Monday, January 15, 2018

In 1914, White Children in 90% White Baltimore Collected Pennies to Build Monument Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Star Spangled Banner; In 2018, Monument Defaced in now 70% Black City

Previously on SBPDL: When Our Overlords Discover Francis Scott Key was an unrepentant bigot, how long will take to dump the National Anthem?

The anti-racist rebellion against America's quasi-implicit/explicit white racial founding and past continues unabated, with a monument of white children defaced in now 70 percent black Baltimore. 

Paid for by pennies collected by white children in a nearly 90 percent white Baltimore in 1914, the bronze statue placed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner was defaced with the writing "racist anthem."
A monument built by pennies collected by white children in 1914 (a nearly 90% white Baltimore) to honor the 100th anniversary of Francis Scott Key penning the Star Spangled Banner was defaced in 70 percent black Baltimore

It stands, a monument of two white children - representing a far different Baltimore than the one breaking per capita homicide records every year since blacks rioted in the name of a dead heroin dealer - as a reminder of the past greatness of a city amid the Lovecraftean decline of a great American city. [Patterson Park statue honoring national anthem is defaced, found sprayed with red paint, Baltimore Sun, 1-15-18]:
A statue paid for with pennies contributed by Baltimore school children more than a century ago was found sprayed with red paint Monday morning. 
Jennifer Arndt Robinson, executive director of Friends of Patterson Park, said the bronze statue of children holding a scroll to commemorate the writing of the Star Spangled Banner had been damaged by paint. The words “Racist Anthem” were sprayed on a sidewalk near the statue. 
“We were notified early this morning of the incident,” Robinson said. “We are working with appropriate city officials to make sure it is addressed as quickly as possible.” 
Robinson said a cannon near the statue also was hit by paint. 
A spray paint can was recovered at the site and is being handed over to the Baltimore police, she said. 
“While we recognize the issue of freedom of expression, there has to be more appropriate ways to have that conversation,” Robinson said. 
Reginald Moore, city parks director, called the damage unfortunate. He said in a statement that city maintenance workers are working with the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation to assess the extent of the damage. 
“We understand the sensitivity of this matter and will work with City Hall and the Friends of Patterson Park to find a solution,” he wrote. 
Baltimore Police Department spokesman Donnie Moses said that police are investigating the vandalization but have no immediate suspects. 
The 1914 statue, the work of sculptor J. Maxwell Miller, shows two school children holding a scroll that reads: “To commemorate the centennial of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner, the pupils of the public schools of Baltimore have erected this memorial upon Hampstead Hill where in September, 1814, the citizen soldiers of Maryland stood ready to sacrifice their lives in defense of their homes and their country.” 
The statue in Patterson Park isn’t the first to be vandalized in recent months. Among other incidents, a monument in Bolton Hill to Francis Scott Key — who wrote the poem that would later become the national anthem — was splashed with red paint in September. There, too, the words "Racist Anthem" were written in paint. 
And in August, a monument to Christopher Columbus in Herring Run Park was smashed. A video posted to YouTube showed a man striking the base of the monument with a sledgehammer. Another person held a sign that said "Racism, tear it down."
Baltimore was founded as a white city, built by white people to shelter generations of white Baltimoreans to come. It was abandoned by white people when black crime became a constant threat, and is now a 70 percent black city lorded over by black elected officials utilizing the specter of black crime to keep gentrification at bay.

Our monuments, built to celebrate our history, stand as powerful rebukes to the egalitarianism dominating 21st century American life, which is why they must be defaced, vandalized, demonized, and ultimately destroyed.

It should be noted white children in 1914 raised those pennies to build a monument to their people, one their children and grandchildren could admire. In 2018, Baltimore City Schools has a student body roughly 8 percent white, 80 percent black and 10 percent Hispanic.


Anonymous said...

Thank you obama and winfrey your legacy is alive.

Anonymous said...

This gets sicker and more annoying by the day. The blacks are hell bent on destroying this country one piece of history at a time. 60 years of catering to their childish behavior. I’ve had more than enough of their churlish ignorance, but outside of bitching here, what do I do? I have no idea how to stop their idiotic criminality.

Anonymous said...

What a shithole. Add it to the ever expanding list of American cities that fit the description. Each and every one of them brought to you by black people. Nothing else happened in these cities. Whites moved out because the blacks moved in! Is that racist enough for you?

