizing their saying "white privilege!" didn't get them shit? Finding no one cares if they accuse someone of being a "racist"? Then being told to get to work? Again, "LMAO"!

They would be in deep sheeeit because they don't have any other tools in their toolbox; just bitching for more gibs, i.e., "investment".

Wonder if the Chinese would see them as a good investment?

Anonymous said...

To the white person that retired from a job in the city of Detroit. Nigs are moving in to your burb, trying to get away from other nigs in the city

Check your computer for small cities in the north of the state. Many are still the way life should be.

Point is, get out now, sell or rent if you have to. But get the hell out, it will not get better, only worse. Follow your instincts, as a white use your God given gift of a larger brain. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

I know he is not the most popular guy here, but Rush is discussing a new book by Thomas Sowell about the negro. He claims "its everything he's ever thought about blacks and society, but couldn't put into words".

He couldn't put into words first! It had to be put into words by someone else, so he could discuss it as someone else's view. Pretty smart....

I think he secretly uses SBPDL in his show prep. I hear statements by Rush, that sound like comments from here.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Anonymous said...

Someone else has already said it, but it bears repeating, "You can't fix stupid! "
The black culture is the culture of "stupid. " Worshipping thugs, criminals and cibil rats activists. Only one word for it "stupid. "
Most black athletes, earning millions of dollars a year, are broke 3 years after retirement. Why? Culture? STUPID!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Gnome Sane for making me really laugh. I could not figure out the meaning until I repeated out loud a few times. ("Conversating" with myself, as it were.). Oh, the exquiste, lyrical beauty of Ebonics. gnome sane??

Anonymous said...

@ FlowerBell

I’m the poster that made the original “snarky?” post to Flowerbell. I have no idea how it was taken as offensive, but I’d like to elaborate on my points.
The government is spreading violent diversity into rural areas and small towns. It is not uncommon for small towns to be flooded with hundreds or even thousands of refugees over the course of several months. Those refugees then use family reunification to bring hundred or even thousands more of their kind into the small town. Lewiston, ME was flooded with thousands of violent African muslims, they now make up 10% (or more) of the town’s population. Those Africans you saw in the nearby town may be the bellwether for a flood of savages coming into your area. The government will not let you hide from them, I’m sorry.
You are probably safe out in the woods, but in the unlikely event you are raided by diversity, you are completely on your own. I’m part of a neighborhood watch, if screams or gunshots are heard coming from my house, armed neighbors will be there long before police arrive. Again, you are probably safe, but living in the middle of nowhere does have a down side.
Firearms are the only realistic means of self-defense for women. My mother calls her guns her “Mamma Bear claws”. Most women enjoy shooting, even if they were intimidated by firearms at first. Most gun ranges offer special womans only firearm training. I strongly suggest you get your license to carry.
Those are only points I was trying to make, I apologize if I caused any offense.

Anonymous said...


You know, on many levels I truly feel sorry for those blacks in this country who are highly accomplished in their own right, proud to be American, largely share the values of the larger culture and raise kind, decent children within a solid moral and spiritual framework.

It must truly be embarrassing to be great men like Justice Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Armstrong Williams, Colonel West, Sheriff David Clarke and so many other hard-working, older blacks that grew up before the destructive War on poverty and not hating white people just for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

"God help these criminal pavement apes if the Chinese ever get control of this country."
If the Chinese take over, you'll be too busy feeding the worms, to laugh at the pavement apes. Good God, you guys with your Chinese and Russian and Mextizo Saviors. No wonder we're losing.
There is no eternal spring of water, oil, gold, or wheat, that naturally springs up from our soil. America is the jewel of the globe, because of the White Europeans who raised it up from the dust and trees. Without the continued dominance and productivity of Whites, America will turn to shit, and there will be no reason for China or Russia or anyone to "take over", except to pick our stinking carcass.

Anonymous said...

I'm White (English/Eastern Europe stock). Ancestors here for a long time. About fifty, and a working family man. I've become so enraged by the lies I've been told growing up in America that I've finally had enough. I have started openly discussing negro dysfunction, and it has shocked some of my Lib friends and family members. But honestly, I don't give a flying f%ck.

