Thursday, May 21, 2015

Over Five Years, 13,000 People in St. Louis Murdered, Shot, or Robbed At Gun Point: The Common Denominator being a Black Person Almost Always Holding the Gun...

PK Note: Tomorrow marks the end of Year Six of SBPDL. It's been a strange ride. This site has been the work of one person dedicated to the proposition that modernity is a lie and no man is equal to one another. Year Seven will see the publication of Bell Curve City and a book celebrating Hurricane Katrina at 10. And a book on Indianapolis.  For any person reading out there, never forget this simple piece of advice: if you want to make a change, don't wait for someone else to do it. Just do it yourself. 

Never, ever forget what one person can accomplish if they remain consistent; never forget who can be impacted by this consistent dedication.

Your home. Your streets. Your schools. Your ballpark. Your playgrounds. Your pocketbook. Children die in their homes. Innocent bystanders are gunned down by stray bullets. Hard-working St. Louisans are robbed on streets, in stores and at home. Prison bars replace bright futures. Taxpayers fund the criminal justice system.
 It's time for you to care. It's time to get involved to help reduce gun violence. 

So reads a new initiative of the Circuit Attorney of the city of St. Louis. The site notes 13,000 people have been murdered, shot, or robbed at gunpoint in the city of St. Louis over the past five years. 

13,000 people. 

Almost everyone one of these people was either killed, robbed, or shot by a black person in a city that is 49 percent black and 43 percent white. 

Collectively, black individuals make St. Louis one of the most dangerous cities in America; conversely, without the collective contributions of black individuals, St. Louis would be a city virtually free of homicides by firearms, nonfatal shootings, or robberies at gunpoint. [Circuit Attorney Launches a Call to Action on Gun Violence, CBS St. Louis, 5-21-15]:
The St. Louis prosecutor pulls back the curtain of the “viewing room” of the city morgue to call attention to gun killings. 
Since 2014 there have been 138 people murdered by guns in the city. Since 2010 there has been a total of 830 deaths. 
City Attorney Jennifer Joyce also invited three relatives who have been in that room before, including Peggy Morgan. 
“And on that day I saw him in there, standing right here looking through that glass, I was gone,” says Morgan. “I was totally gone, I didn’t know what to do.” 
Joyce says that these are people who were cut short before the age of 25. She adds that this is not ISIS, but the city of St. Louis where many people live. 
Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Graham who has done autopsies on many of the bodies, is also speaking out against gun violence. 
“What I want you to be remember is the number 85,” says Graham. “Because 85 percent of those are African American, 85 percent of those are male, 85 percent are killed by guns and 85 percent are between the ages of 16 and 49.” 
Joyce says that gun murders are also hurting the image of city schools, downtown and the convention business. She’s launching a new website asking for donations of money and volunteering with organizations that mentor youth to stay out of the crime and gun culture.
A gun is an inanimate object, a machine requiring a human emotion to trigger into action. Gun violence, be it fatal or nonfatal, isn't rendering St. Louis a war zone; black individuals deciding to use a gun to commit violence help collectively make St. Louis war zone. 

No city in America identifies the role black people play in destabilizing it better than St. Louis, a metropolis almost completely devoid of white-in-origin gun crime (be it fatal or nonfatal). 

Europeans in America will one day realize how Bell Curve City showcases the inequality of man, eventually erasing away the lies of modernity and replacing them with a blueprint for a brighter tomorrow. 

But today St. Louis will continue to be a city providing anecdote after anecdote for individual white people to help make this future a reality.


SC Native said...

The only way these nogs can contol "gun violence" is with birth control. It's a simple concept but they're too stupid to realize it, but I guess you could look at "gun violence" as a form of birth control.

The NAPA who shot the LE outside of Charleston SC has been made good. The sad news is this garbage had 7 keedz, that's right 7. Now how many of the 7 have a bright future? How many will be a burden on the taxpayer?

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi said...

Sorry OT but can anyone give me input on Columbia, MO?

Let's put it this way, am I safer living there or I am better off being just a few minutes away from Memphis?

Keep this in mind, every grocery store convenient for me to shop at has had at least one shooting in the past few weeks, along with the gas stations and car washes nearby. And I live in the so-called nice area. I never go out after dark. And there are only about 4 restaurants we will dare eat at and we are still taking a risk with those.

Could we have a little bit of a better life in Columbia or would we be trading one hell for another?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for everything and congrats on the milestone. I humbly ask you to do a story on the Greek family in DC murdered by that waste of life. I know a lot of Greeks and will make sure they read it.

God Bless their souls and families. Sickening.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Once again, asking the white community for money to solve the problem. I say white community because there's not a chance of the black community donating time or money. It's over STL, your officially the BLUES now.

Unknown said...

I did something today. It was a small gesture, and being the only one doing so, a small step forward. But it was an empowering experience.

I went to the protest that Alex Jones had staged in front of the Planned Parenthood. Not to join them mind you. They were protesting the amount of Black Abortions. Their signs said that the KKK was behind black abortions. There was about 50 people there at it's peak and only 2 black people. The rest was predominantly white males. More proof that black lives don't matter to blacks. But I digress.

It got exciting for a moment when some DWLs, complete in black sunglasses and black hoodies, decided to grab the microphone and run away with it. Guess they were championing the cause for the unborn to be slaughtered. But I do applaud them for their efforts fighting for blacks rights to be aborted.

Anyways, That was fun to watch. A lot of pushing and shoving. But zero punches thrown. Zero buildings burned. Zero people shot. But then there was about 2 blacks at that time.

I was having my own protest. I was standing off to the side, holding a simple sign that read:

"European-Americans birthrate is 1.9

European-Americans account for 40% of all abortions

Stop the Genocide


There were cameras there. No one came to interview me. But several people came up to me out of curiosity and everyone admitted they did not know these facts.

It's amazing what simply stating the truth can produce; the power behind a fact can move mountains, like the proverbial mustard seed of Faith.

Sure, it wasn't hardcore race realist, but it did make whites think about being white and taking care of other whites.

The Baron

Julie said...

Wow PK, six years. I'm not sure I go back that far, but certainly four years. You are vitally important in what seems sometimes like a hopeless task in waking people up. Thank you.

Truth Corps said...

Keep up the outstanding work. I'll keep prepping, training and selectively networking.
We are the forward thinking Whites that will ensure the survival or our race/culture despite the monumental odds and forces aligned against us.

God bless you.

Ricky in Cali said...

Ahhhhhh, the subject of "gun violence". "Shots rang out", "guns kill people", new-age liberal drivel to get you to disarm. Regardless of how many gun free zones you put, Negro's don't care if they want to kill someone they will. So in honor of this post, I'm going to try something different tomorrow....

In honor of "gun violence awareness", tomorrow before I go to work I'm going to take out my HK 9mm pistol and bring it with me in the kitchen. Tomorrow I'm going to have a serious conversation with it and I'll only do this ONE TIME ever....

Before I go to work I am going to say "Ok pistol, today is your lucky day! I'm going to let you do WHATEVER YOU WANT TODAY. Shoot as many people as you want, go get your jollies off and I'll be home around 7:00. You will never have another chance at this so go out and have some fun today" and I'll lay my pistol on the counter and go to work.

At 7:00 I'll come home and I'd like to see how many people it killed. Since "guns kill people" you know?

SKIP said...

We Whites must remember that there is no such thing as ""African-Anerican"" there is only Africans IN America and where there are Africans, you have Africa.

Anonymous said...

Those African negroe genes cannot be controlled or suppressed. The violent ghetto ape will out, the inner chimp cannot be mastered. The genome of the negroe is at work in each and every rape, robbery, murder and theft.

Mister Pangloss said...

Since it dovetails nicely with Mr. Kersey's sentiment that "our job is only to survive" and that America's funeral bell has essentially already tolled, I would offer the following as a possible point of interest to those who still wish to "organize" or "segregate now before it's too late."

This is from the Wiki page on Polybius' concept of Anacyclosis. Some will no doubt be familiar with it, although I've never noticed it mentioned here. I emboldened the portion that I believe describes America today quite well. Perhaps some readers might be spurred on to further investigate the topic and the criticisms against it. Some may also notice that it broadly correlates to the founding of our nation's independence from England, although our forefathers had some foresight in buffering against the oligarchy when drafting the Constitution.

Polybius' sequence of anacyclosis proceeds in the following order: 1. Monarchy, 2. Kingship, 3. Tyranny, 4. Aristocracy, 5. Oligarchy, 6. Democracy, and 7. Ochlocracy.

According to Polybius' elaboration of the theory, the state begins in a form of primitive monarchy. The state will emerge from monarchy under the leadership of an influential and wise king; this represents the emergence of "kingship". Political power will pass by hereditary succession to the children of the king, who will abuse their authority for their own gain; this represents the degeneration of kingship into "tyranny".

Some of the more influential and powerful men of the state will grow weary of the abuses of tyrants, and will overthrow them; this represents the ascendancy of "aristocracy" (as well as the end of the "rule by the one" and the beginning of the "rule by the few").

Just as the descendants of kings, however, political influence will pass to the descendants of the aristocrats, and these descendants will begin to abuse their power and influence, as the tyrants before them; this represents the decline of aristocracy and the beginning of "oligarchy". As Polybius explains, the people will by this stage in the political evolution of the state decide to take political matters into their own hands.

This point of the cycle sees the emergence of "democracy", as well as the beginning of "rule by the many". In the same way that the descendants of kings and aristocrats abused their political status, so too will the descendants of democrats. Accordingly, democracy degenerates into "ochlocracy", literally, "mob-rule". During ochlocracy, according to Polybius, the people of the state will become corrupted, and will develop a sense of entitlement and will be conditioned to accept the pandering of demagogues.

Eventually, the state will be engulfed in chaos, and the competing claims of demagogues will culminate in a single (sometimes virtuous) demagogue claiming absolute power, bringing the state full-circle back to monarchy.

I'm no Polybius; but I'm intelligent enough to understand just how far out of my league those classic Hellenist/Greek thinkers like Polybius, Cicero, Plato and Aristotle really were. These are intellects to revere.

Now compare and contrast Michael Brown or Barrack Obama. Funny...or frightening?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the last video in this post talks of groid gun violence but the photo in the lead in to their report shows a white hand holding a gun. They just can't help it even when the report itself shows what a mockery of truth such a photo is!
OT: Myrtle Beach S.C. raised property taxes to pay for extra anti groid security measures for Black Bike Week. I'm sure all the whitey homeowners and businessmen appreciate having more expenses related to groids on top of all the costs due to shoplifting and other crimes. Too bad the city didn't announce the tax increase and the reason for it on live tv and use the old car ad theme of, "Oh, what a feeling!"
The costs of dealing with feral negroes just keeps rising with no end in sight and the cries for more programs to help the po' negro do too. It's beyond sickening when decades of such programs have been on repeat mode and abysmal failures. It's like the nation has become a gambling addict that keeps losing their shirt (but still keeps placing bets until all their money is gone and they're flat broke) in the delusional belief that one day they'll actually win. The gambling addicts have already lost tons of money and lost innumerable neighborhoods and entire cities but they just can't stop. It's way past time for an intervention especially since the idiots have their hands in our wallets using our money to fund their addiction to gambling on groids.
I once knew a man who had a gambling addiction. His wife hunted him down, walked into the casino and slapped his ass right off the stool he was sitting on and began cursing and screaming at him. We need politicians who will do the same (figuratively speaking) to all the addicted and delusional groid lovers. Otherwise, they'll bankrupt everyone by betting on black.
Talking, arguing, begging or pleading with the addicts isn't going to stop the addicts. Giving them all the facts and figures isn't going to stop them. They aren't listening or even capable of doing so. They won't stop until they're "slapped off the stool they're sitting on" and dragged kicking and screaming out of the "casino."