Anonymous said...

You hope to have a meaningful conversation with the blacks that defaced the statues? Honey, you better brush up on your Ebonics! Blacks don’t want a conversation with your white ass. Just remove the statues and shut up. They run Baltimore now. Get out of their way. No longer an historical city. History erased.

Anonymous said...

If they think that the anthem is racist then they should piss off to a shit hole country with a shit hole anthem.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Reginald Moore, city parks director, called the damage unfortunate. He said in a statement that city maintenance workers are working with the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation to assess the extent of the damage.
“We understand the sensitivity of this matter and will work with City Hall and the Friends of Patterson Park to find a solution,” he wrote.


"unfortunate"??? "We understand the sensitivity of this matter..." ??? Pardon me, but WTF??? No outrage, no vows to find and bring to justice the vandals who defaced public property of which you a a steward?

Maybe you should "meet the director"....

Looks like a pretty well fed nog, to me.

And here's the beeyatch who appointed him...

Baltimore will look like Haiti inside of about a decade in a half. Pity the whites who choose to remain there and continue feeding these ANIMALS!

Anonymous said...

"lower on the spiritual and
psychological scale than any animal. Inside of
this creature lies wild and unrestrained passions:
an incessant need to destroy, filled with the
most primitive desires, chaos and coldhearted

Awakened white said...

Words fail me when it comes to this failed species.

Non PC Infidel said...

Wherever negroes nest and breed in large numbers in the USA, 3rd world shitholes are the inevitable result and they want to deface, destroy and remove any reminder of the founding white population that built the city and made it what it was. Streets, buildings, and parks get renamed to erase all evidence of whitey. Once the infestation becomes bad enough, the city is declared a "chocolate city" when "Black Crap City" or "Black Shithole City" would be a far more appropriate and accurate description. Statues and memorials to white men who accomplished something of great worth are looked upon with disgust. Community centers then get built and named after useless, low life, drug dealing black thugs and criminals who would have done more of value and worth to the world if they'd been killed at birth.

It's all incredibly disgusting but since the negroes of Bodymore, Murderland dislike the statue of two white children commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, it should be replaced with one more in keeping with their cultural level and mentality- therefore I suggest a statue of a crack whore with six malnourished, dirty, unkempt, fatherless bastard crack babies at her side and a plaque commemorating EBT cards. Behind her and her "chilluns" there'd stand the façade of a looted, burnt out pharmacy.

As the nigga's would say, I'm just keepin' it real, dawg!

Anonymous said...

How is it that not every person on Earth can see what demonic children these "people" are? How they ook and screech and cry "RAYCISS!" every time they don't get their way. "Racist" .... the only word they know, apparently.

Californian said...

Had enough, YT?

Anonymous said...

Baltimore sinking like a stone....negroid anchor around its

ot: so we heard for a year RUSSIA hacked the election for Trump...that he COLLUDED with Putin to win...Lib media ran it 24/ that facts are coming out and we see it completely false...lib media goes silent. INCREDIBLE!! Totally dropped the BIGGEST STORY!!

Just looked at NY Times front page. article...not one!!

Are you waking up people??!! Can you see how (((they))) are trying to destroy Trump!!?? It's plain as day.

Got to take our country back!!

Anonymous said...

Good job protecting this monument Blackmore. Oh wait---- thats right---they're white kids. And with a black run city they sure as hell could care less. If there's even ONE white non-cuck-non-liberal person there---could you go rescue this ?

Anonymous said...

The obvious punishment for people who did this is to blame white privilege. The way to improve economic conditions is to import people who cannot contribute to the economy. The way to fight crime is to support black women to have babies out of wedlock so they can keep having more. There you go, PK, all fixed!

Paintjob Theory said...

"“While we recognize the issue of freedom of expression, there has to be more appropriate ways to have that conversation,” Robinson said."

I can't tell if this statement is attempting to be patronizing or is the most incredibly naive thing you could possibly say after living for years in Little Africa.... or if the woman actually just said "F*cking N!ggers" and the (((media))) paraphrased it.

Sadly, every single thing white Europeans do, build, create, or memorialize is a constant reminder to our stone age pets of their inferiority and historical absolute failure. On one hand they act proud of how shitty their communities are, some sort of sick bragging rights revolving around the only thing they do seem to create (blight, crime, and squalor), and on the other they are consumed with rage and envy at all other species of man who can, apparently with ease, create nice things, peaceful prosperous communities, and great works of art, literature, architecture, and technology.

