Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The American Dream is Dead. The American Nightmare is Now.

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One of the great entertainers of our time just died. 

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. 

Professional wrestling might be fake, but at least the promoters of this form of entertainment have admitted its fake (unlike the bosses of the Republican Party, who continue to mislead the American public into believing we have a two-party system...).
"Hard Times" are coming to white America, courtesy of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) plan

If you've never seen the brilliant 'Hard Times' promo Rhodes gave back in 1980s (to set up a huge, money making match with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair), watch it now

Not only is it brilliant storytelling, but Rhodes convinced many people watching to invest in paying to watch his match with Flair. 

Just as this video is proof of why white people do everything possible to move as far away as possible from black people. [North City resident: 'We can't keep living like this',, 6-17-15]:
Moments after a man was fatally gunned down in north St. Louis, News 4's Robin Smith caught up with a woman who is sick of the gun violence in the area. 
“We can't keep living like this,” said Shantay Fitzpatrick “It's unsafe”Fitzpatrick lives in north St. Louis with her husband and two kids. She said she is fearful of her children going outside because of the shootings in the area. 
“When my child gotta come outside, my child's gotta duck from bullets,” Fitzpatrick said. “A bullet doesn't have any name on it.” 
News 4 caught up with Fitzpatrick moments after 40-year-old Ronald Collins was killed by a bullet while on a porch in the 5900 block of Highland Tuesday afternoon. 
Collins' death is one of the more than 80 homicides so far in 2015 in the City of St. Louis.
North St. Louis is unsafe because it's full of black people, just as heavily white areas of St. Louis are safe because they are full of white people: which is the primary (insidious) reason behind the push for  Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

To paraphrase the late Dusty Rhodes, "Hard Times" are coming for whites courtesy of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), a reminder the American Dream is truly over.

Thanks to the AFFH, the American Nightmare is coming to you.


Korvan said...

I feel sorry for the lady but if she really loved her children she would not have/raise them in that environment. I'd rather not have children if I had to live like that.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

You have to feel for Mrs. Fitzpatrick. She limited her breeding to two children, and actually has a husband.

You won't defeat AFFH, but there IS a way to not suffer too badly from it. rent to older negroes without children. Next time someone accuses you of racism for avoiding young black men, let them know you do not fear 70yo black men, even a group of 20 of them. Sure, that's discrimination on the basis of age, but they ALL do it. stereotypes work; all you need to do is show them the ones they rely upon.

WW3 said...

Clearly....this IS the problem. Black women breeding like cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a couple of old observations: What are the seven most dreaded words in Civilization? Well helloo dere, eyees yur kneww neighbor. When they first move into a new neighborhood they tip-toe down the street so softly you can hear the prices of the houses fall. The time that we hold the DWL's fully to account for this and all the rest of their travesties will come.

Ambrose Kane said...

The title of the video lists "gun violence" as the problem, but this is not correct: The problem isn't guns, the problem is blacks. This city, and other like it, have a black problem.

This woman rightly complains about the level of crime and senseless killings in her neighborhood. Unfortunately, it will likely never occur to her that the real culprit is not the white man, poverty or even a lack of education. The problem is low IQ, impulsive, volatile, criminally-prone, and self-entitled 'African-Americans' who are a constant plague on every community in which they dwell. What this woman was really complaining about is the nature of blacks, though she's hardly aware of it. This kind of incivility and savagery is what negroes do wherever they dwell. It's who they are inherently.

So, how's that civil rights movement thingy working for you? Isn't is wonderful what naive and gullible whites invited into their societies? How much more is it going to take before whites realize that negroes are a low-grade race of people of whom the majority are unable to adapt to a civilized society?

Anonymous said...

"Heps us, Whitey! We be gittin kilt out heah! Doo sumfins! We ain' gotz no jobs! Deez keeds ain' got no way to go! HEPS US!!!!"

And on and on and on and on ......

Anonymous said...

Just in: Shooting @ black church in SC. 8 or 9 vibrants dead; white suspect at large.

Gonna be a hot summer.

Anonymous said...

These people we refer to as liberals for lack of a better term, they know full and well how destructively dysfunctional negroes are. They do, because they don't live around them, or send their children to school with them. The whole plan is to get the working guy, the middle class to take care of these psychopaths. They use the "brother's keeper" story, which has no basis whatsoever in the bible, as a basis for it. It's an Alinsky tactic, wherein they try to force you to live up to your values. It's very clever little trick.

In the end, they will have negroes living next to you. Those negroes will rob you, assault you, maybe rape your wife or daughters or even your dog ( The possibilities of destroying your quality of life are virtually unlimited. America under proxy black rule, 2015. Welcome to the nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Ah man Paul you've cemented your awesomeness by referencing The Son of a Plummer, the Legend Dusty Rhodes. He was great to watch and was hilarious. I learned a lot of things from my Uncle, and wrasslin' was one of them. RIP.

Yes, the American Dream is also DEAD. We are living in a world where up is down, white is black, male is female, and some who don't even know what they are. Christians are being slaughtered, and the religion attacked (and taken over by rad libs). And they are all celebrated!? There is a serious sickness in this country, and the only cure is to get back to the way things used to be. There is one constant though, and that's blacks killing each other in record numbers.

Even South Dakota now having immigrant wars on their streets, people beating each other with bats and knives. Aint DIEversity great???

NC Guy

Truth Corps said...

Breaking news: Mass shooting at a Black Church in Charleston SC, 9 confirmed dead as of right now. Suspect is White male.

It has begun

I've been telling you for some time now to prepare for the storm that is coming. I hope you have.

Anonymous said...

"We can't keep living like this," said Shantay Fitzcasket
Read my lips: I. Don't. Care.

Anonymous said...

Just to continue from the previous article -

It occurs to me, maybe paying them not to kill is in fact the answer.

Pay them $5000 and heavily publicize each one who gets the money, in the papers and such.

You figure any of them will make it home with the money before one of the others shoots them?

Sort of a kill two birds with one stone thing. Some behave for a while, then some shoot them, and both are off the street.

SC Native said...

O/T but relevant.

A black church was shot up in Charleston SC tonight. 9 are dead and the shooter is supposed to be white. I'd watch this one closely folks, it's hot as blue blazes in SC at the moment and we know what heat does to blacks. Also it was in a church, so you can be sure all kinds of things will be dredged up from years ago to play on emotions. The motive on this is going to be interesting, the blowback could be back.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....OT...Last year I read an interview with a computer geek who owns a company that is hired by corporations to HACK INTO their computer systems. By doing so they can find what their weaknesses are and repair them. That is all he does.

Just for fun he thought about hacking in the 5 billion dollar OBAMACARE system. Knowing it was probably a big time super secure system he thought it might take him days to get inside. IT TOOK HIM FOUR MINUTES. They became bored after down loading 20,000 files. This is your secure government.

Think about what would happen if China or Russia started hacking into the computers that run America. If China could shut down the electric grid for 3 or 4 states for 3 or 4 days or even a week we all KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. This computer I am using was made in China. A huge amount of computers and high tech shit the military has was also MADE IN CHINA. I guess the same goes for what the government has. We live in a country that is so fucking stupid that most of our high tech gear is made in Chins by the Communist government. Our country hires AA blacks that can barely read at the 5th or 6th grade level. If there is any type of large electrical malfunction covering a few states everybody in that area is screwed. Since China build the computers running America that is where the problem could come from.

