Saturday, May 9, 2015

Do People Understand what the April 29th Empty Stadium Baltimore Orioles Game (Courtesy of the Black Insurrection raging outside) Represents?

"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come."  - Terence Mann, Field of Dreams

Due to the black insurrection in 65 percent black Baltimore (and the inability of the black elected/appointed government in Baltimore to guarantee the safety of primarily white suburban fans going to the game), the April 29th Major League Baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox was played in an entirely empty stadium.
A scene from the empty stadium game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox: empty because the safety of the primarily white fans who would have attended could not be guaranteed in a city experiencing a black insurrection

Fans weren't allowed to attend, because of the black insurrection being waged in the streets of Baltimore... the same city where Francis Scott Key long ago penned the Star Spangled Banner (the United States National Anthem).

When Rush Limbaugh wasn't blaming "Democrats" for the madness in 65 percent black Baltimore (strangely, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and the entire state of Vermont are doing just fine...), he made a very profound point about the empty stadium game in Baltimore:
That's right, my friends.  Baltimore is going to pay tribute to gangs and community organizers and freelance thugs today.  The Baltimore Orioles will play at Camden Yards without fans because it's too dangerous.  You know how much economic impact a baseball game, a baseball season has in Baltimore that's being shut down today?  It's incredible, the economic impact of a home game for the Baltimore Orioles, and it's just gonna be wiped out. 
Because they don't have the courage to let fans in, because they don't think they can control the riffraff.  This is unprecedented.  According to John Thorn, the official historian for Major League Baseball, this will be a first.  There has never been a game played before an empty stadium. The previous low record for attendance happened on September 28, 1882, for a game in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The lowest attended game was then, and 1882 is back in the days of the founding of the game. 
Sorry Mr. Limbaugh, Democrats haven't "wrought" anything: it's entirely the fault of blacks.
April 29, Baltimore: In the background, skyscrapers built by white people for a much different civilization than the one responsible with forcing Major League Baseball to have an empty stadium game...

Entirely (well, and conservatives refusing to admit the reality of racial differences and Republicans refusing to promote the interests of the overwhelmingly white people who vote them into office...).

A sell-out game at Camden Yards in Baltimore has a net economic impact of $3 million, meaning the cancelled games because of black insurrection cost the city tens of millions.

It's obvious most people STILL don't understand the significance of the empty stadium game on April 29th in Baltimore.

SBPDL invites you to leave your favorite memories of attending a Major League Baseball with your parents, grandparents, and family in the comments section, and also share your thoughts on what the EMPTY STADIUM game means.

To me, it's the stunning denouement of the American Experiment in equality...



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Anonymous said...

"It's all about Moochelle whining (typical self-absorption for her, because it always is about her) and her complete disregard for all the opportunities that exist for these graduates."


Anonymous said...

PNW Realist said...


I loved what the US once was. But, no group, society, family or country can continue to exist in any healthy or meaningful way based on lies, nor is its continued existence wanted or even desirable.

Same here. I look at some of the old cities, magnificent architecture even at the level of the individual homes, infrastructure like parks, subways, etc. Smart and hardworking men built that. They built absolutely beautiful things. Expecting the negro to create or even maintain this is like expecting your dog to write a novel. It's sick what has happened to America.

Anonymous said...

As an early visitor and commenter here I have to say it is encouraging to see the comment count grow and grow. Negro fatigue is ever expanding. We must unite, and expose.

And conquer.

Anonymous said...

OT – Teens strike again.

Perhaps this one has already been mentioned on SBPDL and I missed it until now. I just saw this on the Internet and it is dated May 8. Can someone explain why it takes days for a heinous crime such as this to be noticed by anyone, but when some orc with a long rap sheet gets killed by a cop while he is resisting arrest it is on the front page within hours, blacks are rioting by nightfall, the DA is filing charges within a couple of days, and the Attorney Generals office is investigating within a week?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"They'll switch to the Robert Lindsay position (liberal racial realism) and argue for helping Blacks because they are genetically disadvantaged...I also suspect that many top level liberals fear this is coming and are hoping to intermix Whites as much as possible before the DNA tests come in."

Yes, I agree, but we've actually already been through these cycles!

