Friday, January 12, 2018

Inadvertently, Los Angeles Times article proves Trump's case about "Sh-thole" countries

An article alluding to the white genocide of French in San Domingo, which blacks in Haiti soundly remember? 


An article where a black pastor fails to come up with legitimate contributions of blacks to America? 

Check. [For black Americans, Trump's 'shithole' comment was an insult to their histories, Los Angeles Times, 1-12-18]:
The Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, who believes his ancestors came to the United States as slaves from Cameroon in central Africa, said that Trump's comments were deeply personal.  
“I serve as pastor at a church that is filled with people from far corners of the globe, certainly from throughout the African diaspora,” Warnock said in an interview. “I mean, where would America be without its African descendants? There would be no jazz, the only original music coming from America. There would be no blues. We wouldn't have the genius of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. without reference to the African continent.” 
Trump’s singling out of Haiti was particularly frustrating for descendants from the Caribbean nation, coming as the nation mourned the eighth anniversary of an earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of residents. 
“Haiti is not unacquainted with racists or white supremacists. We defeated our share of them in 1804 when we became the world’s first black republic,” Haitian American author Edwidge Danticat wrote in a post on Facebook, expressing her frustration that Haitians’ mourning was being diverted by an insult from Trump.
The French Revolution in San Domingo by Lothrop Stoddard is the best treatise on the black racial rebellion in what is now Haiti (an insurrection leading to absolute white genocide on the island), for which the quoted black individual in this story fondly recalls as the stepping stone to the implementation of the "world's first black republic."

The "shithole" comment by Donald Trump has been his most illuminating and beautiful moment as President of the United States, helping punctuate how the corporate/mainstream/legacy media exists to run public relations for the very people turning much of America into a "shithole" as well.

We live in the early stages of revolutionary times, where the restoration of racial sanity (rescuing it from the vise of state-mandated egalitarian mores) seems plausible.

Who knew the entire anti-white world order was so fragile, the uttering of one adjective - to describe the conditions nonwhites collectively create in the absence of white people - was a simple enough gesture to blow away decades of carefully crafted plans attempting to convince whites they had a moral duty to set aside the dreams of their people to uplift the lives of every other person on the planet?


It's Out of Control said...

On the one hand:


On the other:


:: holds hands with palms up, carefully weighing each side of the equation ::

Westminster Dragoon said...

Start referring to it as The Haitian Holocaust.

Ex New Yorker said...

I remember when the government sent "experts" to study the damage in Haiti after the earthquake. After a week long study they concluded that the total cost of the damage was eight dollars and fifty five cents.

Anonymous said...

Proudly standing and announcing that I am from the American shithole formerly known as Detroit. Complete with formerly beautiful ring suburbs also now known as shitholes. Thanks black America.

Anonymous said...

Disease runs rampant. Crime? Anarchy. People starving. The other side of the island run by the Dominican Republic? Much better. No total deforestation. Clean water. No one starving. No routine disease epidemics. What is different? Same island. Must be the people.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually Trump did no more than make a non-racist comparison of Haiti and the United States. Haiti is obviously a shithole in comparison to the U. S.; however, Trump didn’t attribute this fact to race. If we were presented with facts, figures, and pictures of what the Haitians have created on their half of that island, we wouldn’t need pictures of the population to conclude that it would be foolish to bring those people into our country so they can work their magic here. It is the left that is linking Haiti’s shithole status to race – those racist bastards.

Anonymous said...

We're surprised that low IQ, low trust, low empathy mud folk create low IQ, low trust, low empathy societies?

The traitorous (((media))) whores are finally being exposed for the lying, devious, conniving demons that they are.

What President Trump did and said(and the gonads the man has) is definitely god-tier. Awesome time to be alive!

Anonymous said...

"I mean, where would America be without its African descendants? There would be no jazz, the only original music coming from America. There would be no blues. We wouldn't have the genius of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. without reference to the African continent."
This sounds like quite the paradoxical conundrum. A real quantum quandary that deserves (nay - demands!) further investigation.
I hereby volunteer myself to be transported to that parallel universe, where blacks never set foot upon American soil; a world that never heard any of the 6,000,000 blues songs that all sound the same; never heard strungout heroin junkies projectile vomiting random notes into the uninterested air; never heard some fat sheboon scatting her amelodic, rhythmless jibberjabber. What really scares me, is that world will never have experienced the grace and wisdom of Saint Reverend James Earl Ray, Jr. How will I even? I don't know, but if that is to be this White Man's Burden, then it is a burden I solemnly accept.
If the Gods of Dimension Jumping hear my call, I shall explore this fabled world, known in ancient lore as Ytkanda. And as soon as I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time, facing imminent carjacking, knockout-kniging, on a street gone wrong with shots rung out, or surrounded by five White guys without a basketball, I will click my heels and return right back here to deliver my full report. Don't hold your breath, though. It sounds much, much nicer than this shithole, and I might just apply for permanent citizenship.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself."

