Sunday, January 14, 2018

Her Name is Alice Wright: White 74-year-old Woman Murdered by Two Blacks in 94% White Suburb of Indianapolis

“Of course problem is not solved. You know, as long as people can be judged by the color of their skin, problem’s not solved. As long as there are people who still, there’s a whole generation – I say this, you know, I said this, you know, for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own, you know, community in the south–there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” -- Oprah Winfrey

Brownsburg, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis.

A 94 percent white community of 21,000 people (97 percent white in 2000). 

An elderly white woman, Alice Wright, utilized an in-home nurse aide in the form of Kiesha Summerhill. 
Rest in peace, Alice Wright

Kiesha is black, and with her black boyfriend, this former in-home nursing assistant murdered Alice Wright in a 'robbery gone wrong'.[2 arrested in murder of Brownsburg grandmother, WISH-TV, 1-12-18]:
Police said Friday a man and a woman have been arrested and preliminarily charged with murder in the shooting death of 74-year-old Alice Wright of Brownsburg. 
Arion Cruthird, 19 and Kiesha Summerhill, 18 both of Indianapolis, are in custody. 
Wright was found dead in her bedroom with a gunshot wound just before 9 a.m. 
Sunday by her daughter, according to Brownsburg Police Department Capt. 
Jennifer Barrett. She has said investigators believe Wright died between 12 and 24 hours before she was found. An autopsy found the manner of death was homicide and the cause of death was multiple traumas that complicated her hypertensive cardiovascular disease.
Both have been arrested for the murder of Alice Wright. Kiesha, right, was a former in-house nurse for Mrs. Wright
Barrett said the daughter discovered her father, Kerney Wright, on the ground out of his wheelchair in the living room. Barrett said Kerney was conscious and was taken for the hospital for his diabetic condition; he has since been released. 
About the suspects, Barrett said at a Friday night news conference at the police station, “These two individuals are in a dating relationship, and Kiesha Summerhill was a previous nurses aide who cared for Mr. Wright in his home. We do believe robbery was the motive for the murder, as there are items missing from the home.” 
The two suspects were taken into custody in the 2300 block of North LaSalle Street in Indianapolis without incident on Thursday night. Additional charges were expected, police said. The charges were filed in Hendricks Superior Court 5, but no court dates have been set. 
Neighbors along Stonehenge Drive remembered Alice as a down-to-earth, sweet grandmother. 
The family created a GoFundMe to assist with Kerney’s medical expenses. You can donate by clicking here.
One can only wonder what Oprah Winfrey would say about the murder of Alice Wright, a 74-year-old white woman living in an almost all-white suburb of Indianapolis.  Was she one of those white people Winfrey labeled as having been "born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die"? 


exiled from STL said...

stay away and don't let them into your home, your life has no value to them and you never know when they will turn on you

Anonymous said...

Yay, Indy! Home of vibrant living! Indianapolis is an area known for its diversity of races, sports fans, rappers, hard working deluded cucks and some of the most surprising diversity attacks we have ever seen.

We cannot forget on this day to commemorate the loss of our national spirit, our pride, our sense of outrage, our culture, our people...

We are a shithole nation!

This is what the people that make a living off their family investments want. They hate us, can't you see?

Now go watch your feetsball and praise your sporting "niggas" as they take a knee for the anthem! Shut up while they assault your daughters and mock your sons whose lives are beaten, shot and stabbed away if not reduced to living with no hope in the new pauperism that is the American economy!

This is their revolution against us, do you find it revolting?

What will you do?

Anonymous said...

Hey, this website isn't "fair and balanced"!

Why don't you show the thousands of daily examples of beautiful black bodies who are killed daily by evil white people?

And while youre at it, look at this great page which shows your racist educational system for what it is via utilizing local statistics to show areas that need to improve their diversity!


Libby Cannaught-Noatis

p.s. This was intended in humor!

Anonymous said...

This could be anyone out there. Black people have no morals and view murder as a means to get what they want. Could you imagine if young white people did this to an elderly black couple? The media would be all over it with 24/7 coverage around the world. Buy a gun and use it to protect yourself. In this case, I'm sure the woman trusted the black woman. It is sad! If possible, don't hire black caretakers.

Brian in Ohio said...

If Oprah thinks the "greatest generation" of whites, those brought up on Jim Crow and segregation, are racist, wait til she gets a load of generation Z.

The white kids brought up on Black Lives Matter, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray will be race realists all.

If it`s true that nothing does more for the cause of race realism than having blacks shoved in your face 24/7 by the media, than having all their dysfunction excused away by white racism, than having everything your parents and grandparents worked for and built called racist and oppression.... then the generation that's coming will make Bull Connor look like a social justice warrior.

