Thursday, January 11, 2018

President Trump Exposes Republican and Democrat Elite are United in the Belief All Haitians Have a Right to Immigrate to America

A few weeks ago, President Trump allegedly stated Haitian immigrants "all have AIDS."

The media went nuts.



Appears the Dominican Republic doesn't share the same glowing feelings for Haitians, whom they share an island with, as white liberals in America profess for them.


Awakened white said...

White countries are just Better!! that's why the turd world risks life and limb just to come here.

Westminster Dragoon said...

Wherever a group of immigrants settle overseas, they tend to stick together and create a microcosmic recreation of their place of origin.

Hence, the best Italian food is in New York City, the best Indian food is in London, the best sushi is in Hawaii, and the best Bavarian beer garden I have ever known is in the southwest african town of Windhoek.

Of course, what culture neighbourhoods like "Little Mogadishu" or "Little Port-au-Prince" brings to the respective host body ... errm ... host nation I can only imagine.

silvercat said...

Trump is right, how can you go forward with backward people

Anonymous said...

Haitians are vile creatures, take it from me.

-A S. Florida Native

Anonymous said...

We wondered if he'd do it. We hoped he'd do it. And now he's done it.
President Donald J. Trump (PBUH) has manipulated the entire world into asking ::: The Black Question. And what started at the national level (shithole countries) will soon be asked at the city level, the street level, and the individual level.
Forget Bitcoin. Invest in Redpills.

Anonymous said...

You have to read some of Trump's direct quotes to really understand how on the mark he is and how big his balls are:

Democrats Use Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment To Blow Up Amnesty Talks

President Donald Trump shot down an amnesty plan offered by Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and several GOP Senators, prompting amnesty-advocates to wreck the amnesty talks by leaking Trump’s Oval Office “sh*thole” description of undeveloped countries.

You think that Trump isn't a realist?

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to African countries and Haiti. He then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met yesterday.

Couldn't be prouder. People have been waiting decades for a politician to start calling liberals on their toxic multicult bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would want their nation soiled by the presence of dead-eyed shitskins with no souls. It's like importing zombies!

God bless President Trump. Long may he live.

Ken said...

God bless Trump for telling the truth and verbalizing what 95% of white Americans want. Namely, the cessation of all third world immigration. This vile policy is being forced upon us by vile elite. It's still up to us, the deplorables, to put an end to this once and for all. I hate to be repetitive but it's important:

ATTN: read my lips, no amnesty under any circumstances! This is why I voted for Trump.
We, the voiceless American, have to raise our voice in an effort to stop all third world immigration:
Our fight didn't end on election night. On the contrary, it's only beginning. The wall will be built and the turd world invasion will stop when more people say enough. Being a keyboard warrior won't cut it; you have to become a resistence fighter:
The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don't vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem..

Anonymous said...

The DREAMers are a cabal of rapists, killers and thieves. At best they would turn out to be leeches and worthless parasites.

This is madness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Trump.

You are getting better and better!! Keep it up! You are growing your support by speaking the Truth.

An idea: I suggest all us 'Deplorables' make a financial contribution to the Republican Party fund every time the President makes a public comment pointing out Negroid dysfunction. For example, for making his Haiti/Shithole comment he just scored $150 from me. Let's multiply that by thousands.

Behavior/Reward dynamic. Call orcs out on their genetic dysfunction, and you get cash.

Mr President, simply tweet that you are reading Nicholas Wade's book "An Uncomfortable Inheritance" and another donation coming your way! Point out Chimpcongo's violent nog crisis and more cash, etc.

Thoughts, gang?

Mr. Rational said...

They shall shit on the beaches...

They shall shit on the streets...

They are shit now and shall be shit forever, and must be removed BAMN.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the president's "$h!+h01e" comment re: nations which seem to produce nothing but pain is something on all of our minds. The countries that have heartache, heartbreak, violence, poverty and no hope (save for foreign aid) because the people are incapable of living to European standards. I cannot apologize for taking pride in the standards of conduct that have made white nation's the envy of the world.

