Sunday, January 28, 2018

Conan O'Brien Went to Haiti to Virtue Signal Against Trump and His White Supporters: He Stayed at a Resort Costing $114 a Night, While the Per Capita Income of a Haitian is $350 per year


Conan O'Brien went to Haiti recently to virtue signal against President Donald J. Trump (and his overwhelmingly white supporters) for his purported "sh-thole" comments regarding African nations. He stayed at the Wahoo Bay Beach Club, one of the "top" resorts located in the oldest black republic in the world. You can book a two week stay for about $114 dollars a night.... [Conan went looking for a 's---hole' in Haiti. He found something else, Miami Herald, 1-25-18]:
Conan O'Brien in Haiti, seeking comforts we consider normal in one of the few westernized portions of the African island... a nights stay at the Wahoo Bay Beach Club would set you back a jaw-dropping $114

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And yes, there was a moment when the trip got a little tense. At Place Boyer in Petionville in the hills of Port-au-Prince, an angry crowd gathered and someone accused him of being another American journalist parachuting in to report negatively on “our country and never showing our beautiful beaches.” After reminding the crowd that he is a comedian, not a journalist, O’Brien took the comment to heart and headed north to Wahoo Bay Beach on the Côte-des-Arcadins, a picturesque area widely known as the Haitian Riviera.

Wahoo Bay Beach is one of the few resorts for foreigners to stay at in Haiti, offering western amenities virtually no other portion of the island can replicate. Why might this be, on an island where the black inhabitants routinely eat dirt cakes for sustenance? Because the average annual per capita income comes to roughly the cost of three nights at the Wahoo Bay Beach Club...:
For some reason, Conan O'Brien's trip to Haiti, one of those "shithole" countries President Trump reportedly lambasted, left out the dirt cakes the Africans in Haiti eat as part of their daily bread. 

Economic condition: 
In Haiti the average annual per capita income is about $350. About 37% of the population live in urban areas and their income averages $409 per year. Of those living in the rural areas, 80% live in dire poverty.
Conan O'Brien can showcase the inhabitants of the oldest black republic on earth all he wants, but staying at the nicest resort on the island is perhaps the most hilarious example of a Potemkin Village in recorded history.

The rest of the island?

Nothing more than an African population collectively creating the conditions we would describe as "shitholes" when compared to what we have created in the West. After all, aqueducts built by Romans more than 2,000 years ago still provide potable water for Europeans in the former Roman Empire.

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D-FENS said...

One of the reasons I don’t have a TV or go to the movies are these sanctimonious assholes.

Anonymous said...

This is racist. Haiti is a beautiful black utopia full of warm beaches and prosperous, happy people. All of the hatian nationals in the US can go back home to their glorious island paradise.

Anonymous said...

I think the #metoo movement should set up a chapter in Haiti. From the wiki:

Sexual violence in Haiti is a common phenomenon. Being raped is considered shameful in Haitian society, and victims may find themselves abandoned by loved ones or with reduced marriageability. Until 2005, rape was not legally considered a serious crime and a rapist could avoid jail by marrying his victim. Reporting a rape to police in Haiti is a difficult and convoluted process, a factor that contributes to underreporting and difficulty in obtaining accurate statistics about sexual violence. Few rapists face any punishment.

Italian NEW YAWKER said...

And I can live in the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago’s Gold Coast but that doesn’t mean that Trump shouldn’t send in the National Guard because of the negro crime problem and Chicago has more murderers than Afghanistan!

Californian said...

It's worth trolling around the Web to see all the people who have photoshopped(tm/c) Conan into pictures of him sipping off that coconut in assorted Haitian sewers, garbage dumps and, well, S***holes:

PS: his hair looks dry. I wonder if he was willing to dunk his head under the water? Even Navy SEALS had to take extra precautions to swin Haitian waters:

Anonymous said...

D-FENS said...One of the reasons I don’t have a TV or go to the movies are these sanctimonious assholes.


And thirded.

Anonymous said...

I used to like Conan a lot. It's sad that they get so politically active, because I can no longer stomach seeing him. I have to boycott Conan now. Was Johnny Carson like this? I don't think so.

PB said...

Was he looking for a shithole or an arsehole? Haiti is (or was) known for certain "alternative" aspects of its tourism experience.

Bobby PGH said...