They aren't happy living with us, they're not happy with living amongst each other, they're not happy in the USA or Europe and they're not happy in their own native lands. They're simply not a happy creature and we need to cease our codependency of trying to rate our success as a society on how well we please them.

In happier news, the local tribes in Chicago were celebrating this weekend's holiday in the traditional fashion:

The CPD scanner was pretty lively last night as well, so hopefully the 3 day weekend score has improved since this headline.

Wayne and His Wife. said...

Once again. we see how the negro destroys institutions founded by Whites. It is a feral beast that contaminates anything and anyone it comes in contact with.It has no sense of the past and little ability to understand the future. It lives only in the present seeking gratification of its instincts and searching for more free stuff.

Anonymous said...

They will continue to taunt us and everyone around them until we can start showing collective backbone.

Imagine this: You are in Seattle to see Bernie Sanders speak- you paid a fortune in parking and time spent to get to your venue. Before anything can get going a few fat mulatto "women" storm the stage and take over the entire event. Enraged, you decide that this is the last straw, and you too rush the stage, grabbing the mic out of their flabby, shit-hued hands.

The crowd erupts. You have become a hero for times to come, your name will be referenced repeatedly when the discussion of having large gonads comes up. What did you do? You did what everyone else was afraid to do- you stood up to bullies and showed them that you and everyone else around you is not going to take it anymore.

Blacks are natural cowards when not in groups, and they are so pathetic that they let their women-folk do all the arguing and fighting for them while they get they game on. They are incredibly short-sighted and easy to mess with if you stretch things into a longer time frame.

Start standing up in the face of BRA, man-hating dykes, and white-hating diversity. Not only will it make you feel good, but you can help the rest of us put these crybabies in their place.

Courage is contagious.


And people get soooooo upset that Germans painted JUDEN on the stores of Jewish merchants.

OHHHHH, AHHHHHH.....HOLOCAUST.....AHHHHH......Nicht Vergessen, Nicht Weider !!!!!

And today? The African is painting on OUR culture and the (((MEDIA))) says nothing? Isn't that so "Nazi"? Soooooo awful as you have forced down into our History books?

This is why I am a follower and believer in the Conspiratorial Theory of History. Nothing, in the last 200 years happens by "fate". It is all planned and controlled and implemented by the Ruling Class.

Just as it served the purpose to harass and kill the Jews (and therefor create and start World War 2), the same rulers are now using the SAME tactics to harass, and then kill, us.

It is all part of the same plane of World Control by the "Elite", who have no loyalty to any tribe, race, religion, etc. Just whatever is necessary.

We are marked for death/slavery...which ever one serves their purpose.

Anonymous said...

And I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that the people that did this were white.

And I'll bet they would never talk bad about the people committing 90% or more of all the crime in Baltimore, the blacks who give these white idiots the moral courage to continue in the race against their own breed.

If the person/people that did this are caught I believe the punishment should be to live in all-black neighborhoods for the rest of their lives!

Anonymous said...

Aperah... Uuuh, I mean Oprah didn't actually say all old white people have to die, just that older people "marinated in racism" need to die.

I grew up around a LOT of blacks to the point that you could say I was "steeped in racism". So Oprah, is it the older blacks who should die? Who molested you, witch?

Marc B said...

When cities are ceded to black majorities and SWPL, this is the natural result.

Californian said...

First, we do not know all the details of this case, including the identity of the perpetrator. It could all be a false front. But let's speculate.

Once you start conceding anything to those who want to destroy you, they will not finish until, well, they have destroyed you. The attack on the Confederate statues was just a tactic, a means to a long term goal. Whites showed weakness and let the statues be torn down, so it was clear to the predators in the jungle that YT was weak. And it wasn't just the DWLs. It was the mainstream conservatives, including the Republican politicians who were the first to roll over on this issue.

Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan and the paleo-cons refer to this as a culture war. And it really is war, since attacks on culture undermine the basis for national resistance. This is why the Left these days puts so much effort into attacking American icons, whether General Lee, Andrew Jackson, Jefferson and now Francis Scott Key. Even Woodrow Wilson is on the chopping block...big segregationist, don't you know. It's all gotta go, YT.

