Monday, May 25, 2015

So Now a Major League Baseball (MLB) Mascot Holding a Sign Reading "Police Lives Matter" is Racist...

"In every moment there's a possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality." - Tomorrowland

It was in late November 2014 when five black members of the St. Louis Rams emerged from the locker room with their hands up, showing their solidarity with the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" movement.

The National Football League (NFL) decided not to suspend the players, whose unity with black anarchists holding numerous American cities hostage drew far less concern from league offices than a deflated football.
Only in a world as profound sick and decadent as ours would saying police officers - dedicated to upholding the laws governing the very society making it possible for black dysfunction and criminality to be protected - lives be construed as racism and cause a controversy 

Thankfully Jeff Roorda, the unflappable St. Louis Police Officers Association business manager, didn't find this seditious act one to take lightly
 "St. Louis, Missouri (November 30, 2014) – The St. Louis Police Officers Association is profoundly disappointed with the members of the St. Louis Rams football team who chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released from the St. Louis County Grand Jury this week and engage in a display that police officers around the nation found tasteless, offensive and inflammatory. 
"Five members of the Rams entered the field today exhibiting the "hands-up-don't-shoot" pose that has been adopted by protestors who accused Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson of murdering Michael Brown. 
The gesture has become synonymous with assertions that Michael Brown was innocent of any wrongdoing and attempting to surrender peacefully when Wilson, according to some now-discredited witnesses, gunned him down in cold blood. 
"SLPOA Business Manager Jeff Roorda said, "now that the evidence is in and Officer Wilson's account has been verified by physical and ballistic evidence as well as eye-witness testimony, which led the grand jury to conclude that no probable cause existed that Wilson engaged in any wrongdoing, it is unthinkable that hometown athletes would so publicly perpetuate a narrative that has been disproven over-and-over again."
Many, many people besides those five black members of St. Louis Rams have decided to damn the facts surrounding the August 9 attack on Officer Darren Wilson by Michael Brown (in which Brown tried to kill Wilson) and accept a false-narrative more in line with their hatred of white people and western civilization. 

You could show these people raw video footage of Brown attacking Wilson in his police cruiser and charging at him (if time travel were possible, you could even offer to transport them to Canfield Drive in Ferguson to the fateful day so they could be a silent witness to Brown's attack on Wilson), but still these would be insufficient evidence to change their mind. 

Well, those accepting the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" fabrication have birthed a monster they may very well end up wishing had never been born, for this Frankenstein won't voluntarily build a funeral pyre in the mountains when it has accomplished its goal. 

It would be unwise to stand in the way of movement now actively working to remove sympathy from the state and alienate police officers who dare put their life on the line to defend it: for the state still is Black Run-America (BRA), but in a powerful paradox, we must see the current hatred for those sworn to serve and protect an ally in our quest to see the end of this unholy paradigm.
The lies propelling the Black Lives Matter movement could very well be the fuel finally burning away white guilt... forever

And so it's come to this. [Cardinals Mascot Comes Under Fire For Holding ‘Police Lives Matter’ Sign, CBS St. Louis, 5-25-15]:
A photo of St. Louis Cardinals mascot Fredbird holding a “police lives matter” sign was posted to a police association Facebook page before the team asked that it be taken down. 
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports sports website Deadspin took aim at the mascot last week after the photo was posted to the St. Louis Police Officers Association Facebook page. 
Deadspin titled the post: “Your Racist Uncle Will Love This Picture Of The Cardinals’ Mascot.” 
Cardinals spokesman Ron Watermon says the photo was taken at Busch Stadium after a couple asked Fredbird for a photo. Watermon says Fredbird didn’t know what was on the sign and when the team learned it was on the association website, the team asked for the photo to come down. 
“A man and a woman stopped Fredbird to request a quick photograph. While the man was taking the picture, the woman standing next to Fredbird asked him to hold up the sign. Fredbird was unaware of the content of the sign,” Watermon explained to the Post-Dispatch. 
He continued, “On Monday, the photograph was posted to the Facebook page of St. Louis Police Officers Association with the woman cropped out of the image. 
“When the Cardinals became aware of the photograph on Tuesday, we asked our friends at the police association to take it down, and they graciously accommodated our request.” 
“Black lives matter” and “Police lives matter” were used on social media after the shooting death of Michael Brown.
So the writers/editors of Deadspin believe anyone who holds up a sign stating "Police Lives Matter" is an avuncular racist?  The white dweebs at Deadspin who write quasi-homoerotic articles lauding black athletes would be the first to cry out for police protection if one of their beloved pets who never made it as a professional athlete robbed them, and it's my hope the police would simply respond "no."

We move closer and closer to a world where the lessons discussed in the fictional classroom of Mr. Dubois lesson of History and Moral Philosophy become a reality.

Our job was always to survive, not to change an ideology heading full-speed ahead directly in the path of an iceberg. This time, the ship won't have a band to play while it sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but the captain will proudly play Michael Brown's raps over the loud speaker until the rising water shorts the circuits out.


Anonymous said...

The truf is da bruthas love da rioting, looting, mayhem, murder and destruction, it's their natural tendency, their inner negro coming out front and center. It's just Shaniqua and Shitavious gittin' justice fo der peeps, like Eric Holder talked about, and BHO too. Speaking of BHO will he pardon thousands of black/browns on his last day in office like that scumbag Bill Clinton pardoned a bunch of criminals ?

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, friends ... Russia and China are going to make their move before too long. This can't go on much longer. We're turning into an African country more every day, and African countries are no match for 21st century technological societies.

Hey boons - you thought redneck sheriffs with firehoses were bad? Wait till Vlad and Ling Ting Tong take over.

Anonymous said...

"While the man was taking the picture, the woman standing next to Fredbird asked him to hold up the sign. Fredbird was unaware of the content of the sign," Watermon explained to the Post-Dispatch.
Bullshit. The bird knew what the sign said, and everyone loves him for it. Stop apologizing to your enemies.
Stop apologizing to your enemies.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching an absurd movie on tv right now called Akeelah and The Bee. It's about a really, really, really, really smart black girl from South Central LA who (along with her really, really, really, really smart Mestizo friend) goes on to the National Spelling Championship. When the first big competition begins, the first kid to be eliminated is, of course, a blue-eyed white girl.

I think I'm gonna skip the rest of it.

Anonymous said...


off topic


bubo said...

Deadspin=Gawker. Not one click ever from me. Gawker deserves the Charlie Hebdo treatment and then some.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

This Memorial Day weekend has proven once again that BLACK LIVES MATTER is nothing but pure bullshit. The WACKO BLACKO crowd in Baltimore and Chicago has had another bang up good time during the holidays.

Chicago...34 shot...9 dead. One of the wounded was a four year old girl.

Baltimore...28 shot..9 dead.

As Paul wrote a short time ago the average cost in St Louis to patch up a wounded gang banger was 25,000 bucks. Based on that rate the cost in Chicago this weekend was 625,000 bucks and in Baltimore another 475,000 bucks. Depending on the age of the dead there will be some black people removed from the welfare system.