I will not say I am sorry that there are nations for whom law and order is a concept that will never "stick", but as the son of a foreigner who came here and did all the right things it makes me mad to think that a man like my dad is vilified while violent, primitive parasites are praised.

If we so need to bring people into this nation, why not bring people who have skills and abilities we need rather than bringing in low IQ people who do not have shared values? If you go to Minneapolis, take a look at the Somali population and their lower academic achievement, their alien culture which is surely worse for our country than would be had for importing engineers, heavy equipment operators, electricians and truckers from Europe. People like this would be happy to build, support and maintain a country in which they could get ahead. But we have to kowtow to the most detestable element!

What culture do these people bring? Why are so few literate and so many disabled? There seem to be many Somali women with limps and canes. Oh, and their alien culture sucks, too! When is the last time Angelina Jolie travelled to the great beaches of Somalia to "vacay" and adopt a new sprog? We already have 10% of their population, when do we get the rest?

What is a "shithole" country? One where tourism is not an option! The news reported that the young girl in Pakistan who was raped and murdered and left in a garbage heap has caused an outrage there and people have been protesting for days. It's nice that these people are getting sick of little girls being raped and killed, but rather than telling the government that they need to put an end to this why don't they realize that if, as a people, this sort of thing happens too often for comfort than perhaps they need to quit doing it so often.

The old motto was to dare kids to stay off of drugs, we should dare liberals to vacation in shithole countries. Kinds like the woman who went to Haiti to teach the locals the evils of the YT rape culture and got muhdikked by one of her poor creatures.

Why does Germany have to have a specially protected area for female revellers ringing in the new year? Why have European nations closed the collection of accurate statistics of rapists? Why are they trying to foist these people on us, if they can have their own nation without being "helped" why do we need them here, doesn't it stand to reason they'll make our nation more like theirs?

Wide Awake said...

I'm still waiting for reparations from Haiti for killing all my white ancestors.

Anonymous said...

The Uniparty wants compliant voters and pennies on the dollar cheap labor.
Either we crush the globalist Uniparty rats or the party is over.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Slick Willie and Hillybilly turn Haiti into a utopia?

It's Out of Control said...

I think the CNN studios will have to be repainted after all their talking heads exploded.

Anonymous said...

And all the cucks come to the defense of a shithole because they put diversity cult kool-aid over their own family, tribe, race.
Worthless rats who have lost their survival instinct.
Do these cucks really believe they have some kind of pass and will be exempt from TNB when the time comes?
The stupid looks on their faces will be priceless as they learn the hard way that their diversity pets hate their guts just as much as the deplorables.

Anonymous said...

Yes the common low-life liberal. Your WORST enemy.

Unknown said...

savage! excellent post.


maybe those liberals who think they know best should all move to haiti.

Anonymous said...

how many ricans in PR?
how many in USA?

How many haitians are in haiti?
How many in USA?



Anonymous said...

I love Trump!!!
Can you imagine anyone else having the guts to say this, it's long overdue.
Female in FL



When TRUMP makes these kinds of REAL, HONEST, TRUTHFUL comments, then the Media Mafia is forced to at least talk about it in some way.

Just talking about it will cause some people to think about it.

Everything TRUMP says/said is the Truth.


(I capitalize TRUMP every time I write it, on any blog. Looks Presidential, Powerful and Alpha Male....which is what we want and need in a President.)

Negro Antidote said...

Thank God for Trump !

D-FENS said...

American taxpayers shovel about $5 billion a year to Israel (that we know of). Israel, in turn pays for African countries to take African refugees in Israel even if they are not citizens of that country. Additionally, Israel is offering to pay its citizens to help identify illegal aliens.

Not a peep out of any US jewish organizations.

Imagine if the US did this?

Pat Boyle said...

I posted this comment on the Unz-Sailer blog but it might be censored. I should have a better chance here.

It depresses me but increasingly I can only see genocide in the future. As far as I can tell the only long term solution for the world’s trouble is for the smart people to thin the herd. If anyone has a sensible alternative I would like to hear it.