Never has the media`s portrayal of blacks, as doctors, lawyers, educated and sophisticated, been so at odds with what the average American who has to interact with them see`s.

You can tell by the level of outrage to the Presidents "shithole countries" remark just how truthful it is. Where ever you find blacks, its a shithole. The more of them there are, the worse it is.

Places like Detroit and Baltimore are shitholes because they have a large population of blacks, but they have just enough whites to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing. Places like Haiti which are ALL black, people literally drown in raw sewage after a strong rain...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that Ms. Summerhill is not found guilty, it would be a shame for her to lose her Section Ape housing and welfare benefits.

Actually, now that the victim's husband is a widower I think that Ms. Summerhill and her suitor should get to move into the home of Mr. Wright, and Mr. Wright should go live where they did.

Mr. Wright is simply the latest man to pay the diversity tax and it's high time that he be made to pay to the last penny!

On this Dr. Martin Luther Kong Day, we need to have Republicans to propose legislation that allows black murderers to take posession of all real property of whites they kill. This will only be fair, since all white people are evil racists whose families still make money directly from the African slave trade!

(Cue burst of loud music to heighten sense of white guilt)

Brian in Ohio said...

FORMER in-home nurse...

Guaran-fucking-teed they fired her after they found stuff missing. I bet it took the cops all of 5 seconds to figure out who their #1 suspect was.

And what do you think their haul was? A couple hundred bucks? Maybe!?

Low IQ and low impulse control.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for this woman. RIP I dread the day I'm unable to fend for myself while being aware this could be my fate, via home invasion or robbery etc.. Thanks for the quote from Oprah, I tell everyone I talk to about what she said.

Ex New Yorker said...

The worst thing about these type of crimes is the only thing stolen will be something like a clock or radio. I am surprised they didn't steal the old guys wheelchair. I remember the story about the old lady down South who hired a "teen" to mow her lawn. He came back later and killed her for $40.00.

When I left New York the "teens" were killing each other for sun glasses and tennis shoes. One of the homicide cops said "Another bare foot body lying on the sidewalk".

These are hollow people. They were born dead. They have no respect for life because they are dead inside.

Anonymous said...

I'd eat a bullet before I let a black "caretaker" come into my home.

Anonymous said...

You would have to be a fool to put faith in low trust negroes. They will turn on you and do you harm. They are a predatory species.

Anonymous said...

You would have to be a fool to put your faith in a low trust predatory species like blacks. They are color coded for a reason.

D-FENS said...

Just doing Oprah’s work. BTW, overjoyed her house was destroyed in the recent mudslides as I am with any celebrity misfortune.


“A statement from the family released Friday said Kerney's medical conditions will require him to be moved into a nursing facility.”

Hope he gets better treatment there than the WW2 vet a few months back but I wouldn’t count on it.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:31, I give you an up vote, couldn't have said it better.
Just read another story about an 18 year old FEMA "home inspector."
Whenever I hire someone to do anything around the house, such as painting, poo repair, window washing, etc, I make absolutely certain The company is to send white employees.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

PK, that's supposed to be pool repair, not poo, talk about a shithole post!!!!
Female in FL

Joel Oafsteen said...

"Anonymous said...
I'd eat a bullet before I let a black "caretaker" come into my home.

January 14, 2018 at 10:22 AM"

You're absolutely correct! I would NEVER let one in my house, let alone let one be a caretaker for me or a relative. I'll put a bag over my head first.

Non PC Infidel said...

If vicious animals were attacking people on a nationwide basis, there'd be an absolute uproar and demands for the animals to be captured, killed or relocated to sparsely inhabited areas where they could do no harm. Just think about how people react when coyotes move into an area and start killing pets or vulnerable livestock-no one puts up with it and they demand that the coyotes be dealt with. In such cases, you don't leave the packs female behind to birth more of the same- they get removed/dealt with too. No one simply shuffles the pack around to different locales to continue their predations. No one argues that there are "good ones" who aren't acting like the others and so should be allowed to remain. The entire pack goes.

Considering all the crime and dysfunction of blacks, it's inexcusable to allow them to remain in civilized areas to prey upon the unsuspecting, the young, the old or the elderly and infirm. The "pack" needs to be removed and relocated back to their natural habitat which is Africa. There they can prey upon each other and live and die in their black "paradise" where such types belong.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be big sport in the Indianapolis area. Who would have thought ?

Anonymous said...

When a home health care company sends a black to be your home health care worker, lock the door and call 911.

Anonymous said...

Low IQ and low impulse control.

That is the scary thing, isn't it?

Africans-in-America commit atrocities not in the course of a major bank heist or kidnap for random. It's often over the most trivial sums: a pair of athletic shoes, designer sunglasses or a few dollars off a pizza delivery guy. Can they not think beyond the next sunset? Well, apparently not, though the term "think" may not be operative here, anyway.

