Tuesday, April 17, 2018

In 2017 New York City, a 33% white city and President Trump's hometown, Non-Whites committed 93.1% of the murders and 97% of the nonfatal shootings

In Donald J. Trump's first year as President of the United States, liberals across the country fell over one another to point out New York City's crime rate was at historic lows

What they failed to note: black and brown people in Trump's hometown of New York City were busy committing almost all of the violent crime in the 33 percent white city.
Who is committing all of the violent crime in 33 percent white New York City, President Trump's hometown? Black and brown people...

For homicide suspects, 93.1 percent were black, Hispanic, or Asian in New York City for 2017. These statistics come courtesy of the 2017 Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City:
Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter 
Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims are most frequently Black (55.7%) or Hispanic (29.2%). 
White victims account for (9.5%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims while Asian /Pacific Islanders account for (5.7%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims. 
The race/ethnicity of known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects mirrors the victim population with Black (61.7%) and Hispanic (27.0%) suspects accounting for the majority of suspects. White suspects account for (7.7%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects while Asian/Pacific Islanders accounted for (3.6%) of the known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects. 
The Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrest population is similarly distributed. Black arrestees (54.8%) and Hispanic arrestees (32.2%) account for the majority of Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrestees while White arrestees (6.9%) and Asian/Pacific Islander (5.4%) arrestees account for the remaining portions of the Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrest population. 

94.9 percent of robbery suspects in 2017 New York City were non-white.

91.7 percent of rape suspects in 2017 New York City were non-white.

97 percent of shooting suspects in 2017 New York City were non-white.

Make America Great Again? To do this, it means being honest about which racial groups are responsible for violent crime in America (and the explosive growth in the police/prison-industrial complex). In New York City, President Donald J. Trump's hometown, black and brown people (Hispanics) are responsible for nearly all the violent crime. 

One of Donald Trump's favorite movies is Death Wish, and there's no doubt he took notice of the famed scene where white liberals are at a dinner party discussing the vigilantes crimes. The anti-hero (Paul Kersey) overhears the following conversation:

The guy's a racist. 
He kills more blacks than whites. 
More blacks are muggers. 
You want to up the proportion of white
muggers to have racial equality? 
What? Racial equality among muggers? 
I love it.
There is no racial equality among violent criminals in 33 percent white New York City. It's worth noting that when Death Wish was made in the early 1970s, the city was still 63 percent white. Even then, almost all violent crime was committed by non-whites. 

Make America Great Again?

Make America White Again. 


Alexei Luthor said...

Racial Equality among muggers clip

Anonymous said...

never forget that Cuomo, the Gov of New York stated that New York values aren’t compatible with Conservative values.

Ex New Yorker said...

I was hanging out in Greenwich Village one Winter night about 1966/67. I had a leather sheath strapped to my belt. Inside the sheath I had a small foot long camera tripod. All of a sudden someone with a steel grip grabbed me by the back of the neck. "Don't move...I'm a cop. What's this...." as he grabbed the sheath with his other hand.

I told him it was a camera tripod as he pulled it out and held it in the air. On the other street corner were two more plain clothes cops in a car. They pulled up and he handed it to them through the window. They laughed and he said it would be better if I carried it in my shoulder bag rather than having it strapped to my belt. Which I did.

Latter that Summer I was sitting at a booth in a sleazy spoon diner on Second Avenue and Seventh Street. Out of nowhere this guy sits across from me and says "Hi ***. I just heard you shit kicked Nigger Hank again."

Then he says "Hey you don't remember me. I'm the cop that jumped your ass last Winter in the Village."

I asked him how he knew my name. He told me "We know everybody and everything that goes on around here".

We talked for awhile and he told me what had happened in the diner a year before. It was being run by a militant black group that was using the place as a front to sell heroin and guns. An undercover black cop had already made a drug buy. They sent him in again but this time he got jumped. They had him lying on the floor in the kitchen. The cop was wired.

He said that he and his partner were on the corner in their car and heard what was going on. They had no time to waste and went into the diner with both guns blasting away. They killed all three bad guys. Their reasoning was if the blacks had found the cop was wired it would have really gone bad.

I told him I live a block away and never heard anything about what had happened. He said "Nobody heard....This story did not make the news. There was a total news black out."

This was NY in the 60's with the black crime getting worse each year. It was a horror show and I got free admission to one of the worst places to be.