Early on, many White folks around the time of Abolition and Reconstruction already, of course, knew blacks were below Whites in intelligence (and character). What they proposed was at least more honest than what we're fed 24 hours a day now: full and indistinguishable equality.

This whole deal from Emancipation to today has been an experiment; several phases of more or less fantastic morphology have been attempted, some times simultaneously.

I don't have the verbatim quote, but Richard Nixon once said something to the effect of "blacks are inferior to whites, but that only means we (Whites) are obligated to do everything we can to help them".

The second point is also critical: interbreeding. When laws against miscegenation were dropped, and interracial unions began to be fashionable and much-praised by TPTB, the water was forever muddied as far as segregation/repatriation goes.

The intermixing serves not only to lower the autonomy of the White middle-class and raise the abilities of the resulting part-black mean, but makes any resolution involving separation more and more difficult with each generation. In fact, the ship may already have sailed on any possible clean break between the two races.

Every time you see a mixed-race offspring of these unions, you can chalk up a victory for the DWL and, shall we say, "Marxist-types".

Anonymous said...


A poster said above, " I also suspect that many top level liberals fear this is coming and are hoping to intermix Whites as much as possible before the DNA tests come in.
Sir, you can easily get fat white sluts, usually on dope, to consort with these apes as their pimps for crack money or whatever, but where have you seen any white man preferring a wide-assed nog over a white female? The answer is never - except on television, but then again television is now a total and comnplete lie and fantasy land where the only people who ever do anything wrong are evil whites.

No, there may be race mixing here and there, but it will NEVER be white men willingly choosing a black woman over a white woman. While I will concede that there may in fact be a VERY FEW attractive black woman, you'll note that they invariably have distinctly white features, which by definition makes them infinitely more attractive than their Whoopi Goldberg like sistahs. It certainly isn't their blackness, as such, that makes them attractive. Studies have shown, BTW, that even black babies prefer white nurses and nannies.

Anyway, it's not an accident that the fondest dream of 99.99% of every negro male ever born is to have sex with a white woman - ANY WHITE WOMAN! The tragedy is that many do realize this dream by raping them, and in all too many instances killing them afterwards. But of course on fantasyland detective shows like Miami Vice, CSI and Law and Order, the only time a rape occurs is when a white man does the evil deed.

BTW, young black men comprise about 3% of the overall population and commit over 95% of ALL the interracial rapes in the country. Sit there and digest that one! You can count on one hand the incidents of whites raping black women.

Unknown said...

Youre bot alone; everytime i see them the first thing i do is pull out my headphones and blast rock music, or get a random call from my mom; it is the best repellent if you DO NOT the gibsmedat AXING you for "change"

PNW Realist said...

Q: Why do blacks prefer bakkaball over baseball?

A: In what other sport do they get to shoot and steal?

Anonymous said...

I might pose this question later to my race realist community, but here goes? If Rush Limbaugh prides himself on historical data (he is the author of history books), why does he not include some of the dialog that questioned giving the Negro the vote? Remember what Abe Lincoln said Rush? He averred he was not for giving the Negro the vote, or to serve on a jury, or even to racially intermarry.

One might ask Rush to explain why a key point of Thomas Jefferson’s quote is left out in Jefferson Memorial?

The truth is that our forefathers knew blacks were going to destroy our people, but did not have the will to stop it. Now we are seeing the fruits of their labor, and our liberal minded whites who cling to the idea that blacks are genetically and intellectually equal to whites when experience says otherwise.

Californian said...

This is nicely stated:

The USSR depended on lies to survive, and now the US is doing the same, basing government policy on the celebrate-diversity garbage and the idea that biology plays no roll in academic ability or behavior.

I loved what the US once was. But, no group, society, family or country can continue to exist in any healthy or meaningful way based on lies, nor is its continued existence wanted or even desirable.

I was in Eastern Europe after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. A point which people made to me that the downfall of communism came when people stood up and refused to lie any more.

Race said...