Well, I suppose the perps in the Wright killing were merely showing their outrage over the President's alleged defaming of the Africa-in-the-Caribbean paradise of Haiti. Perhaps some day we can see all Africans-in-America migrate to that island so they can enjoy all the benefits of a society without White prejudice. Oprah Winfrey can even carry on the tradition of Haitian politics by being declared Empress for Life and presiding over an enlightened nation of blacks.

Meantime, YT, stay armed, stay alert.

Anonymous said...

She gained the trust of her employee who looked like a sweet open minded woman. That's where the problem started. I bet the young girl was stealing all along and wanted more.

A case of IKAGO gone wrong. Bastards. They should get the death penalty.

Ohio Machinist said...

Never leave the care of family members and friends in the incompetent hands of Blacks . They cannot be trusted in any capacity . A Nog Nurse tried to steal my Grandfather's Omega Watch , when he was admitted into a hospital . He caught her , as she was thinking he was asleep . He told us and that Nog was on leave and fired within 2 weeks by the hospital administration . She had 2 previous accusations against her for TNB.

Ex New Yorker said...

OT.....I haven't looked at TV for over five years. I used to watch some of those music shows my late wife looked at.

EVERY TIME there was one of those Rap Stars yelling into a microphone while he grabbed his dick and jumped around you would see at the edge of the stage a dozen or more white girls swaying and swooning to the "music". ALL of these women were tall blue eyed blondes with long beautiful hair. They were all so good looking that any one of them would have been a normal guys wet dream.

When the dick grabbing street apes would get near the edge of the stage these babes would be reaching out trying to grab and touch them. THIS HAPPENED EVERY TIME some Crap Star was on stage. I am sure it still goes on today.

It turns out these hot blonde babes were being paid to be there. They were part of the act and were probably sent over by some crack head rock and roll press agent or one of those "rent a crowd" agencies that Hillary used when she was "giving a speech". Of course the hidden message is there are sexy white chicks creaming in their jeans to get some of that forbidden love from these talented porch monkeys.

I saw a video clip after the Travon Martin shooting where the guy was interviewing white guys protesting Florida's "stand your ground" law. They said they were being paid to be there and sent over by an employment agency. "We need the money" one guy said.

As we now all know politics is nothing but "show business" and show business has now become "politics". It's just an endless stream of these blithering idiots and "stars" reading their scrips for the camera and the spaced out boob tubers.

The controlled media has now merged both show business and politics into some kind of chop suey that they feed to the sleeping masses. There is no longer any news. It is just a montage of babbling idiots calling each other names. This type of programing was perfected by professional wrestlers years ago.

The cameras record the crowds of screaming protestors ranting and raving about social justice. These crowds are paid participants who are there for the money because they are to fucking dumb to get a real job. The buses that brought them are parked about five blocks away.

Back in New York in the early morning I would walk by the blood bank on Broadway before it opened. Outside in front you would see the hookers, blacks, winos and junkies waiting to get inside so they could sell their blood for seven dollars a pint. That way the wino could get drunk and the junkie could get a fix. Now these dredges of society don't have to sell their blood. Instead they get paid to protest.

Everything the controlled media presents to the public is nothing but one big stage show. Multi-millionaire politicians and those ever charming TV personalities are over paid con artist who's job it is to entertain the multitude of demented morons who are so fucking brain dead they actually believe the bullshit that is being stuffed down their throats.

I remember on the old Art Bell Show he used to talk about the coming "awakening". I am still waiting for it to happen. Maybe we can have a new TV show called THE WAKENING. We can get Michael Moore to host the show. Hey....sign me up for some of that. Get out the beer and a big bag of Charlies Chuckles Cheesy Chips.

D is for depressing said...

"and they just have to die."

Even the "good ones" you can' trust.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said “I'd eat a bullet before I let a black "caretaker" come into my home.”

That’s a tough call. With no disrespect to the souls who chose to end their own lives, I have to say that I have always considered suicide to be an option only when there is no hope and there is no alternative other than ending it. When one is nearing the end it might be better to prepare and keep a concealed firearm in the wheelchair or near the bed or a booby trap near valuables. Then as soon as you catch the black bastard stealing simply kill the sob and you have done the world one final favor. This might make you guilty of murder or manslaughter, but that is no worse than suicide for persons with a religious view, and for atheists it wouldn’t matter at all. Jim Bowie reportedly did a pretty good job killing Mexicans on his deathbed at the Alamo. I’m glad that he did that rather than commit suicide.

Dagwood Bumstead said...

Our company only hires whites, we have a few Cubans, Columbians, and light skinned Puerto Ricans for good measure so we appear diverse.