After hurricane Wilma 45 people were shot in the Miami area over gasoline.
Numerous people stabbed, shot and beat up during Nike tennis shoe sales.
Four days of looting during the New York City blackout in 1977.
Virginia Beach Octoberfest riot and looting.
Hurricane Sandy became a looters orgasm.
Katrina was a total negro nightmare.
Black Friday mobs beating on each other over a Sponge Bob tee shirt.
Detroit. Watts. Newark. Omaha. Los Angeles. Baltimore. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Flip off the lights for a few days anywhere in America and see what would happen. Mobs of savages killing each other for any freebie they could get their hands on. Would DeShawn or Pussliptus kill you for a can of Spam or a roll of toilet paper. You damn right they would.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love how with any Basketball American quote, it is only a matter of time before their horrible grammar and general slaughtering of the English language come into play. It's like they purposely misuse words and rearrange them haphazardly throughout their sentences just to make themselves sound dumber.

While I like to make fun of ebonics as much as anybody else, in practice, with real black people doing it, it makes my skin crawl. It makes me wonder how and why everyone else puts up with these lazy smelly people. They are the only race that I can identify 100% over the phone. You can consistently plan for the worst with them and you won't have wasted your time- they can always be trusted not to be trusted.

Maybe as a start all you crying Bantus like the woman(?) above can get in line and sign statements apologizing for disrespecting and not appreciating the police in their neighborhoods, that they won't sue and follow cops around with cell phones every time cops try to make a lawful arrest, and that ultimately they were wrong and are so terribly, terribly sorry. They are just words, so why does it matter anyway, right Laconda?

Anonymous said...

In Charleston, South Carolina an alleged White gunman shot and killed 9 Black persons at a Bible study in a Black Church. This is being called a hate crime, racist/Christian is not really known since the shooter is not apprehended yet. Al Sharpton is on his way to promote hate, riots, and violence and the church denomination leadership is already to seek divine revenge to satisfy their own hate. This is not what Jesus taught about how to think in regards to one's enemies, but Christians tend to forget about what the Bible teaches about loving one's enemies and praying for them in kindness, not hate. The victims were in a church at a Bible study. What a more pertinent place for such a traumatic testing of real faith in what one alleges to believe than there. Racial hatred and racial vengeance contradict what Christians are to represent to all others. If the Black church leadership cannot act in accordance to what Jesus taught and actually experienced himself, they might as well shut down their churches, because they have already lost their way to heaven.

Artemis Rand said...

How ironic that just after you post this another false flag against the poor innocent negro happens.

So what is the over/under on how much retaliation and/or white guilt will be forced upon us this time ?

Anonymous said...

From the looks of the video that Paul posted, Lupita Nyong'o is on track to earn her second Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Watch the video from 1:00 to 1:20 to see her go from full on waterworks to just regular black complaining.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

Thousands of third world religious fanatics and Muslims are being moved into America every month. Your kid is in a school were 20 different languages are spoken and armed cops walk the hallways. In California the American flag is a racist symbol. Cops are hiding their families after getting death threats. Criminals and drug gangs rule the streets. High school drop outs get welfare checks. Little psychopaths in school get to beat up and rape the teachers.

In the airports an 85 year old senior citizen in a wheelchair has to take off their shoes and submit to a search. A lesbian is squeezing your wife's tits and a Muslim makes you bend over for an anal probe. Hey, sounds to me like the country I was born in.

Anonymous said...

Oh Snap!

9 dead in White on Black hate crime Church shooting in Charleston! While I don't like the legal concept of 'hate crime' there seems to be no other reason to shoot up a church.

I think this is horrible. It will certainly escalate tensions.

I for one, have no redemption-via-war vision for America. The only results from this attack will be increased police powers (monitoring SBLPL), further demonization of YT, and death: in short, moving towards Zimbabwe. Not good.

Details linked below (and soon everywhere, I'm sure):


Anonymous said...

Having worked in many cities throughout the country, I have witnessed the deterioration, and destruction of quality of life by the black plague. I happened to settle in a small city way up north, and I gotta tell you, it was wonderful! No crime, clean safe neighborhoods, good schools. The reason: No Blacks! Jobs were for the most part hard,with not that great of pay, but dependable, if you were willing to work. Yeah, we would have an occasional black come up from the city and try life up here, but they didn't like doing the work we did. One guy said he was going back to Chicago and dealing drugs because it was easier. Sounds like something people would say you made up, but I swear it's true. I've seen guys work until first break, leave, and never come back.
Well, starting in the 90s we started seeing the invasion start, a few families, who acted as anchors to bring more up, then more, and more. They say they come here to work, but we know no one comes here to look for work. Our children go to the cities they flee from to work, that's where the jobs are.
Now we are overrun with these useless deadbeats, most of them don't know how to work, and have no desire to. They come into the stores with their ebt cards and buy cigars to smoke dope in with no shame, like we owe them a free life of decadance. Shootings and robberies are an everyday thing now. The things they came up here to escape, they brought with them. They are the problem, they can't escape themselves.
You can't leave anything out in your yard now. They steal your kid's bikes, your barbeque grill, any tools you have out. Garages are broken into, houses robbed, cars broken into. Hateful rap music is blared from their big wheeled pimp mobiles all hours day and night, fighting and police calls are common at any residence they rent. They go into stores and shoplift, thinking we're all hicks who've never seen their smooth criminal style, then get hauled away to jail screaming and hollering obscenities in front of your children.
Yeah, I guess they are an asset to our community by adding cultural diversity. Hell, if I wanted cultural diversity I'd watch Cops on t.v.



They are claiming a White man shot up a historical black church.(their words not mine) And watch how fast the legs grow on this story. Watch the out of the woodwork negroes go ape-shit about this tragedy. Watch how this gets turned into some shrine. And watch how the negroes and their beloved Marxist media doesn't mention how every weekend in Chi-congo or Balti-more checks, MD. more negroes are killed by their own kind and not one national fuck is given. Yet some White man pulls off the murders of the century and every news van from all 50 states will be lining up to kiss the pastors ass. Maybe he can tell all the microphones that they just have pulled off the march against the local violence and things were getting better in the neighborhood before some blue eyed devil opened that church door.


p.s. Maybe there will be talk again of banning the guns that the White race owns. Cause you and I know they are the true killing guns. Because all those guns in the hands of the black race talk the black owner into discharging the firearm in parks and other public spaces. Where as the White owned guns are used by the "Racist" White killing machines.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to the people of Charleston during this difficult time. Losing any innocent life is a tragedy. The negroes of Charleston are in our prayers today.

As tragic as this event is, do not lose sight of the bigger picture which is that this is just further proof that the races must be separated; for their own good.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaand negro revenge massacres of Whites in 3...2...1....

Lock and load. ecar raw is here.

Anonymous said...

Racist media disgusts me! All they are saying is "White" shooter! When did they ever say "Black" shooter kills five in convenience store, etc?! Now it's all about the shooter's race suddenly?! Media, you suck! Seriously...

Anonymous said...

Nine negroes shot dead in Charleston.

Baltimore negroes respond: "Amateurs..."

Anonymous said...

At work today:

Negro Co-worker: "Sheeit man, you see that white cracka done kilt all the oppressed descendants of slaves?!"