This is not chump change that is being spent on these demented fuckers. How much does it cost to bury these dead useless savages. In Chicago when a gang banger gets buried a SWAT TEAM is there to prevent revenge shootings at the funeral. These slimy dirty little bastards make the roaring twenties with Al Capone seem like a boy scout meeting. Last year in Chicago 85 shot during labor day weekend.

Some of these losers will take 2 or 3 hits before the final shot gets them. A twice wounded zombie gangster walking down the street is a 50,000 liability. If he or she ends up in a wheelchair the cost is beyond believe. I'll give you three guesses on who pays the bill.

I've read on a few sights that the cops in Baltimore are backing off going after the street thugs. Because of the Mayor the cops don't want to get slammed for doing their job so they are letting the street creeps do their thing. The kill rate is proof of that. I heard a new K.I.A. record has been set. The cops only show up when there is body lying on the street. Only the brain dead still believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER. What a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

Orwell is laughing himself silly about now.....

quinnotaur said...

Africans have 50+ countries, half the world's resources and the greatest piece of farmland the world has ever seen. They live with us in our country as a minority, we ARE a minority. There's not much more I can do for them than to make them president.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....A New York story from about 1970. I was bopping down the street and ran into this hippie kid on St. Marks Place and Third Ave. He was doing the the boo hoo thing and had a 2 inch bloody gash on his forehead. When I asked him what happened he told me a cop hit him in the head with his billy club.

This was my 7th or 8th year doing street time and I knew cops don't go around hitting people in the head for no reason. When I asked this kid what he did he said "All I did was call him a pig". I've already told stories on this sight about how cops saved my ass in New York more than once. I very calmly explained to Mr Numb Nuts that cops carry badges, guns, handcuffs and billy clubs and that it was not very smart to CALL THEM A PIG when you encounter one on the street. He seemed like an Abbie Hoffman fan and I think the advice went in one ear and out the other.

All this Marxist anti-cop shit is the same as it was in the 60's with the radical lefties. The controlled media is now being run by the liberal radicals and the message is the same. The cops are the bad guys and the street trash are all innocent victims. Blah...Blah...Blah.

My theory in the 60's was if you didn't want a cop to put his boot up your ass all you had to do was act like a human being and not be a stupid asshole. Fifty years later that theory hasn't changed.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Without the St. Louis Police Department, there would be zero home Cardinals games. The Black crime and homeless riff-raff would be more overwhelming that it already is around the stadium. The team better tread lightly on this one. Nomesayin?

BunkerDown in TN said...

It's a sad world we live in now. It hurts my heart to see how our country has been so eroded, and become such a dull stone, compared to the sparkling beauty it once was.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Can there honestly be a day of sanity left in this country? Just one day I want to wake up without all of this nonsensical bull Shiite hovering over my life. Black LIES Matter. That's what I've learned. Everything from that little n*gger Emmett Till who forced himself on some white woman sixty years ago to MLK, Jr., who got his doctorate degree by way of forgery, I'm so sick of n*ggers. Used to be you could just get through the day and not think about how completely hopelessly stupid and f'd up they were, but now they're in your face 24/7, pitching this bull about how they invented Egypt and the pyramids. And the media, popular culture, hell, even the Smithsonian is behind them.

I'm trying, Paul, I really am, but it's getting harder each day. These miscreants weave lie upon lie like a negress in a hair salon. It's not enough that we feed, clothe, house, educate, medicate, and counsel them. No, now we have to bow to them and live the lie that somehow, some way, their dysfunctional lives matter and all life is predicated on how they glorify each and every day.

That stupid, obese n*gger Mike Brown was the best argument around for late term abortion. And now he, Trayvon, Lil Freddy, and who the hell knows what n*gger next will be elevated to sainthood. Stick a fork in me. I'm freakin' done.

2 Minute Alpha said...

"our friends at the police association" with friends like these. During the memorial day weekend, I tend to increasingly keep to myself as the outrage sometimes becomes overwhelming and I just feel the need to tell everybody I meet that every sacrifice every soldier made, and that includes the blacks, was just a waste.

Wounded Warriors should be held to account, are they on board with the police or the hands up don't shoot crowd? I can guess what their answer would be, not a direct answer mind you, but let's keep it from that vet in the wheelchair, that would simply be too tragic.

Anonymous said...

Never forget the wiggers are the moving force behind this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Negroes in chains build (or at lest harvet); negroes off the chain destroy.

History has proven this over and over...

Don M said...

Brilliant commentary, Paul.

In BRA, the police have but three functions.

1. Protect the elite
2. Collect revenue for the elite
3. Protect the violent underclass (monolithic voting block for the elite) from the white middle class.

The police know it and the white middle class know it.

Nothing will erode the legitimacy of the state faster than "Leaders" ordering the police into a "power sharing agreement" or "duopoly on violence" with their violent underclass muscle.

The jabbering apes in suits that purport to be politicians are too stupid to foresee the results of this arrangement. But, the higher elites who can control them with money and media pressure should have been smart enough to glimpse this rough beast, slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.

Oh, well. Things will continue to get more and more interesting and all we have to do is survive!

See you on the other side, inshallah.

rex freeway said...

People need to learn that the term "racist" doesn't mean a damn thing. It's a word that Liberals taught Negros to say anytime they don't get there way. I see it as a badge that says I speak the truth and refuse to allow another race special status.

Anonymous said...

Russians and Asians are not your enemy. Blacks are, and consistently will be anywhere you are in the world. Take that vlad ting tong crap somewhere else and focus on the real problems. The domestic ones.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday we won't have to wear mascot suits in order to speak truth to power...

Just read an article over at Salon, this one plays up the hyperbole that every black male is taking his lives into his own hands everyday while killer cops work actively towards their demise. You know, the whole "It's open season on the black man!" and "They're killing us in the streets!" and all that other 'the boy who cried wolf' bullsh@t.

The article in question:

It doesn’t matter if we stay or run: Killer cops are playing a video game with black lives, by D. Watkins.

"If he's innocent, why did he run," the earnest voices say. It's not hard to understand: They shoot either way

"You are a cop, and your mission is to jump a high-speed chase through a major metropolitan city until the car you are pursuing has nowhere to turn. Then you have to risk your own life as you exit your vehicle, baring nothing but your heart, your service weapon and some extra clips to charge toward the suspects. You aren’t bulletproof, but you do have the ability of leaping onto the hood of the suspect’s car so that you can fire endless rounds into the windshield until your targets are lifeless. Sounds exciting, right? What if you had a power that was even greater than your leaping ability?

What if I told you that an extension of your police powers allowed you to murder unarmed African-Americans whenever you wanted for extra praise?Sounds like a pretty wild video game, right?

Well, it’s not a game."

"Afterwards, the same confused white voices echo the same nonsense: “Well, if they were innocent, why did they run?” And I get where these confused voices come from. In a perfect world, innocent people should not have to run. However, America is far from perfect and African-Americans are about as safe as an empty soda can at a backyard gun range. And it doesn’t matter if you stay or run, because either way they’ll murder you."

"Freddie Gray in Baltimore ran, and when they caught him, he was murdered. Walter Scott in South Carolina ran and he was murdered, too.

Oscar Grant in Oakland laid down with the cuffs on and they put a deadly bullet in his back."