Anonymous said...

Pattern recognition.

What other ethnic groups are low trust, predatory and (((tribal)))?

Can you trust people in rural Ireland?

Can you trust people in rural Ukraine?

Can you trust Romani Gypsies?

Sick n Tired said...

I miss Art Bell, I grew up listening to his show as I fell asleep at night. You can find a lot of them on YouTube if you're interested. On a side note I was out visiting a friend of mine in WY around the holidays, I spent a few days driving all over Nebraska, S. Dakota, and N. Wyoming. As I drove thru small towns, larger towns, all white, clean, friendly & groid free, I thought "these are the places Ex-New Yorker was talking about". It was refreshing to be out in the open air, middle of nowhere, no worries about streets gone wrong, someone trying to knock me out, or getting car jacked because I drove into the wrong neighborhood.
Tomorrow is MLK day, which for us here in S. Florida means nogs from as far away as Baltimore coming down here to ride dirtbikes & ATVs like fucking obnoxious assholes on the streets and highways, while the police sit by with their thumbs in their asses. Coincidently tomorrow is also the day of the year that I have an AR-15 in my truck along with my pistol, in case I want to stop by the shooting range on my way home from work. In the immortal words of Brian in Ohio "Stay Alert, stay armed"

Left Coast White Guy said...

The "pack" needs to be removed and relocated back to their natural habitat which is Africa. There they can prey upon each other and live and die in their black "paradise"

I have been saying this for six years on this site. Everyone needs to understand that this is the only pendant solution.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

My maternal grandmother was in a nursing home and "fell" in the shower, held up by a negro man "caretaker". Word has it she called him "n*gger", and he lost his grip on her. She died soon afterward.

She was an old school, Southern lady. In the fifties, she and her best friend went to a Broadway show and walked out in disgust when the negro male lead embraced and kissed the female lead. They never went to another play again.

Never, never, ever hire a groid to take care of yourself or a loved one. It will end in painful disaster and probable death. They hate what they cannot achieve and that's whiteness. The ability to think, create, build, improve, and maintain is something innate in all of us. The negro looks at his own reflection and sees the miserable, ugly, pathetic failure he/she is and is overcome with revulsion. They lash out like animals because that is exactly what they are at the core. While other races strive to improve their lot and are in a more or less constant state of dissatisfaction with the status quo, the negro is content as long as someone provides him with three hots and a cot (aka, gubmint welfare).

This couple probably was not well-to-do. Mrs. Wright would have graduated high school in 1961, around the time of Freedumb Summer (sic), when all the white chilluns rode busses to test desegregation. And they are most likely of the generation that believed in "peace, love, and togetherness".

How'd that work out for them?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you don't say "thanks but no thanks" when offered a vibrant nurse's aide. Sorry, but this is Darwinism in action.

Ex New Yorker said...


If I were a gambling man I would bet that you probably drove through or close to the town I live in. Seeing it up close must have been nice. No nogs in sight is a true delight.

I have spent time in your part of the country. Mostly the Keys and the East Coast. When ever I would return to the wild west I would talk for days about all the houses I saw with IRON BARS ON THE WINDOWS.

If you move out here I will promise you will no longer be Sick n Tired. No matter the size of these towns the only people that are unemployed are the town drunks and even they can get enough work to buy booze.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Rant continued.....

Continuing on the topic of negro inferiority, has anyone noticed how negro slang has gone mainstream? I was at the gym this morning (Planet Fitness) and on their home channel was the slogan, "You got this!"

Ummm, no, the correct English statement would be, "You've got this!" Even that is technically grammatically poor, in that it ends in a preposition, but I digress.... It's as if the negro's lazy a@@ ways have crept into every facet of the English language. When not simmering in their own vile subculture they've managed to drag down ours as well.

Wide Awake said...

Great analogy

Wide Awake said...

It does make you wonder what else is different about the negro mind aside from basic IQ. I mean, a black man and a white man with equal IQ's, the black always has higher violent tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Africans-in-America commit atrocities not in the course of a major bank heist or kidnap for random. It's often over the most trivial sums: a pair of athletic shoes, designer sunglasses or a few dollars off a pizza delivery guy. Can they not think beyond the next sunset?

This is why I don't want to live near them. As criminals they pick lousy targets and take unneeded risks. They will rob someone on the street with a gun. How much cash can someone possibly carry? Why not strong arm someone to avoid the gun charge? Or how about getting a minimum wage job and making more in a day?

With White criminals you can always rely on them to rob the wealthiest house on the block or nicest car in the parking lot. In practically all of rural America you can drive around with a middle class car and never lock it. White criminals won't waste their time on you.

