Tuesday, January 9, 2018

His Name is Jason Endres: White Man Trying to Stop Home Invasion of a Neighbor Murdered by Two Blacks in Oklahoma City

There are no tears for white working class, because we have no leadership to advocate on behalf of their state-created (the public sector working in tandem with corporate America) plight. 

To our elite, the white working class is expendable, an antiquated reminder of a nearly exhausted nation heroically being extinguished by mass immigration. 

Which brings us the story of two white people from the conquered state of California, who moved to Oklahoma to start a new life. [Shooting Victim Dies After Home Invasion At NW OKC Apartment Complex, 1-2-18]:

A man was fatally shot during a home invasion Wednesday at a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex, police said.
RIP Jason... just another white American murdered by blacks, a story few living in Oklahoma City will even read about
Jason Endres, 31, died Friday in a local hospital as a result of his injuries. He was shot about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Raindance Apartments near Pennsylvania and NW 122 
Witnesses told police two black males were breaking into an apartment when Endres went to help his neighbor. The suspects pistol-whipped a 17-year-old male in the apartment and one suspect shot Endres 
Lorenzo Eastland, 25, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the home invasion and shooting. He was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of robbery, possession of a firearm, first degree burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and first degree murder.

Jason Endres wife, Elizabeth, wrapped his arm in a towel to try and stop the bleeding. Her interview with a local news affiliate in Oklahoma City would be broadcast on every national media outlet and cable news channel if white privilege were a real force in America.

Instead, two black males have just murdered a white male in Oklahoma City, a story even the citizens of the state capital of Oklahoma have probably gone without noticing. [Widow plans to return to California, The Oklahoman, 1-4-18]:

Jason and Elizabeth Endres moved to Oklahoma City from southern California nearly three years ago. This month, she'll be moving back a widow. 
Jason Endres, 31, was hit by a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun when he attempted to intervene in a home invasion in the couple's apartment complex. He held on for two days before succumbing to his wounds. 
"He fought, but they said he had a very bad brain injury, and if he did open his eyes, he could never leave the hospital," wife Elizabeth Endres, 27, said. "They unhooked him from the ventilators and he passed after three hours of being unhooked. He died listening to System of a Down's 'Aerials,' his favorite song." 
The couple were asleep in bed about 8:30 a.m. Dec. 27 at Raindance Apartments, 2201 NW 122 when the dogs woke them up. The couple heard a commotion in a downstairs apartment, and Jason Endres went to help. 
In the end, a 17-year-old boy in the lower apartment was pistol-whipped, and Elizabeth Endres was dressing her husband's gunshot wound with a towel as paramedics arrived. 
"I heard him yelling, and I heard the other guy yelling. I hear a pop, and the next thing I smelled was gunpowder," Elizabeth Endres said. "My husband didn't die a bystander. He died a hero." 
The couple met at an Anaheim Angels baseball game when she was 12 years old. A decade later, they were a couple. Last year, they married. 
"Jason had a hard life. He was dealt with the wrong cards from the get-go, but he never let it stop him," she said. 
Beneath his rough exterior, he was a warm, sweet man who'd do anything to help someone in need. Having been homeless at one point in their relationship, Jason Endres liked to help when he could, she said. 
He promised his wife a better life if they moved from Riverside County to Oklahoma City. The couple landed in Oklahoma in March 2015. 
Jason Endres was a cook by trade, and recently started work at The Cheesecake Factory. In previous stints, he served meals to Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson and Michael Jackson's father over the years, she said. 
"He would always brag that he got a hundred-dollar tip from Reba," Elizabeth Endres said. 
When he wasn't cooking, he played video games, especially the Call of Duty series. 
He boasted of having a relative involved in Operation Valkyrie, a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. 
"He was happy to have a family member who tried to blow up Hitler. We both have family who served in World War II," she said.

Bragged about having a relative involved in Operation Valkyrie, only to spend his final lucid moments on earth drifting in and out of conscious as his wife tended a fatal wound fired by a black criminal. 

Somehow, I don't think this is the future Adolf Hitler, his relative who participated in Operation Valkyrie or his wife had in mind. 

Few will mourn Jason Endres. 

Even fewer will remember him as the present becomes the future. 

But the United States of America in 2018 is one whose elite are dedicated to ensuring white people never read stories about what happened to Jason Endres, how he lived or how he died. 

He was of the untouchable caste in the USA, a member of the white working class. He was part of no tribe, allowed no voice and denied any advocacy group. 

