Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Metaphor for White Dispossession: Perch in 70% Black Baltimore Once Holding Aloft a Monument to Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee Soon to Host Statue of Harriet Tubman

Previously on SBPDL: In 1914, White Children in 90% White Baltimore Collected Pennies to Build Monument Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Star Spangled Banner; In 2018, Monument Defaced in now 70% Black City
Built when Baltimore was overwhelming white, the perch once holding aloft a monument to two of America's great white men will soon have a statue to Harriet Tubman placed upon it... a depressing metaphor for white dispossession if there ever was one.

Baltimore was founded as a white city, built by white people to shelter generations of white Baltimoreans to come. It was abandoned by white people when black crime became a constant threat, and is now a 70 percent black city lorded over by black elected officials utilizing the specter of black crime to keep gentrification at bay.

Our monuments, built to celebrate our history, stand as powerful rebukes to the egalitarianism dominating 21st century American life, which is why they must be defaced, vandalized, demonized, and ultimately destroyed.

In 2017, under the cloak of darkness, the new black mayor of Baltimore removed three Confederate statues.[Baltimore Mayor Had Statues Removed in ‘Best Interest of My City’, New York Times, 8-16-17]

This, of course, is a city seriously contemplating putting a statue up to Divine, the transvestite who literally ate dog crap in Pink Flamingo

Confederate statues are now all gone, but a true hero for our egalitarian, anti-white zeitgeist is prepared to go up where once men honored by a long dead Baltimore stood remembered by a white majority unashamed of their southern (white) ancestry. [Former perch for Confederate monument poised to honor Harriet Tubman, WBALTV, 1-24-18]

Dedicated in 1948, the Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee Monument in Wyman Park Dell was removed in 2017 and will soon be renamed for an "illiterate field hand," a black woman whose exploits are highly dubious in their purported authenticity. 

But few official acts of a local, city, state, or the federal government in the United States of America could truly be a greater metaphor of white dispossession than monuments to white men (erected when Baltimore boasted a majority white population unashamed and unapologetic for their white ancestors who built the city) being torn down by the new black-controlled city government of Baltimore, only to be replaced by a black woman whose entire historical resume seems grotesquely embellished. 

If she can't replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, she can take the perch once holding aloft statues to two of America's greatest white men. 

A clear, obvious "fu*k you" to white people in not just Baltimore, but all across America. 


Anonymous said...

It is often said that slavery was the worst mistake that our country has made, but I believe that failing to return blacks to Africa when they were no longer of economic value and giving them the right to vote were far worse mistakes. The right to vote gives concentrations of blacks the power to seize control of a healthy entity such as a city, state or country, and once blacks are in control the entity inevitably begins its decline to the black mean.

Blacks must either be removed or contained, or we must adopt an Apartheid style of government. All of these options will be difficult for many altruistic white people to observe, but removal would probably be the gentlest option. Any concentration of blacks will quickly revert to their natural mean which is similar to the standard of living of wild animals, and few whites will have the stomach to stand back and let blacks fend for themselves as they die off in large numbers. Without help from whites a black community will soon be without water, sewer, electricity, or any infrastructure necessary to survive as more than nomad tribes. And if they are contained, they cannot even function as nomad tribes.

The problems associated with having a black State next door would dwarf the problems we have with Mexico. Desperate blacks would attempt to escape their self made shit holes and only extreme force would stop them. We would quickly have the same problem that the Dominican Republic has with Haiti involving frequent mass deportations and occasional massacres. It is difficult to see how the problems associated with blacks will get better without first getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Harriet Tubman? I thought that was my moms cleaning lady. Gee, a statue honoring a cleaning woman. Whoda thought?

Anonymous said...

A commenter/observer on a previous thread said whites must relearn the art of sticking together.
The mud races are really only using our own playbook against us.
The greatest fear (((they))) have is a united White Race.
The kool-aid drunk true believer whites who fly into a rage and throw the R word if you criticize sobama or orca are obviously write offs.
Sneaking in race realism when a horrendous crime is being reported on the teevee is a way I have found.
I will say did they name the identity of the perps or if there is talk of the blight of the black hand I will say remember when that mall was the place to go.
Really I only trust my older brother and P.K. to discuss race realism.

chattanooga gal said...

I fear we will soon not be able to walk into any park in the us without having to look at statues of pouty dindus.

OverSeer said...

"Millions of Americans rejoiced yesterday when the U.S. Treasury announced that it would replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the face of the $20 bill. However, their celebrations may be premature: It could be a decade or more before the bill is actually in circulation"

Hopefully the statue makers are even slower.

Anonymous said...

There is no good reason to allow blacks to take over and destroy the nation our White ancestors built. Our ancestors made a mistake and there is no good reason why a mistake cannot be corrected. We just correct it by whatever means is necessary.

D is for depressing said...