This is also why Conservatism, Inc., has gotten into the racket: by tearing down nationalist symbols, they undermine the ability of nation-states to resist their corporate paradise of globalization. Can't have Americans thinking there is such a thing as an "American economy," can we? Have to keep YT staring at 500 channels of telescreen even as his or her job is shipped abroad and the third world is migrated into the heartland. There are plenty of opioids on hand to keep the middle class in line, whether chemical or cheering for MYTEAM (even as pro athletes disrespect national symbols).

So it comes back to that culture war. As has been the case for the last six decades, blacks are so much cannon fodder for the assault on the White middle. They are the barbarians within the gates in the pay of hostile elites (what else can you call mobs who tear down statues and pillage cities but "barbarians?).

To understand the war, look at the long term goals of the enemy's generals.

It's that Man behind the Curtain.

Robin Naybors said...

As we rapidly approach the racial event horizon, where whites will achieve true minority status in this country, what words of wisdom will we speak to our white offspring?

What stories will we regale them with, as they try to make their way in a world filled with vile, retched, and truly racist mud people, bent on chasing them down in the very streets that their white ancestors built?

Streets that are no longer maintained and are left to crumble faster than the dreams of our grandchildren.

Pat Boyle said...

I looked at that defaced statue and I wondered what the grievance was. If it is indeed 'racist'. Where is the guilty racism? So I looked up the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner - not just the first verse that I know very well but also all the subsequent verses that no one knows.

The song of course is about defeating the invading British. It has nothing to do with blacks.

What was the beef with the Brits? One of the principal points of contention was the British policy of impressment. You would think that blacks whose ancestors had been former slaves would be sympathetic to a war against impressment.

It was of course a standard practice to whip black slaves in the American South. But that practice was outlawed with the Emancipation Proclamation issued after the Northern victory at Antietam in 1862. But we know that on the large well organized cotton plantations near the end of slavery floggings were rare and the few whites that ran the large gangs of slaves went unarmed. Black slavery in the Middle East, the Caribbean and Brazil was much more harsh. American black slaves generally ate better that contemporary whites, had intact families that lived in separate houses on plantations that had hospitals and medical staff. The threat of slavery in America that it would become an acceptable alternative economic system to the factory system that was arising in the north. Blacks in the sugar cane fields of the Caribbean and Brazil were worked to death. Blacks in Moslem nations were castrated. Slavery was never a good fate but if you had to be a slave it was better in the American South.

The lot of the black slave was for example better than that of the British sailors. England allowed flogging until 1881. You can hear an echo of that in the score to "HMS Pinafore". Captain Corcoran sings about "the cat" (cat 'o nine tails).

British flogging were not so funny. Sailors and soldiers were given up to 1,000 strokes. That is of course a fatal sentence. The practice was to whip the man until he passed out, wake him up and whip him some more. This might go on for days. He would he wakened, whipped day after day.

American sailors were being kidnapped off our ships to serve on British ships where this sort of thing happened. Sailors were not whipped on American ships.

So the anthem celebrates our victory over the incredibly cruel and unjust British impressment policies - policies that ensnared free Americans in a system far worse than plantation slavery. You might expect blacks to be sympathetic to the political grievances of early Americans kidnapped and enslaved by the British. You might think blacks would want to celebrate our victory over servitude and cruelty.

But I guess that's too much to ask.


Anonymous said...

This isn't surprising. Blacks, browns, and their deluded white allies relentlessly receive the message from all mainstream sources that they are the arbiters of anything on which they have a self-righteous opinion. Whoever did this undoubtedly thinks s/he was justified. And if you're naïve enough to suggest that opinions can be expressed without vandalism, well don't you know that the crusade against white "racism" justifies literally anything?

Anonymous said...

OT: But the pastor in PG County Maryland (the richest black county!) who went political in the pulpit (be in the world and not of it) while VP Pence was in church is a great man.

Why do I say he is a great man? Because looking at the website for this "church" I see that they are pretty much 100% black. CD's of the serrmons cost $12.50 while DVD's go for $17.50!

They have a great e-giving option on their site, which can be found at:

You may want to download their podcasts, too! You don't have to listen to them but I can imagine that by downloading their podcasts you can ensure the Lord blesses them by increasing their bandwidth use.

Wide Awake said...

Black Excuse #418
Vandalism = Freedom of expression

Anonymous said...

Maybe the should surround the statue in Plexiglass, oh wait can’t do that either.

Anonymous said...