With Black criminals they are too easily tempted by opportunity even if the payoff is lousy. A running beat up minivan left outside a mini mart is a free car. How much can you possibly get from a minivan? Is it worth risking the charge? Doesn't matter, free car. Whitey left his car running and now it's mine.

wrd9 said...

If you have to hire a minority, make it a male Filipino. We did this for my father-in-law, worked out great.

Anonymous said...

Around the Detroit area, if you have to go into an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or the usual rehab after a hospital stay, you are going to be taken "care" of by negroes. Every place around here is the same-all black aides. The higher-level nurses are all White or Asian, but other than that, you will be at the tender mercies of the negro. At best, you will get careless, indifferent service from someone who just wants to get you done with so she can go back to looking at her phone, but you might get ignored and die, like that poor old WW2 vet a while ago. Whatever you do, don't bring anything valuable like jewelry with you-it's gonna be gone, and nobody will know nuffin. If you want even a modicum of decent care for whoever is there, you better visit every single day-we see that a lot. One of our family is there every day, morning or night, and whenever we show up, there's always something no right that we have to correct. If you want to see something sad, come and see the people who have been there for several years with no visits from family

Anonymous said...

There is a nationwide epidemic of black "home health workers" robbing their elderly white clients after they vacate their position for whatever reason.

Here's a story I posted in the past week. Same deal, except the robber had achieved some modicum of success (got hired to act in a TV series), didn't kill one of his former clients, and actually stole more than 50 grand in baubles from one house:

It doesn't matter how much they have, if Oprah Winfrey herself was exposed to an unlocked door of an elderly white couple's house, even she would feel the innate urge for "gibs" and want to rob it blind.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Stories like these are what make the damn commercials so aggravating. The constant depictions of crucial jobs being staffed by blacks (engineers, medical research, heads of industry, etc...) sends the image that modern high tech society is only able to function due to the contributions of blacks carrying out these important roles.

The reality could not be further from the truth. It is to the point of being patronizing, like these producers recognize just how little society benefits from the presence of blacks that they are engaged in high satire when they do this.

A black is far more likely to murder a grandma in her own home than they are to lead a team of researchers in breakthrough discoveries or guide you in smart retirement investment --- yet which one will be depicted on TV?

I guess you need clown skits for clown world.

Anonymous said...

Evidence for what is already known.

Anonymous said...

Another poster mentioned hiring Filipinos, male and female-we have found them to always be kind, compassionate, and competent whenever we have encountered them in the health care system.
My mother was in a large nursing home in a small Michigan town-the entire staff, even aides, was White. (this is in an economically devastated area) I looked around, and told my wife, "If I have to be in one of these places, put me here"

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus Harmon said ”The reality could not be further from the truth. It is to the point of being patronizing, like these producers recognize just how little society benefits from the presence of blacks that they are engaged in high satire when they do this.”

I worked in a STEM field for many years and never worked with a competent black. The best that can be hoped for by employers forced to hire these monkeys to satisfy AA is to find one smart enough to not f**k things up. Fortunately, because blacks are lazy in addition to being stupid it is often the case that a white professional picks up the slack and the incompetence of the black creates no immediate harm. Where things become dangerous is when blacks are solely responsible for the operation of anything critical whether that might be a city, a water supply, or merely helping an elderly person out of a shower.

chattanooga gal said...

"It is sad! If possible, don't hire black caretakers."
the problem is, they don't give you that option. try calling an in home nursing program and tell them you only want white caretakers for your old granny and see where that gets you. most of these programs utilize practical nurses or aides , rn's don't want to do that, and, as this is the easiest nursing certificate to get, it is black heavy.

Anonymous said...

FMG, boy did you ever set off my fuse with this post!
My bad, woke, where you at, etc.
Not to mention the crap music.
The worship of spooks is so pitiful.
Glad you are back btw.
Female in FL


Oprah, a "shithole" if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

It does make you wonder what else is different about the negro mind aside from basic IQ. I mean, a black man and a white man with equal IQ's, the black always has higher violent tendencies.

Yes. What does the world look like through the black mind? Do they see the same things that other races do?

Anonymous said...

The fact that blacks are such poor criminals makes them even more dangerous. Like predatory animals, they can identify if you are vulnerable and white, but all other context and consequences are lost on them.

Someone recently recounted to me how they witnessed a group of "youths" accost a likely homeless white guy whose clothes were caked with filth, asking for his "money and cell phone".