Frankly, these statues are better off somewhere else. According to several articles, most of the statues that have been removed end up in museums, confederate soldier cemeteries, private land, museums etc,.

What fitting way to honor moon crickets than by having them stare at another obese, embellishing moon cricket as illiterate and dumb as they are.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, just imagine how far people will travel just to see this symbol of accomplishment and advancements for the negro class. What are they going to do with all that new revenue?


You don't need a comment from me about this:

Anonymous said...

Lots of good points. However,(((the handlers))) must be dealt with first, or it will never happen.
Mr Turner

Unknown said...

What is the fate of all these statues? Are they sold for scrap? I'm very sincere in my query. I would be VERY happy to pay scrap price...and transportation to my home. These are works of foundry high Art, cost prohibitive to reproduce today.
Does anyone know?

no watermelon for you said...

Tubman was a "strong black woman." She carried a gun. Something tells me Tubmans relationship with the $20 Bill is not so much being on them as COLLECTING them!

rexfreeway said...

It's going to be hilarious when in less than one week the new statue will have bullet holes and paint all over it. Plus it will have to be built out of a material that scrap yards place little value on or they will cut it off the monument for some dope money.

Anonymous said...

It can't be any secret who's making the new statue for the plinth.  There's a contract with a so-called artist.

Artists have studios.  Casting bronze requires a foundry.  There's all kinds of ways to make sure that no such statue is ever completed, let alone emplaced.

If it ever is, it's worth plenty as scrap; just drive up with a dump truck some night, pull the thing over into the bed and drive off.  Forcing Bodymore, Murderland to put it under 24-hr guard to keep their new icon from becoming plumbing fixtures would perhaps be the ultimate middle finger to BRA.

Anonymous said...

Without help from whites a black community will soon be without water, sewer, electricity, or any infrastructure necessary to survive as more than nomad tribes.

This is true.  I knew some retired Detroit Water Department personnel.  Lily-white.  Also hard as nails.

Anonymous said...

Our statues are coming down and MLK's went up. Anyone with a lick of sense knows it's not going to end with just those of Confederate soldiers.

We will still "need" statues for Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy, "Mayor for Life" Marion Barry, Al Sharpton, etc., while those of white people "must" come down. Perhaps they'll save a few dollars by renaming the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument (both honoring those wicked slave owners) for blacks.

Or perhaps we could just put blacks in charge of the maintenance of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. That would ruin them and lead to their condemnation and demolition, if for no other reason than public safety.

Currency will need new faces on it. Already that was proposed by Obongo but it might be put off, for now, by the Trump administration. Who doubts the next Democratic president will follow through with Obongo's effort, and pick other pieces of currency for face replacements as well?

One day we'll wake up and realize that what happened to South Africa has happened here too. There won't be one official day ending the era of YT, just a gradual darkening like the setting of the sun, and then we'll be bathed in darkness from which there will no escaping, and there will be no dawn.

Californian said...

Without help from whites a black community will soon be without water, sewer, electricity, or any infrastructure necessary to survive as more than nomad tribes. And if they are contained, they cannot even function as nomad tribes.

The thing that is disturbing about this statement is that it is true. Left to their own devices, Africans will revert their societies to the African mean, and drag down the surrounding civilization to their level. We have seen this demonstrated in numerous countries worldwide. Haiti, the topic of the recent POTUS brouhaha, is a living laboratory of how blacks can not sustain White civilization. Bear in mind that the USA rebuilt the Haitian infrastructure during the occupation of the first part of the 20th century. And within a decade of US withdrawal, Africans-in-Haiti wrecked it all.

Then compare Haiti with the Dominican Republic on the same island. The DR has a much higher standard of living, but then again, it has a White overclass. You can also compare White Rhodesia (Ian Smith) with black Zimbabwe (Mugabe), Detroit pre-civil rights era to Detroit post-civil rights era, and etc.

From Lothrop Stoddard:

"Black peoples have no historic pasts. Never having evolved civilizations of their own, they are practically devoid of that accumulated mass of beliefs, thoughts, and experiences which render Asiatics so impenetrable ... The negro, on the contrary, has contributed virtually nothing. Left to himself, he remained a savage.”

And this is one reason they must tear down the monuments to White civilization.

Stay armed
Stay alert

Anonymous said...

Now Pro, ex-college feetsball "playa". He left a club with 2 women, asked to borrow a phone charger from the Uber driver but didn't give it back and threatened/menaced the driver who then called the cops.

Purpadranktavious stuck around and the cops found that the charger he was in possession of didn't even fit his phone.

He'll likely plead, "Dindu nuffins"!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Downtown Detroit has a giant black fist that is a tribute to Joe Lewis. It’s absolutely hideous. I like to look at it as Detroit’s former mayor, Kwame Kilpatricks fist, taking money out of the police and fire pension fund. By the way Kwame is serving a 28 year prison sentence in a Texas jail. Another great black mayor. The sad part...they probably would elect him again.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the direction we are headed in will take us here...want this for your kids?