A nomad in his own country. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a tragedy. It is a common trait of white men to run toward a situation where lives are in danger. Most white men will automatically respond to another person’s emergency, and that tendency often ends as it did with Jason. The prudent thing would have been for Jason to call 911 and just listen to the home invaders kill his downstairs neighbor, but that wasn’t an option consistent with his character. I suppose that that kind of reaction probably insured the survival of the clan a thousand years ago, but I’m not convinced that it accomplishes that goal today. I hope that his wife doesn’t start forgiving the pieces of shit who murdered her husband.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

"He boasted of having a relative involved in Operation Valkyrie, a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler."

The longer I live, the more I begin to suspect we fought on the wrong side of the war. Rest in peace, Jason.

This evening I took my husband out to dinner in celebration of his 61st birthday. We went to a restaurant we've frequented a few times before - nothing fancy. As we parked the car, a group of negroes, a fambly of all adults, arrived at exactly the same time. Two of the negroes sprinted past to enter into the restaurant ahead of us, leaving the second and third negresses still waddling toward the restaurant.

This didn't affect my husband and me, as we stopped to marvel at a new brewery being built across from the restaurant. I don't know what it is about breweries, but they're springing up everywhere around here. But I digress. It was a pleasant evening, a break from the bone chilling cold we've endured recently, so we stopped to note the building's progress. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the third negress slip into the restaurant while the fourth, an older woman, hung around us, as if trying to understand why we weren't rushing ahead of them to tie on the old feedbag. When she sensed we were about to enter, she too then raced ahead of us.

As it happened, we had the misfortune of being seated across the room from them, in full view of all their negtrocities. I shook my head as they ordered the young waitress hither and yon, axing for all of those fancy drinks with umbrellas in them, somewhat resembling a alcoholic fruit salad. I counted and think they must have finished about three baskets of bread before the meal came. The heft of each one of them, two males and two females, was such that their ample fannies spread out well beyond the seat of their chairs. Of course, their demands continued, up to and including asking for take home containers, as well as ones for the bread after the waitress brought them their check. Is it any wonder "the die-beet-us" afflicts them in such great numbers?

Soon thereafter, the waitress brought me our check, which was to be my treat. I mentioned to my husband that the check included at the bottom what a standard tip should be..."15% =, 18% =", and so on. I looked at my husband and said, "Nope, she's not getting 18%. She's getting 25% tonight!"

They will never fit in or belong in Western civilization. It matters not how much or how little money they happen to possess. Where you have Africans, you have Africa.

Anonymous said...

To our elite, the white working class is expendable.

Not really. The white working class is not simply expendable. The elites want them crushed, killed, dismembered, burned alive and buried. These whites are problematic. They have certain expectations of honesty. Some of them remember the high trust society of their ancestors. Some are increasingly suspect of Jewish power. In the minds of the elite, they must be removed. At any cost.

Ex New Yorker said...

I don't let stories like this get me angry. The shit that does have an effect are all the ANTI-WHITE stories being broadcast with the controlled Media Mafia. There is just a non-stop torrent of white hate. We are now all Nazis. Courses at the universities are anti-white. Another one at a school in Florida. For some reason this professors class will have armed cops.

I still have friends that watch TV and they are in shock at the hate filled propaganda being broadcast on a regular basis. Last August we had thousands of people in town for the solar eclipse. I talked to an old hippie from California who told me he spent a week driving around Nebraska and Wyoming and was SHOCKED at all the "Nazis" he saw. When I asked him what he meant by Nazis he told me it was because they were all white people. "You know...white supremacist. All I saw were white people." When I told him that was why I moved here he got pissed off and walked away.

We are now the new enemy and I think they are planning on killing us all.

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this, please - if you feel compelled to investigate a violent commotion at your neighbor's house ---- take a gun with you. As they say, don't bring a knife to a gunfight; even worse is to bring your fists. Also, before you leave, tell your wife to call 911, and lock the door and don't open it for anyone. He almost get her killed too, by running back home unarmed.
Jason Endres sounds like a good guy. Too good for his own good.

Anonymous said...


When I was little boy, I remember my father and I took went for a fishing holiday in southern Florida. The memory that really stood out for me was the dozens of blacks on benches, front porches and even under trees, all seemingly in a deep slumber.

I asked my father why this was. His reply was, "Well son, you see when the nigger isn't being forced to work or concocting, dreaming up or planning some evil, there isn't really much going on in their thick nigger skulls. Like animals."

As a young boy this shocked me. Now...not so much. I love my father even more today for schooling me on race realism early.

Anonymous said...

I've known plenty of Jasons in my lifetime, they were the norm back in the day. If you didn't help someone in their time of need, you would be shamed out of town.
All of that has changed under BRA, rather sad don't you think?
For an uplifting story, check out Demetria Smith. She was a candidate for governor of TX. Unfortunately, her filing fee check for $3750 bounced.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

To double down on one of FMGs points, blacks do love ordering those big, colorful drinks at restaurants. Of course, when they are first served one, they guzzle down half of it and then call the server/bartender over.

