Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Living the Dream! At Martin Luther King Day Parade in Las Vegas, 29 Black People Arrested for Fighting

All you get today is a shot. 

No chaser to water the harsh, 85% proof shot of pure, unadulterated hilarity. [Fight breaks out in downtown Las Vegas after MLK parade, Las Vegas Review Journal, 1-15-18]:
More than two dozen people were arrested after multiple fights broke out in downtown Las Vegas after the city’s 36th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, police said.
Police arrested 23 minors and six adults in the fights, Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Grant Rogers said.
Just after 4 p.m., about 100 people were involved in one fight at the intersection of Casino Center Boulevard and Ogden Avenue, Rogers said. No one was seriously injured in the fights, he said.

We dismantled our civilization, surrendering it to Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream. At the 36th annual MLK Parade in Las Vegas, the reality of nation where black people are virtually held unaccountable for their dysfunction was on absolute display.


james wilson said...

"Kids just being kids!" Euphemism for NJBN

Anonymous said...

Well, just so long as they were fighting over the content of their characters rather than the color of their skin.

Anonymous said...

Shithole-Americans: Making Vegas wish it was still run by the mafia.

Anonymous said...

Kids? With all the screeching, ooking and eeking, and frantic quirky zig zag running all over the place, it looks like all the primates escaped from the zoo and the cops trying to round them all up.

Anonymous said...

This is not kids being kids. This is keeds being keeds. Well, at least "nobody killed nobody"...this time.

Anonymous said...

Heavy Punk says, Oh they was jest kidz, didn't mean nothing just up to they usual monkeyshines, afore dey go off to college to make deys fambly proud. They going to be a doctor , or a lawyer or maybe a bus driver.

PK could you revisit the subject of employment amongst black males? Barbers and bus drivers dominating?

Truth Corps said...

If you're not buying 30 round magazines for your AR-15s by the dozen, and ammunition by the case yet you're WAY behind the curve Whitey. You do have multiple AR-15s by now,... right?


Anonymous said...

In the Toronto Metro Zoos, a lot of animals in the exhibits aren't kept in cases, but the exhibit is located on lowered grounds, so that the humans watch them from above, behind railings, at the animals below be wilding.

That's what this video reminds me off, all those humans on the patios watching the chaos on the outside. Thank goodness the 'kids'-wranglers arrived to restore peace and order though.

rexfreeway said...

The lady reporting what happened played down the tribal warfare as kids just playing. Then blames the police for it escalating. Negroes ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

BRA is a waking nightmare...

Anonymous said...

I don't recall brawls like this happening when the mob ran Vegas.

Anonymous said...

No rapes or stabbings??!!

Evolution on display? The Caucasian genes that have been pumped into their bloodlines by mud sharks and oil drillers paying off??

Just a few thousand more years to go!

Anonymous said...

OT: But an interesting piece on the new agey-ness of Oprah Winfrey. There may be times where we need to logically (and hopefully with a little humor) bring up some more of the background of Ms. Winfrey.

While she may be successful, much of her success is rooted in her darling media personality. The following article brings up some of her very, very magical black girl BS that makes people want to believe her. Check it out!

Mark in NC said...

Martin Looter King Day, just another opportunity for the Africans to act like animals.

Paintjob Theory said...

Nothing to worry about, goyim, it's just "kids being kids". Hear that noise? That's your alarm clock. Now get up and go to work and pay your taxes, there's a lot of hungry kids that need feeding.

Anyway, what is most excellent about these large scale chimpouts is that every "teen", "youth", "rapscallion", or "child" who gets to let the chimp off the chain and is not arrested is taught a valuable lesson about actions and consequences. That there are none.

Of course even in Mother Africa where punishments generally involve a tire, gasoline and bricks that still doesn't seem to deter their criminal instinct, but some who study these primates claim that brutal and swift physical reprisals can actually domesticate these things to some extent.

nobody said...

Kids gotta kid. nigs gotta nig.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant diversity über alles! Forward to the glorious Zimbabwe utopia. Yes we can!
To each according to his need, workers of the world unite.

Anonymous said...


RIP tragic White girl....

Deadeye Dick said...

NJBN Hilarious! Best I've seen in a while. Society reduced to it's lowest common denominator, the negro. Always proclaiming to be the victim while trying to destroy White civilization.