I imagine that were we able to manipulate the genome through some sort of CRISPER-like technology we could escape our fate and assimilate the tropical peoples of the world into modern society. If we could do that, then we would be able to raise the test scores and grades of blacks. We could lower their criminal actions and increase their employability. All conventional remedies for the deficiencies of blacks have, to date, failed.

The Nazis killed the Jews because they were too accomplished. The Jews were only about one percent of the German population but they had intellectual and economic accomplishments beyond expectations. Blacks in the West are very different. They are much more populous and have almost no accomplishments beyond sports and entertainment. If I cast my mind forward I can’t imagine that in the future, if there are still humans, there will be any blacks around. I think Gene Roddenberry’s vision was faulty. There will be no Uhura on the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Why would space farers want a low IQ black woman?

I can imagine a flight deck where all the crew are East Asian. But I can’t see Australian Aborigines or Africans holding down important technical positions. Roddenberry was trying to paint a picture of a future that solved the problems of America in the 1960′s. That’s why Chekov is there. America and the Soviet Union, in his future, become allies. The same is true for Americans and blacks.

But I suspect human races will be like automobile brands – fewer each year. My father owned a Studebaker. My second car was a Packard. Every year there are fewer and fewer marques. Soon there may be no Mitsubishi’s or Suzuki’s. Similarly there will soon be no Andaman Negritoes of Kalahari Bushmen. Then the major races will start to disappear. Whom the Gods would destroy they first make casino owners.


Pat Boyle said...

The national IQ of the Dominican Republic is 82. That of Haiti is 67. Hmm?

I'm reading a book now that claims that your individual IQ isn't all that important but your national IQ is very important. I'm only about half way through it and he has yet to explain how that can be. I think I dropped the book behind my bed, but I will find it and post the answer here.

I have followed the IQ debate for more than half a century. I was an undergraduate psychology major in the sixties when I first started reading about IQ. The whole thing seemed to be over and settled years ago but then "The bell Curve" told the greater public what specialists had known for decades. Then after another flurry of controversy the subject died down again. There wasn't much new written about IQ and mental testing for a long time and then Richard Lynn published the IQs of various nations and correlated it with their economic development.

Damn! Why didn't I do that study? All the data was there in widely available public sources but like so many things it just never occurred to me. Lynn will henceforth be in all the economics textbooks as well as all the Psych texts.

National IQ is one of those facts that seem obvious (even trivial) in retrospect. It doesn't explain everything but almost everyone recognizes its relevance.

Haiti is the western half of the island originally called Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is the eastern half. The people in Haiti speak French the Dominicans speak Spanish. They seem to have very different cultures.

The left seems to prefer the Dominicans to the Haitians. Jared Diamond of "Guns, Germs and Steel" fame praises the Dominicans for shooting the Haitians who dare to cross the border. They apparently fly over them in helicopters and fire from the air. Not very sporting? Eh?

The Dominicans preserve their jungle and their jungle birds whereas the Haitians have made their half of the island a mud splattered wasteland - sort of like what President Trump characterized yesterday as a shit hole (excrement excavation?).



chattanooga gal said...

I find it amusing that after the shit nations comments, some Haitians were posting pictures looking out to sea and saying " this is our shit nation" as if that proved anything other than it sure looks good to be leaving Haiti! turn the cameras the other way and the scene might be a little less lovely.

Ex New Yorker said...

Now that the great American freak show is on steroids I always enjoy it when Trump gets them all riled up. I talked to the guy working in the local hardware store. He told me his sister and her church group went to Haiti a couple years after the earthquake. They were in shock. The Haitians DID NOTHING to clean up the mess. They just sat on their ass and let white people do the clean up work. They left a week later.

The larger American cities are being turned into "third world shit holes". The freaks and geeks get upset when someone tells the truth. What is wrong with these people. The stupid masses will support anything or anyone that will bring about their own self destruction. The harsh winds of reality is destroying their country and the numb nut population doesn't even care.

Anonymous said...

I wish he would use a little more tact and watch the language but there needs to be a conversation on the ramifications of bringing in third worlders, especially from countries like Haiti.