-St. Augustine

Anonymous said...

Trump's only minor error is referring to shithole "countries"...should be shithole "people". The countries would be fine were they not infested with shit demons.

Anonymous said...

Where the negro resides - the shitholes reside. Always has been always will be.


But, they ARE Shithole nations.

I love it when TRUMP brings up "controversial" topics since it forces the fat, stupid, pathetic public, and Media Mafia to deal with it.

MAYBE, maybe, someplace, sometime, a dolt peasant will look up from his feeding bowl and wonder WHY TRUMP used that word. Maybe they will think. Maybe. Maybe they will see the connection that EVERY negro nation IS a shithole, with no exception

Keep it up TRUMP. Now, bring up Race and IQ and watch the heads of the Leftist Supremacist explode.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The interesting thing in all of this (Haiti versus Norway) is that it has revealed that the "immigration debate" is indeed purely racial. On both sides.

The way the media likes to frame things is that deplorable opponents to immigration are doing so for racial reasons, which is largely true. These opponents, however, are forbidden from vocalizing this. That is no part of acceptable dialogue, which then forces the conversation to be crypto. What you end up with is Republican/conservative types having to do mental gymnastics and pretend that there is some other economic motive. Everyone of course sees through this, and by taking this path the left gets to posture as holding moral authority with opponents cast as amoral, and more importantly dishonest - which then plays to the malleable middle who just sees one side being dishonest and the other one "caring."

But here is the big thing, this is not about the shithole countries ... it is about "Norway" which is why that side of the comments are being brushed over or dealt with very delicately.

By forcing them to take the "anti-Norway" position, it reveals that they TOO have racial motives. The people from "shithole countries" only desirable quality is being NOT WHITE, and the pro-immigration types now have to admit that is the only reason these people are wanted here. Trump successfully forced them to reveal that they do not want Whites. The same way the left successfully got the right to argue using concealed/dishonest motives - we are making them now argue from a dishonest position of thinly veiled racial reasons. This entire thing has now been shown to be completely about getting more non-whites here and they don't have the balls to just come out and say it.

This whole topic is losing its ability to be framed as a natural phenomenon (changing demographics) that cannot be controlled. It can be controlled through policy and that policy is being revealed to be expressly anti-white.

The eternal normie of course cannot understand all of these things - but instinctively they understand that this is the takeaway from this entire row. We are getting there very quickly. The language is about to become less subtle.

cloudofhaze said...

I can't decide if Trump said this intentionally or if Durbin is lying. But, race issues are political gold for Trump.

I suspect the libs will move away from this issue as fast as they moved away from the Muslim gold star family. As soon as Trump pointed out the wife doesn't speak in public, the media moves on.

Consider his immigration meeting that was public. Pelosi and all the DACA lovers were there to make the case to the public and Trump. They were quiet. The Dems must hide their true views from the public. They know these countries are hellholes. Brad Pitt built houses in New Orleans. Oprah built schools in Africa. You need no further than where Oprah lives (Montecito) and where she recently sold her properties (Chicago).

I have a few Africa friends. Only my Haitian female friend disagreed. The African men agreed with Trump. The tide is turning.

Paintjob Theory said...

“I mean, where would America be without its African descendants?"

Likely sending colony ships to Alpha Centauri at relativistic speeds using cold fusion and room temperature superconductors. 50 years and 20 trillion dollars is a whole lot of effort and waste that could have been channeled into scientific progress fit for the dreams of science fiction greats. In addition we would likely have some of the lowest crime rates outside of Asian countries and enjoy a standard of living out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

"We wouldn't have the genius of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr."

What did this "genius" create? When white Europeans discuss genius, we have giants like Newton, Tesla, Davinci, Edison, Franklin, Von Braun, and Shakespeare. Negroes have a malcontent plagiarist funded by communists who's sole accomplishment was destabilizing and undermining our society.

"There would be no jazz, the only original music coming from America."

Leaving debating the "African" origins of jazz music aside, what about bluegrass/country? Techno/EDM? Where are all the great negro rock or heavy metal musicians? These fuckwits can ride the coat-tails of the absolute lowest of achievements of one or two high-yella hybrids from 100 years ago while wallowing in their filth and blight claiming they are kangs while at the same time begging for handouts and for whitey to fix their dysfunction. How about piss off back to Africa the lot of you and you're welcome to take every bit of (((modern music))) with you. I'd honestly be content to live the rest of my days with Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Handel, Pachelbel, and Tchaikovsky; particularly if I have a county in which I can safely walk the streets without fear of being a victim of black savagery.