Notice how the first 2 examples were of people running. I thought we were talking about people who weren't running. Oscar Grant, who fought in public but didn't run, was ACCIDENTALLY shot. The only other incident similar to that one that I can recall is the 72 year old who shot the restrained but still resisting subject in the back. 2 deaths among how many prolific black criminals? I'm not seeing any huge trends here, but I guess blacks are kill on sight at the moment. What reason would you, a black political writer, have to obfuscate facts and jump to conclusions that fit your standard narrative? These are the same "academics" that take building space away from real "academics" who are practicing and advancing the STEM fields. I wonder what conversations are like between real academic minds and these political affirmative action hacks at faculty get-togethers. Must be fun to talk to Shawntrayvious from A.A. grievance studies, a real social and academic peer.


Anonymous said...


Ok, on to one of my favorite lines:

"Mike Brown in Ferguson put his hands up and the cops blew holes through them."

1) No he didn't, he was charging at officer Wilson and 2) He shot Michael Brown in his fat 300+ pound body, not his raised hands. Check the official autopsy reports.


"Eric Garner in Staten Island asked for his life after he was in custody — on video, in public, in daylight — and they still killed him."

No, if I remember correctly, Mr. Heart attack waiting to happen decided to make a valiant stand against police- they weren't gonna bother him no' mo'. Sounds like a great tactic, maybe I'll try it next time I get caught repeatedly breaking the same law over and over again. And then I'll resist arrest and hope I can blame any injuries on the cops. If I die maybe my family can cash out. It seems to be either running or resisting arrest. Not running or surrendering, like you suggest.

"Jonathan Ferrell in North Carolina wanted some help because he was in a car accident; cops shot him to death as he ran toward them in need."

Don't run like a madman at cops?

"Tamar Rice in Cleveland was only 12. Being a kid can’t save you because he was gunned down, too."

Kid was in possession of a toy gun that looked real due to his intelligent removal of the tell tale orange tip from said toy gun. That's just fucking stupid. They have those lame looking orange tips for a reason, asshole. And this also doesn't mention that he was running around the playground terrorizing/threatening people with it. Haven't heard of any children killed since, but I guess it's an epidemic. Where was Tamir's guardian at the time?

"You can be from Africa like Amadou Diallo in New York or known as a nice guy around Baltimore city like Tyrone West and Anthony Anderson: It doesn’t matter, no black person is safe. They’ll murder you, too."

But here is my favorite part of the article. This "award-winning" writer and academic launches into a superficial attack on Brelo, the officer that shot the people evading the law in a high speed car chase:

"Berlo looked emotionless throughout most of the trial, as if he had already knew he would get away with it. He has a stubbed neck that perfectly lines up with his square head. His jaw looks weak, square and lines up with his flat country forehead. The presiding Judge John P. O’Donnell is a cartoon character, looking for controversial quotables, referencing Baltimore and Ferguson and then claiming that his decision was fair and unbiased when it what so obvious that Berlo was wrong."

Just WTF is a flat country forehead?

"Cops don’t get paid enough to run towards bullets. I’ve been in the streets forever and never saw a cop approach a car that was firing rounds. If anything they wait a hour two until to show up after the smoke clears. Cops, like anyone else with common sense, take cover when shots rang out. They don’t charge cars, leap onto the hood and shoot through the widows. That whole story and the court’s justification sounds ridiculous. "

I'll end it here, with a good quote to shot how utterly full of shit this guy is. He isn't a police officer or familiar with the work, but he JUST KNOWS.

This cry wolf b.s. is why black writers have next to no credibility today, having sold what remained of their impartiality and professionalism in attempts to frame and justify the Michael Brown et. al narrative. It is difficult to believe anyone who has a history of lying and manipulation of facts every time they open their mouths.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

You guys gotta getta load'a this: I grew up here on St. Paul's eastside; a formerly white blue-collar hockey town; now completely ruined by TNB; but the lead PHOTO on this story is terrific, because (although it goes without saying certainly) the great danger lurking on St. Paul's eastside today?.. are those darned white 7-year old girls shoplifting bubblegum!.. etc.. Can the ridiculous hoax possibly get anymore positively/negatively perverse?.. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

...If I was in that Police dept you just know I'd be taking bets on the kill count...oh who am I kidding?
I'd just walk away.Get the family in a car, with a few possessions and just get the HELL OUT.
Fatigued in NY

Anonymous said...

..seems no one understands the term ' Stay out of trouble and you'll have no problems in the first place' ...Someone said if we 'elected' Bill DUHbalasio, we'd set New York back to 1973.
Sounds right.
Fatigued in NY

Anonymous said...

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" has been proven and reported as a lie, even in the (M)ain(S)tream (M)edia.

With that being said, a compiling of all the photo and video of people participating in this discredited meme seems to be in order. Call people out on their association with a giant lie, and do so with pictures of the offenders, not words.

These opportunists and bold-faced liars live in a digital age like the rest of us. Don't ever let them forget this.

Anonymous said...

" . . . Don't worry, friends ... Russia and China are going to make their move before too long. This can't go on much longer. We're turning into an African country more every day, and African countries are no match for 21st century technological societies. . ."

We may not have long to wait, BHO has been antagonizing China, getting deeper in to the Near East quagmire for the benefit of so called "allies" while weakening the military, all while he goes golfing. He may not be interested in world affairs but world affairs are going to be very interested in him soon. He won't be able to hide on the golf course forever.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the graduating High School seniors in Atlanta, E. St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, ETC. are proudly wearing their gowns that say "I CAN'T READ" as they are "handed" their diplomas.

David In TN said...

"White dweebs at Deadspin who write homeroetic articles lauding black athletes"

A better description of these character has never been written.

Anonymous said...

Ban the word 'racist'.

It's racist.

Anonymous said...

now is the time

Anonymous said...

The plan is going just the way it should. Turn the stupid ass negroe into a weapon against YT. Next step, the summer of 15, will be one to remember. Riots, increased crime in the cities, general mayhem. Why??? Turn th U.S. into a true hell hole.



behind blue eyes said...

Great work over the weekend, PK.

I'd like to point out that, once again, YT juju has gotten the best of the groids.
Our technology in the form of smartphones and never-ending TNB pics are all over the internet. Everyone can view and never forget the monkeyshines. Hell, the groids are so dumb they post TNB to "whurlstah and sheeiitt."
The daily occurrence of TNB is overwhelming but it's all available to see. This has been the best recruiting tool ever. People are tired of it all and it will come to a head.
Once again the blacks are taken down by the YT superior brainpower.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Had to laugh at the front page of our local rag which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, as is our local CBS affiliate. One of the reasons I avoid MSM is due to its complete control over what we see. Like the new television in our home, we get the daily paper only because my husband wants it. I was practically despondent when he told me last Christmas that he wanted a new flat screen to replace our 20 year old model. I suspect it was chiefly because a year prior we had a party and a very wealthy "friend" mocked the old set. My husband and this guy went to college together so there is some competition between them, but I digress.

It is important to remember that everything we read or see in the media is filtered and fed to us by a very small minority of wealthy owners. It is very clear what their agenda is, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions about why. Although negroes are 13% of the population, this morning's paper had two front page stories, in full, splendid color. I suppose there were no white veterans to interview, nor where there any white parents with children playing in parks yesterday, but guess what? There were negroes.