I've told some other cop stories on this site. They truly were "New York's Finest." It is my opinion that even the bad cops were still good guys. Nobody knows what it is like dealing with garbage every day of your life. It is bound to turn some people to the dark side.

Mr. Rational said...

Pondering here...

The USA has a population of about 315 million, give or take, and is about 67% White.

That makes ~210 million Whites and ~105 million non-Whites.

Removing the ~1/3 of Mexico's population which is here would reduce the non-White population to about 65 million and make the USA about 76% White.

Removing the Africans-in-America would reduce the non-White population to about 25 million and make the USA about 89% White.

That's about where we were in 1950.

Praying for Heritage America said...

To Mr. Rational,

Not really, as in the census, Indians (dot, not feather) and Arabs are counted as being white, so I would say our % of the population is lower, that and the games they play labeling Hispanics as white when they commit a crime and labeling them as Hispanic when they are crime victims. I could only dream of living in a country that is 89% white. Part of me is confident that, when it all falls apart, I'll be in a white enclave. But the other part of me is afraid we'll be overrun. When I look at how we've given our country away, importing in a ton of people to replace us, I have to believe that those whom the gods destroy, they first drive them mad. It's lunacy, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I have an elderly friend who lived in NYC until about 2010. She laments how many wonderful areas were turned into terrible ones by blacks and browns.

europeasant said...


In some cities you have to pay people to live in the negro areas. And yet there are few takers.

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s latest attempt to get Chicago cops and firefighters to spread out into the city’s struggling neighborhoods has yet to draw much interest.

Six months after the mayor dangled a monetary carrot to try to get them to purchase homes in high-crime parts of the South and West sides, just two police officers have taken advantage, according to the city Department of Planning and Development"

"Emanuel’s program offers $30,000 loans to police officers and firefighters to buy a home in certain more violent areas of the city. If they stay for at least 10 years, they don’t have to pay the city back. It’s an idea employed by former Mayor Richard M. Daley in previous decades that Emanuel restarted last year"

The White people have completely abandoned parts of the city. The richer Whites are moving downtown. Where I used to live the area went from White to black in just a few years. There's a Hispanic buffer zone in place. I predict the so called Hispanics will soon be a majority. The Africans are mostly moving to the south suburbs and outlying territories. Who knows where this will end?

Anonymous said...

never forget that Cuomo, the Gov of New York stated that New York values aren’t compatible with Conservative values.

Also never forget that the elected mayor married a left-wing Black former lesbian even though liberals tell us that no one can be a former lesbian.

Anonymous said...

I have an elderly friend who lived in NYC until about 2010. She laments how many wonderful areas were turned into terrible ones by blacks and browns.

Well the Whites there keep voting for reality-denying egalitarians and leftists so I don't know why this would be as surprise to anyone.

Pat Boyle said...

I haven't been in New York since about 1970. I was last in London about 1990. Neither of my memories of those cities are current. Last year apparently London had more violent crime than New York. That's hard for be to believe but my memories as I said are not current.

But the underlying patterns of crime are still valid. Blacks cause crime. Period. Full stop.

I don't think of myself as a racist so much as a humanist. I was in City Planning in grad school. That is a profession that believe that the way to build good cities is through where you locate the mailboxes. (not a joke, that's what planners do). I think a city is the product of its citizens - their quality and their culture. You would think that all enlightened people would believe much the same. But to actually believe that the people in a city are the most important component is viewed as a thought crime.


I posted a comment yesterday on iSteve about what I presumed was a government directive to fill all TV commercials with negroes. I got a ton of replies but no one knew of any such official mandate. So I must be wrong. Apparently - strange as it seems - it's the free market that fills TV with all these images of wise and noble blacks and mixed unions of black men and white women.

Again strange.


Anonymous said...

So I must be wrong. Apparently - strange as it seems - it's the free market that fills TV with all these images of wise and noble blacks and mixed unions of black men and white women.

It does seem strange until you realize that most of those commercials are from Madison Ave companies.

Those companies are staffed by SJW warriors that want to do more than sell dish soap or tires.

The Fortune 500 corps just hand these companies money and the SJW warriors behind the scenes are allowed to insert their political or egalitarian ideals.

Most of the corps are staffed by boards that support the status quo and want the company to appear PC. A lot of these big companies are just like the government in that they support the establishment first and foremost. They just want the money to keep coming in and are threatened by change.

Anonymous said...