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

This shit will never come to an end end anybody who thinks so is a complete fucking fool. They will have their stupid marches led by preachers and community leaders wearing their thousand dollar suits. Speeches and meetings have done nothing to stop the blood from flowing. Dope crazed animals killing each other. Soulless zombies being raised by mothers who are crack whores and drunks who will fuck anybody that has a dick and will get them high.

All those mug shots with those dead blank lifeless eyes staring into the camera. Nothing but fucking zombies. The breathing dead. These kids are meal tickets for the welfare leeches. A parasite life form being fed by the taxpayers.

Today in Frisco about 15 or 20 fat ugly black women went topless for some stupid protest about useless black lives. These were huge fat women with their blubber and rolls of fat hanging out for all to see. What was that all about. These are the mothers of these killer demented children. Thousands of protest all across America because these race hustlers want more money and freebies so they can sit on their fat lazy asses and smoke dope and bitch about how they are being oppressed. On and on it goes with no end in sight.

We have an army of psychopaths destroying the cities and country while the stupid white majority sit in front of their television screens watching and waiting for the latest update on when and where Bruce Jenner will have his dick cut off so he can feel more fulfilled in his sick and morbid life. America has become a circus of horror and depravity and the brain dead citizens are wondering who will be voted off the island this week.

What we are seeing now is the thrashing and throes of agony of a dying country. The great fools parade being led by the dead and dying. Have you looked around lately. Do you see what I see.

Take care of yourself and your family. Stay away from the morons. They will only drag you down. Find a safe place to live because this whole house of cards will someday come tumbling down. We will be able to rebuild with what we salvage from the rubble.



What these fools can't wrap their heads around is the fact that guns don't have a mind. Guns don't have legs and hands. Guns don't drive cars. Guns don't pull their own trigger. Guns don't hate. And guns aren't jealous and covet other individuals possessions.
No DWL's it's the lowly common negro with all of their vices that actually pull that trigger not giving one fuck who's lives they destroy including their own.

Until we Americans either segregate or repatriate this monster ebony race of class-less peoples that kill at the drop of a hat for reasons which I have given above we will continue to deal with their negro violence on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

Just look at the portrayal of blacks in old Tarzan movies: ok, cliched and all, but in those days blacks were understood to be "the natives." Check out the Paul Robeson flik, "The Emperor Jones," or D. W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation." These had not very flattering images of blacks -- yet the experience of Haiti or Zimbabwe or Detroit has somewhat vindicated them.

This was from Californian yesterday's comments, I can't help but think of "The Little Rascals" episode of the "Wildman of Borneo" every time I see these parents of the po keeds dats get kilted by da poleece, all I hear is "yum yum, eatem up", or gibsmedat!!! Freddy Grey can be the new version, "Wildman from Baltimo" saying
"Run run, beat me up"!!

Anonymous said...

St. Louis will never be the same, it's lost it's shine..... Ooops, let me rephrase, it's lost it's luster, the arch lost it's shine. It's a whole new ball game folks, one with no fans!! It's "Hands Up, Don't Loot" for the new generations to rally around, that includes all those stinking white protesters that are just looking for their 15 min. of fame too. The Lou will join the ranks of Detoilet as once great American cities that have succumbed to BRA. Mayor Slay of STL is the most lunatic DWL I've ever heard mutter, he's right up there with Barry. I moved out and will never move back, it's all a memory.


Anonymous said...

At least the nogs, for the most part, are killing, maiming, and robbing each other. I can deal with that. Maybe if they kill enough of themselves off, YT will be able to get things back to the way it should be.

Anonymous said...

@Platinum EBT Card Holder:

Always loved your name, and I have found you to be one of the consistently funny posters on this blog.

As a white male who was recently fired from a job working with white disabled boys (a female dyke negress "colleague" told a series of lies of how she felt unsafe coming to work because I stood up to her after she continued to harass denigrate, and bully me. Bear in mind she is taller and weighs more than me).

When things were in the pipeline (my demise from said job) she placed 2 sharp objects leaning into 2 of my tires in an attempt to make me miss the early morning shift (she was the only person present in the timeframe to do it). She did this because I was the only person who could cover her for already made travel plans- boss said she had to work it out with me, I never returned her calls. I wasn't going to do a favor for someone who tried to get me fired. I cost her over $1000 so that was her retaliation. Since I was already slated for replacement my calls came on deaf ears and he made me feel like I should feel guilty for blaming one of his upstanding staff, evidence or not.

This woman doesn't like working with kids (seen and heard stories of her bullying and belittling them too) and is still working the graveyard shift (when the kids are all conveniently sleeping the whole time) so she can write the same 'no incident' report and collect a paycheck.

In underdogs like Platinum EBT I get excitement and gratification watching clever people learning to overcome and handle their affirmative action overlords. Since all my white guilt is now drier than a CA reservoir I actually laugh and appreciate the good spectacle of seeing/hearing about someone running circles around the negro. The only that that could have been worse for me would have been kissing ass and still getting fired.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to have been staunchly liberal even just a few scant years ago.

All that indoctrination, said "Free to Be, You and Me" -style group love and equality and all the same b.s...

Like socialism, a spelling bee, or legal, responsible fire-arm use, whites (also non-blacks, for the most part) are the key ingredient. Warrior Bantus don't make for good fathers or reliable, compassionate leaders. They work well together only when ambushing and/or overpowering a lone target that they have collectively chosen.

Teaching respect through "might makes right" and "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" clashes with all the norms of white (and all other civilized) societies.

No one wants to be around black people, including themselves.

They don't know why and the retard-quotient (i.e. IQ, future-time orientation and problem solving skills) causes them to plateau (if not forced and given help) at a very low cognitive level. Their love for a laziness-inducing drug doesn't help their academic/mental performance much either. Pot and diabetes must have been perfected in a lab by the white man just for them. You must work around them, and give as little as needed (like soon to be looted/vandalized plaques) and let them shuffle off in a confused circle somewhere you aren't.

I hate their obnoxious babble and lazy-talk so much that I long to live in a library-type environment where the understood policy is to shut the fuck up while in public. It's not hard, about as difficult as sleeping really.

They can't help it, they are retarded, wait for science to pin them to their behavior through bio-genetics and then participate in "The Great Debate" over it.

Anonymous said...

Paul, thank you for all the great and thought-provoking writing over the years. This has been a great forum for me in dealing with my political change since the Trayvon incident- a place to realize that I am not insane, to laugh, and to improve my writing skills : )

Picking up a lot of the phrases and syntax as some of the writers here has done wonders for my self expression, so again : )

To think that you had been doing this service for years before it was cool and you were so needed is even more inspiring. One person can do a lot, and you are evidence of that Paul. Thank you for your documentation and for keeping us focused on the facts and evidence before us. Nothing significant seems to get past you and irony as well is never lost on you. Keep up the inspiring work- you are a big part of a lot of our lives and when you are late posting it can cause disruptions and crabbiness, but no pressure : )

I come here multiple times daily for your content- you've really established and incredible thing here Paul. You are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on 7 years. If I pick up the cause, I don't need to pick up a pen; you've done it for us. You've also given us a place to converse. Thank you.

I want to cold clock everyone that ever penned the equality lies. All the liars, huxters, and the folks that brought us The Huxtables.

I spent time with a black MD last night. He knows the truth. He'll probably be one of the few that get a pass when we initiate a solution. Even in WW2 Germany non-Germans earned 'official German' paperwork.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

Realist in MA cont.--after spending time with a black MD last night, I must hang with a DWL tonight.

I'd take a black MD over DWL anyday. Shit, I'd prefer to hang with Shitavious over the DWL. I'm a man and cannot stand sniveling, disingenuous pussies. There isn't much worse than DWL.

Anonymous said...

More blacks inconveniencing random people in order to gain allies and get some more looks at muh.

SERIOUS eye-bleach warning, should have posted this comment before the link. LOTS of fat black flabby flesh, tis the summer season after all. Yes, I know, some of you will ask if some of the protesters were indeed standing on their hands in this picture...

Getting stopped in traffic by miscreants is one thing, this just adds insult to injury imo.

Anonymous said...

Why Is Israel Kicking Out the Africans?

From The Root: rather than link you to a toilet section of the internet I have reproduced it for you here:

"A few days into an educational trip to Israel in 1991 shortly after the mass airlift of Ethiopian Jews into the country, my jaw dropped when a Jewish official casually described the arrival of the Ethiopians as an opportunity to beef up Israel’s Olympic running team.

More than two decades later, and it appears that probably didn’t work out. Israel now seems more anxious to give its sizable black African migrant population the boot. At the moment, the focus is much less on settled-in Ethiopian Jews and more so on Sudanese, Eritrean and Ethiopian Christians fleeing war, persecution and poverty at home. And, naturally, if you’re a poor African migrant looking for work, you’re headed to Israel, a top 40 country in terms of gross domestic product and the closest, most powerful, democratic, free market economy you can find within regional distance.

But now, turn back: because if you’re a black undocumented migrant, Israel is giving you 30 days to get gone. In a bid to put a humane face on it, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is putting money where its racially charged mouth is. An estimated 45,000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugees not only get a free, no-return ticket back home (or to some “unnamed” African nation) but also get sent with $3,500 in their pocket.

That might not seem like such a bad deal, some might say. After all, what other country (including the United States) deports its undocumented migrants with game-show-like cash offers?"

I just can't for the life of me understand how a people much smarter than you who you are trying to leach off of and take advantage of in their already small country would not want you there? History of slavery? Not theirs, I mean black people's. Why wouldn't a 1st world nation want a dead-weight mass of people sucking its resources like a lamprey? These black migrants probably have all those great plans and aspirations for what they can do to make Israel a better, safer, and more advanced place, right?!?

These people come with no thought of what they can contribute, only what they can get from others collectively for free. What can you do for me? And you have the audacity to openly wonder why nobody wants you around...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary P.K. !!

Take the old lady out for a nice dinner... and may you not see an orc for the entire time!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article over at Amren titled: Our Biased Brain

"Many of these experiments on in-group bias have been conducted around the world, and almost every ethnic group shows a bias favoring its own. One exception: African-Americans.

Researchers find that in contrast to other groups, African-Americans do not have an unconscious bias toward their own."

One commenter noted the use of the word "unconscious". Blacks are completely conscious of their blind racial solidarity.

Anonymous said...

"This site has been the work of one person dedicated to the proposition that modernity is a lie and no man is equal to one another."

Beautifully put. The notion that all men are created equal is an idealistic fantasy. There are simply too many variables. Try telling the kid that was born with one arm that he's the same as everyone else. Ridiculous.