Not a single day goes by without me being more disgusted of negroes. They truly are a pox on this nation.
While waiting for my stylist, I glanced through Glamour magazine. Half of everything was devoted to negroes, models, clothing, perfume, you name it but it's not glamour by a long shot. The men were pussies.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't mean to sound like a butthead i agree wholeheartedly but really the $64 question is what is white man going to do about these things... minus the country breaking up like the former Soviet Union and say we could have stablish a white Nation with in this country I really think the only thing that can be done right now is boycotting and avoidance... a few things that I do I do not donate to any charity that has any possibility of giving my material to the afro... I do not patronize any businesses within no-go zones of my city... I do suggest this website to other people when I feel that they are looking for answers to the current situation... I guess you could call this passive resistance... but really The Cure is some sort of how that's going to happen I really don't know... extraterrestrial invasion Red Dawn invasion Zombie Apocalypse artificial intelligence Skynet I don't know maybe a huge earthquake but one thing's for sure they're not designed for a survival outside the white man taking care of them I'm not an evolutionist but unfortunately Black America cannot self sustain themselves and maybe that will be the ultimate Eliminator natural selection and species survival trait...

Anonymous said...

I gave this hypothetical to a "progressive" yesterday: Swap the population of Iceland with the population of Haiti. Do not change the electrical grid, the buildings, the roads, the sewers, etc. Give the same amount of money that Haiti is getting now to the Icelanders in Haiti, and keep giving that same amount of money to the Haitians in Iceland. Don't give the populations any other assistance than the money. Fast forward 50 years. Which country is now the shithole? Which country still requires the input of massive amounts of foreign money to function?

OT--I was in a hospital yesterday and saw a bunch of black workers walking around in scrubs emblazoned on the front with the letters "ORCS". I checked the hospital website and found out that stood for "Operating Room Custodial Services".

chattanooga gal said...

I always wonder what tourist think when they come to the u.s.- usually to one of the larger cities which have become blacker and blacker. do they think " good lord, I must have got on the wrong flight and ended up in the congo!" add to that our t.v and commercials and billboards overwhelmingly depict blacks, and they must REALLY be checking their plane tickets.

Anonymous said...

It's child abuse for White parents to send their children to Baltimore public schools.

D-FENS said...

Speaking of Baltimore, an astrophysicist is going to investigate Bodymore’s vacant housing.

Sick n Tired said...

So yesterday we had our annual "Wheels Up, Guns Down" MLK rally where groids from all over descend on S. Florida to ride dirtbikes & ATVs recklessly all over the streets & highways, while the cops do next to nothing.

My favorite part about this event is that apparently not everyone got the message to put their guns down, because they had 3 people shot, 5 injured at the MLK parade in 98% black Liberty City, which is a massive shithole area in Miami, which is also a shithole, so that makes it REALLY shitty. Is there anything that they cannot completely fuck up?

Ex New Yorker said...

We are now being ruled over by the "lords of chaos" and where their reign is the strongest are the larger cities. There are those who are incapable of building anything. All they know how to do is destroy. Any one who is awake can see this taking place around them. We live in a time where perversion, chaos, destruction, crime, insanity and madness are considered normal.

If you can keep your sanity and not jump into the pit of madness that is taking place you will have a much better chance of surviving as these morons self destruct around you. By becoming the neutral observer and not get to caught up in what is happening is the way to stay balanced and keep your peace of mind. There is a reason these things are happening. What they want is for you to react and become angry and raging mad like they are. Misery loves company and by not buying into the program of hate and fear you become the winner. Let's be honest here folks. WHO REALLY GIVES A FUCK WHAT HAPPENS IN BALTIMORE. These turd brains that now run these black meccas are so brain dead that they will burn down the local pizza shop and then complain that "Day don't gots no place to gits a pizza".

Stay centered. Stay calm. Don't let these fuckers get you riled up. That is what the whole program is about. They like sitting on their big fat asses laughing about how they got whitey all pissed off and angry. It takes two to play their game. By stepping aside and only watching from the sidelines you are no longer in the game.

I consider these cities like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit a blessing from God. I strongly support places where apes are running loose in the streets and killing each other. Better there than here. I don't have no ape sitting on my street corner.


Look how the wonderful ILLEGALS are adding to the California health crisis:

I'm sure the S-hole Moonbeam will ask the rest of America (us Racist White Men) to pay for it.