"I can't taste the likker in dis. Der's no likker in it," they complain.

Someone inexperienced with their ilk and their "schemes" will try to explain to them that when the drink is made properly, it's not supposed to taste like any particular liquor.

The experienced bartender will just take their drink and splash some cheap gin into it and watch their faces light up when they think they are getting some special "deal" to go along with their well done steaks (that will be sent back and/or replaced several times...but that's another story).

Anonymous said...

Would anyone outside of OK even know about it without P.K. and SBPDL? (rhetorical)

Anonymous said...

If this was a black man who broke up a robbery and stopped a black teen from getting pistol-whipped or worse by a couple of white criminals and ended up getting shot and killed for his heroic actions, they would already be naming streets after him and tearing down the nearest confederate memorial to put a statue of him up.

Such is the disparity in behavior of blacks--just switch the races of any of the countless daily black-on-white crimes that only receive minimal mention in the local press, and you would have one of the single biggest international news stories of the week or month.

The press makes black criminals who were in the act of committing crimes into international civil rights icons when they get shot and killed by cops, so imagine what they would do for a completely innocent and heroic black version of Jason Endres if he was gunned down by a couple whites?

Of course, so few blacks engage in non-criminal or heroic behavior, so that's why it hasn't happened yet, and the press is forced to make do with the likes of Freddie Gray and the Gentle Giant. The bar is set so very, very low for blacks, yet so few manage to clear it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, FMG! Your class always shines through and I'm sure I'm not the only person who loves reading your posts. All the best to you and yours in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker @ 9:46 PM. It never fails to amuse me that the people who are most offended by my views and comments are the people who have spent zero time around blacks. I always tell them “you are allowed to live by them”. Feel free to amend your black free experience. Hell, I’ll even help them move. Then I’ll even help them move again.

Unknown said...

The elite will fail, utterly.
Globalism contains its own terminal illness, rooted in its DNA.

Paintjob Theory said...

"He was happy to have a family member who tried to blow up Hitler."


You think in Hitler's Germany they had to worry about home invasions by feral Africans? Yeah, so proud they're not speaking German in France, but Arabic, Farsi, and Swahili. Should have blown up those communist traitors Roosevelt or Churchill and we might have a white homeland in this world.

Anyway, speaking of which, I visited the Air Force Museum in Ohio a little bit ago and it was really a testament to what white Europeans can envision and create. Of course the handful of black African pilots got special spotlights and there was a remember the six million (TM) section (WTF does that have to do with aviation or the Air Force?)

That said. It was very moving to read the tales of some of the great men who (mostly posthumously) won the congressional medal of honor. What brought me near to tears was thinking of all these brave men who can achieve such greatness could have accomplished if the traitors in our own hostile government hadn't thrown them into the meat grinder as cannon fodder upon which to build their world government. And by my estimation, every war and revolution in the past 300 years (probably more) has been orchestrated by the same cabal with that same end (world government/communism), and indeed, each has brought us just a little closer.

Hundreds of years of throwing the best, brightest, bravest of our people into the slaughterhouse while we breed an army of mud-hut savages. I dearly hope I live to see the day we have a white leader who can shout the truth from the rooftops and bring about some true justice and a sane homeland where we can achieve our destiny.

Anonymous said...

No one carries a gun anymore?

D is for depressing said...

@Anonymous 10:19

I asked my father why this was. His reply was, "Well son, you see when the nigger isn't being forced to work or concocting, dreaming up or planning some evil, there isn't really much going on in their thick nigger skulls. Like animals."

Your father taught you well. This is the lesson that we need to teach our children for their own sake. That early lesson on race realism steered you away from them and have never had to deal with all the headaches associated when you don't distance yourselves from them.

@Formerly Miss Greenbaum

They will never fit in or belong in Western civilization. It matters not how much or how little money they happen to possess. Where you have Africans, you have Africa.

Until people understand that moon crickets are only partially human, they will continue to make the same mistake over and over again. That mistake being, trying to assimilate something that is inherently inassimilable to Western Civilization. They will also continue to try to make sense of why they do things the way that they do.

Anonymous said...

And if he (White male) would have somehow put those 2 blacks down, HE would be charged with a so called 'hate crime'. It is a no win situation with these Africans here in what is left of the USA.

Anonymous said...

No advocates for the white taxable units who keep the gravy train rolling? I thought a billionaire carny barker could feel the pain of the uppity deplorables who cloud up the view of the world for the inbred elites?

Jivey the Honky Cracka


"He was happy to have a family member who tried to blow up Hitler. We both have family who served in World War II," she said.

I always find the KEY phrase.

