Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"Sh-thole" Countries Exist, but so do "Sh-thole" American Cities: What's the Common Denominator?

Previously on SBPDL: President Trump Exposes Republican and Democrat Elite are United in the Belief All Haitians Have a Right to Immigrate to America

Ranking the worst "shitholes" in America:
1. Detroit
"Shithole countries" opened more eyes to racial truths/realites
than any website, video, or book could ever
hope to accomplish
2. Camden 3. Newark 4. Baltimore 5. Birmingham 6. Memphis 7. New Orleans 8. St. Louis 9. Philadelphia 10. Jackson (MS)

Dishonorable mention: Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland, Kansas City, Hartford.

What's the common denominator? It's not Democrats...

Inadvertently, the Mad Man-in-Chief is doing it... Making America Great Again (MAGA) required, before everything else, white guilt ending for good.

It's happening.


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest listing the African countries but then I realized that the list would have to include all of them. I love the brevity, nothing more really needs to be said!

Anonymous said...

The common denominator is ‘black democrats ‘.

Hannibal said...

But we wuz kangz and sheeeeeeet.

Anonymous said...

When I looked online for the worst places to live, President Trump was pretty spot on. The top 20 worst places in the world were mostly in Africa. The only other countries were Syria, Yemen, Baghdad Iraq and Haiti. Also known as shitholes. Maybe the people who live in these places will now get off their collective asses and clean them up. Sometimes you have to actually tell people that what they’re doing is wrong. Kinda like a two year old.

Westminster Dragoon said...

Have you seen the latest headline?

"Wakanda recalls its ambassador after latest Trump remarks."

Anonymous said...

The African countries have always been sh-tholes, the American cities not so much. Gee, I think I see the common denominator of which you speak at play here.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you grant civil rights to an uncivilized savsge. We put the wrong people on reservations.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that it is much easier to say shithole than it was in the past? Not only that, but everyone now knows what a shithole is, and the left has managed to associate shitholes with race. The turds from the shithole countries complaining about being recognized as shitholes merely reinforce the accuracy of the characterization and its association with race. It shouldn’t be long before we begin hearing or seeing references to shithole cities and the irrefutable connection to race which are a topic of discussion on this blog.

D is for depressing said...

Oh, Paul...

Thank you for putting Detroit in the Number 1 spot.

Unknown said...

Let me see here...


Brett baker said...

Uh, is the answer vibrancy, PK?

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, this was in the news yesterday. Good entertainment if you don't watch TV and are missing POTA movies.

Police were called to John's Incredible Pizza Company in Newark on Saturday
Video of the incident shows two large groups of people exchanging blows
A girl missing her phone traced it to the location using the Find My iPhone app
It turned out the phone was in the lost and found, a floor above where the brawl occurred.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5270485/Brawl-breaks-pizza-restaurant-lost-phone.html#ixzz54PlhzmM7

What I cannot figure out is what makes a group to take one side or the other? How do they identify those in the other group as fists and hair weaves are flying?

Awakened white said...

To hot hell with the cucks that would just blame those city conditions PK listened on 'teachers unions' or my favorite GWB ' muh fee markets' 🙄

Hope you guys and gals made it through MLK day alive.

P S Bindy said...

You left out Gary, Indiana, the city I was raised in. The first city in the nation to have a black majority. The first city since reconstruction to elect a black mayor.

There is a park in Gary, a few blocks outside the main gate of U.S.Steel. My parents, my sister and I lived in a three bedroom apt across from that park. I would love to rent that same apt in my old age. It would be suicide for a White guy like me to do so.

There is a beautiful Lake Michigan beach in Miller Indiana on the Gary city bus line. It's fresh water and clean. The sand is golden and will cook your feet in the Summer sun. The water will turn you blue with cold even in August. I can't go there for reasons already stated.

Like me, all my high school buddies had to leave. They would still be my friends if we weren't all scattered.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: they all have a Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd! The streets are unsafe because of American Renaissance's Jared Taylor? Many African American youth destined to attend Harvard and Yale are cut down by guns? Oh boy...this is a tough question!

Billy said...

This is a brilliant essay...

Mr. Trump’s comment regarding his preference for immigrants from Norway instead of “shithole countries”  such as Haiti engendered among the commentariat a great squealing. I cannot fathom this. Are they geographic virgins, and just don’t know anything of the world? Is it  only the usual schadenfreudian gotcha pile-on?  The if-A-then-B response to stimulus of a press corps with the freedom of thought I associate with a FORTRAN statement?


