Thursday, January 18, 2018

White Republican - City Councilman, Reserve Deputy with Sheriff's Office - Resigns over Sharing "Sh-thole" Countries Meme on Facebook

A reminder: we still live in a conquered nation, until white people learn they must simply get off their knees and stop living as slaves to people who despise them.

All you have to do is stand and never, ever back down. [Franklin city councilman resigns after sharing ‘s***hole countries’ meme on Facebook,, 1-18-18]:

FRANKLIN, Ind. – A Franklin city councilman resigned Thursday, just days after posting a controversial meme on Facebook. 
The evidence is quite clear... Haiti is a literal "sh-thole"
Republican Joseph R. Ault announced his resignation in a letter to Johnson County Central Committee Chairman Beth Boyce. In the letter, Ault said he doesn’t want to put the city through any more bad publicity and he apologizes for his lack of good judgment. 
In light of what has transpired over the past few days I have changed my mind and will be resigning my seat on the Franklin City Council of this date. After a few days to think about this I can see no reason to put the City or the Council through anymore bad publicity. I know the city is in very capable hands with the current leadership in place. Once again I want to apologize to the citizens of Franklin and to the Council for my lack of good judgment in this matter. 
The meme in question was in reference to a vulgar comment that President Donald Trump reportedly made during a meeting last week discussing immigration reform.  
He later denied using the vulgarity, adding that he is “not a racist.” 
According to the Indy Star, the meme shared by Ault read: “We bring people from s***hole countries because s***hole Democrats need s***hole votes so they can turn America into a s***hole. Do you agree?” 
Ault has also worked as a reserve deputy for the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for over two decades, Sheriff Doug Cox told the Indy Star. Cox went on to say his office is in the process of conducting an internal investigation and Ault is not authorized to work for the department during that time.
So a white man resigned his seat on the city council and is under investigation by the sheriff's office - where he served as a reserve deputy - for his sharing of a "shithole" meme?

Never apologize, never resign and never grovel for forgiveness. If you do any of these acts, you surrender all moral authority to the anti-white left.


Anonymous said...

We bring people from s***hole countries because s***hole Democrats need s***hole votes so they can turn America into a s***hole.
Many s***hole Republicans share this same agenda.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Whitey backs down and bows to the Coalition of The Fringes.


Anonymous said...

Not sure who to be more angry at: the councilman or the city who wants to investigate him. What a cuck. Why apologize after the fact?

Non PC Infidel said...

His response could have been, "Prove me wrong." That, of course, would have put his opponents on the defensive and since they couldn't prove him wrong, they'd just howl and screech even louder and call him a racist, a xenophobe, a hater, a bigot and every other name they could come up with.

I agree that he should not have apologized nor resigned. Every time someone does that, the left is rewarded and the only thing they're learning is that having emotional fits and tantrums gets them what they want~ like spoiled children throwing themselves to the floor, screaming and spinning in circles while drumming their heels on the carpet until they succeed in manipulating their parents into surrendering to them just to shut them up. In this case, apologizing and resigning only reinforces the ridiculous behaviors and guarantees more of the same since it's proven to be an effective tactic against weak people. And the more he refused to apologize or resign (if he had done so), the greater they'd escalate their tantrums and fits in an attempt to get their way.

When I worked with mental patients, we often had to use a therapeutic technique known as extinction. In other words, bad behavior would be ignored regardless of the fits thrown. This, of course, would result in a drastic and dramatic escalation in the severity of the fits and tantrums the patients displayed as they attempted to get their way and manipulate everyone into giving into them but (and this is the key point)if staff continued to ignore said fits and tantrums, eventually the severity and frequency of said fits and tantrums would drop below the baseline- meaning they'd become less frequent and less severe than they originally were before the escalation occurred. It's not easy to deal with but if the process is adhered to, the therapeutic goal can and will be accomplished.

Bottom line: Treat the left like mental patients and use "extinction" in dealing with their behaviors and stick it out. Ignore them, don't give into them, don't acknowledge them and don't try to placate them in anyway. If they then decide to get violent and launch physical attacks (like the mental patients sometimes would) simply use reasonable force to put them down, remove them from the area (jail) and (if necessary) put them in restraints until they calm down. The thing is they have to learn that no matter what they do that it will not be rewarded and they will not be getting their way. This will work but only if those in power have the guts to stick it out and not be so afraid of the escalation but, unfortunately, they seem to be rank cowards and surrender monkeys.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I ended up having a massive argument with my youngest brother (32 y.o.) right around the holidays when he explained to me that “he didn’t want to get married or have kids.” Obviously, I didn’t go full 14/88 in front of my entire family, but I pushed him hard to explain why.