I speak the Truth, and I fear no one as long as I truly believe in what I say. I am educated and have traveled the world. I know what I've seen. Negroes destroy First World Civilizations. We must speak openly about it and not fear the consequences. If enough of us start to do it, they won't have enough energy to fling the shame words they use to try and silence us. I'm risking a lot, but risking much more by staying silent.

Learn your facts, study the science behind the groid's inferiority, and let loose. Quite funny, actually, to watch some people splutter and freak out when you drop some heavy duty knowledge on them. Have at it my friends!

Anonymous said...

I read recently that a line they wanted to use in the TV show 'Seinfeld' that wasn't approved was George at a restaurant musing: "Ya know Jerry, I've never seen a black person order a salad".

How f*cking funny is that!!

Hey, any of you want to create other suggested Seinfeld negro lines? Let's have a contest! Ok, PK?

Californian said...

Some one please tell me where in US, please not Alaska, I can go to escape the onslaught of these "people".

There is nowhere you can go to be free of blacks. Sure, you might find a gated community somewhere, but you'll be living life under siege. Fact is, the government is flooding white areas with blacks, domestic and imported.

Even Europe is being invaded by the black tide.

Stop thinking you are living in "normal" times. You are not. It has not been normal in the USA since the Civil Rights Revolution of the 1950s-60s.

You have to prep. You have to get organized. You have to be ready to get active and when it comes down to it, be ready to fight.

Anonymous said...

Can we outsource our law enforcement to the Chinese? Groids can't blame White racism as the firing squads do their daily jobs. Chinese won't stand for any TNB. Or maybe the Ghurkas?

Anonymous said...

I don't hate black people anymore than I hate a pit bull. Like the dog, I try to avoid being around them and when circumstance forces me to be in their presence, my defensive skills are heightened.
I don't hate anyone. But I do despise DWLs that have sacrificed their wives and children on the altar of diversity. I surely do.

Anonymous said...

I ask all the time why the negroes just gave up all that fantastical civilization building power they lay claim to only to live as savages. Not one of these "smart" nogs has ever answered it.

MrGJG said...

Armstrong Williams was talking about voting for Obama during his first run. Likewise J.C. Watts.
So many white people don't understand the depth of black cohesion and unity. Even the so called conservative blacks will stab you in the back if forced to choose.
It's a covenant, and it will never be broken.

Anonymous said...

OT, but had to share. Knew y'all would appreciate this:

So, recent report on typical groid shooting; these are dime a dozen across America nowadays. But, watch the video! Look at the reporter's location! Ghettopotamus sow exits her whip as the reporter starts! Going into a soul food restaurant with a picture of ribs or something. And big sign saying they take EBT cards!!

This country is DONE!! Your tax money at work!!

MrGJG said...

Here's one that didn't make the Seinfeld cut: Kramers standing in front of the building calling the blacks that walk by Niggers. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Arming the middle east on all sides. Running guns to ms 13 gangs in Mexico the n opening the borders for gang members to live here free on the taxpayer dime. Consuello pops out 30 or more anchor babies. Juan becomes an instant citizen goes to work for the Dea to help his ms 13 gang members bring in all the pot they want it will soon be legal. Everywhere. What a way for the feds to "lose" the war on drugs. Only to turn it into billions for votes and Communisum.

Anonymous said...

OT – Speaking the truth is a defense to libel or slander and stomping on the American flag or placing a crucifix into a jar of urine and calling it art is protected by the 1st Amendment, but in the black hole that we call BRA the concept of truth or free speech doesn't exist.

A principle dares to mention the observable truth that the students rudely leaving a high school commencement during the presentation of speeches were black. She was quickly fired.

Anonymous said...

Confront the media. Bombard your children with the real truth. Statistics city by city. Crime in real time vs. Fuxed up. Fakery.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent aggression versus stupid aggression.

Intelligent aggression includes introspection and self criticism.
Blacks are severely deficient in these critical qualities. There should be a relentless and intense campaign of promoting sexual and reproductive responsible behavior. It should include strong public service adds, television and movies, music, and impassioned speeches from prominent public figures.
Blacks need an Empire State Building's worth of of this intelligent aggression and, yet, their weak minds can only manage an ant hill.