If it is possible for genetics to cause physical deformities, and the brain is considered part of the physical form, then obviously genetics can cause the brain of a newborn to be predisposed to violence, mayhem and lack of common sense in general.

In other words, the modern-day negro.

Thank you Mr. Kersey for all your hard work. If I might make a suggestion, please write your future material to include non-whites. I know you write with the intention of exposing the black plague for what it is and its realities, but as a non-white myself, I sometimes am uncomfortable when you write as if whites are exclusively targeted by negroes. They are not, and as a former target, I can attest to that myself.

As a non-white born domestically, I consider myself (despite my non-whiteness) an American citizen first as I have never been to nor can I relate to my country of ethnic origin. I am sure many of your non-white readers will agree with me that it is not race that blacks target, as blacks have no pre-defined targeting system. No, that would imply that they are capable of a complex level of thinking.

Blacks target randomly, and that is why they are so dangerous. That is why they will go after an armed cop without being armed themselves, why they will shoot each other in church, why they will rape little girls and kill themselves with crack and alcohol. There is only the enemy. Everyone else is the target.

Here's to another six years, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy, but dated. The events in Ferguson and Baltimore proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that political solutions are exhausted. There remains only one real option.

Mutant Swarm said...

For some reason, the phrase "shots RANG out" really gripes my ass. I've been shooting my entire adult life, and not once have I heard the sound of a bell when I pulled the trigger.

I take that back. I once fired a .45 without hearing protection, reasoning that I wouldn't have time to put in ear plugs if somebody broke in, intent on harming me or mine. Then I heard a ringing! I also slapped my hand up to the side of my head and cussed.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in the St. Louis metro area all my life and don't hear much about Columbia, except for the black college athletic students always getting arrested.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

Unknown said...

Great post but you are using DWL terms lol "migrants" it is just a decoy to take the attention of what they really are: "illegal immigrants"

Anonymous said...


Europeans value equality far more than liberty, and will soon have neither. This nation was founded on Liberty, not equality, because while liberty is possible for all men of good will, the hard truth is simply that equality is a Unicorn, period.

It is also a political tool used to convince gorillas with single digit IQ's that they deserve what you own, and if you don't fork it over they have a right to kill you.

These gorillas are not the problem, but rather those whites who have them on a leash feeding them with our money until such time that they, too, are no longer needed.

"You're right and the further we go up the bell curve the greater the disparity. For example at the 140 level there are 100 times as many gifted whites as there are gifted blacks. Hence the fact that there have never been negro geniuses." (Commentary on The Bell Curve)

* Digest that! There has NEVER been a negro genius! Think hard about that one It is absolutely mind-blowing!

Anonymous said...

I just moved a college kid back after 4 years in Columbia so here's what I know. North of I-70 and part of old downtown area are mostly black. South of MU is white and suburban. My kid said the blacks are mostly gang wannabe's that were too tame to make it in KC or St. Louis. Columbia wages are low because of so many college students. My kid learned a lot about black dysfunction going to the Walmart on the east side of town. If the rent seems too cheap to be true, the area is black. It's definitely not hell - the college has too much money at stake to put up with very much from blacks. I know 20 or so naive white kids and they've all been fine for at least 4 years.

Anonymous said...

If that comedy plaque is placed on the sidewalk, sensors should be placed to trigger canned laughter as you walk by.
It really is a genuinely hilarious testament to the stupidity and hypocrisy of the common U.S. negro.

Anonymous said...

They are also opportunistic, even a lot of the alleged IKAGO's that have jobs will steal if an easy target is presented. That's how you get idiots like the 2 females in Baltimore that worked for the jail but were out stealing stuff from the 7-11 that you can walk in and buy anytime. I always tell my daughter, when you go to the city leave NOTHING in view, inside your car. They'll break your window just for the fun of it in some cases, but if they see a $5 cell phone charger, some change or a pack of cigarettes that's just daring them to do it. Don't go to an event and get out of the car and put your purse in the trunk either. They watch for women doing this and most vehicles have a trunk release button or they can pull the back seat down from inside.
When you see them walking in your neighborhood and you think, He looks like he's looking for something to steal. You're usually right. He might not take anything now but maybe he'll come back tonight to see if you left your garage unlocked or the kids left their bike in the yard. Drug dealers have kids, and cars, and houses. If they need a car seat, or a bike, or a garden hose, they could go buy that stuff or they could give some crack head a $10 rock that only costs him $2.

PNW Realist said...

Nog males killing other nog males is a kind of sef-culling of the herd. Given their propensity toward criminality and irresponsible breeding, nogs place a heavy burden on society already. Why in the world would any sane person want to add more to it with a larger population of nogs?

Anonymous said...

Here in negro-run America, the children who rode the short bus to school are now running the country.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Coongratulations on your anniversary! Thanks for putting all this information that is so carefully hidden from us by YKW out there. Now, onto the negro who sadistically murdered that high profile DC family.

I know the area well as I grew up across the river. My graduation took place at the National Shrine just down the skreet from Embassy Row where the bantus committed their atrocity.

How long until we hear, "He wuz turnin' he life roun?" "He wuh a goo boy, ya'll!"

Well, turns out the negro's former attorney has said just that. I looked him up and he specializes in DWI cases. He's also been disciplined by the state board. Anyway, this attorney said something to the effect, "It doesn't sound like something he would do. He's not violent." ummm hmmm. Might be a $aturday person but I can neither confirm or deny at this stage. He does appear to be "white".

I made some comments over at the Daily Mail, which still allows things like Free Speech, although heavily moderated. Most likely my comments won't see the light of day. We'll see.

Can there be any clearer evidence that we cannot continue to import more negroes due to the fact we cannot keep the ones here under control? Was this murder just another example of "Robbery goan roan due to White Privilege?" Where does this idiocy end? Will we be hearing from the two college aged daughters who were mercifully not at home when the murders happened that this was just a misunderstanding and that the negro boys meant no harm? And what about that poor Hispanic housekeeper, also murdered in cold blood. Are there any Hispanics out there with some balls who will stand up against these violent savage race? When will I wake up from this stupid nightmare?

Paul, thanks for letting me vent. What little sanity I have is because you offer this space for me to vent my true feelings. Remember, folks, Summer hasn't officially started yet and they are already off the chain. This family that was murdered had to have had lots of security due to their wealth, and still they were ruthlessly murdered. Was there no loaded pistol anywhere in that house? Dear Lord, I don't think I can take much more of their feral, audacious behavior. Truly a sad, vicious, despicable race of violent savages.

Anonymous said...

"Why is Israel Kicking Out The Africans?"
That was very interesting but I can well imagine every groid who's paid $3500 to leave telling all his homies back in da motherland of the wonderful deal they can get if only they'll go to Israel by any means possible.
It would be like telling every illegal alien wannabe south of the U.S. border that if they get here they'll get free food, free medical, free school for their children, housing and tons of social services........oh....wait.
Still, for an African groid living in a 3rd world pesthole where $2 or less is a daily wage, $3500 would be like a massive lottery win.
If there were Africans in America and they were told they could breed like flies on other people's money, get EBT cards, Section 8 housing, Affirmative Action make work jobs and every worthless chillun they popped out would have the same to look forward to etc....oh... wait.
And to think, we all thought the Twilight Zone was just a cute tv show and never realized we were living in an episode~ for real!

Anonymous said...

"When you see them walking in your neighborhood and you think, He looks like he's looking for something to steal. You're usually right."

When we were white, the family would have a joint yard sale every year. Never had one problem.
Now that we're black, I wouldn't dream of having one. Not only will they steal a ten cent ash tray, they're mostly casing the place for later.

More social capital relinquished to the primitives.

It's funny that whites build decks or patios onto the backs of their houses to hang out.
Blacks hang out in the front to sees errythang on da skreet and wait fo dat check, I suppose. They sit on the stoop all day and even BBQ in the front yard. This is old school suburbia out here, not the projects. They just look so silly.
When you see the first bright orange house with purple trim or some such, list your house immediately.

Ricky in Cali said...

For those of you that may not know much about video games, there is a game that's called GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and the reason it used to do so well in sales was because it pushed the "shock value" envelope. Cussing, sex, drugs, killing cops, killing prostitutes, gang banging, pedophile men, the whole 9 yards. It was this crazy world that we couldn't believe was put into a video game (and of course parents everywhere went ballistic)

Well, GTA 1, then 2 came out, then 3, then 4, and finally GTA 5 is the latest installment. They kept the theme of the craziness but something happened along the way. Over the course of the decades while this game was evolving


I swear to you its like being in a fucking playstation when I'm out in public. The country is goin down the shitter and I guess all we can do is keep moving our loved ones away from the madness until it's finally time for the last stand to hold our ground

Anonymous said...

OP here.

Without going into too much detail, I have first-hand experience to the contrary that these drug dealers have houses, kids and cars.

Kids, yes, but provided they didn't abandon they baybee mommaz, the kids are usually an excuse for crime, ie "I GOTS TO FEED MUH KEEDS" as if legitimate employment never occurred to or is too good for them.

Houses? No (unless you're talking section 8, but that doesn't count, you and I are paying for it). In all but one case, the dealers were crashing at either a relatives house (it's never "their house") or, more often than not, some naive SJW girlfriend put them up rent-free.

Cars? The majority of them (when they're not broken-down shitters) are stolen, or if they're purchased and high end (Mercedes, Maserati, Porsche), they're complete crap on the inside, engine interior and all. A friend of mine (who's had more experience than me) told me they are salvage titles, purchased on the cheap.

Almost all the "nice" things you see these dealers with are for show. The wads of cash they pull out is usually all the money they have to their names. The clothing is shoplifted or on clearance from last year's collection. The jewelry is fake and/or stolen.

Drug dealing and pimping are in a way an elaborate pyramid scheme or one of those shady MLMs. The only way to move up is to build a network beneath you. That's why you see Asians, Russians, Hispanics with complex leadership structures and the mob heads of them raking in millions, while their entry-level gang members do the grunt work.

You do not see this type of success with blacks because they are incapable of leadership or organization. They keep flashing and putting on airs to recruit, but more often it's just to brag and get themselves robbed.

I think Mr. Kersey has written before that the typical drug dealer makes less than minimum wage on average (apologies if I'm wrong but I know I read it somewhere). And the hilarious thing is instead of staying in top form to evade law enforcement so they can commit crimes more efficiently, they deliberately chain-smoke, drink, keep atrocious diets and wear their pants in a way that makes it easy to catch them.

Hence the culture of dindu nuffins.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the San Fran #translivesmatter demonstrators after this shemale prostitute got jumped, beaten with bricks, stabbed, and robbed by a couple of black men?

Note also the headline reads, "more to drug stabbing than meets eye". It's supposed to refer to the alleged stabber's defense lawyer claiming he didn't do nothing and just happened to be passing along by a scuffle going on at 4:30 AM. Looking at the mugshot, ironically there isn't more than meets the eye, unless you're talking about the victim's hidden junk.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 6 years PK. Ive been a reader for the past 3 years. At the time I was looking up the latest monkey shines, and found this site.

Best site on the web, will only grow with time.