You: "What!? Oh no; a tragedy. So sorry. But, how do you know the killer was White"?

NCW: "They done say it on da teevee"

You: "That's racist! Why do they have to report the race? Aren't we all equal? MLK JR said so, no?"

NCW: *head explodes*

Anonymous said...

Charleston forecast: Friday night 95, Sat night 97

Prepare for the chimpout. Cat 5 likely.

Curfew now for negroes, or the city burns.

No tourist dollars, Whitey!! Better act fast.

Anonymous said...

You go to a White church? Better watch out; Black Panthers are going to open fire soon.

Anonymous said...

The American Nightmare is being played out by Black conspirators in Charleston. It's open race warfare in which the Black Marxists create their own Black martyrs to fire the flames of angry, hate-filled Blacks. These aren't Christians in AME churches!

"In short the national AME church network is a powerful and political activist forum based solely and completely along racial lines. Decades of influence, and decades of organizational activism has left them sparsely connected to their religious, or faith based, origins. The AME larger network is now almost exclusively a political enterprise operating under the guise of Methodist Episcopal faith-based teaching."

Charleston Mother Emanuel AME Church Shooting –

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I'm starting to see younger Blacks walk the streets at all hours in St. Charles, MO. Are these paid scouts or criminals looking for an easy score? The purge is beginning, but where to go?

I curse this present political system and the commies in it.

NY Girl said...

Man, maybe white people should learn how to cry on cue for the camera--then maybe we could get some damn sympathy for once.

PB said...

Looks like the lever has just been pulled. We'll wait and see if its the real deal or a false-flag provocation to get the race war moving and progress the martial law plan. A good time for open minds.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor just swore in AG Loretta lynch... it's over America.

Whitey - you lost.

Earl Turner said...

In other news, authorities in South Carolina have confirmed to SBPDL News that gunfire killed several in an isolated incident at what they are calling a "church service gone wrong". Police say the suspect is a teen, but provided no further description. In a press conference, the Mayor and police chief refused to speculate on the motive, saying there is no evidence this is a hate crime. "We believe this to be a random attack, and the churchgoers were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time," the chief stated.

Anonymous said...

When an organism feels threatened, for example, by having its territory invaded by an alien organism, it often reacts with self-defensive violence.

Nobody should be surprised...

Anonymous said...

Long, hot Summer WAAAYYYY ahead of schedule!

Revenge killings against Whites will now commence. Immediately place large distances between your selves and the negroes; they are about to attack with great force.

Anonymous said...

Hutu vs Tutsi. The lizard brains have been activated. The negroes will now attack without mercy. For your own life, self-segregate immediately. Attacks are already beginning...

Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a brain saw this moment coming a long, long time ago. They tried to warn the country but the libtards hushed them up. Now behold the glory of mixing negroes into a first world civilization...

Anonymous said...

The AME church is very anti-gay. The shooter may be an angry homosexual.

Don't laugh.

Anonymous said...

It's not coming to ultra rich neighborhoods, just middle class ones. Spreading diseased fruit amongst healthy fruit only blights the whole damn crop. Pestilence needs to be quarantined for good reason.

Anonymous said...

I just spent a week working a low-level job with a large percentage of blacks, something I'd never done before. There was nothing surprising to me since I'd lived through school desegregation but it was interesting and I have reaffirmed my thoughts on race.

Blacks are just not as smart as whites, no matter how hard they try. They can do one or two simple tasks well, if they're in the mood, but no more. They also require toddler-style praise for doing their simple tasks. Think of how you praise a child when they're potty training.

Blacks love fighting. They love to fight and love to hear about fights. They become very animated at the merest mention of a fight. I would be safer smoking while pumping gas than being around a large group of blacks talking about a weeks old fight.

White liberals cause blacks to hate whites. DWLs massive superiority complex comes across loud and clear which irritates blacks into not working. Then the DWLs try to browbeat whites into taking up the slack. DWLs are every good white person's enemy. There was nothing my black co-workers liked better than seeing me (white grunt worker) taking a firm stance with a preening white superior. And it was good fun for me, too.

Blacks are happiest with a simple, fairly physical job to do. If they sit down, they sleep and that's just a fact. We need to bring our simple manufacturing back from China and put our "urban" folks to work. But be prepared to slow down the work to accommodate the black work pace. Think of it like sheltered workshops for the disabled.

I think a great idea would be to send several boatloads of our blacks to Africa to set up a manufacturing plant for something like Happy Meal toys. They could help the motherland, take jobs away from Asians (who they despise) and we'd have them out of our cities.

Blacks are just being what they are and this country used to know how to have them in our midst while keeping their dysfunction contained. I have a white-hot hatred for those in power who are forcing the current volatile mixing of incompatible peoples.

Anonymous said...

Wrestling is not fake. There are no stuntmen, no re-shoots, no fake blood.

Crashing to the mat hurts, wrestlers are hurt and often injured regularly, many wrestlers- myself included- have to retire early because we get real injuries from real wrestlers really hurting us for real.

Wrestling is scripted. We know how long our match will be and who will win and how, but that doesn't mean it's fake. Hollywood movie fight scenes are fake, they don't really hit each other. Stuntmen take their hits and falls for them.

The word you meant to use is scripted, not fake. Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin would not be hobbling around after dozens of surgeries on their knees, backs, and necks if wrestling was fake.

Anonymous said...

"...because of the SHOOTINGS in the area"

I'm so glad no "shootings" live in my area.

"...was killed by a BULLET"

Has Gheorghe Muresan resorted to killing black kids?

Anonymous said...

The backlash has begun:

--NB with IPMS

Mutant Swarm said...

OT, but relevant to our struggle:

9 killed in Charleston church shooting;

I wonder if the shooter ever took a course from Professor Raoul X?

Fatigued beyond belief in Minneapolis said...

But if we smear our favorite *special needs* subculture all around this Godforsaken first-world civilization of ours, this will then ensure an equal outcome since (obviously; it goes without saying) we're all the same save for our skin tone (ain't I freakin brilliant?).. Hold on guys, only a few more hundred trillion dollars.. and we shall overcome. I promise.. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

There was a shooting at a black church which killed nine people. To all who post here, including myself : the murder of people in a church is inexcusable. Churches are not battlefields.
This is the kind of violence that happens in places in the Middle East and elsewhere when religions collide.
Defeating black privilege is not a religious matter. It is politics. Free speech originally meant free political speech, even if extreme by prevailing standards. This kind of crime, if in any way defended, leaves open the anti-privilege movement to repression as it may be linked to terrorism.
If you are seeking equity for yourself, you have to by definition be seeking it for all. Murder is the ultimate inequity.

Anonymous said...

Well of course some douchebag would give all the racebaiters a truckload of spoons to stir the bucket of bullcrap.

Off topic but some murdering piece of crap walked into a black church in Charleston SC and opened fire killing nine..

Bet this kicks off a huge "ant-hate" campaign .

Kick off the CAT - 5.

Hey Sharpton , maybe you and Rachel could lead Shakedown Parade , how much money was each victim worth to you. You two should be able to get plenty of "looksatmuh" from this one. Something tells me your already on your way Sharpton. Rachel you could march with AL since he pointed out that it's your parents fault for telling the truth about you.

chattanooga gal said...

"rent to older negroes without children"
the problem with that is that next year they will have 5 or 6 grandchildren or great grandchildren they will be raising.