Afterwards, it really made me think about things in a meta sense, why are so many White people in their reproductive years foregoing procreation? This is not an isolated phenomenon. It is incredibly widespread. The population is below replacement level, statistics show that people are having less sex, people “date” forever, marry later in life if ever at all, with many having either one child or none at all. Whites are withdrawing from the physical sphere.

This runs contrary to every biological instinct of every living thing, from a single cell organism to complex apex species, all of which enter the world with the urge to reproduce itself. You could make the argument that it is the sole reason of all existence, replicate yourself before dying. There would have to be tremendous EXTERNAL environmental pressure to suppress this hardwired biological drive. This is not an isolated case, it is full on observed, quantifiable phenomenon.

My working hypothesis is that somewhere deep inside, subconsciously, Whites do not feel this is an environment worth investing in, and children are the ultimate investment. There is such a deep cultural pessimism and a feeling that the world already is, and is becoming more, hostile and alien. Unliveable cities, unusable infrastructure, unusable schools --- all crowded with alien peoples with alien values and alien average group behaviors preventing social capital formation. The average city-dwelling urbanite/bug person can virtue-signal all day long, but their behaviors reveal they don’t actually buy it, otherwise they would be investing their futures in it.

So what is so powerful that it overrides biology? --- “We bring people from s***hole countries because s***hole Democrats need s***hole votes so they can turn America into a s***hole.”

Brett baker said...

Well, a lot of Democrats want foreigners to drive out the people currently making our cities shitholes. (Don't say that out loud though, they'll think you're a low IS ghetto conspiracy theorist).

Anonymous said...

I agree with PK about never grovelling before the negroes and SJW turncoat whites, but really-no White man should be using Faceberg for anything-it's toxic to your career. Haven't there been enough examples of this for you?

Anonymous said...

Guess who mentionned s**holes before Trump in these tweets?

Some replies are priceless especially this one.

Anonymous said...

In his statement he did not mention the color of anyone's skin, so it was not racist. Mexico is a shithole country as well, and most of the people have brown skin, but people say we are racist because we don't want to be invaded with people from shithole countries. This has nothing to do with racism, but the left makes everything about racism.

I agree the man should have stood his ground. This is why the white race loses: we don't fight back. We are a nation of white wimps. What made us this way? Fear of losing our jobs for what we say, or think. This is an all out war on the people who think differently than leftists. In war, we fight back or die.

Anonymous said...

Trump pushes his balls around in a wheelbarrow. Others not so much.
Not taking shit off anyone is something you are born with and it can't be taught
Don't worry everyone in flyoverstan knows the commiecrats place third world turds over Americans.
American kids have dreams too, dreams of not being a minority in their own country.
Dreams of not living in some steaming stinking third world pile of vibrant diversity.

D-FENS said...

“... why are so many White people in their reproductive years foregoing procreation?“

Don’t discount the impact of (((feminism))) which allows a woman to turn around and allege rape on a whim or wring a man dry in divorce court AND take his kids away.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic but perhaps this is a story we should keep an eye on.

Anonymous said...

We must stamp out crimethink comrades! Forward and keep the cracka Kulak scum out of our vibrant diverse multikult shithole. The glorious rainbow chamber pot is the only way to advance...The Great Leap Forward.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Gwoobus said...

"...I didn’t go full 14/88"


Enlighten me, please.

D-FENS said...

I think the motivation for importing shitholers varies depending on their level in the diversity hierarchy. At the lowest, snowflake level, it is actuslly believed that “diversity is our strength”. At the mid political-corporate level, they see the political advantages for leftist power and the cheap labor/expanding consumer demand funded by welfare transfer payments. At the highest levels, it is a means of fracturing a nation to make it easier to rule, a technique known even in ancient times (see: ).

Paintjob Theory said...

"Sheriff Doug Cox told the Indy Star. Cox went on to say his office is in the process of conducting an internal investigation"

I'm sure all the home invasion, rape, strong armed robbery, burglary, arson, and murder cases are all cleared up, there are no open air drug markets in negro areas, and there is general peace and good order in Indianapolis so of course the police have the manpower to spare to investigate some city hack stating that Haiti is a toilet. Nice "thin blue line" upholding the rule of law and keeping the peace, good to see they're taking the real crimes seriously.