Fatigued but LOL in Minneapolis said...

Fatigued in Minneapolis just discovered the "Glossary terms" section over at SO much fun this morning.. etc..

Anonymous said...

Again with the violent guns. Sigh. Let them continue.

And if "Black be Beautiful" and "Black Lifes done Matter", why do they straighten their hair, bleach their skin and get nose and lip jobs?? Oh, and kill each other??

P.S. The image of those Black girls in SF is deeply repugnant. It has inflicted emotional distress and I didn't even see it. Again, TNB.

Anonymous said...

Columbia Missouri has a smallish ghetto area near south of I-70 called Douglas Park.

20 years ago the city was quite safe. Now I'm hearing about shootings and students getting robbed - but all in all I think it would be a lot safer than what you describe right outside of Memphis. The town has grown to the south of campus which is where the white middle to upper class live and it is quite safe.

Californian said...

Great line, PK:

Europeans in America will one day realize how Bell Curve City showcases the inequality of man, eventually erasing away the lies of modernity and replacing them with a blueprint for a brighter tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that white women are so easily brainwashed like the DWL? Perhaps some one the real women on here can explain this to the guys. Is it stupidity because this woman is clueless and of course she brings up a central tenet of the DWL religion, slavery. No wonder the average YT doesn't want to get married, coming home to a shrew like this would be torture.

Californian said...

I did something today. It was a small gesture, and being the only one doing so, a small step forward. But it was an empowering experience.

I went to the protest that Alex Jones had staged in front of the Planned Parenthood. Not to join them mind you. They were protesting the amount of Black Abortions. Their signs said that the KKK was behind black abortions. There was about 50 people there at it's peak and only 2 black people. The rest was predominantly white males. More proof that black lives don't matter to blacks. But I digress.

Congrats on getting out in the streets! You can learn a lot by seeing what happens in the realworld. Good observation how blacks themselves do not seem to care very much about black lives. I think for the white demonstrators, this was another way to show that they too are "against racism." i.e., the left defines the issue and then mainstream conservatives run around in circles trying to prove that they too are onboard.

Be interesting to see how the white people there would react to their own dispossession and destruction as a people.

Anonymous said...

Uh, the video was missing one IMPORTANT statistic. The percent of the shooters who were Black. Since the guns themselves weren't the shooters. Right??

Poor ole Andre the news anchor had such trouble pronouncing the word "statistics".

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi said...

Sorry OT but can anyone give me input on Columbia, MO?

Let's put it this way, am I safer living there or I am better off being just a few minutes away from Memphis?

Keep this in mind, every grocery store convenient for me to shop at has had at least one shooting in the past few weeks, along with the gas stations and car washes nearby. And I live in the so-called nice area. I never go out after dark. And there are only about 4 restaurants we will dare eat at and we are still taking a risk with those.

America in 2015.

BRA in action.

It'd be safer to live in Iraq.

At least you can shoot back.

Anonymous said...

85 is my new favorite number.

Pat Boyle said...

I am interested in solutions and it seems pretty clear at least to me that current racial policies in America have failed. The solution is segregation but there are three kinds of segregation that I envision. Each of these forms of racial separation operates on a different time scale and a different special scale.

They are:

Architectural Segregation:
Regional Segregation:
Ontological Segregation:

I. Architectural Segregation is a short range solution that could be instituted immediately. I have called this 'America Under Glass' in other posts. Maybe a better term would be 'Recuperative Segregation' on the analogy with the old idea od 'Enterprise Zones'.

An Enterprise Zone is a defined area in a depressed urban area where different laws operate for a period of time. Typically a poor area is given freedom from certain taxes for twenty years or so. Similarly we could restore the City of Detroit of St. Louis simply by allowing zones where black people were not allowed. The easiest way to do this is with a mall - a glass enclosed mini-town where white people would never meet any of those black 'teens'. They could shop, congregate, eat a meal and see a movie peace and safety.

I expect such safe malls would flourish and expand.

II. Regional Segregation is a mid term solution. Ultimately blacks and whites present in the same city is likely to unstable. Many commenters here suggest that white people should scurry off to empty north west states like Montana or the Dakotas. I would prefer that the blacks moved.

I would favor some kind of grand homeland for blacks rather like the reservations we set up for Amerindians.

It never worked moving blacks back to Africa but moving them to New Mexico and/or Arizona takes much less money and effort. This would also establish a buffer state against Mexico. Obviously such a plan would take decades or more.

III. Ontological Segregation means essentially no blacks or no whites. This is the ultimate solution but it won't be quick. Currently people inherit their racial identity. That may change. If and when it does many young white men will want to be better at basketball so they will choose African style legs and feet. Many black parents will want their progeny to be good in school. They will then be in the market for white, East Asian, or Ashkenazi Jewish brains.

I think this is a century or more away. But when those kind of choices are available I don't expect anyone to choose to be the kind of black person that riots and loots like the 'teens' in Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation: Here in negro-run America, the children who rode the short bus to school are now running the country.

Consider that the USA is now being run by blacks who were let into Old Miss' and a lot of other Southern schools; who were bused in Boston; who got that AA admission into a formerly elite university. What's been the result? BRA:

The disintegration of many American cities.

Escalating crime and illegitimacy rates from the black demographic.

Endless race hustling.

Black guerrilla raids against YT in the form of flashmobs and drivebys.

Whites fleeing the cities their ancestors built.

Could it be, could it possibly be, that the Segregationists were right? That if you took the controls off, blacks would run amok and destroy the White Man's Civilization?

Something to think about in the coming chaos ahead...

Anonymous said...

At what point in the IQ range does a person become unproductive? I’ve seen people with low IQs do reasonably well, but none were black.

If I assume that blacks generally have an IQ of 85 and a standard deviation of 15, I can check their Z scores in a table and compute those statistics.

What are the odds that blacks will have an IQ above 105? Not very good…I computed a Z score of 1.333…which means about 91% of ALL blacks fall below that point. If I bump it up to an IQ of 110 (where people are generally considered bright), I came up with a Z score of 1.66667. This means that about 4.75% of blacks are above that point. As many have stated, any point above that becomes rarer for blacks.

I would say your average white person is smarter than about 9 out of 10 blacks. Oh…they do have a talented tenth!

I think black IQ correlates with violence, poverty, HS dropouts, and other factors. It has nothing to do with racism.

Pat and others have talked about black genes being a factor, and I believe that as well. They have a gene that creates a propensity to violence. Other groups such as the Maori of New Zealand have the same gene makeup in that regard.

Thousands of years of development have separated our races by intellectually ability. The only reason that blacks are generally taller and more athletic than whites is because they were bred that way on the North American Continent. If you take two horses and breed the two fastest, chances are you will get a nice fast colt from the outcome. If we only bred the smartest Negro men with the smartest Negro women, we might be able to incorporate them into our society…but that would be the talented tenth so often spoke about!

Our government (on the liberal side) has programs that encourage the dumbest Negroes to breed, and punishes those that work. I think the Democrats are doing that by design to gain power.

All this violence and mayhem can be linked to low IQ, low impulse, et cetera!

As realists, we need to reach white people who are on the fence that are still reachable.

I won’t lie…Paul Kersey helped me become a realist! There is nothing we can do for blacks; we need to save ourselves.

To the white realist who spoke in an earlier post about anacyclocis and government: anacyclosis so real to our situation it made me take note! Maybe that is what Obama is trying to do! I think is already thinks of himself as a monarch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they caught one of those animals that tortured and murdered that poor DC family, their 10 year old son and their maid. The morons left their DNA all over the pizza they ordered while holed up in the victims home! Just goes to show their propensity for violence is only matched by their low IQ. Hope they hang these pos!

Mr. Rational said...

The only way these nogs can contol "gun violence" is with birth control.

Not quite.  Remember the guy with the generator?  Self-fumigation is very effective; there won't be one bit of violence from him or his offspring ever again.

True, it is very unlikely that they could be persuaded to do this on any significant scale.  They cannot foresee consequences but they do learn from experience.

Anonymous said...

Holy crow, post of the year!!!

Anonymous said...

Considering that we give that $&@% hole billions in foreign aid each year, I think it's safe to say that America is paying off these animals to go back to Zulu station where they belong. Is there any place on this planet where we're not paying for the undertow? They better make Jupiter habitable soon.

Anonymous said...


Bernice, you're one very funny lady. I Like your style and really enjoy your stuff.

PK, owing to our own now quasi-Nazi government (NSA and other three letter agencies scouring the internet for "subversive elements" (read politically conservative), I do realize I have to be careful with the following comments. However, this latest inconceivably savage example of black mayhem and brutal murder involving that family and their maid in DC has so shocked my soul that if I could somehow miraculously "will it" right now with the stroke of a pen or a wand, I would have these subhuman beasts mercilessly tortured unto the point of death and then buried alive while still conscious enough to know what was happening to them.

God, but I am sick unto death of these savage Mau Maus now freely roaming our land with virtually a free hand to murder, rape, pillage, torture, defile and destroy everything and anyone they please while our own government, from top to bottom, sits idly by pretending nothing is awry.

May a loving God take these innocent souls unto His loving bosom. Language is totally inadequate to describe the soul-searing inhumanity of beasts such as these. May they rot in hell for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your writing and continued efforts. It really is amazing what one man can do.

Eye's are opening and a consensus is building thanks to those who stand firm for truth.

Refuse to live lies.


VariedSort said...

How will news reporting evolve once there are no guns, causing every black on black murder to be more gruesome than a simple shooting? That doesn't help the groid cause.

So blacks will kill using knives and machetes and other weapons that make a real mess.

How will the news cover all the murders while still coddling their darling little monkeys? The monkeys that make them rich by providing a never ending steam of news stories (ie 'opportunity youth shoots 80 yo grandmother')

I think if guns were eliminated, the media would later regret it because they can no longer deliver aesthetically pleasing phrases such as 'the youth shot the clerk'

There will be beheadings, severed arms, blood everywhere... The news won't be able to go into detail without becoming rated-R .

News outlets profits will suffer if we take guns away from blacks.

Anonymous said...

The same amount that were a burden before but less than if the end of his legacy hadn't occurred.

Mich Mike

awakend white said...

like Skip said perfectly its only Africans in America. Whites are true Americans. etc.

ohh to the person with the HK 9mm. you owe me a keyboard! lol

PB said...

Kersey, your reach is global. Your message is global.

Anonymous said...

A woman I'm acquainted with moved from college here this past fall to attend state university over by St. Louis. She's Chinese, tall, green eyed, and very light complexioned. Dealing with non-traditional students regularly, it was obvious she was one who possesses higher than average intelligence and a great degree of personal drive, so she picked up and traveled 3K miles to better her life after having been divorced (her husband, a white Canadian businessman, wound up taking the kids out of the country).Leaving her with little money and few other options.

I found out yesterday she's returned home, as she found the violence on the west side of STL so dangerous, she was unable to go to school there.

