Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Black Funeral Home Director Puts Up Billboard in Columbus, Ohio Calling Out Blacks Killing Each Other, Proving Black Lives Don't Matter

Black Lives Matter?


Not at all. [Theodore Decker: Funeral home’s billboards meant to wake the city up, The Columbus Dispatch, 1-30-18]:
The billboard is blunt by design. 
“Black Lives SHOULD Matter, Especially to BLACK PEOPLE. STOP THE VIOLENCE. We don’t want your business That bad. 
The bearer of this message is Marlan J. Gary, and his business is funerals. 
Columbus is coming off a year of horrendous homicidal violence. There were 143 killings in 2017, a total unlike anything the city had seen in decades. The old record of 139 homicides occurred in 1991. 
That was the year Gary came to Columbus. He was in his early 20s, and the surging homicide rate was not something a young man in a new town thought much about. 
“I just wasn’t community-minded, even to have an opinion,” he said. 
Now he is a 48-year-old father of two, a community-minded businessman and, as the billboard makes clear, a holder of opinions. 
This latest advertisement for Marlan J. Gary Funeral Home went up about two weeks ago on two billboards: one at East Main Street and Nelson Road on the Near East Side and another at East 5th and Woodland avenues. 
Gary has advertised on billboards for years, and occasionally he alters the messages to reflect holidays or celebrate Black History Month. 
The start of a new year, coming hard on the heels of such a violent one, seemed to him a good time to make a point.
Black funeral home director calls out blacks for killing each other in Columbus, Ohio
In 2017, 111 of the city’s homicide victims were black, and all but of 10 of them were males. The median age was 29. Fewer than half of the killings have been solved, but Gary intuits that most of these young black male victims were killed by other young black men. He’s handled the arrangements for more homicide victims than he can count, and he knows this as surely as the police do. 
So far, the response to his message has been positive. He said he doesn’t know if he’ll receive any push-back for co-opting the language of the Black Lives Matter movement that began in 2013 in response to police killings of black people. 
These issues matter to Gary, who is black and has a son about to turn 18 years old. 
In 2015, Gary irked the Columbus Division of Police with billboards that directly addressed the BLM movement by offering advice to young black men (cooperate, don’t commit crimes, don’t run) and to officers (“You can stop me without killing me” and “I deserve a day in court, not in a casket”). 
The Police Division released a statement in response that it was “disappointed” by the message, given officers’ community-policing efforts. 
“I’m all in support of the Black Lives Matter movement,” Gary said on Friday. “At the same time, I realize that it has to matter to us before it matters to anybody else. 
“The bottom line is that I don’t bury a whole lot of people who were killed by police,” he said. “Right now, I’m burying a lot of black people who are killed at the hands of black people.”
Has one billboard ever exposed the fraudulent nature of an entire movement as this one inadvertently did?


Anonymous said...

Ok, it looks like you just started your journey of (at least) 1000 steps. What's next, Poindexter? Please tell me this is part of a multifaceted approach where you will engage the community on multiple levels with an intensity that will run 365 days a year. Oh wait, that would take effort, aka be actin' white n' sheit. Put the clever sign up, lay back, and watch the killings reach white suburban levels in no time.

I'm not sure what impresses me more, black people's work ethic, or their long-term planning abilities. By the way, hasn't the revrun gotten the memo- blacks aren't killing each other so much as "shots are ringing out", "streets are going wrong", and "clouds of violence are descending upon underserved black people". If you talk about black people having free will and bearing responsibility for their actions then you are going to start confusing people.

If putting up signs for people to read was the most effective way to exact social change then we would see a lot more of them everywhere. The revrun must have bought into paint theory because he is making the enormous assumption that:

1) blacks have shame

2) blacks can read

Californian said...

Well, perhaps we can give Mr Gary a point or two for effort. But really, what is being said here is that in BRA, even funerals go wrong.

