Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#WakandaIsntReal: Remembering the Mid-1990s "Your mother didn't raise you to be a drunk" ad campaign targeted at Black Males

American Ruins by Camilo Jose Vergara is one of the books you aren't supposed to be know exists. Vergara is a photographer, who over many years documented the decline of once thriving, all-white areas, now in state a perpetual degradation courtesy of the black population dwelling amidst skyscrapers and structures this racial group is incapable of either replicating or maintaining.
These ads, targeted at black males, where found throughout the blighted ruins of urban American cities in the mid-1990s

Vergara is a committed leftist. He lets slip one of the reasons why the magnificent buildings of yesterday are allowed to decline into nothing more than degraded memories of stone and steel, when he wrote:
Black and Latino elected officials are reluctant to commit scarce resources to reclaim buildings that once welcomed people of color only as shoeshine boys, elevator operators, janitors, foundry workers, and maid. (p. 13)
All of those vocations provide admirable, honest work, but in the absence of white people - who built the buildings and sustained an economy providing these service positions - the only remnants of their civilization for the now majority population of people of color are the buildings and structures they lack the mental acumen to understand how to maintain from the cruel elements of time and neglect.

There is one passage in American Ruins fitting for our current year, where enthusiasm and anticipation for Black Panther is whipping black people up into absolute hysteria, a zeal for the fictional world of Wakanda where blacks have developed the most technologically advanced civilization in human history.

Reading American Ruins and looking upon the blight and dilapidated structures Vergara's documents in melancholy photos (built long ago by white people who subsequently abandoned their cities when migrating blacks from southern states made living in them an untenable proposition) helps clarify the lie black labor built the United States.

Indeed, once white people abandoned Newark, Detroit, Camden and other northern cities, the now majority black population became stewards of a civilization they believe themselves to not only superior to, but whose unacknowledged labor they feel is directly responsible for creating.

In reality, the collapsing structures (white people long ago built) and edifices of once magnificent buildings is but a reflection of the collective capacity for civilization represented in the now majority black population who resides in places such as Newark and Detroit:
On New Year's Day 1995 in the Central Ward of Newark, I saw the first of many billboards depicting the solitary but anguished hollering face of a young black man placed horizontally along with a line of text. The image was unforgettable, and its location, among the abounded buildings and empty lots, acknowledged a national tragedy just where it was most intensely felt. The billboard, like a patch, seemed to be holding together the derelict structures supporting it.  
I saw the face as I traveled to Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. The billboards came with different texts. I preferred the one with the words "Your mother" in large letters at the top. I interpreted the phrase as referring to all that had once been nurturing: the neighborhood, the buildings, the people, even the earth itself. For a while I ignored the rest of the sentence, but below the face the text continued "...Didn't raise you to be a drunk." The other version said, "Dead men can't jump," with "Don't drive drunk" below the image.  
This was not a work of environmental art in the tradition of Robert Smithson, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, or Dennis Hollier. I had come across an ad campaign, a public-service announcement designed to discourage young black men from excessive drinking. The ads were sponsored by Coors Brewery, Vibe, the Box, and Black Entertainment Television and designed by Uniworld Group, a New York-based, black-owned advertising agency. These billboards had long been rented for beer advertisements for Coors, and Coors donated the remainder of their leases to this extraordinary example of shock advertising.  
Ghettos are full of glamorous images that encourage people to drink and smoke. Designers at Uniworld Group and black community leaders in Nw York City emphasized that alcoholism among young black males was a serious problem, and the signs were designed to grab the attention of this group. This campaign, they felt, was a step in the right direction. In explaining the election of ghettos for the placement of the signs, Byron Lewis, the chairman of Uniworld, stated, "We were not hired to communicate to the white community." 
It is doubtful that such signs would have been allowed in more affluent black or mixed neighborhoods. They were yet another symbol that visually defined ghettos, giving a symbolic cry to the most desolate of them. The billboards are gone, but I can still imagine a chorus of piercing screams coming from hundreds of huge open mouths all hollering together.  (p. 198 - 199)
Wakanda isn't real; but the ruins of white Americans civilization, courtesy of a racial group lacking in all self-awareness, is tragically too real.


Westminster Dragoon said...

What comes first?

White Flight or Black Blight?

It's like the chicken and the egg thing.

Anonymous said...

The campaign was obviously a colossal failure and it's not hard to understand why. The line of text at the top would've been lost on most negroes. "Your Mother"? The average negro wouldn't have had a clue to whom the ad was referring. Had the advertisers been serious the line should've read "Yo Mama". Why they employed proper English instead of the ebonics mongrelization is hard to understand. Makes me wonder who the ad campaign was truly targeted toward.

Anonymous said...

