Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hallmark cards, Fatherless Father's Day, and Black Females: Why Ralph Richard Bank's Suggestion of Marrying a White Guy won't Fly

Dream On: Books suggests Black chicks go for white guys
Hallmark is a company, like soap giant Dove, which is in trouble as of late with Black people. Despite going 365Black, a hoax – digitally created - announcement at McDonald’s has forced that company to apologize to the one demographic they strive to keep happy.

But Hallmark made the grave mistake of designing cards for Father’s Day exclusively for those Mahogany moms whose child’s lack of a father figure (nearly 3/4s of all Black children) in their life was worth mentioning:
Ask anyone who has been raised by a single mother, and they will tell you that their moms played many roles in their lives, including teacher, cook, accountant, housekeeper, driver, CEO and psychologist, and often times, they even served as a father figure for their household. While it's important to celebrate these mothers and all that they do every day of the year, Hallmark found it necessary to commemorate their contributions to their families with a series of Father’s Day greeting cards created to specifically for single mothers.

While Hallmark offered more than 700 card styles for Father's Day, the majority of the nontraditional greeting cards for single moms were part of the company's Mahogany brand, which is their line specifically designed for African-American consumers. The Mahogany Father's Day collection included 66 culturally-relevant designs and sentiments that honor dad and other special men and women in a person's life, and two of these celebrate black single mothers.

With 2 out 3 African-American children living in homes where a father is not present, compared to 1 out of 3 nationally, is Hallmark simply making a good business decision or should people of color be offended by their choice? And what effect are these greeting card offerings and the celebration of single motherhood on a day dedicated to honor dads having on the value of fatherhood across all communities?
For a corporation to admit the truth and market cards that correctly laud the person raising the Black child (perhaps it should be a Mahogany card geared to the US tax payer?) instead of mythologizing a non-existent father figure is not a smart business move. Remembering how Black people turned on Bill Cosby for daring to air dirty Black laundry, is obvious that Mahogany cards failing to honor the Black sperm donor will be poorly received. 
Remembering that Hallmark is constantly at odds with the Black community, one can expect a lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the nearly 75 percent of absent Black fathers who weren’t celebrated correctly on the Mahogany card. 
It should be noted that Theroot.com conducted a Father’s Day poll for its readers (hardly scientific) but it produced some astonishing results:
In a new survey conducted and released by TheRoot.com, Black fathers overwhelmingly responded that they are viewed in a “negative manner” in society.
Close to 80 percent of Black men believe they get a bad rap.

Sixty-four percent blame the media — TV, film, newspapers and magazines — primarily for the ways in which black men are perceived, with another 21 percent placing responsibility with black men themselves.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:
Those African Americans who primarily blame black men are perhaps being too hard on themselves, said Fredrick C. Harris, director of Columbia University’s Institute for Research in African-American Studies. “There’s too much focus or overemphasis, when we think about fathers, on individual failings than on institutional failings,” Harris said Thursday. “Even though there is a tendency to blame ourselves, blame black people, there’s something happening in the broader society.” Harris pointed to the struggling economy and failures within the public school and criminal justice systems.
Dr. Harris is to be forgiven for his ignorance. Black-Run America (BRA) does everything legally possible to ensure that Black people succeed: more money is spent per Black pupil in school then on white children; lowering of standards for Black people to pass firefighter and police entrance tests across the nation that they can’t without court injunctions; special opportunities for entrepreneurial assistance not available to white applicants; and organizations dedicated to stemming the tide of Black criminality and the high rates of Black people in jail, most notably through the “no snitching” campaign. 
Not sure what Dr. Harris means by the failure of the criminal justice system, but it’s the failure of Black people to comply with the laws of the United States of America that require their admittance to the various prisons scattered throughout the land. 
Just like the plague of fatherless (absent) Black children sweeping America; the results of such a plague are discussed here in the uptick in Mahogany Mobs occurring across the land, though the article only calls them “Flash Mobs.”
Funny that the incredibly high failure rate of Black males to care for their progeny merely being recognized by Hallmark in their greeting cards is cause for consternation when Black males have disproportionately high failure rates of not paying child support

College Educated Black Females (CEBFs) are beginning to look elsewhere for marriage opportunities, with Black males tendency to ‘hit it and quit it’ upon successful insemination and, of course, their inability to stay out of jail a detriment to suitable prospects. And their inability to graduate… the list could go on and on.
Some new book suggests that CEBFs should go for the white guy instead of another disinterested brother:
When titles for this book were being considered, perhaps Why Middle Class Black Women Can't Find a Man and How the Whole Problem Could Be Solved if They Would Just Marry White Guys didn't have quite the ring the publisher was after.
But that's pretty much what Stanford Law professor Ralph Richard Banks' Is Marriage for White People? How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone (in stores this September) is all about. The provocative, headline-grabbing big question (inspired by a journalist's 2006 account of her conversation with an African-American sixth-grader) turns out to be there mostly to signal, "Attention, black bloggers, hosts of urban radio shows and white people, too: This is about to be a controversial analysis of marriage and race. Get ready for a lively debate with lots of interrupting."