Once you understand who and what's behind all this deception (black lives matter, etc.) it is important to actively and consistently filter it out. It's one of the reasons why I hesitate to purchase anything beyond the very barest of essentials. I darn socks, wear t-shirts until they're thread bare. Of course, when it's necessary, I replace items, as it's not now nor has it ever been my intention to look like a hobo. I shop thrift stores whenever possible. But I categorically refuse to participate in an economy in a country led by individuals who are actively seeking my eradication and displacement.

Yesterday I was politely told to stop using the term "negress" by my husband, which I will abide by. Simply not that important to me. I don't use the word "fag" either, although there are times when it is clearly appropriate.
Again, I digress.

This site and a very precious few others are the only ones where we can discuss the truth about what's happening in this country. God knows how long that will last. Take a gander at Germany some time. I'm not sure, but I think you can be jailed for being a holocaust denier (which I'm not). In this country, it's becoming that way if you disagree with "climate change".

We're supposed to live in tiny houses (tm) and walk everywhere because of "rising C02 levels while that fat bastard Al Gore jet sets around the country, flitting from one coastal mansion to the next. Try objecting to the science of "climate change" sometime with a lib buddy. They get red faced and angry if you raise legitimate questions behind the "science".

I think Teddy Roosevelt was the one who said, "Speak softly, walk softly, but carry a big stick!" Truly words to live by in this crazy age.

Anonymous said...

Today is supposed to be the day that Detroit is to began shutting off water to people that have not paid their bill. Should be interesting. to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in Baltimore:

"Baltimore protesters marching against a planned $30 million juvenile jail shut down highways on Tuesday in the latest demonstration over the city's justice system, motorists and organizers said."

"We are not going nowhere until the juvenile jail does," one of the organizers, the Reverend Jamal Bryant, said in a Twitter post.

30 million dollars: "to build a 60-bed jail to house Baltimore teenagers charged as adults."

"Bryant and others contend the money would be better spent on education."

"A tally by the Baltimore Sun shows 35 killings in May, the most in any month since 1999."

Anonymous said...

Its a helpless feeling. It's like watching a beloved dog get old and die. What can you I do to stop this madness?

Deadbolts and buckshot to protect me and mine, but I cannot prevent a savage from moving in next door.

I update, renovate and maintain to keep my property worth something, but when the value of the neighborhood falls out its all for nothing.

My kids study and do their homework before they do anything else, but when the schools are slowing down entire grade levels at a time to accommodate inferior black minds all that effort is compromised.

For every DWL I try to convert there are a million more indoctrinated by the media every day.

What can I do?

Anonymous said...

Black lies are symptomatic of their culture. I've often heard blacks telling outrageous lies which usually revolve around some imaginary accomplishment, deed or event they were "involved" in. All the other blacks listening know it's total bullsh*t and everything is fine as long as no one calls the storyteller out for their bull and just chuckles about it. However, if someone does call them out on it, it's instant chimpout from mild to wild. It usually starts with the offended liar complaining about being made to "look bad" and being "done like dat" and, if the "disrespecting" party doesn't just walk away or make some kind of gesture to soothe the feelings of the offended....well, I've seen it escalate from a simple argument to a full blown fist fight as the liar is so invested in his lie that he can't back out of it without admitting he's a liar and full of sh*t.
Black Lives Matter is such a lie ( just as the "stories" of sweet innocent Trayvon, Mike Brown and other miscreants are) but it's being engaged in by the black community for various reasons and they'll never admit it's a lie. Anyone who disagrees with the lie (or presents evidence that contradicts the lie and shows it to be a lie) will cause a chimpout. Angry claims that you're a racist, a bigot and looking down on and disrespectin' the black community will quickly follow. They know it's all a lie but will never admit it. Yes, there are many who actually believe the lie themselves because they want to (and are ignorant as hell) but there are more who simply use the lie for their own underhanded manipulative purposes.
These protests (Black Lives Matter and protests about thugs getting killed who were oh so innocent) are just an example of black lies that the community itself is invested in to the point that it becomes a mission. You will either accept the lie as truth, agree with them or face their wrath as they chimp out over it. Their faux pride, self worth and self image is deeply tied to the lie and you will NOT make them feel small by telling the truth or else! You will not call them out, make them look bad or do them "like dat!"
As I said, I've heard many negroes telling outlandish lies for various reasons and that's on an individual basis. Black Lives Matter and other lies are community based and simply following the same pattern and principle writ large.
Understanding their low IQ culture in this regard is the first step in understanding why they act as they do.

Anonymous said...

That bird mascot looks like an orc! Black skin and big fat nose.

How can it be racist?! Blacks aren't racist, right? Only Whites...

Anonymous said...

The Porchers are just totally out of control now... negro areas are literal battle zones... Whitey has to withdraw, and let the tribes settle their differences... Hutu/Tutsi stuff, just step back and watch...we who can see knew this was coming....Obongo has given them a jolt of military-grade Uppityness... country will not recover from this... South Africa time...must segregate...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they carry through to shut off all delinquent water users. They'd shut off my water, any YTs water, for non payment. As they should. In Detroit though it'll be cause dem water company be rayciss. It'll be a micro aggression perpetrated by privledged white people minding their collective business twenty miles away in the suburbs. These animals simply wont be able to make the mental connection between not paying a bill and losing a city service. These minds are not equal minds.

Anonymous said...

Noxious Nog Savagery said:

Paroxysms of Denial
Arthur Jensen - Excerpted from National Review, December 5, 1994, 48-50.

Nowadays the factual basis of The Bell Curve is scarcely debated by the experts, who regard it as mainstream knowledge.

The most well-established facts: Individual differences in general cognitive ability are reliably measured by IQ tests. IQ is strongly related, probably more than any other single measurable trait, to many important educational, occupational, economic and social variables. (Not mentioned in the book is that IQ is also correlated with a number of variables of the brain, including its size, electrical potentials, and rate of glucose metabolism during cognitive activity.) Individual differences in adult IQ are largely genetic, with heritability of about 70 percent. So far, attempts to raise IQ by educational or psychological means have failed to show appreciable lasting effects on cognitive ability and scholastic achievement. The IQ distribution in two population groups socially recognized as "black" and "white" is represented by two largely overlapping bell curves with their means separated by about 15 points, a difference not due to test bias. IQ has the same meaning and practical predictive validity for both groups. Tests do not create differences; they merely reflect them.

Although social problems involving race are conspicuously in the news these days, too few journalists are willing or able to discuss rationally certain possible causes. The authors' crime, apparently, is that they do exactly this, arguing with impressive evidence that the implications of IQ variance in American society can't be excluded from a realistic diagnosis of its social problems.

The media's spectacular denial probably arises from the juxtaposition of the book's demonstrations; first, that what is termed "social pathology" -- delinquency, crime, drug abuse, illegitimacy, child neglect, permanent welfare dependency -- is disproportionately concentrated (for whites and blacks alike) in the segment of the population with IQs below 75; and second, that at least one-fourth of the black population (compared to one-twentieth of the white population) falls below that critical IQ point in the bell curve. Because the smaller percentage of white persons with IQs below 75 are fairly well scattered throughout the population, many are guided, helped, and protected by their abler families, friends, and neighbors, whose IQs average closer to 100. Relatively few are liable to be concentrated in the poor neighborhoods and housing projects that harbor the "critical mass" of very low IQs which generates more than its fair share of social pathology. The "critical mass" effect exists mostly in the inner city, which has been largely abandoned by whites. Of course thinking citizens are troubled. Thinking about possible constructive remedies strains one's wisdom.