As for YT, if you are within firearms range of Columbus: stay alert, stay alive.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the dindus retaliated against the funeral director for, "airing their dirty laundry."

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I understand that the behind the scenes activities at the average black funeral home are pretty ghastly. Worse than watching sausage being made.

Anonymous said...

Bad genetics creates bad people. Bad people create bad societies.

It's just a shame that most black people just happen to fall on the "bad" end of the genetics and behavioral spectrum.

Anonymous said...

BLM is the most unintentionally hilarious social justice movement of the 21st Century!! Blacks butcher each other over fucking SNEAKERS for Christ's sake!! Their lives don't matter for shit! Only to White libtards and uppity orc leaders. NOT to Blacks!

ot: New Rochelle White lynching back in news. Watch them blame everything other than the actual cause here...niggers & muds in your historically White school....


Anonymous said...

Why, PK, do you make a big deal out of a mere centuries-long statistical anomaly? All people are the same, and the statistics will even out in the end.
DR. Blindee Christian

Anonymous said...

BLM is all about the enrichment of the lesbian BLM founders courtesy of the all-time rat P.O.S. enemy of humanity aka (((Soros))).
I'm sure the obeservers/commenters of SBPDL are noticing another trend to these formerly great now turned shithole cities...owned by democrats for decades.
These cities all have the union money laundering machines of the criminal syndicate masquerading as a political party are very important to the CPUSA.
The real commies will eventually walk on the faces of the wannabe commies in BRA.
The CCCP (USSR) leadership all had criminal records.

Grumpy Cat

Anonymous said...

Even though there are no "shots ringing out" at my local funeral home, I do feel like taking more time to "privilege the heck" out of my white neck of the woods- it's part of my privileged nature.

Rather than my routine pleasantness, I'm going to take time to talk to and LISTEN to my neighbors. See what's on their minds and maybe even pay them a compliment or give them a pleasant thought. Next I could move to picking up any loose litter, of which there is hardly any. A great place to always start is cleaning up your own house, inside and out. Control what you can, and contribute what you can (particularly your time and attention) to those who you feel will do likewise. I'm stopping with the whole 'pearls before swine' and applying it to all people, not just the few blacks I rarely come across in my daily life.

I might volunteer with kids or spend time with homeless dogs because I like to keep busy when I have the time and those are just some of the things I like doing. I might even read with kids- again, even though I don't have any dependents of my own.

Governments can pour endless cash into these hoods- you can't buy a mindset or behavior like mine, short of financing and constructing a robot. Blacks simply don't have it in them. Once they reach critical mass in an area it's as if "the cat's away so the mice will play", but they sure as hell don't act like "mice".

See that horse you forced down to the stream drinking? You can't force someone to care, and when you pay someone to care it is always second rate because the internal drive and passion to help and contribute simply isn't there.

Laziness mixed with vindictiveness and hostility. They utterly disgust me.

Truth Corps said...

Off topic, PK this needs to be brought to light


Anonymous said...

The sun comes up each morning. A rock is a rock. The common mentally diseased negro has never changed. The only problem i see here is the equally mentally challenged white liberals who keep propping them up. Get rid of the dwl and the other will follow.

Anonymous said...

The existence of hippity-hop "artist" Jay Z is explained here...


Paintjob Theory said...

Another day another "public awareness" campaign to remind black Africans that using each other for target practice isn't acceptable behavior in civilization. I'm always double flabbergasted by this one in that not only do they not seem to just figure it out for themselves but that even our best efforts to train them never seems to get the point across.

Take a few minutes to really think about the implications of this. Who is more dysfunctional here, the black Africans who are behaving precisely the way they have been shaped by tens of thousands of generations of evolution or those who have (supposedly) evolved intelligence who tell themselves that just reminding blacks to not kill each other is going to make any of them stop and say "wow, I never thought of it that way. I suppose I won't shoot Jamal tonight after I lose 100$ to him in a dice game".