Long Island Guido said...

Looks like we have another setup/hoax in South Carolina to crank up the race war. This is gonna be interesting...

Anonymous said...

re: Church shooting. Let's wait just a bit and see if they name/arrest a suspect. Photo looks like a man wearing a wig. If no one is arrested, I will begin to suspect a "false flag" type of event.

Think about the timing. White fatigue with black dysfunction was actually getting to the point where people were willing to discuss it. Not like ten years ago, when silence pretty much ruled in such matters for YT.

Then there was this Dolezal affair, in which the PC mask of BRA was visibly slipping.

Then, yesterday, we get a "Civil Rights Struggle 101" CHURCH SHOOTING.

It could very well be a lone actor. It could be more sinister. Either way the pot is being vigorously stirred. To what end?

PNW Realist said...

At all the peace[piece] rallies that will follow, watch for more shootings.

Watch your backs, folks.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon at 3:00am - so true, so infuriating. The media NEVER, EVER identifies the race of a BLACK perp. (When they have a name, which they will use, you can usually tell.). Obviously completely OK to do so for Whites.

P.S. That woman does not look Irish. Guess her husband is.

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

Very sad event in Charleston today. Very sad indeed. Watch Fox News trip over itself trying to show how "fair and balanced" they are. The first thing out of their mouth will be that he was white, whereas when the situation is reversed (as it almost unfailingly is) they play down the race issue - just as glibly as any leftist cable news counterparts. Moreover, had he been a very dark Muslim, they would also be calling him a white man, and the word Muslim word be ignored like the plague.

While I truly sympathize with the poor dead souls here, I am nonetheless galled to the bone at how the agenda-driven news deliberately distorts these things. Better keep your pow*** dry, boys and girls. We're reaching critical mass here, folks, and those social "fission rods" are now far too out of control to prevent the inevitable meltdown.

Who knows, he might have had a "good" reason for killing these blacks, that is if we likewise adopt THEIR same brutish "reasoning" when they wantonly kill white people, as in the DC slaughter just recently - or any dozen other recent black on white crimes they try to cover up now. Um, for the clueless or malicious out there, this is meant as sarcasm.

Note just how quickly the astonishingly savage DC robbery/family slaughter quickly went off the news pages!

Anyway, we all know the drill by now. It will be "A white assailant killed nine blacks....." 24/7 for the next two months. Click - off goes the news for me.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 6:27 - the shooting was AT a church. We have no idea if the motive was religious, racial, some other motive or just the act of a lunatic who shot up the first group of victims he could find. I read somewhere it could be a teen. We're not black. We have to wait, like White people, and follow the investigation.

Anonymous said...

"Our hearts go out to the people of Charleston during this difficult time. Losing any innocent life is a tragedy. The negroes of Charleston are in our prayers today.

As tragic as this event is, do not lose sight of the bigger picture which is that this is just further proof that the races must be separated; for their own good.

June 18, 2015 at 2:49 AM"

Well put. If true this guy should fry as should the negroes hammer attacking white women etc.

Anonymous said...

Ok, teachable moment here: Libtards and groids - if convicted, should the White church shooter get the death penalty?

Yes, I hear you say? Oh really, now you support the death penalty? We'll remember that.

And why not declare him insane? He clearly must have been nuts not to realize the negro is a sainted blessing upon White society and must never be harmed. So, he must have been crazy to do that. So, not guilty by reason of insanity. A few years in a comfy medical facility then time for unsupervised walks with John Hinckley. Catch 22.

Like that, libtards!!??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since blacks want equality and White privileges so badly, Whites need to start protesting, rioting, looting every time a White or any non black race is hurt by blacks.......whether it is rape, robbery, assault, verbal assault, murder, etc.

A black does anything to a White and it is a senseless act.....a White looks at a black wrong and it is racism and federal charges are brought.

Wake up Whites!

Anonymous said...

The church shooting is already being called a hate crime. I hope the kid gets an attorney who can have him declared insane because of reverse racism, trauma by blacks, etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't this little genius have pulled his act at an open-air corner drug market instead of a church? As much as I DON'T like dindus, this was the act of a true coward.

....P-town Correspondent

awakened white said...

O/T. SC incident

cant even go to bed without something else going down. wake up to that senseless act. long hot summer indeed.

Anonymous said...

The suspected shooter, a boy in his 20s, should get all the tolerance and understanding that black yoofs get when they commiit horrible crimes. If black yoofs are not responsible for their crimes, then White young people should not be either. We need to understand what caused this boy to do this and what legacy of suffering he has endured, and get him the help he needs. I'm not bring sarcastic. Same rules for Whites as for blacks.

P.S. The negroes are not only playing the race card, now they're playing the "church card". Like a mass shooting is any worse in a church than it is in a movie theater, a school, a home invasion, a mall, etc. Please note all the photos of (unemployed, deadbeat) negro men standing around holding hands and "praying" in the streets. Where were those lazy, shiftless bastards when the family in DC. was tortured and killed. No where.

Ricky in Cali said...

I live in California and we had a humungous blackout years ago (I will never forget that blackout) that went from Southern California all the way to Arizona! It lasted one day.


In that time the blackout affected gas pumps so no credit cards could be used and the pumps couldn't disperse. If you had no gas that day and you were at the pump you were shit out of luck your car sat there. No registers could ring people up so some of the store clerks used calculators and CASH ONLY sales because again, no credit card machines

No lights on the stores or any of the businesses so the streets were dark. Some of the shops had guys standing in the front saying "one person at a time inside" (because no lights and people would steal) and no bag packs inside. It was like a military control just to buy a 12-pack of beer

The first things sold were all the water, then all the food. Literally came to the point where people were buying macaroni salad cause that's all there was left to eat. There was a lot of good spirits though. People knew it wasn't gonna last forever so a lot of people were outside chatting but I will tell you this

No cell phone
No electricity
No lights
No gas
No nothing

We knew that it was temporary and a lot of people didn't know what to do in 1 days time. I promise you because I saw it firsthand, if we had a crisis that lasted a few days or we were told "we don't know how long this will last", you will see World War 3. Not in the literal sense but this country has no clue what the hell to do when a disaster hits! Too many people would be unprepared and going crazy

Pat Boyle said...

I'm going to make a prediction.

I predict that the white guy who shot up the AME Zion Church and killed nine blacks will turn out to have been a schizophrenic who was well known to the authorities. He fits the profile. Males tend to have their psychotic break if they have one around their late teens of early twenties. This shooting is similar to the school or movie theater shootings of recent times.

It is not primarily a racial incident. It is probably a schizophrenia incident. In fact blacks have much more schizophrenia than whites.

These sort of incidents never occurred in the fifties because in those days if you started acting crazy and threatened others with violence you would be committed. But in the sixties an alliance of liberals and conservatives passed laws like the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act in California. Now no one can be committed without their consent. Typically now a crazy young man will threaten his own family, buy a lot of guns (or get them illegally) and the family will beg the authorities to put him away. In many of these cases the young man kills all his relatives just as he had long threatened to.

It is quarter to nine on Thursday. I saw the first reports of the shooting an hour ago on Drudge. No reports yet on his mental state so my calling this schizophrenia will either be verified shortly or will have made a fool of myself.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it just two weeks ago where a negro killed four white people, including an 8-year-old in Washington DC? He beat them to death with a baseball bat and then set them on fire. Obviously there was no "hate" involved in that killing though.