But can any good for anyone result from sweeping the problem under the rug? Shouldn't it be exposed to earnest, fair-minded public discussion? Our only fear, I think, should be that such discussion might not happen. Consideration of the book's actual content is being displaced by the rhetoric of denial: name calling ("neo-nazi," "pseudo-scientific," "racism"), sidetracks ("but does IQ really measure intelligence?"), non-sequiturs ("specific genes for IQ have not been identified, so we can claim nothing about its heritability"), red herrings ("Hitler misused genetics"), falsehoods ("all the tests are biased"), hyperbole ("throwing gasoline on a fire"), and insults ("creepy," "indecent," "ugly").

The remedy for this obfuscation is simply to read the book itself.

Anonymous said...

bernicegreenbaum said...

Can there honestly be a day of sanity left in this country? Just one day I want to wake up without all of this nonsensical bull Shiite hovering over my life. Black LIES Matter. That's what I've learned. Everything from that little n*gger Emmett Till who forced himself on some white woman sixty years ago to MLK, Jr., who got his doctorate degree by way of forgery...

It's all lies. Look at the fraud of black "history," or the belief that the only difference between blacks and whites is the color-of-skin(tm). The entire system is based on lies, fraud and delusion because the reality would be too much for blacks to bear: that they can not collectively, as a race, function in White Civilization. It's also why you see these periodic paroxysms of black violence, from flashmobs to city burnings: when the reality gets too be too much for them, they throw a tantrum.

The dilemma is that blacks drag down society around them with their lies. The USA can not have a realistic education program, keep neighborhoods civil, enforce the law, send astronauts to Mars, or send in the riot police because blacks play the "victim" card--even when they are perpetrating the most horrific crimes. Of course, it is the DWLs who provide the agitprop machinery and requisite groveling to sustain the lie.

"The lie becomes the truth and then the lie again." -- from the movie version of Orwell's 1984.

BRA = Black Reality Antagonism

Anonymous said...


This cry wolf b.s. is why black writers have next to no credibility today, having sold what remained of their impartiality and professionalism in attempts to frame and justify the Michael Brown et. al narrative. It is difficult to believe anyone who has a history of lying and manipulation of facts every time they open their mouths.

This is one reason that segregation was implemented in the first place. The endless black agitation where they play the victim card, and no matter what is done, nothing satisfies them. The reason nothing works is the inherent genetic differences between black and white. This means you either accede to black demands (creating a downward spiral into insanity), or put down the boot. The real solution is territorial separation of blacks and whites. Blacks get separate countries, and any who try to cross the line into white lands are dealt with as invaders.

Anonymous said...

30 million dollars: "to build a 60-bed jail to house Baltimore teenagers charged as adults."

"Bryant and others contend the money would be better spent on education."

How much money needs to be spend on "education" before blacks start performing up to white standards? It's pointless to cite the stats that show black schools get as much or more money spent on them as do those of other races. It is pointless to show that black students will, collectively, trash inner city schools. And it is pointless to show that blacks collectively perform as well as whites only when tests are rigged or nonsense degrees are handed out at graduation.

That is reality, and reality is in short supply for BRA.

SC Native said...

All of this needs to happen, things like this that boggle the mind make more race realists every day.

The main problem I see is the MSM wants everything to be seen from an emotional prespective rather than the proper logical perspective. This is the real problem, feeling verses logic. If logic is brought back somehow then they have no leg to stand on, however logic must be taught since feelings are taught in schools. I think somone called it feminization, this is the root problem.

This mascot gate just highlights the fact that to the Marxists the life of a useless waste of oxygen is more important than the lives of LE. I don't buy that and never will, it's a point for me to tell people it's BS every chance I get. I don't hear many disagree and if they do hit them with logic, SJW's hate logic.

I'll take millions of pavement ape lives to equal on LE life in my book. The pavement ape is a waste of resources plain and simple, they produce nothing and demand everything.

Being that they're very stupid by nature I doubt any see they're going to get what they think is really happening. LE will stop responding to African areas and the death toll will rise. No complaints here, you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

BRA will never shut off their clients' utilities, that would be self defeating. YT will pay for delinquent water bills (electric and cable too) probably through "bridge financing, revenue bonds, general obligation notes, tax assessments (against YT)" or some other corrupt, convoluted financial bullshit. It will enrich The Usual Suspects and impoverish YT a little more.

This bullshit will only end when BRA ends which will be when BRA ruins the dollar through its debts, corruption, dishonesty, thievery and failed wars. By that time YT will be broke (actually most YTs are now), The Usual Suspects will have made off with real wealth leaving real debt slavery and impoverishment behind for YT to enjoy. That is what cannot be fixed in BRA, only survived, reform is not possible.

Not to be pedantic but this is the general run of history, it has happened before, many times. The most infamous example is just now fading from living memory but is thoroughly documented, there are lessons there for YT to learn for those who are so inclined. Prepare ye YT, prepare now, your enemies behind the nogs have been preparing for a long time.

non-DWL from NE

PNW Realist said...

@Bernice Greenbaum:

Skip the term "negresses". " Sheboon" is better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:00 AM said:
"Meanwhile, the graduating High School seniors in Atlanta, E. St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, ETC. are proudly wearing their gowns that say "I CAN'T READ" as they are "handed" their diplomas."

What if someone went to one of these fine high schools and handed out t-shirts that said "I Can't Read" to the soon-to-be-graduates, but told them the t-shirts said "Hands up, don't shoot".

Anonymous said...

The problem is he may be right. Russia and China are probably laughing their asses off watching America die under the african/muslim infestation.
If the rest of the population doesn't fix the problem, Russia or China may decide to come over and show us how its done.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make you want to puke?


Anonymous said...

OT: I just had a grand old time reading an essay on by an author who identifies herself as being a white person. She goes by the name of EMILY GOLDSTEIN. (That is just such a typical white-person-sounding name, right?) She was probably raised Catholic if I had to guess.

So anyway, check this essay out, and I am telling you right now - be prepared to be just so impressed and astounded by how profound and compelling this essay is:

Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing) -- By Emily Goldstein the white person

Anonymous said...

Why do they need a $30 million facility to house juvenile african delinquents when they have a racist, bloodthirsty police force to take care of them problems?


Anonymous said...

Police Lives Matter - to any sane person who wants to be protected from crime; to any sane person who appreciates their putting their lives on the line for us while dealing with the dregs of society

Black Lives Matter - not to other Blacks (the ones killing them) and certainly not to any White person in his right mind

Don't believe the mascot didn't know what the sign said, unless he's Black

How can it be racist to honor police but OK to honor Black thugs?? Not in my book.

Happy Summer Baltimore. Just keep doing what you're doing. I celebrate your "achievements". Keep striving and aim carefully. Don't let May end with only 35 deaths.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Racist dog snacks on negro boy.

I consider making fun of little kids strictly off limits, so I just want to make it clear that I bring this story to light only to further "shine" a light on over all negro dysfunction in their Coonmunity.

