Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Rapture Already Happened... Proof You've Been Left Behind is the Insanity in Baltimore

Forty homicides and more than 100 shootings in the month of May

Welcome to life in 65 percent black Baltimore, where programs designed to convince blacks to put their guns down have failed
100 percent certain the apocalypse has happened now...

A city where the black state's attorney proudly transitioned her three-ring circus act in city hall to the UniverSoul Circus as a guest ringmaster

A city where the same black state's attorney has been caught "favoriting" tweets sent to her on Twitter with a clear anti-cop and anti-white message (in 140 characters or less!). [Marilyn Mosby Sticks To Twitter Hack Claim, Says She Does Not Endorse Anti-Cop, Anti-White Tweets, Daily Caller, 5-29-15]:
Despite growing skepticism that her personal Twitter account was hacked by someone who randomly “favorited” two controversial tweets, the office of Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby is sticking to its story. 
“She said she did not favorite those, so she took the necessary measures to make sure her account is secure,” Mosby spokeswoman Rochelle Ritchie told The Daily Caller on Friday. 
On Wednesday, TheDC reported that Mosby seemingly favorited two May 6 tweets from her personal Twitter account. One tweet called the officers charged in the Freddie Gray case “those 6 THUG cops.” The other tweet praised Mosby’s handling of the case and asserted that she “INFURIATES a certain kind of white person.” 
Favoriting the tweets was seen as another example of Mosby’s bias against the charged cops, her critics argued. Mosby has been slammed by some observers for injecting activist rhetoric into the case. 
After TheDC’s report, Fox’s Megyn Kelly reported that Mosby claimed she did not favorite the tweets and instead that her account was hacked. 
Mosby has no solid evidence that her account was hacked, and she has been able to access her account without a hitch. She apparently assumed that a hack occurred because the tweets had been favorited and also because the Baltimore City state’s attorney Twitter account was hacked last week. 

“We don’t know exactly when the account was hacked,” Ritchie told TheDC of Mosby’s personal account. 
Mosby sent a tweet on May 23 from her personal account stating that the official account had been hacked. No mention was made at the time that her personal account was breached.
No, the account of Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby wasn't hacked. Those two tweets she favorited (one calling the police of Baltimore thugs and other saying her actions of listening to the "calls of no justice, no peace" pissed of white people) are a window into her soul, and a reminder of the hatred she has for western civilization. 

More importantly... of even upholding law and order when it gets in the way of the never-ending promotion of blacks. 

The apocalypse has happened and we're all under the big top now... a big top with resentful black women like Mosby serving as ringmaster. 


Ricky in Cali said...

And now, Baltimore wants to turn around and ask the Federal Goverment for $20 MILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS to fix the riot damage! Let them loot and destroy and then turn around and charge you to fix it.

If you ask any American on earth with a TV or Internet access they'll tell you they've heard about the Balimore riots. We all know it's a bunch of horseshit I just wish for once people would say "stick that bill in your ass" because this is what you get for burning down your own back yard.

Alas......... that is only wishful thinking. The NBA Finals are next week. We're too busy as Americans wondering if Lebron James will win another championship and where we will go to watch the game to get drunk.....

Anonymous said...

Some connected construction companies as well as CVS will get handsomely compensated, probably more than %100 profit margin for rebuilding in that shithole courtesy of a check from the U.S. government. That's the way BRA works, some profit and live or die by BRA while YT gets the bill and the nogs get to burn it all down again. It's all good all the time in BRA until the wheels come off.

I guess the only thing worse than having the police enforce law and order is not having the police enforce law and order. When it get so bad that the civilian police force is overwhelmed even BRA will have to call out the Army. Trust me, the nogs aren't going to like that at all.

Thanks for the kind words from Flower Bell in an earlier post and all the commenters here too and of course, PK! Remember, there are YTs opposed to BRA all over the U.S. even in surprising places.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

On WVON a local Baltimorian complained "they do do nuffin foe da old peoples here". Hmm, didn't rioters torch a senior housing site and then cut fire hoses trying to put it out?

Anonymous said...

This quote is from Methodist Protestant, July 28, 1909

"The police department of Mobile, Ala., has
established a curfew law for Negroes. Com-
mencing on the night of July 21, the law provides
that all Negroes must be in bed at their homes by
ten o'clock or be subject to arrest. Any caught
wandering at large after that hour will be locked
up. This action is taken because there is said to
be an epidemic of hold-ups perpetrated by the Ne-
groes. If such a law was enforced in Baltimore
it would decrease the alley fights ninety-five per

This was over a hundred years ago when Baltimore was 85% White?? It appears Negro behavior patterns have not changed in a century, and it's guaranteed they won't change in the next 100 years!