The media got 60 years out of Emitt Till. This church shooting ought to get them 600 years.

Anonymous said...

When they [blacks] first move into a new neighborhood they tip-toe down the street so softly you can hear the prices of the houses fall.

Good line!

Brooklyn born said...

Too late for any rationale..............the moral high ground has already been seized. The White politicians and media are tripping over themselves to lay prostrate before the negro.

Sharpton's on the way for his tribute.

This kid created martyrs that will be part of the mandatory anti White curriculum for the next 100 years.

...............Until WHITE LIVES MATTER there will be no peace..............

Anonymous said...

NOW can we talk about the genetic differences that make Blacks unassimilable into a White civilization?!

Bogolyubski said...

Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor just swore in AG Loretta lynch... it's over America.

Whitey - you lost.

Do tell. Aren't you glad you voted repuke last fall now? Funny how the result is always what certain folks want, regardless of who is voted for, who is in office, etc. Nether Lynch nor Holder would have been possible without Repuke cooperation. As several of us have noted many times before (to no apparent effect), there is no actual opposition to BRA. Only fake opposition is allowed. Nor is there any understanding of who the greater enemy is vs. who the lesser enemy is. BRA is here until the last white is exterminated from the face of the earth, which was the plan all along. I don't expect any in Kwa-bananaland to awken - especially among the flag-waving, Tea-Party Christian Patriotards. They'll continue to gulp the grape-drank and stuff their faces with turd-tacos, doing the same thing over and over - expecting the result will somehow be different this time. Maybe some in the crumbling EUSSR will awaken in time - if they ever throw off the yoke of the Banana Empire.

As for the church shooting, this will now be used as the excuse to ramp up the genocide on YT all the way. As for Christards in general, whose real object of worship are negroes and TWMNBN anyway, I note with interest that a negro preacher calling for open genocide on YT just last week was not only unworthy of criticism from the Ministry of Truth (as one would expect), but was never condemned by any white Christard - whether "con-servative" or Marxoid. We can be guaranteed that the shooting in SC will be broadcast for months on end now. The badge-gang will dutifully enforce any and all orders issued from the Banana regime in Sodom-on-Potomac and its SJW minions entrenched in every state and county - no matter how lawless - just as they meekly removed the "We are Darren Wilson" bracelets in Bell-Curve City last fall when ordered. Might as well go back to the shit-sandwiches and grape-drank. Some of us tried to warn, starting years ago. Most whites seem incapable of listening or even of comprehending reality. South Africa here we come. So much for all these boasts of higher IQ one regularly sees here. Looks to me like YT is well in his way to a Darwin Award.

Assuming the shooter in SC is an YT in his 20s, he'll either be killed outright by the badge-gang when they find him even if his hands are raised in surrender, or they'll send him to prison where he'll die after a time of AIDS after being repeatedly gang-raped by the resident nogs. Unless he was actually a government agent carrying out orders (which seems unlikely), he's a dead man regardless. It will also serve as an excuse for the various Charlie-Hebdo / SJW / TWMNBN / DWL Marxoid types who own the entire court system to make sure the negro killers of Nathan Trapuzzano and the hundreds of other whites slaughtered in the name of Sts. Trayvon, Swisher, etc. to get out of jail free.

Anonymous said...

Great that the shooter is alive. I'm DYING to hear what he has to say. Will be the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of our lives. Media is orgasming over this; you'll never have one day without media referencing this case.

He has a great platform for pointing out the utter savagery of the orcs and how they are destroying our country. Glad he has a megaphone now. Too bad he had to shoot people to be heard.

Anonymous said...

This church shooting is the act of a coward. A coward. Why did he not go to the darkest, most dangerous, crime filled corner in the nearest urban area ? THAT would have made a statement.
This cowardly attack has no defense. We are about to enter the summer of hell, starting today.

Anonymous said...

Orcs are going to go bananas! This shooting is not something they're going to leave up to Sharpton to deal with; this is gang/tribal stuff; they'll want the taste of White blood in their mouths tonight.

No way they're gonna let this one slide.

Get ready to count dead white bodies...

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't trigger all-out race war, then nothing will.

This is like Arabs massacering hasid children in front of the Western Wall. Very holy site; lack of impulse control is going to lead to revenge killings and it'll snowball from there.

Californian said...

Ambrose Kane said...
So, how's that civil rights movement thingy working for you? Isn't is wonderful what naive and gullible whites invited into their societies? How much more is it going to take before whites realize that negroes are a low-grade race of people of whom the majority are unable to adapt to a civilized society?

There was a time that most white people would have agreed that blacks could not adapt into an advanced society, at least not without a certain degree of discipline (segregation, colonialism, apartheid). Over the 20th century, the attitudes of white people (or at least vocal white people) changed. There was a real belief that all you had to do was give blacks something called "equality" and then -- freed from the heavy hand of the oppressor -- they would act according to white norms.

During the mid-20th century, there were people who warned this wasn't gonna happen: Hendrik Verwoerd, George Wallace, Ian Smith, Orville Faubus. Of course, events of the last half five decades have proven them right. But even though one can see the failure of "equality" from Detroit to Zimbabwe (with a side trip to Haiti), DWLs believe in it all the more. Even as their cities are laid waste and their children massacred ala Amy Biehl, they believe in it.

It gets back to the power of ideology. And it gets back to underlying psychological drives. If DWLs had to face the reality, they'd see themselves in a world of hurt. The Stockholm Syndrome kicks in. Black thugs flashmob citizens, assault cops and burn down towns? Ah! It's "teens" and "victims in the wrong place and time" and "space to protest."

The barbarians are within the gates. And they will not be expelled until liberal ideological delusions are shattered.

Something to think about in the Long Hot Summer of 2015.

Anonymous said...

Re the Charleston church shooting: ghee whiz, had the city only paid him $1000 not to kill people (per the prior SBPDL story), this would not have happened.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski, glad to see you back online!

Julie said...

Bogolyubski said...

As several of us have noted many times before (to no apparent effect), there is no actual opposition to BRA.

Let me try to understand this. You make make numerous, rambling comments on the internet and it "has no apparent effect"? Well that is just awful.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the news last night (the Charleston shooting happened later) and they were talking about the McKinley cop again. I told my wife that the blacks keep poking and poking, hoping somebody will finally have enough and respond.

I wake up and see the news. Looks like they got their race war they have been wanting.

News is quick to point out that he's white, and gleefully reporting that he had a confederate flag on the license plate. However now that he's caught and the investigation will continue, I'll bet he's just another crazy progressive on drugs or something, and there will be once again no connection to the Tea Party, or other "right wing" groups like they so want.

But it's a good idea to start carrying at church. Who knows what the next move will be for the nogs.

AmmoMan in OK

Bogolyubski said...

This church shooting is the act of a coward. A coward. Why did he not go to the darkest, most dangerous, crime filled corner in the nearest urban area ? THAT would have made a statement. This cowardly attack has no defense. We are about to enter the summer of hell, starting today.