Anonymous said...


Recently you covered "Black Lightning". Yahoo just ran an article on it, complete with comments:


Here are some reader-inspired super powers, reminded me of Dindu Nuffins!

-No bill collector will ever catch him.

-Able to avoid 12 baby mamas in a single bound!

-Leaves a bastard child whereever he goes!

-His only kryptonite is child support payments.

-Faster than a speeding ebt card

Anonymous said...

"The subhuman's are uniting to conquer the
world. Woe to us all, if we do not unite to
protect ourselves!"

Anonymous said...

The shitholes have only one thing in common, they're all overrun with blacks.

Anonymous said...

Look at the dirty cop in Los Angeles named Kenneth Collins who was running a drug-selling network. The MSM won't show his photo in most articles, but he's a negro, as you might expect. It's been shown over and over and over: put a negro in a position of trust and authority, and corruption surely follows.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice how a black man, Sen. Corey Booker, abused a white, blonde woman and not one male (or female) U.S. Senator rose to defend her? If the roles were reversed we would not hear the end of it for another 100 years.

Non PC Infidel said...

Everyone I've conversed with about Trump's "shithole" comments has been in complete agreement with him about the subject. Furthermore, they've also spoken up and essentially said negroes in America create and occupy shitholes in all our cities or turn entire cities into shitholes when they have the numbers to do so and take over. No one that I've talked to is blind to the reality nor do they make excuses for negroes or try to portray them as helpless and unfortunate victims left with no choice but to live in "deprived" shitholes. They know negroes are the ones responsible for creating the shitholes they live in and are sick of negroes.

I truly believe that if it were not for the force of the federal government being used to protect the negro species, these shitholes filled to over flowing with criminals, parasites and thugs would be cleaned out and cleaned up in no time flat. People are just that sick and tired and fed up with negroes and all their incessant and never-ending bull crap.

I have a dream...............

Anonymous said...

Trump is using truthbombs to explode the leftist propaganda matrix that the West has been trapped in for 50 years. The walls that have been built around the truth are crumbling everywhere:

"An Italian politician has called for his countrymen to decide whether they wish to preserve the 'white race' in the face of mass migration to Europe.

Politician Attilio Fontana, from the Northern League, said Italy had a stark choice to make over immigration - propelling the contentious topic to the front and centre of the general election campaign.

'We have to decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society continues to exist or if it will be wiped out,' Fontana said, the League's candidate to govern the northern Lombardy region.

It was 'not a question of being xenophobic or racist, but a question of being logical or rational,' he said in remarks made on Sunday."

Anonymous said...

So. I saw 'Black Lightning' tonight. Whew.

The show begins with a family of witty, urbane, well-dressed negroes in an $80,000 SUV being hassled by the rayciss po-leece for no good reason. A few minutes later, negro in a suit is shooting lightning bolts out of his hands at cops. Then two different bucks pull guns out and threaten to kill people in the space of three minutes. That's as far as I made it.

Anonymous said...

An interesting corollary to this piece is the strange headline I saw this AM on the computer.


A dem won a seat held for something like the past 16 year in Wisconsin. But strangely enough the lowest white population in the counties making up the 10th District is over 93%!

Is it just me, or do we see the effects of hokey Scandihoovians that must virtue signal and out-Lutheran everyone else? Funny they don't want to live around blacks!

Unknown said...

It's interesting to note that these liberals treat shithole cities just like they treat shithole countries. Just as they think people who live in Haiti should be able to move to the US, they think people who live in, say, Detroit, should be entitled to free housing in Grosse Pointe or Bloomfield Hills.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add another dis-honorable mention to the list of shit-hole cities-- Greenville SC.

countenance said...

St. Louis is only number eight?

Paul, you need your eyes checked.

Anonymous said...

Shitholes are anyplace where a large number of negroes are.

Anonymous said...

Gee, people walking around in cities full of garbage and animal and human waste. Still not able to call them what they are, shithole cities. This political silence is killing all of us. They talk about climate change and dirty air, but crickets when it come to third world filth on the streets. This filth is running into water sources and you can’t say anything about it. Kids digging through garbage for food but don’t call it abuse. Even in the U.S. don’t ask anyone to clean their neighborhood. That would be racist. The biggest haters and racists are the ones who allow kids to live in these shitholes. Shhhh, don’t upset anyone.

Anonymous said...