The ability of young black males to target testosterone-fueled hate is the deciding advantage in the Starbucks trespassing flap. Interfaith counsellors have been dispatched to the wan little coffee shop; the CEO of Starbucks held a Kumbaya Latte party st corporate HQ for the offended duo. Conversion to white masochism appreciation will not work. There are potentially millions of offended duos out there - that is what this nightmare is all about. The reservoir of white masochism is deep but not as deep as required.
The solution is simple : instead of trying vainly to control the uncontrollable hormone involved, why not try to neutralize it at the source?
Simply put, hire some luscious sisters as waitresses in the troubled stores. Give the girls carte blanche to wiggle and giggle to their heart's content. Relax the dress code. Let the bosoms and bottoms blossom. Assignations, not reparations. Everybody wins.

Anonymous said...

To 8:36:

Actually the non-Manhattan and non-Jewish whites vote Republican. Staten Island (many Italians) is Republican and so are certain districts in Queens, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. Manhattan is a total blue basket case. My friend didn't live in Manhattan. So you're not entirely in error but it's more complicated.

Anonymous said...

Wait ,wait...Let's ask the FieldNegro...He is a lawyer and an expert on all things in Black and White.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Apparently - strange as it seems - it's the free market that fills TV with all these images of wise and noble blacks and mixed unions of black men and white women. "

(((Free Market))). Good Lord, Pat, it's like you just found this place.

On topic, you could take these same rates at which black Africans create crime and guess within a percent or two for any city with double digit negro population. The ratios are the same any place on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Those stats can't be true. The darker races are supposed to "enrich" our European culture. Are you really telling me the exact polar opposite is in fact true? This must be propaganda from Nazis or the Klan or some such. I'm appalled! Those damned racist facts!

AR in Illinois said...

Yes, my former sleepy little satellite town almost TWENTY MILES from the south border of Chicongo has started to get invaded. Fn sad and disgusting. We've been here 23 years and we both had to leave previously-white towns for the same reason. Seriously want to move to a groid-free part of central Indiana but can't yet due to the wife still working. Where will it end indeed?!?

Anonymous said...

@ AR in Illinois. I'm sorry to say that your little satellite town and more towns like them will continue to be swamped by blacks and other third-world cretins. You see the birthrate for YT just keeps going down and down and down every decade since the 1960s while the birth rate for the POC keeps going up and up and up meaning their won't be enough YTs to stop this invasion of small-town America.

Pretty soon on top of YT in America not having enough kids and not demanding that blacks get repatriated back to the 'muthaland' on top of demanding that Illegals being deported you are going to see more mud people continue to not only invading small-town America but every nation in the world that is majority White and well-advanced as you are seeing now in every country in Europe, Australia, Canada and coming soon to New Zealand, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina as well.

D is for depressing said...

In the most recent previous article I said this:

As well as a predictable pattern when it comes to social pathology:
Blacks > Hispanics > Whites > Asians

and there it is:

Black arrestees (54.8%)
Hispanic arrestees (32.2%)
White arrestees (6.9%)
Asian/Pacific Islander (5.4%)

Anonymous said...

The TV commercials are getting bolder by the week. I've seen not one, but TWO, separate commercials for different products featuring black HOCKEY MOMS driving their son and his white, latino, and asian teammates to a game. And these are being aired during the NHL playoffs.

Anonymous said...

In the last 10 years my sons teams had one black kid who was a total idiot and a few Asian kids who were fine and respectful. Non-American


It is getting worse and worse, and how ANY WHITE can put up with this, amazes me.


Anonymous said...

Television: black hockey moms and white burglars

Reality: I was invited to a Jets-Colts game many years ago. (For the record, I don't watch black sportsball any more.) The guy with the tickets invited others. There were five of us, four white and one black. One guy bought hot dogs for everyone. Then another beers. I stepped up and bought something, maybe soda. Etc., etc. One guy said yes to everything but never went in his pocket. Guess who.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

NYC is still 30% White?


Anonymous said...

and emma lazarus

Anonymous said...

Blacks are 13-14% of the population and I would think less than that percentage of Starbucks customers yet the coffee chain is on its knees begging for forgiveness and promising atonement. This seems to show both the fear businesses have of the diversity industry racketeers and that there are enough liberal whites indoctrinated into believing the "black oppression" narrative. Once again the sensibilities, demands, and grievances of blacks are paramount. We are heading to a point where it's considered racist to uphold policies and laws when blacks are involved. This is indeed "Black-Run America" as it's known on this blog.

-Lee Lepanto

Wide Awake said...