Anonymous said...

Fed up:

you mean UP there ass.

That's how we say it in Baltimore.
I hope they let them suffer. I hope they shoot the shit out of each other.
Hope the pollease stay safe. And we don't pay for it. But we will.

PK Keep at it. love this place, Every day.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Anonymous sez...
On WVON a local Baltimorian complained "they do do nuffin foe da old peoples here". Hmm, didn't rioters torch a senior housing site and then cut fire hoses trying to put it out?

Fire hose be raycis, dawg! Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

Feeling very unsettled about being left behind if indeed the rapture has occurred. This is one time PK when I hope you are all wrong.


AnalogMan said...

Here we go again. Didn't that New York politician Anthony Weiner try the same thing after he inadvertently sent a picture of his wiener to his entire contact list? Claimed somebody hacked his phone. Nobody believed him, either.

Mr. Rational said...

Baltimore wants to turn around and ask the Federal Goverment for $20 MILLION TAX PAYER DOLLARS to fix the riot damage!

After $1.8 billion in ObamaAid previous to this, they can shpx themselves.

Californian said...

The Romans used the term panem et circenses -- "bread and circuses." Keep the masses entertained with cheap entertainment and happy with government handouts, while the rulers do as they please. Looks like UniverSoul is one more refinement, brought to you by BRA.

Anonymous said...

off topic

Anonymous said...

Our money is taken from us at the point of a gun by the feds. Our money is then given to negroes in any of a thousand different government programs. You want to stop this? Or do you want to stare at your phone?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but it looks like D'Andre and Shitavious might want to be on the down-low for a while. Apparently they are finally starting to analyse rape kits that have languished in storage for years:

In Cleveland, the county prosecutor's office has indicted more than 300 rape suspects since 2013 based on newly tested DNA evidence from old kits. The plan is to eventually charge 1,000.

In Houston, authorities recently cleared a backlog of nearly 6,700 kits that included cases dating back to the 1980s. The project, which cost about $6 million, turned up 850 matches in a national DNA database.

In Detroit, the Wayne County prosecutor's office is seeking donations to help analyze, investigate and prosecute cases from the results of more than 11,000 kits that had been untested. Hamstrung by city and county money troubles, the prosecutor has formed an unusual partnership with two nonprofits to raise $10 million. So far, contributions have poured in from corporations and residents from all 50 states and eight foreign countries.

Wonder how many more "newly-minted" rapists those 11,000 kits in almost 100% black Detroit will uncover. Must be more racist tampering at work- of course the majority black city has the most- you want me to actually believe that black males rape at astronomical rates compared to other races? That goes against everything I have learned in school and t.v. We all know from home-security commercials that it is white males who commit all the crime.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what would happen to any white politician who served as the ringmaster for a 3-ring circus? The 3-ring circus, the honorary Prince concert guest- I have a feeling that this "woman" doesn't have any fears of showing partiality even though the entire country is watching this case with a magnifying glass. It appears Ms. Mosby has a 'looks-at-muh' addiction/problem, and I would love to see it as her ultimate downfall. Can't wait to watch any attack ads against her when she decides to run for something higher (I'm thinking a ringmaster's top-hat with clown makeup (white-face) surrounded by a bunch of 'looks-at-muh' clowns).

It is obvious she cares more about her image and career than the safety of the residents of Baltimore- residents of other high-population black cities can also blame her for the torrent of crime that is now starting to creep up all across the country. When you abandon cops, just like anyone else, they will ultimately abandon you. Rather than avoid all the publicity and just do her job, she seems bent on staying in the center of the spotlight more and more as time goes on. When she ultimately fails I only hope that it is rubbed in her (and black America's) face to let her know just how ineffective and unfit for her job she was.

If you want to be a vigilante who's only loyalty is to skin color, working as a state's attorney is probably not the job for you.

And I also hope people don't let up on the scrutiny of her Twitter fiasco. If someone is to take the time (and risk) to hack a public official's Twitter account, I am pretty sure a lot more damage would be done than just favoriting a few anti-police tweets. Mosby is probably used to dealing with her dumbed-down low IQ constituents and similar low-IQ city council, so it is no surprise that she thinks such blatant, obvious lies will work on the general populous. Caught lying? Just fix it by throwing another lie on top.

Anonymous said...

I believe you Ms. Noseby. 100%.

"Asked if either Mosby or the state’s attorney’s office had received emails from Twitter alerting them of the hacks — which is something the company does when it detects hacks — Ritchie said that that did not occur."