Black women are sick to death of this topic, and understandably so. It's been rehashed unsatisfyingly and, at times, infuriatingly, in recent years, peaking with a Nightline special, "Why Can't a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?" It was co-hosted by Steve Harvey. In the words of Melissa Harris Perry, "The serious, interesting and sensitive social and personal issues ... were hijacked by superficial, cartoonish dialogue that relied heavily on personal anecdotes and baseless personal impressions while perpetuating damaging sexism."

Is Marriage for White People? will have to answer to some of the same critiques, starting with the initial choice to dramatize the dilemma facing African-American women for whom "unmarried has become the new normal, single the new black," and blaming the "problem" on simple individual choices, instead of a complex set of issues with many causes, effects and stakeholders.
Unfortunately data compiled from dating Web sites shows that white guys prefer white girls 9-out-of-10 of the times and an Asian girl or light-skinned Hispanic chick occasionally. Right off the bat Banks is in trouble, as OKcupid showed Black women get very few replies from their e-mails they sen to would be dates.

Newsweek discussed the perils facing CEBFs here.

If Satoshi Kanazawa’s data and research findings are to true – and it is obviously true – then the prospects for CEBFs to score a white dude are incredibly low.

That, if trends continue unabated, in 30 years all Black women in America (including CEBFs) will be considered morbidly obese is probably another reason why Black chicks have such few suitors and such a fun time alone at The Golden Corral.
So it looks like CEBFs and single Black women – whose median wealth is $5 – are going to be shopping more and more for Father’s Day cards from the Mahogany line at Hallmark that fail to celebrate the father at all. 

Damn that Kanazawa!


Anonymous said...

"Sixty-four percent blame the media — TV, film, newspapers and magazines — primarily for the ways in which black men are perceived ..."

I blame the media too. For showing almost all judges, computer experts and doctors to be blacks.

Meanwhile almost all the robbers, rapists, murderers and hate criminals are white.

The one exception is The First 48 - which is a reality-based crime show. Hence almost all the real criminals (as opposed to the ones made up in Hollywood) are black. Not sure how much loner they will allow this show to show the true face of crime.

Anonymous said...

"or should people of color be offended by their choice?"

"Is Marriage for White People?"

These two statements are very ignorant. Why do people act as if the U.S. is just black and white and that Asians and Hispanics are like blacks?

Asians, Arabs and Hispanics still "do marriage." They have nowhere near the bastardy rates of blacks and, for the most part, do not reject their own women.

Anonymous said...

Look for multiple Diarrhea sock-puppets on this thread.

This topic makes her extra-psycho.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day beez all rayciss an' sheeit.

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't already married, I could see myself wedding a CEBF. The reasons for this are quite simple: they're educated, it's easy for them to find jobs due to the dual status of being black and a woman, and many of them are pretty attractive (compared to the Section 8 Jabba the Hutt stand-ins you see at McDonald's).

All seems like a win to me. I wouldn't suggest white men start mingling with black girls wholesale though. But a really good one wouldn't hurt. You may even end up a Mr. Oprah Winfrey, the CEBF poster girl.

Anonymous said...

"the Whole Problem Could Be Solved if They Would Just Marry White Guys"

Screw that! White men marry and date outside of their race enough as it is. White ppl need to continue mating w/in their own race, cuz the birth rate is falling. To hell w/ race mixing.

But hey soon enough I'm sure as the white percentage of the population dwindles, there will be discrimination laws put in place for whites who prefer to marry other whites. Laugh and scoff now, but its coming. Affirmative Action already gives white ppl benefits if they have offspring that's nonwhite (especially if their phenotype is nonwhite), next it will be tax breaks for interracial couples, then it will be all but forced on us

Left Coast Dude

Anonymous said...

The only African woman/Caucasian man couples I've seen today are those in African and Latin countries which possesses a history where a significant proportion of male Caucasian colonialists mated with African women (typically slaves and servants) and had illegitimate babies with them (Angola and Brazil comes to mind but a couple of others too). Besides that it's hopeless. There's more of a chance that a Caucasian man will go after a woman of Latin or Asian descent rather than an African woman in most settings.

Anonymous said...