GH hits the nail pretty square on the head today, but of course the issue is far beyond "democrats". If the other guys were any different (even in rhetoric) the subject of today's story would have the support of his fellows and not be cast out as a pariah for speaking such an obvious truth.

His collection of interviews is well worth a few hours of your time. Keep in mind the boogeyman driving this isn't "Russia", it's communism (and all that entails, but the lineage of this cabal can be traced back unbroken well over 1000 years).

The theme here is the demoralization:

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable "noise," causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.

When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.

Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

(Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars).

Anonymous said...

Culling the chucks is a good thing. Drain the local swamps too. He's making the job easier.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the crime rate in Baltimore is about to drop dramatically!

yor Catherine Pugh fired police commissioner Kevin Davis on Friday, citing the need to get a handle on Baltimore’s record levels of violence.

Deputy Commissioner Darryl D. DeSousa, the top commander in the police department’s patrol bureau, will take Davis’ place, effectively immediately.

Pugh said his appointment will be eventually made permanent.

After 2017 ended with a historic 343 homicides, the mayor said she decided a change of police leadership was necessary.

“As I have made clear, reducing violence and restoring the confidence of our citizens in their police officers is my highest priority,” Pugh said in a statement. “The fact is, we are not achieving the pace of progress that our residents have every right to expect in the weeks since we ended what was nearly a record year for homicides in the city of Baltimore.”

Davis could not immediately be reached for comment.

DeSousa, at a morning news conference with Pugh, said he “has a lot of respect” for Davis and wishes him well. He also said he knows city residents are “frustrated and they want answers and they want change, and it’s going to happen.”

He said a new initiative, in the works for weeks, began Friday morning to send a “surplus of officers” in waves to target hot spots, major traffic corridors and “violent repeat offenders” in order to drive down violence

“I have a real strong message for the trigger-pullers, and it’s we’re coming after them,” he said. “It’s going to be at an accelerated pace.”

He said the initiative is going to “last a while,” but he did not provide additional details. He said he is “a chess player” who has always been focused on the operational side of policing. “I don’t like to be out-witted.”

Pugh said she informed Davis of her decision on Friday morning.

In a recent interview with The Baltimore Sun, Davis acknowledged widespread problems in the department, but said progress was being made and was not getting enough attention.

“The whole notion that accountability is not underway is crap,” Davis said. He also said the department he has led since July 2015 has a “culture that looks at accountability as a four-letter word.”

“For those eight cops to pull off what they were doing, they kept it tight,” Davis said, referring to the Gun Trace Task Force officers indicted last year on federal racketeering charges. “The culture around here contributes to it, and should someone have known about it? Absolutely they should have known. This is a dysfunctional police department. I’m telling you as a person who has seen what a healthy organization looks like. This is not one of them. But we’re making huge strides in getting there.”

Davis’ termination comes just days before the federal trial is set to begin for two of eight gun task force officers who haven’t already pleaded guilty, and as the department continues to investigate the shooting death of Det. Sean Suiter in West Baltimore. Davis’ tenure has been partially defined by those scandals — though not as much as the violence and the city’s consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice, which mandates sweeping reforms.

The city entered into the deal last year, after a review by the Justice Department after the 2015 unrest found widespread discriminatory and unconstitutional policing in the department. Davis has been a champion of the process, saying reforms are deeply needed in the department.

The spike in violence that was in its early stages when Davis took the helm at the police department has not dropped off. The city, which had not seen more than 300 homicides since 1999, ended 2015 with 342. There were 318 in 2016, before 343 homicides, a per-capita record in the city, occurred last year.

There's more to the story, but for brevity's sake... Funny how they threaten the hand of repression. It's what was always needed, OT used to work fine!

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting. Apparently someone discovered that it is too risky to actually send an Affirmative Action Space Groid into space. It will be re-assigned to other busy-work and considered for future missions. No reasons were given for the re-assignment.

Anonymous said...

Ka-Boom!! You didn't just knock it out of the park, you launched that one into a geosynchronous orbit.

Pat Boyle said...

Haiti isn't inhabited. It's more like infested. How could this have happened? Why didn't anyone see it coming?

Well they did see it coming. I went to the movies in 1973 and saw a movie called "Soylent Green". It was a prediction of America in the year 2022. For our black readership that are often a little weak at math, that's during the second Trump administration.

When they made "Starship Troopers" and wanted some stock footage to depict an attack on the earth by the space bugs, they used news clips from the big Oakland firestorm, which I had personally experienced. If they remake "Soylent Green" there would be good news and bad news. The good news is that they could get lots of footage of the hell of an overpopulated earth by simply sending a film crew to Haiti. But the bad news is that everyone now knows the big surprise punchline - "Soylent Green is people".