My favorite is the white dad with a black wife and a black daughter with the same skin tone. Completely forget what they were selling though. Then there is another that has a huge black family at a picnic table or something and there is a lone white woman in the middle. Anyway, youtube: Anti White Commercials. you'll find a ton.

Anonymous said...

And the statue-moving continues...


New York City workers removed a Central Park statue on Tuesday commemorating Dr. J. Marion Sims, a 19th-century surgeon who made significant advances in gynecology at the expense of enslaved black women.

Oh, and as an aside, I have noticed a lot of people who aren't usually very political talking about the sTarbucks shakedown. Me or any person that I know would have either left or bought something, not argue with a barista about their corporate policies.

This story could be very valuable in opening even more eyes to the churlish nature of the negro.

Brian in Ohio said...

Would like Ex New Yorkers, or any other New Yorkers thoughts on this.


Is this just a fluke, or are the "gun free" cities like NYC flush with firearms?

From looking at the pictures, out here in "flyover country", this guy would just be considered to have a "decent" collection, and no one would really bat an eye. You can find this 100 times over in EVERY small town out here. He probably had no more in all the guns and ammo than one would spend on a new Corvette, if that.

I find it hilarious that the NYPD acts like finding 50,000rnds of ammunition is the mother lode. They have no idea....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

It is getting worse and worse, and how ANY WHITE can put up with this, amazes me.


Oh, believe me Centurion YT will continue to put up with it since a good chunk of them are true believer A-holes who believe that blacky needs a leg up if we just gave them more money to improve their well being and you can literally bet your bottom dollar that the CEO of Starbucks will throw more of his personal fortune at them just to virtue-signal even more at all the YTs living in the Mountain and Plains states.

On top of this you also have millions of YTs working regular 9 to 5 jobs who have no freaking clue that all their money is wasted on blacks with all the misery, filth and squalor that they cause since they all they are concerned with is their phones, their soulless McMansions by unsustainbly borrowing money from YKW for their 4th, 5th and 6th mortgages and spending a fortune on their kids for private school just to get away from the black undertow,degenerative behavior of gays and Illegal Aliens living in big cities such as NYC.

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT: I've learned that the girls-only high school in DC to an acquaintance sends his daughter has a "Diversity Day" and his daughter is in charge of this year's activities. I should not be surprised since this brother is a flaming Clinton supporter and even has an autographed thank-you picture from the Rapist-in-Chief himself.

I'd never heard of "Diversity Day" so I googled it, and it's exactly what you might expect. Apparently schools all across the country have them. No wonder there are so many little SJW shits in college -- they're already that way by the time they come out of high school. And no wonder this country's kids rank so poorly against those in other developed nations -- they're getting an indoctrination, not an education.

For those of you with kids in high school, ask them about their school's Diversity Day and you may be surprised (and perhaps even horrified) by what you learn.

And it's not just the government-run schools that have them. High-dollar private schools have them too.

Anonymous said...

Death Wish is a great movie but I don't like how were are supposed to believe that civilized society was breaking down and primitive criminal Whites were just as likely to attack you as Blacks.

The NY crime problem of the 60s and 70s was really the result of desegregation and letting negroes run wild.

Anonymous said...

Guess that's the real, "New York State of Mind"! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Is it the guy who wouldn't tip at a restaurant? ;)

Non PC Infidel said...

Colin Flaherty 54 Gang Members Indicted RICO Act. Seven charged with murder. Yes, it's Chattanooga, TN. Yes, they're all black.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the white dad with a black wife and a black daughter with the same skin tone. Completely forget what they were selling though.

I think we are supposed to believe that a White guy married into a Black family. Happens all the time.

Here in reality the White male / Black female couple was probably more common in the 90s when more White males believed in paint theory and the liberal narrative that they were holding back a racial utopia.

The US left has actually become very female with a few effeminate and naive White males mixed in. If you look at older protest videos from the 60s there were a lot more White males from 20-30. The last gun protest in DC looked like a girl's volleyball convention.

Anonymous said...

Actually the non-Manhattan and non-Jewish whites vote Republican. Staten Island (many Italians) is Republican

Yes I'm sure the remaining Whites with families and mortgages vote for weak-spined globalist Republicans. But who did previous generations of Italians and Irish vote for?

The Whites in that city voted away their gun rights and voted in taxes and third worlders. Texas Democrats are far more supportive of the 2nd than NYC Republicans.