Johnny See said...

The subversion of history is maddening. We are indoctrinated into a web of lies and misinformation very early in life.
One thing that galls me is in calling for removal of Confederate statues, the idiot blacks are oblivious: Lee had MUCH kinder feelings toward them than Lincoln did.

The stupid... it hurts!

Anonymous said...

If it's done by a "minority owned business" the delays and cost overruns would be staggering.

Anonymous said...

A $20 bill with Harriet Tubman's face on it will look dirty from ten feet away.

Anonymous said...

It would be better to dynamite the old perch than let it be defiled with the proposed replacement.

trayvon's mammy said...

I pinched off a tribute to harriet just this morning. It reminded me of the "gentle giant"....

Non PC Infidel said...

Blacks can't stand to be reminded of what failures they are as a race and therefore want to remove anything that can possibly remind them of this hard fact and replace it with something afro-centric so they can feel better about themselves. Any other reasons given for the removal or replacement of white symbols, statues, names etc are just a cover story and an excuse to hide this unpleasant, underlying truth.

It's really no different than when they complained about IQ tests or merit based requirements for jobs or college admissions etc being racist because they couldn't perform well. Once they howled enough and got rid of those or had them dumbed down so far a chimp could pass them, they could then strut around pretending they were just as accomplished and just as good as everyone else who actually performed well as they flooded into the positions. The pretense is what it's all about- putting up that front.

That dumb black cop or dumb incompetent black fireman strutting around in his uniform who only got the job due to dumbed down tests and affirmative action? He's there to put a black face on everything and that's what the removal and replacement of statues of white men is all about too- putting a black face on everything. Kind of reminds me of the black sheriff in that Georgia town (who, once elected by the dominant hoodrat demographic), fired all the white cops and had them escorted out of the police station and replaced them all with blacks. Remember the black snipers on the roof covering them as they were thrown out?

If they could have Mt. Rushmore re-carved and have the President's replaced with images of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin and other useless to the world black hoodrats they would. If not those types, it would be black race hustlers/race baiters/racists and scum like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc. Of course, they'd probably add a gold tooth and gold ear ring to one or more of the carvings and maybe even have a Cadillac with giant spinning rims added too.

Bottom line: Everything has to be all n*gger all the time or they won't be happy with it and their driving force and motivation is to make it that way.

Anonymous said...

Then compare Haiti with the Dominican Republic on the same island. The DR has a much higher standard of living, but then again, it has a White overclass

Haitians are 95% afro DNA
Domincans 60%....40% Yt DNA makes a big diff.

Anonymous said...

All hell would break loose if someone defaced the statue of Harriet Tubman or pulled it down. This racial bias makes me sick.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

It is often said that slavery was the worst mistake that our country has made,

No. Slavery was not a mistake. Many societies had slavery, and survived just fine. The mistake was in not neutering the slaves. The Arabs, who took slaves from Africa for centuries before White men, didn't make that mistake.

The problem, as usual, was greed. Firstly, in pricing the slaves at an amount equivalent to ten years' wages for a White man. This created an incentive to breed more slaves, instead of using once and replacing. They probably thought they could stop at any time. Bad mistake.

Anonymous said...

A $20 bill with Harriet Tubman's face on it will look dirty from ten feet away.

You might want to stock up on $20 bills with Andrew Jackson. If/when they do that great replacement, the Jacksons will be worth much, much more on the black market.

JK smaller said...

Are you sure Harriet Tubman is going to be on the twenty dollar bill?

Anonymous said...

"Let's see...I couldn't turn the Union flank two days in a row...and I don't know where my cavalry is...I know! I'll attack the Union center with an infantry corps."

Good one, Robert!


Blue Eyes Matter said...

They had better make the statue of stone, or better yet baked mud, to reflect the traditional African engineering skills. If it's made of bronze, it will show up in pieces at the recycling centers to get cash for crack.

Anonymous said...

Taking a tip from the "brave girl" statue recently juxtaposed with the Wall Street charging bull, Detroit should erect a enormous black ass in front of the fist.

Joe Louis was an okay guy, though. IRS broke him by taxing him for his war bond rallies.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking what black person would be worthy of being put on a bank note. Still thinking will be back later when I come up with someone.

Mr. Rational said...

All hell would break loose if someone defaced the statue of Harriet Tubman

All the better reason to do it.  Expose the nature of the savages compared to the humans whose icons were erased.  Lay out the difference in stark contrast.  Exhaust patience.  Force-feed more red pills.

Anonymous said...

Another Gwen Ifill memorial.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t mean to imply that the black fist in downtown Detroit is the fault of Joe Lewis. I kinda think he would be insulted by it. A dignified statue would be a lot better.