"If I wasn't already married"

You're NOT married. You're a lonely, unemployed chubby black chick searching in vain for a white husband, and your failure to secure a boyfriend or a job means that you stake out this blog all day long, creating countless personalities.

Get help Diarrhea. You have no idea how obvious you are.

Edwood said...

Before I could see, I went to a church with a black girl who married a white boy she went to seminary with. Almost the whole church was white except her and another singer (who ended up being accused of molesting boys on a church trip--another story). She was fawned over and made much of...she did have a good voice, but so did several other gals who sang regularly on Sunday. Anyway, almost every other post on her facebook page is something about how she is offended by the "black women are unattractive" story, and how her son shouldn't be called a "mulatto", etc. She is obsessed with race, even though she thinks that all christians should are united under Christ. It is all very strange. I haven't defriended her because it is amusing to read some of her entries. I am also fascinated to see how her marriage works out.

Maple syrup said...

@ Mr.Sandman

"But a really good one wouldn't hurt. You may even end up a Mr. Oprah Winfrey, the CEBF poster girl."

Oprah Winfrey??? You've got to be kidding right!!! She's a sanctimonious, self-righteous, obnoxious, self-serving male castrating shrew who's had a platform handed to her on a silver platter by the proponents of AA. Oprah couldn't have made it that big without the complicity of these brain-dead DWLs. Besides she has her OWN network now and it's not faring too well in terms of ratings.


44 Magnum said...

Whenever I pick a woman, I always try to imagine her angry, so the idea of taking up with a loud, dominate, large lipped, sweaty, aggressive negress is stomach churning. As I already have two fine sons I do not necessarily need to have kids, but I am not against it. Happily there are Ukrainian websites and other possibilities to find a lovely White woman so I don't bring some poor, low I.Q. halfbreed into the world that will never know which race to emulate. Further, the STD rates amongst negroid women (40% to 60%!!) are enough to drive most Whites, no matter what her looks. Hey Paul check out (Hotrunnianbrides,.com) There are several there that look like your "French Babe" like "DAYEN".

Edwood said...

I just thought of this: my brother (total liberal hippy) went out with a black chick, but realized that they had absolutely nothing in common. Um, yeah, ya think? I don't see white guys marrying black girls in large numbers anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

eeek-- marrying a black woman? hooo boy. even the most attractive ones fail to excite me, the ones that are ginned up by hollywood like beyonce or halle berry. paul's nailed it again.

why even amongst themselves do they prefer lighter skinned mulattoes over the darker african black hues? i think we know...

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. I have been hit on a jillion times by black women when I was on the job but never saw one that I found attractive. Some were pretty but that's where the attraction ended.

This is off topic but .44 Magnum reminded me of a news story I saw probably 12-15 years ago and I am trying to remember more about it. A white woman was raped by a black man and became pregnant. Because of her deep Christian faith she decided to keep the child and raise it with love. Well, the TV show (20/20, 48 Hours, or something) hid the woman's face but showed the child, about 15 years old, and according to the woman "When I look in my daughter's face I see my rapist". This girl became the dark, obese, fat faced spitting image of her rapist father. Not only that, the girl wanted to see him in prison because, as she beamed, "He's my father!". The mother was of course devastated; she raised this child and despite the love and attention given, race won out. If I remember right the daughter was speaking ebonics too. Does anyone this story?

Discard said...

Ret'd LAPD: I don't recall the story, but might the woman have been a negrophilliac? How else would the child have come to speak ebonics?

Anonymous said...

Maple Syrup,

Being Mr. Oprah Winfrey was a joke. But if you didn't have to sleep with her, being part of a $2B enterprise wouldn't be too bad. I've heard she doesn't give gifts under $100. A $1000 wrist watch is a trinket to her.

To the Anonymous Twit,

I rarely ever comment on SBPDL's great articles, I usually just read them and provide links to friends. I only left a comment the other evening because illegal immigration is a topic I think SBPDL can use to broaden his base. To me, it's not just blacks that are a problem, it's illegals also. Give it 5 years and this country will be a shithole because of them. I also stated in a comment a few months ago that I had no problem with Desiree posting here. I don't see how that turns me into one of her sock-puppets. Because I stated marrying a CEBF wouldn't be too bad, mainly because they are Americans, first and foremost, not filthy illegals, I'm one of her sock-puppets?

As I suggested in another thread, get some fresh air and get a life. You seem more concerned with pointing her out than actually reading and contributing to SBPDL's website which is just pathetic.