Stupid aggression is a crippling mental weakness that is genetically wired in sub-Saharan Africans.
Almost all the aggression is outwards and focused on attacking members of another tribe of some sort. It's against the police, White victims of violent black home invasions - see Olu Stevens, a narcissistic racial socialist ass hole -, and innocent hard working White Americans in general.

On a positive note, I'm seeing far more intelligent and knowledgeable Racial Realism in the blogosphere than ever before. Increasing amounts of well expressed facts and logic. This is all very important in creating the political ammunition to counter the vicious anti-White politics and cultural brainwashing of BRA.
The next step is to get increasing amounts of this ammo into the political mainstream.
For example, the Republican politicians need to be pressured on whether they're going to support eliminating Section 8, black skin privilege, the public school monopoly on education subsidization, etc.

I'm not holding my breath, but I'm not giving up either.

Anonymous said...

How about signs tha say Stay honest, do no commit crime, report negro misconduct to police.

bernicegreenbaum said...

The TPP currently sailing through Congress will effectively be the last nail in YTville USA. Once that's passed, it's anyone's guess who makes it to the EXIT door first. I'm talking Tijuana town, with a USA zip code. That's our future. It's what they (the elite) want. Cheap booze, cheaper women, and Havana cigars. Who cares how the peasants put food on the table?

I really have to laugh at other people's comments on other sites. People actually say Shiite like, "What do blacks think will happen when they do things like that?" I'm like,
"oh, really? Like the negro gives a f**k and has a sense of future time orientation?" Of course, I usually get banned from sites for exposing the truth. Interesting times we live in, when the truth, whispered, is enough to sentence you to a life in exile. Happened to some dumb white broad in Atlanta. She had the temerity to call blacks out for leaving a graduation ceremony which she incorrectly adjourned before a reading from the valedictorian. Most people hang on the words of the valedictorian. I always wanted to be that guy or gal, up there on stage, giving my spin on what makes the cosmos go round and round and Shiite. Not negroes! No, they wants da degree n' da partee, beeyatch! Don't need no val-uh-dick-tory makin' statements bout life n' sheet.

Off topic, but I'm on a rant and what the f**k. I recall about twenty years ago seeing a poster that had a Lamborghini, a private jet, a Malibu ocean front estate, the works. The caption read something like, "What higher education is worth!"

And yes, I took umbrage to that. Here I thought higher education was necessary to understand the bullshiite that is on the surface. Learning how to pick apart an argument, etc. No, that's not what's important. It's all about that fifty thousand dollar diploma and the sixty large gubmint job that follows. Stupid YT!

Anonymous said...

The tragedy of mega rich paradise Haiti turned to planet's worst shithole by blaxk rule says it all as do so many other exampled. They can make pure gold smell like rotten eggs in days and now we in the West have to take back our birth right or die trying.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Seinfeld cut that didn't make the cutting room floor: Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer are doing some community service at an elementary school. They're assigned task at the school is helping ghetto kids with their Father's Day cards.

Someone asked what we teachers did in the hood for Fathers Day with the chillen. Since almost none of them knew who their dads are, we were told to have them make cards for people who were "father figures" in their lives. Nine out of ten times it was some broad the kids made a card for. Men are nowhere to be found in the black "community". Guess that's what gubmint is fo. Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

Someone asked what we teachers did in the hood for Fathers Day with the chillen. Since almost none of them knew who their dads are, we were told to have them make cards for people who were "father figures" in their lives. Nine out of ten times it was some broad the kids made a card for. Men are nowhere to be found in the black "community". Guess that's what gubmint is fo. Gnome sane?

Bernice, thanks for the report from the front.

What you are reporting on is one more aspect of BRA's total dysfunction as a system.

PNW Realist said...

Donchoo know dat promotin' respons'ble sexyoull 'havyour be rayciss 'n' sheeeeet? 'N' dat dat be a my-crow 'ggresion agin da brudders?

(Who needs satire? We're living it in dysfunctional BRA. When it's not pathetic and sad, it can be quite funny.)