Liberals teach that countries like Haiti are poor because of Whites, even though the Haitians killed their White population in the time of Napoleon. Even college students are taught that Haiti could be a first world country if not for evil Whites conspiring against them throughout time. Any suggestion of culture or social progress being tied to racial genetics is denounced as "ignorant" and without discussion.

If liberals really believe there is no such thing as race then they should have no problem proving that there is an equal distribution of racial traits in all groups. Start with lactase persistence since the gene has already been identified. Show us how it's all a racist conspiracy to discourage Blacks from drinking milk. Then tell us the plan for Haiti since democracy + UN aid has already been tried for decades.

D-FENS said...

Jeff Bezos has just donated $33 million for DACA scholarships because his dad benefitted from Operation Peter Pan in the 1960s. Operation Peter Pan was a program done with the approval of the US government to move Cuban children to the US as a temporary measure with the intention that the children would be reunited with their families in Cuba. By contrast, the DACA children were brought here illegally with no intention of returning as long as the parents could make a buck and sponge off the taxpayer.

A big fuck you to legal Americans, after his company benefitted from not paying state sales taxes all those years (and still rarely had a profitable quarter).

Anonymous said...

Someone else mentioned in a previous thread talked about negro loitering.

This is a really shocking spectacle when they get into large groups.

When I was a kid we drove by a park in Florida that must have had at least 50 negroes just standing there doing nothing.

And I mean nothing. Just standing like zombies watching cars go by.

I saw another group once on an MLK blvd. About 30 were just standing on a street corner. Was it a protest? No just negroes standing in the morning.

Someone needs to capture this on video and post it to youtube.

Sick n Tired said...

I was laughing today reading the comments where everyone is losing their shit overhim calling Haiti a shithole. All any of these computer savvy SJWs have to do is type Haiti into Google images, and be confronted with the state of reality that is present day Haiti. The fact you can still contract Cholera there, along with the garbage strewn streets, polluted bays, lack of infrastructure, and favelas that make the ones in Rio look like Beverly Hills, the deforested hillsides which lead to mudslides when hurricane season hits, not to mention the rampant corruption, crime, and general sense of squalor makes Haiti the epitome of a shit hole. I would love to start a campaign to get all these Trump hating, Haitian loving SJWs to prove Trump wrong by vacationing in Haiti with their wives, girlfriends, gay lovers, families, and friends, and if they don't want to go to Haiti for vacation, brand them as racists.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!!! FINALLY nog dysfunction being discussed by the PRESIDENT!!


So much WINNING!!!

Trump! Discuss the allele frequency differences that lead to negroes gene differences. This causes IQ and behavior differences. It's all there in the SCIENCE!!!


Unknown said...

They are shitholes are they not?

Anonymous said...

OT: But likely a good one for the upcoming Martin Luther Kong Day celebrations...

Anonymous said...

Know the enemy - Ravi Ragbir- convicted felon - should have been deported when he got out of prison for wire fraud. They started a riot yesterday morning in NYC when he was told that he was going to be taken into custody for deportation.

These non profits only exist because they receive government money from the taxpayers.

Ex New Yorker said...

This is just a brief report about the local chapter of the TYC (Trump Youth Corp). The 8 member school board were all in agreement about not using the football field for marching because of the cold weather. When things warm up this Spring the students will again continue learning to goose step.

The old ladies will still have their monthly bake sale to raise money for armbands and uniforms. Rifle practice will still take place on the edge of town by the city dump. Because of the noise we have moved grenade practice 20 miles out of town to the old "Shit Kickers" cattle ranch.

Everyone in town will be so proud of how the Trump Youth Corp look when marching in the county fair parade in their beautiful new uniforms.

Anonymous said...

I second that!

-A 20 year resident of S. Florida.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Those pictures were taken at the few cruise line owned beaches, the ones that are fenced off to the locals.

Anonymous said...

Former caretaker arrested in murder of Brownsburg woman:

Anonymous said...