It's Out of Control said...

"I have a teen."

Anonymous said...

Here's insider Twitter feed of new rochelle NY resident tracking deadly white lynching by blacks of HS student last week.

Another student then attacked by school negroes day of negress killer's arraignment!! across from school. CHIMPING OUT!!!

cloudofhaze said...

MLK holiday might be the most dangerous holiday in this country.



No Asians
No Mayans
No Aztecs
No Hispanics
No Latino
No Incas
No Arabs
No Haitians
No Semites
No Peoples of Color
No Muslims
No Jews
No Communists
No Liberals
No Democrats
No Independents
No Socialist

I want WHITE PEOPLE who love individuality, reason, logic, private property, WHITE CHILDREN, The Mind, only GOLD as money, No Central Bank, Death Penalty, Strict Rule of Law, Free Market Capitalism (Not the Communist-Fascist-Socialist Capitalism we have world wide)

I want a WHITE NATION where:

All Deed Restrictions are legal.
All Private Restrictive Covenants are legal.
All Private Clubs are Private.
No Income Tax.
No Property Tax.
No Public Schools.
No Government Health Care.
All Borders are sealed.
95% of the US is "No Go" for those NOT White.
All Trade will be restricted to a few Trade Cities.
All Citizens are Deputized and can arrest, apprehend or shoot any Non-White found outside the Trade Zone.
Gun ownership is MANDATORY.
Only Citizens may own property, real or tangible.
All Products Sold in my White Nation must be made in the White Nation.

Sure, there are a lot of glitches and much lack of "free trade", but RACE is the #1 issue and all else must serve this.

Any White Race Traitor who marries a non-White is deported to the country of their deformed "spouse". They lose their citizenship and MAY NOT return.

(PS: Living in this Racist White Nation is voluntary. If you don't like it, you may live anywhere else......Illinois, Detroit, France....there are hundreds of Diversity Shitholes for you.......)

Anonymous said...

Straight-forward---you just CANNOT change the mentality of the common negro. No matter how much money begging pleading----its all been done to ABSOLUTELY no avail. Since before God HIMSELF existed----the negro was a lost cause. But you know what ?? The problem we face at this moment isn't the negro. Its the f'n liberals who keep on propping them up. Eradicate the liberals and 90% of our problems are solved. The fact is the negro cannot exist without the shit for brains liberals.

Anonymous said...

But it was all justified! Somebody disrespected them!

Anonymous said...

Violence after a MLK parade?

Nothing to see, folks, move along...

magicdog said...

Funny - I work for the competition and we completely ignored this story. Probably because the video Ch. 13 used was exclusive to them and no one else offered any to us. Of course we could have sent a photographer but it was a weekend.

Naturally, we were inundated with stories about preps for the parade and what a great legacy MLK left. Would you believe the street named after him in Las Vegas runs through one of the best neighborhoods? Didn't think so.

I was watching the raw video of some of the marchers rehearsing and it was just sickening! Stomping about like water buffaloes apparently is what counts for dancing these days. I feel bad for those who are forced to participate in this charade.

When I see the raw video of events like this I only see a wave of darkness, with a few white grandmas sprinkled in because they have to show their mulatto grandchildren their "heritage".

Now, a bunch of urban do-gooders want to revive the Moulin Rouge Casino. For those unfamiliar, it was built in 1955 as a casino where blacks could mix with whites, as they were forbidden to do so in the old Strip properties. They had the top black and white talent of the day - from Nat King Cole to Duke Ellington to Jack Benny and Judy Garland. Of course, just 6 months later, the casino was broke and filed for bankruptcy. They closed and the building sat rotting in place until it burned down thanks to a bunch of freebasing drug addicts. A plaque was built to commemorate the site but the black community think a new casino is just the thing to revitalize the neighborhood.

I'm guessing there's some flaw in that logic.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that a black sculptor made the MLK commie monument in the district of cesspool?
Bwahahah! Just kidding a Chinaman had to make the commie monument to Saint Comrade MLK.
Some darkies in the audience gasped when it was unveiled because the eyes look slanty.
One observer said it looked like a giant snowman! LMFAO!

Gallop the Old Lizard

Anonymous said...

Another bad week for libs.

Grandson of civil rights activist arrested as serial killer

This after the Collins arrest:

Notice that LATimes doesn't show a picture of Collins. Just some random pictures of officers.