I really liked Conan O'Cuckboy back in the 90's. Wouldn't watch him now for a million bucks.

Anonymous said...

It's tragic that the natives didn't "necklace" the ginger c*nt when they had a chance. Sometimes I empathize with these disgusting, hypocritical leftist bastards but I imagine the pleasure they would take in destroying me and my loved ones and I say: LET THEM ALL BURN.

Anonymous said...

I hope he caught something nasty in that water. And I hope it spreads all over LA.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the hotel has transparent bulletproof glass-substitute panels surrounding it? Or a wall? Wouldn't that be hurtful to Haitian citizens?

Perhaps Conan would care to comment...?

Californian said...

Haiti offers a wonderful opportunity for the the Congressional Black Caucus; and for the various university and corporate "diversity" commissars; and the DWL media chattering heads; and the pink hatted socially conscious citizens who are resisting Trump; and let us not omit Oprah:

They should all vacation in Haiti.


They should put their money where their mouths are and spend a week or two in the paradise of the Caribbean. There are plenty of photo ops for drinking out of coconuts while swimming in the pristine waters, hiking the verdant hillsides, and enjoying the sights in vibrant and enriched cities like Port au Prince.

A week or two? How about permanent residence in a country in which no YT will oppress you!

So come on, Black Run America, it's time to head on down to Haiti!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Conan! Never watching that orange freak again.

Haiti is Hell on earth.



Anonymous said...

Notice the area behind Conan, the Haitians cut down all the trees for charcoal. Never occurred to them to plant additional trees.
We are witnessing comedy at its best. After 8 long years of journalists and celebrities kissing a black ass, they are turning themselves inside out to disparage Trump.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Well, if the smarter Haitians would quit leaving maybe Haiti would do better. But those Haitians Don't want to live there because- never mind.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious.And the only reason such resorts exist is because of WHITEY.Payed for and built by WHITEY.Of course let's not talk about Haiti and the Haitian people being the only ones to actually commit GENOCIDE against a people.Every last WHITE person down to the last WHITE baby EXTERMINATED.How did that work out.Oh,mud pies.Carry on Black people.Carry on! Idiots!

YIH said...

Too slow:

Anonymous said...

If Haiti & Somolia were such wonderful places the democratic elite would have posted family vacation pictures THE SAME DAY that Trump (supposedly) called these places shitholes. The fact that Conan has to go out of his way....weeks later, only proves Trump's point.

Anonymous said...

Lol Conan went to Haiti to show how much better he is than us and ended up looking like a pompous ass!

Paintjob Theory said...

I don't know who this clown is since I don't use (((TV))), and while his surname suggests Irish I did my routine investigation on this sort of thing, here's the first hit I got on Google search:

Skip to the 1 minute mark.....Every f__king time.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Blacks, wherever they are, present a huge cost upon a society. They consume and require public resources at a much higher rate than they contribute. They will always create upside down budgets that must be offset by others. This is why black run cities are always in the red. It is also why such places search for creative ways to distribute their costs across a broader population, such as a neighboring county or even Statewide.

Whenever black majority municipalities are able to find a productive White population to absorb and cover their social costs, they are able to limp along. Whenever there is no White population to cover the costs, everything falls apart, and you end up with Haiti (literally ZERO whites.)

Blacks are quite expensive.

The State I live in, Louisiana, is dealing with this right now. Louisiana is 34% black, second only to Mississippi. As you might guess, this presents major challenges to fiscal solvency. We have a balanced budget amendment that requires the governor to submit a budget based off of projected revenues without the option of running a deficit. There is currently a $1.6 billion dollar shortfall for 2018.

To close the shortfall, either taxes must be raised substantially or "programs" must be cut. The kinds of taxes proposed would cripple industry. So instead, the cuts are to things that Whites benefit from, namely college education subsidies and public healthcare. As is the case with most things, Whites are the ones who sacrifice, either by paying more or receiving less - while shouldering the burdens almost exclusively.

Programs that benefit blacks will remain untouched and fully funded. I am certain that this is because Whites do not riot, whereas blacks do. Also blacks have representatives that go to the mat for them as a constituency, whereas Whites have reps who cuck and fold.

Like I said, blacks are expensive. Allocating monies to them does not work as an investment, it is just purely lost dollars that feed and breed, creating further strains the longer it goes on, collapsing quality of life for everyone.