“Haiti is not unacquainted with racists or white supremacists. We defeated our share of them in 1804 when we became the world’s first black republic,”

And how's that working out for you?

"Trump's only minor error is referring to shithole "countries"...should be shithole "people". The countries would be fine were they not infested with shit demons."

Perfectly summarized, anon. This should be the talking point here. Each and every one of these "shitholes" was paradise when whites were in charge and would be again in scant decades if the mud-race inhabitants were removed.

Tarczan said...

What is being ignored is that Slick and Hill did their best to help Haiti to continue to be a shithole. The Clinton Foundation was charged with helping to rebuild Haiti by Obama. They did nothing other than help their friends get rich. Read “Clinton Cash”.

Sick n Tired said...

Not really, if he said Haitians are shitty people, it would have been to blatantly racist. By calling a deforested country with open air sewers, rampant corruption, horrible infrastructure, and garbage strewn streets. He makes you think of the people who created and are perfectly fine living in those conditions, without saying what the common denominator is in those shithole countries, but everyone, even the SJWs know what the main contributing factor is. Which is why they are all screaming racist right now.

Californian said...

"I mean, where would America be without its African descendants?"

Well, where would Detroit be without its African descendants? Or Baltimore? Or Newark? Or New Orleans? Or Gary? Or Birmingham? Or St Louis? Or...

File this one under: "Fish: Shooting in Barrel."

Anonymous said...

I took an undergraduate course on Jazz. Despite the pontification, I never liked it and never grew to like it. I was young enough to feel a touch of guilt about disliking something I was taught to have great appreciation for. Jazz sounds like tasteless, drunk meanderings to me.

Mr. Rational said...

Trump's only minor error is referring to shithole "countries"...should be shithole "people".

Baby steps, though this one is HUGE:  it demolishes the claim that all cultures and countries are equal.  Once people can publicly recognize that some countries are crap, it's much easier to be able to state that the difference isn't magic/tragic dirt, but the quality of the (so-called) humans thereon.

This is nowhere so stark as between halves of Hispaniola, and in searching for numbers I stumbled across a gem:  Faux Pax? A Look at the Dominican Republic’s Plunging Murder Rate.  Dominica's murder rate was plunging to record lows, at least as of a few years ago.  (15/100k which is still astronomical by US standards, but just 60% of what it had been in the early oughts.)

The really interesting thing is the word you will not find in that article:  "Haiti".  The Dominicans have been making a years-long push to expel all their Haitian invaders back to the west side of the island.  There were 1029 reported homicides in Haiti in 2016 for an official murder rate of roughly 10 per 100k, but this is a fraction of the murder rate of Africans-in-America so it is certainly a major understatement.  Removing its murder-prone population was bound to have a strong downward effect on murder in the Dominican Republic.

D-FENS said...

“There would be no blues.”

True in the sense of “the blues” being a term for depression.

Anonymous said...

that last paragraph... perfect

Anonymous said...

Haiti – a black paradise whose reputation as the first black republic was sullied by President Trump calling them a “Shithole”. What an insult to all blacks everywhere and especially to our white SJW. Now I wonder to myself what is a shithole. Is it a place where people openly defecate and let fecal matter freely roam the landscape. In searching for an answer to this question I came upon an article today at VDARE written by John Derbyshire and if you have any interest you can mosey over and read it for yourself because I couldn’t do it justice paraphrasing. Now if any White SJW are looking to help the Haitian folks with their sanitation problems and make a little extra coin they can read this article and see how helpful they can be and really feel good about themselves. White privilege be damned, help a brother out. Here is the article but be sure you didn’t just eat before you read it.

Sick n Tired said...

I came across this comment on one of the many Haiti is a shithole stories, and thought it summed up the situation perfectly:

"Why did Trump say this. When everyone is pretending or ignoring that something is not true You have to say something strong to get past the outright lies and ignorance"

Anonymous said...

Pastor Warnock said “I mean, where would America be without its African descendants? There would be no jazz, the only original music coming from America. There would be no blues. We wouldn't have the genius of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. without reference to the African continent.” 

Thats it? Without blacks we would have a country without Jazz, Blues, or King? I’m willing to let blacks return to Africa and take Jazz and Blues with them although it wouldn’t do them any good unless they can find white people build musical instruments for them. White people can create their own instruments and music. As to King, could someone remind me of the genius things he did? I’m aware of his habits of plagiarism and womanizing, but those activities don’t require genius. I’m just not seeing how our country would not be better off without blacks and the ridiculous overhead associated with them.

Ohio born said...