Augustus said...

I would have thought this would be a day to respect MLK, especially for Blacks, but as always they constantly lower the bar of self respect and live by prison rules. The strong make the rules and others follow. No respect is ever given, the old, infirm, and mentally challenged are there for stronger cowards to push around. Every White person should carry a gun as an equalizer.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they need to arrest all those terrible white people who are causing traumatic racist violence at a parade honoring a great leader of the faith community!

African-Americans continue to work hard to make this nation better, but evil racists stymie them every chance they get!


Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Twenty three kids, and six adults were arrested?! So does that mean 23 were under the age of 18, or the age of 21?

Trick question! Those under the legal age are biological adults, and those over the legal age have juvenile minds. That's why there were different laws for blacks in the past. Legal age of consent is a meaningless term for them. Avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

I liked how the news-liar was explaining it all away as "kids being kids" and that the police were just making it worse. Gee, why can't we just sit back and enjoy the vibrancy?

When I was a kid growing up in the 1960s, when some measure of sanity still existed, my late father (who grew up in Birmingham, AL, and was quite familiar with TNB) owned a German shepherd dog who was pretty sharp. Whenever a black person came to our door, the dog would go nuts. (Likewise, whenever I rode my bike past a black neighborhood, the black-owned dogs would give chase, with plenty of barking and exposed teeth.) Civil rights cases were being decided by the Supreme Court and I recall my father remarked that maybe the Supreme Court justices couldn't figure out the differences between blacks and whites but our dog certainly could, and perhaps our dog should be put on the court in place of one of the justices. Replacing all of them with German shepherds might have resulted in better decisions being handed down.

Anonymous said...

Always look for the silver lining, in every city where there is a MLK street, avenue, boulevard, you know to avoid that area like the plague. {:o)

Dagwood Bumstead said...

Please raise your hand if you were remotely surprised or shocked by this story.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fighting negroes...Portland, Maine's very first "somali-American" police officer was arrested in Worcester, Massachusetts on 5 misdemeanors while attending some negro "concert". The negro female LEO is facing charges of ASSAULT AND BATTERY, trespassing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace. It is now on PAID leave pending Portland PD's investigation.

Any bets this creature loses its job??

Anonymous said...

Nominated for thread winner:

Well, just so long as they were fighting over the content of their characters rather than the color of their skin.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, it makes you think that God must have color coded people for a reason

Anonymous said...

"I would have thought this would be a day to respect MLK, especially for Blacks"

They don't even respect their own dead and will not refrain from opening fire at funerals.

Anonymous said...

A guard dog didnt like Blacks? May be due to humans reaction to blacks [learned response] or smell of blacks [testosterone]---GSD dog has sense of smell 100-200?x stronger than yours.

Non PC Infidel said...

"but the black community think a casino is just the thing to revitalize the neighborhood."

Patrons who dared attend such a venue would find that going to and from said venue was a matter of risking life and limb due to assaults, muggings, rapes, carjackings and other crimes of opportunity that negroes love to engage in. Customers would swiftly stop going once they learned the hard way what negroes were all about and then negroes would start claiming that the casino was failing due to "racism." Of course, negroes would have insisted that negroes be hired to work in and operate the casino and theft would be a major issue as would security. Naturally, one can't leave out the inevitable negro screeches of how the casino is "feeding off da community and taking all the po' people's money that dey cain't afford to lose." Negroes would also be trying to sue the casino in ghetto lottery attempts as other negroes screeched at the city to "do something" to "make things better." In other words, more cash, programs and "investments" in da black community i.e. gibsmedats.

That's just a few of the negatives that would instantly erupt around a casino in a black neighborhood and everyone knows it including blacks. However, the blacks just see it as an opportunity for a sudden temporary influx of cash and an opportunity to engage in all the typical negro behaviors listed. Even the inevitable failure of the casino would be used to screech for gibsmedats while blaming others for the failure.

Investors in such an enterprise would be living proof of the old saying: A fool and his money are soon parted.

Anyone who thinks this assessment is wrong need only look at venues that used to be in solid white areas only to find themselves (over time) located in black areas due to demographic changes. For example, even Universities have found themselves in that situation as outside the campus itself, the negro jungle rules and students are unsafe even on campus walking to and from classes due to negro incursions/raiding parties.