Black "mothers"(the more accurate term would be demon incubators) do a HORRIBLE job raising their butt dumpling offspring. These high-T animals are just as violent and criminally prone as their "bad keeidz". If the only hope for blacks is listening to their promiscuous, loud, mean-spirited mothers then their is little hope for them. Apart from alcohol these "teens" are now also fuelled by illegally acquired prescription pills, ghetto codeine concoctions and high rates of marijuana use. They are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Byron Lewis, the chairman of Uniworld, stated, "We were not hired to communicate to the white community."

A statement which applies to 90% of the media in BRA...

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Sort of a ghetto Jacques de Beaufort and "The Gaping Maw of Hell".

Unknown said...

They are "the worst stewards of children" on the planet, according to Tommy Sotomayor.
Their insistence on reproducing despite crippling poverty is infuriating. They don't lack birth control or awareness of the consequences of sex. Only the Australian Aboriginals were lacking the knowledge that sex leads to pregnancy.
They have these "keeds" on purpose. They stupidly think the dindu who impregnated them will stay because of a baby, which has been clearly refuted by decades of fatherlessness. They also want someone to love them, because their parents didn't love them and dindus in general can't love others. The sheboon knows she is completely undesirable except for the dindu's uncontrollable libido, and that even that will prefer anything other than a sheboon if given the opportunity. A child is a captive for 18 years. They think they will receive validation from their children, which is absurd and the opposite of how parent-child relationships are supposed to function. When it turns out that parenthood demands a huge amount of work and a complete change of lifestyle, they become abusive and neglectful, blaming their spawn and the dindu that sired them for their difficult situations.
Every child born in the ghetto is a wound on civilization. All of humanity would be so much better off if dindus stopped having babies. They produce nothing. The cost in money due to keeping them alive, and the cost in blood due to dealing with their criminal nature, are massive.
Everyone here already knows all this, though. I'm just incensed that I saw one in my rural
Community the other day. A big dindu buck working as a door greeter at Walmart. The last thing I want to see in this idyllic community, because there's always the threat that others will follow.

Anonymous said...

Anon said: "Apart from alcohol these "teens" are now also fuelled by illegally acquired prescription pills, ghetto codeine concoctions and high rates of marijuana use."

That's a fact. Besides being 3 sheets to the wind, the little uneducated darlings are armed to the teeth. Millions of marinated brain cells with jerky fingers on a trigger.

Anonymous said...

I lot of people have commented on how they can't wait for Black Panther to be a failure.

It isn't happening. Based on the pre-ordered tickets and gofundme sites already set up, every black schoolchild in the country already has a ticket bought and paid for them. Black people might even pay themselves to go see it. So it's going to be a success at the box office. Even a relatively poor opening will only spurn more crowdfunded tickets to be bought for the "youth" to boost its numbers.

No, the real story here is not whether it does poorly, it's that blacks are going to be gathering in large numbers to see this movie. And we all know what that will mean: TNB.

The media will want to gush over the success of the movie and how empowering the mythical wakanda is for black kids. But how can they do that without mentioning the multiple shootings, stabbings, and brawls that will be breaking out at the showings that people will hear about on their local news? What happens when the first clueless white liberal who ventures to watch this movie with a theater full of blacks gets his head stomped in by a mob chanting, "This is for f-ing up Africa! We waz kangs!"? "Empowering", indeed.

No matter how "well" the movie does or how "great" the movie is, the behavior of the actual blacks going to see Black Panther in the movies will serve as proof positive why the nation of wakanda could never exist on earth.

The release of Black Panther would be one of the ultimate football spikes in YTs face pulled by BRA, if it weren't for the actual black audiences. Every newspaper already has their "4-star" review of the movie ready to print, but unfortunately for them it will probably run alongside an article titled, "Shots ring out at the midnight premiere of Black Panther".

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1013 is right using proper English "be actin' white" and it is like a foreign language to Mondays.
Maybe a little different wording and the poor downtrodden noble magic negro could be saved from itself.
I like this one...Yo mama didn't raise ya punkass to be a drunk but ya daddy sure as hell wasn't around.
Bwahahah! Have fun with the BRA don't be down about it.

Anonymous said...

The companies that donated their rented billboard space to specifically help blacks were likely praised. Were they to do the same to address the white problem with opioid use they would be attacked as "racist". Yet there supposedly exists in the USA "systemic white supremacy", "institutional racism", and "white privilege".

I've learned so much in the last few years. I found out that the Tuskegee airmen were braver and more talented than white fighter escorts and later defeated a group of ME 262 jet fighters, that black women are responsible for whites going to the moon, and now that blacks would've created a civilization that would've impressed Captain Kirk. I'm not good with the computer but I hope the younger meme masters get working on side-by-side pictures of Wakanda and scenes from Africa, Haiti, etc.