The reality of what Trump says kills liberals. From their own pie holes they talk of the beatiful Jamaican, Brazilian, Cancoon,...etc vacations they have taken. (Insert your own third world brown country). Out of these same liberal mouths they say you can't leave the resort, ship, or private beach because it's dangerous!!! Ask them why, and watch the exudes begin!

Westminster Dragoon said...

But ... but ... but ... "Muh Jazz".

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "Black Lightning" story from a few days ago, it seems that another one of those "disturbingly familiar scenes" the NY Times described to kick off that TV series turned out to be complete fabrication:

The one in the car who wasn't shot of course claimed that his brother was shot multiple times after the cops started "tussling" with him for no reason.

Of course, once the dashcam video came out, it revealed the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting at the cops.

But the damage is done--the initial story falsely reporting that another unarmed black teen was shot by racist cops for no reason will be logged in as another fraudulent data point in the "disturbingly familiar scene" file.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cankles piped in about this Haitian business. The guy who accused the Clintons of stealing all the earthquake aid money needs to pay a visit to the White House.
Female in FL

Waiting for the other shoe to drop said...

The more liberals make a big deal out of these comments the more people will think about the comments and come to the same conclusion as Trump. Call a spade a spade


From above Anonymous:

"Jazz sounds like tasteless, drunk meanderings to me."

Well, that is because Jazz is "music" for those who can't play music. It isn't music. It's noise.

When you hit a wrong note, just screw your face up, show agony, act in pain, and label it:

Da Blues, etc.


PvtCharlieSlate said...

I remember when, a few years ago, a tornado touched down in Bridgeport, CT and did $38.75 million in urban renewal.

Pat Boyle said...

Wikipedia on Improvisation:
The origins of Liszt's improvisation in an earlier tradition of playing variations on a theme were mastered and epitomized by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

There is a lot of nonsense and misinformation written about Jazz, improvisation, and negroes. It is commonly asserted that Western Music relies on the printed score while African music follows a alternative improvisational path. There is some truth to that, but it implies that African improvisation is creatively equal or superior to the fixed nature of Western music - and that is simply not true.

Improvisational music is a form of primitivism.

I sang opera for many years. But I am a lousy musician. I always - like Pavarotti - had a terrible time learning the score. I sang about thirty roles but if I had been just average in musical ability I could have easily sung double or triple that number.

But while I struggled with getting the notes in my noggin, I always could improvise. I used to sing improvised "Russian" arias. I made up the music as I went along and since I don't speak Russian - I made up the lyrics (and language) too. If you sing bass you tend to fake Russian arias. Tenors I imagine sing ersatz Italian songs.

I was once cast as Alfonso in Cosi as a last minute replacement. The conductor came up to me and praised me for how I handled the recitatives (the speech-like lightly accompanied passages between the major numbers). She though I was singing them differently each time because I was creative. But I simply couldn't memorize the recits that Mozart had written. If you stay in the right key the audience won't much care - but Mozart's recitatives were always better than those I made up on the spot.

Such is the case I suspect with Jazz. It is rather easy to 'noodle' around some tune and make up a variant. This isn't hard - even I can do that endlessly.

The reason Western music is written down is simply scale. If you have a jazz quartet they can sit near each other and hear what they are doing. This works well if you stick to common well known melodies. But if you want to have more complex music and more voices and instruments they will not be able to hear each other or even see each other. You will need published scores and a conductor.

So it isn't because African music chose to follow just another path - African music is basically just simple and primitive.

You've all heard the tenor aria "Nessun Dorma". Go to an opera house and see the whole thing. It can have a hundred people on stage and a similar number of instrumentalists in the pit. They also have costumes, makeup, sets and a storyline. Western music is complex and advanced. African American Jazz is not just simple - it must be simple.

Western music is like the World Trade Center or the Parthenon. Jazz is a mud hut.


Californian said...

"We wouldn't have the genius of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr."

What did this "genius" create?

You can't even say "civil rights" since it was the US Supreme Court via various decisions (Brown, etc.) which dismantled de jure segregation. And you had various (White) presidents who backed integration (Truman, Eisenhower, JFK and especially LBJ). Since then, the policies which King promoted have reduced numerous American cities to third world status.

Some genius...

PS: stay armed, stay alert, stay alive

Westminster Dragoon said...

The Blues was a dying genre of music in the US until some English groups like the Rolling Stones and guitarists like Beck, Clapton, & Page came along and made it more palatable to white audiences.

PB said...

"Improvisational music is a form of primitivism."

I've always seen improvisation in music as a pathway to composition rather than a valid musical style in itself.

Anonymous said...