I am so sick of this country. The sooner we explode in horrific, sickening, revolting violence, the happier I will be....................

Brian in Ohio said...

Any place that is 70% black doesn't need monuments. It IS the monument.

Stay alert, stay alive.


"......the citizen soldiers of Maryland stood ready to sacrifice their lives in defense of their homes and their country.”

Where are the citizen soldiers today? Isn't that the reason we have the 2nd Amendment? To use GUNS against our "leaders" when they sell us out and turn against us?

I wish I was rich. I would buy up all these statues and move them to a place for the sole purpose of saving what is left of the White Culture in this disgusting "nation".

I would buy hundreds of acres and name the park with an "in your face" name.


I'm disgusted.

Anonymous said...

No, this is the unnatural result.

Anonymous said...

The Black Baltimorons can't even write properly.

D is for depressing said...

Pay attention to the detail. The gracile features of the White children. The excellent sculpting. The fact that this monument is over 100 years old.

I will never tire of repeating this truth: Blacks have never mastered the wheel, devised a written language, domesticated an animal, sailed the seas, have never developed a religious canon, have never won any Nobel prizes in the hard sciences, and are proto-humanoids unleashed upon modern civilization with only the most disastrous consequences for all involved.

They are jealous of the achievements of other races and are threatened by them, and that is why they need to drag everyone down to their level. They are not equals, never will be.

Anonymous said...

The $1-Billion Hellhole

From the article:
"There were warnings, however, that the plan was hastily approved. In the fall of 2008, Ontario’s Auditor General, Jim McCarter, stated in his annual report that the government hadn’t undertaken its formal studies to determine the direct supervision model’s suitability for Ontario’s inmate population and jail system. Modern inmates, he pointed out, were more violent than inmates a decade earlier."

"Inmates are often volatile after being released from their cells, and correctional officers were paying particular attention to Chibuike Nwagwu, the unit’s alpha male, who was facing sex trafficking and forcible confinement charges. Nwagwu was furious about the lockdown. Days earlier, he had smashed a lunch tray and refused to hand over the shards. He focused his rage on a rookie officer named Michael Parsons, a by-the-book type who refused to give Nwagwu any special treatment." (Nwagwu is african)

"Both actions may well succeed. In 2015, two inmates at Maplehurst in Milton—Jamil Ogiamien, an immigration detainee, and Huy Nguyen, an inmate facing weapons charges—brought a suit against the province, the ministry, Maplehurst and the attorney general, claiming that lockdowns were akin to solitary confinement and in violation of the Charter. Ontario Superior Court Judge Douglas Gray agreed, and awarded them a total of $85,000." (Ogiamien is Nigerian, Nguyen is Vietnamese)

- Andrie Samuels (african), arrested for meth charges, now suing for his charter rights, is pictured in his article with his FOUR (recognized) children.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is toast. Down for the count...sunken into negroid quicksand(quick mud). Adios!!

ot: go look at New Rochelle, NY White teen lynching by negress. Unreal! Daylight. Stabbed with steak knife after being hunted down by a pack of ferals. Zimbabwe, here we are!!

Negroes lynched a White schoolgirl in a liberal town!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the should surround the statue in Plexiglass, oh wait can’t do that either.


And true.

Big crimes in Amerikwa:
* Storekeepers defending their shops from black robbers
* Cops defending themselves from black thuggery
* Statues being defended from vandalism

How's them civil rights working for you YT?

Anonymous said...

I doubt the vandals were black. They couldn't spell "anthem".

Anonymous said...

Did you all write the comments on this article? It sure reads like it....

Anonymous said...

When it reaches that point, where we are explaining to our offspring about the world that fell, they will be manning the walls and towers of the last few white held fortifications, and we will tell them to aim true and end the advance of as many invaders that try to break thru and take what isn't their's.

Anonymous said...

OT, but relevant. Here is a list of the National Felon League criminals. Great web site, tell your friends about it.

Anonymous said...

OT, but too good not to share. I'll just leave this right here. Enjoy the CNN "remix".

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baltimore, Feel free to come to Detroit and take home our big, black fist. Somehow it befits your “charm city”. You folks are giving us a run for our money. Let me give you a little tidbit of advice. Get out now. You’re going to have to get out sooner or later. Don’t be one of the last ones out. Go before you become a victim.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't mean to sound like a butthead i agree wholeheartedly but really the $64 question is what is white man going to do about these things... minus the country breaking up like the former Soviet Union

If we could de-indocrinate most White males then the questions will find their own answers.