Anonymous said...

For hundreds of years now blacks have been busy making the bed they are eventually going to have to sleep in.
They built it.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make you want to puke?


Anonymous said...

To Anon re Emily Goldstein: What an insane rant! I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest this girl has "issues". Like being homely, unpleasant and bitter, and completely lacking in charm or appeal of any sort. In short, the type no man, and probably very few women, would EVER want to be around. I picture her sitting slovenly and unwashed at her computer amidst a tiny apartment filled to the brim with garbage (probably been on Hoarders). What a sad, pathetic creature.

P.S. I love White people and attribute all that's good and decent on earth to them. Happy to be pale and blue-eyed, with a husband and friends. WHITE LIVES MATTER!! Viva la difference!!

awakened white said...

to anon, 10:51am all YT's need to flood her page. this is why White people need our own countries. freaks like her aren't just random outta the blue people. their at the highest levels of government.

Anonymous said...

I see some comments about that topless protest in San Francisco and I can't help but wonder why no one's dug into their 1940s era National Geographics and scanned in a picture of the topless apes back in their natural environment to put side by side with a still of the protesters?

I spent my weekend camped in a small town some 80 miles away. A few dumb, inbred people, but the nogs I saw could be counted on one hand. Lots of police to be seen, but they didn't bother me. Heck I could have bought a Confederate Flag if I'd wanted a second one. Followed it up with a trip to a local stock car track. Only nog there a toddler who looked to be adopted, guy didn't look dumb enough to have made it himself, but I suppose you never know.

Thanks for six years, Paul -

Anonymous said...

About the water bills not being paid in Detoilet. I believe a private company has taken over the water in the city. If so yes, its going to be a hot time in the city. The negs will start to shoot. Besides the Detroit river is very close, get all the water they want.


Unknown said...

You have to wonder at what's going on here. What is Mommy Gubmint up to here? Alienating the very people they rely on to survive when the people hate you seems kind of suicidal to me.
Everyone keeps saying the magical negro in the Whites' House is going to surprise us all with Martial Law at any moment. Oh, really? I'm not sure anything can surprise me in the middle of the afternoon when he gets his lazy ass out of bed, but just who is going to do this whole Martial Law thing? The military hate them and now the Poh-leece are all racist pigs.
Is Mexico in L.A. going to die for the magic negro? No way Jose! How about all those welfare queens who weigh sixteen tons and never get further than Apu's Quickie Mart? Sure, they just have to make sure all the gun owners are at Apu's, right?
Seems to me, the World's on fire and we all know who's setting the fires. Why alienate the people you need to back you up to burn down the country you rule? I suppose to someone from the Stone Age, it might may sense...

Anonymous said...

You can elect more Republicans. LMAO

Californian said...

Everyone keeps saying the magical negro in the Whites' House is going to surprise us all with Martial Law at any moment.

The system is Anarcho-Tyranny, pace Sam Francis. The system tolerates massive lawbreaking from the gangbangers and "activists" (e.g., the Ferguson and Baltimore riots) while putting down the boot on law abiding citizens. This allows the system to play the underclass against the middleclass. The old game of divide & conquer.

Note that where martial law is justified--as with the riots--the state orders the cops to stand down. Meantime, the TSA continues to hassle citizens at the airport.

And while their cities burn around them, the zeks are kept distracted with 500 channels of telescreen.

Anonymous said...

You can elect more Republicans. LMAO

The GOP does inspire a chuckle or three. We had 20 years of Reagan-Bush I-Bush II and look where we are today.

BRA = Bringing in Republican Africa!

Anonymous said...

Seeing Vlad has virtually booted out every "special interest" group out of Russia for meddling in political affairs both domestic and foreign, I'd say he's on the right path. America's last chance in surviving this extreme liberalism run amok(Marxist Bolshevism), we too need someone to liberate us from these parasitic lobbyists. We already know the right wing neocons are not up to the challenge, so what other alternative do we have? If things get worse, our last kick at the can might actually be red? It's going to be interesting to say the least!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that we had Slick Willie for 8 years and Barry for 7 years now.. If you are mentioning shitheads don't forget the leaders of the pack!! I liked Reagan. Bush One was okay and W not that well even though he seems decent on a human level.

I used to vote GOP for over 20 years. I switched to the Libertarian party several years ago. I am convinced they ALL suck and we are screwed! Look at the GPO... They could make things difficult for Barry. But they continue towing the line. Starting to see our elections for what it is. A big damn lie and fraud for the crooks to continue doing what lines their pockets and their family. Local elections seem more on par with what they should be minus a few mishaps here and there.

Anonymous said...

Yup, nothing surprises me in the least with regards to Hollyweird. They'll no doubt send every school to see this junk on the taxpayers dime to 'culturely' enrich us(indoctrinate), just like historically inaccurate films such as '12 Years A Slave' and 'Selma'. It's also another crafty way to boost box office results since blacks are more prone to spend their money on Air Jordan's, weave and nails. What a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

I'm utterly stunned and baffled.. how did the founding majority of the greatest nation on the planet just sit back and watch it go down the toilet?!

How did this happen; who's to blame? Literal black savages running amok in the streets; religious groups that hate us and others who actively are trying to destroy us from within walk freely amongst us and, insanely, we constantly bring more in to settle. Welfare colonists swamp us with their anchor babies; grievance groups attack us from every angle looking for handouts and for us to bow down to them.

Enough, people... enough...

Anonymous said...

Would you go out of your way to settle a termite colony into the beams of your wood home...?


Then why are you allowing the negro hordes to live amongst you? Same final effect...

Anonymous said...

So…by taking the picture down, the Cardinals are now insulting the police who protect them and their customers. For just once I wish the owners and leaders would address these left wing dingbats and tell them to go to hell! Yes…tell them to go to f’ing hell!

Somebody is going to have to hurt the Negroes feelings! They don’t do well in school because the vast majority of them are too dumb to do well in school. This is not to be mean, but to state a fact. They are also genetically inclined to violence. These are two things the real media needs to address.

The truth is we did much better with segregation than forced integration. What is wrong with segregation? Why is it wrong to want to preserve your people? Blacks and all other colors do it; then why is it racist when whites do it? Let’s be frank, we are all racists! I read a piece from the UK yesterday about students of color in the Netherlands demanding that whites be integrated among them.

In the comments section, a woman meekly recounted the horrors she had as a young girl being bussed to a 90% black inner city school where whites were treated like trash and beaten; and the black teachers regularly taught that whites were the oppressors of blacks.

Her story was an eye-opener! I too went to an inner city school in Dayton, Ohio for a time. The blacks were mostly behaved unlike her school, but we were only 50% black. I was accosted by two blacks in the hall, but I stood up to them and they backed down. Of course, I am a male and she was probably not used to fighting. I had been in many fist fights having come from West Virginia (and fought blacks), so I was used to being hit.

My theory with blacks is that they are constantly measuring white people to see how far they can get. They do the same thing today as they have always done. If you do not give them an inch, they will not take a mile. Here is the critical point…WE must stand up to them for them to respect us and leave us alone. We cannot continue to let them run over white people and turn a blind eye.