She spoke of constant harassment by local men, property crime, and racial prejudice against her for being Asian. Her looks (she's very pretty) where a double-edged curse for her, bringing constant sexual advances from "faculty" at the university, as well as sexual microagressions from locals and racial violence from neighborhood women who automatically seem to think any women is out to take "their" men.
Blatant racism against non-white/non-african-americans is rampant in the STL community as is the typical anti-women/sexual violence of the street culture that predominates there.
Will anyone "speak out" for this women who was victimized by predating behavior of men and women in positions of authority and power? Of course not--only criminal's lives matter.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here


Congratulations on the milestone of this blog. You are a national treasure. Living as I do in the political correctness center of the universe, it's hard to connect with anyone who shares my views of blacks. Those views were shaped by experience, not ideology, and it came as a shock to realize that that ideology could keep me from seeing what was right in front of my eyeballs.

Today, I just look at them (blacks) and I see what they are by their behavior. I don't have a lot of convoluted excuses as to why they're screwed up. And I use the G-word. Genetics.

Thank you for all you do.


It's been awhile since I've commented. I've been extremely busy with ObamaCare and making money off the scam....getting MY stolen "'income" taxes back by any means necessary.....

I see the same old negro stuff is still happening day after day after day. Tiresome. This nation can't blow up soon enough.

Sincerely, me.

Anonymous said...

In other news from the "just like us" department the nation of Zambia is celebrating finally teaching their population of walking apes not to shit in the streets.

Anonymous said...

If someone has already noted this I’m sorry, but Dr. Graham left out one more 85 in addition to the things he said below:

“What I want you to be remember is the number 85,” says Graham. “Because 85 percent of those are African American, 85 percent of those are male, 85 percent are killed by guns and 85 percent are between the ages of 16 and 49.”

All the black ones had an IQ of 85.

D-FENS said...

"There has NEVER been a negro genius! Think hard about that one It is absolutely mind-blowing!"

If you do a google search on "finding an african einstein", you will get two main results.

First is a desperate effort of DWLs to find a genius among the Africans. So far, no success (surprise, surprise).

The other result shows an African Gray Parrot named Einstein.

The bird is likely to be more intelligent than anything the DWLs come up with.

D-FENS said...

So American taxpayers give every citizen of Israel $500 Dollars which allows seven of them to get together to pay an African to leave.

Why can't we keep that money here and do the same with Africans, muslims and Mexicans? Not only would we get a direct benefit but we would also cut out the middleman, which the Saturday People surely could appreciate.

Such a deal!


So, do swimming pools attack little kids? If blacks weren't pathologically afraid of water (most simian primates are), they would be blaming pools for killin' innocent black children.

Dem puools be raciss!!

How about those assault cars? Who needs a Hemi except raciss pigs who want to run over little black kids on their way to the Library.

And, let us not forget hammers that have been known to kill White men.....oh, yeah....

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

"Gun murders are also hurting the image of city schools, downtown and the convention business."

Um, yes. Murders will do that.

chattanooga gal said...

"It's like the nation has become a gambling addict that keeps losing their shirt (but still keeps placing bets until all their money is gone and they're flat broke"
boy, isn't that the truth. well put. How many years of gibsmedats do we have to do before somebody in power finally realizes " this doesn't work" I've been reading White girl bleed a lot and it seems to me the only thing that works is fighting back A wise person once posted " it is not up to white people to change black culture. only black people can do that, if they choose. it is up to whites to stop tolerating violent criminal black behavior".

Anonymous said...

Fed up:

Johnny Tax Base !
Loved your post.

Wow wish I could write like you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry OT but can anyone give me input on Columbia, MO?

In the 80s and 90s - Columbia and Warrensburg Mo were nice.

Now -Id check the small towns and cities personally.

Anonymous said...

You left out Kanye West..He's been picking up high dollar speaking engagements at universities. His main topic is hard to pin down as he's all over the place, but he repeatedly talks about what a genius he is and how his buddy Barry calls him for advice all the time. I also read where he received an honorary Doctorate from somewhere.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Blog sites that are anti-cop and pro-black crime are putting out stats on cops killing all those po' white attacking tar-rats. No mention of the huge number of black-on-white crimes, not even the just done torture burning murder of a white family in D.C. Getting the actual numbers out of just how many vile black-on-white crimes done yearly would be a revelation to some very ignorant Americans who are inclined to feel sympathetic towards the black criminals, but not towards the cops who are actually targets when doing their job of crime control, especially in the black urban welfare ghettos.

Anonymous said...

Literally Trillions wasted.WASTED. Could of went to somewhere where we needed it....not to the historical undertow ..

Fatigued in NY

Anonymous said...

EFFIN A!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean there has never been a negro genius? How about that chimp who wrote three full paragraphs and was offered every college in the United States? Being sarcastic lol

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your book on Indy.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this site for over two years.Paul you are a blessing.....One wishes the undertow would just wipe itself away , regardless of the wonderfully tragic comedy on this site. Bless your heart...
Fatigued in NY

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. A few years ago I found myself miffed not only with the bad behavior of blacks but more baffling the rest of societies willful delusion about it. In desperation I googled "sick of black people" and found sbpdl. Really a comfort to read here daily.

- Midatlantic realist

Anonymous said...

In 1970 ... Crosby Stills and Nash released a song called "Teach Your Children (Well). I'm 60 children are grown and gone...but I love them...and they love me....and I DID teach them well. I agree with Realist in MA....about dwls...they are in a lot of ways worse than the negro. The average negro is incapable of learning anything sustainable on his own. What he does learn...comes from his low life ghetto family and the dwl. Your child's formative years are from birth to around 16 yrs. If you ever have the chance or means to it. Get them out of integrated least. Teach your children well. Don't let a dwl teach them. NC Realist

Left Coast White Guy said...

I go back to about 2 months after you started. I direct everyone I can to this address. I'm with you Paul.

Travis Bickle said...

Been reading and passing out your books for 6 years now. Don't remember how I happened on the site. Your efforts give me hope for the future. The book on Baltimore was prophetic! Grew up in Cleveland area and my relatives greatest fear that it would become Detroit 2.0! Know quite a bit about Cleveland having lived in the area for over 40 years. Sure as hell glad I bailed out!
Got banned on Gateway Pundit and NRO on line. What a bunch of pussies these people are! I will contact you by gmail and see if I can help you if you ever want to do a book about Cleveland. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Anon: "In other news from the "just like us" department the nation of Zambia is celebrating finally teaching their population of walking apes not to shit in the streets."
It's good to hear Zambia is catching up to India, who only a year ago ran this public service campaign.
Yep, the subcontinentals are even more "just like us" than the Africanoids. "Thank you come again. Please enjoying your brown slurpee."

Anonymous said...

Paul thanks again, and while you're at it can you discuss other angles and canaries in the coal mine, so to speak?

Anything that signifies urban decay really, something we can put in a poem as a visual reminder that the undertow is already among us. Litter and noise pollution have always been interesting topics among the black demographic, although with their health epidemics (99% diabetes related) the black soul food diet can be put up to prolonged scrutiny as well. Always found the food disgusting, stupidly named, and extremely bad for you. And it is welcomed as an endearing cultural trait just as the fat meatloaf looking asses of theirs are.

Cell phones in movies? Taking extra time if you know someone is waiting on you? Going above and beyond for revenge? Things said when caught red handed in the act of burglary? These are just some of the topics I would love to see talked about with your direction, of course.

Someone wanting to be someplace where they know that they are not wanted, or being able to stay aroused while forcing a screaming a pleading woman into sexual intercourse. Don't understand it. I see some of the maintenance (or lack there of) issues that they have with possessions as part laziness, but I don't seem to ever see them taking pride in things like that. Things like planting beautiful or family-feeding gardens, or making a family/friendly gathering to clean/remodel/paint the house together over a couple of beers. Stuff that comes natural when you unconsciously and consciously are thinking about the other people around you.

What are all the various signs (big, small, visible, not so visible) of an increase or decrease in social capital?

Litter on the sidewalk? Yards maintained? House paint not chipping off? Weeds abound? Belongings strewn across the front lawn as if on permanent garage sale-style display? Loud music blaring and rattling from cars? People swearing and using racial slurs openly in public? Graffiti? Blatant health-hazards? Morons using generators to both simultaneously heat their homes and kill off their families? Percent of the population who culturally assimilates the actual hair texture/style/coloring of races of other women aka weaves?

The list goes on and on Paul. Just make a huge list of things that would be good or great in your hypothetical neighborhood, and things that would absolutely suck (section 8, heroin dealers, armed-robbery and "respect"-related gun violence, etc.).

Your contrasting of different realities stemming from different behaviors, lifestyles, values, and thought processes is spot on time after time. Not only appreciated but useful for future reference. I don't even have to argue the point well myself, I just link to Paul and Co. and the issues are discussed openly and on point.

Thanks again everyone.

Unknown said...

Whites deliberately not killing people is a micro-aggression.

Anonymous said...

If I could get others to protest with me every time a White family or White person or any non Black person is killed or injured by a Black I would so want to do so. Wjy do Whites not get outraged at what happened to that DC family? I said to my family Blacks did it. It is past time for Whites to start protesting these crimes by Blacks.

If the idiot orcs can protest and riot, why are Whites not doing so? What is it going to take for mobilization? Once again I am sickened by a horrendous crime by an orc against Caucasians.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only realist in San Francisco.

Plaga Negra said...

OT. I did some musing tonight on the pathology of the DWL. When on the receiving end of a DWL tirade, how often do you see the words "uneducated," "ignorant" and "racist" strung together? Probably a lot. Here's why I think this is.

When racial matters are made explicit, that is they bring attention to underlying whiteness, white is always bad. Never are Whites praised for anything. The DWL buys into the programming fully, and assumes that since everyone else has gone through compulsory education and is exposed to the same propaganda/entertainment, then everyone should be as YT-hating as he is.

So along comes a horrible racist and this makes them flip their shit. The only possible explanation IN THEIR MIND is that the racist must somehow be uneducated. For how could they be so ignorant of the social pressures to be anything but anti-White?

What the DWL doesn't realize is that the racist actually figured out the whole scheme and is the only one critically thinking despite overwhelming propaganda. This DWL mindset also indirectly implies that self-education isn't possible, that the human mind can't form independent conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

I've said it many times before, but our most effective offensive weapons against the mud are the special "rules" developed to help mud measure up to human standards.

It is impossible to cheat a crooked system. There is SOMETHING wrong with you. Something has to hurt after all of the labor you have invested in providing shelter and food for yourself and your obligations. Start complaining to your "obamacare provided MD/RN/PA/NP". Work ethic is our greatest enemy in this fight. Begin taking what you can from the system. See if you qualify for "benefits". You probably do.

When special rules are developed for mud, they still can't legally keep YT away. Sure the minority grants are off limits, but pretty much everything else is free game. When it is denied to you, fight it. Make a big deal about it. Why can't Courtney get reduced lunches when Shitqueefa gets three hots at skoo fo free? Her "mother's" total benefits exceed my net income. What is the monetary cap? Benefits are money, are they not?

What can you write off when the tax man cometh?

When a portion of a city where you work has failing skoo's, is it possible to calculate the milage/wear and tear on your vehicle that is produced because you live farther away than necessary to put your kids in a non-failing skoo? How much are peripheral cost's eating into your taxable incomes due to fed.gub not holding up their end of the bargain?

The Dept. of Ed is federal right? Who fault it be?