There is an obvious escape from this vision of hell on earth but Jimmy Carter tried to close off that route. The answer is a Neutron Bomb. A normal atomic bomb creates a lot of blast - obliterating or incinerating everything. But a neutron bomb marshals all that nuclear energy into radiation. So such a bomb instantly kills all the people (and animals) but leaves the buildings and road intact. Drop a few neutron bombs on Haiti and in a generation natural erosion and the actions of wind and water will return Haiti into the natural Caribbean paradise it once was.

You think I'm indulging in some attempt at hyperbolic humor. Maybe, but lets wait a few more years (say the year 2022 of the movie prophecy) and see how unthinkable a neutron bomb cleansing seems.


Negro Antidote said...

Never ever apologize for telling the truth !


Beginning this year, I have begun my own Ex New Yorker and Gwoobus Harmon "books".

For years I've been stressing the "need" for the writings of both these gentlemen to be consolidated and published.

What they have to say is just too valuable.

So, I have taken it upon my self to "copy/paste" their writings so that in the future I can provide my children, and grand children, some of the best writings on Race.

I don't keep ALL of them. For example, Ex New Yorkers BEST comments are when he brings his experiences into the current Post at hand. The way he ties in the past, and what he has seen and endured, with the Topic at hand is amazing. It takes you there and back. You almost experience the experience. For those of us close to his age, it is Time Travel for us, and brings us back to the scene of the crime(s).

Mr. Harmon's, to me, are almost the opposite. I find his best writings are when he explains the "theory" and "hidden meaning" of current events. I learn so much from him. He does so without the "conspiracy" angle (as I am guilty of) and educates the reader with his insight.

Over time, I shall go back as far as I can, with the archives, and add them to the collections.

Of ALL the blogs I have visited, the writers here are the MOST intelligent. Now, I wish I could find an equivalent blog for:

The Federal Reserve
Climate Change

Left Coast White Guy said...

Feminism and its natural backlash (MGTOW) play a huge role in this as well as us (Whites) being demonized 24/7/365. Throw in the courts and their destruction of the family unit and it is not difficult at all to see why this is occurring.

Johnny See said...

Well, Gwoobus, you nailed it yet again. Im 50, raised by good parents and family, and I always wanted to be a family guy. I now have all but given up on that. Feminism, the divorce industrial complex, taxes extracted and wasted, social engineering, schools swamped with low IQ garbage, endless non white immigration, constant browbeating... I'm exhausted and looking for shelter.

The psychological warfare being waged is terrible. It has taken me more than half my life to unravel the lies, pierce the veils, and just reach a place where I can see. I may not like the view, but I can damned sure see. The morons of the left do not understand the danger they are creating. It is like pushing on a spring: will it be released slowly or not? I never would have imagined the anger I feel, or the strange calm that goes with it.

I realize how much has been lost and how hard it will be to regain, but it is certainly worth the effort. I may not get to have a happy family of my own, but I will defend those of my kind when called to. Thanks for your frequent and succinctly inspiring posts.

Anonymous said...

I would have told them to go F themselves, because everything that was posted was true. If it isn't, why are Haitians trying to get into the Dominican Republic, which does not want them? Why are Haitians floating here by rafts, to Florida, if Haiti is a real jewel of a country?

Why don't these anti-White big mouths book a two week, or two month vacation in Haiti, and they can stay in one of their four or five star Resorts? Because there are no for and five star Resorts. There are no Resorts at all, unless dilapidated buildings, and Shacks are where they want to stay. I would have shut these assholes down, right away.

The problem is that White people keep apologizing for telling the truth. Bull shit! Enough, already! If they tried to fire me, I would have used them for 50 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

The precious equality is achieved in a shithole. Everyone is equal as they forage through scraps for today's meal.
This is the glorious utopia that socialism promises and delivers.
The communist party USA aka the democrats will bring this paradise to Amerikwa the Kwanstain.

Californian said...

Afterwards, it really made me think about things in a meta sense, why are so many White people in their reproductive years foregoing procreation?...

My working hypothesis is that somewhere deep inside, subconsciously, Whites do not feel this is an environment worth investing in, and children are the ultimate investment.

Dr Greg Johnson over at has a similar thesis.

Anonymous said...

Still think this is "Muh Country," YT? You don't even have the right of Free Speech. Where's Muh Constitution?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus Harmon

Wow, well said.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not...admit it or are in the middle of a civil war....