Anonymous said...

She was sworn in only 2 weeks ago.

If they kick her out now...the Police would be accused of being "anti immigrant" although if it was a non minority they would be bounced without question.

Sick n Tired said...

I think a big part of the SHITHOLE comment by TRUMP revealed the ridiculousness and reality of black run countries, which everyone already knew are typically shitholes, but a lot of people wouldn't admit to.

Sick n Tired said...

German Shepherds are extremely smart dogs. My aunt has one that is very non-aggressive, and friendly to people at the door because they frequently entertain at their house. My aunt was having a big birthday party a few years ago and about 50+ people attended, and the dog was laying in the entry way while the guests were knocking on the door, strangers entering and leaving the house to smoke, not a peep from the dog. A black lady that my aunt works with showed up and the dog started barking for the first time all night at her. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that, and knew that all those stpries about animals having a sixth sense was true.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this assessment is wrong need only look at venues that used to be in solid white areas only to find themselves (over time) located in black areas due to demographic changes. For example, even Universities have found themselves in that situation as outside the campus itself, the negro jungle rules and students are unsafe even on campus walking to and from classes due to negro incursions/raiding parties.

USC (University of Southern California) is located in the midst of a rather questionable area of Los Angeles. Be interesting to see why, with all the money the university has, they can not get the area renovated -- but I imagine that would require changing the demographic. So USC remains an island of ivory tower-dom in a sea of BRA.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see how the slave masters in the old colonial days were so afraid of this species.

Anonymous said...

LOL "somebody" has been having a field day posting your black murder city posts over there at that dumb black site, "The Root"!!! Just go to the link, scroll to comments, and click "show pending". The blacks there are pissed off at the facts!!!! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

You state all this as if it can be separated from the 750 years of slavery, segregation, Jim and Jane Crow, did I mention chattel slavery, oppression, micro-aggression and an endless parade of redlining- you are starting with a faulty notion. A very very racist one.

After all this violence erupting and ringing out around them on a daily basis they can only turn so much of it inward until it explodes outward due to lack of white compassion and foresight. That it happened on MLK day, no less, shows that those in the inner city are crying out for help and understanding in the only way that they know how- through theft, bullying, being loud, being inconsiderate, wasting people's time, shaking all of us down, being ungrateful, looking for negative attention, harassing people, aggravated assault and much more.

It's sad because they obviously have no agency so the laws shouldn't apply to them- if I was in their position I would totally see the general laws of our free society to be incredibly oppressive and rail against them instead of say, getting a job and taking responsibility for my own fate.

MLK got exactly what he wanted. He is not "rolling around in his grave". He is laughing.

Mr. Rational said...

even Universities have found themselves in that situation as outside the campus itself, the negro jungle rules and students are unsafe even on campus walking to and from classes due to negro incursions/raiding parties.

Sooner rather than later we are going to see systems with networked security cameras to detect and track these groups, and probably the lone wolves as well.  The question is what to do about them.  As drones get cheaper and more capable, we'll probably see them equipped with sticky nets to drop over these groups as soon as they're seen doing something illegal (like trespass on campus?).  Being cuffed, hauled off, booked and told not to come back would be a humiliating end to their raid.

Take away their fun and they'll stop coming.  Apps would help too, like something with description, face pics and a real-time updated map.  Give people in the protected zone a heads-up so the CCW group is ready to blow them away at the first hint of trouble and the orcs will clear out after the first one is made good.

Of course, one of the first orders of business with such an app is deception.  Orcs will download it too, so job #2 of the app-writer will be to detect when it's being used by someone living in orcville and either spoof them that they're not on the system's radar (when they are) or that a massive response is coming for them (when it's not) to clear them out without further effort.  What happens to them should be a humiliating shock as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT: Cincinnati sh!tskin can't explain why he and two other nogs viciously attacked a White librarian; judge gives 7 year slap-on-wrist enrollment to N.U.

Video of attack at link

Anonymous said...

"The blacks there are pissed off at the facts!!!! Hilarious!"

Same thing at Field Negro.  Some anon posts the latest stats from HeyJackass and some nog always quotes it and calls it fake news.

If they can't handle the facts, they are unfit to live among us.

Anonymous said...

They are certainly not liking it over at the Root.

Here's proof of what they are trying to deny.