The only places capable of delivering functioning government require White super-majorities. As Whites dwindle as a share of population, these locales will become increasingly rare. We simply have to find a way out of this arrangement.

Anonymous said...

Paradise on the clean tip of a turd.

Anonymous said...

I don't think $114/night is exactly jaw-dropping. Where did he stay?
Motel 6?

Anonymous said...

From Wahoo Bay Beach Club's web page:

"Nestled between the Matheux Mountain Range and the turquoise waters of the Gulf of La Gônave on the Côte des Arcadins, 45 minutes from Port-Au-Prince, Wahoo Bay offers you an ideal space for relaxation. Even if it's for a fun day at the beach, a weekend stay, a wedding, a conference or seminar. Wahoo Bay Beach is close enough to the capital but far enough from your every day routine."

Indeed--your everyday routine of trying to find a "floater" somewhere outside the Club's gates. Maybe Amren could hold a conference there.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Conan was funny? Oh wait.
Maybe get some better writers who are ten times smarter than Conan will ever be.
BTW-Someone named Conan shouldn't be a Nancy boy Squeebert looking mofo.
Civil War 2.0 is baked into the cake now that the communist left and its useless idiots have shown that they will not accept any election that they didn't win.
The 60+ million of those who voted for Trump had better use this time to prepare.
$114 a night? I wouldn't pay a 1.14

Anonymous said...

Dirtcakes? Nom nom nom.

Anonymous said...

anyone who takes offence at the description of african countries wouldnt emigrate to one. funny that

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder why Conan is so far from those friendly monkeys in the background. If he was a good SJW, he would be mingling with them and passing his high priced drink around.

D is for depressing said...

It is a shithole.

In other news, much of the aid to Haiti after the devastating earthquake is being squandered.

HBO to Air VICE’s “Haitian Money Pit” Tonight, and It Is Worth Watching.

$10 billion in aid to Haiti that still hasn’t led to permanent housing or decent water and sewage systems, leading to Haiti’s suffering the largest modern outbreak of cholera in history.
After all, aqueducts built by Romans more than 2,000 years ago still provide potable water for Europeans in the former Roman Empire.

Simply amazing. The blacks will never be able to build anything like this.

Anonymous said...

I always give credit where it is due and Conan once had a funny joke written for him back in 1993.

Californian said...

Here is the dilemma: preventing White countries from turning into "Haiti." We've already seen this process underway in black run cities in America (Detroit, Newark, etc., etc...). You have to ask, how much worse would these cities be if Whites were not there to prop them up with taxes, welfare, grants, AA, and the rest of the rackets. Would they become "sister cities" to Port au Prince?

We can see this process at work in European cities with their emerging No Go Zones and periodic waves of third worlder pillaging. I need not comment on the outcome of black-majority-rule in the rainbow nation of South Africa. The reality is that blacks, in the main, can not sustain the civilization that White people have built.

So it really comes down to a battle between civilization and, what? Savagery? Barbarism? I don't think those terms adequately describe the impact of blacks, which is more akin to a race to the bottom. Haiti, the oldest black republic in the world, is really below the level of sustainment found in the primitive kingdoms of West Africa prior to the 19th century...those kingdoms could function within their own laws and customs.

There is also a bizarre psychological effect, where White liberals worship blacks, despite (or perhaps because of) their dysfunctions, whether it is a convicted terrorist like Nelson Mandela or images of numinous African scientists on the telescreen. They all have a fantasy of wading into the waters of blackness, sipping on a coconut drink.

As for the rest of us:
Stay armed.
Stay alert.
And don't drink the coconut Kool-Aid(tm).

Anonymous said...

Black comedians having been making the rounds joking about white kids who were playing the "Tide pod challenge" and poisoning themselves.

Whatever moral high ground they thought they had was predictably ephemeral, thanks to the "No Lackin' Challenge":

It appears the latest "craze" the urban "youth" are engaging in involves filming themselves accosting another unsuspecting youth with an (illegally obtained) handgun drawn. The other person either pulls out their (illegally obtained) handgun or else is "punked" for "lackin'" one. Guess what? One of the youths playing this "game" shot his "opponent". Who could have seen that coming?