PB said...

Gwoobus, some of your posts are not posts but mini-theses.

"There would have to be tremendous EXTERNAL environmental pressure to suppress this hardwired biological drive."

I'll repeat this absolute gem of perception to make sure its seen and pondered by us all. The destruction of our paradigm is both macro and micro. Its before the eyes and behind the eyes.

PB said...

I'm copying that post of yours Gwoobus, to send to family and friends (the ones who listen at least). Hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Cape Town could be the first major city in the world to run out of water

Wide Awake said...

I dont know why, but this reminded me of the female officer who was fired for her news interview about "Beat Whitey Night" at the Iowa State Fair. She spoke plainly about how all the victims appeared to be white and she didn't know if it was racially motivated.

OT: If you like my boy, Colin Flaherty, he's back up running videos on

europeasant said...

In my area carjackings seem to be on the rise.I guess itz the easy prey.Some of the children are as young as 18.No descriptions.They usually come up to your car while you look busy(IPhone, IBook, IShow or what ever)and are preoccupied.
Always when in shit cities be aware, never relax.I know itz tuff to do all the time but you're in there only a short time.It might mean driving an additional four miles.

Be aware
Scan the horizon
Make an escape plan
Be safe

Brian in Ohio said...

Being called a racist just means you spoke the truth. Never apologize for it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Never apologize, never resign and never grovel for forgiveness. If you do any of these acts, you surrender all moral authority to the anti-white left. And that's EXACTLY what he did. He is mentally dead.

D-FENS said...

Our friends at the ADL have already done the research on 14/88:

1488 is a combination of two popular white supremacist numeric symbols. The first symbol is 14, which is shorthand for the "14 Words" slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The second is 88, which stands for "Heil Hitler" (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet). Together, the numbers form a general endorsement of white supremacy and its beliefs. As such, they are ubiquitous within the white supremacist movement - as graffiti, in graphics and tattoos, even in screen names and e-mail addresses, such as Some white supremacists will even price racist merchandise, such as t-shirts or compact discs, for $14.88.
The symbol is most commonly written as 1488 or 14/88, but variations such as 14-88 or 8814 are also common.

Anonymous said...

My daughter informed me over a year ago about her second pregnancy. All I thought about was how they could afford another one, two kids would be 60k for child care.
I have 2 wonderful white grandchildren, thank God, one boy and one girl, both smart as a whip.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Mr. Harmon @ 1:44 am. Is correct. For years I longed for grandchildren. Then I took a long hard look at what was going on in the world. Changed my mind. Considered myself lucky that I didn’t have to worry about a child. Then came a beautiful grandchild into my life. I worry morning, noon and night. Will never know the America that I knew. Will never visit the Europe that I visited. Hopefully the world will save a few pieces of artwork for the future generations. Oh well, there are always photos.

Anonymous said...

Afterwards, it really made me think about things in a meta sense, why are so many White people in their reproductive years foregoing procreation?...

My working hypothesis is that somewhere deep inside, subconsciously, Whites do not feel this is an environment worth investing in, and children are the ultimate investment.

I think the other factor is that a lot of Whites have hard time find a family wage job.

Blacks and Hispanics simply have kids without thinking about it.

Then there is the problem of Whites and especially White women having unrealistic expectations.

They hold out for Mr. Right and then at some point they wish they had taken Mr. Pretty damn good.

Then there are White males that have been raised to be pu$$ies. White women simply aren't attracted to them.

It's a mess. On the plus side the smartest Whites usually figure it out by 25. Without the internet we would be in a much worse situation.

I work in an office with liberal women and it's depressing as to how many single women over 40 there are. Most of them probably spent their 20s and 30s believing paint theory. I believe most of them remain liberal because they have no where else to go.

But the worst of it is over. By that I mean the level of liberal control peaked in the 90s and will never return. As bad as things are we have to remember that liberals are absolutely terrified by the reality that is seeping in.

Mr. Rational said...

Haiti isn't inhabited. It's more like infested. How could this have happened? Why didn't anyone see it coming?

Sugar was valuable, the French wanted it and couldn't farm cane themselves in tropical heat and diseases.  The problem was, the farm machinery had minds (in a sense) of its own.  The rest is history.

Drop a few neutron bombs on Haiti and in a generation natural erosion and the actions of wind and water will return Haiti into the natural Caribbean paradise it once was.