The reason St. Louis is a failure and crime ridden is because of blacks. Blacks are the link between a city succeeding or falling into ruin. White cities would require little money be spent on police protection; whereas black communities need the National Guard to protect them from themselves. These costs are mind boggling! Yes…the money we save on police protection could be better spent teaching our children.

Blacks need to be insulted at this point; they need to wake up from the delusion that they are anything more than sewer rats, and dumb ones at that! They will NEVER measure up to any average white person. I doubt the majority could write a sentence in proper English. Their brains are not like ours; we have more complicated brains for working out harder problems than they could imagine.

Anyway…good job, PK, we are lucky to have a person like you on our side. We need to join forces with other race realists on other blogs. You changed me from a fence setter to a realist, so it can happen to many white people. They just need to recognize the futility of trying to civilize Negroes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, police... let them just feast on each other... do NOT stop the orc on orc violence; let Nature take its course. They are born savages that need to destroy; just contain the infection.

Attack Humans? Then come down hard; orc victim... walk away. Just not worth your personal safety or job safety to get involved. You saw what they did to Darren, right? You want that?

Look at this magic niqqa try to figure it out!:

Anonymous said...

Here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (DWL central) I've been getting a big kick out of attending cocktail parties and dinners and bringing up the weekend body count in Chicago, Baltimore, etc. I say "Have you seen what the shit-apes are doing in Chicago? Shot 56 people over the weekend. Why can't they enact stricter gun control?"

The Libs just glaze over; can't even comprehend my terminology for the orcs. Nod their heads in Eloi unison about guns. Pathetic little clueless vermin; they will watch their children being eaten alive...

Anonymous said...

Take a minute and go look at your front door... I'll wait... OK, now, while you're asleep tonight, can a negro make it that far? Can it walk up close enough to touch the doorknob?

If so, why the hell haven't you moved?! They will eventually attack you in your home; just a matter of time. Don't be naive! They want to kill and rape and rob. If they have access to your home and family they will do that.

Secure your area; move if you have to... Avoid The Groid!!

Don't be tomorrow's headline...

Anonymous said...

Obama made the negro think he's a God now. They will crush the Whites to achieve their twisted dreams...

Julie said...

The teen who is accused of murdering that family and their housekeeper in DC and setting them and their house on fire is NOT the guilty party. The police say they found the teen's DNA on some pizza that had been sent to the house.

But that's impossible. Family members have told reporters that the teen did not like pizza. He didn't like it all and he NEVER would eat pizza on account of he didn't like it. This case must be dismissed based on the strength of the family member's statements. Let the teen free. The police should find the real killers of those people.

Anonymous said...

The negroes and the communists need to admit that we are not all equal, that negroes have a low mean IQ, that negroes are only good at running the 100 meters and playing hoops, sometimes music, and that they, negroes and white liberals intend to destroy the much more competent white race.

Anonymous said...

Geraldo Rivera making a comeback?

Reacting to the recent indictment of six Baltimore police officers connected to the arrest of suspect Freddie Gray – whose death in police custody sparked rioting in the city – earlier this week, Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera shared some pointed views regarding the response from many in the black community.

“Earlier today,” he said in a panel discussion on Hannity, “Baltimore registered the 100th homicide this year. Baltimore has almost as many homicides as New York. Baltimore has 600,000 [residents]; New York has 8.4 million. So it’s 15 times the murder rate of New York, Baltimore is right now.”

Rivera chimed in again with his take on the charges filed against the six officers – particularly the most serious count, against which the driver of a police transport vehicle must now defend himself.

“Those cops in Baltimore are overcharged,” he said. “I don’t know how you’re going to prove a murder rap. The driver of the van is guilty of Murder Two? Not reckless homicide, not negligent homicide, not involuntary manslaughter – but Murder Two? Give me a break.”

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but now saying 'black on black crime' is rayciss!

Anonymous said...

One poster mentioned walking up to your front door and contemplating the feasibility of a home invasion by Negroes. Yes…the thought has crossed my mind! I am woefully unprepared for such an event. I need a functional weapon to protect me and my family.

This scenario happens all the time to poor white people who are unprepared to protect themselves. This theme hit home recently because of the sad events in DC where black thugs broke into a white family’s house and killed everyone; including a young boy! These are not people, but vicious animals that need to be exterminated like cockroaches.

Some who comment on this blog have awakened to the black undertow and the negative ramifications to white people. One commentator, Bernice, has a weapon to protect herself and those she loves. She is a realist concerning blacks! One thing I might suggest to everyone is EITHER one hellava bad ass dog, or an alarm system for intruders.

I have no doubt that times will get harder in the future. I simply don’t know how much longer America can last with the communists in charge of the henhouse. They have fundamentally changed us from a first world country into a third world country. People like Obama are nothing but rat dung! He has totally ruined our country; and delusional STUPID whites (and republicans in Congress) have let him! White people had better unite and SOON!

In every moment there’s a possibility for a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality!

This is the quote, PK, used in his editorial piece. We all know that a life without blacks would make a better future, but our YT brothers don’t believe us, and they won’t join us in what is necessary to make a white society a reality.

We need segregation from blacks! We need to take that stand now and mean it!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many supporters various protesters get every time they choose to block up traffic and interfere with people's lives?

About 40 people led by Pastor Jamal Bryant briefly stopped traffic on Interstate 395 in Pigtown Tuesday morning, protesting state funding for a juvenile jail, and a lack of funding for city schools.

Bryant, pastor at Empowerment Temple and a vocal community leader in Baltimore during protests following Freddie Gray's death, demanded that Gov. Larry Hogan reconsider funding for a new juvenile jail. Bryant also asked Hogan to contribute more state funding to city school, after the governor recently chose to take $68 million lawmakers set aside for schools — of which the city would have received $11.6 million — to use to shore up the state's pension system.

State officials approved plans earlier this month to build a $30 million, 60-bed jail to house Baltimore teenagers charged as adults a step to address years of concern about the practice of housing young city defendants alongside adults.

The U.S. Justice Department has said the state-run Baltimore City Detention Center has been violating the law by keeping the youths in the same facility as grown-ups, where teens often are secluded and do not receive school or other services while incarcerated.

"This is a movement. We are going to keep moving until the juvenile jail is in fact off the table and Baltimore public schools are able to compete on a statewide and a nationwide level," Bryant said.

Anyone care to get their stopwatch out while I prepare to hold my breath?

Anonymous said...

...this is hysterical, but TRUE.
Zombies are REAL....

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I'm utterly stunned and baffled.. how did the founding majority of the greatest nation on the planet just sit back and watch it go down the toilet?!

How did this happen; who's to blame?

Another poster on a recent thread asked this question, and I told him he wouldn't find the answer here, and to do his own research. I'm sorry, that was not helpful.

Too much truth is never popular, and it's the same even here. So, in a hallowed tradition, let me tell you a parable.

Once upon a time, in a land called Sunny South Africa, the wise leaders realised that black and white were not compatible, and so integration would lead to conflict. So they devised a plan whereby each tribe would be sovereign and independent in its own homeland. They called this plan Apartheid.

The World hated the plan, and they all came together to force its abandonment through Economic Sanctions.