The reality is that it could have been motivated by any number of factors other than a hatred of negroes. As Pat Boyle mentioned, the shooter could have been a mental case - someone who would have been institutionalized before the ACLU made this illegal. He could have been radical atheist who chose an easy target. He could have been a gay activist who selected an easy target. He could have been a government operative carrying out orders. Yes, he could even have been an SBPDL reader who was unhinged and read of the endless list of black-on-white atrocities and decided this would be a way to avenge the crimes - when in reality it plays into the hands of those most responsible for them. The bottom line is that we really don't know why he did what he did. I have zero faith in the police, the courts, any branch of government and certainly not in the lying sacks of pigshit who refer to themselves as "journalists" to shed any light at all upon the reasons why. They've already decided the reason why: YT be rayciss.

Anonymous said...

Re: the shooting.

All the media is shouting is "White shooter, Black church" "White shooter, Black church" over and over again. Yet, I'm also hearing that 6 of the 8 victims were white.

Regardless, people only hear what suits their own narrative, and already in pansy-ass Toronto I'm being called upon to examine my "privilege".

Tuning the media Except for this page.

Anonymous said...

Great that the shooter is alive. I'm DYING to hear what he has to say. Will be the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of our lives. Media is orgasming over this; you'll never have one day without media referencing this case.

Especially because it is reminiscent of church burnings.

This is a perfectly wrapped present for the media, especially since it takes away from the Dolezal embarrassment.

The shooter must be a pill popper as rumored if he isn't afraid of going to a prison for this. Or more likely he cracked and didn't consider that prisons are filled with angry Blacks. A lot of the Southern prisons have Black staff along with the resulting third world standards.

I think I'll be turning off the TV for the rest of the year. It's going to be videos of church burnings and fire hoses with violins playing in the background. Western society needs to face the reality of racial genetics and natural inequality but this nitwit has pushed the conversation back even further. What kind of coward attacks a church anyways?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing culturally enriches me by moving some groids into my neighborhood. I long for the day when Sasquachia chimps out and gets in my face screeching, bobbing her head and wagging her finger at me because I have a pool in the back yard and won't let her 6 fatherless offspring use it whenever they want. Or won't let them pick and eat all the plums, pears and apples off my trees or pick arm loads of flowers from the garden to take home to "muh momma." Having them arrested for trespassing and stealing will, of course, be "rayciss!"
Instead of talking to the cop across the street, the retired power plant manager or the doctor, I'll get to talk to Sasquachia about how she wuz an ancient flyin' Egyptshun, how black people dun builted and inbented ebberthang in da worl' and sheeit and how I owes her and her chilluns. Oh yeah, and how I'm nothin' but an ebbil racist cracka.
I feel so blessed!
I'm also tired of hearing birds chirp during the day and crickets chirping at night. It's much more enriching to hear screaming niglets and loud/filthy rap music at all hours of the night and day. And a gun shot or two.
When all this happens, if I don't get to see two sows fighting in the street and ripping out each other's weaves, I will feel so culturally deprived I won't be able to stand it!
Out here in the tree infested suburbs, things are just too quiet! We need vibrant negroes to add some color and liven things up!

quinnotaur said...


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

my money is on the YT shooter in Charlotte being an alinskite social fascist trying to advance the anti-white racist cause. In essence a reverse suicide bomber working to advance the left so this is really just more black-on-black killin'

This will be just the excuse that head red Baracka & DOJ junta need to crack down on guns etc. Never let a crisis go to waste & this will get full-blown "crisis" govt/media treatment for sure.

Maybe shooter felt same a Rachel Dolezal - they b b'n blacks trapped in a white skin

long hot summer ahead

/H hypie out H\


Maybe this White shooter feels he is really a black gang member? Why not?

Prepare for more of this. The end is beginning.

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

You know, after reading a few other posts above, it occurs to me that this very likely could be a setup. As a matter of fact, given the now deliberate ramping up of social unrest and highly volatile race issues by the press, politicians and other hidden, dark forces behind the scenes.

You may or may not know it, but there are manufacturers that can now make very tight, skin-fitting masks that are so realistic that you cannot tell these latex wonders are masks even right up close. A male could look female and vice versa. Changing your race would also be no problem. These latex masks can also be custom made to blend perfectly with one’s skin tone, too. For obvious reasons, they are not permitted to even manufacture them anymore, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean that the government doesn’t have access to them. Get the picture?

BTW, heard anymore about that “cop” shooting that fleeing black man in the back while (Voila!) he was conveniently being filmed like he was auditioning for a movie role? What’s happening with that? What’s his name? Where is he now? What court has the case. Who’s the DA? Where does it stand?

I would now not put ANYTHING past this government in their war against Caucasian men and women, They cannot achieve their agenda unless the country is packed with total black morons (but I repeat myself) and other brain dead “minorities” flooding the country and sucking at the gubmint teat - read robbing the white middle class of every last dime and utterly destroying their political power and social resources.

“Can America get back to a point where politicians are honest? Not unless that point is the tip of a sword.”
― Jarod Kintz

Anonymous said...

O.k., so another schizophrenic shoots up a church, is this really news? It's more a comment on the state of health care for the mentally ill than anything else.
What do you bet in the coming days we hear about this guys families ongoing struggle with mental problems that went untreated? Yet, the media is going to turn it into an attack that was totally racist, and fan the flames more. There will be more attacks on whites by blacks, and increased hyperbole about "white extremists", and white " terrorists ".
If they were to honestly address the problem of terrorists, the barracades would go up, and troops with tanks and armored vehicles would go into the ghettoes and round up the drug dealers and confiscate the guns from the real " troublesome population ".

Anonymous said...

I am presently working my butt off so I can leave my children as much money (in the form of silver and gold coin) when I die.

Thankfully, my kids are RACISTS and know what is going on. They will never buy a home in the US, but rather rent OR, they will buy the MOST EXPENSIVE home they can find in the most exclusive area of their respective towns so as to decrease the odds of a loss. (Still a gamble).

Either way, they prefer to rent since they know nothing in America is long term anymore.

They are both encouraged to go to college and get a portable education. Something in their "heads" so it can go anywhere. But, then, if you are willing to work you can always, always, get a job. Running a restaurant's dishwashing machine to brain surgery....a job is a job and as long as the area is WHITE, you can have a nice life.

But, if my plans work out, they will have enough money to not have to work (if they have self control). I want my children free of negro politics.


They are going to spin this Church Shooting to make this White guy a racists and follower of the NRA and other "racists" web sites and organizations.

This is soooo predictable.

AND, they will go for the guns, again. So BUY YOU GUNS AND AMMO today or this weekend. (There is a Gun Show in my area this week-end. YEAH !!!!)

Anonymous said...

...this is HYSTERICAL on so many levels

Californian said...

The church shooting indicates the necessity for race realists to hammer out a party line for this sort of thing. Some considerations:

* BRA has a party line when blacks commit crimes against whites: flashmobs, torture-murders, burning down cities, Omar Thornton style shoot-em-ups. BRA could care less about the victims. It's all an opportunity for agitprop.

* BRA has the mainstream media backing it up. MSM policy is to ignore the race of perpetrators--unless it is white-on-black. Consequently, an alternative to the MSM media is needed (e.g., the Internet).

* We do not yet know all the facts of the case. As noted, "The reality is that it could have been motivated by any number of factors ..." It could be anything from a random psychotic killing to a coldblooded act of political violence. But in the agitprop world, the reality is (mostly) irrelevant, it is the "spin" that counts.

Bogolyubski said...