It would take many more than that, as the effective range of a neutron bomb is only a few miles.  (Fast neutrons are scattered to thermal neutrons, and then absorbed by nitrogen to make C-14 plus hydrogen.)  But rest assured we could get the job done with gas for dense slums and robotic drones for the rest.

Oh well, there are always photos.

But you must teach what the new photos mean, compared to the old photos.  You must teach what was done to whom, and who did it.  You must teach the truth, so everyone knows who to hold to account and why.

Ex New Yorker said...


Thank you again for your kind words. I want you to know I have followed your advice about NIACIN. Lately I have not been feeling my normal happy self. Dealing with a couple minor aches and pains having to do with old age. My broken foot never healed one hundred percent. I asked a friend if I walk with a limp. She said no, but said I just walk funny. It is what it is.

I am reading the book "Niacin...the real story" and this is my second day of taking 3,000 mg of no flush Niacin (Niacinamide). I will let you know what happens.

Now for another rant.

With my first wife/mistress we had one kid. With the second wife we had none. We were both kind of "fucked up in the head" and did not think we were capable of raising children. I have come to the conclusion that most people are not fit to raise children. Have you looked around lately. Do you see what I see.

The white race has become expendable. We are not needed anymore. All that we have built and created is being turned over to third world invaders. White people may still be used to keep the lights on and the water running until our owners can find some guy from India to replace us.

The elite are building underground bases to live in and we are not invited. They may save a few thousand of us to use as body parts. The plan is to let the surface dwellers (aka...heathens, infidels, sinners and goyim) kill each other off. What do you think all this diversity bullshit is about. America will become one big no-go zone. Unless there is some kind of divine intervention this world will not be a place you would want to live.

The "Kings of Earth" want a stupid docile population that is easy to control. With the creation of "artificial intelligence" robots and droids will be the ones doing the thinking. Sorry white boy...your not needed anymore. The work force is already being replaced with robots. I have heard that these new sex robots are the ultimate thrill. The military are designing and building "terminator" kill-bots. They are easy to repair when "broken" and there will be no need for grieving widows receiving folded up flags. The white race is now the new enemy.

Nice to know that your great grand kids may be used to replace the kidney of some fat fuck sitting on his throne in his underground empire.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I thank you all for the kudos. This blog was a major source of my awakening. I read it without commenting for over a year, slowly absorbing the truths, many times resisting the contents, even feeling a sense of embarrassment and "ickiness" that I was ingesting this kind of material.

I was raised in the same culture as everyone else. The things we talk about are pure and simple *heresy* under the current social arrangement. And I had the same response that a believer has when exposed to counter-narrative, but with a morbid curiosity, kept returning.

I think that those who participate in this blog understand the counter-arguments, the narrative. We absorbed the same treatment ... the same dosage ... we were ALL to a person, exposed non-specifically to wide spectrum blanketing.

Like the NIMH rats, we were raised in the same experiment and escaped with a wisdom, a caginess, a feral intellect, loosed only after the lock was disengaged. I totally get why people want to remain in their cages. The system rewards them for remaining, as equally as it punishes the defector.

I chose the name "Gwoobus Harmon" because as a child it was a practical joke to sign people up for news BOYS LIFE MAGAZINE mailings under that name, sent to their address (stupid I know.) My first comment appeared under that moniker and i just kept using it.

This is a sort of confessional place for me, which is why my posts usually take upon a "big picture" sort of tone. I've considered making greater use of twitter, starting my own blog, or doing something to be more "active," because I know that I bring a unique perspective and absolutely wreck people in debate. PK has created a community that is among the best and brightest on the whole net because they attack the primary source of aggressive social manipulation of White American people --- generational white guilt for the treatment of blacks.

Maybe I will just start going by "Jonathan Brisby" - the mouse who was small enough to unlock the cages that released the brilliant rats of NIMH, who found a way to form their own independent high IQ society whose only concern was their own interests.

Italian and Proud said...

Growing up in the hood , Although many would say I’m a very handsome young Italian man who works out religiously , I’ve never found any white women who I would even remotely considered wanting to be the mother of my babies! I have a high IQ (doctorate degree) and I’m sorry I will not ruin my life getting involved with white wigger trash just to save our self-loathing race , which by the way , doesn’t want to be saved because they have been programmed to hate their own existence which biologically oppressed everything under the sun.
I’ve also realized that Radical feminism and I now abhor females and have become a myscognist.
FYI: I have however donated my sperm, and I am a well paid sperm donor so I am helping our white gene pool!

Anonymous said...