When the gubmint gives domestic terrorists room to destroy and your insurance doesn't cover terrorist attacks when your business/property is looted/burned, who fault it be?

There are many other ways we can try, my point is force them to say "because you're YT" when they deny you. The more official documentation we get from the system stating we are being discriminated against because we're not "special", the better. Nothing wakes a person up faster than proving the system he/she's paying for is excluding them because muds are more important.

Baby steps. Patience. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Keep your temper in check. Maintain the moral high ground. Treat everybody the same. Appreciate accomplishments/contributions from all, but also shame malefactors the same. Make them call you "raysiss" when you hold mud to the same standard as human.

To anon. May 22, 2015 at 1:55 AM; reflect back on the series of events that led to the initial confrontation with the mud dyke. How could you have handled the situation differently? What steps could you have taken to avoid it's directly blaming you for it's butt hurt? Ultimately it is up to us as YT to find these solutions. Man, I reflect everyday on how I handle my interactions with the baboon troop; how I could have handled that situation better, did I use their rules against them without harming me, what escalation to my action will take place? It's a game, but the stakes are very high. YT keedz be needin dem groc'ries. I feel for your financial loss, but you can't give up. How can you work within BRA (your occupation specialty leads me to think you're not going to escape gubmint interaction in your employment prospects) without getting shit-canned by a butt hurt hominid in the future? How can you force them to follow the same standards you have to follow without getting labeled a "raysiss"?

Never hit them head on, the front is too firmly entrenched. Flank them. Make them pay for their special place, by enforcing "training" when they shit the bed. Be sincere in your wish for their "professional improvement". At the very least it will make management do something other than looking the other way, and at best you can look like a champion for the muds, (deep cover realist). Good luck.

If we all do a little, we can all do a lot. Thank you PK for providing this forum.

SKIP said...

To those who persist in using the Human name for Memphis, please use the name in use by those who know the place for what it is. MEMPHRICA!or MOGADISHU ON THE MISSISSIPPI.

Anonymous said...



You left out Kanye West..He's been picking up high dollar speaking engagements at universities. His main topic is hard to pin down as he's all over the place, but he repeatedly talks about what a genius he is and how his buddy Barry calls him for advice all the time. I also read where he received an honorary Doctorate from somewhere.

Harvard has a 'hip hop museum'so..............what more do you need to know?

Anonymous said...

So is Baltimore now experiencing 'The DeBlasio Effect'?

You know, where you don't back up your own PD and throw them to the wolves-

and thus begins a spike in crime in tandem with a slowing down of arrests to a glacial pace...

But good news everybody... Baltimore hit 100 homicides Thursday! Yes we can!

"The city could be headed for its most violent year this decade.

Over the past 30 days, 39 people have been killed in Baltimore, part of a wave of shootings that began after the death of Freddie Gray, which touched off protests and rioting in the city.

Rawlings-Blake said she is confident police will stop the trend, as they have during previous shooting spikes, but police appear to be facing different challenges this time.

Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said officers in the Western District are struggling to do basic police work without backup, as they are routinely surrounded by 30 to 50 residents, some of whom hold cellphones or video cameras "an inch" from officers' faces.

OpenBaltimore arrest data shows that despite the surge in shootings and homicides, the number of arrests has dipped drastically since the end of last month."

I wonder what could have gotten in to these officers... such a mystery that I'm scratching head between words as I write this. Do you first ask for help and then tell them to f@ck themselves, or is it the other way around?

Anonymous said...

So it looks like the combination of damaged and destroyed businesses not returning ($400K in lost sales tax revenue) and the city voluntarily agreeing to reduce the amount of money collected through the municipal court has put Ferguson $2.5 million in the red. But don't worry, city leaders are optimistic. When white leaders were still in charge 8 million was accumulated that can be used to pay off all of Ferguson's debts indefinitely (lol).

I'm sure tourism will bring in money hand over fist for the city, as they have their own official plaque and everything! It is important to commemorate where St. Swisher the Jr. made a stand for walking everywhere, not just on sidewalks. And against being hassled when shopping while black. A lot of symbolic things happened that day, and I'm sure black people give a shit and will come from miles around to pay good money to the city of Ferguson to share in the holy experience.

Any bets on how the plaque will end up being destroyed and replaced with something else?

Anonymous said...

Remember, folks, Summer hasn't officially started yet and they are already off the chain. This family that was murdered had to have had lots of security due to their wealth, and still they were ruthlessly murdered. Was there no loaded pistol anywhere in that house? Dear Lord, I don't think I can take much more of their feral, audacious behavior. Truly a sad, vicious, despicable race of violent savages.

The Savopoulos family members who were ruthlessly murdered in their own home, along with their housekeeper, lived in Washington, DC. It seems that the Savopoulos family had the wealth for some home security, but as best I can tell from what I have watched on TV and read online, their home security set up included security cameras, a dog, and the man of the house owning and training at some type of martial arts school.

Was there a loaded pistol at the Savopoulos house prior to the home invasion and the torture-murders? My gut feeling on that at this point would be no, there was not. This story is from Washington, DC after all, which is where getting any type of gun legally to keep in the home for defensive purposes is a major hassle. Getting a pistol legally in Washington, DC is even a bigger hassle. There used to be a total ban on pistols in Washington, DC until the Supreme Court ruled that the ban was unconstitutional in the case of DC versus Heller about seven years ago. A journalist in Washington, DC by the name of Emily Miller wrote an entire series of articles about what it took for her to legally obtain a pistol in Washington, DC. This series of articles was later published as a book Look for "Emily Gets Her Gun" on Amazon if you are interested in finding out more about this book.

Anonymous said...

St Louis is a sh%thole due to niqqas. End of story.

PK, an interesting topic for you might be how foreign governments warn their citizens traveling to America. The same way the US government has a list of foreign places to be careful in or avoid, there must be an interesting list of places in the USA that foreigners are told to avoid - and I'll bet they're ALL orc strongholds.

Would love to see the warnings all gathered in one article.

Anonymous said...

Seems the DC atrocity may have been the work of not just one ground ape, but a full groidle. Can you imagine what those Humans went through before being (mercifully) put out of their misery!? The beatings, rape and torture?

And this guy had security up the wazoo. Must have felt like a total idiot for ignoring his instincts and letting his groid worker into his home.

NEVER let your guard down! That's the golden rule, Avoid The Groid. They will chimp on you and destroy you. It's in their genes.

Anonymous said...

Negroids destroying America are like the weather... everybody complains about it but nobody does anything.

Anonymous said...

One must always ask: Who Profits? Who benefits from any scenario examined?

In the case of the American Negro, who is profiting from the disastrous effects the hordes of black orcs are having on the U.S. of A? Why is something so obviously toxic to the founding majority of this country allowed to continue and grow like the social cancer it is?

If nobody were benefitting this would be dealt with in a heartbeat. It isn't, and in fact it's growing in leaps and bounds, so who behind the scenes is this benefitting, and what is the mechanism they use to keep it alive?

Anonymous said...

Your human body is truly a miraculous machine. It has evolved over the eons to survive in a harsh and dangerous environment, and take the necessary actions to procreate and raise the next generation, thereby ensuring the survival your own specific DNA.

Part of this survival mechanism, a key part, are your instincts. They are ingrained; hardwired into your being. Like the baby turtle who can emerge in darkness buried in the sand, crawl to the surface, find the water in the dark, and swim and feed, your mind tells you what is safe and what isn't; it tells you how to act.

If you're a Human, you have been wired to be wary of those not like you; who look different. They are enemies to your tribe. It is a gut instinct.

Don't belive me? Look into their eyes below and just stare... that sickening feeling in your gut, that desire to fight or run, is the natural reaction to their kind. Why are you allowing people to force you into coexistence with them? Why are you paying for your own displacement...?

Look.... Feel your instincts tell you there is danger ahead...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I had to drive through a nice town and a ghetto's downtown during rush hour.

In the ghetto, I saw 3 black men in work trucks (probably stolen).

You know what was in the backs of the trucks? Shiny metal. All sorts of metal.

All 3 were ripping down cibilization around them.... I was discussed. But then it dawned on me... Everything they are given makes it's way back to us... Kind of.

Anonymous said...

Herr Obama's Groidshirts Are On The Move said:

A couple years from now we'll likely see a detective show about these inconsievably vicious murders in DC. If things keep going the way they are now, these spear-chucking Mau Maus will likely be played by white actors, or at the very least not even shown in the "schlockumentary." Probably put ski masks on them - artistic license, doncha know?

My only hope is that the producers of these munumental misrepresentations of the truth about the vast majority of blacks get a taste of the very same thing they so routinely whiteash day after day after day.

N.Ga said...

Just think, 13,000 in 5 years is for St.Louis alone. Imgine the number for all the U.S. cities as a whole. That's some big time negro fatigue.

We owe black people nothing.

Anonymous said...


Dont know the area. But when I travel I just look up "crime in such and such town". They list murder, robbery etc. Good luck.


bernicegreenbaum said...

San Franciscan sez....
And I use the G-word. Genetics.

Thanks. I'm gonna start doing that, too. Tired of being called the "R" word. Go ahead, bitchez, call me the "G" word.
Geneticist? GENETICS. Explains a lot. I'm a mixed breed, kinda Heinz 57. Mostly Irish, but some German (Jew?), Scotch, English, mixed in. Black Irish, so probably some Spanish mixed in as well. All in all, I'm kinda dumb (owing to the Irish in me), but that's okay. I admit it. Let's let the rest of the cast of characters (Negro mixed with white) step forward and 'splain why they're so freakin' dumb. Uh, no, they're all rocket scientist who've been held back by YT. Yeah. That must be the case.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this blog! Good to know that people of all ages, backgrounds, locations, etc. see what I see, know what I know. A respite from MSM "Emperor's New Clothes" and "peeing on my leg and telling me it's raining". It's becoming increasingly difficult for people to deny what's right in front of their eyes. I celebrate my 1st month on this blog!

Must run! Having a garage sale to raise $ for the malignant ape who killed the D.C. family. I learned from his lawyer on TV that he's a kind and gentle soul. By negro standards, I assume.

Anonymous said...

ATTN" variedsort....
How will news reporting evolve once there are no guns, causing every black on black murder to be more gruesome than a simple shooting? That doesn't help the groid cause.

So blacks will kill using knives and machetes and other weapons that make a real mess.

YUP JUST LIKE IN AFRICA. HOTEL RWANDA ANYONE.You know what they hacked up everyone with,right. LMFAO!Go watch it sometime,Don Cheadle is in it and they have Nick Nolte as the UN commander blaming his white superiors and the racism .And Don Cheadle blames the atrocities on whites of course.It is our fault for dividing the africans into different groups LMFAO! go watch it.

Pat Boyle said...

The anonymous at 10:58 made a couple points about z-scores. It was good to see that.

Let me amplify some of his points.

I get a lot of real hate messages because I routinely post comments on other blogs with race realist ideas. If I mention IQ I'm bound to get some irate white liberal who will call me names and assert that I am total fool. Such people typically 'refute' me by citing the case of some smart black person. Thomas Sowell, or Ben Carson are often mentioned.