You know, after reading this, I google-mapped Haiti. Since I would never travel there I figured I would just look and see for myself is Haiti a shithole? I know it is. It really can't be anything else given its population. He He You can't drop the little man into the map and travel on the google map of Haiti like you can here in the US. It only drops you into resorts or touristy areas. Try it yourself. It must be too unsafe for the google camera man or car to go around the country like they did here in the US. Does Haiti even have roads for cars? I wouldn't know and the little google man that you drop unto the map doesn't know either because I am sure it is too dangerous outside of the gated resorts. Ha A shithole indeed. Like I said, I already knew that it was cause of the hue of the population.

Non PC Infidel said...

The population of Haiti in 1960 was 3.9 million. In 2016, it was 10.9 million. Considering the low IQ population and the already historically decrepit conditions they've created on their part of the island, future increases in population will only add to the endemic shithole conditions and make them far worse. No amount of outside help can fix what is wrong with Haiti or its negro population and it's pointless to try. As I've often said with these low IQ populations, the main effort should be isolation and containment. Anything else simply throws gas on the fire of their dysfunction and allows the fire to spread and grow larger and more destructive. Which is why the Dominican Republic that occupies the other half of the island does everything it can to keep the Haitians out of their country. That's a lesson America, Europe and developed Asian countries should take note of and emulate as per the hordes of 3rd world "shitholians" from Africa and elsewhere that want to infest their countries.

The US government engaged (in the past century) in an idiotic "help the Haitians" effort that basically involved rebuilding the infrastructure at vast expense. It was all for nothing as can be seen today and that was true even long before the earthquake. Essentially, it was like sending in Merry Maids to clean a house occupied by two dozen ignorant low IQ slobs who'd turned the house into a pig sty. As soon as you leave, they turn it back into a pig sty. There are only two choices possible-become their permanent "maids" and constantly clean up their messes for them at your own expense or to walk away. The wise choice is to walk away and most certainly isn't to move them into your house so they can turn it into a pig sty too.

Yes, I've lived in or visited 3rd world shithole countries and some of the sights I've seen were pretty horrific but one common denominator I noticed was that even when living in shithole conditions, the people still wanted to breed out of control. It always made me think of the old saying, "F*cking themselves out of house and home" and essentially guaranteeing that the shithole conditions are replicated generation after generation.

In one Southeast Asian country in which I lived, I remember walking around the grounds of the apartment in which I lived. I heard splashing noises coming from the other side of the wall that surrounded the compound and climbed the wall to look and see what was going on. The canal was clogged with boats and boat people and their children were swimming in the water. The water was black and oily and highly polluted with trash and excrement. The kids saw me looking and began waving at me and inviting me to come for a swim. This was as one gently pushed human waste out of the way as he swam as did the others. On one of the boats, one of their parents had his ass hanging over the railing and was crapping into the water in which the children were swimming. As he did so, another person on the boat next to his was dipping his toothbrush into the water and using it to brush his teeth. Naturally, I declined the invitation to go for a swim. In any case, this was a common sort of sight and nothing unusual and if I'd told such people they lived in a shithole, I'm sure they would have been offended. Truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

PC Infidel said “There are only two choices possible-become their permanent "maids" and constantly clean up their messes for them at your own expense or to walk away.”

Insightful comment, but I respectfully point out that there is a third option that has been used during the course of history, and that is to Flush The Toilet.

Pat Boyle said...

Martin Luther King wasn't a genius he was the "leper with the most fingers". The best black figurehead available.

There have always been, it seems, black hustlers who try to parlay some of their Christianity and blackness into a paying career. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are more recent examples. Part of the shtick is too adopt the call-response cadence of southern black preachers. Jesse Jackson was probably the master of this form of oratory. King however - in spite of the subsequent liberal hagiography - was not a good speaker nor a good man.

I remember very well at the time that the press commented on what a clumsy speaker King was and how hard he had to work at sounding like the authentic rural black preachers he was trying to impersonate. King was also something of a sex addict. He apparently liked to beat prostitutes. But shortly after his March of Washington a media curtain descended around him and there were no more sex stories and his speeches were seldom heard on TV. He had been canonized and his image was kept inviolate by the media. He was seen on television constantly but seldom heard.

He was what the liberals wanted - a presentable black man who could play the part of a real life Sidney Poitier. A black moral superman.


Anonymous said...

OT but relevant. Article in LA times talking about the popularity of "our" favorite music. Read the article and best of see the comments. We are not alone.

The Umpire said...

"Jazz sounds like tasteless, drunk meanderings to me."

CENTURION: "Well, that is because Jazz is 'music' for those who can't play music. It isn't music. It's noise.

"When you hit a wrong note, just screw up your face, show agony, act in pain, and label it:

"Da Blues, etc."

Pff, how's that for "improvising"?

CENTURION: "Pathetic."

Yeah, pathetic—just like all those white, stupid, gullible, impressionable, credulous, naïve, foolish, vain, magic-negro-adoring saps who fall for that "black magic."