The fatigue is waxing quickly these days. Comments like "I even prefer yes PREFER Mexicans to liberal Whites." Show you are an enemy to whites. You are part of the problem. Maybe you are one, or married to one, or have one as a family member? If you're not compromised somehow then you simply don't love your own people enough to let them have a sage place of their own like everyone on the planet except Jews have. Maybe you hate DWLs but you further the erasure of white people instead? Shame on you. The dwl will be taken care of when the time comes as will other traitors.

D-FENzs said...

I forgot about the Equal Rights Amendment. Even though it was defeated, didn't we get what the critics feared (women in combat, Chris/Christine Jenner's in public restrooms)?

Isn't Rush's call screener Bo Snerdly a negro? Make it kinda awkward to bring up negro dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have read the article a bit more carefully before you posted your comment on Liquori Tate.

Anonymous said...

4:00pm- "The truth is that our forefathers knew blacks were going to destroy our people, but did not have the will to stop it."
How far into the future were they supposed to solve problems? Two generations? Twenty? Two thousand? Each generation is responsible for handling its own business, and leaving a decent platform for the next gen to continue.
If you hopped in a time machine with a stack of newspapers and a portable video player (fully charged battery), to show the Founding Fathers what would happen to their creation, do you honestly think they would call a special meeting to rewrite the Constitution? Or do you think they would look at you, and say, "How the FUCK did you let THAT happen?"

Anonymous said...

"But the worst problems with Mexicans have been in liberal areas like California where they tolerate criminal illegals and give tickets for gang crime."

No, that's not true. Texas and Arizona have huge problems with Mexicans and Central Americans. As bad as California. The situation in Texas is dire in some parts.

True, they're not nearly as bad as blacks. But they're still a problem.

AnalogMan said...

I think Michael Savage is one of the few who are not afraid to attack the black boogeyman! He does everything but use the N word.

Michael "Savage" Weiner's email to Jared Taylor:


Anonymous said...

"Another thing I have insisted for years is now being repeated by people, that a Soviet style break-up is in our future."
Yes, but how can we get this going?
If it starts with a violent revolution to carve out white territory, the full force of The Occupant's military will come down hard on it. Perhaps if white Christians get the kick in the teeth after the SCOTUS rules in favor of "gay marriage", will there be enough to begin the process? How to approach this? I'm open to hear suggestions...

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Baseball. The only sport where I wish both teams could lose.

Never watched a cricket match, have you? The full, four-day version?

Blackbeard said...

I am an expat living in Mexico. You fools have no idea. It is a hellslum. THEY MAKE IT THAT WAY.

See the movie Elysium for the actual plan and end result. The hellslum they pass off as LA, and you think is a movie set, is present day Mexico City. It is that bad right now.

In the movie, the evil Whiteys live in an orbiting paradise, from which they oppress the muds.

Who made this movie? Who pushes for the mestizo flood, and the Muslim flood for Europe? Who is pulling the braindead negro's strings? It's the same gang everywhere.

Anonymous said...

kevin Kamenetz county executive ask residents in video message to support Baltimore this weekend.

Anonymous said...

think about it... said...
Reparations with full repatriation including renunciation of citizenship. This is the only acceptable alternative.

I would disagree, there are other methods that would work well, using technologies developed in Europe in the 1930's and 1940's. The is a more permanent solution to the negroe and liberal problem.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the comments changed so that I can give a thumbs up or reply to comments. So many of these comments about baseball were so good I wanted to congratulate the authors or reply to them. At least several people did point out a significant fact about baseball. The lack of attendance and lack of blacks as baseball fans is an indicator of the dumbing down of America and low black IQ. Baseball is a thinking game with so much more going on than in basketball or football. And so I always have to laugh when I hear of efforts to get more blacks interested in baseball. If more blacks started going to games, then white would stay home. I know I would. Its a pleasure to go and not have to see blacks, to just commune with like minded members of my own kind.

Ex-Copper said...

Unfortunately all of the local areas around those bases are shit holes. If you get away from them in your off time, find some locals and convince them you're not the average army shitbird, they'll hook you up with info on areas only known to them. Then you'll see some beautiful and all white areas.

Rednecks get a bad rap. They're generally good people. You'll still get those that are oxy/heroin fiends, meth heads (going down as far as cooks now) and brain dead moonshiners and stoners. Really out of that group the tweakers are the most dangerous, the opiate junkies will generally just steal your stuff.