The Dominicans have never been thrilled about cheap labor Haitians crossing the border. I've been to the DR many times and despite hard times they're a happy people. I truly do not understand them but I
have developed a great fondness for Dominicans. Perhaps love of baseball is the answer. As a former resident of Brooklyn, NY and knowing Haitians as a retired NYPD Lieutenant, I will attest to them as law abiding and Clinton haters for the shafting they've been getting by these phonies for decades. You'll not hear it in the news.

Brian in Ohio said...

Without a doubt, the term "shithole" has been used by every wealthy liberal living in their coastal enclaves, to describe rural America.

The fake outrage and tears by the media shills is music to my ears.

You can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth in NYC and DC clear out here in Cincinnati! Hahahaha! Today was a good day.

President Trump spoke the truth. Anyone who is offended by it is a traitor.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Antidote said...

This. Is. Big.
I have waited a long time for this. Truth be told, I never really believed it would happen, but I "acted as if" to prepare for the possibility. Now, with one word President Trump has exposed the reality of race; he has pulled out the structural support for the multi-kulti monstrosity; he has pissed on the concept of equality of cultures; he has signaled to a majority of Americans that they have the right to exist. He could have just as well recited the 14 words or the maxim, 'Racial differences exist and these differences have consequences for the individual and society.
How do I feel about it? Well, since I'm an old mofo, let's talk the movies. Do you remember the scene in the Ten Commandments, when the old Hebrew slave being ground up beneath an idol, looks up at Charlton Heston (Moses) and realises he has seen the Messiah?

Haiti. Read pages 124 and 125 in Prof David Duke's, 'My Awakening' for an accurate description of what Haiti was like before The French Revolution. It had everything and was more productive and valuable than any one of the Thirteen Colonies. There was gold in the streams; the forests were full of mahogany; rich soil and good climate. But the Negroes turned this paradise into a shithole. Today the urban areas are vast, stinking slums and the countryside a Bizarro-land brown sere where nothing but cactus grows.

Raccoon said...

Hey, @Jon Henderson at 4:56pm.

Dude, lighten up! It's a private blog, maintained by someone who does a sterling effort under incredibly difficult times, and who occasionally taps the bowl for contributions.

Paul Kersey is one of the few champions of free speech and race realism, and yes, this blog is wonderful. However, it's not here for your sole enjoyment, and could well disappear in an instant.

Brian in Ohio said...

Jon Henderson said...
Ok why did it take almost 12 hours to load these comments? That is not good management. I love this page but that is terrible.

PK is only one man, and a busy one at that.

If your not the patient type, he`s very active on twitter.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Good one:

Forget Bitcoin. Invest in Redpills.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful African-Haitian immigrants have been discriminated against for 400 years by US immigration law. This began in the days of the trans-Atlantic slave trade when white slave traders brought thousands of sharks to the Caribbean Sea to keep beautiful African-Haitian immigrants from swimming to America.

Later on, the Confederate army built forts at places like Fort Sumter on the coast to fire cannons at any beautiful African-Haitians who tried to sail to America.

The worst time for beautiful African-Haitians was when Woodrow Wilson took over Haiti and ordered D. W. Griffith to build railroads and hospitals on Haiti to entice beautiful African-Haitians to stay on Haiti instead of migrating to America where they could have enriched America with their vibrancy. No wonder that the moment the Ku Klux Klan left Haiti, beautiful African-Haitians tore down these reminders of white supremacy!

Despite all this discrimination, millions of today's beautiful African-Haitians are so generous that they are willing to migrate to America to enrich America with the same progress and prosperity they have brought to their own island.

And that is their only crime.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Anonymous said...

NOT to the Republican party fund. They will just spend it on RINOs. Only give money directly to Red-pilled candidates.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop said...

I'm sorry you live in a shithole but that's not my fault or problem. If you want it to be better you've got top change it yourself not turn America into your 3rd world shithole

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous said>>

Why does Germany have to have a specially protected area for female revellers ringing in the new year? Why have European nations closed the collection of accurate statistics of rapists? Why are they trying to foist these people on us, if they can have their own nation without being "helped" why do we need them here, doesn't it stand to reason they'll make our nation more like theirs?