A PDF from the Bureau of Justice Statistics that demonstrates between 1980 and 2008 Blacks committed 52% of all homicides in the United States.

Naturally they won't approve my post at the Root, so I'll post it here so others can spread the word. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. :) Regardless of where I post it on the Root, it keeps getting sent to the very bottom of the thread. Talk about denial in action.

Antidote said...

In Brooklyn, New York, USA they have an annual West Indian Day parade which has become such a notorious bucket of blood, that the Negroes themselves have petitioned the City Council and the Courts to halt it. Every year the stabbings and shootings increase, and there is often a flash mob and a bongo party towards the end.
The NYPD are called upon to "police" the event and they all try to beg off despite the offer of double time.

Mention was made of the King Fish statue in Washington, DC. I am an admirer of the statue because I love all the controversy around it: the Negroes hate it because he has no legs and has oriental features; Maya Angelou stupidly misinterpreted the selected quote---and it had to removed (!!!!).
I inquired whether I could buy fibre glass or plastic life size versions of this statue---but no, the family has reserved the copyright. But had I been able to buy these statues, I would have installed them at the end of my driveway---much in the fashion of the raycis lawn jockies in the bad old good old 1960s

Anonymous said...

To say it's kids being kids is a total misrepresentation of what went down.
When I was a kid I never planned or participated in anything remotely like this. Even the glue sniffers would not waste their time.

This riot was planned over days maybe weeks on facebook, twitter, Instagram, any social media, texting, etc. While the mayhem was going down, there were robberies or other crimes. This was a smoke screen or a cover to keep the police all in one area. These tactics are learned in juvenile lock ups.

There was serious looting and robbing near me after the hurricane. It had been planned via texting and facebook, as soon as there were news alerts about the impending hurricane. It was a good three or four days of planning. Some residents went with the lie, oh, they had to steal, they were hungry. No, not true, the whole world was bringing us three meals a day. The truth was pretty dam scary. The looters had it all planned out, recruiting store employees to leave back doors open for them.

I knew that something awful had happened to Vegas when a black coworker went there for her birthday with eight or nine of her friends. She raved about how great it all was and that she was going back. Same with Florida. I was told by a black woman that the state is the place to be with so many blacks there. Thanks for the information. Two places to cross off my list and avoid.

Anonymous said...

"Cooksey is the grandson of well-known Arizona civil rights leader Roy L. Cooksey, who died on Aug. 12, 2009, at the age of 84.

The elder Cooksey opened the state's first black-owned daycare center in Tucson, helped form the Afro-American Coordination Committee in 1960 and was honored several times for his public service throughout his lifetime, according to a 2009 article in the Arizona Daily Star published days after his death.

Cooksey claimed he had a troubled childhood.

He told police his father abused him, resulting in his hospitalization at the age of 12, the Arizona Republic reported. By 16, Cooksey had moved out of his family home".

Okay, grandson of civil rites "leader" who is known for opening the first black owned daycare center in the area and then the abused (by his own sweet daddy) as a child grandson proves his manhood early by unchain ingredients his inner chimp.

After his release from the "baboonery" (i.e. prison) his inner chimp knowing no bounds, and seeking its rightful place in the sun kills seven people and then his own momma and step-daddy!

He was even an aspiring rapper, now he is an expired rapper!

Anonymous said...

I was in the military not that long ago. I had to pick up a part to help repair something, and it was a large part so I went with a few other folks.

We took the "bread truck" to the parts store and one of the workers had their dog and significant other with them. The dog was a German Shepherd.

Needless to say, we had zero problems until our black coworker came in and the dog made his thoughts on the matter quite clear! We even joked with the dogs owner and our black colleague about the "racist dog"! The dogs owner seemed to feel really bad about it but we thought it was quite amusing.

Then we got the part we needed and worked the job.

Anonymous said...

At least she didn't shoot across her partner to kill a white lady! ;)

Perhaps someday she can do better than this and we will see signs announcing the furthering of her career in law enforcement reading, "Shithole for Sheriff"!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A crap storm was started.

I really like how you show the stats and the reply is since there is "incomplete data" (i.e. unsolved murders or murder victims who are currently unknown) which renders the facts false to the fine readers of "The Root". Then your stats are called out since they were compiled by the US Government, the largest supporter of African-American freedom, prosperity, safety, etc in the world for all time, thus far.