The only reason they don't have the major crime problems of Chicago or Detroit is gentrification. But then most the Whites there don't have families. NYC is a place where Whites go to be childless and bitter or gay. The "catcall" youtube video shows these White morons have to be reminded daily that they live in a 3rd world sandbox. So hoo-ray for the remaining Whites that elect Staten Island globalists (slow clap).


Anonymous said...

And how many crimes go unreported... Uuuh! Nix that! How many crimes to 912 are disregarded, who does the disregarding and who hires them and by what mandate are they hired?

Just ask Creshanda!

And the comment section is great!


Anonymous said...

To 8:19

OK, so for whom do you want the whites in NYC to vote? Paul Kersey? Jared Taylor? They're not on the ballot and they weren't on the ballot in previous generations. You clearly know little about NYC, especially the outer boroughs. The demographic situation has steadily deteriorated for sure but there are still white families across the entire city. You've watched too many episodes of Sex and the City or only visited Williamsburg if you've ever even been there. Stick to what you know and stop trying to counter-signal everything.

Anonymous said...

Also to 8:19:

You mentioned Texas Democrats and third world immigrants. How do these "Texas Democrats" vote on immigration? Yeah, think before you type the next time.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a monument to lynching is here for us to visit. While I am not a violent man, and think that unless I was raised back then and used to violence, I wouldn't be "into" it. However, I think it's great that there is a lynching memorial. Perhaps it will help people remember the days when black families weren't running around having roving BBQ prayer marches because of D'Stankeass killing Ahdindu over the alleged theft of his corn liquor.

Perhaps since we now have a great monument to one of the cornerstones of social order when blacks are amongst us that we might start getting some of out other memorials back and even get some new ones. I'd love to go to a Jim Crow museum! How about a "Separate but Equal" exhibit that showed that when segregation was the norm, that more black kids knew which their dad was!

The only troubling part of this otherwise great article (hey, sometimes history isn't pretty but when they take the time to show how the old ways worked I can't get too upset).

The link and a disturbing bit in here calling for truth and reconciliation. The truth is you can reconcile if there was never conciliation to begin with!


Surrounding the memorial, replicas of each of the monuments will also be on display. Each county represented here will have the opportunity to take one of the figures back to their communities as a way to remember and to begin a conversation. It will also be obvious which counties do not claim their monuments.

The opportunity is also a challenge -- which counties are ready for truth and reconciliation? Stevenson said that EJI has already been contacted by a few counties interested in claiming their monuments.

"I think people are never fully ready. It's always a challenge, but that's why it's so important. That's why it's so urgent. You could say that this country wasn't ready for emancipation in 1865. You could say it wasn't ready to give up lynching," Stevenson said.

Anonymous said...

I'm so saddened to hear the NHL has willingly jumped into the diversity nonsense. Blacks do not belong in hockey. They have bakkaball and their favorite sport, robbing convenience stores. Hockey should remain a white sport. The only thing that should be black in hockey is the puck.

Anonymous said...

(commenting anon for privacy)

Last night I was at the store and there was a commercial on one of the TVs at the checkout.  It was plugging some drug, but it featured a bearded White man with a mystery-meat (looked more mulatto, with kinky hair) girl.  I commented to the cashier that these commercials disgusted me, that they were promoting our own extinction.  She said she couldn't talk to me.

White America is very, very cucked.

NY Girl said...

NOT a fluke! My husband plays paddle tennis with a guy in the apartment rental business. I gotta have that guy over for dinner! When he confronts non-paying tenants, he brings two black guys if the tenant’s white, and two white guys with guns if they’re black.

Anyway, they broke into one place for abandonment and found HUNDREDS of guns. They immediately called the cops and reported they’d found...50 guns!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only way NYC is held together is by the 36,600 (Dec 2011) police officers it has or more police officers than 45 states! This is a ratio of 4.2 officers per 100,000 residents, the highest in the nation. The financial heart of the US is not left to chance or it would be looted to nothingness in hours.

Augustus said...

I know people who reload that many rounds annually just for handguns (competitive shooters).

Anonymous said...

There is an interactive map on the web called the 'racial dot map' I think it's called, where you can see how many blacks, whites, and hispanics live in any census block. There might be more categories but I'm not sure. The census is calling hispanic as white for now, unless they respond otherwise, as well as northern africans categorized as white. However, I hear they are offering a new category for northern africans to be categorized as 'middle eastern descent' in the new census, although the responses are all voluntary, and there is no fact checking. But anyway, if you're looking for a safe place to live, this map might help you.