Let's look at the math. Let's say for point of argument that an IQ of 130 puts you in the 99th percentile. That is you are smarter than 99 out of 100 people. It's actually more like the 98th percentile but let's not get picky.

A z-score of 2.0 means you are two standard deviations above the mean. The SD for the WAIS IQ is 15 so that means an IQ of about 130.

Hillary Clinton was a national Merit Scholarship semi-finalist. That puts her with an IQ of about 130 because that test is focused on the top one or two percentiles of IQ. She's the one person in a hundred - among whites. But among blacks she would be one person in a thousand. A black person with an IQ of 130 is three SDs above the mean. There is nothing that keeps blacks from the highest IQ levels - they are very, very rare. They are not 'exceptions' just unusual.

The spread gets even greater at higher IQs. Mathematically there are almost no blacks at the really high IQ score levels.

An IQ of 130 is high enough for most jobs. Doctors and CEOs are about at this level. 130 is smart enough to normally earn you a PhD if that's what you want. But a Nobel prize in a real subject takes more - about 145, and the really bright guys are smarter yet. Normal IQ tests like the WAIS go up to 160. The scores that you hear about higher than that are from non-standard tests or are the fantasy of a personal publicist.

But there are forty million blacks in America. That means that there are about 40,000 blacks with an IQ of 130. That's more than enough to fill all the high positions in which we see blacks in public life. It also means that you will very seldom run into a black person in everyday life who isn't pretty stupid.

So in an era of mass communications where your impression of a particular race's ability is made by a handful of actors and spokesmen you can think someone like Juan Williams is pretty smart and generalize that judgment to all blacks. Wrong. Williams simply isn't representative.

Also TV is not good at revealing brains. Consider Carl Sagan the Jew and Neil deGrasse Tyson his black replacement. Sagan was a real scientist with more than 600 published peer reviewed papers as well as a number of books. De Grasse Tyson is a TV personality with almost no real academic achievements except a pleasant manner on camera and a good voice.

There are plenty of white liberals desperate to believe in racial equality who will grasp at any argument to ignore intelligence differences. They think that science is on their side but they are wrong.

Brain size and functioning are becoming directly viewable. Soon we won't have to relay on paper and pencil tests or learn all these boring statistics.

Like Morbius in 'Forbidden Planet' we'll just read the dial on the machine.


Anonymous said...

A wise person once posted " it is not up to white people to change black culture. only black people can do that, if they choose. it is up to whites to stop tolerating violent criminal black behavior".

Totally agree. I'm sick of conservatives assuming that blacks are dissatisfied with their own culture. Why should we assume that it is a problem for them? Why should we not assume that Haiti is their natural state?

Of course the DWLs don't want to face reality but conservatives need to drop this idea that BRA can be turned into Moraltown USA. All evidence points towards Africans being genetically designed for a chaotic environment where planning is not required. Conservatives need to put on their big boy pants and face this reality. I see a future where conservatives and independents face this reality together. Liberals will just be forced to go along for the ride like kicking and screaming children.

10mm AUTO said...


Beep! Beep! Beep!

This is test of the NAS (Negro Alert System. This is only a Test.

Negros are "protesting" the shooting of two robber negros by Police in Olympia, Washington. High dollar negros already on the scene whipping up the crowd. State Security units are already on their way. Casualties among the negros are expected to be very high.

We now return to the regularly scheduled movie: "Django Unchained II, Farrakhan's Revenge" now in progress.

Anonymous said...

Here's another beauty-on the Newsbusters site (Useful for all kinds of media hypocrisy being called out-including on race) You have that midget assclown filmmaker Ken Burns-he gave a graduation speech at Washington Univ. in St. Louis the home of Saint Stogies.

Of course it was all about how eeevilll whites are gunning down negroes who are picking flowers, helping old ladies across the skreet, turning dey lives around a full 720 blah blah blah.

Like that brilliant white man Andrew Carneige-advised, don't listen too much to what people say-watch what they do. Like fellow assclowns James Taylor, Chris Matthews, The Clinton husband and wife grifters, and David Letterman-anti-racists who live in all white areas, Burns lives in Walpole, New Hampshire: (per Wikipedia):

As of the census[4] of 2000, there were 3,594 people, 1,490 households, and 1,016 families residing in the town. The population density was 101.0 people per square mile (39.0/km²). There were 1,592 housing units at an average density of 44.8 per square mile (17.3/km²). The racial makeup of the town was 98.30% White, 0.14% African American, 0.25% Native American, 0.17% Asian, 0.08% from other races, and 1.06% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.47% of the population.

Wow! just over 1/10th of 1 % black--guess that colored boy sticks out like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.

Another bullshitter. ALWAYS do the research on these asshats. Then stick the truth up their keisters-sideways.

Anonymous said...

I love the right wing talk shows..... Michael Savage, Kuhner report, Mark Levin, Rush etc. BUT.... they are too politically correct. Not one of them (maybe Savage hints) identifies the huge gorilla in the room, ie that the shit America is in is due to Black people. Alex Jones was banging on about the evils of "Planned Parenthood". But these mad liberals have aborted 13 million black kids in 40 years. Imagine if these 75 IQ average kids had been born???? They would represent (with breeding) 100 million negroes in the USA extra. Keep up the abortions please.

Awake in Seattle said...

Thank you for this, I had never seen the glossary section before. Can't stop grinning like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

OT but funny


Anonymous said...

Looks like NY is not all that liberal.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......The fat black women in San Fagcisco are demonstrating against injustice by going topless in the middle of the street. I just hope it doesn't start a new trend among the victimized and suffering black multitudes.

Someday in the future we may see hundreds of half naked obese welfare mothers marching down Fifth Avenue in New York City. The sight of hundreds of fat ugly droopy titties hanging down to their bellybuttons would do it for me. ANYTHING BUT THAT.

Having to witness elephanttitus of the mammary glands on a daily bases would be more than I could handle. You go to Walmart for cat food and there are sightings of half naked black slobs walking around who can't be arrested because they are expressing their right to free speech by making normal people throw up. Please spare me. I'll throw in the towel and even convert to being a liberal. Anything would be better that seeing blobs of naked black flesh.

Anonymous said...

BUILD MORE PRISONS to house the neverending parade of feral negroe convicts.

HIRE MORE POLICE to catch the criminals and take them to cages.

BUILD MORE COURTS to speed up the conviction process.

HIRE MORE JUDGES AND BAILIFFS to try and convict criminal perps.

HIRE MORE PRISON GUARDS to make convicts follow the rules while they do their time.

OUTSOURCE, PRIVATIZE, AND EXPORT the housing of convicts so they can all spend the entire amount of time that their sentence calls for in prison.

Anonymous said...

Everyday I strive to help more and more people realize that the emperor is not wearing any clothes when it comes to BRA.

Black behavior and representation in tube commercials is about as believable as the leftist screed that crawling into a beta-male is the best ways to get real women and earn boatloads of personal respect.

So glad that we have the net now. All those writing skills that non-blacks practiced in school have found a new use, and no one can interrupt, yell over you, or argue with you while you get your point of view across. If you want to argue effectively with someone, it is advised that you hear out their narrative. You can't skip over everything your "opponent" reads, therefore internalizing some of it, even if you don't believe it. Feeding the undertow (the "gifted ones who have the capacity to comprehend it) facts, interesting info, and snippets of reality through internet boards and elsewhere does the task of letting them know consistently and overtime that they are not wanted.
No obscurity to be misinterpreted- just a constant and simple message that reads: We don't like you. Your behavior is deplorable and even shame in all its forms cannot lead you to abide by the behavioral norms of civilized society. Go annoy someone else and ask for/steal their stuff and time. You are not important, you are not needed, and I have no desire/need to watch you do something.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock together.

From wonderopolis:

"So why do birds flock together? Scientists believe that birds tend to fly and hang out together in flocks because there’s safety in numbers. Flocking together helps birds to stay safe from predators.

One bird alone might be easy for a predator, such as a cat, to attack. However, a cat wouldn’t stand much of a chance against a flock of 10 or more birds.

Did you know that people sometimes behave the same way? It’s true! “Birds of a feather flock together” is an old proverb that is often used to describe groups of people.

A proverb is an old saying that’s considered to be wise or good advice. “Birds of a feather flock together” has been around in the English language since the mid-1500s.

When applied to people, this phrase means that people who are similar to each other or share similar interests tend to spend time with each other. You’ve probably noticed this at school. The friends that you hang out with probably tend to be people who are similar to you or like the same things that you do.

It’s only natural for people with similar interests to hang out together. "

And yet freedom of association is outlawed in the U.S. It is illegal to bar people who you don't like and who don't like you away from you as it might hurt their feelings, even if this whole charade puts you in physical danger.

They know that they are hated, unwanted, and have nothing useful to offer, yet they WON'T GO AWAY.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking about theme parks and the like, and then thought about something like that done on a city-wide scale.

Think the setting of the movie Pleasantville- 1950s, clean streets, no crime, friendly people who knew each other on a first name basis- all the independent shops and small businesses.

Maybe pay a few actors to go about regular routines everyday and stay in character around the clock. Put a lot of work into make it unique, wholesome, and unblemished. Play white music proudly and have only white faces on all those old-style advertisements-

Milk man in his truck, seamstress in her shop, grocer and his kids serving you at the corner store- and unfortunately for some of you there wouldn't be any vegetarian or hip hop venues.

Anything can be created or recreated if we put our money and our passions where our words are- the only problem is keeping the usual suspooks away. I also yearn for the invention of racist force-fields.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami Here,

“What I want you to be remember is the number 85,” says Graham. “Because 85 percent of those are African American, 85 percent of those are male, 85 percent are killed by guns and 85 percent are between the ages of 16 and 49.”

What about the 95 ? . . 95% of all the murders were committed by BLACK AFRICAN MURDER MONKEES !!!

And the F'ing HELL of it is every year . . . year after year, these SAVAGES kill more Whites than their own kind. I hesitate to, even, call it BLACK CRIME . . . Is it a crime when a pack of baboons kills a baby wildebeest? Destruction, killing and mayhem are wrought into the nature of these filthy animals!

Anonymous said...

This is a good read about Atlantic beach where they have black bike week!

Anonymous said...


Riots after there was an acquittal of the shooting of two blacks who shot at cops, had a crack pipe in the car, a long criminal history, and led the cops on a 100 mph chase!!

I suppose blacks want to bring back lynching??


Anonymous said...