I'll comment under an Anonymous tag if it'll stop you from trolling me like a paranoid psychotic. I usually just read anyway. SBPDL, I love your website. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

The correct question after Dr Harris goes off on "society failings" would be, " Can you tell us of a society where it is different and better?" Of course the answer is no, not now, not before, and most likely not after. BRA is a pathology that can only be extirpated by total societal collapse. When cancer drugs are used, all of the rapidly dividing cells of the host are killed in an attempt to rid the body of the cancerous cells. Same with BRA. Only after the collapse can we then attempt to rebuild. There is no other alternative. The DWL's need to live their dream and learn; nothing else will change their attitudes. Prepare for the worst!! Guns, butter and ammo!! Gold, seeds, ammo, guns, food stores, neighborhood groupings, etc. The future is not decided and we can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Diarrhea, you are tiresome and obvious, STFU.

And fuck you.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Let's say a nice White guy finds himself attracted to a black female decides to date her with thoughts of marriage. Please explain to me how this lovely young couple get over the pathology of her being raised black?

No doubt she will have daddy issues, issues with authority, strong possibility of molestation, entitlement attitude, materialism, etc.

Women can be difficult enough who needs a sub par IQ horror show on top of that.


Maple syrup said...

"No doubt she will have daddy issues, issues with authority, strong possibility of molestation, entitlement attitude, materialism, etc."

Muay Tyson

It sounds like a perfect depiction of the Oprah phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

"Please explain to me how this lovely young couple get over the pathology of her being raised black?"

This is why I continually remind Diarrhea that no white guy is ever going to marry her.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:34 Said: "The one exception is The First 48 - which is a reality-based crime show. Hence almost all the real criminals (as opposed to the ones made up in Hollywood) are black. Not sure how much loner they will allow this show to show the true face of crime."

One of my favorite shows. I think its the best real life media depiction yet, of the problem solving process, that goes into investigating a murder.

But I myself have wondered the same thing. 99% of the perps end up being Black. I have been patiently waiting for someone to start screaming about the "disparity."

But the reality is, you are paying several filming crews, around the country to come up with the material as frequently as possible. So where you going to send them. Portland, Oregon, where they can sit around for months before a murder happens. Or Memphis, where your guaranteed subject matter almost every day. Makes perfect business sense to me and you and the producers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:25

Someone's really going through a "Dizzy withdrawal." I just wrote a comment in another thread exhorting you to stop harassing "newbie" commenters. I always wondered why people lurk. I guess you are an example of a good reason why: no one wants to be attacked as an interloper.

We are among friends here. Stop bullying or I'll have to think you miss the girl. I wonder what your timestamps are. Seems you've been doing this all day!

Silent Running said...

To me, it's not just blacks that are a problem, it's illegals also. Give it 5 years and this country will be a shithole because of them.

Is it only the "illegals?" Or do the Spanish-speaking, gringo-hating, La Raza-loving legals also have something to do with it? Or are they "Americans first and foremost" like the Negros you like to apologize for?

Let's say a nice White guy finds himself attracted to a black female decides to date her with thoughts of marriage. Please explain to me how this lovely young couple get over the pathology of her being raised black?

They don't. Your nice white guy needs an immediate lesson in honoring past, present, and future generations by staying with his own kind.

Anonymous said...

"Someone's really going through a "Dizzy withdrawal.""

Diarrhea, STFU, you're not fooling anyone.

You have no idea how obvious you are.

Discard said...

Who is this "Anonymous" who is always accusing others of being Desiree or some form thereof? For lack of a better handle, I'll call this person "Diarrhea", since that word always occurs in their posts.
Diarrhea, don't you have anything better to do than smear people? Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I'm not aware that you ever have anything else to contribute to the conversation. In any case, have the courtesy to put your name on your comments so others can choose to ignore you, just as they ignore Desiree.

Anonymous said...

This seems like the proper place to get this off my chest...

My high school son took PSAT this past year, and has been researching various colleges. There are four categories for high scorers on the PSAT which can be real resume plums and can result in scholarship monies:
1) National Merit Commended,
2) National Merit Semi-Finalist,
3) National Merit Finalist, and
4) National Merit Scholar.

Imagine my outrage when I just discovered that for every one of these categories, there is an equivalent category for black test takers:

1)Black American National Achievement Outstanding Participant,
2)Black American National AchievementSemi-Finalist,
3)Black American National Achievement Finalist and,
4) Black American National Achievement Scholar.

1- Isn't it obvious that separate categories for blacks blatantly says that black test takers can't compete with white test takers?
Would someone please share my outrage with me????????

Discard said...

Anon/PSAT: These special Black categories are not on a par with the aracial categories, and colleges know it. It's like the Olympics and the Special Olympics. They only want to be able to pick and choose among the rotten fruit they're going to be taking in anyway.

D J said...

"Diarrhea, don't you have anything better to do than smear people?"

I read this line and almost soaked a perfectly good computer monitor! Thanks for making my morning.