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ben Carson is on youtube talking about what would transpire for Ohomo King Golf Cuba to declare Martial law. Soros e is paying these thugs to wreck the cities. Operation jade helm is nearly here. I swear I read some where that Obama just signed a huge bullits and arsenal treaty ban at the un. Several countries are in on this so the U.S.A. cannot re arm. Same thin for europe. This was sighned in March 2014 I think. He also signed a sharia law treaty. Create enough anarchy..let the terrorists in so they can join the Army through the enlist programme no vetting or question asked. Our young indoctrinated youf will fall for anything they have been told to believe. This makes my skin crawl. Keep your powder dry. May God bless America.

Anonymous said...

Just let your soul glo.

Anonymous said...

Union group runs voter registration drive in West Baltimore

Apparently the city council and leadership are not 'black enough' already. You know, the leadership that told the police to stand down and who didn't prosecute the looters who not only destroyed massive amounts of property but also assaulted police officers and left scores of them bloody and injured- not for doing their jobs, but just for wearing the uniform.

Which gang will get a high-ranking member into office first? My bet is on the Black Gorilla Fambly, but it looks to be a 3-way race.

Anonymous said...

So as evidence continues to pile up that Mosby has several clear conflicts of interest is there anyway for her to be removed so justice can again be blind? I know she wouldn't recuse herself even if there was evidence that her kids were love-children from an affair with Freddy "Heroin" Gray, but does someone else have the power to remove her when it is obvious that she is anything but impartial? To see her not just fail, but be removed from her duty due to clear conflicts of interest would be so gratifying I wouldn't be able to put it into words. Anyone know what the first steps would be, and who could take them?

Anonymous said...

America has been hacked... the deadly virus unleashed?

The Negro.

Anonymous said...

More on the failed ceasefire campaign:

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake unveiled Operation Ceasefire in 2014, promising that the renowned anti-gun violence strategy that worked in other cities would "bring dramatic results" in lowering crime in Baltimore.

But a year later, Baltimore is reeling from one of the deadliest months in its history. And the Ceasefire program is being jump-started after its director resigned in protest amid concerns that city officials failed to provide promised resources — from job training to relocation — for offenders who were looking to get out of the drug trade.

Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, calls Baltimore's Ceasefire operation "bare bones."

"It seems to me that it is being done on the cheap and being done in a way that is not even resembling the program model," said Webster, who has monitored Ceasefire. "Nothing looks or smells right as it relates to this program, which is really a shame because there is a body of research that this model more often than not does drive down serious violent crime."

City officials disagree.

Ceasefire — the brainchild of criminologist David M. Kennedy — centers on a strategy of shutting down drug markets and reducing shootings through face-to-face sessions, or "call-ins," in which police, prosecutors, clergy and community members confront those believed to be responsible for violence.

So let me get this straight- you find the most deceitful, violent, and abusive "people" in the city and have a face to face talk with them, and they will just magically turn their lives around and see the light.

I wonder if the phrase "pretty pretty please" is a big part of their anti-crime lexicon.

I never thought of just asking criminals NOT to commit crime. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

What comes after Negro Fatigue has metastasized? What is the next, more severe level in the process?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Jared Taylor from Amren penned an article entitled, "What I like about blacks".

(Mr. Taylor cites a lack of inhibition, cheerful spontaneity, and the paying of compliments as likable black traits)

Another author at Amren, Zora Wheatley, has penned an article in response, titled "What I don't like about black people".

Some excerpts:

Mr. Taylor notes that “deep down, everyone knows the truth about blacks, but a vital requirement for respectability is to pretend you don’t.” This is true for whites, but for blacks, knowing but denying this knowledge is a vital requirement for avoiding verbal or physical harm from other blacks and as a shield from shameful labels like “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo.”

It might also be protection from the nervous breakdown that occurs when blacks truly see we have problems that have less to do with white people, slavery, or capitalism than they do with genetics, evolution, and IQ; at best and at worst, they are a combination of those things.

From James Baldwin (black author of 'Notes of a Native Son'):

The discontent you feel with yourself and blackness as a whole can be crushing. You discover that aside from the tall African tales of Alex Haley, Underground Railroad figures, and peanut proprietors, there’s not much there. And on top of that, these historical footnotes arise from a new world that is leaps and bounds beyond the stone-age existence in which your ancestors were found. As Baldwin put it, “It is quite possible to say that the price a Negro pays for becoming articulate is to find himself, at length, with nothing to be articulate about.