Even a criminal with a below average IQ will realize that shaking down a piss-soaked vagrant isn't going to net you any cash, much less a smartphone, especially when weighed against the risk of getting arrested for the act. Therefore, an additional seemingly needless urge for aggression must be hardwired into their DNA. As lion cubs are raised to believe antelopes are the finest prey full of delectable meat, blacks are raised to believe white people are walking ATMs, each one with pockets full of cash and jewels. Like the lions, they are able to identify the most vulnerable whites, namely the weak and elderly. But that's about all they consider when choosing a victim: whether they are non-black and that they look weak, not whether they have something to steal, not whether they could be armed themselves, and not whether there are plenty of passers-by and cameras around them that could potentially get them in trouble.

Therefore, you could be a victim of black crime at any moment. Eleven years ago, I owned an antiquated (for the time) nokia cell phone. I was working one weekend and was called to go check on something. As I got up to do that, I noticed a black guy in the hall outside transporting linens. I had a fleeting thought to take my cell phone with me, but figured "Who would want to steal this piece of crap?". Sure enough, when I returned a few minutes later the phone was gone and as the place was practically deserted on the weekend, I pretty much was certain who snatched it. I had the phone deactivated immediately before any calls to Haiti (or whatever shithole the guy originated from) were made. I knew enough then not to find out who this employee was and report him, because the phone needed replacing anyways and I figured he would just deny stealing it and therefore potentially put my job in jeopardy for making baseless accusations against the noble black custodian.

Paintjob Theory said...

The first post is the best post and really sums up the topic. Avoid them at all costs.

Of course and nod to Ex New Yorker who has sharp insights as always.

SKIP said...

"Why not strong arm someone to avoid the gun charge? Or how about getting a minimum wage job and making more in a day?


Pat Boyle said...

Even our refreshingly out-spoken President won't say it. So I guess I'll have to say it.

One reason America is so hospitable to Mexicans is that we fear to let a black people in our homes.

I have a pair of Mexican ladies who clean my house once a week (not that I need it - LOL). One of them speaks good English and the other really likes my dog. They work fast, are hard working and honest. They are provided by a maid service which calls me each week to remind me that they are coming. It is all very organized and professional (if expensive).

When I was a kid in the suburbs of Washington DC (Arlington VA), my mother had a black maid who came in periodically. Everyone in Arlington had a black maid. But no more. In those days the black cleaning ladies took the bus over Key Bridge in the morning and took it back at dusk. Black people were not allowed in Virginia at night.

But you don't see that pattern anymore anywhere. Blacks are allowed everywhere these days. It is much too dangerous to let blacks get too close to you. So people hired Hispanics with whom they feel safer. There are almost as many Mexicans and other Hispanics in Oakland as there are blacks. But I have two gun safes filled with rifles, shotguns and pistols.

I do not keep all these arms because I fear the Mexicans.


Left Coast White Guy said...


...Sorry about the auto correct

Pat Boyle said...

Can you trust people in rural Ireland?

Can you trust people in rural Ukraine?

Can you trust Romani Gypsies?

Yes, Yes and No.


Californian said...

Stories like these are what make the damn commercials so aggravating. The constant depictions of crucial jobs being staffed by blacks (engineers, medical research, heads of industry, etc...) sends the image that modern high tech society is only able to function due to the contributions of blacks carrying out these important roles.

DWLs are trying to convince themselves that egalitarianism works by creating a virtual world in which blacks are by default engineers, etc. It's really an admission of the failure of the egalitarian policies of the last six decades. DWLs would much rather watch the shadow show on the cave wall than face the reality of race. Of course, sooner or later that reality catches up with them.



A few years back, I read an article, on some Race Realist site, that discussed this very thing: The different behaviour of the low IQ negro and the low IQ whites. They used subjects with an IQ hovering around 85.

The negro was intellectually "dumb" but there behaviour didn't show it as much. They were still "functional" and acted "normal" to one who wasn't really observing. It was not obvious, by their actions, etc. that they had an 85 IQ.

As for the 85 IQ white, they did show both retardation in intellect and behaviour. You could tell easily, by their social skills, laugh, language, etc. that they were "retarded".

So, equal IQ (based on G or aptitude tests) does not equate with equal Emotional behaviour or social skills. This is why a negro can appear "normal" to us, and it takes a while to realize they are socially stupid after the damage is done to you, your property, or your business.

Anonymous said...

OT, but the story continues after the bit I left. Perhaps it's a chip in the armor of BRA, perhaps it is a blip never to be repeated, perhaps their backlash against us is coming for us uppity whites.

I love how this professor did his masters thesis back in 2015, he sure is green for a professor. And he calls himself part Chicano, which means he hates the Spanish blood in his veins. Why can't this bitter man love himself?

Lecturer’s Critique of Whiteness Crossed the Line Into Harassment, State Investigation Finds

A lecturer in American Indian studies at San Diego State University harassed and discriminated against a student because she is white, accusing her of adopting a "white savior" complex and trying to look Native American, according to a report by the California State Department of Justice.