Only a racist would say that Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany are in any way better than Haiti, Nigeria, Congo or South Africa. Only a racist.

Marc B said...

The interesting thing about that list is that both Memphis and Detroit are visibly less shitholey than they were a decade ago. That's how bad these places really are.

Californian said...

Well, perhaps some troll can identify for us any city which has been taken over by blacks and whose economic status, educational level and civic order thereon improved?

Anonymous said...

Syria is only on that list because of the Obama-Hillary instigated civil war that destroyed the country, killed the Christians, and tried to put radical Muslims in power.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Hats off to president Trump...brevity is the soul of wit.

I think Cincinnati should have been included.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:00 AM

Can you tell us a little more about Greenville SC?
I have not heard much bad about it, I think BMW has a large plant there.

But I have a relative living there and he and his wife just got CCW permits last year.

Anonymous said...

The Mestizo Aztecs will join forces with Negroes in America to take down Whites.

Then the Beaners will turn on and destroy the blacks with extreme prejudice. They do not have White guilt brainwashing them.

Therefore, must keep beaner count down before we wiped out. DACA must die. At least if anything, do not allow voting rights to illegal mestizos as part of any deal.

Kill DACA, though.

Michigan Jim said...

My beloved Cleveland is determined to crack the Top Ten next year!

Anonymous said...

Chicago had more than 800 murders in 2016 and 675 in 2017. Things are off to a slow start this year with only about 22. Mostly black ghetto POS city run by a half breed liberal. Also some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. More than 80 percent of the shooters are black. But the media loves the animals.

chattanooga gal said...

I find it amusing that the left has to grapple with the fact that they want to be offended that Trump may have called Haiti a shithole country, but now they almost have to admit that it is if they want to keep all those Haitian refugees here. When I here any of them planning to retire there, or take their vacations in the congo I might believe they are sincere. In the meantime, I notice Oprah doesn't have her main office in Baltimore or Birmingham does she.

cloudofhaze said...

I find myself going back and forth with blacks. I'm black. Anyway.

I ask my Africa loving friends, how can they advocate for productive Africans coming here, paying taxes to pay for the roads, schools, and Medicare for YT?

Every time a black tells me that Africans are doctors and lawyers here. I gently remind them that America can do without the best African doctors. Africa, not so much.

Almost every African/Haitian is sending money home to build a house and retire. I've seen more half built houses than I can count. More to the point, Africa and the Caribs need there most productive on the ground. Not merely sending money home. You can't build a society with a bunch of retirees. You need the young and ambitious.

Enough of my rant.

Anonymous said...

Our esteemed senator, Corey booker, chimped out on the blonde woman who now heads DHS because she couldn't recall Trump's "shithole" comment. Yelling, pounding his fist and crying, he berated her for several minutes saying among other things that "people are hurting" because of Trump. But it sounded like he almost slipped Freudianwise because it sounded like "People are ha-hurting." Meaning he almost said "People are hating" because of Trump. Sounded like. Very revealing.

And watch out America because Wall Street and the Dems are trying to promote this faggot for president.

(Sorry, faggots.)

Anonymous said...


Blame the American Medical Association for all the foreign doctors because they deliberately limited the supply to enhance their own financial prospects.

In the same way that trade unions and older immigrant groups limited immigration to maintain a labor shortage and thereby perpetuate their own affluence (which many of us can recall).

But corporate in-sourcing broke all that down and now we're so much better off.


Anonymous said...

The crooked LA cop, Kenneth Collins, is black?

I read the name and figured he was Irish. Good catch.

Anonymous said...

By popular demand, PK, I agree with the other posters that you should look into the probable lynching of the white girl at the New Rochelle Dunkin Donuts. Not much media attention since the colorblind first MSM reports moaning about de bilience. And an apparent mudshark saying the victim was the bully.

But apparently she was chased by four to five ferals, caught and tried to defend herself with pepper spray, escaped but was cornered again at the donut shop and stabbed to death.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to use the term shitpile. Whites have been using shitholes effectively for many years. When you shit wherever you feel like it, you create a pile.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you all listen to the latest AMREN blogcast, where PK and the host, Jared Taylor, talk of current events.

Go to the 42 minute mark since there are a few comments made by PK that have me confused.

1) Concerning Booker T Washington being a "good man" and integration?

2) The reluctance to have Jared Taylor say what President Grant said about Jewish Merchants during the Civil Suicide War... (in which Grant showed he knew the truth and understood the future.....)

AM I being paranoid?