Ex New Yorker: "I remember when the government sent 'experts' to study the damage in Haiti after the earthquake. After a week long study they concluded that the total cost of the damage was eight dollars and fifty five cents."

That reminds me of a Jay Leno joke from the 1990s:

Earlier today, a jury awarded Rodney King $3,816,535.45. Afterwards, at the press conference, the jury foreman explained that the 45 cents....was for lost wages.

Anonymous said...

Went there when I was stationed at the Naval base, Guantanamo, Cuba. Took a day trip there to buy sea shells and just get away from the Navy for a day. Coming into Port au Prince there was every kind of shelter that could be made on the planet, tin, corrugated roofs, cardboard houses, some of cinder block or mud bricks. Got to see a close up in downtown PP. Told the taxi driver to take my roommate and I to a store that sold sea shells or wood carvings. Driver took us to a whore house right off, UNREAL. Paid the idiot and went on foot to find another cab, Finally got my sea shells and hauled my rear end back to the airport and I was never so glad to get back on that plane. Mexico doesn't even come close to the poverty level there.

Westminster Dragoon said...

New York City has the best Italian food, London has the best Indian food, Windhoek has the best German beergarden ...

Mogadishu has the best female genital mutilation

Port au Prince has the best seashells

Rouetheday said...

I wonder if the good Reverend knows how many blacks were living in Liverpool, England back in the 1950's? I don't know exactly how many were there myself, but I would guess very few. But, while the future Beatles and their contemporaries were not 'blessed' with a black bluesman playing on the front porch of a neighboring flat, they were able to obtain blues and jazz and early rock n' roll recordings via international trade. We Americans could have done the same had we not been 'blessed' with such vibrancy. Conversely, Africans did not have to import whites in order to have access to cell phones, televisions, cars, computers, or any of the other things that were created and manufactured by non-Africans. Forgive my patronizing tone- it's not meant for you all, but rather for all the good Reverends out there.

Anonymous said...

Is there an all white nation that is a shithole?

Anonymous said...

Negroids have different genetics. Differing allele frequencies in their genome.

This makes them behave differently. Gives the entire race differing IQ averages.

Not up for questioning anymore. Face it...

So, do we keep babysitting and paying for the Orcs to breed...? To overwhelm us...?


Anonymous said...

Since we're doing Haiti jokes...
"Did you hear about the hurricane that hit Haiti this weekend? Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Powerful, terrible hurricane. Early estimates are, it caused over $250 million of improvements."

Anonymous said...

Try zooming into Port-au-Prince and typing "NGO".

Why does the great nation of Haiti need so many organizations to provide services that one might expect is the proper part of a functioning society/government.

From his autobiography (back when it was a free download from his site) David Duke brought up Haiti as an example to compare with Iceland. Long and short of it, transplant the populations of each island to the other and see what would happen. I think we all know how the recessive gene YT's would fare in a tropical paradise and the strong, proud Haitians would fare. ;)

Anonymous said...

Some great articles over at Amren right now, covering all of this in great detail. This is the big one folks. The liberals think that they have Trump by the throat but he just threw the rest of us the ball. And it was an EXCELLENT pass!

Californian said...

He was what the liberals wanted - a presentable black man who could play the part of a real life Sidney Poitier. A black moral superman.

Right on about MLK, jr.

And as always...look for the man behind the curtain.

Sick n Tired said...

And mud cookies, don't forget the mud cookies!

Anonymous said...

Buy ammo.

Awakened white said...

'I mean, where would America be without its African descendants?

This category falls under the 'You can't make this stuff up' Well probably almost no crime, driveby shootings, rapes etc,

Anonymous said...

Must be the people.
Haitians are 95% afro DNA.

dominicans are almost 50-50 afro-EU.

Anonymous said...

Re: The LA Slimes link on hiphop/crap "music" mentioned above....

Threadwinner from the comments section there:

"Nat King Cole could sing a whole song without grabbing his wiener."

I laughed so hard I actually fell out of my chair!

Anonymous said...

I took an undergraduate course on Jazz. Despite the pontification, I never liked it and never grew to like it. I was young enough to feel a touch of guilt about disliking something I was taught to have great appreciation for. Jazz sounds like tasteless, drunk meanderings to me.

I really think Jazz is fueled by White guilt and loathing.

It's a way for Whites to patronize Blacks and relive some of their White guilt. Hey look we aren't racist, we listen to jazz and NPR. We're doing our part.

Anonymous said...

Wow, more surprising news on the education front:

Anonymous said...

With MLK day right around the corner, many of you will be delighted to know that new info on Michael King (his real name) was released to little fanfare last year.

Anonymous said...