Our real (((rulers))) have every intention of ridding whites from their homeland countries. Replace the people, replace the religion, replace the culture. After that's done, remove the diseased parasites whom they imported to destroy us. That's the plan as I see it.

At my workplace, a co-worker snidely commented while CNN was blaring in the break room, "Your boy is in trouble now!!"

I replied, "Why? What he said is the truth!"

" just can't say that!"


and so on. It's funny, seeing the libs heads explode. Nice job, Trump! Keep up the good work! We are FINALLY being HEARD!

D-FENS said...

Other than giving us all, including myself a vicarious thrill, how does this move the ball down the field? Particularly since Trump now denies he said it. If it is intended to motivate the base, getting rid of DACA and refugee resettlement on January 20 would have done more for morale as well as have practical impact.

Instead of denying the statement, Trump could have used it as what the SJWs call a teachable moment. He could have raised questions such as:

Just how many people do we take in? Should there be ANY limits?

If we are so racist that we can’t handle the blacks we have, why would taking in more improve the situation?

How does taking in disgruntled people and letting them send money back fix the countries they are leaving?

Does it make sense to both bomb middle eastern countries and then take in refugees created (in part) by that same bombing?

What do we do with all these unskilled immigrants when AI and automation takes away their jobs (if they are even working)?

Most of the terrorist problems here and in Europe come from the children of legal immigrants. How do we question a three year old or even someone not yet born?

While it’s true in a probabilistic sense that any individual is unlikely to be physically harmed by a terrorist attack, the real danger is the resulting limits on our freedom (Patriot Act) and the push for yet another foreign war (Iraq). Why is this risk worth it?

How do we improve education when we have to expand instruction in numerous languages?

I’m under no illusion that asking these questions and the resulting silence (I know, I always bring them up and have yet to get an answer) will change most of our opponents. But there is perhaps a 20-30% that could be reached.

Of course this assumes that this and the other divisive issues will be settled by a political consensus. I don’t believe it likely and may even be impossible. These issues may have been raised precisely because they can’t be settled by a consensus. If this is true, then dangling DACA for negotiating purposes is a fool’s game.

D is for depressing said...

Another gem from I.M. Klewless.

Mr. Rational said...

It depresses me but increasingly I can only see genocide in the future.

The immivasion pushed by the globalists, forcing Whites to forgo having children because finances or conditions are intolerable, IS a genocide.  Forcing the mud hordes back would probably result in their deaths, so it's really not much different from doing the job ourselves (also much slower and more expensive).

Know what?  I don't care.  We either fix this problem or die, and I vote for us over them.

And every lamp-post decorated with a globalist or SJW.

If anyone has a sensible alternative I would like to hear it.

The first thinning needs to be our genocidal elites.  As in eradication.

I imagine that were we able to manipulate the genome through some sort of CRISPER-like technology we could escape our fate and assimilate the tropical peoples of the world into modern society.

That's just another way of making White babies.  If they want White babies we can sell them frozen embryos today.  We need to stop the dysfunctional from breeding, which takes care of the problem.

The Jews were only about one percent of the German population but they had intellectual and economic accomplishments beyond expectations.

(((They))) got what they did mostly by ethnic nepotism, low-trust cheaters in a high-trust society.  We see this today in the admissions in the Ivies; (((they))) are grossly over-represented relative to their abilities.  NE Asians are increasingly resentful of this, and when "anti-semite" loses its power it's going to blow up in their faces.

I wish he would use a little more tact and watch the language

Trump uses media "OMG I Can't Even" to get his message out and drive the news cycle.  He couldn't get coverage for cutting turd-world immigration if he was tactful.

Has the MSM gone breathless over the recent INS raids?  No, they're mostly ignoring them.  That's due to Trump sucking all the air out of the room over the word "shithole".  It's masterful.

When I was a kid we drove by a park in Florida that must have had at least 50 negroes just standing there doing nothing.

Target-rich environment.

Mr. Rational said...

"Your boy is in trouble now!!"

I replied, "Why? What he said is the truth!"

" just can't say that!"


In case you were wondering, THIS is what moving the Overton window looks like.  Everyone is now talking about something that was unspeakable last week.