Sick n Tired said...

I saw that article as well and laughed my ass off at the comments. I look forward to see how many different nights they switch this show to, before they cancel it due to low or no ratings.

Sick n Tired said...

There's about 10 cities in Florida that should have been on that list as well. Just goes to show how deep the dysfunction really goes.

Californian said...

You know what's funny about this whole affair? That Trump did more for the cause of race realism by (allegedly) using one eight letter word than all the cuckservatives have done with all their chanting: "the Democrats are the real racists!" It's like there are a few magic words which, once spoken, drive the anti-White coalition bonkers.

Something to be considered as the Internet Infowar Insurgency continues...

Unknown said...

Zero degrees this past week and we had some snow. Schools and many medical facilities were closed. I had to venture forth, as did others, one stop was the local Super WalMart. Over half of the cars in the parking lot were left running. The elderly were being "escorted" by younger shoppers so as to avoid a fall in the icy parking lot. No vehicles were stolen, no one was mugged. Lord in heaven, how is such a thing possible? Need I mention my COUNTY is 95% White?

SO, SO happy that FMG has returned!

Anonymous said...

Like a doc seeing a tumor on your lip and looking closer...then finding cancers all throughout your body.

2 weeks to live.

Anonymous said...

New Rochelle....

Californian said...

Chicago had more than 800 murders in 2016 and 675 in 2017.

By way of comparison, Al Capone, the biggest gangster in Chicago's history, was responsible for the killing of less than 50 people, most of them other mobsters, and this over the course of a decade. The largest single death toll was the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929 in which mobsters allegedly working for Capone gunned down seven members of the Bugs Moran gang.

So in rough figures, every week Chicago sees the equivalent of two St.Valentine's Day Massacres. Every month, they have the death toll of a Capone Decade (if we may use such units of measurement).

Keep up that vibrancy!

Non PC Infidel said...

As per Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC, both have one zip code each in the list of top ten most dangerous zip codes in the country. Spartanburg is my home town although I spent very few years there and there are places there that you don't want to be even in daylight. Of course, thanks to the usual demographic.

Anonymous said...

If we made immigrants rehabilitate some of these cities maybe it would be a win , win. But we don’t.

Anonymous said...

Your numbers are off, sir/ma’am. The race of shooting offenders is actually 91% black, 8% Hispanic, 1% other. The numbers can be loose though because at least 10% of these offenders are a combo of black and Hispanic.

Illisheet said...

It goes without saying that South Africa is a shithole too, and lookie here - because nobody has the acumen to think about what happens if you overuse water...


The comments are refreshing. I've been finding out more UK news outlets are disallowing them these days.

I asked my mother last week, 'who needs people from shithole countries when we have a sterling example of these places and their denizens only 20 miles away?' She comes from a southside Chicago neighborhood that was all Irish and Italian until the late 60's when it turned completely black, then they were pushed out by hispanics.

This entire state is a shithole.

Pat Boyle said...

When I was a kid Africa was viewed differently. It wasn't thought of as the continent of shitholes.

For example in 1948 it was thought of as a desirable place from which few wished to leave.


As late as 1954 Africa was called happy.


But thanks in part to this blog, we know better now.


Anonymous said...

As per Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC, both have one zip code each in the list of top ten most dangerous zip codes in the country.

In BRA, even Zip Codes can go wrong!

AnalogMan said...

Somebody made a map to help us locate the countries in question:

S-Hole countries: The Guide.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 11:24

Of all the "grievance" groups, white women are the only ones who truly matter to us and thus should be focused on first. Whites don't need anybody else- the muds come to us because they don't even have enough empathy for each other.

White women know that they are next in line for the societal gulag after white males are out of the way/emasculated. No other race of males has had its females so actively engaged in their demise- which interestingly enough spells their own demise as well.

Stop the infighting and realize that we have to work together if we are to survive this invasion and keep any semblance of a first world civilization that people still desire to live in. Blacks are bullies and target women, gays, Asians, among other groups when it strikes their fancy. It's what they do. They are no one's allies, they are no one's friends.

Modern day feminism and how it infantilizes women should be all of our first target- it is harming both sexes and allowing Muslim and other mud invaders in through the front door.

D-FENS said...

Of course Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville, SC. So they’ve got THAT going for them!

Westminster Dragoon said...

♫♪ I bless the rains down in Shithole ♫♪

Fled The Undertow said...