Earlier today, I was lucky enough to have a calm race discussion with a person that was obviously either AA, or a DWL. They, of course, tried to manipulate numbers to the advantage of blacks, so I just had to respond. This was my retort:

Well, actually, the websites you listed are not .gov, except one. So, therefore, your point is moot. I get my statistics from the website, wherein it breaks down crimes by victims of crimes (by race), and perpetrators of crimes (by race). I also understand that there is an undeniable math law called the law of averages and percentage. If a race makes up 13% of a population, then it should stand to reason that, let's say just for fun, that 13% of all national murders should be committed by said race. Adversely, if a certain race comprises 62% of the population, then 62% of all murders should be committed by said race. However, we seem to have (according to the website) an oddly disproportionate level of violent crimes being committed by one race (comprising of 13% of the population ), whereas that race equalling 13% is committing over 50% of violent crimes. To add insult to injury, in the victims section, Hispanics are separated from whites. On the offenders category, they are tallied in with whites (so that in and of itself skews white violent crimes even further). These are facts that you, yourself can look up. You seem pretty bright to do so. Also, it was mentioned about whites using more federal aid. Of course we should. Again, when your population segment makes up over 60% of the total population, then over 60% of those on federal assistance will be from that race (again, law of averages etc.) However, you fail to mention that the federal websites list S.S.I. and Medicare under federal assistance. This includes retirees over the age of 65 (being at a time that baby boomers are in retirement age frame), this seems to dilute facts. However, if you go to individual state's websites and investigate things such as food stamps, section 8, utility assistance, etc, you will see, once again, that the majority of those on THESE programs are from the population that comprises only 13% of our national population. Let's dig this rabbit hole even deeper though. It is reported that 1/3 of the population of African Americans are behind bars. That leaves 8.71% that are not behind bars. Let's dig even deeper. Let's guess that (roughly) the remaining population has 30% of those not behind bars being of ages under 14, and over 60. That leaves 4.42% of the population not in jail, between the ages of 15 and 59. That's 4.42% of the national population committing over 50% of all violent crimes. Now, according to the website, look at rape statistics. Over 60% of all white women are raped by a black suspect. How many black women were raped by white males? Go ahead, I'll, I'll tell you.....less than 10 (not percent, just 10 total). So, a population of 4.42% of the population (and that wasn't broken down into male and female, that's total) does over 60% of the rapes against white women. Same kind of stats across the board for all violent crimes (except for 1). So, I guess to sum up my hate facts (because facts are what they are), my "white privilege" is the fact that I don't commit violent crimes, and the white race isn't leading those departments in perfect ratio to our population. In fact, my white privilege is the fact that I've been lucky enough to not become a number in the national statistic of black on white crime. So, for that, I'm thankful for my white privilege. Call me a racist. Using facts doesn't make it so, nor does that word even affect me. I wear my knowledge proudly, and if all these combined things makes me a "privileged, white racist", then that's what I'll be until I die. So, Mr. President, how about that sit down discussion about race? I'll buy the coffee.

Nursing My Black Wounds

GrimmTale said...

@Mister Pangloss:
I read your post about Polybius' concept of Anacyclosis, checked it out further... and I too find it fascinating!
I recognize the last stage, stage #7 Ochlocracy (mob rule) as being right at our doorstep.
Thank you for posting this information.

And a BIG THANK YOU TO PAUL for continuing on... when all seems lost and no where else to turn. Yeah, I've given up hope for a better future for our country, but I've become aware of how much needs to be done to protect what I and my family has left.
So, again thank you Paul xoxoxo
(I'm a girl, so the kisses/hugs shouldn't be too creepy)

Anonymous said...

Im glad your taking a little time off PK. You run a very hard, tight schedule. At times your writing 2 articles a day.

A little time off and perhaps a couple of beers, is just what the doctor ordered...


Anonymous said...

How many fatalities, injuries, rapes, arsons, robberies, burglaries, and unwelcome advances have been perpetrated on whites over the centuries by the dark ones? How many trillions of dollars of wealth have been lost and taken from us - from welfare, collapsed real estate values, affirmative action, and the like? How could one even quantify how much fear and unease have coursed through the minds of our race from walking by, dealing with, and simply being around them?

Maybe it's time to start talking about reparations for WHITES!

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An above poster said, "In other news from the "just like us" department the nation of Zambia is celebrating finally teaching their population of walking apes not to shit in the streets."
Good move! Likely they're now shitting on the "dinner" table instead, thus saving the apes in charge enormous funds having the white debil build waste facilities and a modern sewage system.

Like all mentally retarded nogs who run things, why invest in ANY infrastructure when you can just pocket the incoming revenues for your personal gain, as in Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Newark and the list goes on.

Good thing stealing and pillaging comes naturally to these savage beasts or your ordinary pavement ape WOULD truly starve considering what their Apes-In-Chief running those shit holes do with the money they DO get from whitey via Massa Uncle Sam.

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Excellent post, as usual. This is not very relevant, but I recently learned that Aston Kutcher has an IQ of 160, and had been planning on going into chemical engineering before he became an actor. Dear Lord.

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. The sad news is this garbage had 7 keedz, that's right 7. Now how many of the 7 have a bright future? How many will be a burden on the taxpayer?

4 to 10 kids is common among the welfare class.

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Best nick on the internet...ever.

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@11.19 pm

'talks of groid gun violence but the photo in the lead in to their report shows a white hand '

The media does this every chance they get even in minor stories. Let me give you an example.
The picture that went along with this story was on a 5yo blonde white kid driving a car.
Here's the story- Some guy on one of those cold days left his engine running and went into a store.The kid who he left in the car of course jumps into the driver's seat and of course banged another car.I looked up the story to try to find a pic of the guy and sure enough he was a negro.Even in these minor stories they just like misrepresenting things.
Or I saw a commercial on the Net where they begin with a "typical American family" and the people in it are obviously Mexicans.
It's all subtle disinformation put out by Libtards and few people notice it. The purpose of it is to give a distorted view of reality.

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One must always ask: Who Profits? Who benefits from any scenario examined?

You can ask away, but you won't get the answer on this forum.

This is a great site, and the proof of the pudding is in the number of ex-liberals who had their eyes opened here. You can't solve a problem if you don't even know you have a problem. But this site is essentially a gateway site, like Amren, and, like Amren, it refuses to touch the third rail.

I'm from South Africa. I've seen this movie before. My homeland is lost; and I never even realised who was doing it to us until it was all over.

Do your own research. The truth is out there.

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Do they?
Shame, shame!

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Also TV is not good at revealing brains. Consider Carl Sagan the Jew and Neil deGrasse Tyson his black replacement. Sagan was a real scientist with more than 600 published peer reviewed papers as well as a number of books. De Grasse Tyson is a TV personality with almost no real academic achievements except a pleasant manner on camera and a good voice.

Negro Neil DeGrasse Tyson....I chuckle to myself every time I see him on TV.

I am old enough to remember watching the original "Cosmos" program on PBS with Carl Sagan the Jew back in the early 1980's. Earlier this year and last year, I watched the reboot version on Fox with this "magic Negro" host Neil DeGrasse Tyson. One difference between the original program and the reboot that I have noticed is that the reboot has shown me a lot of animated sequences to tell stories from the past about scientists and inventors. Just about every one of these animated sequences have been about white men in Europe or America, and what they struggled with to make their achievements and contributions to our world, but none of these animated sequences on "Cosmos" have been about Negroes building anything in Europe or America. Why not? LOL (I know why, you don't have to tell me.) I have also noticed some of the segments on the "Cosmos" reboot being devoted to pushing that whole agenda behind man-made climate change, of course, which every DWL, and even the POTUS when he spoke at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony last week, tells us is more of a threat to our national security than Islamic Jihadism extremists.

chattanooga gal said...

"Maybe it's time to start talking about reparations for WHITES"
exactly. they all claim that they have ptsd etc. etc., but I remember listening to a group of them complaining about all their woes and thinking I, the white person, was probably the only person there whose family had to make decisions based on the likelihood of being killed, for the color of my skin- i.e do we put the bars on the windows to keep them from breaking in and killing us, or is fire the bigger hazard ( seeing as someone had recently set our porch on fire)

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Lets look at the simplistic statements:

BUILD MORE PRISONS to house the neverending parade of feral negro convicts.

HIRE MORE POLICE to catch the criminals and take them to cages.

BUILD MORE COURTS to speed up the conviction process. LACK OF COURTS IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

HIRE MORE JUDGES AND BAILIFFS to try and convict criminal perps.

HIRE MORE PRISON GUARDS to make convicts follow the rules while they do their time.

OUTSOURCE, PRIVATIZE, AND EXPORT the housing of convicts so they can all spend the entire amount of time that their sentence calls for in prison...You will be taxed.

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Funny how YKW are in the forefront of the immigration movement in every western and European nation. Yet when it comes to Israel they are staunch immigration opponents.

Californian said...

Pat Boyle said...
Like Morbius in 'Forbidden Planet' we'll just read the dial on the machine.

The dilemma is that BRA has already unleashed the Monsters from the Id, monsters which have destroyed several major American cities, which have overloaded the welfare system, which have attacked numerous white people via flashmobs and drivebys, which have reduced education to a ruin, which create hallucinations about something called "equality." Let's hope we can stop these Monsters before it becomes necessary to destroy the entire planet!

"Forbidden Planet" is worth checking out because it shows a mid-20th century view of the future: rational (white) men using science and technology to explore the stars, and then confront their inner demons, i.e., the Monsters from the Id given physical form. Since it was released in 1956, it was a view of things just before the civil rights revolution unleashed those "monsters" into the streets of Detroit, Birmingham, Memphis, Baltimore, Ferguson...

Californian said...


The "law and order" approach to keeping blacks in check might have worked when white people still were dominant in the USA. It can be argued that the war on crime which got rolling in the 1980s was a means to suppress the black threat--for a couple decades. The dilemma is that as blacks gained political power, and as DWL became more delusional, the war on crime led to a blowback which one can see playing out in the streets of Ferguson and many more places.

Given the high rate of criminality among blacks, it's inevitable that blacks would protest the killing of thugs such as Michael Brown. He's one of the bruthas. And blacks will also see the police--especially white police officers--as the enemy. If there are going to be more arrests, more convictions, more jails, then blacks will have more chances to play the Victim Card. Which means there are going to be more riots and more DWLs fawning all over them.

Meantime, what is your average white person doing? Will he/she get out into the streets and fight for white rights? Or will they be watching 500 channels of telescreen? During the recent Ferguson/Baltimore "uprisings," how many white people got out their firearms to defend their businesses, much less blow away the berserkers who assaulted them?

Without the political will to act, all the cops, jails and guns in the world will be meaningless. Blacks (or their string pullers) do have that political will, and so are able to torch American cities with impunity. There were plenty of riot police in Baltimore during the recent "uprising," but when the mayor held them back they become irrelevant. The barbarians are not only within the gate, they are running town hall.

As for whites? Hey, there's that new series on HBO everybody's gotta watch!

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Scots is an ancestry, Scotch is a drink.

Mr. Rational said...

A black person with an IQ of 130 is three SDs above the mean.

The standard deviation of IQ for Blacks is about 13, so a Black with an IQ of 130 is closer to 45/13=3.5 SDs above the Black mean.

Keep up the abortions please.

If the Black abortion rate increased to encompass all the out-of-wedlock Black pregnancies, this nation would be in far, far better shape in just 10 years... and by selection pressure, so would the remaining Black population.

Anonymous said...

You write to well to be dumb. And you're white!

Irish are smart. Tiny, tiny country. Look what the Irish have done here in America. Also, I work in high tech. The Ireland office punches well above its weight.

The Mogadishu and Nigerian offices are real productive too. Lol. The South African office is being abandoned by whites.

I am tired of us running.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

Good advice... But you need to fight the fight from a distance for your family's sake. Do what you gotta do to move. Moral high ground sucks when you're dead in the ground.

Realist in MA