Ok one more:

Picking cotton, tilling soil, and whipping up sweet potato pies were helpful and important in their own way, but were nothing like the establishment of private property rights or the implementation of Enlightenment-era ideals in the New World, which guided the nation for generations. It would be akin to a Native American claiming that, because his ancestors shared corn and turkey with early European settlers one fine November day, they are as important as the descendants of those white settlers who would fight the British and build the America in which we live today.

Rather than post the entire article here (it is highly pertinent to the various discussions that occur at SBPDL) I suggest you read it yourself. It's well worth the read.

Anonymous said...

Negresses in power... amusing, but dangerous.

Keep an eye on this orc. Choco Messiah has her positioned to censor the internet and prevent BRA from being further exposed. Shine the light on her:



Balti-more checks, Md. is a shithole and the ironic thing about that is the color of shit is the same color of the race that made it that way! I guess you could say they look and smell the same.
Can't wait till the lowly common negro finishes the job they started just a few weeks ago. So we Race Realist's can say "We told you so!" They are nothing like Whites and we Whites owe them NOTHING!


Anonymous said...

Let it run , its case study material for future generations. Clearly Detroit, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria etc have not been enough of a lesson. Of course this should be balanced with stories of black success stories ......oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

May I suggest to the non-black police in Baltimore that they avoid responding to calls in negro areas by slowing their response, and always requesting lots of backup until before they enter the black areas. They need this backup now for their safety. They should show how the negroes treat them when they arrive; will be justified to wait for two or three more units. In that time the shot orc can bleed out, the shooter groid can escape to goodify more orcs in the future, and the witnesses can vanish.

Let the ghetto carry out its self-cleansing process undisturbed.


Anonymous said...

Some blacks kill just for a wrong look from someone, yet blacks know that whites take all kind of abuse without turning violent.
Imagine how the orc riots could be fuelled if the city woke up to a Mosby hanging from, say, a tree. Sometimes it can be satisfying to fantasise about some form of vigilante justice because the insulting stupidity and provocative nature of these african leaders can be a tad infuriating.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything we can do that will actually make a difference anymore...?

Like, a real difference, not just a temporary minor reprieve from the insane negro chaos swirling around us.

Seriously, anything...?

Every suggestion I've read here still leaves me paying for the groid, being forced to live amongst them (AFFH) and being a possible victim of their violent ways.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think Marilyn Mosby had to transition from ringleader of the state attorney general’s office to the ringleader of UniverSoul Circus; the two roles are one and the same. Isn’t her city now just a three-ring circus ran by a buffoon mayor? As the movie “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” said: Ape Central is in the hands of the apes!

Once a city is as far into ape hands as Baltimore, it enters a dark period such as Dante’s Inferno described. Consider Baltimore as having cancer and is now going through the pains of death. Unlike the phoenix that rose from its ashes, Baltimore will forever be a city that could have been…if it were NOT for the black undertow that destroyed it!

There will be no amaranthine beauty left for Baltimore because its builders have forsaken it to lower life forms who mean it no good. If disingenuous white liberals build a new CVS, the denizens of this barbaric city will burn it down again. They have no shame or sense of right or wrong; they view the world with myopic eyes which only seeks to destroy that which is white, or part of a white man’s civilization.

The black people of Baltimore groan form their own dysfunction. They point their fingers to white men as the cause of their burden, but fail to look in the mirror and see the real enemy. Marilyn Mosby and Baltimore’s mayor are their ringleaders; somewhat like pied pipers tweeting a tune that all the blacks love to hear, and they merrily follow her to their own destruction.

Like all cities ran by blacks, the story has become Dante’s Inferno, or a Grand Guignol. Just as Detroit, Selma, Ferguson, and East St. Louis, there will be no happy ending. It will look more like Haiti, or places in the Congo. What a sad end for a once great white American city!

Yes, PK, for Baltimore the rapture has come and gone! Sad!

Anonymous said...

I really feel bad about this.Iong before I woke up I actually dated something that looks an awful lot like that ringmaster. Thinking about it and reminding myself about it heaps more fatigue on the fatigue I already have.
In New York

PNW Realist said...

The powers that be in Moscow and Beijing are rubbing their hands with glee, when they're not scratching their heads in wonderment, that the "leaders" of BRA are blindly rushing the country to its own funeral pyre.

A country peopled by 3rd world dindus, can never be more than a 3rd-world country.

Anonymous said...

We will pay the 20 mil to clean up after the riots. We would pay 200 mil of thats what they demanded,

What can we do? Say NO!?




Anonymous said...