As an aside, my favorite radio show is still Chicago Police Dispatch. The great theater of the mind fueled by never ending coonery. "Male black" "female black" "male hispanic" are the stars of each night's show along with the protagonist, "Robert" (code name for rapid response police units)... the hero Chicago needs but doesn't deserve. Unedited, uncensored, as the calls come in there's absolutely no question of who commits the lion's share of crime and no matter how many stories of African barbarism you've heard or seen they'll still do something surprising every now and again.


For your listening pleasure. Night time is best (10PM through about 2AM) but you can hear the real-time fall of western civilization 24/7.

Anonymous said...

The funeral home director gets called an Uncle Tom sellout in...3, 2, 1.

Anonymous said...

THey are killing each other over cellphones. It is disgusting. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/washington-dc/articles/2018-01-31/teen-attacked-at-dc-high-school-dies-nearly-3-weeks-later

Kram said...

A mortician is complaining about increased business opportunities??

Californian said...

Let's look at the politics behind this thing. Blacks ask why there is "White flight." Or why they have "food deserts." Or why their schools "fail." Or...etc. But here we have an answer as plain as, well, a billboard: black violence is so endemic that even the funeral home directors are complaining about it. When things get that bad, is it any wonder that sane people pull up stakes and head for the suburbs?

This case, as do many more, points out a major contradiction in egalitarian ideology. If all races are equal, then why do they return unequal results? Why is it that some races can not maintain the same quality of civilization as White people? Of course, the DWL answer is "racism" or "violence breaking out" or whatever nonsense terms they use to delude themselves about the reality of race.

It'd be worthwhile to copy the photo in the article. Then when a DWL complains about "White flight," produce it. A picture speaks a thousand words about black violence as plain as, well, a billboard.

~57 said...

In 1000 years, blacks will still be at the bottom of the totem pole in every society they inhabit. What excuses will continue to echo among naive wishful thinkers? More programs? Better schools? Interstellar basketball scholarships?

If only it were just the colour of their skin and not content of their character for which they're judged!

Sam said...

"It's just a shame that most black people just happen to fall on the 'bad' end of the genetics and behavioral spectrum." Another way of saying the 99% give the 1% a bad name.

Seeing the pic of the billboard got me wondering if this funeral director will write this off as advertising, because it amounts to basically that, advertising. He is probably street-wise enough to realize it ain't gunna make no difference, other than send business his way.

Anonymous said...

"The start of a new year, coming hard on the heels of such a violent one, seemed to him a good time to make a point".

Well color me surprised, I think these billboards are more appropriate for Black History Month!

Unknown said...

Do you know what they are doing to white people in south Africa? If anyone has any doubts about whether or not blacks are an evil race, learning about those stories will dispel that doubt. And ANY hope you have that these people will ever calm down, stop with the violence, and assimilate, will wash away quickly.

First, understand that no, blacks in south Africa were NOT displaced by white settlers. Blacks came much later, seeking to work for the whites whom had turned empty forested lands into thriving cities of prosperity and commerce. Africa is a HUGE continent. You could fit the US in it three times over. There were NO BLACKS anywhere near the region the Boers settled. But that didn't stop the Liberals and Zionists to help blacks, with a chant of Africa for Africans, steal everything from the whites who built everything there, and now its becoming a third world slum. Its jumped from 147 murders a year up until 1994, and after apartheid, to over 24,000 murders a year up to the present day...THATS pretty telling.

Of these murders, one of the recent ones was a farmers wife giving her two babies a bath, while the husband was working away from the house. A group of blacks charged in, and snatched the newborn from the mothers arms, and smashed its head until there was no head. After which, they hacked the two year old to death. Then they dragged the grief stricken mother to the bedroom and took turns raping her, while rotating who was watching for the return of the father. When he did get home, the cowardly blacks shot him in the head as he entered his home. Then they continued the rape and torture of the mother. They eventually, after many hours, cut out her eyes while she was still alive, and then hacked her to death.