I once had a useless black principal who would promenade up and down the halls of his shitty little ghetto school all day long, walking with his hands behind his back, peering into our classrooms and imagining himself as Lord of All He Surveys. From what I could tell, he did little else at his job (except get his new white teacher to resign by making her life a living hell).

About 6 months after I finally quit, he was in the news for making sexual advances on the young black women he interviewed as my replacement. Luckily, one of his victims went to the police and then the press, and it was revealed that he'd been pulling these attempted rape stunts for years. Instead of firing him for his unwanted sexual advances (and risking a Cibil Rights suit), the superintendent just kept moving him from school to school.

D is for depressing said...

@Revered Bacon

It's interesting to note that these liberals treat shithole cities just like they treat shithole countries. Just as they think people who live in Haiti should be able to move to the US, they think people who live in, say, Detroit, should be entitled to free housing in Grosse Pointe or Bloomfield Hills.

Please don't give them ideas. Those cities are some of the most beautiful that we have.

Anonymous said...

Sh-thole cities arise from sh-thole neighborhoods and sh-thole "leadership".

PB said...

"The comments are refreshing. I've been finding out more UK news outlets are disallowing them these days.'

They must have been good because they're gone already.

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of a quote from the book "Marine, the life of Chesty Puller":

“Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”
– Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC

Ole Chesty was almost right, except in this case it isn't a foreign soldiery...

Ohio born said...

I read a comment from a guy wishing he could go back home to Gary Indiana. That really hit a nerve. I live in the house my father grew up in. Went either to school with or hung out with or my brother hung out with my current neighbors. Me and my neighbors are one farm sale or natural gas line away from being turned into a ghetto. The government has and will continue using blacks to break up white cohesion anyway they can. When whites gather it's a racist movement, when blacks gather it's a social movement!! We have been duped by the ((
elite)). Whites generosity has been used to make us slaves to the elite!!

Augustus said...

Detroit is the Black, socialist Utopia of America. There are many more in various stages of development, surrounded by more civilized areas.l

Augustus said...

I remember all the steel workers going to Hobart, but it wasn't far enough. Then Merrillville, now it's Cedar Lake, or farther. My friends ended up in Chesterton and even LaPorte. Nothing seems far enough anymore.

Augustus said...

Like Law and Order, where the evil white animals are constantly harming the hardworking minorities. Reality turned on its head.

Augustus said...

Racist? How about realist?

Augustus said...

I think those might be the percentage of victims. As I remember, the shooters are over 80% Black, and 13 to 15% Hispanic. Hispanic shooters are closer to their percentage in the population, while Black shooters are, as always out of all relation to their percentage in the population.
See heyjackass.com. Great site for Chicago crime stats. The Chicago police are so on top of murders that the closure rate is almost 13%. :(

Blue Eyes Matter said...

That's why so many of us left for whiter pastures . I've been back to Illinois only twice since 1976. Twenty below zero temps and no blacks sure beats seventy five degrees and TNB.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

What comes out of shitholes? Anybody?

Great White North said...

Gee Pat, what possibly could have changed since 1954? The people in power perhaps?

The Umpire said...

Great White North (5:50 PM):


Anonymous (Mr. Ulterior Motive? 99.88% sure): "Chicago had more than 800 murders in 2016 and 675 in 2017."

Mr. Ulterior Motive, is that you again?

Yeah, and you—because you're evil—were so very, very disappointed (on 1-1-18).

Mr. Ulterior Motive, do you even know what "per capita" means? Of course, the question is purely rhetorical—you know what it means, but you always play dumb (because you're such a sneaky devil).

"Things are off to a slow start this year, with only about 22."

Yeah, and that has Mr. Ulterior Motive feeling very, very blue. Cheer up Mr. Ulterior Motive—things will get "better" (for your evil soul) in the summer. They always do.

"Mostly black ghetto [...] city [...]."

Chicago: 29.3% black.

Mr. Ulterior Motive, are you actually going to lie (about the lie you just wrote) in order to play dumb (again)? Ugh, you're such a blatant liar (because you're evil).

Anonymous said...

I too grew up in Gary,a beautiful thriving city. Then Hatcher got elected mayor and it all went downhill. My first house was in Gary a beautiful brick home in Glen Park area (white section of town). Crime got so bad in 1977 we sold and moved to the next county east. No more crime, actually saw snowplows that plowd the streets. Garbage pickup that was on time etc.etc. Blacks do nothi g but destroy. They have moved south and left a trail of trash and abandoned homes. A disease on society.

The Umpire said...