Imagine a world without blacks. The ways in which it declines are limited to narrow entertainment fields and the ways in which it improves are difficult to count. When you analyze it, even the "productive" blacks who have (mostly affirmative-action government) jobs are a negative. From a moral perspective a more capable person didn't get the job and from an economic perspective, inefficiency has been introduced. On the whole it's a race of violent dull ingrates yet massive efforts are (continually [talk about the definition of insanity]) put forth to cater to it.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90s St. Ides malt liquor put out a (c)rap compilation where all the big name (c)rappers of the time changed the lyrics of one of their hit masterpieces into an ad for St. Ides.
The Mondays who sell bean pies on curbs that divide roads in the city took offense.
They said it was crass and tacky and that the (c)rappers were being used.
If you would buy a few bean pies then they would be ok with the ad they said.


"It is doubtful that such signs would have been allowed in more affluent black.........neighborhoods."

Really? Can this pompous ass "artist" name me one, JUST ONE, affluent black neighborhood?

Just One.

If ANY negro out there can name me ONE affluent black city, state, zip code, apartment building...I'll convert to Democrat, sacrifice my daughter to black bucks, and beat myself with a penance.....ok..............just one.....itsy bity one........


Anonymous said... is sponsored by Coors Light. When have you ever seen a black drink Coors Light?

Anonymous said...


How smart are the democrats?
So smart that after going all in for Mondays and Mexcrements...they wheel out the runt of the Kennedy litter for their grand coalition.
Bwahahaha! Derpy Derp. The next few years are going to be glorious.
After Trump is gone maybe not so much.


"......people of color only as shoeshine boys, elevator operators, janitors, foundry workers, and maid. (p. 13)"

SO, what jobs do they have now? ANY?

And, what CAN the negro do in a White Civilization? What did they do back in Africa where there were NO shoes, NO elevators, NO buildings to clean/fix, NO steel to pour and NOTHING to clean since the African didn't need to clean a mud hut.

Mud for the Muds.

White Men created shoe shine jobs by creating Grand Central Station where shoe shine boys made money. Today, they smoke crack and (luckily for us) kill each other. The negro lover prefers crack smoking among negro males than negro males shining shoes.........

So, "Mr. Artist", you have your wonderful hoods, full of unemployed bucks.....with great "not for white people" billboards pleading with your bucks not to get shit faced drunk.....what a wonderful memory, butt head.

AND) "I interpreted the phrase as referring to all that had once been nurturing: the neighborhood, the...."

REALLY ass wipe? If the neighborhood was so damn nurturing, why the F'n billboard asking the youts not to commit suicide by Coors? The neighborhood only nurtured the negro when WHITE PEOPLE WERE THERE TO DO IT FOR THEM.

Going back, I caught something else: "Black and Latino elected officials are reluctant to commit scarce resources to reclaim buildings..."

No, dickhead, the officials didn't want to spend ANY money if it wasn't for their immediate gratification. Buildings or none, they weren't going to fix it, or your schools, or your hospitals, or a train/bus station. None of it. The officials were going to steal all the money as fast as they can. That is what the negro does.

The negro do what the negro due.

Ashes to Ashes and Mud to Mud.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

To be sure, a drive, or God forbid a walk, through any diversity enriched urban center core is enough to cause abject terror as well as deep depression in any race conscious white person. I've seen the destruction up close and personal my entire life, starting with Washington D.C., directly after the '68 riots. We lived in Arlington, so driving through Washington to get to northern points was a necessity before they built the by-pass. The rampant destruction negroes are capable of is absolutely awe inspiring.

The once proud neighborhoods of D.C., like so many around America, were beautiful and elegant. When the original edifices were built, they were architectural marvels. West of Dupont Circle had town homes with soaring Ionic columns gracing their entry ways, turreted topped roofs, gracious front porches with sweeping views of the street, and large stone steps leading up from the sidewalks. Once negroes had taken control of this section, around 1960 or so, the rot, decay, squalor, and filth took root almost immediately. The pattern is evident in every U.S. city I've ever visited or lived in or around- Boston, Philly, Atlantic City, Newark, the list goes on and on.

When the negro isn't plotting and planning for more gibs, he is in active pursuit of getting drunk or high. Yesterday, Paintjob shared the Chicago radio police scanner with us. I took an hour or so to listen in and it was quite entertaining. Here is the link:

After ten p.m or so, things get really interesting. Negroes arguing, brandishing guns, getting drunk and walking down the middle of the street, or in one case, a negress drunk driving and stopping her car in the middle of an intersection - and just sitting there. If you want to turn some of your PC, SJW friends or acquaintances on to negro Chicago night life, share the link with them. And this was all on a Wednesday evening! But then, when you don't have to worry about having to wake up for a job every day, and Uncle Sugar provides an additional monthly stipend for every niglet shat out over a forty year reproductive period, it's only natural to have a virtually unlimited amount of time and funds to find mischief. They truly are a pox on civilization.