The report, issued last month, concluded that the lecturer, Oscar (Ozzie) Monge, retaliated against Crystal Sudano after she complained about his conduct and challenged his research.

Anonymous said...

A case of IKAGO gone wrong. Bastards. They should get the death penalty.

Their entire families should.  They are the ones who created these monsters, and they should pay for it.  Only when they FEAR anyone in their family doing something like this will they teach each other to leave YT alone.

Fed Up Firefighter said...

1st Responder. Get a lot of calls to where blacks "stay" (The don't "live" or have "permanent residence" anywhere) to assist elderly blacks. They are often in the care of fambly members so the fambly members can collect SSI/Disability, Medicare, HUD, TANF, SNAP, EBT etc benefits. These fambly members often are found in deplorable conditions, surrounded by filth and dysfunction. Elderly blacks, even in the care of Hospice, NEVER have end of life directives or DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders. Just imagine how the average negro would take care of a stranger (YOUR loved one) for minimum wage when they treat their own like shit.

I'm retiring in a few years and the only thing that matters about where I'm going is the local demographics. It must be 96% White or greater and not within 70 miles of a city with a population of 20% or greater negroes. Thankfully, there are a few spots left in the West & Northwest.

Anonymous said...

OT: Another race hoax that has been caught. This time by an 11 year old emissary from the "Religion of Peace" in Canada.

Anonymous said...

"you never know when they will turn on you"

Damn right! It's never if, but always when.

Anonymous said...

"Could you imagine if young white people did this to an elderly black couple?"

Yup, half of America would be on fire.

Anonymous said...

Image: YouTube/Sun 1

Passengers en route from Atlanta to Chicago probably weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to take place during their trip. Their hopes of an incident-free flight were dashed, however, when one woman started being disruptive. And although her fellow fliers begged her to behave herself, she ignored them, and as a result the flight was delayed by a mind-numbing four hours.

Anonymous said...

OT, but good for a laugh.

You can't make this stuff up. Was watching an episode of "Family Feud" in a waiting room this afternoon...

The question was, "Name the most important part of your body above the waist." Black family rings in first with the #1 answer, "Heart". Second guess, "Mouth", was #4 on the board. Third guess, "Arms" was #5. Fourth guess, "Eyes", was #3.

So far, so good. No strikes and one more body part to name.

Fifth guess, "Ears", strike. Sixth guess, "Nose", strike. Seventh guess, "Neck", strike three. Guy justified his "neck" guess by saying, "Well, you need it attached to your head to live."

Of course, the white family in unison came up immediately with the #2 answer, "Brain", to steal the pot.

I'll leave you all to make your own comments on this.

Brian in Ohio said...

Today is MLK day, so of course the image of his monument is everywhere.

I have a dream too.

You remember the iconic image from the invasion of Iraq of those GI`s throwing a flag over the statue of Saddam, then pulling it over with a tank retriever? Then the Iraqi`s beating it and dancing on it?

Well, MLK`s is too big to pull over, but I hope I live to see the day when its blown to fucking pieces.

Or would it being re cut into a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee be more appropriate?

Either way...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

PK - You might want to look into the stabbing death of the teenage girl at the New Rochelle Dunkin Donuts. White girl chased down after a running battle by a pack of you know what and stabbed to death by another girl. In effect, it might have been a racist lynching.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Our hospitals, nursing homes, and VA centers are full of these low iq predators. How many times have we heard 911 calls taken by a sheboon turn into a fatality due to their incompetence, or just deliberate passive/aggressive wasting of time? You're a damn fool if you entrust your life to these subhumans.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Facts are wasted on liberals. I suspect that's what they're up to pushing all the commercials, and programs featuring interbreeding between blacks and whites. They want to eleminate the defective genes passed on by black females by breeding with white females.

Bud said...

Regarding the story, an immortal black man once said "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'". It may have been misinterpreted as "what are you doing to others?".

I get browned off over two holidays: MLK’s birthday and Columbus Day.

Governments are loaded up with affirmative action employees that get the day off while everyone else goes to work to pay for it. Whites work so that blacks can celebrate one of their own, then whites work instead of celebrating one of their own.

I despise that MLK took the name of one the most important people in history. Google Martin Luther and black faces are the first to appear in search results.

Isn’t changing your name from Michael to Martin Luther the ultimate in cultural appropriation?

Detroit Refugee said...

I was run over by a black maid on Grosse Isle in '76. Jumped off the school bus & BAMM!! Knocked down but un-harmed. She was hysterical, my parents calmed her down, we all went our way with out incident.

You never see those black maids in uniform here at all.

D-FENS said...

“I worked in a STEM field for many years and never worked with a competent black.”