While Goodwhites gnash their teeth, villify the NRA, and try to grab guns and legal access to guns from law-abiding people, their pets actually play games in the city where someone is humiliated if they don't have an illegally obtained gun at the ready.

MMinWA said...

What a maroon!

He has a television show? Are people duct taped to chairs with toothpicks in their eyelids to watch this asshole??

Pat Boyle said...

Speaking of Ireland and Haiti - I got a letter Saturday from a stranger who tells me that I'm Irish royalty. I'm expecting a plea for money soon to guarantee my claim on the throne.

Until this is resolved you'd better address me as "Your Most Serene and Beneficent Majesty - the King of Ireland."


Anonymous said...

Haiti's the "Butt Crack" of the entire globe. To dispute that is like setting a turd next to a silver dollar, claiming it's equal in value.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is relevant.

Dr. William Pierce - The Lesson of Haiti

Anonymous said...

Breaking news, breaking news! The latest hare brained liberal scheme involved getting a much needed vacay in shithole countries! Look, look! You too can go places Conan O'Brien and think you're spectacular for as low as $114 a night without the inconvenience of adopting some critter like Angelina Jolie wants you to do!

Please visit Haiti, where you can see voodoo ceremonies, drink unregulated alcoholic beverages, and sample some of the fine island cuisine in which you may wind up as the catch of the day!

Unknown said...

Haiti is what happens when blacks are left to themselves, indiscriminate breeding with no thought of how to feed their offspring. Oh, I forgot, they drop their kids at White-run "orphanages" where, due to the largess of Whites, they are fed and kept alive until they're old enough to breed and then cycle begins anew. Without White intervention disease would keep the population at a self-sustainable level. Haitians killed all Whites after their revolution. We should respect their independence and stay away.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll drop all negativity. Haitians have beautiful beaches......And?

Anonymous said...

Agreed 100%

Anonymous said... angry crowd gathered and someone accused him of being another American journalist parachuting in to report negatively on “our country and never showing our beautiful beaches.”

Have they not figured out a way to trash them as well? Or do the tides simply wash away the filth left by Haitians?

After reminding the crowd that he is a comedian, not a journalist...

Another reason for us to pay no attention to him either. By his own admission, he's not to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Conan O’Brien would be wise to stay out of the sun. He’s just another insulting tv, movie, theater idiot. How very rude to go to such an impoverished area and say that it’s perfectly wonderful. Shame on Conan and others of his ilk. Until you identify the problem and call it what it is, it will never be fixed. Rub their noses in your swell vacation Conan. You are an idiot of the first magnitude.

Anonymous said...

Conan O'Brien is a wealthy, useless, hypocrite asshole who is part of the "elite" entitled to lecture the "little people" on morals, politics, science, religion and anything else that pops into their little "elite" closed minds. Apparently he is unaware that the airplane and air traffic control system that took this hypocrite to Haiti, the motor vehicles that transported his ugly ass, the electricity he gobbled up for refrigeration, air conditioning, wi-fi etc. were all designed and run by YTs. I didn't notice in the pictures of Conan the Hypocrite many of his Haitian friends, were were they?

He should show he is down with the brothers in Haiti by going to Port-au-Prince and gulping down a pint of that delicious Haitian mineral water from a public tap, sampling the tasty Haitian ethnic food for sale from the street vendors (at least 8 ozs.) and flying home on his G7 with a Haitian pilot (if there is such a thing) at the controls. He deserves the real Haitian experience because how many times will he get to visit Haiti again?

Burn your TV.

NE Realist

Anonymous said...

The capital of Haiti should be Port-au-Pauper instead of Port-au-Prince.

Sick n Tired said...

Notice that this store in Philly doesn't have plexiglass.....

Brian in Ohio said...

Goes down there to virtue signal and becomes the meme for shitholes. lol Fucking clown.

You know damn well he had armed security and I can guaran-fucking-tee he didn't drink the water.

The left always doubles down on failure. ALWAYS.

I hope they hold the Oscars there next year. That`d show us racists! lol

Stay alert, stay alive.


I just spent the last hour or so catching up on my favorite blogs, this being #1.

I missed the opportunity to comment on the WAlMART vs Negro hair wars. BUT, I really came awake when one person made the comment about Ammo being locked up.

Why can't we have a White lawyer with a White NRA male client sue Walmart for RACIST discrimination against Southern White Redneck Male Gun Owners?