Does this "woman" not realize that, under HORRIBLE NAZI HITLER........(whether you like it or not)....this killing could NEVER have happened.


You know my thoughts about that.

Notice that nobody asked them WHY they left California? Could it be because of...the negro?

Anonymous said...

But the United States of America in 2018 is one whose elite are dedicated to ensuring white people never read stories about what happened to Jason Endres, how he lived or how he died.

This is true. I have a close acquaintance who lives minutes from the scene of the murder, and she had heard nothing about the incident. Everything that might awaken the multitudes of people who are busy attempting to raise their families and live their lives is censored. If a heroic groid attempting to assist a neighbor under attack was killed by two white home invaders, it be on every network 24/7. Monuments of its likeness would be built, it would be awarded honorary college degrees, streets would be named after it, a holiday would be declared in its name, and its face would replace Jackson’s on the twenty dollar bill. Oh wait, I forgot that they already found a monkey face for the twenty. Anyway, we don’t have to worry about all of these things happening because no groid will ever do what Jason did.

Anonymous said...

"At present, however, it seems that not only Americans but Aryans generally throughout the world (e.g., in South Africa) have lost the will to live and will become extinct, like all species of animals that have become biologically unfit to survive. It follows, therefore, that unless our race, and especially the Nordic part of it, by some now unforeseeable and miraculous change, recovers from the epidemic dementia that is destroying it and regains its pristine vigor in sufficient numbers to enable it to fight successfully its overwhelmingly numerous enemies, the territory that is now the United States will be occupied by a race to which the electoral concept in unintelligible and absurd." - Revilo Oliver

RIP, JASON ENDRES and every White victim of our evil (((government))) - a (((government))) which wants every White person dead.

Written 150 years ago: "here lies a people, who, in attempting to liberate the negro, lost their own freedom.”

D-FENS said...

From the NYT 2010 census map, the area where this took place is about 60% negro. That’s much too high. The only thing that could be worse than what happened is if the neighbor he was trying to help was a negro.

D-FENS said...

Reviews of Raindance apts. indicate it was an unsafe place to live.


Anonymous said...

"Lorenzo Eastland" - throw the book at him! If I were the judge, I'd say to him "You'll serve every day of your 14 week sentence!"

It's Out of Control said...

Number of comments on the original article in Oklahoma City: zero.

:: tear rolls down cheek ::

/ don't worry Oklahoma, an article like this in the Northeast would have hundreds of woke comments ... your day of wokedness will come

Anonymous said...

My grandfather use to comment to me as a child whenever we encountered blacks walking by them ,that "these people of color are different than us"that was over fifty some odd yrs ago. That was before all the civil rights bs. They KNEW about blacks and their habits way before any of us were even born., our ancestors were not stupid!

Anonymous said...

When my family landed in Canada, our next door neighbours were these stereotypical rednecks with trucks and guns and dogs that became our family friends because my brother was the same age as one of their boys - I didn't know them beyond that because I was a girl and I had my own crowd. I knew they could be relied on however. One time my mother was late home when she was at the house of another neighbour AROUND the block who was away and I was worried - this was the era before cellphone, so I knocked on their door, and only two boys were home playing nintendo, they put down their games with no complain and went with me to check on my mother, who turned out to be late because she was watering and weeding the garden of the neighbour who was away.

This man, Jason Endres, he dies at age 31, leaving behind a wife but no issue - his Samaritan genes dies with him. One day the negroe will ask for him and there will be no (out-group compassionate) YT left to help these no good nuisances.

Paintjob Theory said...


Dear God. How can any humans live in these conditions?

The one dizzy broad saying there were """only""" two shootings while she was there. How have we been conditioned to think that ANY shootings are normal?

Anonymous said...

Whites have no future in this country when it's occupied by 85 IQ hordes who hate us. They are irrational and a simple look at history shows they will do anything to harm whites. They do not care who drives the country forward. To them, hurting whites is the only priority, that's it. Look at Rhodesia, South Africa, and German Southwest Africa. That shows how these people think,
and they think that way here, also. 85 IQ hostile hordes who want to destroy whites. This country is done unless whites unite now and look seriously at an ethnostate.

The founders did not account for this possibility as they did not even account for blacks as part of the constitutionally ordained democratic process. Whites are finished unless they look very seriously and right now at what it takes to form an ethnostate.

Anonymous said...

From Mallory M.
Please stop being increasingly specific about where you live!!
I’m beginning to be able tell where you are writing from. If I can tell, so can the “others”.
Thanks in advance!!

Mark said...

More “teens”


Blue Eyes Matter said...

That's the difference between black and white culture. A white man lends a hand, a black records it on his cellphone, and uploads it to Worldstar hip hop.