Anonymous said...

I'm an expat who was considering a move back to the States, but honestly, the way things are going with the Negroes there, I ain't coming back until the smoke has cleared after the 'raw ecar'.

Groids and their lovers just have too much momentum; they're gonna really tear the country up now. Just too much trouble to come back and get involved in this shit. Sorry, will support the cause as I can from over here, but you guys are gonna have to hit the streets and mop this mess up yourselves.

Michigan Jim said...

Anonymous at 7:20 said:
"When you are mad as hell at the end of each day after each new round of revolting and infuriating TNB, may I suggest you watch JEOPARDY where you may observe the best of what America has to offer."

There are many smart people on Jeopardy no doubt, but this is a show that very subtly leans decidedly left. Watch it for awhile and I think you'll agree.

Az Visigoth said...

310 (anonymous at 12:02 pm),

Took no offense at your post to FlowerBell, hope I didn't offend you by calling your comment "snarky". I look forward very much to your posts and hope you continue to nag us about protecting ourselves! I read every one of your posts and take what you say to heart.

The only reason I said was I was afraid FlowerBell would be discouraged to post. This happened to me a while back and I deleted a comment and stopped commenting for a while. The deal with you and FlowerBell made me realize I was wrong to do that.

But my future posts I will be nagging too!! We Euro-American realists need to stop fighting one another and unify against our common enemy!!

They had 50 years of social programs and gibs and they only devolved further. Enough already!

UNITY people! Whether you consider the answer to be segregation, repatriation, etc., we don't all have to agree on everything at this point do we? UNITY!

No offense meant to you, 310.

SC Native said...

Those are the "patriots" that Stalin would have called useful idiots. The crowd was small and I'm sure MSM made it look like a massive blowback. What probably brought these people out was the fact that somebody was offended by the flag. It's an chance to fight back.

PB said...

Long Island Guido: I saw no teens, just Nogs subjecting the planet to more worthless Noggery.

Anonymous said...

To Michigan Jim: I will watch with a thought to what you suggest. It is ABC, after all so, so you're probably right. However, it is a lovely escape from Blacks, for the most part. And, not one single Black on Celebrity Jeopardy this week, if I'm not mistaken!! His could that happen?? Will there be a Jeopardy riot from the 3 Blacks who watch this show nationwide??

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

The whites that are moving into gentrified areas of ATL are nowhere near being race realists...go and try to talk to some of them about the groids,I dare you.

They'll first give you the blank look and be shocked that you would say such a rayciss thing,then you'll get the usual wind-up-doll repeated liberal claptrap.These ain't good ol' native Georgia YTs,mind you.The hipster-gentrify crowd are left-leaning and see people like myself as the problem,not the poor downtrodden AAs,because I'm a mean old rayciss southerner with no college degree.Then when they discover I'm not so uneducated,they can't figure out why I'm not on the "progressive" side.I refuse to waste my time trying to convince such people of the groid menace.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...


That woman who made the rayciss remark during her speech at the Lilburn,Ga,high school("look who's leaving,all the black people" was all she said)is now claiming "the devil" made her say it.I don't know which is worse,the fact that they want her fired over a harmless remark or that her defense was to fall back on superstition that doesn't exactly help the stereotype of the backward white southerner that libs just love to hate on.

Mr. Rational said...

A gun shot into the ceiling *might*, I repeat, might, work.

It will work to get you arrested and prosecuted.  If you have reason to so much as draw a firearm, you must have justification to use deadly force.  Shooting into the ceiling is not it.  Shooting at "teens" until they're all running away might be, but you'd better be able to CREDIBLY claim that you were in fear of your life.  If one is menacing you, you may have a case that will acquit you... but the BRA system is increasingly UNlikely to refuse to charge you.

That will continue until BRA prosecutors are Nifonged, or worse.

Mr. Rational said...

Check your computer for small cities in the north of the state.

Ex-Detroiter, Traverse City is multi-culti to the bone and won't stay White any longer than it takes for the refugee-industrial complex to put a few hundred Somalis in the new Depot Town construction.  You already have Isiah Smith playing his "poor me" act to DWL audiences across the city, with no pushback (I was "treated" to his whining and walked out after 10 minutes).  Traverse City is ready to fall.