Mosby's favoriting of certain tweets and her mentality is no surprise to me. Anyone who's ever heard blacks taking about the evil white racist honkies (when they think no white person is listening) will find her mentality quite familiar.
Even the so called 10 percenters (Ikago's) parrot the negro group hostility towards whites when in the company of their "brutha's and sista's." Those that don't parrot the party line quickly find themselves facing the wrath, ostracism, hostility and rejection of "da community" since "dey ain't black! Dey traitors!" It doesn't have anything to do with right vs wrong, good vs bad- all that matters is that blacks support blacks regardless of what's being said or done. Otherwise, they're just considered "house nigga's to da white man!"
You might find 1 to 2 percent who can stand up to this tribal solidarity but that's about all. Even the Ikago's only play nice with whitey because they see the difference between what white civilization can provide them vs what the typical negro tribal enclaves have to offer. If both areas were 100% equal (impossible, I know), even the 1 to 2 percent would turn on whitey in a heartbeat. They're nothing but opportunistic and even they can't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

When they ( feds ) come after the realists who post on this blog someday for hate speech crime thats gonna be my out.... " My account was hacked" just like Marylin Mosby. Think ol Anthony Wiener tried that one also.

Oh I can't use the "my account was hacked" card.. Im conservative... Sorry , my bad.


Anonymous said...

I have to say when situations come about it just amazes how you just can't make this shit up.That this is reality.

Marilyn Mosby as a guest ringmaster!

I mean come on does this not explain all in Baltimore LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

I cannot think of a more apt description of a black political leader, leading a circus? you couldn't make it up.

On to serious matters. How do we broach the subject of IQ in relation to the African? It has serious implications over the long term, we can't simply ignore it. Especially when one considers the ever increasing automation that is occuring in first world countries, what jobs will be left for them to do?.

The problem partly is that liberals have pumped them up full of nonsense, they beleive they should have as much economic weight as the European, but they're constantly at a loss as to why they can't "make it".

It's not our problem however, time for them to grow up and stand on their own feet, no execptions, just start improving, no excuses.


bernicegreenbaum said...

One can readily imagine, as others here have stated and which made me LOL, Marilyn Mosby with hands on hips, saying, "Oh no you din't!", head bobbing from side to side, finger wagging. I think this would make a great SBPDL comedy skit. Mosby is the ringmaster, introducing each ring. Perhaps an image of Michael Brown in one with hans up gesture. St. Tray Tray in another ring, slurping down his purple drank. Perhaps we could have Sabrina Fulton do a high wire act. Or maybe Michael Brown Sr. (of Burn this Beeyatch Down fame) could set a hoop ablaze and we could have some DWLs jump through it. The possibilities are almost limitless. We have some talented writers here, so lets have some comic relief. Any takers?

GrimmTale said...

I would love to hear the "pillow-talk" of the members of her family who have been in law enforcement. You know how couples share thoughts before falling asleep (at least they do in the movies right...?). I'm sure they're soooooooo very proud of their little Marilyn. The family members wouldn't DARE discuss their disdain openly (even to each other) well, because they're all blacks, they defend criminals, so of course they would defend and back-up their precious Marilyn. But, in the privacy of their bed, securely held in each pillow, there's sure to be a few "What the F is Marilyn doing?" Just normal, couple's pillow-chit-chat, whispered amongst the bed's pillows.
Marilyn is a disgrace to her law enforcement family, (and it has to weigh heavy among them). That shame would expose itself, if racist pillow coverings were ripped off the fluffy-feathery pillows!

Anonymous said...

Feeling very unsettled about being left behind if indeed the rapture has occurred. This is one time PK when I hope you are all wrong.

That's one way to think about it.

Another way to think about it is as follows:

"Being that the Higher Powers have Taken All The Really Good People,and only left the really bad,not-quite-all-that-bad,and mediocre people here to fend for ourselves,and

Being one of the mediocre people,who is sick and damned tired of paying for all of the antics of the bad and not-quite-all-that-bad people,and

Being that all of the Higher Powers have apparently left all of the rest of us here to deal with The Mess That Was Made ( or not deal with it ) to the best ( or worst ) of our abilities,and

Being that those Higher Powers don't seem to really give a damn,one way or another,what happens now that all of the Really Good People aren't here to worry over any longer,it would follow that-

There really isn't one good reason not to start cleaning up The Mess That Was Made,and doing it in such a manner as seems prudent and effective,and doing so in a timely manner."

Euro American said...

The defense lawyer for the black accused of murdering the family in DC, says, wait for it, that the accused (who has a history of being arrested for violent behavior) is "gentle".

Business needs the US population to be disorganized in thinking, have bad habits, and be of low IQ.

Defense lawyers need juries of low IQ.
Jails need a populace of low IQ.
Checks cashed businesses, hospitals, advertisers, fast many businesses need a population that acts without planning ahead. Religions need people who eat so poorly and get so little exercise that they have to repeat comforting phrases in their head constantly to remain sane.