BTW, just in case any of the usual trolls, liars, morons and assorted ankle-biters who reside here think I was making up the above-mentioned remark by a negro preacher about the need to kill YT, meet His Holiness the Rev. Ronald Wright.

I've no idea if this holy man is related to the Nation-of-Islam Rev. Jeremiah Wright (with negro mating habits it would be well-nigh impossible to tell anyway) of the Shitcongoland Coon-Cathedral who D'Won Mocha Messiah never heard once during his decade of attendance with Moochelle the Beard (guess the Lewinskies coming from the choir-director were just too distracting), but the general message is similar and indeed in line with the central dictum of all of our enemies: YT must die!

Anonymous said...

Where I live it is getting harder to buy ammo.

We are in a rural area, go figure. The nearest gun shows are a two hour drive away. We are trying to buy ammo for every type of rifle and pistol we own. We taught our children at a young age how to handle, shoot, and care for guns, and safety.

Mr. Rational, the Black lesbian said...

Why couldn't this little genius have pulled his act at an open-air corner drug market instead of a church? As much as I DON'T like dindus, this was the act of a true coward.

From the victims named it sounds like he got a couple of pro-anarchy black pols.  I'd put him at about 50 milli-Brieviks on the "accurate political targeting" scale, but 5 Brawleys on "feeding the Narrative".  If he was serious he would have gone after a DWL church that sponsors African "refugees", or a departmental meeting of some Marxist programs at a university.

Anonymous said...

How do you all not believe this was race related?Before opening fire he yelled you people are taking over this country? Plus his car had a confederate flag sticker?...

Anonymous said...

Ah, the crap starts. Immediately the MSM is crowing this is a racial hate crime.

And releasing the names of those killed - which may be IKAGOs, may not be - but the media is going to paint them as the next Jonas Salk, Gandhi and Mother Teresa rolled into one - after all, half of them are "reverends."

As others have pointed-out, no one but us gives a damn about the DAILY carnage caused by Blacks, often to Whites, in schools, churches, stores, parks, public areas and their homes.

The f'ing hypocricy here makes me want to puke.

This guy is totally nuts and this likely had nothing to do with color (I wager it was personal to that church, those specific people or something similar) or this is just another reality TV act Obama will use to try to outlaw gun ownership.

quinnotaur said...

Google "Huffington post shooting" article is date stamped 3 days ago.....

Long Island Guido said...

The liberal rag SALON says that white people have to answer for this Shooting in Charleston.

chattanooga gal said...

" vibrant negroes "
translation: noisy

Anonymous said...

" Churches are not battlefields.
This is the kind of violence that happens in places in the Middle East and elsewhere when religions collide"

I think you are mistaken, the bombing of black churches is as American as Apple Pie, Birmingham Alabama was named "BOMBINGHam " for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Best way for Whites to mourn for this tragedy is to go to a gun show this weekend. FLOOD those places and stock up on ammo; the ban is coming shortly. Obama wills it.

The silent swamping of gun shows will also send the message to the militant groids that YT means business; don't F with us.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

In the coming days expect a full on offensive against "racist" websites as the powers that be scrutinize this guy's every online habit.

Be prepared PK, he may have been one of your readers, and there may be a spotlight sent your way. Same goes for Amren, VDARE, and others.

Right now, more and more whites are waking up to BRA and the failures of liberalism to address black dysfunction. This may be a way to associate the awakening with violence, so that political action never forms, as potential converts are turned off by the message and fence sitters abandon - wanting no association with mental cases who do things such as this.

Weather the storm and keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a purist on the Second Amendment. I don't believe that aggressive, violence-prone, low IQ negroes ever need to have a deadly weapon.

PNW Realist said...

Our local rag has headlines in huge caps screaming: "White shooter fires into black church!"

But I don't think people are buying it. They know when the perp is black and the victim a white, there's never a mention of race. I won't justify the perp's actions, but there have been so many white-on-black hate crimes, that that it's white-on-black doesn't bother me in the least.

Blacks are not my people. My concern for their welfare matters to me only in so far as it impacts the well-being of my race, the white race.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this church teaches black liberation theology. If so then that church does far more damage to civilization than the alleged gunman did.

Anonymous said...

"Historically black church"...prepare to hear that a million times

tradcon said...

Regarding the mass shooting in Charleston, as far as I can recall this is the first time in my adult life (60 yrs. old) that a white person has committed a spree-killing-style mass-shooting of black people in this country. There have been plenty in the other direction (e.g.: Colin Ferguson, in 1993, shot to death 6 and wounded 19 white folks; and, Omar Thornton, in 2010, shot to death 8 white folks). In fact there have been so many in the other direction that for years I have viewed this largely one-sided "RAW ECAR" as a nationally unreported, low-intensity, black-on-white intifada. If my recollection inn this regard is wrong, then I respectfully request that some commenter so apprize us. If my recollection is correct, however, then this Charleston incident may be of almost transcendent significance.
(p.s., I know everybody else here uses the term "ECAR RAW", but it seems to me that "RAW ECAR" is better, for at least two reasons: (i) "RACE WAR" spelled backwards is "RAW ECAR", not "ECAR RAW", and (ii) "RAW ECAR" is both more mellifluous and easier to enunciate than "ECAR RAW".)

Anonymous said...

Anon: "This church shooting is the act of a coward. A coward. Why did he not go to the darkest,most dangerous, crime filled corner in the nearest urban area ? THAT would have made a statement."

A coward? He knew he was going to get caught; he knew he would be executed, either by the cops or the justice system. He knowingly sacrificed his life for his cause, whatever that turns out to be. Call him evil or crazy or cant-get-laid, if you think it will make Blackie respect you; but do not call him a coward.

They're now reporting his words as, "You Rape Our Women, You Are Taking Over Our Country, And You Have To Go." Please tell us which of those three statements is false.

Also, given his arrest record for drugs, if he shot 9 negro drug dealers on the darkest corner in town, as you wish he had done, his Statement would be "This is a drug war." Or a raw gurd, however you prefer.

Another also: Do not discount the true nature of the AME "church" congregants, as described above at 3:42am. For all you know, those people meet every Wednesday evening to pray for your death.

Anonymous said...

Today DWLs and other assorted filth got their butts handed to them on The Hill.

Dimwits playing with sharp minds are bound to get cut.

Anonymous said...

The negro killer in Charleston allegedly said "you rape our women...".

Well if you believe FBI stats, he's got a point.Interracial rape is almost the exclusive domain of black males. Can we talk about this now? Have the 'conversation'?

10mm AUTO said...

I think you are mistaken, the bombing of black churches is as American as Apple Pie, Birmingham Alabama was named "BOMBINGHam " for a reason.

June 18, 2015 at 12:51 PM"

Also, America seems to like killing Middle Easterners (with women and children as collateral damage) with Drone attacks at weddings, which shocks no one, because they are...well...over there.


10mm: Women and children are NOT collateral damage in a US Drone attack.

The sick Muslim men HIDE behind them and use them as a "shield" since they know that us White men have a higher regard and respect/love for women and children. To the Muslim, they are property and have less value that cattle. They feel nothing when their women and children are shredded or minced in battle.

They get to go to Islam Heaven, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Is this Rachel Dolezal?

Anonymous said...

He's right.

Anonymous said...

If that's what helps you sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

If the church shooter were black, it wouldn't even make the news.

So CAL Snowman said...