Is not locking up ammo a sign of HATE? A sign of distrust? Is not Wal-Mart saying to White Racist Southern NRA men: "We think you are a murderer. We think you are a mass murderer and therefore, since you are Male, White, Southern, NASCAR cap wearing Gun owner, you will have your products kept behind Plexiglass !!!!"

I don't get it. Is there not ONE rich white man willing to take on this before he dies? Not ONE in a country o 200 million Whites? Really?

One rich White man could have the time of his life from the huge menu or stupid racial situations. This one is screaming for such an event. What would it costs to get the ball rolling and get the nation convulsed with a "you discriminate against White Southern Men when you lock up my .357 hollow points".

Damn, since I have about 20 years to live, I think I shall plan to do this when I have no more offspring to feed. I can't wait. Then, you all will know who CENTURION really is (and some of you will recognize the name)

Anonymous said...

These celebrities may talk a good game but I don't see them writing any checks to Haitian charities.

Conan has millions in the bank and could build them a school with couch change.

Oh but liberal celebrities think they should keep their money while the White middle class should be taxed for endless racial-fantasy based projects.

Anonymous said...

Lol here they come

I knew it was only a matter of time before the far-left went after Churchill. Even though he was a globalist that fought the nazis he made too many politically incorrect statements on race.

Sick n Tired said...

Too bad MTV only plays reality shows and crap these days. I can imagine them having their "Spring Break House" in Port au Prince just to virtue signal, and all the dumb college kids returning pregnant with sprogs, robbed, raped, and beaten.

Anonymous said...

There is so much negativity here toward Haitians so I'd like to defend them: they're better than Somalians!

Anonymous said...

Centurion @ 3:40 PM. Many times I have read your comments and wondered who you were. Now I’m super curious. Regardless, love your writings. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

OT, you probaly haven't heard on national telescreen about the recent killing of a white cop in Denver by a vibrant yoof named Dreion Dearing (yep). And I have found it difficult to find a mugshot of the suspect. And the government has even offered an excuse for their reluctance to show Dreion's face:

A few weeks ago a white cop was killed by a white guy in the Denver area, and the media splashed the insane white suspect's face over the the media for days on end.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle; You may not be the king of Ireland, but there are three or four of you commenters the are kings of this blog. Not to mention, Paul. If not for him we wouldn’t have anything to ‘comment ‘ about. Thanks for making my evenings insightful and interesting.

Sick n Tired said...

If the ones I've dealt with and experience on a day to day in S. Florida, then the ones still on the island have no hope.

Anonymous said...

"So it really comes down to a battle between civilization and, what? Savagery? Barbarism?"

This is represented perfectly in the Lord of the Rings movie where the Orcs are amassing in front of the fortified fortress.

Sick n Tired said...

Good commentary on this one. Also notice the homes, cars, and guns portrayed in the video. Then go out buy ammo, magazines, and arm yourselves. You can buy a bulletproof vest for the cost of 3 months of for thought.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying this site for years now. No offense PK, but the comments are the real attraction. Of all the online comment sections I've read over the years this one is by far the best. It's somewhat of a mystery, actually. Why are the followers of this site obviously so much more intelligent than other sites? Perhaps it's the influence and direction of Mr. PK himself? Who knows. But I know I'm not the only reader to have picked up on this.
Oftentimes I'll delve into the archives and spend an embarrassing amount of time reading comments from the past. I'm always left with one huge question on the tip of my tongue. "What can we do about this situation?" We all see what's happening, we're smart enough to learn from history, we see our future being played out in South Africa in real time. It's one thing to complain and share information, but, seriously, what can we do to avert the disaster most of us can easily envision? Can we even openly discuss such a topic? Dare we?
I know some folks believe violence is the only solution. But I think there are other alternatives. One thing we have to remember is that negroes have low IQs and are inclined to believe in "magical thinking". Violence might not be required at all. If we could sell them on the concept of "YT JuJu" (no, I'm not joking), if we could get a mass of them to believe white people possessed some form of "magical power" over them it might possibly scare them sh#tless enough that the blaxit movement might become an outright exodus back to da mudahland. But how might we accomplish such a feat?
There are some brilliant minds amongst the commenters here. Any of you smarty pants YTs got any thoughts on this subject?