Can we outsource our law enforcement to the Chinese?

Only if you want to be ruled by them.  That's what happened when the Greeks invited the Romans, the Romans invited the Visigoths, etc.

Mr. Rational said...

Donchoo know dat promotin' respons'ble sexyoull 'havyour be rayciss 'n' sheeeeet?

I just looked up "endometrial ablation" and, wonder of wonders, the procedure can cost less than $3000.  It eliminates the endometrium, which both eliminates menstruation and makes pregnancy impossible.

Imagine if every ghettopotamus and ghettopotamus-in-waiting was offered $5000 to get rid of their period permanently.  It would eliminate the ghetto in 15 years, and clean up K-5 schools within 10.

Anonymous said...

re: the principle who got fired for pointing out a reality about which demographic was leaving the ceremony early: I felt sorry for her when I first heard about it; knew she'd be put through the ringer.

After I read her abject, pitiful, and groveling apology, I didn't feel so sorry for her.

Take note folks: now when YT commits a thought/speech crime, groveling and rolling around at the feet of TPTB isn't going to save your job.

Let's pick our fights, use a little strategy, then fight to win.

Anonymous said...

I can forgive her "devil" nonsense, but not her "I deeply apologize for my racist comment". Did she learn nothing from Paula Deen? Never apologize, never seek forgiveness from your enemy, when your enemy has proven himself to be unforgiving. An eight-paragraph apology, and she was fired anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...Let's pick our fights, use a little strategy, then fight to win.

This is why there must be a political party that is for the working man. If you were to espouse the cause of white power you'd be branded racist and never get elected. If you were to declare you and your party platform as being a friend of the working man, you could get elected. Look at how much money is seized from working men and women's pay checks to support the
gibbs me dat ghetto crowd. Those who work would know what side such a candidate is on.

Anonymous said...

I am infuriated that the principal points out a FACT, and must apologize! She didn't say anything derogatory or vulgar. I would NOT apologize for that statement.

The newscaster who referred to "jigaboo music" - also stating a fact. Again, would rather be fired than apologize,

Paula Deen calling the Black filth who mugged her a n****r - again, stating a fact. Should not have apologized. If I weren't vegetarian, I'd buy every one of her books.

So fed up with Blacks I could spit!

Love, NJ woman who no longer cares to be PC. I'm 61 and I'll say what I want to whomever I want. One of the few benefits of age.

N.Ga said...

Hopeless In Craplanta said... ......The whites that are moving into gentrified areas of ATL are nowhere near being race realists...go and try to talk to some of them about the groids,I dare you.

They'll first give you the blank look and be shocked that you would say such a rayciss thing,then you'll get the usual wind-up-doll repeated liberal claptrap.These ain't good ol' native Georgia YTs,mind you.

The hipster-gentrify crowd are left-leaning and see people like myself as the problem,not the poor downtrodden AAs,because I'm a mean old rayciss southerner with no college degree.Then when they discover I'm not so uneducated,they can't figure out why I'm not on the "progressive" side.I refuse to waste my time trying to convince such people of the groid menace.

{This statement is 100% true. I live where the cattle graze and see the whispers when I approach a gathering. "Don't get him going, don't mention anything about blacks" Drinking around a burn barrel way out in the forest in the middle of the night, and hardcore gun toting rednecks look around, then lower their voice when talking about negroes}

Other Realist in MA said...

Collectively, black America is incompatible with western civilization.

There it is. Plain and simple. With no malice intended, and in black and white so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I hear so much pessimism from whites. I understand how it can happen, but that doesn't make it right. A lot of realists quote our founding fathers on how our nation was to exist. They don't realize that those same freedom loving men constantly warned future generations that tyranny never dies and good men will always have to fight and sacrifice to keep it at bay. White people are far from knocked out. They might be hibernating and lax at the moment, but they are still genetically the greatest race on the planet, even thought they are not at the top in raw IQ. Whites just haven't been pushed far enough yet.