"Is there a white nation that is a shithole?"

Eh, kinda. Not like Somalia or Nicaragua, though. Moldova probably qualifies as a shithole, or maybe Albania. But places like that are rare, and I'm pretty sure they don't swim around in their own feces like in some OTHER places.

Africa? Now that's 54 different shitholes all clumped together. One huge shithole masquerading as a continent, basically. And it's hemorrhaging.

Someone get a bandage, quick.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

Since this Shitholegate business erupted into the MSN there has been a multitude of pictures of Haiti (and other shitholes) with streets filled with trash, filth, garbage, shit and whatever. It always looks as unhealthy as it does disgusting and like an enormous ecological disaster.
So … where the Hell are all of the self-righteous, crusading, liberal eco-freaks? Their precious Gaia is getting raped and ruined and they haven’t noticed? If they are really concerned about saving the planet then shouldn’t they be demonstrating for reducing the amount of shitskins in the world rather than the amount of carbon dioxide?

Anonymous said...

"I mean, where would America be without its African descendants? There would be no jazz, the only original music coming from America. There would be no blues. . . "

Preach on MoFo, preach on. Don't forget you white MoFo crackas, we wuz Kangs, purple grape with codeine drankin, bitch slapping, polar bear hunting, robbing, killing Kangs I sez. And don't forget either, we built the pyramids back in Egypt then flew them around a couple of miles at least 100 feet off the ground too.

We wuz Kangs.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Anonymous said...

"Africa? Now that's 54 different shitholes all clumped together. One huge shithole masquerading as a continent, basically. And it's hemorrhaging.
Someone get a bandage, quick."

A tourniquet would be better.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I must apologize, as I failed to think the problem all the way through. Cauterization would be best.

Brian in Ohio said...

'I mean, where would America be without its African descendants?

Oh god.... where to begin?

Mars? We would probably have colonized Mars by now.

We could be living in something resembling Star Trek instead of Escape from New York.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk baseball for a moment.
The Dominican Republic, according to, has had a total of 708 players reach the Major Leagues. That number will continue to grow. As you all know, the money in baseball is astronomical and the country is well known for producing baseball players. Baseball is their ticket to a better life.
Meanwhile, their Haitian neighbors have had a grand total of ZERO players reach the Major Leagues. None.
You would think that people in Haiti might look across the border and notice the wild success of Dominicans in baseball and say, "why can't we do that too? Let's build some fields and start playing!"
I feel bad for the DR that they have to share an island with that...that shithole.
Forget jazz. What about the wonderful, positive, social enhancing, ear pleasing music given to us by the vibrants called rap? When they named it they left off the C.

SKIP said...

"A tourniquet would be better."

Amputation is the cure!

Anonymous White Male said...

“I mean, where would America be without its African descendants?"

I don't know, but I would like to be there!

"There would be no jazz, the only original music coming from America. There would be no blues. We wouldn't have the genius of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. without reference to the African continent.”

That's all this negro has? Jazz, blues, and MLK's "genius". First of all, there would be no jazz or blues without White people creating the instruments and the musical forms that jazz and blues incorporate. Much less the transmission of said music via radio, records, and beyond. And how did MLK"s "genius"....wait, give me a few minutes to pick myself up off the floor............OK. How did "I'm a White Man tonight!" benefit America? By freeing blacks from their cages? Let's put them back because America is much worse off than it was while his people were still kept in their "place".

Anonymous said...

"I took an undergraduate course on Jazz. Despite the pontification, I never liked it and never grew to like it . . "

The best description of jazz I ever read: "The music of the conveyor belt." G.K. Chesterton.

Another Guy in Florida said...

Let's see a few things besides Jazz, we wouldn't have if Africans had never been brought to America.

Hip hop music
Drive by shootings
Crack epidemic
Sagging pants as a "style"
BB cap worn side ways as a "style"
Same as above with the tags still on it
Rope like Braids they actually think looks good
Afro sheen
Gold grills, not the kind on cars
Spinners, the kind on cars
Black History Month
The phrase "have a guut one"
There phrase "I'm axeing you"
Vast expansion of the welfare state

I'm sure I've missed a few things but this list for the most part contains the vast majority of African contributions to America.

Slavery was the biggest mistake this country ever made, we continue to pay for it every day.

Anonymous said...

Blacks know they are not truly wanted in white countries. That is why they put up this smokescreen they call racism. They fear a final solution in the future.
As long as they keep the rhetoric level high and intimidate us and continue to pick us off when the opportunity arises, they will win.
As long as we allow this mockery of our existence to continue they win.

Unknown said...