There is no group that wants us healthy and brilliant.
If we were healthy and brilliant, landlords could not get $1300 for an apartment. We would be taking care of each other at a fraction of the cost.

End of rant.

SC Native said...

This all seems like typical African looks at muh shucking and jiving to me.

I can just hear this Mosby critter saying we b gypsuns n sheet.

Baltimore is flatlining, it's about be be pronounced Detroit any minute.

Anonymous said...

First para from a story on FOX; visible hand of black economics at work:

"BALTIMORE – An epidemic of murder that has gripped Baltimore in the month following the Freddie Gray riots is threatening to undo decades of rebirth in the city's popular downtown -- and in the process, wipe away tens of millions of tourist dollars. "

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

"So as evidence continues to pile up that Mosby has several clear conflicts of interest is there anyway for her to be removed so justice can again be blind?"

Agreed, there is such an obvious and serious conflict of interest that the DOJ should be looking into....wait, the D..O..J..

......OH SHIT!

Anonymous said...

Place: Mobile, AL.

Time: the year 1909.

Quote: "the law provides
that all Negroes must be in bed at their homes by
ten o'clock or be subject to arrest." how after they say "in bed", they add "at their homes"....well, you KNOW these bed by 9:00, and at home by midnight...

Anonymous said...

Great true life TV show called "Bait Car". Need one called "Bait Cracker", a fit White male cop dressed up like an old man that looks like has money and a cell-phone on him and drop him off in these "troubled" areas. And when attacked just opens fire, of course covered from 9 video angles so none of the usual babbel from the mother (or grandmother)...."He bees such a good boy (45 years old), he nebber dids hurts nobodies, just how cans wees goes on without him? er, what was his name again? Yes Donte, thats bees him, where bees my check?"

Anonymous said...

Remember Obama saying there needs to be a force equil to America's police force? Now you know where they'll be coming from.
Women, think! If sharia law becomes the law, you will be subservient to your man. You will obey or you will pay! There will be no domestic battery laws. If you're beat up, it will be assumed you deserved it.
If all the damage done to this country by the HNIC is not reversed or repealed soon, it will be permanent. And all those DWL's will not be protected.


Anonymous said...

Very good summary of that african woman's career in the American judicial system.


Lucius Vorenus said...

Anonymous said:
"We all know from home-security commercials that it is white males who commit all the crime."

And from some of the commercials I've seen, they still dress like the hamburglar, too. Very realistic, all the way around.

10mm AUTO said...

Why this is happening (From The Colored World Revolution-Spengler)

A woman of race does not desire to be a “companion” or a “lover,” but a mother; and not the mother of one child, to serve as a toy and distraction, but of many: the instinct of a strong race speaks in the pride that large families inspire, in the feeling that barrenness is the hardest curse that can befall a woman and through her the race. Out of this instinct arises the primitive jealousy which leads one woman to take away from another the man whom she covets as the father of her children. The more intellectual jealousy of the great cities, which is little more than erotic appetite and looks upon the other party as a means of pleasure, and even the mere fact of considering the desired or dreaded number of children who are to be born, betrays the waning of the race urge to permanence; and that instinct for permanence cannot be reawakened by speeches and writing. Primitive marriage, or whatever other deep-rooted folk-custom has ever been practiced to sanctify procreation, was anything but sentimental. A man wants stout sons who will perpetuate his name and his deeds beyond his death into the future and enhance them, just as he has done himself through feeling himself heir to the calling and works of his ancestors. That is the Nordic idea of immortality. These peoples have known no other and desired none. It is the source of that tremendous yearning for fame, the wish to live on among posterity through one’s work, to see one’s name perpetuated on monuments or at the least held in honorable memory. For this reason the inheritance idea is inseparable from Germanic marriage. When the notion of property crumbles away, the meaning of the family fades into nothingness. He who lays hand on one attacks the other too. The idea of inheritance, which is inherent in the life of every farm, every workshop, every old-established firm, and all inherited callings (that is why there are generations of officers, judges, and clergy. It is the basis of all nobilities, patriciates, and guilds), and has found its highest symbolical expression in hereditary monarchy, is the guarantee of strong race-instincts. Not only is it untouched by Socialism; its very existence signifies Socialism’s downfall.