Unknown said...

I want to apologize to PK for complaining about how long it took to load the comments on this. I thought this site had several moderators.

Thanks for running a great site, PK.

Anonymous said...

The Nazis killed the Jews because they were too accomplished.

It actually had more to do with disproportionate Jewish involvement in Communism.

The leadership of the German Socialist parties were heavily Jewish and Hitler hated Marxism.

The Nazi party was Socialist but only for Germans. They were also imperialist in that they wanted to expand the German state.

He also viewed Christianity as a form of Jewish morality that worked against the natural order but since Germany was Christian he could not openly oppose it.

It's just more complicated than plain old resentment. Liberals teach that Hitler hated the Jews for not being Christian which is even farther from the truth.

Anonymous said...

The fact you can still contract Cholera there, along with the garbage strewn streets, polluted bays, lack of infrastructure, and favelas that make the ones in Rio look like Beverly Hills

Well the MSM is furiously writing articles about how everything that has befallen Haiti is the fault of the US and the earthquake.

When Haitians throw garbage into the ocean it is our fault I guess.

The cholera was in fact brought by UN negroes from Africa.

But if they had a sanitation system it wouldn't have spread. However according to "reality based" liberals that too is the fault of Whites. We are supposed to fund their infrastructure because according to liberals everyone has equal potential but Whites are expected to pay for everything.

Anonymous said...

Erik "Trump won't win" Erikson of recently wrote this:
So the President would prefer we allow Norwegian socialists with no special love of America into the country, but not the Ghanan who will work his ass off with a grand appreciation for our free market system and raise his kids to be proud Americans

My God the race denial conservatives are the truly the idiots in the room.

Someone please point out to Erikson that Ghana already is a capitalist country.

So Ghana should be overtaking Norway any moment now.

Anonymous said...

Realized a long time ago all the zombie video games are really just analogs to black riots.

Anonymous said...

Hunter Wallace has a good series on Haiti. Go to:

...and scroll down a bit.

I recommend directing anyone interested in the current cacophony to these articles.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

One of the biggest problems faced by Haiti and places like Haiti is America's racist immigration policies that result in a brain drain. All their best and brightest are allowed into the U.S. leaving their brethren to wallow in squalor. In the name of humanity, we must eliminate all third world immigration to the U.S. immediately. If these measures prove to be insufficient, repatriation of all their native sons and daughters is the only decent thing to do.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Great post

Californian said...

In case you were wondering, THIS is what moving the Overton window looks like. Everyone is now talking about something that was unspeakable last week.

Good point.

The InfoWar race realist insurgency continues.

Anonymous said...

"All their best and brightest......".
LOL!! They was a joke, right?

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

The cholera was in fact brought by UN negroes from Africa.

But if they had a sanitation system it wouldn't have spread. However according to "reality based" liberals that too is the fault of Whites. has an article by John Derbyshire about what he coyly calls "outhouse countries".

Since the earthquake in 2010, international groups have spent millions of dollars on a plan to build eight open-air sewage treatment plants across Haiti. Seven years on, only one of the eight is operational.

That one is "below capacity and struggling to cover its operating costs. International money covered its construction, but domestic funding and customer fees are insufficient to cover long-term maintenance and payroll."

One other of the eight did open in 2012, funded by the government of Spain, but it was shut down eighteen months later, and remains closed. Plans for the others have been abandoned.

Clearly, White people's fault.

Anonymous said...

"Haitians are vile creatures, take it from me."

Truer words...

OverSeer said...

I'm guessing the left has taken Nicholas Wade's book "An Uncomfortable Inheritance" off its book of the month club as my search all over the net found nothing. Anyone?

Big Bill said...

Read Lothrop Stoddard's excellent book on the Haitian revolution on screen (or downloadable as PDF or EPUB) here:

SKIP said...

"Do these cucks really believe they have some kind of pass and will be exempt from TNB when the time comes?"

I hope one of our posters from College Park, Md. can let us know when the vote to allow illegals to vote backfires on them and illegals vote themselves into office, at which time those voted out cry BUT, BUT, BUT! they're not citizens!