Uplifting all the other races on the planet has proven to be an impossible goal. Every place we have raised to modern standards falls apart as soon as whites leave it in the hand of the indigenous people. Absent of whites, Zimbabwe (once Rhodesia) and Haiti have become the very definition of a "shithole countries." These people can't even maintain modern machinery and society let alone develop their own. Time to step back and let Darwin take its course.


ALBANIA is not a "White" country. It is a muslim shithole.

Not only is EVERY Black nation a shithole, but every Muslim nation is also.

I've been to a few in my life (Syria, Iran, Turkey) back in the 60's and 70's and they were shitholes then as well.

The Muslim countries that ignored the "muslim" parts were not that bad. Beirut, Lebanon (when I lived there) was awesome and wonderful, since it was run by Christians and the Muslims kept to themselves. When the muslims began their "civil war", they destroyed the place, which is the goal of Islam.

Egypt, back then, wasn't too bad. There were nice places in Cairo (where the Christians lived) that were not shitholes. All the Muslims areas were shitholes.

I don't know much about Moldavia, but I would suspect they have are really prehistoric hard core Catholic Church or Orthodox system, OR a large number of Muslims. Both of those failed, dead "religions" will suck the life out of any civilization......and turn it into a shithole.

This is why the worst of the worst is the African-American-Muslim. They are:

too stupid to create,
too lazy to achieve,
too violent to sustain
and have a sick religion that wants to destroy.

MMinWA said...

“I mean, where would America be without its African descendants"

Oh man, take me where ever the hell that is. For starters, we'd be 100s of billions ahead for pensions for police that wouldn't be needed. Trillions ahead with most of the welfare nightmare non-existent. Prisons would be virtually empty. No such thing as "inner city" Imagine an education system without black "administrators" Or friendly folks at the DMV. I could move back into a large city and enjoy a spur of the moment symphony or a late night pizza? A walk through my neighborhood?

And I wouldn't have jazz? That's all you got?? No jazz? Know what I say? DEAL ME IN!

And the best? No Obama or Oprah!

MMinWA said...

PK, you need a commenting thumbs up feature because some of these above are gold.

Anonymous said...

They don't make good decision and don't make good countries and can't keep good what they have been given.

TNB, TNB, I start to anticipate what the race of the participants would be when I spot certain headlines:

Almost 35 years ago, she let a stranger hold her newborn. It has haunted her ever since
Eleanor Williams was 18 when a talkative stranger who said her name was Latoya asked to hold her three-month-old baby in a Washington, D.C. bus terminal. “She went to change her,” Williams says tearfully decades later, “and I never saw them again.”
By PAUL DUGGANThe Washington Post
Sat., Jan. 13, 2018

The known facts, from what Eleanor Williams has reported on the disappearance of her baby April Nicole Jones.

Eleanor was one of six children in a black family that separated, she grew up on a farm with her father. In the 1980s, Eleanor 'fell pregnant' whilst 17, and shortly after the baby was born, she never saw the baby daddy again.

Now the single mother of a young child, Elenaor began long distance dating a soldier named Kevin, and she decided to bring her three and a half month old toddler down with her in a long bus trip to meet this complete stranger. Since she has a baby I don't know why HE wasn't the one to go her town - but I guess she was more desperate for d*ck than he was for single mom p*ssy.d

At the bus depot, Eleanor reports meeting a girl call Latoya, who after chatting for a long time, ask to hold the baby, Eleanor lets this complete stranger hold her baby and then take the baby away, to a bathroom to change the baby, the baby disappears and 'Latoya' was never seen again.

Grief stricken, Eleanor immediately got together with Kevin to make a new baby, this second baby daddy didn't around either, so it was a THIRD baby daddy who fathered her son! Since there was no mention of a third baby daddy either, Elenaor raised her two bastard children with help of the gubmint.

Excerpt: Kevin, the Fort Riley soldier, was there when she got off the bus.

“All I needed him for was to have a baby to replace April,” Williams said. “He knew the only reason for me visiting him was because I wanted to get pregnant again, because I wanted another April. I thought it was going to make me feel better. I thought it would make it hurt less. But actually all it did was make it hurt more.”

She soon lost touch with Kevin.

Their daughter was born the following September.

This is the blackest thing I've heard this week, but I won't be too shock if there is another showtopper soon.

Fled The Undertow said...

Go over to ModernHeretic3000 blog and check out his photo essay on the topic from last week. A picture worth a thousand words, indeed.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

And yet the struggle to fix the problem continues. When will they learn you can't fix something that isn't broken? That is the natural state of the students of color, you can't change subhuman nature. They're already lacking in intelligence, and the ability to grasp abstract concepts, and all mental growth stops at puberty. If evolution is real, then the gap is permanent, because we will always have moved on by the time they make it to the level we were at.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Life was exponentially better when there were still places where you could be white without the disease of negro infestation.