But the decay of the white family, the inevitable outcome of megalopolitan existence, is spreading, and it is devouring the “race” of nations. The meaning of man and wife, the will to perpetuity, is being lost. People live for themselves alone, not for future generations. The nation as society, once the organic web of families, threatens to dissolve, from the city outwards, into a sum of private atoms, of which each is intent on extracting from his own and other lives the maximum of amusement — panem et circenses. The women’s emancipation of Ibsen’s time wanted, not freedom from the husband, but freedom from the child, from the burden of children, just as men’s emancipation in the same period signified freedom from the duties towards family, nation, and State. The whole of Liberal-Socialistic problem-literature revolves about this suicide of the white race. It has been the same in all other Civilizations (The Decline of the West, II, pp. 103 et seq.).

AnalogMan said...

GrimmTale said...

Marilyn is a disgrace to her law enforcement family, (and it has to weigh heavy among them).

You're making the error of anthropomorphism again. Ascribing human thoughts to negroes. Almost always leads to wrong conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want her removed? I hope these cases go to trial and they're televised nationwide. Then her incompetence will be there for anyone to see.
She can embarrass her community college and maybe they'll recall or void her law degree. People will see how the whole American education system has been "dumbed down" just to accommodate the african.
Get some popcorn and enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many criminals she has let walk, due to, in her opinion, lack of evidence? "Lack of evidence" being "deys blak." Hmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Rapture, indeed; I do feel as thhough I am in a parallel universe. Look at the insanity around me caused by the negroes and their enablers.

And check out this specimen! Just finished shooting to death a White man (so you won't hear about it from the mainstream news), and take a look at his eyes and expression! Wow, truly a demonic presence.

We are well and truly f%cked!

Unknown said...

bernicegreenbaum said...

Mosby is the ringmaster...

Mosby is the zookeeper.

Anonymous said...

So funny watching negroes and negresses constantly complaining about Whites and White culture etc, yet when you see what they actually do they're straightening their hair to look White, putting on skin lightener cream, wearing White fashions, etc.

If Whites are so bad stop trying to BE us! Damn ignorant monkeys!

Let that fro grow, Black Is Beautiful, right...? So stop lighting that skin. Your African ancestors were kings and astronauts so dress like them with colorful sheets and bones in your noses... Get real, yo!


In that case The Rapture probably happened in 1965.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Look at this little cutie-pie!!

When discussing the Americanized African, this guys face should be your mental image:

Anonymous said...


In another ring there would HAVE to be Rachel Jeantel and that huge sow from the film Precious side by side.They could be dressed as 'Gypshun queens and bibble-babble at each other in sheboon-speak and use their numerous niglets as a juggling act

~Hopeless In Craplanta

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

The body count in Baltimore is now up to 43 dead and 100 wounded. There are still a few hours left in May so the number could go higher. You can still get in some good killing and mayhem in 3 hours. As we all know this is because the youths and teens are misdirected. Imagine how bad it would be if these YOUTHFUL TEENS were actually thugs, criminals and psychotic killers. June could also become a fun filled and exciting month.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Yes the rapture has happened. It took place sometime last Summer. The one and only true God of Gods could only find 12 people that were worthy of being TAKEN UP. I was glad to hear about the small number. If a lot of people went missing I was worried my taxes would go up.

Anonymous said...

Some choice tweets in response to Mob-sy's:

1)Whatever excuse works. Cling to it like a bad indictment.

2)Looks like charging those cops had no effect the thugs still running wild and killing each other. Oh well.

3)Maybe killwhitie3 wasn't a good choice for a password

Gotta admit, these 3 in particular put a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Three fatal shootings in Baltimore on Sunday bring May's homicide count to 43, making it the most violent month in more than 40 years.

40 years, I haven't even been alive that long. That's an incredible accomplishment. Way to show that black lives matter.

Maybe Mosby can put those homicides on her resume when she runs for the next position she isn't qualified for.

Anonymous said...

I had my hands full when I got my change, and as I walked out of the market in my mostly all-white and Asian city, I was dropping money without knowing it. Everybody started yelling, "You're dropping your money!" Nobody said, "I gots me ten dolluhs from some foo leaking money like s**t." Then I passed a rack of charcoal, $9.99 a bag, a rack of chips and sodas, OUTSIDE the market--the market with NO security guards and no bars around the soda machines--and nobody be takin' dat s**t. Why isn't it like that where you live, negro? Tell me. WHY???

Resist said...

You couldn't anyway. You just ousted your self with your comments. Nothing ever dies on the Internet therfore all the evidence lives on.

Resist said...

That pillow talk wouldn't exist. They all probably think she's right. Such is the negroid mentality. To never find fault in their own actions and to place the blame on others. The establishment and the white population are easy targets.

PNW Realist said...

Why is Mosby smiling in that picture? Because she knows that even though she's publicly down on YT, all her white genes make her a lot smarter than the shiny black dindus, and, therefore, a leader among them. She knows her white genes make her better looking than the all black dark ones.