Californian (January 17, 4:22 PM):

The Homicide Report (as of 1-19-18): "619 people were killed in L.A. County in the past 12 months."

Californian, does that mean that crime is out of control in L.A. County? Or is it more about the fact that L.A. County has a LARGE POPULATION?! You do know what "PER CAPITA" means, riiiiight?!

Hmmm, let's see: Top 30 Highest Murder Rate Cities, 2017 (neighborhoodscout.com)

1) East St. Louis, ILLINOIS

22) Banning, CALIFORNIA

25) Salinas, CALIFORNIA

27) Desert Hot Springs, CALIFORNIA

30) Washington, DC

So Californian, how many other places in California have a higher murder rate than Chicago? Does homicide in Chicago interest you more than homicide in California?

Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S., 2017 (neighborhoodscout.com)

1) East St. Louis, ILLINOIS

18) San Bernardino, CALIFORNIA

26) Oakland, CALIFORNIA

32) Stockton, CALIFORNIA

71) Compton, CALIFORNIA

86) Modesto, CALIFORNIA

95) Merced, CALIFORNIA

100) Wheeling, WV

So Californian, how many other places in California are more dangerous than Chicago?

Californian, what should the average American be more interested in: the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1929), or the 1992 Los Angeles riots?

St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Chicago, 1929)

Deaths: 7.

Injuries: 0.

Property Damage: $0.00.

Watt's Riots (Los Angeles, 1965)

Deaths: 34.

Injuries: 1,032.

Property Damage (2018 dollars): $344 million.

Los Angeles Riots (1992)

Deaths: 63.

Injuries: 2,383.

Property Damage (2018 dollars): $1.36 billion.

Wow Californian! I've lived in Chicago almost 28 years, yet I didn't know about the Bugs Moran gang. Out of Chicago's 2.7 million people, what percentage know about B.M.G.? 0.21%? By contrast, what percentage of Californians DO know about B.M.G. (even though Chicago is a long, long, long, long, long way from California; and even though 1929 was a long, long, long, long, long time ago)? 71%? 78%? 84%? Help me out.

Californian, since you live in California (uh, I assume), and since you're so interested in Chicago......

Chicago to San Diego (distance24.org): 1,734 miles

Chicago to San Francisco: 1,857 miles.

Californian, what interests you more: crime in 2018 California, or crime in Chicago (all the way back in 1929).

Dude, don't be too interested in a Chicago gang from 1929. You might be totally absorbed in a book about B.M.G., BUT SUDDENLY, you realize that the Crips, the Bloods, or some other California gang has broken into your house! Californian, is a California gang breaking into your house RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT?! No? Y' sure?

Dude, imagine this: You're in your house, at your computer, totally mesmerized by Chicago's latest crime news (even though many, many, many other places are more violent than us), WHEN SUDDENLY, a MASSIVE, DEVESTATING, California earthquake starts up! The chair you're sitting in shakes like mad, your roof starts to collapse, the bookshelf right next to your desk crashes to the floor (missing you by 0.4"), all sorts of materials (e.g., plaster, glass, concrete, leftover pizza, etc.) starts to pelt you, and you really need to take notice! However, like about 89% of your fellow Americans, you're totally, utterly mesmerized by crime in Chicago—spending hours every night listening to the C.P.D. in the 'hood! You FINALLY snap out of it, but TOO LATE —your California house collapses! Your number is up! Why? Because, like 89% of your fellow Americans, you were so insatiably thirsty for bad news from Chicago, that you were in a trance—oblivious to everything around you!

Californian, have you ever compared the crime rates of states?

Hmmm, let's see: Safest States in the U.S. US News Best States (usnews.com).

1) VT

21) IL

33) CA

HUH?! California is...33rd?!

Californian, are you still feeling cocky?

Detroit Refugee said...

I often ask my libtard women from Grosse Isle if theyd support the building of 2000 low income housing units @ the former G.I.Navy Base. Theres room for this, and it'd be racist to deny 2000 women of color along w/ all those young, teenaged, rappers "opportunity".

Detroit Refugee said...

The weapons used during the St.Valentines massacre were found behind a wall during the renovation of a kitchen on the western side of Mi. What a find!!

AnalogMan said...

The Umpire said...

... something, don't know what.

Friendly tip, Umpire. Your smartarse tone puts me off, and I skip to the next comment. Possibly others, too. Maybe that's a pity, because you may have something worthwhile to say. Just a suggestion: cool it.