They can't prove that last one wrong, either!

Anonymous said...

Spoof them?

Don't you mean, "spook them"? ;)

Anonymous said...

"According to his attorney, Watts had no previous criminal record in adult court or juvenile court. He was working two jobs at the time of the incident and split time between his mother's and father's houses".

Aaah! The last paragraph explains it all. He was a good boy, working two jobs and his lawyer even claimed he had no record! I wonder if his "youthful offenses" were expunged.

dirtydog1776 said...

Probably fighting over who got the last piece of fried chicken.

Anonymous said...

Balkanization,into Racial and economic Affinity States or multi-State alliances,of this failed republic cannot come soon enough.
The Oogah Boogah States,likely City States...the names of which you already know, will descend to the inevitable level of Haiti,Jamaica and Sub-Saharan Africa...until their cancerous, threatening-to-neighboring-human-areas presence becomes intolerable and they are invaded, conquered and cleansed...the land restored to it's pre-Negro potential and actualization.
Pre-Negro Detroit was an economic powerhouse called "The Paris of The West".
Pre-Negro Trenton, NJ had a motto indicative of it's manufacturing greatness...
"Trenton Makes, The World Takes."
SouthEastern Pennsylvania in and around Philadelphia USED TO BE one of the most productive, beautiful and desirable places to live in this entire sub-human and Khazar infested nation.
What once was will be again.
Make it so.

Anonymous said...

Agreed...very sad. Pretty young white girl bullied and killed by another "kid". These things are not kids...they never were. Not to worry, the "kid" had many supporters in the courtroom. Justice must be served!!! (for the killer).

Detroit Refugee said...


This White Nation sounds like a dream or fatasy, one Id indulge in & feel great about. Upon my death, as an old man Id expect my White lawyer to distribute my 2nd ammendment "tools", & other property w/out any BRA type interference. Give it away to deserving young YT men & women who think as wee all do.

Gavin Newsome said...

MLk is getting beat by hoes in Hell. Turnabout etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:16 AM:

There is no way to effectively argue with 100% denial. It simply won't work. They wanted proof, they got it and now say it's not enough. Well, no evidence will be enough for them. It can't be, otherwise they'd have to admit they're wrong.

They are simply hoping it will be true [what they are saying] and that is faulty thinking.

Pointing and saying something is incomplete or biased, without providing any evidence to back up that claim, is also faulty thinking. It means they could say what they want without having to provide any evidence for the claim.

The mere existence of the data itself, I suppose, is evidence of a rigged system in their minds. That is not how effective or logical debate, works. No matter how much they cry.

That is why Blacks will, even if they win a few battles, ultimately lose the war. They're no good at it. Which is also why they had to gain White supporters to help them think. The very same supporters they put down over on the Root by saying no White person is qualified to lead anything.

Oh, as a side note, all this talk minorities do about the United States being a "melting pot" and how it calls itself a "nation of immigrants"?

Propaganda. A lie.

I believe that got started in 1885 when we got the Statue of Liberty, which I'm pretty sure a giant statue of a Roman Goddess wouldn't have gone down well with the Founders. There was a sonnet written for it to raise money (that's where we get the lines "give me your poor, your tired, etc").

Check out Federalist Paper Number Two. :)

It spells out what the Founders of our country meant America to be and for whom.

Mark said...

You mean “keedz bein’ Keedz”

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Wow. :) Regardless of where I post it on the Root, it keeps getting sent to the very bottom of the thread. Talk about denial in action.

You'll find the same thing here. That's just how it is. Your smartphone may fool you into thinking that you can reply to a comment at that point in a thread, but it's lying to you. It's a queue; First in, First out.

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

I believe that got started in 1885 when we got the Statue of Liberty, which I'm pretty sure a giant statue of a Roman Goddess wouldn't have gone down well with the Founders. There was a sonnet written for it to raise money (that's where we get the lines "give me your poor, your tired, etc").

I don't think that's right. That Emma Lazarus poem had nothing to do with the statue originally. It's a johnny-come-lately hitch-hiker. A hijacker. It doesn't belong there, and certainly not in public policy.

By My Greybeard! said...

What happened?

I don't understand the reference.

I didn't hear anything about this... (due to a media "black"-out, probably...).

Please enlighten me, if not too much trouble.

Thank you in advance.