Despite all her race-baiting, she's secretly happy she's got as much white in her as she does and is glad she's living in a white man's country.

Anonymous said...


According the CDC, there are 41.7 Million black folks in the US. So if, say, 700 shoot at each other each weekend, doesn't that mean that nearly 41.7 million don't?

Why are we focusing on the few violent blacks and ignoring the 41.7 million non-violent blacks?

I look forward to your devastating responses!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We will pay the 20 mil to clean up after the riots. We would pay 200 mil of thats what they demanded, What can we do? Say NO!?

Oh no say YES! We'll send the 20 million, but the money is to be used for irreversible surgical sterilizations of the negroe rioters. :)

chattanooga gal said...

did you notice that they said the white guy was shot " during a fight"- fight being that the armed black guy tried to steal his cell phone and then shot him... the same sort of thing happened to my brother in law once- two goons jumped him and robbed him of his money, and on the police report, they called it an " argument"

PNW Realist said...


Why do we focus on the violent blacks and ignore the millions of nonviolent ones? We always focus on immanent danger, instead of what's remote. Why worry about the rattlesnake that comes slithering across your patio, when there are thousands, I am sure, but a stone's throw away?

BTW, nice try, troll, but your question was among the silliest things I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

Keith O'Malley, a young white man with a bright future was taken out by a soulless feral creature, Kristopher Pitts. Keith was violently murdered in the nicer area of Chicago's Lakeview. When a member of a contributing creative class is killed, it is a generational crime. This man had the potential of producing more productive offspring. A future family was murdered along with Keith. R.I.P.Keith.

Anonymous said...

What race is Mosby? I tried researching it but it's not really listed. All it says is that she was raised by a single mom, long line of cops, and that she lived in a shitty neighborhood. She looks about 5 shades lighter than your average african. Is she yet another half black kid raised by a single white mother? You know what they say. "Once you go black, you go single parent"

Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of the only colorless folks on here who at one time actually sold tickets to the universal soul circus. Part of my job working in special events for a major city was selling tickets for upcoming programs. I must admit it was entertaining. I'm so glad I no longer am at that job, surrounded by trifling groids.

Anonymous said...

Mosby is a high yella with Down Syndrome

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Why would you want her removed? I hope these cases go to trial and they're televised nationwide. Then her incompetence will be there for anyone to see. . . “

There is no doubt that Mosby is utterly incompetent, but you shouldn't count on her embarrassing herself at a publicized jury trial. I have not researched her professional history, but based on her behavior I seriously doubt that she has been the first chair attorney in many, if any, jury trials. If the case doesn't get transferred to another venue, she will probably assign another attorney with actual trial experience to handle the case. Her excuse will be that she wants to avoid the slightest appearance of impropriety, but the real reason will be because she knows that she is in far over her head.

If she thought that she could look good at trial, she would never consider assigning it to another attorney. From what I have seen a competent DA will often handle the high profile cases, and it doesn't really make much sense for her to claim that she shouldn't handle the case but that it is fine for an assistant who answers directly to her to do so. The assistant will have the same bias as his or her boss if the assistant is interested in continued employment. Mosby can always express disappointment in her assistant when the case tanks.

Medic Bear said...

"According the CDC, there are 41.7 Million black folks in the US. So if, say, 700 shoot at each other each weekend, doesn't that mean that nearly 41.7 million don't?"

Um. Mainly as it's NOT 700, but more like 7,000. And as someone beat me to post, we focus on those things that are most dangerous (or should) so the 7,000 are in the crosshairs. And as long as the MSM, BRA and DWLs continue to ignore the truth, that 7,000 can easily increase to 70,000 in a heartbeat (Fergistan, Watts, St.Louis, etc.)

Nice try at trolling, pal. Walk the walk and go hand out money on the corner of MLK and 1st anywhere. See how long you live.

Anonymous said...

She was the one that went on national TV and announced the charges. Whether she prosecutes or assigns a deputy, if that person is made to look like a fool, it will reflect on her.
If she assigns a subordinate, and it goes real bad, would you possibly think on top of being a bumbling prosecutor, she is also a chickenshit? Assigning someone else to "face the music" instead of doing it herself?


GrimmTale said...

@ May 31, 2015 at 3:31 PM
AnalogMan said...

"...You're making the error of anthropomorphism again. Ascribing human thoughts to negroes. Almost always leads to wrong conclusions..."

AnalogMan - What the heck was I thinking?
I digress...because you're absolutely correct my friend.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore doesn't deserve a circus, it deserves a freak show.