America is where south Africa was just 15 years ago in politics. If our people don't wake up, get organized, and get these people OUT of our nations, it will be you and your loved ones in a story like this, in a not two distant future. Just look at how much bolder and more violent they get as their numbers grow. It was the same over there. Lauren Southern has a whole series on YouTube covering this story and many others, and thankfully we have Colin Flaherty, Richard Gladden, and those like them trying to raise awareness here. These videos MUST be shared. The normies must be red-pilled, and our people must shrug off the Liberal fantasy that all races are the same. All races are NOT the same! This story is very similar to American cases, Like Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, or the case of Sherry West, and many others. How many roving white gangs do YOU know, that are committing acts like these? There ARE none, because all races are NOT the same! And we need to send these away, and bring only WHITE EUROPEAN immigrants to our white nations!

Otherwise, the fairy tales of the left are going to get your children and grandchildren in a living hell that's indescribable. The more these animals breed, the bolder and more violent they get. And it needs to be stopped, one way or another. These stories should be PROOF that American negroes are NO DIFFERENT then their disgusting and savage African counterparts, with VERY FEW exceptions! They had a handful of "decent" blacks in South Africa as well, but just like it will be here, they were so few they are irrelevant in the outcome, and only serve a false sense of security

Anonymous said...

To the readers here - Would you find it interesting if I showed you how Google hides articles on black female rape statistics? I was recently showing my daughter this ugly statistic on black rape - then a few days later I couldn't find the article. It was not showing up in my google searches. So I used a Maxathon browser instead and found it.

Go to Google and type in "BET article 60% of black women raped"

Then type in the exact same thing into a Maxathon browser and see how polar opposite those two sites really are.

Google hides black on black and black on white crime articles searches.

Brian in Ohio said...

I can just imagine the goings on in a ghetto funeral home.

How many coffins knocked over in a wild melee of babies mamas do you think this guys seen?

How many deceased aspiring rappers do you think he`s been stuck with when the family skips out on the bill?

The reality of this guys business would give most of us PTSD.

Stay alert, stay alive.


I'm watching, now, as I do paper work (basically a bunch of FUCKING paper work to pay the (((INCOME TAX))), the TRUMP speech last night.

TRUMP just got to the part about the Police officer and Wife who adopted that cute little baby. I'm crying now.

Ever see a Mayan or African adopt? EVER? No. Those filthy races don't even care about their own. They USE their own to get free food from the White Man.

I can't wait till this abomination, present day America, comes to an end..........


After watching the TRUMP speech, I have to ask....How can any White person be a Democrat?

I can understand inferior, retarded and sick races sucking up to the Democrats, but to be a White Man and be a part of those absolutely revolting people?

Nancy Pelosi? What a whore. What a utterly worthless animal.

Anonymous said...

Leaves it shaken to the core? More like filleted on main street.

chattanooga gal said...

"How many deceased aspiring rappers do you think he`s been stuck with when the family skips out on the bill? "
I believe most black funeral homes charge a hefty portion of the bill up front. They are probably very aware that as soon as the first shock wears off those black customers will not pay another dime.

Italian NEW YAWKER said...

This is their own redeeming quality that they provide that it actually benefits or rather , helps improve , a civilized society ! Chin Chin!

Anonymous said...

Come on now, it ain't all a bed of roses. Imagine having to do that poor man's job!

Seriously! Dealing with the family left grieving the tragic and wholly unexpected loss of Dai'kwontrae "T-Bone" Demerits in their darkest hour is probably something you can't imagine.

Or, ha, ha... Perhaps you can! Ha, ha, ha!

Roberto said...

Anonymous chattanooga gal said...
"How many deceased aspiring rappers do you think he`s been stuck with when the family skips out on the bill? "
I believe most black funeral homes charge a hefty portion of the bill up front. They are probably very aware that as soon as the first shock wears off those black customers will not pay another dime

I'm sure they get ALL the money up front.