The hopelessness in having White children is distressing, to say the least. I am a parent, and have taught them all the important lessons of who founded all great Civilizations, including our own Republic, who discovered this land in 1492, and which people from a certain Continent made it into the greatest Country in history. This includes every invention that was made by White men through the Centuries, that improved life for all people, everywhere, whether they appreciate this fact, or not. Most non-Whites resent us for this fact. Too damned bad. I apologize for nothing that my people did, ever.

The reality is that mine have been taught at an early age about race consciousness, and to be proud of their heritage. They were, and still are being taught self reliance skills, that enable them to do different needed tasks, and do them well, from cooking their own food, and doing their own laundry, to Auto maintenance, and Small engine repair, and plumbing. Skills such as these are essential if we expect them to stand on their own two feet, and provide for themselves, and a Home and family one day. Self Defense tactics were also taught to them at an early age, and are constantly practiced, and enhanced, as they grow older. All have been to the Rifle Range for proper Safety and Instruction, in a formal Class, and are good shots.

I have told them that when they meet the right person, they should get married without waiting, as we, their parents, will help them to buy a house, and provide any assistance while they have their first, of at least six babies. This is what is missing in White Society, today. Everyone expects a struggling young couple to do it all, and buy a home, and get an education, for which they will be repaying their loans into their 30s, and 40s, if they find work that pays a living wage.

Add to this the Affirmative Action discrimination that faces all Whites, but especially White men, in trying to find a good job. Good luck. Young White couples of today face even more discrimination than I did, and what I had to contend with was a bitch. In this circumstance, we need to act collectively, where the entire family helps each newlywed couple settle in and buy a home, so they can plan to have children.

It should be evident to everyone, that if you don't want to beg for a job, like a dog for a bone, get some Business classes behind you at your local Community College, and turn a Vocational Skill, or Trade, into your own Business, hiring family members, and close friends, when needed. This way you can control the entire Corporate culture, and won't have to hire outside your own group to fill those jobs.

Ohio born said...

Never a more true statement made!! Blacks don't have financial responsibility with raising children. A responsible white man gets destroyed in divorce.

Anonymous said...

6:11pm- "But the worst of it is over. By that I mean the level of liberal control peaked in the 90s and will never return."
Peaked? The 90s had White presidents, heterosexual marriage, and womens restrooms were strictly for women only. Never doubt how far it can collapse.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

We are only hopeless if we don't have children.

Anonymous said...

We are training our children and their friends, with the assistance of their friends' fathers, to give them much needed Urban, and Wilderness Survival skills. These young people also learn how to work and function in a cohesive group, to get the tasks we set out before them, done. This is our core Youth group, that more friends are interested in participating in, as it is also a great way for fathers to spend time with their children. Everyone learns something from someone else. There are no Know-it-alls in this group, since we are working together for a real purpose.

Anonymous said...

NIMH has stopped their twitter feed because of inadequate funds due to the government shut down. Very telling don’t you think? All about the money.


Why are people so repulsed by the truth? Somehow I knew this at 5 years old and my Italian community never told me I was wrong for it !

Anonymous said...

Italian and, um, Proud? : "I've never found any white women who I would even remotely considered wanting to be the mother of my babies! I have a high IQ (doctorate degree)... I've also realized that Radical feminism and I now abhor females and have become a myscognist.
FYI: I have however donated my sperm, and I am a well paid sperm donor so I am helping our white gene pool!"

I take it, your doctorate degree wasn't in Spelling or Grammar. Your "donation" doesn't benefit The Cause, if it ends up injected into an Oprah or any other man-hating lesbian. At least you'll always have your G.T.L. (Gym, Tan, Laundry) to visit you in the nursing home.

AnalogMan said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

We are only hopeless if we don't have children.

Depressing thread, this. Lots of grandparents with one or two grandkids, and apparently no expectation of more. People who would not want to live in the future world. People, what you are describing is called extinction. Hopelessness is defeat.

Remember the story of two frogs that fell into an urn of cream? No way out. One frog gave up and drowned. The other kept swimming, even though it seemed hopeless, until that swimming churned the cream into butter, and he could hop out.

People are incredibly resilient under pressure. Stories of conditions in war time seem just incredible. I think it was the battle of Stalingrad where the city was being bombarded by artillery day and night, when the dogs were swimming a freezing river to escape the city, but the people held on.