Our department hired a Nigerian with a masters degree in mechanical engineering. I did not work with him but the women who did were creeped out by him. We had to take training on the proper way to secure equipment so that objects don’t fall into open systems. One woman said that he offered to help her because he “was very good at tying ropes”.

Late one day, the US Marshalls showed up an took him away. It turns out he was wanted for rape (later convicted) in Pittsburgh.

Note that even accounting for preferrential treatment from professors, a masters in mechanical engineering means he probably has an IQ around 100-110. Also, these were not dates where things got a little out of hand. He actually broke into homes at night and threatened the victims with death.

Mr. Rational said...

MLK`s is too big to pull over, but I hope I live to see the day when its blown to fucking pieces.

Knocking the head off is de rigeur, but blowing it all up would be a waste of an excellent backstop for a firing squad.  Sodom-on-Potomac is full of traitors.  The greatest should get burning at the stake or blood eagles or the like, but the lower echelons like the FBI agent who tailed the jihadis to the Garland meeting where Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were speaking should stand in front of it as their last living act.

Afterward, we can carve a new motto into it.  Something like "Never let it be forgotten what had to be done here, and whose treason made any other action impossible."  Leave the bullet damage intact.

Or would it being re cut into a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee be more appropriate?

He should get a fresh one, not recycled from cheap chink stuff.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

I would be interested in their answers to “What is the most important body part below the waist?”

Left Coast White Guy said...

That's rich!

Wayne and His Wife. said...

FMG. glad to see you posting. A great post on the true nature of the negro animal.

Steve Smith said...

I work in a STEM field as well. I find this always to be the case. I also find the worst ones are the ones who perceive themselves to be in some position of power. The tent to be the most obnoxious, yet incompetent, ones.

Denise said...

I truly wish people would stop slandering animals by calling negroes "animals". Animals attack and kill for food, or because they are threatened in some way. Domestic animals return love and kindness with love and kindness. Even wild animals appreciate kindness and decent treatment. Watch some of the videos where-in wild animals are rescued when they are trapped in fencing, or they've fallen in ice, or something like that, and are rescued. The most they do is flee; they do NOT attack their benefactors.

Negroes, on the other hand - attack, rob, rape and murder their benefactors on a daily basis. They regard kindness and generosity as weakness, and enjoy the evil they inflict. Call them demons, devils, and monsters - but don't slander the worthy creatures of the Animal Kingdom. Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

I can't bear to read these stories. God Rest her soul, my condolences to her family and friends.

Nicholas Stix calls them war crime victim. I am so tired of coming into contact with the enemy combatants. Tired of having to be one step ahead of their bs.

Anonymous said...

This woman died because of close proximity to blacks. Her former home health aid and the boyfriend of the former home health aid? The perpetrators knew how vulnerable she and her husband were. She was probably a really nice decent human being and was far too kind to her home health aide.

There needs to be the death penalty for this.

The biggest scams with the so called home health aides, Mammy's from the Caribbean, is that they submit false time sheets. Claim to work 45 hours or sleep over when they are doing nothing of the sort. Maybe they worked 12 hours. If you can call sitting on your ass talking on your phone working. They complain and complain to the white elderly or disabled person, they basically brow beat the patient until they sign off on the forged time sheets. I know a couple of cases with disabled people where they need people 24 hours a day. The home health lies and says that they're there but the truth is the home health aid is long gone.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I noticed that one of the most egregious examples, an insurance company that will remain nameless or PK won't print this, is now featuring a white Midwestern theme to push their product. Apparently the commercials portraying blacks as smart, professionals looking down on foolish white families didn't sell to the minorities like they had hoped. Surprise, dumbass, it's the whites who plan ahead and buy insurance, not the blacks. I'm guessing the drop off in business convinced them they had better target their commercials to their real customer base. Blah blah blah is on your side. Get the picture? Right up there with the little donut shaped oat cereal that took a plummet in sales after trying miscegenation.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The old Coast to Coast is no more. Today it's not worth listening to, you already know you're not going to learn anything new. Nothing disturbing is going to get through, and you know the feed is not going to go dead when a caller gets too close to the truth.
Minnesota used to be wonderful, now apparently every little Podunk town has it's resident black criminals. I'm 70 miles out of Mpls. and we're swamped the bastards.

Crystal Bailey said...

They are simple, kind people. Alice was always full of joy. Never heard a racist peep from them. You are a horrible person


For Ms Crystal Bailey, above:

Never heard a racist peep from them?

That is why they are dead.

Mr. Rational said...

They are simple, kind people. Alice was always full of joy.

Until two savages killed her.

Never heard a racist peep from them.

Which I notice you prioritize over her staying alive.

You are a horrible person

You prefer Alice being dead to Alice being "racist" (protecting herself from Black predators).  You are the horrible person here.