The real problem is that most White males are still holding out for some environmental explanation or solution.

Even Bill Gates with all the time in the world to study racial differences still invested his own money into paint theory based programs. This is because the establishment has done a masterful job of convincing Whites that The Science(tm) has decreed that race doesn't exist. Of course if you go into medicine you will learn that this isn't true and just something told to the masses.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyal; as usual thank you for the information that you provide. Put our national anthem in its proper place in history. Maybe you can explain it to the blacks. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I will never tire of repeating this truth: Blacks have never mastered the wheel, devised a written language, domesticated an animal, sailed the seas, have never developed a religious canon, have never won any Nobel prizes in the hard sciences, and are proto-humanoids unleashed upon modern civilization with only the most disastrous consequences for all involved.

Someone once pointed out that beaver homes have more complexity than any huts created by the Bantu.

At first I thought it was an exaggeration but then after reading about beavers found it to be true.

D is for depressing said...

@Anonymous 4:49

Thank you for sharing the link.


White Italian and Proud said...

Call me an ambulance ! Lmfaooooooooo this is something I would say but the Speech police (hi PK) never allows me to post these ghetto satirical comments

Ryan said...

"The Black Baltimorons can't even write properly."

Nor can they spell. Check out how "racist" is spelled.

Anonymous said...

I believe the bushmen of S. Africa had domesticated cattle and goats were likely domesticated as well.

I think as far as religious canon goes the rest as have "The Holy Pliby" and the Ethiopian church may have had things of their own devising based upon the Jewish teachings and books to which they had access.

Other than that, I think your assessment it's spot on.

I am not trying to tear you down, but I will give the African credit where it is due. While they cannot operate on our level it doesn't mean that some things aren't possible to them (as a people), but in the end they must be baffled, perplexed and angry at their perpetual state of low achievement.

If humans originated in Africa, it means that the African is the most basic model and that all other races have upgraded their OS, and of they upgraded their OS perhaps even form followed the function of transcending African-ness. Maybe this is what Neanderthals did for us or maybe it's just the unending generations that kept going, striving and seeking the next horizon or challenge ge.

Anonymous said...

This is also why Conservatism, Inc., has gotten into the racket: by tearing down nationalist symbols, they undermine the ability of nation-states to resist their corporate paradise of globalization. Can't have Americans thinking there is such a thing as an "American economy," can we? Have to keep YT staring at 500 channels of telescreen even as his or her job is shipped abroad and the third world is migrated into the heartland.

I'm convinced that most of Conservative Inc leadership is completely unprincipled and simply terrified of a nationalist resurgence where globalist "free market" advocates are revealed as con-artists. History has shown that race matters and Whites will do better alone with socialism than third worlders will do with unregulated capitalism. But good luck trying to get Conservative Inc globalists to admit this simple truth.

Conservative Inc is a gang of traitors. I'd rather just deal with liberals. At least with liberals they don't argue that poor Whites should be uninsured for profit.

The Umpire said...

Karl Marx: "If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded."

Evil people possess evil wisdom.

Wide Awake: "Black Excuse #418
Vandalism = Freedom of expression"

Hey, y' know what? I used to know a young, hyper-idealistic fool who actually believed that. One time, he told me about a graffiti vandal that he'd crossed paths with. When I expressed my contempt for the juvenile delinquent, he said to me, "But, it's his way of expressing himself."



Excellent post:


January 16, 2018 at 9:48 AM

Why don't the blacks understand what you wrote? They can't.

THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING. It is the SJW type that are too stupid to understand that and are destroying us with them.

Ohio born said...

This is how you turn white civilization into third world shitholes! No respect for history, laws, others opinions, or tradition. Bra has been used as a wrecking ball to rid what few morals we have left. Up is down, left is right and Koonya named his turdling norfwess!

Anonymous said...

I haven’t check in for a couple weeks but damn it’s good to see Ms Greenbaum is finally back!

rexfreeway said...

Put anything worth saving in libraries. You will never see a Negro in a library

Augustus said...

I think violence will occur and Balkanization will result when folks in responsible states are taxed to save bankrupt states like California and Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of violent Blacks, I'm shocked CNN had the stones to report this. A Black captured in Phoenix for 9 killings and possibly linked to 7 more.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...
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