Point is, they're generally very smart. Not all are book smart, but are extremely "street smart". They know how to fix their stuff and keep it running well beyond the intended life span, forage for and hunt for food. Basically in the hills they're as rescourceful as Midwest farmers, just in smaller groups with less money.

Anonymous said...

The game in the empty stadium is a quiet, unsaid reminder of what many people already know. Africans in America are a biological threat, an economic disaster, and a taboo secret that everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

Bernice, I too noticed the black cop's name. Liquori, wow! I also thought that his mama probably thought it would be a cool name. I guess she never planned on raising a productive citizen, hence the name. The black cop, from all evidence I've seen was a good guy contrary to the majority of negroes.

Regardless of his name, he was fighting to maintain the line between civilzation(YT) and choas(negro). I'm sad for his death and the white cop's death. I'm also sad for the families and children left behind.

I went to college in this town in the 90's and the cops were hard core back then. I was told when the new black mayor took over that he changed the department. The cops were told to tone it down on the negroes.

The mayor seems to be on the ball with prosecuting these negro cop killers. I've seen numerous news bits with him speaking out against violence on cops.

The killers mom said that she believes her son did it, she said he was on numerous drugs and constantly drunk and dangerously violent.

These Mississippi coons must be a different breed than the midwest and northern negroes. There seems to be a touch of accountability in them.

The black mayor and the black momma have both come out and said responsible and factual remarks regarding the case.

Those Ms negroes know better than to get outta hand in that state.

Ex-copper, I read the Clarion Ledger article and the comments. I thought I was on SBPDL. The comments were fantastic.

I think Ms is still one of those states where if you kill a cop, you are gonna die either in the manhunt or accidentally in captivity.

These Ms folks have known the truth about negroes since they hit our shores.

Busy Hating in the ATL

Mr. Rational said...

you can easily get fat white sluts, usually on dope, to consort with these apes as their pimps for crack money or whatever

I personally know two White girls who actually married Blacks.  Legally married.  Both divorced, of course.

but where have you seen any white man preferring a wide-assed nog over a white female? The answer is never

I have known several White men who married Black women, too.  Legally.  The only one I know anything about is also divorced, of course... and hooked up with a White girl.

This is what comes from being in a university town where you have the "talented thousandth" as a significant and highly visible fraction of your population.  And yes, even they have the same barely-suppressed anger that is allowed free rein in Blackistans.

Anonymous said...

Who made this movie? Who pushes for the mestizo flood, and the Muslim flood for Europe? Who is pulling the braindead negro's strings? It's the same gang everywhere.

To ask is to answer, we all know who, at least those who want the unvarnished truth know who.

When the money i.e. U.S. dollar goes bad their power will evaporate like the morning dew on a summer day. I wish I knew when this will happen, I would tell everyone here. In the meantime get ready, get ready, get ready, we still have the God given gift of time, use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

Liquori was one of the officers.

Anonymous said...

It's good she surfaced the "problem population" notion, though it isn't what she thinks it is. Framing the discussion in our categories is a small victory. She recognized that and is now 'sorry". Oops.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy: segregation
Reality: separation
Hallucination: repatriation. If Lincoln couldn't pull it off...

Mr. Rational said...

Lincoln didn't live long enough to have a shot at it.

Meridian said...

Came to this post by a link from one of your more recent posts.

Its amazing how far this race craziness has gone, and the worse it gets, the more silence about the truth is vigorously enforced. I have fond memories of visiting Baltimore as a kid, the inner harbor area was fantastic.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to go there again, and could barely believe my eyes at the change. Even in broad daylight, as a grown man (6'2",210) I didn't feel safe. Crazy homeless blacks, groups of 'youths' eyeing me as I walked by. Wherever there are safe areas of the city, stray a block or two away, and its a nightmare.

Liberals know the truth, but lack the honesty to say it for what it is. That's what's killing us. A liberal colleague at my current job left Baltimore a few years ago after being mugged while putting his kids' Christmas presents in his car. He will talk about how bad its gotten there but dances around the reality of who is doing it. Yet strangely, he moved to an 85% white town, and the crime worries have gone away.

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