Anonymous said...

Someone should create a photo book called "Great Billboards of Black Run America." The book could include this one, and the one from the previous article sponsored by the funeral director, and the various calls for 72 hour truces and whatever.

The book wouldn't even need commentary, as these billboards speak for themselves...and BRA.

Hannibal said...

Well, we all know a "Your Father" campaign would be useless.

Anonymous said...

What a fresh pile from the land of comrade Barnie Sandlers:

rent slave said...

O.T.-The You Tube logo has been transformed to Black History 18'.

Anonymous said...


orcs don't raise their young. they crap them out then use them for gubment checks. then abandon them.

gangs raise them.

and our prison staff helps.

Negro Antidote said...

Just another example of wasted white money and charity on the Negro. Quit trying to change the impossible,let these Kangz and Queenz perish from there own 80 IQ consequences.

Non PC Infidel said...

Your momma didn't raise you to: pop out bastard children, be a high school drop out,
flash mob and rob stores, get in street brawls, be a shoplifter, get in mob fights in restaurants, deal drugs and carry illegal weapons, scream racism every time you didn't get your way, be a drunk, live off EBT cards, section 8 and affirmative action, have an entitlement mentality, be obnoxious in public and talk loud in theaters, beg fo' a dolla' in front of convenience stores.........

Your momma didn't raise you to do any of these things and lots more- she just set the example by doing all these things herself. You go, girl! Keepin' it real in da hood! Monkey see, monkey do- fo' sho! Word!

Antidote said...

I'm fairly good at translating into Ebonics but this phrase eludes me, the best I can do is, "Didz yo' moma raise up a wine-haid?"

I'm going to investigate Wakanda. If it has something to do with Farrakhan's Muvva Ship and the plan to destroy the people of Yacoob, then I predict it will be a big hit.

Brian in Ohio said...

It`s black histry` mumf, yall. Be sure an use that ebonics where ever you can to show your support for our most ignorant citizens.

We dun stole everathang else from da black man, powered flight, the wheel, fire, might as well get dat vibrant language too! We sum culturally appropriatin mofos, knowatimsayin? Mmm hmm. Das right.

Stay alert, stay alive, fool.

Anonymous said...

blm bullshit. Right up your alley PK...lets do this story. And the comments on this site are great.

Anonymous said...

6:51 AM ; New Centurion ; perhaps look at areas in Prince George county Maryland. This is the area of the country with the most affluent black neighborhoods. Most of the middle and upper middle class blacks in that area are workers for the federal government.

PB said...

"blm bullshit. Right up your alley PK...lets do this story. And the comments on this site are great."

Were great. Appear to have gone already.

Mr. Rational said...

All of humanity would be so much better off if dindus stopped having babies.

Indeed humanity would, and before the damned SCOTUS decided otherwise, OB-GYNs often fixed the problems in the delivery room.  Earl Warren is burning in hell, but we must suffer with his works still.

Millions of marinated brain cells with jerky fingers on a trigger.

As in the "You Lackin' Challenge"?

the behavior of the actual blacks going to see Black Panther in the movies will serve as proof positive why the nation of wakanda could never exist on earth.

The problem is that this will not be accepted as proof by anyone who still requires convincing.

gangs raise them.

We need to increase the death rate of these gangs to the point where they cannot.  They're too stupid to conceal their membership/affiliation well.  Ideally we'd hit the members and their mamas and siblings.  Make sure NOBODY ever joins such a gang ever, period.

Anonymous said...

I think we'd call them, "effluent neighborhoods". ;)

Unknown said...

Those are ruined now, though.
Even this one artificially constructed "middle class" black community is spiraling down, just like so many of the others.

Paintjob Theory said...


You should have kept listening, there was a rather grisly double homicide a little later. Police found a couple negroes in their car both shot in the head plus plenty more holes in them for good measure....earlier was an 11 year old shot through the chest.

What you described is pretty much non stop. Just day in day out in African America. Mind you the warmer weather seems to get them riled up so warmer months are even more wild and holidays (4th of July, New Year's Eve, MLK day) are f*cking apocalyptic.

Anonymous said...

OT but, white woman police officer sexually harassed by her black police partner (Det. Mark Morris) in Toronto:

Toronto police officer disciplined for texts she says prove harassment
Jessica McInnis was docked eight hours’ pay for participating in text messages that she used in a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario about a “poisoned, sexist workplace environment.”

I knew it was only a matter of time when I have to STOP trusting the police when Toronto decide to deal with black crime by hiring more blacks, that's stupid.

Anonymous said...

Flint Michigan 1983 bill board

Free Flint From Fear
Hire a Black Man

No comment needed

Anonymous said...

blm= black lies murder.