Sunny South Africa suffered under sanctions, but was aided by a plucky little nation in the Middle East, the only democracy in that part of the world. This nation helped SSA to buy essential supplies, and to set up its own industries to manufacture what it needed, including arms. Sunny South Africans were very grateful to their benefactors, their only friends in the world.

Now, this was in a time when there was no Internet, and all information was censored by the government, and filtered by news media. So it was never reported to the populace, or at least not widely known, that, in fact, this same plucky little democracy had voted in favour of the sanctions against them in the United Nations.

How can such a thing be? For verily, a house divided against itself cannot stand. Why would a people at once support the imposition of sanctions, and work to subvert those sanctions?

The case of the Salem is instructive. The Salem was an oil tanker chartered by a group of sanctions-busters. It loaded up a full cargo in the Middle East, and being too big for the Suez Canal, headed south to round the Cape of Good Hope to deliver its cargo in Europe. Only, it pulled into Durban harbour on the way and pumped the oil to SSA's Sapref refinery instead. This of course, was illegal and so done in secrecy.

Then the Salem took on ballast and continued its voyage around the Cape. Somewhere in mid-Atlantic Ocean, the ship suffered a catastrophe and sank (was scuttled) with its cargo (seawater). Thankfully, the ship's entire company was saved.

When the owners and charterers came to claim against the insurance for the loss of ship and cargo, the plan started to unravel and eventually the whole story came out.


AnalogMan said...


Morals of the story,

1. Never let a crisis go to waste - even if you have to create the crisis yourself. There's big money involved in sanctions-busting.

2. Big money always, always attracts thieves and corruption.

3. Secrecy is essential in sanctions-busting, and makes corruption easier and more likely.

So, how did that play out? Well, the President of Sunny South Africa, a mostly honest but not too bright man, found himself faced with a passive revolt in his cabinet and resigned. His successor, FW de Klerk,

- immediately set about handing his country over to the terrorist organization the government had fought for so long,

- collected a Nobel Peace prize (jointly with the terrorist leader),

- divorced his lifelong faithful wife (who was shortly after mysteriously murdered in her high-security condo), and

- went off to live in the Greek isles with his new young whore.

Tell me now if you think I'm being paranoid. I can't help but wonder whether there wasn't a deeper motivation behind this sanctions double-cross. If

sanctions = money + secrecy, and if

money + secrecy = corruption,

can we take it a step further to

corruption + politicians = treason?

Was that the object all the time? As that other parable of the bird, the cow and the cat teaches us: If somebody helps you out of the poo, he's not necessarily your friend.

Wheels within wheels.

PS: If you haven't already, please sign the petition:

Allow all white South Africans the right to return to Europe.

Unknown said...

maybe it would be better if the police ask if there is a nearby doughnut shop before they decide if "no" is the proper answer

Anonymous said...

if one of their beloved pets who never made it as a professional athlete robbed them

Best line ever PK, your awesome


Anonymous said...

Ling Ting Tong..........
That is frickin hilarious!!!
Thank you


Anonymous said...

Rock On!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

With SBPDL & PK..........We shall overcome!


Anonymous said...

And when the real truth comes forth. Boom. Every law that Osama signed into law will be instantly erased. I'm all for public humiliation. Live on t.v. Shame them for the world to see. I want my country back. Fight club is on.

Anonymous said...

Ban weak Democrats, Republicans who genuflect daily to King Oballah golfer in chief.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the majority rolls over to be nice, to accomodate, to repair past wrongs. The minority ( Blacks, gays, Muslims) goes for the throat of the majority to make sure guilt is 24/7. To make sure the majority can never ever do anything right, therefore the minority can continue to throw their temper tantrums to assure they get their way. And the majority keeps allowing this cycle to repeat over and over ad nauseam.

Ex-Copper said...

Mind you, these are the same individuals screaming about juveniles waived as adults due to the seriousness of their crimes being incarcerated in real jail.

This facility isn't being built for shoplifters or joyriders. It's built for those juveniles found guilty of major felonies such as elder rape, gang rape, attempted and actual murder, home invasions, etc.

It's being built to keep these "kids" from being tossed around like party favors by real prisoners due to their size and age. When they go to gen pop in a state prison, their asses are ripped up and they lose teeth while getting their throat stretched by foreign objects.

Personally I'd say don't build the jail, but spending $60 mil preemptively is cheaper than paying out to the ghetto lottery winners when devonte meets bubba in the showers

Anonymous said...

I'm utterly stunned and baffled.. how did the founding majority of the greatest nation on the planet just sit back and watch it go down the toilet?!

With a nod to Hemingway (not a fan though); A little bit at a time, then all at once.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

I remember, many years ago now when I read the loathsome Wall Street Journal regularly there was an article about a "Scared Straight" program in Baltimore, the purpose of which was to show youfs the horrors that result from a life of crime. The youfs would be taken from school, tour the city jails and hear horror stories from inmates. Now, being aware of what awaited them in jail the misguided youfs would change their evil ways, study hard (ha!) and become productive citizens instead of criminals.

The program was stopped after a short time because every class of youfs touring the jails was like homecoming week for both youfs and inmates, everyone know each other on both sides of the bars. The atmosphere was festive, inmates caught up on gossip from da skreets, sometimes contraband was passed to the inmates and the 'students' thoroughly enjoyed the visits as did the inmates, a good time was had by all, thanks again YT! Youfs commented that it wouldn't be long before they were behind bars too and eventually the inmates (most of them) would get released to partake of their old hobbies again. To both youfs and inmates it was just the cycle of life, the scared straight program just affirmed what they already knew, they were criminals and bound for glory, no stopping it.

The idiots at the loathsome Wall Street Journal recommended more "free market solutions, enterprise zones and support of entrepreneurship" to fix the nogs and end "the cycle of crime, poverty and hopelessness." Those morons at the WSJ are hopelessly self-deluded, their brand of WSJ crack is at least as poisonous as the type the nogs smoke.

non-DWL from NE

Californian said...

Blacks have what they want; a feral culture where life is nasty, brutal and short.

Amazing, isn't it, how quickly a black run city reverts to a Hobbesian world. Again, reversion to that African mean.

Liberals and conservatives assume that blacks are "just like us" and just need a little more welfare state or an enterprise zone or two to start acting like white suburbanites. They refuse to face a reality, that blacks just may enjoy a feral lifestyle. And would rather have all that goes with it, like trashed 'hoods, as opposed to "acting white."

The cops are considered intruders and the drug dealers, killers, rapist, pimps and punks are the holy crusaders carrying the sacred torch of freedom and justice.

The Ferguson Fracas and Baltimore Bash are the next stage up from the ongoing black insurgency which has been going on for some decades. From civil rights movement to Long Hot Summer riots to gangbanging. Now the insurgents have control of a couple of American cities.

This "problem" will not be "solved" by more government programs, nor by locking up more people. There is a fundamental difference in perception. From the 'hood, they have gotten what they want: a tribal existence (call it "feral"); the compliance of politicians; and DWL groveling across the Homeland before Saint Brown. Why would they want to trade that in for some 9 to 5 jobs and a basketball hoop?

You really have to look at this as a primitive tribal revolt against a civilized empire. It's the same pattern that you saw in Haiti, Congo, Soweto, Mogadishu and even in the London riot.

Time for some new thinking on how to maintain civilization.