You can't throw in the towel. My descendants are going to need help with the fight. I have three daughters (would have had more, but the doctors insisted it was too dangerous and sterilised my wife. We called it the "sports conversion"). Together, they've given me fifteen grandchildren. None of us is rich. It can be done. Diminishing marginal cost is a real thing, with children. After the second one, they're pretty much free. Make the system work for you. Let the state pay, every cent you can get. Yes, the taxpayer pays, but it's a good cause. Would you rather subsidise White children, or ghetto nigras?

I endorse the comments about Gwoobus Harmon's comments (welcome, Jonathan Brisby). Always top quality. If you start your own blog, I will follow it.

Johnny See, your story is heartbreaking. I'm the last person in the world to ask for lonely hearts advice. I'm Asperger's (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and my social and love life have generally been a disaster. Nobody was more surprised than me when I landed the most beautiful, most popular girl in our group. The marriage failed, but I held on until the kids were grown - no way was I going to be separated from my kids. From my own experience, don't give up. It's worth it. You won't know about real love until you have your own kids. (If you have a dog, you may have a clue).

Courage, people. Don't write off the future until you've tried it. Our children deserve at least a chance. I can't remember the exact quote, somebody was asked why he wanted to live, and replied to the effect, "I don't know why I do, save that I must". You'll be surprised at what we will still survive, but survive we must.

MMinWA said...

Haiti used to be known for it's pristine beaches????

That's the first time I ever heard that. Maybe before it was stocked with Africans.

NoWatermelonForYou said...

Haiti known for pristine beaches? Maybe they meant pristine bitches!

The Umpire said...

Non PC Infidel: "Bottom line: "Treat the left like mental patients and use 'extinction' in dealing with their behaviors and stick it out."

Great wisdom. That's like all those p.c., leftist, diverse freaks and their temper tantrum [after D.T. won (and "Hellary" lost)]. Pff: pathetic crybabies. Good grief, what percentage of those young, leftist lunatics literally thought, "Hey, if we all get together and throw a big, rowdy, disorderly, rebellious, shouting, screaming, deafening, flagrantly pathetic, chaotic, uncooperative, sour-grape-soaked hissy fit; then the election will be annulled"(?).

If "Hellary" had won, how many people—in a nation with over 320 million people—would've taken to the streets [to protest (vs. celebrate)]? 320 people? That wouldn't have been a surprise: after all, those types have to get up bright & early in the morning [which they always do (even when they don't want to)].

Of course, that's a big assumption—what percentage of those potheads even had "annulled" in their hazy vocabularies?

Pff: pathetic crybabies.

The Umpire said...

Johnny See (10:19 AM): "Thanks for your frequent and succinctly inspiring posts."

Johnny See: Thank you as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree don't apologize for being white, that's absolutely surrendering to the white hating nut jobs.

UMPIRE said...

PB: "Gwoobus, some of your posts are not posts but mini-thesis."


"Blacks and Hispanics simply have kids without thinking about it."

"Then there is the problem of whites and especially white women having unrealistic expectations."


"Without the internet we would be in a much worse situation."

Yes. That's one way life is better today. Before the internet, what could a dissident do? A dissident could write a letter to a newspaper: what a perfect situation for insiders. Obviously, the insiders are going to block dissent (that wakes up too many sheeple). In the past, dissidents would look to people like Rush Limbaugh: being naïve, they didn't realize that someone like R.L. is merely controlled opposition.

What good is freedom of the press [unless you're rich enough to afford a printing press (that's capable of producing a very glossy product)]. Even if you were a rich dissident, how many stores would accept your product? Even if you could get a major store to accept your product, how long before the establishment media/press would start to pressure that store (to stop selling "wake up" literature)? The bad guys rule the world. Since when have they not? 500 years ago? Ever since the dawn of civilization?

"And fishermen could be retrained as beekeepers."

Remember that great point that was recently made (i.e., about beaver dams)? Okay, so let's imagine this: Every bee hive in Haiti is gathered up; a team of experts cuts them open and examines them all. One by one (on a scale of 0-100), each hive is examined for its respective "workerbeemanship" (i.e., how well the bees constructed the hive). Finally, one by one, the results are tallied up. What do you suppose would be the average score?

By contrast, imagine if—one by one—a team of experts examined every building/"building" in Haiti (both inside and out). Again, the results are gathered and tallied up. Again, what do you suppose would be the average score?

"So far, the teacher has found just one person interested (but the honey is selling well)."

How telling—no irony there. How many times have we all seen this before (on both sides of the equation)? On one hand, a low-level of enthusiasm—on the part of blacks—for work; on the other hand, a very, very high-level of enthusiasm for consumption.