Anonymous said...

JAMOACHA said ". . . America is where south Africa was just 15 years ago in politics. If our people don't wake up, get organized, and get these people OUT of our nations, it will be you and your loved ones in a story like this, in a not two distant future. . . "

Excellent comment and I agree with every word. I have been dissapointed with how little interest anyone in the U.S. has in the plight of the white minority in South Africa. I've somewhat alienated at least one of my own adult children in my efforts to wake them up. I attended a meeting presented by the Suidlanders when they were in the U.S. last year attempting to generate support, and I was surprised with the small number of people in attendence. Any white person who believes that a white minority in the United States will be treated any differently than the white minority in South Africa or anywhere else where whites are dominated by blacks is a fool. We are presently moving in that direction and very few people seem to care.

Mr. Rational said...

ANY hope you have that these people will ever calm down, stop with the violence, and assimilate, will wash away quickly.

We're not DWLs; most of us here are just waiting for the public consciousness to get to the point where ridding ourselves of the African plague is feasible.  When ex-DWLs start turning on the remainder, it will be time.

America is where south Africa was just 15 years ago in politics.

No it isn't.  America's left is highly divided, with Hispanics well outnumbering Africans in the category of "people of color".  Hispanics hate Africans and are allowed to act on it.  Hispanics also accept good (White) management.  A White-minority America is one where Africans are purged and nobody cares.

The more these animals breed, the bolder and more violent they get. And it needs to be stopped, one way or another.

They can be gotten rid of much faster than they were created, and they will be.  Imagine silent drones which monitor for mahogany mobs assembling, and means of e.g. dumping kerosene on the entire mob and setting it on fire.

Enough publicity of the mayhem by committed by such mobs, and the public will cheer such things on.

Mr. Rational said...

And speaking of the "No lackin' challenge"...

If people make a practice of calling in incidents of brandishing and unlawful concealed carry when this happens, how long would it go on?  (At least, inside areas of nominal civilization.)

If store management had the legal authority to make citizens arrests in such cases and prosecution pursued vigorously, I could see these things getting scarce in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Well, better the reality of his business give any of us PTSD than the formerly aspiring rappers with whom Blacktown's Pickler-in-Charge was well aquainted in their final mixtape/pickling.

Is this man paid in barter? Do the churches collectively pay this guy a monthly salary and they pick up the supplies as a nontaxed direct donation to continue funding his ongoing efforts? I know these people cut serious corners to, "make a buck" as they say in the black mortuary business... Okay, I'll knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic and not real important, but thought it was funny that Quincy Jones criticized Taylor Swift for not writing good songs. He had to pick a white woman to single out for bad music. With all the hip hop, rap crap that’s out there he singles out the top selling white female artist. Mr. Jones why don’t you take a minute or two and look at the lyrics for “bodak yellow”. Now there’s a mystery meat artist you could really get behind. Idiot!

rent slave said...

Any white male who is still a Democrat should be called an Uncle Barack.

Anonymous said...

Business oppertunities only if they can pay upfront.

Cleveland Realist

Anonymous said...

Its rayciss to point out this fact to blacks...they only want YT to take the blame and write the check.

SKIP said...

Everyone should read "Farnham's Freehold" if you think blacks are going to go away.

Anonymous said...

The story you shared from South Africa should be shared far and wide. It is of the same caliber as the Christian-Newsome murders.
These reports have the same red-pilling effect on the reader.
Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

Countless bodies remain in morgues because no one will pick up the tab for even the most basic burial or cremation.
Someone with more knowledge than me could probably share the staggering numbers.
Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

Ernie Els, the pro golfer, cares and regularly tweets about the atrocities in South Africa.
It doesn’t fit the narrative so you’ll never hear about it in the msm.
Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

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