Regarding the Charleston incident, come on people this just screams false flag/hoax just like the Sandy Hook hoax. Hell the "shooter" even looks like he could be Adam Lanza's brother.

"Allegedly, before opening fire, Roof said “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” An alleged witness to this to NBC News."

Uh huh, suuuuuuuure. IF this guy was so angry about blacks raping White women why did he mow down a bunch of middle aged and geriatric blacks at a church? It has been reported that he had a Confederate flag bumper sticker on his car and his jacket appears to be decorated with Afrikaner and Rhodesian patches! Wow, so fucking perfect, they already have this guy pegged as a Confederate Nazi Apartheid enthusiast. This guy was also apparently an expert level marksman, able to kill 9 people with a handgun. Hell, our special ops teams would love to have those Call of Duty skills and accuracy. NOTHING appears on television in the MSM unless they WANT you to see it. Ditch this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Just to put the Charleston shooting in context:

3 Struck by Stray Bullets Near Peace Rally


Three people were struck by bullets in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood after a gun fight erupted on the streets while a peace rally was being held nearby in the wake of another recent shooting.

Police confirm the gun fight sent stray bullets into a nearby home, striking three victims inside.

The peace rally held nearby was to help to curb violence in the city. Recently, a 16-year-old boy riding a bike was fatally shot in Dorchester. A 16-year-old boy and 14-year-old boy have been charged in the shooting and have pleaded not guilty.

Eleven people have been killed in Boston this year, down from 25 at this point last year, though shootings in the city have increased. There were 22 gunshot victims in the city during the month of May compared to 12 last May, according to the Boston Globe.

Nothing to see, move along...


If somebody rammed a car into this church and killed these people, would there be an outrage on Assault Cars?

If the guy was black, would there be a story? (Here's a question: If a black man kills 9 black people in a black church, did it really happen?)

(P.S.: No gun ever killed anybody. Ever.)

Racoon said...

Photographs and identity of the arrested shooter at:

Would it still be a hate crime if the shooter identified as black?

Anonymous said...

No, not a hoax. Way too complicated to pull shit like that off.

Why not believe the facts? I'm sure tens of thousands of White young men feel like he does. No surprise; don't need to fake it. That's life in 2015 USA. That's life under BRA.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could rouse any semblance of sympathy for those murdered... but I simply can't. Not so long ago I could have, but not any more.

I simply don't care. I can no longer empathize with black grief or anything else 'black'.

And generally speaking I am a HIGHLY empathetic human being.

This is called the diminishing returns on grievance politics.

Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

To Nick A. Pinny at 10:51AM:

Thank you for that post. I tried twice to say much the same thing, obviously with less felicity than you, as my comments didn't make it.

Thank you.

Brooklyn born said...

Good reason to turn off the TV for about a month.

All Black, All day and Nite.

riptapart said...

I have an answer. I don't give a damn. Unless white people were hurt, I do not care one bit. I feel no sorrow, or compassion. I wasn't always this cold, but in the last few years I have seen the country I dreamed of my son growing up in, turn into pure chit. The wealthy white elitists sold our people out for their own power and financial gain by playing on the altruism of us. I feel no sorrow for the mothers or fathers. I feel no sorrow for their kids. And I feel no sorrow for the pastor, as they wouldn't feel a drop of compassion for my family or myself. Black people were the tools/weapons by which we had our freedom of association and speech taken from us. That is how cold I have become. And for those who say, "but in this instance, I feel some blah blah blah blah blah", I say, too bad for you as you would never receive the same sentiments from the "victims". Let them rot.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:52 and Anon at 5:11 - I regretfully share your sentiments. Where is the national outpouring of outrage and sympathy for the DC. family? For Brendan Tevlin? For Dustin Friedland? My heart still bleeds for them and all the White victims of ferocious negroes.

Anonymous said...

I can verify this. They almost always had 8 year old children with them while planting IEDs so we'd be less likely to drop on them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The backlash has begun: --NB with IPMS
June 18, 2015 at 5:55 AM

Well perhaps this white kid:

#1. Was tired of having to support negroes with WIC, AFDC, Section 8 Housing, phony SSI disability claims, EBT cards,Head start programs...all deducted from his pay check.

#2. Was he under constant attack when he was bused into the negroe ghetto for high school for forced association with the negroe.

#3.Perhaps his grand parents were beaten and robbed in a polar bear hunt by negroes.

#4. Could someone in his family have been raped by these vibrant negroes?

#5. Maybe his parents lost a great deal of value on their home when Section 8 negroes were moved into their neighborhood.

#6. Is it possible that he or his family were attacked in the Rodney King negroe riots?

#7. Was his negroe fatigue over powering when he saw law enforcement officers killed by negroes?

#8. Does he have a family member who was addicted to drugs thanks to their forced association with negroe primates?

#9. Finally is it possible that he snapped after hearing for the last 15 years of his life that whites are the problem and responsible for every negroe type and variety of inferiority?

So CAL Snowman said...

Anon @ 3:30 said :

"No, not a hoax. Way too complicated to pull shit like that off.

Why not believe the facts? I'm sure tens of thousands of White young men feel like he does. No surprise; don't need to fake it. That's life in 2015 USA. That's life under BRA."

Why would you or I believe a damn thing that the MSM says? Why would you or I believe a damn thing that the MSM shows on television? Today's "media" is nothing but Hollywood theatrics, everything is scripted. This is not the time nor the place for the spoon fed who accept the first report from the establishment controlled media. Time and time again the establishment media has proven to be liars and con men in order to push a social and political agenda to the point where any thinking person should openly question EVERYTHING they see on TV and MSM websites. Tell me, what credibility does the MSM possess? The MSM has absolutely ZERO credibility as far as I'm concerned. I'm just baffled by the fact that so many people that claim to be "awake" continue to believe anything and everything that they see on TV. I suppose you could call me a skeptic.

So CAL Snowman said...

Just one more point on the credibility of the media and why we shouldn't believe a damn thing they say. Remember the Trayvon Martin affair and all the obfuscation and flat our lies they were telling? The MSM made it sound like an innocent black angel was hunted down like a dog by a vicious White racist. Remember how they called Zimmerman a "White Hispanic?" Do you remember the Mike Brown "hands up, don't shoot" bullshit they tried to pull? Even after the DOJ did an in depth investigation and publicly stated that Mike Brown NEVER had his hands up, the media continues to peddle this lie. How about the media's hand in creating the Baltimore situation? Seriously I can't think of a single reason to believe a damn thing the MSM says.

Anonymous said...

All black, day and night. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I stayed in st. louis in the late 90s. I was near the anheuser busch factory and worked at imo's and all night pizza and check cashing (dont ask). One night while i was at work, some genius decided to throw a cocktail through the next doors window. As the place burned, it also burned through his wall into my pos apartment and melted all my stuff on the other side of his wall. So i came home to my smoking melted belongings and fire trucks all over. I never smoked cigarettes until then, i walked up to a neighbor " just give me anything" and i havent stopped since.

This is just one story of why they call it "the state of misssery"

almost 20 years ago it was a toilet, i cant imagine what it is today. It was crooked as hell, the lady cops would do the payoff vig pickups right next to me like i didnt even exist.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

Another good way to voice our displeasure is to TURN OFF THE TV until this fades away. Let the 'ratings' indicate our level of 'interest'. PK does a wonderful job of keeping us abreast on current situations.